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Goodnight Astro Community🥰💞🌙 I just wanted to spread some love and joy wishing you the best full moon for tomorrow so you can prosper living out your dreams or bundle up in a blanket and cuddle while drinking tea/coffee or whatever you desire💞💞

I love you all🥰💞💕🌙🌙

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when the Sun rises every morning

he burns through the air

the birds scream outside the window

and warn us of what’s to come

when the Moon comes out to kiss goodnight

she whispers sweet nothings

and the stars wink at us

like they know what we’ve been through

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You know how everybody is in love with the moon? With her silver image and allall her beauty… But have you ever seen the sun as she painted the sky golden? I am as in love with the sun as I am with the moon.

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Today’s sun aura

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