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#summer rose

Modern Criminal AU


- They all met through college. Summer managed to get through high school somehow and thought she’d put herself through more suffering by going to college. Tai’s mom would beat his ass if he didn’t go to college. The Branwen twins honestly just went so they could try to figure out what to do with their lives.

- When Raven saw Summer for the first time, she actually gasped at how beautiful she was.

- The other Branwen twin also has a crush. Qrow has his eye on his pretty history professor, Ozpin.

- They all go to the library to study. They pass by each other and see one another. Eventually, they became acquainted and started hanging out.

- They also get close with one of their professors. STRQ and Ozpin get pretty close to the point they all consider themselves friends.

- One day, the group was heading to Ozpin’s house. By accident, they find the entrance to a secret bunker.

Sooo…” Summer whistled. “Who wants to go in first?”

Qrow, Raven, and Tai all turned to her. The Branwen Twins wore blank expressions, and Tai shrugged but still looked at her.

She gasped, “Betrayal!”

Qrow said, “You’re the only white one here. You’ll be fine. Go.” He gestured to the entrance on the floor.

Summer shook her head rapidly. “But I’m not straight! Gay characters always die in horror movies.”

Raven muttered, “Not wrong.” She thought for a moment. “What about the only straight one here?”

They all turned to Tai.

“Oh, that’s fucked up,” Tai grumbled.

“You’re male and straight,” Qrow explained. “You have more privilege than us. You’ll survive.” He then quickly murmured, “Probably.”

Tai glared at him. He took a deep breath and opened the door attached to the floor. He stepped onto the stairs and slowly walked down them.

It went silent. The only sound was the creaking of the old, wooden steps. Summer and Raven both exchanged an anxious look. Qrow gulped as he watched Tai reach the last step.

Tai paused when he stepped onto the concrete ground. He turned around and waved his hand at the others. He gave them a thumbs-up.

They walked down the stairs. They held their breath and listened for any noise.

It was dark, but they could see a faint light behind a wall a few yards away from them. Qrow reached for the wall. It was rough and rugged. He searched for a light switch. Eventually, he found it. He flipped it. The light shined and reached every corner of the room.

Tai said, flabbergasted, “Oh, my god.”

“Holy shit,” Raven muttered under her breath.

Summer remained silent, but Qrow could see her covering her mouth.

Qrow turned around to see what they were talking about. He softly gasped when he saw the walls covered with guns and knives. Papers were scattered on a desk. First aid kits were hidden in the corner. Outfits and wigs used for disguises were on racks on the side.

Qrow heard the cock of a gun. He gulped. He turned around, slow and easy. There stood his professor with a handgun. His eyes were tense. His finger rested on the trigger, ready to shoot.

“Oz?” asked Qrow. He stepped back. His eyes moved to Ozpin’s face, to the gun, and back to Ozpin.

Ozpin stared. “Why are you here? How are you here?”

“Why do you have a gun and a secret basement?” Summer shrieked.

“I’m the one asking questions, Ms. Rose,” Ozpin replied calmly.

“We were coming over to invite you to hang out,” Qrow answered nervously.

“Now, you,” Raven snarled. “Answer Summer’s question.”

Ozpin lowered the gun, but he didn’t put it down. “None of your concern.”

“Uh, I think it is,” Tai blabbered. Ozpin glared at him.

Ozpin’s eyes moved to each of them. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He stammered, “I…”

“You what?” Raven said impatiently.

Ozpin finally said, “It’s a long story.”

“We have time,” Raven spat.

- Ozpin explained some of his story (which I won’t be explaining in this post). He invites STRQ to join him. They find out Glynda, the English professor across Ozpin’s history class, is in on it too. They learn more about the criminal underground.

- The group goes on a few heists and jobs planned by Ozpin. They remain with Oz even after they graduate. This connects some of them more than they expected. Summer and Raven start dating, and Qrow and Ozpin date.

- Summer and Raven get married and decide to have kids. Thanks to Tai being the sperm donor, Yang and Ruby are born. Yang and Ruby grow up with their two moms, Uncle Tai, Uncle Qrow, Uncle Oz, and the grumpy blonde lady who visits sometimes they know as “Glynda” AKA “Scary Lady.”

- Qrow remains loyal to Ozpin. They don’t plan on getting married, but they have a strong relationship.

Inbox is open for any asks about the characters in this AU!

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Summer: *making her way to an old shack in Vacuo* There has to be something here…

Yang: Summer, I dont want you to get your hopes up. For all we know, this is just a dead end.

Blake: Yang’s right. I’m not entirely sure what we’re looking for or why Ruby is important-

Summer: Will you both stop already? I know it’s probably a dead end, but we have to check all possibilities. Besides, my dad was a bit of a… kook. He kept talking about how me having silver eyes was going to help me end some sort of war that I’m not sure I fully understand.

Yang: *hesitating* And how would your eyes-

Summer: *eyes flashing a bright silver as a couple of ravagers escaped the shack, turning into dust right before everyone*

Blake: …you saw that, right?

Yang: ….I dont believe it, but I saw it…

Summer: *turning to the two, glaring* Do NOT tell anyone about this. Dad always told me to keep it a secret, but I’m not dealing with ravagers.

Yang: *nodding slowly* Our lips are sealed. How did you get him to allow us to do this anyway?

Summer: *walking into the shack* I can’t give away all of my secrets at once. Besides, I’m not the only one with them. Blake has her fair share that she hasnt told us.

Blake: *hesitating* S-secrets? What kind of secrets-

Summer: You can tell us later. For now, look for a steel box. Dad had one that he hid somewhere in here. Should have a few answers.

Yang: *sighing and walking into the shack* Really think he’ll know what’s going on with you and Ruby?

Summer: Probably not. *picking up an old picture frame and wiping the dust off the glass* But I wouldn’t put it past him to know something about this. He always had a knack of knowing when danger was coming and how to prepare for it.

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That one is literally Who Needs Gifts When We Have Love? that I kept in the WIP page because I intended to finish what Tai/Qrow/Summer started in that story. Can’t post anything too incriminating on tumblr buuut…


A sharp nip near his belly button jumped his breath and then Tai was lifting up, saying, “So, how do we want to do this?”

Summer pulled back, running her fingers through his hair. “I think that’s Qrow’s call.”

“Mine huh?” He considered his options and while the idea of getting right into things was a viable one, he didn’t think it sounded special enough for the occasion. They had all the time in the world tonight and he wanted to enjoy it. He folded his arms behind his head, grinning at them. “Well, I always enjoy a good show.”

Tai’s hands were running up and down his legs in a soothing motion, but his gaze was on their wife. “I think we can manage that.”

“We could just do that. But,” She reached back, lifting some of the items she’d brought over with a devious little smile. “May I make an addition?”

Qrow’s eyebrows shot upwards. Oh. “Absolutely.”

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I absolutely knew someone would grab this one xD

All Clovers Go to Heaven is a Fair Game ‘fix it’ fix. Obviously inspired by All Dogs go to Heaven in which Clover is given a second, lucky, chance at life aided by an unexpected angel.


Clover tried to push the thoughts away, but it was like a video stuck on an endless loop, playing again and again.

Something like a blanket fell over him, shrouding him into darkness. He felt like a little kid again hiding from the grimm in the closet, as he tugged the folds of it closer, curling under its safety. A warmth of another back pressed against his own, a comfort to be found in knowing someone was there and he wasn’t alone.

When he felt more in control, when the thoughts had strayed and quieted, he lifted his head, a little embarrassed by the wetness on his cheeks as he mumbled, “Am I really…?”

“You cashed in all your chips, I’m afraid.” The woman replied. From where they were touching, he felt the way the back of her head tilted to the side, more towards him. “You gonna be okay?”

The question was so asinine, he snorted down a bitter laugh. “Well, it can’t get worse. Not like I can die again.”

She giggled. “Jokes already, huh?” Her presence against his back left, only for her to walk around and stand before him, offering her hand. As he took it, he noticed for the first time how vapors seemed to waft across her features, like she wasn’t entirely solid.

It almost was enough to make him sit back down to mull over all this again. Dead. He was dead.

“I’ll take my cloak back, if you’re done with it.”

“Huh?” He followed the point of her hand, looking at the white fabric he still had clutched in one hand. Not a blanket after all. “Oh. Sorry.”

“It’s fine.” She took it back, the cloak flowing around her like a pair of wings as she secured it back on her shoulders. It made her look so much like Ruby, it was uncanny.

“You, don’t happen to be who I think you are, are you?” Clover asked hesitantly.

Qrow never talked about his former team much – and what he did know were just crumbs of information. He knew Raven was the man’s older twin sister, and Qrow clammed up about her real quick with an angry snarl to let him know how that sibling relationship was fairing. Then there was Taiyang, in which Qrow described simultaneously as his ‘brother in everything but blood’ as well as ‘the biggest pain in the ass you’ll ever meet’. He got the feeling they got along pretty well. Then there was the third member of his team Qrow never spoke about. All he knew of her was that she was Ruby’s mother and that her name was-

“Summer Rose, at your service!” She gave him a mock salute, though her playfulness ebbed as she relaxed.

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Oh my goodness I stan the RWBY mothers

Slow burn - Willow Schnee

Willow Schnee is such an interesting character and I just really want to see her develop in the series even if she’s likely to die. That would become a huge wake-up call for the Schneeblings and it would spark that intense character development in each of them. A slow burn to understand her and eventually turns good that it redeems her character somehow in preparation for her end.

Fake date - Summer Rose

I feel like Summer would be that person that could help me get out of an invite I don’t want to go to by saying we have a set date already and drags me away to escape. She’d definitely be a go-to person who’d help me out.

Enemies to lovers - Kali Belladonna

I don’t really see Kali as an enemy so idk how to explain this. There’s practically nothing to hate on her at this point and I wouldn’t say lovers, but maybe if hostile to loving daughter, then I could agree. Being rebellious towards her then eventually learning that she was just looking out for me this whole time.

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Raven - Bullshit

Summer - Language Raven, we have daughters now

Raven - You are not a witch

Summer - I am SO 

Raven - Prove it. Do something magicy 

[Summer thinks for a long while]

Summer - I got an idea ….you can be my familiar 

Raven - Oh you are VERY familiar with me [presses Summer against her]

Summer - This….this is the first time I’ve done this….are you sure you want to

Raven - What does it do ?

Summer - Well….you gain an animal form… always know where I am …..and if I should ….YOU KNOW… can bring me back

Raven - I doubt I’ll ever have to worry about the last one, so let’s do this 

[Summer pushes Raven against the wall, a thick plume of white fog emanating from her mouth as she kissed Raven. Ravens eyes widened In surprise, thinking that Summer was playing some kind of childish game. She felt a deep connection grow between them as she started to hear Summers voice in her mind]

Summer - Together forever ^^


Writing Requests are OPEN

Witch Summer AU

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Ruby: *packing her bag and hearing a knock* Come in.

???: *opening up the door* R-Ruby?

Ruby: *turning around* Who are…. Mom?!

Summer: *nodding and smiling* Ruby.

Ruby: *rushing to her mom and hugging her* Where have you been? I… I was told you were dead…

Summer: *hugging Ruby tightly* Not quite. I was taken to a dust mine and forced to work there. But now that I have you back, I think it’s time we leave and find a home.

Ruby: *hesitating* L-leave? But the White Fang-

Summer: Are a bunch of criminals. We can’t stay here.

Ruby: *pulling away* They’re my family. This… this is my home…

Summer: Ruby, please. We’ll go get your brother and-

Ruby: No. I’m not leaving them.

Summer: *noticing a half packed bag* You’re packing up.

Ruby: …for a mission. The High Leader gave me a task and I need to go through with it.

Summer: *sighing* We can find better-

Ruby: *picking up her bag and sighing* I’m not leaving them.

Summer: *watching Ruby walk out* What has been done to my child?


Ilia: *stepping off a boat onto Menagerie* It’s… been too long since I’ve been here.

???: So, this is your home?

Ilia: *pulling out her weapon and turning around to see a cloaked figure* Who the hell are you?

???: *pulling off their hood* It’s me, Sun.

Ilia: *sighing and putting her weapon down* I should stab you for following me like this.

Sun: Well, someone had to make sure you were safe. You ran off rather quickly.

Ilia: I… need to be alone right now…

Sun:*putting an arm around Ilia and pulling her close* What you need is a friend.

Ilia: *pulling away from Sun* Fine… you can be with me. But… dont expect a great welcome where I’m going.

Sun: What do you mean?

Ilia: There’s… someone I need to talk to. To tell them about what’s going on with Ruby and… a few others.

Sun: What’s going on with Ruby?

Ilia: *sighing and walking off* She… went back to the White Fang.

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“Well, this is a shit show,” Qrow sighed, looking over the edge of the cliff.
“We could blow them up,” Tai suggested.
“With what?”
Tai held out a rocket.
“I can use that,” Raven said.
“Nope,” Summer said.
“I’m the leader,” Summer replied, grinning maniacally. “I’ll take that responsibility.”

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Spoilers for the RWBY V8 trailer:

Fair warning, pretty much me just ranting. It’s not meant to stir up anything or make a logically sound argument, just some thoughts I have pertaining to the series.

RWBY would be more interesting to me at this point if the plot was actually going somewhere. It honestly feels like they’ve been giving us the run around for 4 seasons.

Was there parts that added to character development? Most definitely. Was there a lot of filler content? Also yes.

Despite some additions to the plot, a lot of it seemed to be a huge build up for an event, and then the event is slapped together. Take the face off of Yang and Blake vs Adam. He was the embodiment of Blake’s fear, Yang’s trauma, their stolen innocence; and was built up to be threatening and someone worthy of a final boss fight. And then he just….got stabbed? And died? A cheap death? Like the fight wasn’t even that long, or epic. While fights don’t necessarily have to be a huge dramatic event to have the desired impact, it just felt so much at odds with the dangerous persona posed in Volume 3.

Then there’s the case of “We have to stop Salem”. The team has been on that goal since Volume 4. The closest they’ve come to actual encounters with her is visions. I do agree the withholding of information on Ruby’s mom is a good plot device because viewers have been wondering since Summer was first mentioned. It’s a good way to keep people hooked. But the political drama mixed with scenes of the team beating up Grimm or other people gets old. It’s like a standstill - they encounter drama, stay a while, fight Grimm, end up fighting for or against the people they worked with. Qrow does something stupid and Tyrian acts like a nutcase. Rinse, repeat. We’ve been trying to stop Salem for 4 seasons. 4. Freaking. Seasons. Do something with Salem other than being that tragic woman who is hellbent on evil.

Alright, now that my rant is somewhat over.

That’s not to say the trailer didn’t offer some interesting tidbits. It seems Salem is finally going to try to confront Ozpin, which will be insanely interesting given we know he basically takes over his hosts eventually. Is she what triggers that moment? Will she put an end to him with some unknown magic once and for all? Will she use the relic to acconplish his destruction so he can no longer stand in her way?

I’m also interested in seeing what they do with Penny now that she’s a Maiden, and if Raven will ever make a comeback.

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