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#summoner x male corrin adrift
Summoner/M!Corrin (Adrift) C-S Support
Written by @shauni-will-never-write
(y/n): Uh... How late is it? It's pitch black outside... Unbelievable, at my age... I'm just gonna drink some water and go back to bed...
(y/n): Um? Is someone there?
Corrin: Hello, Summoner.
(y/n): Corrin? What are you doing in the kitchen at this hour?
Corrin: I was getting a glass of cherry juice for Azura. She had a nightmare and woke up suddenly, so I thought it'd help her fall asleep again faster.
(y/n): A nightmare, huh? Sounds like she and I can create a club or something...
Corrin: Did you have a bad dream as well?
(y/n): I, ah... Yes. Hadn't had one in a long time, so it caught me off-guard. I'm not one to get scared by my own nightmares but... have to admit this one was pretty bad. I was gonna get some water.
Corrin: I see... Wouldn't you rather have some cherry juice?
(y/n): Huh, sure... Is it better?
Corrin: Indeed. Cherry juice has sleep-inducing properties.
(y/n): Really? Like milk? I had no idea. Well, the more you know, I guess.
Corrin: Haha. Glad I taught you something. Here you go, Summoner.
[Corrin offers them a glass of cherry juice.]
(y/n): Thank you. I haven't drank it yet and I already feel better.
Corrin: Don't mention it. If I may ask, would you like to tell me about your nightmare? It's fine if you don't wish to, but sometimes talking about it makes it easier to forget.
(y/n): Oh, well... Don't you have to go back to Azura?
Corrin: Mother is with her. More than cherry juice, she needs to be comforted. So I can spare you five minutes.
(y/n): Thank you, Corrin. It's really kind of you. But I wouldn't want little Azura to wait for you longer than necessary if she's not feeling well. Besides, I'm a strong independent summoner!...that you just made addicted to cherry juice. Wow, it's delicious.
Corrin *laughs a little*: You can have more, if you wish. I'll take my leave then... Perhaps you can tell me more about this nightmare tomorrow?
(y/n): Sure. Nightmares aren't as scary in broad daylight.
Corrin: Very well. Good night, Summoner. Sleep well.
(y/n): You too, Corrin.
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank C.]
Corrin: Summoner? I hope I'm not disturbing.
(y/n): Oh, Corrin, good morning! Not at all, I was just working on new skill sets. Did you need something?
Corrin: I have come to discuss the nightmare you had last night, as promised. If you do not mind taking a break, that is.
(y/n): Really? Thank you, Corrin, I appreciate the attention. Um... to be honest, I don't remember much of my nightmare. I wouldn't even be sure it was one if it weren't for this bad feeling I had when I woke up...
Corrin: A bad feeling? Could you be more precise?
(y/n): A sense of dread and helplessness, like I've only felt facing Surtr. Something terrible happened, I'm sure of that... but by the time I had fully woken up, I had already forgotten almost everything. Curious, isn't it?
Corrin: Mh... What do you remember?
(y/n): Sharena... Sharena was there, crying. She seemed so distressed, so desperate... In the real world, I have never seen her nearly as distraught. Somehow, I didn't even think her face could look like that... It felt like the whole world was ending.
Corrin: I think I understand why you woke up in the dead of the night and felt the need to get up and clear your thoughts now. That sounds dreadful.
(y/n): It was. But that's not all... It almost felt... important, somehow. Like... a warning.
Corrin: A warning? A prophetic dream then?
(y/n): To be frank, I'm not sure I even believe in these things, let alone that I, of all people, could have such an ability. But... for some reason, that dream seemed way too real to be a mere dream.
Corrin: ...
(y/n): Um, Corrin? Sorry if I'm bothering you with my rambling.
Corrin: Not at all. It's just... No, nevermind.
Corrin: If your dream is but a dream, then it will be for the best. If it really is the future that came to you in disguise... everyone shall stand warned and ready at your side.
(y/n): Hope for the best but prepare for the worst, huh? You're right. I should go and tell Alfonse and the others about this dream.
Corrin: And I should take my leave now and let you do that in peace.
(y/n): Alright! I'll see you later then. Thanks for listening.
Corrin: Don't mention it.
[Corrin leaves.]
(y/n): ...I wonder what he was about to say earlier. Is it just me or did he look upset?
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank B.]
Corrin: ...Is that you, Summoner?
(y/n): Oh, Corrin! We sure seem to like meeting in the kitchen at night.
Corrin: You appear to be looking for something.
(y/n): Well... Since you've asked... Got any cherry juice left? It really helped me sleep last time, so I was hoping I could drink some again.
Corrin: Oh. Try checking the bottom shelf on your right, behind the parsley.
(y/n): Behind the- Here it is! What is it doing there?
Corrin: The Order of Heroes happens to have a very sugar-obsessed thief in its ranks. So I hid it where he'd never find it: among vegetables.
(y/n): Pfft! That's genius. Gaius wouldn't touch parsley with a ten foot pole.
Corrin: That's what I thougth... So, why are you not asleep in your bed?
(y/n): Had that nightmare again. It's the first time I dream the same thing twice... so I guess it must mean something.
Corrin: Could you make something else out of it?
(y/n): I'm not sure... Maybe? I... I think someone may have... died. Alfonse was standing by them. But I couldn't tell who it was...
Corrin: ...What if it's really a prophetic dream? What then?
(y/n): I... I don't know. We defeated Surtr, and now something else is coming? Urgh, give me a break...
Corrin: ...
(y/n): ...We'll just have to be ready, I guess. We won't know until it hits us.
Corrin: That means Azura is in danger too. So as long as I'll be here, I'll do my utmost best to help you.
(y/n): As long you as you'll be here? What, are you planning to leave or something?
Corrin: Well... Haven't you realized by now? That I'm not... real.
(y/n): ...
Corrin: ...
(y/n): ...I suspected as much. But I'm surprised that you are conscious of it.
Corrin: The realization comes and goes... Most of the time, I don't seem to know it. But at times, I am hit by the feeling that I do not belong to this world. Why don't I bleed? Do I have organs? Are my senses all simulacrum? But... it's... so hard to... cling to that thought... Every time, it immediately tries to escape...
(y/n): ...As if you weren't supposed to know the truth. I guess Loki hadn't planned this.
Corrin: ...
(y/n): Is that why you seemed upset the other day? Did I say something that made you think?
Corrin: Yes... Your nightmare is not just any regular nightmare. If it really is a vision of the future... A dream that is more than a dream... A dream bound to become reality... I guess I'm jealous.
(y/n): Jealous...?
Corrin: Azura is still so young, scared and lost. She still needs support and comfort. That's why Mother, Camilla and I are here... She needs us. And so she is dreaming about us. But when she'll grow as strong and resolved as these adult Azuras you've already met... what do you suppose will become of us?
(y/n): That's... Oh no...
Corrin: That's right. We're only the residents of Azura's dream. So if she were to decide to “wake up” and be strong, she wouldn't need us anymore. We'd go out. Like candles.
(y/n): ...No... you must be real. These are tears... You're crying...
Corrin: And I won't make myself any more real by crying. I'm nothing, therefore there is nothing to cry about.
(y/n): B-but... If you weren't real, you wouldn't be able to cry!
Corrin: Haha... I hope you don't suppose those are real tears?
(y/n): ...
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank A.]
Corrin: ...
(y/n): So that's where you were.
Corrin: Ah, Summoner. Is something the matter?
(y/n): I've been looking for you for the past forty minutes! I asked at least ten Heroes and no one knew where you had gone... Please never do that again. I thought that maybe you had...
Corrin: Gone out like a candle?
(y/n): …
(y/n): It's rare to see you so far away from Azura. What are you doing out here?
Corrin: Nothing much. Just stargazing. I'm not sure why, but I felt the need to have some alone time.
(y/n): Sorry to disturb you then, but is this a good moment for us to talk? I'd like to continue our previous conversation.
Corrin: This sounds quite urgent. I'm all ears.
(y/n): I was at a loss for words last time... but not anymore. I've thought a lot about what you said... and about what I feel. I love you, Corrin. I don't want you to disappear.
Corrin: …! I... I...
(y/n): Hehe. Don't know how to react? It's okay. I guess Loki hadn't planned that either.
(y/n): In any case, I can't lose you now. To think that you could be gone in an instant... I can't stand it. I won't let that happen.
Corrin: ...If it's too painful, if it's too hard... it's okay to run away. I don't think it's a bad thing. Sometimes, it's just your safest option. But Azura won't run away her whole life... A day will come when she will decide that she is done covering her eyes and ears and that it's time to face her fears. Time to stop dreaming. And then...
(y/n): No! I refuse!
Corrin: (y/n)... Are you running away as well? From reality?
(y/n): Maybe I am... But as you said, it's my safest option. Listen, I won't just accept your death as inexorable. You said you were just a dream... but haven't you started overcoming your nature recently? You realized what you were, even though you weren't supposed to... You think for yourself... And last time, you cried! You cried because you think you're bound to disappear! Corrin, tell me. How can something that is not real be afraid to die? You can't die if you're not alive. And to be alive is to be real.
Corrin: Can't die... if I'm not alive... real... You wish to make me real... really real...
(y/n): That's right. I want to try... I must try. If Azura won't dream forever, then I'll make sure you can exist outside her dream.
Corrin: Because you love me.
(y/n): ...Yes. I did say that.
Corrin: (y/n)... I really was created to only care about Azura, wasn't I? A strong, caring best friend who will always be there for her. I still cherish her, and I'll still protect her... but... lately, you've been on my mind too.
 Corrin: And... Today, during the battle, when this soldier striked me... I bled.
(y/n): You bled?! But...
Corrin: I know. Dreams can't bleed. It was just a few drops... but they were as warm and red as anyone's blood. Maybe there's a chance for me then... Maybe I really am becoming alive.
Corrin: And if that's the case, then I have to tell you... I love you as well. I think I do. These feelings are still fresh, but time will make them stronger. Realer.
(y/n): Corrin... I've never been this happy. This is almost too good to be true.
Corrin: Haha, no. Believe me, you are very awake.
[(y/n) and Corrin have reached support rank S.]
Confession quote:
Corrin: You are what dreams are made of. Rest now. I'll fight the nightmares off if they come to get you.
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summoner-stones · 2 years ago
Masterlist containing every prompt I’ve made so far all in alphabetical order! For a total of 193 prompts!
Insecure Summ
Unrequited Feelings for Summ
Snuggle Headcanons
Why would anyone like me?
Summ flirting
Alf walking on shirtless m!Summ
Making up after a fight
Henriette catching Alf and Summ acting as couple
Summ gets injured in battle
First Fight
Gustav catching Alf and Summ acting as a couple
Doting Summ
Summ x M!Summ (SMUT)
Secret Admirer F!Summoner
Summ makes Alf chocolate
Alf gets relationship advice from Sigurd, Chrom, Hector and Eliwood
Alf x f!Summoner (SMUT)
Alf gets jealous over the gifts f!Summoner gets
Alf gets chocolates just for him
Modern!Au with Alf and M!Summ
Angst: Summoner runs away from Alfonse
Summoner sticking up for Alfonse
Summoner with stomach aches
Alphabet Ask
More Fluff Alphabet Ask
Yandere HC’s
Unrequited Alfonse dealing with Summ’s S/O
trans male Summoner w/support from Alfonse
Walking in on F!Summoner bathing
Loki disguising as Summ to tease Alfonse
Summoner comforting Alfonse after seeing dead Gustav
Hel cursed Alfonse yelling at f!summoner
Partners in Crime
Happily Married Couple
Friends with Benefits (suggestive content)
Summ comforting grieving Alfonse
April Fool’s Prompt: Summ screaming out Homer Simpson
Ghost Rumors in the castle
Alfonse Injury Recovery
Drabble: Kiralfonse Raffle
King Alfonse x F!Summoner f*** on the throne (SMUT)
Alfonse kissing disguised Summoner Loki
Summoner listening to Alfonse’s heartbeat
Summoner and Alfonse get injured in battle, Alfonse carries them to medical tent
Vampire Summoner
Alfonse proposing
Summoner with bad nightmares
Flirty Summ confessing
Jealous Alf because Summ hangs out with Marth, Ike, and Chrom
Shy Summoner
Lovestruck Alfonse blurting the truth to the Summoner
Ask Game
Betting Pool on who gets with Summoner
Valentine’s Confession
Summoner who’s good with money
Askr Trio
Possessed Summ
F!Summ dealing with period
Askr Trio help with math exams and studying
Askr Trio reacting to modern items
Summoner with bad habit of bottling up emotions
Helping a disabled Summoner
Trio babysit Summoner
Azura confessing to M!Summoner
Join the Order
Bruno confesses to Summoner
Fluffy Bruno x Summoner
Ask Game
Chrom is Summ’s Secret Admirer
Summoner x Clair HC’s
M!Summ falling for Adrift Corrin
F!Corrin with Insecure Summ
M!Summ cheering M!Adrift Corrin in VG
M!Adrift Corrin cheering up sad Summ
F!Corrin confessing
Love Letter from Adrift M!Corrin
M!Corrin cheering up F!Summ over VG
F!Corrin with M!Summoner that couple who won’t admit that they like each other, but obviously do
Summoner petting Duma’s horns
Falls for the Summoner
Summoner x Eir Fluff HC’s
Summoner sibling-like
Eliwood crush on Summoner HC
Eliwood going to McDonald’s
F!Summ overworking herself
Ask Game
Reacting to flirty Summoner
Summoner with candy addiction
Gaius confessing to Summoner
Indirect candy kiss
Headcanons w/Summ
M!Grima falling for M!Summ
Summoner with bad nightmares
M!Grima with insomniac Summoner
M!Grima fighting over a shy summoner
Crush on Summ
Summ gives Helbindi spicy chocolates
Summoner and Henry make chocolates
Ask Game
Why would anyone like me?
Smol Summoner intimidated by Hrid
Summoner’s Hands are cold as icicles
Inseparable Sweethearts
Ask Game
Trans Male Summoner w/Hrid
Love Letter
Confession to M!Summoner
HC’s with small and feisty M!Summoner
Vampire Summoner
First Date
Insecure Summ
F!Summoner asking Ike to stay the night
Summoner self-conscious over scars
Berserk Ike with F!Summ
Summoner doesn’t want to go home
That couple who won’t admit that they like each other, but obviously do
Insecure Summ
Ask Game
Crush on Summ
Ask Game
Star-crossed lovers
Crush on Summ
Secret Admirer with sad Summ
Prank War
Inseparable Sweethearts M!Summ
Insecure Summ
Insomniac Summoner
Love Confession
Romantic HC’s with unskilled Summ
Confesses to F!Summoner in gardens
Reacting to flirty Summoner
Lon’qu going to Mcdonald’s
Lyon gives Summ chocolates
Vampire Summoner
Summoner Sibling-like
Crush on Summ
M!Summ S/O HC’s
Romantic HC’s
Raven going to Mcdonald’s
Summoner shaving Rein’s mullet
Reinhardt Fluff
Reinhardt going to McDonald’s
Buenos Dias Reinhardt
Summoner comforting Rein over mullet
Summ tending for wounded Reyson
Fluff with F!Summ
Rhajat tricking others
Platonic Friendship HC’s
M!Grima and M!Robin fighting over a shy summoner
M!Robin pining over F!Summ
Parent and Child
Small Summ with smart mouth
Insecure Summ
Birthday Hc’s
Love Letter
Soft HC’s
Proposing to Summoner
Valentines’s Confession
F!Summoner gives Silas Valentine’s Gift
Ask Game
F!Summ teasing Silas (SMUT)
Reacting to flirty Summoner
Won’t admit they like each other
Insecure Summ
Takumi confessing
Ask Game
Takumi learns Uno
Takumi plays rhythm game
Vampire Summoner
More Vampire Summ
Even more Vampire Summ
Tibarn hugs
Tibarn interupted by both Grima’s 
Join the Order
Insecure Summ
Why would anyone like me?
Insomniac Summoner
Thirsty f!Summ
Birthday HC’s
Summoner doesn’t want to go home
Human FEH x Xander
Smoll summoner confessing
Small F!Summoner wearing lingerie (suggestive)
Love Letter
Ask Game
Future Daughter
Summoner calling Zelgius Dad
Summoner doesn’t want to go home
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