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katy-l-wood · 21 hours ago
Time for another (little) Kickstarter!
I’ve been wanting to do enamel pins for awhile, and I’ve got a few big ideas, but before I jump into the deep end I wanted to do a little project with them first. So! On September 1st I will be launching a campaign for a set of summer camp themed pins.
You can sign up to be notified on launch here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/katy-l-wood/summer-camp-enamel-pins
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You can sign up to be notified on launch here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/katy-l-wood/summer-camp-enamel-pins
Reblogs appreciated, since tumblr will bury this due to it having links.
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nfly5 · a day ago
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“A trip with no plan. SSC is decided by what the members say.” Let's Roll: 🏕 Seunghyub’s 5th Summer Camp #1
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and-speak · a year ago
me, to the kids i worked with last week: welcome to medieval camp everyone! can anyone think of any fun medieval activities we might do here at camp this week?
kid: well, they used to do this thing where they would take your body and make it into four pieces and i think it was called quartering.
me: that’s called torture! we will not in fact be participating in torture this week! ...anyone else?
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 months ago
I was in a summer camp with my friends and for some reason Elon Musk was there. I took his wallet and ran. Daniel Ricciardo (the F1 driver) was there and I waved at him as I ran.
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newyorkthegoldenage · 23 days ago
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A girl leans out the bus window to hug her mother before leaving for summer camp, 1948.
Photo: Rae Russel via Getty Images
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keepingitneutral · 13 days ago
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The Bide, Milton Abbas, Dorset, United Kingdom,
Lama Design
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vintagecamping · 15 days ago
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College students Nancy Hooley, Jean Bowen, and Marge Maninget ready for work in their three-person tent at Camp Curry (now called Half Dome Village) in Yosemite National Park, where they are employed for the summer. California
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in-the-quiet-misty-morning · 4 months ago
the fact that that one company managed to sanitize and monetize baby shark, a camp song that is originally about a swimmer who loses their limbs one by one in a shark attack and swims ashore but to no avail because they die anyway, is so funny to me. like imagine if they did that with another one of the morbid songs. like “this is called dunderbeck’s sausage meat machine it’s a fun little song about sausages who dance around no dunderbeck’s wife doesn’t push him into his own sausage meat machine why would you say that”
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floridaboiler · 5 months ago
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stealeroflemons · a month ago
EAH headcanons-thingy/vibes I get #4
Royal princesses went to a church-camp type thing but instead of praising the lord it was learning how to be a good princess and instead of bible study it was damsel study
Apple would be the type that could recite the damsel bible perfectly
Briar fell asleep during lessons every time without fail
Darling and Apple had a slight rivalry
Ashlynn was most definitely the one to make everyone flower crowns during lunch
Holly and Poppy helped braid everyone's hair before going on nature hikes or something
Blondie would correct someone every time they misquoted a damsel rule or something because "it wasn't just right"
There was probably an alternative camp for rebels
Instead of your good 'ol bible study type of camp it would be a survival camp where they learned how to evade heroes
Faybelle was really good at obstacle courses because of her cheerhexing build and athleticism
Cerise and Ramona were major rivals against each other
Kitty cheats at obstacle courses every single time
Sometimes when camp counselors weren't on their shifts the kids from the camps would sneak out and meet each other
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electronicsquid · 2 months ago
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Part of the great throng of NY parents saying goodbye to their children headed to summer camps
(Carl Mydans. 1951)
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madillhethen · a month ago
Sigurd and Emiya have really taken center stage in this event, and it’s so great. Emiya really is like the perfect big brother/guardian figure, and Yu Mei-Ren’s constant comments of ‘you really can do anything, huh?’ Is just a representation of all us fans.
But Tomoe has been an amazing character in this event too. The constant references to video games is delightful, maybe because I have watched/played my fair share of horror games, and seeing her being so excited is really cute.
Sigurd is great since LB2 didn’t explore a lot of him beyond being Surtr’s puppet until the ending so it’s nice to see him even in a comical light. He’s a joy because he doubles as both that father figure and the reasonable guidance during the events but also because he’s the horny teenage couple in the horror movies who keeps trying to find any way to spend time with his wife 😂.
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nfly5 · 2 days ago
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N.Flying climbs Jeju’s Mount Hallasan Let's Roll: 🏕 Seunghyub’s 5th Summer Camp #1
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kiribakuhappiness · 4 months ago
I did a thing! :)
I got to collab with one of my fav artists for the KiriBaku Flash Bang event! You can check it out on AO3 (link below):
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Tumblr media
I was really craving some cute summertime romance with the end of winter starting to melt away, and while I felt a little constricted with the word limit and wasn’t able to expand on certain areas like I normally would have (let's be honest, I would have written 30k worth), @kelseybee-art really delivered with her adorable artwork and pulled the entire project together! ❤️🧡
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 months ago
I was at the summer camp I go to almost every year. For some reason, Marc Bolan, T. Rex vocalist shared a room with me. My dad was there too and I told him to go away because he is mean (the singer was kinda like Prince in Purple Rain). However, I was just happy I met Marc Bolan.
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strawberriandromeda · 2 months ago
Would you do me a favor and read this whole post in it's entirety? It would mean a lot to me! <:)
I am currently volunteering for an organization called UCLA Unicamp that sends undeserving youth of the Los Angeles area up to the mountains for a summer camp to enjoy themselves!
Our camp session's theme is fostering equality as we are focused on caring for LGBTQ and foster youth. Most of these kids are also from lower class neighborhoods and are usually POC. As a former camper myself I benefited so much from the positive environment and made some lifelong friends! Does it help to say that I am a lower class queer POC, too?
Here's the link to donate!
If for some reason that link doesn't work, my
CASHAPP is $refibaxolotl
PAYPAL is @refiba
VENMO is @refibashiba
And I will donate in your stead :D
If you donate at least $5 I can draw you something for your generosity and kindness! Unfortunately anything less than that and you cannot get this reward :( other than a warm feeling in your chest <3
Here are some examples of my art below!:
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If you are unable to donate, reblogs help so much!!! I will appreciate you if you do!!! Please reblog it, don't just like it!!
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vintagecamping · 14 days ago
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Camper's get ready to head out for an overnight expedition. Camp Hale, New Hampshire 1980
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