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a month and a half after your first date with atsumu, he’s continuously trying to prove his worth to you. however, previous flings are coming back to make amends. 
ʚ miya atsumu x reader + suna rintaro x reader | college!au | 2.2k words
warning: absolute boss y/n, sunarin being a supervillain, light cursing
author’s note: over 200 notes again! thank u guys <33 here’s part 2 for y’all! this wasn’t the best ): but this might turn into a miniseries atp lol
(part 1: next in line)
Tumblr media
lectures. assignments. due dates. projects. 
everything was stressing you out. it was an endless bombardment of responsibilities and no air to breathe in between. 
heading back to your dorm after what felt like decades of studying in the library, you had seen a man leaning onto the window of your building. upon walking closer, you saw that it was none other than atsumu who had been waiting for your arrival. 
“tsumu! what are you doing here? don’t you have practice?” you jogged up to him while he opened his arms to invite you into them. 
“no, practice was canceled so i came to see you.” he pushed your hair out of your eyes as he stared into you. “and i know you’re stressed out. it’s the final week after all. so how about a date?”
you smiled. after his promise to you a while ago, he had really been proving to you how much he really cared about the potential of the two of you. a part of you had doubts of course, like what if he was just putting up a front? but he wouldn’t be putting this much effort, so you subsided your negative thoughts to the back of your brain.
“wow, i really appreciate it. it’s like you read my mind or something.”
“or you know, listened to ya rant about this and that every day,” he responded as he smoothed out your hair. you laughed at his banter as you told him you’ll put your stuff away and come back out. he agreed and stood outside to wait while you headed up to your room.
atsumu waited outside leaning on the window once more, scrolling through his social media feed before a familiar voice called him to look away from his phone.
he stared up, adjusting his eyes to the figure standing in front of him. the streetlamps didn’t help identify who the man was, but upon shining his phone screen onto his face he realized it was suna that stood in front of him.
“suna? what’re you doing here?” he locked his phone before shoving his hands into his pockets and looking back at his teammate.
“i should ask you the same thing. isn’t this y/n’s dorm?”
atsumu gave him a curious stare. “uh, yeah. it is, why?”
suna had looked at the door to your dorm building before turning back to the setter in front of him. “i wanted to talk to y/n.”
hearing his intentions, atsumu’s blood had started to boil. how dare he just show up unannounced to your dorm, let alone bother to see you weeks after the incident that happened. 
“why? she doesn’t deserve you and–”
“rin?” your voice snapped the two out of their own world and both looked at you who had changed your clothes, holding a spare jacket on your forearm. you walked up to the two, standing more on atsumu’s side. “what are you doing here?”
“i wanted to talk,” suna spoke. to his response, you looked at him with disgust and anger, but you couldn’t help but feel sadness that he wanted to reach out to you first. despite that, your distaste for him held on, and you slowly stepped back from him.
“n-no, we won’t. you know what you did and nothing won’t ever change the rift between us anymore,” you held your ground with venom coming out of your mouth.
suna scoffed at you, “okay. whatever. i don’t care anymore. i don’t even know why i came here.” he turned on his heel and walked away from your building, leaving you and atsumu in confusion and frustration.
“you didn’t know he was coming?” atsumu had questioned.
“no. i blocked him on everything.” you sighed out of annoyance. it felt like the world was continuing to throw problem after problem onto you and this was no exception. upon reading your body’s response to the interaction, the blond took matters into his own hands and proceeded to lean down behind you and squeeze your body as his arms snaked around your neck. feeling his comforting presence allowed you to stop tensing your body and melt into his embrace. it always felt like his touch was healing.
“i came here to get your mind off of your worries, so i think i should do my job right now,” he whispered into the shell of your ear causing your body to shiver and grow goosebumps. you wrapped your hand around his wrist, squeezing it as a sign of gratitude.
“we can stay in if you’d like, but i want you to decide.” after asking his question, you proceeded to turn in his hold and smother your face into his chest. you can smell the faint cologne he always wore and that new clothing smell that always gives a sense of comfort.
“i wanna stay in… please.” you murmured into his sweater and he laughed. you felt the vibrations of his chest as he kissed the crown of your head.
“okay, let’s go inside.”
a few days later, practice for the college team had been planned for today. a few members had already been inside the gym, including suna.
practice hadn’t started yet, but those who came early were stretching and setting up the courts. suna had been lacing his shoes while hinata, who came with bokuto, set up the nets with the help of kageyama, bickering in between as usual.
on his phone, bokuto had been scrolling through his feed before he spoke out loud to hinata to come to him. the carrot top walked over to where he sat and looked over his shoulder to see what he was going on about. he smiled before he spoke out loud for the whole gym to hear.
“woah, did you guys see atsumu’s feed? look who he’s with.” some of the team walked up to the two of them, while suna trudged behind the others. finally getting a chance to see, his eyes widened at the sight of none other than you and atsumu. in the picture was a picture of the both of you smiling with the beach in the background. you had leaned on his shoulder, hiding your smile with your sweater-covered hand and atsumu looking at you while he was smiling as well. it was more of a candid photo, but the two of you looked so naturally good it might of been staged.
suna felt his stomach drop. he had nothing to do with you, but seeing this picture with his teammate coddling over you didn’t sit right with him. “are they dating?” he took this opportunity to ask the team.
“no, they’re just talking right now. but atsumu’s wrapped around her finger, so they might as well be,” a voice spoke coming from the court doors. sakusa had walked in with his duffle bag on his shoulders and his practice jersey in his hand, obviously hearing the conversation that had happened before he walked in.
“sakusa, you knew but we didn’t?” bokuto had questioned.
“yeah, he told me when i had asked. i guess he doesn’t trust the two of you,” he teased as he walked into the locker rooms. hinata and bokuto reacted in shock, never hearing this news from their friend himself. 
“but you told us, so doesn’t that make you untrustworthy?” hinata responded. 
“no,” sakusa spoke. “he posted about it so it’s not really private news anymore. also i don’t really care,” he mentioned as he walked to the locker rooms.
after the conversation ended, the man of the hour himself had walked into the gym. 
atsumu, rushing into the gym, jogged past the small group before heading to the locker rooms. “sorry i’m late!” yaku, the first who had arrived and had been grabbing the cart full of volleyballs, reassured the setter that it was fine as he mentioned the coach had been running late as well. 
suna couldn’t help but continue to look at atsumu, even during practice. he had been wondering since that night why he was at your dorm, no news about it from the team or from the man himself but now that the secret’s been revealed, the revelation didn’t sit well with him. he figured that he should just suck it up and speak to you.
your last final of the semester had just finished. you stretched your arms as you headed out the building, and was immediately met with the body of someone. you walked right into their back, stuttering out an apology for being so careless. except when you saw who it was, you immediately took back your apology. he doesn’t deserve one when he can’t even give you one.
“y/n. can we talk please?” suna had stood in front of you before you could continue walking further, stepping side to side to block you from walking away from him.
you were getting frustrated by his antics, so you shoved him out of the way instead of continuing to play into his antics. “move, suna. you’re my least favorite person right now and i don’t want to deal with you right now.”
now it was his turn to be irritated by your antics. he really needed to speak his mind out to you, so in an attempt to get you to listen he had grabbed your wrist and dragged you as the both of you walked away from the lecture halls.
“dude! let go! where are you taking me?” you continued to struggle but his iron grip was no match for your minimal strength. so you just followed him where he took you to sit on a bench right beside your building.
“what are you and miya?” suna sat on the table instead of the actual bench, allowing you your own space to try and be comfortable.
“we’re friends. nothing more.” you turned your attention to any direction but his. you refused to look up at him and give him what he wanted. he sighed, leaning onto his hands as he stared up into the sky.
“sorry. for, you know.” the man beside you spoke none further. all you could hear now was the sound of leaves pushing against the wind and the cicadas that always camped on your campus. you sighed, knowing nothing was going to come out of him again.
“no.” you spoke. suna turned his head in bewilderment. “no? what do you mean no?”
you scoffed at him before looking at him straight in the eyes, not backing down especially after what he did to you. “you deserve nothing. you led me on and now you’re apologizing but not even apologizing properly. maybe you don’t even know what you’re apologizing for either. go to hell, you don’t deserve me.” 
“what do you mean i don’t deserve you? you were practically head over heels for me, y/n. don’t say that because we both know i’m right.” suna spoke, irritated.
“you? right?!” you let out a genuine laugh; he had really thought he made a point, but knowing how absolutely shitty he treated you, he really didn’t deserve a speck of what you gave him. “shut up rin! i gave you so much of me yet this is how we turned out! i really thought you were a good guy, but i learned that i shouldn’t be trusting you! o-or anyone like you!”
“so you wouldn’t trust miya either, huh?”
you stepped back. you realized that the both of them had been sweet to you, flirting with you as you flirted back, yet suna turned out different than what you had expected. would atsumu turn out the same too?
“i trust him. at least more than you,” you spoke in a gentler toner than before. 
“right. i mean, it’s not like i saw your little atsumu with some girl last night,” he mocked with a grin. atsumu wouldn’t have done that to you. he would’ve at least told you, right?
“you’re lying, rin. stop putting these thoughts in my head.”
“if you say these thoughts are in your head, weren’t they already in your head in the first place?” 
and he was right. you had the teensiest sprinkle of doubt for him, but you always brushed it aside to give him the benefit of the doubt. but now a third party is making claims over his potential unfaithful behavior. and now that you think of it, he did seem like the type. and you also knew he had no practice last night but told you he’d be studying for his finals, so why in the world is suna saying all this?
“fuck you rin! you deserve nothing for the party and for today. stop following me!” you hopped off the bench and stormed off in the direction of your dorms, fuming at each step. but each step you took turned your anger into sadness and anxiety. was it really true? you weren’t sure, but you didn’t want to ask atsumu in case it had been. you thought it would be better to just pretend you never heard anything instead of confront him.
after all, he was the one to promise to take care of you and keep you happy. but if he’d break your promise, who’d take care of you now?
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his favorite look
♤ characters: suna rintaro/gn!reader (or so i tried...)
♤ notes: unprotected sex, creampie, sex at a semi-public space (if i have to tag anything else, please remind me) (minors dni)
Tumblr media
changing room of inarizaki is empty by now, the boys' volleyball team practice having ended a while ago– save for the muffled noises coming from the back, the volume increasing with time.
suna rintarou has you pinned against the wall, your legs lifted and wrapped around him, squeezing him inside and out.
when suna invited you over to drop by their practice, he knew the two of you would end like that. with the way you've been looking at him, the eyes you've been giving him lately, it was as clear as day.
yet when you do come, and sit by the benches, eyes glued onto his sweaty form, veins popping out on his muscles, enough to see from your position, all you can do is to stare at him, mouth fallen with an expression suna would've described as 'drooling'.
you'd probably lightly punch him for it, but not after right now, no. not when you have your mouth slack open again, drool coming from one side, incohorent mumblings leaving your lips every once in a while.
suna loves the way you look at him on a daily basis but perhaps this is his favorite one yet. the absolutely fucked out expression painted on your face, eyes blank and hazy from pleasure, from the pleasure he is providing you with how deep he is inside you. hips at a constant work, building you up at a pace not quite slow but has you begging 'faster' and 'more'.
the cold, hard surface of the wall is lost to your senses by now. everything is lost, except for the way rin has you hoisted up, pressing against you until there is not even the smallest of space left, his lenght dragging in and out of you– if it wasn't for snapping his hips back into you, he'd not pull out, not even in the slightest at all.
with each snap of his hips, you feel warmer, a fire in the pit of your stomach slowly growing, and rin managing to hit just the right spot every single time, all you can muster is him.
with what's left of a willpower inside of you, you try to lean into him for a kiss, only to miss his lips by an inch. smirking at your flushed form, not even able to kiss him right, he crashes his lips to yours. rin kisses you hard, biting at your lips again and again; yet you don't even have it in you to kiss him back with the same fervor anymore, too out of it to respond back.
noticing this, he lets out a chuckle. oh how lovely you look for him, so fucked out you cannot even match his kisses anymore, though it is you who wanted it in the first place.
tightening his hold on you, he picks up his pace.
to which you can only react with your face falling onto his shoulder, with all the energy left inside of you, you start nibbling at his his skin, gently biting with your teeth. the salty taste of sweat mixed with your saliva, soon your nibbling reaches its end as well.
soon suna can feel your breathing hitching, your nails digging into his skin and you tightening around him, as if you don't want him to leave just yet. he loves how even your body wants more and more of him, never satisfied, always begging for more, a little harder, a little faster, for a little longer.
your whimpers and moans, though muffled by his shoulder, still feel heavenly to his ears. and the way you say his name like a plea, like a prayer, like he is your everything, your god in that moment– he soon finds himself reaching his high.
slamming with his entire weight back into you, his movements start to get erratic. your body desperately clingling to his, his name still spilled out of your lips like honey: 'rin, rin, rin...' he can feel your body contracting and your muscles spasming. he loves how you start to shake from pleasure for him– at his hands, with his dick inside of you, his mouth all over you; so intoxicating, really, if it was up to him, he would fuck you all day long, over and over again, your whines and filthy pleas music to his ears, tasting you until you cannot cum anymore, filling you up until his cum leaking out of you...
his face finds itself by the crook of your neck, biting down at your flushed skin.
'rin... please...' your words come out barely.
with another thrust, he brings his lips to your ear, 'go on baby, come for me.'
gripping onto his form, you let go, feeling yourself reach your orgasm, squeezing your eyes shut and tightening your legs around him. a second or so later, you hear him let out a grunt by your ear, whispering a '...fuck' and feeling him come inside you; yet contunuing to thrust, though his movements have gotten sloppy by now, prolonging his orgasm.
as the two of you slowly catch your breath, he still has you held by the wall. raising his head to meet your eyes, he leans in for another kiss, his tongue quickly entering your mouth.
by the time you can feel your breath returning to normal, he rests his forehead against yours with a small smile tugging at his bruised lips.
'you should join our practices more often.'
you let out a laugh at his words. 'yeah and not be able to walk back home? no, thank you.'
eyeing on the hickeys he left on your body, he raises a brow at your words, humming as if considering his options. 'guess i'll just have to carry you starting from now.' 'rin, no!' you're quick to respond, but the grin on your face exposes you.
'well then, should we get going?' he offers after a moment and a pout appears on your face quickly. eyes cast low, you murmur a 'don't pull out just yet.'
and who is he to deny when you request so sweetly like that?
leaning once again to your neck and the spot right under your ear, he starts biting at your skin slowly: 'don't come crying and blaming me when you can't walk tomorrow.'
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
0.7k words about naps with rin x gn!reader~ repost after heavy edits from old account !!
Tumblr media
Sunarin was a known lover of naps, often found napping as often as he could. Letting the lethargy drift away with the warmth of a big hoodie or soft blanket. Sunarin loved naps, but he loved naps with you more. If asked, he wouldn't know just what it was about you that relaxed him enough to fall asleep in your presence. Despite how he may come across, he's a fairly open person, there weren't any walls to built for you to knock down and yet, with you, he felt comfort like no other. He'd never experienced such intense feelings after barely a year of friendship, at least, that's when he napped with you for the first time. 
The memory was vivid in his mind, having discarded his homework after a weak half an hour and face planted on your bed only to have fallen asleep in minutes surrounded by your scent. His shallow breaths caught your attention, making you sigh both in exaspertaion and fondness. To be fair, it was 3pm on a Saturday, what better time to have a nap. It was that thought that had you clambering over his lanky figure carefully, deciding to take a small break as you scrolled through your phone beside him.
He'd woken up to the sound of your alarm, the note displayed underneath it making him smile despite the remnants of sleep clouding his brain: wake me up, we have work to finish =.=. He took notice of you then, the weight of your head on his shoulder feeling heavy and comforting if anything. He looked at you and tried to omit every detail to memory, your slightly mussed hair, the way your cheek looked so cute pressed against the pillow, your relaxed expression. He remembers feeling a little hotter than usual, his heart giving a particularly loud thud in his chest, not really flustered but more overwhelmed at such a warm feeling of belonging melting him slowly. He closed his eyes again with a content sigh, his hand squishing your cheeks incessantly to wake you up. When your whines finally sounded a little more coherent, he stopped, simply holding your cheeks as he attempted to fall asleep again.
A couple of years pass and he finds himself in nearly the same predicament - only a few things had changed. It was his alarm ringing this time, only you had still set the message displaying underneath: wake up rn !! u wont be able to sleep later >:(. You were closer to him too, face buried in his chest and hands grasping his hoodie even though you were wearing one of his anyway. Your leg was thrown over his, one of his hands under your hoodie, the warmth keeping you close even in sleep. You'd grown into your features a bit more but you were still the same person he knew in high school, soft, warm and constant. He sighed, knowing the lecture he'd have to listen to about circadian rhythms and the importance of sleeping at night if he didn't wake up properly now. Looking at your peaceful sleeping face made him smile at the sheer contradiction, debating whether to capture the way you were passed out against him to use against you later. He wouldn't but he snapped the picture anyway before discarding his phone on the bed.
He cupped your face in his hand, thumb caressing you cheek lightly as you sighed in your sleep. Your lips were puckered slightly, his thumb brushing over them before he leaned in, pressing his own to yours. He kisses you slowly until you wake up, smiling into the kiss at your attempts to kiss back in your dozy state. 
"Good morning to you too, Rin" you murmured into the little space between you, turning so you can rest your lips on his cheek.
"It's 4pm, babe" he's smiling. He's smiling wide and he knows he is, your sleepy affection making that familiar warmth overflow until he's consumed by you. Not that he minds, he thinks as he watches you blink awake slowly, in the comfort of your shared bed. He loves naps with you, but he loves you more.
Tumblr media
© adoriin. all rights reserved. please do not modify, copy/repost or claim as your own. reblogs are appreciated <33
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dream girl
15. clusterfuckery continues
1:37 AM
The clock on your phone blinks unwaveringly as you check the time, your brows pinched together. A little more than an hour had passed since you left Suna’s apartment, just sitting in the lobby of your building and wallowing in your own terrible luck.
Slapping your cheeks, you readjust yourself, placing your feet flat on the ground and taking a deep breath. You had to figure out somewhere to go, a place you could at least get out of the soaking clothes that suctioned to your skin like a vacuum seal. Suna was a no-go definitely, he hadn’t even responded to your text telling him you made it to your apartment. Not to mention, you doubted he would let the night end peacefully if you explained why you went back. You thought, for a second, maybe Lev would have somewhere for you, but that quickly scratched off your list. He lived three hours away, and with the way the rain was going, you doubted that the trains were running. Especially not this late.
The back-and-forth in your mind went on for a little while longer as you mentally ran down the list of friends and acquaintances you knew and trusted enough to spend a night with. Finally, after what was entirely too long, your brain landed on a logical answer.
The man you had met months ago at a party you had longed to leave.
“Of course–” You mumbled to yourself, pulling out your phone with shaky hands. Your head dips forward as you dial his number, chewing on your bottom lip and listening to the ringing of the line. You don’t try to hide the worry he might not pick up— that the line would ring off like it had every time before and you would be back at square one.
“‘Ello?” Osamu’s groggy voice answers the call and you feel relief flood your entire body, an audible sigh leaving you. “Y/n? Are ya okay, darlin’?” He sounds tired (oh gods, you didn’t wake him up, did you?) but still worried. Heat prickles at the edge of your eyes, tears welling up just at hearing his concerned voice. You sniffle, trying not to break down, but completely fail as fat tears build up until they’re rolling down your cheeks.
“S-Samu,” You whimper pathetically, body curling in on itself slightly as you sit there, sobbing and sniffling. You can’t stop crying now that you started and the sobs cause your entire body to shake, your breathing hiccuping and wet.
“Darlin’, what’s wrong?” Osamu’s voice reaches you, sounding much more alert now that he’s heard you cry. Through sobs, you try to communicate what happened, but it’s hard to make out what you’re saying through your near-frantic blubbering. You’d feel ashamed if you had any ounce of energy left in you. “Y/n!” Samu calls your name a couple of times, getting your attention. “Take a deep breath, okay? In and out slowly,” he instructs you, dramatically breathing with you so you can hear his own demonstration.
You do as he says, curling further into yourself on the squeaky lobby chair. Eventually, your sobbing is calmed for the time being and you can talk more clearly. “I’m so-sorry,” You hiccup out, taking another deep breath. Samu sighs, chuckling a little.
“It’s alright.. Now tell me what happened,” Osamu falls silent and listens as you explain the night, how none of your roommates answered your call, how they essentially locked you out, and how they were still ignoring your messages and calls even now. You pause every now and then to chew on your lips or to make sure the man is still listening.
When all is said and done, you wipe your hand over your face, resting the heel of your palm on your forehead. “A-anyway, can you come… pick me up? I just need a place to stay tonight,” Your question comes out sheepish, eyes trained on the floor. Counting the tan specks that litter the cheap tiles. Samu sucks air in through his teeth, shuffling coming through the other line.
“I want’ta, but I don’ have my official license yet,” He says, a string of curses sounding under his breath. You sigh with him, pressing your lips together.
“It’s fine, Samu.. I can just find a hotel or something,”
“Nah,” He cuts you off quickly. “Lemme see if my roommate’s still up,” Osamu waits to hear you hum in agreement before stepping away from the phone. You can hear him walking away and then some vague voices, but don’t hear any exact details of the conversation. You wait. A moment later, the man returns to his phone, clearing his throat. “Okay, darlin’, my roommate’s gonna pick ya up, so yer just gonna need to hang tight,” He says. You feel relief flood your entire body, relaxing into the chair you sit in.
“Okay, I’ll wait for them,” You say, your cheek resting against your shoulder.
“Okay.” Samu yawns and falls silent for a moment. “Y/n, ‘m gonna nap until you get here, okay? I can stay on the call,”
“No, get your rest,” You wave your hand, as if the man could see that, and dismiss the idea of staying on the call entirely. You bid your goodbyes and end the call, turning off your phone and stuffing it into the pocket of your jacket.
You still feel shitty.
Admittedly, the little cry you had helped to relieve some of the built-up feelings that had, truthfully, been brewing for the past couple of weeks. The knowledge that you had a place to go besides your apartment was calming, as well. There was still the issue of how you let yourself get this worked up.
You were normally better at controlling your emotions, at managing and compartmentalizing everything that went on around you so that you could get things done. Making friends, getting schoolwork done, participating in extracurriculars and dealing with the people you lived with were all things you were used to. So why was this what got you?
You decided not to think about it anymore, and instead focused on something else. The rain got heavier as more time passed, until the whole world beyond the doors of the building lobby was nothing more than a muddy streak in your vision. Perhaps thirty minutes, maybe more, passed before anything changed. A pair of headlights on a car pull up right outside the doors. You stare at the lights and the vague shape of the car they’re attached to.
Seconds later, the doors to your building are pulled open and someone else walks into the building, carrying an umbrella. The figure steps fully inside before they close the umbrella, shaking off the excess water and tying it closed. The newcomer is freakishly tall, just like a majority of the students you end up running into or seeing (did this school secretly hire models as students or what). His hair is slightly curly, the dark strands sticking to his forehead and neck from the rain. Besides his eyes— which are looking around the lobby —and the two moles above his eyebrow, his face is obscured by a mask. The stranger’s eyes land on you and he approaches in quick steps.
Was… was this Osamu’s roommate?
“Y/n?” His hand lifts to point to you, asking if he has your name right. You stare owlishly at him for a second, unsure whether you should answer and only just then realizing that you forgot to ask Osamu what the hell his roommate was named or looked like. “Miya sent me,” he says, sounding exasperated as he explains himself. Your eyes widen in recognition, another flood of relief rolling through you.
“O-oh.. Yes, I’m Y/n.. You’re his roommate?” You ask, verifying his identity as you gather your things and pull your jacket tightly around you. The strange man only nods, motioning with his head to the doors and heading that way. You hurry to catch up to his long strides. He’s already unfurled his umbrella and pulling open the door when you manage to get to his pace and not stumble over your own feet. You duck out of the door, careful not to get anymore soaked then you are, and follow him into his car.
It’s silent.
The man drives expertly, and you can’t help but watch as he pulls the car away with precise motions, impressed with his air of elegance. “Thank you,” You mumble after a moment, your fingers fiddling with your jacket. He glances at you from the corner of his eye, but you don’t see any other change in his expression.
“For what,”
“For coming to pick up a stranger up for your roommate, especially in this rain…” You trail off as he continues to show no sign of even having heard you. Then he huffs, almost (just almost) sounding amused…
“I owed him.” He turns the steering wheel and the car sails onto a new street, the rain falling harder against the car. “I’m Sakusa,” He says after a moment, his eyes glancing away from the road to you then back to the road. You continued to watch him, your brows pinched together slightly. By all means, he had no reason to introduce or concern himself with you. You were just a stranger who happened to be friends with his roommate.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Y/n,” You reply, returning the favour despite him already knowing your name technically. Sakusa hums.
The car falls silent again. You shift in your seat to stare out the window. A yawn escapes you, your cheek resting in your palm, and your eyelids feel droopy. You widen your eyes, exaggerating your expression in an attempt to keep yourself awake. It fails miserably, as you only end up with even droopier eyelids. Sleep keeps pulling you in, calling to you with comforting warmth.
When Sakusa pulls up to his own apartment building, you’re passed out completely, practically a corpse in his seat. If it was any other stranger who had fallen asleep in his seat, he might’ve just kicked them out and sent his car to the wash. But you were Samu’s friend (he had heard your name more than enough times in conversation to know some things about you), and you had been decent to him and thanked him. So, Sakusa thought that you deserved a little niceness yourself. Careful not to wake you or jostle you too much, he tugged you out of his car. Slinging your arm over his shoulders and supporting the back of your knees with his arm, he carried you up to his shared apartment.
He laid you on the couch gingerly and covered you with a blanket. You and Osamu could talk more in the morning, but for now, you needed rest.
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extras :
sakusa and osamu have lived together off campus since their freshman year
y/n has been up for abt 29 hours 😞
it took thirty seven minutes to get to sakusa / samu’s apartment from y/n’s building
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detetsu · a month ago
Tumblr media
“don’t you dare say a word.”
suna smells like strawberries. he doesn’t like it—he’s made that more than clear—but there’s water droplets slipping down his nose and a pout on his face and the scent of your strawberry body wash sticking to his skin, so you can’t help but tease him anyway.
“i wasn’t gonna say anything bad.” you throw your hands in the air, a devilish little grin stretching across your lips. “just that you kinda smell like a farmer’s market right now.”
his brow furrows, leaving soft laughter to spill from your throat. “oh don’t be like that. i think it’s cute.”
he’s dug his own grave here, truly. both of you know well enough that he could’ve run home after his game; that he could’ve showered in his own bathroom, with his own body wash, and smelt like something so incredibly rugged that it stings the inside of your nose when you get too close.
but alas, suna’s biggest downfall has always been you. so, with a raise of a brow and the curve of a smile and one of those looks that feels more enticing than he’d ever care to admit, he finds himself here—falling onto your mattress and taking you with him—strawberry still heavy in the air.
“you’re annoying,” he murmurs, sloppy kisses against your shoulder and an arm snaking around your waist.
“you love it.” he hums in reply—a vibration of voice against the arch of your throat—and it nearly leaves you reeling.
he pulls you closer, chin settling into your collar as hot breaths swirl against your skin, and, truthfully, that’s more than enough to confirm your little claims.
because suna could’ve run home after his game. and he could’ve showered in his own shower and smelt like his own body wash and found his way back to your house as stars began to swallow the sky—but at the sight of you outside the gym, suddenly he was walking you home and standing outside your door and letting you lead him to your bathroom so he could smell so heavily of your body wash that it flutters you with laughter as he kisses your neck.
and perhaps that’s because he’s a little too lenient, or a little too incapable of telling you no, but as he begins to drift, melting in the air of your room, you’re almost positive you’re right.
Tumblr media
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yum3-rin · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
— hands ?
suna, tsukishima, akaashi x gn!r
no warnings i think ; fluff
suna my lover boy lol repost
Tumblr media
# suna
you hugged his back, chin perched on his shoulder while he played a game with the twins. you were watching his game, seriously you were, until you glanced down at his watch which rested in his lap, attached to a controller. whilst he clicked away, you couldn't help but admire the way his hands held the small object, they were so... large compared to the controller, slender, his nails painted pink from two nights before after you'd begged him to let you pain them. they were, dare you say, pretty.
you sat there watching his hands for around 15 minutes and he must've felt it because when he asked, "whatcha starin' at pretty?" you felt a heat rush to your cheeks faster than you could answer him, you were slightly embarrassed. "uhmm nothing." it came out more like a question rather than an answer which makes him let out a breath that you recognized as a laugh, "are you sure?" by now you can hear atsumu yelling at him through his headset that he's making them lose but suna doesn't seem to care as he mutes his friends, eyes now on you. "you've been quiet. what's on your mind, baby?" he cups his hand over your cheek and soothes your warm skin, running a cold thumb over the bags of your eye. "your hands... i just thought they were pretty."
you can see his eyes glance to the hand cupping your cheek before staring back into, what felt like, your soul, "you think so?" his lips curl into a grin, "thank you." he rubs the skin under your eye a few more times before raising this other hand to cup the opposite cheek and giving your face a squeeze, "i think your face is pretty." he says before kissing your lips. you can only let out a muffled, "thank you." as he laughs at you, "you're too cute, really."
# tsukishima
you sat in his lap as he helped with you your homework just like every other friday afternoon. honestly you were listening to his lesson or at least you were trying to but he was making it so hard. you'd never realized his hands were so... pretty. of course you'd held them, kissed them, seen them before, etc. you'd just never really recognized them as 'pretty' until he was writing down a math equation on the notebook paper in front of you.
finally, when you stop your 'mhms' he knows you're no longer listening to his explanation, he wraps his free arm around your waist and pulls you into his chest, "you're not listening. getting sleepy? we can take a break if you want." you're immediately snapped out of your thoughts at his words. "what? no, no! i was just spaced out, sorry." you ramble, "can you... start over? i'll listen this time." he rolls his eyes and hugs you tighter, "okay, so you start here-" not even three sentences in you feel yourself staring again and, of course he notices. "listen, if you need a break that's fine, we can-" "no no kei, it's just that... i can't concentrate. i'm not tired it's... it's your hand..." he raises a brow and moves his hand slightly. honestly you didn't even know how to describe his hands. of course you see them all the time, why were you only just noticing how nice they looked? all slender and long, they were just... pretty.
"what about my hand, baby?" he asks, tone a little teasing. you reach for his other hand which is hooked around your waist and hold it up for him to see, playing with his fingers. "they're really pretty." you sigh, pressing a kiss to the pads of his pointer finger. he fights the blush threatening his cheeks, "this is what you're so concerned about?" "mhm" and he laughs, "well, thank you for the compliment." he says, pressing a kiss to where your jaw meets your neck, "are you gonns sit here and play with my fingers for the rest of the day or continue with the lesson? i guess i don't mind either way."
# akaashi
it was normal for you to sit in his lap while he did paperwork, sitting in a comfortable silence together. you often found yourself staring at his hands, writing, typing, or even just sitting there, they always looked so pretty. though you'd never told him about this thought. currently, you had a concentrated look contorted on your face as you stared, a look he seemed to notice. "everything okay, angel?" he nudges you with his elbow which snaps you out of your thoughts, "hm? oh yeah, i'm fine." you straighten your back and give him a reassuring smile, "are you sure? you look tired, you don't have to sit with me ya know? go take a nap if you're feeling sleepy." he kisses your cheek and smiles at you innocently.
"keiji," you giggle, "i'm not sleepy, plus i wanna sit with you. i was just zoned out." you rub your eyes, though, now that you were thinking about it, maybe you were a little sleepy. "what were you so focused on then?" "your hands." you're honest and he's confused. "what you mean? what's wrong with them?" he inspects them and you shake your head, grabbing them. "nothing's wrong with them, keji. i just think they're really pretty." you confess, kissing the knuckles on each hand, "pretty?" "mhm." "how's that?" "well, i dunno. they're just nice to look at. oh! and mine fits in them really well, like a puzzle piece, look." you lace your fingers between his and show him what you mean and he realizes you're right. "see, not to big not too small, and they're super soft too." you smile and he nods. "i see what you mean, about the puzzle piece i mean."
"so you agree? you have really pretty hands." he nods "well i guess, but i think yours are nicer than mine. it's your hand that fits so well into mine, they were made for me i think." pink rushes to his cheeks as he says it, "was that weird to say?" "no! i think you're right, baby." you offer him a smile and he returns it, kissing the back of your hand which he held. "thank you for the compliment by the way." you nod and yawn, stretching your arms out, "i knew you were getting sleepy, lets go take a nap."
Tumblr media
thanks for stopping by <3
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sunaslvt · 3 months ago
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤 - 𝐟𝐭. 𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐤𝐢
tags: afab! reader, degradation, praise, daddy kink, hair pulling, slight public sex, size kink, mentions of nudes + fucking in front of a mirror
# bro i literally came while writing the suna one hes so hot 😞🙏
Tumblr media
# atsumu miya
♡ bro hes so cocky
♡ will say “uh huh?” or “yeah?” almost every time you moan
♡ he’s so needy though — he’d shove his whole mfing cock in your poor pussy right away if he could
♡ he’d fuck you anywhere and anytime you wanted
♡ man sometimes pulls you aside at parties when you look fine as fuck just to make you squirt all over him
♡ absolutely in love when you try to stop yourself from being so loud but you can’t help it his dick is just too big :(
+ “come on” atsumu grumbled while grabbing your wrist, dragging you desperately through the sea of people. he pulled you into a small laundry room and pushed you up against a washing machine. your arms rested on the top of the machine, your hips innocently grinding on his hard cock — although, it wasn’t quite as innocent as you had led to believe. “what’s up ‘tsumu?” you questioned, acting clueless. he let out a sharp laugh. “fuck babygirl you know,” his hand wandered down the curve of your ass, “i gotta fuck this pussy right now” you smiled and your eyes look up at him pleading through your eyelashes. “yes please daddy” you bite your lip as your hands pull up your short dress, your bare pussy out. he chuckled breathily at the given pet name and unzipped his jeans. “fucking whore”
Tumblr media
# suna rintaro
♡ < nudes 3 he will send you a video of him moaning your name like almost every day
♡ secretly horny as fuck and will fuck you literally whenever he wants
♡ HAIR PULLINGGGG omg it doesnt matter the length, he will pull it no matter what
♡ doggy is his fav because he can pull your hair and hold your arms back
♡ fucking you in front of the mirror is his fav thing ever because he likes making you watch yourself cum
+ “r-rin- feels so good” you cried, hardly able to hold yourself up from the intensity of suna’s thrusts. “yeah? you’re taking my cock so well arent you?” his fingers laced themselves through your hair before pulling you up harshly so he could whisper in your ear, “you’re such a pretty slut for me” your eyes rolled back, hand going straight for your throbbing clit but he slapped your hand away. he let go of your hair to grab your wrists instead. the position change was deeper than before, a strained moan falling from your lips. “r-rin fuck” you sobbed. he laughed meanly but it was interrupted by a pool of pleasure forming in his stomach. he threw his head back, your fluttering cunt eliciting a low groan. “god you got me fucked up baby”
Tumblr media
# osamu miya
♡ his fav position absolutely loves cowgirl
♡ he likes when you ride him its so cute seeing you struggle to fuck yourself on him
♡ he also rly likes missionary. he’s not vanilla he just likes to see your face twist in pleasure when he puts it in
♡ he likes seeing how much you love getting stretched out by his cock, even if you dont say it
♡ although its not like you could, you already get so fucked out from how big he is
+ “s-samu please” you squealed, crossing you legs in pleasure. his eyes watched your eyelashes flutter and your pretty mouth fall open. “thats it pretty baby,” he bit his lip, tensing up, “so gorgeous like that” he could honestly cum right there and then from just praising you. his thumbed at your poor clit which in turn made you grip his forearm and digging your fingernails into his skin. “s-samu don’t i- please you’re g-gonna make me cum” you sobbed. your back arched to the sound of him moaning loudly at your cunt clenching around him. “come on lovely, cum all over me. you’re doing so good all for me”
Tumblr media
© 2022 sunaslvt. please do not plagiarise, repost or translate any of my works and layouts and do copy onto any other sites.
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hajizz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“you used to like ‘samu right, baby?” suna asks as he pulls your hair away from your face.
you’re kneeling down in front of him, in the space between his legs, head bobbing up and down in hungry fervor before the sudden question catches you off guard. you pull back to stare at him, a string of saliva connecting between the tip of his head and your lower lip. “yeah rin, why?” you answer shyly, remembering the time you had told him about your little crush on his best friend back before you guys got together.
he pulls you up so you’re on his lap straddling him. he tucks a stray lock of hair behind your ear, admiring your face before pressing a sloppy kiss on your kiss, one that you gladly return.
“what if i said ‘samu was here, right now, in our living room?”
an awkward silence fills the room. “w-what’s he here for, rin?” your pussy clenches around nothing, anticipating your boyfriend’s answer.
“to fuck you,” he tells you, as if it’s a completely normal turn of events, a cheeky smirk lining his lips. “what do you say, baby?”
wide-eyed, you stare at your boyfriend in disbelief. sure, you’d thought of osamu laying between your thighs before, tongue lapping at your clit and rough fingers pinching at your nipples, getting off to the thought of him fucking you until his name was all you knew. but now it’s different; ever since you got together with rin, all those fantasies were replaced by the actual man himself (not thinking of your silly little crush was easy when your boyfriend manages to fuck you silly in every position in any place you so desired).
sure, rin had known all along that it was way too easy for him to get you wet, just a few dirty words whispered into your ear and you’d turned into his obedient little girl. though now that you think about it, nothing compares to the thought of your own boyfriend watching his best friend making you cum. it has your aching pussy fluttering.
“b-but rin-” you hesitate, because why would you want anyone other than your boyfriend in that way?
“do it for me, yeah?” rin hums, caressing the side of your arms, kissing the goosebumps that sear your skin before pulling away to smirk at you, “i want to see how fast he can make you cum.”
and that’s how you find yourself situated between your boyfriend’s legs, back against his chest, your own legs spread out while his best friend’s head is between your thighs.
“how’s he doing, baby?” rin whispers in your ear, trailing kisses down from your ear to your neck, calloused hands exploring your body, pinching your nipples and rolling them between his fingers, exactly how he knows you like it.
you open your mouth to answer him, but a strained moan is all that leaves your mouth as you arch your back feeling the warm muscle inside of you, exploring your cunt in a way you thought only rin could. “f-fuck, ‘samu,” you groan out as you feel him replace his tongue with two of his fingers, curling them so it hits your spot.
“i asked you a question, pretty girl,” your boyfriend reminds you, voice low and threatening.
“it f-feels so good, rin” you cry out, the pleasure building within you faster than it's ever been. you don't know if it's because of the fact that the man eating you out is the same man you’ve had a crush on or if it’s because of your boyfriend who was playing with your sensitive tits or because you were finally living your dream of being in the same bed with two very attractive men.
“hear that, ‘samu? she likes it.”
osamu pulls back, looking at your face before turning his gaze to your hole. “yeah, she tastes good too, now i see why you fuck her every day.”
your cheeks burn in embarrassment at the prospect that your boyfriend actually gushes about your sex life with his friends. just how much do they know? and what exactly did he tell osamu for him to agree to this?
the addition of another of his fingers distracts you from your thoughts, the stretch making tears form in your eyes. his fingers are thick, much thicker than rin’s, and he’s pumping them in and out with such urgency that your head is falling back against rin’s shoulder and your toes are curling from how good it feels, what more when coupled with the fact that his tongue licks through your swollen folds, before sucking on your clit just for him to hear that sweet moan of yours.
normally you’d be embarrassed by the lewd noises that your cunt is making, but it feels too good now, with osamu eating you out with expert ease and your boyfriend leaving marks against your neck which would undoubtedly stay there for days.
osamu pulls his tongue away and chuckles, picking up the pace with his fingers as he feels your pussy clenching around his fingers. he smirks at you, with rin easily tipping your chin so you face the man responsible for your trembling thighs. “you close, y/n? you’re getting so tight,” osamu comments, pushing your legs apart when you threaten to close them on instinct. you feel your face heating up when you realise the gray-haired man can’t keep his eyes off of your pussy. his eyes flick up to meet yours, “cum for me, sweetheart.”
“‘s-samu,” you moan, squirming from sensitivity, your hands finding their way where your boyfriend’s hands are, squeezing your tits to add to the stimulation. osamu quickens his pace, knowing you’re so close to your release.
“be a good girl and cum for ‘samu baby, i know you want to.” pressing his chest even closer to you. “if you do, i’ll reward you, yeah?”
you nod insistently, sanity about to leave you at any moment. “i’m cumming, ‘m cumming, ahh-”
osamu keeps your thighs spread, making sure he rides out your high with his fingers while his tongue continues lapping at your clit, aware that you’re overstimulating but doesn’t seem to be too bothered with it.
“‘samu- ah- ‘s too much-” you cry out, squirming as much as you can under the two strong men.
and after what seemed like an hour, osamu finally pulled back, stepping away to admire what he had done to you, lips covered in your slick, a satisfied smile tugging on his face.
“not bad, ‘samu, but not good enough,” you hear rin tell him.
he scoffs and shakes his head before unbuckling his belt and pushing down his pants and boxers. your eyes widen when his dick springs free from his pants - he’s big and thick.
“we’ll see about that, what about we see who can fuck and make her cum faster?”
Tumblr media
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katsoon · 19 days ago
caught in 4k ! (pt. 3)
alternatively; your relationship is outed to the public.
✸ ft. suna rintaro
✸ info + warnings: fluff
Tumblr media
suna rintaro — mic’d up!
the notification banner grabbed your attention and led you to excitedly gasp. your phone was left abandoned on the couch as you hopped up from your seat to grab your laptop. ever since he had told you that the social media team had decided to give the segment a try, you’d been (im)patiently waiting for the video featuring your boyfriend to be released. you’d been to a couple of his practices and even more of his games so you knew how he acted on the court, but being able to hear what he voiced to himself and his teammates was a whole different side of suna that you were eager to witness.
comfy on the couch with your computer resting on your lap, you clicked the video and let it begin to play. a majority of the audio captured was highlighted by nearly-whispered taunts at the opposing team and lots of quiet praise for himself when he was able to shut down a powerful spike. his behavior was familiar and a constant smile tugged at your lips as you watched him in his element. he was almost as insufferable at work as he was with you at home. luckily, his teammates didn’t seem to mind.
“hey, nice job out there.” komori greeted him at the bench. his voice was less discernable than suna’s, but you could still pick out what he was saying. as the libero handed suna a towel, his other hand lightly smacked his behind.
suna turned around, sparing a quick glance to the sight of the love tap before looking back at komori. “woah, man. that merchandise is spoken for.”
“what are you going on about?” the libero questioned with a confused smile.
“my partner wouldn’t like knowing that other people are so comfortable touching their property.”
“your ass?”
you snorted at the surprise laced in komori’s voice and the way his eyebrows shot up into his hairline. it took a couple more seconds of the video playing before you truly comprehended what suna said.
my partner.
your fingers immediately made work of scrolling down to the comment section to see if any of the viewers had caught that. unsurprisingly, most of the observations left below the video had honed in on just that. you couldn’t count the threads of comments theorizing about who might have been the lucky person that stole suna’s heart.
the jingling of keys reeled you in from going any deeper down the rabbit hole.
“i’m home,” suna sang as he pushed open the door. he kicked off his shoes and dropped the duffel bag he was carrying on the floor, a large thud echoing throughout the foyer. “i brought dinner.”
he waved a plastic takeout bag in front of him as he sauntered to the kitchen so he could get situated.
“welcome home,” you greeted him. leaving your laptop behind on the coffee table, you stood up and made your way to meet him in the next room over. “your mic’d up video came out today.”
“did it? i forgot we even recorded that.” he sat down on one of the stools positioned near the island counter, nodding his head to the other one beside him in a gesture for you to take a seat. you followed his directions and perched yourself on the chair. suna wasted no time opening his container of food but yours remained unattended as you turned to face him so that you could go on with your interrogation.
“you said some interesting things during it.”
“yeah? like what?” he still hadn’t looked up to meet your eye, too focused on his meal to pay you much mind.
“mm egging your opponents on, congratulating yourself on your ‘out of this world skills,’ telling komori that your ass belonged to me.”
suna stopped mid-bite. his jaw that was lowered to take in a mouthful of food was now dropped in shock. the noodles that were once hanging loosely from his chopsticks slipped from his hold and fell back into the carton. finally, his gaze fell on you. “i didn’t.”
“oh, you did.”
“you think anyone noticed?” he questioned, reluctantly continuing to fiddle with his stir-fry. his concern didn’t lie with the fact that he’d exposed the relationship that the two of you agreed to keep private for the time being; he was more troubled with the thought of him proclaiming that his butt was an asset of yours. the ordeal was a tad bit embarrassing, even for suna.
“i’d argue that’s all they noticed.” now that you had covered the important stuff, you picked up your own chopsticks to dig into what suna had ordered for you. the dramatic groan suna let out distracted you from eating peacefully. since you had watched the video, part of your mind lingered on the damage control you’d surely be taking part in. suna seemed like he could use the suggestion you had come up with. “but i have an idea, something that might turn people’s attention away from the whole ass thing.”
“i’m all ears.”
“post a picture of us.” it would cement the fact the two of you were together and give everyone something else to talk about. you weren’t sure how suna would feel about officially announcing your relationship, but since he had practically already come out with it, you figured it wouldn’t hurt. and if he wanted to relieve some of that awkwardness he was feeling, this would get the job done.
“fine. get over here.” he pulled his phone out from the pocket of his hoodie, readying to play photographer.
“right now?” your voice was a pitch higher than normal. you weren’t expecting him to want to do it so soon, especially since there was food getting cold in front of him.
“yep, c’mere.” his arm wrapped around your neck and he pulled you into his chest, his lips pressing against your cheek in a sloppy kiss. 
“uck, get off!” your fists beat at him playfully, but with your arms crushed in his hold, he was unrelenting. your eyes squeezed shut as he continued to pepper your face with kisses. the halting of constant clicks of shuttering was your only sign that he had finished his fun-loving assault.
despite the glare of disgust you threw him as you got back to your food, suna smiled as he swiped through all the pictures he had taken. there were plenty he could have chosen from within his camera roll, but he thought one of the many new ones would be a better fit for the occasion. “perfect.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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kiyoowomi · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sunarintarouswhore · 19 days ago
suna keeps polaroids of you in his dashboard, his wallet, the back of his phone case, and on his nightstand. now but these aren’t no ordinary polaroids, they’re polaroids of suna having you bent over while your cunt is stuffed with his cock, your breasts covered in love bites that he gave you, his cock being shoved down your throat in that one position where you can see the imprint of his cock in your throat, and lastly of course a polaroid of your face, breasts, and mouth full of his cum <3
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bokubear · 25 days ago
featuring ; ( timeskip! )atsumu & osamu miya, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarou
warnings ; baby fever on a high rise
notes ; such a sucker for this soft content
Tumblr media
ATSUMU walked around the park with you, fingers intertwined with comfortably. today was his day off and he was not going to waste it. by absolutely no means necessary—“WAHHH ! !“ the ear rapturing cries rang from a small child, now clinging to your leg like a vice. “hey there little one, what’s wrong ?” you ushered softly, stroking his head gently. this immensely stalled his internal annoyance, just how kind you were. especially with this frightened child. his heart melting into a puddle of love. “m-m-my mommyy..” the boy sniffled, rubbing furiously at his nose. “you lost your mommy ? okay okay, let’s not cry, she’ll be here somewhere.” you eased, holding the child’s hand as you beckoned atsumu forward to follow. soon enough, you discovered the mother appearing just as distressed, once returning the child to his mother, the setter scooped you in his arms. squeezing your figure warmly. “i’m so in loveee….” he swooned, burying his face in your neck with muffled kisses littering on every expanse of skin. “tsumie what’re you doing ?” you giggled, squirming in his hold. “let’s have some kids in the future okay ? i don’t think i can wait much longer anyways.” he hummed, earning a small gasp by you, laughter not far behind.
OSAMU leaned on the countertop, conversing easily with you and his flirty comments flying in each direction ( as per usual ). this was his favorite time of day, where he could just immerse himself in chatter with you. aimless at that. easy conversation that didn’t require much effort, finalizing with you pulled in his embrace with his lips on yours. there was nothing more he wanted than that. well, maybe there was. maybe when a peculiar little one raced through the doors, a bewildered woman trailing after hopelessly. “see mommy ! it’s osamu mira ! the volleyball player !” the child shrieked with glee, bursting into the air then to climb beside the miya happily. “oh my gods i’m so sorry to interrupt your time, my daughter is just a huge fan.” the butchered name the girl gave him causing him to chuckle heartily. scooping the curious magnet in his arms, she marveled at him with stars sparkling in her eyes. you couldn’t help but grin, your husband is so charming. always has been, always will be. “my fan huh ? i might just have to write you an autograph.” he winked foolishly. the little one kicking her feet with eagerness, pulling a small plushie of himself from her purse. “please sign him.” she asked politely, holding the plushie out. osamu was having the time of his life. “of course, so nice of you to come in to see me.” as he handed back the signed plushie, the mother collected her daughter and apologizing profusely. “don’t worry about it ! come back again sweetheart.”
SAKUSA never hated kids, he just didn’t feel the urge to be around them. ever. well, possibly a little bit. but a midget amount. until a weepy little girl with pink bows in her hand ran up to him, crying her absolute eyes out. “i can’t find my mommmmyyy..” she whined, plopping down on her butt sadly. i mean he couldn’t just abandon her here, it’s dangerous by herself. yet the idea of holding her germ filled hands sent shivers down his hand. however, in that moment he sucked it up. thinking of what you’d do. if he wanted to see you round with child at some point, he’d have to adjust. squatting fown with furrowed brows, he spoke. “alright, can you remember where you were last ? what did you see ?” he tried to make it easy but the crying seemed endless. this was big. thee sakusa kiyoomi holding a baby ? crazy. he didn’t even expect himself to. but still he lightly patted the mini’s back. “you don’t need to cry.” he carefully edged the child to make eye contact with him. eyes filled with trust. “we’ll find her, i promise.” he lifted his pinkie childishly, the little girl linking hers while echoing ‘promise.’ it was quite a sight for you to encounter, heart swelling with adoration for the reserved consideration of your husband. he did find the girls parents, who seemed just as flustered. he excused himself to you seconds after sending farewell, relaxing around you. “you’re so sweet kiyoomi.” — “well i’ll have to get used to it when we have little ones around the house.” you blushed involuntarily at his words, covering your face. “omi..”
SUNA appeared too sly to deal with children. far too mischievous even for you( occasionally ). today you had both volunteered at the child center, something you’ve been wanting to do for a bit. rintarou being dragged along with you. and trust me, the toddlers were madly in love with suna, enamored by his quiet yet snide personality. even if he were to earnestly degrade them, they’d only laugh hysterically as if he had said the most hilarious thing ever. he found this very entertaining, especially with you pretty eyes trained on him. trying to gear you to understand the signs he was expressing. at some point he was aghast at how oblivious you were, simply taking his actions with a grain of salt. he was practically spelling out how badly he wanted this with you. to have a baby, together. despite his lack of passion outside of it. but right now he was putting his all into telling you. somehow. finally he’d had enough, arriving home to snuggle against you with a loud huff of frustration. “why can’t you see ?” he pondered aloud, voice rumbling beside your ears, goosebumps littering your skin. “what is it rinnie ?” you leaned against his chest, eyes shifting closed comfortably—he was warm. “can we have this ?” you immediately understood, his hands coming to massage your tummy and hips needily. he couldn’t be more ready. butterfly kisses peppering along your collarbones. “you want ?” you whispered. “i want.”
Tumblr media
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited
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rinslutz · 2 months ago
worth a million bucks ༄ sugar daddy!suna
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you’re spoiled but of course that’s suna’s fault. it’s not like you ask him to buy you things. you just mention how much you love something and before you know it suna’s swiping his credit card.
because of him you owned more things than your tiny apartment could fit, so it was only right that suna moved you into his condo.
you’re not sure what you an suna are. he buys you things, you kiss, you fuck, he’s even said “i love you” once. it was during sex so you’re not sure if he meant it or not.
“baby girl?”
suna walks up behind you and places his hands softly on your waist. he rests his lips against your shoulder and hums softly.
“i want to take you shopping.”
his hands that rest on you waist start to inch up under your shirt. he softly rubs his his fingers against the skin of your hips. the cold metal of the rings that adorn his fingers give you goosebumps.
“wanna buy you something pretty.”
Tumblr media
walking through the mall hand in hand always made butterflies erupt in your stomach. maybe it was was sort of pride that you get from being next to someone who looks as expensive as suna. you always tell him that he looks “shiny” which always makes me him chuckle.
“this store right here.”
you point towards a shop with a mannequin in the window wearing a pretty pink lace set, one that you had your eye on for a while. suna watches as you stare at the mannequin. the look on your face is why not matter what he will always get you what you want. that sparkle in your eye is something that his wishes to see for the rest of his life.
once in the store your excitement takes over and you drag suna all over the store look for the pink set. once you find it you frantically look for your size. once you have it suna leans in close to you ear.
“can’t wait to have you bent over our kitchen counter wearing that.”
he meant to whisper it but it was louder than he expected. your eyes widen you smack your hands against his mouth.
“rin! quiet we’re in public,” you gasp.
he chuckles lowly and places a kiss against your temple.
“why don’t you go try it on baby girl?”
you look over towards the changing rooms and drag suna over to it. you go into a changing room and try to close the door behind you but suna stops the door with his hand. you look back at suna expectantly, thinking that he had something to say.
“im coming in with you.”
he has this look on his face as if it was obvious. he has never come into a changing room with you before though. you go to protest but he speaks up.
“baby it’s nothing i haven’t seen before, i’ve literally seen every inch of you.”
you pout playfully but ultimately let him come in before locking the door behind you. getting into the lace set was more difficult than you expected. instead of helping you suna laughs quietly to himself.
once you successfully get it on you triumphantly looks towards suna with a smile on your face. wordlessly suna stands up.
“fuck, you are so beautiful.”
and seconds later his lips are against yours. his hands grip your barely clothed ass and he give it it small squeeze. you moan into the kiss.
after a while he pulls away from the kiss and he instantly turns you towards the mirror that up again the change room wall. his hands travel from you hips up to your breasts. he plays with your nipples through the lacy bra, which elicits a moan from you. he instantly removes one hand from your breast and presses it against your mouth.
“quiet now baby girl, were in public remember,”
he places small kisses on your shoulder, while to continuing to tease your nipples. you start to feel wetness pool in the now ruined lingerie panties. he definitely has to buy it now.
one of his hands starts to play with the hem of the panties.
“want you to cum on my fingers but you have to promise not to make a sound.”
“i promise,” you blurt out.
suna smiles at your eagerness. and without another word he pushes his hand past the hem of your panties to your clit. your hand shoots up to cover your mouth as you almost let out a whimper. suna starts rubbing slow circles against your clit making you squeeze your thighs together.
“nope, open those pretty legs or i stop right now.”
you pout but do as your told. your hand remains against your mouth, quieting the whimpers that you cant control. once suna start speeding up your legs start to get wobbly. you remove your hand from your mouth.
“rin-oh please-i can’t-,”
you can’t get your words out. suna feigns a pout
“aww my pretty baby can barely speak. im only rubbing your clit, are you really that sensitive?” he teases.
he speeds up a little bit more and you can feel yourself getting closer and closer. at this point you’re not standing on you own, suna’s arm around your waist steadies you.
“i’m going to cum rin,” you whisper.
“go ahead and cum for me baby.”
suna places his lips against you temple. you grip on to the his arm that’s hold you up and you finally let go of all the built up tension in your core. you squirt a tiny bit which surprises you and suna but makes him smile.
your legs are shaking as he tries to steady you up on your feet. you continue to hold onto his arm to keep from falling.
he places a kiss to your forehead and begins to help you undress so that you can get back into your regular clothes.
“let’s get you cleaned up, don’t want anyone to know what we did in here.”
“rin, the lingerie is soaked.”
Tumblr media
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sunakys · 24 days ago
new haikyuu vleague official art chibis
Tumblr media
(click for quality)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
look at teeny suna isnt he so cute :,) his little fox hands awwww 😭🌹🌹
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sailortaro · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
little canon sunas from the drafts
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detetsu · a month ago
Tumblr media
“rin.” your voice is no more than a hum, a sputter of breath floating across the sheets. “you can go to sleep, y'know. i’m not going anywhere.”
suna has never shared his bed with anyone. and as humiliating that might seem at any other time, here and now—as you soak his room in midnight blues, airing the bed with the scent of sleep and warmth and you, the thought almost seems—endearing. at least to you, anyway.
“’m fine,” he murmurs—voice half-smothered by the fluff of his pillow. “wide awake actually.”
“oh, are you now?” you nudge him from the other side of the mattress as he mumbles something unintelligible, hooking an arm around your waist to pull you closer.
“yep,” his breath flutters against your neck, a swirl of laughter catching in your throat. “could run a marathon right now.”
you roll your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck as he buries himself further and further into you, and part of you—a stupid, lovesick little part—would keep him awake forever if you could.
because you like this suna. the never shared a bed before, barely clinging to consciousness, would stay up until dawn if you really wanted him to suna. the one that buries his face in your neck and hums sweet words of solace against your skin and kisses i love you’s into your shoulder just because he can.
and perhaps, that’s rather selfish of you. perhaps clinging onto this—to late nights and early mornings and the hum of his voice amongst a thousand stars is too much to ask for.
but suna has never shared his bed with anyone, and somehow, tonight, he’s sharing it with you. so, when he pulls you closer, tugging the blanket just above your shoulders as his lips press into the center of your jaw, you decide that you’re allowed to be a little selfish if you’d like.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated
Tumblr media
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yum3-rin · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
— when they wake up alone
bokuto, suna, kyotani x gn!r
lots of cursing, mentions of eating, not proofread; angst to fluff kinda
me when suna
Tumblr media
# bokuto
bokuto is absolutely beside himself when he wakes up and your side of the bed is cold and empty. quickly he sits up and calls your name, "y/n?? y/n, baby?" no response the crease in his brows deepening with the frown on his lips. "must he in the bathroom or something" he mumbles to himself, clumsily getting out of your shared bed and walking fast to the bathroom down the hall. he knocks on the door quietly, "babe, you in there?" he waits a few seconds before opening the door, only to find the room dark and empty. now he's feeling really nervous, where the hell were you? 'the kitchen?' he thinks but when he gets there it too is empty, he basically tears the whole house apart looking for you, no where to be found. maybe you left him? finally got tired of his immature personality, maybe you just couldn't stand to be with him another minute- even as he slept.
the negative thoughts plagued his brain, so much so in fact, he hadn't even heard the front door of your shared apartment open, or the thud of your snacks hitting the hardwood floor. he hadn't even noticed you make your way toward him, "bokuto, baby, what's wrong?" his head snaps up at the sound of your voice, "y/n? you're back?" he reaches out for you and you stand there hugging him as he sat on the couch, "yeah, i couldn't sleep so i went to get snacks. why are you crying though? did you have a nightmare?" you run your hands through his hair and it calms him down almost immediately. "n-no but i reached for you and you were gone and t-then i couldn't find you anywhere.... i-i thought you left me for good." he hiccups, you feel guilt creep up your chest at his words. "oh bo, baby no! i just didn't wanna wake you since you have a match tomorrow." he sighs, arms wrapping around you tighter, "please just wake me up next time, you really scared me." you promise you won't leave the house without telling him from now on and cheer him up with some of the snacks you bought, and kisses of course.
# suna
suna's first feeling is disappointment as he reaches over to pull your body closer to his, still half asleep, but is met with an empty space. he's annoyed but doesn't think too much about it, you probably had use the bathroom or something so you'd be back in no time. it's only when he realizes too much time has gone by and you still weren't in bed he starts to get really irritated and a little nervous, why weren't you back in bed? he groans, throwing the comforter away from his body and stands from the bed, "y/n where the hell did you go?" his voice his hoarse as he calls out for you checking each room in the apartment, only for them to be empty. he curses to himself as he sits on the couch, plenty of emotions running through his veins. it worried him that he had no clue where you were and it pissed him off that you hadn't said anything before you left. even more though, he couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling that maybe you left with the purpose of never coming back- it made him uneasy.
he hadn't meant to fall asleep on the couch in same position he'd sat down in, the sound of the front door opening snapping him awake almost immediately. all he felt was annoyance, it was nearly 2 am and here you were walking through the front door, paper bags in hand. "where the hell did you go?" the question comes out a little harsher than he'd originally wanted it to but he was too tired to care at this point. you flinch at his question, "uhm to the convenience store? i couldn't sleep so i decided to get snacks and you have a game later so i didn't wanna wake you." he rolls his eyes, "so you leave me to wake up alone? i couldn't find you anywhere- i was worried sick. do you only think about yourself or something?" well shit, he hadn't meant to say that last part. you drop your bags to the ground and immediately suna knows he's fucked up big time. "i-i'm sorry, i just didn't want to wake you up b-because-" you were already breathing heavy, tears staining your cheeks and suna has no idea how he can recover from this.
"oh fuck, baby- i didn't mean to- shit i'm so sorry" he inches closer to you and to his surprise you let him embrace you "i didn't mean to snap at you, i swear. i'm just so tired and i was so fucking worried you weren't gonna come back- god i'm so sorry" he hold you tight in his arms, "i'm sorry too rin, i should've at least left a note, but i knew i wasn't gonna be gone for long so i didn't even think about it." you apologize but he only shushes you, "still, i should have never snapped at you." you nod against his chest, "you really worried me though, i thought that- you know what it doesn't matter, you're back now. let's eat those snacks you brought back, yeah?" the two of you spend the rest of the night eating the snacks you bought and suna holds you close and tight like you'll fade away if he doesn't.
# kyotani
kyotani is a heavy sleeper, especially after a long set and he's definitely not a morning person- no matter the time he's woken up. so when he wakes up you side of the bed empty and cold, he already feels him becoming agitated. he rolls over to check his phone, 3:52 am, "what the fuck, y/n" the grumbles, "y/n." he yells, loud but no response, "of course you're gonna make me get up." he scoffs. firstly he searches the living room, he knew that oftentimes, you had trouble sleeping and knowing he hated to be woke up, you would sneak into the living room to watch tv until you were sleepy again but of course you weren't there. you weren't in the kitchen either, and he didn't find you in the bathroom nor on the balcony. kyotani checks his phone, no texts no calls, nothing. he rolls his eyes and throws himself onto the couch refusing to text or call you out of his own stubborn national, plus, what if you were driving? he turns on the tv to distract himself from the pit of anxiety bubbling in his belly, nothing can really stop his thoughts from running wild though, he can't shake the feeling that you weren't coming back and had left him for good, finally tired of his- well everything about him, really.
he thoughts are interrupted when he hears the front door open, relieved to see your face but angry as he remembers you'd left without a word. he frowns standing up to meet you at the front door, apparently you weren't expecting him because you flinch as he makes his presence known by clearing his throat, "oh fuck- kyo you scared me! why are you awake?" he scoffs "oh i scared you? well at least you didn't wake up to an empty house at nearly four am" his tone has you frowning, "i didn't wake you up because you'd be upset with me and i knew you needed rest after your show from earlier." his face softens but still he rolls his eyes and glances at the bags in your hands. "whatever, what's in the bags?" he takes them from you and sets them on the island counter, "i couldn't sleep so i went to get snacks." you follow him to the kitchen, "i got your favorite too." if he was still annoyed before he definitely wasn't anymore, did he even deserve the snacks? he'd just snapped at you minutes earlier. he grunts in acknowledgment, "c'mon, we can eat together, kyo. i'll put on a movie." you grab his hand in one hand and the bags of snacks in the other and lead him to the living room where you both lay on the couch.
his silence is all too loud as you put on a movie you both enjoy, "kyo, is something wrong?" kyotani can't help the tears that form in his eyes as he embraces you tightly, "i was worried about you, you brat. why'd you leave without telling me? you coulda left me a text or something." you're stunned at his sudden outburst, "i was only gone for 30 minutes, kentaro... but still i'm sorry, i should've left a note, but i didn't think you'd wake up while i was gone?" you rub his back and chuckle, "did you miss me that much, baby?" he shakes his head as best he can while it's in the crook of your neck, "i thought you weren't gonna come back." his confession surprises you, "oh... why would i not come back? i love you too much to leave for good." you grin, "really?" "really". the both of you spend the rest of the dark hours of the morning watching movies and eating the snacks you bought all while in a tight embrace.
Tumblr media
thanks for stopping by <3
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fsrintaro · 6 months ago
## ft. miya atsumu, miya osamu, kuroo tetsuro, suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, akaashi keiji
## a/n. i just knOW they are doing some stuff on purpose to make you blush
Tumblr media
MIYA ATSUMU likes to stretch in front of you. he just knows that you are always goggling, mouth hung open at the way his muscles ripples at each stretch. atsumu knows that his near-translucent white sporting tee hugged every line of muscle on his back perfectly. “take a picture, sweetheart. it lasts longer.” he chimed over his shoulder, chuckling under his breath when he heard you shuffling away to hide your embarrassment.
MIYA OSAMU knows his portions. who would think that despite years in culinary school, he would still be 'accidentally' making extra portions? you did, but you take his food regardless. truth was, he scoured the internet for recipes, a new one each day with a different savoury taste in hopes of seeing you light up as you munch into it. as osamu cooks, his heart just melts at the thought of you bashfully accepting his food.
KUROO TETSURO likes to keep you close to him wherever the two of you were. his palm would ghost at your waist — the gesture itself was harmless as it provides you a slight bit of comfort. yet, kuroo still manages to get into your head as he draws little circles at the softness of your skin while he holds your waist.
SUNA RINTARO doesn't see a reason why you had to sit so far away from him. sure, a table for two usually has its persons facing each other but he would rather be next to you. you were interrupted from browsing through the menu as you felt a sudden jerk of your seat, the metal whining against the graphite floor as suna dragged your chair closer to his. he snuck a quick kiss to your cheek before pushing you back, your hand ghosting over the spot where he kissed you as you sat in your stunned state.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI, without a doubt, is a tall man — which is why he likes to bend down to until he is eye-level with you, especially when he couldn’t hear what you were saying. he would egg you on with a soft ‘pardon?’ as he tries to stifle his laughter when you were reduced to stammers. sakusa had the audacity to play dumb when his face was dangerously close to yours, mere inches away from kissing you right there and then, just because of how adorable you were.
AKAASHI KEIJI has developed the habit of pushing a stray strand of hair behind your ear so that he could have a better view of your face. while your beauty knocks every last bit of breath in his lungs out of his body, his heart can’t help but to thrum wildly in his chest whenever you blush as he calls you pretty under his breath.
Tumblr media
likes and rbs are always appreciated <33
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nyugore · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
༺ ˖࣪ ∗ 𓆩♡𓆪 ∗ ˖࣪ ༻
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nakizumie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
here’s a lil rinnie for suna day <3
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