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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Sorry I don’t have any good photos of him to use…

- Only stutters in public infront of strangers, is comfortable with you and his friends :)

- Isn’t that good at taking you on dates/planning them but wants to make you happy and enjoys spending time with you so he finds other cute date ideas (preferably that take place at home or in an environment he feels safe in)

- More comfortable in public with you, just worried about other people judging him

- HUGE cuddlebug, but nervous about affection in public so you’d both have to ease in to it; starting by holding hands in public etc…

- Has a very chill music taste, mostly indie? If your music taste is different he’ll still vibe to a few songs and share some of his favourite songs with you

- Loves seeing you confident and wants to make you as happy as possible, your happiness makes him happy

- Sometimes needs time by himself, especially after school/hero work where he’s been pushed to the max socially - he really hopes you understand and doesn’t think he’s just trying to avoid you

- Super cuddly and cute in private, he only lets you and his close friends see this side of him

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I don’t know whether to love it or hate it 😂🥺

(Bonus face reveal! 👀)

It’s hard to literally hide the fact that I’m beginning my journey as a first time cosplayer. I do still live with my parents, who are completely quick to judge, and I’m not quiet ready to get weird looks when they accidentally walk in on me stabbing my eyes out attempting to do my eyeliner. Like I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but you should have seen the look on my father’s face when my Amajiki wig came in the mail. Like I’m not ready to be labeled weirder than I already am.

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This is a new blog where i will be posting mainly oneshots that come to my head that seem too good to now write down. Request will be open BUT all characters who are minors will be AGED UP!!! no underage (or minetta) relationships will be posted on this blog so please keep that in mind when putting in a request. I will be doing all characters for the fandom so go wild when requesting though i do ask for you to be patient in my outputs because of mental health and the chaos that is my life but i will try to put them out as fast as i possibly can! 

P.S- i only write x reader

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Tamaki amajiki x Reader

Warnings: angst


Originally posted by gojous


It was dark. Too dark to see anything.

The high beeping sound that seemed to come out of everywhere slowly driving him insane.

He felt so weak

How long has he been here?

He didn’t know.

At this point, he wasn’t able to tell what day, or even month, it was.

It just all felt the same.

He has been in this god forsaken room so long that his sense of smell had given up, his eyes had tried to adjust to the lack of light but failed.

The only thing he could focus on was how cold the room was and how annoying and nerve wrecking that beeping sound was.


”(y/n), I know you want to find him. Hell, we all want to. But it’s been a month without a lead. Please. You have to accept that he might be dead.“

You couldn’t believe that Mirio, his best friend of all people, was telling you this.

Tearing up at the thought of losing him, you answered with rage, fear and sadness evident in your voice and eyes

“I know. God damnit of course I know! But I don’t want to give up okay?! We will find him! We have to find him! H-he believes in us and I won’t let him down… I can’t let him down…“

Mirio noticed how shaken up you were.

Everyone could see how bad you were doing.

Big, dark circles under your eyes. Evident loss of weight. Hair that looked more and more like you couldn’t care less. The same clothes you wore last week. Chewed fingernails.

You were struggling not to give up.

You couldn’t, right?

Tamaki wouldn’t want you to give up.



What if you would?

Would he be mad?

Mad at you for accepting that he might be dead?

Mad at you for leaving him alone wherever he might be?

Without you noticing, you had started to cry.

Mirio noticed it of course and hugged you, telling you it’s okay and whatever you want to do, continue searching or giving up, no one would blame you. Not even Tamaki.

”(h/n)-san! Lemillion-san! We got something!“


The sudden light in the otherwise dark room blinded him.

His eyes were hurting, trying to adjust to the suddenly bright room.

In front of him was a figure.

A man.

Wearing black and holding something in his hands.

”Suneater. Have you decided to join us yet? Or do you need more time to think.“

Tamaki’s eyes slowly adjusted to the brightness. The first thing he really saw was a smirk on the mans face.

The same man that had kidnapped him on his way home after a long day of work.

When Tamaki spoke, his voice was hoarse and broken. His throat hurt, he hadn’t talked in days.

”I won’t join you. Try what you want but I won’t be joining you. I’m not a villain. The heroes will find me and get me out of here. And then your cute little organisation will fall apart.“

”try what you want, huh? Sounds good to me.“

The man crouched down in front of Tamaki, looking him right in the eyes.

”you know, you’ve been here for a month. The heroes probably gave up searching“

Tamaki was shocked.

A month?

He has been here for a month?

”a-a month…“

”yes that’s right suneater, you’ve been here for a month and your hero friends have yet to find you. They probably didn’t even start searching.“

Tamaki shook his head.

That couldn’t be.

The other heroes…

They had to be searching for him…


You… you had to be searching for him…


”That lovely partner of yours seems to be enjoying their time without you. I’ve seen them. Smiling brightly, hanging around that Lemillion hero.“

”y-you’re lying…“

”why would I lie to you? I’m trying to be your friend here. I want you to join me. They have given you up. Your partner found someone else. Your so called friends won’t be searching for you anymore. Join me and you’ll get to have them pay for leaving you.“

That can’t be right…

Tamaki’s thoughts ran a mile a minute, trying to give him every possibility and trying to find out if that man, that villain in front of him, was telling the truth.

”I’ll let you think about it Suneater. Before I go, you should eat something…“

The man placed a bowl of rice in front of Tamaki.

Something that wouldn’t help him escape if he used his quirk…

Tamaki’s hands weren’t tied together. The man had freed his hands after two weeks of not giving Tamaki any food, just to make sure he couldn’t use his quirk anymore.

When the man left, he turned the lights off again. Tamaki was left with silence.

”h-he has to be lying… p-please…“


”everyone, you all know we’ve been searching for Suneater for the last month. And I know some of you think it’s best if we stop now and announce his death…“

You saw the heroes that were friends with Tamaki looking around for someone that thought like that.

”but please, listen to what we have to say. FatGum? Would you like to explain?“

FatGum stood up and walked to the front where everyone could see him

”you all know we’ve been finding nothing for the past month. So I’m happy to tell you we’ve got a lead now.“

The relieved breaths you heard coming from your friends made you happy. They hadn’t give up yet.

”a civilian told us they saw Suneater in normal clothes, probably on his way home. A man wearing all black with light grey hair was following him. The civilian said Suneater didn’t notice the man and later heard a muffled sound. They were able to give a description of the man and with that we found him.“

FatGum pressed a button and a picture of the man the civilian saw appeared.

”this is Kuro Inu. He is known as the villain shadow. His quirk is called blackhound. He can summon shadow dogs that will fight for him. And this,“

The picture on the board changed to a map and a picture of an old house

”is where he lives.“

”you don’t think he is keeping Suneater in his own house, right?“

”his house has a cellar and is secluded from the city. It’s probably the best place for him to keep suneater.“

”that’s enough for me.“ you started, ”when are we going?“

”30 minutes. Be ready by then you all.“


The police had a warrant to go in there. And with the possibility of Tamaki being kept in there, you all had a good reason to break the door and search for him.

And that was what you did.

The police broke down the door and you heroes ran in.

”we’ll split up. FatGum, (h/n), cover That Part of the house!“

You did as you were told and walked to the back of the house.

There was a staircase that led down to a cellar.

”fat, I’m going down.“

With that, you ran down the stairs.

The cellar was dark.

Then you heard a sound.

It sounded like

”growling? Shit, blackhound!“

You felt the shadow dogs jumping at you

”get off of me!“

Using your quirk, light, you defeated the dogs with ease. They got their strength from the dark so you illuminated the room.


There he was, on the floor.

With Kuro Ino holding a knife to his neck.

”come one step closer and I’ll kill him, hero.“

‘One step closer huh? I don’t have to move for this.‘

Using your quirk, you blinded Kuro who dropped the knife and fell back a bit.

You rushed towards him, holding him down.

”FatGum! Help me down here!“

FatGum rushed into the cellar, policemen behind him, and helped you with the villain.

Once the villain was off of your hands, you freed Tamaki from his bindings, who was crying of relief.

”I’m so glad that you’re safe! I’m so sorry that we didn’t find you sooner!“

He was crying, relieved that you finally found him.

Relieved that he could leave this hellish room and try to forget this ever happened.

Relieved that you didn’t give up. That you still believed he was alive and worth searching for.

He was relieved that the villain had lied to him.

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I did it! Here’s all three of them, now including Mirio! I will say it was a hard choice between mirio and Nejire but I only wanted to do three (limited on time here) and I needed more male illustrations for my body of work. I didn’t forget Nejire! I might draw her another time

Please don’t repost my art! If you like it, consider reblogging it!

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This is my first series on Tumblr, and my first time writing fanfiction in a long time so it may not be very good… I already have the first chapter written out and It’ll be out by tomorrow. Reminder that reader is specifically a black person, a black female… 

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Yes, you can most certainly have some Dragon Tamaki!!! I just spent the last four hours writing this up and I most certainly DID get carried away, but damn, hope you like it anyways! Please let me know what you thought!

Cheeky Kitsune 🦊💋





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And here it is, the last re-post of my old scenarios! A little bit of Mafia Tamaki never hurt anyone and from here on out, all new stuff!

Cheeky Kitsune 🦊💋


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