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smallpwbbles · a day ago
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I love how out of context this looks.
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winterpower98 · a day ago
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My anons have been so nice to me lately.
They’ve given me so many good dialogues to work with.
Shout out to especially the anon who wrote Macaque and Wukong’s semi-reunion and the one who wrote Ba telling Macaque Wukong left again.
And to @animemoonprincess who wrote that little dialogue between Beng and Wukong!
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swagginmun · a day ago
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Your Scar Is Sorry: Never Again Part 7
What message would you send...
Start || Previous || Next
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kyeinator · 2 days ago
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what everyone expected s3 to be like vs how it actually went
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azuremist · 2 days ago
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lego monkie kid - s2e7 / phoebe bridgers - motion sickness / lego monkie kid - s2e7 / she ra and the princesses of power - s1e2 / penelope scott - rät / lego monkie kid - s3e10 / broken social scene - anthems for a seventeen year-old girl / taylor swift - all too well
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wolfcamellias · 2 days ago
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runeiio · a day ago
he’s just my favorite
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absolutelynotsanebaby · a day ago
They are so important actually
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pinklikeroses · 2 days ago
Me when Sun wukong reached through Mac’s shadow portal and grabbed him by the throat:
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pilot-boi · 23 hours ago
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Okay but I’ve started considering that they’d be hella cute
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pageofheartdj · a day ago
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rainbowcatblaster · 16 hours ago
My favorite screenshots from the third season of lego monkie kid part two
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THE BOI!!!!! 😭
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Him doing a deep think…
Tumblr media
Love how he doesn’t have a care in the world XD
Wukong: this pain is nothing compared to what I’ve been though
Tumblr media
Baby mad that you broke his stick, also are those tears I see?? 👀
Tumblr media
Guys take notes!! 👀
also love that wukong went from third person to first person in a single sentence XD
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pamgkrthwrites · 2 days ago
Monkie men being complimented on their Beutiful lashes!
Tumblr keeps deleting my progress on this so sorry this took so long, blame Tumblr.
Sun Wukong The Monkey Kid
You were laying on Wukong's lap, looking up at his face as he read poetry.
You watch as his lashes swayed side to side, up and down as he read the contents on the page.
His lashes were long and had a curl to them. They had brown roots but they turned an orange half they, making his hair and furr.
"What are you starin' at?" He asked before arching his head downwards to look at you with a smile and half lidded eyes.
"Your eyelashes are really beautiful." You smiled up at him, only to get the book gently swatted at you.
Wukong chuckled, his cheeks being a bright red as he was blushing. He covered his face with a hand, his chuckles turning into laughter.
"I'm not making fun of you!" Your said as you threw your hands up with a pout.
"Do you like making me flustered, Peaches?" He asked, pulling the book away and letting you see his face.
You blink then smiled. "Only because I love you, sunset."
He leaned down to you and gave you a kiss.
Macaque the Six Eared Macaque
You and Macaque were simply laying around on the couch watching some TV.
His body furr was sweaty from just coming home from training but you still kept your arms around him, giving him a side hug. In return his arm was wrapped around your waist.
You looked up at him only to see his eyes closed and his breath was even.
You were going to yell at him for falling asleep like this, but you ended up just watching him sleep.
His eye lash looked really soft and were a nice silky black. They looked thin but he had a lot of them so it evened out. They were mostly in a straight line, only having a slight curl to them.
You didn't think you were staring for too long until one of his eyes cracked upon and looked straight at you.
You blushed and snapped your head away. "S-sorry!"
"What were you staring at? Is there something on my face?" He asked, starting to rub at the bridge on his nose.
"No, no!" You put your hands up and sat up properly. "Your eyelashes just look really pretty."
He was silent for a moment before letting our some air and turning away.
You would think he was annoyed with your statement until he started caressing your back with the back on his knuckles.
You smiled gently and wrapped your arms back around his waist.
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rwbybutincorrect · a day ago
Going to all of my friends to deliver the latest drama the way a medieval messenger would ride for days on end shouting that the king is dead and he was killed by the court jester
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kyeinator · a day ago
Tumblr media
even worser ending for s3: wukong extracts the flames from mei like he planned to but cant tame them, causing him to burn
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starsfic · 2 days ago
Wukong and his baby enjoying a nice nap on the mountain, but a demon keeps waking the monkey king and bothering the tiny monkey
(Bonus if the demon is actually terrified of Sun Wukong and is only bugging them to get at one of the white monkeys that took something of theirs)
This was the third time.
Sun Wukong loomed over the demon. He had been trying to have a nice nap with Xiaotian, since the poor baby hadn't been sleeping well in the evening lately. Except this ass had decided to be a bother!
"Hand them over."
Without a word, just a squeak, the demon did as commanded. Wukong eyed his baby as he took them. Thankfully, Xiaotian didn't seem harmed. Their little tail was swaying back and forth as they smiled up at him.
"I'm sorry," Ah, it seemed the demon could speak. "Ijust-"
"Leave my baby alone."
"And leave that monkey alone." The demon opened his mouth. "I'll get your bracelet for you later." Wukong stepped forward, allowing his eyes to glow. "Got it?"
The demon nodded frantically.
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wolfcamellias · 2 days ago
*(kicks down door)* thinking about. Some kind of scenario where the Children, the Babies, (whether that's the traffic light trio or Cherry and apple is up to you) climb on top of Macaque and Macaque is like. "wukong- wukong help me oh my heavens what am I meant to do" and meanwhile, wukong just grins at him and tells him to suffer but in reality he doesn't wanna touch the Babies either cause what if he hurts them with his strength??? Better not to risk IT-MAN CAN YOU IMAGINE THE FIRST TIME WUKONG EVER HOLDS A BABY- he probably went completely silent like literally holding his breath and not moving while the baby chews on his fur and smacks him in the face
This one is a little short but I enjoyed writing it all the same! Sorry for that Lupin qwq "Just let go. What's the worst thing that could happen?" (400+ words, short and sweet and with a little bit of bickering thrown in haha, again so so sorry about it being short)
“I hate how much you’re enjoying this.”
Something small and cold presses against the scarred tissue of Macaque’s eye, burying itself into the socket slightly before lifting itself up and trying to climb further on top of the demon’s head, low chirps and squeaks escaping the mouth of the little trespasser. The day had been going as quietly as it could have been, several instances of hit-or-miss when it came to behaving naturally around each other with the former King and General, but what started out as a small get-together to mend broken ties in the form of gardening and struggling to peel mangos without cutting into the fruit ended with Macaque feeling two little invaders sinking their claws into his legs, clinging on to him even as he stumbled down to the grass, hissing at the pain from the impact and then the small monkeys took it as an initiative. They pawed their way up and around Macaque’s shoulders and chest, trying to use each other as a stepping stool to get higher and higher, squeaking and chirping in defiance when one of them accidentally slipped and fell down softly into the grass.
“Who? Me?” the King grins, resting his chin on top of his fist, laying on his chest and flicking his eyes from the cubs to Macaque rapidly. His smile is gentle but it twitches every now and then, a tick that the demon’s known for a while now since their rekindling—alas Wukong waves him off, chuckling when Yuè Shí bites Macaque’s cheek and latches on to him. “Nah, I’m helping.”
“How,” Macaque hisses, paw inches away from grabbing on to the tiny monkey, hesitating and anxious when the cub gnaws on his skin and yelps in surprise when he slips and falls down on Macaque’s lap again, “are you helping?” the shadow demon finishes with a sigh.
“I’m admiring the view.”
“What if they fall?” Wukong blinks slowly at the demon, lips pursing in thought as Rì Shí makes her way up again, tail lashing behind her excitedly. She smacks the shadow monkey in the face, eliciting a low whimper that makes her squeak in response, pawing at his face and thriving to make it to the top. “Wukong,” Macaque whispers, visibly distressed, “what if she falls?”
Wukong stares at him, lips twitching at the edges. “Catch her.”
“Can’t you catch her?”
Macaque watches the Sage lays down, using his arms to pillow his head and look up at the shadow monkey from below, golden eyes gleaming dangerously for a split second. “I could, but I’m not in charge of her right now. You are.”
Then, he adds, “She’s climbing you because she trusts you to catch her.”
So catch her.
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sofisketch-wow · 18 hours ago
Still got it😂
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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zua30 · 2 days ago
So in twitter they already translate LMK season 3 and I just reliaze that... Wukong NEVER say Macaque name...
Even when they first meet in eps 9 season 1 and meet again in season 3
Like... Wukong just calls him with "you" and "he" and "you" again...
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pigsys-scrapped-noodles · 2 days ago
Red Son: *posts a super low quality Meme to the groupchat*
Jin: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image I'd have 15 cents
Red Son: If i had a dollar for every ounce of rage I felt in my body after I read this, I would have enough to buy a cannon to fire at you
Mr. Tang: Actually I did the math, Jin would have 225 dollars, not fifteen cents
Red Son: I'm RIGHT HERE-
Sun Wukong: if i had a dollar i would buy a can of soda
MK: While you're there could you get me an apply juice please? :)
Sun Wukong: sorry i only have a dollar
MK: :(
Mei: actually, it would be 22,500 dollars because it's a dollar for every pixel, not a cent.
MK: If I had 22,500 dollars I would buy a can of soda and an apply juice :)
Red Son: You can literally buy anything you want for 22,500 dollars
Mei: yeah and he wants soda and an apply juice
Pigsy: Apply juice to what
Yin: Directly to the forehead!
Princess Iron Fan: Great job everyone
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