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SUNGHOON ✴ 200122 MCountdown 
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awkwardly smiling whenever he feels shy. during the very first few months of being together, there would be moments where he'd be all shy— even holding your hand would make his heart race like a horse in his chest and he'd looked at you with those abashed eyes and hesitant smiles. after a while, he'd grow more confident in his advances, but would still slightly stutter when he says his i love yous.
fanning himself after an intense dance practice. he would invite you to come and watch his dance practice sessions or dance jam lives. when he'd feel like he is overheating, he'd grab the hens of his shirt and lightly flap it to cool himself down and wipe some of the sliding droplets of sweat on his chin with his forearm. for some reason, the sight is always some of the most attractive things you'd ever see.
waiting wordlessly for you to give him affection. he isn't much of a highly affectionate person, but there would be times where he would want your love a little more than usual and stand in front of you without even saying anything, waiting for you to understand and give him a hug or a kiss. as if that wasn't adorable enough, he'd also always smile to himself when you press a chaste kiss on his temple.
loosening his collar first things first after coming home. he wears shirts to your dates sometimes, so after arriving back to your apartment or house, he'd slide of his shoes and simultaneously unclasp a few off his top buttons with only a single hand. after noticing the effects it would have on you, he'd start doing it just to get a reaction out of you again.
watching horror movies. sunghoon isn't immune to jumpscares or suspenseful chase scenes, so whenever you'd watch a horror movie or play a scary game together, it wouldn't be a rare occurrence to hear his shrieks and whines for you to turn it off and do something else.
analysing past routines. being/having been a figure skater for a while, he has a habit of sitting down and going through other skilled athletes' performances. he'd usually frown at the screen, an intense and focused look in his eyes— sometimes you think he was going to get swallowed by the screen by how invested and concentrated he'd be. his passion is something you'll never get tired of seeing, as it's one of his most attractive traits.
giving you compliments at random times. sunghoon gives you some of the sweetest comments when you least expect it. he drops them so subtly in the middle of your conversations. he'd even speak about you to jake or jay, telling them about how *insert a gajillion compliments* you are. he's always so genuine with his words as well, so the sincerity always makes your heart melt.
Tumblr media
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sunghoon  ★  ‘blessed–cursed’ fancam ( 220113 )
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are you blessed or cursed?
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❤︎ ᝰꜜ ᩠˚ 𖤐 enhypen reactions
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
enhypen’s reaction to you asking if you can vent to them ❣︎
pairing: ot7 x fem!reader
genre: texting au, fluff
warnings: swearing, nothing much
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
author’s note: help this 10 image limit is really killing me 🤕
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Tumblr media
synopsis: you've been head over heels for jake, your brother's best friend since middle school; the poor boy has received way too many of your love letters that are stacked up in the corner of his room. and yet, he strikes you down every single time, but being stubborn is both a blessing and curse because when you catch him in a bad mood one day, he takes your heart and breaks it in the span of a few words. and yet, there he is wondering why he's so upset over your new friendship with the transfer student.
pairing: jake x reader
genre: brothers best friend! au
introductions! : yn's club + the boyz
one: heart been broke so many times
two: crying over a frat boy
three: bloody nose for jake
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♡ ₇ ⊹ ˚. lover boys . . . valentine's day with enhypen ʾʾ  ۫
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: ot7 & reader ・ genre: fluff, established relationships ・ warnings: none ・ terms of enderment used: my dear (jay), rainbow (jungwon), bun (ni-ki) ・ wc: 1.2k words
Tumblr media
희승 𓄹 ࣪˖ heeseung
ohmygosh he'd take you to a cute little café to enjoy a nice brunch with you !! he's always been a pretty casual guy so he won't make a huge deal out of valentine's day but would still want you to feel special.
would probably take you around the block for a stroll and holds your hand the whole time because he's just so happy to be with you, enjoying each other's presence.
heeseung watched you adoringly, his hands clasped with yours as he swung your arms back and forth. you, on the other hand, marveled at your surroundings, never having explored the neighborhood as much as you would have wanted.
he sighed happily, a smile adorning his face and all he could do was look at the sky and wish on the sun, moon, and all the stars that this beautiful love and happiness would last for all eternity and beyond.
제이 𓄹 ࣪˖ jay
jay would start your day with a cute breakfast in bed :< he'd sit on the edge of your bed and insist on feeding you because he wants everything to be special for you.
gifts you an assorted bouquet of all your favorite flowers with a long, handwritten letter wherein he pours his heart out to you and it most definitely brings tears to your eyes because he's so sweet.
“my dear yn, you will have to forgive me for saying this but i did not fall in love with you, for falling in love makes it sound like i had no choice but to love you. but i chose to love you, with all my heart, i walked into our love with open arms and it is, therefore, that i want you to know how much i truly love and adore you. since the day i have met you, i found solace and warmth in your presence and happiness at the mere thought of you. even as i am writing this letter, i cannot keep a smile from my face for i love you so much and i promise to love you forever, regardless of any circumstances. yours forever and longer, jay.”
제이크 𓄹 ࣪˖ jake
first things first, he gives you beaded charm bracelet that he made just for you <3 he’s got the biggest smile on his face and he just lights up when you put it on oh my gosh he’s so proud of that bracelet because he also made one for himself and now you get to match all the time :((
i’m not going to lie, jake seems like the type to sprawl on the couch and cuddle you most of the day while you watch as many movies as possible except he’s mostly just telling you he loves you but !! when night falls, he takes you out to this fancy dinner and spoils you with everything you want and refuses to even hear your protesting because you deserve it all :<
"i made a bracelet for you!" jake's eyes lit up as he handed you a bracelet with all the beads in your favorite colors and little dangly charms that represented everything you liked. you wasted no time in strapping it onto your wrist right when he shows you another one, almost like yours.
upon closer inspection, you realize that your bracelets have a single matching charm– a heart– and jake grins happily at you. "now i can carry your heart everywhere i go and you can have mine everywhere you go!"
성훈 𓄹 ࣪˖ sunghoon
doesn’t really have a plan going into valentine’s day because he’d rather do whatever you wanted to do. it’s a day to celebrate love so he very much wants to celebrate you :<
but!! not having a plan doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a gift for you!! he got you a custom made music box :( and there’s little figures going ice skating just like you did on your first date :( and when you turn the music box dial, it plays your favorite song :((
you stare at the music box in your hand, observing it silently, eyes shining with wonder. and then, you turn the dial on the side and a familiarly sweet tune emanates from the box, the figurines on top spinning around in an ice skating waltz.
“do you like it?” sunghoon asks quietly, watching you intently. your lack of a reaction worries him and he can’t help but fret over whether you liked the gift or not but when you squeal and fly to hug him, he lets out a breathy chuckle and swears his face hurts from smiling.
선우 𓄹 ࣪˖ sunoo
he would so totally bake cookies with you :< just imagine piping pink frosting onto the heart-shaped cookies you baked together and decorating them with sugary sprinkles.
cuddles up with you on your couch, the both of you all wrapped in the biggest blanket he can find, watching a movie and munching on your cookies :( and then his head just naturally falls onto your shoulder and he's just staring up at you, admiring you silently throughout the rest of the movie.
“you’re so pretty,” sunoo mumbled, peering up at you absentmindedly. he poked your cheeks gently, squishing them between his hands to pucker his lips and kissed you sweetly.
you felt your cheeks heat up and you hid your face behind your hands. warmth spread throughout your body, butterflies swarming in your tummy but sunoo only cooed, fluttering kisses over your face and hands.
정원 𓄹 ࣪˖ jungwon
he takes you on an picnic ^^ he makes sure to get to the park first and set everything up so everything's just right when you get there and the moment you're in sight, his face lights up with the biggest smile ever.
the lunch basket is packed with all of your favorites and he's so proud of himself when you tell him everything was delicious awee :( and you would probably watch as the sky turns yellow and orange and red, just enjoying this beautiful time together.
your head lay comfortably on jungwon’s shoulder and you looked up at him with a gentle gaze. a warm shade of orange danced lightly over his face and when he met your eyes, his gaze reflected your own.
he leaned forward to kiss the tip of your nose and he offered you a soft smile. pulling you closer, he whispered quietly in your ear, “happy valentine’s day, rainbow.”
니키 𓄹 ࣪˖ ni-ki
oh gosh, the inner artist cheolsoo comes out on valentine's day. he's all proud as he gifts you a sketchbook filled with little sketches and paintings he's done of you, with cute notes written around them like "first date ^^" next to a sketch of you on your first date.
he wants to take so, so, so many pictures with you, he's so precious :( wears his fluffiest, warmest hoodie so that you cling to him and his heart bursts whenever he feels your arms wrap around him :( it's more of a lazy day-in and he takes lots of candid photographs of you as a gift for the next year :(
“bun?” you hummed, craning your neck to peek up at your boyfriend, who leaned up ever so slightly to nuzzle his nose against yours.
he pulled away with a loose grin sprawled over his face and shook his head, “nothing, i just wanted to look at you.”
Tumblr media
permanent taglist ( send ask / dm to be added ) 𖡡 @soobin-chois @rosieeyy @enhacolor
[ =͟͟͞͞♡ incoming letter alert !! ] : not heart day yet but i just felt like writing this :3 as always, likes & reblogs / feedback are much appreciated ! ─ [ ^_< ~ oh, what's this ? it's a reminder from lily ! ] : don't forget to give urself a hug today ^^ i'm so proud of you for everything u've accomplished & u should be proud of yourself too !!
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SUNGHOON ー 'Blessed-Cursed' (220120)
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wrong timing?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
twelve : pls touch grass | wrong timing? masterlist
< previous | next >
summary — dayeon and yn have been basically best friends since diapers. theres this guy, park sunghoon, who dayeon has a huge crush on and yn is supportive of it, but what happens when sunghoon ends up falling for yn?
taglist — @ja4hyvn @softforqiankun @mymeloem19 @mykalon @pixyseeun @itzxvaxella @acciomylove @ilvaussie @sbnchaos @diestheticu @isaluv @dear-dreamie @primorange @yuakagi @aetalanta @pitchblacksmile @xoxojayd3n @c9tnoos @youngestdelacour @i43wons @stoatwashere @lixieluvr @tobiosbbyghorl @hibuki-chan @yizhoutv @strawberryyukhei @abdiitcryy @theskzvibe @missmadwoman @jungwoniics @vantxx95 @fancyinil @luvrseung @rinhyun @lunaflvms
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happy hee 💖 ft. jangkku cuties when they weren’t supposed to be onscreen
Tumblr media
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i'm on top, I walk the ground in white sneakers, I'll step on your face like you did before.
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Heeseung: Sunghoon, what's wrong? Why are you crying?
Sunghoon: *points towards a mirror*
Sunghoon: he's just so beautiful!
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ice prince
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UNSCATHED PART 4 | most powerful creature on earth
incl: profanity (i think it's gonna be in every chapter lol)
word count: 1.04k
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Trudging through the forest with an anticipated Heeseung by your side is exhausting. He won't stop talking about how he can't wait to host parties in the hut. You've tried to remind him that it was very obvious from the few minutes that you were there last time, that people actually live inside that hut.
It was such an odd sight. The air inside the hut stunk of cheap fast food, heavy cologne, alcohol, and something else that you couldn't quite put your finger on. The floors were scattered with sheets, pillows, textbooks, plates and cups. Even when you took a peak to see the bedroom, you expected to see some decency there but there were just two blankets on the floor and a large screen television. There wasn't even a freaking toilet. Whoever lives in this hut must be really poor, and that's what's led you to the conclusion that they seriously cannot afford to look after Clifford. Poor dog.
“Is this it?” Heeseung asks, out of breath because of how far out into the forest you two had to walk. “It's kinda small.”
You huff and roll your eyes, shoving your backpack into Heeseung's hands. “I told you it's just where someone lives. It's not big enough for a party.”
Walking ahead, you easily open the door once more, surprised that it has been left unlocked again. “Yeah, well maybe it's good enough for like a few people. Something small. Like an elites–” Heeseung cuts himself off as soon as he takes a sniff of the room, choking on his own breath. “It stinks,” he coughs into his arm, disgusted by the stench.
So are you, but it doesn't bother you as much since Clifford always has this smell hanging around him when he comes to visit you. Turning around, you unzip your bag to pull out two face masks. After you hand one to Heeseung, you put yours on yourself and step inside the hut.
There's no sign of Clifford, and no sign of anyone inside at all.
“Okay,” you whisper to your friend, “You know the plan, we tidy up the place a little bit, leave the supplies and go.”
Heeseung rolls his eyes, probably disappointed that he was brought over to do chores. “I don't even tidy up my own room, what makes you think I can tidy up this pig sty?” He points at the hut, his face cringing when he spots a moulding pizza slice.
“If you wanna host parties here you're going to have to put in some effort to make it look nice, you know?”
And the two of you silently get to work.
You're finished with the main room and the poor excuse of a kitchen, so now the two of you are creeping into the bedroom. Except their isn't even a bed in sight and that makes you feel uneasy. Just how could anyone live in such poor conditions?
Rummaging through the room to either throw things away or put them in a box, you come across something you find interesting. It's a diary. The book is old and rusty, and the cover of it reads "Park Sunghoon, 1996". Curiosity fills you to the brim at the sight of the date, so you flick through the pages, sneezing when the dust reaches your nose. When you land on a random page, you sit down on the blanket to read it.
"March 17th.
The streets are hustling. So many lights. So much new technology. It's getting harder to hide. Someone almost saw me yesterday. I'm sick of this place. I used to be able to go and eat the food of this place so easily. But now I have no money. They said I need a job. What job could I do? I'm angry. Everything used to be so much easier."
The entry didn't really make much sense to you, so you flicked a few pages to read another one.
"June 29th.
Riki's been gone for days. Went hunting. Not come back. He's very annoying so I don't miss him. I'm just lonely. I need someone to talk to. Riki just talks about humans all the time. I don't know why he loves them. They're boring. He keeps insisting to blend in to make life easier and more fun. I don't know if I want to. What have we got to lose? He said. It's true, it's not like we're going home any time soon."
The way this "Sunghoon" used the words humans made your skin crawl a little. None of this makes much sense to you, but all the entries are very eerie. You suppose the person living here is just an old homeless man who has nothing but his imagination to live off, and maybe he's even gone off the rail a little bit. You do feel bad for him, that's why you're here cleaning his hut.
“Sunghoon? Isn't he the guy friends with Jake?” Heeseung asks over your shoulder.
“Jake? From Belift uni? This is a diary entry from 1996, that–”
“I don't know, I just know that Jake is friends with a tall dude called Sunghoon. If he's friends with Jake he must be an ass, too.” Heeseung grunts. “Can't believe he found this cool place before I did.”
Looking back at the shelf, you grab a more recent diary entry from 2022.
“January 1st.
What the fuck??? WHY IS MISS KIM GIVING ME MORE ASSIGNMENTS? I am literally the Most powerful creature on earth and yet that old wrinkling hag still has the audacity to give me assignments while I'm in the middle of studying for an exam? I swear to God SATAN I MEAN SATAN WTF??? This is Yuna's fault Satan omg I'm so sorry for saying that. Anyways Jake's coming over today to help me because I found out he's actually a decent human being so bye ig.”
Confused, you reread the entry again and again. The handwriting is the same, the name is the same and yet his whole demeanor has changed. You were literally reading about a man hiding from humans a minute ago to a stressed out college student that's mentioning people you know.
Just who the hell is this Park Sunghoon guy?
Tumblr media
SUMMARY | sunghoon's confused because you're a human, and you shouldn't be able to see his demon dog. let alone the way his eyes flash red and the way his veins pump something other than blood around his body. scared that you'll leak his secret to the rest of the world, sunghoon tries to use the flirting skills he's learned from jake to woo you into silence.
TAGLIST | @yjwfav @junityy @i-kai @tyunni @gyuury @ughopewrld @heejojo @iyeonjuni @izrosei @msxflower @softforqiankun @verifiedsunghoonsimp @mykalon @hoonielvvr @hiqhkey @c9tnoos @tobiosbbyghorl @gold-dragon-slayer @sunoosbestie @fairybinie @blank-velvet @heessseungi @mika-t3t @acciomylove @emobeomgyu @enhacolor @90sni-ki @youngestdelacour @renjunvrse @lunaflvms @koroktsuya @mitsukifilms @sk4tersoobin @yizhoutv @soobin-chois @let-apostrophe-sgo @bl00dysunsh1ne @bigtittietoji (send an ask to be added!)
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jake & sunghoon | silverspoon
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enhypen as speak now
txt version ☆ fearless version
thanks again to @lethekoo for helping me:) this is my fave ts album so it was so much fun hehe
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
jake as speak now
“baby, I didn’t say my vows, so glad you were around when they said ‘speak now’”
I think jake would leave someone at the altar for true love ngl
he’s nice, I know, but he seems like too much of a romantic to enter a loveless marriage like that
anD if the roles were reversed, I do think he’d crash a wedding. probably not in the middle of it, but he’d totally meet his ex in the back and be like “DON’T DO IT PLZ 🙏🙏 I LOVE YOU”
jay as the story of us
“this is looking like a contest of who can act like they care less, but I liked it better when you were on my side”
a relationship with jay would entail so much heat. not necessarily fighting, but rather a lot of passion that, when you did split, would manifest itself in the form of tension when you were together
I have no idea if that even made sense but just generally I can also picture that library scene in the music video with jay SO VIVIDLY. the glasses and everything?!?! bye
jungwon as enchanted
“this is me praying that this was the very first page, not where the story line ends; my thoughts will echo your name until I see you again”
but also you would def be hoping he wasn’t in love with someone else if you met him and he had you blushing all the way home 💖💞💓💝💘💗 don’t laugh I know you would
ni-ki as innocent
“it’s alright, just wait and see, your string of lights are still bright to me, who you are is not where you’ve been”
now I KNOW I wasn’t the only one getting ready to fight it out with mnet with all that evil editing on i-land
with everything he’s been through and so many people antagonizing him, ni-ki deserves an apology
ni-ki was never in the wrong for voting taki out (argue w the wall 🤗) but this is just a “hey, it’ll all be fine :)”
sunghoon as last kiss
“and I hope the sun shines and it’s a beautiful day and something reminds you, you wish you had stayed”
maybe it’s because I have this preconceived notion that sunghoon is a heartbreaker but also he isn’t the type you’d be mad at you’d just be left wondering what you could’ve done differently </3 okay yikes I’ll stop
sunoo as if this was a movie
“I know that we could work it out somehow, but if this was a movie, you’d be here by now”
I think my decision was very much influenced by the fact that sunoo is a fan of dramas and he seems like someone who would reflect his the media he’s consumed onto his real life (haha like me 😝)
like I just think he’d be disappointed if things didn’t quite go the way he and his s/o anticipated 💔
I can imagine him on either side of this relationship too, this scenario just generally fits him really well:)
heeseung as superman
“don’t forget where I’ll be–right here, wishing the flowers were from you, wishing the card was from you, wishing the call was from you, ‘cause I’ve loved you from the very first day”
I could TRY to convince you that this has nothing to do with my love of superheroes and heeseung overlapping but I’d probably be lying
BUT I do think that there would be that sense of desperation in a relationship with him in his current status as an idol or superhero
it’d feel lonely sometimes because he’s such a diligent worker and puts his all into everything he does like COULD ANYONE KEEP UP?? probably just someone who knows their self worth I think I’m being dramatic
Tumblr media
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jaysunghoon · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
2/?? gifs of sunghoon
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