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#sun summoner
givemea-dam-break · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
😀👍 I feel so awkward posting this but it was insisted that I do
so yeah here’s my rendition of alina starkov along with my little notes just insulting myself 👍 I can stand the first little face I did but then it goes downhill from there
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filhadoboto · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 (Explicit)
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova/Alina Starkov
Additional Tags: PWP, here there be sex, Losing Control, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, Cunnilingus, Alina asks for what she wants, she also takes what she wants, seriously theres no plot here, Who even knows where this falls in canon?, First Time
Summary: He kissed her again. His fingers worked quickly down her body, ridding her of her outer layers. He pulled back to look at her and, yes, there it was again. A flicker, a hint. His lips found her collarbone and pressed lightly to her skin. Her hands came up and slid through his hair. She turned her head and sighed loudly into his ear. “Touch me,” she requested.
Or, Aleksander finds out he can make Alina glow during sex. Shenanigans ensue
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filhadoboto · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 (Explicit)
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova/Alina Starkov
Characters: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova, Alina Starkov
Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Clothed Sex, Vaginal Fingering, they're married, And Alina made him wait, Who's mal again, closet, kinda dom aleksander for now
Series: Part 1 of Ten Years Is A Long Time
Summary: Which brings her to this day. A grand feast will be held in the grand palace for some new found alliance she cares little for right now. She has the perfect plan in mind, ten years is a long time but today is the day she breaks him, if she doesn’t break first.
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oretsev · 2 hours ago
just thinking about the inevitable cinematic parallels of season 1 alina angrily getting a punch in with zoya and season 2 alina storming up to nikolai to deck him across the face
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wrote this because i felt soft and cute
long btw and i don’t know how to cut post so sorry
otkazat'sya!oc x sun summoner!oc + darkling being soft - part one???????
1 • once i was seven years old
wendy remembered the panic running through her veins the day they took pietro from the orphanage. the grisha had arrived in their beautiful keftas, their strides long and confident. they had the untested children lined against the wall. it wasn’t too many of them just her, pietro, and two others she didn’t really care about.
wendy wasn’t too worried either, the odds of her or pietro being grisha was astronomical, there was no reason for her to fret. this would be over soon and her, and pietro can go back to their usual mischief.
the grisha stood smiling (fake smiles, thought wendy,) while the stern man in red explained exactly what was going to happen, wendy didn’t much care for that either. no reason for her to listen, she was certain she wasn’t grisha. sure enough, the red kefta’d grisha pricked her finger (she didn’t even flinch) and nothing happened. she went back to the line without being told.
pietro was the last. he nervously went up, his steps so incredibly small (wendy frowned, he’s always so shy) until finally, he was standing in front of them. pietro hesitantly raised his hand to the grisha; the grisha pricked his finger. he flinched and yelped in pain, but that wasn’t the part that worried wendy, it was the light that came bursting from wound.
a blinding, scorching light. everyone looked away, (they’re going to take him away, thought wendy, her best friend ) except for her.
there was shock for a few seconds (‘ ‘sun summoner,’ ’ said the grisha) and then, they grabbed pietro, and hurried him outside into a carriage.
wendy had screamed and kicked against the woman who ran the orphanage(‘ ‘ leave him alone! ’ ’), and pietro unabashedly had mirrored her actions (‘ ‘ let me go! i don’t want to leave! ’ ’). the first time he was actually fighting back. they didn’t want to be separated but he was grisha and she, she was merely an otkazat'sya.
the woman hurled wendy against the wall, the woman’s eyes burning (‘ ‘ selfish, foolish girl! he’s going save all of ravka. ’ ’) as wendy bit her lip to keep herself from whimpering in pain.
she returned the woman’s burning gaze tenfold. the woman huffed and left, the rest of the children followed suit.
wendy ran outside, the carriage was gone. they were gone. (‘ ‘ stupid shadow fold! stupid black heretic! stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! ’ ’) pietro was gone.
2 • i met darkness at the age of eight
wendy remembered she was playing in the meadow nearby with another one her friends, still her friend didn’t compare to pietro but it was still better than being an outsider ( ‘ ‘ i don’t want to be alone.’ ’ she cried a year ago), when she met the shadow summoner.
the woman came (wendy still refuses to learn her name), she seemed frightened, extremely frightened, she led her friend away who cowered at the shadowy figure passing through the meadow.
wendy knew who was approaching her, but unlike the woman and her friend, she wasn’t afraid. instead, she stayed seated on the grass and continued picking flowers for her flower crown.
darkness surrounded the flowers and grass beneath his feet (‘ ‘ stand. ’ ’), he did not kneel to reach her level. he stood above her, he will always stand above her.
wendy continued on her task, perhaps a hint of another color would make her flower crown pop with color, she liked vibrant colors. she plucked another flower from the ground (yellow, thought wendy, reminds me of pietro), and hummed.
the darkling watched her with a brow raised (‘ ‘ are you deaf, girl? ’ ’), his black coat blowing in the wind.
wendy didn’t look up (‘ ‘ no. ’ ’), she was almost done just a few more flowers, (i just don’t care, she thought) so picked another yellow from the grown.
he kneeled this time, he was still taller than her (‘ ‘ frightened? ’ ’). he wouldn’t be surprised, made himself in that image to keep not himself but grisha safe.
wendy wanted to scream but settled for a frown instead (‘ ‘ no, i’m not frightened, ’ ’ she still didn’t want to incur his wrath). she picked a blue flower this time. two more ( ‘ ‘ you took my best friend. ’ ’) and she was done.
the darkling sat down, an amused smile danced on his lips (‘ ‘ i see, you’re upset with me. ’ ’) he was mocking her, she could tell. it was the same tone the older kids used on her ( ‘ ‘ are you going to bring him back? ’ ’) before she punched them. this time, the darkling picked a red flower ( ‘ ‘ no, but he is being rather stubborn. ’ ’) and handed it to her.
wendy picked identical an red flower near her ( good for him, she thought). he weaved the flower in her hair (‘ ‘ i see now who he’s mimicking, ’ ’ he chuckles), it suited her.
one more flower to go. she reached over for a daffodil and weaved it together (‘ ‘ would you like to see him? ’ ’). she stopped and looked around expectantly (‘ ‘ he’s not here. ’ ’ said the darkling), the flower almost fell from her hair.
wendy pouted ( stupid jerk, shadow summoner, she thought), then huffed angrily as she finally, finished her flower crown. she fought back tears, she wouldn’t cry in front of him.
the darkling gingerly took the flower crown from her hands (‘ ‘ but you can see him, all the time if you’d like? at the little palace. ’ ’) he examined it.
wendy finally looked at the shadow summoner there was a bit of hope in her eyes, just a sliver and then (‘ ‘ but i’m not grisha. ’ ’) it was gone.
he gently placed the flower crown on her head (‘ ‘ that’s not what i asked, i asked if you want to see him? ’ ’). it was little too big for her head (his fault he was distracting me, thought wendy).
wendy nodded fervently, and the flower crown fell loopslidedly down her head. she decided in that moment that if the shadow summoner was just being cruel, she’d throw a rock at him, maybe kick him a few times for good measure.
the darkling reached out his large hand towards her, she saw a silver ring on his pinky. it looked sharp like the test a year ago. wendy reluctantly (if it means seeing pietro again, she thought) placed her small hand in his.
they walked hand in hand to a black carriage paired with black stallions.
wendy saw the woman on the corner of her eye ( ‘ ‘ you can’t take her. she’s not grisha, ’ ’ her voice shook). wendy didn’t see the cold look from the darkling but she saw the woman had cowered beneath his gaze. there was no more resistance coming from her.
wendy climbed into the carriage, it wasn’t empty there were two men in red kefta’s: one she recognized (‘ ‘ ivan, ’ ’ he said sternly) from a year ago (frigid man, she thought) and the other a complete stranger ( ‘ ‘ my name is fredyor, ’ ’ he smiled), a nicer stranger.
a small greeting left her mouth like the woman taught her to introduce herself. fredyor beamed at her, ivan didn’t seem to care.
the darkling settled in besides her, he tapped the ceiling and the carriage jolted forward.
it didn’t take long for the gentle rhythm of the ride to lull her to sleep (see you soon, pietro, wendy dreamed of him)
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filhadoboto · 10 hours ago
Chapters: 2/2 (Mature) Relationships: The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova/Alina Starkov, General Kirigan/Alina Starkov
Characters: Alina Starkov, The Darkling | Aleksander Morozova
Additional Tags: Beauty and the Beast AU, Smoke Monster, Literal interpretation of "darkling", Sexual Content, mutual touch starved idiots groping each other in the dark, Mutual Pining, flirting in an abandoned library, the tiniest bit of inspo from East of the Sun West of the Moon, Complete
Summary: The shadow made her an offer: stay in the castle with him, and the regiment would survive the harsh winter that had trapped them all in the ice-sheeted valley below.
Alina paused. When the monster spoke, he seemed to gather himself together a bit more, pulling a simulacrum of a man out of the smoky gloom so subtly that it almost seemed like a trick of the light—shadows playing on shadows.
“How do I know you’ll keep your word?”
It was dizzying to look at the monster, especially as the wind whipped her lantern flame and cast flickering shadows throughout the room; he—Alina was fairly sure it was a he—seemed to be made of darkness itself, a shifting mass of smoke that coalesced rather than dissipated.
“I have no reason to lie,” he said, his voice crackling like flames in a hearth.  Alina furrowed her brow. “You have plenty of reasons to lie. What could you possibly want from me?”
She must have been mad from hunger, because she swore the monster looked flustered, inasmuch as featureless smoke could look like anything.
A Darklina smoke monster Beauty and the Beast AU.
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alina starkov "vintage" icons
like/rb if you save! (rb > like)
note: i recommend using them with the square icon
and some of them look cut short above but are fine when you use them! tumblr can just be annoying :/
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distinguishedstudentcat · 12 hours ago
Not me shipping Darklina and Genyalina so hard it literally IS my personality cause these are my big three signs 😭😂
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Tumblr media
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aarontveitsupremacist · 12 hours ago
He knew better than to believe in fate. Fate was for foolish humans and their insipid little lives. Fate was a short-lived and cruel mistress. She was for the heroes of stories, not the villains. Fate dealt in years and decades, not centuries. Yet something about this girl almost caused him to question that belief. Why else would she be thrown into his orbit? His polar opposite, his perfect match. Sun to his starless light, yin to his yang, light to his darkness. What other hand but fate would design someone so perfectly suited for him? His sole equal, the only one who could weather the centuries with him. No, fate was for men, not monsters, but she might make a man of him yet. 
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hopefullyis · 13 hours ago
Siege and Storm Final Thoughts
Again, I flew through Siege and Storm far too quickly to live-blog my reactions but as always, here are my general thoughts: 
When I say that I really don't have any criticisms of this book , I absolutely mean it. Usually, I find that the second book in a trilogy is my least favorite, but Siege and Storm was phenomenal. The plot lines were brilliantly woven, the new characters were expertly included and developed (Nikolai, we stan a King), and THAT ENDING OMG. I will say that my one criticism of Shadow and Bone was the character development of Mal and Zoya, both of whom I think got a fair amount of attention in this book. I really expected to not like Mal or find him annoying after reading previous reviews, but I think his gripes and feelings are totally fair and valid. Both he and Alina are going through some serious shit, and of course, they’re gonna get pissy with one another. It’s really hard when your girl is a living saint and you have no idea what you’re supposed to do or how to protect her and everyone keeps proposing to her. IT”S ROUGH OK. 
Going off of that, it’s very clear to me that Malina is end game- I love Nikolai and the Darkling, and I think that the troupes and aspects of each of their relationships with Alina are very promising and attractive, but it’s always going to be Mal for Alina. Even though, this book really makes me want to root for Darklina- can we talk about those moments though? An odd mixture of creepy and attractive. Not gonna lie, while I was shocked at the ending, the idea of her choosing the Darkling after all of her feelings during this book was not shocking at all. 
Speaking of which, I did also enjoy that this book made the Darkling look fallible and very human, which I wasn't expecting and really hope continues into the next book. Overall, I think that Leigh Bardugo writes her characters so roundly that I can't dislike any of them completely. She also writes a damn good herione, I was so-so about Alina after Shadow and Bone but now I'm a huge fan.
Overall, my favorite thing about this book was Nikolai Lantsov. Our King. Our Pirate. What a babe. What a man. 
And now I’m off to finish this trilogy! Send help and love. 
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emeraldae-ix · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve been waiting for you a long time, Alina. You and I are going to change the world.
You can buy an art print of either version of this piece, or buy merch with this art on redbubble: A & D. ♡
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avenger-witch · 23 hours ago
Darklina / Malina Bullshit
Tbh, I would've liked it if Alina was single by the end of the trilogy. The Darkling was obviously toxic af (are y'all just going to ignore what he did to Genya and Baghra?). But Mal also sucked. I would've preferred it if he just went back to the First Army while Alina went to Keramzin.
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mournersrp · a day ago
what would you like to see in an application for the sun summoner?
i  think  the  sun  summoner  can  be  taken  in  a  plethora  of  different  directions,  and  am  therefore  always  thrilled  to  read  your  vision  for  them.  but  some  potential  focuses  that  i  would  love  to  see  are:
an  in  -  depth  look  at  their  life  before  they  became  a  summoner.  did  they  face  hardships  which  made  alina’s  gift  a  blessing  ?  or  were  they  already  living  somewhat  well,  and  simply  just  wanted  more  ?
their  first  few  days  /  weeks  /  months  /  years  at  the  little  palace.  was  it  a  complete  transition  from  poverty  or  just  an  upgrade  to  wealth  they  already  possessed  ?  were  they  loathed  or  loved  ?  were  they  drunk  on  power  or  fearful  of  wielding  it  ?  similarly,  did  they  like  working  with  alina  or  did  they  envy  her  ?  did  they  get  along  with  the  rest  of  the  soldat  sol  ?
life  post  the  destruction  of  the  fold.  how  did  it  feel  when  their  purpose  had  been  fulfilled  ?  was  there  ever  a  point  of  relief  before  they  were  itching  for  another  war  ?
their  thoughts  on  the  shadow  summoner’s  fate.  did  they  care  that  those  in  charge  dismissed  the  idea  of  a  rescue  mission,  or  were  they  selfish,  only  caring  that  they  themselves  had  survived  ?
life  as  a  captive  with  henrik.  though  they’ve  not  been  a  prisoner  of  his  experiment  long,  what  was  it  like  for  them  to  be  brought  low  when  they’re  used  to  being  one  of  the  most  powerful  beings  in  a  room  ?  how  were  they  captured  ?  how  has  the  new  jurda  parem  affected  them  ?  what  was  it  like  to  face  the  shadow  summoner  again  ?
Tumblr media
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