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itscolossal · 12 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Canning the Sunset: Hundreds of Jars of Dyed Sand Preserve the Swirling Colors of a Skyline Before Dusk
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myfairynuffstuff · 2 days ago
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Ivan Fedorovich Choultsé (1877 - 1932 or 1939) - Last Rays on the Peaks, Switzerland. Oil on canvas.
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markroome · 2 days ago
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fieldofpapyrus · a day ago
Praise to you Ra
He who shines in the Twin Horizons
Sacred be all that your light touches
Bringer of the rays of life
Shepard of the Sun
Whose warmth stirs the world from it's slumber
He who slays the wicked every night
Your journey is perilous, yet you triumph without fail
The Sun must rise again
Dua Ra! ☀️
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princesslily · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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demhanem · 2 days ago
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“Bir dağın gerçekten dağ olup olmadığını anlamak istiyorsanız, ona biraz tırmanmanız yeter. dağın tepesine çıkarsanız dağı göremezsiniz.”
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reincarnatedpriestess · 2 days ago
Early December prediction🚫
Do not steal, copy, reword, or repost my work, for each letter I type is divinely protected⚔️
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I’m feeling like there might be some restrictions placed upon the collective. Especially because Saturn is about to move to 9°.
There could possibly be some internet and travel restrictions put in place. A collective loss of freedom.
Saturn - restrictions, boundaries
Aquarius - the internet, collective
9° (♐︎) - travel, freedom
Saturn is trine the sun in sagittarius so this could manifest as leaders of different countries being more strict and not letting people from other countries enter. Or even just leaders of large groups of people in your own country.
People won’t be able to vacation and explore as easily.
Sun - authority figures
Sagittarius - foreign countries
I plan to talk more in depth about some astrological transits happening in December soon so stay tuned.
Also I will be talking about my solar eclipse predictions tomorrow.
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photographss-world · 2 days ago
Hoş geldin Aralık...
Biliyoruz ki;
Bahara yemyeşil uyanmak için tabiat,
Soğuğa da ihtiyaç var..
Ama yine de sen üşütme yürekleri,
Bacasız evler ,
Yorgansız, çorapsız sokakta yatan çocuklar var.
Merhametini esirgeme Aralık,
Kardan adamlar gibi ,
gülümse vicdanlarımıza sıcacık...
Murat Bozoglu...
Aralık bereketiyle gelsin Herkese huzur, sağlık, bereket ve şans getirsin...
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