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ashthemadwriter · 2 days ago
sexy time with Inarizaki boys!
Tumblr media
Fandom:Haikyuu Pairings:Osamu Miya,Atsumu Miya,Rintarou Suna X Fem!reader Genre:Smut,duh! Format:Scenario Warnings:Nsfw content,Smut (accidentally wrote "none" because of habits lol),degradation kink,oral (fem! receiving),cursing,fluff for Sunas part,Sub!Reader,Dom!Characters,cum swallowing Word Count:345 A/n:well damn im losing my mind over these boys
↬Osamu miya Feeling of the gentle touch of his sexy hands,while one of them is holding your thigh and the other one is making its way to your G spot;smirks when he hears the sound of your pretty moans and sees the effort youre making to catch your breath which leads to a dead end,cause that's when he sucks on your clit.tasting every drop of you until theres nothing left other than his saliva,comes atop of you and plants a small kiss on your forehead.the next thing youre feeling is the tip of his cock on your enterance,ready to make you go wild again;and the shivers hes giving you by whispering to your right ear "that's it princess,now cum for me again"
↬Atsumu miya bites your neck harshly while thrusting into your soaked cunt,pinches your nipples when your eyes aren't focused on him and looks at you with a small pout on his lips that reflects his unhappiness "don't look away,ya naughty slut".has a bit of degradation kink but will make it up to you afterwards by needy cuddles and soft kisses.silences your loud screams by shoving his tongue in your mouth and kisses you intensely cause your moans distracts him from "the business", pulls his cock out of you right before reaching his orgasm and makes you swallow his cum till hes done,holds you in his arms so tightly hoping it would satisfy his urge to make you his.you sigh in relief glad that youre finally have a chance to rest,till you feel his long middle finger poking your clit again "babe…I don't think I can take it anymore" "no worries baby doll,i gotcha"
↬Rintarou Suna if duration of sex is about twenty minutes,why not spend that time for "sleeping"? :) yeah…so basically while others have their makeout sessions and bootycalls on Friday nights,you and Rin spend the whole Evening+Night sleeping in each others arms,barely getting out of bed unless its an emergency :D
reblogs are WILDLY appreciated <3
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hyeque · 2 months ago
crush me like a butterfly [nsfw]
Tumblr media
Synopsis: beefy men using their weight to their advantage during sex
Notes: I learned that wonho is less beefy than bokuto, atsumu and others and I haven’t been the same since. Just eagerly horny to be crushed, like please sit on me.
Featuring: bokuto, atsumu, ushijima, daichi, osamu, suna
warnings: fem body parts, public sex, handcuffing, MAJOR breeding kink, manhandling, unprotected sex
Tumblr media
suna who fucks you up against the wall of the janitor’s closet. you’re the manager for his team and have been in a secret relationship for the past few weeks. it’s safe to say that the sexual tension between you two had increased overtime. most of the time it was the cause of you doing innocent things like bending over, chewing on your bottom lip, laughing at something someone said or the worst, touching another player as you help them. suna is notorious for getting jealous and in result fucking the shit out of you. you have your legs around his waist, his hips are doing most of the grunt work out of anger. not only are they holding you up but their movement causes rin’s fat tip to hit up against your gspot every time. your eyes roll back in your head and before you can let out a moan, the middle blocker shoves two of his fingers in your mouth. “look at you, acting like a bitch in heat around my cock right now. if you can’t shut the fuck up ill give you a reason to be loud.” he hissed, pressing more of his weight into you. but it doesn’t matter how quiet you are, not when anyone within a 20 foot radius could hear his fat balls clapping against your ass and the ‘thump thump’ of the door…
atsumu who drags you both to the rooms at the victory village to test out the beds durability…and your flexibility. you’re there for gymnastics, he’s there for volleyball. the minute he got alone time in the room without any of his roommates, he didn’t hesitate to tear off your clothes and his. next thing you know you’re folded over in a mating press, your boyfriend pounding your cunt. you’re a bawling mess as his pace doesn’t let up and your breathing is restricted because of his weight. if atsumu is one thing, he is thick. his muscular thighs hug your sides, caging your body. the place where both of your bodies meet is obscenely messy. there’s a loud squelch from every time the faux blond pulls out and he can’t help but crave more of it. he wants you be entirely ruined for him. and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. he’s going to go for as long as it takes to break you. “you can take more can’t ya angel? gotta see just how good these beds are…and how far i can spread these pretty legs.”
ushijima who batters your pussy with his absolute fat rod of a cock. the ace hadn’t used his full strength in the past but when you begged him to, saying that you could ‘handle’ it, you really didn’t know what you were signing up for. currently he has you laid out for him pretty on the bed, hips pounding your ass and causing your whole body to move up the bed each time. “t-toshi, slow down…” you whine, trying to grab his forearm but failing. he only takes your hands and pins them down to the bed, his hulking figure smothering yours as he readjusts his hips to move at a faster pace. a shrill cry escapes you as you lay there, unable to do anything but take it all. the ace tsks at your whining and shakes his head. “you asked for this love. you said you could handle it so that’s what you’re going to do. you’re going to be a good girl for me and take it all. got it?”
bokuto who absolutely lost it when he saw you holding your friend’s baby at a party you two went to. he can’t help but imagine you pregnant with his child and how cute you would look. that night when you both got home, he pushed you both into the bedroom and shut the door. bokuto pulls off your bottoms before removing his own. he strokes himself and whines when his hands come in contact with his sensitive balls. the man is just about ready to burst. he hooks your legs around his waist, instructing you to lock your legs together. the first time he pumps his load into you, there’s an animalistic look in his golden eyes as he feels your cunt milk him so well. he has you laying on your stomach, his weight basically on top of you as he drills into your pussy again and again. the best you can do is hold onto his arms and listen to his grunts. the poor baby has overstimulated himself for so long that he has both of you shaking. “i’m sorry baby, can’t help it…need to make sure that i fuck a baby into you by tonight. i can’t wait any longer-ha, you’re going to look so beautiful carrying our babies…my babies. you’ll give me a whole volleyball team, right? they’re going to look so cute…”
hate fucking with osamu. you’re business rivals and your relationship has never been the best. there is constant bickering and criticism of food ideas and recipes, often getting the better of you two. but one thing neither one of you two could admit was the underlying sexual tension that’s there. so one day when he sees you flirting chatting with another restaurant owner, one that you happen to be on way better terms with than him, he snaps. osamu marches over to your restaurant and drags you into his own, not caring that he interrupted your conversation. you sputter and complain the entire time, calling him an ‘asshole’ and a ‘human with no decent respect’. but as soon as he’s in his office he shreds your clothes before he fucks you over a chair near the window. he presses your bare body against the glass. “not so talkative now, are ya?” he breathes into your ear. “yer such a slut, anyone could walk by and see ya like this and you’d like it, wouldn’t ya?” he pushes your tits against the transparent surface, groaning when your plush ass grinds back on his cock. you whimper in response, the pressure too much but he only pins your hands above so they can’t move. “aht aht baby, you take what i give ya.”osamu really hopes that the man can see how well he fucks you and that he’s the only one who can make you feel this good.
daichi who handcuffs your wrists so you can’t move or touch him as part of your ‘punishment’. currently he fucks you from behind, his strokes slow and deep. each time he fully thrusts back in you feel yourself coming close to release but then daichi deprives you of it by pulling away. you whine, your hand itching to grab ahold of his thick thighs to bounce yourself back on him. “what’s wrong, baby?” he asks, thrusting into you for the umpteenth time. “want more, dai. want your cock.” “but that’s what i’m giving you right now, right? i’m being a lot nicer than i should be aren’t i? maybe if you ask politely i’ll let up on your punishment.” he doesn’t have to tell you twice. “please fuck me harder, i’ve been good m’deserve it! i promise i’ll be on my best behavior!” you plea, trying to back into his touch. he chuckles before he yanks back your tied up wrists so you’re pressed flush to his chest. he swiftly grabs ahold of your thighs before pinning you under him. police training has really paid off, huh? next thing you know daichi is bullying your cunt, his pace unruly. there’s nowhere for you to go or budge. instead of begging for more you’re now begging him to slow down. your thighs cramp from where he holds you in place and you hear him snicker. “but this is what you wanted, right? this is what you were begging for? my cock? i don’t think criminals get to decide what they don’t or do get and when.”
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though! (c) 2022 hyque
Tumblr media
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greenfoxeyedbrunette · a month ago
"—and so yeah, I didn't really think-" your lover pushes up your shirt "mmhm, continue baby."
"that they would re-ah-ct like.." He pinches your nipples and puts one in his mouth. Sucking one of your breasts and playing with it, flicking his tongue back-and-forth on your nub while massaging your other breast simultaneously. "that and I called—mmh!! " Now swirling his warm tongue around, he does the same with his other hand lower.. to your clitoris. "Hmm.." he brings his fingers that came from your pussy to his mouth, tasting your slick. "I thought I told you to keep talking baby."
suna rintarou, miya atsumu & osamu, tsukishima kei, suguru geto, maybe gojo satoru, oikawa tooru, kuroo tetsurou
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sukunababy · 10 days ago
𝐝𝐢𝐥𝐟!𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮 + 𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤 ┆𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐚 + 𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐦 ┆𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐨 + 𝐜𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 ┆𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚 + 𝐬𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠
Tumblr media
cw. use of ‘daddy’, creampie, fingerfucking, squirting, cockwarming, praise, mating press — rbs are appreciated — event m.list | main m.list
Tumblr media
Your nails dig into his shoulders as his cock grinds against your sweet spot, your soggy folds flutter around Atsumu's thick shaft, "you'll end up waking the kids, behave" he hisses low in your ear as he presses your knees to your chest.
"Daddy please ..." you sob arching your back, " ... cum inside me". He giggles as he watches your slit filled with his fat cock, a white ring forms at its base as he pulls back to sink hard and good inside you.
"Yeah, you want my cum in your pretty cunt, angel?" he hums spreading your thighs wide and pushing your knees to your shoulders, the lewd sounds of your pussy almost covering your sobs as you get fucked in your shared bed.
You tremble as you cling to the sheets and nod grabbing your lip between your teeth to muffle your cries.
Your walls tighten on him, sensitive to the previous orgasms as Atsumu fucks another one out of you, "that's cute, you want to make me daddy again mh?" he moans watching as your pussy swallows him good and tightens around him.
His hips slam roughly against yours as he releases his sticky load between your folds, "don't make it come out" he hisses pumping inside your abused cunt going over his edge.
Tumblr media
Your eyes roll as you cum all over, Suna's fingers still playing with your hard nub as you squirm in his lap, legs spread and his breath in your ear as his cock throbs beneath you.
"Please...." you sob grabbing his arm, "Rin ... it's too much."
He chuckles pushing two long fingers into your dripping pussy, "what? now it's too much? I'm not even using my cock" he taunts you pumping his fingers deeper and deeper.
His palm meticulously strikes your sensitive bud making you moan and squirm, 'Rin ... mh please" you sob dropping your head on his shoulder, "coming ... again."
His face is relaxed, he has a smirk on his pretty face as he works another orgasm out of your slick cunt.
Your walls clench his fingers and Suna curses in your ear, "fuck, you're coming again ... dirty girl" as you squirt onto his hand and onto his lap wetting the sheets beneath you again and again.
Tumblr media
He is exhausted when he comes home and sits next to you on the couch, huffing, "hi baby" he murmurs in a barely audible voice.
"Tough day?" you ask receiving a tugged smile as an answer. "I can help you relax if you want?" you suggest feeling with your fingertips his inner thigh covered by his heavy suit pants.
Kuroo frowns and seems to want to complain when you slip your hand inside his boxers, but the speed with which his cock gets hard makes you feral. "Just ... sit on it, baby" he gasps after a few pumps with your tiny hand as he pulls his pants free and helps you settle into his lap. "That's right" he slurs stretching your tight walls and relaxing his body, "feels so good."
It was so hard to take him without being prepared but as your body relaxed in his lap you became wetter. "You know, this the best thing of the day mh" he murmurs starting to lift his hips upwards and fuck his thick cock into your cunt.
You moan shamelessly as he speeds up his thrusts, you have to hold onto his broad shoulders to keep from falling, "Tets oh god so good ... ".
He can't help it, your warm pussy feels like it was made for him, "I can feel you dripping on my balls, baby" he giggles nibbling on your jaw and grabbing your ass to make you grind even harder on him.
Your cunt clenches his cock and your eyes roll back as he thrusts his hips, making sure to take your clit with each push, "come on baby, I'm close," he says grabbing your lips with his, "cum on my cock."
Your walls flutter around his thick shaft when you come triggering Kuroo's orgasm as well emptying his heavy load against your needy cervix.
Tumblr media
Your breasts bounce in his hands as he pinches your nipples, his hips slam against yours and his cock grinds fiercely against your tender spot, "please slow down..." you moan clutching the sheets beneath you.
He smirks at you before grabbing your hips and lifting you slightly off the mattress, your legs shaking as he wraps them around his waist and continues to push his fat cock into your tight cunt.
Each thrust makes you roll your eyes in the back of your head, "Toshi ... I'm gonna make a mess" you sob as you reach your limit.
"Go ahead" he says unconcernedly, frowning as he angles himself to grind his crotch against your swollen clit, "do it, cum, angel".
Your creamy pussy swallows his cock as you arch into his hands.
You scream as you soak his cock gushing your cum everywhere, "oh fuck ... Toshi so good .." you stammer as he keeps fucking your high out of you trying to reach his too to fill you up good as he presses his lips to yours, "you're such a good girl, you me wet good" he chuckles satisfied.
Tumblr media
🏷. @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @yukikurankiryuu @conchetucona @devilgirlcrybabiey @hitoshitoshi @tojibreedingme @littlemochi @rekis-doll @lovemegood @senjuasuna @devynfayrer @weyheyavengers @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @semisgroupie @hannas16 @kurtaclangobrr @itsmeseph @awkwardchick87 @ramens-posts @tsukkikeisimp @trueshellz @tojidilfs @iwaizumisbicep @jiminie-08 @simpforerenn @snoopysxng @toshigimmemilk @atsushisbunny @ray-lol @marinarihearts @fantasyfairysworld @swweetnightt @ryumiii @t-oji @startaee @dwld1 @tamak00
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andraxicated · a month ago
fuck and run!
Tumblr media
Pairings: Iwaizumi, Kenma, Suna, Kuroo, Akaashi x f!reader
Synopsis: Haikyuu men who sets you aside after railing you
Tags: suggestive | mildly explicit | established relationship | fluff | smut
Tumblr media
will do his sports science things after railing you so hard that you have to call in sick the next day. you whine and blame him that it’s all his fault that your pussy down there hurts. yet, he knows all of your antics and pays your whining no mind as he types away on his laptop.
“you’re really mean Hajime Iwaizumi! how could you focus on your work while a naked woman is on your bed!” you huff and puff as you pick up and wear a discarded robe on the ottoman chair.
“distract me and I’ll make you cry again.” he cooly threatens that you stop tying the ribbon of your robe with wide eyes. heat rushes down your body as you clench your thighs together, nipples perking beneath the thin robe exactly as his eyes travel on your body.
it’s so easy to fluster you yet it’s him that’s even more flustered.
"I would like that." the brat in you replies with an amazing brazenness that you haven't processed what you said too. your cheeks feel warm when embarrassment seeps into the silent room. gosh, you really hate it when this man makes you feel so awkward.
iwaizumi's member throbbed when he heard your snarky attitude, the same tone you use in challenging him. his lips twitch a little when he sees you getting uncomfortable with the silence. should he let you suffer more? but he really loves you too much.
he sighs and signals for you to sit on his lap. "you better be quiet while I work."
a hand clamped tightly on your mouth, your ass against his cock; kenma releases his load into you as tears prick your eyes from the feeling of being filled along with the pressure pressing down on your mouth.
he’s on mic with his friends in-game while he challenges you to stay quiet as you two get nasty behind the screen. kenma finally releases his grip on your mouth and you loudly suck in your breath making him pinch your ass from the annoyance of your loud breathing.
“get off and pick up your shorts,” he instructs and waits for your wobbly legs to stand and bend over to the floor.
as you pick up both of your thrown bottoms, a startled shriek rips through the air. his light kisses on your back tickles that you can't help your mouth. “kenma!” you quickly shut your mouth with wide eyes, head whipping to your boyfriend’s direction. but to your surprise, his cat-like eyes just softly smile at the cute expression you made.
“come here.” kenma grabs both sides of your waist, then he settles you down on his naked lap. your warm, uncovered lower halves touch against each other; the feeling makes him suck in his breath and throw his head back against his gaming chair.
“I’m sorry if I’m too mean. It was actually muted the whole time.” he presses apologetic kisses along your shoulder as a furrow on your brows slowly forms upon learning his trickery.
“and…can you please move your body a bit? I can’t move my hands easily…” kenma’s request trails off as he sees your blank face and burning eyes. oh no.
he has no self-control when it comes to you. how could he when his cute girlfriend is walking towards him with sleepy eyes, his oversized shirt draped over your frame, plus with no panties! suna is all ready to go to his practice but the sight of you had him stopping in his tracks. a sigh goes out of his mouth as he puts down his sports bag and strides over to you.
“do your thighs hurt? shouldn’t you be resting?” he asks with a concerned tone as he remembers the night before when he manhandled you for hours. he suddenly carries you to the couch, much to your surprise that it wakes you up.
“were you going to practice? I heard you shuffling early in the morning…” you say to him as your boyfriend presses a kiss on your head. to be honest, it made you sad the moment you woke up and realized he left you after that night. you thought he would at least stay as the apology for holding your thighs up harshly.
“I’m sorry, but I’ll come back later with your favorite food.” suna pecks your cheek with a kiss while the corners of your mouth lift. “that’s a promise?” “it’s a promise.”
he goes back to pick up his bag that’s been left at the door and waves at you. “I need to go now, I’ll stay with you tonight until the next day.” you wave back at him and nod as his figure retreats and closes the door.
should you go to his practice? or relieve yourself on your own? “but suna will get angry” you whisper to yourself with a pout as you plop down on the soft couch.
when you asked your boyfriend for help, this was not what you expected. you expected the both of you to sit side by side with notebooks and pens. you crying out of frustration because your dumb head can’t get the problem and him laughing about how you’re not even listening.
you cry out because of how much the stretch of him hurts and kuroo’s laughing at your whining when you took him a lot of times already. “shhh, it’s okay baby, relax and let me in.” his voice gives butterflies to your stomach and so, you lay back, close your eyes and let him do the work.
“now, do it yourself. just solve it based on what you know and I’ll correct it later,” kuroo instructs while handing the notebook full of gibberish numbers to you. your disheveled hair and unbuttoned blouse don’t go unnoticed by your boyfriend as he steals a few glances here and there.
“you know I just orgasmed like minutes ago?” you sassily throw back at him, not bothering to look at your notebook. how could he act as if nothing happened before? kuroo nods as if he understands and says: “study hard and finish your degree, then I’ll wife you up.”
at that, you pick up the pen and grab the notebook closer to you. it doesn't seem so bad coming from his mouth!
boyfriend akaashi who fiercely takes off his glasses with one hand and grips your chin, directing your lips to his mouth for a heated kiss. your muffled moans start when his slender hands rummage under your skirt, pushing aside your panty and entering a finger to test the wetness.
“hold on tight to me, let’s go to the bed.” he huskily whispers as you moan in response when your lips once again crash into each other.
the sound of two people catching their breathing is heard throughout the room. “keiji, where are you going?” your small voice asks when you see him standing up and putting on his pants.
akaashi turns to look at you with a smile, ruffling your bed hair before putting on his glasses. “just sleep, I’ll go next room to do my work.”
you grab onto his wrist before he could take a step further away from you. your boyfriend turns back in sweet surprise at the loving gaze in your eyes. “what is it?” he asks and you reply: “hold my hand while you work.” you sulkily say, stretching your hand over to him with half-closed eyes.
akaashi chuckles and moves away to bring the table closer to the bed. “now go to sleep. I’ll work with one hand, princess.” he tangles his fingers with yours, caressing the soft skin of your palm as you slowly drift off to sleep.
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kuroovore · a month ago
nothing but the sounds of the tv in the background and two pairs of lips each trying to dominate over the other fill the room.
his grip on your waist is tight, trying his best not to rut his hips up into you. he had promised nothing sneaky when you had stated you had wanted to try cockwarming again, but with the current situation you’re both in, he can’t hold back much longer.
your hands tangle in his hair, lightly pulling as you push your face closer to his, his tongue going farther into your mouth.
“ ‘m sorry, baby i can’t.” he mumbles against your lips before pulling you up and slamming you back down on his cock.
you moan into each other’s mouths as you give up too, rocking your hips back and forth. as you do that, he moves you up and down, the feeling driving the both of you insane.
you whine into his mouth, clenching around his cock to tease him as he groans, sending now harsh thrusts up into you.
“keep doing that and see where it leads you.”
daichi </3, osamu, atsumu, SUNA, kuroo, akaashi </333333333, USHIJIMAAA, iwa, asahi
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bykii · 2 months ago
hq rewards vs. punishments
Tumblr media
rewards you for every time you cum
you let out a whine as another orgasm creeps up. his cock plunging into you, rubbing against your sensitive walls. he dips down pressing kisses into your nape, whispering words of praise as he fucks your sopping cunt. he's so proud of you, taking him so well despite being past your limit. "such a good baby," he praised. "i'll buy you anything you like for how many times you came, pretty."
─ bokuto, akaashi, sugawara, asahi, hinata, atsumu, suna, kenma, oikawa, hanamaki, ushijima
Tumblr media
punishes you for every time you cum
his cock ruts into you from behind, one hand wrapped around your neck and the other gripping your waist. loud curses and slurred words leave your mouth as he pounds into you. not being able to control your body, you whimper everytime he overstims you. he knows you're enjoying every minute of this, but he has to milk it somehow. "you know better than that," he scolds. "you better be counting how many times you came. i haven't told you you could cum, slut."
─ konoha, daichi, tsukishima, kageyama, osamu, sakusa, kuroo, iwaizumi, matsukawa, tendou
Tumblr media
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sunarc · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Boys who thrust their cock into your dripping hole, smirking at the way your legs shake. He holds your hips down to keep you in place while he fills you to the brim with his cum. His laughter fills the room as he watches you squirm. 
“Don’t run. I’m gonna fuck this cum back inside and I want you to scream my name and thank me while I do it”
Tumblr media
Atsumu. Osamu, Suna, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Hanamaki, Kuroo, Daichi, Sugawara, Tsukishima, Tendou, Ushijima, Sakusa, Gojo, Nanami, Toji, Getou, Sukuna
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prttyslut · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
cw: minors do not interact, nsfw, female bodied reader.
Tumblr media
boys who show you they love you through soft kisses trailing up your inner thigh, before pressing gentle kisses on your clit. spoiling you slowly because they know you’ve been stressed lately and they just want to help you relax. his fingers work in and out of your aching pussy slowly as his tongue circles your clit, his hips pushing against the mattress at how his cock throbs at the taste of you but he promised to take care of you first.
sugawara, oikawa, hinata, kuroo, sakusa, tendou, atsumu, asahi, akaashi
boys who fuck the stress out of you roughly, his fingers gripping tightly on your hips as his heavy thrusts grow deeper. the best way he knows to help you release the tension is to have you crying from his cock, and you were almost there. with every rock of his hips your pussy tightening around his throbbing cock, the waves of intense pleasure never leaving your body as he fucked you through yet another orgasm.
osamu, daichi, kageyama, iwaizumi, ukai, bokuto, ushijima, suna, kyoutani
Tumblr media
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sweetdreamlandstuff · 2 months ago
Haikyu men thinking of you while masturbating - Part 2
NSFW / Minors don't interact / female reader
Summary: This is the second part for timeskip Suna, Iwaizumi and Kuroo. Hope you like it and let me know what you think :)
Part 1 / Part 3
Rintarou Suna
He feels them on his body again; these eyes. They are fixed on him as he gets out of the swimming pool, he practically feels them burning on him. Suna turns his head into your direction and you stare right back at him, peeking over your book. Your eyes widen in surprise as you realize that you’ve just been caught staring. You quickly avert your gaze, moving your book to shield your face from his gaze. He tries to keep his expression blank, but he can’t help a small, cocky smile tugging at his lips at your cute reaction.
He makes his way to his chair, which is placed just a few meters away from yours. And if you were the one staring before, it’s now his turn. You continue reading, or maybe you’re just pretending to, he's not sure. Suna observes you, his green eyes hungry. This isn’t the first time he has ogled you since you were laying there. But this time, he is shameless.
His narrow eyes are trained on your face as he watches you nibble on your bottom lip, a slight frown painted on your face. Your lips look so plush and soft. His gaze drops lower, noticing the way a single droplet of water runs down your chest, along your exposed cleavage. He notices your beautiful tummy, your gorgeous waist, your pretty legs. Your body is wet and slippery. He wonders how soft your skin would feel against his palms, as his hands smooth over your curves.
And as Rinatrou watches you, warmth spreads through his body. He gazes at your delicate hands holding your book. He is curious as to what else they can do. How would they feel tangled in his hair, holding onto him as you would pull him closer? How would your lips feel on his, kissing him, tasting each other?
He wants to tease you by biting your bottom lip softly, just like you do now. Fuck, he can’t seem to get his eyes away from you. He’s full on staring, imagining things, vast lewd scenarios. Suna swallows hard, his mouth is getting dry.
Then you turn your head, catching his eyes. Suna is completely caught off guard. He sure as hell wasn’t prepared for locking eyes with you. Suddenly, he is painfully aware of his heart pounding against his chest, fast and hard. And then a small smile spreads across your face, your eyes glinting with amusement. Oh my god.
He isn’t capable of returning your smile, he just peers at you. You’re truly breathtaking. He keeps on staring right into your captivating eyes.
Fuck, why does he feel so hot all of a sudden? He was just cooling off in the water. After a few seconds, which feel like lifetimes for Rintarou, you turn your head back, concentrating on your book. And he does the same, staring ahead of him. But he doesn’t even perceive what is going on around him.
He just notices arousal cursing through his body, making it hard for him to concentrate on anything other than you. But he ignores you sternly. And then it dawns on him, that his usual cool exterior can’t be hold up anymore. Not when he feels blood rushing down to his cock.
Suna quickly gets up, taking long strides to the changing rooms. Fuck, this really can’t be happening right now. Well, now he isn’t that cocky anymore.
He quickly shuts the door of the changing room behind him. He leans against the door, letting out a deep breath. His eyes travel down his body. Yeah, that’s bad. His dick is now full on straining against his trunks. He rubs his hand over his face, pushing his wet hair back. He has to take care of that. Now. Luckily the room is empty, so it’s now or never.
Rintarou sighs as he tugs his trunks down. His cock springs free, right into his hand, urging to get a release. Some strands of his brown hair hang into his field of vision, as he watches his fist dragging up and down his shaft. He can already see pre-cum leaking from his slit. Did you bewitch him or something?
He drags his thumb over his slit, spreading his cum. He throws his head back, a quiet grunt falling from his lips. Suna imagines you being here with him. He sees your body next to him, wet and slippery as his hands would slide up your sides, grabbing your ass, your thighs, your breasts. Your wet hair framing your face beautifully, as your eyes look at him pleadingly.
These fucking eyes. What could he discover in them, when you have your lips wrapped around his fingers, your tongue dancing around his fingertips. His other fingers buried deep in your pussy, thrusting into you painfully slow. “Messy girl” he breathes, as he imagines your arousal dripping down his hand. Suna is so wrapped up in his fantasy, the thought of someone trying to enter the room doesn’t even cross his mind. The faint possibility of it only heightens his lust.
Rintarou visualizes sinking his thick dick into your soaking hole, fucking you against the door, your thighs wrapped around his waist. Such a filthy girl, having sex in a public changing room. He suppresses a groan falling from his parted mouth, as his pace increases. He imagines you sucking his fingers again, desperately trying to muffle your whimpers and moans from spilling.
He pumps faster into his swollen tip, his hips bucking, thrusting into his fist. After a few thrust his orgasm washes over him. He cums with a staggered groan, his cum shooting out of him as he imagines cumming deep inside of you, as you clench around him, milking him dry.
Suna still pants heavily as he snaps out of his daze. He comes back into the here and now, realizing what just happened. Fuck, this might be the fastest time he has ever managed to cum.
Hajime Iwaizumi
And there you are again; Tuesday evening, as usual. Iwaizumi would lie to himself if he said he didn’t wait for you. He actually picked up a habit; going to the gym when he guesses you will be there as well.
He has seen you a few times, always looking stunning. He tries his best not to stare; there are already enough men staring at you without him. But he can’t help himself, his eyes automatically searching for you.
Today, you’re wearing tight leggings and a skimpy sports bra. Shit; it will be hard for him to concentrate on his training.
Hajime tries to ignore you, continuing his training. He lifts his weighs, does his pull-ups and deadlifts. But between every of his sets his gaze flickers to you. He tries to look respectfully. But when you start doing squats, he doesn’t know if he still looks respectfully.
His eyes are fixed on your figure as you dip down. Your ass. He really has no words. Iwaizumi can’t help wondering how it would look bare, without the bothering excuse of pants.
He reaches for his water bottle, his eyes still fixed on your form. He gulps down water, some dripping down his chin, staining his shirt. He doesn’t even notice, his gaze now trailing over your features. It doesn’t matter how many times he looks at you; your eyes still take his breath away. They are bright and beautiful. And - oh my god - they stare right back at him. He meets your piercing gaze. Shit, when did you turn your head!?
He nearly chokes on his water. Iwaizumi feels his cheeks burning, his chest tightening. Fuck. He lowers the bottle from his lips in slow-motion. This is so embarrassing. Wait - are you laughing at him? Uhm… yes. You are.
You are … smiling at him? He feels his chest warming up. Your smile is so sweet. He tries his best to return it, but he isn’t sure if any of his face muscles obey his will. And then it’s over. You turn your head again and concentrate on your work-out. Iwaizumi gives his best to follow your example, but now he is all over the place. Shit. What did you do to him?
A frown is painted on his face for the rest of his workout. He doesn’t dare to look at you anymore. When he is finished, he heads straight to the changing room. And that is when his eyes catch you again. But this time you’re behind the large glass window, in one of the class rooms. Is this - You’re attending a yoga class? His eyes goes wide. This is new. And he likes it. No. He loves it.
Hajime stands on the edge of the window, your back turned to him. He is sure he is safely hidden from your sight. And it seems that you are totally wrapped up in your practice, that you wouldn’t notice anything. At least that is what he tells himself because his eyes can’t seem to leave your figure.
His gaze lingers on you, far, far too long. He drinks up every move of yours. How you bend and flow, your body twisting in every possible position. Wow. You’re quite flexible, Iwaizumi notes. This thought alone makes his mouth run dry. He knows it’s creepy, but the rational part of his brain has shut off since you flashed him your sweet smile. Your skin is painted with a sheen layer of sweat, making your skin glow.
With every passing minute the tension in his body rises, but Hajime can’t seem to get away. He feels heat traveling down to his cock, but instead of trying to leave he just stands there, glued to the spot, continuing to watch you. Only when he hears footsteps approaching behind him, he snaps out of it and gets going.
His hurried footsteps take him to the changing room. He can feel his erection straining against his trousers. He presses the heels of his palms against his eyes and curses silently to himself. Fuck. He isn’t a teenager anymore, why is he standing here with a raging erection? Why is this happening, now of all times? Luckily, the other men in the changing room don’t seem to notice.
Iwaizumi lets out a deep sigh. He has to do something about that. Now. He quickly moves towards the bathroom, closing the door of the bathroom stall behind him.
He tugs his pants and his boxer down in one pull. His cock springs free, throbbing to get his release. He lifts the hem of his shirt, biting down onto it, because he knows; he will have trouble to stay silent. Especially, when the images of you keep flooding his mind. He knows he can’t function, if he doesn’t spill them out of him. So he spits into his hand, gripping his thick dick tightly. He starts dragging his hand along the length of his cock, his half-lidded eyes fixed on his doing. But his mind is fixed on something else.
Hajime sees you, sticking up your ass, arching your back. Sweat dripping down your chest. He can’t help wondering how your beautiful ass would feel in his hand. Kneading it, spanking it, seeing waves ripple on it as he pounds into you from behind.
His other hand steadies him on the wall of the bathroom stall as he accelerate his pace, his biceps flexing. He imagines having his way with you in his bed; bending you into every form and position he pleases. The way your pussy would feel around him, as he would thrust into you. How you would pant and whimper when he fills you up.
His hand continues dragging along the length of his dick. His shirt luckily muffles the whimper escaping his mouth, when his thumb drags along his slit, feeling pre-cum slick against his finger.
Iwaizumi wonders how well you would take him, how tight your walls would wrap around him. How loud would you cry when he makes you cream around his cock? He can only imagine the sinful sounds falling from your lips, the lewd noise of your soaking pussy filling up his room.
The grip on his cock becomes stronger, his bicep flexes as he pumps faster. His other hand on the wall holds tighter, his head dipping low as his half-lidded eyes fixate on his fist.
He watches his hand stroking up and down his cock, concentrating on his sensitive tip. Iwaizumi imagines your ass in front of him, as he cums with a muffled groan. His hips jerk into his fist, as his hot cum shoots out of him, staining his hand and dripping down onto the floor as he pants heavily.
Oh how he wishes he could paint your ass with his spent instead. But what he longs even more for, is a private workout session. He’s sure he could make it worth your while.
Tetsurou Kuroo
“Shit” Kuroo mutters under his breath. A deep sigh slips from his lips as he drags his hand over his face. He looks at the time on his computer screen; it’s already a few minutes past midnight. And he still has so much work to do.
He would argue that this isn’t entirely his fault. Well, it is. But you’re also at fault. Because no matter how hard Tetsurou tries to concentrate, his mind always wanders back to you. This isn’t a new occurrence for him. But this time, he can’t seem to banish you from his mind. Because today, for the first time, he didn’t have to stare at you from afar, like he usually does. Today, after lusting over you since you started working with him, you were alone with him for a few minutes. Alone, right next to him in his office.
And when Tetsurou thinks about that moment, he is sure, he won’t be able to finish his work without getting these thoughts of you out of his head. He takes a deep breath, loosening his tie and tilting his head back against the chair. No. No, he really shouldn’t do this. A part of him knows it’s wrong, he shouldn’t think about a colleague in such a way.
Normally, Kuroo wouldn’t entertain such thoughts about a coworker. But it’s you. With you, oh with you, it’s different. For you, he would break any rule. He feels his blood run hot, lust cursing through his weary body. It’s already so late, his mind dull from working the whole day.
So he succumbs, his hand palming his already hardened dick through his pants. He hisses quietly and he swears, he can still smell your scent lingering in his office. Kuroo takes another deep breath and recalls earlier today.
The way you came into his office, your high heels clicking on the floor. Your beautiful long legs in your black tights. Fuck, this image alone could make him cum on the spot.
He knows it has no use trying to stop here. Not when he can practically still feel you being here in the room with him.
Kuroo opens his pants, pulling down his boxers, revealing his hard and throbbing dick. He takes his cock into his hand, stroking lazily up and down. He supposes the whole building is empty, so he doesn’t bother to suppress his low groan. His half-lidded eyes are trained on the spot where you stood earlier.
He sees you standing there again, in your tight skirt. The way you hunched over to show him something on his computer screen. He could appreciate your features from up close; your striking eyes looking at him questionably, if he understood everything. The way you moved a piece of hair over your shoulder.
His hand picks up the pace slightly, as his eyes drift shut. He could have taken you right then and there. His large hands grabbing you, pulling up your skirt, feeling on you. He could rip your tights apart, revealing your panties to him. Or maybe you’re wearing stockings underneath. At this thought alone, his impatient hand speeds up the pace; pumping hurriedly into his swollen tip.
Bending you over his desk, sinking into you, noticing how wet you are for him. And he knows - he just knows - that you like that; the possibility of people hearing you as he pounds into you.
And he just imagines the pretty sounds he could elicit your plush lips. Sweet moans and whimpers falling on his ears, as he does you so good, making you feel so satisfied. “Make some noise for me” Kuroo mutters, his hand squeezing harder around his throbbing cock, as more and more sinful pictures come into his mind.
Your ass jiggling with every thrust of his, your wrists wrapped in his tie, your back arched for him. His fist squeezes his cock tighter, his strokes getting faster.
And he just envisions how it’s not his hand but your pussy around him, spasming and fluttering around his pulsing length. A few deep groans fall from Kuroo’s parted lips as he feels his orgasm nearing. He focuses on his swollen tip until he cums hard with a low groan. His hips jerk shallowly, his thighs tensing, as his hot cum drips down his balls and onto his hand.
Oh, what he would give to see his cum dripping down your thighs instead, staining your stockings white.
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rinslutz · 2 months ago
worth a million bucks ༄ sugar daddy!suna
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you’re spoiled but of course that’s suna’s fault. it’s not like you ask him to buy you things. you just mention how much you love something and before you know it suna’s swiping his credit card.
because of him you owned more things than your tiny apartment could fit, so it was only right that suna moved you into his condo.
you’re not sure what you an suna are. he buys you things, you kiss, you fuck, he’s even said “i love you” once. it was during sex so you’re not sure if he meant it or not.
“baby girl?”
suna walks up behind you and places his hands softly on your waist. he rests his lips against your shoulder and hums softly.
“i want to take you shopping.”
his hands that rest on you waist start to inch up under your shirt. he softly rubs his his fingers against the skin of your hips. the cold metal of the rings that adorn his fingers give you goosebumps.
“wanna buy you something pretty.”
Tumblr media
walking through the mall hand in hand always made butterflies erupt in your stomach. maybe it was was sort of pride that you get from being next to someone who looks as expensive as suna. you always tell him that he looks “shiny” which always makes me him chuckle.
“this store right here.”
you point towards a shop with a mannequin in the window wearing a pretty pink lace set, one that you had your eye on for a while. suna watches as you stare at the mannequin. the look on your face is why not matter what he will always get you what you want. that sparkle in your eye is something that his wishes to see for the rest of his life.
once in the store your excitement takes over and you drag suna all over the store look for the pink set. once you find it you frantically look for your size. once you have it suna leans in close to you ear.
“can’t wait to have you bent over our kitchen counter wearing that.”
he meant to whisper it but it was louder than he expected. your eyes widen you smack your hands against his mouth.
“rin! quiet we’re in public,” you gasp.
he chuckles lowly and places a kiss against your temple.
“why don’t you go try it on baby girl?”
you look over towards the changing rooms and drag suna over to it. you go into a changing room and try to close the door behind you but suna stops the door with his hand. you look back at suna expectantly, thinking that he had something to say.
“im coming in with you.”
he has this look on his face as if it was obvious. he has never come into a changing room with you before though. you go to protest but he speaks up.
“baby it’s nothing i haven’t seen before, i’ve literally seen every inch of you.”
you pout playfully but ultimately let him come in before locking the door behind you. getting into the lace set was more difficult than you expected. instead of helping you suna laughs quietly to himself.
once you successfully get it on you triumphantly looks towards suna with a smile on your face. wordlessly suna stands up.
“fuck, you are so beautiful.”
and seconds later his lips are against yours. his hands grip your barely clothed ass and he give it it small squeeze. you moan into the kiss.
after a while he pulls away from the kiss and he instantly turns you towards the mirror that up again the change room wall. his hands travel from you hips up to your breasts. he plays with your nipples through the lacy bra, which elicits a moan from you. he instantly removes one hand from your breast and presses it against your mouth.
“quiet now baby girl, were in public remember,”
he places small kisses on your shoulder, while to continuing to tease your nipples. you start to feel wetness pool in the now ruined lingerie panties. he definitely has to buy it now.
one of his hands starts to play with the hem of the panties.
“want you to cum on my fingers but you have to promise not to make a sound.”
“i promise,” you blurt out.
suna smiles at your eagerness. and without another word he pushes his hand past the hem of your panties to your clit. your hand shoots up to cover your mouth as you almost let out a whimper. suna starts rubbing slow circles against your clit making you squeeze your thighs together.
“nope, open those pretty legs or i stop right now.”
you pout but do as your told. your hand remains against your mouth, quieting the whimpers that you cant control. once suna start speeding up your legs start to get wobbly. you remove your hand from your mouth.
“rin-oh please-i can’t-,”
you can’t get your words out. suna feigns a pout
“aww my pretty baby can barely speak. im only rubbing your clit, are you really that sensitive?” he teases.
he speeds up a little bit more and you can feel yourself getting closer and closer. at this point you’re not standing on you own, suna’s arm around your waist steadies you.
“i’m going to cum rin,” you whisper.
“go ahead and cum for me baby.”
suna places his lips against you temple. you grip on to the his arm that’s hold you up and you finally let go of all the built up tension in your core. you squirt a tiny bit which surprises you and suna but makes him smile.
your legs are shaking as he tries to steady you up on your feet. you continue to hold onto his arm to keep from falling.
he places a kiss to your forehead and begins to help you undress so that you can get back into your regular clothes.
“let’s get you cleaned up, don’t want anyone to know what we did in here.”
“rin, the lingerie is soaked.”
Tumblr media
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iwaizumis-bitch · 3 months ago
im just....thinking abt big scary intimidating men who've been dubbed 'the mean one' in his friend group, who entirely flip the switch in bed. burying their face into your neck as they mumble sweet praises, placing kisses on your nose and forehead as he slowly pushes himself into you. men who's hands' are calloused from always slamming a volleyball lay gently on your waist, rubbing small circles onto your hip with his thumb, gently moving them up to grasp at your tits. men who's dark eyes lighten up softly as they rub at your clit, not even daring to cum until he feels you squeeze around him, cooing at how pretty you sound and look as you cum. men who will nod along to you as you babble sweet nonsenses. he shushes you, letting you ride out your orgasm as he wonders how lucky he was to have you in his arms.
suna, tsukishima, kyoutani, shirabu, futakuchi, keishin, kiyoomi
property of iwaizumis-bitch 2022
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titsuya · 8 months ago
I'm very horny and you have a knack for finding the best stuff... Do you have any cool visuals? <3
Tumblr media
all my hq bfs w/ f!reader
warning: twt p*rn. minors dni. 18+.
a/n: ive been waiting for this ask my entire life
navigation (18+)
Tumblr media
» haji loves that skirt, but he also loves fucking your cute cunt and filling you up with his cum. <3
» frat boy haji gets takes you to his car because all the bedrooms are full and takes you for a ride. <33
» big, buff daddy dilf haji who loves your tight cunt so much it nearly makes him cry. <3333333 and he likes it rough ;)
» hajime just LOVES when you compliment his hands. <333333333
» the only way to make rintarō smile is to wake him up by riding his dick like a good girl. <3
» me you and rintarō on y’all’s day off <3, he’s so vocal cause “you feel so fuckin’ good,” <3333
» rintarō loves creampies & cumming in your mouth… but he loves that you’re a “slut for daddy” and that you’ll let him paint your face <3333 (2 bonus visuals for my daddy)
» fuck fuck fuck he loves your tits so fucking much, squeezes and sucks the life out of them <3333333333333333
# SAKUSA KIYOOMI (tw… squirting… a lot of it)
» kiyoomi loves eating you out and making a mess out of his good little slut <3
» also loves fucking you so hard that you squirt on his cock </3 calls you a nasty little slut even though it makes him cum so hard
» brat tamer kiyo <///3 fucks you stupid, slaps your face, makes you squirt, but you love it so much
» worshipping kiyoomi’s pretty body <333
» keiji is so vocal with his heavy pants and higher pitched moans and it makes you feel so good
» 🥺 being keiji’s pretty lil puppy and you were so good while he was gone at work, so he gives you a little reward <3
» keiji’s finger work so well… he knows how to hit that spot, how to make you gush
» loves fucking you to frank ocean. even when you’re all cuffed up <3
» sometimes, kou loves watching his little crybaby grind all over his cock <3
» and sometimes, he just can’t hold himself back so he fucks up into you :))
» daddy likes double stuffing your pussy with cum, especially when you beg for him to put a baby inside you <3333
» 69-ing is kou’s favorite. you guys both feel good and that makes him soo happy.
» waking up his little bimbo princess with his cock ! tw somno
» daddy likes to see his cum on your pretty pussy before pushing it into you %^**>>{^^
» tsumu likes pressing your face into the mattress as he fucks you and makes you squirt
» knows how much you like being filled up so he fucks both your holes at the SAME time ! (tw anal)
» samu gets so hard when he see’s you doing anything remotely domestic
» loves holding you close and kissing you while his cock is stuffed deep in you
» breeding kink!!!!!!
» king of eating and making a mess of your pussy
» such a good daddy </3 blindfolds you with his work tie and worships your body all night
» he’s also a rough daddy <3 likes to choke you a ton
» he can be really mean nd tease you to make you think you’re getting his cock <///3
» “shhh, can’t be too loud, kitten, we’re in public, you know that.”
» rin thinks you’ve been so mouthy with him lately so he decides to have him and his friends shut you up (psst, atsumu on the left, suna in the middle, samu on the right)
» misbehaving and embarrassing rin in front of his friends? now he’s gonna embarrass you :)
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torubeth · 3 months ago
Things you do which makes him go crazy
ft. Iwaizumi Hajime, Suna Rintarou, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Kuroo Tetsurou, Bokuto Koutarou, Matsukawa Issei (all characters aged up!)
Iwaizumi Hajime dragging your fingernails slowly against his skin, or under his shirt makes him go feral. How you whisper such vulgar words so that it’s heard by only him, how your hair slightly brushes against his face, how your sweet scent skims his nose. He tries his hardest to control whatever he’s feeling, to not fall prey to your teasing but fails. And that failure always ends up with him slamming into you.
Suna Rintarou something about you sitting on his lap breaks his whole stoic demeanor. The way your thighs are perfectly seated on his, right above his crotch, feeling your wetness seep through, makes him loose his cool. Oh and the way you slowly start grinding on him, and the only words ever leaving your mouth being ‘please Rin’ and ‘need you’ has him crumbling right under you.
Sakusa Kiyoomi he has a sensitive neck and you know it. That’s why every time you kiss his neck, he looses his mind. The way you get outta breadth, the way you hold his collar or hair for a much better grip, the way your thighs press against him ; has his fingers automatically find your clothed clit and rub slow circles onto it. Hearing your sighs and moans in between is a huge bonus for him.
Kuroo Tetsurou pull his hair. Just do it. Cause god will this man be on his knees if you do that. He’s got that thick raven hair for a reason. Every time, even if it’s just a make out session, if and when you tug at his hair, he goes mad crazy. And as you do that, his lips travel all the way down your body and to between your thighs. He swears he could drown there for the rest of his life.
Bokuto Koutaro needy and sloppy kisses make him weak in the knees. Your lips are intoxicating, and it’s like a drug ; you’re like a drug he’s addicted to. And that addiction will continue forever. Your kisses tend to make him float above cloud nine. And he’s not one to hesitate in showing off all the love bites and marks you gave him to his teammates.
Matsukawa Issei the way your thighs clench around his neck and keep him in place when he’s eating you out. He loves your thighs, he just does, don’t argue (cause you’ve got beautiful thighs). They suffocate him in a way that has him coming undone. And once he’s finished with eating you out, he takes a moment to adore your thighs even more as it is now covered in nothing but red and purple marks. ‘Sexy’ he thinks.
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missycherries · 4 months ago
Haikyuu boys who got the "cold" hands, and you know what they do to warm them?? They sneak their hands under their your hoodie and cup your soft and warm boobs because that's the best source of warmth that makes them groan out of the immense pleasure that courses through their palms. But they don't fail to notice how your nipples perk up and swell under his actions and the little gasps that leave your pretty lips which are music to his ears but he needs to hear you more, for you to BEG more. So he subtly leaves with his warmed up hands and spares you a side glance over his shoulders with a slight peak of his upturned lips that barely lie between a smile and a smirk. But he knows that he's got you, you need him more as well and you would come to him right?
SUNA (I was literally thinking of him haha), Oikawa, MATSUKAWA, Semi, TENDOU, OSAMUUU, Sugawara, KENMA, Tsukishima, KUROO, Akaashi (he'll be a gentleman but loves to see you crawl towards him 🥺), Konoha, FUTAKUCHI.
Tumblr media
<Minors and ageless blogs DNI>
a/n : is this my indirect way of saying which hq men are a sucker for your tits (like literally) ? Probably yes, who knows?!
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moontsuki · a month ago
Minors Dni
Tumblr media
He's mean. Holding your shaking legs down as he thrusts into you. Rutting his hips in and out of your used pussy and quickening his pace as you whine for your sweet release. Loud curses and grunts leaving his mouth. He grips your waist and hips to get a better grip on you as he relentlessly pounds into you. "l-let me cum, I'm so c-close!" When he's sure that you are at the edge, he stops his movements. Letting the tears in your eyes fall as he kisses them away. Slapping at your pussy saying "I didn't say you could cum. Be a good girl and maybe ill be nice."
Tumblr media
TSUKISHIMA, oikawa, ATSUMU, osamu, Sakusa, iwaizumi, suna, KUROO
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Tumblr media
#genre: Smuttt
#includes: Multiple boys
#warnings: breeding, creampie, degradation, praise, daddy kink, mommy used, organism denial, dacryphilia, spanking, slight marking, afab reader.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Loves pushing your legs up to your chest, so he has a clear view of his dick splitting your pussy. There’s a creamy white ring surrounding the base of his dick indicating you’ve already cum multiple times and he’s already shot a few loads into you. He loves the feeling of pushing his cum back inside of you and hearing you whine about how full you feel but he just wants to make sure it sticks because his pretty baby deserves that. You’re clawing at his chest telling him you can’t take it anymore so with a few more sloppy thrusts he buries himself deep inside of you and releases his third, no fourth load. He lays his forehead against yours and lowly whispers “fuck baby, you done so well” “Mmh feel so full, I don’t think I have room for anymore” “shh shh I know baby i know, just want to make you a mommy”. He slowly pulls out and watches as his cum dribbles out of your pulsing hole and makes its way down the crack of your ass. With careful deliberate movements he rubs his cum into your pussy and pushes two of his thick digits back into your hole to plug you up, “can’t have you wasting anymore baby or else I’ll have to fill you up again”
Osamu, Ushijima, Daichi, Iwaizumi, Aone, Asahi, Ukai, Yaku, Matsukawa, Bokuto, Washio, Reon, Miein, Daishō, Atsumu, Akashi, Lev, kuroo, Kita.
Something about the way you breathily whine out the word daddy makes him go feral. It makes him feel as if he’s in charge of looking after his pretty baby in and out of the bedroom. Face down into the mattress with your eyes rolled back and tongue lolled out while he hammers into you from behind while you scream his name as if it’s a prayer “daddy daddy fuck!” “That’s right baby, daddy’s right here. Does that feel good? You like it when daddy fucks this pretty pussy?” “Mmh yess! Don’t stop please” and you know it was stupid to tell him that because there’s no way that he’s able to physically stop with how tightly you’re clenching around him. Every time he pulls out your pussy grips him and tries to suck his cock back in “Look at your greedy fucking pussy, won’t even let me pull out” “fuck, it’s just for you daddy, all for you”. And he knows that because you don’t think any other man can make you cum like he does, and no one will ever be able to take your daddy’s spot.
Daichi, Ushijima, Sakusa, Aone, Nishinoya, Tanaka, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Yamamoto, Hanamaki, Iwaizumi, kyōtani, Konoha, Bokuto, Hinata, Semi, Goshiki, Tendō, Terushima, Akashi, Sugawara, Suna
Tumblr media
A sick thrill runs through him as you wither and squirm on the bed, begging him to go faster, harder, add more fingers, use his tongue but he just ends up doing the opposite of what you’ve begged him to do. You can’t count how many times you’ve been on the brink of cumming and he’s pulled you away from it countless times and it’s so frustrating you could pull your hair out. “Fuck, please baby! Please, I can’t do it anymore, just make me cum” “Aww but I’m having so much fun” he mockingly pouts. He knows it’s cruel to keep toying with you like this, but he can’t help it, knowing that he’s the only one that can push you over the edge surges him with power he shouldn’t have. He loves seeing you at his mercy, pleading with him to just let you taste the sweet nectar of release and him bringing you so close before pulling away. He leans in close to your face and kisses your wet cheeks before licking the salty drops that remain, looking into your red eyes he whispers, “how badly do you want it?” “So bad baby, I’ll do anything”. A slow smirk makes its way across his face, and he raises one eyebrow in interest, “anything?” He hums. You hurriedly shake your head “yes yes” as you buck up into him. He pulls away and situates himself against the headboard and pats his thigh “well if you want to cum tonight you’ll have to do it yourself pretty baby but down worry I’ll enjoy watching you ride my thigh”
Atsumu, yamaguchi, Sugawara, Daichi, Sakusa, Tendo, Ukai, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Komori, Tsukishima, Terushima, Shirabu, Semi, Osamu, Suna, Konoha, Matsukawa, Hanamaki, Kenma, Ennoshita
Tumblr media
The feeling of his hand coming into contact with the supple flesh of your ass and the gasp you let out has him twitching in his shorts. It’s his go to punishment whatever the case may be. He has you sprawled across his lap, skirt pushed up and ass on display. He makes sure he doesn’t stop until your ass is bright red, and you can see outline of his hand, a permanent reminder that you’re his. Loves making you count how many spanks he’s given you because he enjoys watching you struggle to get the words out through whines and tears. But he doesn’t do this just for his enjoyment, he does it for you. Because even though you may whine and complain about how it stings and that you won’t be able to sit tomorrow, he can see the arousal pooling in your panties and leaking onto your thighs. With one hand he’ll massage the globes of your ass and with the other run his fingers through your slit, catching your clit, “I thought you weren’t enjoying this baby but it looks like you’re a slut after all. Enjoying the punishment I give you like a true whore but don’t worry it’ll be our little secret” “Mmh , I’m not a slut! I promise it does hurt it’s jus-” “shhh no excuses, you’re dripping onto my legs and making a mess, so if you want a reward then you’ll sit there quietly and take it like a good girl” “….yes sir”
Sugawara, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Takeda, Kenma, Yaku, Oikawa, Kyōtani, Kindaichi, Fukiage, Sakusa, Kamasaki, Daisho, Washio, Konoha, Semi, Tendo, Hyakuzawa, Hiroo, yamaguchi, Kita, Suna, Aran.
Tumblr media
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kshira · 2 months ago
𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐱 𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐞𝐬
+ oikawa, kenma, sakusa, suna, atsumu, kita, bokuto, hinata
tw. fem!reader, cursing, praise, virginity loss(just once) m!&f!masturbation, f!oral, creampie, dirty talk, soft dom w/ sub reader
an. hiya i’m back and i present this <3
Tumblr media
+ “i think i love you more than fucking you”
sometimes things just happen—oikawa believes it’s just coincidence that he’d found someone to share his lifestyle with so perfectly. whenever he wanted to fuck, you were there—anything besides the circumstance just really didn’t phase him and at the end of the day, oikawa believed it was a casual relationship but he started to love more than fucking you in every room of his house, eating you out as you both struggled to watch a tv show or even when you wanted to blow him as he drove down a busy highway. oikawa started to live his life around you, he grew butterflies in his stomach when you were on your way to his house and even began blushing when you made a flirty remark—oikawa was falling into something he didn’t think he could get out of. “fuck toru, right there” your nails scrape against his back, feet locked on his muscled hips and god—your lips struggled to keep themselves on his own, oikawa pounded harder into you, searching for that spot that always had you cumming in seconds but as he pulled away to cup your cheeks, he knew he couldn’t do it, he had to say something. a nervous laugh vibrates through his chest and as you lock eyes, oikawa just simply smiles back, “i think i love you more than fucking you.”
oikawa regrets what he said but you didn’t seem to mind—maybe you didn’t hear him clearly, you obviously were still wanting more of him as you chanted his name like sweet honey melting your voice. he just assumed the words were left among the air and it’d stay like that, cradling the back of your head as he drove his cock harder inside you, pressing his lips into the crevice of your neck and whimpering when your walls clench harder around him. “i love you too toru” you whisper, combing your fingers through his brown locks, oikawa immediately shivers, straining his grip on your head and a blush staining his cheeks. “i love you so much, princess” oikawa replies, knowing he’s already about to cum and with your orgasm washing through you he just wishes this could last a little bit longer. but oikawa has time, feeling his seed leak from your hole when he finally cums, gasping out at how good it fucking feels. and oikawa regrets he didn’t tell you sooner, because fucking you feels great but fucking someone you love feels like his heart is burning and lips searching for you, never content unless you’re with him.
Tumblr media
+ “take my virginity”
kenma practically chokes on still air as you ask the question, strands falling from his messy bun as he pounds his fist against his chest, “you want me to take your virginity?” kenma repeats the question, using his lithe fingers to card through his hair as you nod slowly. “is that what you want?” your fingers feel kenma’s hand gently interlock with your own, gulping nervously before inhaling a sharp breath, “yes, i trust you.” his eyes widen, a small smile creeping through his lips, “i trust you too angel, i’ll try to make everything perfect.”
a bellowed whimper escapes your lips as kenma shifts between your legs, he leans up to wipe your juices from his chin. “are you ready or do you want me to make you cum again?” you feel the cockiness filter his words, chest heaving from the waves of pleasure kenma brought on his tongue. “come here” your arms open wide, watching the blonde crawl over you crashing his lips into your mouth, “see why i keep making you cum baby? you taste so good” kenma groans, hovering his cock at your slit, fisting the length while your legs wrap around his waist. “keep looking at me princess” kenma coos, cupping your cheek as he finally plunges his cock inside you, the burn singes through your body, wincing as kenma slowly pushes past the tight ring around his cock. he rocks his hips against you, bringing the other hand to hold your face within his grasps, nose rubbing along one another at the steady pumps inside you. “almost there, a-almost there” kenma whines, watching as his eyes hazily closing from how fucking tight you are, the juices of your pussy slathering his thighs. the pain finally subsides as kenma keeps his lips attached to your mouth, reeling his hips back to snap them right back into your tight hole. “so perfect” kenma whispers, sliding his thumb to place between your lips, “you’re so perfect angel, so fucking perfect for me.”
Tumblr media
+ “stop asking, i’ll just show you”
“why are you asking me so many questions?” sakusa raises his eyes, onyx orbs glaring at you from his spot on the couch beside you. you shift uncomfortably in his gaze, placing your arms over your chest in defense, “i’m just curious” you murmur as sakusa begins inching closer to you until his face is inches away from your own. “is it because you want to know what it’s like to fuck me, princess?” sakusa brings his hand up to brush strands of hair behind your ear, leaning down to press his lips against yours, “stop asking so many questions, pretty” sakusa murmurs through your mouth, gently pushing you down on the couch as he crawls over you—sakusa lays his hand flat on your stomach, slowly guiding his fingers to the hem of your shorts. “i’ll just show you” his hot breath fans over your lips, gasping as you feel his rough pads dip between your folds, “you’re so sensitive, this won’t take long.”
sakusa strips off the final piece of his clothing and you really could cum right on the spot—body sculpted like a god, chiseled like priceless marble, skin glimmering under the dim lights and dark curls bouncing through his fingers as he cards through them, “like what you see?” sakusa smirks, bending down to stifle your answer with his lips as his cock finally plunges into your hole. “i kept playing with this messy pussy but you’re still so fucking tight” sakusa groans under his breath, teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he struggles to push past your walls sucking him in. your fingers wrap around his curls tugging him on your warm mouth while sakusa grips the back of your knees spreading your legs wider. sakusa pounds into your pussy with vigor, snapping his hips to drive his cock harder inside you. and you think he’s fucking you to impress, paying close attention to your puffy clit rolling between his fingers but as you watch him easily pull your orgasm to the surface—this is just how he fucks, uses your body for whatever he wants but places your pleasure above his own. lips memorizing your skin, tongue exploring every inch of flesh and fingers tracing along the shreds of sweat dripping off your body—sakusa leaves soft words fluttering from his lips making your cheeks burn from his absent affection and finally when your eyes meet—he softens, placing a gentle kiss against your lips. “can i make a mess inside this perfect pussy? dump all my cum inside you till i know you’ll always be mine?” sakusa cups your cheek, watching your lips tremble with eyes half clouded and he can’t even control the way his cock twitches with every beautiful feature crossed along your face—almost like it’s second nature with another stroke before he cums deep inside your hole. sakusa was just showing you all the answers you kept asking but now he’s left with questions of his own like why his stomach burns for more and chest aching if he even thinks about going without your touch.
Tumblr media
+ “i keep dreaming about fucking you”
it’s the same realm of questionable intentions every single night, suna wakes up saturated with sweat, head dizzy from the dreams riddling his mind and his cock is so strained against his briefs that it’s almost unbearable. maybe it started when he noticed you from afar at a small shop he frequented or the couple of dates he’d been on with you—or maybe, just maybe, it was when you were with him the other day and your hand just so happen to slide across his thigh and suna thought he’d combust right on the spot. he’d had enough of dreaming about sinking his fat cock inside you, waking up with his chest heaving and practically cumming untouched to the filth covered thoughts. it was time—suna finally grows some courage as he is awoken again with his cock throbbing for release, he has to call you, he has to have you.
“i keep dreaming about fucking you” suna pants, propped against your door with his foot is wedged at the space from the frame so his abrupt crashing into your house doesn’t startle you too much—but he really hasn’t thought this through fully, running off of that heat pooling in his gut and you. just how much he wants you—any shape or form that you would give him, suna is willing—he’s that desperate for just a slither of your cunt. “fuck me then rintaro” suna desperately struggles to make eye contact with you, shifting his lips to curl a cocky smile, he leans down to line his vision with yours, “yeah? you know in that dream, you kept begging me to make you cum—think you can make my dreams come true?” and suna thinks—absolutely believes he’s died the single moment his cock becomes buried in your pussy, larger palms cupping under your knees as he presses them to your chest. the sight before him is so beyond words ever explained, reaching a divine high as he watches you being split open by him. suna truly thinks heaven is his resting place when it feels this fucking good, walls milking him dry as suna reels his hips back to feel your juices spill from your hole before he is slamming right back inside you. “god, you’re so fucking wet princess” suna rasps, leaning his heavy form down on your body while his hands cradle the back of your head, he places a sloppy kiss against your lips, “i’m going to cum so fucking deep in this pussy” he mumbles picking up the pace as he feels your cunt clench in response. “make it mine, make you mine” suna leaves his mouth agape as the rush of his seed paints your walls, a silent moan escapes his lips and suna secretly loves those wet dreams he’s been having—maybe it’s time he makes all of them a reality.
Tumblr media
+ “don’t stop touching me, please”
atsumu was tapping his fingers along the steering wheel to an obnoxious tune playing through the radio, humming steadily to a beat as he drove you and him back from a date night. his sleeves were pushed up to his elbows—revealing those toned muscles adorned on his arms, hair pushed back with just a few strands curtained on his face and a seldom smile on his lips. atsumu looked so good without even trying and you felt so filthy for a heat vibrating in your stomach gawking at him. “whatcha ya lookin’ at angel?” atsumu drags his eyes from the road, traveling them across your face down to your thighs rubbing together. a smirk toys along the corners of his mouth, “my girls needy, bet you’re so fucking wet right now.” atsumu feels your weight shift in the car, his face being peppered in wet kisses as your hand palms at his crotch. atsumu knuckles turn white as your fingers roll over his growing bulge. “m’gettin’ hard princess” atsumu grits his teeth, the car struggling to maintain the lane atsumu begins drifting so you pull back—but he’s deranged, lust drips from his eyes as he darts them back to you, grabbing your hand and shoving it back on his throbbing clothed cock. “keep touching me like that” atsumu groans—knowing he has to have you now.
“fuck princess just like that” atsumu groans, digging his nails into your hips as he bounces you on his cock, the angle bumping right up against that spongy spot—eyes crossing when he leans you back on the steering wheel to swip his thumb over your clit. “ride this fuckin’ cock angel, a-all yours” atsumu flips your shirt up to toy with your tits, bucking his hips up to meet your shallow strokes down on his cock. there could be cars passing by—headlights cascading down on your two bodies melting together while atsumu pounds harder in your soaking cunt but you have no shame, you do not care when he fucks you like his life depends on it. “baby stop clenchin’ i won’t last long if you keep making yer pussy so fucking tight” atsumu drops his forehead against your shoulder, mercifully rubbing harsher on your clit until an orgasm bubbles to the surface, his deep audible groans panting in your ear only aids you to fall over the edge, crying out while you cream his cock—atsumu shivers feeling his cum reach deep inside you. “all for you” he sighs, wrapping his arms around you as he gains some breathing room and who would think atsumu always seems to make you want to indulge in your most filthiest desires including him fucking you on the side of the road.
Tumblr media
+ “is this just sex?”
it seems shinsuke kita is oblivious to a lot of things but there’s on thing he is very keen on—fucking you. at this point you’re waiting by your phone, one quick message and you’re crawling into his bed, clothes pulled on the floor and bodies entangled—spoken like a mantra, his name falls from your lips so graciously. yet, that’s the summary of your relationship with kita—nothing more and nothing less, he seems to be content with the arrangement and you were until his fingers were interlocked with your own, kissing away frustrated tears as you creamed around his cock and the overload of affection he blessed your body with after everything was said and done. kita was someone that you craved—a being you wanted for yourself but asking the question became insufferable as he showed zero interest in anything other than fucking you. maybe that’s why anger clouded your judgment tonight as he pounded your pussy for all it was worth, strands of his hair brushed on your cheeks while kita nestled his face further into your neck, he stops as you mumble out the words almost like he’s terrified as the phrase slips from your lips, “is this just sex?”
“does it feel just like sex?” kita mumbles out, pulling his face from the crevice of your neck to linger his brown orbs down on you. he shifts from his position to drape one of your legs over his shoulder, bringing his hand down to circle your clit. “does it feel like i’m just fucking you when i want you to cum first?” kita averts his gaze to his cock slowly sliding through your folds, calloused pads circling your bundle of nerves while he rolls his hips to angle his length to bump right against your sweet spot. you can’t fathom a sentence by the way kita is fucking you, slowly bringing your orgasm to the surface while he continues pumping his throbbing cock into your clenching walls. “you’re more to me than just sex—a lot fucking more, angel” kita grunts, struggling to keep a rhythm as he watches your body wither beneath him. you fall so easily to his cock, the way he fucks you through your orgasm just to watch you fall apart all over again. you succumb to his spell—whatever it might be, kita has that effect on you, juices gushing around his cock and a sheen liquid spraying amongst his lower gut. he swallows a thick lump at how messy you are for him, he’s completely in love with every single feature adorned across your form and he craves just another look of your face when he’s pushing his cum deeper inside you—kita bends down to press a kiss on your forehead, slowly smiling when you can’t say anything back but a throaty moan, “does that answer your question? or should i just say that i want you for as long as you’ll let me have you, my pretty girl.”
Tumblr media
+ “i can’t stop thinking about you”
another week without you and bokuto thinks he’s going absolutely insane besides how much comfort he gets with your body sleeping beside his—it’s the feeling of your fingers tracing his skin, how you pay close attention slowly wrapping your lips around his cock, digits cupping his sensitive balls while all he can possibly do is throw his head back begging and moaning for more. with his phone on standby bokuto grabs it, quickly dialing your number, he hears how much croak enables your voice in the second ring. “hey pretty girl” bokuto shifts in the hotel bed, grimacing how the sheets are stiff and his left side is so cold, “hey kōtarō, it’s late you need to be asleep.” bokuto rolls his sweats down to his thighs, listening to his thick cock smack against his stomach echoing through the room. “j-just need you so bad princess” bokuto whimpers, blowing through any introduction as he notices how angry his cock looks twitching against his stomach, “i can’t stop thinking about you.”
bokuto usually takes his time working his orgasm to the surface but when his own hand is doing it—it’s completely a different story, “i hear how wet you are for me baby, just imagine i’m there—how much you need my cock.” bokuto can hear lewd noises drifting through his ear, soft throaty moans while he props the phone on his shoulder as the other fists his cock faster and faster till his thighs begin to tremble. bokuto screws his eyes shut, painting a pretty picture of you above him, bouncing on his cock while he slaps the fat of your ass, tits perfectly pouncing to every thrusts he pounds harder in your cunt. he loves how much your body begins to dissolve before him, he hates that his cum won’t be in your weeping hole, grunting and panting when he’s so fucking close now. “i’m about to cum, fuck i’m so fucking close angel” bokuto groans out listening to you hitting your peak, fast—shrill whimpers linger through his eardrum as he feels hot liquid splatter his stomach. silence seems to cast among your voices, bokuto sighs uneasy once his eyes finally crack open, it’s not enough—truly not enough. “video call now, i have to see you pretty baby, i have to see what’s mine” bokuto whines in the phone and you cannot possibly say no to him when his begging is just so cute.
Tumblr media
+ “nobody has ever made me cum”
“she’s totally exaggerating” you huff, watching a sex scene appear on the screen while you’re neslted under hinata’s arm, he softly chuckles, the vibrations of his chest stir your limbs, “yeah but when you cum really hard it can sound like that, babe.” though you haven’t had sex with your new boyfriend yet, the topic of discussion has come up a few times but never to the missing detail you seem to always forget to tell him. “oh, yeah totally” you avoid his lingering stare, providing your attention back on the show. hinata squints his eyes back at you before a playful smile tugs at his lips, “can i ask you a question?” you want to sink into the couch, you already know what he’s going to ask so before he can feed into his own curiosity—“nobody has ever made me cum, i know that’s what you’re wondering.” hinata hums back in reply and you silently watch the rest of your show but honestly—you wish he’d have a better reaction than that.
“shoyo—y-you don’t have to do this” your voice strangles in your throat as hinata leaves wet open mouth kisses on the insides of your thighs. “why would i not want to make you cum?” he smiles so sweetly and the insanity of thinking hinata really would just leave you another day without feeling what it’s like to cum—hard, he truly wants to make you sound just like on the tv shows you watch together. “b-but like this?” you squeak, chest heaving as hinata gently flattens his tongue to slide down your slit, “just relax angel, i want to make you feel good like you deserve.” he groans when you fist his hair in your grasps, jerking him harder on your heat as hinata begins running circles on your puffy clit with the tip of his tongue. his nails indent into the plush of your thighs as he laps and sucks the spillage of your juices from his ministrations. you’re already about to lose your mind, back arching off the bed while hinata flicks his warm muscle on your bundle of nerves, smirking against your pussy when you begin reaching a higher choked moan. “that’s right baby, cum on my tongue” hinata muffles through your cunt, bringing two fingers up to plunge into your tight hole, pumping the digits vigorously as he feels your orgasm quickly approaching. “sho—i think i’m gonna cum” your hips buck into his face, hinata hums into your cunt—the vibrations sending you straight over the edge, “no princess, you’re going to cum” he watches as you gush on his fingers, tits bouncing with the sharp breathes exhaling from your lungs as the orgasm hits you hard—enough to break the sound barrier with your moans alone. “if you sound like that i can’t fucking wait to hear you cum on my cock, pretty girl” hinata groans, crawling over you with a taunting grin sewed on his cheeks.
Tumblr media
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qu4ckk · 24 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ character(s) ; tokyo rev, haikyuu men + demon slayer men [timeskip/of age]
+ cw/tw ; nsfw(18+). fem reader. overstimulation. sex toys (vibrator). petnames. dirty talk. squirting. degrading. rough sex. bondage. male masturbation.
© all rights reserved to qu4ckk. reposting, plagiarizing, modifying, and translating is NOT allowed.
Tumblr media
your bruised hips stutter and jump at the vibrations continuing to abuse your sensitive clit. a string of choked moans and whines fell from your lips, “i-i just came! please slow down!” you could feel his lips curl into a smirk against the crook of your neck, one arm keeping you still against his chest and the other overstimulating you with a vibrator. “aw sweetheart, did you really think you could get off that easily?” he cooed, words sickly sweet. “after all that teasing you did?” he pushed the toy harder against your poor clit. you gasp and attempt to wiggle your hips away but to no avail, the grip on your hips not allowing you to move much. you helplessly moaned as your second orgasm of the night was ripped out of you. “m sorry, please i’ll be a good girl.” your pleas were met on deaf ears though. he detached the toy from your clit before plunging it into your sopping, neglected hole. “sorry won’t cut it, babe. this is what you wanted right? for me to make a mess of you?” his questions were met with whimpers and unintelligible murmurs, he didn’t expect much of a coherent response anyways. “i’m gonna make you come as many times as i want you to. n you’re going to take it, kay?” you’d be lying if you said this wasn’t turning you on. you were wet, no soaked. your arousal covered the inside of your thighs and the toy that was moving in and out of you at a fast pace. you bit your lip and arched your back off you lovers chest, feeling the coil that was building up in your stomach snap. the movement of his hand momentarily ceased and he pulled the toy away as your juices squirted all over him and the sheets beneath the both of you. you squealed when he thrusted the vibrator back into your sensitive cunt. you knew this was far from over. 
ran, shinichiro, mitsuya, inui, kazutora | atsumu, matsukawa, akaashi, bokuto, oikawa, meian, aran | rengoku, uzui, doma
“don’t you dare fucking cum.” he spat harshly, tilting his head to glare up at you from his spot between your shaking thighs, knuckles deep into your cunt. you averted your eyes from his piercing gaze. he huffed annoyed before reaching his hand to grip your jaw, squishing your cheeks together, forcing you to meet his intimidating stare. “keep your eyes on me. watch how i fuck your slutty cunt.” you moaned loudly when he slipped a second digit into your core, his rough fingers reaching deep inside you. “be quiet.” he growled, releasing his grip on your face only to shove two fingers into your mouth, making you gag around them. you clenched tightly around him as you were nearing your climax. his fingers immediately pulled out your hole, denying the release you so desperately craved. “maybe if ya didn’t act like a brat, i would’ve let you cum.” tears pooled up in your lash line at how cruel he was being. he was being much rougher today, edging you to tears. his kisses were more bruising, a stinging sensation left from the places he touched you. but you’d be lying if you said if this wasn’t turning you on. the way his face turned into a scowl, the degrading words that dripped with venom. part of this made you want to act out more, just so he could fuck you back into your place. 
nahoya, rindou, sanzu, wakasa | osamu, sakusa, tsukishima, akinori, daichi, semi, hajime, kageyama | sanemi, uzui, akaza, obanai, muzan
you struggle against the rope that bind you to the headboard, desperately wanting to touch your lover, who was making a mess of himself in front of you. his hand slowly worked his way up and down his cock, groaning loudly just to tease you. he knew the effect he had on you. the needy moans that accompanied every stroke only made the heat between your thighs grow hotter, he was just so pretty. the vibrator strapped onto your clothed cunt had little to no effect with easing the sensation. you couldn’t stand it, you wanted to help him reach his high. wanted to take his cock leaking with precum into your mouth. but you couldn’t do that, this was your punishment after all. his eyes trailed down to your clothed heat, biting his lip at the sight of your soaked panties. he wanted to touch you, too, but decided on teasing you a little longer. “look at how wet you are, babe. do you like watching me get off, hm? want me to touch you, yeah?” you nodded eagerly and begged him in hopes he would give in, but he only snickered teasingly at you and mocked the pleas you made. “wanna touch me huh? you should’ve thought about that before, fuck, touching yourself without permission.”
mikey, hakkai, hanma, kakucho | suna, hanamaki, kenma, kuroo, tendou, sugawara | enmu
Tumblr media
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brathalo · 3 months ago
holds your hand . . . while fucking his cum right into you, painfully ignoring the heightening feeling in his head while squeezing his eyes shut just to concentrate on your pretty voice whining and begging at him to stop. groans out a soft "no, baby, no" the moment you start clawing desperately on his skin, determined to keep thrusting in you despite your soft walls tightening around his cock
IWAIZUMI, gojo, bokuto, yuuta, MIYA TWINS, suna, yuuji, sugawara, kuroo, GETOU, ISSEI
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