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fuck and run!
Tumblr media
Pairings: Iwaizumi, Kenma, Suna, Kuroo, Akaashi x f!reader
Synopsis: Haikyuu men who sets you aside after railing you
Tags: suggestive | mildly explicit | established relationship | fluff | smut
Tumblr media
will do his sports science things after railing you so hard that you have to call in sick the next day. you whine and blame him that it’s all his fault that your pussy down there hurts. yet, he knows all of your antics and pays your whining no mind as he types away on his laptop.
“you’re really mean Hajime Iwaizumi! how could you focus on your work while a naked woman is on your bed!” you huff and puff as you pick up and wear a discarded robe on the ottoman chair.
“distract me and I’ll make you cry again.” he cooly threatens that you stop tying the ribbon of your robe with wide eyes. heat rushes down your body as you clench your thighs together, nipples perking beneath the thin robe exactly as his eyes travel on your body.
it’s so easy to fluster you yet it’s him that’s even more flustered.
"I would like that." the brat in you replies with an amazing brazenness that you haven't processed what you said too. your cheeks feel warm when embarrassment seeps into the silent room. gosh, you really hate it when this man makes you feel so awkward.
iwaizumi's member throbbed when he heard your snarky attitude, the same tone you use in challenging him. his lips twitch a little when he sees you getting uncomfortable with the silence. should he let you suffer more? but he really loves you too much.
he sighs and signals for you to sit on his lap. "you better be quiet while I work."
a hand clamped tightly on your mouth, your ass against his cock; kenma releases his load into you as tears prick your eyes from the feeling of being filled along with the pressure pressing down on your mouth.
he’s on mic with his friends in-game while he challenges you to stay quiet as you two get nasty behind the screen. kenma finally releases his grip on your mouth and you loudly suck in your breath making him pinch your ass from the annoyance of your loud breathing.
“get off and pick up your shorts,” he instructs and waits for your wobbly legs to stand and bend over to the floor.
as you pick up both of your thrown bottoms, a startled shriek rips through the air. his light kisses on your back tickles that you can't help your mouth. “kenma!” you quickly shut your mouth with wide eyes, head whipping to your boyfriend’s direction. but to your surprise, his cat-like eyes just softly smile at the cute expression you made.
“come here.” kenma grabs both sides of your waist, then he settles you down on his naked lap. your warm, uncovered lower halves touch against each other; the feeling makes him suck in his breath and throw his head back against his gaming chair.
“I’m sorry if I’m too mean. It was actually muted the whole time.” he presses apologetic kisses along your shoulder as a furrow on your brows slowly forms upon learning his trickery.
“and…can you please move your body a bit? I can’t move my hands easily…” kenma’s request trails off as he sees your blank face and burning eyes. oh no.
he has no self-control when it comes to you. how could he when his cute girlfriend is walking towards him with sleepy eyes, his oversized shirt draped over your frame, plus with no panties! suna is all ready to go to his practice but the sight of you had him stopping in his tracks. a sigh goes out of his mouth as he puts down his sports bag and strides over to you.
“do your thighs hurt? shouldn’t you be resting?” he asks with a concerned tone as he remembers the night before when he manhandled you for hours. he suddenly carries you to the couch, much to your surprise that it wakes you up.
“were you going to practice? I heard you shuffling early in the morning…” you say to him as your boyfriend presses a kiss on your head. to be honest, it made you sad the moment you woke up and realized he left you after that night. you thought he would at least stay as the apology for holding your thighs up harshly.
“I’m sorry, but I’ll come back later with your favorite food.” suna pecks your cheek with a kiss while the corners of your mouth lift. “that’s a promise?” “it’s a promise.”
he goes back to pick up his bag that’s been left at the door and waves at you. “I need to go now, I’ll stay with you tonight until the next day.” you wave back at him and nod as his figure retreats and closes the door.
should you go to his practice? or relieve yourself on your own? “but suna will get angry” you whisper to yourself with a pout as you plop down on the soft couch.
when you asked your boyfriend for help, this was not what you expected. you expected the both of you to sit side by side with notebooks and pens. you crying out of frustration because your dumb head can’t get the problem and him laughing about how you’re not even listening.
you cry out because of how much the stretch of him hurts and kuroo’s laughing at your whining when you took him a lot of times already. “shhh, it’s okay baby, relax and let me in.” his voice gives butterflies to your stomach and so, you lay back, close your eyes and let him do the work.
“now, do it yourself. just solve it based on what you know and I’ll correct it later,” kuroo instructs while handing the notebook full of gibberish numbers to you. your disheveled hair and unbuttoned blouse don’t go unnoticed by your boyfriend as he steals a few glances here and there.
“you know I just orgasmed like minutes ago?” you sassily throw back at him, not bothering to look at your notebook. how could he act as if nothing happened before? kuroo nods as if he understands and says: “study hard and finish your degree, then I’ll wife you up.”
at that, you pick up the pen and grab the notebook closer to you. it doesn't seem so bad coming from his mouth!
boyfriend akaashi who fiercely takes off his glasses with one hand and grips your chin, directing your lips to his mouth for a heated kiss. your muffled moans start when his slender hands rummage under your skirt, pushing aside your panty and entering a finger to test the wetness.
“hold on tight to me, let’s go to the bed.” he huskily whispers as you moan in response when your lips once again crash into each other.
the sound of two people catching their breathing is heard throughout the room. “keiji, where are you going?” your small voice asks when you see him standing up and putting on his pants.
akaashi turns to look at you with a smile, ruffling your bed hair before putting on his glasses. “just sleep, I’ll go next room to do my work.”
you grab onto his wrist before he could take a step further away from you. your boyfriend turns back in sweet surprise at the loving gaze in your eyes. “what is it?” he asks and you reply: “hold my hand while you work.” you sulkily say, stretching your hand over to him with half-closed eyes.
akaashi chuckles and moves away to bring the table closer to the bed. “now go to sleep. I’ll work with one hand, princess.” he tangles his fingers with yours, caressing the soft skin of your palm as you slowly drift off to sleep.
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Things you do which makes him go crazy
ft. Iwaizumi Hajime, Suna Rintarou, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Kuroo Tetsurou, Bokuto Koutarou, Matsukawa Issei (all characters aged up!)
Iwaizumi Hajime dragging your fingernails slowly against his skin, or under his shirt makes him go feral. How you whisper such vulgar words so that it’s heard by only him, how your hair slightly brushes against his face, how your sweet scent skims his nose. He tries his hardest to control whatever he’s feeling, to not fall prey to your teasing but fails. And that failure always ends up with him slamming into you.
Suna Rintarou something about you sitting on his lap breaks his whole stoic demeanor. The way your thighs are perfectly seated on his, right above his crotch, feeling your wetness seep through, makes him loose his cool. Oh and the way you slowly start grinding on him, and the only words ever leaving your mouth being ‘please Rin’ and ‘need you’ has him crumbling right under you.
Sakusa Kiyoomi he has a sensitive neck and you know it. That’s why every time you kiss his neck, he looses his mind. The way you get outta breadth, the way you hold his collar or hair for a much better grip, the way your thighs press against him ; has his fingers automatically find your clothed clit and rub slow circles onto it. Hearing your sighs and moans in between is a huge bonus for him.
Kuroo Tetsurou pull his hair. Just do it. Cause god will this man be on his knees if you do that. He’s got that thick raven hair for a reason. Every time, even if it’s just a make out session, if and when you tug at his hair, he goes mad crazy. And as you do that, his lips travel all the way down your body and to between your thighs. He swears he could drown there for the rest of his life.
Bokuto Koutaro needy and sloppy kisses make him weak in the knees. Your lips are intoxicating, and it’s like a drug ; you’re like a drug he’s addicted to. And that addiction will continue forever. Your kisses tend to make him float above cloud nine. And he’s not one to hesitate in showing off all the love bites and marks you gave him to his teammates.
Matsukawa Issei the way your thighs clench around his neck and keep him in place when he’s eating you out. He loves your thighs, he just does, don’t argue (cause you’ve got beautiful thighs). They suffocate him in a way that has him coming undone. And once he’s finished with eating you out, he takes a moment to adore your thighs even more as it is now covered in nothing but red and purple marks. ‘Sexy’ he thinks.
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tsukina · a month ago
giving suna rintarou head — mdni
a/n: this is my first smut and was suppose to be only suggestive due to me not having experience writing smut,,, but i just couldn’t with this man. he has a choke hold on me. pls be kind if it isn’t the best <333
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you’ve been waiting 4 days, 27 minutes and 6 seconds for this moment. hours of thinking of an unbeatable plan. a plan that will land you in no good, but nonetheless a plan that will make you emerge victorious in the unspoken war between you and your boyfriend of three years, suna.
and in all of that time, you’ve came up with several ideas. whether it was you pantsing him in the middle of a supermarket, or replacing his lotion with lubricant, nothing seemed to top the embarrassment stunt he pulled on you the other day when he claimed you were his sister in front of your coworkers. after he had kissed you on the lips.
yes, nothing you thought of could give him that level of embarrassment, until today. it was an impulsive thought really, and immediately you knew it was something that had to be done. it all started when he got a call from his friend, osamu, while you two were watching a movie. they tend to call frequently because the male doubts his finalized decisions when it comes to his stores specials or menu.
these phone calls happen so often that you’re aware of how long they normally take. nothing shy of thirty minutes when it’s him alone, and even longer if his twin was there to accompany him. to your benefit, they both clicked onto sunas phone screen as he answered the facetime.
you laid your head snuggly on his shoulder, greeting the twins normally. they talked about normal things like tuna onigiri, or an msby advertisement that has been in the works for a while, all thanks to atsumu. of course, it continued with the bickering between brothers on what the newest menu item should be; a mini cauliflower okonomiyaki or an avocado tuna poke.
it’s nothing that interested to you really, because this wasn’t what was on your mind despite having an open conversation with them about it. no, you didn’t care at all— because as your sweet, sweet boyfriend was tending to his friends needs, your hand caressed down his chest and found it’s way into his boxers.
he asked for it, really. laying there half naked as if he knew it was coming. the shift in his eyes as he started to stutter on his words, trying to keep up with the conversation. there’s no hint of any hesitation in your voice as you pitch in, softly gliding your finger across his tip.
the twins know nothing as they smile at your jokes, keeping a calm demeanor. suna stayed quiet, concentrating on hiding the flush in his cheeks. you felt his cock slightly twitch in the palm of your hand, silently begging you to go faster.
“you okay there, rin?” osamu asks his camera, wondering on why the man had suddenly went quiet.
he gave his friend a dry smile, “just feeling under the weather.”
an idiot, really. there were multiple way to answer it, yet he played right in your hand. you glanced over from the phone innocently, “oh? baby, why didn’t you say so? is it your stomach again?”
he gave you a weak nod as your hand picks up it’s pace, “i’ll go get you some medicine.”
you moved out of frame with a sly smirk, the desperation in sunas eyes as he tried to understand your next move. he wasn’t sure if he wanted you to stop, or to continue. if he could hang up on his friends, he would, but that would make the situation much worse. this is what you wanted, right? to embarrass him for the other day? he wasn’t too sure, but all he knew was his dick was hard while he stared at the faces of osamu and atsumu. gross.
there was no need to get medicine, as he wasn’t feeling unwell. a sick and twisted lie to cover up the fact that he wanted to fuck you mercilessly, but it only got him into more trouble. he continued to talk to the boys as you crawled over him, slowly pulling his boxers off completely. suna didn’t have time to prepare himself as you placed your cute, puffy lips onto him. your tongue wetting his shaft with your spit.
he placed his phone on his chest, watching above his camera to give the illusion of looking at his friends. their words going in ear and out the other as you twirl your tongue on his erection, ending with a small pop as you sucked his top. the spit leaking out of the corners of your mouth, not caring for the suction noises as the job for concealment was on him. he spoke louder with his words, laughing obnoxiously at atsumus dumb jokes to hide your vibrating moans.
you looks so irresistible as your head bobbed up and down, your hands working with his other assets as you focused on fucking him with your tongue. he thanked the gods as the miyas began to argue once again, giving him a moment to grip your hair and force you lower onto him. you wondered why he didn’t hang up with an excuse yet. maybe he wanted to show you up, or maybe he didn’t really care? it was more the reason to keep going.
he felt his eye twitch as osamu offered to bring him food for his sickness, something he normally would take the offer on if he wasn’t too busy getting head. you giggled softly at his reaction, knowing more than anything that he was frustrated that he had to entertain his friends rather than pounding into your mouth at the intensity he wanted to.
he grew inpatient as his free hand continued to control your speed, picking up the pace and forcing you to go deeper each time. any response at this point was quite literally a default as he was too focused on how well you could take him whole. the noises and lack of responses on his end falling on deaf ears.
“alright well, i’ll let ya go,” osamus words were music to his ears as he waved to the camera, “say bye to yn for us!”
it was perfect timing as you roughened your grasp, feeling his hips twitch up at the feeling. the pleasure and climax reaching as the call ends, his phone slipping immediately out of his hand as it goes to your mouth, aggressively picking up your pace.
the end was near as your eyes didn’t leave his, the intensity of his needs bringing tears to your eyes as you felt his fat cock hit the back of your throat multiple times. he let out a godly growl, one he had been holding back the entire time. grabbing fistfuls of your hair as his brain went completely empty.
spilling his load entirely with a final thrust into your mouth, his head fell back onto the pillow with a defeated groan. his juices dripping onto your chin as you swallowed on him, causing him to flinch at the sensitivity. you were admiring his chest as it huffed up and down, watching as sweat ran down his neck.
his eyes found yours once again as you sat prettily between his legs, nothing but pure lust left in them. he was not done. “was that revenge?”
correcting his posture, he ducked his head ever so slightly before grabbing your chin, looking up in your eyes. “we’re quiet now, huh? lay down.”
he didn’t have to repeat himself as you obediently found yourself laying under him, waiting for him to make you atone for your sins. the maximum punishment for embarrassing him in front of his old teammates. and after waiting 4 days, 27 minutes and 6 seconds for this moment, you win.
“He definitely was-“
“Yeah,” osamu shook his head, “He definitely was.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
TAGS; @hoperenae @butterscotch-ripple-icecream @crescentkaze @therealpussybangs @skomiomi
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qu4ckk · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ character(s) ; kotaro bokuto, atsumu miya, rintaro suna, shinsuke kita [timeskip]
+ cw/tw ; nsfw(18+). overstimluation. oral (fem receiving). face sitting. fingering. squirting. dirty talk. petnames. vaginal penetration. belly bulge. teasing. riding. praise. 
+ notes ; reblogs and likes are greatly appreciated <3
━  © all rights reserved to qu4ckk. reposting, plagiarizing, modifying, and translating is NOT allowed.
Tumblr media
your thighs pathetically trembled around his head, fingers gripping onto the headboard for support. you whined for him to stop and that you were too sensitive, but the way you gripped his hair, urging him to bury his face closer said otherwise. he loved when you sat on his face, he wants nothing more to be smothered by your pretty little cunt. he payed no mind to the arousal that dripped on his chin from your sopping heat. your pleasured sobs and whimpers only encouraged him further. every time you came, he eagerly licked it up leaving your cunt glistening with his spit. the way his rough hands gripped your thighs tighter made it clear he wasn’t done with you yet. 
you squirmed desperately in his grasp, pleading for him to slow down. three orgasms had already been ripped from you, but the fingers buried deep inside your pussy were unrelenting. you weakly gripped his wrist but your attempts were futile as he only shushed your cries and reassured you could take it. you could only whine and writhe against the cum soiled sheets beneath you. you wanted to be good for him but it was just all too much. his fingers reached so deeply inside you, curling against that sweet spot that made you squeal and moan. your heart raced as his toned chest pressed up against your back, free arm wrapping around your waist to keep you from moving away. you were so close, the knot building up in your stomach much more intense than before. you squeezed your eyes shut and let out a garbled, desperate cry of his name before squirting all over his hand as his eyes widened in awe. “shit ,baby, that was so hot. you can do that a few more times f’me, yeah?”
“what are you whining for, princess?” he smirked at your tear stained face, prodding his aching cock against your tight hole once more. “it’s too much? i haven’t got to cum yet though.” he fake pouted just to tease you further. a hiss escaped your clenched teeth at the burning sensation of his cock, which was coated with your previous orgasms, entering your sensitive cunt. he was so big. “still so tight.” he said, mostly to himself, as he slowly started moving his hips. he groaned at the feeling of your nails digging into his shoulders, the pain soon being overwhelmed by the way your cunt spasmed and clenched around him. “rin ‘s too much..” you whimpered, thrusting your hips up to meet his thrusts despite your words. his hand traveled up from your hips to the bulge in your stomach, pressing against it just to hear you gasp and moan. “just a little bit more. you can take it, sweetheart.” 
“you’re doing so well, making me feel so good.” his words made you want to continue but you couldn’t anymore, your thighs burned and shook every time you lifted yourself up and then back down again on his cock. “mm can’t anymore.” you whined, hands gripping his shoulders for leverage. his thumb rubbed soothing shapes into your aching thighs, “its okay. i got you, dear.” his soft hands trailed from your thighs up to your hips, gripping either side gently.  you were both so sensitive, one another’s orgasms n arousal being coated on both of your lower halves. but you both craved more, craved each other. he placed a loving kiss on your shoulder before helping you work your way up and down his length. pretty moans slipping past his kiss bitten lips. “m close!” you whined and dug your nails into his shoulders. one of his hands left your waist, thumb rubbing circles on your clit helping you reach your nth orgasm of the night. “go ahead, dear. cum as many times as you want.”
Tumblr media
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tetsuswhores · 14 days ago
work outfit
Tumblr media
multiple characters x reader
Warnings: smut, fem!reader, mentions of oral (m), sexual content, a little pervy character, husband!character.
A/N- reposting again cause tags were being a bitch. Let me know how y'all like it. A main focus of this fic is Iwa-chan cause it's his birthday and happy belated birthday to the love of my life
Tumblr media
He loves it when you wear your work outfit. It's not even anything scandalous or "slutty" yet he feels the stir in his pants as you step out of the bedroom. Slack pants adorning your beautiful legs. He can see the little cleavage that peeks out of your shirt that is slightly unbuttoned. Your hair damp from the shower and sticks on your neck and the whole room fills with the dab of the sweet perfume that you just wore. He hugs you from behind, burying his nose on your neck and nipping your skin softly. 
“What are you doi–” your laughter broke into a soft breathy moan as you felt him growing against you, softly grinding his hard crotch against your ass as he walked over to the nearest wall, pressing you against it. Soft whimpers escape your mouth as his hands find the way towards your breasts and squeezes it harshly, crumpling that part of the shirt. But who cares? You look so professional. So gorgeous and so damn sexy. 
Nobody can  fathom that this is the same woman who loudly moans out like a slut as he drills his cock inside your cunt every night. Nobody but he can see your fucked dumb face after he makes you cum for the umpteenth time the same night. No one but he has to know that the woman who is held  in such high esteem in her office gets intoxicated as he fucks her mouth till he’s raw and both are shuddering in overstimulation.
That’s what he loves about you– he loves how you can be extremely professional during the day in your work. The woman whose intellectual mind is beaten by no one. Yet you are the same woman who is fucked dumb every night by your loving husband as he rewards you and your hard work. 
“Princess, you feel so good. f-fuck I’m gonna cum,” He groans out against your neck, snapping his hips against you, right at the spot which was enough to send you to haze.
“ we’re g-gonna be late– fuck!” you squeal out as he hits that one spot that has you cumming in mere seconds. You feel his hands dancing around your body, groping every curve till he reaches for your chin, tilting it up towards him and engulfs your lips. His tongue fights against yours at the same time  he increases his pace down below. 
He snaked his hand down towards your neglected clit. He took the nub between his two fingers, pinching it hard, which was the final blow to you. 
Your body blissfully floating in high and soon enough you feel him spurting his own orgasm inside you with a drawing moan of your name.
You breathe out heavily to regain your composure, feeling his hand caressing you to bring you down from high. The room filled with the smell of sex and of your own perfume, your slacks piled in one corner. He looks at your disheveled state and grins.
“Sorry, princess, you look too irresistible when you get dressed for work.”
IWAIZUMI HAJIME(28) ATHLETIC TRAINER, Bokuto, Tendou, Mattsun (this fucker has a very specific outfit kink i just know), Kuroo (he would ask you to keep his cum the whole day in your panties) , Atsumu, Suna, Daichi
Tumblr media
Reblog or I'll shoot you
Thanks for reading
Tumblr media
©- tetsuswhores2022 — do not copy, repost my works on any other platform. Please refrain from plagiarizing.
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kuroovore · 4 months ago
is this what you wanted?
Tumblr media
nsfw - minors dni ✰ wc: 0.5 k
pairing: rintaro suna x fem reader
content: fingering, finger sucking
Tumblr media
you sit on suna’s lap with his hands tightly gripping your waist. you’ve been making out for what seems like hours ever since he had come home from practice. you were clinging to him the second he walked through the door and he decided to turn your neediness into something enjoyable for the both of you.
he runs his tongue along your bottom lip and you open your mouth wider to let him in. you moan at the feeling and he chuckles before moving one hand down to your thigh.
he gives it a harsh squeeze and runs his hand up to the top of your shorts, messing with the hem.
you whine as he teases you, not giving you what you so desperately want and he chuckles into your mouth. he finally slips his hand into your shorts and runs his middle finger teasingly against your clit.
you let out another whine at his actions and reach down and grip his wrist trying to push it deeper into your shorts. he takes his other hand from your waist and grabs onto your wrist that’s holding his and takes it off of his, placing it on his shoulder before returning his hand to its previous spot.
you grind yourself forward onto suna’s hand hoping to get some friction from it and also trying to get his fingers towards where you need him most.
he notices this and slips his middle and ring fingers through your folds before teasing your entrance with his middle finger.
“rin, please”
you see him slightly smirk before he slips his long fingers into you as he moves his face to leave kissing and marks all along your neck.
you’re a moaning mess and it only gets worse as he rubs the heel of his hand into your clit.
“is this what you wanted baby?” he whispers in your ear. “hmm? youve been asking for this ever since i got home and now you can’t even speak to me.”
“s-suna,” you whine. his name and your moans are all that seem to be able to leave your mouth.
you feel yourself getting closer to your high so you start to move against his hand, gripping his shoulders as you feel yourself become weaker.
“you gonna cum, baby?”
you hastily nod your head, still finding yourself unable to form words.
“then cum.”
all it takes is a particularly rough thrust of his fingers until your falling apart on his fingers, resting your head against his shoulder, no longer able to hold yourself up properly.
“you sound so pretty baby, i bet you taste pretty good too.” he says before slipping his hand out of your shorts and placing the tip of his fingers into his mouth.
you stare at him, taking in the sight before he takes his fingers out of his mouth and moves them towards yours. you quickly open your mouth as he puts his fingers in so you can suck off what’s left of your juices.
“fuck..” he groans before slipping his fingers out of your mouth and running his thumb along your lower lip.
“let’s go upstairs.”
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maitaro · 8 days ago
And...action ! - Rintarō Suna.
Tumblr media
Pairing : pornstar! Suna x f!reader.
Genre : smut.
Warnings : roleplay (kinda), fingering, implied manipulation (but it's part of the scenario), vaginal penetration.
A/N : I'm on hiatus but i wanna see how this post is gonna go. Also,, it will probs help me decide of what to do in the near future with this blog, even if I kinda made up my mind already, lol.
Main Masterlist.
wc : ~ 3,370.
Tagging : @boosyboo9206 @tooruchiii @cl-0-vr
Tumblr media
You always had a thing for your roommate. And unlike many others, you knew exactly  why. Suna Rintarō was extremely attractive, he was funny, he was such a tease and he was rich. Like, very rich. 
Honestly, he was 6'3, he had a body you only saw in magazines, and he had the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. So no, you never really wondered before what his job was. At least not before he decided to confess, because he was just so handsome that it made you forget every time the thought crossed your mind. 
Coming back to his wealth, you noticed it quite quickly. When you saw the offer on a random website, you couldn't believe it. Because it was in one of the poshest areas of Tokyo, and the man was ready to pay two-thirds of the monthly fees, an offer you couldn't possibly reject. 
You never asked Suna about the reason behind this very generous gesture, nor did he give you an explanation. The thing was; you clicked almost immediately after you first met him, so when Suna offered you a drink, you couldn't refuse.
It turns out you found your other half, your best friend. And that was what he thought too, because the brunette actually told you he would delete his post if you agreed to sign the papers on the same night, which you did.
Tumblr media
Almost a year went by and you found yourself in a situation you couldn't have expected. Because what Suna didn't tell you before, was what he was doing for a living. And that was the big question, right? How did the man become that rich at only twenty-five years old? Because if it made sense to others, it didn't to you.
A few weeks ago, Rintarō called you when you were leaving your job, your shift was finally over. He was often present in the evenings, and he was almost always at home when you left early. You didn't know what his work schedule was, but you were curious, a lot.
And that night, he finally told you. In fact, Suna explained that he was a porn actor, and that he was almost always ranked in the top three of the websites his videos were posted on. 
To say you were surprised would have been an understatement. Because yes, Suna was hot. But him having sex with women on video? Never in your wildest dreams. And you didn't know if you should have felt curious, ashamed, astonished or even horny. Because if if was a pornstar then… he must knew how to fuck extremely well, right…?
And Suna actually appreciated your reaction, because you didn't leave, you didn't push him away, quite the contrary actually. Because after that moment, he started to notice how your eyes lingered more on his chiselled chest, or how you would hide your phone from his sight at night.
And he knew what you were doing. He knew that you were searching for his videos all over the Internet. And you must have found them, judging by the muffled moans of his name he could hear late at night, coming from your bedroom. You weren't really discreet though, so it was an easy game for him.
And Suna also knew how sick and tired you were of your job. You just wanted to earn money, and who could blame you? He had to help you, with all his might. Because that's what friends are made for, isn't it?
Therefore, Suna offered you, one morning, to join him on stage, a month ago. To try things out and see if you liked it, and to earn pocket money. 
At first, you said no, categorically. How dared he offer you something as nasty as a sex film? But.., as the minutes went by, and as Suna leaned over, his tall frame towering over your body, you crumbled. And he must have felt it, because his hands reaching for your hips and his torso pressing against your chest ignited something inside you, something warm, electric. 
And as his mouth found your earlobe, nibbling it, Suna smirked in your neck.
"My cock will make you see stars, baby. And just imagine how much you're gonna earn with this video. A fucking ton of cash, c'mon. I know you wanna try it." 
Only a weak whimper left your mouth, but it was enough for Suna. Because not a minute later, his lips crashed against yours in a dirty kiss, his tongue shoved deep inside your mouth. 
That night, when you came back home with him, you had difficulty walking straight. Because Suna didn't lie, and his cock effectively destroyed you in the best way.
Tumblr media
Now that you were looking back at it, you didn't regret anything. Since that afternoon, you quit your job and fully dedicated yourself to Suna, and his job—which was now also yours. Safe to say that Rintarō dared ask his manager, Kuroo Tetsurō, to only have you in his videos, and his boss agreed. He entirely understood that Suna wanted only one partner, especially you. You were gorgeous, and truth to be told, Rintarō already brought so much money just by himself that Kuroo wouldn't try his luck by refusing the man's request. 
Plus, the public already loved your duo, and each video of yours was now ranked first in the charts, making the other actors in the agency a bit resentful, despite them being the firsts to fuck their fists on your sex sessions.
You were now sure of something, your relationship wasn't just professional anymore. Because the day you had sex in the shower while no one was watching was enough to tell, you were both attracted to each other to a level you couldn't control. And since then, you almost always spent the night in each other's embrace, either making out, fucking, or simply sleeping. 
And today again, you let the public choose the scenario.
"Now that we're on set, let's see. The majority asked you guys to play the teacher and the bad student who let him have his way to get good grades." You threw a knowing glance at Suna as Kuroo explained everything, and his small wink made you giggle. It would be a good one, you were sure of it.
"It's perfect. Do we have outfits?"
"Yeah y/n. Yours is here," motioning the small box by his side, Kuroo gave it to you after, letting you discover the short school skirt and the transparent tiny white shirt. You let out a small snort seeing the thin tie coming with it, and throwing a glance at Suna, you analysed his own clothes.
Plain black pants with a white shirt and a pair of glasses, really stereotyped. But you liked it, because you knew he would look hot in it.
"You like that shit, huh? Bet you're already picturing me fucking you–"
"Whatever is happening outside of the agency is your private life, Rintarō. So keep it that way, yeah? Now go change, we'll be waiting for you here." The cough that followed Kuroo's words made you snicker, and standing up quickly, you went to your space to change comfortably, Suna right on your heels. And right before you could enter the room, the brunette forced you to turn around, pinning you against the wall. Forcing your legs open with his knee, he buried his face in the crook of your neck, leaving a few wet kisses on your skin.
"Rin…, we need to get ready and–"
"Shut up. I wanna fuck you so badly, y/n. Can't wait to make you cum in that sexy schoolgirl uniform, baby." His words caught you off guard, but you hoisted one leg around his hip, the back of your heel digging into his ass, to bring him close to you.
"And I can't wait for you to give me good grades for that, professor." 
"Fuck," breathing out his answer, Suna kissed your lips softly before pulling back, eventually letting you go, slapping your ass in the process and grinning when he heard your gasp.
Tumblr media
"You wanted to see me, professor?" You played with a strand of your hair as you let your other hand fall on your hip, completely entering your character.
Suna was sprawled on the office chair, papers scattered all over the mahogany table, his arms crossed over his chest.
"Indeed, miss y/n. Would you take a seat, please? I believe some things need to be discussed, love." 
Frowning, you complied nonetheless, lazily sitting in front of him before resting your chin on the palm of your hand.
"I'm listening."
"Here," tossing you one paper with a red D circled on it, Suna cocked an eyebrow at you. "Don't you think you should be more serious with your grades? Don't you want to please your parents with good marks, honey?" 
You faked annoyance, and puffing your cheeks, you simply snorted.
"I'm a lazy girl, studying isn't for me. If I had another way to improve, I would take it without a doubt, professor. But I clearly don't see another option here." Pouting, you chewed on your bottom lip as Suna smiled discreetly, loosening his tie in the process. 
"Well princess, now that you're talking about it… I might have the perfect solution for you. C'here, I'll explain everything you need to know." 
He motioned you to join him on the other side of the table, and following his order, you stood up before reaching for him. Now by his side, you gasped when the brunette slipped his hand on your hip, slipping it underneath your skirt.
"I said, come here, doll." His grasp was strong enough to make you fall on his lap, your back pressed against his front as your ass was right above his boner. Your eyes widened at the sudden contact, but Suna didn't pay attention to it, putting your hair aside, giving him free space to kiss the left side of your neck.
"What we're gonna do; cockwarm me and I'll give you an A, alright?" You tried to push him off, you tried to stand up, but his arms around your waist were holding you down.
"Let me go, you're just a disgusting–"
"Shh, I know you value your parents' opinion. Such a shame if they discovered how bad their little girl is behaving at school, hm?"
And with his words, you let go, your eyes falling on the camera, playing your role perfectly. Faking a sob, you leaned back, your head falling on his shoulder as Suna tore the material of your shirt open, your tits popping up from the lacy bra.
"Lift your hips up baby. Gimme some space and I promise, I'll make you feel good. We're gonna work on those papers at the same time,"
You knew it was all fake, but God, Suna was playing so well. And it aroused you so much, you were sure you would have thrown yourself willingly into his arms if he was your teacher. 
Your thoughts got cut short when you felt his long and warm fingers pushing your panties aside, and the sound of his pants made you giddy inside. Throwing a quick glance behind you, you noticed that the man had already taken off his slacks, and judging by the hardness of his thick length, you guessed you weren't the only one wanting it.
His hand found your hip again as he brought you down on him, and little by little, inch by inch, Suna inserted himself inside your tight and warm pussy, a strangled moan leaving your mouth as he cursed slowly. 
You knew it wasn't acting as you knew him well, Suna was really taking pleasure in stretching your little hole, and you were definitely wishing he would fuck you hard later as your pussy fully engulfed him. 
"Fuuuck, so warm."
"M-ister Suna. It's not… suitable. We should, ah–" his hand found your throat, and biting your shoulder harshly, Suna hummed.
"How so? Because I'm a teacher fucking his lil student ? But would you look at that… you're dripping on my office pants, and may I remind you that I have class after our meeting, miss y/n? Now shut up, or I'll take my phone to send a cute picture to your parents. Look at the paper in front of you. What does it say?"
Suna impressed you, because he played his role so well. But you surprised him too, because you actually faked innocence and refusal amazingly. 
And every time you two were filming, you didn't focus on the cameras, as if they weren't here. And maybe that was why the public liked your duo so much, because it felt real.
And well, for you both, it was indeed. 
The camera zoomed in on your quivering lip and glassy eyes, and only looking at the paper on the table, you sniffed, Suna's girth filling you up so well already.
"It– it says that x × 2 = 6 and y × 3 = 21,"
"And what about the following calculus?" His warm breath tickled your nape, and swallowing the lump in your throat, you opened your mouth to answer, only to moan right after when Suna pinched your hard nipple.
"It–ah. It says (x × 10) + y = b."
His warm hands cupped your tits and massaged them while you bit your lip, faking crying, as you knew the cameras were on you.
"And…? The result, please?"
You knew you had to play dumb for the scenario, and so, you furrowed your eyebrows, as if you were thinking hard.
"b is 40, right …?"
Only Suna's sigh could be heard. His lips latched around your earlobe once again before biting it softly. "Such a dumb little girl, aren't you? That means I don't have any other choice, stand up." 
His voice was commanding, and complying, you stood up, his cock pulled out of your drenched pussy as you faced the office, your ass almost in his face. But it didn't last long as Suna followed your move and pressed his front against your back. The slam of his hand on the table made you jump out of surprise and fake fear, and his other hand settled on the middle of your back, pushing you forwards, your tits pressed against the cold desk. You were completely bent over it now, and Suna did not wait for your approval and slapped your ass hard, making you yelp.
"Professor !" His sinister laugh echoed in the small room, and Rintarō stole your tie before bringing both of your hands to your back, tying your wrists up, effectively caging you between him and the table.
"I think I need to fuck the answers out of you, babygirl. Try not to be too loud, or other students could suspect you of fucking your professor, yeah?"
Nodding silently, you faked crying and let the crocodile tears run down your flushed cheeks as the man swiftly inserted his cock deep inside you, making you arch your back in the process. You contained your moan with your teeth by biting your lip, and Suna took advantage of the new position to hold on to your shoulder, the other holding both of your wrists behind you, enabling him to start fucking you deep.
"Shit, pussy so fucking tight for your teacher, huh? 'Am sure you wanted it secretly, fucking whore. You like selling your body for good grades, don't ya?"
"Y-yeah I do! Please mister, please! Harder," the sound of his hips slamming against yours was almost hidden by the loud squishing of your juices gathering around his fat length, and Suna smirked. Because as always, your pussy felt so good, your warm and gummy walls were so inviting, and your juices were so delicious. 
The way you could still feel the vein adorning his cock dragging along your walls made you go crazy, and moving your hips backwards to meet his thrusts, you whimpered as Suna let out an animalistic growl. Your walls kept tightening around him, not letting him go. 
Suna pressed you harder on the table, quickening his pace, and looking down, he licked his lip in delight. 
You were swallowing him so good. Your folds were so soft and kept caressing his heavy, wet balls, and throwing his head back, he moaned loudly.
"Shit, if you could study as you fuck, you would surely be our best student, doll."
You were a babbling mess at this point, and resting your forehead on the cold surface of the desk, you took a deep breath, feeling the tip of his cock kissing your cervix with each powerful thrust. You knew you were reaching your limits as Suna kept hitting your g-spot –he actually knew exactly where it was located now that sex became a habit between you– and focusing on it, Rintarō cursed as he felt your walls clamping around him in a tight grip. 
"You're gonna cum? Gonna make a mess in my office? Do it, show your teacher how good he's making you feel."
And with one last strangled moan, you came undone, effectively gushing around him, your juices wetting his stomach as Suna watched carefully. 
"'Am– can I leave now, professor Su-"
"Tsk. I never said you could before I would cum, miss y/n. Lemme cum and I'll reward you," you should have been used to the overstimulation by now, because Suna absolutely loved fucking you after you orgasmed. But it felt new each time, because the stretch was always so delicious, the sensitivity was always so painfully good…, that you could only squirm and beg.
"Stay still or I'll lower your mark." His threat made you freeze, and as Suna pulled out completely, he forcefully turned you around, your back now on the table, him between your legs–your wrists still tied behind your back.
Throwing both of your legs over his shoulders, he leaned down, capturing your lips in a filthy and sloppy kiss while slamming his hips against yours, filling you up once again.
You moaned in the kiss, and Suna took advantage of it to force his tongue inside your mouth, all the while fucking your cunt again and again. His strong thighs tensed as your insides teased his length, and eventually, Suna cummed sloppily. 
He stayed inside for a few minutes, his lips still devouring yours, and maybe that moment was one of the few that weren't supposed to be part of the act, but he didn't care, he loved your lips too much for that.
Pulling back, he smiled at your exhausted expression, and slicking his hair back, he straightened up, fixing the collar of his shirt.
"You can leave and attend your next lecture. You deserve an A+; you showed me how determined you were, miss y/n." 
You hurriedly pulled your clothes back on after he freed your wrists, grimacing due to the intense fuck you just had, and only bowing to him, you left the stage, only to come by Kuroo's side. Suna faked interest for his other papers for a few minutes until your boss signalled the end of the video.
"Cut! That was extremely steamy, I didn't need to tell you anything. You guys blew my mind once again, but maybe not as much as you blew y/n's pussy, Rintarō." Kuroo's comment made you blush furiously as Suna laughed loudly, gladly accepting the towel an assistant gave to him. He came closer to you and hugged you, his arm around your waist, and naturally, you put your head on his shoulder. 
"You were amazing, as usual. Not too rough, I hope?" Murmuring it in your hair, Suna stroked your side as you shook your head negatively. 
"Never too rough with you." 
Tumblr media
And as expected from your infamous duo, the video ranked first for a whole month before another video took its place, one where you were asked to have morning sex like a married couple on their honeymoon. Safe to say that you both quit your agency to open your very own channel, with all the benefits coming straight to your and Suna's bank accounts. 
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sukirichi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
in which you and your fuck buddy pretend to date, which totally won’t lead to feelings at all, right?
[ pairings ] suna rintaro x fem! reader 
[ content / warnings ] toxic college settings. explicit smut. MINORS DNI. choking. exhibitionism. fingering. making out. masturbation. voyeurism. toxic characters. reverse cowgirl riding. implied dub-con. friends with benefits. fake dating. absolute filth. unedited.
[ word count ] 4262
commissioned by the lovely @kyriaan​​ thank you so much <33
Tumblr media
The sixth beep of your phone that cursed morning had you shuffling around your bag for the device, fishing it out and muting it with exasperation. To no one’s surprise, he was the sole topic again. Oikawa this and Oikawa that — how he’d be such a great boyfriend to you and your friends could also go on dates with his equally charismatic friends; you were tired of hearing the same thing over and over again.
“Funny seeing you here,” a bored voice drawled out, the scraping of a chair against the floor snapping you to your senses. “Never in my whole life did I imagine I’d find you hiding in a library of all places — are you reading Freud? His theories are shit. They’re not even scientifically proven.”
You raised a brow at Suna Rintaro, your not-so friend friend.
You and Rintaro had a strict friends with benefits relationship.
It started with meeting at a party once when you needed a release from the stress of finals, you made out on the crowded dance floor and found yourselves tangled in the sheets with barely any memory of the night before. The rest was history. Soon, you ran into him more often than you’d expected, and it wasn’t long before you added his name into speed dial.
Funnily enough, you weren’t that close to him.
You either knew everything about him or knew little to nothing. Most of the time you spent with Rintaro would be when you two were drunk out of your minds, bodies too occupied with moving against one another that ‘getting to know each other’ had never been a thing.
For some reason, however, Rintaro was someone you could trust with your whole heart. You just wouldn’t date him because you weren’t looking for a relationship, and neither was he.
Both of you loved the arrangement you had now.
“Why do you know so much about Freud? I just randomly picked up this book.”
Rintaro shrugged, “‘Hooked up with a girl in Psychology once; she was pretty hot, but you’re still my favourite,” winking, he chewed on his gum before snatching the book away from you.
A protest nearly fell from your mouth when a mop of wavy, dark hair sauntered inside the library, taking long, confident strides as he chatted with Iwaizumi. Eyes widening, you ducked your head behind Suna, desperately clutching the hoodie clad on his stiff back.
Rintaro glanced downwards at you, “You’re hiding like you murdered somebody’s pet. Should I be worried or should I help you in hiding someone’s body?”
“Literally shut up. Oikawa is right there.”
“Oikawa... Tooru?” following your line of sight, Rintaro’s back slouched at the same time his lips curled into a mischievous smile. You could tell he was stifling his laughter; the vibrations of his back spoke enough of his urge to betray you. “Oh, he’s looking here. At you, I might say — care to explain?”
“I have nothing to explain to you. We’re not even friends.”
“Ouch,” Rintaro clutched at his chest, “That hurt. Weren’t you at my dorm like five nights in a row last week? You didn’t want me to leave the bed either. I thought we had something special!”
“Suna Rintaro, I am not fucking around with you. Shut up. I swear if Oikawa walks here, I’m never talking to you again.”
As if to prove a point, you plopped until your upper body squished against his back and the chair, cheeks puffing out in frustration as Rintaro sighed. “Okay, you don’t have to explain anything to me, but come on. You’re using me as a human shield and I have zero context on what’s going on,” he tapped your thigh, head slightly tilted to the side with a wary eye out for Oikawa. “Listen, if he’s bothering you, I could deal with it. He looks like the type of guy who doesn’t know what ‘no’ means so if that’s the case, stop hiding. I can help you with it. Just tell me what’s wrong.”
Your grip on his hoodie listened. Peering up from the bottom of your lashes, you nervously licked your lips. “Wait... you mean that? You’ll really help me?”
“Yeah! You send me nudes that motivate me to ace my exams so this is the least I could do.”
“You just have to make everything sexual, don’t you?” you rolled your eyes and ignored Rintaro’s shameless smile. Scanning the room, you glared at Oikawa’s direction before sitting up and gluing yourself to Rintaro’s hip, whose brow raised but said nothing otherwise. “Okay, so the thing is... my friends may or may not have set me up with Oikawa. They kind of gave him false hope I’m really into him — which I never will be because he has a shitty personality — but he’s not having any of it. He insisted I should go with him on just one date, and if I still don’t change my mind about him, then he won’t push further. Otherwise, he really doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s everywhere that I ended up blurting out I was already dating someone.”
Rintaro rested his chin on his palm. “That’s a lot of information to take in,” he mused, “So... you need help in finding a fake boyfriend, is that it?”
“About that,” with guilt written all over your face, you scratched the back of your neck and chuckled, making sure to avoid eye contact the entire time. “You were the first one to come to mind so I told him I was dating the middle blocker from his team. The uhm, guy who stays up until three am fighting in Twitter threads.”
Rintaro’s jaw dropped. “No way,” he clicked his tongue, hands coming up to ball beside your cheeks as he fought the desire to squeeze your cheeks. Meanwhile, you blinked at him innocently, lower lip jutted out in hopes you’d appease him — which more or less worked as he slumped in his seat. “I can’t believe you dragged me into this.”
“I didn’t have a choice!”
“You did and you chose to date me!” Rintaro hissed under his breath, “Jeez, if you wanted us to be official, you could’ve said so. I would’ve thought about it,” exhaling through his nose, Rintaro pushed his hair back, his head too much of a mess to notice you getting flustered. “Fine. I’ll be your fake boyfriend, but don’t you dare fall in love with me. Our condition when we started sleeping together was that we’re limited to casual relationships only. I like our arrangement already, and you mean a lot to me as a friend so I don’t want to lose you, alright? Whatever we’re doing, it’s all going to be an act.”
“Deal,” you shook his hand, face lighting up at how it didn’t take much to convince him. “Now go to the party with me tonight. We’ll show Oikawa why he can’t have me.”
Tumblr media
The sight of bodies grinding onto another and music blaring through the speakers weren’t new to you and Rintaro. You’d both seen the same scene a thousand times before, having been part of that crowd at one point. Yet, tonight felt different from rest. The music felt muted as you walked through the door with Rintaro’s hand down on your waist, the stench of alcohol and sex overpowered by the musky perfume your fake boyfriend wore.
You couldn’t think clear around him.
You tried to blame it on the jitters that set your nerves on fire, anxiety pooling in your stomach at the thought Oikawa made it clear he wanted to see you tonight.
Of course, you weren’t stupid. Knowing the guy infamous for his reputation for sleeping around and changing partners like they were his clothes, he wouldn’t give up once he had his eyes set on someone. It just so happened that unfortunate person had to be you.
“Relax,” Rintaro breathed into your ear, pulling you closer by the hip when you weaved through the people nearly fucking on the floor. The sudden gesture had you jolting for a split second. Blinking, Rintaro’s reassuring smile greeted you with a tinge of amusement, his gaze tracing down your nails forming crescent moons on his arm. “Do you really have to cling to me all night?”
“We’re supposed to be a couple madly in love, remember?” you reminded with a bounce of your heel, surveying the throng of people milling in and out of the frat house in search of Oikawa.  “You should kiss me too as soon as we see him. Then he’ll stop bothering me and we can be over with this fiasco.”
“Asking just in case, but how should I kiss you? Like a peck?”
“Kiss me like you want the whole world to know I’m yours,” you said nonchalantly, not thinking too much of it since this was supposed to be an act. Until a horde of loud males started cheering as soon as they entered the room, the crowd welcoming Oikawa and his friends warmly when Rintaro suddenly grabbed you by the wrist, twisting you to face him. The last thing you saw before Rintaro tilted his head to the side to press his lips to yours was the look of utter horror on Oikawa’s face.
Although, honestly, who cared? Rintaro tasted like beer and strawberries, his musky scent clouding your senses that your eyes closed in response.
Knees weakening, you grabbed onto Rintaro’s shoulders to steady yourself, gasping into his greedy lips when you felt him squeeze your hip possessively. You groaned into the kiss, your hands running up to play with the ends of his hair as Rintaro’s back hit the wall, his bent leg trapped between your thighs. He quickly took the chance and nudged his knee on your clothed pussy. Your skirt grazed against your sensitive core that you attempted to pull away to breathe, but Rintaro wasn’t having any of it.
Smirking beneath you, Rintaro hooked a finger into the chains dangling from your skirt and pulled you flush against him. You had no time to react before he was pushing a tongue past your lips. Warm, wet muscles danced against each other as Rintaro memorized the taste of you the same way you did for him — not a single care about air anymore when he made those low, deep whimpers setting fire to your loins.
But just as soon as you leaned in for more, his hair tugged backward to deepen the kiss, Rintaro pulled away. “That’s how I’d kiss you if I were your boyfriend,” he declared, pads of his thumb swiping against his moist lip swollen from the little nips you gave him — the look of pleasure and satisfaction displayed all over his handsome face that told you how much he enjoyed your needy whines.
You gaped at him, your skin burning from being edged.
Rintaro flicked you on the forehead. “Don’t look at me like that. You asked me to kiss like I wanted to let the world know your mine, and he was looking. Besides, we need to show someone who you belong to, right?” pushing his weight off the wall, Rintaro lightly bit your earlobe as you breathed hard, his sharp, cold gaze focused on a flushed red Oikawa standing across the room. “I have a better idea if you’re up for it.”
Arms crossed against your chest, you wrapped your arms around his waist in faux affection, when in reality you only needed to hear what he said through the loud music. “What do you have in mind?” The smirk on Rintaro’s face was as loud as a warning siren.
“Turn around.”
Even if you didn’t want to, Rintaro wasn’t asking. He spun you around by the shoulders, your back flushed against his chest when you felt his knee nudge between your legs once more. His fingers calloused from playing volleyball snaked past your thigh and dangerously close to your heated pussy. “This is what I had in mind,” he whispered, his voice sending tingles straight down your spine. “Let’s burn that pretty face of yours into his head. Show him what he can’t have.”
Your dignity told you to say no. To be fingered in public like this was less than ideal, even more so when your lace panties dangerously flashed into view. Yet, you found yourself arching your back to retaliate.
Ass nudging against Rintaro’s hardening cock, you smirked upon hearing his low groans. One palm cupped your ass as a warning before he playfully snapped your underwear against your thigh, a wince painting your half fucked out features from the sting. Glancing at him from the side, you sneered, about to protest when he wiggled his free hand and cupped your pussy.
Your mouth hung open.
Oikawa’s drink fell from his hands. No longer was he paying any attention to his friends, rather on the way you keened and your tongue threatening to loll out your lips the moment Rintaro’s thumb flicked your clit.
“You’re such a naughty slut. Who knew you were into this?”
“He’s watching, Rintaro,” you whimpered, gripping at his wrist like he wasn’t knuckle deep in your pants already. “Someone could see and think we’re—”
“That’s the point,” lowering his mouth onto your neck, you gasped at his teeth sinking down on the skin. Behind you, you could hear the hand on your ass disappear at the sounds of a belt unbuckling, fuelling your imagination to both the best and worst scenarios. Rintaro wasn’t far behind in his surprise as were you; you never expected you’d enjoy giving someone a show either, much less cum on the spot the second Rintaro’s cock slipped inside you. “Aw, fuck, did you just come undone for me? I haven’t even done anything yet.”
You shook your head, palms slippery with sweat as you held onto his slick hands squeezing your waist. The music was no longer audible from the pounding of your heart. Hell, you could barely feel your legs when Rintaro mumbled something incoherent around you before he guided your connected bodies onto a nearby couch.
Plopping down with your weight on top of him, you held onto his knees for dear life. Rintaro settled on the leather couch occupied by a stoned student laughing by himself, the latter’s chuckles halting when he was greeted by the sight of your hazy eyes and pants falling from your mouth. Meanwhile, Rintaro rested his arms on the back of his head. He didn’t have to lift a finger, much less give a command for you to know he wanted you to ride him right here — if you looked straight across, Oikawa would be right before you a few feet away, his frown deeply engraved into his face.
“Rin, I...”
He sat up in a flash at the hesitance in your voice, warm hands wrapping around your waist protectively. It took you a second to realize he hid his nestled cock from everyone’s prying eyes in case you weren’t comfortable, but the gesture did nothing but make you clench around him harder — both from the anxiety and anticipation.
You’d never admit it out loud, but you wanted people to watch. You wanted him to see Rintaro had total control over your body, no matter how humiliating the situation might be.
“Do you want us to stop? Should we go somewhere else?”
You didn’t answer with words. Instead, you bent your legs to rest beside his thighs, fingers looping around the ones hooked under your breast to steady yourself before you lifted your hips, then slammed back down. Again and again, until sweat dripped from your head to your jaw, you kept eye contact with a red-faced Oikawa. All the while as you bounced on Rintaro’s dick and threw your head back, laughing with your whole chest at the lights spinning from the ceiling since it reminded you of the seventh heaven you were in.
Rintaro let you go at your own pace, his grunts and garbled utterances of your name blending with the party wilding from the background. You could feel him twitching inside of you. His cock bumped and grazed your walls until the tip kissed a particular sensitive spot that had you losing your balance for a moment, nails digging into his ripped jeans to catch your breath.
“Goddamn,” Rintaro cursed, stealing away your ability to breathe with his hand snaking into your neck. “You dirty fucking slut, getting off to acting like a whore in front of the whole campus, huh? Go on. Show them how you’re such a whore for my cock.”
You couldn’t swallow down your words.
Rintaro’s grip on your neck had you on a literal chokehold, strong enough to deprive you of air and tighten around him, but not to a point you felt lightheaded. If anything, the power he displayed only fuelled you to ride him harder. Drawing figure eights with your hip, you could feel drool smearing your lipstick as the red stains smudged against Rintaro’s palm, the sound of slick and skin slapping against skin like music to your ears.
Only Rintaro could ever make you feel this way.
From the night you’d met him, each time you fucked would be the best experience of your life. Not once had he failed in bringing you over the edge or experimenting with the most absurd positions you’d never thought of before, and now you were returning the favour.
You rode his cock like it was your last mission. ‘Death by cock’ didn’t sound like such an unfavourable thing either, not when it meant losing yourself in his thick girth spreading you wide and the lewd sight of your cum sticking to his thighs. His jeans were a mess, but Rintaro never complained. He didn’t care then, and he wouldn’t care now. Seeing you dirty his clothes, your sweat dampening his shirt and your own cum coating his cock like a rewarding trophy of what felt like the best night of his life — Rintaro didn’t give a single fuck about the mess.
“F-Fuck, Rin, I’m coming!”
Rintaro held your waist, taking over with complete control as he slammed your hips up and down his twitching cock, curses falling back and forth from his mouth. “Cum on me,” he ordered. Resting his chin on your shoulders, Rintaro’s other hand twisted your jaw in the direction of Oikawa biting his lip, his hand suspiciously following your movements from under the luminescent lights. “Look at that dirty fucker. Let’s show him what he missed out on, yeah?”
A burst of warmth exploded inside you. 
You were too stunned to move, thighs burning from the ache that you accepted it with delight before falling back into Rintaro’s chest. “That was the best fuck of my life,” you admitted through lidded eyes, “But we’re fucked tomorrow. The whole campus is going to talk about us.”
“Let them.”
Tumblr media
Post-nut clarity hit you hard like a truck.
Albeit expecting the rumours and looks you’d be getting the next day, the blatant impressed stares mixed with some envious ones never got easier by the end of classes. Everywhere you went, people would be whispering. But like Rintaro always used to say each time you cried to him, there’d be light at the end of the tunnel, because the best part of it all that made everything worth it?
Oikawa avoided you like the plague. Not because he was appalled of what he’d witnessed and what he’d done, but rather word spread out how he’d been rejected.
For the first time in his life, Oikawa Tooru felt humiliation, at the hands of his own teammate, no less — something Rintaro took pride in when you crashed by his room that night.
“You should’ve seen the look on his face. It was priceless,” he snickered while scrolling through the phone, about to comment when the door swung open, revealing a carbon copy replica of Rintaro. In female version.
Rintaro quickly shot out of bed and threw a blanket over your head, stalking to the girl standing with her mouth hanging ajar at the door. “What are you doing here? I thought you guys wouldn’t be home until the weekend. Plus, how’d the fuck you get inside the dorms? You’re not supposed to be here, Remi.”
Remi ignored him. “Are you hiding your girlfriend? Mom needs to know about this, she’d love to meet her!”
That was how you found yourself stuck to Rintaro in a cramped booth with his family not an hour later. You awkwardly picked at your food, stealing glances at an equally silent Rintaro while his younger sister, Remi, kept babbling about how her brother hid a girlfriend this whole time. His family went out of town for business for a while, but since they got home earlier, they decided to surprise Rintaro with a visit.
He sure was surprised, and so were you since they hadn’t stopped calling you ‘dear’ ever since.
His parents were nice — they warmly welcomed you and even invited you to have dinner with them sometime at their house. Mrs. Suna would whip up a meal to welcome you as part of their family, saying that you should consider it a thanks for making their son smile. Remi was the most excited out of all them. She’d been wanting an older sister for a while now, and she hadn’t stopped clinging onto your arm the whole time until her parents forcefully snatched her away when it was time go back home.
The entire walk back to the dorms felt suffocating.
None of you spoke a word, not until you arrived at your building and Rintaro shoved his hands down his pockets, swinging back and forth on his feet. “So... are you free this Friday? You should come have dinner with us.”
“You’re seriously asking me that?”
“Why not? You’re invited. Don’t be rude and not go.”
“It’s not being rude, Rintaro, you’re asking me to lie to your parents,” you snapped, halting in your tracks to stare at him in disbelief. “They adored me all because they think I’m dating you, but we’re not the least bit close to that. We just fuck and call it day, maybe hang out when we’re bored, but we don’t know each other at all. And weren’t you the one who told me that we can’t be more than just fuck buddies?”
Rintaro rolled his eyes. “You’re right, but I agreed to pretend to be your boyfriend to push Oikawa away. Now do me a favour and keep up with the fake girlfriend thing. My parents will be devastated if I tell them we’re not real.”
“I don’t want to lie to them!”
“It’s not a big deal! Why’re you making a mountain out of everything? So because the deal on my side doesn’t require fucking, you’ll back out just like that?”
Your mouth hung open in shock. “It’s because I don’t want to be your fake girlfriend, Rintaro, I want to date you for real!” you blurted out, eyes widening at the same time Rintaro’s cheeks flushed. Realizing what you just said, you inwardly regretted it with a grimace. “I’m sorry. You said we can’t be more than that and I know I just ruined our friendship, but I’m really sorry. I can’t bring myself to lie to your family like that, and I don’t want to lie about my feelings either,” hanging your head down low, you bit the insides of your cheeks. No matter what you said, you couldn’t take it back anymore.
“Rintaro, I like you. You make me happy and I want to do the same for you, but I understand if we’re done now. It was nice to have met you.”
Without waiting for his response, you ran back into the building when a hand wrapped around your wrist. You stared at the long fingers and to the arm connected to it, heart sinking into your chest when you came face to face with Rintaro’s handsome face.
“You didn’t even give me a chance to speak.”
“I’m sure you don’t want to be near me, Rintaro.”
Rintaro sniffed, averting the intensity of your gaze and shrugging his shoulders shly. “On the contrary... I’d like to spend every waking minute with you,” he mumbled so soft that you wouldn’t have heard it if you didn’t listen hard enough, but you did, and you were left gaping at him with warmth spreading through your skin. You stood there, watching as Rintaro laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. “Sorry if I said that a little too late, but yes. I’d like to be your real boyfriend. Then I can fuck you exclusively because I don’t think I like the idea of you riding other people like that.”
You swatted his arm away with a laugh. “That’s the reason you want to date me?”
“There’s other reasons too like how I love talking to you and I want to get to know you more,” he cupped your face, grinning when his palms felt the warmth emanating from your skin. “And also, I want to do this more with you.”
Leaning down, Rintaro kissed you under the flickering lights of your hallway, the both of your lips stretching into a smile. In a way, you were thankful your friends tried setting you up with someone else, because if you’d known it would lead you to realizing your feelings for Rintaro, you would’ve asked him to date you a little earlier.
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rinphoria · 7 months ago
suna relationship headcanons !
✸ ft. suna rintaro
✸ info & warnings: fluff, nsfw (18+ mdni), mentions of exhibitionism, filming, degradation, & choking, use of “good girl” so fem!reader
Tumblr media
• his love language is quality time. going on dates, taking walks together, even sitting silently while you guys do your own activities are all time well spent to suna
• prefers dates in because then he has you all to himself and doesn’t have to fight for your attention
• he taps his lips or cheek whenever he wants a kiss from you
• your phone is always blowing up with notifications from him. even if he’s just in the next room over, he’ll text you instead of getting up to show you whatever he sent
• he knows his sleep schedule is pretty erratic, so if he’s up super late and you’re trying to go to bed, he’ll leave to room so he doesn’t keep you up 
• always tries to put you on to his hobbies, especially if he’s just getting in to them himself. he thinks the experience is more fun if you have someone to do it with you
• he loves hugging you from behind because he can rest his chin on your head
• you two are practically telepaths. you don’t even have to speak to know what the other is thinking
• takes a ton of pictures of you and never deletes the ones you don’t like. you may not think they’re the best, but he loves every photo he has of you
• he’s really competitive when it comes to games. even if he has already won the last couple rounds, he won’t throw the game for your sake
• instead of assigning certain chores, he finds it more fun to do little competitions to see who’ll end up doing them. according to him, flipping a coin or playing rock-paper-scissors “keeps you on your toes”
• he likes to play wrestle with you. he’s never too rough, but he likes tossing you around on the mattress and what not
• always asks you to paint his nails. he likes having them painted but they turn out messy when he does them on his own
• he wears a bracelet with your initial on it and got you one to match that has his on it
• he doesn’t only see you as his significant other; he considers you his best friend, too
nsfw !! mdni
• his top kinks are: exhibitionism, filming, degradation, choking
• his favorite positions are: cowgirl and missionary
• if there’s one thing constant about sex and suna, it’s that he loves taking it slow. he never skips foreplay and will take his sweet time building you up
• his goal is to have you whining and begging. knowing that your release is dependent on him really turns him on
• he may be fond of degradation, but he often mixes bits on praise in with it. the phrase “good girl” isn’t very sweet when it’s said with such a condescending tone
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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a-kaash-me-outside · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐡𝐪 𝐦𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐧𝐮𝐭 𝐢𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐚 𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭
Tumblr media
ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs: timeskip! osamu, daichi, bokuto, suna send me hc / scenarios asks please thanks brainrot central here also osamu’s made me actually mmmmcmmmmmmmm thx
// nsfw (minors dni !!), f!reader, individual desc tags ~~
♡ osamu ♡ // sobbing, overstim, sloppy
fucks you so brutally into the mattress that you know the next day you’ll feel like you fell asleep on concrete, body aching, bruises forming, pure evidence of his roughness shown on every part of your body
and he makes you cum so many times on his cock, as if you could help yourself otherwise because he just fucks you so good, pounding into your desperate little pussy, needing to feel you squeeze his fat cock
after he’s made you cum enough (read: too many) times, he’ll finally cum deep inside of you, fucking it into your sloppy hole repetitively, pulling his cock out and rubbing it between the folds of your pussy, coating your swollen clit and puffy lips in his thick milky load, wiping whatever’s left on your sticky thighs
and then he eats you out, slinks between your legs and literally devours you until you’re a snotty, crying, sobbing, incoherent mess of a shell of your former self
literally pussy drunk. he cannot help himself. the second that he gets a glimpse of your drenched, creamy cunt, he needs to fucking taste you, eat you, ravage you like you’re the last thing on earth or the best thing he’s ever tasted (you are)
samu eats you out until whichever happens last: either you are sobbing hysterically or he can’t see a single drop of his cum left between your legs. honestly, it’s usually 50/50 of what happens first
sometimes, when he finishes, when you’re an overwrought mess and your pussy is only sheened with his spit, he’ll pull himself up from between your legs, hard once again from how fucking incredible your pussy is, throbbing, hot to the touch, leaking in a constant stream down the side of his veiny cock because he left it unattended while giving undivided attention to you and your pretty cunt
and he’ll nudge your legs wider, spreading your folds apart gently to see how pretty you are inside, how void of cum you are, how much you need to be painted again and he’ll jack off, stroking his length, fucking his fist until he cums right against your pussy, head pressed to your clit so you can feel how forcefully you make him cum, how powerful each stream is, slipping the head inside and letting a few ropes coat your walls
and then he’ll eat you out all over again
Tumblr media
♡ daichi ♡ // just kinda hot, fun position
makes you ride him until you have completely exhausted yourself, sweating and head foggy and muscles spent, hands on his chest to brace your bounces, literally just moving on instinct by the time he tells you that he's going to cum
bit separate from the concept, but he is just so handsy while you ride him, will knead your tits and slide his hands up your sides and massage into your thighs even though you're trying to focus on fucking yourself on his cock really intensively and but he can't HELP IT anyway im definitely gonna make a post about how you ride hq men but
but he's so handsy and he guides you, but he doesn't really move you, he more so is just savoring how fucking good you look and how your skin feels against his
he'll finally sit you down completely on his cock, holding your hips in place as he cums inside of you, trying not to instinctively thrust his hips into you because he knows he'll make a mess
“just like that, stay right there seated on my cock, take it all, every drop”
so he fucking stands up, staggering towards the wall with your legs wrapped weakly around him, pussy slick against his stomach, and he lifts you, fucking hoists you by your ass to his mouth, his forehead to your stomach, your back flat against the wall, backs of your thighs atop his shoulders
and it’s so fucking good.
you’re completely expecting to feel off balance and nervous and tense but he has you positioned just right and you feel so safe, but that’s somehow not the biggest thing on your mind right now
your fingers are laced in his hair, grabbing on for stability only, because he has every bit of control in this situation and you are so unbelievably turned on both because you can feel him smearing his cum against his lips as he messily eats you out but also because holy fuck your boyfriend is so hot and strong what the fuck
will eat you out like this for much longer than you think he can. you’re actually amazed at how he can stay upright, buried in your pussy for so long
when he finally lowers you to the bed, arms shaking from holding you up for so long, he kisses you and you can taste his cum on his lips and your cum on his lips and his spit and it is the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced
Tumblr media
♡ bokuto ♡ // face riding, puppy pet name, mention of public sex, f!cum eating
always cums really deep inside of you and always begs you to eat it out of you, no matter what
“please, puppy, can’t let it go to waste, please”
like he will fuck you in public and make you hold it in, pull your panties up really far to keep the fabric nice and tight against your pussy, and then eat you out in the backseat of your car
sometimes he has to wait to get home for whatever reason, and he doesn't really mind because by the time you both get home, he’s so hard again.
but he doesn’t like to cum in your pussy twice, he just always loves the feeling of either jerking off or thrusting against you while he eats you out.
eating the cum out of you makes him so fucking horny, almost painfully hard, whimpering and grunting into your pussy as he fucks the tight hole he’s made with his fist
this is totally not what this is about but it’s on my mind so: when he finally does end up cumming from eating you out, he likes to cum directly into your mouth, making sure your lips are tightly encapsulating his head, not too deep in your mouth that it doesn’t coat every single one of your tastebuds, but not too shallow that you miss a single drop. he loves watching you swallow it, follows the lump down your throat and groans when he thinks it hits your stomach.
“see, puppy, some for you too.”
and bo eats such a good diet, exercises frequently and his cum isn’t disgustingly thick or too watery and you love it.
anyway ~~
when you’re just lying on your back, on the edge of the bed, legs spread apart, bo on his knees in front of you, he uses his fingers to scoop out anything that his tongue can’t reach and there’s always cum that his tongue can’t reach because fuck he’s so long and he gets so deep and his load is always so fucking strong
but most of the time, he makes you sit on his face. it’s so easy for him to jerk off like this and he loves that it just drips into his mouth, slowly, like a fucking timer and even though his one arm is busy, the other moves you wherever he wants you to be
when he’s finally finished, having came again and satisfied with the state you’re in, your pussy is always sloppier than when he started. there might not be anymore cum, but fuck it’s so messy and wet and slick with spit.
Tumblr media
♡ suna ♡ // kinda soft ngl, lowkey praises
actually kinda really sensual about it, like super fucking disgustingly sensual about it, what else is there to say
it boils down to three things, okay:
one.) suna loves cumming inside of you, can't get enough of feeling your tight pussy get even fucking tighter around his cock, squeezing his length as he throbs, milking every last fucking drop. there’s nothing like it to him. it just feels so fucking good.
two.) suna loves eating you out. you taste so fucking good and he’s really fucking good at it. he knows how good he is at it, loves hearing your reactions and feeling your thighs squeeze around his head and legs wrap around his neck and hands grab at his hair
three.) he just so happened to find out by chance that your pussy is so cute and sensitive after he’s unloaded inside of it, after you’ve came from being filled and you make the prettiest goddamn noises when suna goes down on you at that moment
so after he’s done fucking you and cumming inside of your good little hole, he moves down between your legs, makes sure you’re comfortable with a pillow and ample sheets to hold onto, though he knows you’ll opt for his back or arm or hair or just him
he hooks his arms under both of your legs, pulls you so fucking close to him and eats you out for as long as you want.
will murmur praises into your lips and thighs, telling you that you’re so pretty and taste so good and took such a big load and will stay between your legs until you tap on his shoulder or pull him up to your level and not a second sooner
“so fucking perfect, baby, taste so good, fuckin love you so fuckin much”
bonus.) suna is definitely, honest to god, so attracted to the sight of his cum drooling out of your pussy. it’s different than osamu who loves seeing you a messy, sloppy, obscene mess. suna loves watching you relax, muscles unclenching and his thick load dribbling out of your twitching hole.
he will sit back and just watch it before actually eating you out, kissing your thighs and around your slit, spreading your lips with his thumbs and just staring at it, moaning when it overflows and all comes spilling out.
and when it does all come spilling out, he will rush to catch it, sticking out his tongue and using it as a scoop to make sure it doesn’t touch the sheets, pushing it back into your hole only for it to drip out again
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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andraxicated · 21 days ago
i can keep a secret, can...you?
Tumblr media
Pairings: atsumu, kuroo, suna, oikawa, sakusa x f! reader
Synopsis: secret sexual scenarios with the haikyuu men
Tags: suggestive | smut | sexting | grinding | groping | skinny dipping | strip tease |
a/n: kuroo and suna is a staple because they're my favs <3 based on a series of comments from tiktok because i spend my time there
i'm dying i'm imagining topgun 2 beach scene at oikawa
milestone event masterlist
Tumblr media
after lusting over you ever since the first day of school, he finally felt the euphoric feeling of your warm insides enveloping his cock. the tight sinking feeling, your naked body, mixed with your flushed face, made him go wild as he buried himself to the hilt, not waiting for you to adjust. atsumu just wanted to hear your cute scream.
only to wake up in cold sweat and morning wood as he groans loudly to the cutoff dream. atsumu glances poorly at his twin on the other bed and goes out of the room for decency. he's deciding whether to watch some porn or divert his attention to helping in the class script which he has no talent for.
besides volleyball, there's another thing he's good at: 'smooth-talking'. he managed to turn the conversation around from scene ideas to his lewd schemes. as he now has the girl of his dream putty in his hands, waiting for his commands as he strokes himself.
"have you ever touched yourself?" atsumu types while his dick twitches inside his shorts; you reply with an innocent "no..." that tipped him over. the instinct to corrupt his cute classmate took over his mind as he starts to instruct you on how to relieve yourself.
"take as many fingers as you can but close your eyes and imagine they're mine. get it?" "okay" you do everything he says, can you get any easier than this? you pick up the pace, slow it down, find your spot, experiment then orgasm. a breathless and sticky relief in the wee hours of the morning. as a thank you to atsumu who just finished too...
"you can come over right now. i live alone" you type as you finish with a shiver and moan (of course not forgetting to erase the scandalous conversation in google docs). a continuation of him and you in your mind. and without hesitation, atsumu grabs a jacket, and keys then go out the door to remake his dream.
seeing you being friendly with other guys has the possessiveness inside him kindled. when you sweetly grill meat for others, give them towels and yet take no glance towards him. kuroo makes a harsh block as an outlet for his frustration, to which the other players complain.
he wants to stop this on and off relationship you're playing with him. why can't you just accept that you like him? as if those stolen stares when he's removing his shirt aren't filled with lust. you're emitting a need to be fucked, you're touch starved, and kuroo could very well see it. he'd fulfill your needs to make you accept your sexual instincts.
so when he chances upon you being alone, he immediately pulls you to the back of the court, pins you against the wall, and roughly pulls your chin for a kiss. he takes off his sweat-soaked black shirt, leaving only his red shorts that your feet cling to when he hoists you up while squeezing your small body against the wall. your cute tummy compressed, wet spot forming and eyes mesmerized as you watch kuroo's growing member grind against your clothed sex.
you moan at the obscene sight and look away because it's so sinful it might burn your eyes, but he grabs your chin to face him and kiss him once more. his veins and muscles flex as he supports your body with one hand, while his finger hooks on your shorts and panty to reveal the fleshy, glistening entrance.
"tetsu! we should stop!" you say as you become overwhelmed when the night wind hits you and wakes you up that you're doing this in public. everybody's having dinner a few feet away, students from different schools, teachers, coaches, managers...what if someone were to see you?
"do you want to?" kuroo parts from your lip and daringly asks you a question you don't how to answer. you only stare at him in confusion so he snaps out of patience from your coquettishness. "speak" his low voice instructs.
"i don't. but-" no buts because that's a fine answer to him. you don't want to stop, so you're not gonna stop until you feel your legs give out and wobble to the dining hall.
brother's bestfriend suna who got permission to pick you up at school. you never really tried to take advantage of your closeness because you know it'd make your brother upset, plus potentially ruin their lifelong friendship. so, you chose to be a good girl and keep your fantasies to yourself.
it doesn't take long before repressed feelings overflow, just like your wetness drenching the car seat when suna rintaro casually places his hand on your thigh. shock traveling your body as you stare at his hand questionably. you make no move to remove it though, so he chose to give an experimental squeeze near your inner thigh; one that your body visibly responded to.
suna swallows as he feels a boner popping in the middle of driving. his dreams are finally merging with reality while he remembers his pathetic self jerking off to his bestfriend's sweet little sister. thin shorts, sleeveless tops, no bra—all of those are a sight he often sees when coming to his friend's house. now making you squirm when his fingers inch closer to your center is just a little payback for what you've done to him.
you're getting dizzy from the sudden pleasure; his one-hand driving, his slender eyes, and your lewd look in the side mirror that only suna has the privilege of seeing. your body is limp while leaning on the seat, legs open and chest heaving, it looks like you came right out of a porn magazine. he has no choice but to take you here and there as he pulls over to the side.
seatbelts click as you and suna quickly meet to taste each other's lips. his hand slyly creeps up your blouse and expertly unclasps your bra, you take the uncomfortable material off and throw it somewhere amid tongue kissing. finally, suna touches your boobs and gropes them like he's addicted to a toy. his thumb teasingly rests on top of the nipple then unsuspectingly gropes your wet cunt.
"fuck..." you moan out, throwing your head back and as you grip his neck for dear life, riding three of his fingers while he pulls your shirt up. "we shouldn't do this" you say like a fool in contradiction for having the time of your life inside his car. and suna replies a breathless: "i know right" yet latches himself to the forbidden fruit without emorse.
a whore's other purpose for vacationing is to see the hot locals or tourists in a whole different area. summer is the perfect time to mingle, seduce...and play beach volleyball. especially if such attractive strangers come and proclaim they're pros at the game. oikawa's smirk widens when you seem to question his credibility, a smug "i'll show you" with attractive eye contact made you stand by and watch him battle your friends.
he had a hard time in the sand but soon got used to it (he can't fail when you're watching him!). little glances your way every time he scores, smiles at you before he sets, and makes sure you see his flexing muscles defined by the afternoon sun. soon, the view of half-naked men playing beach volleyball garnered an audience that was entranced by their glistening bodies and pro skills. they've never seen an intense match just like that.
"did you enjoy the show sweetheart?" oikawa whispers as he pins your bikini-clad body against the rock. his fingers playfully tugging at the strings of your bikini, if he were to put more pressure it would surely snap. "mhm, this time let me put on a show for you" you say with a peck to his lips that left him wanting more.
you untie the top at your back, hands taking off each string from your shoulder as you slowly get farther and farther away from him and into the less shallow part. oikawa swore you looked so sexy at that moment, you're like a nymph bewitching him to follow then drown. he definitely would gladly drown when he watched you take off your panty slowly, his eyes following it going down your feet. then you finally turn around in all of your glory; oikawa wastes no time getting naked and joining you. playing with the flesh of your ass while making out with you, boobs pressed against his chest for warmth amidst the cold water.
his fingers probe your entrance from the back, making you pull away to moan with your head thrown back and eyes rolling. he finds your fleshy insides all wet from the water, mouth pressing bites and kisses on your torso as you hold his large cock to pleasure.
oikawa groans at the touch of your hand and pulls away in a hurry to sit you on top of a smooth, flat rock. "open your legs for me" he says with a lilting voice together with smug eyes as he dives for his second meal that night.
when your family found out you have a guy roommate, you tried your best to reassure them nothing will happen between you two. it’s just purely two people living together for the convenience of shared rent in a nice place. your family trusts you but not this masked and neat obsessed roommate of yours, so every month they visit you to make sure their precious daughter is still alive and kicking. sakusa completely understands strict parents, but the constant nagging and your apologetic face are getting annoying. both of you are two functioning adults, why can’t they leave you alone?
this was stressing you out too, so bad that you suddenly broke down in the middle of a quiet dinner with him. wide-eyed kiyoomi didn’t know how to comfort a crying girl, so he sat you down on the couch to calm down and awkwardly rub your back; blushing when his hand hit your bra strap and you stopping to process. needless to say, you took comfort to another level as you ask him for a kiss. a make-out session happened on the couch while you slowly lie down; fucking on the couch as a sign of rebellion to your nosy family. but honestly, what you’re doing right now is a bit too dangerous of a rebellion.
“kiyoomi-ahhh!” you moan with a loud spank echoing next, your boyfriend’s naked body thrusting behind you as you grip the edge of the bed like a lifeline. “my family is coming in 10 minutes!” you whine to sakusa but he pretends he doesn’t hear it as he’s so focused on where you’re connected at. “ki-” “i get it!’ he finally replies, going faster and annoyed at your constant reminder plus this stupid monthly check.
after a few thrusts, you both finish together and he pulls out to watch mixed cum cascading down your legs. he'll never get used to it because he inwardly shivers every time he sees that. your spent body was heaving, weak fingers buttoning your blouse, and a sudden light touch between your legs made you gasp. "just checking" sakusa says as he gently pats your folds. just as you're both standing up, a harsh knock and a call of your name resound in the apartment.
you give each other tired faces and proceed to make it look like you just didn't fuck; because as far as your family knows, you're still their innocent babygir...well, you're kiyoomi's babygirl now.
“it’s a secret between us okay?” sakusa asks you as he helps you fix your shirt and smooth sweaty strands of hair. you nod breathlessly as an okay and he chuckles at your obvious state of ruin. you put on a fake smile that got wiped from the subtle grope on your butt as your boyfriend opens the door with a smirk.
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torubeth · 3 months ago
You smack his ass playfully, but he smacks your ass even harder and has the audacity to smirk when your surprised yelp is followed by a slight moan.
KUROO TETSUROU, IWAIZUMI HAJIME, MIYA ATSUMU, Suna Rintarou, Tendou Satori, MATSUKAWA ISSEI (all characters aged up!)
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jolynesdreams · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
eden’s degenerate thought of the day is suna rintarou fucking you so hard and deep, never fully taking his cock out of you as he makes you cum around him over and over and over again until you’re crying. not even then does he let up, continuing to drive his veiny length into you, hitting the perfect spot along your walls that have the tears flowing down your cheeks. he knows he should stop, should give you a break, but you look so pretty with your eyes red and brimming with tears. he can’t help himself but lean forward and lick the trail they leave from your neck to your eyes, cumming instantly, filling you so intensely that you can feel him throbbing and twitching inside you, the second the salty liquid hits his tongue
after this new discovery, rin makes it his goal to make you cry from pleasure as often as he can <33
Tumblr media
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introloves · a year ago
iT WAS THE Uh suna lazily fingering his virgin gf for hours until shes gushing all over the bed and begging for his cock but he insists she isn't ready 🤸🏻‍♀️
�� corruption + virgin! kink + edging + ruined orgasms + f! reader
“r-rin please.” you gasp for about the hundredth time, hand thats clamped around his wrist is starting to burn, except he looks all but indifferent.
he’s hard- you can see it through his sweats, but his face just looks you on with an unchanging expression, well, maybe except for the small twitching of his lips every now and then.
“calm down.” is all he says, pumping his finger a little harder- not faster- but harder against you. his knuckles bumping against your cunt.
it drives you crazy- you wanna tear your hair out with the prodding of his middle finger inside you, the only reason it’s bringing you any pleasure is because he’s finally moving- the first hour of all this he had you sat on his lap, all the while stuffing his index finger inside and swirling around.
“you’re not ready yet.” he mumbles against your crying. it’s mean, you were inexperienced, but he can’t help but to like how easily he made you cum. a puddle of your previous, gentle rolling orgasms lying right under your ass- thoroughly soaked into the bed.
he takes his time to join his first finger, flares up at the increased cries falling from your mouth- the sweaty grip you had on his arm tightening, it made his whole hand numb.
“let go or you won’t get my cock at all.” he hisses, not bothering to tug your hand off him, he wants you to be the one to do it voluntarily, lets him know how receptive you are to what he says.
it’s gunna be real nice ruining your virgin cunt.
you feel like you’re spiraling when you pull your hand back and immediately feel his two fingers knuckle deep and fuck- it feels like he punched your cunt with the bones of his hand settled right against your puffy and raw pussy lips.
even now, even been through so many orgasms, you hadn’t been stretched with two of them.
“f-fah- fuck! r-rin please! please, i-i feel funny!” you pant feverishly, he looks up at you, feels the unrelenting tightening of your walls securing his two digits in place and he knows what’s happening.
you’re at the precipice of a squirting orgasm...
he pulls his hand back, fingers all but leaving you before slamming back in- knocking the air straight out your lungs- you see stars- you see his eyes blown out and slightly wide as he watches your shaking form.
but before you can feel that hot, searing ball in your tummy unravel, he pulls away completely.
“you’re not squirting on anywhere- anything but on me, okay?” he growls, tugging your legs down, back smeared with your mess.
you’re near hysteria- but you nod eagerly...
finally, finally you’ll get what you want.
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hihello-pinky · 2 months ago
Miss, Fuck, Fall (3)
Suna Rintarou x F! Reader
part one part two
Here’s the third and last part! Enjoy :)
tags: fwb to lovers, fluff, smut, dry humping, fingering, oral (f receiving), missionary, doggy, riding, creampie. suna and reader are horny lmao
It’s so weird. Entering Rintarou’s mini studio without the urgency of having sex feels so unfamiliar to you. What makes it even weirder is that after he asked you to wait at the couch, he asked if you wanted something to drink.
So, here you find yourself, nervously playing with your fingers, waiting for Suna as he makes your coffee.
“Hey.” He has changed into a plain white shirt which accentuates his chest and a pair of black cotton shorts. He places two mugs on the coffee table before taking a seat beside you.
“I–“ “Look–“ You both say at the same time.
Suna clears his throat. “Let me go first.” Upon seeing your nod, he continues. “I heard from Osamu. I’m so sorry for your loss. And I’m also sorry for not being there for you, especially when you called me.”
You process his words, unsure what to say, since you know this is an unfamiliar territory between the two of you. “I’ll be okay. Also, you don’t need to apologize for that,” you look away, “it’s not in our arrangement to be involved in non-sex related matters.”
Suna shakes his head. “But I want what we have to be more than just sex.” He closes his eyes. “I’m an idiot. You were hurting and I… I did something horrible to you at the time when you needed me.”
You reach for his hand. “I’m not going to lie: it hurt me so much. And yet, I forgive you, even though it may come back me bite in the ass in the future. I forgive you, because that’s how weak I am when it comes to you. But about you wanting more than just sex...” You shake your head slowly. “How can I believe you when I’m not the only girl in your life?”
“You’re the only one I care about,” he replies quickly. “You’ll be the only girl in my life from now on.”
“I don’t know, Rin...”
He holds the hand that was touching his. “You don’t have to give me an answer now. In fact, you shouldn’t give me an answer now, since you’re grieving and are in an emotional state. I don’t want to take advantage of your vulnerability.”
You squeeze his hand. “Thank you.”
That night, Suna insists that you take his bed while he slept on the couch. And for the first time in twenty days, you slept peacefully.
“Rin, stop it!”
Suna grins as he sees you covering your face, the blush on your cheeks barely hidden by your hands. “Come on, pretty. Don’t hide from me.”
“If you don’t,” he starts to stand up and you quickly remove your hands from your face, holding them up in a gesture for him to stop.
The sound of a phone camera quickly follows your action and Suna’s heart almost melts at the pout on your face. He shows you the screen and says, “You’re so cute here.”
He sees you bite your lip in an effort to stop yourself from smiling. Uncharacteristically, he’s the one who can’t wipe the damned smile off his face. It’s been like this for the past month.
Two weeks after that night when he confessed to you, you had asked to meet him over coffee and told him that you’d prefer to test the waters first. Go out and try couple things, and see if you two can actually date. He immediately agreed, taking on anything as long as it meant he’d still be a part of your life.
“Rin.” Your voice brings him back to the present, you sitting across him inside a ferriswheel coach that, coincidentally, moves and stops at the highest point of the ride.
“Yeah?” He admires the cute bunny headband, matching with the one on his head, that you had insisted you both wear.
You smile slightly at him in the way that he loves so much, in the way that lets the small dimple on the left side of your mouth to peek out. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About us.”
He intakes a deep breath. “And?”
“I can feel your sincerity,” you reply. “I can tell you’re serious about wanting to be... in a relationship with me. So,” your cheeks are dusted with pink as you look at him with a tid bit of shyness, “Maybe we can make us official?”
And Suna almost makes a fist-pump, as if he’d won in a long and gruelling game. Except, this is not a game. You’re handing him you’re heart and he’d rather stab himself to death than to play with your heart. He’s trying to hide his joy, fully aware that he’s miserably failing. “Are you sure?”
You nod and smile sweetly at him. “Once we got off of this ride, you can officially call me your girlfriend.”
“And I’m your boyfriend?”
“Uh, yes?”
He nods, more to himself than to you. “Okay. Great. Okay.”
A few moments of silence pass before he decides to ask the question he’s been dying to ask for the past few minutes. “Does this mean I get to go back to kissing you again?” You mutually agreed that it would be best if the two of you refrained from doing anything intimate while you’re unofficial. So far, the most you’ve done is to hold hands.
You giggle softly. “I mean, that’s like a part of the whole dating package, right?”
He shrugs nonchalantly. “I told you, it’s my first time doing this relationship thing. I’m clueless.” He makes sure to stare straight at your eyes. “And I don’t want to screw this up with you. I want you to be my first and last.”
You squeal and cover your face again, making him chuckle a bit. He decides to add fuel to the fire. “So I take it that we can have sex again?”
“What?” He smirks. “I haven’t made love to you yet and I want to make sure it’s as phenomenal - if not more - as the times I have fucked you before.”
You peek between your fingers. “Language, Rin! God, you are hopeless!”
He doesn’t answer and instead, clicks the camera on his phone again, making sure to capture this moment. This moment, when he knew he fell even deeper in love with you.
You’ve had plenty of sex with Rintarou before. This shouldn’t be new to you; tonight shouldn’t be making you as nervous as you currently are. Despite joking about how you can finally sleep together again, Rin didn’t actually try to initiate sex with you in the past fourteen days since you made your relationship official. You suspect it has something to do with him staying true to his promise to take things slow with you, and you appreciate that a lot about him.
But you, you have other plans.
Since you’ve gone back to kissing each other, lazy make-out sessions in your dorm room and in his car are not enough. You’re not a very sexual person yourself but can anyone blame you if you’re up late at night, plagued with thoughts of your 6′3 boyfriend with impressive abs and biceps and handsome features?
So, tonight, you decide that if Rin isn’t going to make the move, then you are. It’s a Saturday movie date night. You know Rin is looking forward to it since it’s the latest Spiderman movie. Too bad he won’t be able to watch it tonight.
You’re cuddled under one blanket on his couch, a bowl of popcorn seated in between your laps. Your right arm is wrapped loosely on Rin’s lower back while your head rests on his shoulder, and his already addicting smell is made better by the addition of an aftershave. Great. 
Not even fifteen minutes into the movie that you let your left hand wander elsewhere. You make a move as if to grab more popcorn but let your hand slide to the side, landing on his thigh. As soon as you make contact, you trace random patterns, the softness of his shorts slightly tickling your fingers.
“Babe,” Rin says in a monotonous voice. “Focus on the movie.”
“Mmh…” You straighten your position on the couch and take the bowl of popcorn, placing it on the coffee table. You then maneuver yourself so that you’re sitting on his lap. “I’ll watch the movie, just need your arms around me.”
He immediately wraps both arms around your smaller body, planting a soft kiss on your shoulder before whispering, “Behave, baby.”
You turn a bit to meet his face and peck his lips. “Oh-kay.”
You pretend to watch the movie for a bit as Suna occasionaly reaches over you to get some popcorn, making his chest press against your back. He has eased his attention back to the movie but you’re a woman on a mission and you begin to lightly grind on his lap.
A firm hand slots on your hip. “Y/N.” This time, his voice holds a hint of restraint and it encourages you to move faster against him, already feeling him start to harden beneath you.
“Y/N. Fuck. Baby.” Both of his hands now rest on your hips and though he sounds as if he wants you to stop, you know better. He’s so much bigger and stronger than you and yet, the hold he has on your hips are as gentle and loose as ever.
You stand up briefly and turn around so when you’re back on his lap, you’re straddling just the right spot where you feel his hardened cock, your knees on either side of him. You don’t waste time and grind against him, wrapping your hands around his neck, letting out soft moans against his shoulder.
“Need you, Rin.” You don’t care that your dampening center is soiling his shorts. You don’t care that you’re making a lot of noise. All you can think about is Rintarou and his cock and how you’re gonna make sure each of you will get to come at least twice tonight.
“Shit.” Creaking sounds are starting to be heard and Rin cups your face, leaning down to kiss you. The kiss is intense and needy and with a lot of tongue and you moan against his mouth just as he thrusts upward.
“Rin!” You guide one of his hands under your shirt (technically his) and he’s quick to take over and play with one of your breasts. “Ahh, Rin. Feels good!”
He pulls away to lift your shirt off of you. “Fuck, babe.”
You’re crazily grinding against him now, needing more friction, and it elicits more expletives to leave Rin’s mouth. “Slow down, baby.”
You shake your head, eyes staring up at him needily. “I want you. Please, babe.”
He groans as he feels your hand snake between you two, reaching below you and cupping his extremely hard cock. You begin to pump it sloppily and he holds your wrist to stop you. He looks at your eyes and asks, “Are you absolutely sure?”
“Rin,” you moaned, trying to move against him but his other hand is keeping your hips still. “Don’t act as it you haven’t fucked me before.”
Suna shakes his head. “This will be more than just sex.”
“I know,” you say, your breathing slowing down. “I love you, you love me. I understand it. Make love to me some other time. For now,” you bite your lip and look at him with hooded eyes, “I want you to fuck me to make up for the months we missed.”
Maybe that’s the thing that Rin was waiting for, the assurance that you knew it’s more than just sex for him and you. Because, the moment you end your sentence, he captures your lips in a fierce kiss and stands up, forcing you to wrap your legs around his waist.
It’s not a surprise that moments later, you find yourself with your back on Rintarou’s bed, him hovering over you as he greedily takes your nipple in his mouth. His right hand is swiping along your damp panties, pushing it to the side so he can gather your slick. The lewd sounds are enough to make your thighs clench.
His kisses begin to travel downward and you almost scream at the moment that he swipes his tongue against your folds. You lean on your elbows so you can watch him eating you out. His right hand is busy playing with your folds and making sure your underwear is not in the way while his left hand…
His left hand is in between his thighs, pumping up and down on his cock. The sight looks so hot that, when one of the fingers playing with your folds finally enter you, you cum. He groans against your pussy and continues to lap at it, seemingly undeterred by your orgasm.
You pull at his hair. “Ah, ah, ohhh. Rintarou!” His fingers speed up inside you. “Your cock. Baby please. I need it. Want it. Please, Rin, babe.” You sob out a few more whines as he continues to eat you out.
Finally, he pulls away and smirks at you, pulling down your very damp panties. He discards his clothes as well and starts to pump his cock, spreading the precum around the tip. You take it as the cue to turn around but before you can get on your knees, he orders you to lie back down.
“I want to see your face,” he says in as soft of a voice as he can muster. “I’ll fuck you in any other position you want later.”
You moan at his words and lie completely relaxed on the bed, anticipating his cock. It’s been too long since you’ve last had sex. You missed him in this aspect. You missed being filled with–
“AHH!” You scream out as he bottoms out in one thrust. Even though you’ve done this plenty of times, it still stings a bit everytime due to his size.
“Shh,” he peppers kisses on your face, neck, and shoulder. “I got you,” he says before meeting your lips and starting to thrust. His movements are not as harsh as before but not too soft either. Just the right amount of pressure.
“Feel good?” He asks, his eyes watching you intently.
You nod. “So good, Rin. You’re so good, baby.”
“Fuck.” He quickens his pace a little, holding onto your lithe body as the sound of his balls meeting your ass reverberates in the room. “You’re so fucking tight.”
You both moan and grunt against each other, lips occasionally meeting for a messy kiss. Your body is starting to inch up on the bed and Rin holds you firmly, making sure your head won’t hit the headboard.
As you feel the beginning of another orgasm stir, you clench tighter around Rin. “Harder,” you moan out. “Fuck me harder, Rin.”
Rintarou lets out a string of curses before he’s aggressively thrusting into you. It doesn’t take you long to come and even through your orgasm, Rin doesn’t stop his forceful thrusts.
You’re moaning his name, mind kind of mushy, as Rin pulls out and maneuvers you to your knees. You don’t even have time to complain about the emptiness before he’s shoving his cock back in your pussy. He has let go of his restraints now as he’s relentlessly fucking into you.
A few seconds after your third orgasm, Rin stills his hips and you feel the warmth of his essence fill you. You moan as he pulls out and he’s gently holding your body, making you lie on top of him. “Can you ride me?”
You shake your head. “My legs hurt.”
“Do you want us to stop, then?”
“No.” With you on his lap, you can feel that he’s still hard. And you’d be damned if you won’t make much of the time with your very hot, and obviously still very aroused boyfriend. “I want more.”
He smiles at you gently, as if his cock hadn’t been mercilessly thrusting into your pussy a while ago. A hand softly tucks some hair behind your ear. And then, you feel his hand positioning his cock by your entrance. You both share a moan as he enters you and he begins to move your body against his.
You both know that it’s going to be a long night, much like the others you’ve shared before. But it’s different this time, for you both know that once the night ends and you wake up the following day, you’d still be with each other.
Thank you so much for reading!
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maitaro · a month ago
Playboy 22' - The mini event masterlist.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N : Reaching a new milestone, I have planned this small event - which isn't really an event tbh. The main theme is Playboy (the magazine) and I will write a few nsfw fics inspired by it <3. Ah also, this is strictly a Haikyū!! thingie + I'll only write for the guys below since they're the ones I'm the most comfortable with as for now. ;) @oikawas-milk-bread 👀
Tumblr media
Tōru Oikawa x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Being a top athlete offers tons of possibilities, among posing for the infamous sexy and controversial magazine Playboy. How could Oikawa say no, especially when the famous singer Y/N will be his photoshoot partner?
Rintarō Suna x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Having a model as his girlfriend, Suna is used to see her in sexy poses, but he wasn't aware she would be on the new Playboy cover. Should he punish her for it ? Or show her how much the photographs affected him ?
Atsumu Miya x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Besides being an amazing volleyball player, Atsumu shows off his body often, thanks to his contract with the Playboy magazine. He isn't the best teacher, but he could always try to initiate the new recruits, especially a hottie like you. However, those lessons definitely need to stay private and secret. <3
Tetsurō Kuroo x fem! Reader - nsfw.
He's a business man, of course. He's very strict about monthly wages, but being the owner of the Playboy magazine definitely gives Testurō many advantages, one of them being to pay his favourite bunny with his cock.
Osamu Miya x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Osamu isn't a horny guy, but he still is a man with needs. So how is he supposed to react when his favourite Playboy model is coming in his restaurant to eat onigiris on a Tuesday night ? Is it him or is she... flirting with him?
Yūji Terushima x fem! Reader - nsfw.
Nothing could go wrong when the famous pornstar Yūji Terushima offers you, the cutest Playboy bunny, a photoshoot with him..., right ? Especially when it has to take place in his studios..., right ?
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sukirichi · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
DUSK ‘TILL DAWN. [ masterlist ]
“we who bear the burden of the crown do not need to love. you only need to stay here, with me, in power, in greed, in lust – in victory.”
IMPORTANT NOTE: the series has been rewritten and the new version is the one posted on december 2021. you may ask to be removed from the pervious taglist if the new plot is not your thing, just send me a dm/ask.
content / warnings. explicit smut, minors dni. fem! reader. fluff. modern royal au. drama. lovers to enemies. toxic characters. toxic relationships. angst. gaslighting. emotional manipulation. infidelity. not really centred on politics but there are some themes.
status. ongoing ; spontaneous updates
pairings. suna x reader (main pairing) kiyoomi x reader. (slight) oikawa x reader.
taglist. closed + ageless blogs interacting will be ignored / blocked. 
Tumblr media
one [ you are in love. ] 
two [ tears of gold. ] 
three [ gorgeous. ] 
four [ déjà vu. ]
five [ how do you sleep. ]
six [ no peace ]
seven [ someday ] 
eight + nine + ten + eleven + twelve + thirteen + fourteen + fifteen
Tumblr media
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rinphoria · 7 months ago
info & warnings: fem-bodied reader, oral (f!receiving), orgasm denial
Tumblr media Tumblr media
suna loves toying with you, especially when your pleasure is on the line. he’s made a game of seeing whether or not you’ll be able to come in a certain amount of time and he’s particularly fond of playing it when you both are anticipating company. as soon as he gets the “on our way” text, he’s laying you down on the mattress, tossing your panties to the other side of the room, and spreading your legs for him. he wastes no time getting started, his tongue circling around the sensitive nub at your apex as his lithe fingers drag in and out of you. when your eyes squeeze shut in satisfaction and your whimpers gradually grow louder, he’ll look up to you with mischievous eyes, mockingly whispering, “you like that, don’t you? are you gonna come?” he’ll bring you right to the brink of your orgasm before knocks sound on the door, signaling the arrival of your guest. he won’t even think twice before pulling his fingers out of you to welcome them, sending you an expectant glance that silently tells you to put your panties back on and meet them in the living room as if he wasn’t just eating you out. you’re left to rub your thighs together in a pitiful search of release for practically the rest of the night.
losing a game isn’t always so bad, not when suna gets to watch you try to hide how worked up you are in an attempt to save face. but he’s happy to indulge you afterwards; though, you’ll have to make it through the outing before he even considers touching you again.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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oilivia · a year ago
“Such a needy little thing, aren’t you?” - w/  Kenma, Suna, Atsumu & Oikawa
Tumblr media
a/n: i decided for my first post to do a fun little prompt with some of my favorite haikyuu boys. all characters are aged up, you can find the tws separately for each drabble. smut after the cut. no beta, so please excuse my horny brain.
Pairings: Kenma w/ daddy kink & deepthroating; Suna w/ riding & creampie; Atsumu w/ teasing & mindbreak; Oikawa w/ oral & reader on phone
Wording: 1.8k
if you want to request drabbles, i have a list of prompts here.
Tumblr media
tw: daddy kink, praise, dacryphilia, rough deepthroat, throatpie, petnames
“Just like that, baby” you hear Kenma praise you. Your head is bobbing up and down his cock, your cheeks hollowed as you do your best to take in as much of his length as possible.
You gag when he starts thrusting into your mouth, his tip bruising the back of your throat. He doesn’t hear your whimpers, not with his headphones on. He just feels the delicious way your throat tightens around his cock when he pushes it too deep. He can’t see the tears in your eyes or the way your makeup starts running down your face either, not while you’re under his desk and his eyes are focused on the game. He loves using your throat for his pleasure, you’re such an obedient little girl.
Nimble, desperate fingers play with your aching cunt, but it’s not enough to satisfy you. You need more than your own fingers to cum, you need daddy’s cock. Nothing else could properly fill your needy hole, he made sure of this each time he fucked you until you could barely remember your name. Only daddy could make his baby cum now. Moans struggle to escape your abused throat as the thought of Kenma’s cock spreading your hungry cunny has your hips moving on their own, desperate for the tiniest bit of friction.
“Such a needy little thing, aren’t you?” he asks as he takes off his headphones, a hint of teasing in his tone. You look up, your glassy eyes meeting his. He loves you like this, naked and on your knees, legs spread and dribbles of liquid oozing from your pretty cunny. Your makeup is smudged and drool is pooling at the corners of your mouth as your lips envelop his girth. There truly is no prettier sight to him.
Kenma cups your cheeks with his palms, as he starts shoving his cock harder between your lips, grunting every time it hits the back of your throat “Just like this, baby, make daddy feel good and daddy’s gonna make his little baby cum so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow, okay, angel?” his voice is soft, but his tone commanding.
You whine, his words making your insides clench around your fingers. It wouldn’t be long now, you think, just a few more minutes. And when you feel his cum spurting in your mouth, you happily gulp it, making sure you don’t waste even one drop, you want to make daddy proud.
Tumblr media
tw: cowgirl, slight teasing, nipple play, creampie
It is just like Suna to lazily lie on his back, his hands behind his head and eyes fixed on your body as you bounce up and down his cock. You’d say he’s lazy, how he’s making you do all the work, but the truth is, he just loves to see you take control of your own pleasure until you make yourself cream on his cock. There is something so alluring about the way his sweet innocent looking girl hungrily takes what she wants. If only your friends would see you like this, how would they react?
That’s not to say Suna doesn’t like taking control, oh no, he does. But the way you whine and demand his help as you tell him how much of an ass he is for making you do it all by yourself while your face is flustered, skin burning under his fingertips. It’s all just turning him on too much to drop the act.
“Such a needy little thing, aren’t ya?” Suna smirks when he sees the way your legs shake, barely able to hold you up as you’re fucking youself on his cock. The way you gyrate your hips, the way your tits bounce, the way his cock slides so easily in and out of you are slowly making him lose his cool. 
“I wouldn’t be needy if you helped me, Rin” your voice is breathy, soft moans escaping you. You try to give him an angry look, squinting your eyes slightly, only to widen them as you let out a loud cry when you feel him thrust sharply, his hips slamming into yours.
“Is that what you want, hmm?” his hands grab your ass, fingers digging into the soft flesh as he pulls you harder against him. He hissed. You were close. He could tell by the way your cunt milked his cock with every thrust, squeezing him. All he had to do was suck on those pretty nipples of yours and you’d come undone.
“You’re such an asshole” you gasped, each word getting roughly pounded out of you. Still, you couldn’t help the smile tugging at your lips when you felt his plush lips latching on your nipple. The way he flicks it with his tongue sends tingles to your core. The last push is when you feel his teeth bite your sensitive bud, the pressure snaps, your body shaking, your hips grinding uncontrollably as Suna tightens his hold on you.
You look mesmerizing, your skin glistening with a sheen of sweat, your eyes closed and your pretty mouth open as you moan Suna’s name over and over. Watching you, he can’t hold it anymore and cums inside your twitching walls, filling you up as he’s kissing down your neck.
Tumblr media
tw: teasing, orgasm denial, fingering, nipple play, dacryphilia, mindbreak
Whines and cries fill the room as you’re squirming under a smirking Atsumu. His fingers are buried deep in your drooling cunt, his mouth sucking and biting at your nipples. He pauses just as he feels your desperate walls throb and clench around him.
“Such a needy little thing, aren’t ya?” He feels his cock twitch at the sight of your fucked up face. Tears are welling in your half-lidded eyes, tongue is lolling out of your mouth, drool drips down your chin. You look perfect, Atsumu thinks. His perfect little slut.
“Please, ‘Tsumu, I can’t - I need to cum” you plead, your throat raw from the moaning and begging. You aren’t sure how much more you can take before your sanity slips.
This has been going on for at least an hour. Just as you’d feel yourself coming close, he’d stop, relishing how needy you were for him. Your luscious thighs spread, covered in the slick weeping from your perfectly pink cunt. It took all his self-control not to mercilessly shove his throbbing cock inside your hole and fuck you until you break.
He wouldn’t. Not yet. He knows you can take more. Your back arches when you feel his fingers move again, scissoring, pressing against your sensitive spots as his thumb rubs your clit. Your vision blurs, heels digging into the mattress. He hisses when he feels your nails scratch the skin of his back.
“‘Tsumu, please” you try to articulate, but your words are too slurred to be coherent. He grins. Now you were ready for his cock. With a pop, he pulls out his fingers, licking your juices with a satisfied hum. You let out a desperate whine, your cunt clenching around nothing, the emptiness inside you driving you crazy. 
He pushes his tip past your rim without much effort, your drenched walls sucking him in with ease. He watches your chest heave up and down when he bottoms out inside your cunt, your legs shaking as you struggle to take his length. That’s his good little slut.
You look prettiest with his cock splitting you open, he thinks as he starts slamming his hips against yours, enjoying the way your walls clam on his length with every thrust.
Tumblr media
tw: teasing, oral (f receiving), fingering, reader on phone w/ someone else
Oikawa is good with his mouth. And not only when it comes to talking everyone’s ear off. You writhe when you feel his hot tongue slide across your clit, just barely touching the aching bud. You buck your hips, trying to feel more, desperate to get Oikawa to touch you properly.
“Such a needy little thing, aren’t you?” he chuckles, spreading your folds to get a better look at the way your muscle rim was clenching around nothing. It was so hypnotising. He could see just how much you ached for him, how much you need him to make you cum. 
He is pulled out of the reverie when your phone rings. You scoff when you look at the screen, the last thing you want is to get interrupted, not when you have Oikawa’s face between your open legs. But at least you didn’t start yet, you should just answer and get it out of the way.
“Hi mom, yeah, I’m good, argh-” a moan escapes your slightly parted lips when you feel Oikawa’s finger tracing your slit, gathering your slick, teasing your sensitive nub. “No, no, I’m okay, I just stubbed my toe” you lie, doing your best to control your breathing as you feel the setter push a lithe finger inside your tight cunt. He watches the way your face contorts just a bit from the pressure, a devilish smile plastered on his  pretty face.
You swear silently. Your mom won’t stop chatting. You don’t want to be rude and end the call, and truth be told, the threat of getting caught is turning you on even more. That, and Oikawa’s teasing grin when he adds a second finger, scissoring them. 
“Fuck, I want to see you squirm, see how long it takes you to cry out my name” he whispers with a smirk. He watches your chest heave when he lowers his head again and presses his mouth to your aching clit. Your free hand grabs at his hair, pulling, eliciting soft whimpers from him. 
When he adds a third finger you gasp, air leaving your lungs as your back arches, your pliant body responding to his every touch. You can take it, just a bit more, you think. But you don’t get to finish your thought, not when you feel the way he curls his fingers, rubbing your sweet spot with every move. The coil in your abdomen tightens, you’re close now, but not there yet, not for a little while longer.
And then you feel it, his lips closing on your clit, sucking, his tongue flicking it. “Gotta call you back, mom, sorry, the door-” you desperately press the end call button, just as your body starts to trash, your thighs squeezing Oikawa’s face as you chant his name “Tooru”.
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—𝔢𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔫𝔞𝔩 𝔩𝔬𝔳𝔢
i. a lifetime ago
includes: suna rintaro x f!reader
genre: vampire au, reincarnation au, drama
about: to many, immortality may be a blessing but for suna rintaro, it is a curse like no other. he can watch the world burn, knowing that the love he was felt is not eternal, or is it?
cw: death, mentions of illness, fire, unrequited love (not towards suna/reader), arranged marriage, angst
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Suna Rintaro once believed that he was incapable of love. He’d been alive long enough to know that he lacked the warmth and endearment humans so easily showed. So many years had passed since he had been one, that he had completely forgotten what it was like to feel affection. He would nonetheless, watch them in his alienated tower, they’d laugh and drink and waste the few years of life they had to live. He often thought that they were foolish for devoting themselves to finding their over halves. That was, until a dying girl was at his front steps.
For the centuries he’d lived alone in the castle, he hardly had visitors as the horrid tales of what vile creature would be residing there put so much fear into the heart’s of the villagers that they stayed away. Not only that, but the tall towers, spiked metal gates and daring statues of both fallen angels and gargoyles were surely enough to drive away trespassers. Meaning, when there was a large pounding at the door and he caught sight of a young man carrying a young woman in his clutches, his curiosity was raised.
It was then that he learned who you were; a local villager who’d caught an unknown illness and was in urgent need of medicine. The man that brought you in was your fianceé, wearily explaining the rumors of the castle: it was believed a magic man lived there, granting certain powers to those who were worthy.
Rintaro was appalled by such a thing, but as he watched the way your fianceé regarded you, caressing your sickly, sunken face, he felt pity on the mortal, so infatuated he failed to understand that death was only a part of human life. You would die eventually, and so would he.
“Fine,” he sighed, watching your fianceé’s eyes widened, “I’ll cure her, but you must leave at once.” The other man thanked him, rushing out without a second thought.
The vampire stared down at your practically lifeless body, wondering to himself if he would actually help the human. He brought your limp body near a warm fire, drawing a blanket over your body. Rintaro sat in a nearby chair, reading a book from his personal library, waiting for you to perhaps wake up, or even to simply die.
Not much time passed after, and he heard you cough up a storm, weakly trying to sit up. “Where am I?” You asked disoriented, staring back at Rintaro so that his lingering gaze could truly see you.
With your eyes open, you were different. You were beautiful, it was undeniable to him. He basked in the sight of you, feeling himself inch closer. He slowly explained what he was going to do, that you were brought by your fianceé to look for a cure.
What surprised him was the way your face soured, laying back down and staring mindlessly at the ceiling. You calmly said to him: “please let me die before I have to marry him.”
“You wish to die?” He had never met a human like that before, one who was so adamant on expelling their own life. There was a saddened look on your face, evident in the way your eyebrows dipped to the center of your forehead.
“Yes, my father has planned for our marriage but I can not find it in myself to love him. A wife should love a husband, you understand, don’t you?” You reached out, grabbing Rintaro’s forearm for some form of comfort.
The minute you touched him, he felt warm, his skin was and always had been cold to the touch and he was almost at ease by the sensation. Your eyes were beginning to tear as you sniffled. Rintaro had never understood human emotion yet simply by observing you, he felt he’d unlocked all of mankind’s secrets.
“I suppose I do understand,” he stated, clearing his voice. “But surely that isn’t a reason to die– death is permanent.”
At his words, you realized he was right, you didn’t want to die, begging him to excuse your last words and to heal you. Rintaro weighed his options: would he turn you into a vampire? How would he explain that to you without having you run away and bring an angry mob of torches and pitchforks? Surely, he had other methods of soothing your illness but none that would cure you in comparison to a transformation.
“Eat this,” he ordered you everyday, handing you a special plant that would help you regain your strength. Just like that, you began to spend time together, keeping him company through the day, not questioning why his castle was so dark, or why the man never stepped foot outside during the day.
Suna Rintaro found you amusing in many ways. How you’d fall asleep so easily, and so regularly, even once tipping your head against his shoulder. Your cheeks would heat up at the smallest compliment and you’d begin to stumble over your words. He’d talk to you gently, and listen to you speak. He was intrigued on how long humans could go on rambling, but he didn’t have it in his cold heart to stop you. Everyday for a week you would venture the property, collecting flowers to put in his private library. You brightened the space he was in, and it was something he never knew he needed.
“The flowers would look better… elsewhere.” He wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings as he watched you pout, but he quickly demonstrated what he meant. Taking a single flower from the vase of water, he placed it behind your ear, carefully moving your hair aside to tuck it in. “Beautiful,” he said without a second thought, not missing the way you covered your face while looking away.
Those events were only the beginning of your love tale. Every day would be spent like that until, on the night marking your two month stay in Rintaro’s care, he finally kissed you. Rintaro could taste the honey in your mouth, holding your cheek as you wrapped your arms around him.
This, he thought, this is what humans want, they want to feel like this. He couldn’t find it in himself to let go of you, becoming addicted to your touch almost instantly. He imagined the warmth from your body to be second to only the sun.
“I believe I’ve fallen unconditionally in love with you,” you whispered softly into his ear, “I’ll leave my entire life behind if I could spend the rest of my aching days with you.”
Suna cupped his hands over yours, pressing your foreheads together, he didn’t know what to say, surely love had to be conditional; what would you do when you learned who he was, or what he’d done? He’d seen many things over his long, eternal life, and surely they were more gruesome and disturbing than you could ever imagine.
“I am not a perfect man,” he explained in a low voice. Laughing dryly he continued, “in fact, I’m hardly a man at all. Before you came, I hardly knew what love was.” It seemed hard for him to say, like he was questioning himself. Was what he was feeling really love? Staring into your sparkling eyes, he now knew your features like the back of his man and could map them out blindfolded. With each day that passed he found himself trying to become closer and closer to you, craving you like a starved wolf searching for food.
Carefully, as he continued to hold you near, he admitted what he was. He showed off his sharp teeth, and the dark glow to his eyes. He let you realize why his hands were so frigid and pulled the side of your head against his chest, hearing the sound of an empty chest with no working heart. He was the darkness small children feared, and the reason nuns held their rosaries so tightly. Yet, being near him was not horrifying, nor did you want to leave.
He had been tender with his touches and sincere with his words. There was no doubt that you had fallen in love with him and despite his attempt at pushing you away.
“It doesn’t change how I feel so please, tell me you love me, too. If you do not wish to return those emotions, I’ll leave, and I promise to keep your secret,” you replied softly. You wanted to kiss him again but there wasn’t time for that, nor was there time to hear him say those fateful four words. A booming sound rang through the practically empty castle, the sounds of loud calls filled your ears, staring up at Rintaro.
“Stay here,” he instructed, planting a lonesome kiss against your forehead, rushing towards the main entrance to see what was happening. Standing in front of the giant oak doors, he was shocked to see your fianceé standing with a torch in hand, a group of men from the village behind him.
Slowly lifting his finger he pointed towards the vampire, a disgusted look on his face as he snapped his head back to speak to the mob. “This is the monster that is holding my fianceé captive!”
Suna took a breath, watching as they grumbled, “you’re mistaken, I’ve been curing her by your orders,” he hissed. Your fianceé on the other hand, only shook his head.
“You’ve all heard the rumors of the vile thing that lives here, and behold; here he is!” His loud voice reverberated amongst the crowd, “he’s kept my future wife here against her will, and now we must do everything in our power to return her safely!”
“Liar! Your fianceé does not wish to marry you! It is not you that she loves!” Suna replied, not taking a minute to think. He hadn’t thought about what would happen if he angered the men even more than they already were, and instantly, he regretted it.
What happened next was a blur in his memory, with chaos ensuing so quickly that he could hardly retain the fine detail. What he did recall, was the way the men charged into the castle on their way to rescue you while Suna was left to fight them off, although clearly outnumbered.
He was left with your fianceé, staring him down with his unholy eyes, piercing into his soul and letting the human man see him for what he truly was. Charging forward, they had managed to end up far from the entrance, fighting each other until the sound of a breaking glass carried into Suna’s ears.
Pausing to look back, his castle, his home had erupted in flame, forced to watch as the villagers ran out, saying that they’d left you inside. Forgetting about your fianceé and his attacks, Rintaro darted back towards the fire.
And although vampires were sensitive to such strong heat, he braced himself, willing to die in order to save you. Shielding his face, he found you laying there, still as a statue and he knew he was too late.
Rintarto called out your name, with little response, he ignored the growing fire, kneeling by your side and scooping your head into his lap. It was a miracle that your eyes even opened in the slightest while you parted your lips as if to speak.
“Save yourself,” is what you said, and he shook his head vigorously.
“I’ve lived long enough, I’ll die here if I must.” For the first time since he too was human, he felt a wet teardrop whelming in his eye. He shamelessly let it roll down his cheek, watching the droplet fall onto your dying face.
Your breaths were shallow, from what he could see and it would only be a matter of time.
“You can’t leave, I’ve only just found you,” he said, as if his words alone could change the reality of the situation. He was always cold and merciless, but now he was no better than a simple human, grasping onto the idea of love as you weakly smiled at him.
“We won’t be apart long,” you stated, “I’ll find you again.” Your voice was tiny in comparison to the crackling and burning of the castle around you. Still, Rintaro was able to pick it up, leaning over and hiding his face in the crook of his neck.
“I love you,” he finally said, but you would never hear his response. Staring down, your body had slumped, although your face looked peaceful, as if you were just sleeping. Rintaro couldn’t stop himself from crying, letting out centuries of tears he thought were incapable of falling.
He held your dead figure, rocking himself as the heat increased and he had no other choice than to leave you.
Rintaro put one last kiss against your angelic lips, shutting his eyes before making a promise: “we will find each other again.”
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