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#summoner x male corrin
Summoner/M!Corrin (Adrift) C-S Support
Written by @shauni-will-never-write
(y/n): Uh... How late is it? It's pitch black outside... Unbelievable, at my age... I'm just gonna drink some water and go back to bed...
(y/n): Um? Is someone there?
Corrin: Hello, Summoner.
(y/n): Corrin? What are you doing in the kitchen at this hour?
Corrin: I was getting a glass of cherry juice for Azura. She had a nightmare and woke up suddenly, so I thought it'd help her fall asleep again faster.
(y/n): A nightmare, huh? Sounds like she and I can create a club or something...
Corrin: Did you have a bad dream as well?
(y/n): I, ah... Yes. Hadn't had one in a long time, so it caught me off-guard. I'm not one to get scared by my own nightmares but... have to admit this one was pretty bad. I was gonna get some water.
Corrin: I see... Wouldn't you rather have some cherry juice?
(y/n): Huh, sure... Is it better?
Corrin: Indeed. Cherry juice has sleep-inducing properties.
(y/n): Really? Like milk? I had no idea. Well, the more you know, I guess.
Corrin: Haha. Glad I taught you something. Here you go, Summoner.
[Corrin offers them a glass of cherry juice.]
(y/n): Thank you. I haven't drank it yet and I already feel better.
Corrin: Don't mention it. If I may ask, would you like to tell me about your nightmare? It's fine if you don't wish to, but sometimes talking about it makes it easier to forget.
(y/n): Oh, well... Don't you have to go back to Azura?
Corrin: Mother is with her. More than cherry juice, she needs to be comforted. So I can spare you five minutes.
(y/n): Thank you, Corrin. It's really kind of you. But I wouldn't want little Azura to wait for you longer than necessary if she's not feeling well. Besides, I'm a strong independent summoner!...that you just made addicted to cherry juice. Wow, it's delicious.
Corrin *laughs a little*: You can have more, if you wish. I'll take my leave then... Perhaps you can tell me more about this nightmare tomorrow?
(y/n): Sure. Nightmares aren't as scary in broad daylight.
Corrin: Very well. Good night, Summoner. Sleep well.
(y/n): You too, Corrin.
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank C.]
Corrin: Summoner? I hope I'm not disturbing.
(y/n): Oh, Corrin, good morning! Not at all, I was just working on new skill sets. Did you need something?
Corrin: I have come to discuss the nightmare you had last night, as promised. If you do not mind taking a break, that is.
(y/n): Really? Thank you, Corrin, I appreciate the attention. Um... to be honest, I don't remember much of my nightmare. I wouldn't even be sure it was one if it weren't for this bad feeling I had when I woke up...
Corrin: A bad feeling? Could you be more precise?
(y/n): A sense of dread and helplessness, like I've only felt facing Surtr. Something terrible happened, I'm sure of that... but by the time I had fully woken up, I had already forgotten almost everything. Curious, isn't it?
Corrin: Mh... What do you remember?
(y/n): Sharena... Sharena was there, crying. She seemed so distressed, so desperate... In the real world, I have never seen her nearly as distraught. Somehow, I didn't even think her face could look like that... It felt like the whole world was ending.
Corrin: I think I understand why you woke up in the dead of the night and felt the need to get up and clear your thoughts now. That sounds dreadful.
(y/n): It was. But that's not all... It almost felt... important, somehow. Like... a warning.
Corrin: A warning? A prophetic dream then?
(y/n): To be frank, I'm not sure I even believe in these things, let alone that I, of all people, could have such an ability. But... for some reason, that dream seemed way too real to be a mere dream.
Corrin: ...
(y/n): Um, Corrin? Sorry if I'm bothering you with my rambling.
Corrin: Not at all. It's just... No, nevermind.
Corrin: If your dream is but a dream, then it will be for the best. If it really is the future that came to you in disguise... everyone shall stand warned and ready at your side.
(y/n): Hope for the best but prepare for the worst, huh? You're right. I should go and tell Alfonse and the others about this dream.
Corrin: And I should take my leave now and let you do that in peace.
(y/n): Alright! I'll see you later then. Thanks for listening.
Corrin: Don't mention it.
[Corrin leaves.]
(y/n): ...I wonder what he was about to say earlier. Is it just me or did he look upset?
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank B.]
Corrin: ...Is that you, Summoner?
(y/n): Oh, Corrin! We sure seem to like meeting in the kitchen at night.
Corrin: You appear to be looking for something.
(y/n): Well... Since you've asked... Got any cherry juice left? It really helped me sleep last time, so I was hoping I could drink some again.
Corrin: Oh. Try checking the bottom shelf on your right, behind the parsley.
(y/n): Behind the- Here it is! What is it doing there?
Corrin: The Order of Heroes happens to have a very sugar-obsessed thief in its ranks. So I hid it where he'd never find it: among vegetables.
(y/n): Pfft! That's genius. Gaius wouldn't touch parsley with a ten foot pole.
Corrin: That's what I thougth... So, why are you not asleep in your bed?
(y/n): Had that nightmare again. It's the first time I dream the same thing twice... so I guess it must mean something.
Corrin: Could you make something else out of it?
(y/n): I'm not sure... Maybe? I... I think someone may have... died. Alfonse was standing by them. But I couldn't tell who it was...
Corrin: ...What if it's really a prophetic dream? What then?
(y/n): I... I don't know. We defeated Surtr, and now something else is coming? Urgh, give me a break...
Corrin: ...
(y/n): ...We'll just have to be ready, I guess. We won't know until it hits us.
Corrin: That means Azura is in danger too. So as long as I'll be here, I'll do my utmost best to help you.
(y/n): As long you as you'll be here? What, are you planning to leave or something?
Corrin: Well... Haven't you realized by now? That I'm not... real.
(y/n): ...
Corrin: ...
(y/n): ...I suspected as much. But I'm surprised that you are conscious of it.
Corrin: The realization comes and goes... Most of the time, I don't seem to know it. But at times, I am hit by the feeling that I do not belong to this world. Why don't I bleed? Do I have organs? Are my senses all simulacrum? But... it's... so hard to... cling to that thought... Every time, it immediately tries to escape...
(y/n): ...As if you weren't supposed to know the truth. I guess Loki hadn't planned this.
Corrin: ...
(y/n): Is that why you seemed upset the other day? Did I say something that made you think?
Corrin: Yes... Your nightmare is not just any regular nightmare. If it really is a vision of the future... A dream that is more than a dream... A dream bound to become reality... I guess I'm jealous.
(y/n): Jealous...?
Corrin: Azura is still so young, scared and lost. She still needs support and comfort. That's why Mother, Camilla and I are here... She needs us. And so she is dreaming about us. But when she'll grow as strong and resolved as these adult Azuras you've already met... what do you suppose will become of us?
(y/n): That's... Oh no...
Corrin: That's right. We're only the residents of Azura's dream. So if she were to decide to “wake up” and be strong, she wouldn't need us anymore. We'd go out. Like candles.
(y/n): ...No... you must be real. These are tears... You're crying...
Corrin: And I won't make myself any more real by crying. I'm nothing, therefore there is nothing to cry about.
(y/n): B-but... If you weren't real, you wouldn't be able to cry!
Corrin: Haha... I hope you don't suppose those are real tears?
(y/n): ...
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank A.]
Corrin: ...
(y/n): So that's where you were.
Corrin: Ah, Summoner. Is something the matter?
(y/n): I've been looking for you for the past forty minutes! I asked at least ten Heroes and no one knew where you had gone... Please never do that again. I thought that maybe you had...
Corrin: Gone out like a candle?
(y/n): …
(y/n): It's rare to see you so far away from Azura. What are you doing out here?
Corrin: Nothing much. Just stargazing. I'm not sure why, but I felt the need to have some alone time.
(y/n): Sorry to disturb you then, but is this a good moment for us to talk? I'd like to continue our previous conversation.
Corrin: This sounds quite urgent. I'm all ears.
(y/n): I was at a loss for words last time... but not anymore. I've thought a lot about what you said... and about what I feel. I love you, Corrin. I don't want you to disappear.
Corrin: …! I... I...
(y/n): Hehe. Don't know how to react? It's okay. I guess Loki hadn't planned that either.
(y/n): In any case, I can't lose you now. To think that you could be gone in an instant... I can't stand it. I won't let that happen.
Corrin: ...If it's too painful, if it's too hard... it's okay to run away. I don't think it's a bad thing. Sometimes, it's just your safest option. But Azura won't run away her whole life... A day will come when she will decide that she is done covering her eyes and ears and that it's time to face her fears. Time to stop dreaming. And then...
(y/n): No! I refuse!
Corrin: (y/n)... Are you running away as well? From reality?
(y/n): Maybe I am... But as you said, it's my safest option. Listen, I won't just accept your death as inexorable. You said you were just a dream... but haven't you started overcoming your nature recently? You realized what you were, even though you weren't supposed to... You think for yourself... And last time, you cried! You cried because you think you're bound to disappear! Corrin, tell me. How can something that is not real be afraid to die? You can't die if you're not alive. And to be alive is to be real.
Corrin: Can't die... if I'm not alive... real... You wish to make me real... really real...
(y/n): That's right. I want to try... I must try. If Azura won't dream forever, then I'll make sure you can exist outside her dream.
Corrin: Because you love me.
(y/n): ...Yes. I did say that.
Corrin: (y/n)... I really was created to only care about Azura, wasn't I? A strong, caring best friend who will always be there for her. I still cherish her, and I'll still protect her... but... lately, you've been on my mind too.
 Corrin: And... Today, during the battle, when this soldier striked me... I bled.
(y/n): You bled?! But...
Corrin: I know. Dreams can't bleed. It was just a few drops... but they were as warm and red as anyone's blood. Maybe there's a chance for me then... Maybe I really am becoming alive.
Corrin: And if that's the case, then I have to tell you... I love you as well. I think I do. These feelings are still fresh, but time will make them stronger. Realer.
(y/n): Corrin... I've never been this happy. This is almost too good to be true.
Corrin: Haha, no. Believe me, you are very awake.
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank S.]
Confession quote:
Corrin: You are what dreams are made of. Rest now. I'll fight the nightmares off if they come to get you.
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ariaofylisse · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am so shocked right now I don’t know what to say...
I laid down all of my Niles and Corrin merch along with some yaoi on the side and she came home 😭
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fire-emblem-drabbles · 12 months ago
Master list (fics only)
Alfonse: “Would it be okay if I held your hand?”, “I didn’t know what to get you, so I brought flowers, chocolate and a huge stuffed bear!”, Ephemeral, “It’s okay to love me. Please, I want you to love me.”, I love you “muffled on the other side of the door”, “I’ve memorized absolutely every part of your day so we can always be together.”, “I wish you would just let me have you.”,
Arvis: Demon; trapped in a candle, the summoner and Arvis are pinning for one another so hard it hurts, I want something I’m not sure I deserve to have,
Ayra: Ayra teaches her disaster summoner s/o how to wield a sword,
Azura: Pluviophile, “It’s okay to love me. Please, love me.”,
Berkut: Demon Berkut with angel reader, “If I don’t protect you, who will? You can only rely on me!”,
Caspar: I love you “On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the late sunlight glowing in your hair”,
Camilla: Hot spring confession,
Camus: Sempiternal,
Chrom: not sfw; All Tied Up, “Is it so wrong to want you to only smile at me? It feels weong but I can’t help but feel that way.”, the summoner is a single mother to a 3 yr old girl and Chrom cannot help but have huge dad energy,
Claude: I love you “muffled through the other side of the door”,
Cordelia: trans Cordelia, not sfw; first time together,
Corrin: Tea time Confession,
Dimitri: Vampire Dimi/Friday the 13th,
Dorothea: “Sorry for calling so late-- I couldn’t stop thinking about you”,
Duma: Strength Comes in Many Forms,
Edelgard: “Let me hold you for a while”,
Eirika: “You will do what I ask.”, “I hate when other heroes look at you...”,
Eldigan: “I’ll make you crave me as much as I do you.”,
Eliwood: not sfw; Loved and Cherished, Taking care of a kitten together, Reincarnation; like someone I once knew...,
Ephraim: helping the summoner open up, “Your happiness comes before mine.”,
Faye: “You will listen to me.”, “I just want to show you how much I love you.”, “I know you liked them sweetie but they were keeping you away from me.”,
Ferdinand: Centuar Ferdi!, hanahaki but it doesn’t kill dw,
Fjorm: the summoner is an idiot and as it turns out Fjorm is moronsexual,
Forrest: mtf trans reader; real gender reaffirmation hours,
Gangrel: first fic I ever posted on this blog!, sometimes Sydney can write things for herself. as a treat, Vengeance; a 10k oneshot about how much I love Gangrel,
Grima: sometimes a dragon can be soft, “You’ve got me wrapped around your finger.”, your love is enough for me, Chimerical, “Next time they touch what’s mine I’ll rip their fucking arms off.”, Teaching Traditions,
Hector: The meaning behind it,
Hrid: Soulmates; their first words to you are written on your body, “You’re ignoring me. Why? Don’t you love me?”, Incubus Hrid time,
Hubert: “The truth is I love you“,
Ike: Day of Devotion Confession, Secret Spring: New Beginnings, “You’re actually kind of cute when you struggle like that.”, Ike helps the summoner deal with their depression,
Innes: how dense can one summoner be?, the answer is quite a lot,
Jeorge: “I said you couldn’t fall in love with me but I didn’t say I couldn’t fall in love with you.”,
Julius: Slyph Julius; reader is an idiot who just steps into fairy circles and gives their name out,
Joshua: acting as the summoners wingman only to realize they like him too,
Kliff: “Why are you pushing me away?”,
Leanne: Confessing to a dense summoner,
Leo: I have no future if it’s not with you,
Lif: Dead Man’s Deal, To Love Like This, “I will protect you from everything“, What We Could Be, Soft Like the Snowfall,
Linus: male reader; Linus reminds you while you’re amazing and worthy of love!, “I’m madly in love with you.”,
Linhardt: “Lay your head in my lap and try to get some rest” & “Do I get a goodnight kiss?”,
Loki: Sydney tries to write away her bad habits and fails (part 2),
Lorenz: I love you “as we huddle together, the storm raging outside”, Tea Left Untouched, “This is stupid but... could you sing for me?”,
Lukas: Blessed be the Father, I love you “while baking cookies making sandwiches”, “As long as I’m here, you’ll be safe.”, “Are bubble baths romantic?”, “Only I can protect you; please, let me be your shield.”, Modern AU; taking care of a sick reader, “I never stopped thinking about you, not even for a minute.”,
Lyon: fallen Lyon “Unfortunately for you, once I had decided your were mine there was nothing you could have done to change your fate”, taking care of the summoner after they overwork themself,
Lysithea: Whenever we’re together I feel at home,
Marth: not sfw; First time for Everything, “How can I get you to like me?”, “Your happiness comes before mine”, “Your heart is safe with me,”, treating Marth likes he deserves,
Micaiah: “I’ll do whatever if takes if it means we get to be together.”, “Are you threatening me?”, yandere micaiah x reader @the fair, when I saw you last night, you looked beautiful...,
Michalis: “This world doesn’t deserve an angel like you.”
Multi: Lif & Alfonse “One and the Same”, Lif & Alfonse “Aspetabund”, Lif & Ike not sfw “Loki plays a very bad trick on the summoner and Ike gets cucked”, Alfonse & Lif “Shrouded in Shadows”, Berkut & Rinea “Aubade”, Alfonse & Bruno “Spring Time Surprise!”, Ephraim & Innes; being competitive over the summoner, yandere Tibarn and Reyson “I won’t let you escape,
Naesala: “Now now, my dear, don’t make me take your love by force.”,
Niles: Bloodied and Beautiful, Season’s Delight,
Odin: Uncanny, “God, you really have no idea how amazing you are.”,
Quan: Centuar; the reader is scared of horses, “If you could be with me, would you?”,
Python: “I don’t think I know how to love...”,
Reina: “Is it okay to want you all to myself?”, “I just want to show you how much I love you.”, “I’ll kiss away the pain, doll.”,
Reinhardt: the summoner talks in their sleep... but Reinhardt thinks its cute, the summoner asks Reinhardt to teach them how to ride a horse in order to get close to him, I had a dream where Reinhardt gave me headpats so I wrote about it,
Reyson: Made Just for You, “It’s you, you’re the one I want.”,
Robin: “You told me you love me you can’t take that back“,
Ryoma: self insert vent piece, Hoshido’s new queen, Ryoma kidnaps the summoner Because He Can,
Sain: “I just don’t want to be alone right now”,
Seliph: Pretty Little Words, “I love you so much, you’re all I ever think about.”, “Your heart is safe with me.”, Billet-Deux, “The world doesn’t deserve an angel like you.”,
Seteth: “I want to be more than just friends with you”, Drawn to You,
Sharena: Sharena takes a hit meant for you, “You’re too good for this world.”,
Shigure: Soulmates; red string of fate, Euphonious,
Shiro: “When do you want these back?”,
Soren: “U-um... will you be my valentine?”, not sfw; Late Night Texts, “I need to know you love me. Say it for me.”,
Takumi: Fallen Takumi “If you leave me, I’ll die!”, I love you “said not to me.”, “I don’t mind sharing, as long as I’m with you.”, remember to remind Takumi how much you love him!, Sydney tries to write away her bad habits (and fails) part 1, Comforting him after a particularly bad nightmare,
Tibarn: Soulmates; matching marks/tattoos,
Tharja: Stay a little while longer,
Tobin: “Is it so hard to love me?”,
Valter: Unlikely Savior, Susuruss, For some reason you trust Valter,
Walhart: “You think I’m watching you? Don’t flatter yourself.”
Xander: “I want to touch you so much I can hardly hold myself back,” “If I don’t protect you, who will? You can only rely on me!”, Xander comforting his commoner s/o,
Zelgius: Earning Love, Sometimes you’re just depressed bro, Not Quite Obsession, “Get behind me, I’ll deal with this.”, not sfw; when training takes a turn, A song from me to you, The summoner gets kidnapped and Zelgius is only capable of worry, “Promise me you’ll stay.”,
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neo-crimson-palace · 6 months ago
New Muses
Alright y’all, here’s the new muses that will be updated to the list. Hope y’all like what you see. 
DanganRonpa 1 & 2: Makoto Neagi, Hajime Hinata, Chihiro Fujisaki (He’s a huge Dick Dom, Cept with Makoto, then he’s his cute sub.) And all the DR1/DR2 Girls
Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright & All of the Girls from the Series
Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic, Shadow, Infinite, Femboy!Tails, and all the girls from the Game Series.
RWBY: All the Girls, Qrow, Sun, and Oscar
My Hero Academia: Deku, All Might & All the Girls
Super Smash Bros: Mega Man, Sonic, Pit, Bowser, Ridley, Ganondorf, and all the girls.
Megaman Series: Classic, X, Zero, Geo, Lan/EXE, Grey, and all the girls from their respective games.
Naruto: Naruto and all the Girls from Naruto Series.
Bleach: Ichigo & all the Girls from the Series
One Piece: Luffy & All the Girls from One Piece
Fairy Tail: Natsu, Gajeel, & All the Girls from Fairy Tail
Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Ven, & all the KH Girls.
Dragon Ball Z/Supers: Goku (Along with GT), Super!Broly, Gogeta, Vegito, And all the girls from Z/Super, and FighterZ
Shield Hero: Naofumi and all the women in the series. (Note: Bitchy gets rough asks only.)
Goblin Slayer: Orcbolg, High-Elf Archer, Priestess, Cow Girl, Sword Maiden, Guild Girl, Apprentice Cleric, Hero, Witch, Fighter, Wizard
Code Geass: Lelouch, C.C, Kallen, Milly, Shirley, Euphemia, Anya, Cornelia
BlazBlue: Ragna, and all the girls from the series.
Pokemon: Ash, & All the Girls, Poke Anthros throughout the series. (Pokemon asks are aloud as well.)
Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates/Heroes: M!Robin, M!Corrin, Male Summoner, And all the girls from Awakening, Fates, & Heroes
Persona 3, 4, 5: Minato, Yu, Akira, and all the P3, P4, P5 Girls
Accel World: Haruyuki Arita, Kuroyukihime, Chiyuri Kurashima, Fuuko Kurasaki, Yuniko Kozuki, Mihaya Kakei, Megumi Wakamiya
That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime: Rimuru, and all the girls from the series.
The Magic at Irregular High: Shiba Tatsuya, and all the girls from the series. AKA Tatsuya’s Harem
Date A Live: Shidou Itsuka, and all the girls.
Akame Ga Kill: Tatsumi, and all the girls from the Series.
Kill La Kill: Ryuko Matoi(Futa), Satsuki Kiryuin, Nonon Jakuzure, Nui Harime, Mako Mankanshoku, Ira Gamagoori (Mako asks Only)
Undertale: Frisk, Fem!Chara, Undyne, Toriel, Alphys
MonMusu: Kimihito, Kuroko, And all the Monster Girls.
Kid Icarus: Pit, Palutena, Viridi, Phosphora, Pandora, Medusa
Totally Spies: Sam, Clover, Alex, Brittany, Mindy, Mandy,
Yu-Gi-Oh Series: The Chad!Yusei, Jaden/Supreme King, Yuma, Yugi, Jack, Joey, And the Girls from the Series
Helltaker: Helltaker, Subject 67, Loremaster, All the Demon Girls
Attack on Titan: Eren, Armin (Normal/Femboy/Girl), All the Girls
Fate: Ritsuki, Young!Gil, Astolfo, All the Female Servants
Sword Art Online: Chad!Yui & her Harem of Girls. NO KIRITO!!!
Ben 10: Ben (OG ONLY), Gwen, Charmcaster, Eunice, Julie
FF7 Remake: Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Jessie, Red XIII
Disney Girls: Helen Parr, Violett Parr, Mirage, Mulan, Elsa, Anna, Moana, Rapunzel, Princess Jasmine, Jane (Tarzan), Meg (Hercules)
Demon Slayer: Tanjiro, Inosuke, Nezuko, Kanroji, Shinobu, Kanae, Kanao, Tamayo, Fem!Muzan
Komi-san: Tadano, Komi, Manbagi, Osana Najimi
Kobayashi Dragon Maid: Kobayashi, Tohru, Lucoa, Iruru, Kanna (Physically of Age)
One-Punch Man: Saitama, Tatsumaki, Fubuki, Psykos, Mizuki
Gravity Falls: Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Pacifica
Nier: 2B, 95, A2
Highschool DxD: Rias, Akeno, Asia, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Rossweisse, Grayfia, Ravel, Sona (No Issei)
Rosario + Vampire: Moka/Inner Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, Ruby Tojo (No Tsukune)
Danny Phantom: Danny, Sam, Valerie, Jazz, Maddie, Dani, Pauline, Star, Desiree, Ember, Kitty
Avatar: Aang, Zuko, Katara, Toph, Suki, Ty Lee, Mai, Azula, Jin, June, Princess Yue, Korra, Asami
Scooby-Doo: Shaggy, Velma, Daphne
Senran Kagura: Almost All Female Muses
Panty & Stocking: Panty, Stocking, Scanty, Kneesocks.
Crash Bandicoot: Crash, Tawna, Coco, Alt!Tawna, Isabella, Liz, Megumi
Legend of Zelda: Link, Toon!Link, Zelda, Tetra, Linkle, Lana, Cia, Shiek, Midna, Romani, Cremia, Malon,
Misc: Jessica Rabbit, Queen Tyr'ahnee, Callie Briggs, Felina Feral, Lola Bunny, Starfire, Blackfire, Raven, Terra, Supergirl, Batgirl Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Spider-Gwen, Nomu
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multiverse-swampy · 4 months ago
Questions and form made by @goddess-of-war-nyka
1. Introduce your summoner. –
Name: Swampy Age: 30 Height: 5′8″ Weight: 200~lbs Sexuality: Asexual Eye Color: Grey Blue Hair Color: Brown Nationality: Fantasian Hobbies: Drawing, Gaming, Singing, Sleeping
2. How did they come to Askr?
“I was actually relaxing in the Smash Mansion. A portal opened underneath me and I was dropped in... and then landed in the grass of an unknown world... which happened to be Askr and the Zenith world.”
3. What are their favorite hobbies? –
“Drawing, sleeping, sometimes singing.”
4. Does your summoner have any bad habits that the heroes try to help them through? –
”Well, I do have a pessimistic outlook and I’m generally a shy person... and I’m hard to come out of my shell. I had a firm belief that all people were bad, and only seek to use and abuse others for selfish gain. And I don’t think I speak very well. Oh, and randomly cracking joints. That’s a bad habit. And being autistic.”
5. How close is your summoner to their heroes? –
“I’d say I’m friends with most at this point.”
6. Does your summoner struggle with being a tactician? –
”Yeah. This whole game of war chess was something new to me and had to learn...”
7. How did your summoner react during their first time summoning? –
”Huh. Is that how this thing works? Weird.”
8. How does your summoner react to summoning now? –
“That time again? Alright.”
9. How well do they adjust to life in Askr? –
“The lack of technology scared me at first, so it was very slow to adjust and get to know people.
10. How long have they been a summoner? –
“Over two years now.”
11. Who’s your summoner’s main team? –
"Babby Caeda, Brave Eliwood, Legendary Edelgard, and Summer Rhys.”
12. Who’s your summoner’s S support? –
"Brave Claude. My boo~.”
13. How was your Summoner and ally support building to S support?–
“Slow burn for sure. I do believe we both have walls to break down. Generally quality time and doing general activities together helps with trust.”
14. How many allies have S support with your summoner? –
”Uhh... I think... five? Dream Male Corrin, Legendary Ike, Eirika (my BFF), Male Byleth, and currently now, Brave Claude.”
15. What are your top 4 ally x ally supports? –
“Let me think... Eirika X Seth Joshua X Natasha Quan X Ethlyn Brave Dimitri X Brave Claude ... Yeah, I think those ones fit.”
16. What does your summoner miss from home? –
“Technology, mostly. Stuff that made life so much easier generally.”
17. If they could bring one thing from home with them what would it be? –
“Like, a personal item? I think my satchel. I know Askr could provide me with another one, but I’m a bit hesitant to ask.”
18. Is your summoner’s robe unique? –
“Well, yes, given my wings, tail, horns... ears. I have an outfit for hot, mild and cold weather as well. I think the one thing that stands out, it has an Askr style heart on each shoulder and a big one on the back.”
19. Who are your fellow summoner friends? –
“Kiran, Mizuki, Olivander, Mercury, Razor, Aqua... Uh, I think I’m missing some more.”
20. What does your summoner wear if during their down time? –
“Things that are comfortable and fireproof. Shirt and pants/shorts are typically fine for me. Nothing too overly complicated.”
21. How do they handle merging heroes or sending them home? –
“I send most three star heroes home, while merging Heroes doesn’t bother me.”
22. What abilities/weapons do they have? –
“Outside of my Axe and Dire Breidablik, I can use my own claws and flame breath. I can also fly and use my wide array of trinkets from other worlds to help me out here.”
23. Would your summoner like to know magic? –
"Nah. No real need for it.”
24. Are they able to hold their own in a fight? –
"I could in theory, though Alfonse doesn’t want me to fight since he’s a worrywart and doesn’t want me dying on him... Which... is a fair concern.”
25. How many heroes have you acquired? –
"Over 400. Don’t make me count...”
26. What book has been the hardest? Emotional or battle-wise. –
“That one chapter when Freyja was giving me an onslaught... I remember barely clearing that cursed chapter...”
27. If your summoner went into battle what would be there class? –
“Axe Infantry or Flyer. Maybe a Green Dragon.”
28. Are there any heroes they clash with? –
”Huhm... I suppose that would go to Valter. He’s such a possessive madman, but I’ve grown used to his behavior over the years. Him calling me his “little bunny”... He gets worse when he becomes a naga... such a clingy snake.”
29. Which hero have you pumped more into? –
“... Unfortunately, that would also have to be Valter.”
30. Which hero do you get a lot of while summoning? –
“I uh... never really paid attention to that to be honest.”
31. Which heroes have they adopted? –
"Actually none, it’s more the other way around! By Fel and Lif, and by Byleth and Edelgard.”
32. Do they participate in voting gauntlets? –
“Yeah. Mostly for the awards and bonding time with my boo.”
33. How do they handle their orbs? –
“I do try to save them for legend dairy and mythic banners, unless there’s a special event with a higher summon rate.”
34. What hero do you wanna see in Fire Emblem Heroes? –
“Whoever is currently missing from Sacred Stones. I would like to see Glen, despite the clashing that might occur...”
35. Will your summoner stay in Askr? Nifl? Muspell? Hel? Embla? –
"Probably will stay in Askr, if they’ll allow me. I do enjoy the cold of Nifl though, though the goddess is... kinda... distant.”
36. What is your Summoner life like years later if they stayed? Askr. Nifl. Muspell. Hel. Embla. –
“I think I’d be mostly the same, while maintaining peace.”
37. Summoner’s family reacting to your summoner’s significant other?–
”Eh, I’m not sure. They’ll worry for my safety for sure, since I’m... not normal. When they know they mean well, I’m sure they’ll relax, but check up on me time to time.”
38. In a twist of fate, if your summoner could change one thing what would it be? –
“Probably sparing Freyr of his death or curing Bruno and Veronica of their blood thirst.“
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silversouls · a year ago
shake it out. (male! corrin x reader)
song that inspired this writing:
shake it out - florence + the machine
mod ninten: hello!! i just want to say this fic is based off my intrusive thoughts/memories i’ve been experiencing this week (least i got a nintendo switch two days ago!) i also want to say due to my mental health, i will not be posting on here until my mental health is stable, and i don’t know when that will happen. sorry for the inconvenience :0(
 this fic can be read as romantic or platonic!
Tumblr media
you sat in bed, negative emotions reigning complete control in your mind. no what you did in hopes of gaining clarity, your thoughts would trail like a shadow. the night falls, the sun rises; you felt like you could never escape this prison in your mind. feeling this can’t be solved on your own, you seek out the hoshidan prince.
you fixed yourself to the best of your ability, trying to put a smile on your face to not concern other heroes. eventually you found corrin in library reading. you tapped corrin on the shoulder, quietly saying his name. “i need your help with something.” corrin jumped in surprise, but relaxed realizing it was you. “oh, it’s just you summoner. what could you need?”
you looked at him, a saddened look on your face. “i’ll tell you when we get somewhere where there’s no people.”
“oh o-“ before corrin could finish his sentence, he was dragged out the library by your hand.
you both made it to your quarters, swiftly closing the door behind you. “i need...i need you to help me.” corrin held a concerned look on his face, slowly moving towards your figure. “with what?” before he could prepare, you launched yourself onto him, tears flooding. “m-my thoughts are bothering m-me.” you hiccuped. “please corrin, p-please help me forget t-them.”
corrin was perplexed. he never really went through something like this; he would just shrug and move on. but you were a dear friend of his; no matter what, he wouldn’t leave you in such a broken state.
“i’ll help you through this.” corrin hugged you until your sobs quieted down.
he let go softly, giving you space to rub your eyes.
“t-thank you, corrin.” “i really appreciate it.” a sad yet happy smile graced your face.
“of course, summoner.” he smiled back. “anything for you.”
as the days passed even since that fateful day, corrin would accompany you wherever you went. if you needed someone near you, he would sleep near you. if you asked if you could help him, he’d give you things to do help get your mind of those bad thoughts. if you wanted a hug, he’d wrap you up in his cape, embracing you.
“hey corrin?” you asked, watching him put his book down. “yes?” he smiled at you. “thank you for everything, i really mean it. i really feel like i can move on.”
“i’m glad everything’s alright. i know it can be hard when bad thoughts and memories come to haunt you again, but i know you can come out stronger.”
you embraced him, eyes closing as you rested your head on his chest.
corrin blushed, but nevertheless embraced you back.
“of course, summoner.”
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eriisaam · a year ago
A new one-shot has been added as part of my Kiransona collection: A beastly heart to heart!
Series: Fire Emblem Heroes
Rating: Mature
Content Warning: heavy mentions on blood, violence, panic attacks and PTSDs
Other warnings: References of past character death, early spoiler of Fates and late spoiler for Book III of Heroes Also I guess counts as my tribute to Fallen male Corrin
Prominent ships: two Kirans x Kamui/Corrin x Lifonse/Alfonse (but the focus is mostly Kamui/Corrin x Summoner)
Fic Summary: When Kamui thought he watched Kyo die in his arms, he completely turned feral mid-transformation into his dragon form, just as he had once before his change of name, worlds and timelines. Though Kyo proved himself to be fine, the brief moment Kamui turned feral still left him deeply shaken as old, painful memories surfaced again.
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pangtasias-atelier · 2 years ago
The Curious Case of Kiran's Baracks: Grima
Really wanted to write about my barracks now that I finished two merge projects as of last week.
Name uncreative but it's something and let's y'all know what the chapter is about. Really liked how this one turned out but that might also just be my extreme Grima bias.
Also contains both Grima's. Tried for describing f!grima but don't expect a regular occurrence for female stuff. I'm gay so I had to look up the parts to a bra and types of women underwear lmao.
Of the parts I have ideas for going off of my barracks are:
M!Grima+10 & F!Grima+10 (this one)
M!Corrin+10 x Saizo+3
M!Robin+3 x Frederick+10
And maybe:
Caeda+10 x Marth+0
"S-summoner!" Grima thrashes about on the bed. The box spring having given up far long ago, the mattress tremors from his shaking. Serving no purpose, Grima's anger simply causes his billowing fat to shake. His stomach jostles and turns, smacking itself; his thighs wobble, desperate to lift themselves off the bed. His cheeks quiver, the piles of lard quivering as they rest on his face. 
"Get back here, worm," Grima growls as he wheezes, lungs requiring air from his fit of anger. His stomach emits a grumble, the pit practically eating itself whole from the inside, Grima having now gone a couple hours without any snacks. A whine forming in the back of his throat, Grima crushes the pathetic sound much like the numerous crushed furniture. He is the Fell Dragon! Power rivalling that of the Divine Dragons, the power of divinity his as well. And yet, his vessel is reduced to this. But this is not merely his fault. No, one such as he cannot be responsible for this form. It was that blasted summoner's fault. He was the one to make Grima try food. He was the one who held dominion over him. He was the one who merged him. He was the one who promised their everything to him. But Kiran was nowhere, Grima all alone. All alone in his time of need. 
All alone while immobile. How cruel his summoner could be. Never paying attention to his weight in the first place, Grima found no need to start doing so as he began to gain weight. Lack of care led to more weight piling on. And now here he was, nothing more than a blob of blubber. Would he even be able to return to his once slim state? He can't bring himself to care, the tantalizing thought of food and Kiran's care on his mind. 
No clothes fit him anymore, Kiran finding it pointless to have handmade clothes only for Grima to outgrow them soon enough. His last vestige of modesty remains in his purple boxers. The dainty, for his size at least, piece of clothing endeavors to corral his desk crushing thighs. A fact Grima and Kiran found out from Grima getting upset from Kiran's work; he sat upon the desk and within seconds the thing splintered apart. His vessel having a lack of any curves or meat on his bones once he took over, Grima makes up for that, his body a collection of divots and rises from the numerous folds; his ass lifts him up, the rectangular slabs of fat pushing against the bed. His waist rests out, smothering everything in its wake. The fat needing somewhere to go, it went everywhere, his breasts resting on him, the upper curve of it pressing against the folds of his neck, the two meshing together. His arms stick upward, the fat from his sides pushing them into said position.
"Kiran," Grima whines. The want, no, the need for food far too great. "You claimed that this is what your heart desires, and yet-" 
"Silence, worm," 
Grima grits his teeth from the new voice. Himself and yet not himself. Another version from a different timeline. One where his vessel is female.
No longer able to turn his head, he remains lying down. An attempt to clench his fist remains as such, his sausage fingers too cumbersome to bend. Physically unable to look at his other self in the eye, Grima has no choice but to withstand the criticism. How dare his summoner not be here, he thinks before his thoughts stray to food. His thoughts fix themselves once his ears recept the large smack the floor receives, the walls trembling. He hears, wheezing? Grima laughs, his other self now in the same predicament.
"I said silence," Grima yells down at her counterpart. "We may now look the same once again, but I at least act like no dog waiting upon its master," Grima spits out, too tired to levitate herself. 
The female variant of Grima no longer resembles her vessel's original size, now much closer to her male variant. Her clothes torn, the only fitting clothes she wears is a bra and underwear. The purple bra swaddles her breasts, the two heaping mounds swelling out and down as the cups struggle to contain them. The straps stretch out, the cups not able to support them alone. The wings dig into her plentiful fat between her armpits and waist, the fat overflowing, the bra resembling a corset. Despite already on the loosest setting, the hook and eye cling on to each other desperately. 
Her boy shorts underwear remains hidden, her stomach diving down past her knees to cover it alongside her column like thighs. The black fabric stretches across the expanse of her ass, the color faded. Her ass resembles two jutting out squares, the pile up of fat causing it to lose its normal shape.
"And yet you saw fit to pay me a visit," 
"What is the meaning of the summoner doing this?" Grima glances down, her chins overlapping with her neck as she does so. The floor looking far too comfortable of an area to rest on, she huffs, snapping out of it.
Whether her body is more vessel or human at this point, neither is meant to carry such a colossal weight. Grima can feel the setting ache; her legs buckle, her levitation only going so far. Her back complains as her breasts drag and weigh her down. Her stomach dips, the entity nearing the floor as she stands. She wonders how her male version would appear standing up, the other Grima larger than her already large lardy form. 
"Ask him yourself. Now leave!" His enjoyment of his female version is lessened, unable to see her sorry state. He takes back that thought, for if she is sorry, then that must make him apologetic. Recovering, he sneers, he at least wanted this. His other self laughed and jeered at him as he grew in width. 
She mocked him for spending time with the summoner. And while she grew close to Kiran as well, her affection ended platonically. Yet her other self's didn't. So the humiliation begun. Her taunts simply increased as he gained a bit of pudge from indulging in food, Kiran introducing him to it. And as merges occured, Kiran found out what they did; each merge increased a hero's weight. With Grima being the recipient of said merges, he grew out further and further. Each merge into Grima meant that his female self found herself finding even more scathing remarks. Being fatter meant more food and more Kiran time so he had nothing to complain. Growing yet fatter meant increasing amounts of food and near constant coddling and care under Kiran. The care was addicting, Grima never used to such admiration not from fear of his power. And it led to the spiral of this, stuck to a bed now being +10, Kiran telling him he was fully merged. 
But now, oh now he has his other self. By her laborious breathing, Grima able to hear it over his own, he can guess her weight. Either at +10 such as himself or near it.
"I did. He said he found it cute," Grima spits out the last word, her cheeks smush as she tries to frown, her cheeks only pressing up against each other further. 
"Whatever," His enjoyment ends, stomach grumbling once more, biting his lip, he contains the whimper. 
"For a blob such as yourself, you sure act as if you have power,"
"I have the summoner. Why bother working when I can have my servants do the work?" 
Grima laughs, her face in a sneer. "I would assume you the servant with how constant you beg and cry for food. I at least can still levitate," True to her words, she rises up. Yet her fat continues to remain affected by gravity, the pile of blubber for her body pulled down. Her levitation now far much slower, Grima's face strained. 
"I would think a glacier to be the one moving," Grima withholds his jealousy. His summoning led him to being much slower than other heroes even when he was fit. His weight only exaggerated it, far too lazy and greedy to move on his own. His female variant had been summoned with her power of levitation, a gift she could still use despite her crushing weight. Smiling, the jealousy washes off, why need levitation when he has the summoner, he thinks, the summoner is his servant, he can levitate him with his magic as summoner. Except he's not here.
"And I would think a puppy to be the one living in this room," Grima smiles, levitating through the door, in her rush, Grima ends up stuck, her ass wedged in. "Curse this," Muttering, she struggles, the friction from her abundant adipose against the door too much to overcome.
The Grima still inside laughs, his female counterpart unable to get the last word like always. Speaking of last, he feels that his last meal may have already happened, his grumbling stomach as if stabbing him with Falchion now. A retort on the tip of his tongue, it climbs down his throat when the other Grima complains. 
"Unhand me!" Her clamoring and thrashing more severe, Grima struggles against the door as Kiran grabs her hands, the mitt sized hands barely bending around Kiran's fingers. Leverage in the form of Kiran, Grima slowly pushes out, the mass known as her ass passing through. A final harsh tug given, she escapes, face red as she pants. 
Kiran tired as well, he coughs excessively, clearing his throat.
"Go feed your pet, his pathetic whining was disturbing me," A glare tossed Kiran's way, Grima levitates away, her body jiggling with her unsteady magic. She doesn't leave without taking a swipe from the cart of food Kiran brought for the other Grima, grabbing an assortment of snacks.
Done dealing with one angry Grima, Kiran wheels the cart inside, only to deal with another angry Grima. 
"Worm!" Grima shouts. His stomach agrees with the sentiment, unleashing a cacophony of protests from hunger, or starvation Grima feels. "You," Wheezing, he doesn't get out another word before Kiran levitates him, the contract as summoner and hero allowing him. The work still strains him, teeth clenched as he breathes through his nose as he lifts Grima. 
The mattress crushed underneath his weight, it no longer sponges back to its normal shape, its flattened form now its normal shape. 
Lifted up, Grima feels the way everything sags down to the side. Forced into an upright position and gently let down, the crushing sensation of his weight no longer pins him as before. His legs and thighs remain pinned. His thighs creep off the edge of the mattress, at a slight slant. His stomach does the same, folds of it caressing the cool stone floor. His slight discomfort fades from the scent of food wafting to his nose. 
Eyes meeting Kiran's, Kiran smiles as he brings the food closer. At least this angry Grima is docile, food the perfect way to quiet him. 
Fingers tracing his body as he brings the food closer, Kiran relishes in the way Grima slightly squirms, the touches affecting him. 
"I've brought your food," Kiran removes the cloche revealing the plates empty. 
"I have no time for games," Grima growls, a fear in his eyes, the idea of no food for longer killing him. 
"You were too busy stuffing your face," Kiran reaches the closet beside the bed, pulling out a machine. "To notice when I brought this in," Dragging it beside Grima, Kiran sees his calculating eyes. 
"I demand proper food," Hand reaching for Kiran, Grima finds himself unable to even lift the mass, the effort far too great. 
"You demand food," Kiran dangles the tube right in front of Grima's lips; a drip falls onto his lips, Grima immediately licking it. "It's this or nothing," Kiran pats the side of Grima's stomach, a smile on his face as he stares at Grima. 
Eyes looking at anywhere except Kiran, Grima flushes. Was he truly nothing but a pet like his other self claimed? He, the Fell Dragon subservient to a worm? Fingers rubbing and massaging his stomach, a pepper of kisses along it, Grima moans, face red. He didn't understand, but after forming a support with the summoner, he had to admit that perhaps this worm wasn't a total failure. Kiran, his worm.
Wrapping the tube around his lips, Grima voraciously gobbles the incoming food, submitting to Kiran.
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summoner-stones · 2 years ago
Masterlist containing every prompt I’ve made so far all in alphabetical order! For a total of 193 prompts!
Insecure Summ
Unrequited Feelings for Summ
Snuggle Headcanons
Why would anyone like me?
Summ flirting
Alf walking on shirtless m!Summ
Making up after a fight
Henriette catching Alf and Summ acting as couple
Summ gets injured in battle
First Fight
Gustav catching Alf and Summ acting as a couple
Doting Summ
Summ x M!Summ (SMUT)
Secret Admirer F!Summoner
Summ makes Alf chocolate
Alf gets relationship advice from Sigurd, Chrom, Hector and Eliwood
Alf x f!Summoner (SMUT)
Alf gets jealous over the gifts f!Summoner gets
Alf gets chocolates just for him
Modern!Au with Alf and M!Summ
Angst: Summoner runs away from Alfonse
Summoner sticking up for Alfonse
Summoner with stomach aches
Alphabet Ask
More Fluff Alphabet Ask
Yandere HC’s
Unrequited Alfonse dealing with Summ’s S/O
trans male Summoner w/support from Alfonse
Walking in on F!Summoner bathing
Loki disguising as Summ to tease Alfonse
Summoner comforting Alfonse after seeing dead Gustav
Hel cursed Alfonse yelling at f!summoner
Partners in Crime
Happily Married Couple
Friends with Benefits (suggestive content)
Summ comforting grieving Alfonse
April Fool’s Prompt: Summ screaming out Homer Simpson
Ghost Rumors in the castle
Alfonse Injury Recovery
Drabble: Kiralfonse Raffle
King Alfonse x F!Summoner f*** on the throne (SMUT)
Alfonse kissing disguised Summoner Loki
Summoner listening to Alfonse’s heartbeat
Summoner and Alfonse get injured in battle, Alfonse carries them to medical tent
Vampire Summoner
Alfonse proposing
Summoner with bad nightmares
Flirty Summ confessing
Jealous Alf because Summ hangs out with Marth, Ike, and Chrom
Shy Summoner
Lovestruck Alfonse blurting the truth to the Summoner
Ask Game
Betting Pool on who gets with Summoner
Valentine’s Confession
Summoner who’s good with money
Askr Trio
Possessed Summ
F!Summ dealing with period
Askr Trio help with math exams and studying
Askr Trio reacting to modern items
Summoner with bad habit of bottling up emotions
Helping a disabled Summoner
Trio babysit Summoner
Azura confessing to M!Summoner
Join the Order
Bruno confesses to Summoner
Fluffy Bruno x Summoner
Ask Game
Chrom is Summ’s Secret Admirer
Summoner x Clair HC’s
M!Summ falling for Adrift Corrin
F!Corrin with Insecure Summ
M!Summ cheering M!Adrift Corrin in VG
M!Adrift Corrin cheering up sad Summ
F!Corrin confessing
Love Letter from Adrift M!Corrin
M!Corrin cheering up F!Summ over VG
F!Corrin with M!Summoner that couple who won’t admit that they like each other, but obviously do
Summoner petting Duma’s horns
Falls for the Summoner
Summoner x Eir Fluff HC’s
Summoner sibling-like
Eliwood crush on Summoner HC
Eliwood going to McDonald’s
F!Summ overworking herself
Ask Game
Reacting to flirty Summoner
Summoner with candy addiction
Gaius confessing to Summoner
Indirect candy kiss
Headcanons w/Summ
M!Grima falling for M!Summ
Summoner with bad nightmares
M!Grima with insomniac Summoner
M!Grima fighting over a shy summoner
Crush on Summ
Summ gives Helbindi spicy chocolates
Summoner and Henry make chocolates
Ask Game
Why would anyone like me?
Smol Summoner intimidated by Hrid
Summoner’s Hands are cold as icicles
Inseparable Sweethearts
Ask Game
Trans Male Summoner w/Hrid
Love Letter
Confession to M!Summoner
HC’s with small and feisty M!Summoner
Vampire Summoner
First Date
Insecure Summ
F!Summoner asking Ike to stay the night
Summoner self-conscious over scars
Berserk Ike with F!Summ
Summoner doesn’t want to go home
That couple who won’t admit that they like each other, but obviously do
Insecure Summ
Ask Game
Crush on Summ
Ask Game
Star-crossed lovers
Crush on Summ
Secret Admirer with sad Summ
Prank War
Inseparable Sweethearts M!Summ
Insecure Summ
Insomniac Summoner
Love Confession
Romantic HC’s with unskilled Summ
Confesses to F!Summoner in gardens
Reacting to flirty Summoner
Lon’qu going to Mcdonald’s
Lyon gives Summ chocolates
Vampire Summoner
Summoner Sibling-like
Crush on Summ
M!Summ S/O HC’s
Romantic HC’s
Raven going to Mcdonald’s
Summoner shaving Rein’s mullet
Reinhardt Fluff
Reinhardt going to McDonald’s
Buenos Dias Reinhardt
Summoner comforting Rein over mullet
Summ tending for wounded Reyson
Fluff with F!Summ
Rhajat tricking others
Platonic Friendship HC’s
M!Grima and M!Robin fighting over a shy summoner
M!Robin pining over F!Summ
Parent and Child
Small Summ with smart mouth
Insecure Summ
Birthday Hc’s
Love Letter
Soft HC’s
Proposing to Summoner
Valentines’s Confession
F!Summoner gives Silas Valentine’s Gift
Ask Game
F!Summ teasing Silas (SMUT)
Reacting to flirty Summoner
Won’t admit they like each other
Insecure Summ
Takumi confessing
Ask Game
Takumi learns Uno
Takumi plays rhythm game
Vampire Summoner
More Vampire Summ
Even more Vampire Summ
Tibarn hugs
Tibarn interupted by both Grima’s 
Join the Order
Insecure Summ
Why would anyone like me?
Insomniac Summoner
Thirsty f!Summ
Birthday HC’s
Summoner doesn’t want to go home
Human FEH x Xander
Smoll summoner confessing
Small F!Summoner wearing lingerie (suggestive)
Love Letter
Ask Game
Future Daughter
Summoner calling Zelgius Dad
Summoner doesn’t want to go home
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firemblem-fics · 2 years ago
Ooooh, new blog! Can i request Silas headcanons about him liking the Summoner???
yes you can!! silas is such a sweetie i literally melted while writing this. thanks for the request luv! 💕
i’m sorry this took so long and is so short, my draft got deleted :(
crush. | silas x reader
firstly, silas was an absolute sweetheart when you first summoned him
he appeared on the platform, obviously nervous and your heart just melted at the sight of him
it was like a motherly instinct of you to coddle this poor boy, but you obviously didn’t because you knew how scary it was to be summoned so suddenly- a hug would’ve terrified the poor boy
he stuck by you and the other corrins, he had come looking for corrin and found a male and female version
a little confused at first, but he loved them just as must as he loved the corrin in his world
he was a strong lance user and you kept him on the front lines along with the other skilled fighters, but you didn’t notice how he always made sure to check on you before and after battles before checking on anyone else
olivia brought up his tenderness towards you once, but you brushed it off as friendliness with a slight tint of pink across your cheeks
while he’s just crushing on you, he just uses small gestures to show his interest
he makes you snacks and makes sure you’re getting enough rest and will offer to help you train against calvary and lance units, really it’s anything to spend time with you
if he ever decides to confess, he’ll be so shy it’s adorable to be honest
he’d come up to you after training with you, so you’d think that the red flushing his face was just from the intense work out the both of you had
he’d scratch the back of his neck a little and stutter out “uh.. s-summoner, i have something i kinda wanna tell you”
you’d already be cooing over him he’s so cute-
finally, silas would take a big ol breath and say “you’re so amazing and i really like you and i was wondering if you’d like to be my girlfriend-“
he’d literally be like
hyperventilating at this point like this poor baby is panicking
‘what if they don’t like me back? what if they don’t want a boyfriend? do they even like boys?’
his thoughts would be cut short when you threw your arms around his neck in a hug
it was one of the best hugs he’d ever had, no armor and full of love
for the rest of the day, neither of you would stop smiling and you’d take little glances at each other and just start blushing
he’d quietly slip his hand into yours under the dinner table and anna would notice, but luckily she’d just wink at you
silas is such a sweet boy and he’d literally treat you so well whether you’re friends, crushes, or lovers and nobody can tell me otherwise
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softer-fe-imagines · 2 years ago
Hey! So i wanted to ask if you could show us which requests you are working on, i sent mine a few weeks ago now and i'm starting to feel like tumblr ate it lol Sorry for the inconvenience
It’s not an inconvenience at all - rather, I’m just slow at writing so it does take a while, it’s only natural that you’d wonder about it;; I’ll have everything listed below, so let me know if you don’t see what you sent in;;
Regular Requests
Congrats on 300! I'm glad you hit a new milestone! You deserve all the love~ could I request a hrid x f!summoner where they're stuck playing spin the bottle and get picked together? Keep up the great work! ♡
Alfonse with a summoner who constantly wears their hood over their eyes finally letting him see their whole face. Also, congrats on the followers, you’re deserving of each an every one of them 💗💗💗
Could I please request Saizo cuddling hcs with a m!summoner? bls
How about ah,, Cecilia relationship hcs with a self-doubting s/o?
Hello!! Could I maybe get HCs for Shura with a physically affectionate SO? Thank you so much!!! 💖💖💖💖
Could I please get some headcannons for Camilla and a soft s/o who doesn't really like fighting? 🌼🌼
Can I get some cute silas x reader where he keeps trying to get a kiss but keeps getting interrupted.
Headcannons on brave Lucina with a hella chivalrous male fafnir S/O? If that’s better?
Hi!! Hope this isnt a wierd ask but would you mind writting HCs for Flavia with a nervous female SO? Like shes never been in a relationship before? Thank you and sorry if its wierd!!   
Ciao! Can I get a drabble about proactive summoner proposing to Reinhatdt please ,:3
i've had a pretty bad day today, so i just need some soft tobin relationship hc's to make me better, if you don't mind
Hi!!! Could I request Seliph with a sweet and soft summoner SO? 
Maybe something hurt/comforty with Fell Corrin? I feel bad that she seems to be in pain a lot and I want someone to give her a big hug and help her cope with the pain + cope with having to deal with her dragon side.
Hnghhhh I want to just hug Grima’s dragon form and cuddle with it so badly so can I ask for a request with M!Grima and summoner hugging his dragon form UwU
Prompt List (Really Old)
ahh! can i please have a 34 ("are you hurt?") from the prompt with xander? if you're done with them, i'm sorry!
For the 100 followers thing, could I please get 10 with Linus and a male s/o? Thanks in advance and congratulations, I hope you keep doing good content, I love to read what you post :)
36, 55, or/and 58 with Niles?
Is it it possible for you to make a a combination of 44 “I need to tell you something.” 71 “Don’t push me away.” 34 “Are you hurt?” 72 “Can I hold your hand?” For Innes or Marth for the prompt thing sbsbsbsb (If not you can just narrow it down to what you’re willing to do) and Angst with a happy ending? Thank you very much your writing is lovely as always! Uwu
Prompt List (Kind of Old)
a good portion of these sound like they can be said by or about Owain, so uh... a number 2, and a number 18 with a summoner and her new hubby Owain
For that new prompt list, Soren and 24 might be funny.
Prompt List (Summer)
there is probably enough Grima content on this blog for now, so can i get uh... Mia with and her summoner in no particular order #11, #16, #20 and #21 for the soft summer prompt thing? big thanks and excellent work as always
Heya! I'm the anon who sent the Florina request a while ago, could i get summer prompt 20 with her? Thx!!!
What about 21 with Ryoma? 💕
*Vibrates* soft summer rain with Muriel from awakening? Bc i love her and im Mmmm very gay but no one else requests her and im weak
Something somewhat similar to what's listed with the soft summer prompts, but could I actually ask for catching fireflies with Alfonse or M!Corrin? Thank you so much!!💛
hello! could i get #17 from the summer prompts w xander please? 
6) making lemonade with m!grima please? How's the summer heat been treating you? Triple digit heat should not be allowed by nature so I hope the summer heat doesn't get too awful like past years.
Could I request #19 fireworks with Soren? :)
For the soft summer prompts, may I request number 13 with Chrom?
For the summer prompts could I get 16 with Eirika
Can I get 10 with Linde
hewwo,,, could we get either 8. ice cubes or 17. soft summer rain for laevatein? i'm really having problems picking so just choose whichever you like best? i just discovered your blog and i love it and your writing a lot!
hi hi! if I’m not too late, could I have summer prompt 16 with ryoma? if I’m too late or this is too troublesome, I sincerely apologise! i hope you have a nice day uwu
Thunderstorms with Grima and S/O! Modern au or FeH it's up to you 💖
may i request for the summer prompts #16 with soren please? thanks so much! ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )☆彡
hello!! can i get number 5 from the summer prompts with laslow?? adsfdjfk i love your writing
Could you do #4 with Summer! Laegjarn and Summer!Cordelia with a feminine [not necessarily female] summoner? (Sorry if that's a lot to ask!!! [Ugh I love them both so much!])
hello!!! could i get 4 or 15 for gaius? this blog is absolutely amazing and is everything ive been looking for!!!
could I get 25 from the summer prompts with Xander, if possible? thank you bunches in advance!!
I’m not sure if your still taking summer prompts, but if you are could you do #21 with hríd? Thank you so much 😊
Alfonse + 5 of the summer prompts? I dream of princes and Fireflies
Not sure if your still taking summer prompts or if this has been done, but may I humbly request the "watching fireflies" prompt with Frederick?
7 with shigure? I just love gardens so much;
The soft summer prompts are so cute!(mainly because i'm freezing here in my country ;u;) so i was hoping you could do N.5 for Henry? It's okay if you don't want of course, thanks~
Would you be okay with summer prompt 1 with Lukas?
Total Count: 46
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Summoner/M!Corrin C-S Support
Written by Shauni
(y/n): Okay, let's recap... I need around 5,000 more feathers if I wanna upgrade a new hero... I just ran out of Light's Blessings this morning... Thirty-seven Dueling Crests is more than enough though, so that's good. Aaaand I have zero orbs. Again. *sighs* Why am I like this?
Corrin: Summoner?
(y/n): Aah!
Corrin: Oh! My apologies, I didn't mean to startle you...
(y/n): I-it's okay, Corrin. Just nearly had a heart attack but, you know, I got used to it somehow. Did you need something?
Corrin: No, but this strange object fell from your pocket. I figured you didn't want someone to step on it, so here you go.
(y/n): A strange object?... Oh God, that's my phone!
Corrin: Your what?
(y/n): It's... Phew, the screen is intact. You'd think after dropping it so many times on so many different surfaces I'd stop worrying, but I still do. Now more than ever. Thank you, Corrin. I wouldn't have noticed until hours later.
Corrin: Don't mention it. I'll admit I am a bit curious now though. Is it important? You seem to care a whole lot about it.
(y/n): Indeed I do. Probably not as much as all those surveys about Millenials believe I am, but there are days when I interact more with it than with other people. Well... before I ended up here with no charger. Or electricity, for that matter.
Corrin: Um, come again?
(y/n): Haha, sorry, it must sound like I'm speaking nonsense. Forget it, it's not important. Well, I gotta go now, Corrin. Thanks again for giving it back to me.
Corrin: You're welcome... I'll see you later, Summoner.
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank C.]
Corrin: Summoner, won't you take a break? You've spent your whole afternoon inside that study. I've brought coffee.
(y/n): How kind of you. Did you make it yourself?
Corrin: No. Jakob did. The last time I tried to make coffee, Elise broke into tears after drinking a single mouthful... For everyone's sake, I swore I'd never try again, so rest assured.
(y/n): Ha ha ha, oh my, are you really that bad at making coffee? Not that I'd do a better job at it. Anyway, thank you.
Corrin: You're very welcome.
Corrin: …
(y/n): Corrin? Is something wrong? You're staring into space.
Corrin: Ah, my apologies. I've been thinking about that strange device of yours lately. You left in a hurry last time and aroused my curiosity.
(y/n): You mean my phone?
Corrin: I believe that is the word you used. May I ask what is it exactly?
(y/n): Well... Ironically, I'd have to use it to give you a proper, exact definition, which I can't, but I'll try to explain with my own words. As you said, it's a device. That allows you to... uh... have a conversation with someone when you two are apart.
Corrin: So this small object conveys... sound?
(y/n): That's right. In my world, virtually everyone has one. Life is easier thanks to it. Unfortunately, it needs... stuff that doesn't exist in Askr to work, like electronic signals, so it's mostly useless here.
Corrin: Oh. So you can't have a conversation with your family.
(y/n): … No, I can't.
Corrin: I-I'm sorry, Summoner. Upsetting you wasn't my intention.
(y/n): … I know it wasn't. It's okay. I'm okay.
Corrin: Are you really?
(y/n): … It's just... I don't know how I feel, you see? Sometimes, I don't even know what's going on anymore. I'm not sad to be here – at least I don't think so – but I'm not exactly happy either. I guess I was at first, but now... I have so many questions. What if this war lasts years? I assumed it wouldn’t take long to defeat Veronica and Bruno. But what if... what if it does? What if I'm stuck here for five, ten years?? Sure, my life maybe was kinda pointless, and very imperfect, but... I miss it so much.
(y/n): *turns phone on* I can't call or text anyone here... but I have so many photographs in this. Here are my parents. Here's my pet. This stupid thing is gonna run out of battery in one, maybe two days, and all I can think about is how I've read somewhere that the first thing you forget about someone is their voice. Then their face... Corrin, you know how it is to forget people, right? Do... do you know if it's true?
Corrin: Summoner, I... I'm sorry. I don't know.
(y/n): … I'm the one who's sorry. You came to bring me coffee and I just made a spectacle of myself.
Corrin: Please don't worry about it. You're under pressure and you're always taking care of everything. Frankly, I am amazed you didn't crack sooner. Now, please, go get some rest.
(y/n): But I–
Corrin: No buts. A warm bath and some sleep won't solve anything, but it will still do wonders. Believe me.
(y/n): … Alright, if you say so. See you next time, Corrin.
[(y/n) leaves.]
Corrin: … He/she left the phone on the desk. Hmm...
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank B.]
(y/n): Huff... Huff... I've looked everywhere... Asked a dozen people... Where the hell is it?! I left it turned on, that I'm sure... It must have ran out of battery by now...
Corrin: Summoner!
(y/n): Ah, Corrin. Say, have you seen my phone?
Corrin: About that... Yes, you forgot it on your desk yesterday.
(y/n): That's what I thought, but it wasn't there when I went back in the study... Did you take it?
Corrin: Well... yes.
(y/n): Why you–
Corrin: Please let me explain. You said you were afraid to forget your loved ones' faces if you couldn't look at their pictures anymore, right?
(y/n): I... remember pathetically whimpering something along those lines.
Corrin: When you left, I had an idea. I found Subaki and showed him the family picture you showed me. He's great at many things, you know? Well, I remembered painting is his forte as well.
(y/n): Painting...?
Corrin: I rushed him a bit and he managed to reproduce it. Look at this, Summoner. What do you think?
(y/n): !! That's...
(y/n): … *sniffle*
Corrin: Summoner... I apologize for taking your 'phone' without permission. It turned black a few minutes after Subaki was done...
(y/n): It's alright... It was going to run out of battery anyway. Thank you, Corrin, truly. I appreciate your gesture, more than I could ever express it, and it means so much to me. That painting is gorgeous.
Corrin: Glad to hear it. You should thank Subaki though. All I did was running away with something that belongs to you, but he spent hours on this masterpiece. When I explained how important it was, he dropped his training and gave it his best.
(y/n): Heheh... At least you didn't ask Kagero... You're right. I'll go find him immediately. Again, you have all my thanks in the world.
Corrin: Don't mention it, Summoner. It was my pleasure to bring your smile back.
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank A.]
Corrin: (y/n), may I borrow you for a moment?
(y/n): Certainly, Corrin. Did you need something?
Corrin: Not really... It's just good to see you. We've been spending a lot of time together lately, so now I feel uneasy when you're not around.
(y/n): Haha, it's true that we're quite inseparable. I think the others noticed.
Corrin: They sure did. My siblings even called me overprotective. Heh. I guess I am. I'd like to just keep you where I can see you, so nothing bad can ever happen to you.
(y/n): Corrin?... What are you trying to tell me?
Corrin: I... I... Gods, I didn't want to– I mean... I've felt overprotected my whole life, you know, but this time I want to do it myself. You are essential to this realm, so it's only natural to protect you, I suppose...
(y/n): So... you're saying you've got my back?
Corrin: W-well, yes... but I'm also saying that I've fallen for you.
(y/n): You WHAT?!
Corrin: I-I'm sorry, was that inappropriate? If you have someone waiting for you back home, just forget I said anything. I don't know what I was thinking, we both have a world to go back to–
(y/n): No! Don't shy away now... please. I have feelings for you as well.
Corrin: You...?
(y/n): Don't you realize? You entered my life out of nowhere, and suddenly it was all about you. You're so kind, Corrin. I love that about you.
Corrin: You do? That's what people usually dislike about me.
(y/n): They're idiots then. You always choose to do what is right, not what is easy. People are self-centered and unreasonable, but you forgive them anyway. When people try to deceive you, you're kind anyway. You know giving your best will never be enough, and yet you do it anyway.
Corrin: *laughs* Isn't that the definition of stupidity?
(y/n): This is just what you're always told, not what you actually believe. Or am I wrong?
Corrin: No... No, you're not. In fact, you are entirely right. Heh, you know me well.
(y/n): See? I had my eye on you since the beginning. And as for our worlds... For now, we are trapped here until further notice. So we can take the time to talk about what we'll do when the time comes.
Corrin: Now is now, huh? Very well. (Y/n)... There are no words for how happy you've just made me.
(y/n): Corrin... Please never change. Kindness looks good on you.
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank S.]
Confession quote:
Corrin: I choose you. No matter what happens from this moment on, I know in my heart this is the one and only choice I'll never regret.
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awkotacosummoner · 2 years ago
Teach Me Chapter 1 (Leo x Reader)
Summary: (name) begins her lessons with Lord Leo.
Last Chapter:
AO3 link :
(name) performed her duties with a small skip in her step.  Lord Leo was coming back from visiting Princess Corrin today and they were supposed to start her lessons.  She had also overheard that if Princess Corrin where to pass a test Lord Xander was to give her in a few weeks then she and her retainers where to come to Castle Krakenburg.  Which meant that her sisters would be coming to visit as well.
She made quick work of her chores, hoping to start her lessons as soon as Lord Leo was ready for her.  She went through her mental checklist when she neared the end of her duties.  
Sweep the halls? Check.
Wash the dishes? Check.
Dust the bookshelves? Check.
(name) went through a few other of her daily duties and had completed everything an hour earlier than she usually did.  She didn’t know if she could wait until Lord Leo sent someone to get her, she was just too excited.
While waiting, (name) had busied herself with helping the other servants of the castle with their duties.  While organizing things on a shelf, a servant approached (name).
“(name), Lord Leo has requested your presence in his quarters.” the older man said.
“Thank you, Wilhelm.” (name) smiled.  “I’ll head over there right now.”
“Be careful, (name).” whispered Wilhelm as she walked past him.  “I don’t like the idea of someone like you being alone with someone in power like Lord Leo.”
(name) just chuckled at her fellow servant’s warning.  Wilhelm had always been a bit over protective.  He was like a father to her, considering she was here since she was very young and never got the chance to get to know her real father.  He was always looking out for her, especially with the other male occupants of the castle.  
Nothing like that had ever really happened before at the castle, so she couldn’t quite see why Wilhelm was so paranoid.  But she had heard that he did have a young daughter back home so maybe it was just from him being an actual father that he treats a girl around the same age as his daughter like this.
“Don’t worry, Wilhelm.  I’ll be fine.” she smiled before walking off toward Lord Leo’s room.
Wilhelm was a fairly old man.  Probably only a few years younger then Sir Gunther.  Quite a few wrinkles marking his features, but (name) will admit he was fairly handsome.  She can only wonder how much of a looker he was back in the day.
He was also still pretty strong.  Apparently he had trained to be a knight, but suffered an injury and was no longer able to keep up with his fellow knights.
(name) had finally reached Lord Leo’s door and gave it a hard knock.
“Lord Leo, it’s (name).  You summoned for me?”
Prince Leo had opened the door, a gentle smile on his face.
“Yes I did, (name).  I came back from visiting my sister a few hours ago and recalled I had promised to tutor you in reading.”
“You’ve been back for a few hours already?  I’m sorry, sir.  If I’d known when you were arriving home I would have welcomed you.”
“Don’t worry about it.” the prince waved his hand dismissively.  “You were probably busy with your duties anyway.  Come, I have a spot for us at my desk.”
(name) had followed Leo over to his desk which now had two chairs in front of it, along with a stack of books.
“Thankfully, Elise still had her books from when she was learning to read so we’ll use them.” Leo said taking a seat while (name) took the other.  “They are a bit childish, but very useful for beginners.”
(name) began to feel slightly self-conscious at Lord Leo’s statement.  Here she was, at eighteen years old and reading books meant for small children because she never learned.  It’s not like she expected to jump straight into huge books with small text, but it was still a bit embarrassing to have to read children’s books when other people her age where reading complex stories.  Well, everyone has to start somewhere, right?  
“So to start out, I think we should focus on reading letters out loud.” he said as he pulled out a thin book.  He opened it up to reveal that pages had letters in large print with some smaller... words? Underneath.  
“Right here is a letter,” the prince had pointed to the letter in large text.  “and here is how you pronounce the letter.”
His finger moved down to what (name) thought where words.
“I want to first see what you know so I know what you do need to learn.  I want you to go through all the letters and to sound them out for me, okay?”
“Yes sir.” (name) replied.
It had taken (name) a while; probably a full hour, but she had finally made it through the alphabet twice.  Lord Leo had helped her with most of them.  She was beyond frustrated with herself.  Here she thought she was pretty smart for someone who had never gone to school, yet here she was proving herself wrong.
“You did really well.” the prince said, giving her a gentle smile.
“You really think so?” (name) asked.
“Yes, it took Elise about three hours for her to get past the first half of the alphabet.  Granted she kept on getting distracted but that’s beside the point.”  Lord Leo then turned to another page in the book that definitely had words on it this time.  “Now that you know how to pronounce letters individually, I want you to try and sound out some of these words.  You don’t need to worry if you don’t know what they mean, just try your best for now.”
This part was even harder then the last.  It must have taken (name) twice as long to read these then when she was reading letters individually.  She really got stuck with letters that made a new sound when put together.  Like ‘th’, ‘sh’, ‘wh’, and others like that.
She hung her head in shame, she felt like she wasting Lord Leo’s time with this.
“You did very well.” said Leo, surprising the maid.
“You’re just saying that, Milord.  That had to have taken me more than last time to read.”
“I mean it.  You are actually a fast learner from what I can tell.” the prince looked out his window to see that it was now night time.  “I think we should call it a day.  It’ll be dinner for me soon and I’m sure the others are wondering where you are.”
With that, he stood up and walked (name) to his door.
“Thank you again, Lord Leo.  You have no idea how much this means to me.” (name) smiled before bowing.
“It’s no trouble at all.  In fact, I do enjoy your company and I hope we can continue tomorrow at the same time.  Would that be alright?”
“Yes, of course.  I-I guess I’ll see you then, sir.” (name) smiled before making her way back to the servants quarters. (name) couldn’t help but blush at Lord Leo’s praise.  Maybe she was smarter than she thought...
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summoner-peachy · 2 years ago
would it be okay for me to to ask what kind of requests you currently have? I check this blog pretty much every day and want to know what could be coming if that’s alright! ❤️
an/: yeah it’s totes okay to ask what request i currently have! sorry for the delay in getting this out i just got off of work. 
and a big ol sorry for me for taking so long to get updates out, since work and taking care of myself has kept me away from doing updates. 
35 with Grima if thats not too much
25 with male corrin please
"Are you trying to seduce me?" With Silas, please?
Zelgius #34 or #35 our man needs more love
i want your take on what would've happened if Hel's curse went the way it was originally meant to .. (meaning Alfonse bites it. or whatever metaphor for dying you like)
"After everything...I'd still choose you" or "Just do one last thing: Kiss me" for Leo uwu? (I'd appreciate it if the reader/summoner was shy as well hfsjdkjhkfdjhg)
ooo can we get 40 w/ kliff??
Lucina With 23 Please!!
chrom 35 for ask thing??
HnNnN do you think you could write Saizo x Corrin with Corring finding out and and being a little insecure about Saizo having been with Kagero before?
Lukas and the please dont go promt please! 
if you’re still doing the alphabet asks, could I please request a, b, i, m, o, p, and u for Kaze? if that’s too much you don’t have to do all of them! thank you!!! ❤️
Can I have Fem summoner conflicted with her feelings and relationship with Alm because of his destiny with potentially marrying Celica. Angst with a happy ending on top please.
Can I get leo making his s/o feel better after a metal break down
Hi! Can I request drabble where Alfonse finds out ,by mistake or after training, that summoner has prosthetic arm? I love curious, worried and amazed Alfonse at the same time~ Also you have amazing blog ❤️ Sorry if my English is bad
I LOVE INIGO. Can we have Inigo trying to teach the summoner how to dance? Bonus points if the summoner blushes everytime he touches them
Can I request Laslow conflicted about going back to Nohr/Ylisse when he has fallen head over heels for the female summoner? I love your stuff so please take your time! Thank you!
Well, looks like tumblr ate my ask, so..... Maybe some horse riding fjorm x a male Hel!summoner that wields blue magic and rides a wyvern. That too specific? Sorry if it is.
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hellish-summoner · 2 years ago
To start us off, how about a fun way to learn about the local summoner?
“Well, this might be a bit long, but not like I have anything else to do here, and we are having a pause from the fighting....”
Just for one quick thing before the read more.....
Tumblr media
Have a Heca I made in a character maker~
Introduce your summoner
“Ah, introduce myself? My name is Hecatia Lapislazuil, but most people here we refer to me as Heca; feel free to do the same. As dragon-like as I might appear, I’m a friend, I promise.”
How did they come to Askr?
“Well, I was summoned of course! I was never aware of this world before I came here, which is odd given my role back in He-....Well, that’s not important to you, is it?”
what are their favorite hobbies?
“My favorite hobbies? Well, I certainly like engaging in spell card battles or even just normal battles, but there is no one to fight! All my heroes don’t want to even do a friendly battle for the most part, besides one....”
“......I have found that testing out magic is a fun hobby, and so is doodling or trying my hand at writing. Or......playing video games. I have found that magic can work just as well for charging handhelds and mobile devices, so a lack of a tv isn’t too much of an issue....”
Does your summoner have any bad habits that the heroes try to help them through?
“If I do have any, I’m not looking for solving them; it’s a matter of opinion really.”
“Besides, I.....had a bad habit that I would of accepted help with if I didn’t already learn my lesson there.”
How close is your summoner to their heroes?
“It depends on the hero.....My special heroes required more attention when getting them adjusted to Askr than the normal ones. And I do feel like I’m friends with a lot of the younger ones, and the dragons.....”
“.........Though I feel I’m closest with the special heroes from my world; and two of my Corrins. And......a friend who will be called Hydra since I think he prefers it.”
Does your summoner struggle with being a tactician?
“I will say that I have never thought of acting as well, so it’s been a learning process, but some advice here and there from the polite tacticians and leaders from other worlds have helped. Well, helped with directing people; my own tactics if allowed to fight is basically ‘overwhelm them’ still.”
How did your summoner react during their first time summoning?
“I think I just went quiet and realized that ‘holy shit.....I CAN SHOOT PEOPLE OUT OF THIS GUN???’ because you know.....I know what a gun is, but never remember what this thing is named. It’s the summongun now.”
How does your summoner react to summoning now?
“Eh, I’m used to it at this point. Would love it if it could give me those I’m looking for more often; that hawk king and wolf queen look quite fine~”
How well do they adjust to life in Askr?
“I adjusted fairly well; I’m used to places being behind the modern world in terms of tech......Kinda why I know how to charge things with magic.”
How long have they been a summoner?
“Since.......the start of that conflict with Embla? I think? It’s been a while at least.”
“..........Oh fuck, I have probably worried my wife and husband so much by this point.”
Who’s your summoners main team?
“Right now it’s the two Grimas, Lady Corncob, and smol Tiki. But currently I’m working on training two more Corncobs to make a slightly better dragon team. But hmm, to have Lady Grimgram babysit them, or have Hydra get to go with them into battle instead of just with one Corn.....Hmm...”
Who’s your summoners S support?
“Technically, it’s Crescent, aka the one I just called Lady Corncob, but that’s platonic.....My spouses have not been summoned (yet), so thus I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting in another relationship; the feeling is mutual, since Crescent has her own lovers she is waiting for.”
How was your Summoner and ally support building to S support?
“She was one of my first units to get really strong actually; she had quite the drive to be strong so she could help protect Askr. Partly, the relationship formed out of her assisting me often on staying calm....I was not always a Manakete, so the fact I needed to keep myself in control was a foreign concept.”
“................Not helped by me lacking a dragonstone back then. It had to be made specific too....”
How many allies have s support with your summoner?
“......I might be close enough to Hydra for that to be considered another platonic one. Lady Vallite as well.”
What are your top 4 ally x ally supports?
“Oh my~ Personally, I love to see Mikoto and Hydra interact; lovers separated far too soon finally getting reunited is quite a touching thing to see. Same with Crescent and the only one of her loves that has shown up; I swear, that green ninja follows us into battle even when he isn’t actually among the group fighting; though she has told me that two are still missing, though I don’t know where to find an orange kitsune and a half-dragon that favors a bow over a dragonstone or sword...”
“Who else that wouldn’t require much explaining....Ah yes, the male Grima is a possessed Robin who isn’t the normal one you see summoned, and I summoned a Olivia who uses a pegasus; and got to see Grima actually happy for pure reasons. He was so happy to see his wife again, that even the fell influence could do nothing to stop him from running up and hugging her. Also learned his name is Lunar.....”
“And then.....Ah what the hell, the other Grima, the female one, is quite small and unintimidating in this Askr, but it was quite interesting to see her cling to Henry and refuse to let go of him when I summoned him in his halloween outfit....I think Henry just ended up holding her until she was finally ready to let go.....Kokoro or Miyu is her name I believe, depending on if you are extremely close to her or anyone else.”
“..........I think I saw Kokor-...Uh, Miyu start crying when I summoned male Morgan. Said something about not being able to believe that she is able to have children....”
What does your summoner miss from home?
“I miss the heat......And I miss Isamu and Junko.....I would say I miss my loyal lampad, but CP seems to have followed me here somehow, it just took her a while to find me. And Therai.....I have missed my old friend, but with his appearance comes me needing to earn his forgiveness. He’s......still rather mad at me....”
If they could bring one thing from home with them what would it be?
“Ok, I know I can’t bring a person......I would love to bring a TV......Maybe also some dvds and blu-rays.....”
Is your summoners robe unique?
“...........Wait, we can get unique ones?! Fuck, all I got was one that has holes for wings and horns!”
Who are your fellow summoner friends?
“Let’s see.....There’s Alex, who has long suffered trying to fully comprehend me and magic in general......Lemon, who is from a race adept with time, and banged a dragon, a choice I can 100% respect....Mari, who thirsts for many, and should maybe bed both Xander and Ryoma instead of trying to choose one at this point....Mina, who is quite the lovely lady and understands the pains of being very limited in terms of strength; I honestly hope she regains her lost power, she deserves it......And-...Well, this is long enough already, I guess....”
What does your summoner wear if during their down time?
“I still have my Welcome Hell shirt, and wear it a lot in my downtime; or other t-shirts.....I like wearing skirts, since those are nice to wear, though I have been advised to wear shorts if I plan to go flying or do anything that might lift it up....”
How do they handle merging heroes or sending them home?
“I have never seen dupes of the same exact person, and normally send dupes of the same person from different timelines back home right away....”
What abilities/ weapons do they have?
“I got tomes, dragonstones....I had a lance until I had to give it back to the angry lizard. As for abilities.....Well, it’s not like myself to reveal all my tricks, but I will admit that I’m quite adept with magic even without a tome.”
Would your summoner like to know magic?
“I know magic already, though I would like to learn any new forms I didn’t already know.”
Are they able to hold their own in a fight?
“Yes-.....Kinda. I’m a bit of a glass cannon without my full power it seems......”
How many heroes have you acquired?
“A lot......I have lost count my friend. We certainly have an army here....”
What book has been the hardest? Emotional or battlewise.
“Going with emotional for my allies.....The most recent one; the death curse is very concerning.....Mostly because someone other than that prince got one too; and that poor child’s timer is only five days......I pray for Vallite that she does not have to see her son die, as I’m unsure of how a death from that curse will affect him, or even if it might cause him to get dragged to Hel....”
If your summoner went into battle what would be there class?
“Um....I use Tomes and Dragonstones....which matches no current class. I guess a Nohr Noble but without the swords?”
Are there any heroes they clash with?
“Therai.......though I willingly fight him, since it gets his anger out.”
Which hero have you pumped more into?
“I guess.....Crescent? She has asked to train with a lot of heroes before they go home. She has learned many things from them as a result.”
Which hero do you get a lot of while summoning?
“I see......a lot of the more common heroes.”
Which hero’s have they adopted?
“Harm any of the dragon children, and I and the Grimas will give you absolute hell.”
Do they participate in voting gauntlets?
“When I feel like it.......Not often now, since I need to focus on other things.
How do they handle their orbs?
“I save....sometimes.......Vallite said she saved something called Wisdom Cubes one time and still didn’t find the one she was looking for until she searched some sea a lot....”
What hero do you wanna see in fire emblem heroes?
“Someone let my fellow summoners summon the Silent Dragon. He is very nice if you summon the sane one. Mikoto can help keep him nice and calm.”
Will your summoner stay in Askr? Nifl? Muspell? Hel? Emblian?
“...........Muspell was nice and warm.........I would love to find a way to travel between this world and my own, honestly.”
What is your Summoner life like years later if they stayed? Askr. Nifl. Muspell. Hel. Emblian.
“Honestly....If I seemingly stayed, I would have a way to go back and forth.....So normal really; I have multiple bodies in my world, so maybe I can form one that can stay here, or just travel back and forth as needed.”
“.....Hell doesn’t need me that often anyways; I have those under me that can deal with things there just fine.”
Summoners family reacting to your summoners significant other?
“..............I don’t have much of a family. Isamu and Junko’s families are dead. And.....I actually don’t know what Junko’s parents thought of Isamu. Guess it’s completely unknown then.”
In a twist of fate, if your summoner could change one thing what would it be?
“...............I would say to make it so at least one of my spouses got summoned with me, but one, that would just worry the one that was not summoned more, and two......I would use it to either give that poor child a longer timer or prevent him from having to jump in front of Vallite to protect and thus causing some form of anger for Hel.....”
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So I added stuff from my previous ask blogs too @running-from-tender-salami and @awhaaaale  ((which are no longer active... *sweats nervously*
*ahem* have fun with these :)) I’ll be adding more as I go, etc etc.
Fire Emblem Fates
Kaze, Saizo, Owain, Ushijima, and Iida with an s/o who’s feeling down on their birthday
general Takumi NSFW headcannons
Takumi college au/general headcannons
Takumi x summoner domestic, fluffy headcannons
Lon’qu, Silas, Conrad kiss, cuddle headcannons
M!Corrin & M!Grima sweet love relationship headcannons
Fire Emblem Awakening
Iwaizumi, Bakugou, Chrom, & Alm kind of girl they would fall for
Chrom x f Robin hcs where Robins gets injured in battle
Cordelia with a soft & shy m!Robin confession/relationship hcs
Lon’qu, Silas, Conrad kiss, cuddle headcannons
M!Corrin & M!Grima sweet love relationship headcannons
Lucina x f!Robin confession and relationship headcannons
Cordelia with a dom m!summoner N/SFW headcannons
Fire Emblem Echoes
Izuku, Alm, & Ephraim with an s/o who likes to touch, grab, and bite their butts
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Lukas N/SFW relationship headcannons
Fire Emblem (general)
Izuku, Alm, & Ephraim with an s/o who likes to touch, grab, and bite their butts
Bakugo, Midoriya, & Ephraim with future s/o who doesn’t think they reciprocate her feelings so she decides to step away
L!Ephraim & f!summoner N/SFW relationship headcannons
Zelgius N/SFW relationship headcannons
Linus N/SFW relationship hcs with m!summoner who’s like him, but more relaxed
Diabolik Lovers
Diaboys reacting to an s/o who gives them the funniest, most back-handed compliments
S&M brothers reacting to Yui telling them she’s pregnant
Haikyuu!! boys at the beach gifs
Haikyuu!! as Guardians of the Galaxy (Part 1)
Haikyuu!! as Guardians of the Galaxy (Part 2)
Karasuno best laughs
Karasuno MBTI types
Nekoma MBTI types
Aobajohsai MBTI types
Bakugo, Gintoki, & Kuuro with an s/o who likes to touch, grab, and bite their butts
Kaze, Saizo, Owain, Ushijima, and Iida with an s/o who’s feeling down on their birthday
Aone, Kyoutani, & Tendou giving body positive oral to self conscious female s/o
Kageyama getting advice from his kouhais to confess to crush
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Iwaizumi, Bakugou, Chrom, & Alm kind of girl they would fall for
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general Kyo-ga’s type and what he looks for in a partner
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the pairings with NSFW relationship headcannons
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Mystic Messenger
MysMes kids hcs of finding their crush/MC has been rejected from their top choice grad school
Yoosung, Saeyoung, & Saeran watching their s/o falling out of a tree very ungracefully
Tokyo Ghoul
Ayato, Tatara, Kaneki, Amon, & Arima papa headcannons
General Tatara headcannons
Tatara and Kaneki with a pregnant s/o (human and ghoul)
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Furuta confronting a pregnant!s/o who turned him into the CCG
My Hero Academia
Izuku, Alm, & Ephraim with an s/o who likes to touch, grab, and bite their butts
Bakugo, Gintoki, & Kuuro with an s/o who likes to touch, grab, and bite their butts
Kaze, Saizo, Owain, Ushijima, and Iida with an s/o who’s feeling down on their birthday
Bakugou, Midoriya, & Iwaizumi kissing and their favorite kind of kissing
Iwaizumi, Bakugou, Chrom, & Alm kind of girl they would fall for
Bakugo, Midoriya, & Ephraim with future s/o who doesn’t think they reciprocate her feelings so she decides to step away
Inasa and Todoroki scenario where they fall for the same girl
Hunter x Hunter
Leorio with a chubby, insecure s/o
Killua and Gon and their reunion headcannons
Bakugo, Gintoki, & Kuuro with an s/o who likes to touch, grab, and bite their butts
Kamui with his long time gf telling him she’s pregnant
MBTI stereotypes as anime characters
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600 Follower Milestone Acheived!
So, after circling between 597 or so followers, today I've finally reached that magical number of 600!! Huzzah! I'm not sure how I'm gonna be celebrating this time around as I still owe some drabbles from the last milestone which was forever ago.
I'm actually thinking of taking a page from my good friend Rachel over at @singergurl91 and doing a poll regarding some fic ideas I have and see what you guys might be interested in. The one with the most votes will be written in celebration of the milestone.
SO, here are the ideas I've got on deck:
1. Octomer!Prompto x Reader 3 Part Series (Will probably be NSFW) (FFXV)
2. Fae/Fairy!Nyx Ulric x Reader (Not sure if will be SFW or NSFW) (FFXV)
3. Older!Noctis x Fairy!Reader (NSFW) (FFXV)
4. King!Leo x Reader (Not Sure if it will be SFW or NSFW) (Fire Emblem Fates)
5. Male Corrin x Summoner!Reader (NSFW- would feature of Default Male Corrin with his taller body type that's available in Fates) (Fire Emblem Heroes)
6. Seliph x Summoner!Reader (SFW) (Fire Emblem Heroes)
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grandsonoflightike · 2 years ago
Warrior Great Sea Saga Chapter 1: A New Warrior Disturbance
Tumblr media
Dana The Writer: Welcome To The Branders Series 96 of the tAll3Shyguy Timeline BU 400 Years Era called "Warrior Great Sea Saga". This will have fates characters in it and 1 lesbian couple and 1 gay couple. The Gay Couple is Warrior-Arthur-X-Warrior-Kaden. The Lesbian Couple is Warrior-Elise-X-Warrior-Sakura who are stars of this story.
Warrior Sakura: Wait, how a-are W-warrior E-elise and I-I stars of the W-warrior G-great S-sea S-saga?
Warrior Elise: I also am wondering that.
Light Lucina: I am too.
Light Male Robin: That's not to be revealed until chapter 2. The thing is we actually learn of the Gay couple being together during fates but the lesbian couple as their wifes to produce their children with Warrior Percy have Warrior Kaden's hair color and Warrior Selkie having Warrior Arthur's Hair color which confused Warrior Elise and Warrior Sakura until this chapter when the gay couple is revealed.
Light Lucina: So basically Warrior Arthur broke Warrior Elise's Heart and Warrior Kaden broke Warrior Sakura's Heart?
Warrior Kaden: Yeah, that's true. We are truly sorry for that.
Warrior Arthur: If Lady Warrior Elise can forgive me, I hope Lady Warrior Camilla can too.
Warrior Elise: I talk her down so that she doesn't hurt you. I also mention to both her and you about a certain other feelings for someone else.
Warrior Kaden: Well I hope Warrior Hinoka doesn't hurt me for breaking Warrior Sakura's Heart.
Warrior Sakura: I do to W-warrior H-hinoka what W-warrior E-elise does to W-warrior C-camilla for y-you as well. I also m-mention to b-both W-warrior H-hinoka and y-you about c-certain o-other f-feelings for s-someone el-else a-as well.
Warrior Camilla and Warrior Hinoka: Wait you both mentioned certain other feelings for someone else. Do you tell us sisters who you're talking about or what those feelings are?
Warrior Sakura: N-nope.
Warrior Elise: Thinking about what happens later, we probably should have.
Light Male Robin: Another thing to blame on the villain because the gay couple being revealed is thanks to him to.
Warrior Sakura: Well, one good thing is t-that the T-temple Of W-warrior Hy-hylia is built because of h-him.
Warrior Ryoma: I am going to speed this up. All Branders Characters Of The BU and Emblem Warriors Outrealm Characters © tAll3Shyguy On DA Or tAll3Shyguy Skull Land On Fan-fiction / YouTube / Tumblr or tAll3Shyguy_Skull_Land On Archive Of Our Own or DavidTWr On Miiverse or Skulkerman On PSN or Kallig Legacy on Discord.
Dana The Writer: Thank you for the Disclaimer, Warrior Ryoma. Background song is Title+Dragon (LOZ Wind Waker Title+Dragon) from Hyrule Warriors Legends. Now On With The Story.
Warrior Great Sea Saga Chapter 1: A New Warrior Disturbance
At Windmire Castle, Warrior Elise and Warrior Sakura are surprised to find their husbands kissing each other.
Warrior Elise shouts "What is going on here?"
Their Husbands, Warrior Arthur and Warrior Kaden, turn around to see their wives.
Warrior Arthur And Warrior Kaden say together "I can explain."
Warrior Elise says "which one of you first?"
Warrior Arthur says "I think I can answer for both of us, Lady Warrior Elise. Still don't why I feel the urge to include Warrior. The thing is I actually have been in a relationship since the middle of Corrin's Campaign against Anakos. That is why our son, Warrior Percy, has Warrior Kaden's Hair Color."
Warrior Kaden says "That is also why Our Daughter, Warrior Selkie, has Warrior Arthur's Hair Color on her streak, Warrior Sakura. I am truly sorry for doing this to you. The truth is we actually just needed you two to create children for us. We wanted kids but couldn't get them together."
"S-so that justifies a r-reason to pretend to love us?!" Warrior Sakura shouts.
"Warrior Sakura, calm down. It is not like they weren't going to tell us eventually. Right, you two?" Warrior Elise says/
"Indeed, Lady Warrior Elise. Though this was not how we intended to tell you. There was a plan for it. Then somehow you two were able to find us making out." Warrior Arthur says.
"Warrior Sakura, Please Forgive us." Warrior Kaden says.
Warrior Sakura responds "I will but I don't know if Warrior Hinoka will."
Warrior Kaden gulps.
"Same thing with Warrior Camilla." Warrior Elise Says.
Warrior Arthur gulps.
Warrior Kaden says "Please can I talk to you alone, Warrior Sakura?"
Warrior Arthur says "I want to Speak to Warrior Elise Alone."
Both Of The Girls respond that they will talk to their unloving spouse.
"Warrior Elise, can you please talk to Warrior Camilla? Make sure she doesn't chop off my head for breaking your heart." Warrior Arthur asks.
"You know I always thought something was up when you two would go off on your own to think it was because you were a couple." Warrior Elise says "But, I am actually glad that to be the case."
Warrior Arthur says, questionly, "Huh?"
"There is someone else who I have certain feelings for. I just don't know if they will accept them." Warrior Elise says.
Warrior Elise then walks away. A Similar Situation happened with Warrior Kaden and Warrior Sakura with Warrior Sakura Tripping over her words. After that she also walks away. The youngest princess tell their older sisters about the truth of their relationships with their unloving husbands and mention again that There is someone else who they have certain feelings for but just don't know if they will accept them. A Day later, all The Warrior Fates Characters except for the Awakening Trio are pulled from their world to The Great Sea Era Rift in Hyrule just appeared at the moment they were pulled.
"I'm Sensing another rift between the eras. Will you inspect it for us?" Warrior Impa says.
Light Male Robin says "The Warrior Shepherds, Light Lucina, Light Morgan, Light Marc, and I are going with you Warrior Link, if you do."
Warrior Link says "I am going. These rifts have got to be stopped."
Warrior Owain says "I'm sensing strange powerful magic pulling the world to this one as well as another Area as well."
Warrior Lissa says "Don't listen to him. He's just being overdramatic."
Warrior Severa whispers "Do you sense Warrior Corrin and Warrior Azura in that other area, Warrior Owain?"
Warrior Inigo whispers "You can't be seriously believing that he can sense Warrior Corrin and Warrior Azura."
"No, I think he can sense Warrior Leo Though. After all, he was Warrior Leo's Retainer." Warrior Severa whispers.
"You strikes a point." Warrior Inigo whispers. Warrior Inigo whispers "So Do you sense Warrior Leo?"
"I do." Warrior Owain whispers.
"This can't be good that we have that world colliding with ours." Warrior Severa says.
Suddenly An Outrealm Power opens and Light Male Robin, Light Lucina, Light Morgan, and Light Marc come out of it.
"You guys won't be alone. We are coming as well." Light Lucina says.
Warrior Impa says "Why must you guys come as well?"
"Because the Writers ordered my wife, my children, and me to help out warrior Link and the Warrior Shepherds in this saga for some reason." Light Male Robin says.
Warrior Zelda says "I should Go as well."
Warrior Impa says "No, you're needed here, as am I. Warrior Link, Warrior Shepherds and our BU Allies, we must ask you to look into this for us."
In The Warrior Great Sea Era, Warrior Tetra says "What... Just Happened?"
Though peace was expected to return to Warrior Hyrule after Warrior Ganon's Fall, something rather ominous happened instead. New World Appeared--a world of a different dimension. Warrior Impa had summoned Warrior Link and The Warrior Shepherds to Warrior Hyrule Castle where they also met up with Light Male Robin, Light Lucina, Light Morgan, and Light Marc. Warrior Impa asked all of the summoned characters and 4 outrealmers to investigation this strange happening. Once the preparations for his adventure were complete, The Ones going to investigate set off. They entered this strange new world. It was a vast, mysterious dimension with an unfamiliar landscape. There They met a girl who was battling monsters. Her name was Warrior Tetra. She was the leader of a gang of pirates. But she had been separated from her crew during the recent dimensional event. Though Strangers, everyone could agree on one thing: The Monsters Warrior Tetra was battling had to be defeated. They joined forces to take on the enemy.
Warrior Proxi shouts "Oh no! That town is being attacked by monsters! We have to do something!"
Warrior Tetra says "The Enemies are coming from the Warrior Forsaken Fortress. I bet their leader is in there."
Light Male Robin says "Probably a good bet."
Light Morgan says "Father, I feel the presence of Fire Emblem Characters besides the ones who came with us. They are in the dock area."
"Take The Bomb Shop to get to the docks." Warrior Tetra says.
Warrior Link working with Warrior Owain Take the Bomb Shop. The Bomb Shop door to the docks opens and out pop the Warrior Fates Characters.
First one who appears is Warrior Leo who says "Warrior Odin, is that you?"
Warrior Xander then appears and sees Warrior Inigo making him say "Warrior Laslow, what are you doing here?"
Warrior Camilla then appears and sees Warrior Severa making her say "Warrior Selena, How in the world..."
Warrior Corrin appears and says "I also see Warrior Refleto, what is this place?"
"Milord Warrior Corrin..." Warrior Reflet says "The Four Of Us can tell you this now this is the world we came from. You're in a nation connected to our homeworld distorted by A Portal of Sorts."
Warrior Felicia appears "Everyone, I think she is telling the truth because I see the land around and there is water and then strange purple liquid connecting the water to patches of grass."
"Let's Get through this battle and then we see what's going on here." Warrior Elise says.
Warrior Sakura says "V-very much agreed to that s-since this l-looks like a b-battle is g-going on."
Warrior Tetra says "Time to defeat these monsters coming from the Warrior Forsaken Fortress."
Warrior Boss Blin says "If we drive out this accursed bird, the fortress will be ours!"
"They Want More Territory, huh? Don't give them an inch of Windfall Island!" Warrior Tetra says.
Warrior Xander says "I would have to say this island, as it once was, must be important so Warrior Nohrians, Join The Warrior People in driving back the monsters."
"As will we Warrior Hoshidians Join The Battlefield." Ryoma says.
"Warrior Valla is helping to end this war and will have Warrior Lilith prepare the Astral Castle For Us." Warrior Kamui who just so happens to be Male Corrin says.
Warrior Corrin says "This is something we must do."
"We know little about who linked Warrior Tetra's Great Sea Era with our main era of our world. You guys helping us will help achieve finding it." Warrior Chrom says.
"Hmm..." Light Male Robin says "I know of two of the Nohrian and Hoshidian couples here had a little disagreement that was actually the truth."
"You do?" Warrior Elise says "How?"
"I-I got to a-ask that as well." Warrior Sakura stammers out.
"Because I have the outrealm power so I can see everything that happens in any outrealm." Light Male Robin says "Plus I am a chosen one of my Universe's Gods. True fact. In my Universe, People are chosen to watch over planets as each planet has very different people. The Reason you new additions are called Warrior and then your name is because your world is an outrealm to my main one."
"Interesting. I wonder what caused us to be a outrealm." Warrior Leo says.
"Simply Put The Warrior Shepherds were part of a failed timeline of our universe that failed to defeat Tabuu, a Writer who eats Universes by Absorbing them into his subspace one. This guy was defeated in ours but we have learned that he was just a pawn of the true enemy." Light Lucina explains.
"Interesting." Warrior Takumi says.
They move out toward the Forsaken Fortress and find head shaped rocks in the way.
"Oh Man, head shaped boulders block our path." Warrior Takumi says
"The Hammer can help with that if we can find out where we need to use it." Warrior Proxi says.
"Those foul humans are up to something! Go find out what!" Warrior Boss Blin says.
"They're closing in from three different directions. We need to divide and conquer to drive them back!" Warrior Proxi says.
Warrior Hylian Captain says "We strike at the monsters at the east if you can handle the ones in the center!"
"I command Warrior Elise and Warrior Sakura to pair up and go after the ones in the center and Warrior Link go with them. The Rest of you fates characters and Warrior Tetra, go with the Warrior Hylian Soldiers. I am betting they will need our help. I want the Warrior Awakening Characters and The BU People to head after The the West." Light Male Robin says.
"Who died and made you the one who decides that?" Warrior Takumi says.
"Lord Warrior Takumi, Light Male Robin is a skilled tactician and the one who leads his own Chrom who look like a yellow version of Warrior Chrom into battle and is the reason we won against Tabuu as it was his Grima half that defeat Tabuu and Light Male Robin covered for his Grima Half." Warrior Owain says.
"That's good to know. Alright then, we need to do his tactic." Warrior Takumi says. "I just don't get why he is sending Warrior Elise and my little sister together with Warrior Link."
Light Male Robin says "My Gods of My Universe told me to. They are directly linked to all conflict connected to my universe including this one as they write it up as the history of each world. We 4 BU Selves are like The Guardians of them so we know a lot about especially since we live on their world."
"Okay then." Warrior Takumi says.
"Never thought that would get a Takumi to shut up." Light Male Robin thinks.
Warrior Boss Blin says "If you trust in your strength...come at me!"
"He's mocking us!" Warrior Takumi says "Don't go."
"Too Late for Warrior Elise and Warrior Sakura... They are charging toward him with Warrior Sakura riding the back of Warrior Elise's Horse." Warrior Chrom says.
"Wait they trust in their strength? Why? They're healers." Warrior Ryoma says.
"Something ticked them off." Warrior Xander says "Let's go save them."
Warrior Boss Blin says "You healers have come to come at me? I will take you down."
Suddenly a flash happens.
"What the-?" Warrior Ryoma says.
"What's going on?" Warrior Xander says.
"I can't do this alone!" Warrior Sakura says as she fires off a whole bunch of arrows.
"I'll fight with you, Warrior Sakura!" Warrior Elise says as she casts random spells and then says "Warrior Gigunnagap!" Unleashing a Warrior Gigunnagap spell on The Warrior Boss Blin, defeating him.
"Wait a minute, Where's Warrior Tetra?" Warrior Proxi says.
In the new world, Warrior Link, The Warrior Shepherds, and the 4 BU Selves met the pirate leader, Warrior Tetra, and The Warrior Fates Characters and they fought valiantly together as allies. But it would seem their enemies were stronger and craftier than they had imagined... After Claiming Victory, Everyone looked up into the sky to see a monstrous bird flying off into the distance. Squinting to get a better view, Warrior Link saw that the giant bird was carrying something in its talons. Not something--someone! It was Warrior Tetra! Warrior Link and his allies had to do something, or she would be lost forever. Warrior Link and his allies prepared to dash off to save her without a second thought except for Warrior Corrin.
"Wait, If Warrior Lilith can configure the astra realm right, we can teleport right to where Warrior Tetra is going." Warrior Kamui says.
"It will take time in the astra realm but the Astra Realm's time is not the same as the normal world." Warrior Corrin says.
Warrior Proxi says "If what you say is true, I suggest Warrior Link take that idea and use it."
Light Male Robin says "Actually The Gods Of My Universe Command it be done that way."
"Wait, the Writers aka gods of your universe command that be done. They must trust it." Warrior Chrom says.
Warrior Reflet says "Yes, which means we must as well."
So They Headed to Warrior Astra Castle. There they met up and started planning their offensive. At That place, it seemed Light Male Robin was the one controlling what happened with the cursor at first and will be for the next chapter.
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writer-of-worlds · 4 years ago
Final Fantasy or ze fier embulz for the ask, please!
Why not both? :^)
Note that I only know the first, a bit about seven, and a small bit of four of Final Fantasy, but I’ll do my best!
Favorite Male Character: Cloud Strife! He needs a hug… And I don’t care if he tries to kill me XDFavorite Female Character: Aerith. So pure… So sweet… Sephiroth why?!Least Favorite Character: Hmm… I don’t really know a lot of FF characters, but… “I, GARLAND, WILL KNOCK YOU ALL DOWN” I guess.Favorite Ship: Does Monk x Thief and Red Mage x White Mage count? No? Oh… Also, Prompto x Noctis. Worse? I don’t have the game yet X’DFavorite Friendship: Cloud and Barret. Before anyone says anything, I didn’t get to that dating part yet (was aiming for Aerith).Favorite Quote: Cloud’s Mama: I’d feel a lot better if you just settled down with a nice girlfriend.Cloud: Mom, I’m gay dammit.Worse Character Death: Aerith… I’m didn’t get that far yet, but I know I'ma be heartbroken…This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: BEATING DEATH GAZE IN FINAL FANTASY ONE. Seriously, took me five tries to kill that bastard. And even then, he killed Drusus, Keme was near dead, Veles was exhausting all his magic, and Taika was healing everyone till she ran out of power. #fuckdeathgazeSaddest Moment: Look at worst character death.Favorite Location: The Western Keep in FFI design wise and Chaos Shrine in FFI
Fire Emblem:Favorite Male Character: Kaze, Chrom, male Robin, Niles, Male Corrin, Ryoma, Vaike, Gaius, Asugi, Marth, Roy, Eliwood, Hector, Ephraim, Seth, Ike, Soren, and Gordin.Favorite Female Character: Female Corrin, Female Robin, Rinkah (blame my boyfriend XD), Sakura, Nah, Elise, Lyn, Florina, Nino, Bantu, Mist, Eirika, Tana, Neimi.Least Favorite Character: Dickwads Gangrel, Validar, Hans, Garon, and Iago.Favorite Ship: OOOOOOOH BOY. Neimi x Colm, Seth x Eirika, Eliwood x Ninian, Male Summoner x Alfonse, Ike x Soren, Chrom x either Robin, Female Corrin x Kaze, Male Corrin x Niles, Nah x Yarne… For crossovers, Ike x Ephraim and Marth x Roy.Favorite Friendship: Wolt and Roy, Ephraim and Lyon, and Kaze and Silas.Favorite Quote: “You shall not bar my path!” –Zephiel.Worst character death: Leila. Dammit girl you have your whole life ahead of you with Matthew.This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: Beating a Fire Emblem game for the first time, Sacred Stones. Sadly, it only lasted until I was in the epilogue, showing many characters I let died.Saddest Moment: Spoilers for Birthright, Elise’s death. I literally cried so hard to the point that I considered saying “screw it” and turn off the game for the rest of the game.Favorite Location: Tower of Valni in Sacred Stones for grinding purposes, Darkling Woods design wise, and the Ice Tribe village (especially in Birthright. Ouch…)
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yukiwrites · 4 years ago
Yukiii... Please feed me some Ryouma x Male Kamui, I'm dying over here... Could you come up with something involving their S-support, but the flaws (lying about them being brothers and all) actually being addressed? Kamui getting super angry and not even giving him an answer at first? (I'm sorry, Ryouma, I love you but you deserve that slap... at least a little...) Of course, everything ends well later~ and if it's not too much to ask... can things get... steamy? OvO'
Aaah where to even begin with that mess of S-support? xD I’ll try to deliver everything, but be ready for some suffering >vAs always, I call the male avatar as Corrin, so sorry for not using the name you asked~
Part 1 - Part 2
Dusk was falling in the real world as the soldiers started to take shifts inside the Astral Realm. In there, the sunset was still to come, the skies in a mix of red and orange.
Corrin sat under a tree behind his quarters, holding his knees in a childish attempt to hide as his heart bled. “It’s like the sky’s feeling compassionate towards me, painting itself in such color.” He whispered to himself, looking at the ring his siblings had given him some time ago.
“This is from all of us,” Ryoma had said, flashing a beautifully hoshidan-made ring. It had inscriptions inside – all of the siblings’ names – whereas the outer ring consisted in an embossed Dawn Dragon, its body doing three turns before it met its tail.
Corrin had to hold back his tears, a lump on his throat making it harder to breathe. “T-that’s quite a ring…” He said, trying the accessory immediately.
“Indeed.” The High Prince nodded, crossing his arms with pride, unaware of the younger prince’s inner turmoil. “The four of us had it made for you a long time ago. We vowed to give it to you upon our eventual reunion. And here you are, safely returned to us.”
“As… as your sibling,” Corrin stuttered, lowering his head and praying that Ryoma would interpret that as emotion instead of self-loathing, “I’m so g-glad to be part of this family.”
Once again the dragon prince sniffled with the memory. How could he live like that? Hiding whenever his eyes met with Ryoma’s; wishing to murder the feelings which only grew stronger every time he heard his voice… wanting very much to simply disappear.
They were brothers! Corrin squeezed the ring and raised it above his head, ready to throw it away in the woods. His hand trembled. “If I had known I would feel that way… I wouldn’t have chosen to stay…” He croaked out, his entire body shaking as he brought the ring close to his heart, cherishing and hating it with the same intensity.
“Corrin? Corrin, I know you’re here somewhere!” An oh so beloved voice called for him, somewhere from behind him. The prince flinched and immediately put the ring back on his neck – he used it as a necklace so as not to lose it – before trying to sneak away.
Of course, that plan wouldn’t work. Ryoma’s senses were sharpened to almost perfection. At least his physical ones. “Aha, there you are!” The High Prince spread two bushes apart, revealing his crouching brother.
“Eep…” Corrin flinched, turning his head away from his brother. He had been on the verge of tears just a few moments previous, so it would be troublesome should Ryoma ask about that.
The High prince offered his hand. “I realize that you have been avoiding me lately, Corrin, and I need to know why. Being… being ignored by you hurts me more than you can imagine.”
Corrin dug his nails on his chest, biting his lip so hard it turned white. “Don’t… don’t say that…” By me, specifically? I can’t feel special! I can’t… he thought over and over, trying to convince himself like a mantra.
Ryoma crouched, stretching his neck to try to see the dragon prince’s face. “How can I not say it when it is the truth?” He huffed, almost in physical pain. The very same words he spoke brought him more reason to keep talking, the feelings locked inside his chest too much to bear. “Hah, however I have to admit that I have not been completely honest with you.”
“Huh?” Corrin peeked over his shoulder, confused. “You’re telling the truth but also lying?”
For the short second that their eyes met, Ryoma’s face contorted into a blush, making him avert the gaze towards the ground. “Ah, y-yes. That is to say… no! I am telling the truth, but not all of it.” He breathed in. “Father, forgive me. Queen Mikoto…” He looked up to the sky, the sun almost finishing setting.
The mention of their parents made Corrin’s heart grow cold and he finally managed to breathe in deeply before turning to his brother, his feelings once again tightly locked inside his heart. For Mother, he thought while crossing his legs and looking at the fruit of his taboo.
“Forgive me,” Ryoma started, sitting formal hoshidan style and placing both hands over his own thighs. “I have not been completely honest with you.”
Corrin’s heart grew colder at every word Ryoma spoke, dreading what was coming next. Had he found out about these ugly feelings? Was he there to say that Corrin was tainting their Mother’s memory by loving his blood sibling?
“The truth is… I am not your brother.”
Dusk fell and the sky darkened as the wind slowly blew their hair away, the silence stretching itself as both now non-siblings looked at each other: One with incredulity and the other with hope.
His heart had jumped right after the news, but his mind refused to accept. “What do you mean?” His voice sounded hoarse, as he clenched both fists. Was that some kind of sick joke?!
Ryoma breathed in with relief, as though he was waiting for that question to continue. “Exactly what I said. You and I are not related by blood.” He nodded and proceeded to speak the reason behind that elaborate lie.
Honestly, Corrin didn’t listen to it all; his heart thumping so loud inside his chest he could barely hear his own breathing. A frown started to dig itself over his brow.
Was he happy? 
The love of his life was finally within reach… but all he could see was red as Ryoma babbled about their Father being an honorable man by adopting Corrin.
“What changed?” Corrin spat, clenching his fists so hard it almost pierced the skin. Ryoma stopped talking and blinked with a nervous smile.
“Why are you telling me this now? What changed?! Why didn’t you tell me this two years ago when I first showed up in Hoshido?!” He started to get up, balancing himself on one knee.
Ryoma opened and closed his mouth, not understanding the rage but feeling that he should be honest. He stood his ground. “I fell in love with you.”
That was the last straw.
Corrin got up, a mix of incredulity, elation and, most of all, disgust fighting a battle inside of him. “So because your feelings changed you decided to drop this bomb on me?! You– you didn’t think for one second that I would spend the- the rest of my life loving my brother and beating myself about it?!” He stuttered and screamed, warms tears rolling uninvited from his eyes. Flabbergasted, Ryoma also got up and tried to make peace with both palms facing Corrin. “That I would live a miserable life watching…” he averted his eyes, his lips trembling with all of the scenarios his mind made him go through, “watching you marry a nice lady and becoming King while I would just wish I could wither away and die?!”
“Corrin,” Ryoma fought a frown and a smile – his beloved had inadvertently confessed his love! – taking a step forward.
“Don’t come close to me!” Corrin exploded, taking three steps back, huffing. “Just- just because you thought, ‘oh hey, I actually love him’ you thought it was about time you told me the truth?!” Corrin wrapped his arms around himself to stop the trembling as he took the time to breathe through his mouth. “I chose…” his voice got lower, memories of his time in Nohr flooding his mind, “I chose to stay behind because you guys were the ones who were truthful to me; who didn’t lie to me…”
Heartbroken, Ryoma stood there midway to apologies, his hand uselessly reaching out for his prince. “Corrin…”
The dragon prince let out a bark of laugh, “what’s the truth, really? You’re behaving just like Garon – lying and manipulating me into thinking I’m your family!”
“Corrin, you do not mean that!” He snapped. “Do not compare me with that monster!”
“Hah! Monster?!” Corrin sniffled, still shaking, “I was the one thinking I was a monster; loving my blood brother! How could you have lied to me about such an important part of my life?!” He huffed, out of breath. “Do the others know about it?”
Ryoma tried to keep his blood from boiling. As much as he loved that man in front of him, to compare him to that disgusting ruler of Nohr was pushing his limits!
However, seeing how much Corrin suffered dwindled the High Prince’s rage. Look at how that small prince trembled and cried – so many tears, so much more than Ryoma thought possible for a person to cry at once. The love blossoming in his heart made him calm down. And feel even more guilt.
He just wanted everyone to get along.
“Father spoke of this matter only to me. Unless Mother told them herself, they also believe you are their blood sibling.”
It took all Corrin had to stop the trembling. They have also been lied to? That couldn’t go on. “Come with me. We’re setting all of this straight right now.” He said before turning on his heel and leaving.
Ryoma looked down, his heart shredded to pieces. They loved each other, but would the lie that brought them together be too big of a hurdle on their oh so very faraway future?
“Corrin, please, tell me what’s going on! Your eyes are red and you’ve been crying ever since you summoned all of us here!” Hinoka pleaded as all of the hoshidan royalty grouped together at the real world. It was Hinoka’s turn to stay behind and watch over the remaining soldiers besides the portal, so they all chose to stay with her there.
The princes and princesses excused themselves to speak in a clearing, under the shining moon. Corrin finally raised his gaze to his fami– former family.
“Did you all know that we aren’t related by blood?”
Takumi crossed his arms. Sakura fidgeted as Hinoka widened her eyes and looked at Ryoma. He looked to the ground.
“Humph,” Takumi started. “Why do you think I resisted letting you in so much? You’re not even Father’s kid, so why should I have embraced you as my brother?” He turned his face to the side. “Well, that’s what I thought in the beginning, anyway,” he said in a smaller voice. But the damage had been done.
Sakura walked two steps forward and took Corrin’s hands on her small fingers. “I-I only remember a bit of our time together as children… so I’m glad we could spend time as a family to know each other better.”
More damage.
Hinoka still pierced her older brother with her glare, but touched Corrin’s shoulder and bended over to try to look him in the eye, “Mother told me about it during the time I went crazy trying to bring you back.” She smiled like a good big sister would, digging the knife deeper into his heart. “But it only made me want to see you again even more! I loved you as a true brother.”
A single tear fell from Corrin’s eye. Hinoka flinched.
“I still love you, Corrin! Nothing’s changed!” She squeezed her hand on his shoulder. Sakura did the same on his hands. Takumi reached out, feeling guilty for saying what he did.
Ryoma clenched his fists.
“So I was the only one who didn’t know?” Corrin said with the tiniest of voices. “I was the only one with these ugly feelings inside of me?” He cried, finally raising his gaze to the man of his life. Ryoma’s dejected look brought even more grief to Corrin’s heart.
How he loved him!
“Corrin,” The High Prince reached out, making the dragon prince flinch and take a step back, breaking contact with both of their sisters.
“Why did you all go through with this lie? I thought we were family!” He cried out, making both sisters bring her hands to their hearts.
“But we are, Corrin! Our love bounds us together!”
“Enough!!” The dragon prince yelled, shutting everyone in sight. “How can I reciprocate your love if it was all based on a lie meant to keep me around?!” He turned around and ran, wanting nothing more than to just disappear.
“Corrin!” Hinoka and Ryoma followed, but the High Prince was faster and the eldest princess didn’t have her pegasus.
They decided to split up to look for Corrin in the woods right ahead, but Ryoma had something Hinoka didn’t have.
He could always find his beloved no matter where he was hiding.
Not too long after going separate ways with his sister, Ryoma found his small prince in the same way he had done earlier that evening: hugging his knees and crying.
Ryoma finally felt his eyes itch. It hurt him more than a thousand arrows to watch Corrin suffer, especially since the source of the suffering was Ryoma himself. He spent a full minute reaching out to the air, uncertain if he should crouch and touch that small shoulder.
“…Forgive me.” Was the only thing he could say. “I thought I could embrace our love anew after telling you the truth, when, in actuality, I should not have kept the lie in the first place.” Corrin heard as he positioned himself on the ground, sitting formal style and bowing. “I truly, deeply, just wished to be with you as my beloved.”
That’s unfair, Corrin thought, his heart bubbling and his tears overflowing. “I’m mad at myself the most.” He declared, his voice hoarse from all the crying.
“Eh?” Ryoma raised his head, tilting it to the side in confusion.
Corrin put one hand on the ground behind him, slowly turning to the love of his life. His face was a crying mess: Nose, cheeks and eyes were red as the tears drenched it all. “I’m mad at myself for being so happy about it all.” He confessed, looking down. Ryoma’s heart skipped a beat. “I know I should be angry and yell and throw things at you and slap you – I thought of all of that.”
The High Prince fought a smirk and gulped, patiently waiting for Corrin to finish.
Slowly, the red eyes met the grey ones. “I know I should… I should rebel and say that I wished to never come here, but that– that would be an even bigger lie than the one you told me.” He sniffled. “I love you so much, Ryoma. I’m overjoyed that we’re not blood siblings; that I can finally be free of the chains of taboo bringing me down every time I raised my eyes at you… that you love me in return.”
“Corrin…” Ryoma smiled, slowly crouching so as to reach his prince’s side.
The dragon prince flinched, the whirlwind of emotions still fresh inside his chest, but the deep roots of his love screaming louder than anything else. Ryoma got close enough to caress that reddened cheek and swipe the tears away with his thumbs.
“Forgive me for making you cry so much, my precious prince.” He whispered, nuzzling Corrin’s swollen nose.
“Heh,” he held one of Ryoma’s hand, the other one holding onto the High Prince’s haori for support. “I’m still mad, but not for long.” He replied, raising his chin, brushing their lips together. Ah, his hot breath on his! How much he dreamed of that! “I’ll always forgive you.”
Ryoma’s smile disappeared as their lips touched for the first time, a wide array of emotions being transmitted to one another through it. Love. Grief. Acceptance.
As Corrin opened his mouth to welcome more of Ryoma’s tongue inside of him, they felt as though time had stopped for them. A small moan died in the dragon prince’s throat, making his beloved flinch.
“What a sweet, sweet sound.” Ryoma said, biting Corrin’s lower lip, moving his hands towards the smaller prince’s back. “May I touch you, Corrin? I wish nothing more than to please you and make you happy for as long as we live.”
Another tear fell from Corrin’s eye. But this time, it was finally of happiness. “You needn’t ask; but yes, you may.” He giggled bashfully, wrapping his hands around Ryoma’s neck.
Ryoma waited no longer to run his hands from Corrin’s back to his front, opening the yukata the dragon prince usually wore when he was resting. Slowly, he pressed his hands through his beloved’s muscles as their mouths conjoined once again in a heated kiss, their tongues getting used to each other.
“Ah!” Corrin moaned as one of Ryoma’s hands reached his underwear. To get an erection with just a touch and few kisses… How much Corrin loved his prince. Ryoma relished on the sound, licking Corrin’s wet face towards his pointy ear.
“Call my name in this sweet voice, my beloved prince.” He whispered, making Corrin tremble from head to toe, already feeling his erection let out preseminal fluid. With just a whisper!
“R-Ryoma…” Corrin almost begged, making Ryoma himself close one eye in pleasure, his own erection poking at his loincloth. He lowered his mouth to Corrin’s neck, sucking it as his hand touched the now free erection, slowly pulling the skin up and down. “R-Ryomaah…” Corrin moaned, digging his nails on the broad back.
Slowly did the High Prince masturbate his beloved, looking down at the shiny glans as it trembled under his big hand, a terribly cute voice begging for more over his ear. Ryoma licked Corrin’s collarbone, neck and ears, his hands never speeding up, enjoying how stretched out his name became when Corrin became closer and closer to the climax.
“Alright,” he said before deeply kissing Corrin as he was about to come, muffling his increasingly louder moans under his tongue. The dragon prince came, his fluids spluttering around Ryoma’s hand and kimono, his body trembling and deflating with exhaustion. “Next will be my turn, but inside our tent.”
The post-orgasmic fog still clouding his mind, it took Corrin a second to understand as his eyes fell to the bulge on Ryoma’s pants. His anus gapped in anticipation and he held onto his beloved for his dear life as Ryoma took him in his arms.
“Our tent?” Corrin managed to whisper, his heart beating too fast and his mind to focused on the strong chest he was being pressed onto to remember the reason why they were so far into the woods.
“Indeed. I shan’t let you sleep on a separate tent; not after waiting for so long.”
Corrin gulped. They had two years’ worth of pinning to catch up to. He could only hope to match Ryoma’s stamina and thank the gods once more for the blessing of not making them siblings.
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