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#summers face
that's the best attitude for nano ever omg i love it <3 because in the end you've got 25000 words that weren't there before!! :D omg i hope u draw them b/c i would love to see that, your art is hella rad C: ALSO SLEEP IS SO NICE AND SWEATERS ARE NICE TOO!! sweater selfies need to be a thing, summer. share the sweater love~

yes i am trying to keep a good attitude!! and thank you <33 i try to make good art but today that isn’t happening

did someone say sweater selfies??


here is this navy blue one that i sewed lace onto the edges of the sleeves because its a cheap f21 sweater and started fraying


my webcam can’t capture the glory of this red sweater but take my word on it its bright red and amazing

coincidentally, here’s a pic from about a year ago of me wearing it before i cut my hair


i am very enthusiastic about hugging my dog okay don’t judge me

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honestly the only reason i have spotify is bc my old device i use for listening died around this time last year and i only ever use it during car rides or walks so i can Zone Out in peace as the song repeats, resulting in a Wild and slightly skewed top ten that mostly has seussical and songs i heavily associate w the sticky notes au and well. i Now understand those posts that say how this thing calls you out

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At least musically, I’d say so!! 

There are a ton of lyrical connections (cars, summer among them) and they share a similar theme about a relationship that could be doomed from the start, but I think the songs differ in tone. “august” looks back on a relationship with nostalgia despite it having ended. “Cruel Summer” is in the midst of it failing (or at least feeling doomed to end). Whether the relationships are the same level of doomed or not, the respective narrators’ attitudes about the relationships are necessarily different because the narration takes place in different stages of the relationships.

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trying to write this 2K word essay but i can’t stop thinking about tetsurō with a bloody nose,, this is completely self indulgent, but to have him sat on the edge of the bathtub with his arms looped around your waist while you scold him and try to feign anger towards him while wiping his nose clean. he’s got a soft and boyish grin tugging at his lips while he thinks back to how he’s the luckiest boy in the world to have someone as caring and concerned about him as you. he’ll sit there and gladly let you rant at him as you fix his face up because you both know you can’t stay ‘mad’ at him for so long.

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Yamtien ficlet

Based off of this post.

Tien shifts awkwardly in the copilot seat, trying to muster up as much offhanded casualness as he can, and turns across the dash, his eyes wincing as the sun comes in scattered off the ocean. “How long have you two been together? You and- and Bulma, I mean. She… seems cool.” Cool? He cringes internally. This is a sort of self-punishment he’s inflicting on himself for liking a boy that is both straight and taken - it won’t lead to any sort of conversation he wants to have, but he needs to hear it from Yamcha himself. Maybe it’ll get it through his thick head that it isn’t going to happen, maybe he’ll be able to let this whole thing go.

Sitting in the pilots seat, his curly hair just brushing the top of the blue collared shirt he wears on their off days from training, Yamcha blinks, seems mildly surprised at the abrupt change in topic from Chiaotzu’s cooking skill. The trip from Kame House to the mainland for supplies is long, even in the new, faster ship Bulma ordered during the King Piccolo debacle. Tien and Yamcha are on duty this month, and they’ve made small talk through the hum of the engines for the last hour.

As soon as Tien mentions Bulma, Yamcha’s mouth quirks, and he says, “Oh yeah, she’s pretty cool. She’s really smart too, smarter than the lot of us put together, I think.” He’s more than happy to prattle on about all the things Bulma is cool for, and how they annoy one another, and how nice her folks are, as Tien sits stoically in the other seat trying to appear attentive, nodding along in agreement while internally growing increasingly miserable at the fact that he brought up the subject– especially when Yamcha turns to him and, slightly over-loud in the way that he is, asks “What about you, Tien? Have a girlfriend back at home? Arms like that must make you mighty popular with the ladies!” He laughs, sincere and friendly, and reaches across the dash of the ship to give Tien a light shoving punch on shoulder while keeping his eyes fixed on the ocean in front of them and his other hand on the controls.

Tien tries not to cringe away from the touch, but still unconsciously reaches his other hand up to rub where Yamcha hit as he gives an awkward chuckle, and his three eyes crinkle up slightly into a forced smile as he shoots him a glance. Did Bulma buy him that shirt? It looked expensive. “Well, not exactly. When we were with Master Shen we were…. Working, most of the time. And if I met any other- girls my age it usually wasn’t under great circumstances.”

This tears Yamcha’s gaze away from the sky ahead, and his dark eyes flicker over to land on Tien, who would be squirming with discomfort by now if Shen hadn’t disciplined him to be capable of sitting, expression schooled, through much less pleasant than this. He feels too large for his seat. Yamcha frowns, “Hey man, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring your past, I should'a thought more before I asked. How about when you and I get to the city, I treat you to that wheel cake cart by the beach and I can wingman for you, help you talk to some cute girls.”

Tien reaches up to rub the back of his head, feeling the beginnings of a prickle from where Chiaotzu helped him shave it the day before, willing himself not to open the hatch and fly back to Kame House just to escape this conversation as he deflects, “I don’t think it counts as treating me if it’s Master Roshi’s grocery money you’re using. And not today. We have to get back to training if we want to be able to keep up with Goku in three years, there’s no time for distractions.” He pauses and adds, a little less harshly, “Thanks, though.”

Yamcha cracks into a smile, and his face seems to light up with the blinding sun reflected in glimmers off the water. Tien stares.

“No problem buddy. We’ll find you someone someday, just you watch.”

#reposting bc i revised it and actually made it a whole scene, #this is like super short but, #please tell me if this is any good at all i would seriously really like any feedback or crit!, #esp with how to write conversations/body language and how i characterized them, #ik it was really short but i typically write about fandom stuff like stream of consciousness rather than scenes so im v unsure, #and id like to start writing a fic for yamtien so I want to improve!, #anyways this is after the defeat of king piccolo when the boys spend a summer at kame house training together, #as soon as they get home with groceries later that evening tien excuses himself to go stand on the beach and listen to mitski LOL, #he knows he put himself through the wringer in that convo for no reason by bringing up bulma and man it didnt feel great, #but he also feels guilty for liking yamcha when hes STRAIGHT and especially TAKEN, #(yamcha is not straight), #(also i think yamcha and bulmas relationship is like much more very good friends that bicker and occasionally use the other to, #show off the fact that they arent single than they are super romantic... they do care though), #anyways tien has been too busy Killing People to have any more than very minor surface level crushes, #and now theres this cute guy who will talk shit right back at him and who fights well and whose leg he broke that he LIVES WITH NOW, #and its just run him over like a dumptruck., #tien is super respectful of course and tries never to initiate even any sort of casual physical contact and doesnt flirt at all, #he just vents to chiaotzu telepathically sjdjgjs, #them in the same room not saying a word with completely blank faces *clown to clown communication meme*, #tien, #yamcha, #tiencha, #yamten, #yamtien, #dbz, #oh no i just posted cringe! v embarrassing!, #*throws words into the void* is this anything? is this anything?, #hopefully it will be ok that i reposted it..... sorry for doing that..., #long post, #sorry 😬 i couldnt figure out how to put it under a cut on mobile
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I heard we were doing 2010 vs 2020 photos? None of these actually have anything to do w my chem but I do have dyed hair in all of them, I was a pretty punk 5th grader, it’s too bad no one would introduce me to mcr for another two years

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