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#sun wukong

I’m adding an extra note here that THIS is the fill my cats wouldn’t let me finish. I ended up scrapping the original fill and rewriting it completely because I lost my train of thought after the 3rd instance of one of them climbing onto my keyboard for cuddles. (On the bright side, the cats are happy and sleeping soundly now.)

“I didn’t know where else to go.”

Pigsy stared in disbelief at the absolutely drenched person in front of him. It was one of the odd days the weather station had planned rain for and almost everyone chose to remain inside or take proper precautions when going outside.

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sun wukong, character concept by Young Hog (next generation)

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Please accept this quick shitpost about the Vacuo crew and Ilia greeting Blake in the most extravagant way possible

Based on this post

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Ok so here’s a few more Wukong shots I’m gonna start getting some Macaque ones gathered up so stay tuned for that

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Author’s note: In which Wukong try to get closer, but is promptly swatted away.

- Ain’t ya a little bit … Antiquated for that kind of stuff? -. Shaole’s comment surprised him quite a bit; when asked for his opinion on any subject, his classic response was a shrug of the shoulders and absolute silence. Instead he had uttered a whole sentence, albeit with his classic indifferent tone.

Wukong recovered from the amazement, also realizing something else: - Did you just called me “old”? -.

-… Technically I’ve said “antiquated” -.

Another entire phrase! What was happening ??

The Great Sage stepped closer to his young brother, putting an arm over his shoulder, ignoring the light annoyed growl that came from his throat. - How come you’re so talkative today brother? -.

Shaole did not answer, not wanting to give him satisfaction, and limited himself to his usual shrug (which was a little difficult for him, given the presence of the other’s arm), going back to folding the clean clothes and putting them in neat piles.

But Wukong was not the type to let such an opportunity pass; he started to poke his little brother’s cheek with his tail, brushing it under his chin too, grinning when he felt the little shake in the monkey’s shoulders, despite the fact that he still tried to stay still and not point out his annoyance.

- Come on little bro, don’t be so stubborn. I know you like it when somebody scratch juuust under here -, Wukong teased, using his paw to caress Shaole’s jawline, earning a little moan from the younger, who was starting to melt in the touch.

But just when he was sure he broke his defenses, Shaole snapped himself together, swatted his hand away and removed his arm from his shoulders whit a sudden hiss: - Leave me alone! -.

The Great Sage was totally taken aback, but he immediately composed himself, turning his back on him and replying with a somewhat offended tone to that little aggression: - Have it at your own way. If you want to stay alone forever is not my problem -.

He wasn’t sure, but as he left the room to join MK and Macaque in the garden, he could almost have sworn he heard Shaole start sobbing.

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Glynda: remember students today is pajama day.

Sun: (its pajamaday?) Gets naked*


Sun: oh i sleep naked.

Student: why is he hard?

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Oh my god yes. This can only go amazingly (horribly).

“Darling I love you and all, but please step out of the kitchen.”/ “At least let me clean it.”

“Oh Heaven what have you done to my kitchen?”

Sun Wukong stood in the entrance to his kitchen, shoulders shaking and hands clasped together in front of his mouth as he tried to determine if he should allow himself to laugh. On the one hand… it was intact. The kitchen was definitely still in one piece. The walls were standing. The equipment hadn’t exploded or fallen apart. So that was good.

That wasn’t the case for the vast majority of the ingredients. Or Macaque.

Somehow, and considering Wukong himself had never managed this it was actually somewhat impressive, Macaque had managed to decimate every ingredient and get them in places where food did not belong. There was mashed fruit on the ceiling, probably because he threw it in frustration and it got stuck there. A fine layer of flour covered most of everything except the stove (thankfully, at least his stove would not catch fire today). Wukong did not remember getting that much tofu when he went to the city but either he did or Macaque had managed to do something to it to make it explode. The vegetables, oddly, looked fine if very poorly chopped.

Not to mention the rice just… everywhere. There so much rice. He would see rice in his nightmares now.

Wukong was incredibly glad that he didn’t have any meat in his fridge at this very moment because he could only imagine the absolute excessive carnage that would have occurred if he did (and likely the great amount of disinfectant he would need to buy because no doubt it will would have been raw).

Macaque looked roughly in a similar state to the kitchen. His face was mostly ok, a couple odd smears of white from the flour the only evidence of whatever he had done, but his torso and arms were just caked in everything. He didn’t know mangoes and tofu mashed together made that color but he did now.

“I got hungry and you made it look easy,” Macaque answered flatly. Not even an excuse, just a flat explanation. “And I… thought I’d surprise you. I think I at least accomplished that part.” He looked down at his hands, grimacing. “Shit. I think I need to do more than just… rinse off… Why does flour stick to fur like this Peaches?”

“Darling I love you and all,” Wukong sighed out with a smile, stepping over the puddles of fruit goop to put an arm around Macaque and lead him outside. “But please step out of the kitchen.”

“At least let me clean it,” Macaque argued, but letting himself be lead out and taking off his top so it could be washed properly as well.

“No, please, the kitchen is already dead.”


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Gave some gaudy color to my pre-imprisoned-for-going-apeshit-in-heaven Sun Wukong doodle. Now starring his fiery eyes. I hope I did his apparently obvious handsomeness justice. 

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Fluff 45. “This is not what I meant when I told you to fall for me.”

The small waterfall Macaque found himself bathing was nice and peaceful. Nothing fouling the water, no mud, no monkeys around to glare at his presence…


Macaque yelped, barely able to move out of the way in time to avoid Wukong. The water in the pool splashed everywhere due to the force. When everything had calmed and settled, he pushed fur out of his face. “This is not what I meant when I told you to fall for me.”

“Yeah, well…” Wukong paddled over to lean against him, splashing more water in his face in the process. “This works for me.”

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Team rwby dont they just wanna watch them fight

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Fluff 2. “They’re good for each other.”

“They’re good for each other,” Wukong said casually. He and Macaque sat on a roof overlooking Pigsy and Tang’s wedding. Below, the crowd cheered as the couple finished drinking the cross-cupped wine. The two slammed their cups down and shared a quick kiss, prompting more cheers. Next to them, Xiaotian cheerfully threw more flower petals.

“You think so?”


“Wanna get married?”

Wukong burst into laughter. “Sorry, Mango.” He bumped shoulders with his mate. “But I get the feeling that we’re at the point past marriage. Besides, could you imagine us doing that.”

The dark-furred monkey considered this before shrugging. “Yeah. But that means Red Son’s gonna ask Pigsy and Tang for their blessing to marry Xiaotian since you traditionally ask the married parents.” 

He stood and walked off, leaving Wukong to his realization.

(Red, in fact, did not ask for Pigsy and Tang’s blessing. Neither did he ask for Wukong and Macaque’s blessing. Instead, he asked Mei’s blessing and ‘kidnapped’ Xiaotian to Tripitaka’s monastery.

“They’re good for each other,” Macaque said when he and Wukong got the letter and the attached picture of Red and Xiaotian together.) 

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Us and Wukong are having a baby.
Wait, you and Tang and Wukong- never mind. That’s gr-
Wukong, slamming down a pad of adoption papers
It’s you, sign here.
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Red Son, trying to read from a flashcard
If I were- was, I mean were a gardener, I’d put our lips- I mean tulips together!
*getting the message* Aww...
If I were a gardener, you’d be my hoe.
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*aggressively throws water bottles*
He's trying to yell mental health and wellbeing into us.
*crying* It's working.
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Fluff 49. “Is somebody jealous?

“Anyway, thanks for the help.” Wukong was escorting Langur down the path. The silver-furred monkey had dropped by, due to Wukong’s concern over some sickly monkeys. “I didn’t really think of that.”

(Neither of them noticed a third watching them.)

“It’s fine. They should be fine soon and if any of them start showing other symptoms, come and find me.” Langur hitched his satchel tighter over his shoulder. “Good-bye.”

“Bye!” As soon as the other was out of sight, Wukong turned, intent on picking some fruit for his sick monkeys. Except something pounced on him. He let out a yelp of surprise, being rolled over before he could recover his senses.

“Why was Langur visiting you?” Ah, yes. His weekly pest had dropped by.

Wukong pushed Macaque away by the face. “He was helping me with some sick monkeys. Some hunters were…” He paused when he noticed the look on the other’s face. “Is somebody jealous?”

Macaque instantly pushed away, fur puffing up. “No! I just…thought I was the only one visiting your island.” He looked away with a pout.

Wukong stared, unable to help the small smile. “Aw, don’t worry.” He gave in to the urge and pressed a kiss to Macaque’s cheek. “You’re still my favorite.” And just like that, he was getting to his feet and walking away.

“Favorite…wait, I’m your favorite?! Wukong…Wukong…WUKONG, EXPLAIN WHAT YOU MEAN BY THAT!”

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