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#summer court

I know that Feyre will end up with Rhysand and I thought that her relationship with Tamlin must be bad. Turns out I actually like them. They are kinda cute. (I’m currently reading acotar)

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✳︎ . ⋆ *゚ | introducing habaek seo of the summer court. they have arrived at the high court and rumor has it they are neutral to the peace treaty signed 100 years ago. they are a twenty four year old low faerie and you know they’re around when you get flashes of torchlight in an oceanside cave, water dripping form dark, dark hair & sunbathing on the rocks. ₓ  ( kim taehyung, cis man, he/him )

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A really long time ago I told an anon that I’d do a giveaway once I hit 1k followers. I recently reached this long time goal of mine and so in honor of that said anon, who’s probably unfollowed me by now, I thought that I’d finally hold a giveaway!

Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s hit that follow button. Whether you’ve been here since I started this blog in December 2017 or you’re a recent follower, your kindness and support means the world to me.

Prizes and rules under the cut!

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AW thank you so much!! We really appreciate the kind words :’)

Warm writing sounds so lovely…. and you’re very lovely, of course!

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I just realised that the Autumn court have no holidays. If they do then it’s not mentioned.

Winter and Night court celebrate winter solstice

Summer , day, dawn and spring court celebrate summer solstice.

But there is no such holiday for Autumn….

Also , the humans don’t have any such Holidays as Nesta said…

And the cover of a court of silver flames is most likely relatable to the Autumn court….

There is therefore a possibility of Nesta visiting the Autumn court,

A possible Eris x Nesta romantic if not, platonic relationship…

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I just realised that there are no solstice holidays in the Autumn court…just like there isn’t in the human realms as Nesta said in acofas…


The winter and the night court celebrate the winter solstice

The summer, spring day and dawn court celebrate the summer solstice

This would then mean that the Autumn court is somehow similiar to the human realms….

And the similarity might make Nesta somewhat at ease..

Because, acosf’s cover is considered to be related to the Autumn court. ( Orange colour)

So that would mean that Nesta might visit the autumn court..

Where a possible Eris x Nesta relationship might take place, Platonic or Romantic..

This might take place because ( I read somewhere ) that Eris and Nesta are almost the same!!!

Infact we would know more about them!!

Now I want an Eris x Nesta friendship. Because I know Sarah has made Nessian canon.

( not that I hate Nessian. I love Nessian!! It’s just that there is only one book of 687 Nessian pages)

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wip wednesday baby!!!

tagged by the delightful @impossible-rat-babies and i tag @lvllns @trvelyans @lavellane @waspgrave @themarparadox @ser-knight and whoever else wants to join in!

welcome to summer court chapter three spoilers. and also Alma Time

You open your mouth to reply, but you can’t think of anything to say; the entire debacle was such a weird shock to your system that you forgot how to talk. You nod, unsure of what else to do in a situation like this, especially when you’ve only found Alma so far–– what about the others? Is everyone else okay? What if––

“Hey…” Alma leans forward and meets your eye, her concern breaking through your flurry of panicked thoughts. “Hey it’s okay. It’s okay. We’re okay, right? Deep breaths. We’re good. Well, the shop isn’t super good right now, no shit, but––”

She grins when you start laughing, and for a second you don’t even remember that you’re sitting amidst fallen books and debris. All you see is Alma, smiling and making jokes to calm you down. Alma, whose nose is bleeding, and she seems to notice at the same time you do.

“Ah––” She prods at her nose and sighs in what sounds like relief. “Just bleeding. Not broken again.”

“Wh–– Again?”

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oc moodboards -

alma hill (summer court)

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King of Hybern when he’s talking to Rhys in the first fight in Adriata:

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7. Occupation

He work’s as a cashier and fortune teller in the Summer Court Book & Curio Shop. 

14. Can they cook? Can they bake?

Yes to both, but he’s not great. He can get by if he had a recipe and it’s not bad, but I can promise you’ve had better. He’s trying and improving, slowly. 

21. Fave food(s) and drink(s):

He had a trash diet and I’m so sorry. 
Foods: Tiramisu, mint chocolate chip ice cream, any kind of pasta, & french fries.  
Drinks: Iced coffee with cream and caramel, hot coffee, hot chocolate, hard liquor, & earl gray tea. 

28. Are they literate? Did they go to school? How long? What level?

Alister is extremely literate. He is always reading and not only that, he constantly wants to learn or pick up a hobby. He has an associates in photography and journalism because he double majored. He’s a fucking nerd.

35. What are they like as a friend?

Alister is the type of friend to show up your house unannounced and chill with you. He will bring snacks and a game. He is the friend who will drop whatever he is doing to help you. Whatever it is, he will help without question. He trusts you and he’s there for you.

42. What’s the dumbest thing your character’s done?

He nearly gave himself scurvy by only eating poptarts and ramen his first year in college. His mom from then bought him groceries weekly.   

56. What’s your overall goal with this character? Will they get a happy ending or will they succumb to their faults?  

I would love for Alister to get a happy ending. He’s my baby and I’ve wanted that for him since I originally made him. But seeing how he is a character in Summer Court, it will go how the player choses! I will write a happy ending and a bad ending, but ultimately it’s up to the player.  

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Hey Poppy! Thank you so much for the happy birthday!!! <3

My ideal birthday would be having dinner with my friends then going to the karaoke bar. Lots of drinks, good food, and my favorite people is all I need for my birthday.

 My favorite cake flavor would lemon blueberry cake with a butter cream frosting! Or my mom’s white chocolate raspberry and champaign cake! It’s so good! I’ll have to get you the recipe!

- Lark

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Hey, everyone! I’m so excited to be spending my birthday with you! I’m going to be on the blog the rest of today so if you have any questions or comments for me or my friends, we will be here to answer!

- Lark

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is it just me who wants to hear more about alis? she helped feyre so much in acotar and acomaf. i wanna see where she’s at and what she’s doing with her family :(

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