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#sun winter

Today I saw my counselor and she got that look, that look that says “You don’t really need me anymore.” I’m never sure if they’re right, but trust me, I’ve seen that look many times before.  I still ended up there, in that semi-impersonally decorated office, across from a counselor, hoping they could tell me if I was crazy or whatever for feeling how I feel.

Fuck you, winter, btw.  I’m ready for spring and sunlight and NO MORE GD COLD.


I wanna get a pedicure and have IT MEAN something. 

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Craving the rays of sunlight or the warmth of your skin amidst these cold winter morns - latter preferred…

Random Xpressions

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In the coming years, I may not remember you — a figment of my imagination that kept me company before the sun rose. Within each changing season, you were there. From all my dappled yellows to blaring reds; I never minded the loneliness because you were with me. 

On the hottest days, we ran for hours on end, going nowhere. We sat on rooftops and watched the sun disappear into a purple sea. We sat inside dark rooms with the blinds pulled shut and laid on the floor, dreaming. We were just two kids, falling in and out of touch with each other and the world. If there was a me, there was a you. You, who came into my life while I was restlessly sleeping and left in the fall. 

This is the third winter now where I have felt truly cold, this season more than the previous. I rarely see the moon anymore. I’m back to how we used to be: two close strangers in an isolated room, taking comfort in the emptiness. The summers were ours, but winter was your season. I dare not breathe, yet one can only hold their breath for so long when the sun is shining on the morning frost. I have sat on the rooftop but I’ve missed the sunset for a clouded over moon. 

In this lifetime, I hope to meet someone who will return my mind as you did. This pretend feeling of nostalgia; maybe it never existed as quietly as you did.

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What a perfect day to stay inside, but also go out and crush some snow under my boots

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Io camminavo con te.

Il freddo addosso, mani congelate, non una ma ben due mascherine, il cuore mio palpitante, qui si ha bisogno di respirare aria pulita..ogni tanto ce lo possiamo permettere. Il sapore delle mie sensazioni e di tutto ciò che verrà in tutti questi attimi indecifrabili che dentro di me formano un bel capolavoro d'arte.

Poi il tuo, di cuore. Si è formato e fermato davanti ai miei occhi nel mio cielo incantato.

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Winter 2021
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