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Yeah I’m kinda harsh to people I don’t know but when we become friends I would deck a bitch for them. And walking in the rain and talking about life is such a mood

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I’ve updated my two tiers on Patreon!

If you’d like to support my work, consider subscribing to a tier…You won’t be disappointed!

Right now the Craft Of The Month Box contains a puppet craft kit that goes along with today’s craft video.

I also have a crocheted Sunflower Set available for my Take My Stuff tier since it’s almost summer! It comes with two cup coasters, a centerpiece, and a decorative piece to tie the room together.

Both of these tiers will be shipped to you. Both will also get you a shout-out on my social media pages.

There’s only one subscription available for the sunflower set! So if you want it, grab it!

I have those two tiers so far, but I’m considering adding a third for digital downloads like coloring pages and craft patterns. Anybody interested in a third tier?

What can I offer you? Let me know what you want!


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Una mente
Suspendida en el tiempo
Sin recuerdos ni ilusiones
Un corazón
Temeroso, oprimido y
Distante a su realidad.

Un poeta sin musa
Con su inspiración perdida
Un puño
Sin ánimos de sujetar su pluma
Una pluma sin tintero
Y un pergamino sin usar.

Ecos sin voz
Letras invisibles
Sin principio ni final
Que se ha llevado el viento
Sonetos callados y sin sonido.
_______¡Una poesía sin letras!

Este escrito tiene mi estilo
Y mi estilo es, el que te he escrito.


Jarétth García vk
Para Blog (siir-poesia)

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ahh thank you (ノ>ω<)ノ I’ve definitely been trying to capture jacob’s angelic and soft personality in that fic and it has been sitting in my drafts for so long whoops but I’m excited to read that scenario when it comes out!!!

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ahhh I just read this in the morning so it’s a late reply but AJSHJS THANK YOU!! 💖 I haven’t been writing longer fics like that so I got nervous about posting it 😭 I’m glad to know that you enjoyed it! (jacob is so soft and I love him)

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