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rinslova · a day ago
ಌ including : ceo sunrin x fem!reader
ಌ genre : suggestive/smut
a/n: I'm def starting a series with this
Tumblr media
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna who first just wanted the relationship to be you coming over at times, not pressuring you to have sex and simply enjoying your company.
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna however if things did progress it suna would waste no time taking you where ever in his house, kitchen, living room, hallway doesn't matter.
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna when he has to go to meetings and tend to things at his company, he'll leave you a key to his house and his credit card. If you come back with only 2-3 bags from shopping he's taking you out again. Rin always wants to spoil you, so if your like, "I don't wanna spend to much." He'll tease you for being too cute before saying, "Thats the whole point pretty."
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna and if you don't know what to buy because everything looks so good, he'll take you into the dressing room and try on every outfit if he has to. Of course he makes sure you feel comfortable in the outfits and you like them. And if you happen to love all of them, well lucky for you he's buying the whole rack.
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna after a while he'll realize he likes you more than he orignally thought, so the next time you come over he'll try and drop a couple hints that he wants to be more than a simple sex n spend relationship. And if you still don't get it he'll outright tell you. "You've been on my mind way too much lately, but I guess thats to be expected when you like someone."
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna Rin loves dressing you up, and picking out lingerie for you. His favorite thing is when your shy and scared to come out of the bathroom, so he assures you you'll look stunning no matter what you wear. And boy he was right. He always is.
you looked at yourself in the mirror blushing at how much skin you were showing, the lingerie rintaro had bought this time was definitely something else. You were wearing a royal blue laced babydoll, with a matching lingerie set with white lace on the fringes. "Come out princess, I wanna see how it looks on you." You nervously, made your way towards the door. Opening slightly peeking your head out, making him chuckle. "Cmon pretty girl." Taking in a deep breath, you walked out. Your eyes never meeting his as your arms went behind your body, grabbing your wrist with on hand rubbing it in circles. Blush rose to your cheeks as you felt his heavy gaze on your figure, "So cute, it looks sexy on your skin too. Too bad its gonna get ruined."
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna who loves walking around with a cute peice of eye candy holding onto his arm, watching guys expressions as you walk by. Shooting a smirk your way, earning a flushed expression from you.
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna who can't get enough of you wearing skirts or tights, especially when you bend over to reach something and your ass is just presented infront of him. So cute and plump, so when you stand up don't be surprised when you feel a hand at your waist. "R-rinny! You scared me." You sighed, before feeling his touch travel down to your ass. "Did you plan on teasing me or are you just being a naïve little girl right now hm?"
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna who's favorite thing to do is to have you sit on his face with the designer tights he bought you ripped at your crotch, using his tongue and fingers to quickly rip out an orgasm from you. Wanting to see the mess you made on the tights, "B-baby slow down! I-its too fuck much." Not letting up he'll take his tongue out of out your hole kissing your clit to say, "I suggest if you want to cum you'll address me by my name, and to take whatever I give you. Got it princess?"
"Y-yes sir."
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izurou · 21 days ago
“what are you doing?”
your heart just about bursts from your chest as you spot suna through the bathroom mirror. he’s standing there with a few tufts of hair that appear to have developed minds of their own, and you can see subtle red creases on one side of his face.
“jesus, we need to get you a bell,” you mumble—to yourself more than anything. your eyes gloss over his reflection before focusing back on your own, and you resume your nightly routine without a second thought.
“why are you getting ready for bed without me?” he questions, leaning his head against the doorframe as he gives you the blankest of stares.
“rin, you were sleeping. i know better than to wake the beast from his slumber,” you laugh.
“tch, i’m not that bad, am i?” he feigns a frown, pushing himself off the frame and shuffling over to you. the warmth of his bare chest engulfs you as he snakes his arms around your torso, pressing a kiss into your shoulder. “besides, i was resting my eyes, not sleeping.”
you feel him smirk against your skin—both of you knowing damn well those are his famous last words.
“does it really mean that much to you?” you ask, emphasizing the sarcasm in your voice to hide the fact that you actually want a genuine answer.
you don’t get one—at least not at first. instead, he tightens his grip on your waist, just enough to allow him to spin you around to face him. he pulls upwards, a silent invitation for you to sit on the countertop.
“be an angel and sit still,” he says, more than aware of the effect that little nickname has on you. his fingers delve into the cream that now sits in your lap—bringing a small amount to your face.
he stares for a moment, love and admiration swirling around in his pupils as he embodies the definition of heart eyes. he wipes his fingers onto each of your cheeks, using a hand on either side to rub the moisturizer in for you.
“yes,” he blurts out.
“yes what?” you tilt your head at him. he exhales, tilting your head back to its original position so he can finish working in the product.
“it does mean that much to me,” he responds, delicately running the pad of his thumb along your cheekbone. he battles the grin forming on his face, but the one that you’re wearing right now is so perfect—it’s not even worth the fight. he finds himself leaning down, possessed by his love for you, chasing that euphoric feeling of your lips against his.
he kisses you—so hungrily that your back presses against the mirror and you have to place a hand behind you for support. he pulls away with a pant, giving a few more quick pecks to your lips before resting his forehead against yours. there’s that look again—love, admiration, and—mischief?
before you can so much as blink, he’s dipping his entire hand into your beloved moisturizer, taking out a huge clump, and smearing it onto your face with a devious smile.
“wake me up next time, okay?”
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sunascupid · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
softie suna who sits you on the bathroom counter and removes your makeup for you when you're too tired, always remembering to shower you with compliments while he's doing it.
softie suna who adores being in your presence, 100% believes the moments spent with you are the most important (even if you're each doing your own thing.)
softie suna who's “secretly” clingy, whether it's his hand on the small of your back or his pinky linked with yours, he loves physical touch with you.
softie suna who loves it when you do his makeup, always offering his lap as a seat so you can be “precise”
“Rin, why do I have to sit in your lap? I feel like I’m gonna fall.”
“Mm.. it’s so you can do my eyeliner better, precision, ya know?” he smiled, you both knew he was lying, but all you could utter back was a simple “sure.”
softie suna who can't help but to watch you instead of whatever stupid movie is currently playing in the background, he loves admiring every single feature of yours, and would spend countless nights reassuring you of your beauty if needed.
softie suna who lets you play with his hair whenever you want, allowing you to place small colorful hair clips all over, his only response being a small smile when you show him the final result.
softie suna who makes the stupidest excuses to see you, he once told you he needed to come over ASAP because he left his pencil at your house (he didn't, he just wanted to see you.)
softie suna who makes it a priority to see you smile, so he tries to remember the little things, like which side of the bed you like to sleep on, or which jokes of his are your favorite.
softie suna who has a camera roll full of photos of you, but refuses to let you see it because he knows you'll think they're hideous (he can't help it, he just thinks you're the prettiest when you're being yourself.)
softie suna who tells you all the details about his life, he knows he can confide in you and trusts you with his whole being, seeing your reactions to his stories are his favorite part.
softie suna who draws little hearts on your hip when you two are cuddling, wanting nothing more than to pull you close against his chest and tell you how much he loves you.
softie suna who is completely head over heels for you, unconditionally in love with you and everything you do — set on showing you how much he loves you each and everyday.
Tumblr media
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hanmas · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
it’s quiet in the car, and suna drives tensely, side eyeing you as you sit with your arms crossed. it’s evident you don’t want to be in the car with him, but even like this, he’s glad he gets to spend a little extra time with you alone.
“so…” he starts, and immediately, you cut him off, shutting him down firmly.
suna purses his lips and sighs, eyes on the road as he continues to drive to your home, and you sit there fuming. you’ve been tricked. fooled. taken advantage of by your own friend as she goes home with some guy she meets. if she can’t drive you home from the party, it just has to be suna, and you wonder why the world is punishing you so cruelly this way.
“you know, i’m a pretty cool guy,” suna insists, turning to you with a raised brow when the car stops at a red light. “you should consider being a little nicer—”
“you’re lame and annoying,” you counter, and he scowls, scoffing that you have it in you to be so bold with him in his car as he drives you home.
“am not,” he bickers back. and the light is green now, but neither of you notice as you stare each other down.
you hate suna rintaro. you hate him so fiercely, you don’t think you’ll ever feel this passionately about anything else in your life. suna annoys you in every way possible. he acts like he doesn’t care, he slacks off in everything he does, he always rolls his eyes like he knows better, and he even stands around like he owns the place. and you hate him.
you also hate that he stood you up on a date he asked you on himself, but that’s besides the point.
“are too,” you huff childishly.
“look, if this is about that date a few months ago, i told you i mixed up the dates and—”
“it’s about how little you care about things,” you interrupt, and there’s a slight quiver in your voice as you speak. it makes suna’s heart drop, and he feels his stomach twist painfully.
suna rintaro has been in love with you since grade school. he thinks it’s a miracle you ever said yes to him in the first place, and if there’s one thing in his life, one thing at all that he’d do differently, it’s not mixing up the day of your date. he thinks maybe by now you could’ve been a happy little couple with stupidly annoying instagram pictures and obnoxiously ridiculous voicemails and whatever else couples do together. but suna always messes things up, and he wishes he wasn’t always doing things wrong no matter how hard he tries.
his face drops, and he reaches out, opening his mouth to speak.
and before he can continue, there’s a loud honking sound behind you that makes you both flinch, someone beeping their horn for him to go on the green light he’s been sitting on for the last two minutes.
suna curses under his breath, pressing the gas pedal and driving off, frowning when you angle your body away from him to face the window.
“you will never change,” you mutter, “i realized that a long time ago.” and it’s cruel really, you’ve spent all this time convincing yourself you’re over suna, but all that’s led you to is falling for him even deeper—and maybe that makes the hatred fester up even more.
“hey, that’s not fair,” he grumbles. “i’m a responsible adult, it was one slip up.”
“did you make your bed this morning?”
“okay, that’s not relevant to adulthood—”
“is your sink empty of dirty dishes?”
“i didn’t get a chance yet to wash—”
“when was the last time you checked your mailbox?”
“who even reads mail these days—”
“face it suna,” you scoff. “you’re hopeless.” and suddenly, the car pulls over, and you turn to him with furrowed brows as he parks the car and faces you, determination settling in his eyes as he throws a glare at your direction.
“well, why are you still so upset over a missed date if you’re not obsessed with me?” he challenges, making you stare at him in disbelief as your mouth hangs open. and now you’re furious—how dare he insinuate something so ridiculous (even though it’s technically kind of true), and how dare he belittle your feelings (even though he technically didn’t, but his tone certainly seemed like it).
“what?” you hiss, and he crosses his arms, raising a brow.
“you heard me,” he snaps back, and you should honestly strangle him—and in all realness, if you killed him right here in the middle of the street and left, no one would know it was you, but he smirks, and you lose your sanity just a little more at his hand. “you’re so obsessed with me,” he grins.
“no i am not,” you flare your nostrils, and he snickers, poking your cheek with a cocky smile on his face. you hate how attractive it is.
“i’m obsessed with you too,” he shrugs, as though it’s completely normal. “i’m not quitting until you finally agree on a redo of our date,” he adds, and you scoff.
“too bad. not moving this car until you do,” he shrugs.
“suna rintaro,” you say firmly, and he has the audacity to recline his seat back and throw his arms behind his head as he lays down.
“that’s my name,” he says casually.
and this is precisely why you can’t stand him. he never takes anything seriously, and he never puts in an effort to try, and he never cares. you don’t think he ever will.
“i want to go home—”
“you could,” he starts, “if you agree on a redo date.”
“no,” you huff.
“now you’re just being stubborn,” he scoffs, pouting lightly. you resist the urge to poke his bottom lip with your finger. “what’s the worst that could happen?”
“you stand me up again,” you deadpan, and suna rolls his eyes.
“i’m sorry, okay? it really was an accident, and i didn’t mean it. i really did get the dates confused,” he argues, and there’s a small part of you that tells yourself maybe you’re overreacting. people make mistakes, and you’re certainly not perfect, but this is suna rintaro.
he’s got his little set of fans, he’s got his promising career, and he’s got no reason to be interested in you. you shouldn’t think this way, but maybe he forgot because you really are just that forgettable.
“you wouldn’t have forgotten if you actually cared,” you pout, and he clicks his teeth, reaching over and grabbing your face, pulling your closer. you can feel his breath fan over your lips as he speaks, smelling the minty scent of his gum.
“if i didn’t care, why would i be pining over someone as stubborn as you,” he grunts. “you are really something else,” he mutters, and you give him a dirty look, features scrunching into an offended expression.
“this is not my fault—”
“well, if you’d just listened for a moment—”
“i don’t owe you to listen—”
“you are so difficult—”
“don’t talk to me—” and you’re cut off by a kiss, and you’d be stunned by the nerve of the man sitting before you if you weren’t so distracted by the heat of his lips and the way his thumb makes your skin light up as he rubs your cheek softly. you should pull away, but you only mold your lips against his and lean in closer, deepening the kiss like your life depends on it.
“knew you were obsessed with me,” he snickers as you both pull away, pouting when you shove at his shoulder harshly.
“you can’t just kiss people out of nowhere, asshole,” you hiss, lips slightly swollen and cheeks feeling hot as you look away. he smirks, pinching your cheek, and you smack his hand away.
“well, we’re both here right now,” he shrugs, “and we already kissed, so we might as well redo the date now.” you try to ignore the way your heart leaps in your chest at the idea.
“fine,” you cave. “but if it sucks, you gotta quit bothering me,” you warn, and a large, giddy little grin spreads across his face, and you almost wish he’d kiss you again as you drink in the sight.
“oh, trust me,” he winks, “it definitely won’t suck.”
Tumblr media
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sunaerin · 6 months ago
↳ crush!sunarin x fem!reader
tattoo!sunarin next
this wasn’t edited, it’s legit a dump. i wasn’t joking when i said i’m in my suna brainrot. im going to continuously add to this if I think of more HAHAH 
Tumblr media
crush!sunarin is the type to pin over you way before you even notice him. He’ll take short glances when you’re near, but unapologetically stare from a distance, with a slight blush to his cheeks, as he observes you smile, engage, laugh, frown, simply mesmerized by you and the beauty that you carry. 
crush!sunarin that gets caught by the Miya twins about his crush early on, and has been blackmailed by a certain blonded twin ever since. Threatening to tell you and expose him of his feelings... sunarin had to delete a lot of pictures/videos of them two because of it.... but little do the twins know, he’s already had them saved.
crush!sunarin that wouldn’t have the guts to strike conversation with you, but simply stay within distance so that you could notice him. 
crush!sunarin that secretly prayed that the gods would put you both as seating partners when it was confirmed you both had the same homeroom class as third years. And during the first day of class, it would be belittling to state that he almost passed out when he found that his prayers were indeed answered. Seeing you prettily seating at the seat next to his, simply waiting for him to join you... yea, the butterflies in his stomach went raging. he was on cloud nine.
crush!sunarin is the type to heavily blush when youre not looking but act unfazed when talking to you, and contrary to what others believe, he can easily lose composure when he gets nervous, so he grits his teeth and makes a tight fist without you knowing, so that he could maintain the cool guy persona.
crush!sunarin will go through his photo album of the many different pictures that he’s secretly snapped of you, and rub his thumb along his screen so he could imagine himself touching your face.
crush!sunarin that received a school photo of you, with a small letter on the back stating, “best friends should have pictures of each other.” He’ll keep that photo in his wallet till god knows how long, and unashamedly looks at you when he’s away for games in different prefectures. 
crush!sunarin is the type to get you a cup of coffee and wait for you in front of your home/dorm/apartment to take you to school. 
crush!sunarin that goes to the school convenience store to get you the snacks that you love, and can’t help but break a smile when he sees your face immediately blossom when you see him approaching you. If he had the option to be a slave for you, he would take in a heartbeat if that meant he could be with you for eternity... he was down that bad for you.
crush!sunarin that would get asked almost by the daily if he and you were anything more than just friends, and he’ll simply gaze back, with a lazy look on his face and respond that you both were simply best friends. 
crush!sunarin that quickly learned of your quirks, so when he noticed something off about you, he’ll make himself fully available for you. But he’ll act as if you’re a pain in the ass just so that you wouldn’t catch on that he liked you. 
crush!sunarin that wouldn’t hesitate to give you his umbrella if it was raining, and most definitely wouldn’t stop to think of giving you his sweater if you were cold. 
crush!sunarin that received his first heartbreak when you told him, “I’m so glad that you’re my bestfriend.” Never had he asked the Miya twins for advice, but for this he had to. Prepared to be a laughing stock by the twins, he asked,  “Hey... I think i just got friend zoned by YN.... what should I do?” 
crush!sunarin that receives another blow of heartbreak when you asked him right after, “so.....  Sunarin, you like anyone?” If he could, he wanted to hate you. How could you not know? But yet when he sees the genuine curiosity in your eyes he can’t help but once again melt in your gaze and simply respond, “she’s someone I liked for a long time,” as he ruffles your hair. 
crush!sunarin would let you sleep on his shoulder, but you dont notice his heart beating out of his chest, almost causing him to get a heart attack. But when his heart settles, he’ll loosely wrap his fingers with yours as he plays with your smaller digits — hoping and praying that one day... you’ll be his. 
crush!sunarin doesn’t easily get jealous, but when he sees you talking to the Miya twins or anyone that he seems more worthy of your attention that him, he becomes even more quiet and closed off, but never does he lash out on you. 
crush!sunarin that started to have wet dreams of you, making it hard for him to look you in the eyes for a good week… only for him to have another wet dream just when he’s felt comfortable. It all started with you popping into his dream so purely, only for you to turn the tides and suck him off dry. The dreams progressed in sensuality every time he dreamt of you — taking you in different positions, kissing you in areas he’s wanted, touching you in places that made his balls tickle — only to wake up feeling more frustrated than ever, leading him to take a cold shower and countless days of fucking his fist trying to mimic the sensation he felt in his dreams. 
crush!sunarin that masturbates thinking of you now without the trigger of a wet dream. He’s given up trying to with hold his feelings for you. So during the night, when everyone’s asleep, he imagines how you might feel, and how good you’ll probably taste, and how tight your pussy would be wrapped around his poor cock. He’ll start slow with hitched breaths as he reaches a hand down to his semi-erect cock as he bucks his hips up to further stimulate his erection. He’ll place a flat sheets to his mouth, or bites his lips so that no sound can illuminate from his room. He’s gotten so drunk off of just imagining you that his tolerance starting to build that at this point porn wasn’t sufficient — he simply just wanted you. 
crush!sunarin that would give you his button on graduation, with a short comment that you were his bestfriend when you teased him to give it to the girl he crushed on. 
crush!sunarin that calls you drunk and calls you his angel. You don’t think too much of this because he’s done it so many times. He mutters absolute nonsense by saying, “YN i fucking love you, you know that right?” and when you simply respond back with, “I love you too, Rinnie...” you’ll hear nothing back from him, until seconds later one of the twins intercept the call and say their apologies. 
crush!sunarin would rather die than to have another person out his feelings to you. So when he wakes up from his hangover, embarrassed out of his mind of how he acted with you, he’s shocked to see you at his apartment with a table of food prepared for his nauseous stomach. 
crush!sunarin that over hears a conversation you had with your girlfriends about a certain boy you’ve been crushing on... only for him to drink the night away and be a bit distant from you until he’s managed to settle his heart. 
crush!sunarin that gets a whacking from Atsumu saying that he was dumb for being an ass to just suddenly distance himself from you. He would purposely ignore your calls, and avoid communication with you... up to the point that you had to call the twins to ask if there was anything wrong with sunarin 
crush!sunarin that decides for once to take a risk and confess — knowing full well that it would be another heartbreak for him... 
crush!sunarin prepares and preps for the perfect time and place to confess to you, only for him to blurt it out in pure nervousness when you just looked so pretty to him, asking him if you did anything wrong, or if he was okay with tears in your eyes as you clung onto his arms...
and crush!sunarin that almost had a heart attack when you pulled him in for a short kiss to tell him, “silly, I like you too... I’ve always had.” 
crush!sunarin that upgraded to boyfriend!sunarin is currently holding you in his arms without guilt and without shame, tucking a piece of hair over your ear, taking in all of you with his sharp but loving eyes, as he whispers to you, close to a kiss away with lips trembling and breath cool, 
“fuck... YN you dont know how long I’ve been waiting for you.”
Tumblr media
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rinphoria · a month ago
caught in 4k ! (pt. 3)
alternatively; your relationship is outed to the public.
✸ ft. suna rintaro
✸ info + warnings: fluff
Tumblr media
suna rintaro — mic’d up!
the notification banner grabbed your attention and led you to excitedly gasp. your phone was left abandoned on the couch as you hopped up from your seat to grab your laptop. ever since he had told you that the social media team had decided to give the segment a try, you’d been (im)patiently waiting for the video featuring your boyfriend to be released. you’d been to a couple of his practices and even more of his games so you knew how he acted on the court, but being able to hear what he voiced to himself and his teammates was a whole different side of suna that you were eager to witness.
comfy on the couch with your computer resting on your lap, you clicked the video and let it begin to play. a majority of the audio captured was highlighted by nearly-whispered taunts at the opposing team and lots of quiet praise for himself when he was able to shut down a powerful spike. his behavior was familiar and a constant smile tugged at your lips as you watched him in his element. he was almost as insufferable at work as he was with you at home. luckily, his teammates didn’t seem to mind.
“hey, nice job out there.” komori greeted him at the bench. his voice was less discernable than suna’s, but you could still pick out what he was saying. as the libero handed suna a towel, his other hand lightly smacked his behind.
suna turned around, sparing a quick glance to the sight of the love tap before looking back at komori. “woah, man. that merchandise is spoken for.”
“what are you going on about?” the libero questioned with a confused smile.
“my partner wouldn’t like knowing that other people are so comfortable touching their property.”
“your ass?”
you snorted at the surprise laced in komori’s voice and the way his eyebrows shot up into his hairline. it took a couple more seconds of the video playing before you truly comprehended what suna said.
my partner.
your fingers immediately made work of scrolling down to the comment section to see if any of the viewers had caught that. unsurprisingly, most of the observations left below the video had honed in on just that. you couldn’t count the threads of comments theorizing about who might have been the lucky person that stole suna’s heart.
the jingling of keys reeled you in from going any deeper down the rabbit hole.
“i’m home,” suna sang as he pushed open the door. he kicked off his shoes and dropped the duffel bag he was carrying on the floor, a large thud echoing throughout the foyer. “i brought dinner.”
he waved a plastic takeout bag in front of him as he sauntered to the kitchen so he could get situated.
“welcome home,” you greeted him. leaving your laptop behind on the coffee table, you stood up and made your way to meet him in the next room over. “your mic’d up video came out today.”
“did it? i forgot we even recorded that.” he sat down on one of the stools positioned near the island counter, nodding his head to the other one beside him in a gesture for you to take a seat. you followed his directions and perched yourself on the chair. suna wasted no time opening his container of food but yours remained unattended as you turned to face him so that you could go on with your interrogation.
“you said some interesting things during it.”
“yeah? like what?” he still hadn’t looked up to meet your eye, too focused on his meal to pay you much mind.
“mm egging your opponents on, congratulating yourself on your ‘out of this world skills,’ telling komori that your ass belonged to me.”
suna stopped mid-bite. his jaw that was lowered to take in a mouthful of food was now dropped in shock. the noodles that were once hanging loosely from his chopsticks slipped from his hold and fell back into the carton. finally, his gaze fell on you. “i didn’t.”
“oh, you did.”
“you think anyone noticed?” he questioned, reluctantly continuing to fiddle with his stir-fry. his concern didn’t lie with the fact that he’d exposed the relationship that the two of you agreed to keep private for the time being; he was more troubled with the thought of him proclaiming that his butt was an asset of yours. the ordeal was a tad bit embarrassing, even for suna.
“i’d argue that’s all they noticed.” now that you had covered the important stuff, you picked up your own chopsticks to dig into what suna had ordered for you. the dramatic groan suna let out distracted you from eating peacefully. since you had watched the video, part of your mind lingered on the damage control you’d surely be taking part in. suna seemed like he could use the suggestion you had come up with. “but i have an idea, something that might turn people’s attention away from the whole ass thing.”
“i’m all ears.”
“post a picture of us.” it would cement the fact the two of you were together and give everyone something else to talk about. you weren’t sure how suna would feel about officially announcing your relationship, but since he had practically already come out with it, you figured it wouldn’t hurt. and if he wanted to relieve some of that awkwardness he was feeling, this would get the job done.
“fine. get over here.” he pulled his phone out from the pocket of his hoodie, readying to play photographer.
“right now?” your voice was a pitch higher than normal. you weren’t expecting him to want to do it so soon, especially since there was food getting cold in front of him.
“yep, c’mere.” his arm wrapped around your neck and he pulled you into his chest, his lips pressing against your cheek in a sloppy kiss. 
“uck, get off!” your fists beat at him playfully, but with your arms crushed in his hold, he was unrelenting. your eyes squeezed shut as he continued to pepper your face with kisses. the halting of constant clicks of shuttering was your only sign that he had finished his fun-loving assault.
despite the glare of disgust you threw him as you got back to your food, suna smiled as he swiped through all the pictures he had taken. there were plenty he could have chosen from within his camera roll, but he thought one of the many new ones would be a better fit for the occasion. “perfect.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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danishima · a month ago
Practice | Suna x Reader
warning: ugh kissing??? maybe suggestive but I don’t think so and yeah. first kiss and friends to lovers trope live in my mind rent free.
Tumblr media
You were hanging out with Suna after practice, well if sitting on your phones without talking could be called “hanging out”. And you were incredibly bored. Letting out your fifth sigh as you glanced over at him.
“Will you stop doing that.” He mumbled clearly annoyed. You let your head fall back against the bed with a huff as you whined “I’m bored! Entertain me.” Now it was his turn to sigh. “And how will I do that?” You though for a moment and he laughed as you were focused on finding an activity to do with your dearest friend. “Truth or dare?…” you said hesitantly. “No.” He replied without a thought.
“What are you hiding something from me?” You teased as he stood up straighter. “No, whenever you suggest playing truth or dare you can never think of anything to ask and it ends up with me listening to you ramble about your current crush.”
Well damn.
You furrowed your brows “What about those apps that give you the questions? Why don’t we download one of those?”
And that is exactly what you did. Having lots if fun calling Atsumu and “confessing” to him while calling him Osamu (his reaction was priceless) and learning that Suna used to be one of those kids who slicked back their hair everyday in primary school. Now as you looked at the question on the screen you started to feel heat rushing to your cheeks.
“How did your first kiss go?”
Hah. Fuck. You looked up to see Suna waiting for your answer. When you didn’t respond he spoke “Come on it couldn’t have been that bad, just tell me.” You bit your lip. Suna had a fair share of admirers as he was a part of the volleyball team so he had been on dates and had one or two girlfriends. It’s not like he would make fun of you but it was still kind of… odd? Silence filled the room for a few minutes before Suna spoke “(Y/n)? Did you have a first kiss?”
And that’s how you ended up like this.
Why did you agree to this in the first place. Taking back what you thought earlier, Suna absolutely did make fun of you. And when you wanted to pick a dare, what do you know? He had one for you.
“Let me be your first kiss.”
It wasn’t very romantic when you burst out laughing but here you were. Sitting in front of Suna waiting to kiss him.
“So do we just.. get into it?”
“You know when you say stuff like this it makes me understand why you haven’t had your first kiss before.”
“SHUT UP!” You slapped your hands over your face, covering it in embarrassment. “This is stupid I’m going home.” He let out a laugh as he reached to get a hold of your waist and dragging you on his lap.
“What’s stupid is you making this a bigger deal than it has to be.”
You scoffed ignoring the sidden rush being this close to him gave you “I can only imagine kissing you would be just you embarrassing me so it is a big deal for me.“
“It will be quick and painless I swear.” You groaned as you nodded your head. That was all the permission he needed.
Suna didn’t understand why he felt so excited to do this. You were a friend, he never really thought of you other than that, but now he couldn’t help but feel… nervous? “Ok so I am… going in?” Suna smiled at your clumsy state, nodding. You leaned in slowly you felt awkward as you realized both of your eyes were open. Smiling to hide the obvious tells of nervousness you were trying to ignore “I think we should close our eyes? That’s what they do when.. yeah.” You closed your eyes. Bringing your face closer to his you felt your breathing slow down and a second later your lips were on his.
It was soft and still. You didn’t move and neither did he. Just soft lips pressed against each other while uneven breaths were heard from both of you. Liking the feeling you stayed like that for a few seconds until you felt more pressure on your lips as Suna leaned into you more. Without thinking, he placed his hand on your cheek and you sighed. You felt yourself getting more comfortable so you started moving your lips. It wasn’t perfect, you were pretty clumsy and too careful of how you were parting your mouth like you saw in the movies but, you felt your slight panic easing when his tongue lightly grazed your bottom lip. Instinctively, you let your hands make their way to his soft hair and were pleased to hear the slightest hitch of his breath. Continuing like that for a while, lips moving at their own accord, his other hand sliding up and down from your neck to your waist you two sat there. Both aware this was way different than what you intended to do. What was supposed to be a quick kiss now turned into you sighing while leaning in for more and him smiling in between kisses trying to suppress the funny feeling he felt. He know things were going to be different now. This wasn’t what friends did.
Before you know it, the warm feeling on your lips was gone as Suna pulled away, your lips still chasing his with closed eyes. Sliding his hand from your cheek to your jaw he whispered “Did you like it?”
Feeling slightly dizzy you didn’t catch the teasing tone in his voice and mumbling something along the lines of yes you are a good kisser. Letting out an airy laugh he pat your head. “You are not too bad for an amateur either.” Swatting his hand away you pouted at his words.
All ready to go home, you waved your “friend” goodbye as you walked out of the door.
“Thanks asshole.” His eyes widened in amusement as he laughed
“Hey I helped you didn’t I? You should be thankful!”
“Shut up!”
As you left you both had the same thing on your minds
Something changed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sunamour · 3 months ago
back in love with you
suna x reader; fluff, exes to lovers, not proofed
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTAROU knows what he wants, and he’ll always chase after it.
that’s why he disappeared from your line of sight all those years ago to chase his volleyball dreams.
“why did you break up with me back then?”
you must be delusional. there’s no other explanation for it.
yeah, there’s no other explanation for why the now-famous national volleyball player ex-boyfriend of yours is standing next to you, asking you about a memory you thought was long past the both of you.
“rin, there’s no point in rehashing the past, is there?” a lie. a total fucking lie (if the erratic pounding of your heartbeat is any indication).
suna’s brows furrow as he whips his head to the side to take a good, long look at you. it’s enough to make you nervous; his gorgeous dark locks dancing in the wind, doing absolutely nothing to mask his equally beautiful mellow green eyes. honestly, you could think of worse ways to spend a friday night than conversing with your hot ex at the top of a skyscraper while the rest of inarizaki high’s old (and current) volleyball team members continue drinking their guts out inside the way too-expensive hotel suite that atsumu had booked. (well, as far as your taste goes anyway.)
it seems that your ex-boyfriend has differing opinions though. “there’s always a point.” his gaze shifts back out into the distance, wandering eyes taking in the view of the tokyo night scenery.
“what’s the point of this one, then?” you don’t dare turn to look at him, noticing how he shifts his body to lean against the railing, head tilting to the side, so blatantly scrutinizing you right where you stand. he’s always been like this, shameless in what he’s interested in at the moment. though, you take it as it is—an ‘in the moment’ thing, like fleeting gazes that never last and like that last kiss at the airport five years ago before he left for tokyo for good.
a low hum reaches your ears, insanely closer than you expected it, and before you can even take your next breath, suna has closed the gap between the two of you, you can tell—if not from the corners of your eyes, then you can tell from how his cologne seems to have filled your lungs much more than it did just a few seconds ago.
you can feel the back of his index finger slowly grazing up and down your arm, and you curse yourself inwardly because while you’d like to act like it doesn’t affect you in the least, the goosebumps searing on your skin betray you. suna’s smirking, and no, you don’t actually have to look at him to know this one. not like you’d have any space to turn, because the next second his lips graze the shell of your ear.
“i know you still want me.”
“and you’re still very full of yourself, i see.” your answer comes much too quickly for it to sound like casual banter, and suna snickers at you for it. you’re flustered, and he’s got you right where he wants you. (and yet suna finds it amazing that you don’t even know you’ve still got him wrapped around your finger too; if only you had the guts to look at him and the blush that flushes his face pink.)
the expansive night sky before you isn’t enough to take your breath away, but the kiss that suna rintarou lands on your lips is. his hand on the back of your head, his other gripping your waist to turn your body to face his, tongue warm in your mouth with the aftertaste of whiskey lingering on the muscle. he’s always been the one to initiate—the dating, the first kiss, the hand holding, everything.
suna rintarou knows what he wants, and he’ll always chase after it.
and this time it’s you. (it has always been you, if you had only learned not to think so lowly of yourself all those years ago.)
“if you don’t want this, then stop me.” he says it like it’s a dare, like he’s challenging you—if you don’t want him like how he wants you right now, push him away then.
but you don’t.
because you regret letting him go all those years ago, you regret not just staying by his side and not giving him a say in the relationship, you regret thinking that long distance would just kill whatever spark the two of you had—and still have—because evidently it’s still here.
the smirk that paints his face a sexy shade of dream boy knocks the wind out of your lungs, or maybe it’s just the way he’s kissing you so fervently now, his urgency dictated by his roaming hands crawling down your spine, fingers tracing the curve of your back, lower and lower and lower.
“this time, i’m keeping you with me, okay?” more a declaration than a question, especially when he knows your head’s at the same place his is at. you nod anyway, giddy under his scrutiny, heart thumping and hypersensitive to every single move he’s making. “say it.”
“i’m yours.” not an ounce of hesitation.
suna chuckles in response, “all mine.” yeah, again, and forever.
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fsrintaro · 7 months ago
## ft. miya atsumu, miya osamu, kuroo tetsuro, suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, akaashi keiji
## a/n. i just knOW they are doing some stuff on purpose to make you blush
Tumblr media
MIYA ATSUMU likes to stretch in front of you. he just knows that you are always goggling, mouth hung open at the way his muscles ripples at each stretch. atsumu knows that his near-translucent white sporting tee hugged every line of muscle on his back perfectly. “take a picture, sweetheart. it lasts longer.” he chimed over his shoulder, chuckling under his breath when he heard you shuffling away to hide your embarrassment.
MIYA OSAMU knows his portions. who would think that despite years in culinary school, he would still be 'accidentally' making extra portions? you did, but you take his food regardless. truth was, he scoured the internet for recipes, a new one each day with a different savoury taste in hopes of seeing you light up as you munch into it. as osamu cooks, his heart just melts at the thought of you bashfully accepting his food.
KUROO TETSURO likes to keep you close to him wherever the two of you were. his palm would ghost at your waist — the gesture itself was harmless as it provides you a slight bit of comfort. yet, kuroo still manages to get into your head as he draws little circles at the softness of your skin while he holds your waist.
SUNA RINTARO doesn't see a reason why you had to sit so far away from him. sure, a table for two usually has its persons facing each other but he would rather be next to you. you were interrupted from browsing through the menu as you felt a sudden jerk of your seat, the metal whining against the graphite floor as suna dragged your chair closer to his. he snuck a quick kiss to your cheek before pushing you back, your hand ghosting over the spot where he kissed you as you sat in your stunned state.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI, without a doubt, is a tall man — which is why he likes to bend down to until he is eye-level with you, especially when he couldn’t hear what you were saying. he would egg you on with a soft ‘pardon?’ as he tries to stifle his laughter when you were reduced to stammers. sakusa had the audacity to play dumb when his face was dangerously close to yours, mere inches away from kissing you right there and then, just because of how adorable you were.
AKAASHI KEIJI has developed the habit of pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear so that he could have a better view of your face. while your beauty knocks every last bit of breath in his lungs out of his body, his heart can’t help but to thrum wildly in his chest whenever you blush as he calls you pretty under his breath.
Tumblr media
likes and rbs are always appreciated <33
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rinslova · 5 days ago
ಌ including : k. tsukishima , r. suna x fem!reader
ಌ genre: fluff
ಌ cw: what relationship dynamics the hq boys would mostly be in!
Tumblr media
pretty girl: clairo
part two. part three
Tumblr media
ع˖⁺. KEI
-`ღ´- shy girl x sarcastic tall boi (who's secretly soft)
now as expected kei is one of those boyfriends who give no fucks for anyone else but you. Its kinda cute actually, like the 180 on his personality is kinda concerning but sweet in a sense. He'll still maintain that 'oh my god your so annoying' but dial it down a few notches as to not hurt your feelings. Basically tsun tsun tsukki. Kei also would make an effort to make first moves, despite being not the best flirt himself. Lucky for him his looks are that of a prince and he doesn't need much to fluster the likes of you <3
-`ღ´ lovey dovey girlfriend x not used to being loved this much (physically) bf
we also know kei isn't exactly the lovey dovey type on the exterior, however we do know he is love deprived. So for him to be with a girl who is very touchy and clingy would be heaven for him, of course he wants to reciprocate his feelings but he doesn't want to come off as overly clingy. So he'll keep his idgaf attitude while squeezing the life out of you teddybear style while you sit on his lap.
-`ღ´- I hate you x I hate you more <3
probably the most popular dynamic for tsukishima and honestly most likely the ideal one as well. Tsukishima wants someone who can understand him and share some similarities with him, though opposites do attract he would need someone to get on his nerves. How else do you think you'll randomly pop up into his head when he's suppose to be studying? And trust and believe his teammates deadass think you both are having a serious argument, when really you both are arguing about strawberries or raspberries
-`ღ´- hella flirty bf x shy gf
There is nothing suna loves more than getting an reaction out of people, so who better than to get a reaction out of than his own sweet gf? Suna lovess teasing you, he knows he looks good and uses that against you. So don't be surprised if he stares at you with a smirk on his face while your trying to study, he's just watching you unravel at his gaze alone. Rin loves you but he can't get enough of you trying to hold yourself together infront of him.
-`ღ´- baby, looks could kill (would kill) gf x looks like they would kill you (secretly baby)
You and suna both know how whipped he is for you its not even funny, he can't go a day without kissing you, touching you or even speaking to you in general. One of suna's daily objectives is to fall asleep on your thighs everyday after training, def a thigh and boob guy. Rin also loves how secretly feisty you are, his favorite thing is seeing you get jealous when a waitress makes heart eyes at him. Leaving you to make it obvious he's taken by using his pet names: Rinny, baby, or rin rin.
-`ღ´- loves talking x loves hearing her talk
Suna is a very good listener, and he could listen to you rant for hours. Yes there will be times where he gets lost in your cute expressions while retelling a story, he'll still be listening to you. But he's just more focused on your sweet voice and cute face <3 Suna will literally fall asleep to you talking, so don't be surprised when he calls you at 2-3am just to hear you talk. Even if its animal crossing language he would listen to your voice as if it was the one thing keeping him alive.
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izurou · 13 days ago
“what happened to we’re in this together, hm?”
suna has a talent for being a pain in the ass—this much you know, but it’s on mornings like these where he really embodies that title.
“you know that doesn’t apply to the hours before six am,” you mumble, hiding your face under the covers. the sun still sits below the horizon, but there’s a dull white light illuminating the room.
it’s suna, specifically his phone and the article he can’t take his eyes off of. he’s leaning against your headboard with a hand behind his head—his head that’s covered by the hood of his sweatshirt in a measly attempt at hiding his aggressive bedhead.
“c’mon, i have to leave in ten minutes, is it such a crime that i want to spend them with you?” he hums, dropping his phone to the side. he’s able to coax you out from under the covers, patting the fabric of his sweatpants—a little invitation for you to rest your head in his lap.
“you’re going to volleyball practice, not war. i should be fast asleep right now, rintarou,” you grumble, all while continuing to place your head onto one of his thighs. his fingers are cold as he brings them up to your cheek, softly running his thumb back and forth.
“tch, we’re back to full names? you could’ve just told me you didn’t love me anymore.”
“you’re so dramatic, suna.”
“oh? what’s this? volleyball star dies from a shot to the heart?” he pretends to read from another article on his phone, exaggerated gasps falling from his lips.
“well finally, some peace and quiet,” you sigh in content, biting the inside of your mouth to stop the laughter from spilling over.
your head falls flat against the cool sheets within seconds—maybe even milliseconds—and you hear suna mutter a little you’re mean as he bends down to pick up the gym bag that’s been waiting for him on the floor.
“i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it, i swear. i love you, rin.”
your apology is sabotaged by the smile on your face, but it’s his favourite sight nonetheless, and so he finds himself walking back over. you don’t deserve it—he knows this, but he just can’t bring himself to leave without kissing you goodbye.
he’s gentle, but still uses enough force to make you sink back into the mattress. the warmth of his lips contrasts perfectly with the iciness of his sly hand that’s travelling down your hip, but at this rate he’ll never even make it to practice, so you pull back. he tugs at your bottom lip as you do so, letting go only to smile and mumble that you’re such a brat.
“i know you love me though,” you hum.
“yeah, unfortunately,” he huffs, placing one last kiss to your forehead before turning to leave.
maybe you could get used to mornings like these.
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ellewords · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
“i want a kiss.”
suna’s words come out slurred, his breath reeking of alcohol. your nose scrunches up at the scent, trying to focus on supporting his weight. an arm is slung around your shoulder, your steps are slow and staggered as you attempt to lead him to his bedroom.
“damn it, rin. told you not to drink too much.” you scold him, opening his bedroom door with a quiet grunt. 
suna pays your words no attention as he puckers his lips towards you, eyes half-open, “want a kiss.”
you place him on his bed and letting the pillows catch his head. a sigh escapes your lips, giving yourself a few seconds to rest before pulling the blanket up to his chest.
suna pouts, his face still red from all the beer that coursed through his veins, “why don’t you wanna kiss me?”
with a roll of your eyes, you sit on the edge of his bed, “you’re drunk. why do you even want to kiss me?”
“because i like you.”
your mouth parts, heartbeat beginning to speed up upon hearing the words you had been dreaming of for the entirety of your friendship with him. no, this couldn’t be. there’s no way he could like you back...right?
“if i were sober,” his voice snaps you out of your train of thought, “would you reconsider?”
shaking your head, you offer him a small smile, “if you still feel this way tomorrow morning, i'll kiss you.”
a grin stretches across his lips, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him smile like that. even in all the times you’ve seen him drunk. he sinks further into the pillows and pulls the blanket up to his chin, eyes finally fluttering shut. 
you raise a brow, “why are you smiling like that?”
“because you’re going to kiss me tomorrow.” suna hums, excited to fall asleep. tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough. 
Tumblr media
from elle ! some fluff to make up for all the angst i've been writing >_< had a tiring day so ‘m gonna go to bed now,, i'll come back and proofread this when I wake up byeee <3
Tumblr media
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krtnhie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
boyfriend!suna and model!yn scenarios
warnings: MDNI 18+, smut, unprotected sex, public sex, breeding kink, dumbfucking
Tumblr media
bf!suna who loves to sit beside you while you’re getting ready for your photoshoot, just admiring his gorgeous gorgeous pretty girl <3 (it’s why he’s always the last one to get ready)
bf!suna who reposts your pictures to show everyone his pretty girl and the fact that he’s the lucky one that you chose to spend the rest of your life with. and shower you with so much praise while he kisses you
bf!suna who always takes candid pictures of you because you’re always looking all pretty for him <3 making his insta page all filled with your prettiness
bf!suna who spoils you with so much designer clothes only bcs he thinks you’ll look pretty in them
bf!suna who lovesssss to fuck you in your dressing room, secretly pounding your sopping cunt behind a closed door which leads to where everyone is
bf!suna who tells you to not make a sound or else he’ll stop and purposely fucks you harder knowing you won’t be able to keep your voice in <3
bf!suna who leaves hickies all over your neck while he fucks you dumb. only for your makeup artist to see all the hickies he left on your neck while she’s fixing your makeup, realizing why your makeup is all messed up
bf!suna who fills you up with his cum making sure every bit is inside you and tells you to keep it all inside throughout your photoshoot
bf!suna controlling your vibrator while you’re posing for a photoshoot. dark eyes staring at your slightly shaking legs to not give out. using the “oh im just not used to these heels” as an excuse when someone points out your shaking legs.
bf!suna who rewards you after your photoshoot for being such a good girl by filling you up with more of his cum<3
Tumblr media
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arroelin · a month ago
— spending time with their daughter
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters: kuroo, suna, atsumu
genre: fluff
wc: 650+
<I’ve been super busy so I haven’t posted on this blog in so long ahhhh but I found this in my drafts so I thought I would share it! I’m also hoping to start writing again, but probably very sporadically.>
Tumblr media
It’s an ordinary saturday, and KUROO’s standing in the middle of the living room wearing a sleek black suit and holding a humorously small bouquet of flowers.
You stifle a laugh when you walk in to see him standing on the other side of the room, and he playfully scoffs at your pajamas in response.
You looked quite out of place, especially since the only other person in the room was a small girl sporting a puffy baby-pink dress and shiny black flats clutching to the fabric of your pants.
“Daddy!!” the small girl exclaims as she lets go of you and stumbles across the room.
Kuroo lowers himself down on one knee before holding out the small bouquet, stopping his daughter in her tracks.
“For my princess,” he says graciously, chuckling when the small child takes the flowers delicately into her arms, eyes twinkling with wonder.
She swivels around to face you and almost trips over her dress, but she steadies herself before holding the flowers out in front of her, “mommy, look what daddy got me!”
“Very pretty,” you smile, leaning against the wall, and she nods excitedly.
“Princess, are you ready to go on our date?” Kuroo asks, and the small girl runs back to him, crashing into his open arms.
You walk up to them, placing a kiss on your daughter's cheek before looking up at your husband.
“I don’t think you try this hard for our dates,” you joke.
He quirks an eyebrow at you and gestures to the small girl in his arms, “well, this one’s a lot harder to impress.”
Tumblr media
Clumsy fingers comb roughly through his hair, scratching relentlessly at his scalp, and SUNA’s face is twisted into one of distress.
But he doesn’t have the heart to complain, not when his daughter is so focused on her work.
You walk in and his eyes snap to you, the words help me evidently written all over his face.
You giggle as you lean on the doorway, watching your daughter mess with your husband. Suna suppresses a smile when he sees you laugh, instead choosing to send you a cold glare, to which you throw back a teasing smirk in response.
You watch as she takes a clip before grabbing a large strand of his hair and lets it snap into place, making your husband’s face contort in discomfort.
“Mommy come help!!” Your daughter exclaims excitedly while waving another clip in her hands.
Suna narrows his eyes and lifts his daughter off of him in a flash, setting her down on his lap before attacking her weak spot with unforgiving tickles.
The small girl shrieks in laughter and he’s certain he could hear the sound of your laugh as well.
Suna feels a smile tugging harshly on his lips and this time, he doesn’t try to hide it.
Tumblr media
“Can I have some more tea?” ATSUMU asks seriously, holding out a small teacup in front of him.
He was trying hard to balance himself on the small chair in front of his daughter’s play table.
His daughter nods, before picking up a plastic purple tea kettle, tipping it over the cup to let the imaginary tea fill the small teacup.
Atsumu brings it up to his lips, pinky sticking out stiffly, and he takes a convincing sip.
“What’s going on here?” You ask when you stroll into the room to see your daughter and the large man sitting at the hilariously small table.
“Mommy!! Tea party!!” The small girl exclaims excitedly.
“Yeah, it’s a tea party, how d’ya not know that,” your husband scolds playfully, and the little girl beside him nods in agreement.
You shake you head and laugh, “can I also get an invitation to this party?”
Atsumu looks at your daughter and she looks back at him, “hmm, I think we needa discuss.” They turn away, and you roll your eyes, a smile still playing on your lips.
“Yes mommy, you can join the tea party!!”
You sit down, and Atsumu sets down a small teacup set in front of you before turning to you with a content smile.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kairakeiji · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
sorry, your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system, at the tone please record your message.
there’s a waiver in suna’s voice when he finally speaks, the anxiousness of you picking up his call starting to melt away, only to be replaced with the nerves of a voicemail. “i think i’m the last person you want to hear from right now but, i wanted to give this a try anyway.”
everything he wanted to say to you instantly leaves his head.
“so how are you? i mean i hope you’re doing well,” for someone who doesn’t usually have a lot to say, suna feels like he’s not talking enough. “me? not so much.” a small clipped laugh leaves his lips at his words. “it’s been a week,” he continues on. “a week since we ended things.” flashbacks of the moment play in his head, one built off of stubbornness and a miscommunication that hadn’t found closure for the past week. it seemed inevitable almost when he looked back on it, especially considering the two of you constantly fought over it before giving up. suna’s always been one to be stubborn, to hold his ground even if he wasn’t in the right. but if he could go back to that moment, he would swallow his pride. after all, he was the one in the wrong anyway.
maybe then he would have you in his arms once more.
he thinks for a moment, uncertainty clouding his thoughts as he figures out what he wants to say. he didn’t think you’d pick up, but then again he didn’t think he’d be leaving a voicemail either, and now he suddenly finds himself filled with regret at his impulse decision.
“look i-”
voicemail too long, please try again.
the sharp sudden tone from the phone makes his eyes go wide, snapping him out of his thoughts as he stares at his phone dumbfounded before instantly hitting call again.
sorry, your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system, at the tone please record your message.
the automated recording seems to mock him.
“sorry about that,” suna answers when he hears the tone from the phone. “i was just hoping,” he hesitates, a small sigh leaving his lips at how pathetic he must seem. “look can we talk?” he starts. “i said a lot of things that i regret and i know i’m the last person you probably want to speak to right now but i know how much you like closure and conclusions.” there’s a ghost of a smile on his lips, one that remembers the nights where you’d giggle in his arms about the endings of books, or movies, or tv shows. they were always happy endings, ones that made you gasp and laugh even if they were so predictable. suna always wished you two would’ve got your happy ending, he was certain it was predictable as those shows.
but he didn’t think he’d be fighting for it like he was now.
“so,” he sighs. “at least for the closure, can we meet soon? we can meet at our usual spot if you want,” a hand runs through his hair as he wonders if you think he’s as pathetic as he thinks he’s being. “or we can go somewhere else,” he quickly adds. “it’s all up to you.”
there’s an ache in his heart when his eyes steal a glance at his computer desktop, the only light illuminating his dark room. it’s the two of you together, a stupid little picture of you sitting on his bed as he presses a kiss to your temple. there’s that intoxicating smile on your face, the one that suna fell in love with, the one that always made his heart race when he saw it, the one he’d give anything to see again.
“i just want to-”
voicemail too long, please try again.
“fuck,” he curses before he’s met with his call log once more. there’s a stupid number two next to your name, one you’ll certainly be confused to find when you see his miss calls. yet, there’s still so much he wants to say, his emotions running wild and disorganized in his head, all collectively screaming at suna to get you back, to fix his mistakes, to right his wrongs.
to make him yours once more.
but the shame that came with a third phone call continued to hang over him. you probably wanted nothing to do with him anymore. after all, you were nothing short of exhausted of the arguing, so much so that you just packed up your things and left when you realized a solution wasn’t coming anytime soon. the regret in him feels like a dull ache in his heart, one that had an obvious yet maybe unattainable cure, you.
even the slightest chance of getting you back was worth the embarrassment of another phone call.
so he calls one more time, the last of his thoughts finally formed into cohesive sentences as suna waits to hear the same automated voice message again.
but, he’s greeted with your voice instead.
Tumblr media
no regrets, absolutely none
thanks for reading!! reblogs are always appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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youta · 3 months ago
“no, no, like this,” suna says, putting his hand around yours, trying to help you with the controller. your eyes are focused on the tv screen, determined to not crash into the other animated cars.
“shit,” you curse; you lost the match. suna lets out a low laugh, and you slightly punch his shoulder, pouting your lips. “don’t laugh.” 
“i’m not laughing,” he says, putting up his hands as if he didn’t do anything, while wearing a smile on his face.
“i literally heard you,” you squint your eyes at him, and turn to him. you two are sitting on his bed next to each other — he had his arm around you until now to help you play.
“maybe you heard it wrong,” he suggests, and lets out another laugh seeing your face.
“whatever,” you groan, and pick up the other controller from the bed. “let’s play against each other.”
“prepare to lose,” he says confidently. you know he has the advantage, he spends hours playing after all. you could be over at his house, and he’d still sneak in some video gaming time; recently he’s been dragging you into it as well. you don’t mind though, you have to admit, it’s a lot of fun.
after about ten minutes, he’s not so confident anymore. you appear to be better at the game suddenly, and you wonder if he’s losing on purpose. seeing the concentration on his face and hearing the sighs leave his lips, you know you just have the beginner’s luck. 
“i won,” you exclaim proudly, seeing the big text on your part of the screen. 
“good job.” he pulls you closer by your waist, and presses a soft kiss on your temple. 
“i mean, i had the best teacher,” you chuckle, pressing your forehead to his. “and you are the big spoon for tonight.”
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kuroovore · 4 months ago
is this what you wanted?
Tumblr media
nsfw - minors dni ✰ wc: 0.5 k
pairing: rintaro suna x fem reader
content: fingering, finger sucking
Tumblr media
you sit on suna’s lap with his hands tightly gripping your waist. you’ve been making out for what seems like hours ever since he had come home from practice. you were clinging to him the second he walked through the door and he decided to turn your neediness into something enjoyable for the both of you.
he runs his tongue along your bottom lip and you open your mouth wider to let him in. you moan at the feeling and he chuckles before moving one hand down to your thigh.
he gives it a harsh squeeze and runs his hand up to the top of your shorts, messing with the hem.
you whine as he teases you, not giving you what you so desperately want and he chuckles into your mouth. he finally slips his hand into your shorts and runs his middle finger teasingly against your clit.
you let out another whine at his actions and reach down and grip his wrist trying to push it deeper into your shorts. he takes his other hand from your waist and grabs onto your wrist that’s holding his and takes it off of his, placing it on his shoulder before returning his hand to its previous spot.
you grind yourself forward onto suna’s hand hoping to get some friction from it and also trying to get his fingers towards where you need him most.
he notices this and slips his middle and ring fingers through your folds before teasing your entrance with his middle finger.
“rin, please”
you see him slightly smirk before he slips his long fingers into you as he moves his face to leave kissing and marks all along your neck.
you’re a moaning mess and it only gets worse as he rubs the heel of his hand into your clit.
“is this what you wanted baby?” he whispers in your ear. “hmm? youve been asking for this ever since i got home and now you can’t even speak to me.”
“s-suna,” you whine. his name and your moans are all that seem to be able to leave your mouth.
you feel yourself getting closer to your high so you start to move against his hand, gripping his shoulders as you feel yourself become weaker.
“you gonna cum, baby?”
you hastily nod your head, still finding yourself unable to form words.
“then cum.”
all it takes is a particularly rough thrust of his fingers until your falling apart on his fingers, resting your head against his shoulder, no longer able to hold yourself up properly.
“you sound so pretty baby, i bet you taste pretty good too.” he says before slipping his hand out of your shorts and placing the tip of his fingers into his mouth.
you stare at him, taking in the sight before he takes his fingers out of his mouth and moves them towards yours. you quickly open your mouth as he puts his fingers in so you can suck off what’s left of your juices.
“fuck..” he groans before slipping his fingers out of your mouth and running his thumb along your lower lip.
“let’s go upstairs.”
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kithsunaa · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
⌕ suna x f!reader
≡ tw/cw: suggestive. unedited. fluff. rin curses once (i think ?). reader is called princess, babe, pretty.
⊹ notes: just me loving the hell out of rin heh. but, as always, i hope you enjoy !!
Tumblr media
You heard his footsteps searching, steps rather lazy but quiet, soft and familiar as he called out like a lost child in need of a savior, voice with a hint of urgency for those that can decipher, but rather still embedded with his nonchalant coolness to the naked ear, 
“Babe, where are you?” Rintaro called out as he lightly itched his stomach as small droplets of water dripped down his brown locks as he pushed his hair back to expose his handsome forehead.
Because the moment he stepped into the apartment, after what it seemed to be a normal day of practice and hanging out with the boys, you noticed something was off.
It wasn’t that he didn’t make an effort to kiss your soft skin, run his fingers against the curve of your hips, or tell you he loved you like he’s had every since you both got together.
It wasn’t the fact that he did anything unusual. He did his normal routine of going for a glass of water after changing out of his clothes — shirtless with a pair of gray sweats that looked awfully too good for your wellbeing. 
Nor was it the way he pushed you both onto the couch as he snuggled his face into the crook of your neck, nipping at your skin as his arms weaved around you. 
Your ears perked up — focusing on the noise of his movements, “In the bedroom!” you chimed back, eyes plastered to your phone screen, mentally counting down his steps as your boyfriend made his way over. 
But, it was in the way he held you — a bit tighter than normal.
The way he gazed into your eyes — a bit longer than usual.
And it was the way he melted into your touch, grasping for more, absolutely unwilling to let you go — a bit more fervently than always. 
It didn’t take less than a minute for you to feel a weighted pressure drop down to your body, knocking the wind out of your lungs as you let out a lowly grunt — his long limbs making their way around your waists, holding you tight as his face burrowed deep into the crevice of your neck.
“R-rin… I can’t breathe,” you gasped out as you felt his body sinking further down into you, ultimately bringing you down with him as he melted into your touch — his body warmer than normal from his shower, with his fresh and clean scent with a hint of his cologne he used prior lingering in your nose. 
Uncaring to move, unwilling to change his position despite knowing just how heavy he would be plastered on top of your body, Rintaro just mumbled into your neck, nuzzling his face further in,
“Sorry…” his breath tickled your skin, as the tip of his nose grazed at your neck, his wet hair sticking to your chin as the cold droplets of water traveled down to your collar bones.
Rintaro was clingy but rarely was he this clingy to be so adamant about what he wanted without considering your comfort. Not that you minded him sucking the oxygen out of your lungs, nor did you necessarily fault him for wanting his cuddles after a long day of practice and grabbing dinner with not only one twin, but both the Miyas — hell, he’s the best to just lay sprawled out in bed, limbs entangled together, as you both simply rested within each other's arms whispering sweet nothings interlaced with teasing touches. 
But what worried you wasn’t his current state of choosing to use you as a body pillow, but more so, it was the way he called out for you, it was the way you heard his feet dragging across the carpet floor more tired than normal, it was the way that he didn’t immediately go for a kiss — to tease and be playful like normal… it was the way you got a hint of a scent — an ever so familiar fragrance on his skin as he held you close as if he was scared to let you go. 
Rintaro was never eloquent in his words. His quiet facade enwrapped in his somber personality eventually bloomed him into a man that had a rather hard time expressing what he really felt — unable to really articulate what was really going on in his mind and heart, often resorting to either ignoring or just harboring it all in. 
But it wasn’t that he didn’t share, nor was he against being vulnerable. 
For many, a person’s words may scream louder than their actions — a promise, a vow, a declaration weighing more to the heart.
But for Rintaro, it couldn’t be more opposite. 
Through the many fights and disappointments, through the emotional stretching and patience, you’ve come to learn… that maybe these were the moments he chose to share with you; that these simple moments of silence were the yearnings of his heart as he invited you into the most vulnerable parts of his life… 
For Rintaro, sharing his heart didn’t always mean that he needed to share it words.
For Rintaro, actions spoke louder than words, for it blared louder than a siren, weighed deeper than any word that flowed from his mouth, and meant more than any verbal promise he’s ever made.
Through thick and thin, for greater or for worse… Rintaro will be there. Rather than moving his lips to vow his promise, instead his legs, his arms, his servitude, and his presence were his promise. 
So today, these were the fine moments, his own way of saying, his personal way of reminding you… that he was in need of your love today. 
“You okay, Rin?” You asked as you brushed your fingers through his wet hair, taking in the familiar scent of your shampoo lingering from his body. 
“Yea… just need to charge up a bit.” His voice muffled into the crevice of your neck.
With your empty hand grazing softly against his skin, gently playing with his earlobe, tenderly massaging his slim neck, you felt him melt into your touch as he matched the tempo of his breathing with yours. 
“You smell good Rin,” you stated in between small kisses to his temple.
“I used your shampoo.” His arms squeezed tighter around your frame.
“You did?” 
You felt his head nod in response.
“You should dry your hair… you’re going to catch a cold.” Placing your cheek on top of his head, you squeezed him tightly in your arms, mentally screaming at just how cute he was being. 
“I will, in just a little bit,” slurring his words as his face dove deeper into the crook of your neck.
“When is ‘in a little bit’?” You questioned, yet smiling because you already knew his answer.
Grunting as he raised his head, to plant a small innocent kiss onto your lips, only for him to burrow his face back into your neck and mumble out a complaint,
“Shh… you’re being too loud, YN.”
“Rude,” you jokingly scoffed, “I’m going to go to the couch because you’re so heavy,” you stated as you tried to remove himself from your body, only to be pushed further into the mattress, with his arms squeezing you even tighter the moment he felt your body move an inch.
Grumbling in annoyance that you would disturb his time with you, you felt his grip loosen as he felt your fingers comb through his hair again, scratching lightly against his scalp — perfect in ways he liked it, 
“Then are you going to tell me what’s going on?” You tried to pull his face up, only to end up giving up when his stubbornness fought against you.
Wanting to let him know you were there, willing to listen and to carry him through.
“Nothing’s up, I just need some of your energy, that’s all,” Rintaro responded, voice soft and honest.
Running your fingers across his back, you murmured out,
“You’ll tell me if anything is bothering you right?”
“Mhm,” he nodded his head.
“Then five more minutes like this,” you let out as you wrapped your arms around his neck, squeezing him tightly with your cheek squishing at his head.
“Ten more minutes,” Rintaro quickly countered.
Twirling his hair in your finger, you teased, “Then I’ll have no energy left.”
“shhh, I’ll let you do whatever to me later, order take out, buy you your favorite dessert - anything,” raising his head to look deep into your eyes… his greenish yellow orbs once tired and drained slowly coming back to life, “let’s stay like this a little longer hmm pretty?”
“Be honest, you’re doing this because you missed me huh?” You softly breathed out, the vibrations of your chest calming his nerves.
“Mhm, I always miss you.” His lips hovered lightly across your skin.
“You love me?” You held your breath as you waited for his answer, your heart thumping in expectance.
“I always tell you.” Rintarou stated as he pressed open mouthed kisses — soft and gentle — making his way up from the juncture of your neck up to your lips.
“Say it, Rin. Say how much of a simp you are for me.” Giggling in between kisses, yelping as you felt a slight pinch to your waist, and as his lips gently peppered your face with his love..
Looking up once more to lock gazes with you, taking the time to search deep within your eyes as if he looked for some unknown answer, taking his time to soak in your features and be reminded once again, 
This person has my heart.
I’m safe. I’m seen. I’m understood. I’m loved.
His golden green eyes trailing down to your lips, wiping his index finger softly against your lower flesh. He was tempted to be rough — to let his carnal side take over, but he opted instead to kiss you gently — soft and slow, oozing of the essence of love. 
Kissing you tenderly as if you were a fragile vessel that needed an extra measure of precaution, holding you carefully as if you were his most prized possession, and loving you upmost honestly as if you were majesty of his heart… holding you within the touches of innocence and sweetness, 
“I guess I love you…. a little more than most people.”
Your cheeks felt hot at his confession, and despite being fully clothed you felt naked and vulnerable in his reign, befallen into a trance that you never wanted to wake up from. As if this was the first time you’ve heard such tender and honest words from him, your heart felt warm. 
“Come on Rin, let’s go. I’ll dry your hair for you.” You tried to push him off, shy at the forwardness of your boyfriend, unable to bear the intensity of his loving gaze.
“Nah…” You heard his usual playful tease from his voice, where his arms unraveled around your torso and inched their way to your hands, linking his longer digits with yours, anchoring them into the mattress.
With his body hovered over yours, he let himself down to land a kiss to your cheeks, smiling as he made his way around your face, loving the way he felt you squirm beneath him.
“Ngh, Rin… let me go,” you pouted as he continued to kiss.
“Babe, I know another way we can let my hair dry, wanna try?” Rintaro smirked as he felt your chest hitch in curiosity to what he had planned. 
“What?” You questioned, cocking your head to the side… unknowing you were falling right into his trap… like every other time you fell victim to his playful banters.
Feeling his hips grind into yours, with his hands caging your body underneath him, unrelenting to disconnect your eyes from his piercing gaze, you tried to turn your face to the side as you suffocated under the pressure, wanting to cover your heated face from embarrassment.
“Look at me.” Rintaro lowly grunted as his hips continued to softly move.
And it wasn’t until you felt something hard against your womanhood that you knew what he wanted.
“Pervert.” Trying to hide your smile as you shook your head and rolled your eyes.
“You didn’t say no… though,” Rintarou stated as his lips ventured across your neck, nipping your delicate skin as he ran his tongue along your collar bone, his hips moving in slow waves into yours.
You felt his hand let go of your wrist only to snake under your thin shirt, unclasping your bra as he softly grazed ever so purposefully, moving past your soft mounds and touching you in places that he knew would make you want him more, for you to come to him in desire — to hear you whimper and whine for more like always, to cradle you in his arms as he made love to you — but you didn’t. 
“Just don’t complain to me if you catch a cold, Rintaro,” you stated as your lips hovered over his, your breath tickling his nostrils causing him to unconsciously hold his breath and grind his hips further into yours with increasing force, and moan out in the pleasure from the blood fastidiously rushing through his veins causing his lower abdomen to form a tight fiery knot as his lips challenged yours for dominance. 
With a line of spit connecting you both as he looked down at your unraveled form, eyes blown out in lust, and cheeks hot to his touch, with tease Rintaro warned,
“I wont. We’ll be warm — hot even, probably will have to strip naked while at it,” his voice an octave lower, his pants increasingly tightening as his resolve to keep this teasing effort becomes increasingly thin, muttering ever so close to your lips, without sacrificing his signature tantalizing gaze,
“Fuck, might even have to take another shower later from all the sweat — together, don’t you think?”  
And running your finger across his naked torso, teasing at his nipple, you smirked when you caught his abdomen clench as his hips snapped into yours.
“Fine, then you have to give me a massage after, order take out, feed me my icecream, and be my bitch till tomorrow,” grasping the ends of his hair to pull him closer to you.
Placing his forehead against yours, as he waited for your final approval, his libido blazing through his self restraint,
“Whatever you want, I only give what my princess wants, no?” his chest huffing as his nostril widened to accommodate for lack of oxygen filling up his lungs from the thickness of the room.
Cupping his cheeks to look into his eyes, crading his face as you ran your thumb just below his eyes, brushing lightly against his soft, long lashes,
“Kiss me… Rintaro.”
His lips were soft — always soft as he lead you in for a kiss, tilting his head to the side to accommodate for your comfort. Rintaro always wore chapstick after you told him once that you liked his soft lips. 
His touch was warm — always warm as he grazed his fingers along the lines of your body. Rintaro always made sure to warm up his hands before ever touching you, after you told him once that you liked his warm hands… saying that it made you feel safe, made you feel alive.
His embrace was safe — always secure as he pulled your arms to link around his neck so that he could hold you close to his beating chest. Rintaro always made sure to enwrap his arms around you, in tender and in the mundane moments, after you told him once that you liked how safe he made you feel.
With your lips lingering over his ear, your hot breath mixed in with your soft, delicate moans, causing his body to unconsciously tremble from the electricity of such vulnerability shot straight through his body as he felt your fingers glide past his torso and down to his hardened groin.
“I’ll take care of you till then.” You promised.
Rintaro growled before firmly placing his lips onto yours — a kiss feverishly heating up to something more….
… leading you both into a place of unity and connection, a place built upon the grounds of love and trust — a place for both burdened and boundless hearts to coexist and sharpen one another, together.
And this was where Rintaro thrived. 
Because he’ll meet you beyond all capacity — loving you till the very end.
For that was his promise to you.
Tumblr media
© sunareign 2022. Do not copy, translate, and/or repost.
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21-06-1996 · 6 months ago
𝐋𝐀𝐙𝐘 𝐖𝐄𝐄𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐒 | suna rintarou
Tumblr media
suna groans into your neck when your phone rings, and as you try to push away from the hold he has on you so you can turn off the alarm, he wraps his arms tighter around you and pulls you back in.
"rin." you sigh, the sleep having left you after laying there and listening to the same alarm go off for the fourth time, snoozing itself and coming back ten minutes later. "can i please. turn it off."
he doesn't answer, instead cuddling even closer into you and exhaling into your skin, eyes shut. you shoot him a glare, even though he couldn't see it. "rin, come on."
"no." he mumbles, finally. it's muffled, because his lips are pressed against your neck still, and his voice is thick and hoarse with sleep - but you manage to pick up his words. "you'll just get up and leave. then it gets cold."
he's so incredibly clingy and looks so childish - and cute, but you're pissed so you push that thought aside - that it's almost difficult to think he'd been so mean last night.
"i need to pee." you mutter, tugging at a strand of his hair.
"sure," he responds in another mumble, unmoving. you sigh, helpless, knowing that your whining for him to let go of you could get as loud as it could, and he'd still ignore it in favor of relishing as long as possible in your warmth and the comfort of your shared bed.
he was always like this on weekends. through the week, as you got through your individually busy and tiring schedules, your bodies and minds would slowly drift towards a longing for the weekend to come, partially for the relief from exhaustion and partially for finally getting the chance to be together again.
with him being a professional athlete, his days were all packed with practise matches and appointments and checkups - and you were yourself a busy person with an equal amount of duties to attend to.
getting two days all to yourself, you wanted to spend as much time as possible with your boyfriend, too.
but the thing was that while you wanted to go out with him, drive over to see the sunrise, have brunch at a beachside restaurant, maybe go see a concert or something - all suna wanted was to sleep in.
you would argue about it sometimes, and most of the time, he'd win. not because he vetoed your wishes, but because he would always do this.
"do you want me to pee on the bed?" you threaten, and he's unfazed, as usual - giving you only a soft hum in reply that could be a yes or a no or a soft snore, you couldn't tell.
defeated, you flop back onto the pillows and let him steal all your warmth.
as you stare down at him, you see how the corners of his mouth twitch up a little, showing off a small smile. the sight softens you, and you mutter a short, fine, and close your eyes.
"only a few minutes, kay." you try one last time. "i have a yoga class at nine."
he sighs, something in between a grunt and a snore, and you have to giggle. you know he'll have you stuck here with him the entire morning, and that you'll only be starting the day around noon. it was the same way every saturday morning, after all.
you should ask your yoga miss to change you to an evening class, you think. because really, though you were acting pissed with him, you missed him just as much as he missed you.
you were just used to staying on track and following through everything you'd set for yourself, and truthfully, without suna here, you might never catch yourself a break.
and it was why you loved him, really. because he was so laidback and easygoing, inert where you were full of drive and activity - the contrast was good for the both of you. symbiotic, you could say, as a friend of yours had pointed out.
as you let your mind wander, you absently curl your fingers into his hair and start playing with it, humming under your breath, and a feeling of peace settles between the two of you.
he stretches out, and pushes the blanket off, muttering to himself that it was too hot now, and you watch the sun coming through the gaps in the curtains fall on his pale skin, lighting up the curves of his muscular form as he moves to a more comfortable position.
you watch him, slowly getting sleepy again, his sharply angled features squished into you as he slept - maybe we can go for a drive around the city limits tonight.
and like he'd heard the thought, he clears his throat, eyes still closed. "i'll take you out to eat tonight."
"okay." you say, and the smile he had on his face widens just a little. your answer is short, but he knows you're happy about the offer.
this was another reason why he always won. he'd get his way, and then he'd let you have yours too. if it wasn't watching the sunrise, then it was watching the sunset. if not a morning coffee date, then it was a late-night boba run.
"okay," you repeat, because yeah, it was fine. the day could wait. your weekend plans could wait. all you needed, all you wanted right now - was to be like this with him. all he wanted was to be like this with you.
sliding down, you squeeze in between his arms and close your eyes, content. and as you fall asleep, you don't notice that the slight tilt of suna's mouth has turned into a big, contented smile.
Tumblr media
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fsrintaro · 8 months ago
## ft. suna rinataro, miya atsumu, hajime iwaizumi
## a/n. i had an idea for bokuto too but this was getting long :”( another time??
## warning(s). use of “princess” in iwa’s part
[masterlist - 002]
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO chuckled as he pinches the screen of his phone to zoom in, capturing you swaying aimlessly and singing cheesy teenage songs into the neighbourhood that was well past asleep.
“hey! i thod i told you to shtop follow me.” you slurred, pointing an accusatory finger at suna. earlier, suna had half your body lugged onto his as he tried to drag you out of the bar. instead of accepting the help of your boyfriend, you heaved yourself off of him, taking off in the opposite direction to scuttle away from the “stranger”.
“well, then who is going to make sure you get home safe?”
face immediately lighting up, you fished your phone out of your pocked to flash your home-screen to suna, showing him your wallpaper which was a photo of the two of you snuggled together. “my boyfwen! he ish sooooo cute! isn’t he so handsome? hup-up, don’t say anything. he is my rinnie.”
suna was happy that he at least got the chance to capture that moment — you shoving the phone to his face to boast about him, talking about how he has made you feel safe and constantly assured that he loves you with his entire being. it still has not settled upon you that you were boasting about your boyfriend to your very own boyfriend until suna seized your wrist, pulling you into his chest as firm arms wrapped around your body to pull you closer.
you were about to raise your knee up to fight back until his familiar smell wafted into your nose. your rin. looking up to his eyes that were gleaming under the light of the street lamp, the two of you basked in the moment of togetherness as warmth flowed between the two of you.
Tumblr media
“dun….don’t come near me! i have a boyfriend.” you stretched your arms out of you, creating a barrier between you and MIYA ATSUMU, the said “boyfriend” that was trying to help you.
atsumu found it adorable that you were trying to fend him off in your drunken state. as your arms were stretched out in front of you, it wobbled due to the shifting lightness flowing through your body, your eyes half-lidded and face flushed. although your words say one thing, your body implies the other by betraying you as your legs gave out under you.
swooping in to catch your inebriated body, atsumu chided you for drinking too much. no matter how strict his tone sounds, his soft fingers that were brushing your strands of your hair to the sides almost made you smile as the simple action screamed his love for you.
never forgetting your protests, you raised your small hands that now formed little fists as you attempted to punch atsumu, making punching sound effects as you jabbed the air between the two of you. “s-square square up, bitch.”
“woah, woah there. calm down, baby. what-what if i get hurt?” atsumu’s arms crossed over his chest in an attempt to protect himself.
“then don’t touch me because my boyfriend will hurt you even more.” you shimmied out of his arms, landing onto the floor with a soft thud and a yelp of pain. atsumu did not know what to feel then. was he supposed to feel rejected? honoured? or offended?
as you stuck your tongue out at him before you stumbled away to find your boyfriend, atsumu found what he felt. dumbfounded. absolutely dumbfounded at the way you were trying to fight your own boyfriend because of your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
HAJIME IWAIZUMI winced at the sting that pelleting down on his back — turns out it was your fists beating at away at his back. who could blame you? in your drunken state, you thought that you were being carried away on the back of an absolute stranger.
“p-put me down!” your whines were muffled as your face was buried in the crook of the man’s neck. slowly, your resolve started breaking away once you got comfortable hanging onto iwaizumi’s back.
“sorry princess, you’re way too drunk to walk on your own.” iwaizumi paused in his tracks to pull you onto his back securely, arms firmly hooking under your knees.
you let out a small humph as you buried your face once again in his neck. restlessness soon got the best of you as your hands started roaming to his cheeks, pinching and squeezing at the softness. sighing wistfully, playing with the “stranger” made you realise that you miss your hajime.
“haji would sooo kill us if he sees this. so please?”
iwaizumi immediately stopped in his tracks at your words, arms releasing from under your knees to set you down. he can’t believe that you did not realise that it was him, your boyfriend, who was piggybacking you home.
“uh wooooooh…big scary man angwyy.” you slurred, turning your back to run away from iwaizumi who was glowering at you.
“fuckin’ hell, y/n. can’t you recognise me?”
squinting your eyes, your thoughts still can’t seem to fathom the image before you. appearance and details of the stranger started overwhelming you but beyond your foggy state of mind, you could somewhat make out the spiky tips of the person’s hair. “h-haji? when did you get here?”
just how much alcohol did you drink? shaking his head, hajime spun on his heel to continue making his way to your shared home, leaving you desperately apologising and calling him back. god, you were a handful but iwaizumi would never trade you for anything else in this world.
Tumblr media
(◕‿◕)♡ likes and rbs are always appreciated !!
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