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“it’s just nine months baby. i’ll be back in no time, alright? i love you so much.” rintarou plants a kiss on your forehead, cupping your cheeks. “just nine?” you ask frowning, “just nine.” he responds smiling, although in the back of his head he knows he’ll go crazy not seeing you everyday.
another away game it is. this time longer than you thought it’d be. almost a year without your boyfriend, almost a year without any company, almost a year without your soulmate, your other half. nine months seems like a short time but for you and rin, nine months is just enough time to change someone- good or bad.
you watch as he drags his luggage away, carrying his duffel bag on his shoulder, he turns around and smirks, “i love you” is what you read off from his lips. you give him a small wave, whispering “i love you too” even though you knew he wouldn’t hear you.
nine seconds pass and you’re standing still in place watching his figure enter the plane.
nine minutes pass and you finally snap out of it, texting him a quick “fly safe rin”, you don’t know why you’re being dramatic its just nine months.
nine hours pass and you’re alone in your bed, thinking about how his plane ride is going, japan to argentina is a long time. and here you are alone in bed thinking about it.
nine days pass and you’re on call with him. “how’s training?” you ask smiling. “ugh don’t even remind me.” you could tell he’s tired but he just wants to hear your voice, “get some rest rin, i love you.”
nine weeks pass and you turn on your tv, your boyfriends face on the screen, he’s being interviewed. “Mr. Suna! how is your girlfriend back at home?” hearing those words he smiles and sighs, “she’s doing good, we’re doing good. i miss her a lot..” he says looking down. “Any words for her if she’s watching this back at home?” the interviewer asks, suna takes a deep breath thinking of what to say, “just hang on in there baby, i’ll be back in no time. y/n, i love you.” you smile and text him, “i love you too rin.”, he looks down on his phone during the quick interview and smiles.
every second, every minute, every hour, day, week, month, he thought of you. you thought of him.
nine more weeks till he’s back in your arms.
nine more days till you see the love of your life.
nine more hours till you see him, and you’re driving through the heavy rain, traffic blocks you from getting to the airport.
nine more minutes till his plane lands.
nine more seconds till he comes bursting through the boarding gate.
just nine.
and there he is, running up to you with the biggest grin you’ve ever seen him have.
“hi.” he whispers in your ear. he doesn’t care if he dropped all of his belongings on the floor, seeing you is worth it all. tears form in your eyes, as he cups your face, “i told you i’d be back in no time.”
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rinslova · a day ago
ಌ including : ceo sunrin x fem!reader
ಌ genre : suggestive/smut
a/n: I'm def starting a series with this
Tumblr media
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna who first just wanted the relationship to be you coming over at times, not pressuring you to have sex and simply enjoying your company.
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna however if things did progress it suna would waste no time taking you where ever in his house, kitchen, living room, hallway doesn't matter.
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna when he has to go to meetings and tend to things at his company, he'll leave you a key to his house and his credit card. If you come back with only 2-3 bags from shopping he's taking you out again. Rin always wants to spoil you, so if your like, "I don't wanna spend to much." He'll tease you for being too cute before saying, "Thats the whole point pretty."
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna and if you don't know what to buy because everything looks so good, he'll take you into the dressing room and try on every outfit if he has to. Of course he makes sure you feel comfortable in the outfits and you like them. And if you happen to love all of them, well lucky for you he's buying the whole rack.
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna after a while he'll realize he likes you more than he orignally thought, so the next time you come over he'll try and drop a couple hints that he wants to be more than a simple sex n spend relationship. And if you still don't get it he'll outright tell you. "You've been on my mind way too much lately, but I guess thats to be expected when you like someone."
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna Rin loves dressing you up, and picking out lingerie for you. His favorite thing is when your shy and scared to come out of the bathroom, so he assures you you'll look stunning no matter what you wear. And boy he was right. He always is.
you looked at yourself in the mirror blushing at how much skin you were showing, the lingerie rintaro had bought this time was definitely something else. You were wearing a royal blue laced babydoll, with a matching lingerie set with white lace on the fringes. "Come out princess, I wanna see how it looks on you." You nervously, made your way towards the door. Opening slightly peeking your head out, making him chuckle. "Cmon pretty girl." Taking in a deep breath, you walked out. Your eyes never meeting his as your arms went behind your body, grabbing your wrist with on hand rubbing it in circles. Blush rose to your cheeks as you felt his heavy gaze on your figure, "So cute, it looks sexy on your skin too. Too bad its gonna get ruined."
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna who loves walking around with a cute peice of eye candy holding onto his arm, watching guys expressions as you walk by. Shooting a smirk your way, earning a flushed expression from you.
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna who can't get enough of you wearing skirts or tights, especially when you bend over to reach something and your ass is just presented infront of him. So cute and plump, so when you stand up don't be surprised when you feel a hand at your waist. "R-rinny! You scared me." You sighed, before feeling his touch travel down to your ass. "Did you plan on teasing me or are you just being a naïve little girl right now hm?"
୨୧ sugardaddy!suna who's favorite thing to do is to have you sit on his face with the designer tights he bought you ripped at your crotch, using his tongue and fingers to quickly rip out an orgasm from you. Wanting to see the mess you made on the tights, "B-baby slow down! I-its too fuck much." Not letting up he'll take his tongue out of out your hole kissing your clit to say, "I suggest if you want to cum you'll address me by my name, and to take whatever I give you. Got it princess?"
"Y-yes sir."
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rinslutz · 13 hours ago
suna x fem!reader — warnings: public sex?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA thinks that he isn’t enough for you, no matter how many times you assure him that he is. all of his failed relationships and failed sugar baby agreements have made him insecure.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA still can’t believe that you feel the same way about him, even weeks after the confession. he stares at you when you’re not looking, hoping and wishing that you’ll never leave him. he doesn’t think he could handle it.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA knows every inch of your body like the back of his hand. because you’re all he thinks about and his whole world revolves around you he knows everything about you. he especially knows exactly what to do to make your legs shake as he eats you out on his kitchen counter.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA loves showing you off, which is why he always takes you to his family dinner. he plans on making you his wife anyway, so you might as well get used to the dinners. he sits you right between him and one of his subordinates that he knows has a crush on you.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA grips your thigh tightly as you make light conversation with the subordinate. doesn’t even hide it when he pushes his hand up your dress, beginning to finger you. your reaction draws the attention of the man next to you. he looks away, flustered and not sure what to do. suna smiles proudly when the man doesn’t talk to you for the rest of the dinner.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you that night and constantly chants that he’ll “fuck a baby into you.” unbeknownst to him you had stopped taking your birth control a while ago in hopes that he would “fuck a baby into you.”
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA cums inside of you and forces you to keep your legs on his shoulders for at least an hour. he’s never been more serious about anything than he is about getting you pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA keeps an engagement ring in his pocket at all times, waiting for the right moment to propose. in reality, he’s just waiting until he’s sure that you’ll say yes. you tell him you love him at least 20 times a day but somehow he’s still not convinced.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA loves dancing with you to slow music in his penthouse. loves the intimacy of it. it’s the moments like these that he never got with anyone else that proves you’re the one for him.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA will probably love you forever.
Tumblr media
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a-wildemusing · 4 hours ago
telling suna “we should kiss and hold hands.”
a/n: (all characters mentioned are timeskip them) this will be the last one of this text series bc it’s starting to be a little repetitive in my opinion. And bc it’s the last one I wanted to go all out. so there is a small written part at the end. lol ~for more~
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Atsumu: I guess we’re not hanging out anymore. 
The twins watched as Suna pulls you out the door. Atsumu slightly scooted closer to Osamu, taking some of the spot you were sitting between the twins.
Osamu: Ya no. 
Osamu grabbed more popcorn.
Atsumu: He better properly confess.
The twins look at each other and shook their heads. Then their focus went back to the movie they were watching.
*a good while later*
Suna and you walk back into the the room holding hands. A slight blush on both of yours and his cheeks. As well as slight swollen lips.
Osamu: And they’re back.
Suna: I did it.
Atsumu: Congrats. Now can we finish this movie.
You nodded, and Osamu scoots closer to his brother, giving you space to sit next to Suna.
The rest of the movie was a slight blur. Your mind was too occupied by the way Suna was playing with your hand. And to be honest, Suna couldn’t pay any attention either. He was too focus on how the corner of your lips would slightly upturn every now and then. Suna having a good idea what you were thinking and it sure wasn’t the movie.
bonus bonus~
It was Atsumu’s idea to call you. He wanted to rub it in, how much fun they are having. And also wanted to hear what drunk Suna would tell you. He knows that the both you and Suna had feeling for each other. And he knew that it would be funny to hear that conversation. He really didn’t expect that Suna would start his drunk confession by saying that he didn’t want to be friends anymore. And he didn’t expect the long pause Suna would take as well making it seem like a whole different conversation. But at the end of it, Atsumu had a sense of pride. He was just glad that he was somewhat part of how his two best friends got together. Osamu, on the other hand, was only there for the drama. lol but he is happy for you.
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youmarin · a day ago
Now Recruiting! ft. Inarizaki VB Boys - Part 1: Inarizaki Boy’s Volleyball Club: Now Recruiting for a New Manager!
Summary: You’re new to Inarizaki High. Still looking for a club activity to join, you’re approached by a certain boy.
Word count: 0.9k
series masterlist
A/N: Have been thinking of writing for Suna again bc that boy refuses to leave my thoughts and it’s been like over a month since I posted Just Admit It. Also blaming that One -Shot from a few months ago. But I opened the google doc and this was the direction it was going.
It’s been a couple of days since you came to Inarizaki High School. By arriving as a second year, it was even more difficult for you to make any friends, with friendship groups already being established since first year or even those who already knew each other since their middle school days or from way back. As of now, you were standing in front of a bulletin board, where there were several posters of the different clubs. You usually focused so much on academics that you didn’t give yourself a chance for extracurriculars. Maybe trying something different now that you were here would make things fun. After all, you just had a couple of school years left and it would look nice in your curriculum. Plus it might help you form friendships and you’ll get new skills.
Suna catches a glimpse of you just as your hand brushes over the poster recruiting for a new manager for the volleyball club, their former manager had made it before they graduated. He saw as you smiled looking at it before going to grab it . Maybe he could try and convince you to take the spot. That poster’s been there for a while and no one has claimed the position yet. He could help the team out.
You were startled as you suddenly felt a presence behind you as they spoke, “You’re interested in being the volleyball club manager? They’re still looking for one.”
You turned around, eyes curious as you looked at the dark haired boy who just spoke to you. “Oh! Maybe, I don’t know which one to pick yet. I like volleyball, though.” That picked his attention.
“You play?”
“Yeah, well, I used to.” you let out a nervous laugh. “It’s not something I aspired to continue doing professionally or anything. I wasn’t that good either so now it’s something I do for fun once in a while.” He hummed and nodded along as he listened. “What about you? Do you play?”
“If you end up deciding to become the new manager you’ll find out.” he replied, smugly, and turned his back to you to continue his way.
“So you do play.” you exclaimed as laughter escaped you. “Or maybe you’re a bench boy?” You said so to tease him. He slightly turned to look at you again as he kept walking, an incredulous expression on his face at your suggestion, but as he faced forwards again he couldn’t help the small smile forming on his lips.
Later in the day, the Inarizaki boy’s volleyball team gathered at their gym minutes before practice began. Unconsciously, Suna’s head kept turning towards the gym doors every time they opened, only to be disappointed each time when the girl from earlier didn’t walk in.
Moving forward to practice serves, the gym door opened and you finally showed up. From the other side of the court, Suna spotted you, at the same time he heard Atsumu and Osamu bickering just before the blonde twin hit one of his jump float serves. The serve was off and it passed way over the water bottle the setter wanted to topple over and Suna’s eyes widened as he saw the ball heading straight to you.
“Crap! Hey watch out!” and in just a moment, you placed yourself in a receiving position, not being fooled by the trajectory of the ball as it made contact with your arms and you smoothly directed it towards the setter position just as if you were in an actual game. There was silence for a moment, just the ball you just hit bouncing on the ground, before Atsumu broke it. “What the f-” He cut himself up before he could mess up, Osamu staring at his brother in amusement but equally impressed, while Suna too looked stunned. When you noticed him, you shyly waved at him and continued walking over to their coach. “She dug my serve like it was nothing! Wait, did she waved at Suna? Do you know her? Is she from the girl’s team?” Here we go.
“I just met her this morning. She was looking at our poster for a new manager.” Suna replied. And apparently, you planned on stepping up to it if your presence there was enough to say.
“What’s her name?”
he was caught off guard as he didn’t think about asking. But he just shrugged. “Don’t know. Didn’t ask her.”
“Well I’ll sure ask her.”
“Wanna know the name of the girl who just made a dent to your ego?” But before Atsumu could reply and a fight could ensue, the captain’s voice was heard making them continue with practice.
But you stayed there throughout the rest of it. Sometimes the coach would say something to you and you would nod along as you kept your eyes on what was happening on the court. Suna kept his head on the game but he was very aware of your presence and his form the entire time. Was he trying to impress you? Maybe.
After the practice games, running some laps and stretching, the coach called Kita over and introduced you two, before gathering the team in a circle and walking over to introduce you to the rest of them.
“Guys, this is l/n y/n. She’s new to our school and a second year. She’s here for the club’s manager position.” The rest of the boys introduced themselves,
“Suna Rintaro.” he gave you a closed lip smile as you smiled back at him knowingly, now learning his name.
“Nice to meet you. Please take care of me.” You bowed when they were finished, and that’s how your story as Inarizaki High School Boy’s Volleyball Club manager began.
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hyeque · 4 months ago
crush me like a butterfly [nsfw]
Tumblr media
Synopsis: beefy men using their weight to their advantage during sex
Notes: I learned that wonho is less beefy than bokuto, atsumu and others and I haven’t been the same since. Just eagerly horny to be crushed, like please sit on me.
Featuring: bokuto, atsumu, ushijima, daichi, osamu, suna
warnings: fem body parts, public sex, handcuffing, MAJOR breeding kink, manhandling, unprotected sex
Tumblr media
suna who fucks you up against the wall of the janitor’s closet. you’re the manager for his team and have been in a secret relationship for the past few weeks. it’s safe to say that the sexual tension between you two had increased overtime. most of the time it was the cause of you doing innocent things like bending over, chewing on your bottom lip, laughing at something someone said or the worst, touching another player as you help them. suna is notorious for getting jealous and in result fucking the shit out of you. you have your legs around his waist, his hips are doing most of the grunt work out of anger. not only are they holding you up but their movement causes rin’s fat tip to hit up against your gspot every time. your eyes roll back in your head and before you can let out a moan, the middle blocker shoves two of his fingers in your mouth. “look at you, acting like a bitch in heat around my cock right now. if you can’t shut the fuck up ill give you a reason to be loud.” he hissed, pressing more of his weight into you. but it doesn’t matter how quiet you are, not when anyone within a 20 foot radius could hear his fat balls clapping against your ass and the ‘thump thump’ of the door…
atsumu who drags you both to the rooms at the victory village to test out the beds durability…and your flexibility. you’re there for gymnastics, he’s there for volleyball. the minute he got alone time in the room without any of his roommates, he didn’t hesitate to tear off your clothes and his. next thing you know you’re folded over in a mating press, your boyfriend pounding your cunt. you’re a bawling mess as his pace doesn’t let up and your breathing is restricted because of his weight. if atsumu is one thing, he is thick. his muscular thighs hug your sides, caging your body. the place where both of your bodies meet is obscenely messy. there’s a loud squelch from every time the faux blond pulls out and he can’t help but crave more of it. he wants you be entirely ruined for him. and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. he’s going to go for as long as it takes to break you. “you can take more can’t ya angel? gotta see just how good these beds are…and how far i can spread these pretty legs.”
ushijima who batters your pussy with his absolute fat rod of a cock. the ace hadn’t used his full strength in the past but when you begged him to, saying that you could ‘handle’ it, you really didn’t know what you were signing up for. currently he has you laid out for him pretty on the bed, hips pounding your ass and causing your whole body to move up the bed each time. “t-toshi, slow down…” you whine, trying to grab his forearm but failing. he only takes your hands and pins them down to the bed, his hulking figure smothering yours as he readjusts his hips to move at a faster pace. a shrill cry escapes you as you lay there, unable to do anything but take it all. the ace tsks at your whining and shakes his head. “you asked for this love. you said you could handle it so that’s what you’re going to do. you’re going to be a good girl for me and take it all. got it?”
bokuto who absolutely lost it when he saw you holding your friend’s baby at a party you two went to. he can’t help but imagine you pregnant with his child and how cute you would look. that night when you both got home, he pushed you both into the bedroom and shut the door. bokuto pulls off your bottoms before removing his own. he strokes himself and whines when his hands come in contact with his sensitive balls. the man is just about ready to burst. he hooks your legs around his waist, instructing you to lock your legs together. the first time he pumps his load into you, there’s an animalistic look in his golden eyes as he feels your cunt milk him so well. he has you laying on your stomach, his weight basically on top of you as he drills into your pussy again and again. the best you can do is hold onto his arms and listen to his grunts. the poor baby has overstimulated himself for so long that he has both of you shaking. “i’m sorry baby, can’t help it…need to make sure that i fuck a baby into you by tonight. i can’t wait any longer-ha, you’re going to look so beautiful carrying our babies…my babies. you’ll give me a whole volleyball team, right? they’re going to look so cute…”
hate fucking with osamu. you’re business rivals and your relationship has never been the best. there is constant bickering and criticism of food ideas and recipes, often getting the better of you two. but one thing neither one of you two could admit was the underlying sexual tension that’s there. so one day when he sees you flirting chatting with another restaurant owner, one that you happen to be on way better terms with than him, he snaps. osamu marches over to your restaurant and drags you into his own, not caring that he interrupted your conversation. you sputter and complain the entire time, calling him an ‘asshole’ and a ‘human with no decent respect’. but as soon as he’s in his office he shreds your clothes before he fucks you over a chair near the window. he presses your bare body against the glass. “not so talkative now, are ya?” he breathes into your ear. “yer such a slut, anyone could walk by and see ya like this and you’d like it, wouldn’t ya?” he pushes your tits against the transparent surface, groaning when your plush ass grinds back on his cock. you whimper in response, the pressure too much but he only pins your hands above so they can’t move. “aht aht baby, you take what i give ya.”osamu really hopes that the man can see how well he fucks you and that he’s the only one who can make you feel this good.
daichi who handcuffs your wrists so you can’t move or touch him as part of your ‘punishment’. currently he fucks you from behind, his strokes slow and deep. each time he fully thrusts back in you feel yourself coming close to release but then daichi deprives you of it by pulling away. you whine, your hand itching to grab ahold of his thick thighs to bounce yourself back on him. “what’s wrong, baby?” he asks, thrusting into you for the umpteenth time. “want more, dai. want your cock.” “but that’s what i’m giving you right now, right? i’m being a lot nicer than i should be aren’t i? maybe if you ask politely i’ll let up on your punishment.” he doesn’t have to tell you twice. “please fuck me harder, i’ve been good m’deserve it! i promise i’ll be on my best behavior!” you plea, trying to back into his touch. he chuckles before he yanks back your tied up wrists so you’re pressed flush to his chest. he swiftly grabs ahold of your thighs before pinning you under him. police training has really paid off, huh? next thing you know daichi is bullying your cunt, his pace unruly. there’s nowhere for you to go or budge. instead of begging for more you’re now begging him to slow down. your thighs cramp from where he holds you in place and you hear him snicker. “but this is what you wanted, right? this is what you were begging for? my cock? i don’t think criminals get to decide what they don’t or do get and when.”
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though! (c) 2022 hyque
Tumblr media
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yoomiwritingstuff · 2 months ago
“how are you still single?”
for some reason, that's the first thing that came into your mind to ask him when the both of you were dining out with your closest friends one fine evening.
blame it on the bit of alcohol that's in your system, you're tipsy and it made you become more straightforward than usual.
“i don't get it,”
you mutter to yourself while suna rintarou lets his eyes stay on your face to look at your amusing expressions.
“you're very boyfriend material. so why is it that you don't have anyone you're romantically involved with?”
as you mindlessly list down the good qualities you have seen in him in the many months of being his close friend, suna rubs his chin as he hums, thinking about his answer carefully. your stare went to his lips, unconsciously biting your bottom one and gulping. you're feeling a bit thirsty.
“must be because the girl i like is quite oblivious about my affections for her.”
with widened eyes and a startled gasp, you egged him to carry on. you had no idea he was harbouring feelings for someone (which was ridiculous because you thought you were his friend and friends say these kind of things to each other right?).
so what if you were also eager to know who it was because you needed to find out who stole the heart of suna whom you've liked way before he had met you? you certainly wouldn't pose any harm on the person. at the very least, you'd compare yourself to them every waking moment, throwing them secret glares whenever you have the chance to see them.
the man you were with chuckled softly and changed his position so his body would be facing you. he gives you yet another one of his intense gaze partnered with that lazy grin you'd come to love and made your breathing hitch.
“you would think she'd find it out quickly considering we're close but i guess that's just wishful thinking on my part.”
blinking several times, you had to process every word that he had just said as he was awaiting for your reply. he watches you open and close your mouth like a fish out of the water and controlled himself not to just pull you into him and make out with you, your friends be damned (he reasoned it was because he was slightly drunk that he was acting on impulse and having these thoughts)
you resisted the urge to scream and do something embarasssing in front of not only the guy you like but also in front of your friends and peers.
fanning yourself and breaking eye contact with him, you looked at your surroundings to see if anyone else was listening in on your conversation yet found no one. fortunately they were all too busy with partying.
you then stared back at him and dumbly pointed at yourself.
“are you talking about me?”
you're flushed, lightly intoxicated and it's getting difficult for you to hide exactly how much you like this man in front of you. you never were much of a planner anyways, you're more of a go with the flow kind of person.
“so umm i like you a lot, did you know that?”
he simply gives you a smile and leaned closer to you, cupping the back of your head and caressing your cheek adoringly.
“don't you think it's about time we both get romantically involved with someone?”
you could smell the cologne you've bought for him last time when he came closer.
suna could see you wearing the earrings he'd given you yesterday upon closer inspection.
you both admired each other as you sat completely still, afraid that whatever was happening right now is just some elaborate scam you're mind conjured up. everything is unfolding so fast you can't wrap your head around it.
the moment suna leaned more in your direction though with his nose brushing against yours, you forget all worries about the proper way this should've gone and cracked a toothy smile for him to see.
“we should do this whole confession thing again properly tomorrow.”
“whatever you want, (y/n).”
the last thing you saw before closing your eyes and feeling his lips work with yours was suna fondly gazing at you as if he had waited for this moment for a long time.
(you wouldn't know until much later on that suna rintarou had been crushing on you longer than you have been crushing on him)
Tumblr media
i wrote this quickly while i was sleep deprived haha
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kazuphoria · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐞𝐥𝐬𝐞
characters: suna rintarou and miya atsumu
genre: fluff
a/n: last repost lol
Tumblr media
SUNA stops mid sentence narrowing his eyes at you. You were clearly interested in something else than whatever he was talking about and that whatever being something or someone behind him because this is the fifth time he caught you staring behind him. Turning around to check what was distracting his girlfriend so much that you didn’t bother to look at him the entire date, he saw a guy standing at the counter. The guy seemed pretty tall with smooth silky hair and perfectly toned arms. Frowning, he turned around to face you again. Jealousy has never been an issue for him and he wasn’t jealous. why would he be jealous? He was anything but jealous but he was a little hurt by the fact that you were checking someone else out right in front of him and you didn’t even try to hide it. “rin?” “earth to rinnie?” “what” “is everything okay baby?” “Yeah, why wouldn't it be?” “i don’t know, you’re acting weird” “why are you worried about me anyway? You should continue checking out pretty boy over there, don’t let me intrude” he grumbled, looking away. “what?”  you chuckled at your boyfriend's pettiness. “It’s not funny, at least you could try and hide it, shameless ass” “he’s wearing his shirt upside down” he turned around to see that you were right, he was indeed wearing his shirt the wrong way. “oh” “yeah, you’re so cute baby” “don’t start” “jealous rinnieeeee” “i’m leaving you here, you can walk”
ATSUMU had the biggest pout on his face. He was so excited to finally get some alone time with you, he planned everything perfectly. A quiet dinner then a nice walk by the beach and ending the day in your arms. A perfect ending to a perfect day but much to Atsumu's chagrin his day turned out to be anything but perfect. He was rambling on about his day with a smile on his face telling you about everything that happened at practice and there were always the regular complaints about his twin but his smile soon turned into a frown when he noticed your attention was on something else or rather someone else. He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. You were staring at someone else when he was right in front of you. Now jealousy has always been your tsumu’s weakness and he was never afraid to show it. He cannot bear the thought of you paying attention to someone that's not him. Call him selfish but he doesn't care, you’re his and his only and Atsumu doesn’t like sharing. “tsumu, baby what’s wrong, you seem sad” “ yea it’s cause yer staring at that guy over there, am i not enough?” "babe what’re you on about? i wasn’t staring at him" "yes ya were" "i was staring at the kid beside him, little shit has been staring at me ever since we got here” he turned around to notice this kid glaring at you. “It looks like it wants to fight,” you whisper, narrowing your eyes at the kid. “Babe yer not fighting a kid” “but 'tsumu he’s glaring at me” you pout. “ignore it angel, it’ll go away by itself”
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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wonderorange · a month ago
warnings: fem!bodied reader, public sex, timeskip!suna
a/n: @explicitlyfine put this idea in my mind and i haven't stopped thinking about it ever since
"rin, mhm the doors are literally ah, wide o-open," you whine, hands pressing against his clothed shoulders to balance yourself.
"you like that, don't deny it pretty," he drawls, looking perfectly relaxed under you, leaning against the metal benches of the bleachers. "besides, no one comes in after practice anyway."
his hand wraps around your waist to hold you steady as you move, his cock dragging against your walls, while his other hand reaches to press against your lower lip, slipping his thumb inside your mouth, pushing it open.
leaning forward he hovers right there, licking against your tongue as the hand on your waist slips under your skirt to rub against your clit.
"my girl looks so pretty like this, riding me so well, you wanted to be fucked didn't you? you wore this skirt on purpose," he coos, watching you struggle, before grabbing your waist with both his hands and thrusting.
"rin, rin i can't rintarou-"
"oh you definitely can babe."
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kaisukos · 2 months ago
friends to lover suna hcs
Tumblr media
— friends to lovers suna! who’s in the same class as you. on the first day when he looks to find a seat next to someone who isn’t loud & bothersome his eyes land on you. your leaned back in your chair, eyes closed as you listen to the music that plays through your earphones. as he begins to sit down in the desk only a couple feet away from yours, you open your eyes and give him a soft smile then go back on about your business.
he nods his head in response before he turns his view back to the front of the room, silently mouthing something, not wanting you to hear. “pretty.”
friends to lovers suna! who secretly looks forward to seeing you every morning. sometimes he’ll try & show up extra early when its just you & him in the room. you’re always asleep with your head resting pretty on the desk, giving him the opportunity to take in all of your beautiful features.
+suna who quickly looks away when you wake up from the sound of the morning bell, trying to keep his cool when you tell him ‘good morning’ in your sleepy voice.
friends to lovers suna! who never tries to genuinely befriend you until one day you run into aran who he’s briefly mentioned you to & he slyly exposes his friend. ‘hey, you’re the pretty sleepy girl suna told me about.’ unknowingly to you, suna hit aran with a volleyball very hard that day; but alas he finally had an actual conversation with you, leading to a blossoming friendship.
friends to lovers suna! who looks you in the eyes & smiles whenever you speak. you could be insulting him yet he’d still beam bright at you. does it cause he likes how you get nervous & look away. when he’s feeling extra bold he’ll place his hand under your chin, guiding you to look back at him.
‘dont be shy, keep going.’
friends to lovers suna! who’s next to you every time a boy walks up to confess. he doesn’t stare intimidatingly but slightly widens his eyes in amusement. gets especially amused when you decline them, doing that gentle chin grab thing as the both of you walk away.
friends to lovers suna! who purposely moved his desk right next to yours, leaving no space between. won’t ever admit he did it just for those moments when your shoulder brushes against his, blossoming in the warmth your body radiates.
friends to lovers suna! who’s now your good friend and uses it as an excuse to create a photo album of you sleeping in the morning. he’ll make one of the pics his lock screen but will draw silly drawings over them so you don’t become suspicious.
scoffs & nervously turns to the side when the boys tease him about it. ‘i just do it to bug her, shut up.’
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kisses4suna · a day ago
enemies to lovers ! #
☆ featuring. suna x manager!reader
part one ? maybe i’ll make a diff version but with tsukishima
suna loved teasing you. loved getting on your nerves. loved seeing the way you tried to keep your cool whenever you’d argue. he didn’t know why though- why those little reactions were so cute to him or why he felt butterflies in his stomach when you’d tape his fingers, or pass him a water-bottle or even just looking at his direction. he never understood why he felt like this if he hated you so much. well at least he swore he did.
when it was your first day at inarizaki, you’d already bumped into suna two times, the first time he didn’t mind but the second time, he could’ve sworn you were doing it on purpose. third time- he’s had enough. he confronted you about it but you couldn’t help but stick up for yourself- which only caused a verbal argument to occur.
that was just the first incident.. on your second week at inarizaki, you were told by your school guidance counselor that it was crucial for you to sign up for a club or extracurricular activity since it would look good for your college application. in agreement she listed many clubs, you chose the easiest- well what seemed to be the easiest- managing the boys volleyball club. that’s when you noticed the jackass you fought with a couple weeks ago.
throughout that whole practice you avoided him- and he avoided you, though he couldn’t stop but avert his eyes to you every now and then.
you seemed to be doing something right as their manager cause they accepted you right away. you should’ve seen it at the start how difficult it was to control these boys.
after months of being their manager- you’ve gotten pretty close to them, all of them. except one of course. suna rintarou. you couldn’t tell what you hated more, his stupid pussy bangs, his cocky grin, his big ego, or his stupid cute stupid face. 
you two constantly bickered and argued over such little things, him of course always trying to bring in flirting into it. you’d thought that maybe that was just his personality- he probably talks to every girl this way.
“maybe if you weren’t so lazy you wouldn’t be so tired right now and complaining about how you want to sleep!”
“well maybe if you weren’t such a controlling manager than i’d be able to rest!”
“well maybe if you shut up i could actually think right now instead of arguing with you!”
“maybe if you shut up than you could think better, i don’t know if you could actually think though especially with that peanut brain.!”
“fine i’ll shut up!”
“will you? or do you need help with that, cause i’ll gladly help shut you up.” he said smirking.
“god wipe that smirk off your face”.
he couldn’t help but smile. you were clearly flustered and didn’t know what to say so he just lightly chuckled and ran back to court.
now suna never realized he likes you. it took this poor boy months to realize he loves you. he first noticed it when you started popping up in his dreams, when you crossed his mind every night. when he started looking at the moon, and couldn’t stop thinking of you. that’s when he’s had enough.
it was late at night when you received a text, well not just one text, your entire phone was blowing up with messages, all from the same person.
“y/n wake up” is what spammed you inbox. when you opened the messages app to see who the 69 messages came from it was suna rintarou. you called him, “ughh what do you want” you said, groaning into the speaker. it was at least 3 am, what was he doing calling you this late? “open your window pretty.” was all he said.
so you did what he asked you. you rolled out of bed, looking in the mirror before doing anything, then you reached to your window, opening it. “suna?”, you asked, still yawning.
what was he doing climbing your window at 3 in the fucking morning?
“hey.” he looks tired, like he hasn’t slept at all this night.
“what.. are you doing here ?” you ask.
“y/n i like you. a lot. and i know it may not seem like it but i just can’t get you out of my head no matter what i do, and it’s just annoying. god you’re annoying, this is annoying. it’s annoying how much i like you, it’s annoying how many times you cross my mind, and it’s annoying how many times i’ve wished for this moment to happen, so here goes nothing. i like you.” suddenly it felt like the world stopped, like every living thing just held out its breath, and with a deep sigh he finally took a breath in.
you aren’t sure whether he’s joking or not, but hell you aren’t joking, “i like you too. a lot.” in a swift movement you tug on his shirt pulling in for a kiss. he pulls back, “i don’t think you know how long i’ve been waiting for this” he whispers. “shut up and kiss me, you loser.” was all you said.
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thetempleofnyx · 2 months ago
quality time | 𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕒 𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕣𝕠
a.n/c.w: nothing! he's just so cute!!
thinking about suna with a silly frog headband in his hair to keep it out of his face after his shower. you had insisted on doing face masks tonight but he can't find the headband he normally uses, and so he stole yours. you stand next to him with a pink frog one on too so you guys can match; your mask, suna so gently already put on. but much to his chagrin, you've decided that you must document this moment, taking silly pictures of the two of you as he puts his mask on.
“babe. babe. look at me!” you say, giggling, as you try to get him to look at you.
he complains, “stop it babe. no pictures” he grumbles, pouting as he pushes you away with one pointy finger to your forehead, not caring that he's smeared your mask a little.
you just laugh, making a comment about how he's a grumpy old man. swatting away his hand, you tap away at the camera, getting pics of him so carefully and meticulously applying his mask through the mirror. you saddle up next to him and take a few selfies besides his tall figure. he simply ignores you as he continues to put on his mask. “he looks so goofy,” you think to yourself as he side-eyes you with a nearly full face of green paste, but the two of you look so cute!
suna indulges you just one time, wrapping a long arm around your shoulder to pull you in closer to him and sticking out his tongue at the mirror. you quickly snap about six photos before he pulls away to wash his hands of leftover mask, shaking his head with a soft smile at your giggles as you look over the photos
“babe, will you send me those photos?” he asks as he dries his hands and puts away the products back in their rightful place. you just roll your eyes because even though he may act bothered you know suna adores these moments with you as much as you do. “sure babe! ill send them to you right now.”
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rinslutz · 25 days ago
suna x fem!reader — warnings : slight baby trapping ig?, biting
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA dropped every other sugar baby once he met you. he instantly knew that you were the one that he wanted to spend every single dollar on.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA buys you a necklace with his initials on it. he swears that he bought it because it’s cute but it’s actually so people know you belong to someone.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA lets you turn his walk-in closet into your own. will sometimes add things to the closet without you even knowing. you only find out when you see three pairs of heels that you’ve never seen before
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA hasn’t bought anything new for himself in ages. he’s perfectly content on spending all of his money on you. he finds happiness in your happiness.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you in the back of his car after witnessing you flirt with a coworker at a company party. leaves bite marks all over your shoulders as he slams into your aching pussy.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA refuses to wear a condom when fucking you, he says he’ll pull out but never does. you don’t realize but he’s trying to get you pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA hopes that if you do get pregnant it will somehow get you stay with him forever. he secretly has set money aside for if you do get pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA has a folder on his phone full of your nudes that he looks at whenever he’s away from you on a business trip.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks his fist to a video he has of you two fucking. it’s his favorite video to watch when he’s away from you. will even ask you to send videos of yourself if he feels unsatisfied.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you into his mattress for hours after returning from a business trip. claims that he just missed your pussy but really missed your presence but he doesn’t know how to tell you his true feelings.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fell in love with you but isn’t sure that you love him back, so he will continue to shower you with money as long as he can.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : (open)
@wolffmaiden @gojoanti @rntrsuna @osamuplanet @have-no-life @kiossshy @luna-vitae-suae @adeawn @celcero @oikawa-bubs
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sailortaro · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
little canon sunas from the drafts
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yeonniesblog · 2 months ago
“that escalated quickly”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Suna x fem!reader
Synopsis : you ask your childhood friend to show his pp due to a certain encounter
Tumblr media
“Are you out of your mind?” If you didn't know suna better, you would think he is mad at you but being his friends since preschool really makes you know him more than a way you want to know.
The subtle red tone that is crawling up his neck and his burning ears, the usual no emotion facade is long gone and beneath those green slanted eyes you can tell how he trying to hide how flustered he is.
You comprehend his statement for a while in your head and if you say so yourself, you really must have lost your mind, because who in their right mind asks a friend who came to take care of you when you are sick, to show them their dick.
"Is this post breakup trauma?" Suna deadpans regarding your lack of response, standing up from your couch, while his hand moves to rub his template. He is speechless, his mind is blank, you caught him off guard he will give you that.
But how the fuck did you come in a conclusion where you want to see his dick?
Well, honestly it happened three days ago, friday noon when you accidentally entered the locker room without knocking, and there was suna naked in all his glory, jerking off.
And you should have left immediately, you really should have but how could you not take a peek when his define adam's apple bobbed evidently, his head thrown back, his hair sticking to his face due to the sweat, sweat which was sliding down his collar bone towards his definite abs.
With eyes closed shut, breath heavy he looked like a true art, you know how handsome he is, everyone in your university knows really. But as your eyes scanned how his veiny long fingers were wrapped around his dick, you felt like drooling.
His dick looked tempting than the ice cream you wanted to have during your diet. because good lord, WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT SIZE ???
Your ex boyfriend had a good size to himself but suna's. SUNA'S? It's not even comparable, just the average girth but who would have thought your childhood bestfriend was about 10 inches long. Okay maybe nine inches but you bet it would get bigger once he is hard.
It would have been fine if it was just long but you think it's prettier than his face, the pinkish tone covering it with a slight darken tone at the tip making it look like a cherry and AND— it had the perfect curves to reach places your fingers would never reach.
And while you were immersed in your perverted thoughts about how suna's dick was 10/10, he caught you staring at him, while he was, beating his thing. And honestly suna even knows if it was anyone else he wouldn't have freaked out that much, it was his fault jerking off without locking the door of his room after all.
But in his defense when he let out the not so shrill scream, it was because he thought people knock before they enter and good lord even if he expected to get caught never in his dream he would imagine you walking on him, his friend for years.
And you might have left being embarrassed head to toe that day and apologized through phone that evening , and after sharing few classes after that day you definitely also pretended to act normal like things didn't happen, but it would be a lie if you didn't unlock a desire to– well to put it in simple words, fuck suna.
You were noticing small things you never noticed, like how sharp his jawline was and were his fingers always so long ? that everytime your eyes fell on them, you would think about what places it could reach.
Also, was his grayish green eyes were so seducing, objectively speaking he was always handsome according to anyone who has a good eyesight, but you swear after seeing him that way, you were dragging suna with you in that gutters where your mind lies.
Because you swear to god you are always calm and collected especially not this horny, for godsake suna came to your dorm with a warm porridge and medicine in his hand, asking how you were feeling just for you to ask.
"Can I see your dick?"
Tumblr media
SHOULD I MAKE THIS A SERIES? Oh, BTW THE CONCEPT FOR THIS FICTION IS FROM A MANHWA SERIES CALLED “how I came to like my male friend” I just read the first few chapters and had to make something about it.
Tumblr media
⩩ part : 2 , part - 3
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omiishii · a month ago
Tumblr media
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allm1ghtslovech1ld · a month ago
WITH AN S/O WHO HAS A VOICE KINK (multiple characters)
warnings : MDNI, filth from the darkest corners of my brain, degradation? yeah a bit, mentions and implication of phone sex and mutual masturbation, all characters aged up
Tumblr media
the ones who have no idea about how hot their voice is
ushijima, daichi, kageyama, iwaizumi, akaashi, bokuto, sakusa, nanami, megumi, choso, kirishima, bakugou, todoroki
They'll be saying the most innocent things but they have no idea about the heat that is growing every second in your core
Will be concerned about the blush taking over your face
Would stop in the middle of what they were saying and ask "hey, are you okay?" while keeping a hand on your thigh, thumb forming patterns over your soft skin.
Nodding, you urge him to continue but his eyes land over your clenched thighs and he finally puts it all together
Leaning in he whispers in your ear, while the hand on your thigh travels higher, making goosebumps form all over your body, "baby if you were feeling needy you should've told me before"
the bullies
suna, kuroo, oikawa, mattsun, osamu, tsukishima, terushima, konoha, gojo, geto, toji, sero, dabi, hawks,
This man knows about this kink if yours.
Ever since the day you told him about it, he's been nothing but a tease and an absolute menace.
Would say the filthiest things in your ear IN PUBLIC that you'd be a mess in just seconds.
"aww, look at you all flustered, I bet you're dripping wet right now, hm? What a slut", he'd say stuff like this with a shit eating grin on his face
And when he's away from you? He'll call you in the night before going to bed. He talks to you casually but intentionally makes his voice an octave lower, knowing what effect it'll have on you.
And just like that when he hears your stumbling over your own words he knows his mission is accomplished and the night ends with both of you moaning each other's name.
"I'd like to see you do that in person when I come back"
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seijohlations · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
ATSUMU, bokuto, suna, NOYA, matsukawa, sugawara, kiyoko, TANAKA, aran, oikawa, TENDOU, terushima, kuroo, lev, AKAASHI , yamaguchi, daishou, KITA
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aftersamu · 3 months ago
– IF WALLS COULD TALK PARING: suna rintarō x gn!reader GENRE: secret relationship!
Tumblr media
his hand entwined with yours, leading you down the lit up streets of the city, his beanie on your head and cheeks hurting from all the laughter. he's bringing a finger up to your lips, hushing you as he gives quick apologies to the bystanders walking past and unable to hide the childlike grin on his face.
you roll your head back, letting out a loud laugh, as he pulls you in – under his arm– holding you close to his side. feeling the worn-out cotton of his beanie on his lips as he presses them to your temple.
suna brings you into a building, effortlessly spinning around – his back pressed against the glass door – as his hands around your waist guiding you in. "what are we doing here rin?" you ask, looking around the dimly lit restaurant, at all the people sitting at the booths and table.
"we're just dropping by," he says, leading you back into the kitchen. waving at all the wait-staff as you both pass by, you stare at him with such admiration at the way he's so familiar and welcomed here. suna glances at you from the corner of his eye, "i had a couple friends make something for us. trust me, you'll like it."
suna manoeuvres through the cooks, making small talk with every familiar face he sees before asking for head chef – who – quickly comes into view with her arms open wide and a massive smile on her face. "rintarō!" she greets, embracing him in a hug, "i was wondering when you'd show up." she grabs a large paper brown bag and hands it to him, "now go, i have a kitchen to run."
suna reaches for your hand again, taking you along with him out the kitchen and through the back door. "she's an old family friend, basically my aunt." he explains.
it's amazing how everyday you learn something new about the brunette, at first it was the amazing rush you felt with him. how you so easily grew to love the sneaking around, the stolen glances from across the room, the relentless teasing you've observed from his friends. also how you learned that suna loves the late night conversations, with his arms wrapped around your waist and face buried in your chest.
his heart is so big and warm, and his laugh is pure and he loves his friends so much but can never admit it to any of them. he loves you, he loves the life you two have together, he loves the secrecy and the feeling that it's two of you against the world. he loves how he never has to be scared about what other people will say, he loves being disconnected with you.
"so, what's in the bag?" you ask,
"dinner." he simply responds, pulling you into a corner where string lights hang from the walls and illuminates the small table with candles surrounding it. suna takes out his phone to play music, which begins to echo through the street.
"oh my god," you smile, bringing a hand to you face with wide eyes.
suna places the bag down on the table before pulling you in by the waist, your fingers lacing together, holding you to his chest. your arms lazily wrapping around his neck, as you two gently sway to the music.
you bring out the smiles, the chaos, and the inner depths of his personality that seem so rare from his stone cold exterior. the excitement and intensity of your relationship, it's all so exhilarating and makes him feel alive.
suna brings your hand up to his lips, placing them on the knuckle of your thumb with the corners of his mouth slightly quirking up. "you're such a softie," you tease. arms draping around his shoulders, pulling him in. your fingers running through the hair at the nape of his neck, keeping him close to you.
suna smiles against your lips, igniting a burst of butterflies which explode in your stomach and flutter in your heart. the safety his touch when he holds, the kisses and soft feeling of his lips that send you to cloud nine from the warmth and love flooding through him. the intoxicating scent of his cologne, and the way suna pulls you closer to him as if you're the most valuable thing on earth – as if he never wants to let you go.
he pulls away, holding your face in his hands as you look at those piercing eyes that shine such a bright sage green even in the dark.
"you're my favourite secret, and i swear to god, i better be yours."
Tumblr media
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kazuphoria · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
"𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐞𝐥𝐬𝐞'𝐬 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫" [𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐮]
characters: r. suna, t. kageyama, t. kuroo and t oikawa
warnings: swearing
a/n: another old old repost cause i found it on my phone while scrolling lol
Tumblr media
❥ r. suna and t. kageyama
Tumblr media Tumblr media
❥ t. kuroo and t. oikawa
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: these are shit but they’re vv old okay so don’t come for me anw reblogs appreciated mwah <3
Tumblr media
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