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#suna rintarou
inarizahki · a day ago
PLS HAIKYUU HUSBANDS + PICKING THEM UP WHEN THEY’RE DRUNK pt 2 with Osamu, Suna and whoever else!! Samu would def get the munchies and make you take him to get fast food at 3am
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cast: osamu, suna, matsukawa, hanamaki, ushijima, aone, meian, futakuchi, tsukishima, hinata warnings: alcohol a/n: again, drink responsibly kids
[pt. 1]
Tumblr media
wants you take him to his restaurant because why spend money when he can just make his own food. only problem is he’s swaying like a tube man and would be a danger to himself and all his fingers if knives are involved, so you drive to a convenience store instead.
“that looks disgusting.”
you pause midway in lifting the food to your mouth and sigh, “it’s a convenience store onigiri, ‘samu. it’s not supposed to be gourmet.”
“bet the filling tastes like- like piss,” osamu slurs, glaring at the offending thing in your hand. “the s’nothin’ like kita’s...”
“no one’s rice is like kita’s.” you roll your eyes and take a bite. 
osamu falls silent, looking all kinds of betrayed, before glancing at your mouth and mumbling, “is it better than mine?”
“of course not. can’t even compare.” 
his chest puffs up. “knew you had taste. s’why i married ya.”
drinks until he’s out like a light. no one can wake him up except you and when you do, it’s only barely. clings to you like a koala by draping himself over you, but he’s gigantic and heavy, so atsumu and osamu have to help carry him to your car.
“rin,” when you pull up into the driveway and round the front of the car to open the passenger seat door, you giggle at the sight of suna’s head lolling back against the headrest. “baby, wake up. we’re home.”
“riiin,” you whine sweetly, leaning forward to brush your nose against his cheek, “wake uuup.”
you nearly shriek when a hand wraps around your wrist and tugs hard, pulling you into the car and onto suna’s lap. warm lips ghost over the skin on your neck.
“let’s just stay here for a bit.”
just can’t keep his hands off you. sidles up to you when you arrive, grabs at your waist, presses his face into your neck, nips at your earlobes, murmurs the filthiest things in your front of all his friends with absolutely no ounce of shame.
“why...why’re you wearing so many clothes...” matsukawa mumbles against your skin, “take ‘em off for me, doll...”
“issei, your friends are right there.”
“...they can watch if they like,” a hand slips under your top, the other trailing up your thigh, “but no touching. you’re mine.”
“issei!” heat rushes to your cheeks and when you look up...
“makki, put your phone away, i swear to god.”
a lot more vocal than normal, rambles on and on as you pretend you know what he’s talking about. tries to pee anywhere and everywhere and you have to physically stop him from doing it in places where he could actually get arrested.
“i can’t talk to you like this, ‘hiro,” you looks up towards the sky, trying not to hear what’s going on in the bushes in front of you.
“like what?” 
“oh my god, don’t turn around!” you shriek at the sight of him about to face you, his hand still on his dick.
“oh my bad,” hanamaki turns back around and sighs, doing a little jiggle to finish up. “man. i should marry you. you’d be good for me i bet.”
“‘ did marry me.”
“...really?” hanamaki turns and squints, finally done, propping his hands up on his hips. you sigh at the sight of his unzipped fly being proudly displayed. “well can i do it again? i don’t remember.”
looks sober until he opens his mouth and starts talking about the strangest topics. gives everyone whiplash because he smiles. and blushes.
“my wife...” ushijima starts, staring down at the empty glass in his hands with a small smile, “is very beautiful.”
“yes i know,” tendou sighs. “she’s very beautiful and smells like heaven and you’re so very much in love with her. i’ve got the powerpoint presentation memorized.”
“she’s also standing right behind you.”
the absolute sweetest, follows you obediently into your car when you arrive to pick him up, shakes his head when koganegawa pleads for him to hang out a little while longer. a little clumsy and uncoordinated and hovers over you like a lost puppy the entire night.
“’nobu,” you chuckle and bat away his big hands, “i got this.”
he lets out a displeased grunt and you smile, leaning forward to kiss away the frown on his lips before finishing your task of helping him out of his jacket.
you place a hand on his chest, pushing him back until he’s lying down on the bed. “get some rest, love.”
"you’re...not coming?” 
“i’ll be right there,” you whisper, pulling the blankets over him and rubbing his arm, “promise.”
is usually surrounded by msby fans when you arrive because his height and looks unfortunately make him far too recognizable. so charming it’s like he’s not drunk at all, but you know him well enough to spot the signs.
“ah,” meian blinks at the sight of you before his face breaks out into a wide grin, “here for an autograph too, beautiful?”
giggles burst out of the group of fans around him.
you arch your eyebrow at him, unimpressed. “you already gave me your autograph. on our marriage papers.”
the giggles grow in volume.
"i see.” meian looks a lot more sober now and straightens, nodding gravely. “i suppose we should consummate that tonight then.”
sarcasm and disrespect dialed up to a hundred. tries to pick a fight with everyone but it’s not very effective because he just sounds ridiculous, so no one really pays attention to him.
“don’t touch my girl.”
“oh my god,” you drag your fingers down your face, “enough, kenji, get in the car. let’s go.”
“i’m serious,” futakuchi’s barely even standing, bracing himself heavily against the open car door. he points at the man he’s talking to. “don’t touch her.”
“kenji, that’s aone.”
“she married me, see. you...y’can’t have her.”
“kenji, he was your best man.”
annoyed drunk. hates everything and everyone...except you. you’re alright. 
“so you don’t get lost,” tsukishima explains when he grabs your hand, scowling down at you like that’s something you do on a regular basis. “...dummy.”
“kei...” you try not to laugh when he nearly trips over a fire hydrant. “you can barely walk.”
“yeah and?”
“nothing,” you shrug innocently, “just thinking maybe holding my hand is more for your benefit.”
“don’t be stupid.”
“excuse me?”
“...nothing.” tsukishima looks away with a slight flush on his cheeks and mumbles, “...sorry. didn’t mean it.”
the human equivalent of the heart eyes emoji. so unbelievably bubbly and excited. flushed cheeks, wide eyes, looks at you like he’s falling in love with you all over again.
“you’re really pretty.”
“awww, thank you, baby.”
“i’m a professional volleyball player, did you know?”
“yes shou,” you reply with the patience of a saint, all too familiar with this routine, “you play for the black jackals. you play for team japan.”
he doesn’t seem to hear you. “m’gonna win big ‘n become successful...”
“you were in the olympics last year, shou.”
“...‘n i’m gonna marry you one day.”
“we are married, sweetie.”
Tumblr media
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lace-bun · a day ago
their kinks → multifandom
Tumblr media
including; haikyuu!! men, bnha men, jjk men
warnings; hair pulling, daddy kink, implied pussy eating
a/n; my hottie iwaizumi is included ♥︎
Tumblr media
→ hair pulling, simply tangling your fingers into their hair with his throaty groans echoing around the room. he was fucking you deliciously. watching your face contort to cry out in ecstasy. especially when he eats you out, hearing your bodies pretty sounds just for him.
— iwaizumi hajime, choso, kuroō tetsuro, osamu miya, toji fushiguro, atsumu miya, yamaguchi tadashi, asahi azumane, todoroki shoto, shigaraki tomura, kageyama tobio, hinata shoyou, hanamakki takihiro
→ calling his name, voice becoming hoarse from his name being repeated over and over. never enough because everything feels too good, too much. leaving you sobbing and drenched for more. whining and crying out with mixed moans. the filthy sound of skin slapping leaves you both breathless with lust.
— oikawa torū, gojo satorū, ushijima wakatoshi, nanami kentō, daichi sawamura, yuji terushima, nishinoya yuū, kirishima eijirou, kaminari denki, kita shinsuke, akaashi keiji, izuku midoriya, itadori yuji
→ daddy, just say that. beg for him, your daddy. the one that can please you all the time. anyday. words like “only i can make you feel this good.” the daddy that makes you look at him when you cum, just to watch you come undone before him. he knows you love it, don’t be a brat and let daddy please you.
— sero hanta, suna rintarou, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto kotaro, bakugo katsuki, dabi, geto suguru, matsukawa issei
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renaissansse · 2 days ago
Suna Rintarou thirst please
Tumblr media
Suna Rintarou loves that you’re his plaything. He loves filling you up with cum, not letting you breathe while he loads you with one fill after another, your pussy straining to keep all of it in, your tight walls clenching every time he so much as feather touches your cunt. He loves manhandling you, even though you are not that small, laying you on his lap and staining your ass red and in the shape of his hand, soothing the sore spot with his palm and soft kisses on the sensitive flesh. Suna loves seeing you desperately rutting up his thigh, when he just wants to see you drooling for that cock, mocking you and asking “Already tired, honey? But you haven’t even gotten the real deal, yet.” Rintarou loves seeing you tear up because he is not done with you, and keeps on fucking you hard and slow, changing up paces but still feeling your pussy tightening around his length, trying to keep the orgasm from coming and once again breaking that wall and making you wail out of your throat, “Rin, please please,” at which he goes: “What love? Use your words.”
He loves feeling you desperate, needy around him, and he kisses your teary eyes better, soothing you in a very tender way, in fierce contrast with his hip thrusts shaking the bed under you.
Tumblr media
send me a character for a thirst / smut headcanon.
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mavrintarou · 13 hours ago
Lord Suna Rintarou [1]
Previously titled - When the Cherry Blossom Blooms. I did some slight changes. I'm cutting this mini-series down to two parts, was previously three.
Characters/pairing: Suna Rin x Y/N (f); Miya Atsumu x Y/N Warning: physical abuse; ridiculous society norms (I made it up but still); mentions of prostitution; s m u t (like lots of it)
Ochaya = tea house
(18+) Minors please, please, please don't read... I'd feel awful if you do.
You winced, dropping down onto your knees before Lord Suna Rintarou and whom you now know, Lady Suna Reina.
You were on your way back from the market when a rice bag went over your head and your hands were bound behind your back. You fought regardless until a fist landed against your jaw, knocking you out.
The rice bag over your head is jerked off and you’re blinded by the last sunlight of the day. Above you the wind blows a few cherry blossoms leaves at you.
“That’s her, onii-chan.” Lady Reina sneer, “she’s the one who made my favorite kimono dirty and gave me this black eye.”
Lord Suna diverts his gaze back at you, his eyes roam over your face before he says, “you know I could have you hanged for touching a noble member?”
You remain silent, that was your best option. You flex your jaw, feeling it ache terribly. It wasn’t broken, at least.
A hand gently lifts your chin upward and you winced. You looked straight into Lord Suna’s green eyes. His eyes narrowed down at you, “who hit her?”
“Uh… I did, my Lord.” Your eyes dart quickly at the guard. “She had struggle too much… and we couldn’t control her so… I did… what was best.”
He turns his attention back to you, “why did you touch my sister?”
“Because she bullied an innocent child for accidently running into her and then proceed to insult the child even after they had apologized.”
His brow rose and he turns to look at his sister whose eyes shown guilt and fear. “I… I forgot to mention that part,” she mumbles nervously.
Lord Rintarou’s eyes shut momentarily as he sighs deeply, “I apologize, my sister… she is troublesome.” He takes a step back and orders the guards, “release her.”
“Onii-chan, you’re just going to let her off like that?!”
He points a finger at her, “you are banned from leaving the premises alone for the next month. I’m tired of the trouble you have caused me.”
She glared at you before stalking away.
The ropes tied around your wrist drops and you rub the raw burned skin from the many attempts to free yourself.
“Fetch me the aid kit.”
You lift yourself up and turn to leave when a hand grabs your elbow. “Wait.”
You jerk away, “don’t touch me.”
The guard launches forward, “how dare you speak –“
Your fist moved fast and landed an uppercut punch before he could finish his sentence. He stumbled a few steps back before eyes rolling back and collapsing. You eyed the other guard who is completely shocked at what just happened.
Lord Rintarou raised his hands in surrender.
“Am I free to go?”
With his hands still held up he asked, “may I guide you back?”
Your head cocks to the side, “no you may not. I’ll be fine.” You turn your heels and freeze, everything before you look like a maze. “How do I get out of here?”
. .
“What is your name?”
You wanted to tell him that he did not need to worry about a peasant class person like you but refrained from saying it. “My name is Y/l/n Y/f/n, my Lord,” you answered quietly.
“I’m sorry my little sister caused you trouble,” he said softly.
“You have nothing to apologize for, my Lord. I should apologize, I didn’t mean to… punch her in the face. I will accept the consequences for touching Lady Reina.”
He remains silent but continues to walk beside you.
You stopped and turned to face him, “this is good enough; I can find my way back.”
When you had no idea how to get out of his property, he chuckled and led the way to his gates and followed you for more than 10-minutes now.
He stepped forward and you became aware of exactly howclose he is to you. You kept your posture and eyes on him.
You are alerted the moment his hand slowly raised, and it touched your cheek, “I will punish him for touching you. No man should hit a woman.” You almost leaned into his touch but caught yourself. “This does not take back the pain he inflected on you, but I never ordered him to hit you. I merely said, ‘bring her to me.’” His thumb rubs your cheekbone and oddly, it was nice to have his cold hand against your aching cheek.
Lord Suna’s sharp eyes are distinctive. He is lean and incredibly tall- like many nobles, his hair is tied up into a bun at the top of his head. You’ve seen him once or twice at the ochaya-house but never made eye contact or conversated with him.
Realization hit you and you take a step back, his hand freezing in midair where he was just touching you. “The night is cold, my Lord, you should return.”
“What kind of Lord would I be to allow a lady to walk alone late now?”
“If I can punch my Lady’s guard and knock him out, you have nothing to worry about.” You bowed quickly before walking away.
. .
The moment you stepped into the ochaya-house; your aunt’s eyes widen. “What happened to you?” You flinched when she touches your face and examines it. She runs her hand along your body, “who hurt you?”
“I’m fine,” you assure with a lopsided smile. Your sisters, your geisha sisters, all look at you with worried eyes and you smile assuring them silently that you are fine.
It was some convincing before your aunt finally rest the subject. She shooed everyone back to their rooms and station before forcing you to sit so she could apply ointment to your face.
“Lord Miya has been waiting for you, he was about to send his guards to find you.”
You rolled your eyes, “is he drunk again? Tell him to go home.”
You’ve made acquaintance with Lord Miya Atsumu a few weeks ago when he arrived at the ochaya-house quite drunk. He was a regular customer here but that particular day when you made eye contact with him at the front counter, his eyes sparkle.
He stalked towards you drunk and you straighten up, alert. He traps you against the wall, “so, who are you? I haven’t seen you before…” his tone is full of flirtation.
You resist the urge to roll your eyes, you’ve met Lord Miya manytimes. He would often come a few times in a week requesting for your best friend Kiko who is a geisha but provided other services as well.
“Lord Miya, I think you have mistaken, we have met many times.”
He lowers his head until he’s eye level with you, “yes, but you won’t tell me your name...”
You are positive that he knew what your name is. “I am no geisha, just an counter assistant, you don’t need to worry about me, my Lord.” You smile.
His next movement has you stunned; he drops his head onto your shoulder and groans. “Don’t smile at me like that.” Your body tensed as he mumbles, “I’m happy… I’m happy you’re not a geisha or more… because I want you all to myself.”
Only a handful of the regular customer’s knew that the ochaya-house your aunt operated and the geisha she employed would offer more than just entertainment. It was at the geisha’s own comfort if she choose to advance more service and whatever amount she earned was all hers to keep.
Lord Miya seek you out every time he arrived. Always asking if you would join him for the night. And always, your answer was no.
Every geisha drooled over him, wishing he choose them.
“He really likes you,” your best friend, Kiko teases. “He only chooses me every night, but he doesn’t touch me, he likes to ask me about you, and he knows that you’re always on the watch for me.”
You look at your aunt with tired eyes, “I had an eventful day, I’m going to rest for the night.”
She nods and you walk past her to take the back door to the stairs when you spot Lord Atsumu standing against the wall with his arms crossed.
He is upset, his jaw is tensed and sharp, sharper than usual.
You exhale softly, needing to deal with him regardless. “Good evening, my Lord.” You bow your head, “please excuse me, I’m going to retire for the night.” You send him a lopsided smile, hoping he wouldn’t question anything.
When he doesn’t respond, you take a step around him, but he blocks your path and growls, “who touched you?”
For someone who is always taking every opportunity to tease and flirt with you, it was shocking to see this side of him.
You opened your mouth but nothing came out and so you uttered, “it’s a long story but there nothing to worry about, my Lord.”
He inhales, chest rising, “I’m going to ask one more time,” his eyes lock with yours, “who touched you?”
In the short amount of time that you’ve known Lord Miya, he will never let something go if he has his mind set on it. If he wants it, then he gets it, there’s no use to fight with him.
Lord Miya is a ball of headache, and you didn’t have the energy to endure it tonight.
You rub your forehead before answering quietly, “it was the guard of Lady Suna.”
“Lady Suna? As in Lord Suna Rintarou’s younger sister?”
You nod your head. “I took care of it, do not worry.”
His whole demeanor changed instantly, his eyes soften, and he takes a step closer to you. His hand raises to barely touch your bruised cheek, “how can I not worry when it comes to you?”
Your heart skipped thrice as fast.
. .
The following morning, you seat yourself beside Kiko, aware of all the eyes on you. “Why is everyone looking at me?”
Kiko sips her miso soup before responding, “you were the talk of the night, Lord Suna came in requesting for you.” She wiggles her brows at you, leaning onto your shoulder. “Lord Miya and Lord Suna… what have you’ve done to these men to have them both falling at your feet?”
“He came here?!” You nudged her off your shoulder, “I’ve done absolutely nothing to them. You of all should know I lay as low as possible.”
“Low beneath them?” Your eyes glare at your best friend and she giggles, “Lord Suna left as soon as you left home, but he was requesting for you. I don’t think he knows you’re not a geisha.”
. .
You were hand washing your clothes when another geisha came to you, “Lord Miya Atsumu is here for you, I have him waiting in the main room.”
You looked at Kiko who’s just as surprised as you. It has been a few days since you last saw him.
It isn’t normal for nobles to come to the ochaya-house during the day. Or at least, not that you were aware of.
You dried your hands and quickly muttered to Kiko you’ll be right back.
Outside the main room, you made a quick announcement before entering.
You bowed, “good afternoon my Lord.” You stand straight, “how can I help you?”
You notice he’s frowning… and eyes are set somewhere else.
That’s when you realized what you were wearing. It was an old yukata you altered above your knees, that is now at mid-thighs to you. It would be too revealing for any outsider to see. You only wear it on laundry days.
Your naked legs were bare for him to feast on.
You were about to bolt out the room when he shouts, “wait!”
The way the light hit in the room, you can see his shadow coming closer to you and it towers over you. He so close, you can feel him pressed against your backside. “Can I… can I request… for you tonight?” Your breath hitched and he quickly adds, “I just want your company, so, may I request for your company tonight?”
“I’m not –“
“I know you’re not,” he cuts you off, the tip of his nose buries into your loose braided hair. “Which is why… I’m requesting tonight you meet me outside of the ochaya-house as you, just you?”
. .
“So, what did you say?!” Kiko and a few other close geishas all had their attention on to you. Everyone surrounds around you and your bucket of soaked clothes.
“I said, tell me the place and time and I will try to come.”
They all gasped, “how could you? I would have said, let’s go right now!”
You look at Kiko grimly, “I know you would have said that, but me, I still have my clothes to wash.”
Words went around the okiya fast. Everyone pestered you about your answer, whether you were going to meet him or not. Your aunt even released you of duty tonight so you can go meet him.
“I like him.” She tells you, combing your hair.
Looking at her through the mirror, you rolled your eyes. “Of course, you would, he’s a sore to the eye.”
She gasps, “I’m offended for Lord Miya, he’s not a sore, he’s definitely a sight to the eye.” She sets the comb down, “do you know Lord Suna Rintarou?”
You turn around, “not really, why?”
“He came in the other day,” you nod your head, you knew that much. “He requested for you, but I told him you are not part of the list of geishas and for him to pick another girl. He insisted on you and was willing to pay thousands of yen for you.”
“Like…” you look at your aunt with confusion, “to sleep with me?”
Your aunt, your only surviving family left, pushes your hair behind your ear. “You do not need to worry about him.”
. .
You refused to wear anything formal to meet Lord Miya. Your sisters gave you an earful until you changed into something they all approved. In the end, you left your home in a simple navy-blue kimono held together with a silver sash and your hair in a loose updo.
You see Lord Miya sitting in the corner of a high profile teahouse. As if you two planned on it, he is also in a navy-blue kimono with a black haori and as usual, his blond hair cleanly combed.
He was just about to sip his tea when he must of have sensed your presence and looked up. He smiled and gave you a court nod.
“I really thought you weren’t going to come?” His smile is charming, “you look different today.” He gesture for you to sit across from him.
You seat yourself in front of him. It felt out of place for you to be there with someone like him. “I wasn’t –“ you were cut off when someone called out Lord Miya’s name.
You didn’t have to look to know whose voice that belonged to.
Annoyance immediately washed over his face as he looks past you. You remained where you are, not bothering to face the young Lady. “Lady Reina, what are you doing here?”
“Who… are you here with?”
With every polite bone in you, you turned around and bowed your head and greeted, “good evening Lady Reina.”
Her eyes widen at you, and she looks back and forth at you and Lord Miya, “Lord Miya, you’re here… with her?”
“Reina, what are you –“ Lord Suna Rintarou turns the corner and halt, his sharp eyes on you and Lord Miya before quietly greeting, “Miya and Y/n…” he nods his head at you both.
You nod your head in return, exhaling quietly. Why did the air feel so heavy?
Lord Suna clears his throat. “Come, we have somewhere to be.”
Lady Reina pouts before walking away. Lord Suna stood still, looking directly at you for a few seconds. “You will meet me at my compound tomorrow, I thought of a punishment for you.”
. .
The rest of your remaining time with Lord Miya was ruined. Even if you did try to engage with Lord Miya, your mind kept falling back on Lord Suna’s last words.
What was your punishment?
A large hand touched yours from across the table. “Do not fear, I will talk to Lord Suna.”
You knew the meaning behind his words, he would try to talk Lord Suna from punishing you.
You gave him a nod, silently thanking him.
Even if Lord Miya could not help you escape from this punishment, you will still have to own up to your own fault.
The evening was cold, and Lord Miya insist on walking you home. You tug the pin that held your hair up and shook your head until your hair fallen loose to cover your ears.
A hand locked around your shoulder and tugged you over. You nearly tripped on your feet as you collide into Lord Miya’s side. “I’ll keep you warm.”
You attempt to pull away, but he held you still, “Lord Miya, this would not look appropriate if anyone –”
“It’s late, who is going to be out… here?”
You frown at his speech and followed his gaze to see Lord Suna standing no more than 20-feet away. Was that a scowl on his face?
You shove Lord Miya and quickly composed yourself.
“Suna, what are you doing here at this time?”
You silently gasp, you have noticed that they’ve been informal with each other. Feeling the atmosphere is tense, you bow to Lord Miya, “I’ll take my leave now, thank you for your treat tonight. Have a goodnight, my Lord.”
Lord Suna is now standing on the opposite side of Lord Miya and right beside you. “Can I have a word with you, in private?”
Your stare at him puzzled, “won’t I see you tomorrow?”
“I changed my mind,” he looks down at you, his mouth opens but he gets disrupted by another voice.
“Lord Miya and Lord Suna, what are you guys doing out this late?”
To your left you can hear Lord Miya inhales sharply, “Lord Kita, I was just walking Y/n-chan here back home.”
“I was going to have a conversation with Y/n-chan,” Lord Suna answers quietly.
You have no idea who this Lord Kita is, but you felt intimidated by this silver hair man.
“Good evening, Lord Kita,” you greeted quietly. A smaller figure peeks behind him, his Lady? She smiles at you, and you bow your head.
You felt little under his gaze, but he nods his head at you.
You turn slightly to Lord Miya, “I am going to have a word with Lord Suna. Thank you for tonight and I’ll see you… next time.”
Lord Miya did not seem to hear you, he is glaring straight at Lord Suna.
“Is there something wrong here?” Lord Kita inquire, stepping in between.
“Nothing,” Lord Suna answers sharply, turning his attention to you. “Ready to go?”
He doesn’t wait for you to answer and grabs your hand, leading you in the opposite direction of your home.
It was ten minutes of silence, and he held your hand the entire time.
Your surrounding became unfamiliar, where was he taking you?
“Lord –“ you words cut off as he spins around so fast and jerks against his chest.
“Are you sleeping with Miya?”
“What?” you snapped, eyes piercing yours. You jerk and push against him but failed. “Let go this instant.”
In a flash, you’re pinned against the concrete wall. He was quick and easily pinned both your wrists above your head with one of his large hands.
His body was much larger than yours, pinning you against the wall is effortless.
His other hand grips your jaw, forcing you to look up at him. “Don’t do anything stupid, you know very well, if you do anythingmy words are higher than yours.”
His threat is full of truth and all you can do is glare at him.
His hand eases at your jaw and he lowers his head so he’s eye level with you. “I’m going to ask again, are you sleeping with Miya?”
“No,” you growl.
He lets out what sounded like a sigh.
The back of your head smacks against the concrete wall hard but you’re frozen on the spot as Lord Suna’s mouth is on yours.
His lips move shamelessly against yours before he mutters, “open your mouth.”
You remained silent, sealing your lips tighter if anything.
Something sparks in his eyes, and he smirks before kissing you again. His teeth nips your lower lip hard. You wince and cry out as he slips his tongue past your lips. He let’s go of your wrists and holds your face in a death grip.
Your wrists drop by your side, refraining from jabbing your fists into his stomach.
Your eyes shut tightly. It’ll be over soon.
Lord Suna’s lips soften on yours, his tongue danced with yours in a silent tune. He’s making your head spin and body flushed in heat.
A soft moan echoes from your mouth and you’re clinging on to him.
He pulls away and you’re both breathless. Your lips are numb, and you feel faint.
You look at the smear red blotch at the corner of his mouth.
His forehead knocks against yours and he cups your cheeks. One thumb grazes your busted lip, and you wince. He pecks your lips gently, silently apologizing.
“Share my bed,” he whispers.
You sink his request in before quietly asking, “is this my punishment?”
Something flickers in his eyes and finally he answers, “yes.”
“And I will owe you nothing afterwards?”
Without hesitation, “fine.”
. .
Your hand tightens around the edges of kimono Lord Suna provided you. You entered into what looks to be his private bathroom.
He’s sitting in the large tub with his back facing you.
Your aunt is a retired oiran that was once a geisha in her early years. She has raised you since you were young and was aware that she would disappear most nights.
It wasn’t until you 8-years old when you walked in on your aunt having sex with one of her clients.
Since then, she kept you out of that society as much as she could.
But now as an almost 24-year-olds, you have yet to experience any sort of intimacy.
Just an hour ago, your first kiss was stolen…
And now you are going to give your virginity away to have your life spared.
“Join me in the tub.”
The night was cold as steam emitted from the hot water.
You walked over to the other side of the tub to face him. He rests his arms on the ledge of the tub, watching you with hooded green eyes. His hair is down and is long, resting on his shoulders.
Your hands tremble as you slip off the thin kimono, dropping and pooling at your feet. You grab the ledge of the wooden tub and stepped in.
“Come here.”
You tread over and his hands shoot to tug you onto his lap. Your hands darts to grip his shoulders and an audible gasp leaves your lips. His bare chest is pushed against yours and your nipples harden immediately.
His eyes shift along your body and his lips comes down to kiss you briefly before they hungrily move to your jaw and neck, nipping at every chance.
Your head naturally tilts back to allow him access as his tongue licks along your neck to your collarbone.
Beneath the water, his hand is pushing your thighs apart and the tip of his finger slides along your pussy. Your legs clamp down on his hand, but he pushes them open and pushes a finger past your folds.
“My… Lord…” you gasped, tensing against his body.
Your nails digging into his shoulder as he chuckles against your throat. “Relax.”
He withdraws his finger, and you sigh at the emptiness, but it wasn’t long before he pushed it back inside of you, and repeating.
Your jaw drops and your breath quickens.
Lord Suna growls and has you straddling his lap instantly, your knees on each side of his thick thighs. Your chest is out of the water and at level with his face- giving him the opportunity to take a nipple into his mouth and suckles.
Your hands still grip his shoulder for leverage and you shamedly rocked your hips on his finger. He adds another finger and you flinched for a second before adjusting.
You bite your lower lip, holding in the lewd moans that’s trying to escape.
Lord Suna releases your battered nipple and glances up at you with the same hooded eyes, “touch me.”
Confusion stamped all over your face and he takes your hand off his shoulder and plunges it back onto the water, your small hand touches something and he guides your hand to grasp it. “Touch me.” He tells you again and you understood.
You lower yourself slightly to have a better angle to stroke his cock. His head falls back, his Adam’s apple throbbing and poking out definably.
His hand that’s still fingering you withdraws and pressing down on the sensitive nub and rubs roughly. You almost doubled over him, gasping.
Lord Suna lifts his head, and his hands grip your waist and pull you against him. Your hand releases his cock, and they grip the edge of the tub.
He keeps his eyes locked with yours as he fumbles below the water. He guides your hips down and you feel something much thicker poking where his fingers were.
Your body trembles you sink down on his cock. You fall forward against Lord Suna, holding on to him as his cock stretches you in ways you’ve never imagine before.
Kiko once told you that the first time will hurt but it’ll get better.
He pushes you away from his chest and grips your jaw and kisses you fiercely.
A string of saliva dingle from his mouth to yours when he pulls away, “ride me.”
You grip his shoulders again and using it as leverage as you lift yourself and lowering yourself back onto his cock. Each time it got easier and smoother.
Lord Suna’s face is buried between the valley of your breast and suddenly notice all the blotches of bite marks on your chest.
Your moans were slowly getting louder as you would lower yourself each time on his cock.
You yelp at the sudden pain from your chest as he releases your nipple. He gives you no warning as he shoves you down on his cock and hooks his arms under your knees, lifting you out of the water. Your arms lock around his neck and he carries you out of the tub.
Quiet whimpers echo off your lips with each step he took, his cock thrust with each movement.
With his foot he slides open a different door that you came in earlier.
You glance at this room and instantly knew it was his private chamber.
He carries you over to his futon mattress and lays you down, disregarding your wet bodies.
“My Lord, we’re still –”
He silences you with a kiss and rolls his hip, hitting you deeply that you accidently bit down on his lip. He pulls away with wide eyes before smirking. He grabs both your legs and pushes them forward, bending you in half.
Your moans echoes loudly before you cover your mouth with your hands.
He hooks your leg over his shoulders and grabs both your hands, locking them down beside your head as he begins to pound into your pussy fast, his hips snapping and slapping yours.
“My L—ord—”
“Rin.” He growls, “call me Rin.”
Tiny tingle fills your lower abdomen, and it gets stronger by the second. Lord Suna’s thrusts are becoming erratic, and his moans are becoming louder.
“Say my name,” he orders. His long hair falling over his shoulders and the ends touch your face..
At last, “Rin,” you breathed, falling over the edge as you tremble helplessly below him.
He drops, kissing you, teeth clinging and tongue dancing as he manages one last thrust before cumming.
. .
You’re not sure how long you have been staring at Lord Suna sleep.
His face rest facing you with an arm tucked underneath your neck and the other wrapped loosely yet heavy over your waist. His long hair laid lusciously fanned over his shoulder while you surely believe yours is proof that last night, Lord Suna Rintarou took you to the moon and back.
Beneath the layers of clothing, you would have never guessed that Lord Suna possessed such wide shoulders, strong arms, and thick thighs.
The early break of dawn is trying to peak through his closed windows and that was your sign you needed to leave.
You gently lift his hand off your waist and try to slide your leg from underneath his. You sat up, wincing at your aching body. You looked around, observing his chamber for any sort of clothing. He had a wardrobe at the other side of the room.
Quietly, you crawled away and carefully, stood up.
Your legs wobbled and attempted to take the first step when something slimy and liquidity drips between your legs. Glancing down, milky white fluids seeps down your inner thighs. You made the mistake of widening your legs to have a better look with a glob of it drops on the floor.
You cringe in disgust.
You spot a kimono robe by the door and limp towards it. You wrapped it around yourself and before you opened the door, you glanced at Lord Suna, who is still in the same position where you left him.
Quietly closing the door behind you, you entered the bathroom chamber again and see the other door you first entered in.
Your heart nearly stopped seeing Lady Reina standing before you, holding your pile of clothes with a confused look.
She raised a brow at you, “you,” she points an accusing finger at, “why are you… coming out of onii-chan’s… private chamber?”
You weren’t sure how you were going to explain yourself.
“Reina, please give her-her clothes.”
Every hair on your body stuck up at the sound of Lord Suna’s voice coming from behind you.
Lady Reina glances between the two of you for a few seconds before walking up to you and handing your items to you and turns away.
A hand wraps around your waist and nose sniffing your messy hair, “why didn’t you wake me up?”
You turned around a jerked out of his hold, you made the mistake to glance down and eyes widen seeing his naked body. Your eyes shut and you hear the door slide shut.
His lips kisses yours and you turned away, opening your eyes, “please leave me to dress.”
He chuckles and takes a step back, “kiss me first.”
You glare at him in disbelief, but he wasn’t going to let you go until you do as he wished.
You lean on the tip of your toes, but barely reached his lips at him standing straight, watching down at you with amusement.
Pushing yourself against his chest, you pull his shoulders, one hand going around the back of his neck and forcing him to lean down. Your lips landed briefly on his before his hands locked around your body, the more you push the harder he held you. His mouth moved hungrily over yours, tongue mingling with yours. His teeth nips your lip again and you jerk away, catching your breath.
He finally lets you go, “go change in my room.”
You didn’t need to be told twice.
. .
Your aunt shouts your name, pulling you back to reality. She grabs your shoulders, examining you. “Where have you’ve been? Why are you disappearing without telling me anything? Lord Miya returned yesterday to look for you and we all were confused- we thought you were with him? We’re you not?” Her eyes search your face, and she whispers, “were you with Lord… Suna?”
Your silence was her answer.
“Correct, she was with me all night,” another voice confirmed.
Your eyes shut tightly, shoulders sinking upon hearing hisvoice.
He gave you some time to change in private. You could see his shadow lingering outside of his bedroom door as he tells you to hurry up every thirty-second or so.
After securing your kimono in place you quietly open another door, seeing it led out to a hallway. You took your chance and escaped.
“Here,” Your eyes widen seeing Lady Reina, who is holding your shoes out to you. “I don’t know what your relationship is with my brother… but you must mean something to him if he brought you here.”
You aren’t sure what she meant by that or aren’t sure of the sudden change in her demeanor, but you thank her, again, and leaving the Suna compound.
And now, he had the nerve to follow you back.
You turned around, “we’re done.”
A brow raised at your comment and his lips curve in a taunting smile. “No, we are not.”
Last night, you witnessed a different side to him, not that you knew him well enough to have seen anything else otherwise… but he showed compassion and actually genuinely smiled at you when you both finally collapse after a few rounds. That was the last thing engraved in your mind and you questioned just how lovely his smile was.
Your aunt pushes you behind her, “what have you’ve done to her?”
You are tired and exhausted and absolutely sore. Walking back… or more like limping back took a toll on you. Your hand tugs on her sash, “it’s nothing, let’s go inside.”
He calls your name, and you look towards him. His eyes locked with yours before he looks at your aunt, “she has gifted me her innocence and I am here to ask you for her hand in marriage.”
Anyone that was within radius heard him and began whispering.
Every bone in you is livid but you took a deep breath, “leave. Now. I don’t to see your face.”
“I do not approve your request.” Your aunt speaks, “I will take care of her honor, you may leave Lord Suna and please do not return ever again.”
The corner of his lips curve, “I’m afraid I cannot do that. After the many times last night, I am sure… she is already with child. I will not allow my heir to be without my care.” Your aunt gasps. “We willmarry, whether you approve or not, as a noble, I am merely letting you know respectfully.”
Lord Suna looks straight at you with a soft yet dangerous expression. “I will come back for you, in the meantime, take care of yourself so our child will be strong. I will have my guards stationed here so, don’t think of running away again. I am aware of what you’re capable of doing.”
> > > @callmeraider @amarinthe
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haikyuuuuuhypeeeee · 2 days ago
Ch. Twenty Two
Note: White Messages: YN POV & Black Messages: Suna POV
⚠️WARNING: Swearing, bullying, defamation, name-calling
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
»»————- ♡ ————-««
A/N: Y’all didn’t think Atsumu would go away quietly did ya? He just HAD to swoop in and try to start shit, but unfortunately for him YN had Suna and some of the student population backing her up and she was NOT gonna take any shit from Atsumu. He’s like the last little fly, trying to buzz around and be annoying and YN just SMACKED him down. Thank you all for reading - next chapter is the LAST (SOB) and it’s going to have a tiny time skip, nothing major! Drink water and get plenty of rest!!!
Taglist: Open! Please send an Ask with the request to be added to the I Know Better SMAU: @psycho-nightrose @camcam1617 @kamalymaly @toobsessedsstuff @shookykookie30 @ara-mitsue @meianshugoswife @babiemay @call-me-lulu @amarinthe @trshex @qualitygiantshoepsychic @turtledoesnotcry @jellien @xmyshya @rintarovibes @myasaaaam @markeu-lii @creepykawass @everytimeswift @justablogforreblogs @kurapikasimpwrites @imarriedachef @pillboxmb @vvvselfindulgence @random-fandom-girl-24 @savantsoulfinder @shakesqueer444 @bakugouswh0r3 @rintsum @hanabihwa @watashi-wanna-die
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9kenma · a day ago
extra ; suna rintarou has it pretty good in life, but he wants more.
Tumblr media
"Are you busy?"
It's been a few months now that you and Suna Rintarou have maintained an unlikely... acquaintance, but hearing his voice on the other side of the line still sends shivers up your spine.
You're not entirely sure they're unpleasant, but when his voice is like that — slightly hoarse, with traces of sleep fighting for control — you lose the capability to think properly. Like right now. You're not entirely sure of anything.
Except yes, you are. You have a blank document open and an application to fill. "Sorry, Suna," you puff up your cheeks with disappointment. "I've got to be productive."
"Hn." You can imagine his pout so vividly. In your mind's eye you zoom out and picture Suna in his natural habitat: lying on his stomach with a blanket pulled over his head like a shawl. There'll be papers stacked neatly on his desk and game controllers strewn carelessly by the foot of his bed.
It's crazy how much you've gotten to know someone so remotely removed from your life 3 months ago, even more when you think about how famous he is around campus. Who would've known that you and the Suna Rintarou would hit it off after working together on a group project? Who could've guessed that, in a drunken, celebratory haze, you and the Suna Rintarou would hook up, and enjoy yourselves so much that it's become a regular thing?
His voice brings you back to the present. "That's unfortunate. I wanna see you."
"Believe me, there's nothing more I'd like than for you to screw my brains out," you laugh, "but I need them right now."
His pause in response makes you feel that you've misspoken, but before you can say anything, he speaks: "We don't have to, you know."
"We don't have to what?"
"Screw your brains out." Apparently Suna senses the glaringly prevalent interpretation of his words, because he is quick to add: "Not that I don't enjoy doing it, I just meant you could come over and be productive."
Now it's your time to fall silent.
The last four times in the past month that you've seen Suna have all ended with the two of you naked. Hanging out without an ulterior motive feels foreign, especially if it's just going to be the two of you in a room quietly working.
Half of you is nervous, because you really do need to finish this application. The other half is anticipatory, maybe because of the aforementioned shivers, or maybe because this signals the beginning of something new in your relationship —
"We don't have to," Suna interrupts your train of thought with a gamely attempt at hiding his disappointment.
"No, I want to," you say. "It's just — I really need to get work done, yeah? So if we'd be productive together, then... then I'd really like to see you, too."
"Okay," and the renewed energy in his voice makes you smile. "Yeah. Let's do that. Um, I can get us coffee and be at yours in 30?"
"I'm looking forward to it."
"Me too." A pause.
"Well, see ya Suna —"
"One more thing," he says.
"Call me Rin."
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heyhoneyybunn · 2 days ago
These were supposed to be phone wallpapers but they were not cooperating 😭 anyways hope you like ❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
©heyhoneyybunn 03/11/2021 All rights reserved. The art may not be reproduced or reposted on any other social media platforms.
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soliloqquist · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
lazy weekends — ft. suna rintarou ▷ content: fluff, very very tiny bit suggestive. ▷ a/n: likes and reblogs are appreciated! i'm very new on here, so if you wanna be moots just hmu! (i need friends ty)
Tumblr media
suna groans into your neck when your phone rings, and as you try to push away from the hold he has on you so you can turn off the alarm, he wraps his arms tighter around you and pulls you back in.
"rin." you sigh, the sleep having left you after laying there and listening to the same alarm go off for the fourth time, snoozing itself and coming back ten minutes later. "can i please. turn it off."
he doesn't answer, instead cuddling even closer into you and exhaling into your skin, eyes shut. you shoot him a glare, even though he couldn't see it. "rin, come on."
"no." he mumbles, finally. it's muffled, because his lips are pressed against your neck still, and his voice is thick and hoarse with sleep - but you manage to pick up his words. "you'll just get up and leave. then it gets cold."
he's so incredibly clingy and looks so childish - and cute, but you're pissed so you push that thought aside - that it's almost difficult to think he'd been so mean last night.
"i need to pee." you mutter, tugging at a strand of his hair.
"sure," he responds in another mumble, unmoving. you sigh, helpless, knowing that your whining for him to let go of you could get as loud as it could, and he'd still ignore it in favor of relishing as long as possible in your warmth and the comfort of your shared bed.
he was always like this on weekends. through the week, as you got through your individually busy and tiring schedules, your bodies and minds would slowly drift towards a longing for the weekend to come, partially for the relief from exhaustion and partially for finally getting the chance to be together again.
with him being a professional athlete, his days were all packed with practise matches and appointments and checkups - and you were yourself a busy person with an equal amount of duties to attend to.
getting two days all to yourself, you wanted to spend as much time as possible with your boyfriend, too.
but the thing was that while you wanted to go out with him, drive over to see the sunrise, have brunch at a beachside restaurant, maybe go see a concert or something - all suna wanted was to sleep in.
you would argue about it sometimes, and most of the time, he'd win. not because he vetoed your wishes, but because he would always do this.
"do you want me to pee on the bed?" you threaten, and he's unfazed, as usual - giving you only a soft hum in reply that could be a yes or a no or a soft snore, you couldn't tell.
defeated, you flop back onto the pillows and let him steal all your warmth.
as you stare down at him, you see how the corners of his mouth twitch up a little, showing off a small smile. the sight softens you, and you mutter a short, fine, and close your eyes.
"only a few minutes, kay." you try one last time. "i have a yoga class at nine."
he sighs, something in between a grunt and a snore, and you have to giggle. you know he'll have you stuck here with him the entire morning, and that you'll only be starting the day around noon. it was the same way every saturday morning, after all.
you should ask your yoga miss to change you to an evening class, you think. because really, though you were acting pissed with him, you missed him just as much as he missed you.
you were just used to staying on track and following through everything you'd set for yourself, and truthfully, without suna here, you might never catch yourself a break.
and it was why you loved him, really. because he was so laidback and easygoing, inert where you were full of drive and activity - the contrast was good for the both of you. symbiotic, you could say, as a friend of yours had pointed out.
as you let your mind wander, you absently curl your fingers into his hair and start playing with it, humming under your breath, and a feeling of peace settles between the two of you.
he stretches out, and pushes the blanket off, muttering to himself that it was too hot now, and you watch the sun coming through the gaps in the curtains fall on his pale skin, lighting up the curves of his muscular form as he moves to a more comfortable position.
you watch him, slowly getting sleepy again, his sharply angled features squished into you as he slept - maybe we can go for a drive around the city limits tonight.
and like he'd heard the thought, he clears his throat, eyes still closed. "i'll take you out to eat tonight."
"okay." you say, and the smile he had on his face widens just a little. your answer is short, but he knows you're happy about the offer.
this was another reason why he always won. he'd get his way, and then he'd let you have yours too. if it wasn't watching the sunrise, then it was watching the sunset. if not a morning coffee date, then it was a late-night boba run.
"okay," you repeat, because yeah, it was fine. the day could wait. your weekend plans could wait. all you needed, all you wanted right now - was to be like this with him. all he wanted was to be like this with you.
sliding down, you squeeze in between his arms and close your eyes, content. and as you fall asleep, you don't notice that the slight tilt of suna's mouth has turned into a big, contented smile.
Tumblr media
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kkyaka · 19 hours ago
A Secret No More
Tumblr media
Summary: Resisting someone is a lot easier said than done
Pairing: Suna Rintarou x black!fem!reader
Warnings: sexual tension, suna's a tease, a little bit of second-hand embarrassment (if you see it that way), wet dreams, oral (f), fingering (f), protected sex and then unprotected sex, creampie, creampie kink? (if that's a thing), brat taming sort of, one (1) clit slap, handjob, face-sitting, multiple orgasms, reader and suna get caught, brother's best friend trope, p0rn with trash plot
Word Count: 5759
A/N: Me? Posting a fic? And it's trash? Tbh, I've had this fic in the drafts for a long time, and the suna brainrot was too strong, so I wrote it, and it took me like two months 🙃. I don't hate this fic, but I definitely have some reservations about it lmfao, and this fic might seem kind of rushed and that's bc I was just focused on getting fucked stupid by Suna 😌
Tumblr media
The first time you met Suna Rintarou, it wasn't the normal or best first encounter for two strangers to meet. You were peacefully sleeping, actually very much enjoying your sleep when someone bursts into your room, the door slamming against the wall.
"What the fuck?!" you yell, lifting your head up quickly as you can, anger and tiredness written all over your features as you turn your head to look at the door.
"Oh, shit, this is not Aran's room," the voice says, a light chuckle following after, and you can barely make out the figure standing in your doorway, sleep still blinding your eyes.
"Suna, I told you, second door on the left." You recognize the voice as your brother's, and Aran is pushing Suna away by his shoulders before leaning in your room to close the door. "Sorry, y/n. Sleep tight."
You give him a grumpy look before laying your head back down, and luckily sleep comes back to you pretty easily.
And you were stupid to think that that would be the only run-in with him.
You were back from college for the summer, but that meant Aran was back too. What you didn't expect was him to attract someone that loved to get on your last nerve. You've known Suna for as long as Aran has, but you didn't know him.
You saw him around the halls in high school, and it wasn't until his third year that he really started talking to you. And it's not like you wanted that to happen, more like he was doing it because he knew it would piss you off. The more you responded to him in one-word answers, the more he pressed you.
It even got to the point where he would throw an arm around your shoulders, and the more you tried to shake him off, the tighter he would hold on. At the time, your face showed that you hated it, but a (very small) part of you couldn't help but feel proud when you had envious eyes on you from some of the girls when he did have his arm around you.
Aran didn't even blink, actually pretty okay with whatever your relationship was, not seeming the least bit worried. Honestly, it's not like you'd try to have a relationship with Suna, and he seemed to feel the same, so it was just left at whatever you'd call it.
Until he came back.
You thought you were okay, you thought you were in the clear, but he somehow managed to get hotter over the couple of years where you didn't see him. But that's not a big deal, you've seen plenty of hot guys in your life, so it doesn't phase you. At least you thought it didn't. But the fact that he's been at your house like he lives here is making it harder for you to ignore him. And it's hard to tell if he's doing it to annoy you or because he just wants to spend time with Aran.
The first option starts to look like the actual reason when you find yourself looking through the fridge late at night. You couldn't sleep, and you were hungry, so you're looking through the pantry, now the fridge trying to figure out what you could eat, and you bend down further, moving stuff around.
"Nice panties."
You practically fly off the floor, smacking your head on the doorway of the fridge. You groan as you stand fully, turning around to see Suna in nothing but grey sweatpants, chain glowing under the hue of the fridge light, standing by the other side of the counter. You're rubbing your head, but then it dawns on you what he said, realizing you're wearing granny panties at that, and your eyes widen as you tug on the hem of your sweatshirt. "What the fuck are you doing here?" you hiss, mostly in anger but partly embarrassment.
"I think the more important question is why you're trying to seduce me with granny panties."
You roll your eyes as you close the fridge. "Fuck off, Suna, I don't have to explain myself to you." He starts walking around the island, but you don't falter. "And I am not trying to seduce you," you scoff, crossing your arms over your chest but soon dropping them in fear that he might be seeing too much, even though he's basically seen all of it.
Your face is still hard, but it softens when he rest his hand against the fridge next to your head, essentially causing you to back into it. "Is that your final answer?"
"Yes, Suna that is my final answer," you lament, and you shrink a little when he leans down towards your face.
"You sure?" You huff as you relax against the fridge.
"Yes, Suna. I'm sure," you press, but he doesn't budge when you answer.
"I think you're lying." You raise an eyebrow, a confused slash annoyed look on your face, and you see him glance down, and you look down, seeing how tense your thighs are. You roll your eyes, relaxing them even though you thought you were already in that state.
He smirks at you, moving his hand from the fridge, but he stays close to you. You jolt when he lightly runs his fingers over the area on your head that you hit. "Your head okay?"
You roll your eyes, knocking his hand away before brushing past him. "Yeah, no thanks to you." You don't let him respond, walking away and picking up your pace slightly knowing his eyes are drilling into you as you disappear upstairs and into your room. You close the door before throwing yourself on the bed, groaning loudly into your pillow.
How was he able to point out something that you were trying not to focus on? So much for not being phased by him. You slam your fist down on the bed a couple of times in frustration, turning your head to the side. You hate how your body is still reacting to him even after you've left, and you don't dare to do anything about it.
You try to think about ex-boyfriends, anything but Suna, but your subconscious only moves back to him. You groan again as you get more comfortable. It's going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
You're surprised that you got a decent amount of sleep, and you don't actually remember being awake for that long before you actually went to sleep. You trudge down the stairs, yawning softly, and you stop in your tracks when you see Suna sitting on the couch.
You groan internally, attempting to make your way to the kitchen without saying a word to him, and he stops you once you get to it. "Wanna play?"
You turn around, seeing him holding another controller in his hand, and you rest a hand on your hip. "What's in it for me?"
"Winner picks the punishment for the loser." Now that piques your interest. You glance at the screen, seeing the MarioKart starting screen, and you smile softly, a game that Aran could never beat you at. You give him your answer by walking over to him, taking the controller from him, and you're about to step in front of him to sit down on the couch, but your eyes widen when you feel his hand pulling you down by your arm.
You grunt softly as you land on his lap, and he tightens his grip on your waist when you try to move. "What the hell?"
"My thighs are cold," he says off-handedly, starting the game, and you glare down at him, but he only responds with a small huff, his eyes staying glued to the screen.
He picks the track, one of the harder ones, and you try not to shift so much as you get comfortable, finding yourself perched on him more on the awkward side, and he sits back against the couch, adjusting his hips, eventually putting you flush against him. You clear your throat as the countdown starts, trying to focus on the controller in your hands and not the rippling muscles under you.
The game starts, and you're flying through the track, playing this game so much as a kid paying off, but you notice Suna not doing as well. You don't say anything, but you can't help but notice on his screen how he seems to purposefully run into things that he could've easily avoided, and you frown when he blatantly goes flying off the track.
You win with flying colors, and you turn to flick him in the forehead. "What was that? You obviously threw the game."
He shrugs as he sets the controller aside, a smirk moving back on his face. "Oops." You scoff, setting your controller on the couch next to him, and he grabs your hips when you try to move. "You have to pick the punishment," he reminds you.
"That game wasn't fair," you respond. "We play another one and then I'll pick." You really don't have one in mind, but you're more annoyed at the fact that he threw the game.
"How about I just eat you out?"
Your eyes widen, feeling him squeeze at your thigh, and you try not to shift on top of him, easily feeling him through your...
Where are your shorts? Why are you still not wearing anything but underwear? You feel heat rush to your face as you press your thighs together, your heart starting to race. "Does that sound like a punishment to you?" you ask softly.
"Far from it."
"Then why do you want to do it?" You can barely hear your voice, the only thing you're paying attention to is his fingers sliding further and further up your leg, playing with the hem of your sweatshirt, but not going under.
He shrugs. "Why not?" he counters back, and even though he's giving you vague responses, you're still having a hard time running the words through your head, and you gasp quickly when two of his fingers are suddenly rubbing at the crotch of your panties, and you can see him smirk when he feels the fabric already becoming soaked.
"What about Aran?"
You're speechless when you're suddenly being flipped, the ceiling in view before Suna rises above you. "You know he's not here right now." His fingers are running through your folds now, and you can't even think at this point, already becoming sensitive, wanting him to touch you more, but you'll die before you admit that to him.
Your face is burning, your body starting to heat up as well, and you set your arm over your eyes, wondering when the fuck this took the turn it did. "I take that as a yes?" You barely hear him, but you know there's a smug grin on his face as you nod.
You're quick to lift your hips when he pulls at the fabric, letting them fall off his fingers and to the floor. You can hear him shift before his hands throw your legs onto his shoulders. His fingers run over your skin so lightly, like they're barely there, and it seems to make you even more aroused, and you can feel his breath against you when he speaks. "You didn't answer the question."
Is he really going to make you say it?
You can barely register that his finger is running up and down your folds. "Hm, such a pretty pussy. Shame I can't taste it," he drawls, his lips brushing against you.
"Yes, Suna, it's a yes." You're nearly screaming in frustration, and you hear a faint chuckle come from him, and he wraps his arms around your legs, licking up through your folds, swirling his tongue at your clit. You whine softly, keeping your arm thrown over your eyes, but the first taste of you only makes him eat you out with more enthusiasm.
He pulls you into his face, his tongue everywhere at once before sucking your puffy bud into his mouth. You don't really worry about holding anything back because it is just the two of you in the house, and you don't even think you could if you tried.
"S-Suna." You can't even recognize your voice, breathless as you feel yourself getting closer to your high, your legs starting to shake, but they can't go anywhere, Suna's fingers digging into your thighs so hard, you think it'll leave marks.
He groans against you in response, and your legs squeeze around his head when you feel his fingers sliding into you, the sound of your wetness loud to your ears as it easily helps him move in. He stretches you out, spreading his fingers as he looks at you. "You gonna cum?" He presses the pads of his fingers on that sensitive spot inside you, making your answer delayed.
"Look at me," he orders softly, but you don't move your arm, too focused on the increasing pleasure. You groan when he slows his fingers down, completely taking his mouth off of you. "Look at me, and I'll let you cum."
You feel his fingers start to stop completely, and you let your arm fall to the side, your face ridiculously warm as your eyes meet his. He smirks, your eyes fluttering closed and then back open when he lets his fingers pick up the pace they were going. He moves to hover over you, his thumb pressing at your clit as he keeps his fingers moving.
You grab onto his wrist, trying to keep your legs from thrashing wildly, and your eyes close as your orgasm runs through you, your back arching as you moan, Suna holding your arm down so you can't put it back over your face. He fucks you through your high, sucking on his fingers when he pulls them out of you.
He leans down over you, his face inches from yours. "I kinda cheated using my fingers, no?" he asks, and you're still trying to catch your breath, your brain still jelly from your orgasm. "Let me make it up to you by making you cum on my dick."
You gasp loudly as you jolt awake, sitting up quickly in your bed. Your hands land on your face as you look around your room in horror. A fucking dream about Suna? How hard did you hit your fucking head? You groan loudly as you throw the covers off of you, yanking your sweatshirt off next, and chucking it in the direction of your hamper.
It doesn't make it in, slamming against the wall next to it before it falls to the floor. You punch your pillow before grabbing it and screaming into it. You don't really care about waking Aran; not even a train horn could wake him up. In the midst of your anger, you can still feel your core throbbing, and you slide out of bed, deciding at a cold shower might help your head get a fucking grip.
You open your door, nearly jumping out of your skin when your eyes meet Suna's chest. You sigh heavily in annoyance before realizing that now you don't have anything covering your upper body, and you don't even know how to hide yourself with your arms. "What the fuck are you doing?"
"I was checking to see if Aran was still snoring like a freight train," he says and then points towards the living room. "The couch is killing my back."
"Well, you could always just go home," you bite back, resting a hand on your hip, and he huffs fully turning to you.
"What the fuck are you doing?" he mocks you softly, his eyes running down your body, and you shrug to try and ignore what you're bodies screaming.
"Minding my business," you reply quickly, raising an eyebrow, and he tilts his head to the side.
"Really?" The last thing you want to do is stand here--nearly naked--and go back and forth with him. Your eyes widen when he pulls you into him by your waist, your hands bracing on his chest. "You sure you weren't thinking about me?"
His finger starts from your neck, trailing down your skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake, before circling your nipple over the fabric of your sports bra. "Why would I be thinking about you?" Your voice is quiet and slow, your focus mostly on his finger running down your stomach and to the waistband of your panties.
"Why're you always denying yourself something you want so bad?" He leans down, and you part your lips softly, and you want to groan when he pulls away from you, a shit-eating grin on his face. "Just admit it, princess."
"Admit what?" You don't know why you're playing stupid, you know exactly what he wants you to say, but there's a part of you that doesn't want to give in yet. He just hums to himself, and he starts to remove his arm from you, and you tense, at a war with yourself whether or not to move to stop him.
Right as his fingers are about to leave you, you grab his wrist. Damn it, you want him so bad, your body feeling like it might be aching at this point for his touch. You want to see if he's better than the dream version of himself. He nearly laughs at your action, and you seem to sigh in relief when he finally kisses you, both of his hands resting at your waist.
He moves the both of you into your room, closing the door behind him with his foot before you both blindly step towards the bed. He lets you fall back into your bed, not wasting any time to climb onto it and rest his legs on either side of you. He kisses over your jaw then your neck as he pulls the fabric over your chest, rolling your hardening nipples between his fingers.
"You were dreaming about me, weren't you?" You bite your lip, trying to stifle the moan that threatens to slip out as you shake your head.
"No." You never told such an awful lie, and you know he doesn't believe you, raising an eyebrow at you before closing his mouth around one of your nipples as his hands ghost down your sides.
"You're telling me that I didn't make you this wet?" You go to shake your head again, but he's suddenly sliding two fingers into you with no problem due to how soaked you are. "Stop being a fuckin' brat. It's annoying."
You smile but it's quickly replaced by a soft gasp when his fingers seem to reach further than yours ever could. His fingers feel so much better than your dream, so real, you can't help but sink further into the bed. "Or what?" you taunt, and you almost scream when he speeds his fingers up, and he knocks your hand away when you try to grab his wrist.
"You won't get to cum," he says easily with a shrug. "Simple as that." Your eyes slip closed as you fall apart on his fingers, his thumb rubbing over your clit, and when you start moving your hips, he stops you with a firm press of his hand on your stomach. "Suna," you breathe in protest, barely looking at him as you try to move but to no avail.
"You gonna stop being a brat?" You can't give in that easily, and you're able to manage a smirk when you look at him, only for it to fall as you start to feel yourself about to fall over that crest. But then he's yanking his fingers from out of you, and you hear a disappointed tsk over your whine of dissatisfaction.
You look up in enough time to see him getting rid of his clothes, your eyes becoming lidded when they land on his dick bobbing up and down as he moves to kneel back on the bed. You feel drawn to it, your hand gripping him softly, watching the pink tip disappear underneath your fingers as you stroke him. He groans quietly, and you look up at him, giving him a quick squeeze to see how he reacts.
His eyes flutter closed, and you go to do it again, but he stops you, pulling your hand away. You want to ask how and why he just so has a condom in the pocket of his sweats, but you save it for another time. You watch him slip it over his length, and he replaces your hand, stroking himself as he lines up with your dripping hole. "You want it?" he prompts, looking up at you as he places the tip at your entrance, and you give him a challenging look.
"What? Do I have to earn it?" He returns your smirk with an evil one, not waiting for another second to slide into your awaiting cunt, and you both moan as he stretches his way inside, your nails digging into his arm while your body is going limp at the same time.
"I'm still gonna fuck you," he states when he bottoms out. "But you won't get to cum." He doesn't let you respond, the quick change of being full to completely empty to full again, rendering you speechless. He has your wrists in one hand, keeping them above your head as he fucks you so deep, it feels like shock waves run through your body every time his hips meet yours.
"You trynna wake up your brother?" he asks you suddenly, and you hadn't realized how loud you were being, immediately silencing yourself the best you can with the amazing stimulations. He keeps a hand on your thigh, lifting it up to rest around his waist before he leans down, swallowing your attempted muffled noises with his mouth. "Don't cum, princess."
How he knows your body when this is your first time together baffles you, but that's something to worry about later. You whine softly, wanting to touch him at least, find something to ground yourself, but his hands don't move from your wrists. You try to say a stuttered version of his name multiple times, but he stops you. "Say my name when I'm fucking you this good," he whispers, and your eyes roll as your back arches before you let it slip out.
"Rin--please," you choke out against your will, and you bite your lip as you keen when you feel him rubbing at your clit again.
"Hm? What're you asking for?" he teases, and you feel like you might cry in frustration, not wanting to give him any more satisfaction of having the upper hand, but your body is starting to take over for you.
Your toes curl as you feel your high approaching fast, and you know that the moment you feel yourself about to cum, he'll take it away from you. "Wanna cum," you plead softly, and he huffs before he groans, your walls pulsing around him signaling how close you are.
"Yeah? You think you deserve to?" He slides out of you almost entirely, the tip only inside of you, and you wrap your legs around him, trying to keep him inside of you, but he's stronger, holding his place.
"Suna." Your chest exhales in annoyance, and he brings a hand down to slap at your sensitive clit, the stinging sensation making you yelp.
"What'd I tell you?"
"Rin, just let me cum, please," you beg, correcting yourself instantly. "Let me cum."
You're shaking with need, and if he didn't have your wrists, you would be pulling his shoulders into you, and in the middle of your incoherent begging, he slams back into you, filling you up to the hilt before he starts his brutal pace again. He crashes his lips down on yours to stop the scream that nearly gives the two of you away, and he finally lets go of your wrist, and you wrap your arms around his shoulders.
Your nails dig into his shoulders, moaning with every press of his tip to your cervix, his hips slapping against you so loud, and if you were even the slightest coherent you would worry about the volume, but the only thing you're focused on right now is reaching your high. He grabs your legs, pushing them further up his waist, and it seems to allow him to go even deeper.
You can't even keep up with the kiss anymore, and he sucks on your tongue as your cunt sucks him in with every thrust, your juices making a mess of both of you. You don't even get to warn him, but you don't think you need to, your orgasm hitting you out of nowhere. Your body goes hard, your back arching as your mouth opens in a silent scream.
Suna moans as his hips falter slightly at your walls clamping around him, and he looks down at where he's disappearing in and out of you just in time to see you squirt all over him. "Oh, fuck," he groans, his eyes rolling as he cums, his rhythm slowing down, and his thrusts become more languid as he rides out your highs.
Your legs fall on the bed next to him, and he catches his breath, his chest heaving before he grabs your jaw softly, your eyes peeling open, bliss the only thing blown in your pupils. "No more being a brat, yeah?" You give him a lazy nod, a relaxed smile coming over your face, and he grins as he meets your lips again for a sloppy kiss.
Tumblr media
And that was the start of your fling, or whatever people would call it. You both had fallen asleep after a couple more rounds, and you woke up with a blooming soreness in between your legs and to the other side of the bed empty. You freeze momentarily when you realize that you slept with Aran's best friend. And you liked it. It was probably--no, definitely--the best sex of your life.
You don't even want to think about how Aran would react, but you and Suna don't make it obvious that you're seeing each other. Suna's still constantly over your house, but now he has more than one reason to be. During the day and while Aran's home, you and him keep your distance from each other, keeping the bickering up to sell the act.
Aran doesn't seem to suspect anything, but Suna eventually gets tired of sneaking around at your house. He doesn't want Aran to find out just as much as you do, but that doesn't mean you can't just come to his place more often.
He practically got you in his bed the second you walked through the door, and now you're both lying naked, tangling in his sheets, with his face buried in between your tits. You're scrolling through your phone as your nails run through his scalp softly, and you think he's asleep when you feel him say something against you.
"What?" you say, pulling away so that you can look at him, and he looks up at you.
"I said I want you to sit on my face." You can only blink at him, not really knowing what to expect, but it definitely wasn't that.
"Why?" you question, your face growing warm, and he shrugs. Of course, he'd be so nonchalant about asking you something like that. It takes you some convincing, mostly because you don't want to suffocate him, and he just responds with, "If that's how I go out, so be it."
You try to tell him that that's not a good way to sway you, but he's not listening, moving to lay flat on his back, looking at you expectantly. You hesitate, setting your phone on his nightstand, but you slowly start to move, and he nearly yanks you on top of him. You straddle him, and you can hear him breathing you in, his hands rubbing over your thighs and your ass. You feel your face growing even warmer when you hear that he's smelling you, and you're about to tell him to stop that when he licks a big stripe through your folds.
You gasp in surprise, your hands falling down on the bed next to his head as he continues to lift his head to suck at your clit, his tongue prodding at your hole. "I thought," he starts, moving his hands to your waist. "I told you that I want you to sit on my face."
You can't really hear him, but you yelp when he pulls you down, your pussy directly on his face, and you know that he can't breathe, but he doesn't let you move. You moan loudly as he makes out with your sex, his nose bumping against your clit as he eats you out like there's no tomorrow.
Your hands card through his hair as you start to ride his face with the best of your ability since he basically has you in a death grip. Seeing and hearing you fall apart because of him never fails to make Suna hot, and he loosens his grip on your hips to make sure you don't lift yourself up, and he brings one hand down to his throbbing dick.
He moans against you as he strokes himself quickly, his thighs tensing at the feeling. "Fuck, Rin." You let your head fall forward as you grind against his face, your body ridiculously warm as you feel your orgasm building.
Suna can feel himself starting to get light-headed, and he doesn't know if it's because he might actually be suffocating or because the weight of you on his face is making him dizzy with lust. He moves his head up, finding your clit and circling it with his tongue before pulling it into his mouth, and he moans loud when he feels you cum on his face, and he cums immediately after, his hips bucking up into his palm as he strokes himself until the sensitivity makes his body tingle.
You tap on his hand to get him to relent, and you move off of him, falling down on the bed next to him, and you see him take a huge breath in, his face coated in your cum, some of it dripping onto the sheets under him. "You could've fucking died, Rintarou," you breathe, catching your breath as well, and he just smiles at you.
"Considered what would've killed me, I don't mind," he responds, and you roll your eyes.
Tumblr media
There've been too many times where both of you have almost gotten caught, both of you having to be careful even at Suna's house because Aran started to come over every now and then. But Suna can't resist you, knowing that Aran wouldn't be home for a short period of time, not even time to really fuck and dip, but he pulled you into your room, shutting the door, saying that "he'll make it quick."
He teased you the entire time Aran was still here, so it didn't really take him that long to make you cum the first time, and after your second one, he finally fucks you.
Your arms are wrapped around his shoulders as he bounces you on his dick, his face smashed in your chest as both of you moan in tandem. One of his hands grabs your ass, keeping one hand on your hip to keep you moving. "Fuck, you feel so good, damn it," Suna moans, panting into your chest.
This is the first time he's been inside you raw, all of the other times he's conveniently had a condom, but in his rush this one time, he didn't have one. That didn't stop him though, but it definitely made it harder to hold out. Every time he closes his eyes, he hyper focuses on your warm, velvety walls pulsing around him, and it makes him feral, causing him to drive himself into you even faster.
You throw your head back, your moans echoing loudly across the room, and the constant clench of your walls around him means you're close. "Fuck--I'm gonna cum," he announces softly, and he tries to distract himself by leaving marks over your skin.
You let your head fall forward, your mouth hovering over his ear, and he can feel the smirk on your lips. "Want you to cum inside, Rin," you purr, and he shakes his head quickly.
"Stop it," he orders weakly, but he's practically drooling on your chest, his eyes rolling back into his head.
You're moaning in his ear, but you don't stop, finding enough strength to keep speaking. "Cum inside me, Sunarin."
He whines and his fingers dig into your arms as he thrusts one, two, three more times before shooting into you, painting your walls white. You cum soon after, and he lifts his head up to watch your orgasm wash over, your back arching, pushing you into him.
He rubs his hands up and down your back, one hand pushing you down to meet his lips by the back of your neck, and you both exchange loud wet kisses. "Fuck you," he breathes with no heat behind it, a smile on his face, and you laugh softly.
He doesn't let you move, keeping you close to him as the sweat on your bodies starts to cool you off, and then your door opens. "Hey, I just wanted to ask--"
You both freeze, your eyes widening as Aran stands in the doorway, and Suna falls over, and you have to bite your fist at the impact when you hit the bed because he's still inside of you. "y/n," Aran starts with a confused chuckle as Suna throws the blanket over the two of you.
"It's not what it looks like," Suna says quickly, and you slap him lightly on the back of the head.
"It looks like your dick is in my sister." You and Suna visibly cringe, and you can't even bring yourself to look at him. You pictured him finding out by maybe one of you finally caving and telling him, not in such a compromising position.
"I can explain," Rintarou starts, and Aran puts his hand up.
"There's no need." You frown in confusion, and Suna squints at him.
"You knew the whole time, didn't you?"
You hear a heavy sigh. "Yeah, I did."
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ufo-ikawa · 2 days ago
suna rintarou x reader, 1.6k
you and Suna, and all the lines in between.
Tumblr media
when you are falling in love, it is always already too late: dēute, as the poets say.
— a.c.
Suna counts days to measure memory, and counts houses to measure distance.
When he was younger, three houses used to feel a whole lot further than it actually is. Walking always felt like it took forever, so he would take his skateboard and skid down the road, counting the houses as he passed by them, one then two then three.
It takes him roughly two minutes now to get to your house by foot. Three houses are barely a distance now that he’s taller and his strides are longer than they used to be.
Your house with the balcony and white walls looms in front of him now; your house had always seemed big to him, almost like it would swallow him whole but now it was no longer as big as it seemed all those years ago.
Suna wonders about that. The size of the house. The distance he walks to get to it. He wonders if all things just get smaller over time, if that’s a part of growing up he wasn’t prepared for.
If he’s being honest, he doesn’t even know why he’s here. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re leaving soon. Maybe it’s guilt because he hasn’t replied to any of your texts from two weeks ago.
“I had fun today with you.” Suna hears someone say, and it snaps him out of his reverie. He stops in his tracks.
“I had fun too,” your voice replies, nice and sweet. “Thanks for helping me today, and I’m sorry if I ruined any plans.”
“It’s cool, don’t worry.” The boy grins. “It was my pleasure to help.” You smile back.
It’s a familiar scene, Suna thinks. Maybe it’s because you’ve made him watch too many rom coms for his own good, but he can recognise the interaction happening right now.
It’s almost romantic, really. Watching you stand there under the dim light on your porch. Suna feels like he’s an audience in a cinema, watching the film play out in front of him.
There’s a weird itch settling on his skin that he doesn’t like, but he chooses to ignore it.
The boy wiggles the keys in his hand. “I’ve gotta head on now. I’ll see you soon, Y/N.”
“Thanks again! I’ll see you soon Haru.” You wave him off, back turned to Suna.
Haru. He recognises the name as someone who’s in your class; you’ve mentioned him a few times. Suna watches your hand drop to your side as the car disappears from sight.
You take a deep breath, about to walk inside when Suna finds his voice again.
“Was that your boyfriend? Sick car.”
You yelp in surprise, hand clutched in your chest as you whip your head around to look at Suna, the latter acting nonchalant as he walks towards you.
“Hey.” Suna greets with a cheeky grin.
“Rin?” You ask, eyes wide open. “What are you doing here? Have you been here long?”
Suna climbs up the porch steps, one then two then three, until he’s close enough that he can see your eyes clearly— big, shining, inviting him closer.
“Long enough.” He shrugs. “You don’t seem happy to see me.”
You raise an eyebrow at him. “Says the guy who hasn’t replied to any of my texts.”
“I’ve been busy.” It’s a lame excuse, really. He knows you wouldn’t buy it.
“I hope you don’t treat me like this when I’m away at college in Tokyo.” Is all you reply.
“You haven’t even left and you already miss me?”
“Tsk, don’t get big headed now.” You grumble. “You’ll come visit, right?”
The earnestness in your question makes his skin itch again.
“You really want me in Tokyo with you that badly?” Suna looks up, and he thinks maybe he shouldn’t have; you’re looking right back at him.
It’s the same look you give him when you’re hesitating. It was the same look you had given him that day you had watched the sunset on the roof of his house when you first told him you were leaving.
You smile at him, not smug or teasing like usual. It’s just a smile, small but it fits. “Rin,” you say a little too softly that it hurts. “I want you everywhere with me.”
It’s so easy to rock his boat like this. Just one push and Suna’s overboard.
He smiles back. “Everywhere?”
“Everywhere; wherever I go, you should follow me. Just like I would follow you anywhere.”
But you’re the one leaving; you’re the one who’s going away. Suna wants to say it out loud but he doesn’t. He’s already running on borrowed time.
He ruffles your hair a bit, smiling when you huff at him; your hair is soft against his fingers, always has been. “You’re too good to me, you know that?”
You look up, eyes glistening with an unknown emotion. “I think I’m just the right amount of good for you, Rin.”
For you. Suna doesn’t like to linger in nuances, but he stops for a moment. Good to you, and good for you barely has a splinter of a difference, but it’s there.
Suna ignores the rush of warmth that crawls on his skin at the last two words. For you. He’s sure you don’t mean it in the way he thinks it does, as much as he thinks it does. So Suna pushes the thought to the back of his mind, harsh and forceful.
“That was Haru, right?” Suna asks instead, trying to sound casual but his voice sounds forced. “I thought you said you didn’t like him?”
“I don’t. Not in that way at least.” you say, rolling your eyes. “Why, are you jealous?”
“No.” Suna responds immediately, stumbling over what to say next. “Why would I be?”
“Right.” You reply, shaking your head and smiling to yourself. “Why would you be.”
Suna pays attention, which works to his advantage most of the time. But on some days, days like today, it’s a curse. He tries not to dwell on the look that passes on your face for a split second. A little sad, a little dejected. It doesn’t mean anything.
“I just needed to pick up a few more things for next week, and some boxes since my dad grossly underestimated how much I needed. Haru was free, so I asked him for help.”
“Oh.” Suna replies. He wants to say more, but he stays silent.
You could’ve asked me. Why didn’t you ask me?
“And after, I was hungry so I asked him to come get food. Nothing special.” you continue with a tight-lipped smile.
“So, like a date?”
“It wasn’t a date.”
“Kinda sounds like it though.”
You roll your eyes at him again. “Rin, we go out for food all the time— do you think those are dates too?”
Suna stares back at you. He feels cornered, but he can’t explain why. “That’s different. We’re different, you know that.”
He forces a small laugh out. “Besides, you two would look cute together.”
“We do?” you snort. “Why does it sound like you want me to date him so badly? Do you want me to?”
“There’s nothing wrong with dating someone.” he replies, looking down. “He seems nice.”
“I’m leaving soon. Do you think it’s wise to start dating someone now?”
“I thought you said he was leaving too?”
“Yeah he is.” you say, unfazed. “Do you think it would have made a difference if he stayed? If he was here?”
For some reason, Suna feels cornered again. Like you’re asking him something with a deeper meaning behind it. Like this isn’t just about Haru anymore.
“That part’s up to you.” he replies. “Long distance wouldn’t be all that bad. You wouldn’t see him everyday but the distance… it isn’t all that bad.”
“That’s not really the issue though, Rin.” you sigh. “He could be on the other side of the world and I would still be willing to take the chance if I liked him enough; if I even liked him like that. But I don’t, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.”
Suna stays silent, watching you. He lets himself stare, as the sky fades into indigo and casts shadows onto your face. You’ve grown up now, you’re taller now, face more mature as you grow into your features.
You’re still pretty, too pretty that it hurts. Suna doesn’t want to think about why it hurts.
Your eyes are looking up at the evening sky, that same sadness lingering in it.
Suna knows this isn’t about Haru anymore, that it never really was, but still he remains painfully silent.
“Well, he’ll be closer to you in Tokyo anyway, so I guess you don’t have to worry about the distance.” Suna isn’t sure how he manages to say it out loud, but he does and his fingers tremble slightly.
You just shake your head in response, smiling to yourself again like you got the answer you had been expecting. “Do you want to stay for dinner? I think my mom’s making dinner now, but she wouldn’t mind an extra plate, especially if it’s you.”
“Oh it’s fine, I can’t really stay anyway.” Suna starts to turn back, feeling relieved that the conversation is coming to an end. “I have to help my sister with something.”
“Alright.” you say, leaning in to give him a half-hearted hug. You pull away before Suna can cherish the feel of your arms around him. “Take care on your way back.”
Suna grins. “It’s just three houses away.”
“You don’t know what could happen in that distance.” you shrug, holding your door open. “I’ll see you soon, Rin.”
“See you soon.”
Suna walks back home slowly, passing the  houses that separate you and him. One then two then three.
He can feel small drops of rain falling onto his skin. It’s the first time that it’s rained in weeks.
Tumblr media
a/n: i kind of suck at dialogue between characters so this was an attempt at practicing it ! if it sucks ... pls forgive me and i'll give you a hug
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toraashi · 2 days ago
mellifluous spin-off (ft. suna rintarou)
before you read: this fic has fem!reader (implied), band culture, groupies, smoking, sensuality, jealousy, and alcohol - all the good stuff, but probably don’t read if you’re under 17 (also i don’t actually smoke so if the descriptions of that are off... that’s why)
notes from the author: hellooo! readers of @momochimo​ ‘s mellifluous fic - i could not get drummer suna out of my head, so here is an entire spinoff fic dedicated to him. for context, you are a groupie in oikawa’s band, and end up leaving him for suna 
Tumblr media
The venue was pungent with cigarette smoke and artificial fog, shadows painting every corner the stage lights didn't illuminate. The echoing sounds of electrics and the crash of drums filled the spaces in between flawlessly as you meandered through the crowd to the makeshift bar. 
Making brief eye contact with the man behind the counter, you ordered a drink for yourself and a friend, watching the current performer with a critical eye - of course, they could never be as good as Aces & Kings. 
You twisted your head back to the girls huddling near the backstage entrance, sighing lowly. In all your time being a groupie for Oikawa, dressing seductively, laying the flirting on thick, you hadn't received any attention from the object of your affections. Oikawa was no stranger to favoritism, and not being one of his top choices was emotionally taxing. More than that, the creepy comments from the people he surrounded himself with took a toll. If you were being honest, you felt like arm candy, a toy for Oikawa's amusement. Staring at the countertop, you wondered if you should've known what you were getting into off the bat. 
Brushing a hand on your black dress, you tapped your fingers on your leg, the lacy garter around your thigh silky to the touch. 
"Well, aren't you dolled up?" A voice quipped behind you. You twisted abruptly, and your hair shifted with the motion, eyes narrowing at the man sitting on a nearby couch. His golden eyes burned between sharp liner, brows angled challengingly, and you found that you recognized him. 
"Are you with Nice Kill?" You inquired, somewhat bashfully, watching intently as the man brought a cigarette to his lips, taking a long drag, holding your gaze the whole time. With a pretty exhale, he spoke again.
"Yeah. And you're with that slimy pickup artist over there?" His words dripped with disgust, and you followed his gesture to the crowd of girls you called your friends. A flash of embarrassment washed over you, and you felt pressed to deny. 
"No." Your hesitation made your lie strikingly apparent, and the way his eyebrow quirked told you he noticed. Schooling his expression, the boy moved his gaze back to you, training those golden hues on your thighs, taking their time raking up your body. 
"Oh really?" Another drag before he leaned back against the sofa, his arms resting on the back - an open invitation. "Is dressing like a groupie just your "style" then?" You huffed, cheeks warming as you cast a glance down to your attire. The short, tight-fitting dress wasn't exactly modest (in fact, it was quite condemning in light of his accusation). Nevertheless, his words gave you a surge of anger. 
"Yeah. You have a problem with that?" You took a step forward, and the boy's eyes glimmered with interest. 
"I couldn't care less. Your man is watching you like a hawk, though. A little possessive over someone who isn't even a groupie, isn't he?" Your newfound companion pointed a ringed finger indolently across the room.  You looked over your shoulder to Oikawa's contorted expression taking in the scene playing out, and confusion riddled your mind. He'd never expressed much interest before; were you just an ego boost for him? Sexy as Oikawa was, the toll your self-esteem took from him festered a spark of rebellion in your chest.
Maybe it was the drinks, the haze of nicotine in the air, or the adrenaline rush you got from the booming bass, but you were sauntering over to Oikawa's rival bandmember with a determined stare, perching on the arm of the sofa and plucking the cigarette from his fingers. Resisting a cough (you didn't smoke, to be honest), you inhaled deeply, the nicotine rushing through you like adrenaline - a pleasant buzz. Side glancing the man's amused face, the small nic high gave you a flurry of confidence, and you leaned in, hair brushing against his cheek. You grabbed his chin and held your shared cig to his lips, letting him take the vice with an amused grin. 
"What did you say your name was again?" A drag later, and he was twisting to hold your gaze, chin angled to meet your eyes (if you paid attention, you might've noticed his eyes dropping to your mouth). 
"Suna Rintarou." 
"Suna." You tested the name on your tongue, tasting the syllables like a piece of candy. 
"Don't wear it out, sweetheart." There was a lull in the conversation, leaving you with spiraling thoughts. Despite Suna being practically a stranger, his seductive nonchalance felt somewhat comforting, and before you could vote against it, the words were out.
"Do you think he really cares that I'm over here with you?" Tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, you flicked your gaze to the brown-haired boy. He regarded you casually, curiously, like you were intriguing in the most uninteresting way. You supposed you were. 
"Probably hit his ego real good, but he has enough of that to fuel this entire venue," He snorted, offering you his cigarette again (you accepted gratefully). "Probably pissed him off." 
You took a puff, pondering on the bittersweet circumstances before looking down at Suna's lax posture and rising to stand. 
"Are you okay with being the target of that?" Golden eyes trailed your form as you walked around him, settling beside him on the cushions rather than on the arm. Instantly, as if it were meant to be, his arm dropped over your neck, fingers pressing into your shoulder. It was nothing too invasive, and despite his status as a stranger, the slight act of defiance coupled with the excitement of physical touch kept you hooked. 
The boy turned to you slyly, leaning in just enough to tease, and you held a bated breath, wishing you could stop yourself from staring at his lips. Maybe it was subconscious, but your tongue darted out to moisten your own, and Suna's eyes gleamed. 
"I don't care." His blunt statement had you peeking up through your lashes.
"I hate him." You muttered, and you wondered if you were lying. Suna was inches away, turning just slightly to avoid blowing smoke in your face. 
"I don't believe you." God, that infuriated you, and you couldn't explain why. Oikawa had been the absolute object of your affections for so long with no payback. Show after show, and you'd wait in the back, only for Oikawa to meander out with another new girl on his arm, waving the rest of his fans off. An annoyance to fuel his ego - that's what you felt like, and the reminder that you'd never been enough stung. 
Burning with unresolved resentment and loneliness, you made bitter (albeit brief) eye contact with Oikawa's piercing glare and yanked on Suna's collar, pressing your lips to his hotly. Suna matched your enthusiasm with lackadaisical reciprocation, and before your eyes fluttered closed, your caught Suna stifling his cigarette on a nearby ashtray, free arm curling around your waist. Relieved at the positive response, you freed his collar, pushing lithe fingertips into his hair and drawing him closer, adjusting just enough to sink your teeth into his bottom lip, warm tongue tracing the roof of Suna's mouth. A pleased sound vibrated against your lips, and before long, he was pulling you into his lap, straddling his hips, large palms sliding up your bare thighs, their icy chill leaving a trail of goosebumps. His nails scraped against your smooth skin, eliciting a short gasp, and you curled his hair around your knuckles, losing yourself in the warmth of his mouth, his arm holding you flush with his body. You could feel every crevice of his toned chest beneath the thin fabric of his shirt. Every inch of your senses was brimming with overstimulation - the thundering, deafening shrill of an electric guitar, the suffocating scent of cigarettes, alcohol, and sweat lingering in the air, the electrifying sensation of his fingers angling your chin up, lips tracking hot kisses and bites down the column of your throat - it would be too much to keep your eyes open.
Maybe if you had, you would've noticed your partner making victorious, smug eyes at a fuming Oikawa over your shoulder. 
Maybe if you had, you would've seen Suna's bandmates' reactions - the whoops from Terushima, Semi, and Tadashi's disgusted eye roll.
Suna parted from your neck slowly, coaxing your face back down to his with a lazy smirk, thumb pulling at your swollen lips as your eyes flit open. 
"Do you believe me now?" You whispered, your breath pluming across his mouth. Something fond flashed through his expression, and it stuttered your heart. 
"Let me take you home, and I might." 
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haikyuuuuuhypeeeee · 19 hours ago
Ch. Twenty Three
Note: White Messages: YN POV
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had spotted the flash out of the corner of your eye and look over to see Suna typing at his phone before pocketing it.
“What’s up?” You ask.
He shakes his head. “You’ll see soon.”
You give him a quizzical look before feeling your phone vibrate in your pocket. You quickly pull it out and check, seeing the cheesy photo and caption from him. You face flushes but you just roll your eyes.
“You cheese head.” You tease, but you’re still smiling. “I’m sure all of your fans will love that.”
Suna shrugs, not taking his eyes off of you. “There’s really only one fan I care about. And she came all from Tokyo to see me.”
“Suna,” you get out, blushing even more.
Suna smirks before looking back over the cityscape. You too enjoy the view, but your view includes Suna’s profile as he gazes out into the city.
“How are your sessions going?“ Suna asks you. He asks the same way he’d ask you about the weather and you appreciate his candor.
Because you going to see a therapist, while moving away from home and starting your first semester of university was hard. It meant you had to talk about it to your parents and explain why you wanted to go, which they didn’t fault you for at all. If anything, it strengthened the relationship you have with them, and they don’t hesitate in being pillars of support for you, no matter how far away they are.
You also had to navigate your appointments around classes and assignments and studying, but you were grateful for the therapist you had found. She’s a specialist in working with patients who have experienced trauma from an abusive relationship and helping them with their intrusive thoughts with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
But with that came the biggest hurdle you had to overcome - accepting that you were in an abusive relationship. It was embarrassing, humbling and heartbreaking. Because you thought you knew what an abusive relationship was and you for sure thought you’d steer clear of it. Your therapist explained to you, patient and kind, that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to an abusive relationship. There’s the physical abuse, mental abuse and emotional abuse. Hell even some relationships where one partner controls all financial spending in the household, leaving the other wholly dependent.
Your therapist emphasized that your relationship with Atsumu was rooted in Atsumu’s need to control and manipulate you, and him feeding you far-fetched lies to keep you.
He took advantage of your history and he took advantage of the trust you gave him. You can remember that session clearly, despite it happening a few weeks ago. Mainly because you had broken down and sobbed for nearly twenty minutes. But also because it was the first time you looked back in your relationship with Atsumu and saw how right she was. And part of that broke your heart, because you love Atsumu. There will probably be part of you that will love him forever, despite him abusing you. And you were sad because everything that Suna had told you was true, and you never believed him.
It was an emotional roller coaster of a session for sure, and you were overwhelmed with everything. But your therapist handed you tissue after tissue, validated your tears and never stopped telling you how proud she was of you.
Therapy was hard work, but you were adamant of putting in the effort. Especially if it meant you could stand here now with Suna, after seeing him play a game against your toxic ex-boyfriend, and not feel much towards him.
(It took an emergency phone call with your therapist before the game and several CBT practices but you were able to enjoy the game and enjoy Suna and EJP beating MSBY.)
“They’re going really well.” You tell Suna. “My therapist is amazing, she’s flexible with my schedule and I can work appointments in around classes. She’s even been able to do a video call when I was stuck with a project.”
“That’s great,” Suna replies sincerely. “I’m really really proud of you.”
You feel your cheeks heat. “Suna, you’re embarrassing me.”
“It’s true though.” You feel a hand grab yours, warm and large enough to fully enclose your hand. “I think you are incredibly brave for going to therapy, and I am so proud of you.”
You tear your gaze away from the cityscape and look up at Suna. There’s so much to discern - it’s crazy how some people write him off as apathetic. Because while he’s not a flashing billboard sign, he’s not subtle about his feelings. And right now he’s looking at you with pure devotion.
“YN, I know the last thing you want is to have another guy you have to be with or another relationship, especially now with your studies and your therapy. But I just need you to know that I still care about you, a lot.”
His hand tightens around yours, as if you’re keeping him grounded. You think that he’s maybe keeping you grounded too. “I know back in school I needed time to get over those feelings, but I never did. And I’m sorry, I tried so hard but I just couldn’t. And I’m not telling you think because I’m expecting you to reciprocate, I swear you don’t and I would never hold it against you but I just needed you to know so I’m not lying or holding anything from you and -”
“Hey, hey,” you gently interrupt Suna’s increasingly frantic yet endearing monologue. “It’s okay Suna, its alright. You don’t have to apologize.”
Maybe you’re emboldened by the night sky, or still riding the high of watching Suna play an incredible game of volleyball. Maybe it’s spending the last few sessions working out your feelings for Suna, wanting to understand them as much as you can before doing anything with him, lest you lead him on again or enter a relationship with false pretenses. Or maybe it’s just being here, with him, that finally gives you the courage to bring your hand up and caress his cheek.
He freezes, his eyes widening as soon as your hand touches his skin. It’s smooth and clean, and you can feel how still he’s holding himself. You let your thumb caress his face, and like a switch he relaxes into your touch.
“YN,” he murmurs. Gently, reverently.
Do what is going to make you happy.
Those words, his words, have been your guiding light. Since leaving Atsumu, since graduating Inarizaki, since starting school, since moving to Tokyo and being on your own, since starting therapy. Every time you felt lost, you thought of what Suna told you all those months ago.
Not just because they’re a positive philosophy to live by. But because they were said by a man who truly wanted you to be happy, even if it meant he wouldn’t be.
And right now, being here in this city with Suna, you can say you are happy.
You reach up on your tiptoes and gently press your lips to his. It’s a quick, chaste kiss, but as you pull away it leaves you light-headed. And the look on his face leaves you even more winded.
“YN,” Suna repeats your name, voice breaking.
You give him a smile before pulling him into your arms. He eagerly falls into them, clutching at you. You feel him shaking in your grip.
“Its okay,” you whisper. “I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”
A wet chuckle is his response and his arms tighten their hold on you. “Are you sure? Really sure?”
Your answer is to kiss his temple and hold him in your arms. The glow from the city lights make a warm, fuzzy background, complimenting the warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart knowing that you’re truly, deeply and irrevocably happy with Suna Rintarou.
Tumblr media
»»————- ♡ ————-««
A/N: You guys, we made it!! WOW, that was a story! I have to admit - I made this story out to be a overly-dramatic, B-level story, and I do think those elements were there. But as the story progressed and everyone shared their thoughts and experiences, it made me realize that this story showcased very real, very serious experiences. And it is one that I’ve experienced on both ends (I try to shy away from writing real-life experiences but I was able to tap into those feelings for writing this). It was heartbreaking to hear how some of you went through a similar situation, either in an abusive relationship or watching from the outside and being unable to do anything about it, and I am so sorry for anyone who had experienced that. This story is dedicated to all of you, because you are all beautiful, valid people who deserve love and acceptance. ❤️ From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for reading, and I will see y’all again soon with another story!
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❦ happier than ever
1.9 - who are you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭
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a/n: get pranked i fucked up todays chapter hahahahahhahahahahahah sorry for the late ping
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kiyokoism · a day ago
PACEMAKER ! o. — r3: happiness
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
word count | 894
warnings/notes | time skip, drinking alcohol, a lot of characters little amount of dialogue, no this isn’t based on the red velvet song
Tumblr media
A year ago you were crying on your best friend’s couch while Kiyoko rubbed you back and Tanaka fed you garlic bread that he bought in advance, blabbering over the two particular boys that you loved a little more than could be considered platonic. You pull on the coat that is threatening to fall off your shoulders while opening the glass door infront of you. Nearly laughing at the now-silly-memory.
You noticed that a couple of months ago, you can do that now. You could openly think about it, talk about it, you could laugh about it.
And it was a sign that you were healing.
Honestly, it was not easy, not at all. You didn't want to avoid Kenma nor Rintarou but the guilt bubbling up in your stomach, wondering if you made the right choice, made it very difficult not to distance yourself.
Of course you weren't as level headed as you are now and did exactly that. The first two months were hard but you got a chance to get over them and they got a chance to get over you. Until you started missing them
and that brings you here.
A year ago you were crying on your best friends couch, now you are looking around for a group of people while you are already running late and the music that is too loud to think in of the place you are currently finding yourself in was definitely not helping.
About to put a step forward you feel a body bumping into your own. Quickly turning around to apologize before your eyes light up at the sight in front of you.
The tall individual behind you is about to copy your actions but he also stops in tracks. Hands fall against his trench coat as he looks trough the black locks that fall in front of his eyes and over the mask covering most of his face. Almost like the moment the two of you met, but now you at least recognize him.
"Rin!" You shoot him a smile, that he returns. At least you assume with the little you can see of his face. But you'd like to think that you know the eye smile that you got to know and sees a couple hundred times (even if it was trough the screen from your phone) pretty damn well.
It's not been long since you last spoke him but you weren't sure if he would show up tonight, with his busy schedule and all. But here he was standing before you.
"Very cute but please reunite later, I wanna get wasted." The calling of your name gets halted by one of the five men behind him, cutting in with a singsong-ie voice. He makes you both look towards the sound causing your to be greeted by the familiar faces of Atsumu, Aran, Osamu, Kita and Semi.
Semi smiles at you and reaches out to his faux blond member, flicking the back of his head. "Shut it Tsumu." He scolds the younger guy. A laugh escapes from your— as well as Suna's lips at the scene playing between the two.
Kita resists the urge the urge to facepalm and speaks up. "Shall we go find the others."
Tumblr media
Less than an two hours later you find yourself silently sitting between your manager and your long haired best friend, you watch him as he continues to add to the conversation. He didn't change much, nor did he resent you after you rejected him, unlike the other person you also had your eyes on he is always been close to you. A blessing you didn't realize until you got over them.
He didn't change much but a little bit of him did and you aren't talking about the fact that he grew his hair out and finally stopped torturing it with blonde hair dye.
The Kenma from a year and half would've never sat here and shared his stories, he wouldn't have initiated the conversation. You’re proud.
And the Suna you first got to know would've have never comforted the owl like man over 190 centimeters, who is currently sobbing on his shoulder, he would've probably awkwardly pushed him off.
Kenma's catlike eyes find yours softening after the heated argument he is taking a little break from with the leader of Nekobot, replying to your gaze with a genuine smile before he gathers himself and continues.
You smirk to yourself as you down the remaining bits of alcohol in your glass with one large swig. The lights above you highlight your contorted face as the strong taste settled in.
Moving your head up, you're met with Suna, hollowing out his cheeks, trying to stop himself from laughing at you (which doesn't work aswel as he thought it would). He pets the crying ace as your roll your eyes at him, clearly feigning annoyance.
Rintarou, Bokuto, Sakusa, Tananka, Kiyoko, Semi, Kita, Akaashi, Osamu, Yaku, Kenma, Hinata, Aran, Kuroo, Akagi, Atsumu and you (between Yaku and Kenma) sit around the table of the busy bar at the deep night, looking around your lean back. A warm feeling bubbles up in your stomach, like summer but without the gross bugs and sweat or all the other annoying things about summer, just the calming, warm feeling.
‘Huh I guess this is happiness.’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ notes ]
idk how to release these chapters ngl so i’ll do one everyday from now on
— ending three didn’t have a social media chapter because those were to show their relationship and since there isn’t really one 🤧
— this took me so long to write but i hope u like it <3
──── · • · ────
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luvbub · 2 months ago
texting ur fiancé “yo we still on for tmrw?” the day before your wedding with atsumu, kuroo, bokuto, and suna HAHA
texting your fiancé the night before the wedding
Tumblr media
feat. Atsumu, Kuroo, Bokuto, Suna
♡ a/n: LMAO i considered doing like fake texts, but ultimately decided against it q_q also im half asleep writing this so forgive me
♡ part two
Tumblr media
it was the night before your wedding, and your friends insisted that you and your fiancé follow the tradition of not seeing one another before the wedding
not that you believed in such a stereotype (whether or not your fiancé did, you weren’t sure to be honest)
but you still followed in the tradition just for the heck of it
as you lay in bed, still awake, your mind came up with a devious little joke for your fiancé
picking up your phone, you sent him a quick text to mess with him for a bit
we still on for tmrw?
within 10 seconds of sending that text, you get a video call from Atsumu
you quickly accept the call, grinning the second your dear fiancé came into view on your phone screen
“What the hell do you mean ‘we still on for tomorrow’?” Atsumu asks you, one eyebrow raised at what you could possibly be thinking
you respond by laughing, and admittedly your laughter and lax attitude brings a smile to Atsumu’s face
he would never admit it, but seeing your text did worry him just a bit
the rational part of Atsumu knew that you wouldn’t back out, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t happen
so confirming that this was just some little harmless prank was enough to ease his nerves
“I miss you so much” he pouts into the camera
“we’ll see each other tomorrow!!” you tell him, but Atsumu rolls his eyes at you
“you sure? your last text seems to imply otherwise...”
“it was a joke babe!” you giggle, watching as Atsumu’s pouts slowly become a smile
“I know... I still miss you and want you right next to me” Atsumu sighs, taking in all of your features from the screen on his phone
he’s still in absolute disbelief that in less than a day he gets to marry you
even though you like to joke around with him and send him ludicrous texts like the one you sent not too long ago, there was no doubt in Atsumu’s mind that you were the one for him
and just for you, he’d deal with a billion of your silly oddly ambiguous texts if it mean that he would be yours and you would be his for the rest of your lives
it didn’t take long for Kuroo to call you
and when you answered, you heard chatter in the background- identifying the voices as his friends’
“actually Y/n, we are not still on for tomorrow. I’ve changed my mind” Kuroo jokes around
you chuckle in response, but you can hear the surprise in his friends’ voices
“I- Kuroo what are you talking about?” you hear Bokuto ask
“yeah I was just telling Y/n I can’t do this anymore. I think I might back out of this”
the chatter you previously heard went silent, allowing you to put on your best acting performance
you began sobbing into the phone, loud enough that his friends would hear even without being on speaker
“n-no! Please Tetsu I- I love you so much please don’t leave me!” you fake cry
“sorry Y/n. I realized that I can’t be with you.” Kuroo solemnly says into the phone, watching his friends shift glances at one another, not knowing how to react
“there’s someone else huh? I bet there is” you continue your fake sobbing, adding in short breaths in-between your cries
“...there is.... it’s Tsukishima” Kuroo dramatically admits
and at this point, you’re unable to hold back your laughter and Kuroo soon joins in with his cackles
even though you two are having a jolly time, his friends look absolutely done with Kuroo
except for Tsukishima- he looks at the soon to be groom in disgust
“is it too late to withdraw as a groomsman” Tsukishima murmurs under his breath
you waited for a response, but you honestly never got one
it was unlike Bokuto to not respond to you instantly, but you didn’t think too much about it
after all, you knew that his friends planned to go out with him tonight for a little celebration
but ten minutes after your text was sent, you got a call from Akaashi
“so uh...we kinda lost Bokuto-san” he admits, and you nearly drop your phone
“I- HOW DID YOU LOSE MY FIANCE?” you screech into the phone
“look, it’s not like he’s drunk or anything. I saw him look at his phone and then he started running off saying how he needed to see you!”
and right on time, incessant knocking is heard at your door
“Y/N IT’S ME KOU” Bokuto shouts from the other side of the door
“....okay I found him Akaashi. He’s here so just swing by to pick him up please” you say, ending the call to open the door
and the moment you do, Bokuto has you wrapped in his arms
“of course we’re still on for tomorrow why did something happen?” Bokuto frantically asks, worried about you
your text had alarmed him- he wasn’t sure why you would send such a thing but he knew he had to see you as soon as possible to talk to you
you felt a bit guilty since you hadn’t anticipated him reacting like this
“aw, Kou I’m sorry it was just a little prank” you sheepishly admit, cupping one of his cheeks
Bokuto sighs in relief, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead
“oh thank god- you had me worried for a sec Y/n” he murmurs, still not letting you go
and for the next ten minutes or so before Akaashi arrives, Bokuto is still hugging you, telling you how excited he is to marry the love of his life and continuously showering you with all the affection he could offer
it didn’t take Suna long for him to read the message and respond
but this text wasn’t one you were expecting at all
‘2/10 joke’ is all the message read
so you call him for an explanation
“hello?” he asks as soon as he picks up your call
“what do you mean that’s a 2/10 joke Rin?” you ask him, pouting that your boyfriend gave you such a low score
“the text implies that its on me, the receiver of the text to decide whether or not tomorrow’s event is still going to happen.”
Suna pauses briefly, allowing you to think about his words before continuing
“so it doesn't make me filled with any concern or worry- which is what you want when pranking somebody. if you wanted to accomplish that, then you should have said something that would make me think you were the unsure one” Suna further explains
“ah I see, so all I have to do is-” you’re quickly interrupted by your boyfriend
“nope” he simply states
“you’re not going to pull that prank on me” Suna states with so much confident- as if he were the one making the decision and not you
“it won’t work anyways. Now that I've told you the plan. it ruins the whole surprise” he says, and you’re silent for a moment
“god Rin you’re so annoying you know that? the most annoying person on this planet” you joke, plopping back not your bed
“and you’re the fool for marrying the most annoying person on the planet tomorrow” Suna scoffs
and although you can’t see it, you just know he’s rolling his eyes
out of love of course
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animatedrapture · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Or in which: He tells you things he doesn’t mean during an argument.
PAIRING: suna rintarou x reader
GENRE & CONTENT WARNINGS: hurt/comfort. angst. some fluff. established relationship. arguments. (he calls you clingy and insecure.) set in timeskip so pro athlete!suna. & suna isn’t good with words, so he repeats it, over and over, hoping it’ll somehow be enough.
Tumblr media
"you're being stupid, y/n," he says it monotonously—uncaring.
you wince. you knew how harsh he could get, how blunt and hurtful his words could get—but it didn't make it hurt any less.
"it just made me uncomfortable seeing them touch you like that, rin. plea—"
your voice is soft when you try to reason with him, but it doesn't stop him from glaring at you until you feel ready to be buried six feet under.
"it's always gonna be about you, hm? have to goddamn do so much to make you fucking happy, it's so fucking annoying," his voice only raises even more as he spoke, making you feel small and vulnerable. it doesn't help that his words dig deep into your gut.
is that how he really thinks? have you been asking for too much? you thought it was fine, you were just trying your best to communicate and tell him if something bothers you—that's what couples do, right? because he cared, right? have you really been so annoying?
the tears are already welling up in your eyes, your lips wobbling as you continue to try to say something, anything. 
"you're so insecure all the time. didn't expect you to be this much work."
work. you're so much work to him. you swallow him words and let it etch into your chest cause it stays there to repeat over and over.
his voice is only getting louder as he spoke, and it's scary because suna always spoke with a steady voice. he never raised his voice so why is he—
"you're so fucking clingy it's ridiculous."
you choke up on his words. the sob escaping your mouth is loud and heavy, eyes wide and tear-filled as you stop completely dead in your tracks.
you're not sure what gets his attention, the loud sob or the heaviest silence that comes after—but his tense shoulders slack and his eyes soften as he looks back at you as your eyes go dead.
regret washes over him like cold water—memories of you telling him how scared you were of being too clingy with him, how he'd reassure you that he loves that you’re clingy but now…
the nod you give is barely there, but he catches it and watches you drag your body out of the living room before he could move.
but he tries, god, he tries—and he's willing to bet it's the fastest he's ever moved in his life—right before you lock yourself in the bathroom, he catches your wrist and pulls you to him, arms wrapping around your body as you try to break free from his hold.
"'m sorry," he blurts, but all he can think about is how he can't miss a second, he can't let you go, can't let you be alone for even a minute. you'll hide away from him, you'll distance yourself and despite everything he's said, it's the last thing he'll ever want.
"i'm sorry, baby. i didn't mean it," he repeats, even as you thrash against him—you probably hate him right now, probably—but he deserves that; he just can't let you go either way.
"didn't mean any of it, i promise. i love you," his breathing is ragged, shaky, even. he tightens his hold on you even as you hit on his chest to break away, even if it hurts. especially when it hurts.
"leave me alone, let me go," your voice barren with love, you hiss at him, pushing at his chest.
he only shakes his head. he holds you, still. he's never been more scared in his life.
"please," his voice begs, "i was bein' selfish and mean, i'm sorry, baby. please."
he's trembling against you but his grip around you doesn't falter, doesn't let you slip. you slump against him, breathing evenly.
"i don't—" love you anymore.
"i love you," he cuts you off. he knows what you'll say, and you won't mean it. he knows you won't, but he never wants to hear you say it.
"i love you," he says again. "'m sorry, baby. i'm sorry. i'll listen, yeah? i promise i'll listen, just don't—" his voice cracks and he exhales with a shaky breath, "didn't mean any of it. i'm sorry. don't go."
his hand keeps your head pressed against his chest, his face moving to bury at the crook of your neck—something he does whenever he's particularly vulnerable.
his voice is soft when he speaks again, "i'll never raise my voice to you again like that, i promise."
"please…" you croak, scared of your own voice, "don't be mean like that to me again…"
he shakes his head, "i promise, baby. didn't mean it."
you sigh, hesitant arms moving to wrap around his torso, making him tense up for a second before relaxing back against you.
"i'll make it up to you, yeah? i promise." he murmurs against your skin, and even like this, his hold on you doesn't relax—he keeps you there with him, scared that you'll withdraw from him.
you nod, though. just enough to make his trembling body against you relax for a little bit.
he tells you he loves you one more time, he promises. then he's bringing you to the bed, taking you on his lap, and with every drop of sincerity in his eyes, he's caressing your cheek and telling you he's sorry, sorry, sorry—with words he usually doesn't have, he's reassuring you that you're all he'll ever want, all he'll ever need.
because nothing really scares him more than the thought of losing you.
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kybabi · 7 months ago
invalidating their s/o’s hard work
w/ oikawa and suna!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: the highly requested part 3 is here !!! i hope this part does the others justice hehe😚this one only has 2 characters bc i lost motivation halfway through tho😢anyways—
all scenarios are written in the timeskip !! as always, thank you for your support everyone!💞💞💞)
Tumblr media
you knew your boyfriend was a hard worker, and you loved to encourage him
lately he had been working more hours than ever before and you wanted to show him that you appreciated him
so on your day off, you decided to surprise him
you made a ton of food that he liked and prepared the space for a night together
you set up blankets and snacks and movies; everything that you could think of
after spending most of the day gathering and setting things up, you sighed, awaiting his arrival
you hear the door open and perk up; he’s finally home! you look around to make sure everything is in place for the night and wait for him to enter the room.
“welcome home, tooru!” you grin, and he looks around. his brows furrow, and your smile dims slightly at his reaction.
“what is all this?” he asks, and you swallow.
“i thought you could use a night to relax. with me,” you offer, gesturing to the food and shrugging. he sighs, and you pause. “you don’t like it?”
he scrubs a hand over his face. “i don’t really have time for this. i have to get up early tomorrow, and i can’t have any distractions, okay?” he explains. distraction? your heart sinks. of course he doesn’t have time tonight. you should’ve expected it.
“oh,” you mutter, looking away. “well, you can just go to bed without me.”
he nods and heads off without another word. you want to follow him to bed, taking any time with him you can get, but you still have to clean everything up, so you stay.
it’s a couple hours later when tooru wakes up, throat dry and scratchy. he gets up to grab a glass of water but pauses at seeing the light seeping from under the door. you’re still up?
he opens the door cautiously, careful not to make any sound as to alert you of his presence, and peeks out the door.
you’re wiping down the counter, chin resting in your free hand, and you stare down at the marble sadly. you look tired and lonely, and tooru’s chest begins to ache upon seeing you like this.
you put the rag down and rest your head in your hands, taking a breath. your stomach growls and you grimace, having forgotten dinner, but you resume cleaning anyway.
he opens the door and steps forward, making his presence known, and you straighten up, startled.
before he can say anything, you grab a glass from the cupboard and fill it with water before handing it to him. he takes it from you, looking at you guiltily.
he feels terrible, now that he can step back and acknowledge everything that you did for him today. or, everything that you tried to do for him today. he hasn’t been spending a lot of time with you lately, and he knows you were just trying to make it better.
“hey, um—” he starts, but you cut him off.
“you should go back to bed! you have an early day tomorrow, right?” you ask, turned away. he winces upon remembering how he shut you down earlier.
“yeah, but...” he trails off, looking around. he can see all of the food you made sitting in tupperware containers, untouched. “you made all this food, and—”
“it’s okay, tooru. just go back to bed,” you mumble, scrubbing the sides of the pot you’re holding and sighing.
more than anything, you’re embarrassed. embarrassed at having put in a day’s work just to be shut down by someone who didn’t care for it in the first place. now, all you want is for him to just leave.
“hey,” he coaxes gently. “you haven’t had dinner, right? why don’t we sit down and eat?”
“tooru, i don’t need you to humiliate me even more than you already have, okay?” you blurt, face hot.
he stares at you, mouth opening and closing as he searches for something to say. it never comes, so he just nods, and retreats toward the door.
but when he takes another look over his shoulder, he sees you leaned over the counter, face in your hands, and he crumbles.
he pads over to you and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you in firmly. you make a noise of protest, but he shakes his head.
“i’m sorry. i should’ve appreciated everything you did for me today,” he murmurs softly, face buried in the crook of your neck, and you shrug.
“‘s fine. i know you have things to do,” you respond, and he turns you around to look at him.
“hey,” he tilts your chin up. “that’s not an excuse. i should’ve set aside time for you, too.”
you smile a little at that, and he pats your head affectionately.
“let’s take the day off tomorrow. we can do everything you planned for, ‘kay?” he suggests, hopeful, and your eyes light up.
you wrap your arms around him and squeeze tightly. he coughs, laughing and burying his nose in your hair.
“thank you, tooru.”
Tumblr media
when it came to your housing situation, suna didn’t care about the aesthetics of it nearly as much as you did
even so, he liked to listen to you talk about the things you wanted to do with the place
so you decided you’d surprise him while he was at practice by redecorating everything and making the house look nice !!
you went out and found a couple pieces to put up on the wall as well as some little lights and things
you spent the entire day setting everything up and stood back, looking at it proudly
all you had to do was wait for him :)
you move the new lamp to the right just a bit, and look at it. perfect.
you stand back, inspecting each element of the living room to make sure it looks just right. you grin, excitement making your heart pound.
finally, you hear the lock clicking open, and run to the front door. rintarou stares at you blankly, and you beam at him, coming around behind him to cover his eyes.
“y/n, i don’t want—”
“i have something to show you!” you singsong proudly, leading him to the living room. he grunts, and you uncover his eyes.
“tada!! what do you think?” you wait eagerly, reading his face as his eyes scan over the room. he scoffs, and you frown. “what?”
“it looks like you chewed up a salad and spit it out all over our room,” he mumbles, gesturing to the house plants you bought just to decorate. you gulp before laughing nervously.
“i don’t know, i kind of like it!” you offer, and he cringes.
“well, it’s your idea. doesn’t matter what i think about it,” he shrugs, and his obvious disapproval stings.
“of course it does! i wanna know what you think,” you murmur, and he shrugs yet again, tiredly shuffling into the bedroom wordlessly.
disappointed, you finally let your shoulders fall sadly. you hadn’t expected him to be over the moon about it, but you still wanted him to like it.
you feel stupid; it’s his room too, and his approval is just as important as yours.
you go to pick up one of your hanging plants, taking it off its hook and holding it up. it’s got the greenest leaves you’ve ever seen, and you think it might be your favorite one.
you bring it up to your face and sigh. “you’re a beautiful plant. i hope your life is good to you,” you whisper, kissing its leaves. you once saw on tv that talking to your plants makes them grow nice and strong, and while rintarou always made fun of you for it, you started doing it anyways.
one by one, you take the plants down, whispering affirmations to them along the way.
suna’s stomach grumbles loudly, and he groans. he didn’t get the chance to stop for dinner on the way home, and now he’s paying for it.
he’s about to open the door to the living room when he hears something. it sounds like mumbling, though he can’t make out what you’re saying.
slowly, he pushes the door open just a crack and puts his ear against it.
“you’re the last one, little guy,” you say quietly, and he opens the door just a tad bit more, peeking through it. his eyes widen; all of your plants are sitting on the counter, removed from their initial places. you’ve taken down the lights, too, and put the lamps in a box. you laugh, but suna can tell it’s not real.
“rintarou never really liked plants, i guess. should’ve thought about it before i messed his living room up,” you shrug sadly, and his heart sinks.
he didn’t mean to hurt your feelings; the plants were really a nice touch! he was just passive about these things, and he didn’t think you’d take his commentary to heart.
“i hope you get lots of water and plenty of sun when i take you back. please grow strong,” you whisper, and suna pauses. take you... back? you’re gonna return them?
he opens the door, and you turn around sharply, alert.
“talking to the plants again?” he teases, hoping to lighten up the mood, but you just stare back down at the pot your holding. his chest hurts at the sight, and he pads over to you, taking the plant from your hands.
“let’s just put these back up, okay?” he suggests, but you shake your head.
“‘m just gonna return them,” you answer quietly. “i don’t wanna keep them up if you don’t like them.”
“but—” he protests, but you cut him off quickly.
“it’s fine, rin. it’s not a big deal.”
you turn away, organizing the rest of the plants, and rintarou sighs helplessly.
but then, an idea pops into his head, and he blinks once before sighing again, defeated. fuck it, he thinks.
“i’m sorry for calling you chewed up salad,” he mumbles, embarrassed. you freeze, turning around slowly.
“i think you’re a, er, very beautiful plant. you have nice... leaves?” he cringes, holding the plant to his face, and you chortle, laughing loudly. suna softens at the sound, relieved at finally hearing a real laugh from you. he walks toward you, holding the plant next to his ear. “i think it wants to stay,” he whispers, and you sigh.
“i don’t want to decorate our house with things you don’t like, rintarou.”
“baby,” he says gently. “i didn’t mean it like that, okay? i think our house will look perfect however you decide to decorate it,” he shrugs, and you exhale, letting him hold you.
“okay, okay.”
“i think so too!” suna imitates whinily, shaking the little plant at you, and you giggle happily.
Tumblr media
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