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suna x fem!reader — warnings: public sex?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA thinks that he isn’t enough for you, no matter how many times you assure him that he is. all of his failed relationships and failed sugar baby agreements have made him insecure.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA still can’t believe that you feel the same way about him, even weeks after the confession. he stares at you when you’re not looking, hoping and wishing that you’ll never leave him. he doesn’t think he could handle it.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA knows every inch of your body like the back of his hand. because you’re all he thinks about and his whole world revolves around you he knows everything about you. he especially knows exactly what to do to make your legs shake as he eats you out on his kitchen counter.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA loves showing you off, which is why he always takes you to his family dinner. he plans on making you his wife anyway, so you might as well get used to the dinners. he sits you right between him and one of his subordinates that he knows has a crush on you.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA grips your thigh tightly as you make light conversation with the subordinate. doesn’t even hide it when he pushes his hand up your dress, beginning to finger you. your reaction draws the attention of the man next to you. he looks away, flustered and not sure what to do. suna smiles proudly when the man doesn’t talk to you for the rest of the dinner.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you that night and constantly chants that he’ll “fuck a baby into you.” unbeknownst to him you had stopped taking your birth control a while ago in hopes that he would “fuck a baby into you.”
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA cums inside of you and forces you to keep your legs on his shoulders for at least an hour. he’s never been more serious about anything than he is about getting you pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA keeps an engagement ring in his pocket at all times, waiting for the right moment to propose. in reality, he’s just waiting until he’s sure that you’ll say yes. you tell him you love him at least 20 times a day but somehow he’s still not convinced.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA loves dancing with you to slow music in his penthouse. loves the intimacy of it. it’s the moments like these that he never got with anyone else that proves you’re the one for him.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA will probably love you forever.
Tumblr media
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𝐝𝐢𝐥𝐟!𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮 + 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤 ┆𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐚 + 𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐦 ┆𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐨 + 𝐜𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 ┆𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚 + 𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠
Tumblr media
cw. use of ‘daddy’, creampie, fingerfucking, squirting, cockwarming, praise, mating press — rbs are appreciated — event m.list | main m.list
Tumblr media
Your nails dig into his shoulders as his cock grinds against your sweet spot, your soggy folds flutter around Atsumu's thick shaft, "you'll end up waking the kids, behave" he hisses low in your ear as he presses your knees to your chest.
"Daddy please ..." you sob arching your back, " ... cum inside me". He giggles as he watches your slit filled with his fat cock, a white ring forms at its base as he pulls back to sink hard and good inside you.
"Yeah, you want my cum in your pretty cunt, angel?" he hums spreading your thighs wide and pushing your knees to your shoulders, the lewd sounds of your pussy almost covering your sobs as you get fucked in your shared bed.
You tremble as you cling to the sheets and nod grabbing your lip between your teeth to muffle your cries.
Your walls tighten on him, sensitive to the previous orgasms as Atsumu fucks another one out of you, "that's cute, you want to make me daddy again mh?" he moans watching as your pussy swallows him good and tightens around him.
His hips slam roughly against yours as he releases his sticky load between your folds, "don't make it come out" he hisses pumping inside your abused cunt going over his edge.
Tumblr media
Your eyes roll as you cum all over, Suna's fingers still playing with your hard nub as you squirm in his lap, legs spread and his breath in your ear as his cock throbs beneath you.
"Please...." you sob grabbing his arm, "Rin ... it's too much."
He chuckles pushing two long fingers into your dripping pussy, "what? now it's too much? I'm not even using my cock" he taunts you pumping his fingers deeper and deeper.
His palm meticulously strikes your sensitive bud making you moan and squirm, 'Rin ... mh please" you sob dropping your head on his shoulder, "coming ... again."
His face is relaxed, he has a smirk on his pretty face as he works another orgasm out of your slick cunt.
Your walls clench his fingers and Suna curses in your ear, "fuck, you're coming again ... dirty girl" as you squirt onto his hand and onto his lap wetting the sheets beneath you again and again.
Tumblr media
He is exhausted when he comes home and sits next to you on the couch, huffing, "hi baby" he murmurs in a barely audible voice.
"Tough day?" you ask receiving a tugged smile as an answer. "I can help you relax if you want?" you suggest feeling with your fingertips his inner thigh covered by his heavy suit pants.
Kuroo frowns and seems to want to complain when you slip your hand inside his boxers, but the speed with which his cock gets hard makes you feral. "Just ... sit on it, baby" he gasps after a few pumps with your tiny hand as he pulls his pants free and helps you settle into his lap. "That's right" he slurs stretching your tight walls and relaxing his body, "feels so good."
It was so hard to take him without being prepared but as your body relaxed in his lap you became wetter. "You know, this the best thing of the day mh" he murmurs starting to lift his hips upwards and fuck his thick cock into your cunt.
You moan shamelessly as he speeds up his thrusts, you have to hold onto his broad shoulders to keep from falling, "Tets oh god so good ... ".
He can't help it, your warm pussy feels like it was made for him, "I can feel you dripping on my balls, baby" he giggles nibbling on your jaw and grabbing your ass to make you grind even harder on him.
Your cunt clenches his cock and your eyes roll back as he thrusts his hips, making sure to take your clit with each push, "come on baby, I'm close," he says grabbing your lips with his, "cum on my cock."
Your walls flutter around his thick shaft when you come triggering Kuroo's orgasm as well emptying his heavy load against your needy cervix.
Tumblr media
Your breasts bounce in his hands as he pinches your nipples, his hips slam against yours and his cock grinds fiercely against your tender spot, "please slow down..." you moan clutching the sheets beneath you.
He smirks at you before grabbing your hips and lifting you slightly off the mattress, your legs shaking as he wraps them around his waist and continues to push his fat cock into your tight cunt.
Each thrust makes you roll your eyes in the back of your head, "Toshi ... I'm gonna make a mess" you sob as you reach your limit.
"Go ahead" he says unconcernedly, frowning as he angles himself to grind his crotch against your swollen clit, "do it, cum, angel".
Your creamy pussy swallows his cock as you arch into his hands.
You scream as you soak his cock gushing your cum everywhere, "oh fuck ... Toshi so good .." you stammer as he keeps fucking your high out of you trying to reach his too to fill you up good as he presses his lips to yours, "you're such a good girl, you me wet good" he chuckles satisfied.
Tumblr media
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im just....thinking abt big scary intimidating men who've been dubbed 'the mean one' in his friend group, who entirely flip the switch in bed. burying their face into your neck as they mumble sweet praises, placing kisses on your nose and forehead as he slowly pushes himself into you. men who's hands' are calloused from always slamming a volleyball lay gently on your waist, rubbing small circles onto your hip with his thumb, gently moving them up to grasp at your tits. men who's dark eyes lighten up softly as they rub at your clit, not even daring to cum until he feels you squeeze around him, cooing at how pretty you sound and look as you cum. men who will nod along to you as you babble sweet nonsenses. he shushes you, letting you ride out your orgasm as he wonders how lucky he was to have you in his arms.
suna, tsukishima, kyoutani, shirabu, futakuchi, keishin, kiyoomi
property of iwaizumis-bitch 2022
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+ fem!reader. creampie. clit stim. dirty talking. you ask, i provide. not edited.
“c’mon, angel, rub that clit for me.” his breath is hot against the back of your ear, sending your toes curling over the tiled floor.
his blinding monitor flashed a game you know nothing about— or perhaps you’re too embarrassed to look and risk seeing yourself on his screen: almost drooling with your nose flaring.
caged in his arms while his fingers jam against his keyboard and mouse, you reach for your clit, where he’s got his cock buried in your slavering pussy since the game started minutes ago.
suna thinks it’s the hottest thing of all— how you move and jiggle your ass for a little friction while cautiously whining, or how you shudder whenever he leans closer and jerks his hips up to feel your cunt walls clenching around his cock.
“‘m so close, baby,” suna whispers while peeking at the screen over your shoulder, “you’re gonna make me cum, right? clench your pussy ‘round me like a good girl.”
your whole body shivers at his voice— a little slurred and hoarse. you didn’t even realize that you’re rubbing your clit faster with every nasty word he whispers into your ear. how he would fuck you dumb if he wins the round because that’s what his pretty baby deserves for cheering him on.
“i’m cumming—” you gasp, thighs twitching as your clit beat like a drum, pussy gushing around his girth, “rin!”
“atta girl,” suna grunts, chest straining at how tight your pussy has become, wrapped around his throbbing cock, “my turn, yeah? you’ll take all of it, mhm?”
still trembling from the high, you can only nod and lay your head on the small space of his gaming table. suna chuckles from behind, but you can feel his cock pulsating now.
sounds of furious keyboard pressing resounds and then he says, “how about a good luck from my girl?”
“g… good luck, rin,” you whisper weakly, head still dizzy from the orgasm.
and it didn’t take another second before suna reached his limit— cock twitching, stuffing your cunt with hot loads, his eyes blurry from the feeling. “thank you, angel,” he pants, helping you off and pulling out to admire the thick cum slowly dribbling out of your pussy, “you’re really my lucky charm.”
by 8kh.
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yes I’m still stuck on sundress season, mind your business.
Suna wasn’t the most keen on why sundress season is such a big deal to anyone. Then he started dating you. And he saw how your tummy sat so squishably in your neon sundress, your hardened nipples imprinting through the thin fabric. Now it all makes sense to him. You’ve never looked more fuckable than you do right now, he thinks.
Atsumu and Bokuto’s lusty conversations from last week have brought forth context, which has brought forth a new love of a peculiar kind for Suna. He’s sliding up behind you, arms tight around you as his hands dig into your waist. “What’s up, Rin?”
“Need your help,” Suna whispers, giving an explanatory rut against your ass so you feel the beginnings of his bulge. “Need you.”
“Now, Suna?” You huff, feeling him smile into the crook of your neck.
“I don’t mind putting on a show, pretty girl.”
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❝ CUM FOR ME, CUM FOR DADDY ❞ ft.Sakusa Kiyoomi,Atsumu Miya,Kōtarō Bokuto,Oikawa Tooru,Tetsurō Kuroo,Rintarō Suna.
Tumblr media
꒰ content + warnings ꒱ — afab-reader, explicit smut & sexual themes, sub-dom dynamics {sub! bokuto}, s & m dynamics, blow!job,breeding kink, cunnilingus , spanking (once), degradation, praise, f-overstimulation, implied voyeurism, implied exhibitionism, cum play, aftercare;꒰precis꒱ : rough,raw aftercare moments after they cum on their favorite spots. Wait? is that enough? Just to cum only where he prefers?
thanks to @maitaro ;) for detailed review. Like, I would re-read them later for sure & @mrskenmakozume @tetsukentona @beware-of-the-rogue for β’ reading <3
Sakusa isn't taking any more risks. He needs to cum inside your pussy, and fill you up more than you can keep count in a single session. Hanking up your legs around his torso, moving onto your waist,he groans into your mouth. “Baby, stay with me...stay with me baby,” he mumbles, peppering kisses on your puffy lips as you're about to whine that you just can't take it anymore. He swiftly shifts your hands above your head, pressing them just a little as he thrusts a few more deep, broad strokes. “Ah! There we go!” he coos, watching his cum oozing through your slick wet cunt. He pulls out his dick, jerking above your belly button barely grazing your upper crescent of the vagina, making you flinch. He pulls you close to his sweaty chest as he shifts beside you. “Hey…,” he rasps softly, watching you catch your breath as you nuzzle over his naked chest that's glistening with sweat.
Atsumu cums inside you, always. He just can't get enough of your naked beauty when you're underneath him, shuddering due to his nearing orgasm. Your hands fly back to grip the bed sheets while he grabs your waist firmly to release his cum inside you. And as the mix of white sticky fluid starts to drip along your inner thighs, he rests his head over your cleavage. He is immensely fond of your drumming heartbeats syncing with his. And, he likes it raw; the feeling of your walls around his cock ready to pound again. But not until he's pushing his cum inside you again, white rings forming around his thick cock. Your throbbing clit makes you scream in pain, yet his sweet kisses followed by groans are enough to drive you insane.
Bokuto doesn't have any preference, but he gets pouty if you don't let him cum inside you, or at least you should let him cum on your hands while jerking him off. “Ohhh fuck! Fuck,” he groans as you slow down your pace. He doesn't want to interrupt you; he likes it when you jerk him off, stopping at every nearing orgasm, making him throw back his head. Hell, he would kiss you just not to use his muscular buffy arms on you so as to push your face into his dick. There is a reason why his hands are being clamped on the edge of the desk. But as soon as he's at the limit, he can't hold it anymore, he needs to release his fluid, but watching you tap onto his pink mushroom tip leaking with precum makes him snap. “Gonna cum...mmgh... gonna cummmmmm!” he warns before spilling his white sticky seed onto the floor, soaking your hand. Nah! He doesn't waste any further before having you pinned against the wall to aid your aching clit.
Oikawa is moody, but mostly he prefers to let his cum spread over your cunt and your inner thighs. He'll let his face sink in between your legs while he rubs his cock. Yes, that's what he likes the most, especially when he's in urgent need of a quickie. “Darlin’ just a little more,” he warns, hovering over you, watching your swollen clit leaking your orgasm already. He lets out a throaty chuckle, noticing your delirious high. “I want you to touch yourself, now !” he whispers in a stern voice as he pumps his cock. And as you finger yourself, moaning and groaning his name, cursing every now and then, a grin smothers his face. Quickly adjusting his throbbing member along your cunt, he lets his seed drip onto your inner thighs, cunt, and a little bit over your belly. Seeing your hands rubbing his cum over your belly is a great turn-on for him. Do that and you're stuck for at least two more quickies.
Kuroo likes it on your back, especially the wing bones, at first. He just can't get enough of your whimpers when your boobs are pressed against the mattress, your hands gripping the bed sheets as he ruts deep inside you. He loves to watch your face as he takes you from behind. “You gonna cum, aren't you?” he asks, feeling your warm walls clenching, watching you buck your hips to get close to your high. “Oh fuckkk!” you gasp as he lands a sharp slap on your ass cheeks before pulling his cock out to spill his seed over your back. It's a drill for him. Warm white fluid sprinkles over your back as you ease your breath. That's the starting point for him. He can't let you go; you're precious to him, his cute little cocksleeve.
Suna mostly prefers it on your boobs, especially when you're half-clad. Something about your hard nipples peeking through the white shirt just makes him push his cock deeper into your throat. Just before releasing his fluid, he pulls out, letting you breathe fresh air. Your hands are resting on the ground as you pant heavily. Unable to steady your breathing, he starts to stroke himself faster, lips getting exploited in between his teeth as he tries to keep his moans down. “C’mon girl! Up here,” he instructs, chinning your face and getting broader access to your chest as he coats your top with his fluid. But he can't leave his girl like that, so it doesn't take him much longer to pick you up so as to put you on your office desk ready to fuck your pussy this time.
Tumblr media
tagging— @dancingintherainwithchifuyu @bokuroskitten @0415-11 + networks— @downtown-roponggi @tokyometronetwork
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CW: Choking, breath play, spit kink, pussy slapping. Nicknames: good girl, pretty girl, babygirl, baby
Word Count: 750
Tumblr media
A/N: Inspired by this twt p*rn link that made me cum in 0.05 seconds 🥴 please enjoy <33
AIZAWA, Shoto, Kirishima, Bakugou, Sero, DAICHI, Kageyama, Suna, Atsumu, Osamu, Ushijima, Draken, BAJI, Ran, Rin, Koko, Inupi, Hanma, Gojo, GETO, Megumi, TOJI, Sukuna
Tumblr media
You’ve already been at it for an hour. Laid across his lap with your head propped up on pillows as he shoves his fingers down your throat over and over again.
You just keep your eyes shut at this point, your own saliva coating almost every inch of your face by now. Your mascara’s smeared under your eyes and your lips are red and puffy - swollen from all the lack of oxygen.
He loves seeing you like this. So messy and pliant, willing to take whatever he shoves in your mouth and getting off to it every time. Sometimes it’s a toy. Other times it’s his cock. But his favorite - his absolute favorite - is his fingers.
Long and thick, with calloused pads and bulky knuckles - bonus if he gets to wear his rings as well. He’ll drag two across your lips until you open up, now massaging your pretty pink tongue as he savors the incredible warmth of your mouth.
But the real fun begins when he presses on your tongue, peering right into your gaping throat as he slips those two fingers all the way down the back, right to the third knuckle until he physically can’t fit them any further.
At first you gag. You cough and sputter, hands coming up to grip at his flexed forearm and feebly pull him out. It makes deliciously long strands of saliva bubble between his digits, which is exactly what he’s hoping for.
Sometimes he licks them off himself, talking all that saliva into his mouth and mixing it with his own before spitting right onto your obediently awaiting tongue. Other times, he uses it to pebble your nipples or slick up your already wet cunt.
And sometimes, he just spreads it right back onto your face. Making your skin even shinier and your mascara run even more. He knows you shouldn’t look so goddamn hot like this, but the aching erection in his pants sorely disagrees.
“You wanna get fucked, baby?” He mockingly coos down at you, squishing your messy cheeks together before placing a slick little slap to each one. You nod with a little whimper and he pries your lips open once again, “Yeah? Gimme one more baby. One more for daddy.”
“O-okay..” You’re so polite, and your obedience earns you a reward: his hand wraps around your throat - the very same ring-adorned hand that’s coated in your spit - and squeezes. Just enough to turn your face bright red, eyes weakly cracking open to look up at him as he restricts your breathing, heart-shaped pupils blown wide.
And fuck does he love it.
“Open your fuck’n panties f’me.” He releases his hold around your neck, letting you take a brief gulp of air before those fingers are right back down your throat. By now, your gag reflex is gone. Throat completely numb to his intrusion, simply opening and swallowing his digits like you can’t get enough. “Gotta get your pretty pussy nice ‘n wet first.”
You lift the hem of your panties just as he asks, his fingers withdrawing with gravelly praise of “good fuck’n girl… so damn good f’me.”
His words alone make your heart flutter, but the smack he promptly lands against your clit makes your cunt clench. You squeal, being ripped from your brain fog just long enough to realize he’s gonna do it again.
“Such a sweet little cunt— you love this, don’t you babygirl?” He slaps it again, four sticky fingers connecting with your clit all at once and making you jump— “Mmf!”
You vaguely hear the low chuckle that reverberates past his lips, continuing to spank your heat until you’re right on the verge of cumming. “Pretty girl gonna cum just from this?”
You nod your head, unable to do much else as you only focus on the stinging pleasure each contact gives you.
“So damn needy. So fucking cute—“ he hits you one last time and keeps his hand there, now rubbing fast, messy circles over your throbbing clit and intently watching your orgasm contort your pretty face.
“That’s it— there’s my good girl. Cum f’me baby ‘n earn your reward.” His cock jumps under your back and you can’t help but moan, letting the pleasure rip through you in violent waves until your legs are shaking and your thighs are clamping around the hand that’s still trying to rub you through it.
“Good girls get fucked, don’t they baby?”
Tumblr media
Taglist: @ochakoakabane @zerisfelin @lovemegood @finalfantasyweirdo @kingdumkum @scarlettriot @trafalgar-lau @novaresque @prettyiolanthe @dakumarauder @silverhairsimp @ryuuzaa + @fairyfuyu because I know you liked that video too hehe <3
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hajizz · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“you used to like ‘samu right, baby?” suna asks as he pulls your hair away from your face.
you’re kneeling down in front of him, in the space between his legs, head bobbing up and down in hungry fervor before the sudden question catches you off guard. you pull back to stare at him, a string of saliva connecting between the tip of his head and your lower lip. “yeah rin, why?” you answer shyly, remembering the time you had told him about your little crush on his best friend back before you guys got together.
he pulls you up so you’re on his lap straddling him. he tucks a stray lock of hair behind your ear, admiring your face before pressing a sloppy kiss on your kiss, one that you gladly return.
“what if i said ‘samu was here, right now, in our living room?”
an awkward silence fills the room. “w-what’s he here for, rin?” your pussy clenches around nothing, anticipating your boyfriend’s answer.
“to fuck you,” he tells you, as if it’s a completely normal turn of events, a cheeky smirk lining his lips. “what do you say, baby?”
wide-eyed, you stare at your boyfriend in disbelief. sure, you’d thought of osamu laying between your thighs before, tongue lapping at your clit and rough fingers pinching at your nipples, getting off to the thought of him fucking you until his name was all you knew. but now it’s different; ever since you got together with rin, all those fantasies were replaced by the actual man himself (not thinking of your silly little crush was easy when your boyfriend manages to fuck you silly in every position in any place you so desired).
sure, rin had known all along that it was way too easy for him to get you wet, just a few dirty words whispered into your ear and you’d turned into his obedient little girl. though now that you think about it, nothing compares to the thought of your own boyfriend watching his best friend making you cum. it has your aching pussy fluttering.
“b-but rin-” you hesitate, because why would you want anyone other than your boyfriend in that way?
“do it for me, yeah?” rin hums, caressing the side of your arms, kissing the goosebumps that sear your skin before pulling away to smirk at you, “i want to see how fast he can make you cum.”
and that’s how you find yourself situated between your boyfriend’s legs, back against his chest, your own legs spread out while his best friend’s head is between your thighs.
“how’s he doing, baby?” rin whispers in your ear, trailing kisses down from your ear to your neck, calloused hands exploring your body, pinching your nipples and rolling them between his fingers, exactly how he knows you like it.
you open your mouth to answer him, but a strained moan is all that leaves your mouth as you arch your back feeling the warm muscle inside of you, exploring your cunt in a way you thought only rin could. “f-fuck, ‘samu,” you groan out as you feel him replace his tongue with two of his fingers, curling them so it hits your spot.
“i asked you a question, pretty girl,” your boyfriend reminds you, voice low and threatening.
“it f-feels so good, rin” you cry out, the pleasure building within you faster than it's ever been. you don't know if it's because of the fact that the man eating you out is the same man you’ve had a crush on or if it’s because of your boyfriend who was playing with your sensitive tits or because you were finally living your dream of being in the same bed with two very attractive men.
“hear that, ‘samu? she likes it.”
osamu pulls back, looking at your face before turning his gaze to your hole. “yeah, she tastes good too, now i see why you fuck her every day.”
your cheeks burn in embarrassment at the prospect that your boyfriend actually gushes about your sex life with his friends. just how much do they know? and what exactly did he tell osamu for him to agree to this?
the addition of another of his fingers distracts you from your thoughts, the stretch making tears form in your eyes. his fingers are thick, much thicker than rin’s, and he’s pumping them in and out with such urgency that your head is falling back against rin’s shoulder and your toes are curling from how good it feels, what more when coupled with the fact that his tongue licks through your swollen folds, before sucking on your clit just for him to hear that sweet moan of yours.
normally you’d be embarrassed by the lewd noises that your cunt is making, but it feels too good now, with osamu eating you out with expert ease and your boyfriend leaving marks against your neck which would undoubtedly stay there for days.
osamu pulls his tongue away and chuckles, picking up the pace with his fingers as he feels your pussy clenching around his fingers. he smirks at you, with rin easily tipping your chin so you face the man responsible for your trembling thighs. “you close, y/n? you’re getting so tight,” osamu comments, pushing your legs apart when you threaten to close them on instinct. you feel your face heating up when you realise the gray-haired man can’t keep his eyes off of your pussy. his eyes flick up to meet yours, “cum for me, sweetheart.”
“‘s-samu,” you moan, squirming from sensitivity, your hands finding their way where your boyfriend’s hands are, squeezing your tits to add to the stimulation. osamu quickens his pace, knowing you’re so close to your release.
“be a good girl and cum for ‘samu baby, i know you want to.” pressing his chest even closer to you. “if you do, i’ll reward you, yeah?”
you nod insistently, sanity about to leave you at any moment. “i’m cumming, ‘m cumming, ahh-”
osamu keeps your thighs spread, making sure he rides out your high with his fingers while his tongue continues lapping at your clit, aware that you’re overstimulating but doesn’t seem to be too bothered with it.
“‘samu- ah- ‘s too much-” you cry out, squirming as much as you can under the two strong men.
and after what seemed like an hour, osamu finally pulled back, stepping away to admire what he had done to you, lips covered in your slick, a satisfied smile tugging on his face.
“not bad, ‘samu, but not good enough,” you hear rin tell him.
he scoffs and shakes his head before unbuckling his belt and pushing down his pants and boxers. your eyes widen when his dick springs free from his pants - he’s big and thick.
“we’ll see about that, what about we see who can fuck and make her cum faster?”
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kuroovore · 4 months ago
is this what you wanted?
Tumblr media
nsfw - minors dni ✰ wc: 0.5 k
pairing: rintaro suna x fem reader
content: fingering, finger sucking
Tumblr media
you sit on suna’s lap with his hands tightly gripping your waist. you’ve been making out for what seems like hours ever since he had come home from practice. you were clinging to him the second he walked through the door and he decided to turn your neediness into something enjoyable for the both of you.
he runs his tongue along your bottom lip and you open your mouth wider to let him in. you moan at the feeling and he chuckles before moving one hand down to your thigh.
he gives it a harsh squeeze and runs his hand up to the top of your shorts, messing with the hem.
you whine as he teases you, not giving you what you so desperately want and he chuckles into your mouth. he finally slips his hand into your shorts and runs his middle finger teasingly against your clit.
you let out another whine at his actions and reach down and grip his wrist trying to push it deeper into your shorts. he takes his other hand from your waist and grabs onto your wrist that’s holding his and takes it off of his, placing it on his shoulder before returning his hand to its previous spot.
you grind yourself forward onto suna’s hand hoping to get some friction from it and also trying to get his fingers towards where you need him most.
he notices this and slips his middle and ring fingers through your folds before teasing your entrance with his middle finger.
“rin, please”
you see him slightly smirk before he slips his long fingers into you as he moves his face to leave kissing and marks all along your neck.
you’re a moaning mess and it only gets worse as he rubs the heel of his hand into your clit.
“is this what you wanted baby?” he whispers in your ear. “hmm? youve been asking for this ever since i got home and now you can’t even speak to me.”
“s-suna,” you whine. his name and your moans are all that seem to be able to leave your mouth.
you feel yourself getting closer to your high so you start to move against his hand, gripping his shoulders as you feel yourself become weaker.
“you gonna cum, baby?”
you hastily nod your head, still finding yourself unable to form words.
“then cum.”
all it takes is a particularly rough thrust of his fingers until your falling apart on his fingers, resting your head against his shoulder, no longer able to hold yourself up properly.
“you sound so pretty baby, i bet you taste pretty good too.” he says before slipping his hand out of your shorts and placing the tip of his fingers into his mouth.
you stare at him, taking in the sight before he takes his fingers out of his mouth and moves them towards yours. you quickly open your mouth as he puts his fingers in so you can suck off what’s left of your juices.
“fuck..” he groans before slipping his fingers out of your mouth and running his thumb along your lower lip.
“let’s go upstairs.”
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tatakaebomb · 3 months ago
Spoilt rotten
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꕥ Pairing : Boyf’s bestf suna x reader
ꕥ Synopsis : Stop getting so impatient when your boyfriends bestfriend is around! Greedy girls never have the best of luck.
ꕥ Word count : 2.4K
ꕥ A/N : dw, there’s also still some atsumu action here too
ꕥ TW : fingering, cheating, vouyerism, panty stealing, unconsented photography, non con (?), dub con, dacryphilia, enemies smut, ass spanking, ass play, finger sucking, dom! Suna, dom! sub!, sub! reader, hate sex, pet names, perversion, intrusion, mentions of oral, orgasm denial, cream pie, squirting, size kink, creaming, sex, SMUT LOL, suna is an ass hole, probs more just hate sex suna, 18+
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Why is he here tsumu."
"Calm down, we gotta do our chemistry work together."
"Your girlfriends a bitch."
"Suna what the fuck-"
And thats where chaos started, shouting, arguing, finger pointing, its without a doubt that the man standing infront of you was one of your least favourable people on the planet, however it doesn't help that he was your boyfriends bestfriend.
"Tsumu tell him to leave!" You whine, foot planted on the ground as your eyes angrily peer at the smug face wiped over Suna Rintaro's face. He was nothing but a nightmare, always ruining the minimal time you and Atsumu have together, and it doesn't help that hes never sorry for it. Sometimes you think Atsumu enjoys hanging out with Suna more than he does his girlfriend - and the way he seems to act never disproves it.
"Well y/n...its raining out, I told him he could stay the night..." Atsumu meekly speaks, voice small in fear of your reaction.
Its times like this where you consider breaking up with your boyfriend, he can be so dense sometimes its painful. Can he not see you dont like him? Whys he letting him interrupt your quality time together?
"Suna. Can I speak to you...alone..." Following your command, atsumu leaves the room, almost glad Suna is the one getting into shit and not him.
It was a dull silence, your furious stare peering straight at the dark haired man slouched infront of you. Hands slumped in his pockets and blank, bored expression planted on him. "Why cant you just leave him alone?"
"What do you mean leave him alone? I dont swing like th-"
"Not in that way! Your always coming here, taking 'tsumu away, whether it be volleyball or work. Im so done with you!" Voice heightened and finger wagged in his face, you were angry to say the least. But he didn't seem to care, as always he was too bothered in his phone to actually give a shit about your words. It was hopeless, you almost came to the conclusion of actually breaking up with atsumu.
'I give up-' you sigh, arms flailing as you move to sit on the couch. Hands cupping your face in frustration and agony. It was only when suna could see you were visibly upset he seemed to care...or so you thought. 'This is pointless.'
'Do you mind not sitting on my jacket? I don't want your tears on it.'
'Wh- as if I'd ever shed a tear on you rintaro.'
The glint in his eyes went unmissed by you, but truth be told suna loved seeing you like this. Fiesty, talking back. He loved your sharp mouth witty tongue, but was always so confused on why you settled for atsumu, he was nothing but goofy - and annoying -.
He never revealed the truth, the real reason why he loved staying around you so much, as if he would - to be caught preying on his bestfriends girlfriend? To be caught stealing her dirty panties from his laundry basket and rubbing his cock with it, imagining it's her on her knees for him and NOT for atsumu. He deserves you, he craves you, needs you even...but hell if he would let you know this. Without a fight anyways...
'Get up.' He ordered, hand grabbing onto your wrist as he dragged you off the couch, your legs instinctively wobbling upwards and hands fallen flat on his chest.
'Fuck! Ouch- atleast handle me with care.'
'What, are you a box or something' he chuckles, your eyes rolling at his pathetic attempt at a joke 'I wonder how atsumu got lucky with a girl like you y/n, you sure do put people in their place...'
'What? The fuck are you on about?'
'Don't blush too hard, just saying...' lips move to mutter closer against your ear, his thumb rubbing circles into your weak wrist as your chests were so close, so close to touching. 'You still got a nasty ass tongue on you'
'You fucking dick-'
'Speak like that a fucking gain ill have to put you in your place-'
'Or what...'
'Such a fucking slut I swear I'll-'
The tension in the room was instantly cut by atsumu calling out your names, your hands ripped apart from his touch as you both walked forth into the bedroom, only to see him laid on the bed flicking through the television.
Muffled noises of a random horror film was played in the background, you, however, were too focused on how you managed to get planted between suna and atsumu, the glare of sunas phone too distracting to watch a film, but you didn't wanna upset atsumu, after all he already seems stressed enough from your prior argument, you wouldn't wanna upset him more would you?
The clock next to you showed 1am. The room was dark, lights turned off and the streets outside were silent, it felt like the film had been playing forever, the stupid animation of some creepy dolls killing humans, what a waste of time.
'Tsumu...' you whisper, lips moving to tap at his neck, fingers clawing lower between his thighs, your teeth clasping the skin of his neck, denting dark purple circles into him. 'Need you so bad...'
If suna isn't gonna leave, your not gonna give up your sex life for him.
'Not now y/n...' he mutters, pulling you into his lap and mumbling against your lips, erection digging right into your slit.
A disappointed whine escaped your mouth as you turned around to face the TV, atsumu's arms hugging you closer to his body. The flick of your eye showed you suna wasn't half interested, his phone tossed to a side as he watched the film, hands cupped behind his head and eyes almost asleep.
It wasn't until you felt atsumu's fingers crawl between your legs that you tensed up again, his head leaning forth on your shoulder to kiss your cheek, lips curling towards your ears as he spoke as quietly as he could 'gotta be quiet then...'
His digits wasted no time massaging your clit through your panties, slow agonising circles that had your breathing drop and legs close together, your fingers clawing onto his arm as you tried your best to focus on the film, Suna next to you still not noticing.
You almost rode him from how good he felt, tip nudging at your g spot as he finally pushed his fingers inside you, rubbing you how you like. His grip on your waist tightening, pulling you closer to him.
'Yes...yes like that...' a silent whine left your lips as you kept trying to reach your climax, the pace of his fingers increasing, thumb rubbing circles right into your soft spot, your body almost numb from him, it's been so long you swear you felt like you could fuck him for hours.
'This films shit. Imma sleep.' Suna interrupted, Atsumus action halting to a stop. You felt like crying, you were so so close, Suna probably knew that too.
'Ah..okay. Well maybe we should sleep then' He speaks, placing you on the bed next to Suna and getting up to turn the television off. You angrily throw the covers over your head and drift off to sleep, upset and disappointed.
The clock showed 3am. You wouldn’t stop tossing and turning, no matter what you couldn’t fall asleep. Atsumu’s back faced towards you as Suna was laying upright, soft snores escaping your boyfriends mouth.
‘Quit moving-‘ suna whispered, eyes flickering open to look at you as you slumped your head against your pillow, peering at his messy form. Hair draped over his sleepy, cat like eyes and long hands gently nudging your exposed thigh.
‘Fuck off.’
‘Cant sleep?’
‘What do you think.’
‘Just fucking sleep-‘ was his last words before pulling the duvet over his head and attempting to fall back asleep.
The clock was ticking but you were wide awake, silently you dragged yourself out of bed, waddling downstairs into the kitchen for some water.
Goosebumps trembled up your legs at the feeling of being so exposed, shorts showing the lower curve of your ass and your white tank top hardly protecting anything, glasses nudged up on your nose so you could see what you were doing.
Filling up a glass of water, you drank it all, the droplets of water dripping down your top and collecting at your boobs, but you couldn’t care, you felt like an insomniac.
‘Since you woke me up, the least you could do is get me a glass’
The voice behind you startled you, Suna stood at the doorway, sweatpants hung at his hips as he stretches his back, legs nearing towards you as he leans over you to snatch a glass from the cupboard.
‘Didn’t you sleep?’
‘No, you wouldn’t stop fucking moving’
‘Well there’s just not enough room in the bed for the three of us’
‘True, you should’ve went home’ he nonchalantly speaks, taking a sip from his glass of water and setting it on the desk. Standing infront of your smaller figure, the reflection of the moonlight really bringing out your eyes.
‘I’ve had it up to here with you suna! Just fuck off god the only reason I fucking speak to you is cause your always around fucking MY BOYF-‘
‘You speak too much.’ He says, pushing his fingers deep down your throat, so far you were gagging, finger nails gripping at his wrist to let you go. He wouldn’t though, instead he pushed you closer to the worktop, spinning you round and slamming you face first with the cold marble.
‘G-get off of me’
‘Fuck no- you think you deserve it? Interrupting my sleep? Shouting at me? Swearing at me?’
‘Of course you deserve it you pr- AH’ Your retaliation earnt you a harsh slap to your ass, back arched even closer down, tits spewing out of your top, cold nipples erect from the glass.
The skin of your ass was flushed red, his fingers moving to grip at your skin, tweezing it, long fingers dragged lower and lower towards your entrance, examining how you try your hardest to close your thighs, but the grip between your legs prevents that.
‘Your such a brat, don’t think I didn’t notice miya fingering you earlier, you that desperate?’ He tugs your hair, your back arched and eyes tilted to meet his.
‘A-ah I don’t know what your talking about.’
‘Don’t fucking lie. Did you even cum?’
‘Such a brat hm? Fine. Gonna be like that, I’ll make sure your crying to cum at the end of the night’ dragging your lips into his, he spits down your throat, drool lathering at the edges of your mouth as his tongue swirls down your throat. Large cock prodding from behind you, his free hand moving to palm at himself, gathering the slick from your cunt as his pre-cum earning a whine from you.
‘Ah- suna…’
‘Want me to fuck this pretty pussy hm? Fuck it better than your precious boyfriend ever could? You want that?’ He mocks
‘Y-yes yes ah- please…’
It didn’t take much protesting until he pushes inside of you, your lip bitten down harshly in an attempt to not scream, he was so big. Long vein struck all through his cock, nudging at your tight walls. Small thrusts of his hips had you almost going feral, the lewd noises filling up the hollow walls of the kitchen.
Your ass shook against his thighs, slamming and haltering by his hips, sharp slaps sent to your core as he kept playing with you. His cock felt so good, prodding you so well, he was almost made for you.
‘Feels so good baby…’
‘Gotta keep it down princess, don’t want miya hearing do ya? Or do ya…?’
‘NO- no no ill- fuck yeah- keep quiet…’
‘Good girl…’ he kept going, your tits violently shaking under you, thighs trembling and slick pooling at your stomach, the knot was tightening and you were so close to cumming. Red marks on your ass defining his hand print, your sore lips being dragged into another sloppy kiss as you came closer and closer to your end.
‘Gn’ cum’
‘Yeah yeah…fuck…’
It was then he pulled out, a sharp gasp sent from your mouth as you eagerly try your best to thrust back onto his cock, his large hand moving to push on your ass, preventing you from moving.
‘Ya gotta earn it doll? Whose the better fucker, me? Or your boyfriend ?’
‘Y-you’ you meekly whisper, body to weak to respond
‘What’s that?’
‘You, you baby please- need you so bad please..’
‘And what do you need me to do princess?’
‘Make me cum, wanna cum so much on your cock please, wanna milk you so bad please daddy please…’ you were so close to crying, tears brimming the water line of your eyes. You felt so deprived, you needed him to fuck you again.
‘Fine baby… go for it.’
He slammed deep inside you, your eyes falling to the back of your head as you cried a moan, hips jolting at an inhumane pace inside your tight pussy, you were milking him out, clenching around him so well he almost forgot what he was doing, your cum spurting over his cock, your body weakly moaning as you wailed a loud cry. He finished soon after, warm spurts of white leaked inside of you.
‘F-fuck..’ he lowly groaned, pulling himself out of you and admiring what a mess he’s made inside of your pretty pussy.
Turning your head around you were faced with the flash of his camera, capturing your exposed, fucked out face. And zooming into the mess he’s made in your pussy, his fingers plunging inside to make sure you don’t drop any.
‘What are you doing?!’
‘Sending this to atsumu, ya don’t think he deserves a girlfriend who would cheat on him, do ya princess?’
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rinslutz · 25 days ago
suna x fem!reader — warnings : slight baby trapping ig?, biting
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA dropped every other sugar baby once he met you. he instantly knew that you were the one that he wanted to spend every single dollar on.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA buys you a necklace with his initials on it. he swears that he bought it because it’s cute but it’s actually so people know you belong to someone.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA lets you turn his walk-in closet into your own. will sometimes add things to the closet without you even knowing. you only find out when you see three pairs of heels that you’ve never seen before
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA hasn’t bought anything new for himself in ages. he’s perfectly content on spending all of his money on you. he finds happiness in your happiness.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you in the back of his car after witnessing you flirt with a coworker at a company party. leaves bite marks all over your shoulders as he slams into your aching pussy.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA refuses to wear a condom when fucking you, he says he’ll pull out but never does. you don’t realize but he’s trying to get you pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA hopes that if you do get pregnant it will somehow get you stay with him forever. he secretly has set money aside for if you do get pregnant.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA has a folder on his phone full of your nudes that he looks at whenever he’s away from you on a business trip.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks his fist to a video he has of you two fucking. it’s his favorite video to watch when he’s away from you. will even ask you to send videos of yourself if he feels unsatisfied.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fucks you into his mattress for hours after returning from a business trip. claims that he just missed your pussy but really missed your presence but he doesn’t know how to tell you his true feelings.
SUGAR DADDY!SUNA fell in love with you but isn’t sure that you love him back, so he will continue to shower you with money as long as he can.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : (open)
@wolffmaiden @gojoanti @rntrsuna @osamuplanet @have-no-life @kiossshy @luna-vitae-suae @adeawn @celcero @oikawa-bubs
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fortheharbingers · a month ago
his favorite look
♤ characters: suna rintaro/gn!reader (or so i tried...)
♤ notes: unprotected sex, creampie, sex at a semi-public space (if i have to tag anything else, please remind me) (minors dni)
Tumblr media
changing room of inarizaki is empty by now, the boys' volleyball team practice having ended a while ago– save for the muffled noises coming from the back, the volume increasing with time.
suna rintarou has you pinned against the wall, your legs lifted and wrapped around him, squeezing him inside and out.
when suna invited you over to drop by their practice, he knew the two of you would end like that. with the way you've been looking at him, the eyes you've been giving him lately, it was as clear as day.
yet when you do come, and sit by the benches, eyes glued onto his sweaty form, veins popping out on his muscles, enough to see from your position, all you can do is to stare at him, mouth fallen with an expression suna would've described as 'drooling'.
you'd probably lightly punch him for it, but not after right now, no. not when you have your mouth slack open again, drool coming from one side, incohorent mumblings leaving your lips every once in a while.
suna loves the way you look at him on a daily basis but perhaps this is his favorite one yet. the absolutely fucked out expression painted on your face, eyes blank and hazy from pleasure, from the pleasure he is providing you with how deep he is inside you. hips at a constant work, building you up at a pace not quite slow but has you begging 'faster' and 'more'.
the cold, hard surface of the wall is lost to your senses by now. everything is lost, except for the way rin has you hoisted up, pressing against you until there is not even the smallest of space left, his lenght dragging in and out of you– if it wasn't for snapping his hips back into you, he'd not pull out, not even in the slightest at all.
with each snap of his hips, you feel warmer, a fire in the pit of your stomach slowly growing, and rin managing to hit just the right spot every single time, all you can muster is him.
with what's left of a willpower inside of you, you try to lean into him for a kiss, only to miss his lips by an inch. smirking at your flushed form, not even able to kiss him right, he crashes his lips to yours. rin kisses you hard, biting at your lips again and again; yet you don't even have it in you to kiss him back with the same fervor anymore, too out of it to respond back.
noticing this, he lets out a chuckle. oh how lovely you look for him, so fucked out you cannot even match his kisses anymore, though it is you who wanted it in the first place.
tightening his hold on you, he picks up his pace.
to which you can only react with your face falling onto his shoulder, with all the energy left inside of you, you start nibbling at his his skin, gently biting with your teeth. the salty taste of sweat mixed with your saliva, soon your nibbling reaches its end as well.
soon suna can feel your breathing hitching, your nails digging into his skin and you tightening around him, as if you don't want him to leave just yet. he loves how even your body wants more and more of him, never satisfied, always begging for more, a little harder, a little faster, for a little longer.
your whimpers and moans, though muffled by his shoulder, still feel heavenly to his ears. and the way you say his name like a plea, like a prayer, like he is your everything, your god in that moment– he soon finds himself reaching his high.
slamming with his entire weight back into you, his movements start to get erratic. your body desperately clingling to his, his name still spilled out of your lips like honey: 'rin, rin, rin...' he can feel your body contracting and your muscles spasming. he loves how you start to shake from pleasure for him– at his hands, with his dick inside of you, his mouth all over you; so intoxicating, really, if it was up to him, he would fuck you all day long, over and over again, your whines and filthy pleas music to his ears, tasting you until you cannot cum anymore, filling you up until his cum leaking out of you...
his face finds itself by the crook of your neck, biting down at your flushed skin.
'rin... please...' your words come out barely.
with another thrust, he brings his lips to your ear, 'go on baby, come for me.'
gripping onto his form, you let go, feeling yourself reach your orgasm, squeezing your eyes shut and tightening your legs around him. a second or so later, you hear him let out a grunt by your ear, whispering a '...fuck' and feeling him come inside you; yet contunuing to thrust, though his movements have gotten sloppy by now, prolonging his orgasm.
as the two of you slowly catch your breath, he still has you held by the wall. raising his head to meet your eyes, he leans in for another kiss, his tongue quickly entering your mouth.
by the time you can feel your breath returning to normal, he rests his forehead against yours with a small smile tugging at his bruised lips.
'you should join our practices more often.'
you let out a laugh at his words. 'yeah and not be able to walk back home? no, thank you.'
eyeing on the hickeys he left on your body, he raises a brow at your words, humming as if considering his options. 'guess i'll just have to carry you starting from now.' 'rin, no!' you're quick to respond, but the grin on your face exposes you.
'well then, should we get going?' he offers after a moment and a pout appears on your face quickly. eyes cast low, you murmur a 'don't pull out just yet.'
and who is he to deny when you request so sweetly like that?
leaning once again to your neck and the spot right under your ear, he starts biting at your skin slowly: 'don't come crying and blaming me when you can't walk tomorrow.'
Tumblr media
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zzztobi · a month ago
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do what kinda pussy eater suna is 🙏 jus' need him <33
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing!: suna rintaro x fem!reader
tw!: oral (f), mentions of ruined orgasms, praise, degradation. mean suna because he's my fav suna <3.
m.list haikyuu m.list
Tumblr media
okay okay, i'm seeing a mean and teasing pussy eater here! yeah, suna rintaro is definitely a mean one :(
if you've expected a heated and agitated session with him, i'm sorry to disappoint you but he's not into that (unless...) suna likes to take his time with you and with taking his time i mean teasing the shit out of you.
i believe he starts by pressing wet kisses on your belly and go lower and lower with his mouth until it reaches the hem of your underwear. he would look up at you and smirk and proceed then to kiss your hips and down your legs to your ankles, avoiding your pussy completely.
from that angle he has a full display of your already wet panties and he smirks again (he just never stops smirking, just a warning). his hands are everywhere, caressing your skin as if his fingers were soft feathers. he would trace from the back of your knee to the top of your leg, watching you squirming under his touch.
and when, by whatever reason, he decides it's the time to eat you out, be prepared, because you're not going to cum until he wants to. suna knows your body from inside and out and he also knows that going down on you slowly drives you mad, and he's here for it.
his lips would leave a brief kiss on top of your sTILL clothed pussy, and calmly his hands would take your underwear off your body. let's remember that his half lidded eyes never leave yours, suna rintaro is a watcher (in every way possible) and he's not ashamed of it.
suna would kiss the part were your pussy and thigh meet, your mound and probably bite your thighs if you squirm or whine too much; everywhere but your cunt. but when he does go in, jesus christ, he takes his sweet time; first he would start by giving kitten licks that would morph into long strides from your ass to your clit after you whined and begged for more.
his lips would work along with his tongue too and lazily but steadily, he would pump two of his fingers into you, grazing that sweet spot inside you that has you moaning underneath him. suna builts your orgasm little by little, taking notes of every one of your reactions and when he senses your high approaching, he hastily stops, ruining it completely. you would cum eventually, after 3 or 4 ruined orgasms...
about sounds, mmmh, i don't think suna is the type to make any while eating you out, if so i think a few boyish chuckles here and there but nothing too crazy apart from the wet sounds of his mouth on your pussy obviously.
he does, anyhow, moan at his first taste of you and surely talks you through all of it. he's just as mean with his words as he is with his actions.
- “aww, you wanna cum? i'm sorry baby i'm not done with this pussy yet”
- “never tasted something so good princess, you drive me crazy”
- “this pussy belongs only to me, yeah? my pretty little pussy”
- “shh, shhh, you're doing great darling. just a little more and i'll let you cum”
- “my dirty whore is going to cum? cum then, cum on my fucking tongue right now or you're not cumming at all”
Tumblr media
©️ zzztobi 2022 — all rights reserved. please don't repost, translate or copy any of my work.
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rinstars · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING : Suna Rintarō x Reader. Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader.
GENRE : Angst.
TAGS/WARNINGS : NSFW. Fake Dating. Unrequited Love. Profanity. Enemies (not really) to Lovers. Friends with Benefits. Not very canon compliant.
SYNOPSIS : You have been in love with your best friend Sakusa Kiyoomi for as long as you can remember. The problem? He is in love with somebody else. And for you to snag even the tiniest bit of his affections, it seems like you would willingly go through drastic measures.. Even if it means teaming up with his lifelong rival, Suna Rintarō
PLAYLIST + sunayn texts + sunayn crumbs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bbyatsumu · 15 days ago
hi huge congrats on your milestone it’s so well deserved !! ty for putting time in to give us amazing content <3
If you still have spots open, can i request sumn smutty with Suna and “Your moans will wake everyone up and I’m oddly fine with that.” :’) ty and congrats again!!
Tumblr media
୨୧ 001. episode [10]: “your moans will wake everyone up and I’m oddly fine with that” w/ suna rintaro
୨୧ 002. w/c: 1k | c/w: smut (mdni), slight exhibitionism, slight public sex, mentions of fingering + panty tugging, cursing, pet names [baby], slight belly bulge kink | hello anon! thank you so much for your kind words and support! I sincerely hope you enjoy this lil piece!
event masterlist
Tumblr media
“Shh baby, don’t wanna be too loud, now do we?” Suna chuckled against your ear, followed by a low grunt as you clamped down around his aching cock. 
Too dazed and drunk off pleasure to heed his minute warning, you merely shifted your hips, meeting his own in a quick, but deep, thrust. 
“Like you care,” you whimpered through gritted teeth, fingers curling around the nape of his neck. Suna seemed to thrive off of almost getting caught, arousal pooling in his groin at the thought of just barely getting away with such intimate acts.
Suna had been like this all night; an innocent movie night with your friends quickly turned into something else when Suna wrapped a blanket around you both, fingers circling your panties, tugging on it harshly to elicit a reaction from you. All night, he’d been incredibly needy, two fingers crooked against your sopping pussy as soon as he received the okay from you. 
Later, when everyone else had finally fallen asleep, Suna was relieved when you pulled him into his bedroom, kissing him hot and messily, encouraging him to keep touching you.
Carding your fingers through his brown locks, you watched as he gritted his teeth in a low hiss of pleasure, rolling his hips with intense accuracy that had you clenching around him. 
You focused on his reactions to your touch; even though his throbbing cock was shoved deep inside you, Suna still moaned when your fingers tugged through his hair, when your lips painted deep purple marks against the pale column of his throat.
It was endearing, you thought.
Pulling his swollen cock almost entirely out of your tight walls, Suna hesitated, leaving just his leaking head inside you. He watched, enamored, as you continued clenching down around him, desperate for stimulation as he easily began to rub lazy, loose circles under the hood of your clit. 
He leaned back over you, covering your body with his, and buried his face against your collarbone. Rutting his hips forward, Suna let out a loud groan as he pushed his cock as deep inside you as he could. His tongue laved over your collarbones, biting down gently enough to have your legs wrapping around his slender waist, pulling on his hair to tug him closer to you. 
“You’re right,” Suna grinned against you, mouth hanging open as he traced hot kisses up your neck. He continued rocking his hips against you, two fingers circling your clit, spreading apart your folds so that he could sink inside of you deeper, faster. “I don’t care.”
A particularly deep thrust, combined with harsh fingers dancing over your clit, drawing aching shapes against you, had you arching your chest against Suna. The fat head of his cock continuously nudged against the sweet spot inside you, causing your eyes to roll to the ceiling. 
“There it is, huh, baby?” Suna mischievously teased, a smirk tugging at his lips as he gazed down at you. 
Suna continued rutting against that spot, grinding against you, digging his cock in and out of your tight walls. His motions against your clit were relentless, causing sweet tingles of pleasure to shoot across your thighs, stretched open to accommodate your tall boyfriend.
“J-just kiss me already,” you huffed, pulling down on the nape of his neck to connect your bodies even more. Suna gave in to your request, unable to resist you. His lips molded over yours, his tongue dipping into your mouth and immediately moaning at the addicting taste of you. 
You let out a loud moan for him, and Suna couldn’t help but let out another deep chuckle against the skin of your throat.
“Yeah? That feel good?” he groaned against you, and you could feel the smirk painted across his face, pressing wet kisses against the skin right behind your ear. 
“Y-you know it does,” you panted, voice much more breathless than you would have liked for it to be. Suna latched onto this fact, fucking into you harder, faster, your legs almost falling from around his waist as he buried his thick cock deep inside of you. 
The pleasure threatened to overwhelm him; Suna bit down on his bottom lip as his arm would around your waist. He pulled you even further into his embrace, grinding his hips in loose circles that he knew would have you creaming around his cock, crying out his name in pleasure. 
“Ohh, I know it does. Can feel you clamping down on me,” Suna smirked at you, and you were entranced at the way his dark hair fell over his face, slightly wet with sweat. The coil of pleasure was becoming more and more intense, and you could hardly stave it off any longer. 
“You like feeling me? Right here,” Suna panted, chest heaving with pleasure, as he pressed down lightly on your stomach. You moaned quite loudly at the sudden pressure, clamping down on his cock in a way that had his hips stuttering, a shaky breath ripped from his throat.
“S-shit, baby,” he found solace in your neck, burying his face as he worked his hips harder and faster. Two of his fingers continued circling your clit, and he could feel how close you were when he sunk his cock deep inside of you. “Can’t keep doin’ that - gonna make me cum.”
You whined loudly at his words, the room spinning as he pressed down on your clit. “Want you to cum for me, please,” you moaned, followed by a quick whine of his name as he grunted heavily above you. 
“Your moans are gonna wake everyone up, and I’m oddly fine with that,” Suna ground out, clenching his jaw and closing his eyes as he thickly swallowed. Your sweet pussy kept milking him, sucking him in until his leaking, red tip was pressed flush inside you. You were so soft for him, and Suna couldn’t help but spread apart your wet folds, watching with rapture as you took his cock in over and over again. 
He pounded into you faster, throwing his head back in pleasure as you clamped down on him. You were consuming him, Suna was sure, and all he could do was give in to you. The way you gushed around him, milking his cock, moaning his name so sweetly, was driving him insane.
“What do you say we wake everyone up, baby? Keep moaning my name just like that.”
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weebaboobs · 3 months ago
TW: P*RN LINK - Mutual Masturbation
There’s just something about watching your delicate fingers play with your cute little cunt that makes him unbearably hard. The sounds you make, the needy whimpers and quiet moans of his name while you straddle his thigh and toy with your throbbing clit, all have him on the verge of heaven within minutes.
It’s only when that sweet voice of yours gets even higher and he realizes you’re about to make yourself cum, that he presses his swollen tip to your dripping folds to feel your warmth for just a moment before he lets go.
Thick ropes of cum trickle down his shaft and over his fingers, coating his abs in sinful pleasure as he groans for you. The sight alone has your thighs trembling with your own climax, pussy fluttering around nothing and begging to be filled.
Maybe next time he’ll actually do it.
Midoriya, Iida, Kaminari, Sero, Tokoyami, Todoroki, Hinata, Kageyama, Nishinoya, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, Daichi, Kenma, Aone, Oikawa, Suna, Chifuyu, Kazutora, Hanma, Kisaki, Yuji, Inumaki, Maki
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riniackerman · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n. sunarin marking all over your body 🧎‍♀️
tws. +18 MDNI cum inside, choking, bruise marks mentioned
Tumblr media
suna can be very clingy with you behind his friend’s back. he wants to be with you all the time. he would constantly remind you that you’re his. he needs you and your little body to function normally since he can’t make a day without his cock buried deep inside you.
but suna isn’t just clingy, he is obsessive over you. adorable. suna can’t help himself with his perverted thoughts so he gropes you all the time and covers your body with marks. hickies, bites, bruises, you name it. he even touches you in public because he is too desperate.
suna loves when he has his pretty fingers around your neck as he laughs in your face. leaving you whimpering and sobbing under him. your pleading eyes tear up as suna denies your highs over, again and again, teasing you for good.
"you look so pretty like this” suna chuckles as he chokes you, pressuring a little bit more. “you like it when my cock is deep in you? hm?” he bucks his hips as he ruts into you faster and rougher, sending your eyes back to see your brain.
“look how pretty your pussy is sinking my dick” suna lifts your head up, letting you see his cock pumping in and out of you so easily. “fuck, you feel so good” suna whispers as he pushes back your head down to the mattress, making your arch back, making your walls tightened around his cock.
“fuck!” suna moans when he felt his cock getting tightened by your walls. both of your moans filled up the room up along with the slaps of his balls on your thighs. “i’m gonna cum- gonna cum inside you” suna pants as he lifts his body up, grabbing both of your ankles as he deeply thrusts until he releases his loads inside you.
Tumblr media
taglist (open) ˚ · . @tendouscheese @cheybabey @tsuki-tsuki-daisuki @savantsoulfinder @tehehe.bri @amarinthe @emily-kald @sexyandcringe @idontlikeyourname @ravencal @gojoxxluv
Tumblr media
© RINIACKERMAN ⇒ do not repost, claim or copy my works
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qrtmin · 29 days ago
PLAYING WITH YOU: gamers! multi men x fem! reader. smut. 2.1k+ wc. MDNI.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
THEME : trying to get their attention while they are playing.
CONTENT WARNINGS : cockwarming. pussy job. risky sex. (slight) overstimulation & praise kink. creampie. oral (m). finger sucking. cum eating.
FEATURES : choso kamo (jujutsu kaisen). suna rintaro (haikyuu!!). nagi seishiro (blue lock).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
CHOSO KAMO felt guilt piling up inside him the longer you sat on his lap. his heart was undeniably about to burst out of his chest if the speed it beat at was anything to go by, every sudden clench of your velvety walls around his thick length only aiding in worsening your boyfriend’s condition. he knew he wasn’t at fault, the way you grinned as you suggested you could cockwarm him while he played enough of a hint that you weren’t planning on just sitting there still for too long, but choso still couldn’t help but feel bad for how fast his arousal had grown, especially in such a short span of time — and you were obviously aware of it, every groan and uncomfortable slight change of position of his being noted by you, even the way his cock throbbed inside you not being able to pass by unnoticed.
“cho…” you mewled the nickname, hips bucking up ever so slightly, the moan your boyfriend let out at it embarrassingly loud — or at least from his point of view, that is. “i wanna do something else” you whined, moving back to stare straight at him, blocking his field of vision in a way that made choso have to lean to the side if he wanted to be able to still see the screen behind you.
“baby, just… just wait a bit longer” he groaned, contradicting everything he actually wanted to say and do with his reply. choso’s gaze stayed on the game — that concentration of his not lasting long, however, everything you needed to do to get his focus back on you being to clench hard around his shaft just once, the way your hips rolled certainly helping in making your boyfriend let out an exasperated moan, eyes drifting to yours almost immediately.
“please?” your request came carried by a heavy and very plainly forced pout that stamped itself on your lips, the way choso sighed before placing his gamepad to his side the sign that he had caven in into your desires.
“i knew you’d do this” he groaned as he picked you up, taking a few short steps before settling you down on his bed, hard cock no longer stuffed deep inside you and, instead, resting against your lower stomach as he knelt between your spread legs, whole length covered in your slick and red tip leaking pre-cum onto your body, leaving a translucent trail behind as he wrapped his fingers around it’s base, dragging it down again to press between your folds, bumping against your puffy clit as he looked down at your cunt, the sound of your moans serving as background noise at the back of choso’s head while he focused on how pretty your pussy looked next to his length. through a slow, experimental thrust, he slid his dick up and down your slit, sensitive tip catching on the sensitive nub and making you both moan in the middle of it — still, that was only the beginning of it.
choso’s hips moved in languid strokes, each one careful and thought through, having enough pressure applied to it to make sure you could feel his whole cock throb against your cunt with each thrust, but still light enough to not bring any sort of quick release to either of you. your whines and begs did nothing to make him fasten his undemanding pace, getting lost somewhere along the way as his eyes continued glued to your middle, too entranced in how your slick dripped down your pussy and coated his girth to truly notice what you were rambling about — the thing that made him seemingly notice your desperation being the way you clawed down his exposed arms once it got too much, once you got too frustrated with how close and yet distant your climax felt. you didn’t need to say anything for choso to figure out what he had lost in the past few minutes, your flustered expression obvious enough about your feelings.
“gonna make you feel so good, princess, i promise” he stuttered, lowering himself to rest his forehead against yours before starting to finally rut against you faster, the gentle kiss he pressed to the tip of your nose a stark contrast to the roughness in which his hips now moved against your soaked cunt.
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO smiled as he continued to look at the screen behind you, golden eyes never losing their focus while his arms wrapped around you, keeping your chest as close to his as possible while you heard the clicking of his keyboard. he could feel your breath fanning against his nape, each second that passed making it grow heavier, faltering any time he bucked his hips up to match one of your clumsy strokes. it was almost pathetic, how you suppressed your moans and moved your body so desperately up and down his cock, trying your best to not make any sound loud enough to be picked up by your boyfriend’s mic — not that you still cared if his friends realized what you were doing anymore, your climax the only thing that was circling your thoughts at that point, the embarrassment of being caught on the act long forgotten.
“hold on a second” rintaro said, an incomprehensible mutter coming from his headphones before he was turning his mic off and pushing the ear cups to the side. his words were now directed at you — even if his attention still seemed to be completely devoted to his game and his gaze never left the screen for a second. “if you’re gonna ride my cock while i play, at least do it right, angel. or do i need to pause and fuck you properly? you know i’d hate to do that”
even if his words could be considered somewhat harsh, rintaro’s tone was still playful, as if he didn’t truly take the whole situation seriously. still, you didn’t wanna have to make him need to stop what he was already doing just to tend to your pleasure when you knew you could make both of you reach your highs by yourself — so, as a reply, you simply got more comfortable on your boyfriend’s lap, letting out a shallow moan while rearranging your posture before getting back to moving your hips, thrusts now more precise as you bit down into his shoulder, feeling the drag of his cock in and out of your pussy more intensely with the new position.
“it’s okay, rin. i can do it alone” you replied through a whisper, sounding as determined as possible.
“that’s my good girl” was the last thing he said before turning his mic on and focusing completely on his game again, the light slap he left on your ass a reminder for you to keep quiet once more.
you allowed yourself to fully drown into your arousal, stopping your moans and whines before they had a chance to flee your mouth and riding your boyfriend’s cock until you could feel your thighs burn from the effort you were putting into it. you could sense your high start to build up, each drag of rintaro’s shaft in and out of you only making the imaginary knot on your stomach tighten — and you could also notice how he wasn’t in a much different state, each stroke of your velvety walls against his length making rintaro have to hold back a groan, voice faltering every so often whenever he spoke up to his microphone, teeth sinking into his bottom lip in an attempt to not let out any unwanted sounds. you could feel his cock twitch inside you, pink tip leaking pre-cum into your pussy and mixing with your own slick, dripping down your thighs and pooling at the base of your boyfriend’s dick. as your hips faltered and your movements stammered you felt your orgasm wash over you, an involuntary mewl flying past your lips before you could stop it and forcing you to slap a hand over your mouth as you kept moving, quickly feeling the sensation of overstimulation ache between your legs but determined to also make rintaro cum — not taking too long for you to accomplish that task, the recurring clamping down of your soft walls around his girth quickly sending him over the edge, a low grunt being held back by him as he filled you up with his seed.
“good girl” he said through a slow whisper, slightly out of breath and with his heartbeat fastened, pressing a loving kiss to your cheek right after.
Tumblr media
looked bored as he focused on his phone’s screen, seemingly too entranced on his game to truly care about your ministrations between his legs — although you could see right through his act, the way his breath grew heavier as the minutes passed and his teeth dug into his bottom lip ever so slightly all signs that you were indeed affecting him in some way or another.
“baby…” you murmured, pulling back from his cock and wrapping a hand around the base of his shaft, a thick string of your saliva connecting your mouth to his pink tip. all seishiro did in response was give you an acknowledging hum, eyes threatening to glance down at you but stopping themselves before they even began to turn. “do you want me to stop?” you asked, pumping your boyfriend’s dick while you did so, licking a fat strip up it’s underside when silence installed itself in the room and he didn’t answer right away, mumbling out a small “no” moments later but making no movement to actually show that he really meant it.
“doesn’t look like it, sei” you teased through a smile, lips wrapping around one of his balls as you looked up at him, noticing how he finally glanced at you, bright blue eyes staying on yours for a second before focusing back on his phone — although, his attention on the device didn’t last for too long, a deep sigh coming from seishiro before he turned it off and stuffed it into his pocket, finally glancing at you completely.
“better?” he asked through a shallow smile, one hand cupping your check and stroking it lazily, watching attentively as you nodded slowly, continuing to suck on his balls, licking over them eagerly before planting a kiss on his pink tip, lips wrapping around it while you stroke the rest of his length with your palm, finally fishing a moan out of him.
“that feels good” seishiro said through a heavy groan, head falling back as his hips bucked up ever so slightly, the hand that was placed on your cheek squishing your skin a bit harder before going back to running it’s thumb over it. you twirled your tongue over his flushed tip, licking over his leaking slit and humming against his shaft once you took more of it into your mouth, bobbing your head and complementing your movements by pumping the bit you couldn’t swallow with you palm, busying your free hand with playing with seishiro’s balls, touch careful as you built up a steady pace.
“so good, baby” your boyfriend moaned, eyes glued close and lips parted open. you moved back, staring up at him while wrapping your two hands around his cock, spitting down onto it before continuing.
“look at me, sei” you mumbled, smiling when his eyes opened and focused on yours. “close?” your question was answered with an enthusiastic nod, a string of loud moans leaving seishiro as he gripped the back of your head, bringing you closer to his cock as you moved your hands faster, mouth falling open and with your tongue slightly hanging out of it right before he reached his climax, ropes of milky cum landing all over the pink muscle and your lips, staining you with his seed.
“fuck…” seishiro grunted as you continued pumping his shaft — now slower, however, helping him ride out his orgasm, while you swallowed the cum that had fallen into your mouth, the bit that had managed to miss it being pushed into it by your boyfriend’s thumb, your lips wrapping around it as you sucked it clean, humming at the salty taste left behind.
with your gazes still locked, you leaned down once again, pulling back from seishiro and, with your lips puckered, pecking up his softening length, pressing gentle kisses on it before you were reaching the tip, engulfing your mouth around it one last time before completely pulling back and getting up, moving to force yourself into your boyfriend’s lap.
“you’re too good to me, you know” he mumbled while helping you get settled on top of him, cradling your cheeks once more before pulling you into a kiss.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sugawarassoulmate · a month ago
*deep sigh* thinking about loser! Suna in a maid dress finally being allowed to cum in reader-
Hahah I hope I’m not scandalizing the dash too much Peach! Congrats on finishing your amazing 3k event :)
just imagine a stupid, pitiful loser!suna absolutely crying while he's fucking you because it feels so different without a condom on. will you finally let him cum inside you? he did everything he asked, he even put on this humiliating dress because you said you'd like it if he did.
it was too small for him anyway, the skirt barely covering his long cock. but you probably got it a size too small on purpose. you wanted to embarrass him and he still wanted to fuck you.
"please," he whimpered against your lips. just once he wants to be able to fill you up and watch his cum run out of you.
suna could thank every god in heaven when he feels your legs wrap around him, pushing him deeper inside and you finally give him the okay to let go.
he nearly collapses when he cums, all of his senses overloading and he feels too hot in his stupid dress. you give suna a few seconds to calm down before pulling his hair to get his attention.
"well, are you gonna lick me clean or what, rinnie?" you ask in a sickeningly sweet voice.
suna doesn't have time to feel disgusted before he's burying his head between your legs.
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tatakaebomb · 5 months ago
Just for you
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꕥ Pairing : Yandere! Suna x Reader
ꕥ Synopsis : Don’t trust strangers. Especially not good looking celebrity ones who like lasagna.
ꕥ Word count : 2.4k
ꕥ A/N : not my best work but hey ho… requests welcome
ꕥ TW : yandere behaviour, kinda slow burn, SMUT, cockwarming, somniophilia, dacryphilia, manipulation, Stockholm syndrome (?), extreme gaslighting, mentions of rape, non con, dub con, mistrust, deception, y/n being a dumbass, praise, insecurity mention, praise kink, slight misogyny, suna creepy, nipple play, tweaking, mentions of punishment, confusion, paralysion (?), repayment, rough sex, probs more warnings overall suna just weird creepy yandere. 18+
Tumblr media Tumblr media
'Americano. Black. Take out please'
You sigh as you put in another order, the time was 6pm and you were done for the day. The last few orders were always the worst, you would have your typical customers, the ones that linger for just a bit too long nearing closing times, the ones that would talk to you while your hands are filled. But you always had to keep a smile up, that's your job.
The cafe you worked at was quaint. Out of the way from majority of the centre however was fairly popular, more particularly with the old people. That's why it took you for a slight shock when you saw the volley ball player standing before you, fresh from practice as he tapped away mindlessly at his phone. Eyes glued to the screen as you attempted to check him out.
'Do I ask why he's here... no dont be weird y/n..' you thought to yourself, steaming the coffee and pouring it into the paper cup. Head swung in the middle of nowhere.
'Here you go. One americano to go.' You placed the top on the cup and handed it to him, a slightly larger smile for a celebrity. But you were too embarrassed to show your a slight fan, attempting to ignore him standing tall infront of you.
'Thankyou. Here you go.'
He looks up from his screen to hand you $2. Taking it you took out his change reaching over to hand it back to him only for him to be gone.
'Damn didn't even get to speak to him.' You groaned, emptying your hand into the till and moving to clean up the remaining tables.
As the days progressed you soon became familiar with his presence. He would come in 6pm sharp every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. He was extremely closed off, the only words passed between the two of you were hi and bye really. He was just a regular customer at the end of the day, consuming your black coffee and leaving.
'Lemme guess, black americano? Take out?'
'Yep' he laughed, handing you the change in your hand as you turned around to make his order. Grounding the coffee in the machine as you placed hot water into the cup.
'What's your name?'
'Hm? Oh y/n. Well I would ask yours but I'm already familiar with who you are' you chuckle, glancing over your shoulder to see him smiling down at his phone. Not sure if he just ignored you or just couldn't hear you.
'Here you go sir. An americano to go.' You handed the cup over to him, his eyes still glued to his screen.
'Call me suna.'
He finally looked up from his screen, a small smile being passed from between the two of you as you glint in triumph at his request.
'Sure thing...suna.'
Grabbing his cup he quickly left, your eyes attached to the way he walked off and out quickly, his volleyball shirt still on as fans rapidly recognised him and chased after him, even with his mask and hat on.
What a nice guy.
'Ma'am I cant do that'
'Useless bitch don't you own this place?'
'I'd appreciate if you don't swear at me or else you can leave.'
The woman standing behind the counter, pointing her finger at you for whatever reason was really starting to get on your nerves. Ticking you right off, patience running extremely low. Your teeth gritting in an attempt to not tell her to go fuck herself infront of all the rest of your customers.
'You know what. FINE. I'm leaving now. MOVE!' She said, shoving the next incoming customer out the way. Your fingers moving up to rub against your temple as you exhaled out your stress. Day getting worse by the second.
This Saturday was hectic. Customers shouting and complaining whilst your hands piled with dishes. People wanting refunds from the coffee or updates from what's going on. You could hardly deal with all the commotion happening.
'She didn't seem to happy.'
'Hm? Oh hi suna. You okay?' You smile, finally someone who doesn't annoy you walking into the shop.
'Yeah. You?'
'Never been worse. Oh I already prepared your americano. Here you go.'
You pushed the drink towards him, popping the lid on top as you handed him the optional stirrer he likes carrying.
'Do you want some help?'
'Wh- No. No no your my customer I cant do that. Thankyou though. The drinks free by the way.
Refusing the offer you open the till, voiding his item and letting him have it on the house for being such a committed customer.
It was generous you won't lie, running this place was hard enough as it was, especially when there's only 3 of you working. Even just the offering was enough to get you back into a good mood. It wasn't often that someone was overly kind to you at this place.
'Here. Atleast take a tip. You know for having the order ready before.'
He emptied his change out into the pot at the front of the till, all of his coins almost filling the small cup to the brim. You were slightly shocked at how much his wallet actually contained.
'Thankyou...wow erm-'
And before you knew it he was gone.
Every now and then he would come and over pay, over tip even. As the days went on so did his generosity, but he acted like it was just nothing. Breezing through his phone, grabbing his coffee and leaving. It probably was nothing. He just wanted to make someone's day.
Wiping the tables down your head span with the amount of stress leaving it. Closing time had finally came. 6:30 on the dot you closed every day. It was a tiring Sunday, and a dramatic end to the week but your happy it happened to come to a close so fast.
Pulling the shutters down you walk outside, earphones plugged in your ears as you walk down the cold streets.
'Shit- sorry are y- suna?'
Looking up you saw the tall figure towering over you, his keys phone and wallet scattered across the floor from the collision. Rapidly, you offered a helping hand collecting his things for him and passing it over.
'Sorry I should've watched where I'm going...' he muttered, flickering his phone on and off to check if it still works properly. News flash, it does.
'I'm really sorry about that, that was completely my fault.'
Peering down at you, suna took in your smaller figure. Eyes darker from the dark sky and moonlight reflecting off you. Small hoodie draped over you and a larger puffer coat keeping you warm. A smile wrapped slightly at the sight of how cute you looked right now, gloved fingers intertwined with each other as you nervously figured out what to do. Although his phone was smashed, his mind was elsewhere.
'Just a screen. I can get it fixed.'
'Are you sure? I'm so so sorry please I- I didn't mean to I should've seen where I was going but I was too dis-'
'It's fine.'
'Can I make it up to you?'
Your offering made sunas eyes widened slightly, mischevious gleam in his gaze as he knew you'd do anything right now. Don't wanna lose a valued customer right? Especially one whose a celebrity...
He didn't wanna deny it you were pretty, a pretty girl. The type of girl he loves. The type of girl to not take shit but also so sweet and kind-hearted when it comes to it. The one you can rely and fall back on for anything. ANYTHING. You were his perfect woman. But suna wasn't a relationship type man, he knew how they all ended.
'Erm- you know how to cook?'
The question caught you off guard, cook? Sure you can cook. Bit of a weird ask but gotta do what you gotta do...
'Yeah- yeah I can cook...'
'...Wanna come back to mine and maybe make lasagna...'
You never thought you'd be in THE Suna rintaros house. The one and only. You were trying not to go full fan girl mode at this time but it was so hard not to. Your jaw was slacked open at the sight of how beautiful his kitchen was. The LED light ringed around the table as the counters around it were spotless. Not a speck insight. For such a beautiful luxury it doesn't really seem like he used it much.
'The pots and stuff are there, cutlery there and...I don't really know what you need but I have everything in the fridge.'
'Do you not know how to cook?'
'Wanna learn?'
A nod to his head had you smiling, grabbing the saucepan and pouring the oil into it. A knife and chopping board being handed over to him. A onion laid flat in the middle of it.
'Cut down the middle, and dice it. Then just put it in there.'
Listening to your words he slowly cut, the bubbling oil on the sauce pan getting louder as you prepared the mince and other vegetables. He couldn't help but glance over at you, you were such a natural in the kitchen, moving so fast and getting everything into position. You'd be such an amazing girlfriend.
'Done. Do I just put it in here?'
'Yeah, then just let it simmer and add the mince.'
He listened to your words, and shortly after ended up scrapping together a pretty neat lasagna. He was quite shocked with what a small bit of help could really do. But he didn't wanna touch it, knowing that you helped him make it, you put love into this...
'Taste test?' You cupped your hands infront of yourself, rolling on your toes slightly as you waited for him to take a bite.
'I'm not really that hungry, I'll eat in a bit...'
He knew he wasn't gonna eat. He just couldn't touch such perfection, not when someone as beautiful as you was around him.
Grabbing a chair you say next to him, head leaned into your hand as you peered at him, his green eyes staring back at you admirably.
'Now that I think about it I might've trusted you a bit too easily. For all I know you could be a mass murderer.' You chuckled.
It's true you really were stupid.
'Yeah, luckily I'm not though...just a standard volleyball player after all.'
Blunt humour had you chuckling, the sound of your giggling was like music to his ears.
He loved how much you spoke. How a simple question about what you study was enough to have you blabbering for the next hour. Suna was always a listener. He's all ears for you. The giddy amph in your voice had him swooned, enough to have him wrapped around your finger.
The clock was ticking, time was passing. Sighting upwards you saw it was almost 1am. You needed to return home at this point, at a strangers home till the new strike of day? Are you stupid.
'Thankyou suna... your house is beautiful i really do appreciate it...' you smile. Pretty eyes looking up into his. Shimmering gloss in your pupils, his hooded lids stupor into yours.
'Thankyou for teaching me how to cook, I'll put that to use...'
‘Ah no problem, better than you using your phone all the time. I'm really sorry about, you know, your phone screen...' you grit, completely forgetting about what made you come here in the first place. But never had suna ever been so happy for any type of damage towards his phone.
'The lasagna made up for it. Honestly.'
The lasagna he couldn't touch because of you.
Waving a hand you was about to walk off, but he couldn't let you. You couldn't leave, not when you were so domestic. You cant lead him on like this surely? It might be a bit entitled but suna deserves atleast a kiss on the cheek or something?! He's a celebrity sparing his time for YOU. What does he do?! Quick suna THINK THINK SHES GOING AWAY-
Waking up dizzy you felt your head spin, body unmoving as you felt your legs go weak, cunt throbbing harshly as something was plugged at your cunt.
'Wh- ah- AH-'
'Fuck- your finally awake hm...'
Looking up through hooded eyes you manage to see the outline of suna, sweat dripping down his forehead as his hands cupped around your waist, your body stripped naked as you were relaxed against his chest, cock warming him .
'What's going on?! GET OFF OF ME?!' You screamed attempting to push yourself off but his grip was way too harsh, he smiled at the sight of you being so spoilt.
'No way. I've waited far too long for you.'
His lips move to attach to your neck, your head slinging back giving him more space to move as he rolled his hips gently inside of you. You beginning to feel the knot in your stomach come together as much as you tried not too.
'You'd be such a pretty house wife y/n. Cooking and cleaning, serving me. I promise I'll pay well. I'll treat you so- so fuck-fucking good-'
His fingers trailed up your body, stroking at your nipple as his lips moved lower towards your stomach, gentle kisses placed around you as your back arched into his touch. Head spinning from the concussion.
'You cant expect me not to pay you back...knowing my orders? Always greeting me with a smile... teaching me how to cook. Your so sweet to me.'
His hips thrusted harsh inside of you. A moan ripping aloud as your eyes fell back at the feeling of his ripped girth inside of you. The more you attempted to reject him the better he made you feel.
'Suna no- no pl- ah- please... I don't want this..' you refused. Gentle hands pushing against his chest as he began fucking inside of you. Sloppy sex noises filling the room as you reluctantly began biting your lip, tits moving up and down with every slow hit he made. Your clit untouched and puffy.
'You do baby...I know you do...'
Slamming you on and off of him he built up the pace rapidly. Lips attaching to yours, fingers pinching your jaw open whilst his tongue explored your mouth. The taste of black coffee lingered on your tongue as he couldn't help but smirk at your bitter expression. Laying you down on the bed his hips rocked faster, your arms mindlessly moving to cup around his neck as your wet pussy clamped around him. Moans finding their way down his throat, his dick urging for the need to cum inside of you. To make you his...
A slap to your face had you whimpering, eyes streaming with tears at this point. Doe eyes staring up at him as he spat down your throat, smirking at how you spit mixed with his.
'Complain again and your getting whipped I Promise. Your so pretty when you cry baby...'
You felt yourself nearing your end, body shaking as he kept kissing you. His soft lips prodding at you as your legs began to shake, pussy quenching at the feeling of your g spot being repeatedly hit. Body not processing the idea of what's going on right now as your salty tears streamed down into your mouths.
‘Yea- yeah…’ you cooed, tongue lolling out slightly as your drool fell onto the blankets under you. Your fingers intertwining into sunas hair as his growled ripped down your throat. Fingers harshly tweezing at your nipples as you began to cry harder at what’s going on. You couldn’t stop this, not with how good he was making you feel right now.
‘Sun-suna I’m g-gonna cum…’ you babbled, heavy panting shared between the two of you coherently.
‘Good girl baby I knew you could take me…c-cum princess…’
His praise had you swelling, forgetting all about his despicable behaviour, the knot in your stomach breaking as your back arched off the bed, tits pushing into his chest as you gushed all over him, juices spilling out as he did the same. Mixed cum dripping down your legs as his head fell on your shoulder, teeth slightly sinking into your shoulder.
‘Suna- why…’ you cried. Body finally realising what’s happening…
‘It’s for your own good y/n. You need me…I need you… please baby.’
His guilt trip was enough for you to give in so easily. You did have a little crush on the celebrity. You knew you did, and he would treat you well… right…
Submitting to him, the smile on his face was enough to make your day. His frantic kissing around your mouth and cheek had you smiling, body dumbified to the way he just molested you. But it’s okay right? He did it because he loves you.
He loves you. You love him…
Everybody makes mistakes…
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