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#summer rose

Seriously sometimes it hits me hard how Raven and Blake are both dark haired, both have some animal feature (turn into a literal raven, cat ears), both are the mysterious, badass kind and both have (had, in Blake’s case) have the “running away” problem. Wonder if Summer was like that too (I mean, she’s dark haired and disappeared, so yes, she counts). Like damn. The Xiao Longs really have a type.

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Raven: *laying in bed with a fever*

Summer: *putting a damp cloth over Raven’s forehead* Told you that you’d get sick.

Raven: I’m fine…

Summer: *turning to leave the room*

Raven: *quickly grabbing Summer’s hand*

Summer: *stopping* I need to get ready for-

Raven: Dont leave.

Summer: *sighing* Raven…

Raven: Please… dont… dont leave me… I need you.

Summer: *sitting down next to Raven* It’ll be okay. I’m not leaving forever. But I have a mission I need to go on.

Raven: Y-you cant go. Please. I… I dont have much I love, but… I love you. And I need you with me.

Summer: *smiling a bit* Alright. I’ll stay tonight, but I have to leave tomorrow.

Raven: *nodding and weakly squeezing Summer’s hand*

Summer: And no matter what, I’ll be with you.


Raven: *standing over the edge of a cliff* You… you promised me Summer…

Raven: *looking down at the grave marker* I told you not to go… You… You should’ve listened…

Raven: *sighing and opening a portal* Goodbye, my sweet, sweet, Summer Rose.

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A child starts crying in public:

Tries to make the child laugh: Ruby, Nora, Oscar, Qrow, Sun.

Plays with the kid to calm him down: Yang, Weiss, Tai, Pyrrha, Summer, Velvet, Yatsu.

Doesn’t know what to do: Blake, Coco, Ilia, Willow.

Gives the child a hammer: Ren.

Gives instructions to the parents: Ozpin, Winter, Ironwood.

Cries with the child: Jaune, also Qrow, Neptune.

Ignores the child: Whitley, Raven, Neo, Roman, Fox.

Is the reason why the child is crying: Cinder, Salem, Jacques.

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Summer: *smiling and holding onto Raven as they walked* Oh I just love the Vytal Festival! The sound, the smells…

Raven: *guiding Summer so she doesn’t get run over by anyone* You know you cant watch the fights anymore, right?

Summer: You know that has never stopped me.

Raven: I know dear. Now, lets see if we can find-

Ruby: Mom!

Summer: *smiling as she heard Ruby’s voice* Ruby! There you are.

Ruby: *rushing over and hugging Summer* What are you doing here?

Raven: You know your mother, she cant miss a good fight.

Ruby: Nora and I were just about to head over-

Summer: Oh, right. Nora is with you…

Nora: *smiling nervously* I-I know you dont like me dating your daughter, but I promise, everything has been consensual.

Raven: *raising a brow*

Nora: *hesitating, getting more nervous* N-nothing like that, but ummm… she always gives me permission to do things… but not like… those things… but other things… completely romantic things and not otherwise. *smiles nervously*

Summer: *staring in Nora’s direction* Right.

Ruby: *taking Nora’s hand* Anyway, she’s about to be late. We should get going. Meet you at the seats!

Raven: *watching Nora and Ruby walk off* Reminds me a bit of you and Tai.

Summer: *sighing* I… guess I am a bit rough on them…

Raven: *walking Summer to the stands* Dont worry about it. After the tournament, we can invite her over and get to know her.


Nora: Your parents dont like me much.

Ruby: *squeezing Nora’s hand* They just worry. But I promise, they do like you.

Nora: Doesnt feel like it.

Ruby: *kissing Nora’s cheek* I promise, they do.

Oobleck: *over the loud speaker* And now for the doubles! Nora Valkyrie and Pyrrha Nikos of Beacon vs Flynt Coal and Neon Katt of Atlas!

Ruby: Good luck. I’ll be watching.

Nora: *rushing off* Thanks Rubes!

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Raven—Strictly Girl Time

[Link to Masterpost]

[Get in loser we’re going shopping (jk I love you all)]

“This one’s nice, but the red’s a little bright,” Summer said, waving a sleeve in Raven’s face.

She backed away on reflex and swatted at it. “What are you doing?”

“Checking the color against your eyes. Ooh, this one’s not bad,” Summer said, lifting one in a darker shade from the rack—though it had some ugly green ruffles along the cuffs and hem. “The lace wouldn’t be too difficult to pick off, and then we could put on some black trim instead. Unless you’d rather have black for the main color and use red for accents? There’s always lots of options in black.”

“Um… I think I’d prefer long sleeves,” she said, eyeing the dress’s thin straps. Gauntlets covered her brand most of the time, or the long-sleeved Beacon uniform, but either of those would be out of place at a party.

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Cinder: *walking through a warehouse* Summer. We need to talk.

Summer: Look, it’s not my fault that group of students-

Cinder: It’s nothing to do with what they call the breach. Its about your daughter.

Summer: What do you mean?

Cinder: She doesn’t believe in our cause anymore. In fact, she let everyone know what she can do with grimm.

Summer: *hesitating* She… she’s joining Ozpin, isnt she?

Cinder: Seems like it. And with your brother in jail, we’ll need to change plans a bit.

Summer: And how do you suppose we do that?

Cinder: I need you to talk to her. Remind her why it’s important she stick with us.

Summer: *hesitating* A-and if she doesn’t?

Cinder: *smirking* Then pull her out of school and remove her from the field.

Summer: *nodding* Alright.

Cinder: *walking off* And be ready. The tournament starts in two weeks.

Summer: I’ll be ready for that.

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Random RWBY 32

Ruby: So, I was delivered while you two and the doctor in halloween costumes?

Summer: If not, it wouldn’t feel very halloween.

Tai: I don’t know why you make a big deal out of this Ruby.

Ruby: I’m not. It’s just weird. I love halloween but that’s just weird.

Qrow: What’s weird anyway, short stack? It is obvious that they would deliver you while wearing the same costume they conceived you in.

Tai & Summer: Qrow!

Ruby: *walk away* I’ll be in my room. Forever.

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Ah, an OG anon! <3 That was actually one of my all time favorite scenes to write in O-Yoroi. I think that’s a side of Qrow that we don’t get to see, and it makes me sad. The only time we saw his anger start to slip was in the battle with Tyrian, and I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that he doesn’t have a temper. Especially about those he loves.

I have plans, anon, I really do. And I will finish O-Yoroi to make them happen. This won’t be the last time you see a pissed Qrow. Or maybe even a pissed Qrow who’s going once more toe-to-toe with his idiot of a sister? Or maybe with his darling brother-in-law who, too, knows just the right buttons to push?

Oof. You’re making me want to pull that back out and finish it up asap… <.<

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