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heich0e · 22 days ago
When your eyes open, Suna is practically nose to nose with you.
"Did you know you talk in your sleep?"
You flinch away instinctively, your brain belatedly processing the fact that someone is so close to you so unexpectedly, shaking the grogginess of slumber with a dose of epinephrine.
"What the hell, Rintarou!" your voice is croaky and annoyed, pushing your boyfriend away from you weakly in the bed the two of you share.
He settles back into his side, watching as you rub at your bleary eyes and push yourself upright to peer over at the alarm clock on the bedside table closest to him.
"Why are you awake at 2am?" you ask him, frustrated and curious all at once.
"I was watching soap cutting videos," he replies simply, holding up his cellphone where--lo and behold--a disembodied hand is making quick work of slicing bars of soap into impossibly tiny cubes on the screen. He has an airpod in one ear, visible because he has a hairband holding his dark hair back from his face, explaining why the video is playing without sound.
You blink at him, mind still hazy and syrupy slow from sleep. He watches your face even as the video on his phone plays on.
"You were talking about ice cream."
"What?" you ask him, confused.
"In your sleep,"--he nods towards your pillow as if to remind you of what you'd been doing before he'd so unceremoniously woken you up--"you were talking about ice cream."
"You woke me up...at two in the morning...to tell me that I was talking about ice cream in my sleep?"
Suna lifts his hands, as if to signify innocence. "I didn't do anything. I was just trying to hear what you were talking about. And what you were talking about was ice cream."
You groan, flopping back in bed.
"Go back to your stupid little videos, soap boy, and leave me to sleep like a normal person."
Suna snorts, but doesn't offer any further argument, letting you settle in on your side with your back to him once more.
It's quiet for a while, and you let your eyes flutter open after a few useless minutes of trying to fall asleep. You watch the way the dim light coming from the screen of Suna's phone paints the dark bedroom in muted, cool tone washes of colour from over your shoulder. It's not bright enough to be annoying, or keep you from sleeping, but you find yourself focused on it nonetheless.
You roll over, and Suna's sharp eyes turn to you--his face illuminated in a soft glow from his phone held in his hand.
"Why aren't you sleeping, normal person?" he asks.
You pout, and he lifts his arm wordlessly so you can wiggle closer under the blankets and curl up against his side, throwing one of your legs over his thigh.
You huff a little as you bury your face into his hoodie, his hand (not holding his phone) slipping down and smoothing along your spine.
"What's wrong?" he asks you.
You pick your face up to fix him with a weak glare.
"I'm sorry I woke you up," he says quietly, eyes scanning your face.
You purse your lips. "S'not that."
His brow quirks.
You sigh, letting your forehead flop forward against his chest, mumbling something lost to incoherency in the soft material of his sweatshirt.
"I don't speak whatever language that was," he says with a chuckle.
You pick your face up once more, a look of indignation tugging down at the corners of your mouth. "Now I want ice cream."
Suna laughs, tilting his head back into the pillows as his body shakes.
"Like right now?" he asks through his mirth.
You nod.
"Can I finish this video first?" He holds up the phone to where his latest soap chopping video is paused.
You mull it over.
"Yeah, but take your airpods out so I can hear it too," you concede, nestling down against him so you have a good view of the screen. "And you're buying."
"Yeah, yeah," Suna says, humming placatingly. He rests his hand atop your head as he hits play on the video once more and the scraping sound of a knife slicing through oil and alkali plays through the room. "Whatever you want, babe."
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vltnoire · 4 months ago
boyfriend suna who knows shit about being romantic so he asks the vb group chat for advice but ends up getting bashed by everyone because he thinks it’s “too corny”
boyfriend suna who takes mental notes on things your eyes would linger a little longer on than usual. he has a great ton of birthday gifts and surprises for each of your birthdays.
boyfriend suna who has the most random things that are actually yours because he thinks having a piece of you with him when you’re not in his arms will make him miss you less but in fact it’s the opposite.
boyfriend suna who shows up at your front door with his socks under his birkens and in his mike wazowski shirt that he got from when he was a kid just because you forgot to kiss him goodnight when you were on facetime 15 minutes ago.
boyfriend suna whose eyes drift off to you when he’s talking to his friends and looks away smiling from ear to ear like an idiot and his face reddens if you caught him staring at you.
boyfriend suna that asks “can i have some of your ice cream?” and either kisses you to have some or BITES the ice cream… there’s no in between
boyfriend suna who sends you silly little vlogs of him when he’s away for a vb tournament and you can hear him saying “i miss you,” and argue with atsumu as usual <3
boyfriend suna who will never and by never i mean never forgive the camera that took a godforsaken, hideous picture of him with his mouth wide open and eyes shut closed during a rollercoaster ride with you smiling widely beside him.
boyfriend suna who always drinks coffees with the foam on top because the first time he did he had a fake white moustache on and it made you laugh and he remembers that was the first time he made you laugh while you two were together.
boyfriend suna who has the perfect playful bullying to flirting to kissing to hugging ratio!!!!
boyfriend suna who airdrops selfies of you and him at unflattering angles to random people during lunch break and considers them free merchandise smh
boyfriend suna who always makes you worried for not responding to your texts but then you remember he’s a man doing stupid boy shit like playing cooking mama on his nintendo and getting frustrated over it in the middle of the night, falling asleep on the couch while sitting up, playing barbie dolls with his sister, telling her to “rematch” after every round of loosing uno to his sister or flexing in the mirror.
boyfriend suna who mouths i love you every time he catches you staring at him during classes.
boyfriend suna whose phone’s lockscreen is a picture atsumu took of you and suna falling asleep next to each other with drool coming out of your mouths in the bus during a field trip back in elementary school.
boyfriend suna who’s just terribly obsessed and in love with you and he finds himself doing all sorts of things he never thought he would just for you.
boyfriend suna who finds star signs stupid, s/o who rambles on and on about it. need i say more,,!.???1£28;7)2’L!1&*[^{
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earthtooz · 4 months ago
warnings: semi-suggestive? sfw! allusions to hooking up or whateva idk. dialogue-heavy, kuroo is absolutely the main character. idk this is just a feel good fic inspired by girl in read's 'bad idea!'
Tumblr media
"you hooked up with suna rintarou!?" kuroo practically screamed in the little pod of the university library, knocking over his bottle of water in the process.
you hissed at him to quiet down, "kuroo! we may be in a private room but people can still hear us, shut up!"
he points at you, flabbergasted, "my best friend is a whore!"
"shut up and calm down!"
the black-haired pouts before plopping back down on his chair, picking up his fallen water bottle, "is that why you look like a mess?"
"i look like a mess? and you didn't tell me?"
"i could tell you got your shit rocked."
"i- what?"
"i mean, y'know... it seemed like you had a fun night so i didn't question it," he ignores your offended scowl with a wave of his hand, "but i had no idea you had it with suna rintarou!"
"don't make it sound like we fucked!"
"you didn't?"
"no! we just-" you groaned, putting your head in your hands, shaking it as you tried to rid the memories of last night, "-we only made out but that's literally the extent of it."
"okay... and how was it?"
"...it was fine. great. perfect, actually," the word document that currently had your typed out essay blinked at you disappointedly, "but it was most definitely a bad idea."
it was a bad idea because suna's touch burns and it's so hard to forget about, invading your senses, causing for you to forget all rational thoughts, replacing them with a certain middle blocker. you don't know if life will ever be the same after this.
kuroo tilts his head, "why are you crying over someone who's a good kisser? maybe i should go over to suna myself and-"
"shut the fuck up or i will throw a volleyball at your nuts."
he whistles, "might wanna save that volleyball for someone whose first name begins with an 'r'."
"retsuro kuroo, right?" you asked, giving him a sly smile as he rolls his eyes. "whatever, i've had enough studying. let's get outta here."
"can we get some tacos?" you nod, "perfect. anyways. i don't see why you're freaking out about this, haven't you had a crush on that guy since freshman year? because of the business course? i see this as an absolute win."
it's true. the lasting crush you've had on suna was all because of a business class you took in first year of university. the moment he walked through the doors you knew that you'd become down bad for the man who suddenly rocked your world without even knowing it.
you huff as a heavy tote bag weighs on your shoulder, "he's probably not even into me kuroo. chances are that i just happened to be there at the right place and time."
"you gotta give yourself a little more credit, y/n. you're hot as shit, otherwise i wouldn't hang out with you-"
"-i'm kidding. but seriously, suna's a guy that cares a lot more than he lets on. he's not like atsumu who plays with the idea of love. from what i've heard in the locker room, suna doesn't waste his time with hookups and other useless shit. i doubt last night happened because he wanted fun."
your heart skips a beat at the thought of last night meaning something- even if it's so sadly minuscule- to him, but the nonchalant appearance of suna rintarou gets the better of your thoughts, messing you up completely.
he probably didn't care about you, not in the way kuroo described.
it's not as though you were strangers. you've had a few classes here and there, a few discussions about each others degrees and whatnot. most importantly, you've spent a lot of panicked all-nighters together, messaging each other on instagram in your delirium.
in fact, texting suna when he was seconds away from crashing should've lessened your infatuation for him. the stupid, totally not-funny memes he sent should've been icks, but they weren't. it was actually really fucking adorable to see past his 'cool guy' facade as he sends you dank memes that came straight out of 2012.
you were fucked.
you were just as fucked as you were last night when he whispered soft praises against your skin, hands running up and down your sides.
'darling you're so pretty it hurts.'
kuroo's steps beside you suddenly slow down, causing you to turn around and ask what was wrong. "hey... uh, don't look, but suna rin and like his friends are 10 metres away, at 10 o'clock."
"you're fucking with me!"
"that's suna's job not mine! either way, he just spotted us!" kuroo's eyes widen, "he's doing the analytical look he always does!"
"i am not about to let you run away from your problems- you're not kenma! you're a bad bitch who's either about to wife a 6'3 guy up or get her heart broken, proceeding to have a massive glow up, what's your choice?"
"suddenly i'm an olympian."
"too late, he's walking this way and he's faster than you."
"kuroo tetsuro i am about to become a literal maneater-"
you turn around, meeting suna's concerned gaze as he raises a questioning brow at you. with a nervous laugh, you greet the middle blocker with a smile.
goodness, this is not what you needed at 4:30pm. what you needed was a volleyball. two of them.
"suna! what's up?" you asked casually.
"nothing much, how's your day been?"
"been writing a paper, but other than that, alright. did you want to talk about something?"
"i just wanted to check to see if you got home safely last night. you didn't respond to any of my texts."
"you texted me?" quickly, you log in to your phone and open imessages, only to be greeted by your previous game of uno against bokuto, kenma, akaashi and kuroo. "i'm sorry, i had no idea."
he rubs his neck, "it's okay, i figured you were busy or something."
"always on the clock."
suna huffs out a chuckle, "exactly."
it's awkward and the silence drives you insane, "about last night..."
his eyes widen a little, a small sign that he's been waiting for this conversation.
"did it mean anything?"
and yes, suna wants to shout that it meant so much more than he could ever express. that you were oddly special to him and he wanted more, wanted to know your favourite song and why, wanted to know what it'd be like to physically hangout with you at 3am instead of snickering to himself in his own dorm, he wanted to know what kind of lip balm you use.
there was so much suna wanted yet too little time to have them.
but there was no way of telling you that he kept you as close to him as possible for the limited moments he had with you, unsure when he'd ever have this opportunity again, so he answers your question with an indifferent shrug, "only if you wanted it to mean something."
you narrow your eyes at him, unimpressed, "that was lower than the bare minimum."
his heart races in his chest. "hypothetically, if i asked you on a date, what would you say?"
"whatever you want me to say," you shrug, smirking at him for a brief moment of silence. he rolls his eyes.
"i want you to say yes."
"then i'd say yes but you're not really asking me out are you?"
the corners of his lips quirk into a smile, "suddenly i am. i'll pick you up tomorrow, in front of your dorm, 7pm. we're going out, sound good?"
"sounds good," you chuckle.
suna grins breathlessly as he tries to conceal the explosions of nervous excitement in his chest, "great, cool, amazing! i'll message you soon."
"i won't leave you on delivered this time."
"don't go breaking my heart, pretty."
you watch as he jogs away with an amused smile, noticing the way he practically skips back to his friends. you grab your phone, finding his contact.
to: s*na r1ntaro > you're a really good kisser btw
atsumu shrieks from 10 metres away.
Tumblr media
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fortheharbingers · a month ago
his favorite look
♤ characters: suna rintaro/gn!reader (or so i tried...)
♤ notes: unprotected sex, creampie, sex at a semi-public space (if i have to tag anything else, please remind me) (minors dni)
Tumblr media
changing room of inarizaki is empty by now, the boys' volleyball team practice having ended a while ago– save for the muffled noises coming from the back, the volume increasing with time.
suna rintarou has you pinned against the wall, your legs lifted and wrapped around him, squeezing him inside and out.
when suna invited you over to drop by their practice, he knew the two of you would end like that. with the way you've been looking at him, the eyes you've been giving him lately, it was as clear as day.
yet when you do come, and sit by the benches, eyes glued onto his sweaty form, veins popping out on his muscles, enough to see from your position, all you can do is to stare at him, mouth fallen with an expression suna would've described as 'drooling'.
you'd probably lightly punch him for it, but not after right now, no. not when you have your mouth slack open again, drool coming from one side, incohorent mumblings leaving your lips every once in a while.
suna loves the way you look at him on a daily basis but perhaps this is his favorite one yet. the absolutely fucked out expression painted on your face, eyes blank and hazy from pleasure, from the pleasure he is providing you with how deep he is inside you. hips at a constant work, building you up at a pace not quite slow but has you begging 'faster' and 'more'.
the cold, hard surface of the wall is lost to your senses by now. everything is lost, except for the way rin has you hoisted up, pressing against you until there is not even the smallest of space left, his lenght dragging in and out of you– if it wasn't for snapping his hips back into you, he'd not pull out, not even in the slightest at all.
with each snap of his hips, you feel warmer, a fire in the pit of your stomach slowly growing, and rin managing to hit just the right spot every single time, all you can muster is him.
with what's left of a willpower inside of you, you try to lean into him for a kiss, only to miss his lips by an inch. smirking at your flushed form, not even able to kiss him right, he crashes his lips to yours. rin kisses you hard, biting at your lips again and again; yet you don't even have it in you to kiss him back with the same fervor anymore, too out of it to respond back.
noticing this, he lets out a chuckle. oh how lovely you look for him, so fucked out you cannot even match his kisses anymore, though it is you who wanted it in the first place.
tightening his hold on you, he picks up his pace.
to which you can only react with your face falling onto his shoulder, with all the energy left inside of you, you start nibbling at his his skin, gently biting with your teeth. the salty taste of sweat mixed with your saliva, soon your nibbling reaches its end as well.
soon suna can feel your breathing hitching, your nails digging into his skin and you tightening around him, as if you don't want him to leave just yet. he loves how even your body wants more and more of him, never satisfied, always begging for more, a little harder, a little faster, for a little longer.
your whimpers and moans, though muffled by his shoulder, still feel heavenly to his ears. and the way you say his name like a plea, like a prayer, like he is your everything, your god in that moment– he soon finds himself reaching his high.
slamming with his entire weight back into you, his movements start to get erratic. your body desperately clingling to his, his name still spilled out of your lips like honey: 'rin, rin, rin...' he can feel your body contracting and your muscles spasming. he loves how you start to shake from pleasure for him– at his hands, with his dick inside of you, his mouth all over you; so intoxicating, really, if it was up to him, he would fuck you all day long, over and over again, your whines and filthy pleas music to his ears, tasting you until you cannot cum anymore, filling you up until his cum leaking out of you...
his face finds itself by the crook of your neck, biting down at your flushed skin.
'rin... please...' your words come out barely.
with another thrust, he brings his lips to your ear, 'go on baby, come for me.'
gripping onto his form, you let go, feeling yourself reach your orgasm, squeezing your eyes shut and tightening your legs around him. a second or so later, you hear him let out a grunt by your ear, whispering a '...fuck' and feeling him come inside you; yet contunuing to thrust, though his movements have gotten sloppy by now, prolonging his orgasm.
as the two of you slowly catch your breath, he still has you held by the wall. raising his head to meet your eyes, he leans in for another kiss, his tongue quickly entering your mouth.
by the time you can feel your breath returning to normal, he rests his forehead against yours with a small smile tugging at his bruised lips.
'you should join our practices more often.'
you let out a laugh at his words. 'yeah and not be able to walk back home? no, thank you.'
eyeing on the hickeys he left on your body, he raises a brow at your words, humming as if considering his options. 'guess i'll just have to carry you starting from now.' 'rin, no!' you're quick to respond, but the grin on your face exposes you.
'well then, should we get going?' he offers after a moment and a pout appears on your face quickly. eyes cast low, you murmur a 'don't pull out just yet.'
and who is he to deny when you request so sweetly like that?
leaning once again to your neck and the spot right under your ear, he starts biting at your skin slowly: 'don't come crying and blaming me when you can't walk tomorrow.'
Tumblr media
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lexinympho · 7 days ago
[suggestive, mentions of fwb relationship & sex, MDNI]
The last thing Suna expected to see after half jokingly suggesting that you and him have sex was a look of utter discontent being sent his way. Your reaction was so sudden and genuine that it even caught him off guard and had him rushing to rectify his mistake, albeit in a way that doesn't sound quite as regretful or awkward, "Damn, you think I'm that ugly?"
"Wait, no," you fixed your face at the realization that your reaction may have sent the wrong message, "you're literally beautiful and everyone knows that."
"I'm flattered."
You don't bother pointing out the sarcastic remark in favor of calling out the elephant in the room, "Where'd that come from?"
"Where'd what come from?"
"Rintarou. Don't try to gloss over the fact that you just asked me to fuck you."
"Ah ah," he leaned closer to reiterate with a casual wave of his finger, "I said 'we should fuck'. As a joke of course."
Yeah right. You weren't a fool though, you knew when he was messing with you, and you weren't blind to his flopped attempt at flirting. You also knew that so-called joke of his wasn't good for your heart, but you choose to mentally snuff out the flames in favor of clearing up any misunderstandings bound to arise without you saying anything. "You'd fuck me?"
He answers with little hesitation upon seeing your willingness to talk about this, "I mean, yeah, look at you."
You once again ignore his comment to get your point across, "...Even though we're friends?"
"And you're just okay with that?"
"You're not?" He's starting to see the main issue here.
"No? We're friends, friends don't fuck."
"Some do."
You swiftly throw out, "We don't, I don't!"
"So you won't fuck me because we're friends."
"I won't," you finish with a cross of your arms and turn your head away to hopefully hide your mortification for this topic. You don't think you have it in you to straight up tell him you'd gladly fuck him if he were your boyfriend, and you're honestly not so sure if the feeling's exactly mutual, so you keep your desires to yourself. That seems like the safest route out of this conversation.
Suna apparently decided on the risky rapids when he spoke up, "Then let's stop being friends."
'Stop being friends.'
A dizzy spell hits you in your brain's conflicted state, struggling to determine if his statement was a dream come true or a heartbreaking nightmare. Heartbreaking nightmare seems more likely. You know he's not so shallow to stop being your friend over something as small as avoiding sexual relations, but anything is possible when he practically offered up his body mere minutes ago without a second thought. Your train of thought is broken when you catch him moving closer to you in the corner of your eye, his action sending your nerves into a frenzy as you freeze up and become trapped between backing up or staying where you're at.
Backing up seemed like a bit much since you'd have to eventually stand up from his bed, yet again giving him mixed signals, and your body seemed to choose the 'stay still' option for you.
Suna speaks confidently at the sight of your frazzled state, "If us being friends is the problem, then we should just change that, right?"
"I'm not gonna be your fuck buddy-"
"Because friends don't look at each other the way I look at you, or think about each other the way I think about you." Your outlook brightened from that one sentence, giving him plenty of incentive to flash you a smirk and lean into your ear to whisper, "You have no idea how much I imagine what you'd sound like screaming my name when you're on my bed like this."
Oh. His confession sent a wave of heat straight to your core and had you squeezing your legs together.
He continued as he ran a hand along your back to send shivers across it, "You drive me crazy everytime you run up and hug me from behind, pushing your tits against me and rubbing my chest like it's nothing."
You thought he didn't notice.
Your vision was sent into a blur when he maneuvered you closer and pulled you on his lap, the young man clearly enjoying the flustered look you're sending him, blushing so pretty just for him. He pays no mind to the dusting on his own face as he goes on, "I don't just wanna fuck you though. I like it when you come over wearing something I left at your place, I like driving you around the city and getting froyo with you..."
He pulls you closer to initiate a hug and hide his face in your shoulder, ignoring the hard-on he developed from your presence on his lap, "I like it when people think we're a couple, and I always imagine what that would be like."
You stop his semi-rambling by tentatively hugging him back, still in shock by his many revelations and the singular one he needn't voice out, he likes me.
And he wants to fuck me.
Suddenly the thought of sleeping with a friend seems less daunting.
Tumblr media
©lexinympho 2022, please do not edit or repost my works anywhere on this platform or another
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voidcat · a month ago
Tumblr media
“So I had to empty out my entire thermos, then got my feet stepped on, and my sleeve gets caught in the door, the driver tells me,” you bring a hand to your chest to emphasize, “only me! To get off because apparently it is full and-“
Your frenzy of complaints and aggressive silent yelling is cut short when all you can sense is black all around and something wrapped around you.
“Rin, what the fuck!”
You try to push him away with both hands, which only makes his grip on you stronger.
It’s a wonder how only Suna Rintarou can get you to shut up like this.
—though your position must look a little weird from a third person’s perspective.
With your face deep into Suna’s chest, his arms at your both sides with the ends of his sweat jacket, you’re trapped, really.
It’s still too early in the morning, too early for all the headache, for your voice to get rough after all that yelling, too early that your exhaustion slowly catches up as you are stuck with your face pressed against him.
Hands that once tried to push him away slide down slightly in defeat, gripping onto his tshirt instead– taking in a deep breath, you inhale his scent and close your eyes as you breath out.
Early in the morning, the lack of after-practice sweat on him is a nice contrast to sense.
Rin smells faintly of pastries and a pang of peaches– his mother must’ve baked them fresh.
Despite the ridiculous way your head is practically wrapped inside his jacket, the sounds of the people outside are drowned out quickly by the beat of his heart.
Breaths evening out, Rin feels you relax under the black garment, how your shoulders relax and fall down.
One of the many timeless moments you’ve come to experience and be blessed with, once Rin entered your life– you let out a sigh, you could stay like this all day.
The increase of footsteps signal that it must be close to the bell though.
Another sigh let out and your hands fall a little at his sides.
His heart beat quickens at the movement of your fingers dragging, the realization brings a smug smile to your lips.
“Better now?” Rin asks as the two of you pull apart, already back to his typical position, hands shoved into his pockets.
“Mhm.” You hum as you walk side by side.
Rin let’s put a hum in response to your already cheery state.
You doubt would’ve heard him if it wasn’t for the close proximity and experience of accommodating to Suna Rintarou.
“Hope the rest of your mornings go like that.” He says as a matter of factly, not voicing the rest: ‘so I can have you all to myself.’
Mouth agape, you turn in your place stomping your foot. “What the fuck!”
He settles for a snicker, as if you’re failing to understand a very obvious joke. “You look cute when you’re angry.”
“So I’m not cute any other way? Maybe I should just hang out with Atsumu from now on.” You say and resume walking.
“Oi!” He calls out from behind, “Did you hit your head somewhere as well?” He says as he catches up to your slowing form.
With a smug expression, you tiptoe and flick him on the forehead.
“You look cute when you’re jealous.”
Tumblr media
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xiaosticgy · a month ago
pairing:  suna rintaro x gn! reader. 
genres: fluff (with some teasing-). 
Tumblr media
of all days, it has to be today! 
you groaned, throwing on the school uniform as you hopped out of bed. your alarm did not rung and by the time you woke up, you were left with ten minutes to rush to school. you were fortunate to live near the school, saving you the pain of having to take a public transport. as you did not have sufficient time to wear your contacts, you have no choice but to wear your glasses. 
if there was one thing your significant other: SUNA RINTARO, does not know, it’s the fact you wear glasses. ever since you met him, you were always wearing contacts as it was more convenient and spares you of having to go through the heartache of dropping your glasses. 
you barely made it to class when the bell echoed throughout the building, indicating your first lesson was about to start. you sighed, collapsing to your seat as you get the required materials ready. however, you could not find it in yourself to focus as you were anxious, wondering how he would react to seeing you with glasses. 
when lunchtime was here, you remained in class and scrolled through your phone. it was a common thing for SUNA to come over from his classroom and have lunch with you. the sound of footsteps alerted you and you raised your head, spotting your boyfriend approaching you with two bento boxes held in his left hand. 
“since when do you wear glasses?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as he stopped before you. 
“since today. i woke up late and didn’t have time to wear my contacts. do i look weird?” you asked, fidgeting in your seat when he continued to stare you with those foxlike eyes. 
“...no, i think you look better with glasses,” he mumbled, dragging a chair over and sat on your right side, placing the bento boxes down. 
“come again? i didn’t quite catch that,” you snickered, leaning forward a little with your hand cupped behind your right ear. 
SUNA rolled his eyes, having gotten used to your childish antics since you were nearly the same as his certain two teammates. but as compared to them, he would rather hang out with you. he did a quick glance of his surroundings, noticing there weren’t a lot of students in the classroom. 
even if there were students, their backs were facing him. 
mischief glimmered in his eyes. in one smooth movement, he reached out to grab your right hand, harshly tugging you toward him. this gained a startled squeak from you. you intended to scold him but the words died down in your throat when a pair of lips was pressed against yours. 
your eyes widened, realization hitting you. the middle blocker was never the type to show his affection in public, preferring to do that in the comfort and privacy of your home. before you could react, SUNA had pulled away. 
your face and ears flushed red at how an triumphant smirk appeared on his usual impassive face. 
“i said, you look better with glasses.” 
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satorus-grl · 2 months ago
𝗠𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗧𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗰𝘀 — 𝗛𝗮𝗶𝗸𝘆𝘂𝘂 𝗦𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀
Tumblr media
gender neutral reader, wc 1.2k, timeskip mentioned so slight spoilers, bit suggestive if you squint depending on interpretation
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
characters: kuroo, suna, iwaizumi
summary: when your make out session gets interrupted by their boss, how do you both react?
a/n: i write this a while ago now for twt, but it’s still one of my favorites, requests are open, read the rules and feel free to send one ^-^ part 2 is now up!!
Tumblr media
You were shocked to see a message from Tetsurou saying a driver was coming to pick you up. He was at work, so that could be the only place they were going to take you. He expressed how he needed to see you, he missed you so dearly, you imagined him saying, laughing slightly to yourself.
You were big on only visiting Tetsurou at work if you had business. But he was incredibly hard to say no to. He had a natural born charm after all, in a very good way. You put your thoughts to the side as you arrived at his office door, one of his assistants knocking introducing you. Your name had made him open the door immediately. He had thanked his assistant for escorting you, and asked if they could send his regards to the driver as well. It being just the two of you, Tetsurou wanted to waste no time.
He crept up behind you, shutting the door. He wanted no one to interrupt this precious time he had with you. Taking your hand, he led you to his desk, helping you sit up on it. He looked into your eyes for what felt like forever, taking in how truly beautiful his partner was. “Why did you call me here,” you finally mustered up the courage to ask.
Reluctant to answer, Kuroo cups your face in his hands, grazing his thumb over your lips. you shivered a bit, slightly grabbing a hold of his wrists. Waiting for him to play his card was almost agonizing, but when he finally did it was worth it. He pulled you in for a kiss passionately. Once he started there was nothing holding him back. He couldn’t continue to tease you any longer.
You had gotten really into it, wrapping your hands around the back of his neck, leaning closer to him as he tugged his tie loose, aiming for the buttons on his shirt next. He wasn’t looking for anything more than to just kiss you, but nothing was stopping him from getting what he was wanting. Nothing except for his boss, who had walked in without knocking. You both jumped at the sound, turning your head towards the door as he stared at you. Tetsurou was of course embarrassed about how unprofessional this was, letting his dorky side which had been clouded by his desire slip out. You laughed as you opted to leave, letting Kuroo attend to his work. Tetsurou sighed, walking you to the door. Before you could leave the door, Tetsurou has whispered “We’ll continue when I get home, no interruptions”
Going to work to surprise Iwaizumi with lunch was nothing new for you. You had been friendly with his boss with how many times you would come and visit, it was no shocker to see you there.
You were greeted at the door as you waved, making your way to Iwa’s break room. Just as you expected, he was there. You knocked at the door and smiled at your boyfriend. Seeing you, Iwa rushed to open the door, wrapping his large arms around you. “It’s my favorite time of the day, your daily visit,” He said earnestly.
You laughed, loving the soft side of your boyfriend’s demeanor, patting him on the back and leaving his bagged lunch on the bench. He was more touchy and affectionate today than all your other visits. You weren’t complaining, but this was a bit out of the ordinary. “Has it been a long day,” you question.
“A bit,” he sighs, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, resting his head up on your shoulder. “I appreciate your visit”
You turn in his arms, giving him a soft kiss on the lips. You had been happy you arrived just on time, and didn’t mind spending the time he had on break with him. Iwaizumi had a plan however, and he wasn’t going to dwell on his tiring day as long as you were here. He loved the way your lips felt on his. He wanted more. Backing you up against the wall, he continued to kiss you with just the right amount of passion. You enjoyed every second of it as he pinned one of your wrists against the wall. You used your free hand to trail your fingers up his toned muscles, whimpering through your rough kisses.
“I didn’t expect to walk in on you both like this,” you heard his boss chuckle. This scared you, however Iwa seemed unphased by this. Without breaking the kiss, he glanced over at his boss. Damn Hajime Iwaizumi and his effortless ways he knew how to turn you on, you thought.
Finally pulling away, he let go of your wrist, resting his free hand on the wall. “It’s been a long day, I needed it.”
You couldn’t keep your eyes off Suna while he stretched his muscles with his team. It was pretty natural to watch him do what he needed to, because he was your boyfriend, but he had a charm that just drove you to him, regardless.
Suna knew what he was doing well, though his effort from an outsider’s point of view could look minimal. Over your time dating Rintarou, you had gotten to know him quite well. It was the same for him. You both knew each other very well proudly, and that was one of the most positive aspects of your relationship. You two got along so well.
Rintarou smirked as he saw the expression on your face as you watched him. He then walked over to you, standing next to you as he continued to stretch. “Thank you for coming. I know stretching is probably a boring thing to watch, but I wanted something I could focus on,” He patted his head, looking at you. You laughed as he continued to do it.
“Watching you stretch isn’t all that boring,” you protested his idea. “I like it, you look so focused while doing it. And.. it’s nice to focus on you.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” he nodded. “we’re free to leave whenever, so let's go. I want to take you home.” He gathered his things, looking up on you from the floor. You looked away from him at the time on your phone. It was getting a bit late, not that you minded too much. When Suna was finally ready, he put his hand around your waist and led you out to the parking lot. As you made it to the car, he suddenly stopped walking. As he looked you in your eyes, he started slightly laughing.
“What are you laughing at, Rin?”
“Nothing, I just think you can get really cute sometimes. It’s a distraction,” he chuckled while turning you around, giving you soft pecks and kisses. You cupped his face, pulling him into a much longer kiss. His grip around you had noticeably tightened as well as how rough he was being. “Such a fucking dangerous distraction, I love that about you.”
He softly bit your lower lip, teasing you by tugging as he spoke, then released when he was satisfied with your reaction. His lips trailed from yours to your jawline, giving you many soft kisses causing you to whimper. Just as he was about to continue his work on your neck, he paused at the sound of someone calling his name. “You're heading home, Suna,” the voice asked. The voice sounded older, you assumed it to be his coach. You grew flush with embarrassment, hoping he didn’t see anything that was happening between you two.
Without letting you escape his grasp, Rintarou turned his head back to respond. “I am, I've got some business to take care of with this cute devil.”
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Tumblr media
suna looks up at you, “so?”
“you come here often?” you grin.
he gives you an unimpressed look. you still notice the way the corner his lips quirked up a little. (your pride swells).
“you know i work here.” he leans against the counter.
you bounce on your feet, lips pursing in faux confusion.
“what a coincidence.” you smile, leaning closer to him. “my favorite person works here.”
he leans forward when you say that, a smirk growing on his lips. “really?”
“yup.” you laugh.
“what about you?” he yawns.
you tilt your head in confusion.
“you come here often?” he shoots back, smirk becoming teasing when you turn away.
you hide your smile behind your hand when you look back at him.
“i frequent this place.” you put your hands on your hips.
“how interesting,” he sighs, “my favorite person also frequents this place.”
you cross your arms over the counter, a smile blooming in your lips.
you lean forward. “do they now?”
and suna nods, a genuine smile on his lips. “yeah. they come here every morning before their first class.”
“i bet they’re happy there’s barely any customers,” you lean up, “they love having you all to themselves.”
“what a coincidence.” he leans closer to you. “i love having you all to myself, too.”
you smile, slowly leaning towards him. suna inches his face closer to yours.
“i have to ask you something very important, though.”
you get goosebumps when his breath fans your lips. you can practically feed his lips against your. you inch your face closer to his.
he pulls away, cocky smirk on his lips. “what are you gonna order?”
you have to stop yourself from toppling over the counter. you blink at him. he laughs when he sees your bewildered expression.
“what?” you squeak.
suna taps the sharpie against the plastic cup in his hand. “coffee. you gonna have your usual?”
you blink at him, frowning. “will it be free if i kiss you?”
you click your tongue. “fine.”
“i still wanna cash in that kiss, though.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
[ DUSK ‘TILL DAWN : 006 ]
“we who bear the burden of the crown do not need to love. you only need to stay here, with me, in power, in greed, in lust – in victory.”
c/w. modern royal au. infidelity. slight angst. gaslighting. toxic characters. suggestive. toxic relationships. suna is physically aggressive in one scene. mentions of neglect and abuse.
notes. omg i never expected i’d actually update this someday but thank you to everyone who’d been so nice and supportive! ily chloe for always hyping me up and ily sunflower anon for bullying me (affectionately) into updating <33
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Tumblr media
[ SIX ] you held my heart in your fingertips, so now i drown in my bitterness 
Tumblr media
The bullet whizzing past the open gardens stunned you into temporary deafness. Smoke coated the barrel as its heat slowly seeped into your hands, yet it could not compare to the burning rage emanating within the Sixth Prince as you gaped back at him. You, too, were in disbelief over what you had just done.
You did not mean it. You did not mean to do that as you took a step back, the weapon snatched out of your hands when you faced your husband.
Fury glistened in those brown orbs. Sweat formed at the edge of his forehead, and you felt damp under the cool morning air until the Prince was unloading the gun. Opening your mouth to speak, you prepared yourself to repent for what you had done—because no, not even a miniscule of satisfaction could be tasted on your tongue at Princess Iris’ lithe body shell-shocked with fear. Not a tinge of victory to be celebrated when your husband had grabbed you by the wrist and away from the scene.
“Your Highness,” you called out in a trembling voice, focused on the firmness of his back faced to you. Here, you could barely see a thing when his broad body obscured your vision, but you were no fool. You knew you were about to be kicked out from your own home.
“Please, you are hurting me!”
The Prince ignored your cries as he pulled the car door open, sharp eyes narrowed at you before he shoved you inside. Not a moment later, he appeared by your side and revved the engine, feet slamming down on the gas before you could utter a word. You doubted he would listen anyway when he sped out from your manor and into the open fields, driving past through the line of trees and narrow roads with ease, his knuckles turning white to the bone from his iron grip.
“Your Highness, slow down! We might crash!”
Your pleads were met by deaf ears. Prince Suna did not slow down the least bit. If anything, the sound of your voice encouraged him to drive faster, the tick of his jaw one of the last things you saw before your vision blurred.
The scenery of the fields was incomprehensible. Your ears still rang from your previous act of hunting that damned bird behind Princess Iris. Your breathing laboured, knees turning weak the faster he drives until the splash of blue skies felt nauseating. Bile slowly rose bitterly from your throat as you clutched at your seatbelt for dear life. He wouldn’t budge even as your other arm clutched at his in an attempt to get him to slow down, but it was too late. It would have been too late.
You were nearing the edge of the cliff, and at this speed, none of you would survi—
“Your Highness!”
Prince Suna hit the brakes.
Chest heaving up and down, your husband turned to you with an incredulous look painted on his handsome features, minus its usual softness that he reserved when you were behind closed doors. Today, the Prince was all rough and aggressive from when he disappeared and into your side, yanking you out by the wrist despite your whines. You fell on your knees then, palms now littered with scratches as it bled against the rough pavement. But did the Prince notice? Did your husband care that his wife panted below him, trembling the longer she stared at her new wounds?
What would Her Majesty say? It was unspoken of that royals bear any scars. Flaws were rare as they were taboo, and if you were scarred, then that made your value of a Princess less.
Your own husband was giving you more reasons to not be by his side.
“Get up.”
Your head snapped up at the sound of his voice. His command was cold as ice, yet his eyes said otherwise. You did not know this man. The Crown Prince would never stare at you like you were the vilest thing he had ever laid his eyes on, his muscular arm flexing when he brushed his hair with his hand and fumes.
“My Prince, what are you—”
“How fucking dare you,” he spat out with a ridiculed scoff, “How dare you threaten the life of Her Highness like that. Is your head so empty after being fucked dumb that you forgot she is married to the Second Prince, and the only Princess that prevents Itachiyama from meddling with our country? You could have easily ruined five years of their alliance with that stupid act of yours!”
Your head reeled back from his stinging insults.
“I-I did not mean it, Your Highness.”
“You didn’t mean it,” he repeated mockingly, “Oh, so you just happen to be loading your weapon and pointing it at your sister, is that right?”
You scoffed.
“The Princess is not my sister.”
“She’s the wife of your husband’s brother. Whether you like it or not, we are all family now, and family treats each other with respect. More so that we are royals! Yet you...” the Prince grimaced at a loss for words, teeth clenching as his finger angrily poked at his head. “You could not piece that together, could you? It is because you don’t think. You are a fucking halfwit for not being careful with your—”
Tears clouded your vision. You no longer cared about being elegant and presenting yourself as a royal at all times when your voice rose in octaves, the words leaving your mouth as shaky as the tremors in your heart.
“You are treating me too rudely, Your Highness! You act as if I had committed a grave sin!”
“Because you have!”
“But I did not harm anybody, so you have no right to punish me for something I did not do—”
“You almost killed my girlfriend!” your husband seethed, “You, with your dirty little fingers and pride, trampling around like you own the place, pointed a hunting rifle to my girlfriend! Had I not stopped you earlier, I would have lost her. I would have lost the woman I loved, and I do not think I could ever forgive you or myself should that ever happen. Or rather, I would never allow you to set even a foot near me for as long as I live,” and to add salt to the wounds, he shook his head and looked away from you. “You repulse me.”
You clenched your jaw, nails digging into your palm as you willed yourself to calm down.
How you were able to speak calmly would be far and beyond you.
You somehow managed a laugh, no matter how dry it sounded, and wiped the shameful tears you shed. How embarrassing that you foolishly believed any of his promises had been real. You had really thought you were loved, but now that your own husband stood before you and could barely look you in the eye, what did that truly make you? The villain? The mistress? The halfwit, as he called you?
“She...is your girlfriend?”
The Prince threw his hands up in the air at the sight of your tears. “Oh, how mature, Princess. You’re a grown woman crying like a child. Go and let the waterworks flow if that is all you can do.”
“Do you have any idea how heartless you sound right now?”
“You have the audacity to tell me that when someone was nearly in danger because of you?”
“And you have the audacity to be angry at me because I could have hurt your mistress?”
Prince Suna sucked in a sharp breath. He stalked you until you were cornered between him and the car, left trapped and holding your breath even though he was not touching you. Funny, you found it, that even at a time like this you craved for his touch. They had always been soothing. Always tender and comforting you when you were at your lowest, but that time seemed like a lifetime ago already. Because the husband you married was not real—the husband you believed would have loved you as he should and would never glare at you like this as he warned in barely above a whisper, “Don’t call her that. Her Highness is not a mistress.”
“Oh, but she is. She is a woman married to your brother, and yet she is in a relationship with the Crown Prince, who might I remind you, asked for my hand in marriage!” to prove your point, you flashed him the bodacious ring sitting atop your finger.
The Prince merely spared a glance.
“Indeed. It is a decision I am severely regretting as of this moment,” he declared, and the bitter regret coating his tongue was more than enough to let you fall limp against the car. The Prince, ever scheming and malice as he truly was, took the opportunity of your defeated state to straighten his collar down before straightening his back. “Let me clarify it to you, Your Highness. I never loved you. I never wanted you. It is Princess Iris whom I want, and it is with her where my heart will always be. The only reason you and I stand together here now is because I love her so much I was willing to do anything to make her mine. And you were simply there when I needed a wife most. It was you who made my plans within arm’s reach. So should you ever feel any sort of distaste for our marriage, then you must take the blame upon yourself. Princess Iris is innocent and I will be damned before I let you lay a hand on her ever again.”
The corners of your lips tilted upwards. Matching his hard stare, you exhaled. “You are far more despicable than I believed you capable, my Prince.”
He let out a sardonic laugh.
“Had you not laid a hand on her, this would have never happened. This was your fault. You could have simply played your part as a docile wife, left her alone, and I would have still regarded you kindly.”
“Regard me kindly?” you echoed, “You expect me to flatter you in thanks that you would treat your wife civilly under the condition I turn a blind eye to your affair?”
“Yes, for that is all you will ever get from me,” looking at you from head to toe, Prince Suna snickered. “I don’t even know what I saw in you. You should be elated I even married you to begin with—had I not, you would have rotted alone in your silly little mansion. Unloved. Uncared for. Unvaluable. As you always have been.”
Unknown to your numbed state, your husband walked away.
He rounded the car and went inside his seat, locking it before you could get a chance to get in. The sound of the engine revving brought you back to life as you peered at your husband with wide eyes, pounding on the glass windows while he slowly backed away. He would not dare leave you here, right? He wouldn’t. “Your Highness, wait! Please don’t leave—”
The Prince could not even bother to look back at you once before his car zoomed past, the vehicle slowly disappearing into view. You were left with the company of the birds’ chirping and your heartbeat drumming in your chest, falling back onto your bum as you processed what just happened.
He left you.
“No, no, no, this is not happening... it can’t be...”
The Prince, your husband, your best friend, your whole world—he just left you. Not once did he look back—there was no remorse or mercy in his words or actions—he just left you. And you realized perhaps heartbreak was a worse fate than death because surely, nothing could hurt more than this. You were slowly being pushed to the edge as your ring glinted back at you in the sunlight, serving as a cruel reminder that your fairytale of a love story ended before it even began. What were you thinking anyway? That he was a Prince Charming sweeping you off your feet to the land of happily ever after’s? That was not real. He was not real. The Prince was not charming, he never loved you, and you knew all that. You always knew.
And maybe the Prince spoke nothing but the truth.
Maybe this was all your fault.
You could have avoided this on the night he announced your engagement and you found out about his affair. Or was it really an affair? He loved her first. He met her first. He simply met you at a different time and he already had someone else in his heart, but why did his words bear a heavy weight of truth the more he rubbed it in your face you were useless? Was this all you were good for? Good enough to be a Princess, but not worthy enough to be a loved wife.
Did you really mean so little to him?
By this point, you were just playing with fire. He was right by calling you a fool because you knew everything yet acted as if you were clueless and stepped head-on in a battle you were not prepared for.
This was too much, and you’d been married for barely a week. Everything was falling apart right before your eyes yet you never learned your lesson as you stood up and rubbed at the ache in your chest, the tears salty on your lips and stinging your skin from how flushed you’d been. Like a true fool, you retraced the indents of his wheel into the concrete and planned to walk back home when the scenery before you had you halting in your steps. Surrounded by trees of green and hills looming overhead, you could not spot your manor from here. You did not know where to go, and you did not have a phone to ask for help. You hadn’t travelled enough around the humble town and its massive territories of land to memorize the way back home from this dead end, and you don’t think you had ever felt this hopeless in your life before.
Who would come save you now?
“Rin,” you choked back his name with a sob, hugging your arms to yourself as the nearby forest haunted you with its dark, looming presence. Here, you were left alone, and no Prince Charming or a Knight in Shining Armour would come help you now no matter how hard you tried to summon one.
After all, you were not a Princess in a fairytale. You did not live in a universe where there would be fairies to come saving you or a light would guide you for the darkness that would settle in a number of hours. The reality of your fate was that you were in a loveless marriage where you were more of a pawn than a woman, and the man you so dearly loved and gave your everything to was powerful enough to leave you high and blue in the middle of nowhere.
Tumblr media
The slamming of car doors shut woke everybody up from their agitated stupors in the welcoming room. There, the Sixth Prince met eyes with his brothers and their wives who eyed him up and down in careful glances before they settled to the empty side him, the silent question hanging in the air as to why his wife was not there. Well, he always hated to disappoint, but Prince Suna would not be bringing her back anytime soon. He merely ignored his brothers’ raised brows and searched for the pair of eyes—the only one who seemed eager for his return without a smidge of judgement in her brown, doe eyes.
“Angel,” he immediately softened, crouching before his lover whose legs wouldn’t stop bouncing on the couch. Caressing her knee, he left little kisses on her skin. “How are you feeling? You are not injured anywhere, are you?”
“No, my Prince. There is not even a single scratch on me.”
Rin sighed in relief. “Oh, thank heavens.”
At least Princess Iris was safe. Had you really shot her and not that stupid bird, Prince Suna would fear of what he was capable of doing to you. Divorce would be too merciful, but exile did not seem gratifying enough either. The law clearly stated that anyone who should bring harm or even threat the safety of a royal would immediately be punished through execution, and Prince Suna was not far from deeming it the opposite of plausible.
However, his flickering relief over Iris’ safety vanished the moment your name fell from her lips.
“Your Highness... where is the Princess?”
Scowling, Rin snatched a nearby bottle of whiskey and situated himself beside his lover. He would rather not let you cross his mind from now on. “Refrain from asking about the Princess. I do not wish to talk about her after she pulled that stunt with you.”
Prince Tooru whistled from the doorway. “Well, I’ll be damned, brother. You might as well say goodbye to the throne you so badly want after this,” he sniggered before pushing his weight off the wall, using two fingers to gesture a servant to scurry his way. Whatever Tooru was thinking, Suna did not like it, and he watched as his brother stuffed his hands deep into his pockets with a bored expression. “Oi, fetch me my keys—”
“You will not go after the Princess.”
The Fifth Prince paused momentarily before his laughter echoed in the room.
“Are you serious, brother? I understand you are upset with what she did, but it was valid, don’t you think? The entire time we have been here, you paid more attention to your brother’s wife than your own. In fact, you two are so desperate for each other I would not put it past the Princess if she knew about you already, so if you ask me, was it ethical she pointed a gun at Iris? Absolutely not. But do I support it? Mayhaps. It was a bold move, if you ask me, and heavens know this trip would have been numbingly boring were it not for—”
Beside him, Prince Kiyoomi pinched the bridge of his nose. “Tooru, please shut your mouth. You are not helping the situation.”
Prince Tooru surveyed everybody’s face at his brother’s comment, and was left disappointed when the servants ducked their heads or averted gazes. Even his brothers were highly unimpressed, and his usual teetering wife cowered behind him at the apparent irritation of Suna.
“Oh, stop looking at me like that, guys! I am not better than any of you, but at least have some self-awareness!” he grumbled, “It does not matter if I am not good terms with Princess Maiko—our marriage was just for money anyway. But this is Rintaro we are talking about. If the cheeky Princess decides to open her mouth about what her own husband did—if he does not even try going after her—then he’s fucked. Bye-bye King Suna, long live the king! Oh wait, I forgot we don’t have one.”
“Stay out of marriages that are not yours.”
“I could say the same about you,” retorted Prince Tooru without missing a beat, and judging by the exasperated frown of his beloved brother, Tooru knew he had pressed a button.
“Do not speak to me so casually. You may be older than me, but I am still your Crown Prince.”
“Frankly speaking, brother, I do not give a fuck about your title and rank, but alright,” dropping the car keys the servant had given him back to the tray it was presented on, Prince Tooru walked out of the room with a mock salute. “I warned you, so don’t come crying to me when your short-lived marriage ends in a divorce. ‘Can’t promise things won’t get ugly.”
Tumblr media
The hours into eventide would have been more bearable were Suna’s brothers not ignoring him. Clearly, they disapproved of his decisions, but who was he to care? He was the Crown Prince and held the highest authority out of everybody within that room; he had no obligation to please anybody but himself and his lover. He could not care less that nobody spoke a word during dinner, excluding Prince Tooru’s blatant, exaggerated sighs and careless throwaway comment that you must have been eaten by bears by now, which (much to his demise) plagued his head until his brothers and Princess Maiko retreated into the game room once they finished their meals.
They seemed too eager to leave, and while he had no intention of following, Suna couldn’t help it.
He refused to join their silly games (not that he was invited) when they were being rude to him and acting as if he did not exist, but Suna found himself hiding outside the room anyways as he awaited Prince Tooru to at least half-heartedly invite him. Make brotherly amends or some shit. Childish as it sounded, but he hated having discourse with his brothers. He already lived plenty of years separated from them per Her Majesty’s command. It was not until Prince Suna became the official Crown Prince along with Wakatoshi that he was given a chance to spend more time with the brothers he grew up without, so the silent treatment was akin to torture to him—as if it was not enough that the possibility of you being in danger lingered in his head.
He seriously pondered over it. Or more like, Rintaro would not stop pacing back and forth in your shared room as he mentally debated whether he should get you back or not. Even Princess Iris got impatient with his lack of responses to her that she occupied herself with drinks.
But no, Rintaro had to be strict with himself. You were getting too comfortable now that you were granted with power and the privilege to be his lover, even if it was only on paper, that it was only right he set boundaries and put you back in your place. You ought to be taught a lesson. It would only be harder for you if he broke the news of his ‘affair’ further into the future, or so he was convincing himself. The truth was that Prince Suna was unsure he would be able to sleep if something happened to you.
What if you were hurt?
You must be so scared and looking for him right now—that was just who you were, utterly forgiving and still seeking the comfort only he can provide like he was not also the cause of your misery.
He may not be in love, but he still cared.
He cared enough that he remained hiding in the dark hallway outside the pool room upon hearing Princess Maiko conversing with a servant. “Have you found the Princess?”
“Yes, Your Highness. The Princess headed to the town centre and arrived in a bed and breakfast establishment. We believe she will spend several nights there as she carried with her some spare clothes she must have got along the way,” the servant’s voice grew quieter, “Should we pick the Princess up, Your Highness? She is without guards. This will pose a threat to her safety the further she is from the royal family.”
“Picking her up would draw too much attention... the people might wonder why the newly married Princess is wandering the town alone.”
Prince Suna could hear the cogs turning in Princess Maiko’s head, but their thoughts were cut off when Prince Kiyoomi mumbled something along the lines of, “Leave her be. She will be fine.” Suna could not hear well from this distance, but the laid back confidence from his brother’s voice put him at unrest. You barely interacted with Kiyoomi due to his constant absence, so what gave him the right to act as if he knew you well?
“How are you so sure of that, my Prince?”
Prince Tooru hollered from scoring in the background. “Hah, take that, Omi-Omi! I was always better at you in everything!”
The older brother ignored Tooru. “This is her hometown, and the place is filled with farmers and cattle only. Other roads or points of entry have also been closed off for our privacy. Trading wine was put on temporary hold. Nobody gets in or out while we’re here. I assure you the Princess will be safe, perhaps even more comfortable that she is left alone,” he noted, and Suna hated how right he sounded. “Put yourself in her shoes. She does not want to see any of us right now.”
‘Us’ naturally including him.
This was your honeymoon, and against his better self, he had actually looked forward to it, too. Suna wanted to spend time with you in the same town you spent every childhood summer in as your stories never failed to bring him a sense of belonging and the promise of a home he was not familiar with. He would be lying too if he said he did not imagine your future children running around this same manor someday, thinking he’d love to play hide and seek with the kids and teach them how to ride bikes—simple yet normal experiences for a child that his parents deprived him of. But he also had Iris, and Suna would rather be lacking in a royal title than to be a father as bad as his, which is why the actual possibility of having you bear his children was not as easy as it seemed.
Nevertheless, it weighed heavily on his shoulders with each passing second where he is reminded he ruined the honeymoon. His marriage, which was sweet while it lasted, was crumbling to pieces. Everything he hoped for seemed like a far away dream again.
He wondered, though, if maybe Tooru was right. If Suna ran after you and apologized, maybe got on his knees to beg for your forgiveness, would that have changed anything? Would you still come back to him after everything he said to you? After he abandoned you?
Sighing, Suna retreats into the living room. Where he expected solace, he was instead greeted by your family portrait. You couldn’t have been older than ten in the photo, with your parents’ hands on your shoulder and you shyly beaming up at the camera while your parents gazed down fondly at you. It was clear to anybody how adored you were, but now Suna tore his eyes away from the portrait as he imagined the look on your mother’s face if she finds out about his lies. How your father, who he also considered his own after being disregarded by His Late Majesty, would refuse to share drinks or hunt with him again. Not after he hurt their precious daughter.
He had to be more than thick faced if he wanted to face your parents again.
With that thought, Suna sat forward with his arms on his knees, head buried in his hands as the turmoil in his head messed with him. It wasn’t until soft fingers wrapped around his bicep that Suna opened his eyes to see his beloved smiling softly at him. She reeked of alcohol, but he was always left in awe by her beauty.
The sight of her, safe and sound, and staying with him no matter what, had him leaning against the couch. “Iris...” She climbs onto his lap without a second word and wraps her arms around his neck. She didn’t say anything, but the soothing circles she left on his skin did not much to soothe him, nor did it provide a solution to his troubles.
As if noticing the distress on his face, Iris nudged her nose with his. “You should go after her, Rinrin. She needs you right now.”
Suna’s face fell.
Was Iris really suggesting that right now? Did she not know she was the reason Suna had to leave you like that?
“Why are... are you pushing me away?”
“I am not, but your brother is right. People will find it suspicious that she is alone when she was supposed to be with you, especially at a time when newly married couples cannot keep their hands off of each other,” she reminded, her newly done French tips brushing against his chest as she patted him like he was a child unable to comprehend common sense. “You must bring her back home, Rin. All your plans will fall to ruin if you do not try to win her back.”
“I do not want to her win back. She nearly killed you.”
“She never hurt me. See?” brushing her hair back to reveal her shoulders—where the bullet was just centimetres away from grazing her—Iris squeezed Suna in reassurance. “The Princess would never do that. She must have just woken up in a bad mood and I happen to be in the way when she was overwhelmed. Marriages are daunting. Take it from me, I have more experience than you.”
Suna bit back the gloom welcoming him.  
The last thing he wanted was to ask his own girlfriend for marriage advice, so he pressed kisses onto her knuckles in the hopes she’d stop mentioning how she was a married woman. “You are too kind, you know that?”
Iris giggled as Suna’s lips tickle her skin.
“I am just fair. The Princess does not seem like a rash person, so go ahead and apologize for leaving her. Remember, Rin, we need her to help us stay together. You need to get on her good side.”
“You think she will accept my apology after everything I said?”
Iris brushed Rin’s hair comfortingly. “Like I always say,” she hummed, “If she truly loved you, she would forgive you no matter what. All married couples fight. This should not get in the way if she wanted a strong marriage with you.” Now that, Suna wondered how credible it would be coming from her when she and Kiyoomi never had a marital altercation. They went their separate ways from the day of the wedding and have been contented with the way things had been as they weren’t aware of each other’s existence prior to the marriage, but Suna’s situation was drastically different.
He had been lying to you since the beginning, and he didn’t know which was worse—the fact that he felt guilty but will keep hurting you anyway, or his selfish desire to keep you wrapped around his finger.
“You are right, but... I do not want to see her right now. Even the thought of having to apologize to the woman who harmed you sickens me.”
“Oh, you are over thinking now, my Prince,” she cooed, gripping his chin to force him to look at her when his gaze levelled with her chest instead, inviting him to touch them. Soon, his hands were running up her sides until their lips met halfway from their neediness for each other. The current stressful events along with the fear of nearly losing his beloved drove Suna to hoisting her legs to wrap around his waist as they stumbled into the bedroom, and the next parts to come felt almost like a routine. Therapeutic, almost, because with her—with Iris—he did not have to pretend. He did not have to worry about anything else when he was buried inside her and she was moaning his name into his ear like a prayer, nor did he have the energy to care about the missing wife he had treated awfully.
But Iris could only distract him for so long.
Because as soon as she drifted off to sleep, Rin was left alone staring at his wedding ring. Reminiscing how bright your smile had been when he first slipped the engagement ring to your hands which he kissed afterwards. Remembering how hurt you looked when he told you the truth, yet he knew he had no damn right to hope for your forgiveness.
Tooru was right—Suna might as well say goodbye to the throne he sought out from the moment he fell in love with Iris. Iris...
Glancing at his lover’s blissfully asleep form beside him, snuggled into his arm like he was the only thing keeping her afloat, Suna’s throat grew tight at the realization he was unknowingly turning you into her. How he did not mean to do so, but he ended up mistreating you the same way Kiyoomi did to Iris. How hypocritical of him that he hated his older brother for not loving his wife when he was not any better, and Suna shut his eyes to block the thoughts away. He did not want to be like Kiyoomi. He did not want to be like Tooru who reminded his wife every day that he wishes he was never born if it meant ending up with her. He did not want to be like his father who only married his mother because he was an irresponsible, drunkard bastard who needed a capable woman to fulfil his duties to the country while he bedded multiple women.
Suna wanted to be better than them, but how?
If there was even the smallest chance of redemption for himself, he would take it. All he needed was to—
Go after you.
That was right. He just needed to find you and take you back home, apologize for what he’d done and come clean about everything he lied to you about. You deserved that, and Suna was shuffling out of bed as carefully as he could to not wake Iris up before he even realized what he was doing.
Clothes on, wedding ring secured on his finger, and his car keys twirled on his finger, Suna shut the door and left the manor.
He would find you.
He would get you back, and he would stop at nothing until you were running back into his arms again.
Tumblr media
The town centre could not be anymore farther from the manor than a ten minute drive. He arrived there in less from how eagerly he rushed into looking for that bed and breakfast establishment the servant was talking about, but it proved to be a challenge when he was greeted by a silent, dead town. All the lights were shut off, not a single soul was in sight, and the chilly cold air made his fingers feel numb even through his jacket.
Suna winced. He couldn’t remember if you wore a jacket that morning before he drove off. Shrugging his own, he rested it on his arms before finally walking towards the largest building with the lights still on—its brightness like a firefly dancing in the middle of a pitch black river. He gravitated to it like his heart just knew you were there, and the Prince could not contain his smile when he saw an elderly couple talking inside.
They spoke in hushed whispers over a cup of coffee, brows knotted together that Suna had to knock at least three times to get their attention.
“Your Highness!” the old lady noticed him first and quickly placed down her coffee before opening the door, her eyes widening by a fraction at the Prince’s unannounced arrival. Behind her, her husband waddled with a deep frown. “I—how may we serve you today, Your Highness? We don’t have any guests over to ensure the safety of your honeymoon—”
“My wife. Is she here?”
“Oh...” the old lady glanced back at her husband, seemingly sharing a silent conversation before she nodded. “Yes, the Princess arrived here this morning.”
Suna had to physically restrain himself from showing relief by balling his hands into his fists. Smiling as politely as he could, he welcomed himself inside the building, knowing full well nobody could deny him entrance or escort him out lest they wanted their business to fail. The old couple must have been aware of this too as they silently trailed behind the curious Prince assessing the lobby and looking for any signs you were there.
“How is she doing?”
“The Princess is well, Your Highness. She is merely paying her monthly visits to check on the family business and spends the night here as usual. I suppose this routine of hers must have surprised you?”
“Family business?”
The old lady, who introduced herself as Maggie, pushed her glasses up her nose and cleared her throat. “Yes, Your Highness. Her Highness’ maternal side of the family owns all establishments here in Greenville. It is not uncommon that she sees for herself how the business fares—the Princess has always been diligent and hardworking at such a young age. That was why we are not surprised that she still paid time to visit us even on her honeymoon.”
“I see,” he raised a brow at the new information. He’d always known your mother handled several chains of business that benefitted the royal family, but to own everything in a small town of his kingdom unnerved him. If he was not mistaken, Greenville was the biggest supplier of multiple infamous Inarizaki wines. To have you be in control of such a percentage of what kept Inarizaki’s economy and popularity flourishing... Suna couldn’t help but wonder what the consequences would be if you left him. Having you as his partner drastically increased the approval he received as a more respectable Crown Prince compared to his brother’s wife, Princess Camilla, who came from a line of nobles who were no longer as influential as they used to be.
“My wife is truly impressive. I had not known about this beforehand, and was worried sick when I woke up alone in bed.”
“If His Highness was worried, why only seek the Princess out now? It is nearing sunrise,” the old man grumbled, only to be smacked by his wife whose face paled.
However, Suna was a Crown Prince. He couldn’t let an old man’s accusatory tone get the best of him—a perfectly done faux nervous smile partnered by scratching the back of his head was all he needed to pull off the act of an innocently worried husband. “All she left me was a note of her doing some errands and that she would be home before midnight, but she must have been too tired to return home. I thought I had to pick her up now,” he informed, eyes scanning the area before it landed on a certain room that lit a light bulb in his head. “Do you mind if I borrow your kitchen?”
“Of course not, Your Highness! Feel free to roam around the place as you please, but... you do not have to cook for yourself, my Prince. We would be more than honoured to prepare breakfast for you and your wife. Please tell us your preferences and any dietary restrictions.”
Suna waved a dismissive hand.
“I will cook Her Highness breakfast myself.”
He just hoped he would not accidentally poison you. Suna did not know how to cook, much less do anything mundane such as chores, but he would even go as far as borrowing a cookbook now that he was here anyway. He had eyes on him, and an old man was already suspicious that Suna had to stifle a snicker at the newfound irritation.
Why couldn’t you have just come home? You did not have to stir up this much trouble.
But alas, he was the cause of it, so he needed to fix it himself.
Guided by Maggie to the kitchen and giving him instructions on how to use the stove, the three of them were surprised by the sound of the front door slamming open with heavy footsteps. Suna was quick to reach out an arm to protect the defenceless elderly couple behind him, prepared to face any sort of danger when he saw a tuft of brown hair and a giggling woman in his arms. The tall man struggled to help the woman inside before she sank into the couch, falling into a fit of laughter mixed with sobs in the span of seconds.
Caught red-handed, Tooru’s eyes widened upon seeing Suna trudge to where they are. His mouth fell agape at you sprawled out on the couch, head resting on Tooru’s thighs as you mumbled something he couldn’t catch over and over again. Enraged, Suna attempted to move your head away from Tooru when you protested and flailed your arms in defiance.
“Ugh, let me goooo!”
“Tooru, did you get my wife drunk?” Suna snapped, his heart pounding incessantly as an overwhelming bitter emotion swelled in his chest. “What the fuck were you doing with her?!”
The Fifth Prince rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to speak, but was rudely cut off when your voice turned serious even as the words came out slurred. “Oh look, it’s my husband dearest,” you sniffled, and Suna finally noticed how your face was flushed and tear stains were evident in your skin. His instincts getting the best of him, he wrapped you in his jacket the next second, shuffling you into his arms while he ignored your fists lightly bumping his chest with every sob forced out of you.
His heart ached.
“Let me go, I don’t w-want to see you!”
Rubbing his palms up and down your back, Suna left three kisses on your forehead until you calmed down from the gesture, burying deep into his embrace until your tears pooled into the crook of his neck. And he hated it, hated how he could feel your body quiver while you fisted his shirt the harder you cried and found it harder to breathe. He hated how he couldn’t do much to help other than to keep kissing your cheeks, your eyelids, your tears—anything to reassure you that he was not going to leave again. “Shh, my Princess, I’m here now, you’re alright—”
The Crown Prince was rendered speechless at the next words that left your mouth.
“I will—” you hiccupped through another sob, “—never let you become King.”
Tumblr media
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shisnhou · 7 months ago
SOMETHING ABOUT YOU. || suna rintaro
Tumblr media
suna thinks he‘s going to implode.
his heart is beating like a mad man, stomach feeling funny like butterflies are flying around. his cheeks are hot, and he‘s so desperately trying to bite down the smile he‘s trying to keep. he‘s trying so hard to keep himself looking sane. but you‘re there, looking all pretty, and it does him no justice.
standing there, hand animatedly moving as you talk to your friend over something he can‘t quite hear. he‘s way too mesmerized with the way you‘re smiling, all excited about as you speak with the sun hitting your face in all the right angles.
you look just like a dream. the prettiest person he has ever seen in his whole entire life. nothing can top your beauty.
suna sighs dreamily, finally allowing his smile to appear as he leans into the wooden pillar. patiently waiting for you to notice his presence. and not even a minute later, you turn around.
your pretty eyes land on him, and he swears the deity could take him right now and he won‘t complain at all.
“rin!” your voice sounds like breeze on a summer sunset. so refreshing, such a feeling that gives you tingles. and the smile on your face visibly widens twice the size it was earlier as you quickly excuse yourself and running up to him.
suna chuckles, shaking his head lightly as he stands up straight and takes his hands out of his pocket. he steps forward and lightly opens his arms for you to peacefully land on his chest. and when you do land on his chest, your scent fills his nose.
suna takes in the sensation of your hands wrapped around his nape and his wrapped around your waist. his body relaxing as he feels you bury your face into the crook of his neck.
“i missed you.” you say in your honey like voice, though a bit muffled through his skin. but suna could care less. he hums an answer, pressing his lips to the side of your head and whispering, “i missed you too, pretty.”
you chuckle lightly, looking up at him and pressing a kiss to his lips. suna looks down, smiling after realizing what you had just done. he smiles, tipping your chin and leaning in until your noses are touching. he basks in the look of love on your face before tilting his head a bit and pressing a sweet kiss to your lips, to which you return ever so delicately.
and before things can go a bit too heated, you detach your lips and look at him in the eye with your noses touching by just the tip. and with just that, he‘s already whipped.
“i love you, pretty boy.”
yeah, suna rintaro definitely thinks he‘s going to love you until he‘s dead.
Tumblr media
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heich0e · 9 days ago
"Whatcha doing?" you ask, shuffling around a little from your place tucked under Suna's arm to peek up at him. 
He tears his eyes away from the phone he's holding up with the arm not wrapped around your shoulders, glancing down at where you're resting with your head against his chest in your shared bed.
"Reading about how tulip bulbs used to be used as currency in the Netherlands."
Your face scrunches up in confusion. 
"Well they were the country's biggest export and some people--"
You laugh, elbowing him in the side.
"I meant why are you reading about it, weirdo."
Suna pouts in a feigned expression of hurt. 
"Well I was reading about electric cars because I saw something on twitter, and then I started reading about gas and fossil fuels, then the stock market and inflation, and then... tulips," he explains, wiggling his phone demonstrably, as though his line of inquiry should all make perfect sense.
And since it's Rintarou, it sort of does. 
"You're s-OW!"
"Oh my god, baby. I'm so sorry," Suna apologizes, quickly pulling himself upright and cradling your face in his hands. 
"You dropped your phone on my face!" you cry weakly, rubbing at your sore cheek where the device had made impact after slipping through his fingers.
It had been a shock more than an actual injury, a moment of startled confusion following the blow.
"I'm so sorry," Rintarou repeats himself, rubbing his thumb over the red mark forming on your skin. He pulls himself out of bed. "I'll go get you some ice."
He comes back with a little pink ice pack that you usually hold to his sore fingers after a particular gruelling training session or game. He crawls back into bed and straddles your waist while you remain laying down flat, holding the cold compress gingerly to your cheek while you glare up at him.
"I'm sorry," he says again, noticing how you flinch when he accidentally pushes a little to firmly against the spot.
You glower at him petulantly. 
"... this is the second time this week, Rin."
Suna looks like he's nearly in pain because he's trying so hard not to laugh at your misfortune, tucking his lips between his teeth. 
"I'm starting to think you're doing it on purpose," you mutter, reaching up to hold the ice pack for yourself, freeing his hand.
"Baby, you know that's not true," your boyfriend says, patting his hands down your shoulders and arms. 
"Do I?" you bite back pettily. 
It's quiet for a moment while you hold the compress to your cheek, Rintarou still resting atop your lap.
"I promise not to do it again," he says, holding up his phone and using it to draw a little cross over his heart. 
"Yeah, that's what you said last time," you reply flatly, eying him as he swipes his finger across the device in his hand, leaning back slightly. "What are you doing?" 
"Nothing," Suna says--too quickly to be sincere.
"You're taking a picture!" you complain, indignation rippling through your words. “When I’m injured!”
“It’s only one,” he swears, but his little giggle and the number of times his thumb is tapping the screen tells you otherwise. 
You squirm underneath him, fighting to get away, but he’s so much stronger than you are that you really never had a chance.
You let the ice pack slip off of your cheek, reaching up to wrestle the phone out of his hands, laughter slipping from your own lips now too. 
“Baby, be careful or—“
His phone slips from between his fingers again.
You both freeze, startled into complete immobility.
The centre point of your forehead throbs painfully.
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vltnoire · 3 months ago
“oh coming to greet me,” suna walks through the door, an irritatingly smug grin flickering across his face. 
“what are you doing here?” for someone who shows up to your birthday party uninvited, he sure does look pretty pleased with himself.
“heard you got a party going on. so where’s my birthday kiss?” 
“it’s my birthday,”
“so i’ll give you a birthday kiss,” he takes a step closer and you step back, maintaining the two of you but your back is eventually against the wall and his lips are mere inches apart from yours. your heart pounds in your chest, fast and hot in anticipation of something–anything. 
as for suna, a sudden rush of desire to have your lips on his runs through him. however, afraid that you’ll freak out and be awkward about kissing you the next time you see him in school, he settles for a kiss on your cheek instead. his lips against your cheek, brushing it lightly, and still that light touch sends shivers through your nerves, shivers that almost made your body tremble. 
“what do you think would happen if i kissed you right now?” suna asks, looking away. his hand covers his smile but you could still see it in his eyes. 
“i’m pretty sure it would cause a riot,”
“you know me. causing a riot is what i do best. especially when it involves atsumu and his fangirls,”
“okay i gotta tell you something. i’m madly in love with you,” he confesses out of the blue.
“well, good luck with that. i’m gonna go find my mom,”
“meeting your mom, huh. it’s a bit sudden but i’m ready,” the glare you give him does nothing to stop his hearty laughter that makes your heart flutter.
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earthtooz · 2 months ago
have you consider a continuation?
i have now 😁😁😁 clingy suna cuz i l*ke him and ik you all do too, swearing and suggestive content!
Tumblr media
"what are you doing here?" you asked impatiently, raising a brow at your boyfriend who had been rapping on the door of your single-person dorm insistently.
he gives you a sheepish grin, "i missed you."
suna invites himself in- not that you were going to kick him out or anything, but you still give him the look that says 'get out'.
"what? are you really going to kick out your loving boyfriend who wanted to spend time with you?" he sits down on your made bed.
with a sigh, you stand in front of him, "we've already seen each other today."
"that was so two hours ago and how could you get tired of seeing a face like this?" the middle blocker says with a smirk, tilting his head to show off his jawline.
you slap him.
not enough to hurt him, just enough to shut him up.
"oh i'm tired alright," you smirk.
a pout graces suna's face, "can't relate. i would never tire of seeing you, pretty. now come here and kiss me."
"i have homework, rin."
"i'm not leaving."
"you don't have to. you just gotta be quiet while i work."
he holds onto your hand when you tell him that, a small pout gracing his features, "i came here to cuddle, not to watch you cry over your assignment."
"there won't be tears."
"not if we cuddle. c'mon," suna tugs you towards him, smiling a feline-like smile
the second you relent by taking a seat beside him, he leans forward, taking you down with him as he finds comfort in laying on top of your body. you sigh, patting his shoulder twice instinctively even though you knew your boyfriend wasn't going to let go, especially now that he's got you where he wanted.
"this was a good idea," he hums in content when your hands begin to absentmindedly run through his hair, thriving in the attention you're now feeding him and relaxing his full weight onto you in response.
you let out a breathy chuckle, tugging gently at his roots, "i should've never made out with you at that party. would've never ended up like this."
suna raises his head from your neck, narrowing his eyes at you, inspecting the playful smile that dawned your features.
"are you sure about that? because last time i checked you really enjoyed having my tongu-"
"what the fuck."
he only shrugs before leaning closer, "i can prove it to you right now."
"fuck you, i'm gonna do my work now," you muttered underneath your breath, beginning to shuffle out of suna's reach.
the displeased middle blocker whines his complaints, pulling you back to him whenever you've managed to carve even just a centimetre of space between you. with the promise of boba- his treat, suna finally gets to you stay still and give up wrestling against your boyfriend.
"i can't believe you're only using me for my money," he jokingly sobs.
"and you're only using me as a cuddle buddy," you retaliate, turning around in his arms to look at him.
"not true. you're also my number 1 victim for embarrassing pictures."
"suna," you begin to whinge sarcastically, dragging out the last syllable of his name as the middle blocker plasters the most offended look you've ever seen a man wear.
"who the fuck is suna?"
"nuh-uh, not to you!"
"yes to me! i only know suna."
he falls backwards as if he's been stabbed through the chest, dramatically grabbing your arm for emphasis.
"i've been betrayed. you're so mean."
sitting up on your elbow, you lean over your boyfriend, who peaks one eye open to glance up with a faint smile. placing a kiss on his cheek, that seems to quell some of his exasperation.
with another peck on his nose, you scold him half-heartedly for being such a dork but there's no room for him to complain as you keep littering kisses along his skin.
yeah, making out with suna rin at a party was definitely a good idea... but he can't ever know that.
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fortheharbingers · a month ago
Tumblr media
suna rintarou is being a lazy fuck…
suna who won't even bother to make as much of a move or move a muscle, except to pull you onto his lap, hands resting on your waist.
anything further is too much of a hustle, with you straddling him, his grip on your waist firm and heavy, he won't do as much of a movement– except for an eye roll maybe, and to tell you, if you want anything more, you're gonna have to do it yourself.
fine, so be it, at least this way, you have the control, in charge of the pacing, the force, when you want to keep going or rest. plus, the whole orgasm denial and overstimulation have been a bit too much lately.
despite the disinterested tone and behavior suna displays, he still expects you to huff and puff, maybe mutter something under your breath 'jackass' and yet, dive in for his neck, or at the very least chest.
what he gets is your hands on his shoulders, not even gripping his tshirt like you usually do, and begin to move on his lap slowly. as if he isn't there, as if he's only present for your pleasure, inanimate, just a fuck, a one time thing and not the boyfriend who fucks you so good to the point of exhaustion and makes love to you until there are genuine tears in your eyes.
he cannot blame you though, you know exactly what you're doing— both with your body and this game you're playing, making him get a taste of himself, and the way you move against him is so intoxicating, suna feels his hands beginning to twitch at your sides, wanting nothing more than to rip your clothes apart and he has half a mind to not do all of those at once, more or less in a frenzy.
instead, he lies back as much as he can, you in full view, chest moving, head tilted back, pleasure slowly building up from within you yet not quite enough. grinding clothed doesn't do much without anything else to go with it, a kiss or alcohol in the system, that is.
sinking his fingers into your flesh a little, and drawing you out of your hazy little headspace in the process, suna guides your body to the pacing you've set, just helping you apply a little pressure. moving his hips upwards to meet yours, he can hear your breathing starting to change, little by little.
what a sight you make, using his body to pleasure yourself even when he is being a difficult, uninterested boyfriend; deciding to take matters into your hands, because fuck him, right?
he knows, you probably would, if there weren't any noisy layers inbetween, another matter entirely to take off, too much work, you must've known already he would be too lazy for it too.
well, you're in luck, he thinks to himself as a hand goes up to hold your chin, bringing your face to himself and tilting your head to the side, his warm breath fawning over your neck as your eyes close at the minimal contact. suna rintarou is not feeling the slightest bit of lazy right now.
Tumblr media
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lexinympho · 3 days ago
[smut, MDNI]
As much as you would've liked to talk things over more before getting this intimate with Suna, there's no denying that your relationship was pretty much etched into stone the moment he pulled you onto his lap and said what's been on his mind.
Meaning it didn't take long for both of your clothes to either go into a state of disarray or be strewn across the floor. As for you, you didn't take long to end up face down, ass up in his bed, crying into the mattress from how deep he's going at the angle he chose.
"Ah, oh God, Riiiiiin!" You screamed out when the tip of his dick punched at a sensitive spot, clawing at the bed's surface as your hands scramble to cling to something.
He hissed delightfully when you tightened around him, "I hit the sweet spot, huh? Does it feel that good?"
"Mhm, 's good, so close-" you would've kept going had he not leaned over your back and grabbed one of your tits to squeeze another wanton moan out of you.
So soft...
"You just couldn't resist throwing these in my face, huh? Half the time you wouldn't even wear a bra, you're such a slut when you want to be." His action coupled with his words seemingly made you gush more on his length and he couldn't help saying, "Fuck, you feel amazing..."
He isn't playing it up either, he felt ready to burst on the spot the moment he started pushing himself in (people who say a condom ruins the experience clearly don't know any better). So you can imagine how he's doing trying to stave off his orgasm as long as possible for you.
Speaking of that...
He regretfully pulled out to flip you over on your back, but hurriedly reassured you when you began whining, "I want to see your face when you cum. We can do it the other way next time."
Next time. The thought of him wanting to do this with you again had your heart fluttering, and he must be just as excited as you judging by how quick he is to stick his tongue down your throat. The lip lock session distracted you from him lining himself up with your cunt until he split you open again with his intoxicating girth and length.
"Shit, you're sopping wet down there, took me so easily and I barely had to push~" he said before wrapping your legs around his waist and going back to business.
Though the angle is different, you're still writhing on his dick from the speed at which he's ramming into you, "B-Because you're so big, 'nd so deep-"
He doesn't fight the smile that infects his visage after you stroked his ego. Is she even aware she said that?
The realization of how far your comments pushed him close to cumming has him reaching to hold one of your hands (an act of intimacy he's starting to like even more), and leaning down to press a gentle kiss to your collarbone, contrasting the rough thrusts he's giving your lower half. The near constant clenching and unclenching of your walls has him asking knowingly, "You almost there?"
"Yeah, yeah-"
"You need help baby?"
Suna didn't waste anytime slipping a hand downwards to thumb at your clit and command in a pleading tone, "Cum on me already!"
"Nnnnnh! I'm cumming, cumming-" You clung to him for your life as your orgasm hit you like a truck and ran shivers throughout your body.
He clung to you in a similar manner, releasing his load into the condom while pushing himself as deep as he could go, letting out a string of breathy moans you could just barely hear over your own. He gave you and himself time to wind down before asking in a near hesitant whisper, "So...does this mean you're my girlfriend now, or..."
The new title of your connection to him does things to you.
"...I can't with you," you said with an amused exhale as you caught your breath. You continued at the sight of him raising an eyebrow, "You couldn't just ask me out normally?"
He smoothly responded as he sat up and disposed of the condom, "Well I probably would've if you had let me."
"You're the one who said 'we should fuck'."
"And I gave you an out by saying it was a joke." He lowers himself to your chest and lets out a sigh of relief the moment his head made contact with your breasts, "Finally~"
"You sound like you've been wanting to do that for ages," you commented playfully as you splayed a hand across his back.
"I love them..." he adoringly clarified and immediately felt compelled to add, "Love you too." The full body jolt he felt from you was telling of how caught off guard you were by his confession.
"Th-That's an awfully bold claim."
He mumbled after burying his face in your chest, "It's the truth though."
This should feel new to you and him, and yet he's behaving as though what just transpired is the norm. Then again, that's always been the case with him. And so, you go along with the comfort that comes with Suna's mere presence, pressing a kiss to the top of his head, and responding a bit bashfully with words that come out far too easily for being spoken for the first time, "...Love you too."
Tumblr media
©lexinympho 2022, please do not edit or repost my works anywhere on this platform or another
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kkoalaworld · a month ago
Tumblr media
warnings: angst, mentions of death, suna being an asshole
word count: 2.7k
she's pathetic. she knows that, everyone tells her that every day. because she's always by suna rintarou's side, and it was pretty obvious he didn't reciprocate her feelings. here he was, hugging (r/n) while (y/n) holds a shade above their heads.
they pity her, she knew. she could tell from the looks they give her.
"we're thirsty (y/n), get us something to drink." suna said, eyes still on (r/n). on noticing that (y/n) hadn't moved an inch, his brows furrowed in annoyance. "hurry! why can't you get anything done?!"
"i'm sorry," she mumbled, reaching for her purse.
suna didn't spare her another glance as she ran to the cafeteria nearby.
she knew they found her just so.... sad.
suna was known to be a player, one day it would be (r/n), and the next day, it would be (r/n)'s friend, and then their classmate. he was the inspiration behind the quote 'changing partner like changing clothes'.
the girls he'd be with never lasted 24 hours. everyone knew that.
then there was a girl who stuck with him longer than that, everyone thought that he'd fallen for her, that he would stop his unscrupulous ways.
turns out she was nothing but his slave.
it was not difficult for the entire school to know. suna's classmates took to the most of it. just after lunch, one of the boys in suna's group taunted him as they asked along the corridors.
"oi, suna, how did you get (y/n) to listen so much to you? she's literally like your maid."
suna didn't say anything, rolled his eyes, and snickered.
"what the actual fuck?! i need to give him a piece of my mind."
little did they know, (f/n) was just around the corner with (y/n).
Tumblr media
(y/n) was interrupted by a phone call in the middle of the night. she was about to hang up when the caller id flashed across her screen.
"(r/n) and i are at xxx hotel, we forgot the condoms. hurry and bring them over!" he sounded very agitated and annoyed.
"hello." she tried to sound awake.
(y/n) swallowed hard, "room no.?"
"ok," she said, grabbing the nearest coat she could find. "i'm on my way."
not only was it dark, but it was also pouring. the clicking of the door awoke her roommate and best friend, (f/n). "(y/n)? there's like a fucking tornado out there, where are you going?!"
"it's suna. he's with (r/n) at xxx hotel," (y/n) hesitated. "he needs a pack of condoms..."
(f/n) was looking at her in pity. she could tell.
"(y/n), you know that he's-"
"yes," she said, head hanging low so much so that nobody could tell her feelings. (y/n) knew what (f/n) will say again. she didn't want to hear it. "yes, i know."
(f/n) sighed in defeat, picking up a coat for herself. "i'm going with you."
both of them left their shared room and headed to the hotel.
what was ironic was that there was a convenience store just a street across from the hotel.
when both of them reached the front of room 1344, (y/n) stopped and stared. a few seconds later, she lifted her hands to knock on the door.
out came a half-naked, and very frustrated suna. he snatched the packets from her hands and slammed the door shut. not a single thank you, not a single form of recognition.
"i'm tired," she said, dragging (f/n) away with her.
"son of a--" (f/n) was about to knock on the door again when (y/n) stopped her.
Tumblr media
(y/n) felt like she didn't belong here, she should leave. yet her eyes fell onto the man sitting in the corner alone, it seemed that he had a terrible hangover. he shook his head to get the pain out of his head, and just so happened to lock eyes with (y/n) who was staring back at him. his gold, fox-like eyes are the second most beautiful thing she saw, it was almost ethereal. at that time, it seemed as though they had all the time in the world.
nonetheless, she stayed till the very end, courtesy of the miya twins who invited her to this karaoke party.
as she was about to leave, "(y/n)!"
it was osamu miya, and he looked extremely guilty.
"i'm sorry to bother you, but (r/n) can't manage a drunk suna alone." he initiated to the two people struggling to even walk down the steps. "can you- is it possible if you watch over him as well?"
"alright," (y/n) agreed nonchalantly. "i'll do it. thanks for today, miya san."
osamu shot her a small smile before disappearing into the crowd to help under drunk people.
with a resigned sigh, (y/n) went over to swing suna's right arm over her shoulders. "rin, steady now, we're gonna take you home."
drunk suna was very troublesome, he couldn't stand properly, tends to puke on you every few seconds, and say a lot of offensive stuff.
"hey, you!" suna pointed to a group of fierce-looking men with the typical baseball bats hanging off their arms. once he had caught their attention, he proceeded to lift his middle finger, taunting them. (y/n) cursed under her breath as the group of men moved toward them.
with a swing of the arm, one of the men landed a punch on suna’s cheek. blood trickled from the side of his lips. in a state of panic, (y/n) immediately held suna closer to her as (f/n) was too afraid to even react.
“sorry,” she apologised on behalf of suna, not wanting to stir any trouble for themselves. “he’s drunk and tends to say things that he doesn’t mean to. we’ll leave right away.”
before the men could reply, suna pushed (y/n) off him. everyone saw as she fell onto the ground. “stop fucking apologising for me, who do you think you are?!”
there was utter silence for a few seconds as (y/n) found herself on the cold and hard marble floor. she quickly climbed back onto her feet, dusted her skirt, and bowed to the group of men before leading suna and (r/n) out of the karaoke bar.
throughout their entire way home, suna had been yelling at (y/n), trying to shake her off his grip. “why are you so fucking annoying? fucking bitch. you're nothing but a pathetic slut. if i threw a bone right now, i bet you would fetch it back for me.”
he was saying so many nasty things that even (r/n) wondered how, and why (y/n) wanted to stay by suna's side. (y/n) just kept silent, helping suna stabilise himself and support him back.
she must have loved him to the bones.
(y/n) carried suna back to his hostel room with (r/n). (r/n) watched as she navigated her way around the room as if she lived there. pulling out the second drawer of his nightstand, taking out advil pills, and boiling a kettle of warm water. she did everything almost by reflex, and even a blind person could tell how many times she brought drunk suna home.
(y/n) pushed suna up and made him lie on the headboard as he chugged down the pills and warm water. once he was done, suna lay back on his bed and under his sheets.
"i have to leave now, (y/n)." (r/n) said, picking up her bag and making her way over to the door. as she was at the door, (r/n) hesitated.
"i- suna... he doesn't deserve you."
(y/n) nodded with a small, gentle smile.
once (r/n) left, (y/n) went back to suna's room where he was sound asleep. she quietly made her way over to his bed and sat at the side, taking in his features.
her thumb brushed over his slightly furrowed brows, then to his nose, and lips.
it was then that (y/n) realised... suna was different from him. on closer look, they were different. the only real similarity they had in common was his sharp gold eyes.
suna rintarou is not him.
Tumblr media
ever since that night, (y/n) stopped following suna around and news quickly spread around the school.
"not following suna around (y/n)? did you give up on him?" some of the boys teased as they saw (y/n) walk past the volleyball gym, not sparing said boy inside a glance.
(y/n) just smiled and walked away.
suna found it odd too, waking up to find the side of his bed empty, and no one present in his dorm. usually, he would wake up to the sound of breakfast cooking and feel someone pacing around.
but that day, he woke up in total silence. it was so quiet, it scared him.
as the days turned into weeks, people started to speculate how badly suna could have messed up to make even (y/n) not talk to him anymore. of course, he was not upset, he convinced himself. he could finally be at peace now that nobody came to disturb him.
but why did the girl that followed him like a lost puppy for the past year decide not to anymore? what could have happened the night that he was so drunk.
everyone was confused, everyone except (y/n) and (f/n). it happened so quickly, all it took was a few seconds to look closely and clearly at his face to finally realise that they were nothing alike.
"i told you." (f/n) said, "he is way better than that suna rintarou. at least he doesn't treat you like shit."
(y/n) sighed, "(f/n)... i- i miss him."
(f/n)'s gaze softened on her best friend, putting an arm around her for comfort. "i know, let's go visit him sometime soon. alright?"
Tumblr media
suna continued to hang out with many different girls, but his gaze always fell upon (y/n) when she was present. everything seemed to be the same, all but the fact that she never looked in his direction ever again.
it was annoying. very damn annoying to suna that she never looked his way. during group projects when they were in the same group, she would always converse with the rest of the team but him.
when he bumped into her along the hallway, she would apologise and turn around to walk the other way.
she never talked to him unless necessary, and her face was always so calm and serene. even when he purposely walked with a girl, heck, even made out in front of her. it was as if the past year had been nothing to her, a forgotten memory.
and suddenly, he started to see her everywhere.
in the morning, on the bus seat beside him. she would always have an extra yakisoba bread just for him, knowing that he had the habit of not eating breakfast.
during lesson time, he subconsciously glanced over to where she was sitting, two seats away from him. the way her eyes moved around as she focused on the lecturer and the board.
during lunch, she would always have lunch with (f/n) and then head over to the gym to watch him and the rest play a game of volleyball. he was so used to her handing him a bottle of water after every game that for the first week, he forgot to bring his own.
she would bring snacks such as cookies or fresh fruit for him during his club session, bringing him a dry towel so he could wipe himself with it. the boys always teased them for being a sappy couple.
and when the day ends, she would always wait for him. the image of her leaning against the school gates, eyes staring into nowehere, and head bobbing to whatever music was playing on her device was imprinted onto suna's mind.
it took him another week before this burning sensation killed him.
(y/n) was happily having a conversation with (f/n) and a few other boys from the basketball club when she was yanked away by a fuming suna.
she was practically dragged away by suna and into the back alley behind the gym.
"suna san?" she asked, eyes glistening in confusion. fuck, she looks so innocent. "is there a reason as to why you had to drag me here?"
no rin, just suna san.
"(y/n)," he hesitated. "did i- did i do something wrong that night when you sent me home after the twins' party that night?"
(y/n) thought for a bit and chuckled, "apart from picking a fight with a mob gang, nope, not really."
"then why did you stop following me around?!" he asked, desperately. surely, something must have happened that night to make her distance herself away from him. and he was bent to find out what it was.
fuck, why was she not even mad that he'd just dragged her away and asked her a very stupid question.
(y/n) looked around nervously, avoiding his gaze. "i'm sorry."
Tumblr media
it was about to rain.
the sky was turning a dark gray, just like the headstones beneath them. the strong wind made (y/n)'s hair seems like it was dancing. it left suna's heart jumping.
she bent down in front of one particular gravestone and placed a bouquet of yellow sunflowers in front of it.
suna bent down beside her as he looked at the picture attached to the gravestone.
sharp, golden, fox-like eyes. it was just like his. the person's face on the gravestone had some slight resemblances with him. their nose, eyes, and lips were similar. but they were not the same person.
that was when everything made sense.
"he's beautiful, isn't he?" (y/n) turned around to ask suna, her eyes were red and puffy, the tears welling up in her eyes as she forced a smile toward him. suna's hand attempted to reach out and wipe her tears, but she pulled back and rubbed them away with the back of her hand.
taking a deep breath, she continued, voice wavering but eyes fixated on the picture on the gravestone. "he was... he was the best thing that has ever happened to me. we promised to be together, forever."
as she said that, drips of rain started to fall on their skin. the sky was rumbling incessantly and getting darker by the second.
"i'm sorry," (y/n) started, taking suna's hand in hers, it was warm and comforting. suna wondered when was the last time he touched her hands.
for once, there was a glimmer of hope that sparked through suna. but that was quickly shot down by her next line.
"sorry for using you this entire time. it's just that, you look so much like him."
it was drizzling. the loud sounds could be heard as water splattered onto the ground, the smell of wet grass entering their noses.
"(y/n)! it's raining, come back!" (f/n) shouted from afar.
"there's going to be a heavy rain soon, get home safely, alright?" she said to suna, giving his hand one last gentle tap. as she packed her things to leave, she smiled at the headstone for the last time and ran towards (f/n).
suna looked at the girl disappearing onto the streets with her friend. it was as if this was the last time he would see her even though they would most definitely have classes together next week. but suna knew that once she disappeared into the crowd, he'll never be able to find her again.
the sky rumbled again, and suna looked up at the sky in great mockery. was this karma for all his bad doings? was this his retribution?
he didn't think he could fall for someone. he didn't even think he was capable of love. so why is his heart hurting so much?
and finally, suna understood why (y/n) never got mad at him. not even when he confronted her. his emotions didn't matter to her at all.
looking over at the picture on the gravestone again, suna realised that they didn't look that much alike. he had pointy ears and slicked-back hair. his eyes were shinier than suna's. and his lips, they were curved up in a manner that made it insufferable to suna.
he scoffed to no one in particular. it didn't bother him at all, he has better things to do anyway.
but it wasn't pouring yet, so why was suna's face so wet?
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mavrintarou · 3 months ago
[10:23 P M] Suna Rintarou - A/B/O
Warning: A/B/O Suna; all the stuff that comes with ABO au; angst; and 18+ (please please please 18+) Note: nothing proofread. And it's LONG. .
A shot glass is placed in front of you, and you quickly look up at the waiter confused, “I – I didn’t order this?”
The handsome waiter winks at you and your three other omega coworkers broke out in a fit of giggles. “The man behind me ordered it for you, it’s on him.”
You are raised a brow at him, confused as ever. You just moved to Nagano after being abroad for five years; you didn’t know anyone yet besides your week old coworkers.
Leaning over to look behind the waiter and your eyes widen as you are greeted by familiar green fox eyes. Those green eyes you haven’t seen in over five years.
“He said it’s from your favorite chuupet boy.”
Suna Rintarou lifts his cup and gives you the eye before you shake your head and lift your cup to a cheer.
You made a face swallowing the bitter liquor. Memories came flashing back to years ago when you and Rintarou used to sneak shots from your father’s liquor cabinet.
“Who is that cutie?”
You cringe at the aftermath bitter taste in your mouth now. How did you guys drink that stuff years ago? After a few gulps of water, you finally answered, “an old friend���”
Juno, the only male omega out at your table narrows his eyes at you, “friend? Bullshit. I sure don’t look at my old friend like they’re a whole meal.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you were in Nagano?” The puff of smoke leaves his lips, and you cringe in disgust.
When your table asked for the bill, the waiter informs, “Mr. Suna paid for your meals and drinks already.”
You were just as shock as your coworkers. Rintarou paid for your meal and left a note for the worker to hand to you.
Meet me next door at the bar.
“I didn’t know you were in Nagano either.”
He clicked his tongue, a habit he does when he’s annoyed. “I ask why you didn’t tell me you were in Nagano?”
You swirl the drink with your straw, sighing. “What was I supposed to do? Text you after five years of not speaking and say, hey bro, I’m in Nagano, where you at?”
The alpha bartender slides another Amaretto Sour drink towards you, one which you didn’t order. You smile at the cute alpha in return, taking it anyways.
It was on Rintarou’s tab.
A large hand squeeze your thigh and you nearly choke on your drink. You shoot a glare at him and immediately submitted unknowingly at his alpha gaze.
Rin leans in, face dangerously close with a suspicious smirk on his face. His eyes flicker to the bartender before looking deeply into your eyes. “Don’t call me bro when my dick has been inside of your pussy making you cum around my knot many times. I am not your bro.” He looks at the bartender who didn’t seem to back down. “Call me bro one more time and I’ll take you right here on this bar counter.”
You smack his face with your hand, gently, pushing it away from yours. You look at the bartender apologetically and hesitantly laugh, “don’t mind him, he’s just joking.”
The bartender gave you a remorseful look, backing down and leaving to tend the other customers.
You side glance at the man beside you. “Your mouth is still vulgar as hell.”
His mouth twitch into a sexy grin, “but you love this mouth.”
As if you didn’t have enough liquor for the night, the wine glass you were using minutes ago is now abandon as you drink straight from the bottle.
Your fingers rub your little sensitive nub as you try to keep your legs open… remembering how he used to do it.
Suna Rintarou was your neighbor growing up. With your parents often away for overseas business, you were often left home but in the care of the Sunas.
Rintarou, a dominant alpha, had his rut as a teenager one morning when it was just you two alone. His parents and sister had gone away for the weekend leaving you two home.
You, a dominant omega, you had not had your heat yet. There was no risk, or so as you learned from your health class.
You helped him through his first rut and nearly died.
Three months later, you had your first heat and Rintarou returned the favor.
It had then become a tradition that you helped him as long as you were not in heat, and he helped you as long as he was not in rut.
After a quarter before graduating high school, you overheard him talking with a few of his volleyball friends about how he is seeing a pretty blond.
To confirm it, they began dating.
You would never admit it how painful that moment was.
You no longer asked him to help you through your heat and… of course he had someone else to help him through his rut.
The letter of acceptance to the college you have been working hard for finally came in and you accepted it in a heartbeat.
During your time abroad, you had one alpha that you trusted enough to help you through your heat. After he found his mate, you stayed alone and away from others whenever your heat came.
It was not the same. Never satisfying. Never enough.
You’ll never admit how you long for his touch.
“Rin…” you moaned quietly as your legs shook in release. You rubbed a little harder and whimper, calling his name.
When your senses came back you groan. It has been a while since you’ve masturbated to the thought of him and his touch.
You relaxed against your tub; the once hot water is now lukewarm.
Your phone ding with a message.
[Chuupet Boy] Hey
It was a hopeless battle to even try and fight him to get your phone back at the bar. He wanted your phone number, and he was going to get it. You finished the rest of your drink as he tinkered with your phone, saving his number onto your device.
[Chuppet Boy] Pick up your phone?
You frown, grabbing your phone. Two missed calls from him.
Were you so lost in your own fantasy that you didn’t hear his call?
You get up, grabbing your towel to dry your body. You stepped out of the bathtub before calling him. “Hmm?”
“What are you doing?” Forget a hello…
“I’m going to bed now after a bath.” You don’t know why you’re explaining yourself, but Rintarou always had a way of making you spill your beans.
It was a moment of silence before he asked, “did you touch yourself?” You rolled your eyes, not answering him. He chuckles through the receiver, and you hated him. “You did, didn’t you? You know… I can always help you.”
“No thanks,” you answered, “goodnight.”
“Wait!” You inhale sharply, thumb hovering closely over the red button to end the call. “I’m serious though… like old days?”
“Thanks, Rintarou, but it’s okay. I have someone already,” you lied.
“Who?” His voice was low and demanding.
“No one that concerns you, goodnight!” You said it all under a breath and hung up this time. It was less than five seconds before his name flashes on your screen.
You laugh watching it ring and ring and let all four calls go straight to your voicemail. You’ll deal with the ten and more unread messages tomorrow.
You snuggle into your blanket, watching the phone buzz. You haven’t felt this feeling in a while.
You kind of missed him. A lot.
Two days later, you couldn’t avoid him any longer. Something was telling you that if you continue to put him off… there will be consequences.
And he had guilt trip you, saying he bought your dinner last time and you owed him dinner.
You met him at a bar a block away from your workplace.
His back was towards you but as if he knew you had arrived, he turns, and his lips curve the moment he sees you.
You struggled to get on the high stool with your tight and fitted skirt – you came directly from work and didn’t have time to go home and change. The stool wasn’t particularly friendly with your heels and your height.
“Need help?”
You looked up at him and held your hand out to him, “yes, be a gentleman and help me.”
Instead of grabbing your hand to pull you up on the stool like what you were expecting, he slips off his stool and comes behind you and lifts you like a princess onto the stool.
You exhale sharply, noticing the many eyes on you. “I guess that’s one way to help,” you muttered under your breath.
He settles beside you, and you reach for the menu on the other side of him. Your chest grazed his arm unintentionally and you held your breath for a second, waiting for his snarky comment. You quickly open and pretend searching through the menu. “Did you eat yet?”
You hear his quiet chuckle, and he answers, “I wanna eat you.”
You shoot him an unimpressed look, “this is why you were in timeout with me. I cannot trust being with you in public at all.”
Of course, you should have expected comeback. “Well, we can go somewhere in private right now?”
Your eye twitched, “I’m going to leave right now if you keep that up.”
He raises his hands up in surrender, “okay, I’ll behave.” But the smile on his face says something else.
The food you ordered arrived and you split the burger in half, handing the other half to him, like how you always did.
“Why did you stop talking to me?”
You frown, “I didn’t stop talking to you?”
“Yeah, you did. After Anna and I went out you stopped talking to me.”
“Ah.” You look away, “well, you got a girlfriend. Why would I keep talking to you?”
“Why not?”
“It’s a girls-code. You don’t talk to your guy friend anymore if they have a girlfriend.”
His green eyes narrow at you, “what kind of bullshit is that?”
You tilt your chin towards him, “isn’t that a bro-code too? Wouldn’t you stop talking to me if I got a boyfriend?”
“No? Is that why you stopped talking to me?”
You look away, “well, that was one reason. The other reason is that I went abroad and we just… never contacted each other again.”
“I did contact you.”
You frown at him, “you did? How? By mail?”
“Very funny,” it wasn’t funny to him, “in fact, I sent you emails.”
“You did?” You say, but the look on his face was serious. “To what email?”
“Your iluvgacket0109 –“
“Stop!” you shouted and quickly bowing your head in an apology for being loud. “Rintaoru – I stopped accessing that email a long time ago – that email was soooooooo sixteen years old!”
“Well, how was I supposed to know you didn’t check it?” he crosses his arm, “I didn’t have your international phone number, social media wasn’t even a thing then… all I had was your sixteen year old email.”
You shake your head in disbelief with a smile on your face. He emailed you. You really had no idea. You can’t even remember the password to that email. “What did you email me about?”
“How I like you and wanted you to come back…”
You snap your head, looking at him with wide eyes. “… that’s a terrible joke… not funny at all…”
If he did ask you that, you would have returned in a heartbeat.
“I’m serious.” You wanted to believe him.
Your stomach fluttered with butterflies and your heart wanted to leap out of your chest. Too scared to ask the question, you continue to eat your burger in silence.
From the corner of your eyes, he set his burger down, pushing the plate away before turning half his body towards you. “Y/n.”
You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.
“Y/n, look at me please.”
And you do.
“I like you.” His mouth curve, “as a matter of fact, I am sure I’ve been in love with you for a long time.”
If he was going to spill his heart out, so would you. “Like… before you dated Anna?”
He lets out a half chuckle and sigh. “I only dated her… to make you jealous.”
You inhaled sharply and held your breath for a solid five seconds before exhaling. “Wow.” Was all you could say.
Three minutes of silence and Rin broke the silence, “say something.”
You stuff the last bit of the burger into your mouth, licking your fingers. With a mouth full of food, you tell him, “that is pretty shitty thing to do, Suna.” You wave for the bartender, telling him you wanted the bill.
He grabs your hand, holding it. “It’s mine, I’ll pay for it.”
You know you’re blowing it out of proportion, but you really didn’t want to be around him any longer. You tugged your hand out of his grasp. “No, I’m going to pay for it, so I don’t owe you anything else.”
“Boys are dumb.” Your best friend from college stated through the phone. “Did he even give you signs that he liked you back then?”
“No,” you answered quietly. “Besides that, he would always come to me when he was in rut or me going to him during my heats, at school we acted like there was nothing going on between us.”
You friend makes a weird noise of what seemed to be a groan. “As I said, boys are dumb. He is dumb but, you’re dumb too.” She laughs, “I bet, he always went to you for his rut was his way of telling you he liked you.” She clears her throat, “think about it, a rut is so intimate. Alphas doesn’t just choose anyone during that time. They choose someone they trustand someone they see as a potential mate.”
Your heartbeat loudly as you call him.
The click on the other line has your heart ready to leap out of your chest.
“Rin?” Your greeted with heavy breath and panting.
“Y/n.” He moans, “I – I need you.”
You catch your breath inside the elevator after running six blocks down to his apartment. The ride to the twenty-second floor was the longest ever.
“Rin!” you shout as soon as you enter his unit after he told you the security code to his door. Your birthday.
He’s on his couch, long legs sprawled out, completely naked. His long and thick curvy cock in his hand as he strokes it. His forehead glowed with sweat as his bangs stuck to the skin. He smiles, eyes barely open at the sight of you. He coos your name, and you tremble in your spot.
His tone over the phone was enough to tell you, his rut has arrived.
But seeing him again in this state and feeling his pheromones is affecting you in a different way.
“I need – I need some water first.” You weren’t sure if you were breathless from the running or from the sight of him. Scurrying to his kitchen and open up his fridge, searching for a bottle of water. His fridge was empty except for a box of takeout. “Rin… why is your –“ your sentence is cut off as you feel a hot and burning body press against your back.
He wraps his arms around your shoulders, hands are already going underneath your shirt to feel your bare skin. He groans, rutting into your lower back. “I need you…”
His hot hands on your skin was making you submit and cave, but you held your ground. You spun around and cup his face, looking into his dark green eyes. “Calm down,” you say softly.
He relaxes under your palm and gives you a hopeless smile. You can tell he is trying to slow his urges and control to make you submit to him.
In the past, you knew when it was time for his rut. You couldn’t get past the doorway to his room without him tearing off your clothes. Being so impatient he would take you right against the door with your school skirt hiked up.
As an omega, whether you are a dominant or recessive, it is in your nature in time where you learn to control your scent and pheromones.
You had to learn to use your scent to calm him down since your pheromones only made him hornier. Your scent calmed him, clearing his mind and senses or else he could hurt you during his rut. It is unintentional, but it could still happen when they are not in their right mind.
There are other times when Rintarou wasn’t in rut, and you learned your scent helped him.
He was upset he was going to get benched for the next game due to his lack of performance on the volleyball team. You had so happened to be at school when his coached talked to him and gave him a performance review. He called you and was even more upset when you couldn’t pick up his call since you were in a committee meeting.
You found him in his empty classroom. That was when you noticed how much his body has changed through the years. His shoulder had broadened, and his arms had defined muscles. He kept repeating his coach’s words about being benched if he doesn’t step up. His control over himself was running thin and you fear he would trash the empty classroom any second.
You sighed deeply before grabbing the nearest chair and called his name softly, “sit down, please.”
It is incredible to instantly see the demeanor change as soon as he feels your scent.
He inhales before coming to take a seat. Standing in between his legs, you press your palms against the side of his temples. “Take a deep breath, you need to calm down and so you can see how you can change and improve.”
That was the first time he pulled you in for a hug and all you could do was wrap your arms around his shoulders.
Rintarou pulls you into his arms for the second time in your life.
Just this time, naked as the day he was born.
After a few minutes, you lean back to look at him. He had dark circles around both eyes and his cheeks were slightly hollowed. “You haven’t eaten or slept at all, huh?”
He turns his head to kiss your palm, “no…”
You reenter his unit quietly. He is still sleeping where you last left him ten minutes ago. You forced him to take a nap – which he has been sleeping for three hours now. He fell asleep with you in his arms and when you knew he was deeply asleep, you detached yourself from him. You left to the nearest convenient store to stock up on some main essential.
An alpha’s rut will only last longer if he is not well, and in some cases – make themselves seriously ill.
You put the fourth water bottle in the fridge when you felt chills spread from head to toe. You grab the chilled water bottle and press it to your face and confirming what you fear.
Your heat.
Trying to calm your heart rate down, you check your phone.
Your heat wasn’t supposed to happen for another two weeks.
Spinning around, Rintarou stood a few feet away in just his thin grey sweats that sat extremely low. His hip bones jutted out and his hard erect cock visible against the material. His defined and sculpted body just screaming for you to touch and lick.
“Are… you in heat?”
Your throat constrict and palms become sweaty.
His rut and your heat has never aligned before.
Rintarou wasn’t help either by emitting his pheromones… you as well.
“Y/n.” He steps towards you, but you move over but that doesn’t stop him. “Y/n, I never… I never meant to hurt you. I was telling the truth when I said I’ve been in love with you for a while. For a long time.” He stops and drops his gaze. “I was coward – I couldn’t tell you before so I’m going to tell you now. I’m in love with you. It’s always been you all along.”
You rush towards him, throwing yourself at him and wrapping your arms around his neck. “I love you too Rintarou,” you whisper.
His strong arms lock around your waist, never letting you go. His nose rub along the curve of your neck and shoulder, “I was prepared to make you fall in love with me,” he chuckles against your collarbone. “Can I make you mine, Y/n?”
You nod your head and your legs wrapped around his waist as he carries you to his room and set you down on his bed.
You catch yourself whining at the loss of touch as he steps away and kneels in front of you.
“Y/n,” he calls your name softly, looking into your eyes. “Will you be my mate?”
Lips curving upward, you say, “only if you will be my chuupet boy for life?”
Rin’s headboard thumps against the wall with each thrust. His grip on your hips is bruising but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
Fwop. Fwop. Fwop.
“A – ah – Rin!” Your moans muffled by the pillow.
Fwop. Fwop. Fwop.
He withdraws and whips you onto your back. You gaze up at him with hooded eyes, his chest rises with deep breath and combs his hair back.
Your eyes drop down at his cock that’s still hard and twitchy against his abdomen. He grips your legs and pushes them down as far as they could go. You whimper feeling exposed, your pussy glistens with your juice.
He leans forward, pushing your body further into the bed. He teases your sensitive pussy by sliding the length of his cock back and forth.
“Rin,” you try to rock your hip, “pl – please…”
His mouth curves into a smile, “I missed you so much…” he slides his cock home and you both groan in sync. “Missed your pussy too…” his thrust are slow and deep. “Open your eyes… look at me…” You catch his green irises, and he smiles, “there’s my girl…”
You never forgot his body. How he makes you feel whole.
It was always him.
You were always his.
Made for him.
Rin sits back and tugs you upright. He secures your arms around his neck and hooks his strong arms underneath your knees. In this intimate lotus position, he takes full control of your hips, bouncing you over his cock. His face buries against your chest, kissing and nipping.
“I’m close…” he is breathless, pushing deeper until his cock is pressing against your cervix.
Your body burned with the need of his seeds. To breed you. With your heat, you feel your womb expand and cervix opening to accept his knot. “Me too…”
He shifts onto his knees, making it easier to thrust deeper for his cock to take position once your cervix spreads.
Fwop. Fwop. Fwop.
Your body remembers the seconds before his knot inflates and it welcomes it by opening and locking around his cock.
“Ah – Rin!” You cry, arching and trembling in his arms.
It was a greater sensation being in heat while taking his knot. He was still growing inside of you and your walls are much more sensitive and responsive to his touch and scent. At this time, your body is prepared to be bred and carry a baby almost immediately.
Rin carefully lays down with you on top of him, curled and aching during this knot period. A knot during a heat could take up to twenty minutes to deflate.
His touch is gentle with you, during a knot, any sort of touch is extremely sensitive and could be painful. “Shh, it’s okay… you’ve done this before… you’ve taken my knot before… remember?”
You could only nod your head, face against his chest. His scent making it slightly easier to bear being beyond full of his seed.
Your body tensed when his nose grazes against the most common part of an omega’s body to mark. The spot that is said gives off the sweetest scent to their alpha.
Your alpha.
“Mark me…”
It was his turn to freeze underneath you, “w – what?”
Raising your head, you look at him, “mark me… alpha…”
He closes the distances and kisses you deeply before pressing your head down in the crooks of his neck. “I love you.” He kisses your skin before you feel something sharp and the piercing of his teeth.
As soon as his essences mixes with your blood, you feel the changes. A cool phenomenon runs instantly throughout your body and his.
Once an alpha mark their omega – they now have their omega’s essences flowing through their blood. Masking and marking their alpha so other omega’s pheromones will no longer take effects on them.
His cock inside of you jerks and expands even more.
His teeth release the skin once the procedure is completed. He can feel your pain and emotions, knowing there is nothing he can do during a mating rite.
He kisses your temple, whispering and cooing calming affirmation knowing you’re in pain. “Shhh, it’s okay, it’s okay… you’ll be okay, I’m here… I’m right here…”
Immediately, you felt calm and relax. The new changes have already taken in effect now that his essences flow through your blood.
“You have no food.” You say with a sigh, closing his fridge. You had only bought water and some snack, which you both have already devoured after spending six hours straight in the sheets.
He chuckles, tightening his arms around your waist as his chin rests on your shoulder. No one warned you that once mated, they would be incredibly clingy. “Hmm, but I have you to eat you again…”
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inarizakisearth · 6 months ago
synopsis: suna rintarou’s gaze is lethal, and it’s sometimes hard to look him in the eyes.
warnings: kissing >:( + pocky game
a/n: BYEE I’M SO IN L*VE WITH HIM, IT’S NOT FAIR- literally down bad
Tumblr media
suna rintarou's gaze is lethal.
every time you meet his eyes, you feel part of you wither as your heart stops in your chest and suddenly, breathing is the hardest thing to do in the world. it's so hard to look away too, so you let yourself get caught in the foliage of his green eyes.
he's like medusa. gorgeous, undeniable but so very deadly.
suna rintarou's gaze is unwavering.
you can feel it sometimes, piercing into you, boring into your soul, ravaging you from the inside out.
you think you're going crazy sometimes, because you can feel two eyes trailing your backside and observing every move, yet when you turn around, you notice that no one is sparing a glance your way. everyone was too caught up in their conversations to give your backside a second piece of mind.
except suna rintarou, who's gaze is so intense and electrifying, that it sends shivers up your spine.
even when its dark, his fox-like eyes are unforgiving and relentless. suna maintains eye contact as he sits down beside you on the rooftop, with earbuds, his phone and a box of pocky in hand.
"where'd you get that?" you asked, gesturing to the confectionery as a way of avoiding eye contact.
he tears it open, "stole it from the cupboard downstairs."
leave it to suna to steal a box of pocky from some random's house. leave it to suna to tell you to meet him on the rooftop when he got sick of the party going on downstairs. leave it to suna to bring his earphones to every occasion.
"you sure you can just do that?"
"no one's gonna miss it," the middle blocker shrugs, "besides, if someone hunts me down for it, i'll just buy them another one."
"you're incredible," you breathed sarcastically, shaking your head.
"i know. want some?"
"sure, thank you."
he graciously lets you take the first stick.
"why'd you tell me to come here?" you asked curiously, looking at your phone and realising that it was almost midnight.
"got too stuffy downstairs, wanted a breather."
"okay, then why invite me?"
"is it illegal to spend time with you?"
you snort, leaning on his shoulder, "yes."
you feel the corner of his lips turn upwards. eventually, the amount of pocky left in the box decreases and there's only one remaining.
he holds it up horizontally between you, "let's share."
and it's like you can read his mind all of a sudden, because as he latches his mouth onto the breadstick end of the snack, you know what antics this man is getting at. it's almost like he lured you into this spot and there's no way to refuse when he's staring expectantly at you, challenging you to fall for it.
you take the other end in between your teeth.
suna starts first, and there's no other option but to follow suit. you've made it this far, and you refuse to give up now, even if your lungs feel like collapsing from the close proximity.
suddenly, your noses are touching and you had to rotate your head slightly to get comfortable, but when you glance up to meet his gaze, you almost regret it.
because he's still challenging you, eyes half-lidded. it's almost like he doesn't care nor mind the current situation you're in, so without a second thought, you close the gap and suppress the gasp that threatens to escape when it's your lips against his. yes, you were the one to initiate the kiss, but never in a million years have you ever thought the moments you've imagined would come alive.
it’s surreal, the way his hand snakes up to your cheek so naturally as the other goes to your hip. 
suna presses against you and something tells you that he’s has been waiting for this too, so you pull him in by the neck and eliminate any space that could've possibly snuck its way in.
you're first to seperate from the kiss, breath heavy and staggered. 
suddenly, it's easier to look him in the eyes because you can feel the way his heart races in his chest, how he bares it to you.
"let's get out of here," mumbled the middle blocker.
Tumblr media
i don’t think i did suna justice w this one, but if you enjoyed, pls reblog + like! they help me out so much <3 thanq
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woahsamu · 10 months ago
2:30 am
Tumblr media
it’s nights like this that you are reminded of why you fell in love with suna.
“no, no. swipe right,” he chuckles, and there’s a hoarseness to his voice that he always gets when it’s this late at night.
you do as you’re told, swiping right on the dating profile of a girl who you find quite pretty, but is the exact opposite of atsumu’s type. right, you and suna had logged into the pro player’s tinder, and now maybe you’re having a little too much fun ruining his perfect little match streak he likes to brag about.
perhaps it’s a tad bit mean, and you know rintaro will be getting a very angry phone call tomorrow from his friend, but right now neither of you can stave off your giggles as you stare at your phone screen.
“okay, okay. just one more,” you laugh, grinning as suna’s hair tickles the underneath of your chin from where he’s splayed out halfway on top of you, cheek smushed to your collarbone.
once you give atsumu one more phony match to deal with, you shut your phone off and toss it to your bedside table, tilting your chin down to look to the man laying on you.
“he’s gonna be pissed,” you say, carding a hand through his hair.
“i know.” he lifts his head, smirk stretching across his lips. “it’s gonna be great.”
“you are positively evil.”
he’s pushing himself up just enough, leaning in close to where his lips are a mere sliver away from brushing yours. even in the darkness of the bedroom you can see the way his eyes sparkle, the moonlight catching in them.
“but it’s a good thing you like bad boys, huh?”
you laugh into his mouth as he kisses you, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, pulling him further on top of you than before.
“bad boy? you? you’re too lazy to be bad, rin.”
he feigns a gasp, pulling back and glaring down at you with narrowed eyes. even trying to look mad he looks adorable, so adorable that you could just—
as he drops his head to lick a stripe up your cheek, you come to the conclusion that suna rintaro is in fact very, very bad.
“ew! you sicko!” you shriek, and suna is bounding off of you a second later. tripping over the sheets that wrap around his ankles and regaining his balance to run out of your bedroom, sliding on socked feet.
you’re after him immediately, sliding into walls and running into chairs as you chase rintaro around your apartment. soon your shouts turn into laughter, the two of you running around like a game of cat and mouse. you catch suna in the living room, tripping him over the back of the couch, the two of you landing on the cushions with a bounce and a fit of giggles.
it’s nights like this you’re reminded of why you fell in love with him. and why you always will be, for every night forever more.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated!
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