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#summer gets an ask
summer-waves9764 · an hour ago
okay but I just love mal-
like he's so awesome-
(yes I'm on page 16 of siege and storm)
(they JUST saw the darkling in Z-something)
ahhhh yeah he's pretty cool in siege and storm
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summer-waves9764 · an hour ago
wait, summer, what timezone are you in-
EST, why-
(also, @sovereign-of-the-skittles Allyster, block the tag #rune reacts to sab, k? just in case-)
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linaraiscorner · 2 hours ago
it's nearly the summer holidays! you know what that means... it's phineas and ferb time!
i want to create a bucket list of activities i can do over the six weeks, and i am very open to suggestions! if you want me to add something to the list - whether that is a writing prompt, a challenge (e.g. read for 24 hrs straight), or if you just want me to do something as easy as read a particular fanfic or cook a certain meal, then tell me and i'll compile a list!
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summer-waves9764 · 13 hours ago
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summer-waves9764 · 15 hours ago
I don't know why but for some reason I am convinced that you have a thing for short hair??? For the ask game-
LKJASKD not necessarily?? I don't NOT like short hair but it's not a specific thing I'm attracted to-
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summer-waves9764 · 15 hours ago
lightning, mulberry, needle, and notebook
Tumblr media
lightning: slkdjlaksjd ok but-
mulberry: heheheheehe I wish-
needle: accurateeeee I haveee abouttt 7 wips but 3 of them are big projects ahaha
notebook: do I seem closed off??? I don't consider myself closed off hMMMMMM. also idk how sappy I am normally but sometimes I will be!! sappy!!! then go back to just being ehhhh
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plqsmagical · 16 hours ago
Since anon didn't understand that you were wrongfully being called a p word and we were joking about- subject change How do you feel about Jean's skin being behind a paywall?
hmmm i have mixed thoughts
one one hand, it's a good way to make more money (and get people more invested in jean) . but i feel like it being in genesis crystals is... a bit much? i feel like primogems would be better, tbh.
on the other hand tho i feel like it's unfair to people who are f2p - tho this is a gacha game bsdjhsjdjsk sooo
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summer-waves9764 · 18 hours ago
Not to sound horrible but if someone/somthing pushed my mom off a cliff it wouldnt be my villain origin story it would be the beginning of a beautiful fairy tale /j
LKASJLD I shouldn't be laughing at this but I am-
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summer-waves9764 · 19 hours ago
If I were dating you I would...
wish you good morning and good night every day (also other important events like birthdays)
give you lots of hugzz <3
have long conversations with you about little things
ilyyyy Summer :3
oh :3 that sounds very nice I would like that
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summer-waves9764 · 20 hours ago
Ask game but its just me asking you to marry me /j
LKSJDLKJALDJ well that would be a successful ask game
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summer-waves9764 · 20 hours ago
Maroon, burgundy and carmine
maroon: what role do you play in your group of friends?
usually the one that organizes things, but certainly not the mom friend, I'm the one that allows others to create chaos and gleefully tags along and helps make everything worse
@ssunflowerseedsss cONFIRM?
burgundy: how often do you make your bed? what do your favourite bedsheets look like?
ummmm I usually do it... once a week? and that's just throwing the sheets up in 2 seconds. I actually Make The Bed only after I wash my sheets, which is every month or so. My comforter right now is light purple with pink and green patterns, it's this:
Tumblr media
carmine: do you prefer having or not having a schedule?
schedules don't really work for me anyway, so I'd rather not have one. not having one makes me anxious tho. so... hard question slkdlkasj
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summer-waves9764 · 20 hours ago
popcorn, clemantine and soulmates but platonic (pls accept me Summer /j)
Tumblr media
I keep getting popcorn and clementine alkjdlkasjd HA
soulmates: yes absolutely I accept /p
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melonatures · 20 hours ago
Hi. I hope I'm not overstepping, but I saw your recent post about dieting and I wanted to recommend thefatsextherapist on Instagram. They have a lot of really insightful information that I personally have found helpful in regards to dieting and diet culture and how it is detrimental. They also speak on many other topics that I think you might find interesting, based on other posts that you've reblogged on here. Again, I hope I'm not crossing any lines, but I thought it might help.
you're not overstepping! thanks for sharing this :)
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summer-waves9764 · 20 hours ago
Lightning popcorn and clementine
Tumblr media
lightning: yes understandable-
popcorn: yes yes I am PREPARED >:)
clementine: coRRECT!!
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summer-waves9764 · 21 hours ago
Popcorn and clementine!!!
Tumblr media
popcorn: ok I'm ready *vague karate chop motions*
clementine: HELL YEAH I AM
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summer-waves9764 · 21 hours ago
This family reunion is killing me they r all being si homophobic and racist and ableist and sexist and just. The worst. They are JUST becoming aware of diversity and the lgbtqia+ community and they r discriminating it so fuckibg much
oh noooooo that sucks >:( I'm sorry
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summer-waves9764 · 22 hours ago
hah everything but 'soulmates'
platonic marriage though-
Tumblr media
HAHAHH ok I don't have the energy to respond to these individually but yes you are very correct I am all of these-
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summer-waves9764 · 22 hours ago
Haven't talked to you in forever. How are you?
oh yeahhh
I'm fine! Back to procrastinating, this time on summer homework :/ but camp is pretty soon so I'm very excited for that!!
How are you?
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happi-tree · 23 hours ago
HIIII!! <333 hiii this isn't rly nosy but how are you, happi!!?! its been forever agsjs sbfls are you out of school yet!!? if you are have you done anything nice for the summer so far??
Hello, lovebird!!! Aaaaa thank you for asking it's definitely been awhile! The semester is over but I'm technically still in school bc I'm grinding out some additional summer classes 😤😤😤 They're a lot of work but the ones I'm taking are both really interesting to me so they're not too bad.
Honestly I haven't done too much yet since I've been keeping busy between my classes and my summer job, but I went out with one of my best friends for ice cream and listened to some live music in our hometown last week! Catching up with them was really nice 🥺
Anyway, I hope you're doing well and that you get to do some fun/relaxing stuff this summer!
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