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#suna x reader
saintmanjiro · a day ago
damn your sucking hanma's balls post has me thinking about what it would be like sucking suna's 😐
MINORS DNI — 18+ ; warnings: somnophilia, hand/blowjobs, fem! reader
Tumblr media
you glare at your boyfriend as he simply rolls away, pulling the covers over his body and falling back into a slumber. it’s late, and suna should be up, but of course, every day off is spent with him lounging around and being lazy.
you’ve been patiently waiting for him to wake up for a long time now, and if he won’t wake on his own, you’ll just make him, you think.
reaching under the blanket, your hand cups his member through his boxers, half hard already as he stirs slightly in his sleep. slowly, as if not to wake him, you palm him as he grows fully erect, a small groan flying past his parted mouth.
still asleep, you scoff as you look at him.
pulling his hardened cock out, you watch as his face twitches slightly when you stroke his length slowly, rolling your palm over the tip and making him elicit a soft whine.
“mmh, y/n?” he groans, eyes blinking open. smirking, you take that as your sign to step it up a notch, crawling between his legs and spreading his thighs apart. he offers no arguments, moving the covers to make things easier for you. “what’s got you—oh fuck, shit baby, like that,” he groans, gripping the sheets tightly as your hand strokes him quickly. moaning when you fondle his balls, his eyes scrunch shut as his breath quickens into ragged pants.
“y-y/n, slow…slow dow—fuck, y/n,” he cries when you seem to only go faster. and suna must still be in a sleep hazed state of mind, otherwise he’d never let out a high pitch whine like that when your mouth leans in and takes one swollen ball in, sucking gently as your hand twists round and pumps his pulsing cock. “sh-shit, y/n, c’mon,” he groans. “slow down a bit.. ‘m gonna… ‘m gonna cum,” he grunts, but his hips buck upwards to match your pace, even despite his words.
not so tired now, you think as you roll your eyes.
but you glance up, and perhaps it’s a blessing he’s sleepy because his bed head, tousled and slightly frizzy, his shirtless chest and deep morning voice as he groans out your name, it’s all a sight that makes your core heat up. his chest heaves as a thin layer of sweat shines across the smooth skin, mouth parted as broken moans and whimpers escapes him, and you just want to see him cum already.
latching off the ball in your mouth, you move onto his other one, free hand moving up to fondle the one you let go of so it’s still tended to. and he lets out a shaky sigh, whining when you run a thumb over his slit, tracing his vein before your fist his cock tighter, flicking your wrist faster, sending him over the edge.
suna cums with a loud groan, his back arching off the bed as his hands fist the sheet tighter, knuckles a pale white from the pressure.
“fuck, fuck, ‘m cumming, princess—ah shit,” he moans, his cum shooting across his abs and your hand in thick spurts, your hand continuing it’s movements to help him through his orgasm. and you don’t stop sucking on his balls, the stimulation sending him in a frenzy as he whines from how you don’t falter. “s-so good, pretty girl,” he stutters, panting as you slowly pull away when he’s rode out his orgasm, waiting for him to calm down a bit.
letting him catch his breath, you sit up, kissing his tip gently as you do, making him hiss slightly.
“are you finally up, rin?” you smirk, and he rolls his eyes, glancing at your hand that’s still coated in his cum. his cock twitches slightly.
“yeah, i am,” he grins. “c’mere, i’ll return the favor.”
a/n: damn wanna have suna’s balls in my mouth too now 😐
Tumblr media
once a brat, always a brat xoxo
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atzuums · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
don’t smile at me — suna rintaro au
when you become the photographer for famous model suna rintaro you were excited. your dreams are soon crushed when you realize he’s an asshole. you still have a crush on him, so you make it your mission to get him to like you.
pairing: suna × fem!reader
genre: crack, fluff, angst, & smut. written + smau
tropes: unrequited love, enemies to lovers, one bed trope, photographer!reader, model!suna, one sided pining, (+ more will be introduced)
warnings: mean!suna, strong language, sexual language, 18+ scenes, (+more will be introduced)
taglist: open
schedule: every other day
status: ongoing
Tumblr media
suna & friends | y/n & friends
Tumblr media
ONE : pretty boy suna
TWO : oh no, she’s hot
THREE : snap, snap
FOUR : broken lense
FIVE : do better
SIX : i can’t hear you
SEVEN : such a big baby
EIGHT : i’m not mean
to be continued….
Tumblr media
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tsumooo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Really, it hadn’t been anything out of the ordinary. Atsumu had decided to steal your phone, holding it high above your head where you couldn’t get it, and it had dissolved into a childish play fight that resulted with you entangled on the floor.
With his face only a hair away from yours.
His eyes are wide and bright, like a deer caught in headlights, staring down back at you. His breath is caught in his throat, he’s so close he can feel how you exhale shakily against his lips. Yet he doesn’t make any indication that he’s going to pull back.
“Atsumu?” You whisper, worried that you might cause the tension to break if you’re too loud. He swallows dryly, pupils flitting around your face for any sign of discomfort. There is none.
You’d been startled at first by the proximity of your best friend, even after years of being by his side you hadn’t encountered a situation that warranted being this close to him. After the shock wore off you felt yourself ache, like some omnipresent being was tempting you with the very thing you’d yearned for all this time. Some part of this situation felt cruel, like making a starving man watch somebody eat a hot meal.
You weren’t sure how much time had passed, only that Atsumu’s face progressively softened and grew pink. You wished to be a fly on the wall, only so you could see your own expression looking back at him.
“Aren’t you going to move?” You rasp quietly, bringing your hands up to fist either side of his hoodie as if to keep him in place. He blinks slowly.
“Don’t want to,” he murmurs, voice laced with uncertainty. “Do ya want me to?”
You shake your head and the movement causes your noses to brush together in an unintentional show of affection. It tickles slightly, causing the both of you to laugh under your breath. The intimacy of it makes Atsumu’s pulse spike, his tongue gliding along his bottom lip instinctively.
“Are ya gonna kiss or what? We’re dyin’ over here!”
The new voice startles the both of you, Atsumu shooting up and getting caught in your legs, falling to the side and landing awkwardly on his shoulder. While he groans and curses, you press your hand to your chest in a poor attempt to steady your heart, looking over to the people that had just entered the room.
Osamu and Suna stand side by side in the entryway, Suna leaning lazily into Osamu’s side, the both of them wearing infuriatingly smug grins. The dark haired twin holds up a large white bag.
“A brought the food for movie night, by the way. Please, don’t stop on our account—”
“Fuck off, ‘Samu!” Atsumu yelps, the skin of his cheeks much redder than they were before. It’s cute, and you can’t help but snicker.
His glare turns on you and slips into a exaggerated pout, brows furrowing. “Glad ya find this funny!”
Pushing yourself to your feet, you reach over to run your fingers through his mussed blond hair. He presses into the touch, almost cat-like, and hums happily. Somewhere from the kitchen you hear a fake fetching noise from ‘Samu.
“We’ll talk about it later,” you promise, hoping to reassure any of the anxieties he might be thinking up. The corners of his mouth pull up into a sincere, loving smile.
“Okay,” he huffs, nuzzling into your palm, “but ya owe me a kiss”.
Tumblr media
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215-luv · 2 hours ago
OPENING YOUR MOUTH INFRONT OF THEM (Tiktok Trend) // tw: slightly suggestive
SUNA: holds your jaw and stuffs his tongue in your mouth, full on make out session with you before pulling away with a smirk. “is that what you wanted?”
SAKUSA: stares at you in confusion and disinterest, eyebrows furrowing as he looks at you like what’s he supposed to do?
KAGEYAMA: blinks in thought before gently moving the tip of the straw of his milk carton on your bottom lip. “do you want some?”
KUROO: looks at you in curiosity, leaving you open-mouthed before he caught you off guard as he shoves a ballpen on top of your tongue. the action immediately making you jump away as your boyfriend cackles out loud. “do you need attention? is that what you want, kitten? hm?”
KONOHA: dips two of his fingers into your mouth, lips turning into a smirk as his facial expression screams ‘suck my fingers.’
TSUKISHIMA: looks at you in question before turning away to ignore you, eyes focused on the manga he was reading as his hand reaches to your chin to close your mouth at the same time. “just what the hell are you doing? a fly could go in your mouth, dumbass.”
BOKUTO: tilts his head in confusion. “are you hungry?” he asks, earning no answer from you as you look at him as if to usher to do something with your mouth open. though, the only thing he did was slowly tap your tongue with his pointing finger in confusion. “kotaro!” “what?! baby, i didn’t know what to do!”
AKAASHI: was eating a piece of candy when you opened your mouth out of nowhere infront of him. he looks at you curiously before holding onto your neck gently, leaning down to connect his lips with yours, shocking you when he used his tongue to push the mint flavored candy into your mouth with force. he smiles as he pulls away. “how does it taste, love?”
IWAIZUMI: is half confused as he raises an eyebrow at you. “what are you doing?” and a few seconds passes by before he decides to raise his hand to close your mouth gently, peering at you suspiciously as you go on your day as if nothing had happened.
OIKAWA: “what?” your boyfriend raised an eyebrow at the sight of your open mouth, before morphing his lips into a smirk. “ooh, is that it? do you want me to put something in there?” he coos, “tell me, darling. what do you exactly need?”
USHIJIMA: “y/n..??” he stares at you stoic. kinda just stares at you waiting patiently if you wanted him to do something cause; following his motto in life - whatever y/n wants, y/n gets.
KENMA: quickly shoves a piece of chip on your mouth, assuming you were hungry cause his eyes were pierced through the screen, continuing his game as if you aren’t next to him shooting daggers at his side profile.
KITA: he’s.. i don’t know.. his nonchalant expression takes in sight of your open mouth, eyes raking over your figure as if he’s telepathically asking what’s up. he just stays like that the whole time to wait for you, no questions asked. your boyfriend is a patient man.
SUGAWARA: you open your mouth, and he gets the tingling signal that you’re hungry. and so there he goes, opening a bag of your favorite snack and feeding you just the way you like it. <3
TENDOU: goes all giggly like, “what are you doinggg??~~” before slightly lifting your chin to close your mouth a bit, giving him a much comfortable position to kiss you tenderly.
TANAKA: blinks at you, confused as hell though a million thoughts were running to his mind. unfortunately, some of those thoughts weren’t so innocent. he instead closes your mouth in an immediate. looking away from you as he scratches the back of his head. “w-would you look at that babe! i gotta finish my homework now before it gets late- haha…”
YAMAGUCHI: “why? what are you doing? are you hungry?” he inquired genuinely, eyeing your expression as if he’s looking for any sign of hunger from you. he pats your head with a look of sadness on his face. “i don’t really have any food with me right now.. would you mind if i leave you for a while to go buy your favourites?”
ATSUMU: “huh? what’s this?” he raised an eyebrow in curiosity, looking at you suspiciously before he’s finally got an idea. lips turning into a smirk, he leans down to your level, nose in touch with yours as he lowly mutters. “now, what’s this all about babe?”
OSAMU: also one to raise an eyebrow at you. “are ya hungry?” he tilts his head in confusion. letting out a sigh when you don’t reply, he gently shuts your mouth with a hand under your chin. he kisses your forehead as he says. “fine, i’ll cook ya up somethin’ okay? just wait here and lay pretty.”
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y-uuta · a day ago
Tumblr media
how the haikyuu men act around you when they’re drunk <3
featuring: miya osamu, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarou
𝙨𝙪𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚 / 𝙗𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙣𝙨𝙛𝙬 !
Tumblr media
osamu gets clingy when he’s drunk, touching and grabbing you in places he’d usually be a bit more chivalrous about when sober.
“samu!” you guffaw, slapping his meandering hands away as though you’re forbidding a domestic pet from eating food off the kitchen worktop.
“the hell was that for?” osamu wails, recoiling his hand away from where it had started to make its way under your shirt. he digs his jaw against your shoulder as he buries himself into the crook of your neck. his arms are wrapped around you, one hand dejected and loose as he lets it hang lifelessly due to you swatting it away. the other rests on your waist, but you reckon he’ll become more antsy by the second.
“don’t do that here! we’re in public, you cretin!” you berate him through grit teeth, attempting to peel away from his hold.
“so? and yer tellin’ me i can’t touch my woman?” he slurs in protest, pulling your whole body backwards in time with him walking forward.
“wh— ow! we’re gonna fall over! stop thaat! samuuu!” you yelp, attempting to wrestle out of his touch as he tickles you. you writhe and thrash around in his hold, expectedly losing your footing and tumbling over. in the process, osamu gets caught and falls backwards into the scratchy concrete. at the very least, he wraps his arms around you to protect you from hurting yourself.
“you okay?” he mumbles against your forehead, clutching onto you protectively. you roll your eyes, reassuring him you’re alright.
“are you? you fell onto the concrete, that’s gotta hurt.”
his hands smooth against your shoulder blades, palms flat as he runs them across the expanse of your back. he rounds them back to adjust to the curve of your ass, bending a knee up for support.
“guess we’ll find out.”
Tumblr media
atsumu gets a little bit too possessive. *horny jail bonk*
“it was sososo cool! really cool! the people were so nice, and the weather was really hot! although, one time, i kinda forgot to put suncream on and my roommate— oh! pedro! have i told you about him yet??” hinata beams, giggling and flashing a toothy grin from ear to ear as he catches you up on his latest gossip.
“i heard about him briefly! tell me about him first” you smile, entertaining his antics with contentment.
“he was great! he taught me how to sp— woah! um, sorry ‘tsumu!” hinata’s quirky smile downturns into a frown as he moves out of the way, hands held up in defence as your brooding boyfriend steps in to grab you by the wrist- promptly hauling you away.
“atsumu! you’re gonna-ack- bruise my wrist— let go! ow! what the hell are you doing? me and sho were just talking!” you clamor, squealing out in turmoil, causing a multitude of heads to turn as atsumu clears the path.
the bathroom door slams behind you and it’s a second away before you’re pinned up against it, legs wrapped around his waist almost instinctively. you flinch at the hard collision, eyes wide and gasping a little as atsumu’s lips collide with yours in a messy exchange. he’s hungry, desperate, constantly searching for more. his hands touch and touch, looking for more to seize. when you pull away, his honey gaze is clouded over and dark. there’s a concoction of your saliva and atsumu’s that separates the two of you in a thin bridge.
“don’t like the way sho was lookin’ at ya.” atsumu utters from in between the kisses that he serves your neck with, biting and grazing his teeth deep enough to stain you with bruises.
“we were just talking, ‘tsumie.” you reassure him through a breathless whimper, tilting your head to the side to allow him better access. your fingertips reach around to the back of his head, combing through his faux-blonde strands.
atsumu’s hands support the underside of your thighs, throwing you up in the air for a few seconds to shimmy you further up against the door. in the process, the print of his dick rocks against you.
“ain’t no problem if he hears ya screamin’ my name, then?”
Tumblr media
sakusa loses his footing when he’s drunk, often bumbling around and making inappropriate off-handed comments. it’s likely that he’s just doing it to pry a reaction out of you.
“you didn’t have to say that in front of everyone, you fucking jackass.” you scoff, letting the bathroom door thud shut behind you before spewing your complaints towards sakusa. the male in mention only hunches over the faucet, slinging his mask off until it hangs off one ear to allow himself to splash some cold water onto his face.
“say what?” he mutters, cocking a brow incredulously as he glimpses at you through the reflection of the mirror.
“that i’m desperate for cock just ‘cause i was laughing at atsumu’s jokes?”
“he’s not funny.” sakusa remarks in a matter-of-fact tone, switching the dripping faucet off.
“i was being polite, omi. i’m not gonna sit there and not laugh, am i? fuck sake. you’re unbelievable.”
“everyone else on the team stays quiet.”
you grab onto the hem of sakusa’s team jacket, twisting him around until he’s faced towards you. you’re adamant about scolding him, but it doesn’t help your cause when he’s leaned over with all his height, towering over you and peering down with the ghost of a smug smirk lifting his lips. he thinks it’s cute when you try to take control, and so he allows you to under the rules that he’s entertained by your futile attempts.
“aw. did i hurt your feelings?” sakusa coos, lids drooping as he takes in your pout and creased brows.
“you want a kiss with that? put a bandaid on your boo-boo? so cute.”
“fuck you.”
sakusa pats his inner thigh, staring at you head-on as he plays with the drawstring that keeps his shorts tight around his waist.
“so? do it. i’m waiting.”
Tumblr media
suna spews the most nastiest and flirtatious sentences to see you stutter and tell him to ‘shut the hell up, rintarou’
“seat taken?” you gesture with your index, rest of your fingers clasped around your solo cup. suna, from the bar counter, glances at you lazily. most of his pupils are hidden behind his eyelids, drowsy as he stifles a yawn.
“i’m waiting for my girlfriend,” he remarks casually, lacing his long fingertips around his cup to take a swig.
“oh yeah? what’s she like?” you muse, hopping up onto the bar seat beside him. he shifts his hips up to allow access to his phone that lays inside the pockets of his black jeans, flipping the device around to showcase a polaroid picture that he carries around in the back of his phone case. it’s a picture suna took of you on your first ever date, with you laughing and smiling in the middle of him telling a joke. in the background, there’s faint neon lights from a nearby theme park.
“damn, she’s so sexy.” suna murmurs, hazel orbs fixated on the picture with awe.
“her skin’s always so warm and smooth. it’s nice.”
“like it when she wraps her thighs around my head.” he taunts, glancing to watch for your reaction from over the rim of his cup.
“should you be saying that to a stranger?” you retort, prying your attention away from suna to neglect him of the look on your face. he only tuts at this, setting his drink down with a light thud from where the plastic knocks against the counter. he leans in, grabbing ahold of your face with just a few of his digits to turn you towards him. he steals you for a kiss, drinking your lips in with an intentional small groan on his behalf.
suna licks his lips in response, tip of his nose grazing against yours. his pupils dilate and he bears a sly grin.
“nah, probably not.” he concludes, shifting his weight to get up. suna hovers over you, lips brushing the shell of your ear whilst his hand snakes down to give your inner thigh a small squeeze.
“you gonna punish me for it, bunny? hm? ‘cause i’d like to see you try.”
Tumblr media
reblog else i’ll cry violently
send me a req?
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rinhoewns · a day ago
The Fight
INCLUDES: Suna Rintarou.
WARNING/S: Angst(u won't cry trust me), Fluff at the end, Hurt/Comfort since i'm addicted to it, Modern AU, Suna's kinda mean at first but he love the reader.
A/N: Hi guys :))) this is my first time writing something like this here in tumblr, i don't really know how if you will like this hahaha, i hope u will tho. happy reading!!
Tumblr media
"Rin, I brought you lunch!" you said while showing him the wooden bento, "Atsumu told me you've been skipping lunch lately to practice your spikes, babe that's not healthy."
He sighed, glancing at the bento in your hands. He took it from you then started walking towards the benches.
"I had a heavy breakfast earlier Y/N, I'm still full and I don't feel like eating." you looked at him worriedly, you saw how his eyebags got darker every passing day.
"Rin, the meal you ate earlier already digested in your stomach," you said while pointing at his stomach "You need to eat or else you won't have enough strength to spike those balls."
"Fine, go back to class Y/N." you smiled, kissing him on his cheeks before waving goodbye, and ofcourse, reminding him about eating his lunch.
Class was done, and now you were on your way towards the gym where Suna and his team are at. You didn't bother knocking since they know you and you're their friend.
Going inside you saw Suna, practicing his spikes again. Doesn't he get tired? You thought. Walking towards the bench where you saw his things were at, you glanced at the bento you gave him earlier getting curious you opened it.
You were shocked, he didn't eat his lunch. The lunch you gave all your efforts on making.
You smelled the food, its not rotten yet, you can still heat the food and make him eat it afterwards. So you waited for him to finish practicing so you can ask him as to why he didn't eat his lunch.
You checked the time, its been 30 minutes since you got here but he's still practicing. I'm tired already, why isn't he even looking at my way?
You looked up, smiling brightly when you saw him walking towards you, meaning that practice is over and you can now have your precious time with him.
"Why are you here? Its already past 7, you should have went home without me you know." he said not even looking at you. You got confused, why is he talking to you like that?
"I waited for you ofcourse, also I wanted to ask you something." finally looking at you, he raised a brow.
"Make it fast, I'm tired and I want to leave." he said, his voice in monotone.
"Why didn't you eat? I made that for you, yet you wasted it." he sighed, rather heavily making you frown "What was that sigh for? Answer me Rin."
"Can you not nag at me right now Y/N? Can't you see I'm tired? You're making my head ache, if you want me eat your food so bad then fucking eat it yourself! I already told you I was full but you still pushed me to eat even tho I don't want to." you glared at him, not liking the words that went out of his mouth.
"I was only worried you might get sick so don't raise your fucking voice at me Rintarou." you sternly said, pointing your index at him.
"What do you want me to do? Say sorry to you? Fine then, I'm sorry for having a full stomach when you gave me lunch." he rolled his eyes at you. You were ready to shout at him when you heard him whisper.
"Fucking girlfriend, a pain in the ass as always."
That's when the bomb was dropped, you never expected him saying those hurtful words at you, nor did you think you were a pain in the ass for him.
"Oh, so I'm just your 'pain in the ass'? Fine then, if you don't want me worrying about your shitty health then okay, I won't." you wore your bag then left him alone at the gym, not really alone since the others were just at the locker room, eavesdropping to your conversation.
You went home, locking yourself in your room. You let your tears fall, you were hurt. Ofcourse Suna might get annoyed since he lack of sleep but you were just helping him. You were getting worried, he lack of sleep and he barely eats lunch anymore.
You get it, the tournament was near that's why he's practicing his ass off to win but what he's doing was wrong. He needs food to stay strong, he needs sleep to gain strength, he needs you to support him.
Calming down you took your phone out of you pocket when you felt it vibrate. It was a message from Suna.
Rinnie <3 : im sorry
You put your phone down, not ready to talk to him after what happened in the gym. You're stil mad, mad that he doesn't take good care of himself.
That night, you took a shower and decided to sleep since you were tired. Tired arguing with Suna.
The next few days was hell for Suna, he doesn't see you around anymore, probably avoiding him.
He sat down at the floor, throwing the ball at the other side of the gym, he was frustrated. He couldn't practice properly ever since his argument with you.
He's been reaching out for you, texting you every single day when he had the time, but you don't reply. It bothers him knowing your independent, that you can easily leave him because your that girl who just doesn't care.
He even waits for you at the school's gate but whenever he saw you, his braveness just melts, that when he approaches you he might break down.
Once, he even told Atsumu to tell you that he wants to meet you at the school rooftop but you never showed up, that's when he started having doubts.
Don't you love him anymore? Have you found someone much more better than him? Are you leaving him? That's the thoughts that kills him, he doesn't want you in another man's arms, he could die.
Again, waiting for you at the gate, he will now talk to you. Even if you don't talk, he will still explain. He's getting desperate, he just wants to be with you.
You were walking out of school, clutching your books when you heard that familiar voice, that voice that you missed so much.
Turning, you saw Suna, walking towards you. You looked up at him, since he was taller than you.
"Why? What do you need?" you cursed yourself, your voice turned out soft when you had eye contact with him.
"I... I want to apologize about last week, I know I fucked up, I know you got mad, so I want to make this right," he held your hand "Baby, after what happened that day, I felt like I was living in hell even tho I'm not, I hurted you with my words, I wanted to punch myself because of that so I did."
You stared at him in disbelief, noticing the bandaid in his left cheek. You frowned, yes your were mad at him but you hated the idea of him hurting himself just because of you.
"You're so stupid Suna, why would you punch yourself? Are you out of your mind huh?" he looked down, shyly scratching his nape.
"I was so frustrated at myself, I couldn't focus in class, even in practice, knowing you might break up with me." he started shaking his head "I-I know I'm not t-the boyfriend y-you dreamed of b-but please, please don't leave m-me."
You were shocked to say the least, this was your first time hearing Suna stutter. He even cried! This was shocking for you.
Pulling him closer towards you, you hugged him. Letting him rest him forehead on your shoulder, he was still crying, he was even shaking.
"Baby, I would never leave you, what made you think that?" you whispered, slowly rubbing his back to comfort him.
"You never l-looked at m-me... even tho you know I'm looking at you, you never replied to my messages too." you chuckled, loving this side of him.
He pulled out of the hug, and there, you saw Suna Rintarou pouting his lips while wiping his tears with his sleeves, cute.
"You're cute, maybe I should do that more often-"
"No! No, please don't." you laughed, making his expression soft. How he missed seeing your eyes turning into crescent shapes when you laugh, he missed seeing you happy because of him.
"Just promise me one thing, you will start eating your lunch tomorrow again okay? Also, get some proper sleep will you?" you caress his face, "Look at the bags under your eyes, you can't compete at the tournament looking like a zombie."
He chuckled, holding your cheeks, kissing you on your forehead. That sweet gesture of him never failed to make you feel butterflies on your stomach.
"I missed you, let's go home? I'll walk you." you smiled, pushing him.
"Sure, i missed you too dipshit." he laughed at you, pulling you by your arm since your so far from him. He held your hand.
"I love you, brat."
You rolled your eyes playfully, "I love you, jerk."
Tumblr media
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mimi-cee-hq · a day ago
A Glimpse of Yellow: Suna x f!reader - Chapter 11
Tumblr media
« Chapter 1 | ‹ Chapter 10 | Masterlist
Read on AO3
Relationships: Suna x f!reader, mostly platonic!Inarizaki x f!reader (the relationships in the tags could be platonic or romantic :) )
When the twins assumed you were dating Suna, he went along with it and you had no idea why.
Despite being Atsumu’s best friend, you barely knew his aloof and nonchalant teammate. Suna only made the occasional comment on the twins’ antics when you were around.
So when you needed a way to escape from the twins’ interrogations –including one about your longtime crush because you were definitely over him– Suna offered to walk with you after school to provide a way out. This raised a few eyebrows including yours.
Things got even stranger when the twins assumed you were dating Suna. And for some reason, he went along with it.
Genre, etc.: fluff, romance, friendship, getting together, fake dating, slow burn, acquaintances to friends to lovers, canon compliant, eventual angst but it’s the shoujo type
Words: 2.1k
"Tanuki! It's a tanuki!" A hushed voice came from the other side of the bush. The canopy of leaves hovering above Suna's head swayed in the breeze. Whose voice was that? It sounded familiar. Laying his phone on the grass, he shifted his weight and craned his head over the bushes.
He didn't expect to see his sister. Karin scampered towards the raccoon-dog and crouched down a few feet away from it. "You're right, Y/n! It is a tanuki!"
"Y/n?" Suna thought to himself. A maroon bow loosely wrapped around the collar of your shirt and the skirt sitting on your hips matched his own uniform. Suna squinted his eyes. He had seen you before.
"Quick! Take a picture!" you whispered to Karin.
"I'm trying!" she told you. "It's not swiping." Karin continued to thumb at her phone.
The tanuki ran off.
"No! Karin!" you said as you clutched her arm. "You missed it."
Karin sighed. "I thought we'd be able to get one this time."
"Maybe we can lure it in with your Tom Nook plushie," you suggested with a smirk. "They could be friends."
Suna crouched back down behind the bushes. Was he hearing things?
Karin was laughing.
He laid down onto the tall grass, its soft blades brushing against his face. After blinking a couple of times, his arms relaxed at his sides and a relieved sigh left his chest.
He had been worried about Karin.
Over the past few months, she didn't give their parents a reason for concern. She came home with a plastered smile, ate dinner and then went to her room. Muffled voices seeped through her door as she chatted with the friends she left at Nagoya.
Their calls became less frequent over time. Conversations reminded her of the gaping void in her life, of how she was missing out on birthday parties, first loves and other milestones.
Her bright yellow aura dimmed. She was in second year, so many of her classmates had their groups of friends. Karin often went on with her days alone.
"Did you want to come back here tomorrow?" you asked her. "It might be here again."
Suna's hand searched the grass for his phone. Maybe Karin could start a new scrapbook.
His phone caught a glimpse of you and Karin, but the preview image didn't quite focus. A twig snapped under your foot. You and Karin were walking towards him.
Suna scampered closer to the bush, holding his breath as the two of you walked by. You didn't see him. He relaxed his shoulders and fell back onto the grass.
He should've taken the picture faster.
Suna watched as Osamu slumped on the gym floor. Ginjima tried to cheer him up. The last practice match went poorly and the amount of times Osamu spiked the ball out of bounds frustrated him.
"You useless piece of trash."
Suna tilted his head towards Atsumu. There he went as expected, although this was the first time Suna had witnessed just how tactless he could be.
"Any piece of trash that can't score with those sets should let someone else play already," Atsumu added.
Why you considered Atsumu your best friend was a concept Suna didn't understand. He didn't expect you to be childhood friends with the twins.
"Why you…," Osamu growled before kicking Atsumu to the ground. "Abusive tyrannical pig!"
Suna whipped out his phone. He was faster this time.
"You may be on your game, but there are days that we aren't," Osamu snapped at Atsumu.
"If I'm off my game, that's just what it means you stupid ass!" Osamu continued as he shook Atsumu's collar.
"Does wittle Atsumu-kun never make a mistake?"
"What's wrong with calling a piece of trash a piece of trash?"
The twins continued to argue as Suna checked the photos he took. This should be enough for now.
Suna browsed through his recent photos to see if any of them came out well. He came across a clear picture of the twins grabbing each other's shirts. Their faces looked hilarious.
He hit the share button and stared at his list of contacts. He forgot. He didn't have your phone number.
Suna sighed as he placed his phone back into his pocket.
He should get your number some day.
A new school year had started, and this time, you were in Suna's class. You sat two desks away from him, but you remained indifferent to his existence.
Atsumu came by class 2-1 often, claiming he was bored back in his class. You didn't mind his visits on most days, but today, they asked about your crush. Suna had no clue you had one.
He tuned out most of your conversation as he organized his playlists. As he selected a few songs to move, he had a thought: what kind of music did you like?
“Oh shoot!” you said, abruptly standing up, chair legs grinding the floor. You stuffed your phone in your bag along with your notebooks and scattered pens.
“Where are you going?” Atsumu asked.
You pressed your lips together, pushing the items into your bag a little faster. You rushed for the door only to have Osamu blocking your path.
“You’re avoiding the question again,” Osamu commented.
Suna raised an eyebrow. Karin had mentioned she was going to the park today. "You didn't tell the twins?" He shrugged off that thought. Whatever the reason was didn't matter to him.
Suna took a glimpse at the clock. You were going to be late. Would Karin be disappointed?
“Osamu,” you said, “can you please just–”
“Y/n, let’s go,” Suna told you, rising from his seat.
You scrunched your eyebrows together, trying to make sense of his words.
“Well?" Suna asked you. "Didn’t you want to go?”
Suna closed his social media app only to reopen it again. It was quiet in the hallway outside of his room. You had hung out with Karin in her room after dinner. Did you go home already?
He wished he could spend more time with both you and Karin. But not right now. Not when his own wants and feelings often complicated his relationships.
He refreshed the app. Nothing new showed up. Maybe he should finally download the game others kept recommending to him to distract himself.
A notification appeared on his phone. Someone had liked a photo he posted a week ago. He hadn't shared anything recently, not because he didn't have anything to post, but because he couldn't. What if you didn't hit the like button?
He dropped his phone next to him and covered his face with his palms. When did his feelings get so complicated? He didn't mind helping you out back when you had unresolved issues with Atsumu. He owed you. You helped relieve his guilt about coming to Inarizaki and even got Karin interested in volleyball again.
Suna hadn't talked to Karin much since the move. She was hurt and he blamed himself. Perhaps they could spend time with each other again now that she actually seemed better now. He fiddled with his phone. Would she cheer for him again?
The clock's red lights displayed 10:34pm. You must have gone home by now.
Suna turned the knob and saw you through the small gap. He began to pull the door back, but the creak caused you to turn your head towards the noise, making eye contact with him.
Your eyes grew, staring at him, then you quickly lowered them towards the floor. Suna's stomach tumbled and churned. He was familiar with this feeling.
He wanted to ask to walk you home. The guilt of distancing himself away from you gnawed at his gut. He didn't want you to lose him as a friend, but unfortunately, fear overpowered his guilt, fear that you'd eventually leave him for someone else. For someone better.
You walked away, your steps on the stairs echoing in his ears.
Just a bit more time. He'd get over you soon. He didn't want things to be awkward around you anymore.
He could be by your side again.
He just needed more time.
Suna slid his crumpled gym bag out of his locker. The sweat that was on his forehead had now dried up. He was exhausted.
The twins were at the other side of the lockers, saying their goodbyes to their senpais as Suna opted to leave his gym clothes on, only changing out of his knee pads and volleyball shoes.
"Y/n's been going to the playground again," Osamu said.
"So?" Atsumu replied.
"You know…," Osamu said. "That one. The one she thinks we don't know about." A locker snapped shut. "Did you do something again?"
Suna stopped pulling off his shoe. Were you okay?
"Why do you always assume it's my fault?" Atsumu replied. A nylon tie zipped against a cotton shirt. He hummed to himself. "It's been a while since she's been there. Do you know what happened?"
"No clue."
Suna felt a pang in his stomach. It was because of him, wasn't it? He tightened his shoes, his fingers fumbling around the laces. They weren't tying.
"Should we send Aran again?" Atsumu asked. Another locker door closed. Suna's stomach dropped.
"Ha? Don't you mean Suna?" Osamu replied.
Suna bit his lip. Choosing him wasn't any better. His laces were done now. He just needed to leave before–
"Oy! Suna!" Atsumu marched over to Suna's side of the lockers. "Go cheer up Y/n like a good boyfriend!" he instructed, pointing his index finger at him.
Suna gripped his gym bag. He took a deep breath and adjusted his shoulder strap. "I can't," he muttered, his eyes shifting away from Atsumu. Maybe he should go through the other door.
"Ha?" Osamu raised his brow, joining in on the conversation. "Why not?"
Suna stepped towards the exit, walking past the twins. Osamu placed a hand on his shoulder.
Suna whacked it away. Osamu was taken aback from his reaction, stuttering over his words.
"I said I can't," Suna repeated.
Atsumu's eyes narrowed as he clenched his teeth. "Oy," he said in a low voice. "What did you do to her?"
Ha. So Atsumu could catch on if he wanted to. "It's none of your business," Suna muttered.
Atsumu snatched his collar. Suna's bag dropped to the ground as the shirt tugged against the back of his neck. Suna glared down at Atsumu. Tch. Why did he have to get involved?
"What did you do?" Atsumu raised his voice.
"Nothing," Suna replied. "I didn't do anything." It was true. He didn't do anything. He was avoiding you.
"Then go and figure out how to make Y/n feel better."
"You can't do it yourself?" Suna snapped.
"Her boyfriend should be going!"
"I'm not her boyfriend."
"What?" Atsumu asked with a sharpness in his tone.
Tch. Suna didn't mean to say that.
"Ha!" Atsumu exclaimed. He continued to laugh, not noticing the appalled expression he got from Osamu. "What the heck is going on?" He turned to Suna and stared him down, still holding on to his collar. "Oy. Just what kind of trash breaks up with Y/n all of a sudden?"
You didn't tell Atsumu yet. Why did his tongue have to slip? It wasn't his place to explain to him that it was all fake.
Suna grabbed Atsumu's arm and whipped his hand off of his gym shirt before bending down to pick up his bag.
"Y/n should've stuck to liking Aran," Atsumu scoffed at him.
Suna clenched his fist. "Don't do anything stupid." He exhaled through his nose and relaxed his hand to pick up his bag again.
He approached the exit with the gym bag by his side. His hand turned the knob.
"Y/n doesn't need trash like you."
Atsumu stumbled a few steps back, hand covering his cheek. His eyes widened before he gritted his teeth at Suna.
"Mind your own business," Suna slowly enunciated, stressing each word. He didn't need Atsumu to tell him you didn't need him. He already knew that.
Suna turned away from him, ignoring his yells and snide remarks. Osamu scuffled with him, frantically trying to hold him down.
"Atsumu! Stop!" Osamu called after him.
Suna glanced back. A fist came at him.
Hi. So here's another cliffhanger. 👉👈
Like usual, here’s the Google form for my taglist if you want to be notified when I post the next chapter. You can also send me an ask or DM if you want to be added to the list.
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amjustagirl · 2 days ago
hii my lovely nikki !
idk if ur accepting requests rn, but i was wondering if i could get a comfort story with suna to make me feel a bit better ? it’s totally okay if u don’t want to, no pressure love !
also, i wanted to say that i rlly appreciated everything u told me in the kita har- farm server. knowing that i have such lovely sweethearts behind me who have my back is truly something i’m rlly grateful for and feel blessed with ! so thank u 💗 (pls adopt me….jk jk… unless asdfghjkl)
have a lovely day/afternoon/night !
hi senn! i don't accept requests - but i hope you do accept this little drabble? short? a little comfort piece feat. one suna rintaro. and i hope you do feel better soon.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro isn't the most expressive of boyfriends.
you're used to it. you've learnt to divine the meaning of a subtle widening of his eyes (surprise), the slight tilt of his lips (amusement and/or delight), the twitch of his nose (disgust, or possibly disappointment). words aren't necessary because you just know him - a well worn favourite book of yours that you can read inside out.
the same goes for you. he knows when you've had a bad day, when the world gets you down. and the way he shows his love for you is so subtle, but so very, very sweet.
he tugs you to the couch to lean your head in his lap, runs his fingers through your scalp. he makes you your favourite cup of tea, watches attentively until you drink all of it, and then he follows up with an offering of your favourite snack. he shows you entire reels of funny videos of the miya twins bickering, cute animals tumbling around that reminds him again of the miya twins, blooper reels of his ejp raijin teammates (you did not know washio could do magic tricks, nor did you know that sweet, gentle motoya has a penchant for needling the surly sakusa kiyoomi), at least until the gloominess dissipates and a smile forms on your pretty face.
"thank you rin", you mumble, when it's time for bed and he's tucked you securely against his chest.
he snuffles his nose into your hair. you know it's his way of saying - anytime, and i love you, silly.
suna rintaro isn't the most expressive of boyfriends, but he's the best boyfriend ever - there's no doubt about that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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haikyutiehoe · 22 hours ago
suna and atsumu compete to see who can fill you up and break you faster. gently tapping your stomach, they mutter, “gonna make room for my pretty cock,” and shove it all in one go, both smirking at the expressive faces you make bouncing on their cocks.
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satoriberry · a day ago
Now hear me out.................Suna/Akaashi/Asahi/Sugawara headcanons with an s/o that LOVES flowers.......thank you for listening have a great night
Tumblr media
⊛ Currently growing: What they'd be like if their S/O is a BIIIGGG fan of flowers!
⊛ Pairings: Suna Rintarou + Akaashi Keiji + Azumane Asahi + Sugawara Koushi × GN!Reader
⊛ Watch out for: Nothing bad! Just kisses ig, happy reading! (〃^∇^)ノ
⊛ Berry's note: flowers are so pretty btw sunflowers and hibiscus flowers>>>>, also suna doesnt like bees in here 🙄
Tumblr media
• Suna Rintarou:
- Ok so, I don't see him as someone who's like, nature invested ig???
- But he's environmentally aware of course, i think...(he bought a tote bag, now thinks he singlehandedly saved like 100 turtles with that one fucking bag LMFAOO)
- But he's never been, like, a big fan of flowers. To him, flowers = bees = bad >:/
- Enter you, his cute S/O that he genuinely loves so much (he shows it, he's not shy about his love for you 💪), that has a thing for nature's beauty. Specifically, flowers.
- See, he didn't know that. He never asked you because he never had a reason too. But he didn't need to ask because the day he found out told him everything.
- "Hey Y/N, practice will probably run until 6:30 PM, I suggest you go home without me." "Oh no, it's ok! I have a spot I can wait in until you finish, don't worry." "Are you sur-" "Yes. 😐"
- You weren't lying, you DID have a spot to wait at. Scratch that, you had a spot that you would stay in forever if possible. It was the flower patch you've been growing on the gardening club's land.
- You weren't a member, but since you've helped numerous times and are always making sure the fruits they grow are doing fine, they've more or less adopted you as an unofficial member (+ you get access privileges).
- You waited until he was completely out of sight so you could quickly go and check out the state of the flowers. "Perfect."
- Dropping your bag to go and look for some gardening tools, a sudden noise abruptly made you stop.
- "What are you doing in here? Is this like a secret garden? You never told me abo- are those fucking bees?" Suna showed up, he'd only pretended to turn the corner.
- "Um, well, I wanted to check the flowers that I've been growing for a while now. Wanna have a look?" You invited him to come forward and look at your little beauties <3
-Despite the bees, he took a few steps forward and crouched to see them closely. And, he wasn't going to lie, these were really dazzling. The vibrant green stems, the striking colours and variety of petals, they looked so healthy and obviously, it was thanks to you.
- He was ready to praise you on your efforts when your outstretched arm got his attention.
- You had a tiny flower in your hand, composed of numerous tinier purple pets. "Here, for you." You said to him, with slight nervousness in your tone.
- He slowly got up to look at the flower, to your hesitant expression and back at the flower again. "Thank you, it's really cute." He cupped his two hands to have you gently drop it.
- "I feel like there's a reason behind this though." You cleared your throat and answered, "Well, this flower, it's called a heliotrope. If I'm not wrong, they symbolize love and devotion to someone. Which is why I'm giving them to you, since we're together and, yeah...". You finished, trailing off whilst staring at the ground to not show how eager you were.
- With this adorable gest and your sudden shyness, he couldn't help it. He pulled you in by your wrist and put his arm around you, close to your lower back. Looking you dead in the eye, he jokingly asked, "Is this your way of trying to seduce me?", to which you replied with, "What the f-", before he cut you off.
- Eyes widening, you felt his lips against yours, tender and plump. As sudden relaxation washed over you, you slowly shut your eyelids to enjoy this physical contact with him. He tasted like apple, probably from those jelly sticks he frequently enjoys.
- He let go, letting you take in some air when you heard the most obnoxiously loud voice go, "WHY ARE YOU TWO MAKING OUT? SUNA, YOU SHIT YOU HAVE PRACTICE???"
- Yup, another romantic moment ruined by Miya Atsumu™. He was so surprised to see you and Suna kissing in such a serene place, surrounded by an array of flowers.
- Long story short, Atsumu got his ass kicked, you introduced Suna to your secret flower patch and Suna started to subconsciously take care of the flowers every now and then (yes, even if bees are present. he'd let an entire hive attack him just for you <3)
Tumblr media
• Akaashi Keiji:
- Akaashi + S/O + love for flowers = dream couple istfg.
- I like to think of him as someone who's educated on ecological issues.
- Which automatically means that flowers are one of his favourite things.
- If you want to grow some, he'll join you. Definitely knows a lot on flower language and what they symbolize.
- He thinks you look so cute in your gardening outfit. Worn out apron, straw hat, gloves and boots covered in soil.
- On important dates, he'll take you to a botanical garden and on anniversaries, you have picnics in a flower field.
- He'll sit on the grass while watching you appreciate the little colourful plants. As much as he wants to join you, he contented himself with gazing at you from afar.
- Will (and has) gift(ed) you so many flower themed things like cute mugs, bracelets, necklaces, stickers for your notebooks, anything that makes him go "Y/N would really like this :)."
- You two have matching sunflower rings. He wears it all the time, except during matches, where he hands it to you. Whether or not his team wins, he always waits for you to put it back on for him.
- It's like a special love language :(((
Tumblr media
• Azumane Asahi:
- Fucking look me in the eye and tell me this boy doesn't spend Saturday noons watering flowers and plants for his mom (and also for himself because I KNOW HE LOVES THEM.)
- Not that knowledgable on flower language but he still appreciates them and thinks they're beautiful.
- When he found out you love flowers, he fell even deeper in love with you. Thinks God sent you as a blessing.
- If you're in the same class, he'll write (cheesy) little love notes with a new flower drawn on the side each time. If you're in a different class, he'll hand it when walking past you in the hallway.
- Omg omg omg. Flower dress....everyone shut the fuck up.
- Buys you a flower sundress during spring, always gets so blushy when he sees you wearing it.
- If you don't wear dresses, he gets you a flower button up shirt. Y'know those aesthetic button ups you see on pinterest? Yeah, one of THOSE. Mans has really good fashion taste and will NOT shy away from accentuating your beauty (even though he already thinks you're the most beautiful person alive <3).
- He'll faint right on the spot. He'll be surprised, he'll stutter some random nonsense, he'll cry and then pass out. In that order (LMFAO jk but i can see that happening).
- OR MAKE HIM A FLOWER CROWN. HE'LL ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT EVEN IF IT LOOKS TERRIBLE (he believes that anything you make or give is awesome).
- If you make it for him during lunch break, he'll wear for the rest of the day. Even on his way to practice.
- Suga will poke fun at him like, "Ahaha fucking simp. Wearing a flower crown, SIMP." but Asahi is taking nobody's shit when it comes to his amazing S/O's creations. Nishinoya and Tanaka try it on (against his will 🗿) and are super jealous of the fact he has someone to give him such lovely gifts.
- In conclusion, Asahi will encourage your flower-loving habits because happy S/O = happy Asahi. Call it second hand happiness <33
Tumblr media
• Sugawara Koushi:
- Like think of it, he's a highschool senior that's on his to uni, he has entry exams, he's also a volleyball player that's ALSO his team's vice captain???? Stress supreme.
- So what's the best way to put his mind at ease if it's not going to a park that's embedded with flowers in each and every crevice.
- It's like his secret hiding place. If something bad happens, the first thing he does is go there, sit on the crisp grass and inhale some fresh air befoe reflecting on whatever the issue is.
- Then, there's you. When he found you're just as crazy about flowers as he is, he knew what he had to do. Take you to that park. And oh boy was your reaction worth bringing you here.
- He watched you went from patch to patch, tree to tree and basically scanned every inch of green in that park, just going on and on about each flower and what you thought of it.
- The entire time, he was staring at you with hearts in his eyes, not interrupting you.
- Omg omg give him flowers randomly, he likes to dry them and put them in special paper notebooks. Also puts the date and name of the flower on the top of the page.
- GETS YOU A FLOWER ENCYCLOPEDIA. He likes to spend rainy days cuddling with you, two mugs of hot chocolate and the encyclopedia in your hand. He has his head leaning against your shoulder, watching as your index pointed from flower to flower as you explained each one <33.
- Wait imagine this. Before the beginning of the spring qualifiers match (Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa), you call him to the side so you can talk.
- He's really happy to see you but he noticed how you had your hands behind your back and your feet were anxiously tapping the ground.
- He asked you if anything's wrong. You didn't answer, instead, you let out a breath and revealed what you'd been hiding.
- His tiny smile grew wider after seeing what you got him. A single peony flower and a single gladiolus flower, tied together with a thin black bow.
- He didn't say anything but you proceeded to speak, "You see, peonies signify many things, one of them is good luck. Gladiolus flowers signify victory, and since you're about to play a really important match, I thought it would be fitting to get you these as a sort of lucky charm. But I know that you and your team have been practicing really hard lately, so I assume you need any lu-".
- He didn't let you continue, instead, he showed his gratitude by gently holding your chin and bringing you in for a kiss on your cheek. "Thank you Y/N, thank you so much. I don't think you understand just how much this means to me. I'm going to give my all in this match. For me, for you and for my team as well. Byebye :]."
- He gave you a head pat before running after his team, waving you goodbye with a toothy grin. And so you stood there for a few seconds, your heart beating terribly fast and your face feeling hotter than before.
Tumblr media
⊛ Berry's after-writing note: IS IT JUST ME OR DO I FEEL SUNA'S IS MORE...DETAINED?? favouritism lololol but ANYWAYS, thank you so much cor this lovely request anon! I had so much fun writing it and I hope you enjoy it as well! mwah mwah <3
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taro-im · 2 days ago
moth in his fire
suna x reader
Warnings: angsty with fluff
1,500 words plus
(this is just a sort of rewritten version of one of my old works that I combined into one who page)
Synopsis: you weren’t expecting much you knew he was a player, he’s always acting coy with you, your tired of it, it’s time to move on but every time your about to he somehow makes your heart scorch into little flames worsening everytime
Tumblr media
Rintaro has always been the ladies man, known to be a heartthrob, and you knew that but you still went into the lions den
The man trying to make you fall for him by video calling you every day, texting you all night, sending voice messages, buying you your favorite bread or snack, him doing all kinds of things for you to fall for him…
You secretly were falling way to hard for him but you knew his little tricks, he flirted with girls and once they confessed to him, he ghosted them, and blocked there contacts, you were basically a moth in his fire, you knew he was bad for you but somehow your addicted to the pain and the outcomes of what’s going to happen if you touch the fire, were you going to burn? Or not be affected?
you and him are basically friends with benefits whenever he broke up with someone he would come to you, you didn’t like the idea of it but you would do anything for him to be happy… he would knock on your door and embrace you with a tight hug and start making out with you, it was a bad thing to do but both of you were selfish and greedy for each other but maybe it was only you who felt this way for him, maybe he was just using you which is maybe the most correct answer, but you didn’t care you knew you were acting needy but you love him way too much for him to do this to someone else.
whenever these situations happen he would never have sex with you, he thinks he’s too bad for you and that he doesn’t want to think that he only hangs out with you to hookup, it’s just that he lies that he dates girl so he could come to you, but whenever he does… he can’t say anything the only way he can show his affection for you is by him embracing you which was a bad thing, so the both of you are stupid idiots who cant tell each other your own feelings
the problem was that both of you wouldn’t tell each other the truth….
One day Suna finally decided to try to get over you… he started dating a girl that you knew, you never expected it because the day before you both went out on a “date” you thought maybe he really did like you maybe he wanted to have a future with you… nope that wasn’t it he was just bored and wanted to waste his time, finally you decided to block him from every social media and number… the most hardest part was deleting the photos and text messages you two had together but then you did it, you felt empty inside he was the only guy you had ever really liked but guess what your just a “side chick” you felt dirty after doing that stuff with him even though he was “single” your sick of being used by him, you wanted to cry but tears wouldn’t come out, you weren’t able to eat or sleep, you felt so lifeless… he was your yellow, but whenever you think of him everything feels so bitter. You were just a blind moth that was attracted to the flame of his scorching fire and got blazed from getting too close and attached to a man like him….
Suna Rintaro: hey y/n we need to talk
message failed to send!
Suna broke up with her on the second day of dating… he could only think about a future with you, he only wanted to see you smile at his jokes, he only wanted you to be the only person he kisses, so he decided to call you but you weren’t answering, he tried 7 times but you didn’t answered, he then decided to text you but it showed that you blocked him, wait you blocked him? He is so shocked and decided to check social media… you blocked him on every social media to…. Damn wasn’t karma a bitch, he was in shock of course you were going to do that… he knew the way he acted towards you, he lost the only person he ever fully cared and loved, he tried to find you at your apartment but it was either you were ignoring him or you moved…
It’s been 5 months since that happened, your slowly healing from the wild fire he made in your heart… your slowly putting on water to die it down but somehow it still hurts and sometimes the fire gets worse and it suddenly just bursts into flames that you don’t know what to do, after that happened you decided to move back in with your mother for a while till you could fully get your self together
You decided to move back into your apartment today, you feel confident, you even sort of moved on, you are going out with someone today and maybe finally able to forget about Suna Rintaro. You wore a nice expensive outfit, did your hair, and putted some makeup on finally you went out of the house and drove to the restaurant
The guy and you had a great conversation but most parts were awkward… sometimes you spaced out, but your trying? The dinner date is now finished, him and you decided to go on a little walk before you got home
When he walked you home he was about to kiss you, but you “accidentally” dodged the kiss and left awkwardly
You walked to your front door and notice a man sitting at your front door… it was scary you were about to beat whoever it was up, but then you notice it was Suna Rintaro sitting there drunk with a bottle of beer, sitting there dozing off, he looked at you with wide eyes and weakly stood up “y-y/n your back” he said drunken, you stepped back because you were confused on what is going on till he holded you into a tight hug “don’t leave me please” he said faintly whispering but his hold on you was still tight
you stood there in shock, confused, and tired… what in the world is going on?…
Suna Rintaro came back into your life out of no where… what the hell is he doing?….
He holded you into a tight embrace and wouldn’t let go, you didn’t want to look at him, but guess what he passed out on you, you didn’t know if you wanted to let him inside your home or leave him out in the cold, you were still angry at him but you dragged him into your apartment and putted him on the couch, he looked like he hadn’t slept in days, you stood there and looked at him for a few seconds and left to your room, you couldn’t sleep at all, your only thoughts were why on earth was he here?
It is now the next morning you woke up early, and Suna is still there sleeping, out like a light, your heart kept on throbbing when you were near him remembering how you saw him in the same situation in highschool but without the beer, you snapped out of your day dream and decided to make hangover soup for him and remembering after he drinks it to tell him to finally leave, not just leave out the door but get out of your life
You finished making the soup and started getting a bowl out suddenly somebody went behind you and hugged you from behind “WHAT THE HE-“ you said scared but then remembered it was your drunk uninvited guest Suna, “Suna what the hell are you doing?”you said angered “I miss you… and the names rin” he said with a tired voice, you wouldn’t lie… that made your heart skip a beat but no your not doing this again “Suna that’s not funny, drink this, hurry up it’s going to get cold” you said handing him the bowl of hangover soup, he rubbed his temples from the bad hangover and took it from you “t-thanks” he said in pain
It took him a while to finish it because he was just gazing at you, and you were avoiding his gaze “y/n where were you?” He said “no where for you to know” you said annoyed “I do need to know” he said with pain in his heart “who do you think you are? You don’t need to know everything I do” you scoffed “I do need to know because your special to me” he said getting up from the chair “well you aren’t, now if your finished please leave” you said taking the bowl away from him “no- I can’t go yet” he said grabbing your wrist “Suna leave” you said yanking your wrist away “why do you want me to go?” He said with a sad expression “I have a date with someone and he’s coming over today” you said lying “no- you can’t date him!” He said shocked “Suna… I want to have a real relationship with someone who actually cares about me it’s none of your business on who I get to date and like” you said “but what about us?” He said in a voice full of pain “what do you mean us I don’t have time to play your stupid games and I’m tired of waiting for you and I can’t believe how foolish I was to do that with you!” You said angered “y/n please I love you” he said eyes watery “Suna don’t be such a fucking liar” you said with tears in your eyes, you thought your feelings for him were gone but after he said those eight letters you couldn’t hold in your tears anymore, that fire in your heart? Is now like a forest fire, spreading into every little corner of your heart…
“Y/n you have to believe me, I love you so much I didn’t want to ruin our relationship, and every time I see you I can’t express how I feel about you which makes me hurt because I can’t show you how Much I love you” he said getting closer “Rintaro I hate you!” you said in a teary voice “I love you y/n and I don’t care if you hate me” he said embracing you in a hug “I hate how I can’t make myself hate you, I hate how every time I care for you I get hurt, I hate that you always put me last, and I hate that I still love you”you said in muffled tears “y/n I’m so sorry” he said rubbing your back, you two stood there in awkward silence for a few moments, it was just him rubbing your back while holding you in his arms…
“Again I’m so sorry y/n” he said putting his head on your shoulder “you better be” you said holding in tiny sniffles, he laughed a little at the way you were acting “y/n, the only person I see in my future is you, I love you and I’m sorry it took me way too long to tell you, will you please take baby steps with me and go out with me?” He said looking you in the eyes “we are going to be in a serious relationship right?” You said quietly “yeah we are” he said touching your hair “I’ll take those baby steps with you Rintaro” you said hiding your face he pulled you into another tight embrace and said “I adore you y/‘n” “I do too…” he gave you a kiss on the forehead breathing a relaxing sigh, if only he could of make it up to you so long ago and the both of you would of been in each others comforts, because without either one of you the half of both of you are empty.
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akeijirin · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
suna is just so comforting, like he's the type to come home from practice, grab you and a blanket (one you gifted him when y'all first started dating) and the bed calls your name. He's obviously observant as well. Exactly how he notices when you want just a bit more affection today or how you're just a bit more sensitive today.
Has always always always made sure that you're okay with whatever happening. Like when you first started datibg and were cuddling up, he asked you if its okay for you to sit on his lap while you watch the movie and he held your hand throughout the whole movie<3
I believe he has cold af hands. Like they're just generally cold? And when you're wearing a thin pair of tights with his cold hands on your soft warm thighs as an excuse to warm them up (🥴) ??? Yes please<3 but sometimes he literally shoves them into your shirt.
Tumblr media
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# last text they sent you before they died
Tumblr media
ఌ includes: suna, bokuto, iwaizumi, sakusa, osamu, ushijima
ఌ pairing: character x gn!reader
ఌ genre: angst
ఌ warnings: major character death
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist: (open)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lead: suna rintarou x f!reader
genre: dystopian au. friends with benefits. angst. OOC. 18+
tw: explicit sexual content, mentions of death, government manipulation, 18+. minors do not interact
synopsis: After a grueling war of fifty years, a land that had once prided in the idea of democracy and fervently fought to protect the rights of its people, had befallen into the hands of another ruler. Where all that is left to its name is simply but a myth, a story told, for lessons to be learned: humans cannot be trusted with rights - so they’ve been stripped of it all.
In the Rebellion there is life, there is promise, and there is protection - a ‘paradise’ for humankind. A land where no love, no individualism, no relationships, where no personal sanctions can be made, except in behalf of the ruling party - complete allegiance to the party is required by all, and those that choose to not abide, will be identified as a traitor and be subjected to execution.
For the party knows what’s good, and the party knows what’s best.
And in such a world, how would the party rule against a couple that battle through it all, by secretly breaking all laws because of their drive to be together.... where would the fate of these two lover’s lie upon the decision of the Party. For the party knows all and see all. So, the question is: who will the party choose to abandon?
Stand ground, and bow low as you pledge your allegiance. For you are now in the land of the Rebellion, those that overflow with mercy and discernment for its people - the greatest party of all…
All Hail, the Rebellion! For in the Rebellion, I live.
wc: 5.8k + I hope you enjoy! Comments and reblogs are always appreciated ❤️
sorry, i had to repost this because I made some technical errors!! 
Tumblr media
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chapter 2: the boy that bled red
It was odd for a day in Caelfal, for the sun to weakly shine through the thick clouds. Unlike the many other days in this somber city, where the air was always a bit heavy and moist - always threatening with the chances of rain. Today, as if the heavens were pleased at the dignity of the Party they have chosen to shine light upon the darkest of streets.
The time currently reads 1635, and yet the individual you’ve been waiting for wasn’t here yet. You secretly hoped he wouldn’t show, the idea of being partnered with a complete stranger, to spend the rest of your life with that person was still something you found unappealing and wrong, but despite the tug in your heart… the Party was always right so who were you to have a say. So you decided to simply wait for another ten minutes, and report to the Party if the other person did not show.
Five minutes left.
And to your dismay you saw a figure, donning a uniform similar to the person who made your insides turn in butterflies and your legs quiver in ecstasy from his touch alone, jogging over to your presence… was no other than the son of the five star general of the Defensive’s artillery, the bachelor that grew up with wealth and honor - Ishihara Ryusuke
“I’m so sorry that I came late…” he gave you a slight bow, removing his cap as a sign of respect, “ I hope you weren’t waiting for me to not show” giving you a childish grin as he rubbed the back of his head.
“Oh no, that’s alright… the weather’s nice, so I enjoyed the sunlight, ” you offered him a slight smile. And seeing you smile, his face strangely beamed brighter that the sun that illuminated the cities of Caelfal.
Ryusuke was a couple years older than you, and a year older than Suna. He was known to be a fine gentleman that knew how to treat a lady well, and was educated in the mind to keep up with an intellectual discussion. To say that you got paired with such a high class gentleman did surprise you, the difference in status didn’t seem to make sense for the Party chose partnerships that were similar in ranking or family dynamics in order to keep lineages pure and strong.
He was a bit shy from Suna’s height, with a build that was muscular and toned but his body didn’t look beautiful and majestic like Suna’s. His hair was black and styled perfectly with pomade, and the fragrance of his body was laced with masculinity. You noticed his boots were perfectly polished, and his uniform was always without a flaw, where his beret was perfectly situated on his head without ever ruining his precious fine hair. He smelled rich and he oozed with class - something you often felt burdened to witness. But yet, he was seemingly kind… despite just meeting, the guy had no obvious red flags.
“How rude of me. I haven’t introduced myself and I had the audacity to keep such a pretty lady waiting” he offered his hand for you to take, and with hesitance you brought it forth and encased it with his. Offering you a soft peck on the base of your hand, “My name is Ishihara Ryusuke and it’s an honor to have you as my lifelong partner Miss YN” giving you a teasing smirk.
“I see you already know of my name, and I presume that you already know every little detail about me Mr. Ishihara?” Cocking your head to test his identity.
“Please just call me Ryu, it’s a bit awkward to have my future wife calling me so formally and yes… I might have done some digging,” unable to look at your eyes, but still holding your hand firmly - his hand didn’t feel like Suna’s, nor did his smile make you feel the warmth within your core….
But if this was the person you were to be with, who were you to say no.
Little did you know, just across the street from where you were standing Suna stood watching, stationed perfectly, donning his full gear unable to move as he was standing duty for the Party leaders making their way into a hotel building. It wasn’t until you heard the cheers and proclamation of the people, “All Hail the Rebellion” as they made witness of such godly people, that you were able to see… Suna’s strong gaze latched upon you and the hand that was encasing yours.
Soon his eyes linked with yours - blurring and muting any of your senses that threatened to take your attention off of him.
Despite the distance, you swore you saw his jaws clench at the sight of you and Ryusuke, but his attention was stolen away from yours by the one that was worth it all - Glorium.
She approached Suna, as he was on guard, whispering lovingly into his ear as she wrapped her slender pale arms around his neck to encase her lips with his cheeks for a peck. And all you see was a nod to his head as he proceeded to order his troops to continue standing guard.
Glorium looked beautiful with her beige dress, that perfectly lined her hourglass figure, and the delicate heels on her feet made her look lovelier than the flowers that were yet to bloom in spring. She looked good, almost perfect, where Suna’s strong hands were placed on the small of her waist as he led her into the hotel… and he didn’t fail to take a second of a glance at you before fully proceeding in.
But you didn’t see.
“- ear.. earth.. EARTH TO YN?” You saw Ryusuke wave his hands in front of you to catch your attention. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!” “I’m guessing I was either boring you or your attention was someplace else?” Nervous that he might’ve noticed your gaze at Suna you quickly lied, “No no… I just didn’t get to sleep well last night” looking at his eyes, like a doe - pure and sweet, “I was just a bit nervous about who my partner would be.”
As if he was pleased with your answer, and the shade of rose on your cheeks, he offered a slight pinch to your nose - one that you didn’t quite appreciate - and he gently clasped your hands with his, like longterm lovers, and lead you into the direction of the cafe, “YN let’s get some coffee and some dessert… it’ll be my treat.” But then he quickly pulled you close to his figure, meeting his face awfully close to yours, “and if you’ll let me… I would love to escort you back home.”
Surely, he was a gentleman, a man with proper manners carrying a good respect for women… but something about Ryusuke was off… he seemed too good of a person… Or maybe it was just your selfish heart unabiding to see anyone else but Suna - a man already with his partner, a man that wouldn’t fail to leave you for her…
And in that acknowledgement you responded, “that would be very kind of you. Thank you.”
Tumblr media
“Well Miss YN, here we are'' as he led you into the corridor of your apartment, “please just call me YN… it’s a bit awkward for me too,” you quietly responded. And as if he was ecstatic of your willingness to become a bit closer to him, giving you a toothy grin, “okay… YN'' stepping a bit closer to your frame, where your hand was already latched upon your door knob, “it would be my honor if you’ll let me take you out for dinner tomorrow… if you don’t mind.”
It was almost funny how The Ishihara Ryusuke, the best bachelor in town, would be so shy and soft with a person like you. And with a grin to your face, and placing a hand on his chest you offered him a slight kiss to the cheek, “I have plans tomorrow, but I’ll let you know when I finalize my schedule.”
Pouting his lips, as if you’ve completely rejected his offer, he simply responded, “you promised… I’ll be waiting for your call YN.”
“ yea… I’ll call you back. Thank you for the lovely coffee and pastries… you didn’t need to buy the whole store for me to take home” holding the box full of delicacies up.
“It is my duty as your future husband, to feed you with the best and only but the best.” He proudly proclaimed as if he was proposing the idea of marriage with every chance that he got.
“It’s getting late, you should go before curfew starts... Ryu.”
With a simple nod, and a final kiss to your hand and a bow on his end Ryusuke left your apartment building.
And with a sigh from the complete expenditure of your energy, you opened your apartment door only for you to suddenly feel a harsh tug on your arms, making you drop the box of expensive pastries contained inside, and a quick closing of your door.
You suddenly felt your body being pinned to the wall, with lips that encased yours with deep fervor. Opening up your eyes to see who it was, your heart suddenly felt calm noticing the man desperately eating out your lips, biting the flesh and slightly tugging - asking if he can enter your mouth, as he groped your ass pulling you close to his firm body, “S-Suna what are you -“ he didn’t give you the time to breathe as he further pressed his lips with yours, completely shutting you up, breaking the flow of oxygen to your lungs.
Moaning into his lips, desperate for air you clung to his clothes with your legs firmly wrapped around his waists. “I missed you YN” he desperately stated as he stuck on the fine skin of your delicate neck, and removed the articles of clothing that kept him from fully having you. Kissing all over your naked upper torso, littering your collar bones with his marks, sucking on the lobes of your ears, holding you firmly encased in his arms as if he was angry or maybe even desperate to have you close.
“I want you right now” was all he stated, and soon thereafter you felt his warm, calloused hands palming your womanhood causing you to release a gluttonous moan, “ngh..Rin.. n-not here.” As if it required all of his strength to not devour you, he stopped what he was doing, took a short breath to calm himself down as he placed his forehead with yours… it was then you gently held his face to have him meet your eyes, “take me to bed hmm? Rin please?”
His lips never left yours as he carried you to your bed. As he gently let you down, you heard the clinking of his belt being removed, and quickly thereafter his pants and underwear going along with it. He leaned down towards you, ultimately causing you to lay with your back fully touching the bed and instinctively your hands went for his cock - standing in full glory, pulsing with heat, as it leaked in pre cum as you took a swipe and rubbed against his slit.
Pushing him gently off your figure, giving him a simple smile, “ Rin, you want me to suck you off first?” You could see it in his eyes that he wanted you, for they were dark and heavy lidded - completely saturated with lust - as if it was a vortex of carnality sucking you deep into his sharp eyes.
“No, I just want to be in you right now.”
So you opened your thighs, giving him greater access to your dripping cunt. “I’m all yours,” you stated as you pushed his lips into yours, matching his zeal, his passion … but only for your eyes to let out a tear, as you saw the deep red marks stained on his neck… marks you never made. You simply wrapped your arms around his neck, where they were once encased with Glorium’s, and pulled him close as you moaned into his ears, “I want you too.”
As if your words triggered a monster within him, without a notice, he penetrated your core. His length and thickness always left you breathless and in slight pain from such a force entering in. He didn’t waste time by pumping his cock in slowly like he normally would, but instead pounded into your pussy, causing loud lewd noises to emerge from the area of contact, as if he was hungry - entirely desperate to ravage you whole.
His face was within the confines of your neck as he gasped and moaned loudly at his pleasure, for your perfectly warm, ribbed velvety walls caused all his reverence to break… only leaving him wanting you more and more. Drunk off ecstasy pursing through his blood, he let out a groan, without a slip of his words, “fuck YN, you’re mine” as he pistoled his cock in an out of your caverns in a motion that most often drove you insane. You heard what he said, but despite knowing that it was his flesh speaking more than his heart, you still chose to harbor such precious words in yours - hoping that one day… in whatever circumstance that may allow, that he would be yours.
He slightly pushes himself off of your hold, to level his gaze with yours, not failing to move his hips in sweet waves that purposely brushed past your sweet spots, and with your back arched from the pleasure and hoping that he could penetrate deeper, he whispers as he places a sanguine kiss on your forehead, “YN open your eyes, look at me.” It took all of your strength to not break down at that moment, for this moment was too raw, too intense of a scene that if he stared into your eyes a bit longer you knew you were a goner. So you gripped your damp bed sheets, and bore your eyes to his lips instead. But he wasn’t content, and he noticed your avoidance.
Knowing he was close, he quickly anchored his elbows next to your head, grabbed your face so that you couldn’t avoid his gaze, he stared deep into your eyes - eyes calm and loving, but eyes that weren’t for you, “I’m gonna cum, let go with me” was all he stated as he continuously, painstakingly pumped his cock inside of your tight hole… and filled you with overwhelming desire. You clenched your pussy, causing you both to release a gluttonous moan… you simply nodded a yes - fearing he’ll hear the shake to your voice if you were to speak.
“Good girl, remember to breathe” was all the warning he gave you, and all that you needed. You heeded his next movements for he gripped your thighs up and placed your legs quickly on top of his shoulders, and without a second to spare, he pushed himself down to meet you close, to penetrate you deep within - just enough to make you scream and mark up his back - to feel awfully close to you. He makes deep movements within your cunt, and again… as if he’s lost himself to the hands of lust he released a moan, “you’re mine” but all you could see was him having Glorium in your place, as she rightfully placed love marks on his neck - the ones that were in front of your sight as he was now connected as one with you… and knowing it was selfish, and knowing it wasn’t true on his end, you pathetically responded, “I’m all yours.”
And hearing your words of submission, he harshly jerked his shaft and trembled in your presence, as he gasped out your name, “YN.. f-fuck ngh” and you reciprocated by calling out his, “Rin… cum inside.”
And he did just that.
Because soon you felt the warm fluid filling up your core, holding him close as he climaxed - closer than you ever held him - simply stating, once again… “I’m all yours.”
But this time, you let the tears freely fall.
Stabilizing his breaths, Suna simply basked in your arms nor did you intend to let him go. You would normally fall asleep, cuddled right into his chests after sex, so it was much to his surprise when he caught your tear stained eyes meet his gaze when he pulled himself off.
“YN… why are you crying?” His eyes panicked, worried if he’s hurt you, if he’s gone too far, “Did I hurt you? I’m sorry… don’t cry” but the tears continued to flow past. And instead of communicating your thoughts, you chose to hurt him by facing your back towards him - choosing not to speak a word.
But Suna Rintarou, mighty warrior of the Defensive party, was a soft hearted man - for you. For he knew about your heart and understood how you felt, so he simply pulled you close... where your back was warmly pressed with his chest and he wrapped his arms around your waist as he littered soft kisses and praises to your face.
To the eyes of another, it would most definitely look as if a lover was consoling the heart of his partner, but for you… it was simply an act of kindness and pity and in that realization your heart ripped to shreds.
Tumblr media
The moonlight shined into your room, with the sheer curtains covering your windowsill causing a certain luminous glow to infiltrate your darkened room. It highlighted, almost celebrated, the entanglements of your bodies together.
As if he knew of your chaotic mind, Suna didn’t sleep. He continuously massaged your sore thighs, caressed your bruised breasts, all while he offered small kisses to your neck as he blew cold air onto the marks he placed on your neck.
Wanting to get whatever suffocation you felt off your chest, you simply let out, “I met my partner today… I’m sure you know him.” You felt the grip on your waist tighten, and his body moved closer to you, where his crotch directly encompassed your ass. “His name is Ryusuke … he seems like a nice gentle-“
“ngh” and before you could finish the sentence, Suna maneuvered his body to hover yours once again, and matched his lip with yours - as if he didn’t want to hear anything about your new potential lover when he was with you.
And despite knowing that it was wrong, you reciprocated his act and kissed him just as passionately - but with love.
Losing breathe, he slowly pulled away while the mixture of your saliva connected you both, with a slight upturn on his lips he wiped it off of your lips with his thumb. Again, as if the hickey on his neck was there to haunt you of your promiscuity for wanting a taken man… and knowing where your eyes were focusing on, he brushed your cheek to have your eyes on him, “I know you saw me with Glorium today…” and just with the mention of her name alone brought insecurity and pain - and Suna saw through it all.
As he brushed the loose ends of hair from your face, and placed a soft kiss to your cheeks, he continued, “I just want you to know that we didn’t do anything… I told her I wanted to wait till we got married.” Knowing his answer did no justice, gave you no mercy… he further pressed on, “it’s been discussed today that Glorium and I will wed in a couple of months…”
You pushed past his grip and forced yourself to look away… but Suna saw the pain in your eyes - if there were to be anyone that knew you and how you functioned as a person, it would be him. Knowing of the violent storm that brewed in your mind was blaring lies and insecurities, he gently pulled your chin just like prior.
He was met with eyes full of tears, threatening to spill if you blinked just ever so slightly. He catches your tears of fallen from a lachrymose bruised heart with his thumbs and continuously does so as he alternates with his soft lips. You didn't have the strength to push him away, for your heart felt as if it was ripping into pieces… he didn’t need to be so cruel.
“I know and I’m sorry YN” taking a grasp at your shaking hands, he placed his lips to offer you a kiss, “there’s nothing I can do, it’s the law… even what we’re doing right now is unsafe…” Wiping the continuous flow of tears trekking down your rosy cheeks, with eyes firm but empathetic, “I can’t be selfish and risk your life for my gain.”
“B-but what if y-you’re all I want Rin?” And he simply bopped your nose, “No… I will never risk it.” You saw the worry in his eyes, for he cared for you as a friend because that was who Suna was - a person etched with the definition of loyalty.
And if there were to be one thing you hated, most utterly despised, about him… was just that. His loyalty, for he was one to never break a promise - even if his life was at risk.
You held his wrists as he moved his face to nudge his nose with yours, “you were never mine from the first place.”
Tumblr media
“Fuck… where did I place it.” The piles of paperwork on your work desk were scattered as if a tornado scourged through the room, “I remember I placed it in my bag…” rummaging through your purse once more, looking all around your room, and underneath the desk...only to be met with nothing. “Shit, where did I place it…?” Scratching your head, and frantically trying to find your laptop. “Did I misplace it? I remember I dropped my purse last night -” and the sudden rush of heat radiated through your body going straight to your core, causing your cheeks to redden and your pussy to clench from remembering your last night’s rendezvous with your forbidden lover. Only to be reminded, once again, about the hickey that was placed on his neck… and him ultimately leaving at dawn to go back to his rightful partner…
Realizing you had no right to be hurt by his actions, you simply sighed and searched through your apartment once more to find your device, hoping your current worry would take him out of your thoughts.
You weren’t too worried about the laptop itself since you had all the files contained on a drive, it was just the annoyance of going through customs to give reasons as to why you lost your laptop that would be a pain. Sighing in defeat and heading into the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee before heading out to work, you patted your skirt to release its wrinkles… only to see in the mirror your neck littered with dark splotches… fuck.
You tried your best to cover the marks with makeup, and even decided to wear a small scarf - your mother’s -  properly wrapped around your neck to side the marks but to your dismay the marks were slightly still visible. “I have to remind him to stop doing that,” you stated as you continually observed your neck, only for you to see a certain familiar object on your kitchen table covered up with fabric that piqued your interest. Quickly heading over, you uplifted the table cloth that contained a small note with neatly printed words, remembering it wasn’t there the night prior, and only for a small smile to grace you face -
You dropped this last night… I hope nothing broke. If it did, that’s entirely my fault. But remember to heat this up before you head over to work.
Underneath the fabric was your missing laptop and files neatly ordered with a plate of eggs and toast accompanied with a cup of coffee in a thermal flask… and a small box encased with another letter
I know your parent’s memorial is coming up soon. I got you a small gift, I was supposed to give it to you yesterday, but I hope you like it. - Suna
You opened the small box and inside contained a delicate watch, ones that you specifically remember your mother always religiously wearing… and instead of feeling grateful at his thoughtful gesture, your heart soon started to feel dull and weary - irritated almost…
“You’re not making this any easier for me Suna... “ and you closed the box with no tears threatening to spill this time  and set it aside - for today wasn’t a day you wanted to be overwhelmed with grief and be reminded once more that you were alone.
The weather was dull, nothing short of normal, with a hint of heat seeping through the sunken clouds of the winter’s morning. But it was a bit odd for the sun to be out so bright, especially during this time of year when normally darkness prevailed Caelfal and its people only received the true radiance from the sun just about two weeks shy from spring. Strangely these past couple days, the weather was brighter than normal as if light tried to infiltrate the darkness. But without much care, hoping you could get to work on time, you picked up your pace and walked over to your division.
Click clack click clack.
Your boots sang its harsh sounds creating ripples of echoes in the open corridors of the Party’s atrium. It was silent, and gray and the only accessory that reigned in that area was a picture of our great leaders proudly standing tall with the civilians of the once great nations pummeled under their footsteps.
Everyday that picture made you tremble.
You made your way to the front desk, and there sat a younger lady by the name of Miriam. “Good morning comrade, proceed with the protocol. I’ll meet you on the other side.”
Donning off your coat, and opening up your bags, you submitted them under the conveyor belt for scanning. Further proceeding, you went through the magnetic scanner alongside with a fingerprint and iris scanner.
The machine alerted,
“Scanning, please stay still.
Scanning completed.
Welcome, Comrade YN, may you fulfill your duty well today as a beloved member of the Party.
All Hail, the Rebellion.”
And just before you could reach your final destination to retrieve your belongings, was a figure that you almost knew immediately, a person that elevated your blood pressure and spiked up your heart rate.
“Good morning Comrade, it’s nice out today no?”
Her smile illuminated the darkened walls of the lobby, and her perfect teeth shined brighter than the oddly bright sun that shined this morning.
“Good morning Glorium… yes, it’s sure beautiful today.”
Not knowing how to converse with the woman, you decided to simply offer her a smile and proceeded to move along to retrieve your coat and bag. And as you walked past her, it didn’t fail to catch your perception that Glorium was eyeing you a bit sharply, as if she’s seen something that has well caught her attention. “Comrade YN, may I speak with you for a second?”
And without hearing an answer from you, she pulled you into an area that was shy from the surveillance camera, and pushed you against the wall. Moving closer to your body, she lifted up her pale slender arms to remove the fabric that hid your marks.
“E-excuse me-” you tried to stop her hand, assuming the worst - does she know?
“YN… I’m going to be honest with you.” She loosened up the silk scarf that wrapped around your neck. “A delicate scarf such as this YN, shouldn’t be worn like such, you’re not doing justice to this beautiful fabric nor your elegant neck.” Catching you off guard, you simply stared at her with eyes full of caution.
“Scarves such as these should be wrapped like this'' as she properly wrapped the delicate material around your neck, she whispered into your ear, “you really shouldn’t be going around so carelessly Comrade YN, you never know who will be watching.”
Taken aback you pushed her from your body, “W-what are you talking about?” Your eyes were wide, and your body trembled at the fear of someone knowing of your impious acts with her partner.
“There’s no need to worry YN, I was talking about Mr. Ishihara, Ryusuke? I heard he was your assigned partner. Congratulations, Comrade YN.”
What? How did Glorium know? It was never publicly announced nor did you tell anyone besides Suna about it… did she happen to see you at the fountain… or did Suna tell her-
Noticing your eyeballs quivering, “Ryusuke, he slipped a couple weeks back, saying he was excited to meet you.” And with a smile so pure, so radiant, so glorious… she grabbed your coat and delicately placed it upon your shoulders, reached for your bag and gently opened up your hand for you to take, “I just want you to be careful. Having a partner or not, it’s not safe for a non-wedded woman to be going around with marks like that…” And giving your hand a tight squeeze, with a smile that was beautiful but yet showed off her fangs as if she was a serpent ready to attack, “Remember, your parents death. I am under the assumption that their memorial is quite soon? They sacrificed their lives for this Party, Comrade… straighten up your allegiance before you possibly get entrapped in rumors of being a whore and bring defamation to your family’s honor. Surely, I wouldn’t want that for you.”
Patting your shoulder to straighten out your outfit, giving you a wink with her right eye, “I hope you have a great day, Comrade. Looking forward to hearing splendid news about you and Ryusuke. Surely, you both are a good looking couple.”
And before she could leave the room, as she maneuvered her body laced with elegance, “Ah, I almost forgot. It’ll be nice if we four can get dinner sometime soon.”
“Pardon me… I dont know what you mean?”
“You, Ryusuke, Me, and… my fiance, Suna Rintarou” she stated with a smile, as if she knew about your acts behind her back, “It’ll be the perfect time to give you our wedding invitation.”
Tumblr media
Absolutely nothing went through your head than the repetition of Glorium’s words, “it’ll be the perfect time to give you our wedding invitation.”
Despite having no right to feel offended or even have the right to harbor any emotions towards her comment. Her words still haunted you.
Also, it frustrated you how everyone seemed to know of your parents' memorial, and were willing to celebrate their deaths more than you… their only daughter. It greatly irked you that when you, the one in the right to desire such a celebration or not, had no say in something so sensitive like the memorial of your parents. Surely, they were respected beings within the Party, but… can’t I just grieve and bask in my pain and loneliness… just once?
As you walked back home, deciding to take the longer route towards the gates of Caelfal, you released a deep sigh… hoping your dead parents would hear of your sorrow and give you some comfort, “Dad, Mom… why’d you have to leave so early… I miss you.” As if you were a child, going back in time to the age that your parents left your guidance, you kicked a small pebble in frustration with a pout to your lips, “you could’ve left me with something, anything, to help me remember you… you both are too cruel.”
And looking up at the oddly bright sky, where the clouds still colored a deep shade of grey, light beams shined through the thick fluff flashing its light to the darkest of places… you simply smiled, “at least… thank you for the sunshine today Mom and Dad, it’s beautiful-”
Without a second thought you whispered loudly, “Hey, what are you doing?”
You saw a boy, no bigger than the age of eight, with hair white with an outline of black on his tips, his cheeks were chapped and clothes severely dirtied… without a thought to your actions, you ran to pull the boy crawling under Caelfal’s gates - paddling his way to the outside.
You saw tears in his eyes, crying into your arms as he seemed to mutter out words, “I need to go to my parents… my parents are out there… Miss help me.” He clung onto your clothes tightly, almost desperately fearing that you would push him away. He was skinny for his frame, with dirt piling underneath his finger beds… not even knowing who this boy may be, you took pity on him.
“Shh… I got you, it’s okay. Can you tell me your name?” You patted his back to offer him some comfort.
With trembling lips, the boy muttered,“My name is Sei-”
You heard from a distance the footsteps of the patrolling officers walking towards you. Knowing you’ll be questioned for being here, especially with this boy in your arms, you quickly pulled the boy and ran to the nearest alleyway to hide.
“In a couple of days, it’ll be the anniversary soon, right?” One of the officers stated. You tried your best to decipher their words, but they spoke in whispers making it difficult for your ears to comprehend. You moved your head a bit closer to their direction, “rumors have it that they are celebrating the death of a traitor” their voices were mumbled, “caused the fall of the Offensive -”
You heard the rustling of the leaves and the gasp of a woman.
“Fuck, hold up! Hey you!” And your gaze quickly followed their movements and you saw a poor mom and her child clawing their way under the gates only to be trapped by the guards, “you fucking traitors! You wish a death penalty?”
Their laughs were wicked, mocking at the two people of their stupidity… where the mother desperately pleaded on her knees as her hair was tightly gripped by the hands of the officers, and the daughter painfully cried thick tears
You stepped back, with the boy's hands tightly encased with yours…
What were they talking about…? The only deaths you knew, from the Party’s records, that were coming up were of your parents and a couple of other defectors…
How come everyone seems to be talking about my parents' deaths… more than me?
You felt the pang of your heart, and the nervous sweat piling up in your body.
You needed to get out of there.
You took steps backwards, for the alleyway was too tight for you and the boy to turn, taking each step with caution hoping you wouldn’t make a sound.  
Only a couple more steps and you’ll be able to reach an open street, far enough from the gates to not be questioned.
One step.
Two steps.
Just a little more.
Just a couple more.
You felt your back making contact with something hard, you prayed that it was simply just anything but what you desperately hoped it wasn’t.
And from behind you, a figure dark loomed over you both, with a voice sinister and deep,
“Comrade, would be able to tell me why you are here?”
turning back, you were faced with a figure dark, with face patched with scars, and eyes completely dark, where you distinctively noticed his bulbous nose and his aura that smelled of evil and the blood of those that he’s tortured before, and with a cheshire grin wickedly spanning across his face...
you swore you saw the devil. 
Tumblr media
taglist: @rafzaha​, @sunasbbygurlll, @gojoscumsluttt, @emskwon, @imrosay​, @emskwon, @sunarinloveclubsblog, @yourlocalbabybird​, @ooonigirimiyaa
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mochababez · 18 hours ago
When there is a bug in the house
Fluff, a lil bit of crack, all around just a good time with the Haikyuu boys!
Tumblr media
Charaters : Tsukishima, Suna
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂
When you came sprinting towards your boyfriends room, he already knew you were gonna say something stupid or serious. "What is it pipsqueak?" "T-there is a spider in the kitchen near my favorite cupp. Help me idontwannakillit!" You shrieked making him roll his eyes, "Seriously?" He sighed before putting his phone down and walking infront of you. "Thankyou thankyou kei." You quickly said clinging onto his sleeve, not that you would know but tsukki loves having you ask for him to do things for you.
Espesically when he gets to tease you about it as well, once you both made it to the kitchen Tsukii bursted out laughing over the spider you were talking about. "Its only a daddy long legs shorty, thats what your so afraid of~?" You whined, "Stop being a meanie and kill it!"
"Fine fine." You let go of his sleeve so that he could get the bug spray, he only sprayed a little bit to taunt it then carefully watched it fall from the cabinet to the floor. "EEE." You shrieked jumping back, and taking shelter in the living room. While you had your mini freak out tsukki took care of the critter, using the broom to squash it and sweep it up. " it dead?" "Mhm, wanna see?" "HELL NO." Kei chuckled throwing the spider away, once you confirmed he killed it by peeping your head above the couch, you made your way over to the blonde and pulled him down by his shoulders to kiss him.
"Thanks babe!"
"..Y-you're welcome."
Suna was about to fall asleep peacefully when he heard a scream, he groaned getting up and sleepily walked to where the sound was coming from. The bathroom, "what are you yapping about now- the fuck?" Unfazed he saw a big ass roach in the corner of the bathroom, "Uhuh fuck that im out, you comin?" You groaned, "Babe i was gonna take a bathhh, I can't bath with that freak of hygiene in here!" Suna's eyes quickly flashed with energy and wonder, "A bath huh? Alright you might wanna get out the bathroom unless u wanna see this thing have a stroke."
You wasted no time doing so, "Cutie, now to deal with this bitch." He took off one of his slippers (yes he wears house slippers, he's extra <3) and threw it at the roach, surprisingly killing it in the process. He picked up the slipper and wiped off the roach guts at the edge of the trash can, "Its dead babe." You hesitantly looked inside before a grin crossed your lips, "Yayy, thanks rinny!"
He hummed in response, "Now about that bath-"
"Omfg did u kill the roach just to have a bath with me?"
*Sigh* "Well i guess its fair.. you better not try anything."
"Mhm i will make sure I most defiantly do."
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bethanygrace19 · 2 days ago
You’re my everything
There was still time for the arrival of your boyfriend, so all you could do was just wait. “Still thirty more minutes huh….?”, you sighed, slumping back on to the couch. You scrolled through social media for a while, eventually leading you to make a cup of coffee. “Hmmm, this looks good, I should Rin about it”, you mumbled to yourself, looking at the screen. “Ask me what ?”, a raspy and tired voice asked, bursting your train of thoughts. “Oh god!! Wait, RIN YOU’RE BACK!! I MISSED YOU BABY!!!”, you yelled, turning around to face him and hug him. “I missed you too baby, a lot actually”, he said, inhaling your scent. “You sound tired bubs, why don’t we go rest for now and then you can tell me about everything later, sounds good ?”, you asked softy, rubbing soothing circles on his back. “Hmmmm, you’re my everything baby”, he said, already starting to doze off. *BLUSH* “Ok, yeah, let’s go!! And don’t say anything out of nowhere Rin!”, you said, dragging him to your shared bedroom. He just laughs, but deep down, he knows it’s true and it always will be.
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koraiis · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
series masterlist | previously
-> thirteen (love him)
-> methinks that suna is hiding his true feelings and trying to convince himself that he would be better off not chasing an individual that doesn’t seem to be capable of love. i guess you’d say he’s in luuuuhv, but, at the end of the day— he thinks atsumu needs you just a bit more than he does (also, by the laws of fanfiction, we just cant be w suna thirteen chapters in😔 i don’t make the rules)
next up: you try to love one of them back
-> taglist(open): @omi-omikun @fiona782 @kxe-notworking @call-me-lulu @qualitygiantshoepsychic @lilith412426 @youngestdelacour @slut-for-dabi @rintarovibes @dreamstormings @herbaltrees @sairanice @sanjuanadlers @kuroaka @xxrwzy @myfavoriteficsandsuch @reina-de-tay
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sunarent · a day ago
Tumblr media
one day - a haikyu!! series
Tumblr media
pairing: suna x fem!reader
synopsis: no matter how many years pass and no matter what life throws at you - you always find your way back to each other.
genre: movie!au. one day!au. strangers to best friends to lovers. angst. fluff.
status: coming soon!
warnings: heavy spoilers for the movie »one day«. clichés. slow burn. suggestive at times but no explicit smut. alcohol consumption. more will be added later.
taglist: open! [click here! moots can send an ask]
find anything related: #—oneday
disclaimer: this series is heavily inspired by the movie »one day« and therefore will contain heavy spoilers. i do not claim the rights to the plot of this movie.
Tumblr media
this is part of @mythos-blogs‘ november 2021 collab
Tumblr media
⎯ content
chapter one
chapter two
chapter three
more tba
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
Tumblr media
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atsumiye · 2 days ago
okok this is what I imagine when I’m stressed so I’ll share.
Kuroo, atsumu, suna, iwaizumi, hinata, BOKUTO
Would let you use their body to practice medical skills. You need to refresh your memory on cpr - they’re there, despite almost cracking their rib… all is good they’ll still be there with you.
You need to refresh your memory on how to take a bp with a stethoscope- they’re there being patient with you till you get the first heartbeat… no matter how numb their arm starts to feel.
You need to refresh your memory on how to triage pt’s - they’re there with their whole gang to help you organize and plan.
You need to cry bc you’re so stressed - they’re there simply holding you telling you, “it’s okay… don’t cry. We can practice together” as they caress your head
You need to learn how to read an EKG with chickens…. - they’re there patting your back and laughing at you HAHA
You need to take vitals - they’re there at your beck and call
You need to memorize the body muscular/bone structure… - you wouldn’t need a picture diagram, they are there… their bodies themselves are exquisite for studying
And lastly, you need to practice on your patient communication skills when you take pt notes - they’re there being your best actors for whatever disease/condition that you need to practice for.
Hope you feel better ) ,: ❤️
i need you to know that this is so spot on AND is so relevant for me so i can self indulge just a tad more hehe
I JUST KNOW ATSUMU KUROO AND HINATA ARE SO TICKLISH and so it takes like 15 minutes to get him to just sit still because every time you touch him he starts giggling
i also just bought a stethoscope and was complaining how i have no one to practice on and YES they would sit and watch you listen to their heart and lungs and occasionally try to touch you and you have to tell them to stop moving
and them bringing the whole gang over so you can triage and have more people to practice on HGAUDW
omg and crying into their chest and just having them rub your back up and down and leaving little kisses on the top of your head while they list everything they love about you and talk about how proud they are of you and how they are so lucky to have you.
STOP i can see it so vividly like sitting and listening to the lecture where he compared chickens to ECGs and them just walking by and having to do like a double take and then they just sit with you through the entire lab and lecture cracking jokes
and they are so cocky omg like you would be like oh i need to palpate this muscle and they are like "yeah its easy to find on me" and they just flex so hard HAHAH
they would all make you little flashcards with little drawings and extra little notes like "you got this baby" and "the smartest in the world" and they would go out and spend a while picking out only the best index cards and cutest pens to write the flashcards with
and this just made me think of how i studied sports medicine for 2 years and I JUST KNOW WITH MY WHOLE SOUL that they would all sit there and let you practice wrapping and taping AND IWA would give the cutest little advice SOBBING THANK YOU FOR THIS
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nicoleheichou · 2 days ago
Quick Announcement:
So starting Monday I decided that I'm going to be posting daily for Meant To Be because I have a ton of chapters just ready to go because apparently idk how to keep stories short. Lmao. So pls look forward to that! And look forward to today's chapter posting at the regular time 😌
And the masterlist for Now All I See Is Color just hit 1000 notes and that is just so crazy to me, like you guys thought it was good enough to like and share. 🥺 So if you like Haikyuu, Suna, Atsumu, or all three, please check it out if you haven't! It's a soulmate au that was originally meant to be an Atsumu x Reader story but I ended up adding a Suna and Poly Route because we all agreed we didn't want anyone heartbroken. 😂
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