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𝕙𝕠𝕨 𝕙𝕖 𝕜𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕤 𝕪𝕠𝕦
Tumblr media
𝕘𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕖…hdcs, fluffy, nsfw, dark nsfw (sukuna)
𝕤𝕪𝕟𝕠𝕡𝕤𝕚𝕤...how he kisses normally, how he makes out with you and how he kisses you during sex
𝕔/𝕨…choking, slapping, blood, tight riding, mentions of public sex
ℕ𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕚 𝕂𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕠
not during sex; slow. Kento kisses are slow, starting off with the soft press of his lips against yours. With his large warm hand covering your cheek, and his other hand resting on your waist. He isn’t one for quick kisses and prefers to take his time slowly kissing you in private.
making out & cuddling; a tease. Kento prefers you on his lap so he can fondle your ass. Whilst he occasionally strays from your lips leave a hickey here and there on your neck. He would enjoy if you give him some on his lower neck. Since he doesn’t want it all over his neck due to his job but will enjoy it slightly peaking out his suit. Plus it looks fucking hot knowing you out that there to you too. Even hotter when he takes off his tie and shirt showing more marks on his chest
during sex; rough n’ needy. Kento will bite your lip a little bit, and enjoys the same when he is fucking himself into you. Often Kento will choke you whilst he kisses you. He already knows your breathing limits so you don’t have to signal to him anymore. He will warn you against the marks every time. “Your throat is going to be bruised if I don’t stop. You want that? Want me to bruise you pretty neck and kiss you till your about to pass out as I stuff my cum deeper into your pretty little pussy?”
𝔾𝕠𝕛𝕠 𝕊𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕦…
not during sex; smiles into kisses. Even if it’s a quick kiss in public or not Satoru will pick you up, give you a twirl. He is smiling the whole time. He will try to linger if he is interrupting something your doing.
making out; aiming to leave you breathless. Yet some how as you try to catch your breath he is already talking. Something along the lines of; “Are you whimpering from my kisses or getting yourself off on my thigh. Don’t think I didn’t notice you moving your hips. Come on why get shy now, make yourself cum for me.”
during sex; messy and quick. He doesn’t kiss for long during sex because he isn’t used to it. And kissing is something more so for when he is wanting to hang around. But the few times he does sloppy and short. He likes hearing you moan too much. Who else is going to tell him how good he is? He already tells himself that enough
𝕋𝕠𝕛𝕚 𝔽𝕦𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕠…
not during sex; handsy and brief. The kind of guy to slap your ass, spin you around kiss you. And then walk away like nothing happened. He will let you come and get some more kisses, if he has the time to give them. Will do the same in public, and with a smirk Toji will say;“It’s my ass and I’ll slap it if I want to. Don’t act as if you wouldn’t like me fuck your cute ass whilst playing with your clit in public. Or at least I could get you too cock drunk to care.”
making out; teasing n rough. With a smirk on his lips Toji will take his sweet time getting to your lips. And making you wait to kiss him before he finally does. But when he does, your lips are always puffy afterwards.
during sex; slaps and breathless. To explain further the type to kiss you, spit in your mouth, slap you across the face and then stay kissing you till you need to breathe.
not during sex; rare but slow and kind of sweet. It’s rare if you don’t ask that is, don’t trying kissing him without permission. He won’t understand what the fuck, you think people just walk up and kiss him? He needs a while to get used to it. So there is something curious, slow and kind of soft about the way he does it. It’s not on purpose but him mimic how softly you kiss him.
making out; rough, passionate. It doesn’t take him longer to enjoy kissing. Especially if your the type to whimper into a kiss then Sukuna is going to want to make out. He will bite you lips hard enough to draw blood. And expect you to keep kissing him with your lips sore and puffy. He might bite his lip to add his blood into the mix
during sex; aggressive and weird. He will have you make out with his stomach mouth, or a mouth on his hand. And sometimes it’s just him trying to choke you with his large tongues. Before giving your spit covered lips a kiss that’s rough, and maybe slightly bloody. He definitely taunts you with; “Choking on my tongue or choking on my cocks, either way you just as hot. With spit dripping down your chin and that depraved look in your eyes.”
𝔾𝕖𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕦𝕘𝕦𝕣𝕦…
not during sex; barely there teasing kisses. Sometimes he makes a little kissy sound to. And you just barely feel his lips against yours. It’s to see you pout. If you don’t pull him in for a kiss. Then he will go about his day.
making out; slow and deep. The type to cuddle and kiss you, with your body tangled up. And your hands in his hair, whilst his hands are under your clothes, slipping between your legs if he can or to play with your tits. Suguru doesnly like to pull away very much. So that means long, slow kisses with them one. But when he does pull away he says stuff like; “Your going to cum from me just playing with your nipples. That’s so fucking hot, go ahead and make a mess for me in your panties. Good girl.”
during sex; smirks and groans. He can’t help it the way you are reacting to his every touches so damn hot. And the way you sweetly moan out your praises of him have him cockier than before. Your pussy is too damn wonderful for him not get noisy.
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Tumblr media
They kiss on the ring. I carry the crown. (Chapter 2)
Dating the King of Tokyo's underworld feels like straight out of a romance novel. But can something like this work in real life, or are you bound to wake up one day and realize that it was just a sweet fantasy?
Chapter 1 can be found here. Pairing: Sukuna x Reader (female) Genre: Mafia AU, smut, fluff, light angst Playlist: Mafia AU Word Count: 4.8k Warnings: 18+, smut, exhibitionism, dubcon? (the exhibitionism is planned unbeknownst to reader, but Sukuna asks her for consent before continuing), mention of Yakuza-related violence (amputated fingers, illegal business, gambling, alcohol. Implied murder in later chapters), use of the name Daddy, praising, biting/scratching, oral, fingering, creampie, cum eating. All characters are of age. This story is 18+. Minors don't interact.
Tumblr media
Your weekend getaway changed the way the two of you were with each other. Sukuna still called you in your office. He still said the same words. But they meant something different now.
"I want to see you."
"There's a new apartment available two blocks from your casino."
"No, not like that. I want to take you out for dinner. Eight a clock in front of your apartment. Wear something nice for me, princess."
You stared at the phone for several minutes. So that was how it was now? You had a date with Sukuna? It made your heart beat a lot faster than you wanted to.
You returned home from work that evening to find a young woman with ginger hair waiting in front of your door, grinning at you and shoving a beautiful bouquet of dark red roses and a big package wrapped in expensive-looking red paper into your arms.
"Finally! I've been standing here for half an hour! Special delivery from my boss. Have a nice evening!"
The gift package turned out to be a box from one of the most luxurious boutiques in Tokyo, which contained a gorgeous black dress and matching shoes, as well as some sinfully expensive lingerie. A little letter fluttered out of the silk paper wrapping.
I knew you'd worry too much about how to dress. I think this will be to your taste. Can't wait to see you in it, darling. (And take it off you later on).
You couldn't help but smile while muttering to yourself:
"Such an idiot."
An hour later, you left your apartment complex and immediately saw Sukuna standing there on the sidewalk. His black S-Class was parked behind him, his driver waiting in the car.
Your heart jumped to your throat. Sukuna looked so out of place amidst the throng of regular pedestrians. He stood out with his pink hair and the black tattoos lining his beautiful face. With his handsome, tailored black suit with the black shirt underneath and a dark red tie. And with the whole way, he carried himself. Full of confidence.
It was a dream-like scene: The busy nameless crowd that was headed home from work or towards one of the various bars. The sounds of traffic, bright lights glittering everywhere, illuminating the hectic nightly city life.
And then there was Sukuna, and when you looked at him, everything else vanished from view, and time seemed to slow down.
Sukuna's eyes met yours, and your heart fluttered wildly. You were tangled in his web. There was no escape.
The look on his face when he watched you walking towards him made your heart beat even faster. His maroon eyes were trailing up and down your body with so much adoration in them that it made you bite your lip nervously. He only had eyes for you. It was the most exciting feeling in the world.
When you reached him, he smiled. A real smile that made his eyes light up.
A strong hand cupped your cheek, tilted your face up. And then he kissed you.
The Yakuza boss kissed you right there in the middle of the busy pavement.
Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, his gentle kiss, his long fingers caressing your cheek, his mouth opening against yours, his sweet taste, making you sigh, getting hooked on his kiss, on everything that was him all over again.
This was different from secret fucks in some empty apartments or office buildings. It was different from a weekend getaway in a beach house far from the city.
For the first time, it really hit you what this meant: Sukuna was making it official.
This wasn't a secret anymore. Sukuna was kissing you here in the middle of the street. He was taking you on a date. He wanted everyone to see the two of you together.
He pulled away with that typical sexy flick of his tongue that always left you craving for more.
"You look just as beautiful as I knew you would."
Oh, he was a truly dangerous man. Not just in the "he's a criminal" way. But in another way too. The way he looked at you with that soft look in his eyes, the way his smug smirk got replaced by a sweet smile, the way he said all those charming things.
He had you wrapped around his finger. He held your heart in his hands, where it was always at risk that it would get crushed between his strong fingers.
You had to finally accept it: You liked him. You liked him a lot.
You were pretty sure it was a bad idea. But you couldn't help wanting more.
The date was amazing. Sukuna took you to one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city. You had the finest dishes and wine, and everyone treated Sukuna like a King. It didn't really come as a surprise. He was a King, after all. Probably had some not-so-legal business with the owner of this restaurant.
You truly enjoyed the evening. And it wasn't just because of the luxurious surroundings. It was because of the man sitting across from you.
Sukuna was a charming man. He was smart and well-read. He knew how to hold a conversation. He made you laugh with his dry humor. And he was also a big flirt. The things he said made butterflies flutter in your stomach. Sukuna was so sexy and smug but in a very attractive way.
Everything he did made your knees go weak. Especially when he reached across the table and took your hand in his while he looked at you with a sexy grin on his handsome face.
"Spend the night with me."
Your breath hitched at his words. You had been craving this ever since you returned from the weekend trip.
It was so tempting. You could fall asleep in his arms again. Wake up to his face buried between your thighs.
You knew there was only one answer.
The rest of your night felt like a dream. Sukuna took you home to his penthouse, kissed you in his elegant bedroom while the city lights of Tokyo were glittering outside the floor-to-ceiling windows like a million stars.
But all that mattered to you were Sukuna's soft lips, his calloused fingers, and firm body.
Strong hands pushed you down onto his bed and undressed you unhurriedly. He knew he had you all to himself all night.
You sank into soft silk sheets, dark red, just like the tie around Sukuna's neck. The tie that ended up around your eyes as a blindfold.
With your sight gone for the moment, your other senses were heightened, desire washing over you in powerful waves as Sukuna made sure to love every inch of your body.
His large hands were cupping your tits, soft lips sucked on your nipples until you were squirming. His velvety tongue left a wet trail down your belly before lapping at your clit, flicking over it lovingly while his long fingers were pumping in and out of you slowly.
You were sobbing from the pleasure of it all, hips lifting needily, begging for him to fuck you, to give you his gorgeous cock.
He laughed while rubbing his thumb over your stiff clit teasingly.
"Can't get enough of me, can you, sweetheart? So cute."
He was always a tease, always way too smug. But he gave you what you needed. Pushed your knees to your chest and stretched you open around his thick cock. He fucked you so deep and so good. He made you his all over again. Made you shudder around his wonderful cock. Made you cry out anytime he teased your sweet spot with his swollen tip.
Your fingernails left scratches on his muscular back that night, digging desperately into his skin, clinging to him, trying to get even more of him.
His voice was a seductive sexy promise in your ear,
"Don't worry, princess. Gonna fuck you so full tonight. I have a lot for you. Saved it all up for you, baby. Because I know how crazy you are for my bad boy cum. Gave you one taste all those weeks ago and now you're addicted, huh?"
He was right. He was your drug. Taking you higher than anything else ever could.
And he kept his promise. Fucked his first load into your pussy until you squirted on his cock.
A combination of your soft cries and his low groans filled his luxurious bedroom with the sounds of your desire for each other. And you knew you wanted to repeat that over and over again.
You loved the dominance that came so naturally to him. The way he made you feel that you could just let yourself fall into his arms, and he'd take care of you in the most pleasurable way. The way he gave you orders, and you wouldn't even think twice before obeying him. Your pussy throbbed needily at everything he said to you.
"Look at the mess you made all over my cock. Be a darling and clean it up. Good girls don't leave a mess."
You moaned around his hard length as you were on your knees, sucking him off, cleaning his gorgeous cock just as he told you to do. Tasting yourself on him, as his strong fingers were running through your hair, and he fucked your mouth with strong deep thrusts, using you for his pleasure while he told you that you were his good girl.
You sobbed when you heard the praise. Tears seeped out from beneath the tie around your eyes. And you drank his second load of cum hungrily when it pulsed into your throat in thick, hot ropes.
You were so grateful that he let you have more of him. And you knew you would always come back for more.
You slept in his arms that night, his tall solid body wrapped around you, muscular arms holding you tightly, soft kisses on your neck, and sweet words mumbled against your skin.
Your man. That was what he was. Your lover. Yours.
Tumblr media
As the woman by Sukuna's side, you found yourself spending more and more time in his world. The glittering, lavish world of Tokyo's upper-class and its just as splendid underworld.
Sukuna took you on dates to the finest restaurants and bars Tokyo had to offer and invited you to parties held at his legal businesses. Or at least legal on the surface. Like "The Shrine," his casino, where he hosted a charity event with the rich and famous of the city.
He sent an official invite to your office. When your phone rang, you picked it up with a smile.
"Charity event? You sound like a real hero."
"What can I say, darling? I'm a giver. We can go to the back, and I'll donate one or two orgasms to you. I love to help the needy."
You could hear his smirk through the phone. And he could hear the soft moan that escaped your lips.
Of course, you went to the charity party and creamed your panties while watching Sukuna getting his pictures taken for different newspapers and magazines.
He could pull it off. Sukuna had mastered the dance between both worlds, the official world, and the underworld, switching between them with ease.
He smiled for the cameras and posed with politicians and other big names of Tokyo's business world as if it was the most normal thing in the world. And he looked so sexy doing it.
You watched him and trembled with desire. Sukuna wore his fame so well. He carried himself with so much confidence and dignity. It made you press your legs together, trying to stop the throbbing between your thighs.
And he knew what he was doing to you. You could see it on his face when he caught you staring. He winked at you, and one corner of his lips lifted in that arrogant but boyish grin that made your knees go even weaker.
Of course, he took you to one of the private backrooms later on. Of course, he fucked you on one of the pool tables, tearing a hole into your tights because he couldn't wait to get his cock inside you. Of course, you moaned his name as he snapped his hips and drove his thick cock into your tight heat, setting a hard and fast pace, growling when he filled you with his thick cum.
The cum that left a white stain on the elegant pool table when it seeped out of your used pussy once he pulled out.
But instead of wiping it away, Sukuna just smirked, looking so satisfied with the whole situation. And after all, he owned this table, owned this place, just like he owned you.
You didn't wear any of the Itadori family's tattoos, like Sukuna's people did. But you wore other marks on your skin. Marks that Sukuna left there with his lips and teeth and fingers. Marks that showed his claim on you. And you wore them with pride.
Maybe it was wrong that he saw you as his property. But you could understand obsession and greediness. You felt the same when you looked at him. You wanted him to be only yours too.
He wasn't the only one who left his marks. You did the same to him. Scratches on his back because he fucked you so good, hickeys on his neck because you loved the soft moans you earned from him when you sucked on his sensitive skin there. So why shouldn't he be allowed to do the same?
But you didn't understand the whole extent of his possessiveness. You should learn it soon, though.
Tumblr media
"Meet me in my office in an hour. Don't be late, princess."
He hung up before you could say yes or no. It was infuriating that he was so used to ordering everyone around. But unfortunately, it was also very hot.
And you were happy to meet him. It had been a long day at work, and spending time with Sukuna sounded perfect. You couldn't wait to let him fuck all the stress out of you.
An hour later, you found yourself bent over his desk, skirt lifted, panties shoved to the side, head pressed down onto his polished mahogany desk. And Sukuna was standing behind you, fucking you with languid deep strokes, taking his sweet time with you.
You were sure it would be another evening of getting pounded into oblivion by the King of Tokyo's underworld. Exactly how you liked it.
Until there was a knock on the door.
You groaned in frustration. So much for getting dicked down by your lover!
But instead of stopping, Sukuna pushed his cock even deeper into you, trapping you between the desk and his strong body. He kept you on his dick as he said with a snide voice:
"Come in."
Your first reaction was a surprised gasp as you lifted your face from the polished surface of his desk to watch in horror as the door opened.
"Hey, boss, what urgent matter do you ha..."
Todo stopped mid-sentence staring at the scene before him as Toge stumbled into him.
You felt your face get hot when you saw the surprised gazes of two of Sukuna's bagmen landing on you briefly before quickly looking away again.
"I'm sorry, boss, I think we misunderstood something. We'll leave you alone, of course!"
"You will stay right where you are!"
And that's when it dawned on you. This wasn't an accident. You didn't get caught. This was planned all along.
And sure enough, Sukuna leaned down, solid body towering over you as he pressed a sweet kiss to your cheek before whispering in your ear:
"I have to teach those little boys an important lesson. Are you gonna help me, princess? You're my good girl, right? You will let me fuck you in front of them, right? Let me show them that you are mine. Only mine. That's what you are, aren't you?"
For a moment, you were too stunned to say anything. Shocked by the game he was playing. The sensible thing would have been to tell him to fuck off. But ever since you first met him, you always said yes to him, over and over again, despite the sheer craziness of it all. Because you liked this craziness.
And how could you say no, when you wanted to be his? When his possessiveness made your pussy cream up even more for him.
"Want me to stop, princess? Want me to pull out?"
"N...no, don't stop."
"That's my good girl. Daddy's so proud of you."
It was embarrassing how your body reacted to his words, how wet you got, and how you pressed back against him needily.
Sukuna rolled his hips slowly, making his thick cockhead caress your sweet spot, almost as if he was rewarding you for being good for him. He didn't stop as he addressed his henchmen in a taunting voice:
"Welcome, gentlemen. As you can see, the urgent matter I called you here for is rather personal. Take a good look, boys. Isn't this what you were fantasizing about when you watched my lady walking past you yesterday night? Didn't I hear you say you would like to hit that too, Todo? And didn't you agree with him, Toge?"
So that was, what it was about? Sukuna was angry that they had thought about you in a sexual way? The Yakuza boss was staking his claim, and you couldn't help but clench around his cock.
He was fucking you right there in front of them. And you were trembling around his cock, pushing back against him, showing him that yes, oh yes, you were his good girl. You were his and didn't want anyone else, only him. Only Sukuna.
Todo and Toge looked mortified, trying to look anywhere but at you. Todo was trying to defend them:
"It.. it wasn't like that Sukuna! We didn't really mean that! We were just joking around!"
"Is that so? I don't like it when people joke about what's mine. This here..."
His strong fingers ran over your back, caressing you lovingly through the thin fabric of your blouse.
"All of this belongs to me. She's mine. Is that clear?"
Your eyes fell shut at his words and the authority in them. This was so wrong, but you couldn't help but feel turned on by it. The way he was claiming you, making sure they knew who you belong to... it made you gush around his dick. It was enough to make you cum right there, hiding your face in your hands, biting your lip hard to stop yourself from crying out his name as you spasmed around his cock.
There was no doubt. You were his.
Tumblr media
"I can't believe you planned that!"
"Then you clearly underestimated me. I plan everything, honey. That's my job. I am the one in control. I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't do that."
He was such an insufferable asshole, leaning against his desk now that you were alone again, closing his belt and smirking at you with that arrogant mouth of his.
"It wasn't ok."
"I would have stopped if you wanted me to."
For a moment, there was a new emotion ghosting over his handsome face. Worry.
He reached out and cupped your cheek, looking at you searchingly.
"Did you want me to stop?"
"No... it's just.. this isn't normal, Kuna. This isn't what normal people do."
He laughed at that, the worry fading from his features and getting replaced by that typical devilish amused expression.
"I decide what's normal and what's not. This is my world, darling."
He was right. This really was his world. And everyone else was just living in it. And the truth was: you loved that. You loved the power he had. It made you dizzy. Filled you with such a craving for him. You couldn't believe how crazy you were for this man.
But as sweet as Sukuna could be if he wanted to, he was still a dangerous man. The monster lurked beneath his handsome appearance, charming humor, and smug smirk. But you weren't scared of him. Maybe that was a mistake. But you felt safe when you were in his arms.
You stayed with him for another hour, sitting on his lap while he finished some leftover work, occasionally stopping so he could kiss you with those long deep kisses that made you feel so warm.
Tumblr media
At that point, you foolishly thought you knew what it meant to date Ryomen Sukuna. You thought you knew what you needed to know about his line of work. Thought you'd be ok with it. That was very naive thinking, and you realized that only a short time later.
Precisely when you went to pay Sukuna a visit at his penthouse the next day. You had stopped at the bakery to buy a bag of donuts, deciding to get your lover something sweet to enjoy while he was working from home.
Sukuna wasn't in his office when you arrived there. You heard his voice in the distance, though, talking on the phone.
A fond smile crept over your face. Your man was always so busy.
You planned to spoil him once he was finished with work. Take his mind off his stressful day. Maybe use his tie as a blindfold again, but this time on him. Take care of him, worship his gorgeous body and ride him several rounds. The thought alone was enough to make desire throb between your legs.
That was how you planned this evening. It came different, though.
You walked over to his desk, placed the bag of donuts on it, and made the discovery that changed everything.
Your gaze landed on a wooden box in the middle of the desk. It looked beautiful, adorned with the most delicate gold ornaments. Sukuna was an avid collector of different types of daggers and katanas. So you assumed it had to be one of those. A new addition to his collection.
Curiosity got the best of you, and so you did something that you should regret bitterly later on:
You opened the box.
A shocked and disgusted gasp escaped your lips as you stumbled a step back. But you couldn't tear your gaze away from the content the box held, staring at it in morbid fascination.
It wasn't a new katana. Yes, it was a collection of sorts but very different from the one you expected.
In the box were fingers. Human fingers. Chopped off at the joint. Pinky fingers from the look of it.
You felt nauseous.
Each finger had its own little compartment, preserved in a small bottle labeled with the name of what you assumed had to be the person that finger used to be attached to.
And in the free space between them were two fingers which hadn't been sorted into their compartment yet. New ones, apparently. They had red ribbons wrapped around them with little name tags. "Todo" and "Toge."
You had to grab the edge of the desk to keep yourself from falling. Blood was rushing in your ears, and black spots danced before your eyes.
"Darling? What are you doing?"
Your gaze snapped up to see your lover standing in the doorway. No... The Yakuza boss. Ryomen Sukuna.
That's who he was.
You had been stupid to ignore the hard truth. The guy who took you on romantic dates, who kissed you so sweetly, who gifted you the best orgasms you ever had, wasn't just your charming, sexy lover. He had another side too. A dark one.
Your brain short-circuited. That's the only way you can explain why you did what you did. But you grabbed the two freshly amputated fingers and stormed over to Sukuna, slamming them against his chest.
"What I'm doing!? Looking at your little collection! You're a monster!"
Sukuna caught the fingers with one hand before they could fall to the floor, and his other hand grabbed your wrist and held you in place, preventing you from running out of the room.
"I didn't order them to do it. They came to me with the amputated fingers to show their respect and to apologize. It's our code. If they do something wrong, they gift me part of their pinky finger. It's a sign of respect."
The fact that he said all that with an emotionless face and the same tone with which he would talk about the weather made you spiral even more.
"This is sick!"
"That's my world, baby. Maybe take some time to think about it."
Sukuna pulled you closer to him. His maroon gaze bored into your eyes. You were so close that you could feel the heat emanating from his muscular body. He was always impressive, especially up close, so tall and strong.
You hadn't felt it in a while, but in that moment, that spark of fear awoke in your chest again. Sukuna was a dangerous man. This was the King of Tokyo's underworld. You had been so naive to ignore that fact.
His lips were gentle, though when they pressed a kiss to the top of your head. And his thumb caressed your wrist tenderly. Even his voice was soothing.
"I'll let go of you in a moment. But listen to me first. I promise you that this was Todo's and Toge's idea. I would never ask for a finger for something like that. I'm not that petty."
"Oh, is that so? But you felt the need to fuck me in front of them? Explain that then, Mr. I'm-not-that-petty!"
"Don't talk to me like that."
Now his voice took on another tone. His velvety timbre sounded dangerous now like the tiger on his family crest. A feline predator stalking his prey, toying with it before he went in for the kill. You gulped when he leaned down, his lips brushing over your ear when he whispered in his low voice,
"Don't act like that with me now, princess. I asked you if you wanted me to stop, and you said no. You were so turned on by that shit. You were so wet. You wanted it too. You wanted it so much that I could feel you cum on my cock right there in front of them. And you came so hard, baby. Almost sent me over the edge, too, with your little pussy clenching so hard around me. So don't act as if I forced you to do anything you didn't want to. You should know me better than that."
A little voice in your head told you that he was right. As rough as he was sometimes, he always asked you for your consent. Of course, you had been into it. Looking back, you know that you should have tried to calm down, that you should have tried to listen to him.
But you were too upset.
The fingers.
Sukuna's stoic face as he explained that cruel tradition to you.
It was too much.
It was making you sick. His whole world was sick! You just wanted to get away.
"Let go of me!"
You tugged on your wrist, and Sukuna's fingers loosened their tight grip on you, and his hand dropped to his side. He took a step to the side, giving you room to walk out the door.
And that was what you did. You practically fled from the room, ran from his apartment. Ran from him.
You stumbled out into the busy city, trying to calm your breathing and your reeling thoughts.
After hours of wandering the city streets aimlessly, you ended up in your favorite diner, where you tried to find comfort in your favorite food, but every bite just tasted like paper.
Your mind kept going back to Sukuna's office. To the wooden box. To your argument.
The thing was, the more you thought about what had happened, the more you realized that Sukuna was right. And you hated him for it. But you hated yourself even more.
How did you let it come to this? Become one of those naive women you read about in your stupid romance novels. The ones who fell for the typical bad boy. A vampire or a pirate or an evil duke. Or a mafia boss.
Hysterical laughter erupted from your mouth. The people sitting in the next booth gave you a concerned look. Your laughter turned into tears, and you buried your face in your hands, trying to hide the wetness on your cheeks and the desperate sobs coming out of your mouth.
You felt so stupid. Stupid for becoming the main character in some cheesy and highly unrealistic romance novel and thinking it would work in real life too. Stupid for believing this story would have a happy end.
You should have known better than to fall for the Yakuza King. Of course, life with him wouldn't just be roses and expensive cars and dates in elegant restaurants.
You had wanted him so bad that you chose to ignore what he was and what it meant to be with someone like him.
This man kept a box of fingers in his office! Not even in the main office, but in his office at home! The home where you had slept in his arms, where he had held you so gently, cuddled you, kissed you, looked at you with his beautiful eyes full of affection.
Your heart clenched painfully, and another sob escaped your mouth. The worst thing was that you already missed him. You had never been so infatuated with anyone else before Sukuna. And now you were sure you had lost him.
Tumblr media
I am so sorry for the angst!! I promise things will get better again!
But thank you so much for reading chapter 2 of my Sukuna Yakuza AU! I hope you enjoyed it and I would love to hear what you think about it! Comments and reblogs make me very happy!
All I can say is: My poor heart! I am so in love with him! I need him so bad aaaah! Lmao for real, I love writing this story, and Sukuna really has me wrapped around his finger.
A little extra: Two songs I listened to on repeat for the following scenes:
Sukuna picks reader up for their date (starting after "Such an idiot."): M3 & U by Mazzie
Sex scene after the date (starting after "You knew there was only one answer."): King by Niykee Heaton
Also, I am a nerd but listen: The curse of poison and knives, becoming her drug, and being a blade collector in this modern AU? More likely than you think lol. And the Yakuza code thing about the amputated fingers?? SUKUNA and fingers!! Hello? I think Gege wanted us all to write Yakuza Sukuna lmaooo. I used Todo and Toge because SPOILER!! ahaha I deleted that part because I don't want to spoil anyone for real. But if you read the manga you can figure it out.
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starryenigma · 2 days ago
Waaah!!! Beanie I just saw your post on the new milestone, congratulations babe!!!!!
For your event, may I request Sukuna from jjk
And the lyrics;
“Boy, you give good love, I won't lie
It's what keeps me coming back, even though I'm terrified” - Adele, Oh My God
Can I also request it to be nsfw? COS IM HUNGRY FOR HIM 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
I’m okay with any pet names and kinks!! Cos I’m a kinky bishh and I’m 22!! :3
Beanie, congratulations again!!! You’re really talented writer aaaaahhhhh!!! To many more to come eeee!!!
honey… meow… great song choice heheheeh lots of visual inspo here<333 enjoy my dear!!
cw: nsfw, minors dni, rough sex (what do you expect), dumbification, implied toxic relationship? i guess?, using sex to cope w life, spitting, use of pet names (little girl, sweetheart)
Tumblr media
“fuck fuck fuck! please, please don’t stop.”
“wasn’t planning on it, little girl.”
sukuna’s hips slam into yours mercilessly. both of your bodies shimmer with sweat. the beads roll down limbs, collecting more and more drops as they tumble, spurred by the man’s pace.
it’s shameful how easily sukuna can unravel you ribbon by ribbon. it never matters what kind of day you had; whether it was the most wonderful day and you wanted to celebrate, or it was the worst possible twenty four hours you’d ever experienced - he’d split you open and fuck you dumb until he was all you could think of.
what’s even more deplorable is that you’re always the one who texts him. your ex never initiated a hook up.
and today had been the worst. from getting ghosted by another prospective charmer to failing a test you’d busted your ass to study for, you didn’t even try to stop yourself from texting sukuna to come over.
you’d pounced on him immediately. he barely got out a “hello” before you were ripping off your clothes and sprinting to do the same to him. all he could do was laugh at your neediness before plucking you up like you weighed nothing.
and he’d given you everything you’d wanted without fail. it’s mystifying to you. you can’t help but wonder about it before the haze rolls in and your brain’s put out of commission.
and then all you think about is him. how he surrounds you so easily, in such totality. he’s everything you see, everything you touch, everything you smell, everything you hear, everything you taste.
his spit dribbles down your throat while he lets out a malicious grin watching you take what he gave you. you receive everything he bestows on you with a gracious air unmatched by the other girls he’s fucked.
he can’t help that he’s addicted to you, that he sits by the phone every night waiting for you to text.
you both finish, and of course it’s the best feeling that no other man can seem to give you. and the drill is the same as always. you and sukuna don’t miss a beat, rising immediately to clean up. and he’s about to head out of the door before you murmur something under your breath.
“that was the last time.”
it was only meant for your own sanity, but of course, he heard.
“isn’t that what you said last time, sweetheart? keep telling yourself that.”
Tumblr media
© all work belongs to starryenigma. do not copy and repost.
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sushi-guro · a day ago
know your place - a ryomen sukuna inspired playlist
you fool
Tumblr media
Venom - Eminem
And I know they're gonna hate
But I don't care, I barely can wait
To hit 'em with the snare and the bass
Square in the face, this fuckin' world better prepare to get laced
Because they're gonna taste my—
Venom, (I got that) adrenaline momentum
And I'm not knowin' when I'm
Ever gonna slow up and I'm
Ready to snap any moment I'm
Thinkin' it's time to go get 'em
They ain't gonna know what hit 'em
Mount Everest - Labrinth
You could touch the sky, but you ain't got shit on me
'Cause I'm on top of the world
I'm on top of the world, yeah
DAYWALKER! - Machine Gun Kelly (feat. CORPSE)
If a pussy wanna say shit, then I'll fuckin' stomp his face in
Nah, not getting better, can't change it, I left blood all on the pavement
I'm on borrowed time, can't shake it, uh, blackout when I'm ragin', uh
Me and all these pills be on a fuckin' first name basis, uh
There's an invisible voice that is talkin' to me, and it's always tellin' me to kill
I got a problem with separating what my head is creating from things that are real
I'm in a room, hyperventilating and debating to pop off the cap of these pills
If I get angry, I'm goin' to start up a riot like people on Capitol Hill
Fight, fight, fight
Heartless - The Weeknd
'Cause I'm heartless
And I'm back to my ways 'cause I'm heartless
Bossed Up - Quay Dash
I'm a pretty bitch, and I'm shining like I'm Pluto (Pluto)
Fuck you gonna do though? You ain't doing shit (nah)
But on your knees every night sucking dick (sucking that thing)
Go and fix your life, baby, go and get a job (get a job)
'Stead of looking like a mess, living life like a slob (slob)
Tia Tamera - (feat. Rico Nasty)
He just wanna eat me like some candy, but I'm not his buttercup
Dressed in all black, grim reaper (bitch)
Don't act like you can't see us (yeah)
VILLAIN - K/DA, Madison Beer, Kim Petras
In control
That's how I like it
And I'm never letting go, nah
Never had a soul
So you ain't taking anything from me
When you go, nah
I'll stay so deep inside your brain
And take you somewhere far away
Time to roll the dice
You know I'm the type
Type to risk my life
Not afraid to die
Type to make you cry
Type to put a price
All up on your head
Do just what I said
I'ma straight up villain
Straight up villain
Yeah no feeling
Yeah no feeling
Dark Horse - Katy Perry, Juicy J
I knew you were
You were gonna come to me
And here you are
But you better choose carefully
'Cause I, I'm capable of anything
Of anything and everything
Make me your Aphrodite
Make me your one and only
But don't make me your enemy
your enemy, your enemy
So you wanna play with magic?
Boy, you should know whatcha falling for
Baby, do you dare to do this?
'Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse (hey)
Oxytocin - Billie Eilish
I can see it clear as day
You don't really need a break
Wanna see what you can take
You should really run away
Other people wouldn't stay
Other people don't obey
You and me are both the same
You should really run away
Bad things
To you
I wanna do bad things to you
I wanna make you yell
I wanna do bad things to you
Don't wanna treat you well
Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey
He used to call me DN
That stood for deadly nightshade
'Cause I was filled with poison
But blessed with beauty and rage
Hold Me Down - Halsey
Selfish, taking what I want and call it mine
I'm helpless, clinging to a little bit of spine
They rush me, telling me I'm running out of time
They shush me, walking me across a fragile line
I sold my soul to a three-piece
And he told me I was holy
He's got me down on both knees
But it's the devil that's tryna
Hold me down, hold me down
Sneaking out the back door,
Make no sound
Knock me out, knock me out
Saying that I want more, this is what I live for
Hold me down, hold me down
Throw me in the deep end, watch me drown
Knock me out, knock me out
Saying that I want more, this is what I live for
Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz
I'm a scary gargoyle on a tower
That you made with plastic power
Your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away
Here we go again
That's electric
That's electric
She just look into my soul with them Shinigami eyes
Coke in my nose and a blade on her thigh
Man, I think this girl is really trying to plan my demise
Praise God - Kanye West
I channeled them bad bitches, all in abode
I challenge the trust, I challenge the turbulence
I came with the life
I gathered my sinners and asked if I'm right, let's get-
I just get right, bitch, huh
spotify link
Tumblr media
a/n: "i see your request are open and maybe can i request a ryomen sukuna playlist? Im feelin like an enemie to lover with a thicc sexual tension with a badass fighting scene vibe with someone that just as strong as him ya feel?? THANK YOUU!!"
So that was @missroro 's request! I hope you like this playlist as much as I do cause I had sooooo much fun making it! It's ironic how toxic this one feels lmao, i think it fits his character pretty well but you let me know!
check this if you wanna request a playlist too🌻
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ferg0s · 2 days ago
‘My sweet Jasmine,’ - sukuna x reader
Tumblr media
You believed in science, and so far there had been no scientific proof that reincarnation exists. But you started questioning your stance lately.
It all started with your introduction to the newest addition to Jujutsu High. Everything was going great - until another mouth appeared. You knew he was a vessel, and you had heard about Sukunas random cameos but from what you heard they happened in intense moments - not at 2pm on a Wednesday.
“Jasmine?” The cheek-mouth said.
Everyone was confused. As far as they knew there was no one present on campus names Jasmine. It was weird enough to see a mouth on a cheek, but when Itadori whipped his head to the side, you were met with a cheek-eye. It easily out-did the cheek mouth. “Ahh~!” It said looking at you, in delight?
“It’s been so long,” it began. “Nearly 2 thousand years,”
Everyone - rightfully - was confused.
“Who’re you talking to?” Itadori asked.
“My sweet Jasmine~” It didn’t seem to care.
It didn’t take long to find out that Jasmine was meant to be you. From Sukunas words, Jasmine seemed to be a devote follower of Sukuna in his golden age. It didn’t take a scientist to figure out that Jasmine was one Sukunas favourites. The way he would gush about Jasmine when you were around, and the many things Jasmine did to become his favourite in the first place.
“- she had quite a mouth on her, and she knew how to use it to-“ “Please, not while we’re eating.” Megumi interrupted. “Kelp.” Inumaki added. “No I want to hear more!” Nobara spoke up. It was an awkward ordeal for everyone, mostly you since you knew that everyone was imagining you as Jasmine when he talked about her. Though Itadori has control over Sukuna, he would fail to hold back the occasional mouth popping up and revealing intimate details about Jasmine.
It didn’t bother you - when you weren’t doing anything important. Sparing was a nightmare. Your train of thought would always be cut off by a loud ‘Jasmine’. Everyone had become used to it and began to ignore Sukuna, until the day you decided to do doubles with Maki and Megumi. You paired up with Itadori, an idea suggested by Panda to get Sukuna to shut up. Everything was going fine - punching, kicking, jumping around - until you went to cover for Itadori as he regained his balance after being pushed back by Maki.
“You always come back for me, don’t you?”
At this point, no one really cared for what Sukuna has to stay and ignored him. The remark wasn’t brought up until the four of you were sitting in the shade catching your breath. “What did he mean back there?” Maki asked. Everyone turned their attention to her. She looked over at Itadori. “What did you mean that she always come back?” Sukuna wasn’t one to answer questions, especially not by a jujitsu sorcerer that he could kill in seconds - but he was Sukuna, andnSukuna was unpredictable. A grin appeared on Itadoris cheek.
“My sweet Jasmine,”
Eveyeone rolled their eyes as they prepared themselves for another invasive look into Sukunas sex life.
“She was so devoted to me. Poor thing couldn’t bare the idea of ageing in this world and dying without me,” he let out a chuckle. “Said she’d rather die than imagine a life without her God,” Itadoris head whipped to the side and Sukunas eye landed on you. “She slit her throat infront of me, letting me drink her blood. She did that everytime.” The last sentence caught you off guard. “Everytime?” You asked. “Ofcourse - always returned to me, keeping me company every century. My delicate flower travelled across the Silk Road for me-“ “How do you know it was her?” Megumi asked. Sukuna chuckled. “I made sure to leave my mark on her.” And with that he retreated, leaving the four of you with more questions than answers.
No one knew what he was talking about - as far as they knew Sukuna had lost his mind being trapped inside Itadori for so long, maybe his memories were getting mixed up with Itadori. But Itadori swore up and down that he had never met anyone named Jasmine in his life - nor done any of the things Sukuna would confess to when eveyeone was eating. “Have you watched a pornstar named Jasmine?” Nobara asked. “Why would you even suggest that?!” Itadori yelled back. “No shame in it - just tell us-“ “No!”
You laughed along and tried to pretend like it wasn’t true - there was no logical way that it would be possible. But staring at the claw marks on your shoulder blade made you think other wise - you told everyone that it was scar you got from fighting your first curse, but that was a lie. It was a birth mark. The multiple specialists your parents had taken you to had confirmed that many times. You tried to make some logical sense out of it - Sukuna was just playing mind games, he does that, he’s a curse after all!
But you couldn’t deny that each day you found yourself finding excuses to be around Itadori - or that’s who you told yourself you wanted to be around - talk to him, and spare with him. You felt yourself getting more drawn into him, it was like something was pulling you towards him - pulling you towards Sukuna.
This was a cooler concept in my head lol hehehe
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haikyuuwaifu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Genre: Humor
Warnings: Swearing
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
-Y/N always puts her reports off to the last minute. It’s mostly to aggravate administration. However, Y/N is a sucker for her bestie finding love, so of course she’s got no problem watching little Yuji<3
-This is a BIG DEAL for Mei Mei. She doesn’t do serious relationships, but she really likes Utahime, and she adores Nobara. Utahime has been freaking out all week, hence why she forgot about watching Yuji for Sukuna. Nanami is nervous about going out with Getou and Toji is READY to film with Gojo ;)
-Sukuna and Y/n gossip like besties <3 It’s also a known fact that Yuji loves Y/N more. This will be the first time Yuji or Sukuna have been to Y/n’s place. 
a/n: there are no taglists
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bts5sosempire · 2 days ago
as yours (ii); troublemakers
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: sukuna ryomen x afab! reader
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬: 1,730
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭: fluff, comedy(?), college au, mention of gang fighting/ involvement, sprinkle of angst (future updates), idk what I might miss.
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲:  "as a child, you have harbor a massive crush on Itadori Yuji; it wasn't until that college happened you dared to ask him. Trying to give him a letter, the one who you ended up giving to was no other than his no-good twin brother, Sukuna Ryomen."
chapter 1 ✿ chapter 3
Tumblr media
A few days passed, and you were still feeling slumped over the note is taken. You were walking to college with Maki and Nobara, who were lagging, whispering about the newest thing, and then giggling at one another. After arriving from the train station, you guys hit up at a local cafe around your college area for morning breakfast and proceed on.
Nearing the college gate, you see Megumi's car approach. “Hey! Megumi!” You wave at your friend who came out trying to tell his father off to stop embarrassing him. You only saw Megumi's dad from time, and have been to Megumi's home for school projects back in high school (and even till now). You have to boot that he's a good-looking dad even tho he's married and is in his forties with strands of grey hair donning his upcoming age. Even his mom and older sister are beautiful too; you had to guess that good looks run in the family.
Megumi mumbled a small ‘hi’ while shooting his father a final glare. “Oh, hey there, kiddo!” Toji greeted you with a smile that had a scar dash down at the corners of his lips, “Take care of that troublemaker, would you?” He gives you a hearty laugh with a wave, and you return it right back. You drag the boy by the arm, and Toji snickers before driving off.
When Maki and Nobara arrived at the gate with you and Megumi, a commotion was going at the front of the bulletin board. A bunch of students was chattering loudly among themselves and to each other. They were trying to see the latest news. You didn't bother much unless it was necessary about upcoming exams and important notice. Turning away for a second, something in bright red caught your peripheral view; on the board was a note, not just any message, but it mimicked your handwriting in a big font. Not to mention it sums up what's in the letter too!
From the deepest part of my heart, I hope you accept my sincere love and be my boyfriend since I have liked you for a long time, ever since we were children.
                                             Sincerely yours truly, (Name)”]
A hot and cold flash ran through your body as you weaved through the crowds like a madman. Going to the front, you tore off the paper from the board, feeling your face might explode from any second now. You freed yourself from the crowd and went to look for that despicable man!
Tumblr media
Sukuna, who skips the morning halls lecture as always, was humming a familiar tune. He listened to as a kid. Sukuna stopped when he heard rapid footsteps approaching his confined space; a wide grin made across his face like a Cheshire cat.
“Sukuna!” Your voice echoed into the room when you slammed the door open with rage, that it could've fallen off its hinges if there were more forces. Looking at the man who sleeps his life away, you point an accusing finger at him. “You!” Stomping to him angrily, he looks up at you, then down, scanning your chintzy form like you just got back from fighting for your life, hair disarray, and clothes slightly underhand. “W-Why did you have to post this bullshit upon the board?! Did taking my note is not enough for you?”
“This?” Sukuna pulled the confession out of his front pocket, waving it. Even though it had been with him for a few days, the paper was already damaged beyond repair by Sukuna. “I thought I should just amuse myself.”
A scoff came from you, “Your humor is broken as your personality.” Sarcasm rolling off your lips, you snatched the letter out of his hand and threw the other one already crumpled up in your hand. “You think copying the letter and making it yours is funny?”
Sukuna lets out a low charming chuckle (that could make his fangirls swoon) while he swings himself upon the makeshift bed; he props an arm to his leg while his jaw rests on his knuckles. “I already told you if it's not funny, I wouldn't have pulled the stunt. Plus, you're falling for a boy who views you as nothing but a friend for the longest time.”
A frown appears on your face; you overlapped your arms over one another, feeling one of your feet itching to kick him down a notch. “You don't know that,” speaking with confidence, you're not going to let a man like Sukuna bring down your affections for Yuji. “Quit acting like you're high and almighty; it's stupid and irritating. Just because you can pull anyone to your side doesn't mean they truly love you; they're just infatuated with you.”
“Ouch,” Sukuna feigned a hurt look before mocking you, “even if all the girls who had been in between my sheets may not love me, I can say that I'd wanted more than one way, unlike you.” A look of disgust flash across your face. Sukuna, extend a free hand out, pull one of your belt loops holes with his finger, and give it a firm tug that makes you tumble to him unexpectedly. Your hands fall upon Sukuna's shoulder for supports, the proximity between you shortened suddenly, “Another thing I could say to Yuji is that he's truly missing out though,” he looks at you with those glimmers rosy eyes, “you may not notice, but you're my type.” 
‘What in the actual fuck?’ Trying to pull back, you thought that Sukuna's jokes just got worse as he aged. “What a funny joke. Are you aiming to be a comedian? Maybe you should get it since you're a fucking joke.” Pushing him off, he lets you go without much of a fight.
“Suit yourself,” was all he said. 
You walk away about a reasonable distance, not before turning around to flip him off, then hold your chin high.
Outside the door, someone lingers unknowingly. Listening.
Tumblr media
After school hits and your group decides to hit the library, Panda and Inumaki finally show up after being swamped for days. Megumi works diligently on his history paper, Nobara flipping through her fashion magazine while Maki hangs around after revising her English papers. Panda and Inumaki were making origamis when they only worked for ten minutes and only called quit later.
And you, you were reading the same line for the eighth time before huffing a tired groan, rubbing your temples in stress. Closing the textbook, you slump in your chair and look up at the high ceiling of the library. Rays of cupids were painted across the vast top, with a baby blue background and clouds.
“You were the talk of the day (Name),” Maki mentioned, and an exasperated cry left your throat; you don't want to remember what happened in the early hours, “rumors about you already started flying. It wasn't the pleasant kind.”
“I thought that I would pass through college like a breeze, but here I am caught up in fraudulent rumors….” You quietly take a deep breath, “Why do people have so much time to come up with things about me? They could've donated those time to my lack of sleep and deadline extension.”
“You do remember about that Minori or Minomi person, right?” Maki asks, and you look to the side, trying to find a piece of memory about that person with that name in your head. “The one you got into a fistfight during freshman year in high school.”
Then it clicked, “Oh, you mean that pompous sassy little lady?” You turn your body towards Maki; now, an old face resurfaces into your head. Minomi, a girl back in high school who mistakes Yuji for Sukuna and starts ridiculing him, and it gets in your nerve that you ended up giving her a few punches to her face when she was insulting and making fun of him for being the ‘no-good’ half. You didn't regret what you did, but you would give her a few more if you could turn back time. “What about her?”
“Heard that she's the head of Sukuna's fan club,” Maki told you. While you don't know how this adds up, “She runs a large following online Twitter and Instagram for daily news.”
“And?” You raise a brow at the woman sitting across from you.
“She wants you gone.”
That makes a laugh rise out of you as you slap a hand over your mouth, surprised. The librarian over the desk shoots your table a glare, and you nod your head apologetically towards her.
The door to the library opened with a slammed which caught the attention of everyone in the vicinity, and lord behold, a woman who was a bit a tad shorter than the rest of your group and you, walk furiously towards you. Their coiled pigtails bounce behind them with each rapid movement.
“That's her,” Maki used a hand to cup her mouth and whisper to you without moving her lips as her eyes were glued to the sassy child.
“She's still short as I remember,” you whisper right back.
“I thought that after high school, I would have never to see you again,” she spoke with a condescending tone. Once she's up to you, her face is blocked by your chest as you look down on her.
Without warning or sign, no one saw it coming when she stood on her tiptoes and extended her arm back before swinging it forward, and a loud slap echoed around the room. Your friends and even you were shocked because it came so fast that you thought this was her way of getting back at it for all those years when you fought her Chihuahua stature.
“Stay away from him!” Minomi pronounces before turning away and walking out of the room, pushing a student out of the way.
“Well, I'll be damn…” You give the group a look before rubbing your cheek in pain. Despite her size, she can pack a slap. Years of pent-up hatred for you might have been the source of that holy power. “If she can slap, why didn't she fight me like that at the time?” You ask no one in particular.
On second thought, your ego and pride might've been bruised, and you convince yourself not to feel that way. A heavy sigh leaves you.
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mariebellasart · 2 months ago
"I can change him" bitch why, hes the perfect menace to society and i love that
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sukunababy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
—  Ryōmen Sukuna x f!reader
Genre. romance, smut
What if the big bad wolf was never the villain of the story?
cw. OG Sukuna, 4 arms + 2 cocks, soft dom!Sukuna, fingerfucking, oral sex, hand job, breeding kink, creampie, DP + DP 1 hole, size kink, spanking, rimming, anal, cum shot, cum eating, praise kink, cervix fucking, hair pulling, belly bulge
wc. + 7 k
Tumblr media
Reblog and comments are greatly appreciated.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Once upon a time, at the foot of a great mountain, beyond a forest of thick monstrous trees, there was a small village.
It is a lively village, everyone knows each other and everyone is a friend. The fishermen gladly exchange their extra fish for fruit picked by the women, who in turn exchange the ripest apples for vegetables from the farmers. Everyone gives their contribution, those who are better educated teach the children, those with strong arms become woodcutters, those who know about herbs cure the sick and so on for generations.
No stranger ever comes, no one has the courage to venture into the forest because of the many legends that revolve around the village. According to the oldest of the stories to protect the village there was a monstrous creature, with which the ancestors of the founders had established a pact: in exchange for protection they would offer the beast gifts and anything else. For centuries, every full moon, at a precise point in the woods, at the border that no one dared cross, men would leave their offerings, but no one had ever had the audacity to stop and meet the creature. For many, it didn't even exist. A figment of imagination or the need to believe in someone, many said.
These stories are whispered from adult to adult, being careful not to let young ears hear them, in case they go in search of the beast, to find out the truth.
There was, however, an old woman who lived in the woods, cultivating her small vegetable garden and fishing in the river not far from her little house. The grandmother refused to leave, despite several fights with her daughter and granddaughter, she was not afraid of the infamous creature, she even said she met it when she was young.
Four stro arms, four eyes, two small ones on either side of the big ones and a smirk on his face. That's how the old woman described it.
And it is because of her that this story begins.
While she's adjusting your coat, your mother keeps snorting, "that woman" she grumbles shaking her head desperately, "she'll give us a damn sooner or later" she says pulling the hood up over your head. Poor grandma got sick after spending the night sewing outside on the porch, probably another hood for you, like the one you're already wearing in red. "You have to convince grandma that it's better if she comes to stay with us" you murmur to your mother taking the basket with the medical herbs in her hand, "you know how your grandma is" she says rolling her eyes, "she's stubborn". A trait you unfortunately inherited from her, "I'm tired of always having to go back and forth" you grumble thinking about all the times you were sent into the woods to check that the old woman was, at least, still alive.
When you leave the house you wrap yourself in your red cape because the air is cold and the sky is dark, "the rainy season is here" you think as you take the little road through the woods.
Every step you take you get deeper and deeper into the thick forest. The trees seem to touch the sky from how high they are, the birds are all whistling in chorus and the sound of the stream gets louder and louder as you go along.
The leaves scrounge with every step, and the bare trees begin to take strange shapes, "it's just my eyes playing tricks on me" you murmur to give yourself courage. You still don't realize you're no longer on the right path. When the birds stop singing and the sound of the stream stops roaring, you turn around without recognizing where you are.
You know your way to Grandma's house well and that is definitely not the right path. "Maybe if I go back..." you murmur trying to walk the road backwards but that only takes you further off the path. The wind gets inexplicably stronger as you stop to think of a solution, "if I sit and wait for someone to come looking for me I might freeze to death" you stammer, "but if I keep walking I might get even more lost" your own thoughts make you roll your eyes, you're so focused that you don't even notice the root sticking out of the ground, making you fall down to the ground. "Good, that's all we need" you whimper grabbing your aching ankle, the basket with herbs for grandma spilled on the ground.
You know damn well that even if you tried to scream for help no one would hear you, but in that moment it's the only thing going through your hooded head. "Please someone help me" you yell with as much breath as you have in your throat. But from the woods no sound answers your screams. Slowly your hope of being found fades as the sky darkens.
 It comes with determination. 
With a violent downpour the rain comes.
 "Come on" you whimper turning to the sky, the hood is not enough to protect you from the rain and the cold wind, and with a twisted ankle you can't even take a few steps to shelter under a tree. When you start to cry your vision blurs, your sobs covering the noises around you.
"Shit, you're so annoying" the deep, bored voice comes from behind you and before you can realize it you're lifted off the wet ground and pulled onto the shoulders by four giant arms. "W-what?" you murmur not understanding what is happening, and when you turn your small torso you can only see a disheveled, rain soaked pink hair.
"Hey put me down" you protest hitting his big back with your small fists but he doesn't move or say anything. "Put me down you ugly monster" you yell louder getting a resounding slap on the ass as a response, "shut the fuck up" he growls going deeper into the dark forest. With a sore ass you decide that letting another word out of your lips would only bring trouble. The rocking on his shoulders almost makes you doze off, "Sukuna" he says entering a small clearing surrounded by flowers, "my name is not ugly monster, my name is Sukuna" he says almost offended by your words.
"Sukuna?" you whisper under your breath, you know you've heard that name before but you can't focus on the moment.
A branch hits you in the face as you are deep in your thoughts, "ouch" you grumble rubbing your red face to realize that the forest is like gone. A curtain of long leaves has as if divided the woods from the clearing. A small bridge under which a stream runs divides two pieces of land, and when you turn to look behind you, you see a big shrine. "Huge," you think before realizing that Sukuna is looking at you out of the corner of a small eye to the side of the normal one.
Then you realize.
The beast.
"I am not good to eat" you stammer trying to wriggle out of it, but he chuckles as he enters that huge monument. "Tsk" he says, "why would I eat you?" he shakes his head as he walks up a long staircase. 
"Prepare a bath" he says and the only thing you hear are footsteps running somewhere. Then Sukuna stops, opens a large door and the familiar scent of roses invades your lungs. The room you enter is large. You can see a large closet and even larger fireplace, furs on the floor, and near the window with no glass, there is a weave of roses on a fence that goes from the ceiling to the floor. "Ouch" you murmur as you are thrown onto the bed, "who the fuck are you?" he asks with a furrowed brow.
As you rise to sit up you look at the beast for its full figure. He is tall with four big arms, two pairs of red eyes and pink hair that so wet it is stuck to his forehead. They cover a trident tattoo, and now that you look closer you realize he has more. On his small nose, cheeks and jaws. Two thick lines decorate his chest, and black circles surround his arms and wrists. "Answer my question," he orders causing you to look away from the mouth that is present on his abdomen.
"If this is the creature everyone is talking about it is completely different from what I imagined" you think looking into his vermillion colored eyes. He leans over you, his face close to yours, "I know you understand me when I talk" he says, "or maybe you're stupid?" he asks with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his face. 
With a furrowed brow you shake your head vigorously, "I'm not stupid" you murmur, "and to answer your question, my name is y/N and I'm lost. I guess. Well yeah I was going to grandma's who lives in the middle of the woods and I got lost and it started raining and I fell and hurt myself ..." "Cut it out" he says not putting up with your chirping anymore, "how much you talk" he murmurs making you blush with shame. When you open your mouth to apologize he looks at you crookedly making you close it and shut up. 
The knock on the door interrupts the awkward silence and when he gives the order to enter two men carry a large tub and behind them some women with several buckets of water.
After filling the tub they leave in religious silence, making a slight bow and closing the door behind them. "Do you want to boil me in there?" you ask horrified with fear. Sukuna runs his hand through his hair, "then you really are dumb" he says and his comment makes your cheeks puff up and pout. "You're dirty. You're probably cold too" he says, "I'll eat you later" he adds giggling but at this point you know he's teasing you.
"Why?" you ask as you get up from the bed, trying not to put any weight on your sore ankle, "why did you bring me here?" He snorts, removing his baggy pants, staying naked, "because your whimpering was disturbing me" he says but your gaze is intent on looking for anything other than his direction, "as I don't know how you got as far as where I found you and as my house is closer than your village I thought it best to bring you here" he says stepping into the tub of hot water.
"You were going to help me?" you ask turning back to look at him but he looks up puffing and you realize you won't get an answer.
You don't manage to undress right away his eyes are fixed on you, "get in" he orders leaning two of his arms on the edge of the tub. "Don't look at me" you murmur turning around to remove your rain soaked clothes. When you drop even the last garment and slide into the tub he's looking at you, "you looked" you accuse him and Sukuna smirks, "of course" he says without bothering to deny it.
He closes his eyes, relaxing surrounded by the boiling water warming his body, you, curled up on yourself try to do the same but with little result. "Where did you hurt yourself?" he asks looking at you from the other side of the tub. You lift your leg and show him your swollen ankle, "I fell and hurt my foot," you murmur covering the rest of your body with your hands. Sukuna is gentle as he grabs your ankle, and after running his hand over it the pain disappears. Your amazed look makes him laugh, "tell me little red riding hood, what did you think I was?".
His question is unexpected. You don't really know what you expected either. You only remember the legends about a big bad monster, devouring people and howling at the moon, "I don't..." you stammer and Sukuna pulls forward, approaching you, cautiously, "they say many things about me, I know that" he murmurs as he sits by your side, "but I never hurt any human being, after all I was one of you once" he says leaving you speechless. He laughs again when your mouth snaps open in surprise and mimics your facial expressions when he tells you his story. How he became a curse once he died, how his life was before and now, how everyone is afraid of him but doesn't know the real reason.
The loud thunder that erupts outside makes you cower against him and Sukuna laughs, "for so little?" he asks as he stands up. Once again you have to look away from his naked figure only to return when he has wrapped a towel around his waist. After handing you one he turns away, looking out leaving you time to get out and cover yourself, "thanks" you murmur. Sukuna gives a sadistic smile as he approaches you, "I don't do anything for nothing little red riding hood" he says towering over you.
With one hand he grabs your cheeks and leaning slightly over you he presses his lips on yours. The kiss is warm and passionate, it leaves you breathless, "don't be afraid of me will make this horrible" he says sliding the white cloth you're wrapped in to the ground. His face moves down your neck, Sukuna presses his tongue all over your skin layer, "wait" you gasp as his tongue darts over your warm skin, he doesn't listen, he squeezes your breasts with two of his big hands while the other two are busy supporting you from behind so that you can't wriggle out of his grip.
"I'll try to be gentle," he says in a monotone voice as he continues his downward trajectory, and when you try to pull away he holds you close, feeds one nipple and sucks on it greedily while squeezing the other between his index finger and thumb. When from before you tried to rebel now your body responds to his caresses.
You push your breasts towards his mouth and close your eyes feeling the wetness between your legs increase, "I thought you would resist more" he teases you moving his tongue in circles over your swollen nipple. You don't stand up to his teasing and you slip your fingers into his hair and pull him closer to you, "S-sukuna" you hum. The hands that aren't occupied on your breasts hold you by the waist as he kneels with his face in your pussy.
He ignores your soft cry of surprise as he wraps his tongue around your clit. Sukuna sucks your little nub into his mouth, making you moan and when you move your thigh over his shoulder his laughter vibrates your wetness, "is this how we want to do this?" he chuckles returning with his nose pressed against your dripping cunt.
The feeling of comfort increases with each lick and your hips start to move slowly, you sway your hips up and down, finding a rhythm to go along with his mouth, "mmh s..." you moan. "Say my name" he asks with a smirk stopping to look at you, "Sukuna" you murmur. "Louder" he orders, grazing your clit with a lick, "S-su-kuna" you stutter pushing your hips towards his face, making him laugh. "I didn't hear you" he teases you, you huff visibly irritated, "Sukuna p-please" you say biting your lip.
He looks up at you, annoyance on his face after you huff, he grabs your other thigh and brings it over his other shoulder, standing up. You scream more from the fright of being put up in the air than from his tongue sneaking into your hot wet pussy, "you're going to make me fall" you protest but his hands on your back become firmer, holding you pressed against his face. You hold on tight to his hair as you ride out your orgasm, you feel your swollen, aching clit being caressed by Sukuna's teeth and then he pulls it lightly with his lips, making you twitch and cream in his tongue.
When your body calms down from the spasms you feel a strange sensation behind your back, Sukuna rests you on a fur blanket on the large bed, "did I make you feel good?" he asks with a smirk climbing on top of you, two hands resting on either side of your head while the other two hold your thighs open and pressed to the mattress. When Sukuna grabs your chin your eyes meet, "y-yes" you murmur in embarrassment.
He doesn't waste any time, his fingers caress your body, he grazes your nub making you shudder, "again?" you ask in a husky voice, he frowns, "we haven't started yet" he says dipping two fingers into your folds rubbing in a sweet spot inside you making you gasp. You purr as he pulls them out, and starts stroking his two big long shiny cocks.
You've never been in such close contact with a naked man but you know that two is too many.
Sukuna's cocks are on top of each other, accompanied by two big balls that look like they're about to burst.
You swallow loudly as you try to get up off the bed, not taking your eyes off the giant cocks in his hands.He laughs and lifts your chin with two fingers, "don't worry" he murmurs forcing you to lie back down and then lining up one of his cocks in your cunny, "I'll take it slow" you shake your head vigorously and he pushes himself into your hot folds making you scream, "hold on to me" he says leaning down to your face, your lips inches from each other.
And so you do, you wrap your arms around his neck and Sukuna adjusts himself between your thighs, he slowly pulls out, his hands gripping your hips to hold you still as he pushes back into your wetness, "it hurts" you cry but the tears are chased away by his thumbs, his hands cupping your face as he pushes his tongue into your mouth, making you moan.
"It's t-too big" you gasp as Sukuna starts to move in and out, in a slow rhythm, "it's to fuck you better" he says humming. He doesn't stop kissing you as his pace gets faster and the pain in your pussy gives way to pleasure, "Sukuna" you murmur between kisses, "it feels good" you confess almost embarrassed at what's happening, he grimaces and presses his forehead to yours, "you look happy, do you want me to praise you?" he teases making you blush. "Look how cute" he murmurs starting to move faster against you, "you're embarrassed because you like being fucked by the beast" he chuckles placing himself on his knees between your thighs, his big cock buried up to his balls in your aching pussy.
"Fuck. Take it. Take it all" he grunts pulling out of you and sinking completely back in in one motion, you hold your breath in your throat as he begins to drill you mercilessly, "yeah, just like that."
Sukuna pushes your leg back until it's almost sore, with his cock deep inside you, he grinds his hips against yours as he leans over your body, hooking both your legs over his shoulders, pressing them back, close to your head. So face to face, his cock touches your cervix making you babble nonsense words as you feel something hot and rough lick your clit. When you try to look down between your bodies, what you can catch a glimpse of is his big tongue sticking out of his muscular chest, but his mouth is too distracting, settling at the base of your neck and kissing every inch down to your jaw.
A fire starts to burn inside you, more intensely than when your pussy was attached to his face, "I I ... " you stutter making him laugh again, he jerks his hips against yours without another moment of hesitation and you drive your nails into his back, your mouth open in a silent scream.
His cock keeps hitting the bottom of your cunt making you see stars, the dizzy feeling goes straight to your growing arousal, "mmh Sukuna I think ... " you murmur but the words die in your mouth as you come on his cock, drooling. "I got you" he whispers against the wet skin of your neck, his low voice making you shudder and dig your nails into his back even more.
"Look at you, you're creaming all over my cock. You're so pretty, you took it so well," he says, getting up and squeezing your neck, "now let me take mine though," the words keep flowing as he fucks you through your orgasm, chasing his own release.
When he finally comes too your hole is sore and abused, the sound of skin against skin the only thing you can focus on, your mind foggy. Your stomach churns as his hot cum pours into you and his pace gradually begins to slow, the wet sound of him fucking his seed into you as he rides out his own orgasm pumping in your ears.
When he finally stops, he leans into you, his sweaty forehead on yours and presses one last kiss on your lips, pulling his cock out of your pussy.
He flicks his tongue as he looks at the mess he made between your legs and out of embarrassment at being so exposed you quickly close them. Sukuna however is quicker, "no, open, I want to see" he says spreading your thighs wide, and pushes two fingers inside your hole pushing his hot cum back inside you.
His warm hands cradle you as he holds you to his chest, and slowly with the ticking of the rain outside you fall asleep.
When you wake up you are wrapped in heavy blankets. Outside the rain falls incessantly and the bed is empty. The big tub is gone and when you get out of bed you notice that your clothes are gone too.
When the door opens you jerk under the covers and pull them up to your chin, "good morning" he says approaching the bed holding some women's clothes, "you can wear these while your clothes dry." 
"I have to go, Grandma will be worried" you murmur getting up from the pillows setting you down, wincing as your aching pussy rubs against the sheets. Sukuna caresses your swollen lips, "you're free to go, but I'm not going to accompany you" he says looking out the window, "not in this weather at least".
The rain seems to be getting louder and louder and the wind whips through the trees around resonating through the leaves. Sukuna watches you walk around his room. You open drawers, closets, you push yourself to even look out the window wondering if you were really free to leave like he said. "Can't you sit still?" he asks as he sees you pacing the room in a circle. When you pout he gets up from the bed and grabs your wrist, "do you want to see something?" he asks pulling you towards the wall of roses.
He wraps three of his arms around your body when you nod, his chin on your head, "look" he whispers running his hand over a now dried rose making it turn red.
Sukuna strokes your cheek with his thumb, placing a kiss on your temple, "so pretty" he whispers in your ear.
It's a moment when Sukuna removes his white kimono and forces you to your knees, "sorry but you're too cute when you make that face," he murmurs with a smirk.
Your long eyelashes get wet with tears when Sukuna slams the head of his cock into the back of your throat, "so good" he moans in a throaty voice making you wince. "What a good girl" he praises you when you slide his shaft back and forth in your mouth, swallowing every drop of pre cum that releases its head, "you're doing it so good" he murmurs stroking your head, a choked sound is ripped from your throat when his hand pushes a little too hard and the thick veiny cock you're sucking plunges into your throat a little too deeply.
"You're doing so well, pretty girl," he moans breathlessly with his back to the wall, "so- ah fuck, ah- your mouth is amazing ..." Drool pools at the corners of your mouth and drips down the sides, dripping onto your chin and the floor, Sukuna curses when he sees the way your eyes glisten, unshed tears are pooled at the edge of your eyes.
Your jaw strains as you move your head back and forth along his length and wet, obscene sounds fill the room, and as you milk his cock with your mouth, you run your small hands over his second cock, pumping it back and forth, "ah shit" Sukuna moans and pulls out of your lips to cum on your face.
His hot seed ends up on your cheeks red with fatigue, "so cute" he teases you pulling you up by your hair, "on the bed" he orders. You undress before following his commands, ready to receive whatever he has in store for you.
You don't care that his cum is still on your face, when he commands you to get on all fours, you comply.
You plant your face on the mattress and raise your butt as high as you can, he seems pleased with you because he's sweet when he praises you, "you really are a good girl, aren't you so little red riding hood?".
Two large hands caress every inch of your body while two others hold you down by the waist. You feel a big rough tongue lick the length of your pussy then push its way inside your little hole in the middle of your ass, "oh my goodness" you moan at that intrusion but Sukuna calms you down, stroking your back, "you'll see you'll like it" he says. 
As he pushes the first cock inside your still aching pussy you hear him chuckle, "you've already creamed on my cock" visibly pleased with how your body reacts to his touch. The tongue on his abdomen torments your ass, licking every inch of skin and occasionally pushing into your hole making you moan, "Sukuna it feels s-so good" you gasp when with a thrust of his hips he pushes his cock deep inside you. With your head pressed to the mattress you don't have a good view of what he's doing but when you feel him press into your ass a familiar tingle pervades your lower abdomen.
The tip of his cock penetrates your ass, you feel your hole widen with every inch he pushes into you, "mmh yes" you moan feeling completely full. His fingers are tight on the fat of your hips, he squeezes you tight as he grabs your arms and pulls you towards him, moving in and out of your abused hole. Your muscles begin to ache but the shaking that radiates from your lower belly is stronger, you scream loudly as you cum, babbling confusingly his name.
Sukuna's thrusts grow stronger as your body trembles beneath him, "come again" he says almost as an order. When his balls slap your swollen clit you press your face to the mattress, before the first orgasm subsides you manage to extend it cumming again under his touch.
The room echoes with the sound of skin on skin, his hips hitting yours and then a muffled moan, "fuck you took them so well" he murmurs stopping completely and pouring his hot seed into you. Your insides fill with cum making your belly bulge from all the liquid he poured into your stretched out holes.
When you slump your body on the mattress Sukuna is still inside you, he pushes even deeper as he lies on top of you, not pressing too hard so as not to hurt you, "you've been a good girl" he says kissing your bare back.
His hands are gentle as he helps you wash. He gently runs the sponge over your neck, shoulders and down the middle of your breasts. He rubs between your legs and makes you arch your back at the sensation, "do you like this?" he asks repeating the motion, this time with more force making you moan. His fingers get faster on your nub as he gropes your boobs covered in purple hickeys, "you're so good" he punctuates the words every time he leaves a sloppy kiss on your neck. "Mmh Sukuna I'm ...." you hum abandoning yourself under his touch, "so good" you meow throwing your head back.
Sukuna has maids call in to help you dress and comb your hair, their hands are expert and move quickly as they weave and tie bows and ribbons. The temptation to ask them who they were and why they lived there was high but every time you opened your mouth you closed it knowing you would be too intrusive.
Sukuna is waiting for you at a set table. He sits you in his lap and fills your plate. Cheese, bread, cooked potatoes, honey and fruit, "I won't be able to eat it all" you giggle rubbing your nose in his neck. "Eat whatever you want" he says stroking your cheek, his lips are warm as he presses them to your forehead.
When you swallow the last bite your stomach can hold he chuckles, "you eat like a bird" he teases you, his hands on your hips holding you close to his chest.
He never eats. He doesn't need to eat or sleep. But he needs you.
That's what he keeps telling you.
When he feeds you. When he helps you wash. When he rolls with you in the sheets.
His kisses are always full of passion, and his hands yearn to hold you to his chest.
"How long has it been?" you ask when once in the bedroom he sits you on top of him. "Two weeks," he says.
Your grandmother. Your mom. Who knows what happened.
"I have to go" you murmur as tears slide down your cheeks, "but I can come back and see you" you whisper pressing your cheek to his chest. His fingers caress your hair as his hands hold you close, "it's okay, no need to cry" he murmurs.
The rain is still falling thickly as Sukuna pulls the hood over your head, "make sure you don't get lost this time too baby" he smirks as he walks you all the way back to your village. He who had never gone this far before, had decided that he couldn't let you wander through the dangerous woods alone.
Your last kiss is salty, wet with your tears.
As you run home you don't quite know what to say to your mother, your thoughts are interrupted by a shotgun blast.
The frightened birds all fly in one big flock.
Then another shot.
You run quickly in the direction of the sound. The direction is the same that Sukuna took after leading you back to the edge of your village, "please no" you repeat like a mantra as you spot a figure in the bush.
The hunter has a smoking gun. "Stay back" he yells at you as you enter his field of vision.
But you don't listen to him. You put yourself between him and Sukuna, "please don't" you whine breathlessly from running in the cold rain, "he's good" you try to defend him but the hunter is ready to fire again, he's ready to catch his prey.
"He kidnapped you didn't he?" he asks still loading his weapon. You shake your head but he doesn't listen to your pleas. "We've decided we're tired of bidding on a monster and the time has come to kill it" he says pointing over your shoulder, "get out of the way little girl, if you' between me and that thing I have no problem killing you too, for the sake of our village."
Sukuna grabs you by the wrist and moves you behind him, shielding your petite body with his, "come on, you can't kill me with that" he challenges him by stepping forward.
Two, three, four shots are fired. Sukuna doesn't move, just keeps advancing towards him. When the hunter runs out of bullets Sukuna with a hand gesture throws him against a tree.
The cold is hard against your small body slumped on the ground. Your face turned to the sky as you watch the rain fall and your body grow lighter and lighter. Somehow a splinter of a bullet hit you in the chest. "Don't you dare leave me," you hear him say as he lifts you into his arms.
You've always loved the rain.
So relaxing when it comes down. The nice smell of wet grass after a long rainstorm that never seemed to stop.
The blanket you wrap yourself in keeps you warm when you look out the window, when you pull your arm out you get goosebumps and giggle to yourself.
When you flinch you bump into his hard chest, "aren't you asleep?" he asks moving your hair to one side and leaning down to lick your neck.
It wasn't long ago that he brought you back to his shrine. When you almost died he saved your life. "Mom will understand," you thought when Sukuna asked you to stay with him. 
You let a moan escape, you're unable to contain yourself, you bend your head to the side to give him more access and slide the blanket down your body, "mmh Sukuna". He grabs you by the throat and pulls you up, making you stand on your tiptoes, he pulls your back close to his chest making you moan, "do you want it?" he asks nibbling on the tip of your ear. You nod and his grip on your neck gets harder, "use your words baby." 
"I want it. I want your cock," you murmur eagerly to feel your guts being filled again and again. He chuckles letting go of you and making you bend over the window, when he tickles your pussy with the head of his swollen cock you let out a moan, "please" you meow pushing your butt towards him.
Sukuna grabs your hips and penetrates you, balls pushed deep, he watches the fat of your ass twitch and jiggle every time his pelvis hits you, "you're dripping on me" he hums, pushing his fingers into your soft flesh, "hurry up and cum or else you'll catch cold this naked" he says worriedly.
"I want more" you meow moaning and creaming on his thick cock, he clicks his tongue before complying with your request. You arch your back and let out a resounding moan when Sukuna pushes his other cock into your dripping pussy as well, "now take it like a good girl" he says, pounding the sweet spot inside you at a pace that makes you roll your eyes in the back of your head, "you're big" you blurt open mouthed, tears wetting your lashes, "so good". 
Sukuna pushes against you, your cervix hit by his cocks, and leans over your back to whisper in your ear, "you're doing it good baby, now give me a good orgasm" he meows licking your ear. He grazes your clit with his fingers, moving them up and down as his hips give you no mercy and you cum calling his name, back arched and ass attached to his pubes, "that's it pretty girl" he praises you, cumming  inside your warm wetness.
"You're going to give me beautiful babies" he murmurs making you turn around and caress your now huge belly, "a beautiful mommy I have here on my hands, don't I, baby?" he whispers placing his lips on your forehead making you wrinkle your nose.
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ɪᴛᴀᴅᴏʀɪ ʏᴜᴜᴊɪ:
sit. on. his. face.
like really, pure boy would be crying for the sake of tight hole. literally, yuuji having a facesitting kink: without any wobbling or hesitationhe'd be well-fed by your cum.
the type of boiz who would to be glad be choking by your thighs as you barely holding yourself back from flattening his face.
it may seem as he enjoys that more than you by seeing his complacent face as he's masterfully flicking his tongue on your clit and making shrill fondles your dripping hole. you haven't got any other option but to sit on his face.
your morning starts with his mouth on your pussy or kisses on the pubis as he greets on with his morning, husky voice: 'just wanna say good morning to your pussy if you don't mind'
sorry, but.. who doesn't mind..?
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴍᴇɢᴜᴍɪ:
the case when the son takes after his father.
at first, he didn't know how to please you. don't get him wrong, he knew he should lick your sensitive area and play with your nipples. but, you know, the puberty period is over and he still a baby in sex.
give 'gumi his time and you'd cry over his tongue as he starts from your lips to the pussy, shattering you using one finger and tongue.
like yuuji, megumi will lick every last drop of your oozing little entrance as you got lost in paradise.
gets insatiable of it if you'd pull his hair to see his mouth has being messy of your cum as he quickly licks his fertilized lips with your juices.
he might summoned his divine dogs as gets addicted to your hole. 'i can get enough of your juicy place, my love'
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴛᴏᴊɪ:
the daddy knows how to do it. when he's in the mood to play or destroy you and your pretty cunt, he doesn't need his dick, girl.
his pads of fingers playing with the place you're needy for, contemplate as to how you wriggle like a snake underneath his fingers.
will whisper some dirty phrase such as: 'such a pathetic whore you're' or 'can't wait for my dick, huh?'
toji won't hold back if you will squirt on the bed. your mind being mushed and you have lost the clarity as you came on his mouth by your third time.
the perfect timing for thrust in your swollen cunt with his cock.
but nah, this daddy for sure will turn your mind off, literally and fucking literally, as you're illegible pleading for his cock.
Tumblr media
ɢᴏᴊᴏ ꜱᴀᴛᴏʀᴜ:
heaven has sent you a divine gift and a hellish torment, and the name is satoru fucking gojo.
his tongue has a target in the swollen spot, his slender fingers inside your gooey pussy.
into toys, i guarantee you this point. the vibrator, flogger, vibrator panties. about vibrators - is more likely to tie you up and turn on some vibrator while wanking his dick. o.o i... you.. just pretend..
he's kind of like all the other guys, like yuuji or nanami but he's sort of being a gojo satoru.
huge teaser. teasing and teasing and teasing you while railing and spinning nimble tongue on your pussy.
probably likes to do it at the technical college, in his office as you're quelling any sounds that letting out from your mouth with every thrust satoru's tip on your hole. 'be a good girl and stay quiet when you cum'
but how you could?
Tumblr media
ɴᴀɴᴀᴍɪ ᴋᴇɴᴛᴏ:
daddy kento is certainly into the fingering while licking your clit.
he'd relentlessly leave abrupt strokes against your entrance as spanking your butt cheeks. he makes sure he's brainwashed you enough for his cock, meticulously staring as a stripe of your cum oozing down towards your asshole.
although he's making out with your pussy if you were a good-good girl for your daddy, obey his order.
mostly it's about sucking his properly, touching his pubis with the tip of your nose, being choked by it.
if you disturbed or interrupted him in his office, kento with precision will edge you in his little room.
minor hickeys on your inner thighs as he teases you, compelling you to plea as his ears being in heaven by your celestial [?] whining.
Tumblr media
after dinner there's dessert, right? i mean, i know you wanna read about him.
if we're talking about the place who'd lick you - everywhere. in his domain? you'll squirt on his throne. if itadori switches the body with the king? itadori's bed will be soaked by your juices. somewhere in the public? you should be quiet.
certainly destroy with his tongue as he's fluttering over your drooling hole, eliciting your mooing as you're practically shaken, reaching the highest.
loves to watch as your juices oozing on your inner thighs, licking that area, as you stuck your ass more, pleading for his big cock.
the king definitely into making you squirt.
ok, but, i know it's silly, but.
imagine sukuna with four arms?? i mean, his dick is better than arms but if sukuna would somehow switch into his previous form, you'd have overdosed with fingers. imagine the next one: sukuna tied your hands above your head, holding ankles on his shoulders as his other two hands are on your hole. whilst one palm is stretching your walls, another one is making circles on your clit.
( ◕▿◕ )
well. yeah. do you think sukuna is a cat person or pussy person? hehe, sorry ;)
also abt satoru: there are very, very many different vibrators, i think you even have your own red room ;)
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kshira · 3 months ago
ft. itadori, megumi, inumaki, yuta, gojo, geto, nanami, choso, sukuna
tw. fem!reader, cursing, dirty talk, creampie, pussyjob, squirting, f!oral (face sitting) cock warming, dom! w/ sub reader
an. second day with my favorite theme with jjk, hope you all enjoy <3
✰ kinktober masterlist || send me an ask if you want to be added to my tag list!
Tumblr media
ミ itadori
itadori takes his time, his sweet sweet time building up to fucking you, soft hands climb to your legs, hours spent between your thighs lapping and sucking on your clit whilst his fingers curl against your walls. he’s rocked his cock against the bed for what has felt like hours for some type of relief, the throb itches at his brain every so often but your pussy? it’s another type of dark carnal desire. “you taste so good princess” he coos, tongue shoved in your mouth once he crashes his face with yours, dipping inside your cheeks—the taste of you lingers in your own mouth. once the positions is his, itadori sinks in—low grunts escape his throat when he slides inside “oh, fuck— are you always this tight? s-shit” his eyes subconsciously roll to the back of his head, hands gripping the covers beside your smaller frame. “i—hah” he tries to talk but pants replace the words, your walls clamping down harder on his cock, itadori could just stay like this, soak in the feeling of his throbbing length just laying inside your hole, surrounded by the slick. “i wanna cum so bad baby, wanna fuck you full of my cum” he finally grasps a sense of reality as he moves, no talk of telling you when he’s spilled his seed. he wants this to last forever, fucking you till his cock is gave out and you’re full of his cum.
ミ megumi
his deadpan expression stills on his face, bleak eyes watching you climb on his lap—perfect tits displayed across his face once you settle on his lap, slowly grinding against his hard cock. “mh” he holds the moan within his lips, keeping a stoic expression, without avail you get minimal expressions from your doting boyfriend until—your folds spread over his cockhead “oh fuck” he utters, a smile spreading across your face. “you’re—you’re so fucking wet” pink dusts his cheeks, sweat forming around megumi’s forehead, breaking down the wall he holds tightly up; he begins to completely crumble “more, more please.” he grips your hips, nails digging into the flesh prompting you to move faster against his length, the juices from your cunt soak his cock, sliding your pussy back over his dick—grazing his sensitive cockhead. “i—” megumi forgets how to talk, his words choked in his throat, eyes shutting tight when he feels his cock twitch again, strings of white paint your slick folds, your hips still lazily rolling against his cock. “ride me, gotta—gotta fuck this pussy now” now megumi has a voice, quite a demanding one too.
ミ inumaki
“toge” his name falls from your lips, jerking his head up from watching his cock split open your weeping cunt “toge, more” you cry out this time, fingers clawing at his stomach, and though words cannot cross his lips—his dick does the talking. gripping your thighs with calloused fingers he spreads you wider, angling his cockhead deeper in your cunt “r-right there, feels so good” your words circle his brain, he’s drunk on the fact that without saying a word, he can make you beg for him. “wanna cum so bad, f-for you toge” his eyes soften, raising a hand to your cheek and squeezing it. inumaki leans down, tits pressing on his chest he places open mouth kisses on your warm skin, the sounds of your quiet whimpers push him over the edge. “cum for me baby, just for me” you coo, holding his face between your palms, eyes casting sweetly when inumaki does just that, painting his seed inside your cunt, your own orgasm folding over spraying against his bare stomach. “l-love you” he utters, pressing his forehead against yours.
ミ yuta
heaven is within his grasps right now, ascending into the perfect euphoria—reaching a limitless peak as he sinks into your soaking hole, lip quivering between his lip at the tight stretch “angel” a breathless moan casts down on your face, lashes fluttering up at yuta soft features. “why are you so perfect?” he asks, gummy walls tightening on his cock at the praise, yuta struggles to breathe right now. his mind is so consumed with you—your perfect cunt; the taste of a forever after inside you. “i don’t wanna cum—don’t wanna princess, wanna stay just like this” he groans, searching for something within your lust covered eyes. it’s like darkness has shrouded his life until now, the light bringing him to life, your soft hands snatching him from the dark when you’re close, white sparking within your vision—maybe he shouldn’t be selfish right now, maybe he should cum; with you. “this is for you, all for you pretty girl” he pounds faster, bringing a nimble digit down to swipe across your clit and bringing your orgasm to the surface, the rush of pleasure coating his cock, your body arching off the bed when yuta spills his seed deep in your cunt. “take it all baby” he whispers, a proud smile stitched to his face when his cum leaks from your clenching hole.
ミ gojo
gojo would like to admit he’s pretty unphased in the bedroom, so cocky and so sure he’s the one controlling every moan, touch and word. that was, until he met you—it’s embarrassing really, how easily he’s succumbed to your cunt. falling madly in love with the feel of you wrapped around his cock, juices overflowing onto his balls, cries coming from him about how good it feels. “s-shit princess, just like that—keep movin’ just like that” he grunts, hands gripped hard enough on your hips the bones feel like they’re torched with fire. “pussy is made for me” gojo pants, pastel blue orbs trained on your cunt bouncing on his cock, he’s hard of hearing right now—you could tell him the world is ending and he’d shrug it off. what’s life without your pussy? meaningless. and he’ll tell himself that too, in privacy—he has some reputation to uphold. “shit, i think i’m gonna cum” he whispers, wincing at the sensitivity jolting his nerves, “what the fuck is wrong with me? i just started fucking you princess.” he might be close but that doesn’t mean gojo isn’t bringing you down with him, lips attaching to the crevice of your neck suckling on the skin while he thrust upward in your sopping cunt, tongue smoothing over the blues brung to your skin. he struggles to keep moving, the sensitivity kicking into overdrive, seed leaking from his cock before he has a chance to hold it; like it truly has a mind of its own. “your turn, angel” he grins, rolling your hips across his length, his legs soaked with your juices until you join him in the waves of pleasure, drowning in a blissful afterlife.
ミ geto
geto has everything planned out in his domino set life, every single one is placed perfectly, never falling until he chooses when. he could knock them over whenever he pleased but he loved toying with the lines, putting them so close together; almost touching but never falling. it only took one single person to tap just one domino and now they’re all toppling over and taking him with it. “hold on, baby—i am not going to cum this fucking fast” he demands, fingers tapping against your thigh signaling the speed to halt. “i’m the one fucking you, remember that” he comments, but he knows, he fucking knows how wrong he is. geto rolls your bare body over, the sheets swallowing your back as geto hovers over you “now, where were we?” his voice is dark, laced in undertones of sincerity but they’re long gone once he sinks back into your warm welcoming cunt. “you feel good—too fucking good” he groans, snapping his hips in place and drilling in your tight walls, lips puffing small moans every single time his cock grazes the deepest parts of you and he tries—tries so fucking hard to stay in just a little longer but alas; he’s tipping over again. strings of white cover your stomach, somehow able to pull out in just enough time to spill his seed on your skin. “this is all your fault” he murmurs, fisting his cock, aligning back with your hole “but i’m not complaining, angel.”
ミ nanami
“sit on my face” nanami nonchalantly says, thumbs painting circles on your skin “wanna see how long you can last” he teases. but within the time he’s already had you, how long could nanami truly last? your body is easily heisted over his face, earth tone colored eyes flickering up at your thighs clamping down on his face, he smiles watching your trembling cunt finally drop down on his mouth. “taste good as always princess” he hums, tongue finally cutting the tension and slipping between your folds, he draws it slowly gathering all of your juices and sliding them down to your hole. the headboard is your only savior, your support from his laps in your cunt. trembling on his face, completely open and wide for him. nanami tries to ignore the throb of his cock, the agonizing convulsing every time he hears your cries for more. the relief subsided once his hand fist his cock under you, pumping it at the same rhythm his tongue is diving inside your hole, nose nudging past your sensitive clit. “pussy so wet for me, you’re such a good girl” nanami moans, the praise pulling on the coil deep within your stomach, tittering on snapping in half. you finally manage to look down at him, eyes trained on your spasming body crumbling above him. “gonna cum baby? huh? cum on my tongue” nanami slurps against your messy cunt, hand jerking faster on his cock, holding back from cumming right now—he wants to inside your warm pussy, feel those pretty walls flutter around his cock but he can’t hold it anymore, gasping into your cunt. “fuck, fuck fuck” he chants, hot seed coloring your back as you finally let go on his tongue. you glance down, slyly gazing at his puffy lips coated in your slick, you’re grinning down at him and nanami doesn’t answer but you know; you lasted longer than he did.
ミ choso
he’s deprived without your cunt, a man without life, a man without reason to live—that’s choso without your pussy. he could spend hours between your legs, mesmerized by how wet and messy you get for him. he wants to be in control of you, make you feel good; beg for him but evidently that all fades away the split second he bottoms out, balls slapping against your thighs. “i already wanna cum, god princess—this isn’t fair” he half chuckles, black strands sticking to his face as he rolls his hips—your fingers trace his stomach, glossy eyes looking up at you. “i know baby, i don’t wanna cum either” he muses, leaning his heavy body over you, wrapping his thick arms over your torso. “you feel so good for me, let’s stay like this, yeah?” choso breath feels hot against your skin, sweet face snuggling into your neck “i can feel how fuckin’ tight you are for as long as i want” he smiles. your heels sink into his bare back, fingers needily digging into place. and like this choso can have all of you, for as long as you let him.
ミ sukuna
“fuckin’ brat” sukuna spits a string of saliva down to your cunt, fingers spreading the substance around your clit, you moan out looking down at his fingers sinking inside you, curling against the tight walls “look how messy you are.” you whine back, legs clamping against his hand “keep those legs spread.” you oblige, tears pricking your vision at his ruthless pace in your sopping cunt, legs shyly spreading wider for him. “you’re so tight” he comments, adding another finger and pounding into your hole “wanna see you squirt” he closes his eyes, angling his fingers deep into your spongy walls, listening to the higher pitch cries for him color the room. you clench around his digits, orgasm building in your stomach, pooling over between your legs, and melting to your cunt as you squirt and gush all over him. “yeah princess that’s right, soak my fingers like the good girl you are” sukuna groans, pulling his digits from you and replacing his length “now you’re ready for my cock baby.” he grins watching you writhe and admit defeat from the stretch, body struggling to adjust to him “you’re gonna cum again on my cock.” he’s in control, he tells you when to cum, and when not too, and right now, those demanding words send you straight to your orgasm once again, creaming around his cock. and though sukuna is in control, your dominance is played through how many times he wants to make you cum.
Tumblr media
tagging- @chronic-claire-universe
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inumaaki · 3 months ago
jjk boys with a crush on you
Tumblr media
pairings: yuuji, megumi, toge, satoru & sukuna x gn!reader
genre: fluff, mild angst
Tumblr media
itadori yuuji
an absolute mess. this boy cannot contain himself around you. he probably thinks he’s being slick, but with the way he wears his heart on his sleeve, it’s no surprise that everyone knows about his little crush. including you. how could you possibly miss it when he’s always flashing you his overexcited grins and sputtering a greeting that’s either way too loud or not at all audible to the human ear.
that being said, his antics never fail to make you laugh and yuuji loves that. he adores your crinkled eyes when your face scrunches up in delight. his eyes brightens like a puppy being praised at the sound of your melodious laughter. it’s almost smug, the way he would look at the others with an expression that practically screams, “did you see that? i made y/n laugh. not you, me.”
watch his friends roll his eyes at his childish behavior, only to realize that you’re the perfect bait to manipulate yuuji into doing things he doesn’t want to do. “oh you’re not getting up? y/n’s going to be here in 10 minutes.” within seconds, he’ll be stumbling out of bed and rushing into the bathroom to style his hair, while cussing nobara out for not telling him sooner.
can you blame him? itadori yuuji worships you. he cherishes every opportunity to even be near you, let alone actually touch you. your hand brushes against his? he’s never washing it again. the boy is a ticking time bomb, everyone is just waiting for him to sputter out a confession out of nowhere, probably at the worst possible timing as well. no matter what, you know you can always trust yuuji to be sincere with you.
fushiguro megumi
does he like you? does he hate you? you have no idea, and neither does he. despite his stoic exterior, megumi can’t help but feel nervous around you. he doesn’t understand how his heart always gets lodged in his throat when you’re around, but he does not like it. he does not like the way you crashed into his world and tipped his mental scale of stability. a distraction, that’s what you are. how do you get rid of a distraction? it’s not like he can obliterate you. so, he settles for the second best option and goes out of his way to avoid you.
his determination is almost commendable. turning at the mere sight of you in the hallway, making an excuse to get away from a gathering or event that involves you, anything to get away from your presence. of course, you notice his behavior and spend months convinced that he is utterly repulsed by you. as a matter of fact everyone notices it, but no one is able to figure out just why he hates being around you this much. everyone, except for the strongest sorcerer in the world, who decides to test his theory out by forcing megumi to start training with you.
it’s awkward enough to begin with, but with him barely responding and struggling to even maintain eye contact, your firm belief that he despises you only grows stronger. it takes you tossing him into a tree during your training, quite literally knocking some sense into his head, for him to realise that he has a lot to learn from you and it would be a waste to let this opportunity pass by.
as his admiration for you starts to grow, he slowly opens up and finds himself enjoying the quality time spent with you. a pleasant friendship blossoms between the both of you— exchanging shy smiles and advice— and it carries on that way until the day yuuji chooses to butt in. he had noticed the way megumi’s defensive skills have improved significantly and decided to seek out your mentorship.
cue jealous megumi. weeks pass and the boy can barely catch you between breaks without yuuji pestering you all the time. it kills him to admit it, but he misses you. badly. that realisation hits him hard and forces him to finally acknowledge his huge crush on you.
inumaki toge
do not be mistaken, he is not as shy as he seems. in fact, toge can be rather smooth if he tries. assuming you are already friends, there would definitely be a playful dynamic between the both of you. he would bring you onigiri from time to time and leave silly notes in your bag, “you look dumb today :p”.
of course, the mutual exchange of teasing. he has a habit of lightly shoving you or poking your cheeks just to watch you laugh or go red with embarrassment, and he is definitely not above snickering when you fall. most people mistake the both of you as a couple because of that. not to mention, his massive staring problem. this boy has absolutely no shame in getting caught, he almost enjoys the way your eyes slightly widen when you first notice him, before playfully narrowing.
this dynamic makes it hard for him to come to terms with his feelings and move past the friendship zone, because you’re just so used to his antics. you don’t think much of his compliments that occasionally seem a little sarcastic in your head, or the listening ear that he never fails to lend you, or the shoulder he lets you lean on for naps whenever you pull an all-nighter. toge knows that, and even though it saddens him, it also allows him to take advantage of your close friendship and take care of you. maybe even chase off a couple of guys that are interested in you.
he definitely has his shy moments, where he gets all flustered around you. these are the times where he thanks his lucky stars for the collar that hides the redness that blooms on his cheeks. a sneaky one, for sure. he’s so convinced that he can get away with it, until someone points out his reddening ears.
gojo satoru
get ready for an emotional rollercoaster because this man is the most confusing mf ever. he will 100% get on your nerves, and i’m not even referring to the constant teasing that turns into borderline mockery at times. he loves referring to you as his favourite toy and will most definitely find some way to use you as an arm stand, even if you’re taller than him.
get ready to be talked over and have your skills ridiculed just so that he’ll have an excuse to train you. satoru revels in your attention, it gives him such a feeling of thrill whenever you swallow your pride and ask him for help. of course, his assistance, though effective, comes with a lot of teasing. despite that, satoru is a lot more protective than he seems. he is aware that you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself, but he still can’t help but worry about you whenever you’re on a mission. so, he watches over you occasionally, which explains how he was able to appear by your side so quickly when you encountered a special grade cursed spirit.
the biggest downside of being this man’s crush is that you won’t be able to tell if he genuinely has feelings for you or if he simply enjoys picking on you. if questioned, don’t be surprised if he turns the conversation around and makes a joke about you having a crush on him instead. unfortunately for you, the most infuriating part is that even though he is the strongest sorcerer alive, he is also the biggest coward when it comes to commitment. expect him to suddenly pull away if he finds out that the feeling is mutual and everything gets a little too “real”.
ryomen sukuna
angry, just absolutely furious. every inch of infatuation just turns into resentment at that mere realization, because he can’t believe he cares for a human being. him, ryomen sukuna, the undisputed king of curses. to say that he is mean to you would be the understatement of the century. this man— or spirit— is downright cruel. who else to direct his anger to than you?
expect a ton of scowls, mockery, threats, and even occasional rough shoves from him. despite that, nothing will ever stop him from saving you when you’re on the brink of death. he just can’t help himself— just seeing someone else touch you, let alone hurt you is enough to drive him insane— even though he feels like an absolute idiot afterwards. you’d think he would come to care for you a little more after the harsh battle, but that only makes his words sharper.
it’s only a matter of time before he takes it too far and crosses the line with you, only to freeze at the sight of tears brimming in your eyes. with a confusing mixture of guilt and lust building up in him, he offers you an awkward pat on the head as an unspoken apology. “stop crying, you brat.” of course, you forgive him, all thanks to your daddy issues and impossibly low standards.
though the bullying does not stop, he is slightly more merciful. tsundere mode activated. he starts pinching your cheeks a lot, and grumbles whenever you compliment or touch him in any way. the way he’s so not used to affection is rather precious, really. as time passes, you’re pretty much his pet dog. he expects you to pay attention to him and serve him like he’s your master, which also makes him extremely possessive whenever you’re around other guys, even though he claims he doesn’t “do relationships”
Tumblr media
©𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙫𝙚 — 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙨 𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙙
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sodium-noodlez · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tokyo revengers x Jujutsu kaisen AU
Art credit 玲成 @07rizm on Twitter
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tteokdoroki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ SYNOPSIS: babysitting ryomen sukuna’s son, yuuji, has its perks— money comes easy and he lets you do whatever the hell you want...including fucking your boyfriend on duty. that’s only, of course, if you let him join in.
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ PAIRING: satoru gojo, ryomen sukuna x fem!reader.
ʚ♡ɞ WC: 3.2K.
ʚ♡ɞ RATED:   mature, 18+, mdni.
ʚ♡ɞ GENRE: college!au, babysitter!au, smut.
ʚ♡ɞ CW: please read ! heavy smut, ( characters aged to twenties ), age gap, sukuna is in his fourties, reader and gojo are twenty-one,  dom!sukuna, dom!gojo, heavy!degredation, daddy!kink, slight!cucking,  dub-con, threesomes, oral sex ( female recieving ), impact play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, double penetration ( kinda ), unprotected sex, creampie.
ʚ♡ɞ A/N: happy friday my lovelies!! i’m back with another wonderful commission from @pan-cakez who has allowed me to post!! this is my first time writing a full fic for JJK and it was super fun, so i hope you all enjoy!!
ʚ♡ɞ masterlist | requests | kofi
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
babysitting yuuji itadori was easy money.
he was a good kid, well behaved and full of energy—it had taken you years to nail a solid bedtime routine for him, although with him starting highschool...you had little need for silly cartoons and a warm glass of turmeric milk before bed. so babysitting him was easy money especially for a college student— all you had to do was keep him fed and make sure he’d done his homework.
the kid was practically old enough to take care of himself but you already knew why his father, ryomen sukuna, had kept you around for this long. 
sukuna was a dilf by all possible standards, a silver fox with a charming personality and cheeky quips that would have filled your tummy with butterflies if you weren’t already dating someone. you knew that whenever yuuji was dropped off at school, all parents stood a little straighter and smiled a little brighter to get sukuna’s attention.
not only was he built to the level of gods, bulking out any t-shirts he wore with a jawline that could cut gems rarer than diamonds— ryomen sukuna was the best boss you could ever ask for. he paid well, more than a sitter should probably earn, left money for food and sometimes booze if yuuji had an early bedtime. sukuna let you have whoever you wanted over, never a need to ask permission.
he worked late nights at his tattoo shop, black ink spiralled across his arms and his chest in all sorts of shapes, some even peeking out from between stray strands of strawberry pink hair. the times you interacted with him were pleasant, even when he looked down your top and stared at the curve of your tits mid-conversation.
not that you minded, sukuna was hot, you were hot and it meant that fresh hot cash was flowing into your bank account every week. 
you both were taking advantage of one another, you with the ridiculous money you made and sakuna with the stacks of mental porn he had from the sweet little college girl who babysat his kid.
it was a two way street. 
so you tried not to feel guilty for using this man, especially when you were filthy rich and getting fucked on his living room couch. 
“y’sure—fuck baby— you’re so fucking tight, ‘m not fuckin’ you ‘nough, am i?” your boyfriend, satoru gojo asks in a pant, as he pushes his dick, swollen and red through your honeyed folds and prods at your welcoming entrance. “y’so busy with this stupid kid these days—shit,” you straddle his lap, your arousal stained thighs pulled apart due to him spreading on the couch. you’re barely dressed—cotton panties pushed to the side and your shirt pulled up just enough so that your breasts spill against gojo’s chest. he’s hardly in a neater state than you, sweats and boxers hanging low and tucked under the base of his cock— his shirt thrown into the depths of the room, nowhere to be found. “y’sure we should be doing this?” 
satoru’s breath is warm, almost wet against your bare skin as his head drops to your shoulder to hide the rose blooms on his cheeks, silver hair ticking your chin. your hands, which had not been occupied before, walk their way up the plains of his milky and unblemished skin— aside from a beauty mark here or there. you pinch his flesh until it’s red, sighing in content when his hips jerk and nudge his cockhead into your sensitive walls, a strained whimper laying on the sheen of his lips.
he had always been a pain slut. 
smiling to yourself, your hands wander upwards, lazy circles among other shapes drawn onto the back of gojo’s neck, experimentally squeezing your cunt, running like a tap, down on your boyfriend. your hands resume their dance along to the white hairs that curl against the cusp of his neck, tugging on them. “sukuna won’t be back for hours, yuuji, so cute yet so dumb is sound asleep and you and i,” your breathless chuckle ends in a sweet moan when gojo bottoms out inside of you— his hips flush against yours and pelvis pushed  against your sticky clit. “are alone.” your pussy’s grip on him locks like a vice, lubing gojo up with what drips from your stretched hole. 
“oh yeah, you liked that, didn’t you baby? naughty, naughty, bitch,” satoru teases in a whisper, his sapphire eyes darting up to the side of your face, licking up sweat along your jawline as your body flashes with heat. his hips move slowly beneath yours, building up a rhythm planned meticulously to make you ache just for him, your cunt wet and spasming down on him again. “what about the old man? what if we get caught?” 
you’re light headed already, barely having worked for your pleasure as gojo’s girth pushes against the resistance of your drooling slit, eventually accommodating for his length like it always does—you manage to nod, lips parted in a shaky mewl. “love it toru, you know that, keep goin’,” you breathe, feeling like a rabbid college freshman as he picks up the pace, fucking into you until slow claps of skin on skin echoe throughout the dark living room. “you feel so good like that... if we get caught, let the old man watch he’s a dirty bastard ‘n he’d fucking like it— fuck satoru!” 
your boyfriend kneads your meaty ass, digging into the flesh as he drags you back and forth in his lap, the sheer length of his cock pressing against your cervix—pulsing needily against your walls. “moan my name, a little louder baby, you know i like to hear it,” a grin spreads against gojo’s pink lips, watching your face scrunch up and your head shake, your body collapsing like a temple under your arousal. “talk so dirty for someone with a mouth so pretty, bet the old man would love to stuff it,” 
satoru’s hands drop to your hips, holding you high as his own buck up to fill you with everything he’s got, giving you no room to breathe— you’re a rag doll in his lap, letting him fuck you until your pussy’s raw and all you can feel is gojo’s heavy balls against your bottom. 
“too bad, ain’t it baby? i don’t like to share,” 
responding is the last thing on your mind, especially when gojo pistons himself inside you like this— you can only take what he gives you, let his presence overwhelm you and drag you down into a dark abyss swirling with heated love.
lips drag across your collar bones, berry shades left in the wake of gojo’s poison kiss— love marks and proof in court that you are his and he is yours. you hug his head, burying your own soft lips in silver hair— closer isn’t close enough even with him, even with your bodies pressed against one another, your hips grinding in a passionate dance until your lower back hurts and you can feel the core of your boyfriend’s tummy moving with your own.
“satoru, toru, toru!” you cry, teeth clenched as he teases your bruised cervix, balls against your ass and sexes connected by milky strings of your arousal. 
he grips your cheeks between large hands, squishing them together until your eyes water and you’re gasping for air. “shut up, shuddap, shuddap—shit,” satoru groans, maybe even whimpers when you clamp down on his cock from harsh words. “you’re loud, nasty girl, you gotta be quiet…be quiet f’me okay? do you wanna get in trouble or do you wanna cum?” 
“cum,” you drawl, raunchy and breathless, letting your boyfriend take control of how you bounce on top of him— breasts brushing against his bare chest, mouth drooling as much as your abused slit and not a thought in your pretty little head. “wanna cum, toru!” 
gojo grins, arm snaking around your waist to smack your cunt from behind. “gonna make you cum, ruin the old man’s couch with your naughty lil pussy, yeah?” his skin is licked with perspiration, the will to pound you and push you over the edge driving the very force of his body as he fucks you.
you’re almost there, tasting the wisps of your impending orgasm like euphoria on your tongue. 
that is, until, keys jingle and the front door opens.
“you’re going to do what, with my couch?” sukuna speaks first, making yourself and gojo freeze on the couch itself. the father of one fills the room with an unimpressed aura, exuded from his disheveled form.
your boyfriend’s quick to move, throwing you off of his lap onto the couch and shielding your half naked body from the eager eyes of yuuji’s father as you try to calm your racing heartbeat. “the fuck old man? haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” he curses, pulling you close to him.
“satoru, wait—” 
“knocking in my own home? you’re a funny one, brat.” sukuna laughs, kicking the door shut behind him as he shrugs off his outwear— making himself comfortable at home. “haven’t you ever heard of respect?” 
your boyfriend’s body shakes annoyedly, yours still trembling with your ruined orgasm. you’re humiliated that you were even caught like this, fumbling around for anything to bring back your dignity. “s-sukuna! what are you doing back so soon?” you cringe at the high pitch your voice takes, heavy with embarrassment. 
“pizza.” the single father says bluntly, putting away his belongings, gaze locked onto your barely dressed frame. sukuna’s eyes never leave you, even as he sits on his other couch — instantly man spreading across it. you should feel gross for the way he looks at you, like you’re a piece of meat waiting to be devoured...but your tummy rumbles with desire instead. “thought we could order in, since you stayed so late, but i realise now, you had other plans…” 
“i’m sorry,” you whisper quickly, blood rushing through your ears. “we were just leaving,”
sukuna clicks his tongue as you gesture to your boyfriend to hurry up, making a noise in mock disappointment. “no, stay. after all, you do need to make it up to me.” he keeps his voice level, hiding his pleasure when you freeze.
“put on a little show with your brat boyfriend here, yanno, for ruining my couch…”  your boss trails off, letting his lewd words echo throughout the quiet living room while you stop mid-search for your belongings. “or, you could let me take a crack at making you feel good,” everything sukuna says has you hot at the collar, thighs pressing together while your cunt oozes— it shoots straight to your core, making desire pool in your lower belly. you shouldn’t want this, feel turned on by what yuuji’s dad says to you— but after having your orgasm torn away from you before, you can’t help it.
you’re brought back to reality when gojo scoffs from somewhere beside you—warm hand encasing your shoulder. “old man, ‘m warning you,” the silver haired man growls, bright diamond eyes fading into dark.
sukuna ignores the warning from your boyfriend, eyes falling back on you, testing you. “i know you want me, little girl,” he goads you, calling out for you like a siren in murky waters. “i see the way you look at me, how you pretend not to notice when i touch you a little lower than i should...how you ignore me when i look up your skirts,” he groans, adjusting himself on the couch and you watch ryomen’s cock twitch from under his pants. “you want me, this dirty—nasty— old man, don’t you?” 
you feel hot underneath your collar, whimpering helplessly as your neediness to orgasm increases— you should feel shameful, especially when gojo’s right beside you. 
but you can't, not when everything sukuna had said was true.
satoru snarls possessively, shielding you as if to cover you from the eyes of the devil. “i’m taking you home,” 
“so fast, brat?” comes sukuna’s malicious chuckle as he spreads himself further, palming his hard on to the delight of your watering mouth. “are you mad because your little girlfriend acts like a whore or because you’re afraid i could fuck her better?” 
that flips the switch.
satoru chuckles darkly— sending another wave of heat down to your fluttering core. “y’know what, baby? let’s give the old man a little treat. only god knows the next time he’ll get laid,” your boyfriend decides, amusement sticking out at the end of his words. “i trust you, go on,” he whispers to you, sending you a warm look that turns your insides to mush.
“excellent,” sukuna hums, grin returning before he pats his lap. “come now pet, come sit on my cock. crawl to me.” 
your move before you can stop yourself, gravitated and crawling towards sukuna— until he manhandles you into his lap, tugging down his pants. he positions you like gojo once had, only this time, your back hits ryomen’s firm chest— giving him full access to your body. hands laced with jet black ink, then settle firmly on your hips, tearing off your panties so sukuna can grind your bare cunt against his weighty girth.
you can feel every vein press along the length of your slit, making you jolt in his grip as his hands ascend on your breasts and curves alike—pinching them raw. “you’re good at this pet, filthy even,” the father of one breathes into your ear hotly, pushing his tip through your folds and letting it bump your aching clit.
“mnno, toru—” you gasp at the feeling but can’t help but call for your boyfriend, knots twisting in your stomach. “wan’ toru too…”
“that’s it, dirty girl...call out to him while your daddy fills you up,” sukuna turns to gojo next, finally pushing into your sopping pussy and filling you up to the brim, he tweaks your nipples—tugging at the hard buds to make you wiggle your hips over his. “look at that, ain’t she a perfect fit, brat?”
“you’re sick old man,” gojo can’t help but laugh, watching you—his girl— struggle to sink down on a dick that isn’t his. sukuna is thicker where gojo is longer, fat and ballsy as he stretches out your gummy walls and hooks against your ribbed walls. you can’t help your high pitched whine as your boss starts to fuck up into you, his muscled arms hooking around your thighs to keep you spread and on display. 
god, it hurts—it hurts so good to be used like this, squirming above sukuna’s cock like a desperate little thing, fucking him back until your pussy’s foaming at his base. when you tear up, satoru finally makes his way over, cooing over the obscene slaps of sukuna’s balls against your swollen clit. “baby, ease up, you can’t take him all the way if you’re tight like that,”
your cunt creams, an embarrassing amount, at this— making the two men manipulating your body, groan deeply in unison. with a hazy head, blurry vision and limp body,  you watch as gojo sinks to his knees before your wet cunt. “toru…”
“trust me baby, daddy won’t let anything happen to you,” he shushes you, sapphire eyes locked on yours, lips now on your clit and sloppily kissing the puffy bundle of nerves. electricity jolts through your veins, tingles deep inside your sex—the feeling only amplified by the slow strokes, weight behind them, sukuna gives to your abused cunt. between gojo’s tongue flicking at your leaky pussy and the heavy cock that bruises your cervix, you become overwhelmed, spasming and drenching him in your juices until even he is struggling to breathe.
“stop that, brat—fuck off,” sukuna chokes on a moan, rolling his hips up and into yours and coaxes more simpers from you. “your filthy slut’ll cum soon if you keep that up,”
gojo breathes heavy into your swollen lower lips, entertained by the way you drip down sukuna’s balls so much that your juices run down to his asshole—you milk him so much just from having your princess pussy played with, riling gojo up as he humps the floor. “the thing about my girl, old man, is that she plays favourites,” he spits onto your hole, watching your hips jump up and squeeze sukuna hard. “daddy’s her favourite, i’m her god. i’ll make her cum before you can even spell your name,”
you twitch and sukuna speeds up, forcing his shaft deeper and deeper until you’re dumb and drooling. “wanna bet?” he asks.
“don’t need to, got her right on the edge.” 
it’s an all out war from there, satoru slipping his pink tongue against your ravaged, puffy pussy as ryomen pumps himself in and out of you— both at unruly paces. you feel hot all over, sandwiched between baritone moans and syrupy precum that smears your insides, accompanied by thick trails of saliva lost within arousal that adds shine to your folds.
shakily, your fingers curl in strawberry and silver locks of hair— yanking them tight when sukuna’s oozing tip smashes against your g-spot and satoru sucks on your clit just right. “s’too much! hurts, s’too much!” you drawl, eyes crossed, spit dripping from your mouth.
you look like a dirty slut, you feel like one too.  
“does she ever shut up? got a mouth on her that runs like a whore,” ryomen grunts through gritted teeth, focused on using his dick to abuse the pleasure button deep within your cunt— determined to make you cum first. “shut the fuck up, keep your hands to yourself and take it,” 
he growls the last part, chest burning against your back with rage as he scoops up your wandering hands and squeezes your wrists together.
“why? afraid her dirty mouth’ll make you cum before she does?” gojo teases, words muffled as he tongues where yours and sukuna’s body’s meet— tasting the mess that gathers there. “leaking so much princess, so fucking messy,” 
truth is, you can’t tell, succumbing to both men while gojo smacks at your sex— toying with your clit and sliding his fingers into you alongside ryomen’s cock— massaging your walls where the other bruises them. you’re so dizzy, between their words ‘look at this mess, you’re so nasty,’ and ‘what a dirty bitch you are,’— you’re not sure if you can last anymore.
“stop, it hurts— toru! kuna! it hurts,” you blubber, overstimulated. you don’t want them to stop, but the pain of holding back your orgasm makes you feel so on edge. “stop!” 
“yeah? then you know what to do. cum angel, cum f’me,” satoru cackles, smacking your sex repeatedly as you flinch. sukuna follows his lead, slapping your breasts as they bounce, mumbling nonsense about you cumming for him instead.
then you’re hurtling over the edge, squirting as you let go and gush over fingers and dick alike. your body is wracked with trembles— forcing sukuna to breed you with his hot seed, spewing out of your hole as you gush and gush, blood rushing through your ears. the very sight makes gojo cum too, staining his pants while white pours from your cunt along with your slick.
“fuck—!” sukuna chokes out. “fuck that was good,” 
“yeah it was,” satoru laughs breathily, kissing your shaking thighs. “but who made her cum?” 
both men look down to you, passed out and oozing cum— both of their cocks twitching to life again. “i’m not too sure, let’s call it a draw.” sukuna grins evilly.
“round two then, old man?” 
“round two, brat.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ztoji · 19 days ago
# : i’m not really sure about the title hshshs, smut under the cut as usual
tags : crying, pet play, “puppy cunt”, dumbification?, public s3x, degradation, light overstim, unprotected s3x. MDNI pls
Tumblr media
DACRYPHILIA with Geto Suguru
“oh kitten, are you crying now? is it too much or not enough?” he groans when he notices the tears that are slowly starting to stream down your face. he didn’t notice them at first since he had your back towards him and face pressed into the pillows.
even more tears slip down when he reaches one of his hands forward to rub harder and faster on your clit, it being so sensitive now because he’s already pulled a handful or more orgasms from you. you can’t really tell anymore how many it has been, he fucks you that good.
though you are feeling like you are about to pass out if he doesn’t cum soon, missing the feeling of his cum filling your messy cunt so well while his deep moans fills the room - alongside your sobs that are spilling out of you uncontrollably by now.
wrapping his arm around you he pulls you up towards him, your back pressed against his front. choking on your cries you wrap a shaking hand around one of his as his cock fills you up even more in that position.
“aw kitten, you’re so pretty when you cry.” he groans, tongue catching your tears that fall down your cheeks. “even prettier when you are fucked dumb on my cock.”
Tumblr media
PET PLAY with Nanami Kento
it’s humiliating the way he’s got you right now. naked, on your knees and with only his custom made collar he got only for you.
“puppy, come sit here instead.” he says while patting his left thigh.
carefully you move up to his knee, moving so you’ve got your legs between his.
though before you are comfortably seated he is gripping onto your waist with his big hands “nuh uh, don’t act dumb now pretty. i want you to straddle my thigh.”
you can feel your cheeks heating up at the thought of your little pussy rubbing onto his cloth clad leg, which he seems to notice.
“you gettin’ all shy on me now? nothin’ to be scared of, not when you’ve done it before.” he says while slowly helping you start moving your body onto his leg, pressing you downwards a bit to make you feel even more.
“look at your wet little puppy cunt, soakin’ my new pants.” he moans.
“‘m sorry daddy. can’t control my p-puppy cunt.” you whine, gripping onto his shoulders in a tight grip.
“it’s okay, i’ll just make you lick it up like a good pup later.” he smiles.
Tumblr media
one hand over your mouth and the other wrapped around your hip to control your movements, you can’t do much other than just take and take what he continues giving you. even though there’s only bushes and trees hiding you from the people that are spending a normal day in the park.
all while trying your best to keep quiet, as to not bring any attention to the two of you.
but with the way his perfect cock curves in your wet pussy and is hitting your sweet spots so easily, it makes it harder to be quiet. all you wanna do is cry and beg for him to fuck you even harder, but inside so you can be as loud as you want to - without risking getting other peoples unwanted attention.
but nothing would make him stop, especially not when you look so fuckable in the pretty summer dress you got on - with no underwear.
“it gives a weird line on the dress otherwise.” you said when he questioned why you didn’t have any on. which he only noticed when you sat down on the blanket and the wind accidentally caught your dress.
and he’ll certainly not stop when he feels how much tighter you get whenever people walk too closely on the other side of the bushes.
at least no one’s showed any signs of knowing what the two of you are currently doing.
Tumblr media
DEGRADATION with Sukuna or Toji Fushiguro
“p-please daddy, ‘s too much! i-i can’t” you cry, hands gripping so tightly onto the bedding underneath you.
his dark chuckle fills your ear as he continues to thrust into your quivering form, hands gripping onto your hips roughly. his grip so hard you can almost feel the bruises forming.
“t-too much? but your pussy is creaming so much around me.” he begins “‘s almost like your sweet cunt don’t want me to stop, ain’t that right baby?”
your whines and muffled protest is still not enough for him to show some mercy for your sensitive body.
one of his hands leave your hips to come up and wrap around your neck, pulling you up onto your knees. all while continuing to thrust his thick cock into your spasming velvet walls.
“now now, why don’t you stop bein’ a fucking crybaby and shut up?” he growls in your ear, tongue coming out to lick your fat tears streaming down your cheeks.
before you can express your disagreement, he’s pushing you down into the pillows again to start plowing his cock in your cumfilled cunt.
“the quicker you get quiet and take what i give you, the faster we’ll be done honey.”
Tumblr media
A/N : honestly kind of liked this one…. though i’m not really sure of what k!nk i wrote about in the last one…. but anyways, hope you enjoyed. reblogs are always appreciated >:)
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druighoney · a month ago
One of THOSE nights
Pairings: Satoru Gojo x Reader x Toji Fushiguro x Suguru Geto
My piece for the Double Trouble collab.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings. AFAB reader, Throat fucking, oral (m. & f. Receiving), makeshift collar, choking, daddy kink, size kink, exhibitionism, degradation, fingering, manhandling, praise kink, gangbang, mild impact play, cervix kissing, tummy bulge, pussy slaps, possessiveness, multiple positions, overstimulation, "creampie" Aka unprotected sex, dumbification, dom/sub dynamics, pet names!
Minors DNI
Summary. Your boyfriend likes to watch.
Word count: 3k worth of pure filth.
Note. enjoy this pwp filth. Don't try to find out which arc or storyline it follows, it's literally just smut. Almost added Sukuna but then y/n wouldn't have survived.
Tags. @saetou
Tumblr media
"C'mon baby, show him how good you are." Satoru coos, perched on the couch, legs crossed. Your knees are numb from kneeling on the floor, jaw aching from hanging open,"Yeah, show me, baby." Toji snickers, a big hand resting on the back of your head, pushing you further down on his cock,"Choke on it." Tears well up in your eyes as his cock hits the back of your throat. Your tongue moves against his veins and he's throwing his head back, grunting with clenched jaws. Bringing your hand up, you play with his hefty balls while your other hand reaches in between your thighs to dip your fingers inside your wetness. You moan around his length and the vibrations have him crumbling.
"Fuck-" Toji bucks up into your mouth, muscular thighs tensing as he held your head close, your nose brushing against his dark bush,"Done already, old man?" Glasses slung low on the Six eyes holder's nose, a smirk and taunt on his mouth,"Let's see if she remembers your name after I'm done with her, brat." Toji's chest heaves while he spurts hot ropes of cum in your throat,"Don't waste a drop." He doesn't let go till he feels you swallow around his spent shaft.
Your mouth pulls off with a soft 'pop', lungs sucking in air greedily.
"Get in line, Fushiguro." Suguru's legs spread as he leaned back on the long circular couch, sitting opposite to Toji and near his albino friend,"Best friend privileges."
Toji scoffs at the long haired man's words,"She'd be too dumb and sore for you after I'm done." Green eyes lock on how pretty you look kneeling in front of him, tears streaming down your face due to his rough treatment,"So go ahead, kid." His eyes flick up to meet dark ones.
"Y/n," Suguru calls, ignoring Toji's comment,"C'mere pretty," When you try to get up on your feet, Satoru tuts,"Ah ah ah!" Uncrossing his legs, he leans forward,"Crawl." Your cheeks burn at his command but you follow through, moving on hands and knees towards his friend. Suguru lovingly caresses your wet cheeks,"Did we give you permission to touch yourself?" Your tear dewed lashes flutter,"I'm sorry Suguru-"
"You know the rules, hmm?" His hands unbuckling the belt around his waist before wrapping it around your neck,"You break 'em, you get punished." Gripping your chin, he pulls you up in a kiss and you know he can taste Toji on your tongue,"Now take it like a good girl, 'kay?" He tugs on the belt when you nod,"Yes, Sir." He smiles, pleased at the title leaving your lips. Leaning back, he watches you work on freeing his cock from the restraints of his pants. Your throat hurts from having Toji's cock shoved down not long ago but you know that Suguru can be as cruel as he is kind,"Go ahead and take it in your mouth, pretty girl." A tug on the belt around your neck has you choking out a gasp.
You give the leaking red tip a teasing lick before wrapping your lips around it,"No teasing," His tone is low, a warning. Taking him in your mouth, you use your hand to glide over the part that didn't fit,"Don't be rude, bunny. You took Toji so well," Satoru's big mouth strikes again.
"You playing favorites, y/n?" Suguru's thumb wipes off the tears spilling from the corner of your eyes,"I thought I was your favorite." He still had his smile but his eyes were hooded. The room is soon filled with Toji's chuckles,"Not anymore, apparently."
And you're about to protest with wide eyes when the curse manipulator yanks the belt, pulling you down on his cock. The leather sits tight on your throat, almost cutting off your air. With Suguru's cock filling your mouth, your chest burns, mind dizzy from lack of air.
Your eyes droop as your hands land on his knees, trying to pull off but he's fucking himself with your face,"Ah, I forgot how good you're at this," Fresh stream of tears collect in your eyes. You squeeze your eyes shut and even with this, you can feel your cunt clench around nothing.
Suguru pulls you off his cock just as he's about to cum with a strained grunt. Coughs rake your torso, leaning over to breath much needed oxygen. But your relief is short lived. Soon, you're pulled up into a rough kiss,"Oi, Satoru. It's my turn." Satoru hums dismissively, shoving his tongue into your mouth and you let him dominate you,"Are you forgetting that she's mine?" Azure gaze holds Suguru's irritated one.
"Be grateful that I'm even letting you both fuck her." His voice is cold, reminding the others of their place in this ordeal.
"Or maybe ya' can't satisfy her 'nough." Toji smirks but Satoru doesn't bite,"We'll see, old man." Pushing you into his friend's lap, he settles between your legs,"Suguru, hold her for me, will ya'?" A sickeningly sweet smile on his lips, glasses abandoned on the couch,"Sure, Satoru." His cock twitched, pressed against your back but he did as told with a tight smile. You're so close yet unattainable- it's always been like that. Because you're Satoru's girl. And he might get to fuck you but he'll never have you.
Satoru's mouth was on you in an instant,"Mmm, baby, you're dripping." He moans, tongue giving teasing kitten licks to your cunt.
Suguru's large hands splayed on your thighs kept your legs from clamping around your boyfriend's head. Your head lolls on his shoulder with eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. Slurping noises filling the room had blood rushing to your cheeks. A hand carding into Satoru's white hair while the other allowed your teeth to bite on your knuckles,"Don't." Suguru's chest rumbles against your back,"You know he loves to hear." His lips meet yours in a desperate kiss, his frustration pouring into the lip lock and muffling any whimpers you made.
Satoru nibbling on your clit brought your attention back to him. Suguru broke the kiss with a bite on your lower lip. His eyes fall on how your swollen lips part to moan for the man in between your thighs. Two long fingers are pushed inside you, his hands are so much bigger than yours- and he's knuckles deep inside you. Satoru curls his fingers and smirks when you cry out his name all so sweetly. He sets a lazy languid pace, trying to draw this out- agitate Suguru- as much as possible. And you're clenching so nicely around his digits, he wants to savour this- forever. Besides, he loves watching how ruined you look, taking short puffs of breath with Suguru's belt around your neck, the end dangling between your breasts.
Your eyes somehow find Toji's intense green gaze, cock heavy in his palm, pumping lazily, lower lip tucked between teeth,"Have all the fun you can right now, baby." He's mocking the pet name Satoru picked for you,"You'll be crying on my cock soon." A promise.
Suguru's fingers dig into the soft flesh of your thighs. His eye twitching possessively,"Blah blah blah," Satoru whines,"Maybe you're all bark no bite." He adds a third finger and you're begging,"Faster, 'toru, please."
"You know I can't resist when you beg like that." His wrist flicks with vigour, digits jamming inside you ruthlessly,"This fast enough for you, baby?" Lips pressed to your thighs, he purrs. Suguru nudges your cheek with his nose,"Answer him, y/n."
"Mhm yes!" Your fingers tug at his silken strands,"'m close-" Satoru's thumb presses to your clit, drawing the infinity symbol with a grin,"Cum for me, do it y/n." You thrash in Suguru's lap but his hands hold you still,"Ah," White hair brushes soft on your inner thighs as he moans against your pussy, cleaning up your mess with his hungry tongue. He loves eating you out, he loves how sweet you taste and the strongest sorcerer of all time is particularly known to be fond of sweet things.
As you're panting to catch your breath, slumped on Suguru's chest, his friend speaks up,"You can have her now." You're pushed on the floor in an instant, on your hands and knees. Suguru enters you with a rough thrust, pushing in all the way. A loud cry falls from your lips. It would've hurt but you've had him before but that doesn't mean you're used to his size. It hurts, the burn of his stretch,everytime, "What's the matter, baby?" Suguru pants in between groans,"Too much for you?" He's pulling out only to thrust back in, harder, his balls slap against your clit from how hard his hips snap against yours. An obedient, "yes sir" Falls from your lips- he didn't even give you time to climb down your previous high.
Deft fingers adjust the belt around your neck before he tugs, your head following the flow to elevate pressure around your throat,"I'm gonna ruin you for him." Lips brush with a whisper on the shell of your ear,"You'll be so sore that you won't be able to feel him." From how he was fucking into you, you're sure he'd make good on his promise. When your eyes cracked open, you saw green ones, staring down at you. The eye contact made you clench around Suguru,"Fu-uck, y/n."
A large hand gripped your hips in a bruising manner, it's twin holding the leash of your makeshift collar. Soon the head of his cock is kissing the mouth of your cervix. And you're wailing, clawing on the floor, thighs trembling from the mix of pain and pleasure. He's in the deepest part of you and you can feel every vein, every curve of his dick fitting snug inside you. Your mind's reeling, the coil in your belly tightening and did he pull on the belt again? Because you're gasping for air,"Sir, ah- I'm-" You can't even finish your sentence before your orgasm hits you.
"Good fuckin' girl." Suguru follows your precipice not long after, spilling deep inside you. You both stay connected while catching your breath. Your hands immediately fly to loosen your collar, letting the belt hand around your collar bone,"My turn now." You're pulled off Suguru's cock by Toji, his hand curled around your bicep. Geto hisses at the sudden movement, glaring at the Zenin.
Rough lips pressed against yours, set of hands feeling your body- gripping, squeezing, bruising,"Gonna be good for me, baby?"
"Yes, daddy." Toji's eyes darken as the title rolls off your tongue without hesitation. Satoru's whistle breaks off your trance,"Pulling out all the kinks, eh?" You're about to snark back when the older man pushes you down on the couch,"Eyes on me." His mouth lands hot on your breast, tongue and teeth tending to your painfully hard buds. A squeak rattles your smaller form under his,"How cute." Looking towards the source, you notice Suguru has reclaimed his position beside your snowy haired boyfriend.
A hand comes up to grip your jaw, fingers pressing hard on your cheeks,"What did I say?"
"'m sorry, daddy." Oh how can he refuse those pretty puppy eyes of yours? He kisses you, tongue moving in your mouth as his hand slithered down between your slick thighs,"What a filthy bunny." He whispers on your lips, breath warm and moist against your skin. His fingers glide over your flooded folds but you've this hazed expression like you can't feel him. A harsh slap is delivered to your cunt,"You feel me now?" The scarred side of his lips are stretched into a smirk when you yelp at the sudden impact. He tests your reciprocation by plunging a thick finger inside you,"Not good 'nough."
Another slap leaves your pussy fluttering, clenching around empty air,"Daddy please!" You're not sure what you're begging for, for him to stop or to fuck you,"Mhm?" Toji fists his cock, teasingly slipping the head inside before pulling out. Chuckling at your whine,"You want this? Then beg."
With a foggy mind and tear hazed vision, all you can do is claw on his broad, scarred chest and whimper meek pleas,"You can do better than that, baby." A large, weapon roughened hand squeezes your breast before slapping the mound,"Beg like the good little whore you are." Pain tingles through your skin,"Daddy please, need your cock, need ya' to fuck me!"
Your prayers are rewarded with a buck of his hips, his thick cock thrusting inside you- slowly, making you feel every inch. You had thought Suguru was the thickest- you were wrong. Toji's cock stretched you impossibly. Your hands wrap around his shoulders, nails digging into his skin as you tug your face in the crook of his neck. A heavy hand presses on your neck to push you down on the couch,"Lemme see your face as I fuck you dumb, baby."
The belt buckle is cold on your heated skin- you notice it for the first time but soon enough every thought flies out. Because of how good Toji's dick feels, stroking your sweet spot with each thrust. You saw stars, back arched and toes curling, hooked around his waist.
"Fucking hell, bunny." You're too lost to mind his exclamation. Meanwhile, Toji's green eyes follow the bulge forming on your tummy whenever he thrusts in. Pressing a hand on it, he pushes down. You wail- the pain feels so good that you can't do anything but take it,"Fuck," Suguru rasps, stroking his cock to the sight of you getting ruined.
"That's hot." Satoru watches with amazed blue eyes, he has never seen you so fucked out. And he can't wait to destroy you like that with his own hands and tongue and cock,"Fuck, y/n." He's holding back his orgasm because watching you like this makes him feel like he's gonna nut.
Everything else disappears and it's like Toji flooded your senses, hands touching your body, cock drilling into your tight cunt. You can't conjure any other thought than him,"Daddy, daddy, daddy," Fisting your neck, he tightens his fingers just a little to have you clenching even tighter around his cock,"You're so- fuck- you're so fuckin' wet."
Your pussy is running, like an open tap, drenching his cock and he's grunting, rutting into you like a wild animal,"Ah fuck-" He's spruting inside your convulsing cunt. Toji fucks you both through your shattering orgasms, smirking when you're all babbly under him.
"Who's your daddy, baby?" Toji pulls out and asks, grabbing your jaw,"You," You whimper like a broken record. The display of intimacy has a fire of challenge burning in a certain sapphire eyed man,"Bunny," Voice low, he calls on you,"C'mere."
But you're too hazed, too lost to consider any action. Satoru sighs, getting up and sitting beside you. Long fingers curl under your chin to bring you to face your boyfriend's pretty face,"Had fun?" His voice is sultry, implications hidden under the tone,"Mhm," You only nod in response,"Y'know that won't do, baby."
"Yes," Your answer meets a snicker from the beefy man beside you,"Told ya' she won't remember your name after I'm done, brat."
"Yeah?" His hands grip the globe of your ass, pulling you on his lap,"That true, y/n?" Fingers squeeze your cheeks harshly,"My pretty baby don't remember me?" Shaking your head you try to dissuade the accusations but his fingers sliding over your messy cunt got you moaning,"You're a mess, baby." Bringing his coated fingers up to your mouth, he taps on your lips,"Clean 'em up for me, hmm?"
Your lips wrap around his digits, sucking and twirling your tongue around the pads. Half lidded eyes stare at you. Pulling his wet digits out of your warm cavern, Satoru grabs his cock. You squeal when you feel his cock slap against your clit,"See how hard I am for you?" He mumbles against your lips,"Won't you take care of me, bunny?” You moan a breathy "yes" But he can tell you're beyond comprehension,"Then ride my cock," He plops back, arms resting on the spine of the couch,"Show me how much you love me."
With trembling thighs straddling him and shaky hands on his shoulders, you lower yourself on his shaft, hissing at the slight sting in your sore pussy,"That's right," He coos,"You're my good bunny, aren't ya'?"
"Mhm, yes!" You're impaling yourself on his long cock- breasts bouncing in his face,"Yes what?" He tugged on the belt and you faltered, toppling over him,"Say my fuckin' name, slut." His breath is warm on your lips,"'Toru," A soft whimper doesn't satisfy him,"Louder," Tilting his chin up to kiss you,"Let them know whose dumb slut you are."
"Yours, 'Toru!" His arm encircles your waist, pushing you down on his cock,"That's right, you're my slut." He's guiding your body now, moving you up and down his cock with breathy groans,"They can have you but you're mine." Suguru scoffs at his friend's words. Satoru always gets possessive by the end. His staved off orgasm is coming forth, you can feel him twitch and throb against your pulsating walls,"Yes, 'toru, yours." Grinding your hips down on his, you cry at the friction of his pelvic bone against your clit. Your mind can't decide if you want to pull away or want more. Your overstimulated cunt is spasming around his cock, sensitive from all the previous orgasms,"You gonna cream on my cock, baby?" Fingers yank on the belt when you miss out on a verbal answer,"Mhmm, 'toru, gonna cum, need ta' cum,"
"Fucking cum for me," With another thrust of your hips, you're cumming, walls gripping his cock in white ecstasy- his name falling from your lips repeatedly. Nails dig on your lower back followed by a deep grunt, filling you up with warm fluid. He presses his sweaty forehead on your shoulder, panting out a suggestion,
"Maybe we should call Sukuna next time."
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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kyscaqe · 2 months ago
behind the bars
Tumblr media Tumblr media
→ pairing: cellmate!sukuna x fem!reader x prison officer!toji
→ warnings: heavy breeding, tummy bulge, unprotected sex, age gap, threesome, enemies with benefits, slight fingering, spitting, two cocks in one hole, slight dubcon, creampie, mentions of pregnancy, pussy slapping, cum play, public sex (?), hatefucking if you squint, slight degradation, rough sex, size kink, cervix fucking, cum eating (?), mentions of rape, sukuna is a murderer so,,, double penetration, manhandling, name calling, mentions of cheating, just pure smut
→ wordcount: 4.2k
→ synopsis: whose stupid idea was it to put two horny fuckers in one cell
Tumblr media
"You're such a fucking filthy whore aren't you, little one?" his deep voice rumbles, as he grips your jaw in his hand, forcing your mouth to stay open. You squirm in his grasp as he spits into your mouth; the saliva hitting your tongue. "Fuck you" you let out in a chocked cry once you've swallowed, "Right back at ya' " he groans and roughly pulls you up by your hair, smashing his lips onto yours for another burning kiss. Your lips hungrily chased his as Sukuna pulls away and manhandles you onto your knees.
"Let me see these tits" he demands as he tucks up your black tank top from your body. You comply, raising your arms up to allow him to pull it off. A sinister smirk curling at his lips upon seeing you not wearing a bra, his eyes traveling from your collar bone down to your chest, delicate in the semi-darkness. He throws your top on the floor and cups your breasts.
"Fuck," he breathes as his thumbs rub across your nipples. You shiver from the cold air and the heat of his thumbs. "I jerked off thinking about these tits" he lowers himself to lick at a nipple and you’re whining for more. "Thought about pushing them together and fucking them like a pussy." He bites down on your nub, causing you to squeal and jump. He soothes the flesh with a suck from his lips and leisurely circling of his tongue. "Yeah you'd like that, wouldn't you?" he smirks, his ruby eyes boring into yours. "My little slut, hm? wants a killer to fuck her pretty tits." he coos, his words making your cunt ache.
You're trembling under his touch, pussy dripping wet, craving for more attention. Sukuna hums around your nipple before possessively switching to the other. Furrowing his eyebrows in light annoyance when he feels your hips squirm, desperate for friction where you need it most, kissing his teeth when he felt your knees slightly brush against his clothed dick. "Fuck, I hate you. You and your over exaggerated man ego." you hiss, fingers lightly scratching at the nape of his neck. You can feel it when Sukuna smirks against your skin, as he pulls your tits off with a pop, slowly raising his head just enough to whisper against the shell of your ear, "A little bold today, aren't you, brat?" he grins delightfully, his hot breath fans across your neck. "Makes me wonder where that confidence was last night."
Your clit twitched pathetically at his words, brief pictures of your quivering thighs clamped around Sukuna's hips as he nailed you hard and fast against the dirty prison bathroom wall, murmuring heated insults against each other's lips until you'd reached both of your highs.
You wish you could say it had been the first time, but it was far from it. You could've walked away had it not been for the smirk a few months ago. That little rise in the corner of his mouth as his dark eyes met your apathetic ones, picking at the bland food that was served the prisoners. That should've been your first warning. The second warning came right after dinner, when Sukuna traveled along behind you as your unit made their way back to their cells. His piercing gaze locked on how your hips beautifully swayed as you walked. His hand sneakily moving forward, shamelessly capturing your ass in his palm, giving it a firm squeeze. You remember prisoner 073, Sukuna's former cellmate asking you: "First time?" a knowing smirk masking his face. "Good luck falling asleep, that fucker won't keep it down for shit, sweetheart." Before you were given the opportunity to reply you got shoved into your cell, Sukuna joining right after. The sound of a belt unbuckling and a low groan meeting your ears as soon as the door shut closed. You couldn't help the way your pussy ached at the slick sounds coming from below you every night, the thought of him jerking his cock right under your bed making your pussy twitch uncomfortably, your fingers visibly fidgeting inside your panties.
It took only a short amount of time for you to come down towards Sukuna's sleeping figure, your aching cunt silently hovering above his lap, a raucous moan escaping your lips once you were seated on the outline of his fat cock. It's not lost on you when you felt his hand digging into the flesh of your ass, the feeling oh so familiar. His hand pushed your hips further down his clothed shaft, desperately grinding your bodies against one another. "This is a one time thing, got it?" you assert, humming against his swollen red lips, as Sukuna let out a huff, "We'll see 'bout that, brat."
Afterwards you'd move your wet panties back into place, pulling your pants up and crawl up your bed without another word. You tease each other, you fight, you fuck and then go on with your day as if nothing has happened. There was no need to pretend this thing between you is anything other than venting your frustrations.
You let out a gasp when you felt his hand slide down to grip your aching cunt. "Mmm, does my baby want some attention down here?" he murmured, and you shuddered at the feeling of his palm against your core. "P-Please.." you beg, making him raise an eyebrow, a malicious smirk forming on his lips. His dark gaze watched your breath hitch in your throat as he starts to rub his fingers against your inner thighs, drifting impossibly close to your cunt "Do you think you deserve it, doll? After being so mean to me earlier?"
"I'm sorry-" you gasp as you felt his finger hover above your pussy, "I didn't mean-" his finger dips and taps at your clit, feather light. "Want me to make an exception for you, hm?" you nod, letting out a drawn out moan as he harshly thrust two fingers into your swollen cunt, pulling out right after.
You almost let out a scream so loud, you were sure the other prisoners would've heard if it wasn't for Sukuna hastily shoving two fingers with his free hand into your mouth. "Oi, are you stupid? Want us to get caught and get separated, huh?" You shook your head, no. "You sure? Then what's this, sweetheart?" he inserted his thick fingers into you once more, feeling your pussy twitch under his grasp. "Want us to get caught, hm?" Sukuna hums, his long fingers thrusting into you. "Want these other fuckers to see your pathetic face when you choke around my cock, yeah? the way your cute little cunny squeezes a murderer's dick so good and so fucking tight, right? Yeah, you'd like that" a dark chuckle left his lips as he pulls out and delivers a harsh slap to your clit. You let out a muffled yelp, your walls clenching at the idea.
He then pressed your head onto the ground, your cheeks squished beneath the cold floor and his palm, as he positioned your body to lay flat on your stomach. As much as he liked the thought of having you go over the edge around his fingers, he liked having you cream on his dick a lot more.
Sukuna kneeled down, his bulge directly facing your aching cunt. pulling his throbbing cock free from the confines of his jeans. "Gonna ruin this cute little pussy" he grunts, a moan subconsciously spilling from your lips as the head of his cock rubs against your clit. He hisses at the wetness, loving the way it slicks up his dick with ease, his pre-cum sliding all over your pussy. You feel him hover above you, his naked chest pressing down on your back, effectively pinning you against the ground. His hips grind down against your ass, cock sliding between your cheeks smoothly before he pushes his dick into your tight heat in one go. The two of you cried out in unison at the feeling, him stretching you deliciously and the hot tightness of your walls enclosing around him. You were wet enough for him to easily sink in completely.
"Hey, look at that, I'm all in!" He chuckles, pulling back before quickly pushing back in, "It wasn't this easy before, hm?" The sound of his big breeder balls hitting your ass fills the room as you can hear the wetness of your cunt around him. "Fuck," he groans. "You're still so ridiculously tight" Gradually, Sukuna's thrusts slow to a gentle grind. His lips spread into a slow, devilish grin as he peers down at you, and you mewl softly at the hard twitch his cock gives where it’s cradled within your walls. "Gonna never make you want another cock inside you except mine." You knew, he didn't have to tell you. You'll most likely never want another man near you except him.
Despite all the crimes he has committed, you still let him fuck you stupid. His unforgivable actions being a slight reason why you got arrested in the first place. The rest was you to blame. Sukuna is without a doubt a powerful man with connections all around the globe, on a chessboard full of pawns, Ryoumen Sukuna plays the King every time. The police was truly beyond foolish for thinking that they've managed to finally trap him under the palm of their hands. To arrest him with such ease and so little trouble without assuming that he'd have a bunch of spies who work for him and can get him the fuck out. Their uniforms resembling those of the police officers working here. He was well aware of the fact that he could've escaped a long time ago and perhaps he decided against it because of you. The moment your tight walls wrapped around his fat cock and the way you barely even made it fit lit a light inside him that made him consider staying a little longer.
He has tortured people, fucked, raped, impregnated and murdered them. So why were you letting yourself get lost in the pure bliss of his huge cock penetrating you. Why was your cunt throbbing at the thought of him having so much control of everything, including you.
"You're missing a few up there, doll" He hissed, your warm pussy clamping around his pulsing cock. "For letting me fuck you like this" He pulls out until his leaking tip was the only bit remaining inside before he harshly shoved his cock back in, watching the way your ass cheeks jiggle over the impact. "Hey-, d-don't do this" you gasp, feeling your release building, already so close from his incessant edging. "Oh? You want me to do it again? With pleasure, princess" "Wa-Wait, wait-" He pinned his hands above your own, pounding into you as a croaked whimper spilled from your lips, heaving Sukuna's name, your harsh gasps signaling your upcoming climax.
His free hand slips down in between your lower stomach and the ground, lifting your lower body up a bit, the change in angle has him fucking against your g-spot even harsher. With his hand firmly pressed against the bulge of your tummy, the feeling of his cock sliding in and out with ease becomes hard to miss. He's losing control, fucking into you at a pace you’re sure isn’t human.
"Wanna stuff you full of my cum" He wants you and only you. "Gonna breed this cute, tiny pussy. Hm? How does that sound, having you all nice and round for me." The idea is as orgasmic as his cock itself. The tightness in your core builds and builds, leaning on the edge of euphoria. "We'll leave this place, with my baby inside you." It feels intoxicating almost, feeling him thrust inside you and murmur such filth to you. You felt like you couldn't move, nor form a proper sentence, even if you tried. "Y-Yes, want you to put a baby in me," you moaned, his cock having your brain short-circuited in the best way possible. "Let it all out inside me" Sukuna smirks against your skin, lavishing the nape of your neck and your shoulders with kisses and little bites. "Sure thing" He continued his brutal pace, pounding into you even faster and harder. It felt like you were losing your mind, losing yourself on his cock. You were soaking his member, gushing and dripping down your thighs. The ring of cum that was forming around his dick becoming more and more visible with each thrust.
"Cum for me, doll. Make me a baby daddy" His possessive tone is the last thing you hear before the waves of orgasm pound over you. Your cunt clenches and flutters hard around his dick, as he’s moaning your name. You feel how tight you are, his cock stilling inside you as he reaches his own high, hot ropes of cum coating your walls.
"Fuck" Sukuna sighs, shallowly thrusting into your cunt, slowly riding out both of your highs, his softening cock remaining inside you.
"Are you two love-birds done?" Both of your heads snapped up upon recognizing the guard's voice behind the closed cell door. "Or are you still going at it like fucking rabbits in heat" The guard chuckled devilishly, to which you felt Sukuna's figure stiffen slightly, before sliding out of you with one hand on your asscheek to keep you spread open, murmuring quiet praise as your entrance clenches pathetically around nothing.
"Piss off, Toji" Sukuna slurs, as he sat up and tucked his dick back inside his pants, running his fingers through his hair. Confused, you propped your arms on your elbow, slightly turning towards a pissed looking Sukuna. "Yeah, that ain't gonna happen, bud" Your ears picked up a sound of a key jingling. "Have you already forgotten? You still owe me one, big time." Toji continued, "Haven't even heard a 'thanks' for preventing the judges to give you an additional 10 year special sentence back in court" Sukuna sighed and closed his eyes shut, his hand sliding down his face, rubbing his eyes in annoyance. "Not that it mattered, anyway" he muttered to himself, his hand slumping down into the pockets of his jeans, facing the metal door. "Yes I know, I'll transfer the cash to you in a bit. It'll need no longer than three days, so calm your fucking balls" Sukuna waved him off, eyebrows furrowing slightly as he took in how the lock on the door rotated, the sound of a heavy door opening following, revealing a smirking Toji.
"Though luck buddy, cause I ain't waiting that long," he gazed down at your naked figure, licking the scar on his lips when he witnessed how your body shivered, your nipples perking up as soon as the cold wind hit your skin. "I want it now" He demanded, closing the door behind him. Sukuna darkens, looming over him. "Cut the bullshit. You don't get to decide that. Remember who you're working for." Toji let a dark chuckle escape his lips. "I don't think you understand. I don't want money," your half-lidded eyes met his "I want her." Sukuna was quick to protest, but Toji interrupted to briefly explain. "Not forever, jeez. Just for the time being. Was kinda hoping she'll fuck some stress off of me" His hands came up, fidgeting on his belt. "Just one fuck" Sukuna stated, making your eyes widen as you sat up. "Just one fuck" Toji repeated assurely, kneeling on his knees, Sukuna following suit. Two dark eyes peering down at you like a hunter watching it's prey.
"Fuck, you have some nice tits" Toji groaned, as his rough hand cupped your breasts, squeezing the soft flesh in his palms, making you whine. His hand glided down your tummy and even further to your pussy that was drenched full of Sukuna's cum. You inhale deeply when you felt his thumb harshly rub against your clit, pushing some leaking cum back into your throbbing hole.
You then felt both of Sukuna's hands cup your tits, as he pushed your back onto his chest, giving Toji an even better view of your aching cunt. "What a cute little pussy" He uttered softly, your head falling back onto Sukuna's chest as you felt Toji's breath fan over your heat before his tongue was suddenly wiping up the length of your slit, collecting all your juices in his mouth. "Tastes sweet too" he then suddenly spits, observing as his saliva slides down your clit, your pussy clenching around nothing. "Seeing something like this really gets your boner raging, ya' know" Toji sat back up unbuckling his belt and lowered his boxers just enough for his ridiculously thick cock to spring free, one of his hands coming down to stroke his dick.
You clutched at Sukuna's hand that was busy messaging your tits, needing something to hold onto. Toji dived back into your cunt, his eyes were closed, moaning into your heat as he ate you out like you were his first meal in days. "Officer Fushiguro, c-can I.. can I suck you off?" You asked suddenly, causing him to halt in his movements gazing up at you through messy bangs and dark eyes.
"No" He growled, going back on sucking your clit. "Why?" You panted, arching your hips more into his invading tongue as he began to lap at your hole. "Cause we ain't got enough time, baby. Gotta fuck you before my shift ends" He pulled away with a groan, hand moving up from your thighs to your chin to force you to lower your head so he can finally kiss you on the lips. You feel Sukuna shift behind you as he slightly moved your hips to lift you higher on his lap, his back laying flat on the floor, taking you with him. His sudden movements causing to break the heated kiss between you and Toji.
"Go ahead, wanna see you make her belly bulge" Sukuna challenged, pulling your knees further up your chest. His other hand coming down to free his growing bulge once more.
Without another word, Toji crawled towards you, knees supporting his weight as he straightened up his back, the added height making him look even more intimidating. His pink cock briefly bumped against your thigh, smearing his pre-cum all over as he made a move to slide his dick up over your pussy, scooping what cum has leaked out of you up and pushes it back inside you. Feeling his fat tip curtly push inside your hole, pulling out in a matter of seconds, the gesture having you whining for more.
You then feel Sukuna's hardness lining up behind you, rubbing at your sodden folds to cover his length in your slick juices. "W-Wait, I can't- two won't fi-" "Yes you can" Sukuna cut you off. "We'll make it fit" Was the last thing you heard spilling from Toji's lips as he slides his cock into your spread heat, burying himself to the hilt in one fluid motion. Toji groans out loud— stunned by the heat and wetness of your pussy and how tight it grips him.
Sukuna followed right after, pushing upward into the warmth and drippy mess of your cunt, fitting in besides Toji's so well. "Damn, its pretty snug in there" He continues to press forward, as deep inside you as he can go, dropping his head down to your chest.
Sukuna gasps as he gives himself and you a moment. His hands grip at your waist, one hand coming to rub the tender skin of your supple ass. "Fuck, you take us so well, princess" Sukuna mumbles against your ear, setting a pace, your ass meeting his hips and claps with each thrust. "You're so big" You whine, their cocks so big that even just one of them inside you is almost too much. They both rock into you, neither one moving too hard or too fast, slow and so good, like a slow roll of pleasure that keeps coming, mounting higher and higher with each pass of Toji's cock over your g-spot and each stroke of Sukuna deep inside you.
Under normal circumstances, you would have been embarrassed about how wound up you were, but with them, you couldn’t bring yourself to feel that way. Toji's hands pressed your legs even further into your chest, sandwiching you in between the two men, hammering their cocks deeper into your swelling cunt, the change in angle abusing your g-spot even more, as a feeling all so familiar began to coil in the pit of your stomach.
Both Sukuna and Toji jolt inside you, fucking you just a bit faster, as if they sensed your upcoming climax. The more they pressed your body together, you could feel them sinking in deeper and deeper. Your eyes roll back at the way Sukuna's cock pounds inside you, pressing so deep and upward with Toji relentlessly pumping into you, gripping your hips tight as he fucks you deep and senseless.
"God, you're so cute" Toji pants against your tits and you scowl at the term 'cute'. "S-Shut up, you cranky-old asshole" you spit, glaring at him through your lashes as Toji chuckles, slightly lifting his head, his dark eyes looming over yours. "You and that man under you..." He moves forward, grinding into you. "We're the same age, angel" You hiss when he delivers an extremely hard thrust into your pussy, forcing the tip of his cock to kiss your cervix deliciously. Sukuna laughs from below you, both men mocking the brat that has just revealed itself, instead of getting mad at it.
You're almost weeping at how well they work your body. Your tits rub raw against Toji's clothed chest and he realizes that it's already past his shift, the risk of his colleague walking in to the sound of skin clapping and grunting increasing with each animalistic thrust. You’re trying hard not to spill fat tears of pleasure as the men continued their assault on your pussy.
Toji's hand sweeps down your belly, feeling the tip of his cock plunging in and out as tries hard not to think of what your babies might look like. The thought of breeding such a cute pussy like yours implanted deep inside the depths of his dark fantasy.
"Fuck, don't you dare cum inside her." Sukuna warned, as if he just read his mind, scowling at the grin that curled on Toji's lips, feeling the way Sukuna's cock twitches under the heat of his palm and you whimper seeing the soft rise of his cock against your belly "What a shame" Toji's pace fastened, nearing his release. "Would've loved a second mini me running out" his second? "You'd like that though, huh? being bred." Your walls tighten hearing the filthy words spilling from his lips.
"G-Gonna cum" You cry, as your eyes squeezed shut. "Yeah? Fuck, you’re gonna cum for me?" Sukuna growled, his dick ramming balls deep into your cunt. Toji continued fucking you in a rapid pace. "Toji.." Sukuna hissed, glaring at Toji who still hasn't made a move to pull out. His warning falls deaf on your ears as you’re cumming and pulsating around their thickness instantly. Everything went white, you were unable to feel anything except the overwhelming pleasure that took over your system.
Sukuna groaned, shooting his hot cum inside your abused walls for the second time this night. "Good fucking girl," Toji praises. "Your cunt is so good to me" The nickname has you your walls clenching even tighter around his cock. At this rate, he's gonna end up creamping you. He instantly began groaning as he pulls his cock free from the vice-grip of your cunt and jerks himself twice to completion, allowing his hot seed to splatter against the tender flesh of your tits where he’s left a clear hickey.
When you finally returned to earth, Sukuna was carefully pulling out of your still-spasming hole. His hot cum leaked out, being pushed onto your ass and down the floor by your clenching. Toji was a sweating, panting mess, you noticed as he got up from the ground, quickly stuffing his dripping cock back inside and zipping his pants up, right before you heard a muffled beep, followed by a metal door opening at the end of the hall. "Well, this is my cue to leave" Toji chuckled, bending down to press a quick peck on your lips. "We'll continue this someday" He winked at you and waved at Sukuna, who just mouthed an unbothered "Fuck off" as he sat up, pulling you with him.
You were still hazy, the orgasm nearly causing you to black out at its force as you watched Toji carefully walking out locking the door, leaving you and Sukuna alone in your cell again. Eavesdropping to the conversation Toji and the other man were having.
"Is everything alright? They didn't cause any trouble, did they?" The man asked, upon seeing Toji fidgeting with the keys in the lock. "Nah, thought I heard something, so I came for a quick check up" Toji lied, putting the keys back in his pockets. "And?"
"They were sleeping" He continued strolling down the corridor, his colleague catching a brief glance to your cell before hastily walking up towards Toji. "Ah, by the way, this might be random, but can you please convey my thanks to your wife for the pie she brought here last time? I might add, it was a very delicate one, too" He said, smiling politely when Toji dismissed him by waving his hand "Sure thing."
Beside you, Sukuna was chuckling silently, taking in your shocked expression. "You heard that, doll? A wife. You just fucked a married man" You turned towards him with a sigh. "And you let me."
Sukuna grinned in response, wrapping his arms around your figure. "Hell yeah I did."
© kyscaqe ⎯ all rights reserved
Tumblr media
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sukunababy · 2 months ago
Mina chan please can i request ‘When their child is asking why you called them daddy too?’ with gojo, sukuna, geto and toji?
Tumblr media
— Gojo Satoru, Ryōmen Sukuna, Fushiguro Toji & Geto Suguru x f!reader
Tumblr media
You're giving your daughter pigtails when Satoru walks into the living room and sees you sitting on the floor.
"Hi, my little ones" he murmurs as he places a kiss on the top of your head and tries to give one to the little girl as well but she avoids it with a big smile. 
"Daddy" she calls to him as she fiddles with the ribbons on her pigtails, "why does mommy call you daddy? You're my daddy." 
Satoru smirks before meeting your barred eyes, "well princess, it's because I'm the best daddy in the world" he says proudly, "so your mommy is just making sure people know." 
You take a long breath before looking at your daughter and turning a warm smile to her, "yeah, that's right" you confirm throwing a fiery look at your husband. 
Your daughter wrinkles her nose and continues to admire her bows that have now captured all of her attention while Satoru continues to look at you with a smirk attached to his face, "what do you say, shall we let the neighbors know what a great daddy I am?" he teases, making you roll your eyes.
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His son turns to him as Sukuna walks into the kitchen to help with dinner, "daddy, why does mommy call you daddy?" he asks as he assembles his little constructions. 
His eyes widen but he manages to stay calm before he starts laughing, "because I make her feel good" he states making your jaw snap open, "excuse me?" you ask extereffectively. 
Sukuna smirks crossing his arms over his chest, "buddy, I make her feel so good she has to let everyone know" he chuckles throwing you a look but the little boy doesn't seem to be paying attention back now back to playing with his toys, making you take a breath of relief. 
Your husnand presses his fingers on your hips as he leans in behind you, "I think you were too loud last night" he chuckles in your ear pressing a kiss to your temple causing you to let out a soft moan before helping you cut the vegetables for dinner.
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Toji gets your daughter ready for bed when you walk into her room to read her one of her favorite fairy tales. 
"Mommy" she calls to you as you pick up the book from her small desk, "why are you calling my dad, daddy?" she asks as she slides under the covers. 
Toji tries to hold back his laughter as he sits on the edge of the bed, beginning to tease you, "yes, honey" he smiles lasciviously at you, "why do you call me daddy?" 
You can feel your face on fire as you search for an answer, hoping for your husband's help. 
Toji chuckles when he sees you struggling, "look princess, it's just mommy's kind way of telling me I've been a good daddy to her ... for you" he murmurs, "am I or am I not a good daddy?" he asks with a smirk as you roll your eyes. 
Your daughter is thrilled when he tucks her in and kisses her goodnight, "yes you are the best daddy" she giggles happily. 
"Yes, I am" he replies turning off the light and closing the door, before turning to look at you with a smirk, "oh shut up". 
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Suguru sits next to you after serving breakfast to you and your son. 
"Daddy, why does mommy call you daddy too?" he asks all of a sudden making both of you blanch as you exchange a look in terror. 
You kick Geto under the table as if to say "find an answer, damn it". 
He smiles turning to your son, "you know, because daddy cleans, and cooks and ... it's just a way of saying I'm a good dad" he almost chokes up as he comes up with answers that might seem plausible. 
Your little boy shrugs, "a friend of mine said that her mommy also calls daddy her daddy when they have sex" he smiles making you snap your eyes and jaw open, "but I don't know what that means" he finishes the sentence with a smile making you let out a sigh of relief. 
"I- I think I need something stronger than juice, this morning, babe", Suguru murmurs throwing you a look.
Tumblr media
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suna-reversed · 9 months ago
JJK | Embarrassing sex moments
(nanami, gojo, toji, megumi, yuuji, nobara, utahime, sukuna, naoya)
vol. 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
minors dni || all characters are aged up
tags/warnings: mentions of sex, crying, strap-on, lots of second hand embarrassment, crack
Gojo- wildly misjudged his capability to have drunk sex. Had you all worked up with the way he was sloppily kissing and touching you, but when it came to the final show- he thought he was taking you real hard from behind, while in reality he was just humping your ass- underwear still on- as he came right there and then crashed on top of you.
Nanami- had you in a mating press when both of you heard the crackling sound of wood snap. Suddenly, you were bent at an oddly wild angle. Nanami had managed to bring his arms up to protect your head as the bed broke apart from the middle, but he didn’t quite expect just how deep the the new angle would allow him to go- mans came right there and apologised for it before getting up and making you go bed shopping with him with a straight face😳
Toji- was way too cocky the whole time leading up to it (as he should because he has a MONSTER COCC), but got awkwardly serious when it actually came to doing it- like brows furrowed, full blown constipated expression - his face was just 😡 while he fucked you and then got mad because you couldn’t stop laughing.
Yuuji- hesitantly agreed to try out degredation the first time you both did doggy style. It was all too much for him and he was overwhelmed with the amount of pleasure- tried degredading you while his head was next to your ear, but he had been so emotional that it came out as a sob and you had to listen to him cry while saying “whore” and “slut” as he continued to fuck you. 10/10 for effort though 🥲
Megumi- much like his father, he was oddly quiet at first. Another one who got way too overwhelmed and lost it a little too much after you told him to relax a bit. Ended up accidentally summoning his shikigami right as he came and you had to finish while staring into the eyes of the innocent demon dog you had so often played fetch with.
Nobara- wanted to use a strap-on but didn’t realise the importance of proper lube and size. Got the biggest one she could find at the store and had you all blindfolded when she told you she was gonna try something “new”. Ended up having to comfort your crying form and you didn’t let her near your hole for days and days after.
Utahime- didn’t exactly discuss a mommy kink with you and was utterly caught off guard when you moaned out “harder, mommy” as she was fingering you while sucking your nipples. She got flustered and bit down on your nipple way too hard😭
Sukuna- you had made the mistake of telling him his deep laugh turned you on once. He kept laughing like a maniac during sex with wide-blown eyes and you had to keep yourself from running dry because of how much he was killing the mood.
Naoya - if you are having sex with this man, that is embarrassment enough. period.
Tumblr media
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