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#sunflower door
moomindeco9 months ago
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The Sunflower door
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bleachbleachbleach3 months ago
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This is for @recurring-polynya, who mentioned Renji鈥檚 ugly 80s Camaro, the Zabimaro. Rukia鈥檚 here for the ride-along because of course she鈥檚 gotta support her RIDE OR DIE.
RWD | 5.0L V8 | 215HP | 145mph top speed
The IROC (International Race of Champions) trim features lower ride height, Bilstein shocks, beefier sway bars, a 鈥渨onder bar鈥 support, and a decal package. Renji also tinted his windshield... because car sunglasses. He added some kind of zany shikai wing that for some reason also has vortex generator spikes. Note the custom tiger-print fabric in the interior and Zabimaru fuzzies.
It鈥檚 also left-hand drive, because why blend in when you can stand out.
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kittyandco3 months ago
Hans and Prince Charming for the Venn diagram?
@fangedwife also asked so let's goooo!
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Send me a few of my f/os and I will make a Venn diagram of things they have in common
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berryjaelliea month ago
in todays episode of millie theres something wrong with u 馃挅
#its 10 am nd i will probably just go to sleep soon but like#idk if u knkw what i mean but theres good grocery days nd then theres bad grocery days#sometimes grocery shopping makes me feel more at ease and helps me think nd just brings me joy in general#but then other times i struggle to not burst into tears in the middle of a random aisle for no good reason#today my mood has been ruined by (drumroll) the scale for the seeds etc not working#if it was my mom shed probably just run around to find some employee to help her but i just stood there for a minute before abandoning the#sunflower seeds nd walking away but that seriously made my mood drop nd thats literally . so dumb it might be the dumbest reason so far#also i feel like i spent too much money on literally nothing again i know i should start making actual good food nd id probably feel better#but like idk i arrive at the store nd i go u know what lets get the usual nd i leave like this 馃槓 again#also unrelated but sometimes i rlly dont like how close my door is to my (kinda creepy) neighbor's door like#i dont even think hes in the country these days but like on bad days when im standing in the hallway closing my door im just#trying to frantically close it as fast as possible bc my brain is like u know u r standing literally so close to this other door if he was#standing behind that watching the hallway for u to get out he cld totally just open the door right now nd kidnap u which#i know will NOT happen but i just . idk#like i know im safe here and i love this place i wouldnt trade it for anytjing i really feel great here in general like . outside of me#just. not feeling Great yknow but#this place is better and much safer than i ever imagined my college living space to be honestly im just . overdramatizing nd exaggerating#nd i know it . but 馃槓#idk guys ill be hoping hwan posts today to boost my mood up qgain ik depending on that isnt a good way to live life but hey
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cyanide-latte6 months ago
If you've ever read any books (or watched any films) where there is a character who is such a bibliomaniac that their house is overrun with books to the point the shelves are stuffed and there are still piles and piles of books throughout the house...that's me. I'm that character. Oops. The reality is really just that our house is small and even with the bookcases we do have, I still own (and continue to obtain) more books than can fit in them. And that's not even getting into the fact that I come from a family of fellow bibliomaniacs or that much of my personal library includes books I inherited from previous generations!
It is as they say: too many books? I think what you mean is, "not enough bookshelves."
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mvaljean525a year ago
Tumblr media
Ah! sunflower, weary of time, Who countest the steps of the sun, Seeking after that sweet golden clime Where the traveller鈥檚 journey is done;
Where the youth pined away with desire, And the pale virgin shrouded in snow, Arise from their graves and aspire; Where my sunflower wishes to go.
Ah! Sunflower
William Blake 聽1757-1827
Graphic - Dorothea Tanning 聽1910-2012
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starship-squidlet7 months ago
I got a new houseplant today!!! It鈥檚 an umbrella tree, and it鈥檚 adorable. Unfortunately, I didn鈥檛 realize that it鈥檚 super toxic to cats (I had one before, but it was while I was in college, so I didn鈥檛 need to worry about pet friendliness), so I have to keep it on a high shelf and make sure our two boy cats stay out of my room since they鈥檙e the ones that eat plants 馃槄 (they鈥檙e already banned from my room because they like to munch my plants; Bunchy is a good girl and doesn鈥檛 consume my leafy children)
(Send me a 馃尰 and I鈥檒l tell you something!)
#max actually more goes after fish when i have them then plants even#but he does like plants#he also eats lettuce#loki prefers dried plants but also likes flowers#we had an african violet on our kitchen windowsill for a while but it never had any flowers and also coincidentally loki wasn鈥檛 eating much#and would throw up every few days and we were like ??? and then we caught him eating the plant#he also once ate the entirety of a baby (like 2 little 3-inch leaves) aloe vera plant that i had after breaking into my room#but those aren鈥檛 toxic so he was fine#he also ate sunflower seedlings i was trying to start a few years ago#his favorite is dried kale and spinach tho#he goes crazy for the stuff#we dehydrate it ourselves in a dehydrator and he spends the day or two that it takes just#circling the floor under the counter where we put the dehydrator#it鈥檚 actually to the point where we get the dehydrator out and he starts going crazy and just... crying for the dried kale/spinach#and we鈥檙e just like sir it鈥檒l be a few days yet but here鈥檚 some fresh stuff#sorry i went on a ramble there but our cats are weird and i love them but i also love my plants so i just have to watch out for loki#fortunately he knows he鈥檚 not supposed to be in my room and i keep my door closed to protect the plants#but sometimes he鈥檒l sneak in if he sees it open so i have to make sure to block it when i go out because it doesn鈥檛 latch so it opens p easy#chit chat#asked and answered#claire鈥檚 tag
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kittyandco7 days ago
for the fmk asks...
13 for Charming, Hans and Dio?
13. go to Ikea with, go dancing with, play video games with
why did you send 3 men i constantly think about dancing with
charming: go to ikea with, because he has great taste. of course he wants the most expensive things in there, and complains that everything is too plain, but it would be a nice time. also i think he would get lost and that would be funny. and give me an excuse to kiss him while lost in the maze somewhere idk i've never been to ikea, i don't even know if i have one near me. i only know the memes 馃槶
hans: ..... dancing... because. i like pain apparently
dio: play video games with, because i think he would be a real challenge! he's smart, strategic, and competitive. it would be a fun time!
friendly fmk alternatives
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childofthecrowmoona year ago
Mabon playlist 馃崄
Blessed Mabon! Here鈥檚 a playlist to celebrate:
Harvest Moon - Neil Young
Nights In White Satin - The Moody Blues
Daydream - The Lovin鈥 Spoonful
Amelia - Joni Mitchell
Sand and Foam - Donovan
Make Your Own Kind Of Music - Cass Elliot
Heavenly Creatures - Wolf Alice
Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones
One Of These Things First - Nick Drake
Never Going Back Again - Fleetwood Mac
Sense - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Turn! Turn! Turn! - The Byrds
The Last Living Rose - PJ Harvey
The Crystal Ship - The Doors
Bread - Sunflower Bean
You can listen to this playlist here
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malotopia7 months ago
I LOVE THEM!!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH!!!!! i love the smell of flowers!! i love smelling like flowers!!! i love seeing them and being surrounded by them and i love all their vibrant colors and different appearances and!!!!! i just really really love flowers!!!!! 鈽衡樅鈽衡樅馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄鈥硷笍鈥硷笍鈥硷笍
send me a random word and i'll tell you a fact about myself based on that word!
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jimmyandthegiraffesa year ago
ppl rly do just see the sunflower lanyard as an excuse not to wear a mask huh
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marjoreea year ago
Tumblr media
*see you on the other side*
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