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izurou · 27 days ago
if suna’s life depended on him keeping his hands to himself, he’d have been dead long ago.
you’ve always been aware of how dependent he is on physical touch, and you just assumed that he was on the clingier side, or maybe you’re just so irresistible—the man can’t even control himself. he’s never denied either, which led you to believe you were spot on. tonight is different though. you come to the realization that, while there is a certain degree of truth behind both deductions, maybe suna isn’t what you pegged him to be.
it’s nearing midnight, and as much as you’d love to be fast asleep right now, you aren’t. instead, your hands are pressed against suna’s bicep in a failing attempt at rolling him over.
“stay on your own damn side rintarou,” you huff, reddening the skin on his arm in your one-sided battle. he doesn’t budge—in fact, the only thing that moves is you as you repel backwards on the satin sheets, proving to be no match for the pure strength of his upper arm.
“or what?” he grins, clasping both of your wrists in the hand he was hiding under his pillow.
“i’ll, sleep on the couch,” you threaten. his grip falters for a moment—the thought of going back to sleeping alone, even for a single night, was one he didn’t particularly want to bring to life.
“oh?” he loosens his grasp altogether, and drops his head onto your leg. he wraps his arms around your thigh, trapping you in place as he smooshes his cheek against the plush skin and allows his eyes to flutter shut. “i think you’re full of shit.”
“you’re right,” you sigh, falling back against the headboard. “if anyone is sleeping on the couch, it’s you.”
“have you seen the size of me?” his brows knit together, and he pouts—if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was having a bad dream. in his defense, the mental image of himself sleeping on your tiny loveseat is his worst nightmare.
“nope, never.”
“oh yeah, seven, maybe even eight,” he mumbles, beginning to trace shapes onto your skin.
“rin, you’re only six foot three. where’d you get eight?” you peer down, brushing a piece of his hair back into place.
“i meant inches,” he replies, turning to smile at you. he keeps his eyes closed though, wanting whatever punishment he’s about to receive to be a surprise.
his nose scrunches up as you flick the side of his head, and he reaches up to rub at the spot—as if you weren’t shoving him with your entire body weight five minutes prior.
“why are you like that?”
“dunno, genetics i guess?”
he covers his head on instinct, giggling as he anticipates the same movements from seconds ago. but you’re laughing, and that’s something worth opening his eyes for—and wow, your smile looks even prettier when it’s because of him.
“i love you,” you say, and to be honest, you’re not entirely sure why that’s your response, but it’s the one thing on your mind as he grins up at you.
he presses a kiss to your thigh, shuffling back to his own side as he whispers that he loves you too. maybe he’s had a change of heart, or maybe he’s just tired—but he’s completely given up on trying to park himself on your side of the bed.
in reality, he feels bad for bothering you while you were trying to sleep. you’re so sweet, being such a good sport every time he pulls a move like this. you could have anyone—maybe even someone who lets you sleep in peace. shit.
you turn over, facing the window as the cool night air seeps through. it’s quiet, incredibly so, and for the next fifteen minutes, all you hear is the sound of suna’s breathing from across the sheets. you assume he’s sleeping, but you should know better than to do such a thing.
you feel the tips of his fingers graze against your shoulder, feather light, but still there nonetheless. so you shift to the left by just a hair, and you hear the rustle of fabric as he moves, reaching out until he’s met with the warmth of your skin again.
no response. he can pretend all he wants, but you know damn well that he’s awake. so you roll over, right onto his side and right into his arms, smiling as you catch the corners of his lips tug upwards.
of course you’ll still be there in the morning, he thinks to himself. you wouldn’t leave him. still, something manages to convince him that you will. he needs to feel you, to reassure himself that you are still indeed there, with him.
over the next couple weeks, you become aware of his touch, and how he reaches for you every night. whether it be his thumb brushing against your wrist, or his foot resting against yours, he’s there.
he’d never admit it, but suna is scared. of losing you, of being alone again, of love—and all the complex emotions that come with it. but you know that he loves you, no assumptions needed.
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hajiberry · 5 months ago
“you’re so pretty”
“you’re pretty”, you said again, smiling as his cheeks started to heat up.
“Shut up”, he mumbled, throwing his arm over his face, laughing, you sat up, peeling his arm off his face and leaning in closer to him.
“Stop, I wanna see your pretty face”, groaning, he gently shoved your face away from his.
“Stop saying that oh my god”, giggling you leaned down, lightly kissing on his face,
“Naaah, my pretty boy”,
sighing he looked at you, studying your face before softly mumbling,
“I love you”, your face broke out in a huge grin,
“huh? couldn’t hear you?”, glaring at you, he rolled his eyes,
“You heard me you idiot”, reaching for your waist he pulled you on top of him,
smiling you kissed him, before mumbling out “I love you”,
raising an eyebrow he smirked, “huh? couldn’t hear you”
KENMA, sakusa, suna, kageyama, tsukishima
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heartsuna · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
SUNA. leans down to place a kiss on your cheek and you move away, pretending nothing happened. you can feel his gaze on you before he mutters a small “alright” and sits down to scroll through his phone. you thought he wasn’t bothered, but the longer he thought about it, the more petty he felt. moments later when you try to give him a kiss, he moves away from you as well. “c’mon rin!” “no, go somewhere else.” but he eventually caves in.
OIKAWA. frowns and chases after your lips. “hey! give me a kiss!” he’s persistent, but so are you. you continue dodging his attempts, placing your palms against his chest to keep him away. manages to take hold of your wrists and holds them tightly with one hand while the other squishes your cheek together as he plants an exaggerated kiss on your lips.
BOKUTO. he pulls away with a frown on his face. “why’d you move away?” he had been particularly clingy that afternoon, practice had worn him out and the only thing he wanted was to be close to you. "baby," he whines. nuzzles his head in your neck and you can help but give in, nudging his head lightly and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.
IWAIZUMI. furrows his brows as his lips meet your cheek. he looks to you and sees you holding back a smile. “give me a kiss,” he grunts. when you make no movement he puts a hand on the back of your head, pushing your head to his. your lips meet in a hard kiss and he pulls away with a satisfied look on his face.
MATSUKAWA. you can't fool him, he knows exactly what you're doing. raises his brows teasingly, a knowing smirk on his face. “don’t be like that, pretty girl.” he pulls you close and kisses you slowly. he knows you can’t resist him
Tumblr media
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yoomiwritingstuff · 4 months ago
“how are you still single?”
for some reason, that's the first thing that came into your mind to ask him when the both of you were dining out with your closest friends one fine evening.
blame it on the bit of alcohol that's in your system, you're tipsy and it made you become more straightforward than usual.
“i don't get it,”
you mutter to yourself while suna rintarou lets his eyes stay on your face to look at your amusing expressions.
“you're very boyfriend material. so why is it that you don't have anyone you're romantically involved with?”
as you mindlessly list down the good qualities you have seen in him in the many months of being his close friend, suna rubs his chin as he hums, thinking about his answer carefully. your stare went to his lips, unconsciously biting your bottom one and gulping. you're feeling a bit thirsty.
“must be because the girl i like is quite oblivious about my affections for her.”
with widened eyes and a startled gasp, you egged him to carry on. you had no idea he was harbouring feelings for someone (which was ridiculous because you thought you were his friend and friends say these kind of things to each other right?).
so what if you were also eager to know who it was because you needed to find out who stole the heart of suna whom you've liked way before he had met you? you certainly wouldn't pose any harm on the person. at the very least, you'd compare yourself to them every waking moment, throwing them secret glares whenever you have the chance to see them.
the man you were with chuckled softly and changed his position so his body would be facing you. he gives you yet another one of his intense gaze partnered with that lazy grin you'd come to love and made your breathing hitch.
“you would think she'd find it out quickly considering we're close but i guess that's just wishful thinking on my part.”
blinking several times, you had to process every word that he had just said as he was awaiting for your reply. he watches you open and close your mouth like a fish out of the water and controlled himself not to just pull you into him and make out with you, your friends be damned (he reasoned it was because he was slightly drunk that he was acting on impulse and having these thoughts)
you resisted the urge to scream and do something embarasssing in front of not only the guy you like but also in front of your friends and peers.
fanning yourself and breaking eye contact with him, you looked at your surroundings to see if anyone else was listening in on your conversation yet found no one. fortunately they were all too busy with partying.
you then stared back at him and dumbly pointed at yourself.
“are you talking about me?”
you're flushed, lightly intoxicated and it's getting difficult for you to hide exactly how much you like this man in front of you. you never were much of a planner anyways, you're more of a go with the flow kind of person.
“so umm i like you a lot, did you know that?”
he simply gives you a smile and leaned closer to you, cupping the back of your head and caressing your cheek adoringly.
“don't you think it's about time we both get romantically involved with someone?”
you could smell the cologne you've bought for him last time when he came closer.
suna could see you wearing the earrings he'd given you yesterday upon closer inspection.
you both admired each other as you sat completely still, afraid that whatever was happening right now is just some elaborate scam you're mind conjured up. everything is unfolding so fast you can't wrap your head around it.
the moment suna leaned more in your direction though with his nose brushing against yours, you forget all worries about the proper way this should've gone and cracked a toothy smile for him to see.
“we should do this whole confession thing again properly tomorrow.”
“whatever you want, (y/n).”
the last thing you saw before closing your eyes and feeling his lips work with yours was suna fondly gazing at you as if he had waited for this moment for a long time.
(you wouldn't know until much later on that suna rintarou had been crushing on you longer than you have been crushing on him)
Tumblr media
i wrote this quickly while i was sleep deprived haha
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sunascupid · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
softie suna who sits you on the bathroom counter and removes your makeup for you when you're too tired, always remembering to shower you with compliments while he's doing it.
softie suna who adores being in your presence, 100% believes the moments spent with you are the most important (even if you're each doing your own thing.)
softie suna who's “secretly” clingy, whether it's his hand on the small of your back or his pinky linked with yours, he loves physical touch with you.
softie suna who loves it when you do his makeup, always offering his lap as a seat so you can be “precise”
“Rin, why do I have to sit in your lap? I feel like I’m gonna fall.”
“Mm.. it’s so you can do my eyeliner better, precision, ya know?” he smiled, you both knew he was lying, but all you could utter back was a simple “sure.”
softie suna who can't help but to watch you instead of whatever stupid movie is currently playing in the background, he loves admiring every single feature of yours, and would spend countless nights reassuring you of your beauty if needed.
softie suna who lets you play with his hair whenever you want, allowing you to place small colorful hair clips all over, his only response being a small smile when you show him the final result.
softie suna who makes the stupidest excuses to see you, he once told you he needed to come over ASAP because he left his pencil at your house (he didn't, he just wanted to see you.)
softie suna who makes it a priority to see you smile, so he tries to remember the little things, like which side of the bed you like to sleep on, or which jokes of his are your favorite.
softie suna who has a camera roll full of photos of you, but refuses to let you see it because he knows you'll think they're hideous (he can't help it, he just thinks you're the prettiest when you're being yourself.)
softie suna who tells you all the details about his life, he knows he can confide in you and trusts you with his whole being, seeing your reactions to his stories are his favorite part.
softie suna who draws little hearts on your hip when you two are cuddling, wanting nothing more than to pull you close against his chest and tell you how much he loves you.
softie suna who is completely head over heels for you, unconditionally in love with you and everything you do — set on showing you how much he loves you each and everyday.
Tumblr media
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haijmei · 2 months ago
camera roll
while suna may be everything but openly expressive, his camera roll tells differently.
ʚ suna rintaro x reader | post-timeskip | 0.5k words
author’s note: this idea was better in my head ): hope y’all enjoy though !
Tumblr media
suna, known for his habit of capturing memories through his phone, has pictures and videos of those he loves: his little sister, the twins, and even his team.
he also has you sprinkled throughout too.
your first appearance in his camera roll is a group picture of you, him, and his friends. all of you were at the miya’s for the twins’ party, and you happened to be one of their guests; you standing right next to him in the photo. he couldn't help but notice how close you were to them, yet was never in his radar till now.
the second appearance was with you and the twins, once again at the miya’s for a small gathering. osamu and atsumu were sat next to each other, atsumu looking at his twin brother’s phone, and you smiling at the camera. even from then till now, he always noticed your beautiful smile.
your fifth appearance was a candid of you in the chip aisle. he had found you out on a nightly run to the convenience store, taking a picture of you to send to the twins. he remembers taking the picture from the aisle across from you, then coming up to show you in your bad angle. he laughed as you frowned at it, asking him to promise to delete it. he promised but of course he never did, and he doesn’t regret it.
he remembers walking you home afterwards and you giving him one of your bags of chips.
your eleventh appearance was you smiling brightly with a bouquet of white flowers and the snacks that you loved. this was your first date with him, after his constant but subtle pinning over you and the eventual decision to just suck it up and make the first move. he wanted to spoil you and make the first date memorable so with the help of the twins, he sent pictures of the flowers you might’ve liked and the snacks he thought was okay, taking up the space in his gallery right before this photo of you. 
the twentieth, sixty-second, and the hundred and thirty-second photo and counting were all of you, shining with your constant beauty and alluring energy; he always loved taking photos of you at your best as he believed it showed the true you. the you that he grew to love over time. photos of you at dinner, both of you in the car, even one where you had just woken up, hair a mess and droll still present on your jaw, but proudly wearing the smile he never fails to swoon over.
of course, suna will always be suna, taking stupid candids of you in times where you least expected it: when you came out of the bathroom, him scaring you from the corner of the door, even as you were eating and your mouth was wide open and your fork coming into your mouth. he always adored these photos as well, just cause of how silly you were and how they always turned suna’s usual collected face into a genuine smile.
his most recent photo, the one labeled as the two-hundred and fifty-third photo, was the one that really made the butterflies in his stomach flutter. his smile grew tenfold every time he looked at his photos, and made his cheeks flush like never before. this one was unlike the others, with the subject of the picture sparkling and forever shining brightly. 
suna was always known for capturing memories through his phone.
hopefully this memory, the one with the diamond ring in a black velvet box, is the one he cherishes the most.
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hrts4tsumu · a month ago
Tumblr media
“what d’ya want to eat for dinner baby” your bf asked you while scrolling through his phone.
“hmm i dunno rin how ‘bout you pick.”
“okay d’you wanna eat burgers?” “no ‘m not in the mood for that” you said wrapping your arms around his torso. resting your head on his shoulder as he rested his head on yours.
“pasta?” he suggested. “no i can’t rin my stomach is gonna hurt tomorrow” you whined.
“fine how about sushi. i’ve been craving that for awhile.” “i ate that two days ago babe.”
rintarou lifted his head up to turn and look at you with a blank stare. “what” you said leaning closer to him. he continued to stare you down without a word and you were confused. “rin why’re you just staring at me” you asked questioning his actions.
“are you serious” he questioned back. “serious about what?” “baby i don’t know what you want to eat.” “i told you rin you can choose.” “i’ve been suggesting foods and you turned them all down” he huffed. “i’m sorry babe but i really don’t know what to eat” you stated pouting at him.
“fine then i’m gonna pick something and you can’t object to it” rintarou declared. “mmhm that’s fine with me then” agreeing to his statement. “‘m gonna order a large pizza.”
“wait but rin i ate pizza yesterday” you said hoping he can change his mind. “no i told you i’m picking the food and you have no say” he said back. “but rinn please.” “nope too late i already ordered it” rintarou argued back.
“you’re like a little kid” he jokingly said while smiling. “you’re gonna end up eating it anyways after complaining” he said kissing your forehead and getting up. “you’re annoying you know that right” you scowled. “you love me though” rin said while stretching his arms and legs. “i guess so” you accepted.
sometimes you’re glad you have rintarou here to help you make choices like these.
Tumblr media
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hanmas · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
it’s quiet in the car, and suna drives tensely, side eyeing you as you sit with your arms crossed. it’s evident you don’t want to be in the car with him, but even like this, he’s glad he gets to spend a little extra time with you alone.
“so…” he starts, and immediately, you cut him off, shutting him down firmly.
suna purses his lips and sighs, eyes on the road as he continues to drive to your home, and you sit there fuming. you’ve been tricked. fooled. taken advantage of by your own friend as she goes home with some guy she meets. if she can’t drive you home from the party, it just has to be suna, and you wonder why the world is punishing you so cruelly this way.
“you know, i’m a pretty cool guy,” suna insists, turning to you with a raised brow when the car stops at a red light. “you should consider being a little nicer—”
“you’re lame and annoying,” you counter, and he scowls, scoffing that you have it in you to be so bold with him in his car as he drives you home.
“am not,” he bickers back. and the light is green now, but neither of you notice as you stare each other down.
you hate suna rintaro. you hate him so fiercely, you don’t think you’ll ever feel this passionately about anything else in your life. suna annoys you in every way possible. he acts like he doesn’t care, he slacks off in everything he does, he always rolls his eyes like he knows better, and he even stands around like he owns the place. and you hate him.
you also hate that he stood you up on a date he asked you on himself, but that’s besides the point.
“are too,” you huff childishly.
“look, if this is about that date a few months ago, i told you i mixed up the dates and—”
“it’s about how little you care about things,” you interrupt, and there’s a slight quiver in your voice as you speak. it makes suna’s heart drop, and he feels his stomach twist painfully.
suna rintaro has been in love with you since grade school. he thinks it’s a miracle you ever said yes to him in the first place, and if there’s one thing in his life, one thing at all that he’d do differently, it’s not mixing up the day of your date. he thinks maybe by now you could’ve been a happy little couple with stupidly annoying instagram pictures and obnoxiously ridiculous voicemails and whatever else couples do together. but suna always messes things up, and he wishes he wasn’t always doing things wrong no matter how hard he tries.
his face drops, and he reaches out, opening his mouth to speak.
and before he can continue, there’s a loud honking sound behind you that makes you both flinch, someone beeping their horn for him to go on the green light he’s been sitting on for the last two minutes.
suna curses under his breath, pressing the gas pedal and driving off, frowning when you angle your body away from him to face the window.
“you will never change,” you mutter, “i realized that a long time ago.” and it’s cruel really, you’ve spent all this time convincing yourself you’re over suna, but all that’s led you to is falling for him even deeper—and maybe that makes the hatred fester up even more.
“hey, that’s not fair,” he grumbles. “i’m a responsible adult, it was one slip up.”
“did you make your bed this morning?”
“okay, that’s not relevant to adulthood—”
“is your sink empty of dirty dishes?”
“i didn’t get a chance yet to wash—”
“when was the last time you checked your mailbox?”
“who even reads mail these days—”
“face it suna,” you scoff. “you’re hopeless.” and suddenly, the car pulls over, and you turn to him with furrowed brows as he parks the car and faces you, determination settling in his eyes as he throws a glare at your direction.
“well, why are you still so upset over a missed date if you’re not obsessed with me?” he challenges, making you stare at him in disbelief as your mouth hangs open. and now you’re furious—how dare he insinuate something so ridiculous (even though it’s technically kind of true), and how dare he belittle your feelings (even though he technically didn’t, but his tone certainly seemed like it).
“what?” you hiss, and he crosses his arms, raising a brow.
“you heard me,” he snaps back, and you should honestly strangle him—and in all realness, if you killed him right here in the middle of the street and left, no one would know it was you, but he smirks, and you lose your sanity just a little more at his hand. “you’re so obsessed with me,” he grins.
“no i am not,” you flare your nostrils, and he snickers, poking your cheek with a cocky smile on his face. you hate how attractive it is.
“i’m obsessed with you too,” he shrugs, as though it’s completely normal. “i’m not quitting until you finally agree on a redo of our date,” he adds, and you scoff.
“too bad. not moving this car until you do,” he shrugs.
“suna rintaro,” you say firmly, and he has the audacity to recline his seat back and throw his arms behind his head as he lays down.
“that’s my name,” he says casually.
and this is precisely why you can’t stand him. he never takes anything seriously, and he never puts in an effort to try, and he never cares. you don’t think he ever will.
“i want to go home—”
“you could,” he starts, “if you agree on a redo date.”
“no,” you huff.
“now you’re just being stubborn,” he scoffs, pouting lightly. you resist the urge to poke his bottom lip with your finger. “what’s the worst that could happen?”
“you stand me up again,” you deadpan, and suna rolls his eyes.
“i’m sorry, okay? it really was an accident, and i didn’t mean it. i really did get the dates confused,” he argues, and there’s a small part of you that tells yourself maybe you’re overreacting. people make mistakes, and you’re certainly not perfect, but this is suna rintaro.
he’s got his little set of fans, he’s got his promising career, and he’s got no reason to be interested in you. you shouldn’t think this way, but maybe he forgot because you really are just that forgettable.
“you wouldn’t have forgotten if you actually cared,” you pout, and he clicks his teeth, reaching over and grabbing your face, pulling your closer. you can feel his breath fan over your lips as he speaks, smelling the minty scent of his gum.
“if i didn’t care, why would i be pining over someone as stubborn as you,” he grunts. “you are really something else,” he mutters, and you give him a dirty look, features scrunching into an offended expression.
“this is not my fault—”
“well, if you’d just listened for a moment—”
“i don’t owe you to listen—”
“you are so difficult—”
“don’t talk to me—” and you’re cut off by a kiss, and you’d be stunned by the nerve of the man sitting before you if you weren’t so distracted by the heat of his lips and the way his thumb makes your skin light up as he rubs your cheek softly. you should pull away, but you only mold your lips against his and lean in closer, deepening the kiss like your life depends on it.
“knew you were obsessed with me,” he snickers as you both pull away, pouting when you shove at his shoulder harshly.
“you can’t just kiss people out of nowhere, asshole,” you hiss, lips slightly swollen and cheeks feeling hot as you look away. he smirks, pinching your cheek, and you smack his hand away.
“well, we’re both here right now,” he shrugs, “and we already kissed, so we might as well redo the date now.” you try to ignore the way your heart leaps in your chest at the idea.
“fine,” you cave. “but if it sucks, you gotta quit bothering me,” you warn, and a large, giddy little grin spreads across his face, and you almost wish he’d kiss you again as you drink in the sight.
“oh, trust me,” he winks, “it definitely won’t suck.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
#Includes: Suna
#Genre: Smut
#Description: In which Suna ends up seeing a message from mother dearest, asking about her future grandchildren and he aims to deliver.
#Warnings: Breeding, creampie, praise, daddy kink, ‘mommy’ is used, Afab reader
#Note: Got this request awhile ago and unfortunately I only managed to do Suna because I lacked motivation to do the rest, sorry :(
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
He was just in the kitchen making himself a protein shake, minding his business.
Out of the corner of his eye, he notices a phone light up from a notification and out of reflex picks it up, thinking it’s his.
Once he realises that it isn’t his phone from the case that is very clearly not his style, he goes to give it to you, seeing you have a message from your mum.
However, he can’t help read the text and his eyes widen as they go over the words multiple times, wanting to make sure he read it right.
“This weekend was great sweetheart. Suna seems like a lovely boy, when can I expect the grandkids? ;)”
After the shock wears off, a sly smirk makes its way across his face. After meeting her once, Suna can confidently say that he loves your mum and he aims to stay in her good graces and what better way than to give her what she wants?
You feel arms slowly snake themselves around your waist and soft kisses make their way from your neck to the shell of your ear, “your mum seems to like me”. Before you can question where this came from, you’re met with your phone in your face and groan in embarrassment as you read the text “omg why would she say that!” you whine. You’re only met with a soft chuckle and lips that continue their assault on your neck.
“I think we should start practicing for when the time comes, what do you think?” “Practice?” You ask with a raised brow. “Mmh” he mumbles as he turns you around to face him. You wrap your arms around his neck and bring your lips to brush over his as you whisper “Practice does makes perfect”. Before you can seal your lips, you’re thrown over his shoulder as he makes his way to your bed and swiftly drops you on it. Suna looms over you with smirk as he makes quick work of his clothes, then starts on you. “We can’t make a baby with these on” he teases as he hooks his fingers into the waistband of your shorts and underwear, removing both in one swift pull.
“Fuuck…you’re already so wet baby, just the thought of me making you a mommy got you this wet huh?” He asks as his fingers part your folds to toy with your slit. Your hips buck off the bed, trying to reach closer to him as you pathetically whine out pleas “Mmh Rin, please” “please what baby? Come on use your words”. It takes a few seconds to gather your thoughts before you’re able to communicate what you want “want you inside me, feel so empty”, he attempts and fails to hold back a groan at your words, already imagining himself buried deep inside of you.
He sits up and brings himself over to your spread legs and with one hand he teasingly runs the head of his cock up and down your wet slit, getting it lubricated and making you keen. “Fuck baby, stop teasing and just put it in” “what’s the magic word?” He asks coyly. “Please…” “please what?” He smirks. “Please daddy” “There you go baby”, and with that he carefully inches himself into your tight hole, the slight stretch making you bite your lip and him grip your hips as he spreads you wider. Once he’s fully inside of you, he bends down to give you a sloppy kiss, tongues intertwined and breaths mingling as he groans out his praise “you feel so good baby, so fucking tight”. He slowly pulls out, wanting you to feel every inch of him before he slams back in and repeats this rhythm until you’re both panting and moaning without a care.
“Fuck daddy, feels so good, you’re so deep” you moan out as your hands move to grip the nearest thing to them. Your head lolls back and Suna’s pace refuses to falter, and you’re pretty such he has the aim of knocking you up with how hard he’s going. “Shit y/n, you keep getting tighter baby, if you keep squeezing me like that I might actually fuck a baby into you”, you can’t help but whimper at his words and as a result you instinctively clench around him. You watch with dazed eyes as he throws his head back and lets out a deep groan, your eyes following the path the beads of sweat make down his toned chest until they reach where you both connect. You can make out the white ring of cream that decorates the base of his pretty red cock and can’t help but whine out “cum in me Rin, wanna feel you cum in me baby” “shiittt”.
Your words only aid in making his thrusts deeper as he moves your legs up to your chest, essentially folding you in half. “Gonna cum so deep in you baby, gonna fill you up till you can’t take any more” “please, pleaseee” you chant as you reach up and slide your hands into his hair, using it to pull him down into a kiss “I’m so close daddy” you whimper against his mouth.
He reaches one hand down to run feverish circles on your clit and you can feel the tight knot in your stomach snap causing you to arch your back and clench around him to the point where he finds it hard to move. The tight grip your pussy has on him, paired with the fucked out look on your face as you come down from your high, triggers his own release. With a deep groan and incoherent words, you feel him pulse inside you and release thick ropes of cum deep into your hole. He softly pants as he collapses into your chest, his now softening dick still inside you, acting like a plug but you can still feel some of it making its way out of you, the sensation causing you to whimper. “done so good baby” he whispers against your neck, “my mum should text more often” you softly laugh as you kiss his forehead.
🔖: @ashisbored @crystal-lilac @tendo-sxtori @lmaoimagine90 @lynvshuji  @tirzamisu @ray-lol. @sugarpeaches65 @pshwaa @jacksonhope @princessatoru @milk-and-cherryjuice @itsmeteiiteii ༺♡༻ Join here
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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princesuna · 10 days ago
suna tries his best to avoid interacting with strangers at all costs. if the cashier forgot to give him his favorite sauce for his chicken nuggets? plain nuggets are actually delicious. if the barista accidently gave him hot coffee instead of iced? a hot drink in the scorching heat suddenly becomes refreshing. he can’t find chuppets in the store? he wasn’t really craving them anyways. it’s just not worth the energy. besides, he has friends like the twins and kita to do that kinda thing for him if it was really bothering him.
that is, until he met you.
you ask suna, your boyfriend, to accompany you to shop at an asian grocery store. he was about to refuse since he typically becomes your personal pack mule during these kinds of outing. he has to follow you around and carry stuff? on a weekend? you must be out of your mind. however, you promise to treat him to lunch and start giving him that look in your beautiful eyes that he simply can’t resist. to be honest, you’re his ultimate weakness and even though you said you were going to treat him, he would’ve paid for it in the end.
because it’s you.
you’re in the grocery store and are able to find most of the things you want to cook for the next week except for one thing: dashi stock. you’ve walked around the place many times and looped through several aisles and fail to find it. you figure it HAS to be in the store because what asian store wouldn’t have this staple ingredient? but your eyes cannot locate it. you start to get anxious because suna is carrying your things and you feel bad having him walk for so long.
suna watches as you grow increasingly frustrated. you start to get a bit upset, but you try your best to hide it. despite your attempts, he can tell this whole situation is stressing you out, so he leaves your side and goes to find a worker. you notice him walking away and quicken your steps to catch up to him.
“rin, where are you going?” you ask.
“to ask a worker where we can find the dashi stock,” he replies simply.
“no! it’s okay. it’s not important anyways,” you say grabbing his arm trying to stop him.
“how are you gonna tell me it’s not important when you took like seven laps around this store? don’t worry, love, we’ll find it,” he replies giving you a gentle smile.
you manage to calm down and his words reassure you. he asks the worker where he can find the dashi stock, but to his dismay, the worker didn’t know and it almost hurts him to tell you this because he never wants to see you sad. while you are feeling defeated, you decide to check the sauce aisle one more time. logically speaking, that is where it would be located. you slowly make your way through the aisle scanning your eyes for it. you’re about to tell suna that you give up and want to go home as you reach the end of the aisle when he suddenly speaks up, but not to you.
“hey, do you guys know where we can find dashi stock?” suna asks the other couple in the aisle.
“oh, it should be right here. it’s on the very bottom shelf so it might be a bit hard to see,” the man replies pointing down.
he thanks the man and grabs the box. he heads over to you and you have this stunned look on your face. he wants to laugh at how cute you look. you just can’t believe he would do something like that. suna has always did the most to avoid interacting with strangers. this is so out of character for him.
“if you want something, you have to ask,” he says while tapping the box on your head.
“that’s rich coming from you,” you scoff.
suna laughs at the comment. you’re not wrong. he’s not sure why he was so determined to find the dashi stock for you. if he was with osamu, he would’ve convinced him to give up and go home. but you’re not osamu. you’re you, someone he cherishes dearly. when he sees how brightly you smile and how energetically you walk, he realizes he would go through hell and back if it meant keeping you happy. suna would overcome anything for you.
while you’re his weakness, you are also the one that gives him strength.
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rinphoria · 3 months ago
caught in 4k ! (pt. 3)
alternatively; your relationship is outed to the public.
✸ ft. suna rintaro
✸ info + warnings: fluff
Tumblr media
suna rintaro — mic’d up!
the notification banner grabbed your attention and led you to excitedly gasp. your phone was left abandoned on the couch as you hopped up from your seat to grab your laptop. ever since he had told you that the social media team had decided to give the segment a try, you’d been (im)patiently waiting for the video featuring your boyfriend to be released. you’d been to a couple of his practices and even more of his games so you knew how he acted on the court, but being able to hear what he voiced to himself and his teammates was a whole different side of suna that you were eager to witness.
comfy on the couch with your computer resting on your lap, you clicked the video and let it begin to play. a majority of the audio captured was highlighted by nearly-whispered taunts at the opposing team and lots of quiet praise for himself when he was able to shut down a powerful spike. his behavior was familiar and a constant smile tugged at your lips as you watched him in his element. he was almost as insufferable at work as he was with you at home. luckily, his teammates didn’t seem to mind.
“hey, nice job out there.” komori greeted him at the bench. his voice was less discernable than suna’s, but you could still pick out what he was saying. as the libero handed suna a towel, his other hand lightly smacked his behind.
suna turned around, sparing a quick glance to the sight of the love tap before looking back at komori. “woah, man. that merchandise is spoken for.”
“what are you going on about?” the libero questioned with a confused smile.
“my partner wouldn’t like knowing that other people are so comfortable touching their property.”
“your ass?”
you snorted at the surprise laced in komori’s voice and the way his eyebrows shot up into his hairline. it took a couple more seconds of the video playing before you truly comprehended what suna said.
my partner.
your fingers immediately made work of scrolling down to the comment section to see if any of the viewers had caught that. unsurprisingly, most of the observations left below the video had honed in on just that. you couldn’t count the threads of comments theorizing about who might have been the lucky person that stole suna’s heart.
the jingling of keys reeled you in from going any deeper down the rabbit hole.
“i’m home,” suna sang as he pushed open the door. he kicked off his shoes and dropped the duffel bag he was carrying on the floor, a large thud echoing throughout the foyer. “i brought dinner.”
he waved a plastic takeout bag in front of him as he sauntered to the kitchen so he could get situated.
“welcome home,” you greeted him. leaving your laptop behind on the coffee table, you stood up and made your way to meet him in the next room over. “your mic’d up video came out today.”
“did it? i forgot we even recorded that.” he sat down on one of the stools positioned near the island counter, nodding his head to the other one beside him in a gesture for you to take a seat. you followed his directions and perched yourself on the chair. suna wasted no time opening his container of food but yours remained unattended as you turned to face him so that you could go on with your interrogation.
“you said some interesting things during it.”
“yeah? like what?” he still hadn’t looked up to meet your eye, too focused on his meal to pay you much mind.
“mm egging your opponents on, congratulating yourself on your ‘out of this world skills,’ telling komori that your ass belonged to me.”
suna stopped mid-bite. his jaw that was lowered to take in a mouthful of food was now dropped in shock. the noodles that were once hanging loosely from his chopsticks slipped from his hold and fell back into the carton. finally, his gaze fell on you. “i didn’t.”
“oh, you did.”
“you think anyone noticed?” he questioned, reluctantly continuing to fiddle with his stir-fry. his concern didn’t lie with the fact that he’d exposed the relationship that the two of you agreed to keep private for the time being; he was more troubled with the thought of him proclaiming that his butt was an asset of yours. the ordeal was a tad bit embarrassing, even for suna.
“i’d argue that’s all they noticed.” now that you had covered the important stuff, you picked up your own chopsticks to dig into what suna had ordered for you. the dramatic groan suna let out distracted you from eating peacefully. since you had watched the video, part of your mind lingered on the damage control you’d surely be taking part in. suna seemed like he could use the suggestion you had come up with. “but i have an idea, something that might turn people’s attention away from the whole ass thing.”
“i’m all ears.”
“post a picture of us.” it would cement the fact the two of you were together and give everyone something else to talk about. you weren’t sure how suna would feel about officially announcing your relationship, but since he had practically already come out with it, you figured it wouldn’t hurt. and if he wanted to relieve some of that awkwardness he was feeling, this would get the job done.
“fine. get over here.” he pulled his phone out from the pocket of his hoodie, readying to play photographer.
“right now?” your voice was a pitch higher than normal. you weren’t expecting him to want to do it so soon, especially since there was food getting cold in front of him.
“yep, c’mere.” his arm wrapped around your neck and he pulled you into his chest, his lips pressing against your cheek in a sloppy kiss. 
“uck, get off!” your fists beat at him playfully, but with your arms crushed in his hold, he was unrelenting. your eyes squeezed shut as he continued to pepper your face with kisses. the halting of constant clicks of shuttering was your only sign that he had finished his fun-loving assault.
despite the glare of disgust you threw him as you got back to your food, suna smiled as he swiped through all the pictures he had taken. there were plenty he could have chosen from within his camera roll, but he thought one of the many new ones would be a better fit for the occasion. “perfect.”
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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izurou · a month ago
it’s thursday, the most ordinary day of the week.
suna has just come home from practice, and you’re watching from your spot at the kitchen island as he nears. he already has his slippers on—the brown ones he keeps by the front door—and he’s scuffing them against the tiles.
he smiles and mumbles a hi, watching as you take a sip from your water. for a brief moment you think he’s gazing in admiration, maybe he missed you in the couple hours he was gone—but you’re wrong.
he nudges the bottom of your glass with his finger, just enough to cause the water to spill past the rim and all over you.
“excited to see me?” he hums, gesturing to the newly formed dark spot in your lap. you don’t have to look up to know he has a shit eating grin glued to his face, but you do anyway.
“i hate you.”
“sure you do,” he pauses, swiping a small towel off the counter. he rests a hand on the back of your head, holding you in place as he dabs at your face and down your chest. “i got you something.”
“kissing ass now, are we?” you ask, sliding your now virtually empty cup onto the counter.
“only if you want me to.” he shrugs, devilish little grin never leaving his face, and you can tell he’s getting a kick out of this entire interaction.
you swat at his hand and attempt to stand up, unable to handle anymore of his eighth grade humour, but he doesn’t let you. his hands rush to your hips, and he pushes you back into your seat with a whisper of wait here for me.
he disappears for a moment, returning with his hands hidden behind his back. you can hear the crinkle of plastic, and tiny glimpses of pink and white peek out from his sides. he brings his hands into view, and they’re holding a little bouquet of flowers.
“why?” is the only response that comes to mind. today isn’t your birthday, or your anniversary, or valentine’s day. it’s just thursday.
“because, you’re gorgeous.” he tilts his head at you, as if the answer is the most obvious thing in the world. though, if it weren’t for the fact that he turned away after he spoke, you never would have noticed the subtle redness gathering on his ears.
“that’s not a good reas-“
“yes, it is,” he huffs, and plops down in the chair next to you. he pulls his sleeves up over his hands, fiddling with the dark fabric. “i want you to feel special, too.”
“special and, wet?” you lift a brow at him. you know it’s there, a stupid remark sitting right on the tip of his tongue—but, it stays there.
“just special, and beautiful,” he responds, and somehow you’ve reduced him to almost nothing, just by being you.
before you can form a sentence, he’s leaning in, chasing the softness of your lips and the way they move oh so perfectly against his. he stands up, squirming himself between your legs because he just has to get closer to you—to deepen the kiss. he tilts his your chin up with his fingertips, having complete control.
“‘m in love with you.” he slurs, and the words get lost in your mouth because he doesn’t have the will power to pry his lips away.
now thursday, the most ordinary day of the week, feels a little more special thanks to suna.
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hajiberry · 3 months ago
y/n: are you up?
two seconds after you hit send your phone started ringing, “hello?”,
“don’t, hello me like you’re not texting me at almost 3 am”, came his gruff voice from the other end.
“why didn’t you text back like a normal person?”, you asked and you could practically see his eyes rolling,
“because I’m tired and typing is too much work right now”, you nodded, as if he could see you. “why are you up so late?”he asked, like he wasn’t up just as late.
“had coffee at like 8”,
“because i had a final to study for after work but now i can’t sleep”, it was quiet for a second and you thought he had fallen asleep.
“want me to come over?”, your face immediately broke out into a grin,
“i meannnn if you want”, he scoffed, and you could hear him moving around in his room.
“i’ll be there in like 6 minutes okay?”
“okay, bring ice cream”,
“no”, before you could respond he hung up and a minute later he was sending you a picture of a tub of ice cream sitting in his passenger seat.
iwaizumi, suna, kenma, TSUKISHIMA, osamu, kuroo
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ellewords · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“i want a kiss.”
suna’s words come out slurred, his breath reeking of alcohol. your nose scrunches up at the scent, trying to focus on supporting his weight. an arm is slung around your shoulder, your steps are slow and staggered as you attempt to lead him to his bedroom.
“damn it, rin. told you not to drink too much.” you scold him, opening his bedroom door with a quiet grunt. 
suna pays your words no attention as he puckers his lips towards you, eyes half-open, “want a kiss.”
you place him on his bed and letting the pillows catch his head. a sigh escapes your lips, giving yourself a few seconds to rest before pulling the blanket up to his chest.
suna pouts, his face still red from all the beer that coursed through his veins, “why don’t you wanna kiss me?”
with a roll of your eyes, you sit on the edge of his bed, “you’re drunk. why do you even want to kiss me?”
“because i like you.”
your mouth parts, heartbeat beginning to speed up upon hearing the words you had been dreaming of for the entirety of your friendship with him. no, this couldn’t be. there’s no way he could like you back...right?
“if i were sober,” his voice snaps you out of your train of thought, “would you reconsider?”
shaking your head, you offer him a small smile, “if you still feel this way tomorrow morning, i'll kiss you.”
a grin stretches across his lips, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him smile like that. even in all the times you’ve seen him drunk. he sinks further into the pillows and pulls the blanket up to his chin, eyes finally fluttering shut. 
you raise a brow, “why are you smiling like that?”
“because you’re going to kiss me tomorrow.” suna hums, excited to fall asleep. tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough. 
Tumblr media
from elle ! some fluff to make up for all the angst i've been writing >_< had a tiring day so ‘m gonna go to bed now,, i'll come back and proofread this when I wake up byeee <3
Tumblr media
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krtnhie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
boyfriend!suna and model!yn scenarios
warnings: MDNI 18+, smut, unprotected sex, public sex, breeding kink, dumbfucking
Tumblr media
bf!suna who loves to sit beside you while you’re getting ready for your photoshoot, just admiring his gorgeous gorgeous pretty girl <3 (it’s why he’s always the last one to get ready)
bf!suna who reposts your pictures to show everyone his pretty girl and the fact that he’s the lucky one that you chose to spend the rest of your life with. and shower you with so much praise while he kisses you
bf!suna who always takes candid pictures of you because you’re always looking all pretty for him <3 making his insta page all filled with your prettiness
bf!suna who spoils you with so much designer clothes only bcs he thinks you’ll look pretty in them
bf!suna who lovesssss to fuck you in your dressing room, secretly pounding your sopping cunt behind a closed door which leads to where everyone is
bf!suna who tells you to not make a sound or else he’ll stop and purposely fucks you harder knowing you won’t be able to keep your voice in <3
bf!suna who leaves hickies all over your neck while he fucks you dumb. only for your makeup artist to see all the hickies he left on your neck while she’s fixing your makeup, realizing why your makeup is all messed up
bf!suna who fills you up with his cum making sure every bit is inside you and tells you to keep it all inside throughout your photoshoot
bf!suna controlling your vibrator while you’re posing for a photoshoot. dark eyes staring at your slightly shaking legs to not give out. using the “oh im just not used to these heels” as an excuse when someone points out your shaking legs.
bf!suna who rewards you after your photoshoot for being such a good girl by filling you up with more of his cum<3
Tumblr media
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torubeth · 4 months ago
Types of kisses with Suna Rintarou (all characters aged up!)
this is the result of me after hearing his dub. very much not ok, fuck this guy for not existing :|
the ‘i’m still mad at you but i love you’ kiss
the car ride was quiet. too quiet for your comfort. even the radio was off. looking out the window, you tried to drown out the fight you both had minutes prior. it was a petty fight, a simple argument, and yet none of you backed out, resulting in both of you being mad at each other. and now here you were, being dropped off at work by him like always. except the atmosphere was rather tense and a bit awkward. the car came to a halt, indicating your drop point. you sat in silence for a minute, waiting for something to happen. but nothing did, so you unbuckled the seatbelt and was ready to exit the car when his firm but gentle grip enclosed around your wrist and pulled you back, causing you to collide your lips with his. “i’m still mad at you by the way, but i love you. be safe”, he whispered against your lips, bringing your wrist to his lips and planting a small kiss. “yeah whatever. have fun at practice”, you leave his embrace to exit. but before shutting it, he could’ve swore he’d heard you say ‘loser’.
the ‘this is the last one, i promise’ kiss
“rin, please. she’s waiting for me outside! plus i have a meeting i need to attend!”, you squirmed in his tight warm grip. “one last kiss, baby, i promise”, he uttered, going back to peppering your face with kisses. on any normal day, you will accept this blindly. but today you were on the run. your friend was waiting outside, phoning you seconds after seconds. and here you were, getting smothered by your boyfriend. “rin, baby, i need to go! i’ll give you my undivided attention as soon as i’m back! sounds like a plan doesn’t it ?”, you tried to reason with him. pulling away, an adorable pout visible on his face, “today is saturday angel, do you have to go ?”, his pout intensified and you could slowly feel your resolve starting to break. “i- no! i’m not falling for this! i’ll see you after work!”, you replied quickly, pecked his lips and ran out the door.
the ‘i’m sorry’ kiss
not being able to express his feelings and emotions verbally, his only option left was placing small tender kisses anywhere and everywhere. “i told you, i don’t want to talk to you right now”, you mumbled, turning the other way, your back now facing him. truth be told, you weren’t really mad at him. you can’t be mad him. but you didn’t wanna tell him that. not yet. “i’m sorry angel. i deleted my story as soon as you told me to. no one saw it, trust me”, he whispered, hands snaking around your waist, face nuzzling into your hair, planting kisses against your shoulder. the gestures were too good to resist, so you give in, “fine, if that’s the case then, i guess you’re forgiven”, you smiled, turning to him, snuggling your face into the warmth of his chest. his smile slowly faded, a smirk taking over. for he had already put the picture of you drooling to his private story yet again.
the ‘i’m in the mood’ kiss
“how much longer ?”, he groaned, tilting his neck to look at you in such a way you wondered if he was alright. “few more emails and i’m all yours”, you mumbled, typing away at your computer. “you said that an hour ago. do you know how hard it is ? to just sit around, crave attention from that one person when all they say is no ? plus, you should take a break. you’ve been at it for hours now”, he complained, which only earned him a chuckle from you. sighing, he dropped his phone onto the bed somewhere and made his way towards your workspace. spinning the chair to face you, he leaned down, face now mere inches from you. “what..?”, your voice came out in a soft whisper manner, your eyes unable to leave his. his hands reached up to your glasses, slowly removing them, without breaking the eye contact he maintained with you. and that mere inches quickly turned to nothing as his lips slowly melted with yours. his hands went under your thighs to lift you up, only to place you on top of your desk filled with papers and files. retracting from the kiss, “work can wait, but i can’t. so, for now, eyes on me baby”.
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shingia · 5 months ago
hEYYY! i love ur writing honestly, sitting here with butterflies 😩??! could i request oikawa, suna, tendou and anyone else u like’s reaction to you measuring ur hand size by comparing it to theirs 🥺.
Tumblr media
comparing hand sizes
Tumblr media
↳ oikawa, suna, tendou (i genuinely didn’t know who else to add ahsjshsksj sorry)
↳ *screams into my pillow* omg thank you so much you’re so sweet😭 (and also im so sorry for posting this so late!! <\3)
Tumblr media
it was actually him who asked to compare hand sizes, saying that yours looked ‘sooo tiny’ compared to his. it was obvious that they were, indeed, smaller, but you played along. “what a surprise” you told him when your palms met, your fingertips only reaching his middle phalange. he replied pensively: “mmh, that’s what i thought…”, but he wasn’t even looking at your hands anymore, his gaze was plunged into your eyes. you looked up, feeling his heavy stare, which gave him the green-light to lace his fingers with yours “…it’s a perfect fit”. a proud smile on his lips, he gave you a confident wink, but really he was just trying to hide how relieved he was that you hadn’t let go of his hand. “that was smooth” you admitted, and he humbly bowed at your comment: “right? and i’m not planning on letting go, so… i’m afraid we’re gonna have to get dinner together”.
“babe, do you know how painful it is to watch you come up with lame strategies just to hold my hand?” suna rolled his eyes at you, when the only thing you did was mentioning how big his hand looked. “oh i’m the one coming up with lame strategies?” you gasped offendedly, “you’re the one who never put gloves on when we go out just to have an excuse to grab my hand”. suna remained silent, pondering whether or not he should try to act cocky… but you spoke up again before he could make a decision: “yeah, you’re not slick, rin. i’ve got you all figured out”. he laughed at your words, but you knew him too well to know that you had managed to get him flustered: “alright, i plead guilty….” he told you with a capitulating smile, before bringing his hand closer to yours, until no gap was left between your palms, “but jokes aside… i really do have huge hands, what the fuck”.
tendou seemed to find it funny how big his hand was compared to yours. your fingertips seemed miles away from his. “did you know that the more the hand sizes of two people are different, the more they’re made for each other?” he told you, his fingers fiddling with yours. “wait what? who said that?” you asked, hardly believing him (although it would mean something very positive for the both of you). he propped himself up on his elbow, already looking proud of his next words: “some guy named tendou satori, i don’t know if you’ve heard of him. he’s brilliant”. you mirrored his position, your hand not leaving his, and leaned in for a quick peck on his lips: “i don’t think i have. but tell me more! he really does sound like a brilliant man”.
Tumblr media
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