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#suna x you
ryoccoon · 2 days ago
happily ever after | suna rintarou
Tumblr media
pairing; suna x fem!reader
warnings; periods, suggestive (and poor) pick up lines
genre; slice of life, domestic, fluff
Tumblr media
"Thanks again, sweetie. I hope we didn't ruin your plans for the evening."
You smile fondly as Mrs. Suna bows her head apologetically, her styled, raven hair bouncing elegantly as her meticulously painted lips curl upward into a sheepish smile. She looks stunning like this; with her sleek, indigo dress and sharp eyeliner, emphasizing her already fox-like eyes.
Her husband is no different, his hair coiffed to perfection and dressed to the nines, the obsidian shine to his suit bringing out the viridescence of his narrow eyes.
Together, they're sure to turn a few heads— they look undeniably gorgeous.
(Must run in the family, you think— images of a certain raven-haired, bedroom-eyed middle blocker popping into your head.)
"It's just that we haven't been out in so long just the two of us, and I'd hate to leave Hina home by herself... It wouldn't be so bad if Rin were here, but with Nationals coming up he's been coming home later than usual. I'm not even sure what time he'll be back this evening..."
Waving a hand in dismissal, you assure Suna's mother that it's no skin off your back. It's not as if this is your first time looking after her daughter. Plus, it's not like she's any trouble. Granted, she's got thrice as much energy at her older brother— it's nothing you can't handle.
"Don't worry about it," you say, adopting a playful expression as you jerk your head towards the front door. "You go and have fun on your date. I'll take care of the rest."
Mrs. Suna visibly relaxes as you say this, her posture straightening as though a weight had just been taken off her shoulders.
"You're so reliable, (y/n)," she says, sighing almost wistfully before adding: "I wish Rin would take a leaf out of your book."
You huff out a laugh at that.
And so, after she and her husband had gathered the last of their belongings, you bid them farewell, waving them off from the doorstep until their car disappears down the lane and away from view.
After closing the door behind you, you then turn towards Suna's little sister, who waits for you in the hallway, her face already lighting up at what you're 100% sure she's about to propose next.
"Movie marathon?"
Your face mirrors hers, and both of you rush into the living room.
You're halfway into Toy Story (your third movie of the evening) when you feel a sudden pain in your lower abdomen. It shoots through you like a mild electric shock, the achy feeling that follows all too familiar and making you curse internally.
"Be right back," you say, apologising when Suna's little sister frets over you missing the movie. You tell her not to pause it and that you just need the bathroom, which you promptly make a beeline for the second you get up.
Then, you groan.
'Gotta love being a woman.
Good thing you'd actually seen the signs this time and had worn a panty-liner before coming over. Nonetheless, you decide to swap it out for a larger pad for good measure, only for your ears to perk up when you hear the front door open, then close, followed by Suna's lazy:
"I'm home."
After neatly putting away any wrappers, you saunter into the hallway where Suna's in the middle of taking off his shoes. You decide to watch him for a while, leaning against the banister and laughing softly behind your hand as your boyfriend struggles to remove his laces, huffing under his breath. Your voice seems to carry over to where he's standing 'cause his eyes shoot up and widen slightly in surprise.
"Well, hello there," he drawls as he shrugs off his burgundy jacket. "Enjoying the view?"
You wave with a smile, skipping down the last few steps as you make your way over to him. "I was, actually," you chuckle, surprised when he pulls you in by the waist. "How was practice?"
"Tiring," he says, sighing blissfully when you cup both of his cheeks. He does look tired, you notice, thumbs running gingerly over the dark circles that underline his drowsy eyes.
"Coach made us play practice rounds nonstop. Think my arms might fall off from lifting them up so much." You huff out a laugh at the exaggeration, eyes creasing adoringly when Suna leans into your touch. He must have really been yearning to get home if he's acting this affectionate, eyes already closing as he lets himself melt under your care.
Indulging him a little further can't hurt, you think, standing on your tip toes before pressing your lips against his. The kiss was meant to be chaste, though Suna seems to have other plans as he pulls you flush against his chest. The action catches you off guard, but you soon respond by throwing your arms over his shoulders, enjoying the sound of him humming against your lips when your hand finds purchase in his soft hair. The sensuality of his movements make your mind fog, and had Suna not held you as close as he was now, you're sure your legs would've given in to his ministrations.
You do however, force yourself to push him away (albeit with much reluctancy) when you remember you're still in the middle of the hallway. Not to mention with Hina in the next room over.
Suna actually pouts as you pull away from him, his eyebrows pinched in a way that you can't help but coo at. "Don't give me that look. Your sister's in there watching Toy Story." Nodding your head in direction of the living room, Suna gives you his signature blazé stare, obviously unfazed by the details.
You squint suspiciously. "You'd just let her stand there and watch?"
"No. I'd tell her to go to her room so her big brother can take his beloved girlfriend to infinity and beyond: Rintarou style.."
Scoffing loudly, you playfully shove Suna for his inappropriate (and frankly, quite poor) Disney pick-up line. He catches your wrists before you can get away however, keeping you close as a wolfish smirk etches his features. "Come on, (y/n). You know I can make you buzz for light years, if you let me."
"Alright, that's enough." You're laughing shamelessly now at Suna's incessant flirting, shaking your head in disapproval as he cracks a grin of his own.
He then goes back to wrapping his arms around you, pulling you in and resting his chin atop your head to cage you. "What brings you here, anyway?" He asks quietly. "Miss me?"
You begin slowly swaying together as you nuzzle into your boyfriend's chest, catching a whiff of his body wash which suggests he'd already showered back at the gym. You sigh contentedly at the smell, eyes fluttering shut as you bask in his presence.
"Baby-sitting," you answer, your voice partially muffled as you press into his shirt. You feel his chest reverberate as he hums softly, hands smoothing over your back in a way that almost makes you want to purr. "Did your parents not tell you?"
Suna seems to mull this over briefly, a blanket of silence falling upon you before he answers, his voice carrying not a ounce of concern. "Must've slipped my mind."
You tut. Now you understand what his mum meant by wishing he'd take a leaf out of your book.
You're about to reprimand him for it when a shrill voice calls out from the living room.
"(Y/n)! Where are you? You're missing the best part!"
The small bubble of intimacy you and Suna had created shatters all too soon when his sister suddenly appears in the hallway, making a noise of disgust when she catches a glimpse of you and her brother. "Yuck! Get a room, you two!"
Laughing under your breath, it's with a heavy heart that you finally pull away from Suna, though you don't fully break contact as the latter decides to keep a loose hold on your hand, the other making a dismissive gesture towards his younger sibling.
"Shoo," he says. "(Y/n)'s spending time with me, now." You laugh as his little sister pulls a look of betrayal, her mouth gaping like a fish.
"What? No fair! (Y/n) is my babysitter for the night!"
Suna offhandedly scoffs at that, his eyes rolling all the while. "And she's my girlfriend for forever. What's your point?"
"Now, now. Be nice." You pat your boyfriend's arm when his sister puffs her cheeks out in that stubbornly fashion of hers, deciding to intervene before things can escalate. It's true that Suna's not one for starting conflict, but when it comes to winding up his little sister, this man truly knows no bounds. You've seen it happen before, and although he doesn't give a care in the world about the offhanded jabs he tosses, his little sister on the other hand can get a little... Rowdy.
"Why don't you join us?" You ask as you give Suna's hand a gentle tug. "You love Disney."
You don't miss the way he immediately reacts at your statement, shifting his bored eyes over to you with the word 'no' written all over his face (in lowercase). Regardless, you refuse to give up there, giving him your best puppy dog eyes that are bound to win him over one way or another.
"Fine," he sighs, proving your theory true.
You and Hina flash each other a knowing grin before the latter disappears into the living room, chirping about how she already knows which movie to pick next.
"Oh, here we go," he mumbles in disdain. You flash him a cheeky grin which he pretends not to see, allowing you to drag him down the hallway, a merry skip to your step.
When you walk through the lounge, Hina has already got the movie up, an anticipating look on her face as she watches you and Suna get comfortable on the couch. As always, Suna sits against the armrest and beckons you over so you can sit between his legs. When you do, he proceeds to loosely wraps his arms around your waist and uses your head as a chin rest.
"Ready when you are, Hina," you call, and you needn't tell the young girl twice. She hits play, and on comes the familiar title screen.
From then on out, everything's peaceful. From the familiar story you and Hina both love unfolding on the big TV screen, to the occasional, feather-light kisses Suna plants on your head.
Speaking of the latter— as much he stubbornly likes to turn his nose up at romance-fueled Disney movies such as this one, you're not totally oblivious to the way his fingers tap against your forearm when a particular musical number rouses his interests. At one point he even pretended to orchestrate a song when you and Hina began to dreamily sing along, lazily swaying his finger like he had been the conductor of the piece. You think his distaste towards Disneys stems from the desire to upkeep his suave image, but deep down you know he enjoys the quality time.
There's a reason he brings you to the theatres everytime a new one comes out.
You're brought back from your musings when a cramp suddenly twists in your lower abdomen, making you curl in on yourself uncomfortably. The action doesn't go unnoticed by your boyfriend, his hold on you loosening as he murmurs beside your ear:
"You good?"
"Period," you rasp, rubbing your hand across your stomach in a weak attempt to soothe the pain. Suna's own hand soon copies your movements, but when the pain persists— accentuated by a hiss you couldn't quite contain— Suna extends his leg so he can poke his little sister with the end of his foot. The latter turns around, confusion painting her features as Suna jerks his head towards the staircase.
"It's getting pretty late," he says. Then, "bedtime."
Hina's face drops. She shakes her head repeatedly, a look of disappointment apparent on her rounded face. You'd feel kind of bad for her but admittedly, the pain in your abdomen easily bypasses your guilt.
"You can finish it tomorrow. (Y/n)'s staying here tonight, anyway."
You quirk an eyebrow as Suna says this, the information new as far as you're concerned. "Am I?"
"You're not taking the bus alone at this hour," Suna replies simply. You suppose he's right. Weirdos tend to lurk on the bus at this time of night, and you're not sure you'd have the energy to fend them off at this point— not with the cramps twisting up your insides.
Meanwhile, Suna's little sister seems to still be debating whether or not she should obey her brother's orders, her rear still rooted to the floor. "But I'm not tired yet," she says, shuffling awkwardly under Suna's gaze.
"Tough," is all he says, shifting under you so you'd stand up. "(Y/n)'s not feeling well and it's past your bedtime."
You smile apologetically as you hold your hands out to Hina, ones that she half heartedly grabs as you pull her to her feet. "Sorry, Hina. I promise we'll watch the rest tomorrow. We can even bake a cake afterwards if you'd like." The mention of cake seems to please both siblings; the youngest grinning at the suggestion, while the eldest makes a quiet noise of content.
"Can we make cookies too? If you say yes then I'll go to bed." You puff out a laugh at Hina's bribery proposal, shaking your head at the cheeky smile on her face.
"She drives a hard bargain," sniggers Suna, arms crossed in a proud brotherly fashion. He lightly jerks his head at you, an expecting look on his face. "What's it gonna be, (y/n)?"
You roll your eyes at both siblings. They may carry themselves different; one's personality bright as day and the other cool as night, but one thing's for sure— their wit and sly persona is definitely something indicative of their Suna bloodline.
"Alright, you win. Tomorrow we'll make cake and cookies. And Rin-" you shoot your boyfriend a pointed stare. "No eating the cookie dough!"
The latter lackadaisically raises his hands in mock surrender, making Hina giggle cutely at your side. "I wouldn't dare."
Getting ready for bed is a chill affair; you brush your teeth, slip on some comfy clothes and head into Hina's bedroom, all while dealing with the achiness of your cursed period. Speaking of the young girl, you'd like to think your earlier agreement had gone smoothly, and yet when it came to putting the ravenette to bed, she still refused to do as she was told, standing at the foot of her bed, green eyes still bright with energy.
"Before bed, can me and (y/n) do the dance that's at the end of the movie?" She asks, rocking on the balls of her feet. "We didn't get to that part yet and we usually always dance to it..."
Upon her request, Suna flashes his sister a look of warning, one that you quickly fend off by brushing your hand against his. He must be fretting about your stomachache, but thankfully the first day is the most manageable. 
"Sure," you smile. Then, all while ignoring the annoying ache in your stomach, you conjure your best curtsey, holding a hand out to her in a way that never fails to make her giggle. "Milady."
She squeaks when you then sweep her off her feet, twirling her around before setting her on top of both your feet. It allows for better movement for when you guide her across your makeshift dancefloor (aka her bedroom, which luckily was one of the most spacious rooms in the house), and in that moment, neither of you care about the lack of music accompanying your performance, too engrossed in your own little world. Nor do you both realise when Suna pulls out his phone to immortalise the moment in his camera roll.
"Cute." He smirks to himself after hitting the "stop" button, pocketing his phone as you and Hina's waltz eventually comes to a halt.
You let go of her petite form after lowering her into dip, enjoying her giggles as you finish the dance off by playfully tickling her neck. The action seems to distract her momentarily from the fact that she's about to be put to bed, but the second she clocks you and her big brother about to leave to room, she's quick to tug on your shirt, preventing you from leaving.
"I don't wanna go to bed yet. M' not tired.." Her bottom lip juts out as she says this, her eyes downcast while her hands tug restlessly at her own sleeves. Truth be told, you expected this to happen— Hina never liked to be left out when it came to you and Suna. She would always insist on how she was scared of missing out on something fun, and that she liked just hanging out with you two, even if you didn't do anything. To be fair, it was very cute of her. But when it came to her big brother, he saw it as more of a hindrance.
Typical big brother things, you suppose.
"You've spent enough time with (y/n) now. Go to bed." His tone leaves no room for mercy as he shooed away his little sister, making her look all the more hurt. You could already see the tears beginning to form in her eyes, something that made Suna groan at, and you coo at.
"Don't be upset, Hina.. I'll be here tomorrow morning, remember?" You squat down to meet her at eye level, booping her nose before any tears are shed. You hope that what you said would be enough to keep her satisfied, however when her pout persists, you decide it's time to come to yet another compromise.
"Alright. How about me and Rin read you a bedtime story?" You can practically feel Suna glare at the back of your head, his voice as firm as rock as he said;
"Absolutely not."
"Oh, come on," you prompt, remaining at eye level with Hina but spinning around so you could tug at his sleeve. "Please?"
Suna's narrow eyes zero-in on you as you spare him that unfair, doe-eyed regard. Yours paired with his little sister's almost makes him grimace in disdain. Instead, he simply sighs as he feels his stony exterior slowly begin to crumble, what's left of his resolution dwindling into nothing.
Like magic, Hina's face immediately lights up, her eyes no longer glistening with the urge to cry, but with the excitement of both of her older siblings reading her a bedtime story. She quickly squabbles to get into her bed, leaving her covers open for you and Suna to climb under.
As you stand up, you all but smile when Suna shoots you a deadpan stare, linking your arm with his. "Come on, grumpy," you mock, laughing as Suna begrudgingly climbs into bed, next to his sister. Next is your turn, scooting in beside him and consequently caging him between both of you. He seems uncomfortable at first, sighing as Hina plops a book in his hands (another fairytale one— his favourite), but a kiss on the cheek from you surely has his shoulders relaxing.
"You have the nicest voice between the two of us, Rinrin. You start."
Hina doesn't seem against this, neither does Suna for that matter. He opens the book, holding it up so both of you can see. And as you cosy up to his side, resting your head against his shoulder, he reads out the first line:
"Once upon a time..."
You had not been lying when you said Suna had a nice voice. In fact, nice was in your eyes— or in this case, ears— a severe understatement. It was silvery smooth and his low lilt, paired with his skillful reading slowly but surely had you under a trance. You were drawn in as Suna recounted the story of a Prince travelling far and wide in order to rescue the imprisoned Princess. He had you at the introduction, cracking a sleepy smile whenever his little sister would gasp at some of the more riveting scenes. However, it was somewhere towards the middle of the story that your eyes had unwillingly fluttered shut, perceving nothing but the quiet drone that was Suna's voice, the sound fading into nothing but a pleasant background noise.
Naturally, this doesn't go unnoticed by said storyteller, who stops his reading in order to peer over at the two of you, unsurprised when he catches you both sleeping soundly on either side of him, heads pressed against his shoulders. Closing the storybook, his opts to leave it on his lap rather than risking waking you up.
Meanwhile, as he pulls the bedsheets over his sister, making sure she's comfily tucked in, he gently rests his hand on top of yours and props his head up against yours.
"Night, squirt," he murmurs to Hina, who instinctively snuggles up to him at the familiar term of endearment. Then, he directs his words to you, his voice barely audible and the hold on your hand as sweet as it was delicate.
"Night, Princess."
And the three of you slept happily ever after.
Tumblr media
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tarozaki · a day ago
Tumblr media
+ genre: fluff — drabble.
warnings: none! :p
+ featuring: sakusa, tsukishima, oikawa, kita, suna
Tumblr media
佐久早 — sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa will never admit it but he likes feeling you close to him. he doesn’t know when or how it happened, but your touch somehow makes him feel at ease. it doesn’t take him long to realize how much your presence affects him— with his teammates teasing him all over. and even if he’s supposed to remark with his usual snarky comment— it makes him feel soft instead, so he leaves it be.
月島 — tsukishima kei
tsukishima doesn’t actually hate your affection. though he’s known for his hatred towards those ‘pda’ students sitting outside the corridor—it’s stupid, he said— because with you, he finds himself craving for some sort of touch, whether it’s an arm wrapped around his waist or your hands interwined tightly with his— it’s the little things he finds comfort in.
及川 — oikawa tōru
oikawa loves it when you nag him after he comes home late from practice, knowing he’s overworking himself again— because for him, it’s a reminder that you actually care about him and not only for his popularity. it’s toxic, he knows—but he could care less, especially if that ‘toxic way’ of his allows him to see you all pouty and sulky.
北 信介 — kita shinsuke
kita knows he’s too shy to tell you, but, he likes it when you make up reasons just so you could go with him to the farm, he hesitated, at first, of course, but sooner than he’d even expected, he realized how much he enjoyed having you beside him while he works— with you wandering around the field, wearing a toothy smile— makes him wonder how lucky he is to be in a relationship with you.
角名 — suna rintaro
suna likes it when you respond to his snarky comments with the same vibe— he loves how the both of you have the same humor because he gets to tease you all the time without having to worry about anything— but aside from that, he knows his boundaries and knows when not to coss the line, if he gets insensitive though (which rarely happens) he never hesitates to remind you that you’re more than enough for him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© tarozaki — all rights reserved | don’t translate, repost my content on any platform, modify , or copy my work
Tumblr media
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willowfolksong · a day ago
hi, so lately i’ve been more comfortable with my body, like when i go to the beach i wear a two piece bathing suit and i myself am chubby like rolls and thick thighs but i don’t hate it, so i was wondering if it’s possible to make a head cannon of the readers crushes finally seeing her in a two piece, like she wears loose clothing and one day she’s just like *BOOM* in a cute 2 piece bathing suit. preferably suna or tsukki
When they see you wearing a bikini for the first time
- Tsukishima Kei x Reader/Suna Rintaro x Reader
- SFW; slightly suggestive
a/n: hi @annitalahuefana !!!!! first of all, thank you for sharing how you feel with me. ❤ I'm genuinely glad that you feel more comfortable now, and I bet you look as beautiful as our dear Reader here, leaving this poor boys speechless! 😌 So here's your request! I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it! Let me know what you think and if you need me to change anything 😁❤
Willow ❄
Requests are open! ❄
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
🏖 He never wanted to come in the first place. It's hot and and the sun gets in his eyes, and he never even liked the beach that much either. But you were coming, and he just wasn't going to let you go alone, especially when Tanaka and Nishinoya were also going to be there.
🏖 He's not the jealous type. He really isn't. He just likes to make sure there's no dumb head drooling over you. He likes that people know that you're pretty, but he prefers them at a safe distance from you. And to be honest, from him too.
🏖 And so there he is, sitting under the umbrella as he watches Hinata and Tobio arguing about something he can't hear — but it's probably stupid— with Asahi trying to calm them down. They haven't even started playing and they're already fighting. Tsukki eyes the makeshift sand court wearily.
🏖 Yamagushi comes running towards him in that moment, his hair sticking to his face and a huge smile on his lips. Of course he would like the beach. He's the type to enjoy this kind of things.
"Tsukki, are you not going to play?" he asks, out of breath, and Tsukishima feels your eyes on him from beside him.
"No" he deadpans, fixing his glasses.
"But we need another player! And even the girls are going to play!"
You pipe up in that moment, excitement evident on your voice "Yachi and Shimizu are going to play?"
You glance at him again, and this time, his eyes meet yours "I'm gonna go play too then"
"Really?" asks Yamaguchi, excited.
"Yeah! If Kei's not going to play... I will" you place your hand on his arm, squeezing lightly "You don't mind, don't you?"
Tsukishima scoffs "You can do whatever you want"
"Okay then!" Yamaguchi claps, sending him one last worried glance and running back to the others "Come on, hurry up!"
🏖 You stand then, stretching your arms over your head and letting your hair lose and— oh... you're taking your shirt off. Tsukishima actually shokes beside you.
🏖 He's never seen you without a shirt on. You're a big fan of loose clothes and baggy sweatshirts, and he actually think they look good on you... but this... this is something else. Nothing can compare to the way your bikini hugs your curves in the best way possible. Those thighs...
He can't stop himself from talking, his face burning hot "Where do you think you're going?"
You glance down at him with a frown "Ahm... to play? Remember? Yamaguchi just asked me?"
"Yeah... yeah, right"
You snicker, grabbing your phone to take a look at your reflection on the screen "Do you like my bikini, Kei?"
He clears his throat, feeling like his face could explode at any moment "It's... fine"
"Just fine?" you ask, twirling around and Oh...
Tsukishima wasn't expecting your butt to look so... incredibly delicious. And again, your tights look so plump that he would just...
He looks down at the sand, ready to bury himself in it "It's cute"
"Oh, well... that wasnt the kind of answer I was expecting. Guess I'll go and ask Yū what he thinks about it"
He stands up as quickly as he can to grab your arm before you can stalk away. You look back at him, fighting a smile, and your face immediately heats up too as he bends down to whisper in your ear.
"You look beautiful. I... really wish it was just the two of us now" he says, and you cover your mouth with one hand and look up to find his eyes staring intently at you from behind his glasses.
"And what would you do then? If there was just the two of us...?"
"Hey, guys!" Hinata screams then, waving at you both "Hurry up, we're starting!"
"Tsukki's not going to play!" Yamaguchi warns, but Tsukishima pushes his glasses up and firmly grabs your hand, dragging you forward with him.
"I changed my mind. I'm playing now"
🏖 There's no way he's going to let you play alone with the rest now that he saw you like this.... and he also wants to be there for when you run around and jump... just to take a good look.
🏖 On the ride back, when you finally fall asleep with your head on his shoulder, he keeps himself busy looking for bikinis on his phone. Maybe he can find a cute store and take you there while pretending he didn't knew anything about it.
Suna Rintaro
Tumblr media
📱 Practice is over, finally. He whines to himself, glaring at the twins still arguing about something he really doesn't care. They could have been done much earlier, if it wasn't for Atsumu and his insistence in 'Just trying it one more time'
📱 Suna is tired, and kind of hungry, but most of all, he really misses you. With the weekend right around the corner, he can't barely wait to be with you already. Maybe you'll stay home and watch some movies; maybe you'll drag him around the mall, going from store to store while he pretends he's not interested but secretly takes pictures of you everytime you do something cute. He doesn't care. He just wants to be with you.
📱 He eyes his phone on the bench next to him, and finally decides to send you a text saying he's done for the day. Sometimes you stay until late, your club activities keeping you busy, and the two of you can go home together.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
📱 He stops dead on his track when he sees the picture. It's you. In a bikini. Winking at him in front of a mirror.
"Is everything alright?" Kita asks him, and he puts down his phone so fast that his hand actually hurts.
"Why are you red like that?" Atsumu asks, his hands behind his head "You look weird"
"I said it's nothing"
📱 His heart beating fast, he waits for his friends to stop paying attention to him to look at the picture you sent him once more. He's never seen you wearing a bikini before. Actually, he's never seen you in nothing but sweatshirts and t-shirts. They look cute on you —specially when they belong to him— but this...
📱 He wants to be standing in front of the mirror with you, his hands roaming down your curves and leaving imprints on your waist. And your thighs, so plump and round... he wants them wrapped around his face. He wants to drown in them. He stops himself from texting you to turn around to instead ask for something else.
📱 You can't blame him, really. It's not beach season. He can't just take you to the beach in the middle of winter to see you wearing that. It has to be this way.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thelittlewriter · 2 days ago
Pairing : Suna x Reader
Previous Part
Tumblr media
Suna went to practice, like he was supposed to. Training made him forget for a little while. But then, he went back home. His empty and cold apartment. Since the day he casually gave a spare key to Hiromi, it was warm. He remembered that day very clearly. They were supposed to meet each other there but he stayed late for practice, so she waited in the cold until he got back. He gave her a spare key in case it happened again. It didn't happen a lot, so she didn't use it that often, but it was a huge step in their relationship. She grew more and more comfortable to sleep at his place, in his bed. He rarely went to her place. She always said his felt more like home. Was it a lie ?
Was everything a lie ?
No, it couldn't be. After those months, it couldn't be. Maybe he misunderstood her, maybe he imagined what happened in the morning.
He couldn't breathe. His head was hurting and everything was spinning. Soon, he felt like he was out of his own body. Like nothing was real. Like he was lost.
Help. He needed help.
He was trapped in his mind and nobody was here. He lost her, he lost the one he loved.
- Hello ?
He suddenly heard your voice through the phone. The phone ? When did he pick it up ?
- Suna ? you called for him again.
Did you call him ? Or was he the one who called you ?
- Rin ?
Rin. It was you who used to call him that. Her who called him that too. Her voice was so soft, he loved the way it sounded when she said it. He was getting lost again.
- Y/N...
You could hear the helplessness in his voice.
- Are you ok ? you asked softly.
- I don't know...
He could barely tell what was real and what was not. Was this morning real ? Were you real ?
- Do you know where you are ?
He was in his apartment. And he was talking to you. It was exactly what his girlfriend complained about. Was it wrong wanting to get to know you again ? Did he do wrong ? All your feelings for him were in the past and all he wanted was for you to stop resenting him. Even though you told him you didn't, he could tell it wasn't totally true. Maybe you stopped resenting him, but at that time, you didn't open the door. It was because he did wrong when you confessed. It was selfish to ask you to stay by his side and even more to text you after leaving you alone for so many months when you were still living in the same town. Even now, you still thought you were giving him space but the truth was that he was scared. Scared of his own feelings, scared of the love he felt for you. It was so much love, it was so strong but it wasn't the way you wanted. He couldn't be the one you wanted.
Could he ever be someone you want as a friend again ? Could he ever be someone anybody want ? Hiromi didn't want him either, she went to someone else. He was alone, it was like he had always been.
He shouldn't be thinking about it right now.
- What are you doing right now ? he asked.
He could hear background noise before.
- Nothing important... I'm with my co-workers right now.
- Then, have a good evening. I'm sorry for calling like that.
He hung up before hearing your answer. Soon, his voice started vibrating. You were calling him back. He didn't answer so you sent him a text.
You (8:29pm) : Please answer the phone... I need to know if you're ok
He didn't want to answer the text. Or rather, he didn't want to answer the questions that were coming next. He sat on the couch and waited. He didn't know what he was waiting for. Maybe for Hiromi to come back. For someone to tell him none of this was real. He decided to go take a shower. It was warm yet his heart felt like it was frozen. Was it even beating now ?
He was just out of the shower when he heard the doorbell. Was it Hiromi ? Did she lose her keys before coming back home ? He almost ran to the door and opened it.
It was you.
- What are you doing here ? he asked.
- I needed to know if you were ok...
You looked away, embarrassed.
- I'm fine. You can leave now.
He couldn't help but being cold. More than hurt, he was angry. Angry to see you. It was exactly what his girlfriend didn't want him to do.
You nodded.
- Ok... Bye...
You turned to leave. You were leaving already ? He didn't want you to go. He knew what he said, and he was confused as to why he was acting so selfishly, so childishly. But he just couldn't stop all the emotions he had been holding to come out.
- Do you even care about me ?
You froze and slowly turned around.
- Of course I do, you answered him.
You walked back to him and slowly pulled him into a hug. He didn't hug you back.
- Then why didn't you open the door that day ?
You didn't know what to answer. You still remembered that day and how you felt. You wanted to open the door but you were too hurt to do it.
- Why couldn't you accept me the way I was ?
You tried to hug him tighter and he pushed you away.
- Did you even love me ? Or did you just love who you thought I was ?
- I'm sorry, Rin.
- You left when you saw I couldn't give you what you wanted, he whispered. Just like she did. That's not love.
He was looking at you right in the eyes. You felt tears drop on your cheeks. Was it what he was thinking of you ? That you had never loved him ? That you were using him ? Were those the feelings he had be holding back for so long ?
You cupped his face with your two hands.
- I was in love with you. You were sweet, caring, funny, determined. I admired you and I loved you. When I got rejected, people focused on me and never asked you how you felt and I'm so sorry for that.
You sobbed. You couldn't stop crying.
- I'm sorry I never asked you how you felt.
He didn't want to see you cry. He had made you cry enough. He hugged you tight. It felt good, it felt right. He felt hot, like he needed more of you. He wanted to feel you more. He needed your warmth and your reassuring words, he had missed your smile, your laugh all this time. And he had missed the way he used to feel when you were around, that strong feeling he had never felt for anyone else.
- It didn't take long, you hear behind you.
You pulled out from Suna's hug and looked behind you.
- Hiromi, you don't have anything to do here.
Suna put you behind him.
- You were cheating on me too !
Too, you thought.
You understood what it was all about. You saw his hand shake. It was like you were still connected to him after all these years. You could feel his distress, you could feel how desperately he needed help. So you walked toward Hiromi.
- Let's go outside, you said to her.
She looked at you with disdain.
- Don't even talk to me, she spat. You're the one fucking him behind my back !
You sighed. Suna could feel the atmosphere shift.
- Let's go outside. I'm not saying it again.
It was an order asked in a way that nobody would dare to say no. He was chilled to the bone. He bet Hiromi was too. She complied right away. You followed her.
Right before you closed the door, your two eyes met. You smiled at him right before you were out of sight. He didn't know how much time he waited. It probably only was for a couple of minutes but it felt like an eternity. What if you talked to her and never wanted to come back again ? What if you left him alone a second time ? He hated this idea.
But then you opened the door again. You were still smiling at him.
And Hiromi was gone.
He couldn't help but wonder.
What happened outside this apartment ?
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mavrintarou · 13 hours ago
Lord Suna Rintarou [1]
Previously titled - When the Cherry Blossom Blooms. I did some slight changes. I'm cutting this mini-series down to two parts, was previously three.
Characters/pairing: Suna Rin x Y/N (f); Miya Atsumu x Y/N Warning: physical abuse; ridiculous society norms (I made it up but still); mentions of prostitution; s m u t (like lots of it)
Ochaya = tea house
(18+) Minors please, please, please don't read... I'd feel awful if you do.
You winced, dropping down onto your knees before Lord Suna Rintarou and whom you now know, Lady Suna Reina.
You were on your way back from the market when a rice bag went over your head and your hands were bound behind your back. You fought regardless until a fist landed against your jaw, knocking you out.
The rice bag over your head is jerked off and you’re blinded by the last sunlight of the day. Above you the wind blows a few cherry blossoms leaves at you.
“That’s her, onii-chan.” Lady Reina sneer, “she’s the one who made my favorite kimono dirty and gave me this black eye.”
Lord Suna diverts his gaze back at you, his eyes roam over your face before he says, “you know I could have you hanged for touching a noble member?”
You remain silent, that was your best option. You flex your jaw, feeling it ache terribly. It wasn’t broken, at least.
A hand gently lifts your chin upward and you winced. You looked straight into Lord Suna’s green eyes. His eyes narrowed down at you, “who hit her?”
“Uh… I did, my Lord.” Your eyes dart quickly at the guard. “She had struggle too much… and we couldn’t control her so… I did… what was best.”
He turns his attention back to you, “why did you touch my sister?”
“Because she bullied an innocent child for accidently running into her and then proceed to insult the child even after they had apologized.”
His brow rose and he turns to look at his sister whose eyes shown guilt and fear. “I… I forgot to mention that part,” she mumbles nervously.
Lord Rintarou’s eyes shut momentarily as he sighs deeply, “I apologize, my sister… she is troublesome.” He takes a step back and orders the guards, “release her.”
“Onii-chan, you’re just going to let her off like that?!”
He points a finger at her, “you are banned from leaving the premises alone for the next month. I’m tired of the trouble you have caused me.”
She glared at you before stalking away.
The ropes tied around your wrist drops and you rub the raw burned skin from the many attempts to free yourself.
“Fetch me the aid kit.”
You lift yourself up and turn to leave when a hand grabs your elbow. “Wait.”
You jerk away, “don’t touch me.”
The guard launches forward, “how dare you speak –“
Your fist moved fast and landed an uppercut punch before he could finish his sentence. He stumbled a few steps back before eyes rolling back and collapsing. You eyed the other guard who is completely shocked at what just happened.
Lord Rintarou raised his hands in surrender.
“Am I free to go?”
With his hands still held up he asked, “may I guide you back?”
Your head cocks to the side, “no you may not. I’ll be fine.” You turn your heels and freeze, everything before you look like a maze. “How do I get out of here?”
. .
“What is your name?”
You wanted to tell him that he did not need to worry about a peasant class person like you but refrained from saying it. “My name is Y/l/n Y/f/n, my Lord,” you answered quietly.
“I’m sorry my little sister caused you trouble,” he said softly.
“You have nothing to apologize for, my Lord. I should apologize, I didn’t mean to… punch her in the face. I will accept the consequences for touching Lady Reina.”
He remains silent but continues to walk beside you.
You stopped and turned to face him, “this is good enough; I can find my way back.”
When you had no idea how to get out of his property, he chuckled and led the way to his gates and followed you for more than 10-minutes now.
He stepped forward and you became aware of exactly howclose he is to you. You kept your posture and eyes on him.
You are alerted the moment his hand slowly raised, and it touched your cheek, “I will punish him for touching you. No man should hit a woman.” You almost leaned into his touch but caught yourself. “This does not take back the pain he inflected on you, but I never ordered him to hit you. I merely said, ‘bring her to me.’” His thumb rubs your cheekbone and oddly, it was nice to have his cold hand against your aching cheek.
Lord Suna’s sharp eyes are distinctive. He is lean and incredibly tall- like many nobles, his hair is tied up into a bun at the top of his head. You’ve seen him once or twice at the ochaya-house but never made eye contact or conversated with him.
Realization hit you and you take a step back, his hand freezing in midair where he was just touching you. “The night is cold, my Lord, you should return.”
“What kind of Lord would I be to allow a lady to walk alone late now?”
“If I can punch my Lady’s guard and knock him out, you have nothing to worry about.” You bowed quickly before walking away.
. .
The moment you stepped into the ochaya-house; your aunt’s eyes widen. “What happened to you?” You flinched when she touches your face and examines it. She runs her hand along your body, “who hurt you?”
“I’m fine,” you assure with a lopsided smile. Your sisters, your geisha sisters, all look at you with worried eyes and you smile assuring them silently that you are fine.
It was some convincing before your aunt finally rest the subject. She shooed everyone back to their rooms and station before forcing you to sit so she could apply ointment to your face.
“Lord Miya has been waiting for you, he was about to send his guards to find you.”
You rolled your eyes, “is he drunk again? Tell him to go home.”
You’ve made acquaintance with Lord Miya Atsumu a few weeks ago when he arrived at the ochaya-house quite drunk. He was a regular customer here but that particular day when you made eye contact with him at the front counter, his eyes sparkle.
He stalked towards you drunk and you straighten up, alert. He traps you against the wall, “so, who are you? I haven’t seen you before…” his tone is full of flirtation.
You resist the urge to roll your eyes, you’ve met Lord Miya manytimes. He would often come a few times in a week requesting for your best friend Kiko who is a geisha but provided other services as well.
“Lord Miya, I think you have mistaken, we have met many times.”
He lowers his head until he’s eye level with you, “yes, but you won’t tell me your name...”
You are positive that he knew what your name is. “I am no geisha, just an counter assistant, you don’t need to worry about me, my Lord.” You smile.
His next movement has you stunned; he drops his head onto your shoulder and groans. “Don’t smile at me like that.” Your body tensed as he mumbles, “I’m happy… I’m happy you’re not a geisha or more… because I want you all to myself.”
Only a handful of the regular customer’s knew that the ochaya-house your aunt operated and the geisha she employed would offer more than just entertainment. It was at the geisha’s own comfort if she choose to advance more service and whatever amount she earned was all hers to keep.
Lord Miya seek you out every time he arrived. Always asking if you would join him for the night. And always, your answer was no.
Every geisha drooled over him, wishing he choose them.
“He really likes you,” your best friend, Kiko teases. “He only chooses me every night, but he doesn’t touch me, he likes to ask me about you, and he knows that you’re always on the watch for me.”
You look at your aunt with tired eyes, “I had an eventful day, I’m going to rest for the night.”
She nods and you walk past her to take the back door to the stairs when you spot Lord Atsumu standing against the wall with his arms crossed.
He is upset, his jaw is tensed and sharp, sharper than usual.
You exhale softly, needing to deal with him regardless. “Good evening, my Lord.” You bow your head, “please excuse me, I’m going to retire for the night.” You send him a lopsided smile, hoping he wouldn’t question anything.
When he doesn’t respond, you take a step around him, but he blocks your path and growls, “who touched you?”
For someone who is always taking every opportunity to tease and flirt with you, it was shocking to see this side of him.
You opened your mouth but nothing came out and so you uttered, “it’s a long story but there nothing to worry about, my Lord.”
He inhales, chest rising, “I’m going to ask one more time,” his eyes lock with yours, “who touched you?”
In the short amount of time that you’ve known Lord Miya, he will never let something go if he has his mind set on it. If he wants it, then he gets it, there’s no use to fight with him.
Lord Miya is a ball of headache, and you didn’t have the energy to endure it tonight.
You rub your forehead before answering quietly, “it was the guard of Lady Suna.”
“Lady Suna? As in Lord Suna Rintarou’s younger sister?”
You nod your head. “I took care of it, do not worry.”
His whole demeanor changed instantly, his eyes soften, and he takes a step closer to you. His hand raises to barely touch your bruised cheek, “how can I not worry when it comes to you?”
Your heart skipped thrice as fast.
. .
The following morning, you seat yourself beside Kiko, aware of all the eyes on you. “Why is everyone looking at me?”
Kiko sips her miso soup before responding, “you were the talk of the night, Lord Suna came in requesting for you.” She wiggles her brows at you, leaning onto your shoulder. “Lord Miya and Lord Suna… what have you’ve done to these men to have them both falling at your feet?”
“He came here?!” You nudged her off your shoulder, “I’ve done absolutely nothing to them. You of all should know I lay as low as possible.”
“Low beneath them?” Your eyes glare at your best friend and she giggles, “Lord Suna left as soon as you left home, but he was requesting for you. I don’t think he knows you’re not a geisha.”
. .
You were hand washing your clothes when another geisha came to you, “Lord Miya Atsumu is here for you, I have him waiting in the main room.”
You looked at Kiko who’s just as surprised as you. It has been a few days since you last saw him.
It isn’t normal for nobles to come to the ochaya-house during the day. Or at least, not that you were aware of.
You dried your hands and quickly muttered to Kiko you’ll be right back.
Outside the main room, you made a quick announcement before entering.
You bowed, “good afternoon my Lord.” You stand straight, “how can I help you?”
You notice he’s frowning… and eyes are set somewhere else.
That’s when you realized what you were wearing. It was an old yukata you altered above your knees, that is now at mid-thighs to you. It would be too revealing for any outsider to see. You only wear it on laundry days.
Your naked legs were bare for him to feast on.
You were about to bolt out the room when he shouts, “wait!”
The way the light hit in the room, you can see his shadow coming closer to you and it towers over you. He so close, you can feel him pressed against your backside. “Can I… can I request… for you tonight?” Your breath hitched and he quickly adds, “I just want your company, so, may I request for your company tonight?”
“I’m not –“
“I know you’re not,” he cuts you off, the tip of his nose buries into your loose braided hair. “Which is why… I’m requesting tonight you meet me outside of the ochaya-house as you, just you?”
. .
“So, what did you say?!” Kiko and a few other close geishas all had their attention on to you. Everyone surrounds around you and your bucket of soaked clothes.
“I said, tell me the place and time and I will try to come.”
They all gasped, “how could you? I would have said, let’s go right now!”
You look at Kiko grimly, “I know you would have said that, but me, I still have my clothes to wash.”
Words went around the okiya fast. Everyone pestered you about your answer, whether you were going to meet him or not. Your aunt even released you of duty tonight so you can go meet him.
“I like him.” She tells you, combing your hair.
Looking at her through the mirror, you rolled your eyes. “Of course, you would, he’s a sore to the eye.”
She gasps, “I’m offended for Lord Miya, he’s not a sore, he’s definitely a sight to the eye.” She sets the comb down, “do you know Lord Suna Rintarou?”
You turn around, “not really, why?”
“He came in the other day,” you nod your head, you knew that much. “He requested for you, but I told him you are not part of the list of geishas and for him to pick another girl. He insisted on you and was willing to pay thousands of yen for you.”
“Like…” you look at your aunt with confusion, “to sleep with me?”
Your aunt, your only surviving family left, pushes your hair behind your ear. “You do not need to worry about him.”
. .
You refused to wear anything formal to meet Lord Miya. Your sisters gave you an earful until you changed into something they all approved. In the end, you left your home in a simple navy-blue kimono held together with a silver sash and your hair in a loose updo.
You see Lord Miya sitting in the corner of a high profile teahouse. As if you two planned on it, he is also in a navy-blue kimono with a black haori and as usual, his blond hair cleanly combed.
He was just about to sip his tea when he must of have sensed your presence and looked up. He smiled and gave you a court nod.
“I really thought you weren’t going to come?” His smile is charming, “you look different today.” He gesture for you to sit across from him.
You seat yourself in front of him. It felt out of place for you to be there with someone like him. “I wasn’t –“ you were cut off when someone called out Lord Miya’s name.
You didn’t have to look to know whose voice that belonged to.
Annoyance immediately washed over his face as he looks past you. You remained where you are, not bothering to face the young Lady. “Lady Reina, what are you doing here?”
“Who… are you here with?”
With every polite bone in you, you turned around and bowed your head and greeted, “good evening Lady Reina.”
Her eyes widen at you, and she looks back and forth at you and Lord Miya, “Lord Miya, you’re here… with her?”
“Reina, what are you –“ Lord Suna Rintarou turns the corner and halt, his sharp eyes on you and Lord Miya before quietly greeting, “Miya and Y/n…” he nods his head at you both.
You nod your head in return, exhaling quietly. Why did the air feel so heavy?
Lord Suna clears his throat. “Come, we have somewhere to be.”
Lady Reina pouts before walking away. Lord Suna stood still, looking directly at you for a few seconds. “You will meet me at my compound tomorrow, I thought of a punishment for you.”
. .
The rest of your remaining time with Lord Miya was ruined. Even if you did try to engage with Lord Miya, your mind kept falling back on Lord Suna’s last words.
What was your punishment?
A large hand touched yours from across the table. “Do not fear, I will talk to Lord Suna.”
You knew the meaning behind his words, he would try to talk Lord Suna from punishing you.
You gave him a nod, silently thanking him.
Even if Lord Miya could not help you escape from this punishment, you will still have to own up to your own fault.
The evening was cold, and Lord Miya insist on walking you home. You tug the pin that held your hair up and shook your head until your hair fallen loose to cover your ears.
A hand locked around your shoulder and tugged you over. You nearly tripped on your feet as you collide into Lord Miya’s side. “I’ll keep you warm.”
You attempt to pull away, but he held you still, “Lord Miya, this would not look appropriate if anyone –”
“It’s late, who is going to be out… here?”
You frown at his speech and followed his gaze to see Lord Suna standing no more than 20-feet away. Was that a scowl on his face?
You shove Lord Miya and quickly composed yourself.
“Suna, what are you doing here at this time?”
You silently gasp, you have noticed that they’ve been informal with each other. Feeling the atmosphere is tense, you bow to Lord Miya, “I’ll take my leave now, thank you for your treat tonight. Have a goodnight, my Lord.”
Lord Suna is now standing on the opposite side of Lord Miya and right beside you. “Can I have a word with you, in private?”
Your stare at him puzzled, “won’t I see you tomorrow?”
“I changed my mind,” he looks down at you, his mouth opens but he gets disrupted by another voice.
“Lord Miya and Lord Suna, what are you guys doing out this late?”
To your left you can hear Lord Miya inhales sharply, “Lord Kita, I was just walking Y/n-chan here back home.”
“I was going to have a conversation with Y/n-chan,” Lord Suna answers quietly.
You have no idea who this Lord Kita is, but you felt intimidated by this silver hair man.
“Good evening, Lord Kita,” you greeted quietly. A smaller figure peeks behind him, his Lady? She smiles at you, and you bow your head.
You felt little under his gaze, but he nods his head at you.
You turn slightly to Lord Miya, “I am going to have a word with Lord Suna. Thank you for tonight and I’ll see you… next time.”
Lord Miya did not seem to hear you, he is glaring straight at Lord Suna.
“Is there something wrong here?” Lord Kita inquire, stepping in between.
“Nothing,” Lord Suna answers sharply, turning his attention to you. “Ready to go?”
He doesn’t wait for you to answer and grabs your hand, leading you in the opposite direction of your home.
It was ten minutes of silence, and he held your hand the entire time.
Your surrounding became unfamiliar, where was he taking you?
“Lord –“ you words cut off as he spins around so fast and jerks against his chest.
“Are you sleeping with Miya?”
“What?” you snapped, eyes piercing yours. You jerk and push against him but failed. “Let go this instant.”
In a flash, you’re pinned against the concrete wall. He was quick and easily pinned both your wrists above your head with one of his large hands.
His body was much larger than yours, pinning you against the wall is effortless.
His other hand grips your jaw, forcing you to look up at him. “Don’t do anything stupid, you know very well, if you do anythingmy words are higher than yours.”
His threat is full of truth and all you can do is glare at him.
His hand eases at your jaw and he lowers his head so he’s eye level with you. “I’m going to ask again, are you sleeping with Miya?”
“No,” you growl.
He lets out what sounded like a sigh.
The back of your head smacks against the concrete wall hard but you’re frozen on the spot as Lord Suna’s mouth is on yours.
His lips move shamelessly against yours before he mutters, “open your mouth.”
You remained silent, sealing your lips tighter if anything.
Something sparks in his eyes, and he smirks before kissing you again. His teeth nips your lower lip hard. You wince and cry out as he slips his tongue past your lips. He let’s go of your wrists and holds your face in a death grip.
Your wrists drop by your side, refraining from jabbing your fists into his stomach.
Your eyes shut tightly. It’ll be over soon.
Lord Suna’s lips soften on yours, his tongue danced with yours in a silent tune. He’s making your head spin and body flushed in heat.
A soft moan echoes from your mouth and you’re clinging on to him.
He pulls away and you’re both breathless. Your lips are numb, and you feel faint.
You look at the smear red blotch at the corner of his mouth.
His forehead knocks against yours and he cups your cheeks. One thumb grazes your busted lip, and you wince. He pecks your lips gently, silently apologizing.
“Share my bed,” he whispers.
You sink his request in before quietly asking, “is this my punishment?”
Something flickers in his eyes and finally he answers, “yes.”
“And I will owe you nothing afterwards?”
Without hesitation, “fine.”
. .
Your hand tightens around the edges of kimono Lord Suna provided you. You entered into what looks to be his private bathroom.
He’s sitting in the large tub with his back facing you.
Your aunt is a retired oiran that was once a geisha in her early years. She has raised you since you were young and was aware that she would disappear most nights.
It wasn’t until you 8-years old when you walked in on your aunt having sex with one of her clients.
Since then, she kept you out of that society as much as she could.
But now as an almost 24-year-olds, you have yet to experience any sort of intimacy.
Just an hour ago, your first kiss was stolen…
And now you are going to give your virginity away to have your life spared.
“Join me in the tub.”
The night was cold as steam emitted from the hot water.
You walked over to the other side of the tub to face him. He rests his arms on the ledge of the tub, watching you with hooded green eyes. His hair is down and is long, resting on his shoulders.
Your hands tremble as you slip off the thin kimono, dropping and pooling at your feet. You grab the ledge of the wooden tub and stepped in.
“Come here.”
You tread over and his hands shoot to tug you onto his lap. Your hands darts to grip his shoulders and an audible gasp leaves your lips. His bare chest is pushed against yours and your nipples harden immediately.
His eyes shift along your body and his lips comes down to kiss you briefly before they hungrily move to your jaw and neck, nipping at every chance.
Your head naturally tilts back to allow him access as his tongue licks along your neck to your collarbone.
Beneath the water, his hand is pushing your thighs apart and the tip of his finger slides along your pussy. Your legs clamp down on his hand, but he pushes them open and pushes a finger past your folds.
“My… Lord…” you gasped, tensing against his body.
Your nails digging into his shoulder as he chuckles against your throat. “Relax.”
He withdraws his finger, and you sigh at the emptiness, but it wasn’t long before he pushed it back inside of you, and repeating.
Your jaw drops and your breath quickens.
Lord Suna growls and has you straddling his lap instantly, your knees on each side of his thick thighs. Your chest is out of the water and at level with his face- giving him the opportunity to take a nipple into his mouth and suckles.
Your hands still grip his shoulder for leverage and you shamedly rocked your hips on his finger. He adds another finger and you flinched for a second before adjusting.
You bite your lower lip, holding in the lewd moans that’s trying to escape.
Lord Suna releases your battered nipple and glances up at you with the same hooded eyes, “touch me.”
Confusion stamped all over your face and he takes your hand off his shoulder and plunges it back onto the water, your small hand touches something and he guides your hand to grasp it. “Touch me.” He tells you again and you understood.
You lower yourself slightly to have a better angle to stroke his cock. His head falls back, his Adam’s apple throbbing and poking out definably.
His hand that’s still fingering you withdraws and pressing down on the sensitive nub and rubs roughly. You almost doubled over him, gasping.
Lord Suna lifts his head, and his hands grip your waist and pull you against him. Your hand releases his cock, and they grip the edge of the tub.
He keeps his eyes locked with yours as he fumbles below the water. He guides your hips down and you feel something much thicker poking where his fingers were.
Your body trembles you sink down on his cock. You fall forward against Lord Suna, holding on to him as his cock stretches you in ways you’ve never imagine before.
Kiko once told you that the first time will hurt but it’ll get better.
He pushes you away from his chest and grips your jaw and kisses you fiercely.
A string of saliva dingle from his mouth to yours when he pulls away, “ride me.”
You grip his shoulders again and using it as leverage as you lift yourself and lowering yourself back onto his cock. Each time it got easier and smoother.
Lord Suna’s face is buried between the valley of your breast and suddenly notice all the blotches of bite marks on your chest.
Your moans were slowly getting louder as you would lower yourself each time on his cock.
You yelp at the sudden pain from your chest as he releases your nipple. He gives you no warning as he shoves you down on his cock and hooks his arms under your knees, lifting you out of the water. Your arms lock around his neck and he carries you out of the tub.
Quiet whimpers echo off your lips with each step he took, his cock thrust with each movement.
With his foot he slides open a different door that you came in earlier.
You glance at this room and instantly knew it was his private chamber.
He carries you over to his futon mattress and lays you down, disregarding your wet bodies.
“My Lord, we’re still –”
He silences you with a kiss and rolls his hip, hitting you deeply that you accidently bit down on his lip. He pulls away with wide eyes before smirking. He grabs both your legs and pushes them forward, bending you in half.
Your moans echoes loudly before you cover your mouth with your hands.
He hooks your leg over his shoulders and grabs both your hands, locking them down beside your head as he begins to pound into your pussy fast, his hips snapping and slapping yours.
“My L—ord—”
“Rin.” He growls, “call me Rin.”
Tiny tingle fills your lower abdomen, and it gets stronger by the second. Lord Suna’s thrusts are becoming erratic, and his moans are becoming louder.
“Say my name,” he orders. His long hair falling over his shoulders and the ends touch your face..
At last, “Rin,” you breathed, falling over the edge as you tremble helplessly below him.
He drops, kissing you, teeth clinging and tongue dancing as he manages one last thrust before cumming.
. .
You’re not sure how long you have been staring at Lord Suna sleep.
His face rest facing you with an arm tucked underneath your neck and the other wrapped loosely yet heavy over your waist. His long hair laid lusciously fanned over his shoulder while you surely believe yours is proof that last night, Lord Suna Rintarou took you to the moon and back.
Beneath the layers of clothing, you would have never guessed that Lord Suna possessed such wide shoulders, strong arms, and thick thighs.
The early break of dawn is trying to peak through his closed windows and that was your sign you needed to leave.
You gently lift his hand off your waist and try to slide your leg from underneath his. You sat up, wincing at your aching body. You looked around, observing his chamber for any sort of clothing. He had a wardrobe at the other side of the room.
Quietly, you crawled away and carefully, stood up.
Your legs wobbled and attempted to take the first step when something slimy and liquidity drips between your legs. Glancing down, milky white fluids seeps down your inner thighs. You made the mistake of widening your legs to have a better look with a glob of it drops on the floor.
You cringe in disgust.
You spot a kimono robe by the door and limp towards it. You wrapped it around yourself and before you opened the door, you glanced at Lord Suna, who is still in the same position where you left him.
Quietly closing the door behind you, you entered the bathroom chamber again and see the other door you first entered in.
Your heart nearly stopped seeing Lady Reina standing before you, holding your pile of clothes with a confused look.
She raised a brow at you, “you,” she points an accusing finger at, “why are you… coming out of onii-chan’s… private chamber?”
You weren’t sure how you were going to explain yourself.
“Reina, please give her-her clothes.”
Every hair on your body stuck up at the sound of Lord Suna’s voice coming from behind you.
Lady Reina glances between the two of you for a few seconds before walking up to you and handing your items to you and turns away.
A hand wraps around your waist and nose sniffing your messy hair, “why didn’t you wake me up?”
You turned around a jerked out of his hold, you made the mistake to glance down and eyes widen seeing his naked body. Your eyes shut and you hear the door slide shut.
His lips kisses yours and you turned away, opening your eyes, “please leave me to dress.”
He chuckles and takes a step back, “kiss me first.”
You glare at him in disbelief, but he wasn’t going to let you go until you do as he wished.
You lean on the tip of your toes, but barely reached his lips at him standing straight, watching down at you with amusement.
Pushing yourself against his chest, you pull his shoulders, one hand going around the back of his neck and forcing him to lean down. Your lips landed briefly on his before his hands locked around your body, the more you push the harder he held you. His mouth moved hungrily over yours, tongue mingling with yours. His teeth nips your lip again and you jerk away, catching your breath.
He finally lets you go, “go change in my room.”
You didn’t need to be told twice.
. .
Your aunt shouts your name, pulling you back to reality. She grabs your shoulders, examining you. “Where have you’ve been? Why are you disappearing without telling me anything? Lord Miya returned yesterday to look for you and we all were confused- we thought you were with him? We’re you not?” Her eyes search your face, and she whispers, “were you with Lord… Suna?”
Your silence was her answer.
“Correct, she was with me all night,” another voice confirmed.
Your eyes shut tightly, shoulders sinking upon hearing hisvoice.
He gave you some time to change in private. You could see his shadow lingering outside of his bedroom door as he tells you to hurry up every thirty-second or so.
After securing your kimono in place you quietly open another door, seeing it led out to a hallway. You took your chance and escaped.
“Here,” Your eyes widen seeing Lady Reina, who is holding your shoes out to you. “I don’t know what your relationship is with my brother… but you must mean something to him if he brought you here.”
You aren’t sure what she meant by that or aren’t sure of the sudden change in her demeanor, but you thank her, again, and leaving the Suna compound.
And now, he had the nerve to follow you back.
You turned around, “we’re done.”
A brow raised at your comment and his lips curve in a taunting smile. “No, we are not.”
Last night, you witnessed a different side to him, not that you knew him well enough to have seen anything else otherwise… but he showed compassion and actually genuinely smiled at you when you both finally collapse after a few rounds. That was the last thing engraved in your mind and you questioned just how lovely his smile was.
Your aunt pushes you behind her, “what have you’ve done to her?”
You are tired and exhausted and absolutely sore. Walking back… or more like limping back took a toll on you. Your hand tugs on her sash, “it’s nothing, let’s go inside.”
He calls your name, and you look towards him. His eyes locked with yours before he looks at your aunt, “she has gifted me her innocence and I am here to ask you for her hand in marriage.”
Anyone that was within radius heard him and began whispering.
Every bone in you is livid but you took a deep breath, “leave. Now. I don’t to see your face.”
“I do not approve your request.” Your aunt speaks, “I will take care of her honor, you may leave Lord Suna and please do not return ever again.”
The corner of his lips curve, “I’m afraid I cannot do that. After the many times last night, I am sure… she is already with child. I will not allow my heir to be without my care.” Your aunt gasps. “We willmarry, whether you approve or not, as a noble, I am merely letting you know respectfully.”
Lord Suna looks straight at you with a soft yet dangerous expression. “I will come back for you, in the meantime, take care of yourself so our child will be strong. I will have my guards stationed here so, don’t think of running away again. I am aware of what you’re capable of doing.”
> > > @callmeraider @amarinthe
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9kenma · a day ago
extra ; suna rintarou has it pretty good in life, but he wants more.
Tumblr media
"Are you busy?"
It's been a few months now that you and Suna Rintarou have maintained an unlikely... acquaintance, but hearing his voice on the other side of the line still sends shivers up your spine.
You're not entirely sure they're unpleasant, but when his voice is like that — slightly hoarse, with traces of sleep fighting for control — you lose the capability to think properly. Like right now. You're not entirely sure of anything.
Except yes, you are. You have a blank document open and an application to fill. "Sorry, Suna," you puff up your cheeks with disappointment. "I've got to be productive."
"Hn." You can imagine his pout so vividly. In your mind's eye you zoom out and picture Suna in his natural habitat: lying on his stomach with a blanket pulled over his head like a shawl. There'll be papers stacked neatly on his desk and game controllers strewn carelessly by the foot of his bed.
It's crazy how much you've gotten to know someone so remotely removed from your life 3 months ago, even more when you think about how famous he is around campus. Who would've known that you and the Suna Rintarou would hit it off after working together on a group project? Who could've guessed that, in a drunken, celebratory haze, you and the Suna Rintarou would hook up, and enjoy yourselves so much that it's become a regular thing?
His voice brings you back to the present. "That's unfortunate. I wanna see you."
"Believe me, there's nothing more I'd like than for you to screw my brains out," you laugh, "but I need them right now."
His pause in response makes you feel that you've misspoken, but before you can say anything, he speaks: "We don't have to, you know."
"We don't have to what?"
"Screw your brains out." Apparently Suna senses the glaringly prevalent interpretation of his words, because he is quick to add: "Not that I don't enjoy doing it, I just meant you could come over and be productive."
Now it's your time to fall silent.
The last four times in the past month that you've seen Suna have all ended with the two of you naked. Hanging out without an ulterior motive feels foreign, especially if it's just going to be the two of you in a room quietly working.
Half of you is nervous, because you really do need to finish this application. The other half is anticipatory, maybe because of the aforementioned shivers, or maybe because this signals the beginning of something new in your relationship —
"We don't have to," Suna interrupts your train of thought with a gamely attempt at hiding his disappointment.
"No, I want to," you say. "It's just — I really need to get work done, yeah? So if we'd be productive together, then... then I'd really like to see you, too."
"Okay," and the renewed energy in his voice makes you smile. "Yeah. Let's do that. Um, I can get us coffee and be at yours in 30?"
"I'm looking forward to it."
"Me too." A pause.
"Well, see ya Suna —"
"One more thing," he says.
"Call me Rin."
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rayaxsuna · 11 hours ago
Them Reacting to You on Your Period - Suna and Osamu
Tumblr media
WARNING : Very Suggestive. Mentions of Intercourse. Minors DNI.
PAIRING : Osamu Miya x Reader. Suna Rintaro x Reader.
GENRE : Fluff. Periods.
TAGS : Suggestive. Fluff. Heated. Suna = Thirsty.
SYNOPSIS: You get your period and your boyfriend tries to take care of you.
a/n: suna is so thirsty in this and tbh im lovin it.
Suna Rintaro:
“Babyyy can you come here?” You plead for Rin to come into your shared room to lay with you. Periods are so difficult and just him holding you would make it a thousand times more bearable. He appears at the doorway with only the yellow lamp illuminating him. The tall windows show you the shining city in the dark. He leans against the doorframe and looks at you on the bed.
“Yes, my love.” He crosses his arms and smiles at you softly.
“Come lay with me. Please.” You sit up on the bed, in only Rin’s black t-shirt and underwear. Pants on your period can be such a pain if you leak. Your legs are spread out on the soft white sheets and Rin feels a moment of heat rush to his ears. He walks over to you and taps your forehead.
“Aww is my baby being needy?” He leans forward and tilts his face to see your eyes better.
“Rin I am on my period so please just lay with me.” When you tell him, he immediately sits on the bed and picks you up to place you on his lap.
“Sorry, I didn't know.” He rubs his nose against yours softly and you feel him graze his lips on the corner of your mouth. You adjust yourself on his lap and pull the blanket over your head. Your hair escapes the edge of the blanket and Rin laughs at the sight. You puff out your lip and his hands rub your hips.
“Can you make me some tea?” He nods and holds eye contact with you for some time.
He leans closer to you and smirks, “You need to get off me for me to do that.” Heat rushes to your cheeks and he laughs before wrapping the blanket back around you and going to make tea.
When he comes back he sees you rolling around on the bed and groaning in pain.
“Rin it hurts so bad.” He sees that. He wishes he could stop you from hurting but all he can do is be there for you.
“I know baby, c’mere.” He sets the steamy cup on the night table and pulls you into him. He lays you on your stomach and gets on top of you to straddle your legs. As tall as he is, he towers over your small body. He presses his thumbs into your lower back gently and releases.
“Is that okay?” You hum in response. He smiles at the sight of you closing your eyes in relaxation.
“One question.” He says softly.
You hum again, your eyes still fluttered shut. He grazes his fingers across your back, leaving a trail of chills before going back to the massage.
“Would sex help?” He smirks to himself.
You groan and he continues to massage your back. “Everything is not about sex Rinnn.” He smirks and kisses the back of your neck, trailing down your back.
“How can you expect me not to think about it when all you are wearing is my t-shirt and black underwear?” He grips the line of your boyshort underwear and lets it slap back onto your skin. You flip over and stare at the boy. He presses his palms into the mattress beside you and hovers over you. His basketball shorts do him no good in hiding what is underneath. You feel yourself getting warmer as he presses a hand to your cheek. “Wanna try?” He smirks again and the seductive tone in his voice touches your body with more heat.
“Go get the stuff,” You push him off and he slides smoothly off the bed, strolling into the bathroom.
You prop yourself onto your elbow, “Rin,” He turns back to face you from the bathroom doorway, “Every. Single. Time.”
He cannot help but chuckle and he sticks his tongue at you, “You act like you don’t want daddy.”
You blush and stick the closet pillow you can find to your face before turning over and yelling at him. You really did want him though.
Osamu Miya:
You are sitting on the bed clutching your stomach and groaning in pain when he walks in.
“What's wrong baby?” He comes over to you and kneels beside the bed to come face to face with you. Your hair is falling all over your face so he moves it aside and runs his finger on your cheek.
“I got my period this morning. Now I feel like crap.” His eyes soften and he motions for you to move to the top of the bed instead of lying on it sideways. He tucks the blanket around you and kisses you before turning the tv on. He puts on your favorite show and hands you the remote. Silently, he goes back out of the room and shuts the door.
About fifteen minutes later, he comes back in and has a steaming cup in his hand.
“Here, I made you tea and there is some soup on the stove. I will bring it in soon.” You smile widely, suddenly forgetting about your stomach pain. He gives you the cup and slides into the sheets with you, your legs drape over him and he wraps an arm around you.
“Want a massage?” You perk up and kiss his cheek as a response. He takes your foot into his one and kneads slowly.
The other hand that is wrapped around you is now placed on your stomach, he runs his finger along with your underwear band and gently keeps his warm hand there. The warmth from his hand is helping the pain and so you snuggle into the crook of his neck and he kisses your forehead.
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toraashi · 2 days ago
mellifluous spin-off (ft. suna rintarou)
before you read: this fic has fem!reader (implied), band culture, groupies, smoking, sensuality, jealousy, and alcohol - all the good stuff, but probably don’t read if you’re under 17 (also i don’t actually smoke so if the descriptions of that are off... that’s why)
notes from the author: hellooo! readers of @momochimo​ ‘s mellifluous fic - i could not get drummer suna out of my head, so here is an entire spinoff fic dedicated to him. for context, you are a groupie in oikawa’s band, and end up leaving him for suna 
Tumblr media
The venue was pungent with cigarette smoke and artificial fog, shadows painting every corner the stage lights didn't illuminate. The echoing sounds of electrics and the crash of drums filled the spaces in between flawlessly as you meandered through the crowd to the makeshift bar. 
Making brief eye contact with the man behind the counter, you ordered a drink for yourself and a friend, watching the current performer with a critical eye - of course, they could never be as good as Aces & Kings. 
You twisted your head back to the girls huddling near the backstage entrance, sighing lowly. In all your time being a groupie for Oikawa, dressing seductively, laying the flirting on thick, you hadn't received any attention from the object of your affections. Oikawa was no stranger to favoritism, and not being one of his top choices was emotionally taxing. More than that, the creepy comments from the people he surrounded himself with took a toll. If you were being honest, you felt like arm candy, a toy for Oikawa's amusement. Staring at the countertop, you wondered if you should've known what you were getting into off the bat. 
Brushing a hand on your black dress, you tapped your fingers on your leg, the lacy garter around your thigh silky to the touch. 
"Well, aren't you dolled up?" A voice quipped behind you. You twisted abruptly, and your hair shifted with the motion, eyes narrowing at the man sitting on a nearby couch. His golden eyes burned between sharp liner, brows angled challengingly, and you found that you recognized him. 
"Are you with Nice Kill?" You inquired, somewhat bashfully, watching intently as the man brought a cigarette to his lips, taking a long drag, holding your gaze the whole time. With a pretty exhale, he spoke again.
"Yeah. And you're with that slimy pickup artist over there?" His words dripped with disgust, and you followed his gesture to the crowd of girls you called your friends. A flash of embarrassment washed over you, and you felt pressed to deny. 
"No." Your hesitation made your lie strikingly apparent, and the way his eyebrow quirked told you he noticed. Schooling his expression, the boy moved his gaze back to you, training those golden hues on your thighs, taking their time raking up your body. 
"Oh really?" Another drag before he leaned back against the sofa, his arms resting on the back - an open invitation. "Is dressing like a groupie just your "style" then?" You huffed, cheeks warming as you cast a glance down to your attire. The short, tight-fitting dress wasn't exactly modest (in fact, it was quite condemning in light of his accusation). Nevertheless, his words gave you a surge of anger. 
"Yeah. You have a problem with that?" You took a step forward, and the boy's eyes glimmered with interest. 
"I couldn't care less. Your man is watching you like a hawk, though. A little possessive over someone who isn't even a groupie, isn't he?" Your newfound companion pointed a ringed finger indolently across the room.  You looked over your shoulder to Oikawa's contorted expression taking in the scene playing out, and confusion riddled your mind. He'd never expressed much interest before; were you just an ego boost for him? Sexy as Oikawa was, the toll your self-esteem took from him festered a spark of rebellion in your chest.
Maybe it was the drinks, the haze of nicotine in the air, or the adrenaline rush you got from the booming bass, but you were sauntering over to Oikawa's rival bandmember with a determined stare, perching on the arm of the sofa and plucking the cigarette from his fingers. Resisting a cough (you didn't smoke, to be honest), you inhaled deeply, the nicotine rushing through you like adrenaline - a pleasant buzz. Side glancing the man's amused face, the small nic high gave you a flurry of confidence, and you leaned in, hair brushing against his cheek. You grabbed his chin and held your shared cig to his lips, letting him take the vice with an amused grin. 
"What did you say your name was again?" A drag later, and he was twisting to hold your gaze, chin angled to meet your eyes (if you paid attention, you might've noticed his eyes dropping to your mouth). 
"Suna Rintarou." 
"Suna." You tested the name on your tongue, tasting the syllables like a piece of candy. 
"Don't wear it out, sweetheart." There was a lull in the conversation, leaving you with spiraling thoughts. Despite Suna being practically a stranger, his seductive nonchalance felt somewhat comforting, and before you could vote against it, the words were out.
"Do you think he really cares that I'm over here with you?" Tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, you flicked your gaze to the brown-haired boy. He regarded you casually, curiously, like you were intriguing in the most uninteresting way. You supposed you were. 
"Probably hit his ego real good, but he has enough of that to fuel this entire venue," He snorted, offering you his cigarette again (you accepted gratefully). "Probably pissed him off." 
You took a puff, pondering on the bittersweet circumstances before looking down at Suna's lax posture and rising to stand. 
"Are you okay with being the target of that?" Golden eyes trailed your form as you walked around him, settling beside him on the cushions rather than on the arm. Instantly, as if it were meant to be, his arm dropped over your neck, fingers pressing into your shoulder. It was nothing too invasive, and despite his status as a stranger, the slight act of defiance coupled with the excitement of physical touch kept you hooked. 
The boy turned to you slyly, leaning in just enough to tease, and you held a bated breath, wishing you could stop yourself from staring at his lips. Maybe it was subconscious, but your tongue darted out to moisten your own, and Suna's eyes gleamed. 
"I don't care." His blunt statement had you peeking up through your lashes.
"I hate him." You muttered, and you wondered if you were lying. Suna was inches away, turning just slightly to avoid blowing smoke in your face. 
"I don't believe you." God, that infuriated you, and you couldn't explain why. Oikawa had been the absolute object of your affections for so long with no payback. Show after show, and you'd wait in the back, only for Oikawa to meander out with another new girl on his arm, waving the rest of his fans off. An annoyance to fuel his ego - that's what you felt like, and the reminder that you'd never been enough stung. 
Burning with unresolved resentment and loneliness, you made bitter (albeit brief) eye contact with Oikawa's piercing glare and yanked on Suna's collar, pressing your lips to his hotly. Suna matched your enthusiasm with lackadaisical reciprocation, and before your eyes fluttered closed, your caught Suna stifling his cigarette on a nearby ashtray, free arm curling around your waist. Relieved at the positive response, you freed his collar, pushing lithe fingertips into his hair and drawing him closer, adjusting just enough to sink your teeth into his bottom lip, warm tongue tracing the roof of Suna's mouth. A pleased sound vibrated against your lips, and before long, he was pulling you into his lap, straddling his hips, large palms sliding up your bare thighs, their icy chill leaving a trail of goosebumps. His nails scraped against your smooth skin, eliciting a short gasp, and you curled his hair around your knuckles, losing yourself in the warmth of his mouth, his arm holding you flush with his body. You could feel every crevice of his toned chest beneath the thin fabric of his shirt. Every inch of your senses was brimming with overstimulation - the thundering, deafening shrill of an electric guitar, the suffocating scent of cigarettes, alcohol, and sweat lingering in the air, the electrifying sensation of his fingers angling your chin up, lips tracking hot kisses and bites down the column of your throat - it would be too much to keep your eyes open.
Maybe if you had, you would've noticed your partner making victorious, smug eyes at a fuming Oikawa over your shoulder. 
Maybe if you had, you would've seen Suna's bandmates' reactions - the whoops from Terushima, Semi, and Tadashi's disgusted eye roll.
Suna parted from your neck slowly, coaxing your face back down to his with a lazy smirk, thumb pulling at your swollen lips as your eyes flit open. 
"Do you believe me now?" You whispered, your breath pluming across his mouth. Something fond flashed through his expression, and it stuttered your heart. 
"Let me take you home, and I might." 
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wholesomeivygreen · 20 hours ago
Because sometimes he needed you, he would never verbally admit it but oh dear god when you walked out of the shower, hair slightly wet from the edges as drops of water rolled down your chin, the way you clothes hung onto you in the most innocently seductive way enhancing your every movement.
The way you carefully made your way around the crowd to find a seat beside him because he knew you were most comfortable around him, the way you smile always lingered around longer when with him, the moles(or freckles) on your face that seemed to make your face tens times more attractive.
It was in the way that you existed felt like heaven to him, the way you seemed so perfect to him, understanding him as he understood you or atleast tried to.
He would always find you cheering him on as you were the loudest in the crowd, or maybe he just focused on you the most. He would always find an excuse to stay next to you, saying "osamu told me you liked this cake, so I brought it on the way. Wanna eat it together?"
He didnt like cakes as much but they definitely felt a bit easier to take in when with you.
It was always so calm when he got together with you, when you would share your opinions on something that made your eyes light up, he always ended up remembering everything about that topic even if he wants interested in them before.
He was always there for you as you were for him and sometimes...just sometimes he questioned how he ended up landing such an amazing person like you but you always caught whim of those negative thoughts and in your own sweet way you always reassured him
It was either in the form of poetry or would say stupid stuff like
"So the way the sun and moon are needed for each other..we need each other too right?"
"So you see when cooking with rice and egg, soy sauce and sesame oil is important"
It was stupid..but somehow it always eased his mind.
You eased him.
You made him feel comfort.
And for that he was always thankful.
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sckyie · a day ago
❦ happier than ever
1.9 - who are you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭
❥ taglist is closed! thank you everyone who joined! *crossed names please private message me to fix your tag!
taglist: @amillionfandoms-onlyoneme @joy-laufeyson @anime-meme-sanctuary @bakugouswh0r3 @lilith412426 @elianetsantana @https-inarizaki @tsukibaby @odxrilove @cryinganimefan @sunahyejin @fandomsgotmefucked @buns-inhiding @yshaaarin @1achelois @starrysuna @kenmaslov3r @matsunshine @bokutosuwus @kuroaka @calumsfringe @lmaosuna @art-junkie-13​ @tsukkis-little-platonic-whore @bokutoswrld​ @sugusshi​ @beidouluvr​ @tiredshido​ @mo-yis-darling @myfavoriteficsandsuch​ @achilleas-dream​ @encrytpta​ @aaniyahz​
a/n: get pranked i fucked up todays chapter hahahahahhahahahahahah sorry for the late ping
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riniackerman · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
a/n: i was craving for something cute sooo… here it is :)
pairing: haikyuu men x gn!reader
featuring: kuroo tetsuro, sakusa kiyoomi, miya osamu, suna rintaro
tws: none
Tumblr media
♡ kuroo tetsuro 
you would sometimes call him by his last name for no reason. maybe it’s because you two were close friends back in high school days when you used to call him ‘kuroo’. so of course, you had zero intentions behind your words.
but for kuroo, this man would panic and right away look down at you when his last name was heard from your voice. although he would sense relieved when he sees you’re not angry or anything.
but when you call him ‘kuroo’ about three to four times, this is when he would bring you to a private place and carefully ask you; “...did i do something wrong kitten? are you mad?”
“no? why would i be mad at you kuroo?” kuroo would sigh at your words, covering half of his face with his large hand. “th-then why are you calling me kuroo…”
“there’s no reason at all” you smile, making kuroo cover his entire face with both of his hands. “hahhhhh kittennn you’re scarin’ my heart”
Tumblr media
♡ sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa would not answer or look at you if you call him by his last name even after you two got married. you would thump your feet over to sakusa who was doing the dishes in the kitchen and say; “sakusa. look at me.”
sakusa would mumble something under his breath. “what?” you step forward, tipping your toes to hear him clearly. “what did you say?”
“’re sakusa too” you would look up at his pouty face with an absurd look on your face. making him stop whatever he's doing and turn around to you and utter; “ me kiyoomi”
“no i will not, ‘m gonna call you sakusa” you would deny his plea until he is done with the dishes, he would put away the kitchen gloves and cross his arms while he looks down on you. “then there’s no point in changing your last name after i married you…”
Tumblr media
♡ suna rintaro 
“suna-” precisely 0.1 seconds later suna would cut you off. “...rintaro.”
“suna.” you would call him by his last name again, sighing at his greediness. “suna i told you to put the trash away in the morni-”
“i will really do it if ya call me rin” he whispers, leaning his head down between your neck and shoulder, pressing his forehead against your shoulder line, mumbling ‘rin’ over again and again.
“rin” he would instinctively tilt his head up at your voice, somewhat making eye contact with you, smiling slightly. “yes that’s it, i’ll throw the trash away right now”
Tumblr media
♡ miya osamu 
osamu wouldn’t even acknowledge a single bit of you when you call him by his last name. “miya are you ignoring me?” you tilt your body in front of osamu to see his lips pouted and eyes rolling.
“why are you pouting?” you scoff at him, kinda finding it cute to see him all pouty. “there’s two miyas at school, how would i know who y’er callin’?” this is ridiculous. ridiculously cute. you would try your best to not laugh and giggle. “why would i call atsumu now?”
“‘m not miya, ‘m samu.” he would deadass ignore everything you are saying and wait until you call him by his first name. “are ya lips glued? call me samu right now” he would poke your cheek, still having his pouted look on his face. making you giggle and hug him. “samu m’baby i love ya”
Tumblr media
taglist (open) ˚ · . @quirrrky @tendouscheese @cheybabey @tsuki-tsuki-daisuki @uhmkatt @savantsoulfinder @carmillous​ 
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ellewords · a month ago
Tumblr media
“i want a kiss.”
suna’s words come out slurred, his breath reeking of alcohol. your nose scrunches up at the scent, trying to focus on supporting his weight. an arm is slung around your shoulder, your steps are slow and staggered as you attempt to lead him to his bedroom.
“damn it, rin. told you not to drink too much.” you scold him, opening his bedroom door with a quiet grunt. 
suna pays your words no attention as he puckers his lips towards you, eyes half-open, “want a kiss.”
you place him on his bed and letting the pillows catch his head. a sigh escapes your lips, giving yourself a few seconds to rest before pulling the blanket up to his chest.
suna pouts, his face still red from all the beer that coursed through his veins, “why don’t you wanna kiss me?”
with a roll of your eyes, you sit on the edge of his bed, “you’re drunk. why do you even want to kiss me?”
“because i like you.”
your mouth parts, heartbeat beginning to speed up upon hearing the words you had been dreaming of for the entirety of your friendship with him. no, this couldn’t be. there’s no way he could like you back...right?
“if i were sober,” his voice snaps you out of your train of thought, “would you reconsider?”
shaking your head, you offer him a small smile, “if you still feel this way tomorrow morning, i'll kiss you.”
a grin stretches across his lips, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him smile like that. even in all the times you’ve seen him drunk. he sinks further into the pillows and pulls the blanket up to his chin, eyes finally fluttering shut. 
you raise a brow, “why are you smiling like that?”
“because you’re going to kiss me tomorrow.” suna hums, excited to fall asleep. tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough. 
Tumblr media
from elle ! some fluff to make up for all the angst i've been writing >_< had a tiring day so ‘m gonna go to bed now,, i'll come back and proofread this when I wake up byeee <3
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kairakeiji · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
you got asked out.
for the first time in about six months, you got asked out.
and your supposed enemy suna rintarou is not too happy about it.
to the world he was your rival, the one person you despised more than anything. to the world you two bickered endlessly, arguments built up on frustrations that had yet to receive any kind of closure or understanding. you weren't meant to work together, that's what the world was supposed to perceive.
but to you, he was your boyfriend, the boy you took a chance on six months ago, the boy who acts completely different towards you behind closed doors, the boy you decided to play a little game with, a game full of secrets and subtle teasing. he was the person you loved more than words could describe. yet no one else knew of that love, it made the game more fun after all.
to the world, you were single. but to him, you were his. sure, suna had his fair share of confessions considering his place on the volleyball team, but now it felt different when it came to you. no matter what, suna would always reject his admirers, but the thought of you getting asked out, even if you said no, made his blood boil. a secret relationship does come with some pros and cons after all. this was just a downside that both you and suna had to deal with.
right now though, suna wanted to kiss you in the cafeteria, just so he can show everyone who you belong to.
"so who's the boy?" atsumu asks with a smile.
"a kid in my calculus class," you replied. "he's really nice, offers help, lends the spare pencil on occasions."
suna made a mental note to visit your calculus class more, maybe then the boy would get the message.
"how'd he ask you out?" atsumu then asked.
you crossed your arms, "why do you want all the details?"
"because our little baby is going out on a date," he cooed.
and you only rolled your eyes, "for the record, i'm the same age as all of you."
"still a month younger than me," suna notes, eyes still stuck on his phone trying not to show his interest in the conversation in front of him.
"still the youngest," atsumu smirks.
you brush them off rolling your eyes, "anyway, he asked me out after class, dinner and everything," you replied.
"exciting," atsumu smiled.
"so did you say yes?" osamu asks.
the twins blink at you for a moment, silence lingering over the table and suna can't help but smile.
"you said no?" atsumu clarifies.
"i said no," you answered.
"why'd you say no?" osamu asks, less shocked than his twin brother sitting next to him.
you shrug, "i'm just not really looking for a relationship right now."
and suna suddenly feels an odd sense of pride.
"you're not?" osamu asks.
you shake your head, "i'm not."
"interesting," osamu hums before silence overcomes the table.
suna does his best to hide his small smile and he looks over at you, scrolling through your own phone as you took a sip from your water bottle.
god if no one else was here he'd kiss you.
"do ya have a boyfriend or something?"
the whole table turns to look at atsumu at his question, "i don't," you deny a bit too quickly.
"ya sure?" atsumu tries again. "i don't think you'd say no to him if you didn't have one."
and suna can see the slight panic in your eyes.
"i don't," you reply again.
"after all," suna cuts in. "who'd want to date a micromanaging freak?"
your eyes turn at the sound of his voice.
"rude," you roll your eyes, but suna knows you'll thank him for it later.
"apparently, calculus kid does," osamu nods.
"besides," you cut in once more. "i don't want a relationship right now."
that's right, suna thinks to himself, you don't want one because you belong to him.
you met suna's gaze from across the table as you gave him a small smile, and he still really fucking wants to kiss you in front of everyone. but he waits, going back to his phone only to see a text notification coming from you.
thank you <3
of course baby, he types, before stealing a quick glance at the twins, now engrossed in their own little argument. you look at him from across the table, laughing at the stupid insults they're barreling at each other.
we argue better you reply.
i think we do too he answers.
he looks at you quickly, seeing the smile on your lips as you watch the twins bicker.
god he still wants to kiss you.
so he caves, meet me on the roof?
and in the corner of his eye, he catches you laughing softly at his text.
i'll be there in 5 idiot
one day the world's going to know of your love. one day the world's going to know that you don't actually despise each other. one day your game will end and the world's going to know suna as your boyfriend. and until that day comes, suna hopes no one else asks you out, or he's going to end the game himself.
Tumblr media
screams i love him
thanks for reading!! reblogs are incredibly appreciated mwah <3
Tumblr media
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tsukishumai · 6 months ago
HQ boys + Obsessed with you
when they think about you... brain go brrrrr
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Kuroo carries a portrait of you, and a Polaroid picture of the both of you together around in his wallet. He breaks it out whenever he gets the chance, and often uses it to show off during business meetings. Every intern that works at his company has been shown your picture by Kuroo during orientation.
Tsukishima has your initials engraved into his sports glasses so that you’re close to him during every game. He has them engraved on every single pair that he owns.
Atsumu won’t stop talking about you during every single one of his interviews. He always finds a way to bring the topic back to you. “What are some important rituals you perform before every game, Miya-san?” “Eat a good meal, do my stretches, and get a kiss from y/n!”
Ushijima makes sure to only accept sponsors from all of your favorite brands so that he can get you free merchandise. Don’t even bother asking him why he’s in a commercial for Potato Chips when he doesn’t look like he’s touched a bag in his life. It’s because they offered to give you limited edition flavors.
Iwaizumi loved letting you borrow his clothes, bc when you returned them, they always smelled of your perfume. Iwaizumi doesn’t admit that he sends hours inhaling your scent, avoiding washing his clothes so he could be surrounded by you. But when you stopped giving his clothes back (sigh), iwaizumi resorts to keeping a bottle of your perfume in his room, and sprays it whenever he misses you
Sakusa moved in with you after one week of dating. He literally showed up once, and then never left. He’s there when you wake up, and he’s there when you go to sleep. You haven’t spent one single night apart since making it official. Sakusa tried going on a boys trip once and literally called you to pick him up from the train station just four hours in. He’s not going anywhere.
Kageyama brings items of your clothing with him to away games. Whichever he can get his hands on — a shirt, shorts, a sweater, whatever. You nearly had a heard attack when you were helping him unpack and you found underwear. It took you a few seconds to realize it was yours.
Suna got your name tattooed on him. He may have been drunk, and it may have been on a dare, but he displays this tattoo proudly. He hates when people ask “well, what if you guys break up?” as if Suna would be dumb enough to ever let that happen.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated! <3
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atsumiye · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
look at me
a series of drabbles
suna x reader
summary: things between you and suna rintaro ended horribly. but when you end up meeting him over 1 year later, he swears to do everything he can in order to win you back. although the breakup tore you apart, why does the sound of suna’s name still give you butterflies?
Tumblr media
one; on the train
two; lead to the end
three; wasn’t enough
Tumblr media
answered asks; [look at me]
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ohtsumu · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
warnings: mentions of alcohol consumption.
“pretty baby,” he coos sweetly into your shoulder, humming softly to himself before nuzzling into the crook of your neck. the action startles a soft laugh from you, to which his smile widens to an almost comical size. “so pretty,” he murmurs, and softly mumbles a boop! when he gently taps your nose.
suna rintaro is drunk. not often do you see him like this, the noirette opting for nursing a beer or two, but it had been inarizaki’s ten year reunion that night, and well. things fell together, and an amused atsumu, peeved osamu, tired aran, and ever-so-polite kita delivers your wasted husband to your doorstep with enough commotion to wake up the neighborhood.
(‘he’s been askin’ for ya all night’, osamu reveals to you with an irritated yet fond sigh, and only huffs a laugh when a smile spreads across your lips. ‘wouldn’t shut up the entire ride back.’
‘guess he really loves me, then’, you muse, and you can hear atsumu snicker from where aran is trying to set suna on the couch without him sliding off.
‘a simp!’ the blond twin crows, and osamu rolls his eyes.
‘at least he has someone.’
‘take that back!’)
now he’s draped his entire body weight in you, switching between mumbling to himself in soft slurs and staring at you in abashed awe, the latter proving to be much more comical to watch. normally quiet - at least, in terms of favoring to be cool, collected, and suave - you witness his intense fascination with the color of your eyes with giggles plaguing you as his elation increases more and more at the sound of it.
“your eyes are pretty.”
“thank you, rin—”
“no, really, they’re really pretty.”
“thank y—”
“i hope our kids get your eyes.” the last comment renders you speechless, hues widening as his words circle in your head. i hope our kids get your eyes. that meant he’d thought about kids in your future, together. drunken words were the unspoken truth after all, and the thought of sharing a family with him is all you can think about.
mumbling tampering off the silence, you look down to see that he’s drifted off into peaceful slumber, cheek smushed against your chest as his expression contorts into one of bliss. chuckling quietly to yourself, you shift a bit to get comfortable, opting to close your eyes as well.
i hope our kids are just like you, rin.
Tumblr media
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saintmanjiro · a month ago
Tumblr media
warnings: fem! reader, public sex, hand jobs, slight overstimulation
a/n: repost from my old blog
Tumblr media
Suna’s hand lay on your thigh, the other effortlessly turning the car around the curb as he continued gliding over your plush skin as though it were second nature. Suddenly, his hand trails over to yours, grabbing your wrist and guiding it towards him, plopping it down onto his lap. You looked at him with a raised brow.
“Rin, what are you doing?” His eyes don’t leave the road, shoulders simply shrugging.
“Jerk me off,” he says simply. You stare at him, mouth agape, trying to process his words.
“Jerk me off, I’m tired of driving,” he insists. “Since you never wanna drive, make yourself useful.” He glances at you for a moment, looking at you expectantly. Blinking, you shake your head, but you can’t fight the anticipation. The suns barely starting to set, and you’re sure if you stop at a red light, the neighboring cars will likely realize what’s going on, but it only adds to the thrill.
“Fine,” you mumble. “You’re insane.”
Slowly, your hands trail to his crotch, palming him through his pants, watching through hooded eyes as his breathing becomes shallow, chest starting to heave slightly. A tent starts to form in his pants, and you keep at it as he slowly gets harder.
“Get on with it,” he says through grit teeth, making you look at him with a wide grin.
“Patience, Rinnie,” you chuckle. The sharp glare he sends your way makes you squeeze your thighs together. Unzipping his pants, you reach into his boxers, freeing his member as he hisses at the cool air. His hands grip the steering wheel tightly, knuckles turning white as you rub your thumb over his slit, collecting the pre cum. Gripping his member firmly, you start a steady rhythm, jerking him off as he continues to drive, trying his best to keep his grip on the wheel from turning shaky.
“F-fuck,” he groans, fighting the urge to throw his head back and close his eyes, forcing himself to keep his gaze on the road while your squeeze him tighter, move up and down his dick at a quicker pace. “Nghh— fuck, go a little faster, baby,” he moans, chest falling and rising rapidly as he ruts his hips slightly to meet your rhythm.
“Not much fun in that, now is there,” you teased, eyes sparkling as his shoots you another glare, his jaw clenching tightly.
“Y/n,” he warns, cutting himself with a long drawn out groan when your thumb swipes over his slit once more, shuddering slightly at the sensitive feeling. “K-keep going—fuck—like that,” he spurs you on. His biceps flex at how tightly he’s holding the wheel, making you bite your lip as you watch. With a hitch of his breath, he starts thrusting into your hands with a little more force, sweat starting to form on his forehead. “O-ohh—fuck,” he cries as he cums, his load shooting and covering his thigh as you angle his dick so his car won’t get too soiled. His voice cracks as you continue to stroke for a bit him even after his orgasm, moans getting whinier at the overstimulation.
“We should do this more often,” you grin. “I like this idea.” Catching his breath, he turns his head to look at you, eyes narrowed as they meet yours.
“Yeah, we should,” he agrees. “But first, I’ll teach you a lesson when we get home about being a brat.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
#includes: Tsukishima and Suna
#genre: Smut, hurt/comfort, fluff ending i guess?
#description: when they take degradation too far and hurt your feelings. Idea from @heartzdesirez
#warnings: heavy degradation, words like: bitch, slut , whore etc, roughish sex, afab reader, restraint, tears, kinda toxic.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Tsuki had always been a bit mean when it came to the bedroom , always preferring degradation over praise and for the most part you were okay with it. He never done anything you were uncomfortable with and always made sure to check up on you before and after, because that was and always will be his main priority.
He had come home after a practically rough day and just needed something or someone to take his frustrations out on and what better way than to have sex with you. You also weren’t having the best day so you immediately reciprocated Tsuki’s rough kiss, hoping it would take your mind off all the shit that’s weighing down on it.
One thing led to another and you found yourself pinned under him while he roughly thrusted in and out of you without a care. “You like that you little slut? Of course you do because that’s all you’re good for, a tight little clocksleeve for me to take my frustrations out on” you don’t know what it was , normally you’d eagerly nod your head and agree with him but today you just felt off. The sex wasn’t making you feel better it was making you feel worse and his words that used to turn you into a wet mess now pierced your heart. Tsuki noticed the slight wobble of your lip and thinking it was all part of the act , he continued his humiliation “ Aww the stupid little baby about to cry” he condescendingly laughed. You attempted to push him away with your hand on his chest but he gripped both wrists in one hand and pinned them above your head “is it too much for you whore ? Aw what a shame” 
You turned your head away in an attempt to hide the tears that were making their way down your face but he gripped your cheeks in his hand and turned your head to face him , “Look at me when I’m fuc- shit baby , are you okay?!” You don’t know if it was the tears on your cheeks or the disheartened look in your eyes that made him stop but you were glad he did. He immediately pulled out and took you into his arms so your head was now laying on his chest. “Fuck I’m so sorry baby , did I take to far?” He asked while rocking you back and forth and once he got the confirmation that that was the case he placed a multitude of kisses on your head while stroking your back. “God I’m so fucking sorry love. You know I didn’t mean any of that right?” when he gets no response he shifts you so your facing him and looking him dead in the eye. “Look at me pretty girl, I promise you that I didn’t mean any of it. You’re the most important person in my life, fu-fuck I don’t know what I’d do without you, I love you so much” the sincerity in his voice and loving gaze was enough to comfort and reassure you that he did love you. “Promise?” You asked weakly. “I’d put my whole life on it” he lovingly strokes your cheek and carries you into the bathroom to start a warm bath “I’m going to show you just how much I love you”
“Whiney…fucking…bitch” each word was punctuated by a deep hard thrust. Hate sex was nothing new to you and Suna, it occurred most of the time you guys got into arguments. It was an easy way to release your frustrations out on each other. However, today it was different, you weren’t reciprocating the same energy you normally would and that’s probably due to the nature of the argument that led you to be face down in the mattress.
The argument had started after you expressed your distaste in the way girls flirted with him and how he didn’t do anything about it and while he didn’t entertain them he also didn’t push them away which hurt. Once you voiced these concerns he mockingly laughed at you and told you how you needed to be less insecure because it was harmless. And yeah maybe you were insecure, because you know the way girls look at him and how they talk about your relationship , you just wanted reassurance. All you wanted was for him to tell you that he loves you and those girls mean nothing but instead you were met with harsh words instead , “You should be lucky I’m fucking you. You know how many girls would love to be in your position? Me fucking you should be reassurance enough” he followed his words with a harsh slap to your ass.
That was your breaking point. Your sobs were muffled in the sheets as he held your head down and continued to roughly thrust in and out of you. “This pussy is the only thing that’s keeping me here” you desperately clawed at his hands in hopes that he would get the message and remove them which he did. Once you lifted your head up , he could tell something was wrong and halted his movements “hey.. you okay?” You shook your head while your shoulders shake with your sobs and you desperately try to catch your breath. Suna quickly pulls out once he realises you’re not okay and rushes to your side. “Shh shh , what’s wrong baby? Talk to me” “is my body really the only things that’s keeping you here?” You got out through your sniffles. “Shit , of course it isn’t baby, I shouldn’t have said any of that , I was just angry , I’m so sorry baby , so fucking sorry” he pushed your head into his chest and soothingly stroked your hair. “I love you so much, im just a fucking idiot, no girl other than you means anything to me , you hear that? I was just mad that you couldn’t see that I only have eyes for you beautiful” “that’s all you had to say you idiot” you meekly chuckled. “I know I know I was just defensive and im sorry, it’ll never happen again” “I love you” “I love you more baby”
Note: Hopefully I’ve done your idea justice @heartzdesirez
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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sunamayo · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐞𝐥𝐬𝐞
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: 𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐚 𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝
Tumblr media
❥ 𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐚 𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐮
suna stops mid sentence narrowing his eyes at you. you were clearly more interested in something else than whatever he was talking about and that whatever being something behind him because this is the fifth time he caught you staring at whatever or whoever was behind him. turning around to check what was distracting you so much that you didn’t bother to even look at him, he saw a guy standing at the counter. the dude seemed pretty tall with smooth silky hair and perfectly toned arms. frowning, he turned around to face you again. jealousy has never been an issue for him and he wasn’t jealous. why would he be jealous? he was anything but jealous but he was a little hurt by the fact that you were checking someone else out right in front of him and you didn’t even try to hide it. “rin?” “earth to rinnie?” “what” “is everything okay baby?” “yeah, why wouldn't it be?” “i don’t know, you’re acting weird” “why are you worried about me anyway? you should continue checking out pretty boy over there, don’t let me intrude” he mumbled, looking away. “what?”  you chuckled at your boyfriend's pettiness. “it’s not funny, at least you could try to hide it, shameless ass” “'m staring at him cause he’s wearing his shirt the wrong way” suna turned around to see that you were right. he was indeed wearing his shirt the wrong way. “oh” "you’re so cute baby” you giggled, squishing his cheeks. “don’t start” “jealous rinnieeeee” “i’m leaving you here, you can walk”
❥ 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮
atsumu had the biggest pout on his lips right now. he was so excited to finally get some alone time with you, he planned everything perfectly. a quiet dinner then a nice walk in the park and ending the day in your arms, a perfect ending to a perfect day but much to atsumu's disappointment his day turned out to be anything but perfect. he was rambling on about his day with a smile on his face telling you about everything that happened at practice and there was always the regular complaining about his twin but his smile soon turned into a frown when he noticed your attention was on something else or rather someone else. He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. you were staring at someone else when he was right there in front of you. now jealousy has always been your tsumu’s weakness. he just cannot bear the thought of you paying attention to someone that's not him. call him selfish but he doesn't care, you’re his and his only and atsumu doesn’t like sharing. “tsumie baby what’s wrong, you seem sad” “ yea it’s cause yer staring at that guy over there, am i not enough?” babe what’re you on about? i wasn’t staring at him "'yes ya were" "i was staring at the kid beside him, little shit has been staring at me ever since we got here” he turned around to notice this kid glaring at you. “It looks like it wants to fight,” you whisper, narrowing your eyes at the kid. “babe yer not fighting a kid” “but tsumu he’s glaring at me” you pout. “ignore it babe, it’ll go away by itself”
Tumblr media
𝐚/𝐧: 𝐝𝐢𝐝𝐧'𝐭 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐬𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐬𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐨 𝐨𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐰𝐨 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐨𝐲! 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 <𝟑
Tumblr media
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inarizahki · 3 months ago
no thoughts, just you and suna at a party, him wrapping himself around you, one hand protectively cupping the top of the solo cup you have in your hand and the other on your waist as he whispers dirty things in your ear <3
pls head empty just this
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni
Tumblr media
when Suna’s got you like this, nothing else really matters. not the flashing lights, pounding music, or the throng of drunk and noisy partygoers.
when he’s got you like this in his lap, one arm wrapped tightly around your waist, hand resting on your thigh, other hand cupping the top of your drink, it feels like it’s just the two of you. lost in a little world of your own. you’re all but sitting on him, legs thrown over his thighs and tucked to the side, head resting on his shoulder.
his chest rumbles under your head when he feels you fidget on his lap. you tug at your short skirt, though there’s nothing you can really do apart from straighten out the wrinkles on it. it barely reaches mid-thigh, and in this position, you simply have to keep your legs closed or else…
“no need to do that, babe.” Suna chuckles, breath tickling the top of your head. he uncurls his arm from your waist to knock your hand off your thigh so he can place his on it, long fingers slowly stroking your bare skin. the feeling sends a shiver up your spine. you open your mouth to protest, only to snap it shut again when he trails his fingers up, higher and higher until the tips of them catch on the hem of your skirt.
“Rin-” you say hesitantly, glancing around the dimly lit room. if so much as one person turns their head, they’d catch a generous glimpse of something that looks like it belongs more in a bedroom than in the middle of a living room at a party. “there’s people...”
“and?” he couldn’t sound more unbothered if he tried. “they can daydream all they want but at the end of the day…”
Suna catches the top of your ear between his teeth and gives it a tug. you flinch violently, hand flying up to press against his chest. “Rin…”
“at the end of the day, this is mine, isn’t it?” his hand hovers over the area between your legs. “mine to play with…mine to use…”
“that’s not what i mean.”
heat floods your cheeks and you squirm, uncomfortably aware of the empty feeling in your cunt. uncomfortably aware of the hard bulge pressing against the underside of your thigh. Suna smirks against your cheek when he feels your legs squeeze together. “been thinking about being inside you all day. all night too. thought about bending you over that table right there, you know? and fucking you till you scream.”
your breath hitches in your throat and you make a strangled, needy sound.
“the boys all think you’re this…sweet little thing,” Suna muses. his erection twitches against you. “but we both know just how much you like spreading your legs for me, don’t we? like a…whore.”
embarrassment rushes through you when you see Atsumu—leaning against the wall and talking to his brother while sipping from his red cup—glance over at the two of you. he raises his eyebrows, blinking once, twice, and then a crude smirk curls up on his lips. he tips his cup at you and winks.
you cough, looking away and trying again to pull your skirt down over your legs but an irritated click of Suna’s tongue stops you in your tracks.
“you’ve got me. anyone tries anything...i can throw a punch. so let it be, hm?” the tip of Suna’s nose drags down the side of your neck as he mouths at your skin. his hand slips under your top, coasting over your belly. the touch is searing, burns into your skin as he reaches up higher and higher, fingertips nudging the underwire of your bra.
“let me enjoy how fuckable my girlfriend is.”
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