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enhypen porn links
im doing just the hyungline! sorry no sunoo TT
some of these are videos and some are pictures or gifs
sub!hee being blindfolded and punished
heeseung as a maid (picture, not vid)
dom!hee fingering you
dom!hee roughly fucking you
you riding dom!hee (imagine him w/ tattoos goddd)
hee fucking you against the door (pic, not vid)
grinding on his bulge while being tied up (picture, not vid)
you edging sub!hoon
sub!hoon thrusting against the covers
sub!hoon thrusting against a pillow (can u tell what kind of hoon content i like LOL)
you bouncing on dom!hoon’s cock
sucking off dom!hoon while he plays a game
dom!hoon eating you out
sex in the library (picture, not vid)
hoon cumming at the thought of u
dom!jay owning you
dom!jay admiring his work
dom!jay spanking you
you punishing sub!jay
sub!jay being obsessed w your boobs (picture, not vid)
romantic sex w jay
jay slapping your ass
sub!jake riding your strap
you overstimulating sub!jake (pic, not vid)
you riding jake’s thigh
doggy with dom!jake
playing with sub!jake in the car
jake eating you out after class (gif)
sex with an extra toy
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Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS : you had fucked a total of four guys in your whole life, which was a lot considering you turned legal not too long ago. sex was something you craved and it always came in varieties. from the guy who took your virginity to the guy who made you experience spontaneous hot tub sex, all four of them showed you how versatile it could be. it was a one-time thing with all of them, so what made a difference now? letters. you wrote one for each guy you've fucked and your lovely sister found it highly amusing—to the point she sent them all out, leaving it up to you to figure out what you wanted to do with the four guys standing in front of your apartment.
WARNING : 18+ content, minors dni.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TO THE BOY : who took my v card
PAIRING : heeseung x afab!reader
OVERVIEW : you had first attended the summer camp at the age of thirteen, and since then, heeseung had been your companion and partner in crime, supporting you in each of your rendezvous at the camp each year. now, at the age of eighteen, you are attending it for the last time, and he promises to make these three weeks an unforgettable experience for you—even if it includes breaking a few rules.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TO THE BOY : who took me to prom
PAIRING : sunghoon x afab!reader
OVERVIEW : prom, the last event of senior high school, was right around the corner, but the only person who you wanted to go with rejected you for his own reasons, leaving you upset and unwilling to attend. but your best friend, mina, was hellbent on making you attend it and being a sweetheart, she ends up persuading her brother, sunghoon, to be your date for the night.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TO THE BOY : who looked ethereal in the tub
PAIRING : jay x afab!reader
OVERVIEW : you weren't sure if luck was on your side when you repeatedly found yourself accompanied by Jay—a smart as well as humble guy, during the entirety of your university field trip. you witnessed new sides of him, but what you didn't expect was to see him shirtless in the hot tub, looking effortlessly beautiful under the moonlight.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TO THE BOY : who threw a party
PAIRING : jake x afab!reader
OVERVIEW : visiting your childhood home for the mid semester break was like a breath of fresh air, especially when your neighbour welcomed you back with a hearty smile, and also took you out to visit all the places you used to as a child. spending time with jake successfully rekindled your feelings for him, even more so when he slyly pinned you against the wall and kissed you at the party.
Tumblr media
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love me, hate me - p. sunghoon (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: sunghoon x fem!reader
college!au, frat!au, enemies to lovers!au, friends w benefits!au
warnings: smut (drunk sex, blowjob, eating out, shower sex, car sex, both unprotected & protected sex, choking (m), grinding, bathroom sex, degradation, rough sex, oral (f&m), fingering, just a lot of smut), alcohol usage, sunghoon and the reader being extremely rude to each other, sunghoon is an asshole, lots of sexual tension
genre: smut, angst, fluff if you look close enough
word count: 30.8k+
if people thought the constant bickering of tom and jerry was something, they’ve never seen you and sunghoon in real life. even the way he breathed irritated you but there was no point in denying the sexual tension between you and him. one drunken night led to another one, and another, you found yourself going back in his bed sober. waking up next to him became a habit that you wanted to keep to yourself. the only thing about sunghoon that you didn’t hate was his capability of making you orgasm more than twice with only his fingers.
in which sunghoon found himself falling harder for you but didn’t even have the courage to admit it to himself, not when you hated him with everything you got.
Tumblr media
If you told somebody that you and Park Sunghoon used to be best buddies throughout middle school and high school, they would just tell you to quit joking. It was the truth, though, you and Sunghoon used to be close friends before college. But that was before he decided to fuck up and made you hate him with everything you’ve got. The cute dimple on his right cheek when he threw a dashing smile was like a mask to cover his real identity. You admit that his single dimple was cute, but under that façade, he was no longer the pretty boy everyone thought he was. If only people knew Park Sunghoon the way you did. The things he had done to you, making the rest of your high school senior year a living hell.
Like mentioned before, Sunghoon was a close friend of yours along with Jay and Heeseung. It was your small precious group of friends, living in the same neighborhood, going to the school every morning together. You had a lot of good memories with them. Everything started going downhill when you realized that you had a huge crush on the one and only Lee Heeseung. You tried to keep it as lowkey as possible, knowing that he would never see you in that light. Being friends with Heeseung was already enough for you, or so you liked to believe. Little did you know, Heeseung also had a small crush on you, but being the teenager he was, he didn’t come close to confessing. For the longest time, the idea of you liking Sunghoon clouded his mind, and when he opened up to the boys about it, something unexpected came out from Sunghoon’s mouth.
‘’You like Y/N? Dude, she sucks at giving head. Good luck with that.’’ Sunghoon scoffed, turning his head away from the older boy. He didn’t know what came over him when he blurted out, making both Heeseung and Jay drop their smiles and frown in shock. In reality, you had never given Sunghoon a blowjob, let alone kiss him. He was just making up everything. The reason behind it? Even Sunghoon himself didn’t have an idea. ‘’And isn’t she with the Soobin guy, by the way? I saw them getting out from the lab on the 4th floor the other day. I guess you guys do know people only go in there to fuck ?’’
‘’O-Oh I didn’t know that you and her had history. Seems like both you and her are great actors since you kept it all under covers. Bro code, dude.’’ Heeseung mumbled, clearly bothered by you having a past with a close friend of his and not only that, you were already seeing someone else. 
You had always been friendly and funny, always welcoming your friends with open arms. In Heeseung’s opinion, your personality was refreshing. You were like the flower that bloomed when spring came around. It was the main reason why Heeseung had taken a liking to you in the first place. You were like no other person he had met before. But Sunghoon’s words got the best of him and he was taken aback. 
‘’Hoon, are you sure?’’ Jay asked, doubting every word that came out from his friend’s mouth. ‘’I’ve been friends with Y/N ever since you introduced us to her too, keep that in mind. She’s literally an open book and it’s so obvious that she doesn’t see Soobin in that light.’’ 
Heeseung’s troubled eyes diverted between Sunghoon and Jay as the latter chimed in. “Also, how do you know she sucks at giving head? Did she—Did you two−‘’ Jay got cut off when Sunghoon stood up as soon as he saw your figure approach the table they were sitting on. 
‘’This stays between us, alright? I didn’t tell you guys anything.’’ Sunghoon warned his friends before taking his backpack and fleeing away. The remaining two could only stare at his back with tons of questions in their heads, watching Sunghoon’s figure get smaller with his quick strides.
‘’Hi boys.’’ You greeted, taking a seat next to Jay and in front of Heeseung. They seemed more silent than usual which was never a good thing. Both boys’ eyes were glued on anywhere, or anything, but you. Looking back at it, maybe that was the first giveaway at the big storm that was to come, the dark clouds that would soon crowd your skies. Though, you didn’t acknowledge what was about to go down until you heard the sirens. “Where did Sunghoon go?”
‘’I think he went to the library.’’ Heeseung replied, not paying much attention to you. 
‘’Library? Sunghoon? That doesn’t make any sense.’’ You clicked your tongue, taking a sip of Jay’s diet coke. Meanwhile, Jay was chewing down on the corner of his lower lip, his mind filled with various questions he was too scared to ask.
‘’Not everything makes sense, don’t you think?’’ Heeseung snapped, making you raise your eyebrows in surprise. Ah yeah that was not it. No matter how much you liked the boy, he didn’t have the right to talk to you in a rude tone. You weren’t going to deal with that attitude of his. 
‘’Why are you acting so weird? Ever since I sat down, you guys didn’t spare me a glance.’’ You couldn’t help but confront your friends since it started to bother you how cold they were acting towards you. ‘’Both of you!’’ Your eyes going back and forth between Heeseung and Jay. Crossing your arms on your chest, you leaned back on your chair, still watching the two friends. 
Jay kept acting like nothing was wrong with the atmosphere, ignoring the tension and acting like he hadn’t heard the conversation back when Sunghoon was present. The silence between the three of you continued until Soobin showed up, tapping you on the shoulder. When you turned around, he greeted you with a soft smile. His smile was pretty enough to replace the cold frown on your face. It reminded you of the warming rays of the sun on an autumn day. Soobin was just walking positivity for you at this point. His presence made you forget about the tension between you and your friends. 
‘’Hey Y/N, mind helping me with the… project we’ve been working on after lunch? We can meet at the lab on the 4th floor, if that’s okay with you?’’ Soobin asked, leaning in so his face would be at the same level of yours. You chuckled at his antics. He was cute, no wonder he had both girls and boys swooning over him. 
‘’Yeah, sure. We can go now, since nobody here wants to have a conversation with me anyways.’’ You threw a glance at both Heeseung and Jay. You weren’t sure what was happening between the boys, but their cold act towards you made you frustrated. You knew you hadn’t done anything wrong, they were just acting childish over some unbeknownst to you reason. They kept ignoring you as you got up from your seat, grabbing Jay’s drink as you did so, and walked away with Soobin as the two boys watched you from behind.
‘’I can’t believe Sunghoon’s right about them. They’ve surely been messing around.’’ Heeseung brusted out, putting his fist on the table. A sad sigh left his lips as he stared down at his feet, feeling defeated. ‘’Didn’t you see the way Soobin smiled at her? And she? She literally had heart eyes when she realized it was Soobin.’’ 
At that point, Heeseung really wanted to go home and get under the cozy covers of his bed. How was he going to get over his heartbreak when you and him weren’t even in a relationship in the first place? Heeseung couldn’t even compliment your hair today and it was eating him alive because you really did look good with that certain hairstyle. 
‘’Maybe you’re making assumptions too quickly? You can’t know for sure, unless you talk to Y/N about it.’’ Jay mentioned, thinking that he was the only one between the boys who had working brain cells. He was only pissed at you for stealing his drink and he didn’t bring enough money to get another one. 
‘’At this rate, I trust Sunghoon more than I trust Y/N. Knowing the way they interact with each other, it’s obvious that they had a fling in the past. And to think Sunghoon waited until now to tell us…? What if she’s two-timing?!” As furious as he suddenly was, Heeseung didn’t want to lash his anger out on Jay. It surprised him how his younger friend could keep his cool during a situation like this. 
On the other hand, Jay couldn’t believe Heeseung had the capacity to act this dumb. So he just nodded at every single thing Heeseung said. Even if he tried to explain how they couldn’t know the truth unless they confronted both you and Sunghoon, Heeseung was too baffled by the stuff he heard from Sunghoon. Which was still stupid to Jay. 
Heeseung didn’t even show interest in you till you helped him study for a class he couldn’t pass, which was not more than two weeks ago. In Jay’s opinion, Heeseung was only this angry because Sunghoon had gotten to you first. Meaningless high school boy antics, Jay thought. And on top of that, they were supposed to act like adults. Guess turning eighteen didn’t make boys turn into men. 
“I thought all of us were friends, what the fuck happened?’’ Heeseung tried to keep his cool once again but this time failed miserably. He hit his fist on the wooden lunch table and made everyone in the cafeteria look at him in the process. ‘’I feel like everyone started to keep secrets.’’ 
‘’Why are you asking me? I’m as confused as you are.’’ Jay reasoned and tried to calm Heeseung down. Jay wasn’t getting paid enough to put these high schoolers in line. Hell, he wasn’t even getting paid so why did he keep clearing up everyone’s mess. They didn’t give him enough credit. 
Yes, Jay was also quite surprised by Sunghoon’s rather radical confession. Plus, your interaction with Soobin in front of them was truly the cherry on top. It was just too good for it to be a coincidence. However, Jay being Jay, he didn’t want to take any sides or, at the very least, jump to any conclusions. He was a man of reason. It would have been low of him if he acted like Heeseung who was probably making fake scenarios in his head at that moment. 
‘’Ugh, I can’t stand being here.’’ Heeseung exclaimed, grabbing his belongings and storming out much like his friends did previously, leaving Jay at the lunch table alone. Jay wanted to yell at Heeseung to come back but he knew his attempt was going to fail. Heeseung’s mind was clouded and he needed some time to clear his thoughts. Only if Heeseung had the balls to speak to you, this could have been evaded. 
It wasn’t until a week later when you found out what happened, thanks to Jay. It seemed like he was the only one you could trust at that point. You were extremely furious that Sunghoon, the boy you called your best friend, had made up something so sickening and ugly. Even your worst enemy wouldn’t do something similar to what Sunghoon did. Perhaps you wouldn’t have been as mad, but he had told Heeseung, ruining your very little chance of furthering your crush. 
There was no way Sunghoon didn’t know of your feelings for Heeseung — he knew you enough to be able to tell you had been crushing on him for months. Sunghoon wasn’t oblivious, he would have caught on to it long before. After all, you didn’t need to hide how you felt about a certain boy next to your best friend. 
You had too many questions in your head, you weren’t thinking clearly and yet you didn’t feel the need to confront Sunghoon. You knew he did it on purpose. Sunghoon knew exactly what he was doing as the words left his mouth and apparently, he didn’t regret anything. You were confident your words would bounce off of him like off the wall. Even if you stood in front of him, he’d just ignore you and tell you to move away, push past you when you wouldn’t. 
It hurt you to know that the person you called your closest had stabbed you in the back, and maybe it was the first time you were coming face to face with the cruelty of the real world, realizing just how easily a friend could turn into an enemy. You thought about it for days, even for months, but you couldn’t find a single excuse behind the reason for his actions. 
After you and Sunghoon’s friendship turned to ashes, Heeseung left your side too. You didn’t expect less of him but at the back of your heart, you hoped that he’d actually come to you to clear everything up. Turns out Lee Heeseung was as bad as Park Sunghoon himself. You didn’t deny that Heeseung’s actions hurt you more than Sunghoon’s. Heeseung was the boy you liked more than everybody else. It was the first time you were harboring such strong feelings for someone but of course he had to take the pathetic liar’s side, without even letting you explain yourself. That showed you what kind of a person he was. In the end, you were glad that he got off your back before anything worse happened. 
Jay was the only one who was willingly to stay by your side but it was only natural for him to drift away when you had nothing to do with his other two best friends. In the end Jay’s presence felt like a ghost and you were left alone. You couldn’t wait for graduation so finally, you wouldn’t have to see Sunghoon’s ugly face every day. It broke you how he continued to live the rest of his senior year like nothing had happened while you cried in every empty classroom you found during breaktime. If only you knew that you were going to spend the sweet age of eighteen sulking every day, you would have not wished to turn eighteen when you were a small kid. 
You didn’t have a shoulder to lean on. Keeping your feelings to yourself had taken its toll on you while you were doing your final project with Soobin. With Soobin asking you if you were okay, you let out a sob and started bawling. Poor Soobin’s face was painted with panic as he didn’t really expect you to cry rivers in front of him. Of course, Soobin was nice enough to bring you into a tight bear hug, making you cry even more. It felt nice to have somebody tell you everything was going to be okay. Even if it was a little white lie—you liked the sound of it.
The very next day, there was a rumor going on about Sunghoon not lasting long during sex. When you heard it, you caught a glimpse of Soobin sending a wink your way. You might have lost your three old friends, but you were sure you had made a more precious one, kudos to the three musketeers. 
Graduation came quickly after that, knowing you had entered your dream university and the fact that it would soon be the last time you were going to breathe the same air as Sunghoon. All those details easily put a smile on your face. Your new found happiness didn’t last long, just until the day you saw him standing meters away from you. You had hoped your college years would be better, but the universe seemed to have other plans. 
During your first semester, you did a good job ignoring Sunghoon at all costs, always turning around whenever you saw him walking in your direction. You were doing a great job keeping to yourself, until you befriended a guy named Mark Lee who ‘accidentally’ bumped into you in the library. Just a few days after that, he blurted out that his friend pushed him over to you because Mark had told him he thought you were pretty. It was the beginning of a beautiful yet chaotic friendship.
There was also Choi Beomgyu, who studied the same major as you, a friend who never left your side— just like a puppy. You could recall a couple of times where you got close to murdering the boy but always held it back. One thing about Beomgyu, he was extremely loud. You had to put ear plugs on every single time he was playing games on his computer. It was even worse when he lost a game. 
You could say Beomgyu was your partner in crime and Mark was just… Mark. There was no harm in befriending Mark. 
You didn’t think much of it when they told you that they were going to join a frat. In reality, you were the one who encouraged them to join so you would be able to enter the parties for free and get more of the quality drinks at parties. Of course, everything came crashing down when you knocked on the door one day, expecting to be greeted by Beomgyu or Mark since you had texted them you were coming over to hang out in Mark’s room. But instead of your friends, Park Sunghoon himself was leaning against the door frame, his face adorned with an annoying smile which made his stupid dimple all the  more visible.
‘’What are you doing here?’’ You complained, trying to get past your ex-best friend. It seemed nearly impossible since he stepped in front of you, blocking your path and not letting you inside. 
‘’What are you doing here? I live here.’’ He responded, not very amused by your sudden appearance. 
You hadn’t seen him in a while on days leading up to that fateful afternoon. He still looked like the little, smug shit that he was. Not that you expected anything less from him anyway.
‘’I can’t let you go inside, if you’re wondering, unless you’re a part of the frat. And I think it’s obvious that you’re not, so, have a nice day.’’ He explained, trying to close the door on your face, but you acted quicker, blocking the entrance from closing with an extended foot.
‘’Oh, fuck off.” You huffed, forcing the door open enough to slip inside. “There’s no such rule like that. And besides, nobody living here would turn down a girl coming to their doorstep anyways.’’
‘’Oh, you’d know that best.’’ Sunghoon mumbled under his breath, possibly asking to be punched. 
That little spawn of the devil had the nerve to speak to you like that? You see, if it was the old you that stood on that doorstep that day, maybe she would have taken a few seconds to fully digest his words. She would’ve gotten angry as well, maybe a tad bit less appropriate, but she wouldn’t stand her ground. She would’ve probably given Sunghoon a look, either of disbelief or betrayal, but she would’ve still turned around and acted like nothing happened until she’d  find a hole to get into and cry. But, luckily, the new you knew better than that. Thanks to Sunghoon, and honorary mentions to Jay and Heeseung, you learned if you weren’t going to have your own back, nobody would.
So you snapped, pushing him away. ‘’What the fuck does that mean?’’
Sunghoon chuckled and you wanted nothing more than to punch his face in that moment. You were really close to doing so too, but Beomgyu came downstairs right on time to greet you, having heard your voice. And he brought someone along too, you recognized him as Jake Sim, a friend of Sunghoon’s. It was literally impossible to see one without another. 
‘’C’mon, Y/N, Mark is waiting.’’ Beomgyu let you know, trying to drag you away from the intense stares Sunghoon was giving to the both of you.
‘’Hey, Jake, did you know Sunghoon sleeps with extra pillows at night because he can’t fall asleep without cuddling one? He used to cuddle his teddy bear until he was seventeen, but his mother got rid of it. From then, he’s been cuddling his pillow because he feels lonely without his toy.’’ Your words flowed out carelessly as you spilled all of Sunghoon’s smallest secrets, wanting him to feel the same way you did back in high school. In retrospect, what you were doing was just as bad as what Sunghoon had done back then. But, in all honesty, his sleeping habits being revealed was much, much better and more innocent than the gossip he had let out about you. So you shamelessly kept going.
‘’Also, sometimes if you sneak into his room while he’s sleeping, you can catch him sucking on his thumb like a baby. Do whatever you want with this information.’’ You concluded with a long sigh, satisfied with yourself. Even if it wasn’t anything big, the new information made both Jake and Beomgyu burst out laughing.
‘’You asshole.’’ Sunghoon muttered, hand squeezing into a fist. ‘’Y/N used to fuck guys in the science lab while we were in high school.’’
Oh, he really did have the balls after all. 
‘’You’d know it so well right, since you were already crossed on my to do list.’’ You snickered, his eyes never leaving yours as you continued to speak. ‘’Never twice though since you came too fast.’’
‘’How the fuck would you know, we never fucked.” Sunghoon exclaimed, gritting his teeth. 
So Soobin’s little trick really did sting Sunghoon after all. Oh, how much money you would’ve paid to see his face when he first heard it. “That’s a fucking rumor your dumb friend started.’’
‘’Do you really want me to fuck you so bad that I’d find out? Is that why you’re so angry? Boo-hoo, stop crying.’’ You said, getting on his nerves. Maybe he would even cry from frustration. You really hoped he would so you would ask Beomgyu to take pictures of him so you could laugh at Sunghoon’s ugly crying face later on.
‘’Is that why you’re fucking annoying like this? Pissed because I didn’t fuck you? You should’ve told me sooner, I would’ve fucked you so hard you didn’t have to make up rumors for it.’’ Sunghoon talked back, taking a step forward to your figure. He did have a sharp tongue.
‘’I bet you’d still cum in a minute . It’s better to leave rumors as rumors, right?’’ You chuckled, rolling your eyes. You knew you got him right where you wanted. 
‘’You fucking-‘’
Jake was wearing an expression of pure shock as he held Sunghoon back, letting Beomgyu drag you away in a hurry. The interaction between you and his friend had surprised him, to say the least. And while the sight of you trying to get away from your friend’s grip was an amusing one to see, he didn’t want his friend to do something he would regret later. Though, by the looks of it, neither of you would have regretted  anything, had you not been held back.
‘’I think that’s enough bickering for today.’’ Jake sighed, patting Sunghoon’s back as he tried to calm him down.
‘’Gyu let go! I’m gonna fight that son of a bitch-‘’ You hit your friend’s back repeatedly all the way upstairs, until he went into Mark’s room and pushed you down on the bed. Mark raised his eyebrows in surprise at the sight, not having a clue of what had just gone down.
‘’What the fuck was all that screaming about?’’ He asked, eating his cereal as always, looking like he had just woken up with his messy hair. 
‘’Y/N, seriously what was that? I didn’t even know that you and Sunghoon knew each other. And it seemed like you knew a little bit too much about one another, so, please do enlighten us.’’ Beomgyu seconded, taking a seat next to you on the bed.
‘’Wait- Park Sunghoon? You guys are friends?’’ Mark wondered, getting more curious. You knew Mark’s attention was fully on you when he put his not so empty cereal bowl next to his bedside table. 
“Were.” You corrected your friend before starting to explain what happened between the two of you. ‘’We used to be really close throughout middle school and high school, right? During the senior year, he started this stupid rumor about me. Not many knew, but the ones who did were my closest friends and the guy I liked. They all believed him and, naturally, after that we just drifted apart.’’ You threw your head back, the memories still haunted you to this day. 
‘’For ‘revenge’ Soobin—you know who Soobin is—started this rumor about him not lasting long. After that not many girls talked to him, so that-” You alluded to the scene that had unfolded downstairs, “-was an act of sweet revenge.” You fought the urge to smirk at the memory of Sunghoon’s despair. “I thought I’d see the last of him when we graduated but it turns out he enrolled here too. Actually, this was the first time we talked after two years and I don’t plan on talking to him again and please, just… do not bring it up.’’
Little did you know, that was just the beginning of your story with Sunghoon; well, not the very beginning, more like a sequel. 
Tumblr media
It had been two years since you bumped into Sunghoon at the frat house. As you started your third year of university, you knew nothing changed since that day. In reality, it got worse. You and Sunghoon would start fighting like little kids at the playground fighting for toys whenever you’d come across each other. It always ended with Beomgyu or Mark dragging you (or Jake dragging Sunghoon) away. They didn’t even dare leave you two alone in the same room. Not that big of a deal, considering you and Sunghoon only shared one class together. Or maybe it was, since neither Beomgyu nor Mark took that class with you. Thus, each week you’d end up with Sunghoon sitting next to you for a whole hour just to tease you in the most annoying manner imaginable.
‘’Stop staring at me like that.’’ You snarled, trying to take notes on your laptop as the professor kept talking. All you wanted was to pass the class, you didn’t even open your mouth to speak to Sunghoon unless he was the one initiated. 
‘’Am I distracting you?’’ Sunghoon was persistent and you didn’t have to turn to your side to know he had a smirk on his face. Ah, he would look extremely hot with a bruise on his face, you thought. 
‘’No, you’re just acting creepy.’’ You told him off, praying that he would just shut the fuck up and leave you alone. 
‘’I like making you mad, it’s a sight that I adore very much.’’ He insisted on talking, of course. You were at fault thinking that he would actually act like a decent human being for once. Since he wanted to play this game so bad, you weren’t going to let him win. 
‘’Are you into that?” You raised an eyebrow along with your question even if you still didn’t look at him. Your fingers danced on the keyboard as you tried to catch up with the words of your professor. “Well, I didn’t expect less from you.’’
‘’Hmm, do you want to find out?’’ Sunghoon whispered, leaning in your ear as he put his hand on your thigh. You weren’t surprised, Sunghoon was touchy. He had always been fond of skinship and of course, he had done this when he was trying to infuriate you. You weren’t weak like Sunghoon had thought you would be. You liked  giving him a taste of his own medicine. You had a sly smile on your lips when you decided to finally turn around to face him, your nose brushing against his as you put your hand extremely close to his crotch, earning a clearly audible gasp. Content with your choice of action, you leaned in even more, your lips barely touching his as you moved your hand up. You could feel Sunghoon’s breathing getting more intense as you heard his heart beat faster compared to seconds ago. You got so close, as if to kiss him, but then suddenly closed your laptop with a loud thud with your free hand, making Sunghoon pull away from the position you two were in.
You snickered when you noticed his red ears. His personality might have changed over the past few years, but apparently, you still had the same effect on him. You were pretty proud of the work you had done—seeing Sunghoon flustered was a prize on its own. He didn’t even realize what was going on until you pointed it out.
‘’Poor Sunghoon, you’re so obsessed with me. You didn’t even notice the lecture ended like… 5 minutes ago.” You cooed, a fake pout visible on your lips. 
Ah, yes, the blinks of astonishment. Your favorite look on him. There were no words to express your elation.
“Thank you for letting me have fun with you, baby.’’ You smiled innocently, grabbing your belongings quickly as you felt Sunghoon’s eyes on you. You knew you had got him right there, for he wasn’t attempting to throw a nasty comment back at you. You left the lecture hall, making sure that Sunghoon was not following you, texting Mark and Beomgyu to meet at the cafeteria so you could grab some lunch together.
You smiled to yourself as you walked down the hallway; Y/N: 1, Sunghoon: 0
Tumblr media
Sunghoon and his friends were seated at the other corner of the cafeteria and you squinted as you watched him joke around with Jake and a few other guys as you ate your fries. 
‘’Y/N, he’s literally doing nothing right now, quit staring.’’ Mark tried to stop you, making you scoff. He sounded a bit… concerned. He had the right to since all you did was glare at Sunghoon which he really didn’t understand the reason behind your actions. 
‘’He’s breathing, I think that’s enough for me to hate him.’’ You replied, popping another fry in your mouth.
Next to you, Beomgyu let out a sigh. “You say the same line when Sunghoon makes a move on you, what happened this time?’’ He took a sip of his drink while trying to steal some of your fries, only to earn himself a smack on the hand. You were distracted but not distracted enough to let Beomgyu steal your precious fries. 
‘’He put his hand on my thigh, our noses brushed, and I acted like I was about to kiss him. Oh, and I nearly touched his dick.’’ You answered casually, making both Mark and Beomgyu choke on their drinks. Poor Mark, his drink seemed to come out through his nose.
‘’What the fuck?’’ They exclaimed at the same time, eyes widening. Both of their ‘what the fuck’ had different meanings, you could easily figure it out by the tone of their voices. Mark was probably reconsidering being friends with you meanwhile Beomgyu was ready to worship the ground you walk on. 
‘’It seems like both of you are stepping up your games, you’ve never gone that far before.’’ Beomgyu commented, trying, once again, to steal your fries. This time, you let him take some, putting a smile on his face. 
‘’Look Y/N, you might hit me after this but like… you know I’m oblivious as fuck right? Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a clue on what’s going on-‘’ Mark rambled as he put aside the tissue he cleaned his face with. 
‘’Get straight to the point Mark.’’ You ordered, not wanting to waste any time since you knew if Mark started rambling, he wouldn’t be able to come to the actual point. 
‘’There’s so much sexual tension between you and Sunghoon, sometimes even I feel like I can’t breathe because of it.’’ Mark confessed, a bit scared to make eye contact with you after what he said. To his luck, you didn’t even look up from your food. It was a huge relief for the boy. 
‘’Mark, you talk too much. You’re starting to sound like Beomgyu when he’s playing that one useless gacha game.’’ You stated, not really giving attention to his empty words.
‘’Hey! Don’t bring Genshin Impact into this!’’ Beomgyu came forward, sounding a bit offended, not that you used his name but insulted the game he was obsessed with. ‘’Mark’s right though, Y/N. It’s so obvious you want to fuck each other.” Beomgyu agreed, shrugging. It was a weird topic to talk about. ‘’I can’t believe Mark said something that made sense.’’ 
Mark shot him an offended look before Beomgyu started talking about the observations he had made. “But there’s no way you’d admit it so you’re putting on this mask and you’re trying to make yourself believe you hate him. When the truth is, you just want to suck his dick.” 
You raised your eyebrows at Beomgyu, your eyes threatening him to stop talking. The boy was getting bolder every day. You had no idea how you were going to deal with him until the end of this semester. 
“Also don’t look at his direction right now, but Sunghoon’s been staring at us since Mark started talking and he looks like a predator waiting for his prey, he wants to eat you out so bad-‘’
You threw your empty water bottle at Beomgyu in the hopes he’d shut up. ‘’When the fuck did you become a psychologist?”
‘’Stage one: denial,’’ Mark laughed and you hit his back, making him cry out in pain. He arched his back upon the impact. ‘’What was that for?!’’
‘’You guys are hilarious and I’m sad you didn’t learn anything about me these past two years? I mean c’mon, I’d rather fuck Mark than have to kiss Sunghoon on the cheek.’’ You blurt out, begging them to zip their mouth at this point. Your comment made Beomgyu let out a gasp as he brought a hand over his mouth dramatically. 
‘’Y/N, that hurt my feelings-‘’
‘’I don’t care, Mark. Can we talk about something else? Like that girl you’ve been crushing on for the last two months, but are still too afraid to get her number?’’ You tried to change the topic and the best way to do so was pushing Mark into the fire. You knew it worked when Beomgyu turned to face his friend as he stared at him in awe. 
‘’Mark has a crush?!’’ Beomgyu shouted, pushing his chair as he got up. The panic in Mark’s eyes was visible when he made the younger boy sit back by pulling him down from his hoodie. ‘’You traitor! Why didn’t you tell me? I thought we were best friends!’’ 
‘’If I were to tell you, you would go up to her and get her number for yourself like you did last year.’’ Mark reminded both of you, being friends with Beomgyu was a bit traumatic on Mark’s end. 
‘’In my defense, she was out of your league. So of course, I had to try my luck.’’ Beomgyu responded. He didn’t feel guilty at all. In Beomgyu’s opinion, he was doing Mark a favor by helping him move on. 
‘’You two, feel free to talk about Mark’s crush for the rest of the day but I’m done with my classes, so I’ll be leaving. I need some me time.’’ You yawned, impatient to go home. 
‘’By ‘me time’ do you mean staying in the bed for the rest of the day and binge watching anime?’’ Mark questioned, though he already knew the answer. You nodded in response. ‘’Can I come?’’
‘’It’s called ‘me time’ for a reason Mark.’’ You clarified, stretching your arms above your head.
‘’Or… You could use the dildo I got you on your last birthday.’’ Beomgyu mentioned, wiggling his eyebrows. ‘’It was still in the box when I was going through your stuff the other day. Or wait- I got a better idea. You should just get laid.’’ Beomgyu added, with a proud look on his face. He nudged Mark, signaling him to say something. 
‘’I think you should run away before I ruin that pretty face of yours.’’ You threatened with a smile on your face, your eyes twitching from the headache both boys were giving you. 
Beomgyu put his hands up, admitting his defeat. Mark, on the other hand, just shook his head and went back to eat food. From the corner of your eye, you saw Sunghoon watching your table. His gaze was on you as Beomgyu had depicted. He flashed his dimple when he realized you were looking at him and you rolled your eyes, before turning back, redirecting your attention to your fries. Only to be met with an empty plate in front of you.
‘’Choi Beomgyu, you have exactly 5 seconds to run.’’
Tumblr media
Saturday nights meant party nights at the frat house. Of course, you didn’t have the social energy to attend every single one and interact with people who only attended for the drinks or to find somebody to spend the night with. Most of the time, Mark and Beomgyu would come to your small apartment instead and you three would have a movie night. But now midterms were over, and you really needed a few drinks. And maybe get laid like your dear friend suggested. But it wasn’t your priority—getting wasted was.
You wore a simple dress with thin straps, along with some fancy sneakers, and did some light makeup. As soon as you entered the frat house, you saw Jake walking towards you with a bottle of beer in his hand, handing it to you.
‘’Where’s your side chick?’’ You asked, accepting the beer happily. You took a sip from the drink as you looked around to catch some familiar faces. 
‘’That’s the first thing you ask when you see me? It feels like I’m the side chick.’’ He pouted, looking hella cute for a man with a body built like a statue. You weren’t going to lie, you really liked Jake. He was extremely charming and easy to chat with. Even if you had beef with his best friend, he had always welcomed you with a smile. ‘’I don’t think he’ll be attending tonight. Told me that he was planning on catching up with some old friends. Feel free to have fun without stressing over getting a headache from Sunghoon.’’
You were relieved to hear that. Now it started to feel like a night that you could actually enjoy. ‘’Great, now where are my side chicks?’’ 
‘’Beomgyu’s in the kitchen, making some weird drinks. I don’t know what he’s mixing but one cup is all you need to get tipsy.” Jake winced a bit, remembering that one time when he drank three cups of Beomgyu’s speciality and ended up in the hospital from alcohol poisoning. “Wouldn’t suggest trying, unless you want to get absolutely hammered and don’t mind the taste. And Mark, poor Mark. He’s trying to woo that girl from his economics class.’’
‘’Poor Mark? You mean poor girl. I would have watched Mark making a fool out of himself but tonight, I need something strong. I’ll go and bother Beomgyu.’’ You explained your thought process aloud, patting Jake’s chest for whatever reason—but you were glad you did. ‘’When did you get so buff?’’
He just smirked upon hearing your comment. ‘’Hoon and I have been hitting up the gym quite a lot recently, hard work pays off, I guess. You wanna see?’’
‘’If I get drunk enough, I don’t see why not.” You replied, earning a chuckle from him. “Gotta go now, it was nice catching up with you!’’ You sang, waving your hand as you headed to the kitchen.
‘’If you wanna dance later, you know where to find me!’’ You heard Jake yell, but didn’t turn around. You would have danced with him if Sunghoon was present, just to annoy him but since he was nowhere to be seen, you were going to use that card for another time.
‘’Hey, Gyu.’’ You ruffled Beomgyu’s hair as soon as you got to him, earning an annoyed whine from the boy. He spent hours styling his precious hair but of course, you had to come and ruin it. ‘’Got anything for me?’’
‘’You’re late.’’ He stated as he started to make your drink after fixing his hair. ‘’You left me all alone to watch Mark fail at flirting. You were supposed to be here, so we could make fun of him together.’’ 
‘’Shit, is it that bad?’’ You hopped on the counter next to his ingredients. You were ready for Beomgyu to tell you everything that happened before you arrived. You did spend a lot of time choosing the right dress. 
‘’It’s worse than the last time. He should learn one or two things from Jake. Jake is like the… god of flirting.” He started shaking the mix after adding 2 teaspoons of blended ice. ‘’He doesn’t even need to open his mouth to get girls on their knees. He just gives them this specific ‘Jake’ look and licks his lips once and boom. He gets laid.’’ Beomgyu went on. You weren’t sure if he was aspiring to be like Jake or if he was ranting about how easy it was for Jake to get whatever Beomgyu himself wanted. 
“I saw you talking to him before coming up here, by the way. You want to fuck him?’’ Beomgyu asked. Without any doubt, the question earned Beomgyu a smack on the back of his head. He hissed from the pain, almost dropping the drink he was making on the floor. 
‘’What the fuck? Gyu, you can’t say shit like that out of the blue!’’ You pinched his cheek in annoyance, maybe a little too hard since he was wincing again. He did deserve it. The boy should learn when to shut up.
‘’But it’s so obvious! He’s been trying to get in your pants for the last year or so. And I heard he’s really good with his hips, why don’t you give it a try-‘’
‘’How the fuck you know that?’’ You questioned, genuinely wondering where he gets all this information from. 
‘’Y/N, please. I know everything.’’ He threw you a teasing smile, the corner of the right side of his lip turning up to form a smirk. 
‘’I’m starting to think that you actually hide between the seats just to listen all the gossip.’’ You shook your head before reaching for the bowl of cherries he was going to use on the drinks. 
‘’Not that, but I have ears and eyes everywhere.’’ He informed you, winking in your direction. 
‘’Remind me not to kiss and tell.’’ You noted, impressed at what your best friend was capable of. He was indeed something like Gossip Girl. ‘’Jake is hot but I feel like I’d regret it if I sleep with him.’’ You shrugged, smiling at Beomgyu when he handed you the drink he made.
You didn’t know how many red cups of that weird cocktail Beomgyu made you drink. The first cup came with a burn in the throat. The second cup came with warmth in your chest. The third one was the tingling sensation all over your body. With the fourth cup came the laughter and slight lightheadedness. You didn’t count the ones that came after the fourth one. But soon, your vision started to get blurry and suddenly you found yourself dancing crazily with Beomgyu and Jake, losing yourself to the music blasting through the speakers. And again, you didn’t know how many more cups you drank when you felt a pair of hands on your body.
You thought it was Jake at first because he was the one standing behind you just minutes ago so you didn’t really care about it since you felt comfortable around the Australian boy as you continued to have fun. Until that specific moment when you heard a familiar voice whispering in your ear. A voice you found irritating even despite not thinking straight.
‘’It’s good to see you in your natural habitat again.” Chills ran down your spine, and you knew for a fact that they were caused by the vibrations of his words on your skin, not because of the countless drinks you had or a flowing breeze as someone swirled past you. “It’s been too long since I saw you having fun like this.Trying to get into Jake’s bed? Wouldn’t say that I’m surprised.’’
His breath smelled heavy of  alcohol—he must have been drinking too, even more than yourself, so you thought. You didn’t reply to him because you had nothing to say, you were just too tired of coming up with new things. In addition, you were too drunk to care. You pushed people away, tried to get away from the crowd to find yourself a spot at the corner of the room, away from Sunghoon. Your head was spinning a lot, you doubted you’d find Beomgyu or Jake unless one of them found you first. Plus, Mark was long forgotten. When you looked up again, you saw Sunghoon’s figure approaching you. He was even more bothersome when he was wasted.
‘’Why are you running away from me? I thought we were having fun.’’ He whined, sounding like a small child. The urge to slap his pretty face clouded your mind. And maybe, just maybe, if you could only keep your balance, you would have.
‘’You make me so angry so quickly, it’s remarkable.’’ You grumbled, holding your head to stop your dizziness. Drunk you wasn’t exactly the smartest version of yourself. You thought if you put enough pressure, your head would stop spinning. 
‘’I only said like 2 sentences.’’ Sunghoon defended himself. You didn’t have the energy to deal with him but of course, being the stubborn person you were, backing off wasn’t an option. 
‘’Yet here I am, boiling with hatred.’’ You pointed out, leaning against the wall for support. Seemed like the wall was your only option to trust if you didn’t want to fall down. 
‘’You’re being so mean today. I didn’t even do anything.’’ Sunghoon kept talking. He really didn’t have a turn off button, you thought again. For an introvert, he seemed too eager to have a conversation with you. 
‘’When it comes to you, I can be mean every day. So now, can you fucking leave me alone?’’ At this rate, you were begging him to leave you alone. 
‘’You should’ve killed me when you had the chance because I’m not going anywhere.’’ He provoked you once again. You doubt he would get tired when the theme of the party was ‘annoy Y/N night’. 
‘’Trust me, I have regrets.” You snarled at him. Looking back at your given history, you should really have let him suffer on the ground when that basketball hit him on the head. Concussion was a good look on him. “You’re literally a 5-year-old who drinks, it’s so fucking tiring to deal with you and you never get off my back.’’
‘’Teasing you and making you frustrated is what I’m best at. Sorry, babe.’’ He tried to bop your nose, though you were quick to swat his hand away.
‘’Don’t fucking call me that, you fucking bastard.’’ You pointed a finger at him, you really wanted him gone. Being drunk and constantly bickering with Sunghoon wasn’t a good combination.
‘’You know what, Y/N? Go fuck yourself.’’ He said suddenly. You weren’t surprised at his sudden mood swing, it was not a rare occurrence. 
‘’Why don’t you fuck me yourself, you coward?!’’ You didn’t know how those words came out of your mouth, but it seemed a bit too late when you realized what you had just said. 
Before you could realize what was happening, Sunghoon had cornered you against the wall, blocking all the possible escape routes you’d been planning to use. If a mini-you controlled your actions inside your mind, she was probably smashing every button inside there, only to get a system error. He must have found your expression amusing since he smirked like the annoying asshole he was, before crashing his lips against yours. You moaned at the sudden contact, not really expecting a move like this, especially coming from him. You also weren’t sure what came over you when you grabbed the nape of his neck and pulled him closer to you, kissing him back roughly. 
You weren’t sure whether you were going to remember this when you woke up the next morning, since you couldn’t even remember what Sunghoon had said five minutes ago. But at that moment, in that dark corner of the room, you couldn’t bring yourself to care. At that moment, all you could feel was him. His lips, his hair that tickled your forehead, his warmth on your already burning body.
For a few faded moments, you even forgot that this was the Sunghoon who you wanted to punch, although, that could also be the alcohol speaking. He sucked on your tongue, biting your lower lip as he dug his fingers in the flesh of your hips. He held one of your legs up for you to wrap it around his own, still holding you against the wall, never breaking the kiss for even a second. The newfound position made it much easier for him to grind against your crotch, making him groan with every stroke as you whimpered against his lips. You could feel Sunghoon getting harder with every movement, it didn’t take him long to break the messy kiss and drag you upstairs to his room to take care of the situation. You didn’t resist and followed him. 
He was quick to slam and lock the door behind you, pushing you against the wall like he was doing just a while ago. After making your lips swollen with his own and not leaving a single untouched place on your body, he hid his face in the crook of your neck, biting and sucking on the skin like he was searching for something, trying to leave tons of marks to remind you of what happened when you’d wake up the next morning.
You let out soft moans whenever his wet mouth worked on your skin, but you felt useless letting Sunghoon use your body like how he wanted so you decided to play a little game with him. You slipped your hand between your sweaty bodies, palming his hard-on over his skinny jeans, making him let out a low grunt against your neck.
‘’You’re playing a dangerous game.’’ He muttered, hands sliding under your dress, squeezing your ass.
‘’Me? Please, you’re the one who couldn’t keep your hands to yourself.’’ You breathed out as one of his hands slipped inside your lace panties, his fingers coming in contact with your folds. Upon the contact, you could feel your heart beating in your throat, loudly and harshly.
‘’It looks like you’re enjoying it though, you’re dripping.’’ Sunghoon snarled, pushing two fingers inside your cunt without any warning, earning a gasp from you. You held onto his shoulders for support as he started to pump his fingers at an unbearably slow pace. He was openly torturing you.
‘’If you’re going to do it, at least do it properly, asshole.’’ You told him off, trying to grind on his fingers to pleasure yourself.
‘’It’s such a beautiful sight, you trying to fuck yourself on my fingers.” He looked up at you, the glint in his crescent eyes was like a cover for the evilness behind his ungodly smile. “I think I’ll take my time with you.’’
‘’Are you scared you won’t be making me cum fast enough?’’ You clapped back at him, his smirk turning into a frown. ‘’I knew you didn’t have the skills—Shit−’’ You moaned when he curled his fingers upwards, hitting that one spot that made you go crazy.
‘’Keep your opinions to yourself, will you?’’ Sunghoon chimed in, putting on more pressure against your walls. ‘’You wouldn’t want me to stop now, right?’’
‘’I can—always—take care of myself.’’ You cried out as he augmented the pace of his fingers, making you whimper in pleasure.
‘’Your fingers wouldn’t make you feel as good as mine do, admit it.”’ He persuaded, before locking your lips together for the nth time that night, giving you open-mouthed wet kisses as he pushed you more into the wall, making your back hurt a little.
‘’In your fucking dreams.’’ You mumbled against his lips, only to put that stupid smirk back on his face.
You didn’t want to tell him that he was doing a spectacular job with his fingers, stretching your walls just like how you wanted, his palm rubbing against your clit as he continued to move his fingers in and out of you. The stimulation was just enough to fill your cravings. Your walls were sucking his fingers in, clenching around his digits repeatedly.
‘’C’mon honey, let me hear your pretty moans.’’ Sunghoon sounded commanding as he spoke, trying to encourage you. ‘’Who would’ve thought your moans would sound this angelic.’’
‘’Shut the fuck up.’’ You moaned even louder, getting closer to your release as you brought him in for another kiss, which he gladly accepted, slipping his tongue in your mouth without wasting time. As you and Sunghoon continued devouring each other’s mouths, the only noise in the room was the erotic sound of Sunghoon’s fingers moving, caused by your wetness.
‘’You want to cum on my fingers, pretty? Fucking do it.’’ Sunghoon encouraged you, nibbling on your earlobe. Your nails dug on the skin of his neck when you finally let go, releasing on his fingers as he helped you ride out your high, not stopping his movement.
‘’Fuck Sunghoon-‘’ You mewled, your legs trembling as you hit your orgasm, holding onto his body tightly. If he hadn’t been holding you up against the door, you would’ve fallen down from your intense climax. You rested your forehead on his shoulder, crying out of pleasure, letting out a hiss when Sunghoon finally pulled his skillful digits out of your hole, popping them in his mouth instead, sucking off your juices.
‘’You taste sweet unlike your personality.’’ He mentioned, before pulling you away from the wall and throwing you on his bed, crawling on top of you. ‘’You’re so wrong, if you think we’re already done. I’m not letting you go until you cum at least two times tonight, maybe after that you’ll learn how to behave.’’
‘’Fuck you.’’ You spat out. As Sunghoon crawled closer, you moved back until your back pressed the headboard of his bed. 
‘’Tsk-tsk, such a dirty mouth.’’ Sunghoon purred, grabbing the hem of your dress, pulling it off of you with ease. He licked his lips in anticipation when he realized you didn’t have a bra on. After undressing himself, leaving only his boxers on, he held your chin between his fingers, placing an edgy kiss before kissing your neck down to your chest, placing his mouth on one of your nipples, sucking and biting at it as his free hand massaged the other one. He flicked his tongue over and over again, you tangled your fingers in his dark locks, pulling his hair a little, making him moan against you. You could feel his clothed hard on rubbing at your leg, trying to get some kind of friction as Sunghoon continued to work on your breasts. It was obvious he was getting a bit impatient, much like you were. You just wanted his dick to be inside you right there and then. Everything felt 100x times better when you were drunk, maybe because you didn’t give a single fuck and were ready to fuck the person you hated the most.
‘’Can you just fuck me already?’’ You pleaded. You hated how needy that came out but again, you would probably not remember all these when you woke up tomorrow. You also hoped that Sunghoon would erase everything from his mind too.
Sunghoon looked up from your chest with lust filled eyes. ‘’Is somebody getting impatient? I gotta hear you beg more.’’
‘’You’re even more annoying when you’re drunk.’’ You whined. Yeah, you were not going to beg Park Sunghoon to fuck you, nope. 
‘’You know that I can just leave you here and go back to the party right? You’re not the only girl who wants to fuck me right now.’’ He chuckled sternly, waiting patiently for what your comeback was going to be. 
‘’But I’m the only girl you want to fuck.’’ You said proudly. It was joyful to watch his smirk get replaced with a frown. He was clearly annoyed, good. 
‘’I want to fuck that attitude out of you, make you my slut.’’ He went back to the same level as your face, pecking your lips.
‘’Good luck with that.’’ You giggled, throwing your head back in amusement. 
‘’For somebody who’s drunk and close to getting fucked, you talk a lot.’’ Sunghoon commented, his nose brushing against yours. 
‘’Drunk words are sober thoughts.’’ You started into his brown orbs and maybe for once, you didn’t want to punch him. Both of you stayed silent as you stared at each other. 
It should have felt weird, right? But somehow, it felt natural with Sunghoon. Man, what did Beomgyu put in this drink…
‘’So you want to fuck me when you’re sober too? That’s good to know.’’ And with that, the urge to punch him came back. Good to know that nothing had changed since the last three minutes.
‘’You won’t even remember it next morning.’’ You watched Sunghoon take off your panties and throw his boxers to the floor, letting his dick slap against his abs, making you gulp. ‘’Oh fuck off! How is that even going to fit inside me?’’
‘’Look who’s stroking my ego now.’’ He teased you, grabbing a condom from his bedside table and putting it on, before taking his place between your legs.
‘’Shut up and fuck me.’’ You ordered, getting impatient. 
‘’Say please.’’ He said, pumping his cock. ‘’You know that I can just jerk off in front of you.’’ He just wanted you to suffer, didn’t he?
‘’Shit- alright, please, please, please fuck me.’’ You begged, holding onto his bed sheets tightly.
Sunghoon just smiled to himself before lining his dick against you and gently pushing inside, giving you time to adjust to his size. You wrapped your legs around his torso, trying to take him in even deeper. He captured your lips again, kissing you hungrily as he started to move his hips. Your nails digging at his back as he started to go faster, his cock feeling heavenly dragging against your walls. You were too tired of bickering back and forth the whole night, you wanted to enjoy the moment. Sunghoon’s thrusts were a bit sloppy, as expected, since he was under the influence of alcohol. Yet he was exceptionally good at what he was doing. He pounded into you, lips finding their way back to your neck, painting your neck like a canvas with hickies.
‘’Look at you, taking my cock like the slut you are.’’ He grumbled. He groaned, no, growled even, with a particular thrust. ‘’Am I fucking you good?’’
‘’You could do better-’’ One deep thrust and you were crying out of pleasure.
‘’Gonna ask again, am I fucking you good?’’
You didn’t reply. Instead, you squeezed your walls around him, earning a whimper from him which put a proud smile on your face. ‘’Am I making you feel good?’’
‘’You’re such a bitch.’’ You clenched tightly around him once again, making him let out a louder whimper this time. ‘’Shit- Can you stop doing that?’’
‘’Aww, is Hoonie gonna cum early? Oh my god-Fuck-‘’ With one deep thrust, you forgot what you were going to say. Two could play that game, Sunghoon thought.
His hand left your side to play with your clit which begged for attention since the moment Sunghoon had entered you. You mewled in pleasure when his fingers came in contact with the small nub. You understood that you weren’t going to last long. 
‘’I’m gonna cum.’’ You breathed out, trying to hold your orgasm. There was a slight chance that Sunghoon might reach his peak before you and you weren’t going to throw it away.
He groaned, his thrusts getting sloppier, signaling that he was close to his release too.
’’Will you be a good girl and come on my cock?’’ He teased, licking his lips as he watched you squirm underneath him. Your walls started clenching around him more often, the feeling of your tight hole was too much to handle. 
You arched your back as Sunghoon kept hitting your g spot, moving your hips to match his thrusts. You muttered an incoherent ‘fuck’ when Sunghoon gave you a particularly strong thrust, making you let everything go as you closed your eyes and threw your head back, letting your orgasm take over your body as you moaned his name loudly.
Sunghoon was close too, yes, but he still had enough time to make you come for a third time that night. He didn’t slow down his pace, he kept ramming in, making a mess out of you. You couldn’t handle the overstimulation that well, you were begging Sunghoon to stop, biting down on his shoulder to calm yourself. In less than a minute, you were cumming again. Sunghoon couldn’t keep it up for longer either. With your walls sucking his sensitive dick, he followed you right after, tons of curse words leaving past his lips as he reached his orgasm. But it didn’t stop him from continuing his movements, as he still thrusted in and out of you, both of you riding out your orgasms.
After finishing, Sunghoon pulled out of you, throwing the condom in the garbage before plopping down next to you. Both of you were trying to catch your breaths and calm down. Who thought it was a good idea to fuck when you knew you were going to head even worse headaches. Maybe you shouldn’t have drunk the last cup Beomgyu handed you. Hopefully, when you woke up that was going to be the only thing you’d regret. 
When Sunghoon started breathing properly again, he turned around to see you already sleeping peacefully. He scoffed in annoyance, but it was just to cover up the weird situation he found himself in. He wouldn’t have thought you would be such a light drinker, or he thought you would’ve sobered up by now. But here you were, lying down on his bed, sleeping like it was your own. Sunghoon got up to grab an old t-shirt and a pair of boxers to dress you, having a hard time walking over to his drawer as he felt dizzy. He would not sober up until he slept a good ten hours.
When he was convinced you were already passed out and long gone, he dressed you. To be honest, he really didn’t care if you slept naked next to him or not. He knew that you got cold easily and he didn’t want you to cuddle him if you got cold when you slept. You used to be best friends after all, a part of him still cared about you, even if it was pushed deep down in his heart. And of course, he wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable when you wake up next to him screaming the next morning. Well let’s say he thought of things that would make you feel less uncomfortable. He was sure that there was no chance of him remembering what actually happened when he woke up, but he knew that the scratches on his back and the bite mark on his shoulder would make a great souvenir.
Tumblr media
You had no idea what time it was when you felt the sunlight touch your skin, finding its way through the curtains. Your bed seemed extra comfortable. Maybe it was because of your crappy hangover. You were determined to give Beomgyu a talk after he let you drink that much. You cuddled into the pillow more, hiding your face in it. You had no idea how you got back home, dressed in your PJs, and found your way back to bed. The last thing you remembered clearly was dancing with Jake and Beomgyu before losing them in the crowd. You also remember Sunghoon coming up to you and talking nonsense. There was an image of somebody kissing you in your mind, but you barely recalled it. Talking about Sunghoon, it was weird how your pillow smelled like his infamous perfume, why would it…
You opened your eyes immediately to see that the room you were in wasn't yours, it wasn’t a familiar sight either; not Mark’s, not Beomgyu’s. You felt somebody move next to you, making your eyes go wide. You were too anxious to turn around and see the culprit. You had a guess who he was, and you prayed and hoped that you were wrong. But apparently, God didn’t want to answer your calls that day.
‘’Took you long enough to wake up.’’ You heard his husky voice say unexpectedly, making you jump. If Sunghoon hadn’t grabbed your waist just at that moment, you would’ve fallen down on the floor.
‘’Get your hands off of me!’’ You squirmed, getting out of his grip and off the bed.
‘’Hmm, you weren’t saying that last night, you were literally begging for me to touch you.’’ Sunghoon crossed his arms behind his head as he laid down on the bed half-naked, wearing nothing but boxers and a smug smile.
‘’Oh please, if you fucked me well enough, I would’ve remembered it.’’ You spat out as you searched his room for your belongings.
‘’W-Well I don’t remember it that clearly either-‘’ You shot him a look, making him shut up on the spot.  
‘’Stop lying, your ears are red.’’ You smirked, opening his drawers in the search of something that you could wear on your way back home. You grabbed some sweatpants which looked too big on you, but you couldn’t care less.
‘’You better give me back my clothes.’’ Sunghoon said in a demanding tone, which you didn’t quite like. 
‘’I’ll give them back whenever I feel like it.’’ You sighed, feeling less nervous, but then something clicked. ‘’Fuck- How am I going to sneak out without being seen? Nobody can know about this, nobody!’’
‘’Aww, you’re leaving already-‘’ 
‘’What? Did you fucking think I was going to cuddle and make you breakfast?’’ You snapped, running your hand through your hair. ‘’Okay whatever, we fucked, fucked as in past tense. It won’t happen again. So you better forget about it and don’t you fucking dare tell anybody.’’ You turned to Sunghoon, looking at him with worried eyes. ‘’I mean it, Sunghoon.’’
He got off the bed and walked towards you, handing you your dress and shoes. 
‘’It’s 9 am. None of the boys would be awake at this hour on a Sunday morning. You can freely go out.’’ Sunghoon explained, expecting your next move. You didn’t say anything, instead you took a step closer. And another one. You walked until there was no space between your bodies. 
‘’Sunghoon…’’ You said his name seductively as you stared into his eyes. 
‘’Y-Yeah?’’ His stammered, not being used to you standing extremely close to his face, especially when you were sober. 
‘’Where the fuck are my panties?’’ You asked, ruining the mood you created. Of course, it was on purpose. You took a step back, not wanting to stay that close to him. 
‘’Oh, that…’’ He crossed his arms, looking around and acting like he was thinking where your panties went. He deserved an award for the little skit he put out. ‘’I’m gonna keep those until you decide to give me back my clothes.’’ 
‘’I fucking hate you.’’ 
‘’Likewise.’’ He agreed. Now this time he was the one who took a step closer to you, your foreheads nearly touching each other. He leaned in and for a second you thought he was going to kiss you—you didn’t move. But it turned out he did that only to open the door behind you. You sighed in relief but wanted to punch yourself that he played your own game better than you did. 
‘’Have a nice trip back home.’’ Sunghoon murmured, before bringing his lips on yours out of the blue. You pushed him away immediately, hitting his chest. 
‘’I hope you choke while drinking water.’’ You snarled before getting out.
Sunghoon received a text later that day from the person he least expected. 
> I can’t walk properly you fucking dick.
Tumblr media
‘’Where did you fly off to the other day at the party? We went to check on Mark and when we came back, you were gone.’’ Beomgyu mentioned as he took a seat next to you in the lecture hall. You were able to run away for two days. It was easy to ignore his text, something that happened regularly. It was inevitable to 
‘’Oh- I went home, I wasn’t feeling too well.’’ You lied, thinking that Beomgyu wouldn’t be able to figure it out anyway. He was too busy hanging out with Jake during the rest of the night. ‘’Did something happen between Mark and the girl he was talking to?’’ You tried to change the subject. It was easy when Beomgyu was the one you were talking to. He would jump on any situation to make fun of his best friend Mark’s non-existent love life. 
‘’Hah! He wishes! None of us got laid except for Sunghoon, I think he had somebody over. We had our doubts first, because Sunghoon never brings people back to his dorm room.’’ Beomgyu ranted as you listened to what he had to say carefully. ‘’The girl left her panties with him, that’s so fucking hot.’’ Beomgyu’s comment made you choke on thin air, heat rushing to your cheeks. Beomgyu seemed to not mind though, as he kept talking. ‘’I actually felt a bit bad for Jake, he’s been trying to get with you for too long. Why not give him a chance, hm?’’
You threw your head back, not really in the mood to talk about Jake when Sunghoon was the one on your mind ever since you left his room two days ago. You felt extremely guilty whenever you thought about him and that night. 
‘’I don’t know, never thought much on it.’’ You commented, shrugging. You wanted to avoid the topic of sex it made you think about Sunghoon. 
‘’If only you hadn’t left the party early… I was sure I’d see you with him during breakfast. And since you’re insisting on not fucking Sung-‘’
‘’What about Sunghoon? What about fucking him?’’ You cut him off, getting nervous. You were already feeling like you were six feet deep under the ground. You were more disappointed in yourself than embarrassed. It made you feel like you didn’t have self-respect. You literally took the first chance given to hop on Sunghoon’s dick. You didn’t need to be reminded of your adventure with the aforementioned douche.
‘’Sexual tension, Y/N, sexual tension. If you’re not going to fuck him, at least fuck his friend or… fuck Mark.’’ Beomgyu suggested, leaning back against his seat. 
‘’Ew, no.” Your expression soured. “Why are you always bringing Mark into this?’’
‘’He needs to get his dick wet. It’s been too long.’’ Beomgyu sighed. You hoped he wouldn’t open his mouth again and focus on the lecture. Bold of you to assume Beomgyu was capable of shutting the fuck up. ‘’And you need to get fucked too. One plus one is two. You and Mark both need to get laid so why not fuck each other?’’ 
You flicked at his forehead.‘’Think about your own dick.’’
‘’Ouch! Why do you always have to use physical force on me?!’’ The boy rubbed the place where you had hit him, shaking his head at you before fixing his hair. ‘’Will you be coming to Sunghoon’s birthday party on Friday?’’ He asked, making you let out a quiet snort. 
‘’And what exactly makes you think I’d be going to my arch nemesis’ birthday celebration.’’ The question was rhetorical, though Beomgyu seemed to have taken it seriously. He opened his mouth to answer, but closed it back as soon as you gave him a warning  side stare. “I’ll be at home, playing with my Ouija board and begging the ghosts to haunt him.’’
‘’Y/N, are you really willing to leave Mark alone? He needs his wingwoman.’’ Beomgyu whined, pulling on your arm like a little child.
‘’He’s an adult, he can handle himself.’’ 
‘’Jokes on you. We both saw what happens if you don’t lead him.’’ The boy rolled his eyes in annoyance. Why did you have to be so stubborn? Beomgyu himself was stubborn but you were on another level. 
‘’Gyu, I’m done playing ‘Have you met Mark?’. We watched ‘How I Met Your Mother’ like tons of times, it’s getting boring.’’ You swatted his hand away from yourself.
‘’But ‘Have you met Mark?’ always works! And if you hate it that much, we can always play ‘Have you met Beomgyu?’ instead.” He wiggled his eyebrows, making you giggle. 
‘’Will you stop talking if I agree to come?’’ You could only sight, watching your friend nod vigorously in response. ‘’Alright then, I’ll do it for you and Mark. But don’t expect me to get physical with Jake.’’
‘’It would’ve been a great birthday present for Sunghoon tho…’’ He knitted his eyebrows, like he was in deep thought. He was probably imagining a scenario in which Sunghoon finds out that you were messing around with his best friend, Jake. Beomgyu was indeed one of a kind. 
‘’Stop writing a fanfic in your mind about me, Jake and Sunghoon.’’ You warned him, once again having doubts about having him as a friend.
Tumblr media
‘’Are we playing ‘have you met Mark?’, please tell me we’re not.’’ Mark whispered in your ear. He had an arm on your waist, just like you had around his. 
‘’Oh honey, we’re playing it. Is that the girl you’ve been crushing on?’’ You stared at the girl wearing white shorts and a red crop top. Mark nodded in response. You thought it was adorable when a smile formed on his face when he caught a glimpse of her. ‘’She’s cute.’’
‘’I know.’’ He giggled like a kid, putting a smile on your face too. Mark was such a simp when he had a crush. Watching him being lovestruck made you realize there are men about there like Mark but to your luck, you had always come across the shitty ones. And no, you weren’t going to end up dating Mark.
‘’You’re such a pussy, Mark. I can’t believe that you’re past 20 but still need my help talking to a girl.’’ You hit his arm playfully, earning a painful moan from the boy. ‘’Okay here’s the plan. I’ll go up to her and chat for like a minute, then you’ll come with drinks and I’ll just say I saw Beomgyu and leave you two alone, got it?’’
‘’Yes, ma’am!’’ 
Surprisingly, Mark was much more skillful than what you had expected, when it came to starting a conversation with his crush. You thought he’d act strange and nervous, but you understood that you had nothing to worry about when you saw how natural he was. Beomgyu really didn’t give Mark credit.  And since your job at the party was done, you were planning on leaving before Beomgyu or anybody else saw you. You were walking towards the door when somebody blocked your path. At least, it was the more likable one of the two.
‘’You’re leaving before greeting me, Y/N? When will you stop breaking my heart.’’ Jake put a hand over his heart, acting like he was in pain. You would have turned around and walked away if you didn’t find him cute. Maybe Beomgyu was right, you could just sleep with him and get over it. It would also help you stop thinking about Sunghoon. 
‘’Me? Leaving? Pfft. I was just going to get some air. It’s too crowded in here.’’ You rambled, trying to find a reasonable excuse. ‘’Didn’t really expect me to be here, right?’’
He chuckled, looking down at his feet. ‘’To be honest, you were the last person here I thought I’d see tonight.’’ He looked up to meet your eyes. His big brown eyes were indeed mesmerizing. No wonder he got everyone lining up before him.  ‘’But I hoped that you’d come.’’ 
Jake Sim knew how to make somebody feel special and especially this trait of his made him extremely dangerous. Like Beomgyu had mentioned, Jake knew what people wanted, especially what women wanted so he delivered. He was such a smooth talker and if you didn’t know any better, youHis good looks just made everything easier. 
‘’Ah I see you don’t have a drink yet. Let’s go get you one, shall we?’’ He offered, throwing his arm over your shoulder and led the way where the snacks and drinks were. 
You loved Jake, you really did but the air was suffocating when you were with him. You felt like you didn’t have anything to talk about when it was the two of you. You needed to get slightly lightheaded to have a conversation. And the best way to get drunk fast was beer pong.
‘’Oh you guys play beer pong?’’ You asked, hoping that Jake would get you to play somehow. Knowing that he would do anything to get with you after the party, it wasn’t going to be hard for you to get what you wanted.
‘’This is not your typical weird pong though; we play it with some vodka. Gets you drunk faster.’’ Jake mentioned. You didn’t even realize his hand slipping around your waist and the two of you talked. He was impressive, you had to admit. ‘’Wanna be on my team?’’
‘’Sure, why not. Who are we playing against?’’ You went on your tiptoes and looked around to see who was playing. 
Then you spotted him. Of course, Sunghoon  would be playing. It would’ve been a shame if he didn’t, he was the one and only birthday boy after all. You were starting to wonder where he was, since you’d been able to ignore him the whole night. He had to show up somewhere eventually. Next to him was Beomgyu, of course he’d pick him. Beomgyu, that sly fucker you called your partner in crime and your official beer pong buddy, was the best when the topic was the specific drinking game. Knowing Sunghoon’s competitive personality, it was only natural for him to want to win. There was one thing Sunghoon didn’t know though. You played way better than Beomgyu, you were actually the one who had taught him how to play. You remember the times when Beomgyu cried from frustration. During your friendship of three years, Beomgyu had never beaten you in beer pong, not even once. 
‘’Shit, we’re done for, Hoon.’’ Beomgyu muttered when he saw you across the table, standing next to Jake as his teammate.
‘’What do you mean? They won’t be able to beat us.’’ Sunghoon replied, laughing out loud. There was no way you were good at beer pong. In Sunghoon’s opinion, being in a frat came with extraordinary beer pong skills. Sadly, he couldn’t be more wrong. 
‘’I have never once beaten Y/N in a game and now seeing her team up with Jake makes me want to surrender. I have an image to protect, Hoon.’’ Beomgyu told the boy next to him. The way Beomgyu’s voice sounded sent chills down Sunghoon’s spine since he had never seen the older boy being this serious about a topic before. It was kinda hilarious that the topic was beer pong. Sunghoon wasn’t surprised since it was Beomgyu talking. ‘’There’s only one thing I’m sure of. We’re going down and we’re going down hard’’
Sunghoon scoffed, crossing his arms on his chest.. He looked back at you to see you wet the ball you were about to throw. Even if you noticed his indifferent stare, you didn’t act on it. And it made his blood start to boil. ‘’She can’t be that good.’’
Now, after drinking five cups of beer mixed with vodka, he still couldn’t accept the fact that you were beating them. You never missed, except for  maybe one or two shots because of how clingy Jake acted next to you. Sunghoon was good too, he made sure you drank enough to get a little bit tipsy. Beomgyu was still a better player than him though. When it came to Jake, he was already a bit drunk before the game started, he missed a couple of shots, but you were there to win so you gave your everything. There was no way you were going to let Sunghoon win. You felt a bit bad for your dear friend Beomgyu but he should have thought twice before teaming up with your enemy. Lucky for Beomgyu, you wanted to ruin Sunghoon’s ego more. The small crowd surrounding you cheered every single time.
‘’I think I’ve just fallen in love with you.’’ Jake said in awe, hugging you from the back and kissing the nape of your neck as you threw the ball inside the last cup. You didn’t care about how touchy Jake was, it didn’t bother you unlike somebody else. You could feel Sunghoon’s burning eyes on your back as you talked with Jake.
‘’Good for you, puppy.’’ You commented, trying to get out of his strong grip. Neither of you were drunk, just a little bit tipsy. ‘’Now if you excuse me, I need to freshen up.’’
You passed through Beomgyu and Sunghoon, bumping your shoulder against the silver haired boy on purpose as you walked by, a smug smile on your face as you went to the bathroom. You felt Sunghoon’s eyes on you with every step. He wasn’t that mad he had lost, it was normal. But he was furious that out of all people, he had lost to you and he hated the mischievous smile on your face. There was nothing Sunghoon wanted more than eto erase the smirk you wore and he knew only one way to make it happen. He told Beomgyu he needed some fresh air and without getting seen, he followed you to the bathroom with quick steps. He waited until you were done and when you opened the door to get out, he pushed you back inside, making you yelp in surprise as he locked the door behind him.
After the two-second shock and a mini heart attack he gave you, you regained your balance and stood back up straight. Looking at him, your eyes filled with shock and sudden fury. ‘’What the fuck-‘’
‘’I hate the way you get on my nerves every single damn time. Even if you’re just standing and doing nothing, it irks me so fucking much.’’ Sunghoon spoke under his breath, backing you to the sink, putting both of his hands on the marble counter and caging you in between them. ‘’You’re so fucking evil and it makes you look so hot.’’ He confessed right before crashing his lips against yours, kissing you hungrily.
Your mind told you to push him away but somehow your body decided to not take orders. You weren’t able to do any of that and instead held the back of his head, pulling him closer and kissing back with all you got.
Sunghoon seemed to be surprised when he realized you were not screaming at him. He slipped his tongue between your gritted teeth, exploring your mouth. Your tongues battling with each other, trying to pin the other one down, he was getting competitive even when kissing. He helped you sit on the counter of the sink before he got in between your legs, slipping his hands under your dress to touch your thighs.
‘’I can’t fucking stand you.’’ You mumbled against his mouth, your fingers tangling in his freshly dyed hair. 
‘’Sit on my face then.’’ Sunghoon suggested, stroking your ass cheeks. ‘’I didn’t get to taste you last time. As the birthday boy, I want my present from you now.’’
You didn’t reply, you just looked straight into his eyes and opened your legs a bit more, giving him the green light. He kneeled down, getting on the right level to eat you out. He pushed the hem of your dress up to your torso, ripping your underwear, making you gasp.
‘’You owe me two panties now, asshole.’’ 
‘’I’ll make it up to you, don’t worry.’’ He mumbled before dipping his head between your thighs, leaving wet kisses on your skin, before licking a stripe from your folds to your clit, earning a broken whimper from you. You tasted even better than he had imagined, so sweet, just the way he liked. You tangled your fingers in his hair again, guiding him. He gave your clit kitten licks first, teasing you, making you beg for more. You tried to grind on his tongue, attempting to get more friction. He soon got the message, placing his lips fully on your nub, flicking his tongue against it and sucking on it interchangeably.
‘’Oh my god- Hoon- keep going.’’ You moaned, your grip on his hair getting a bit tighter.
It was obvious that he was experienced, he ate pussy like a champ. You craved more, wanting to feel his tongue everywhere. After giving your clit some attention, he went a bit lower, placing soft kisses on your folds before slipping his tongue inside your cunt, tasting your juices. He groaned against you, sending tingles to your spine. It felt heavenly, you’d never been eaten out like this before. To be honest, you were a bit disappointed that Sunghoon had a skillful tongue, because this might’ve been the first and the last time he was showing you heaven. He moved back to your clit after a minute, looking up for a single second which was enough for you to come undone right there and then. There was something about the stare he shot you, full of lust, and maybe some hatred, that made you even wetter.
One of his hands left its place on your ass and found its way between your legs, pushing a finger inside your dripping core, then a second one. The pleasure from the stimulation was enough to make you cry. Your walls started clenching around his digits crazily as soon as he started pumping them, the familiar knot in your stomach started building, signaling you were getting close to your climax.
‘’I’m gonna cum-‘’ You purred, pulling his hair. ‘’Fuck!’’ Your voice only served as encouragement for Sunghoon to go harder on you, curving his fingers, putting pressure on that one spot as he continued working his tongue. It didn’t take you long to reach your high, coming undone as he kept eating you out and moving his digits. When he finally pulled away and came back on the same level as your face, you saw his chin and mouth glistening with your essence. He pulled you in for a kiss, letting you taste yourself on his tongue.
‘’Hmm?’’ He grumbled, kissing your neck.
‘’Can I suck you off?’’ You asked before your brain processed your thoughts. The question made him take a step back and look at you, to see if you were being serious or joking. ‘’Since we’re at it, let me give you a birthday gift. We both know that this.’’ You pointed at the space between you two. ‘’Will not happen again.’’
‘’You said that the last time and look where we are.’’ You could feel the boy smirk against your skin, making you inhale a deep breath. 
‘’I’ll leave you here alone with your hard dick.’’ You said, pushing his body away from yours. ‘’Trust me, your hand won’t feel as good as my mouth.’’
Sunghoon shrugged, agreeing as he switched places with you, so that he’d now be the one leaning against the sink. He unzipped his pants, pulling them down along with his boxers. You got on your knees, facing his hard dick. You grabbed it, spitting on it to make your movements easier, giving it a few strokes. Sunghoon made sure to give you more free space to work on. You gave him an innocent smile in return, he loved how you acted like you weren’t going to have your mouth stuffed with his cock within a few seconds later.
You made sure he was watching your every move, looking up at him, batting your eyelashes. He muttered a quiet fuck, throwing his head back. The precum on his was leaking. You spread the liquid with your thumb before giving his tip small licks. The thing about Sunghoon, he got frustrated quickly. He jerked his hips forward slightly, signaling you to give him more attention. You got the signal and put his red tip in your mouth, sucking on it like it was a lollipop.
‘’Holy fuck- Yes, just like that babe.’’ He whimpered, stroking your cheek with his free hand. You pumped the rest of his dick, trying to get him worked up more. You swirled your tongue around his tip, trying to give all your attention to it before taking all of his length in your mouth. You moved forward and tried to take all of him, lapping your tongue on his length. Sunghoon closed his eyes and focused on the pleasure. You bobbed your head, starting off smooth and gentle. You knew that things would turn out dirtier in the upcoming minutes and wanted to have some little fun at first.
You started to fasten your pace, your hand found its way to his balls, massaging them, making Sunghoon let out a loud groan followed by a moan. As you bobbed your head faster, you got messier. Saliva started dripping from your mouth; it was a beautiful sight for Sunghoon to see.
‘’You look like a fucking angel right now.’’ He breathed out as he watched his cock disappear between your lips. He started to move his hips, thrusting in your mouth at a steady pace. You moaned against his length, making him curse. He was so fucking sensitive, laughing at the state he was in as you continued showing him heaven. You had him wrapped around your finger but he would never admit it, especially to you. 
You loved seeing Sunghoon in that state, it was a new sight to see. Him being needy, at the edge of crying from the stimulation, made you enjoy sucking his dick even more. You used your tongue as much as you could, trying to get him to the edge. You felt his dick twitching and you knew then, he was close to his orgasm. His grip on your hair got tighter as well, his knuckles turning white.
‘’Keep going princess, you’re gonna make me cum so hard.’’ Sunghoon choked out, fucking your mouth. His dick hit the back of your throat every single time, making you gag. Tears formed in the corner of your eyes, which made Sunghoon wipe them away with his thumb. You gave his thigh a squeeze, wanting him to stop thrusting in your mouth so you could go back to sucking his tip a little bit more. You lapped your tongue against his tip, this time he had tears in his eyes from the intense pleasure.
‘’Shit- I’m cumming.’’ He let you know seconds before releasing his seed into your mouth.
You didn’t stop sucking him though, if he could overstimulate you, you could do the same thing. It was just for your personal enjoyment. You swallowed his cum, staring at him. Sunghoon didn’t think he could cum more, but he felt his dick twitch again, releasing some more of his hot cum in your mouth, you swallowed it once again before taking his dick out of your mouth. He brought you up for a kiss, his hand slipping under your dress again, his thumb rubbing lazy circles on your clit as he devoured your mouth.
‘’I want to fuck you so much right now.’’ You heard him voice out in between kisses.
‘’Not here but we can arrange that if you come to my place.’’ You suggested, not really in the mood to have sex in a random bathroom. It was a too uncomfortable for your liking. ‘’I still want to throw you out off a window though.’’
‘’The feeling’s mutual.’’ Sunghoon was quick to add, pecking your lips with a chaste kiss, before zipping his pants.
Tumblr media
Sunghoon had fucked you so good that night and this time when the morning came around, you remembered every detail unlike the very first time you hooked up. In some way, you felt guilty. Having sex with the man you were supposed to hate didn’t sound normal. Plus, the way you wanted to keep this whole thing a secret from your closest friends didn’t sit that well with you either. You told yourself that it was your private life. Beomgyu and Mark didn’t need to know every single detail about your sex life, but when Mark came up to you and told you he had slept with that girl he’d been crushing on, the feeling of guilt was inevitable. 
‘’You whore!’’ Beomgyu expressed, sitting next to you and Mark on one of the comfy frat house sofas. Beomgyu had offered to cook the both of you some lunch. You didn’t know if it was a good idea or not but hey, free food! Since it was Sunday, most people in the frat were out with their friends and family. ‘’People saw you and Sunghoon leaving the party together. Did you finally sleep with him?’’
‘’Pfft, Gyu don’t be ridiculous. Y/N wouldn’t do such shit- Would you?’’ Mark eyed you, awaiting a response. One of your personality traits was making ridiculous decisions after all. 
‘’You guys are stupid. I threw up in the bathroom and Sunghoon saw it, offered to drive me home.’’ Lying to the boys was easier than you thought. You were sure that fooling Mark was a piece of cake. You only had doubts about Beomgyu, so you had to choose your words very carefully. ‘’We hate each other, but it doesn’t make him a total monster.’’
‘’Maybe the beer-vodka mix wasn’t a good idea, Beomgyu. Poor Y/N, I’m sorry-‘’ Mark pulled you into a reassuring hug, caressing your back. Amazing, now you had Mark worrying.
‘’Like you care, you were busy getting your dick wet.’’ Beomgyu babbled, pulling you towards him to give you a hug too.
‘’You guys should be happy for me, but I guess you’re just jealous, since I’m the only one getting laid in this friend group.’’ He folded his arms, a smug look on his face. For the first time in his life, Mark felt superior to both of you. 
Both you and Beomgyu threw him a disgusted look, shaking your heads in disapproval. 
‘’You’re both annoying as hell and I’m getting hungry. Are you going to cook or what?’’ Mark asked Beomgyu, trying to change the subject. He had enough of both of your teasings for the day. 
‘’Alright, alright. Mr. Not-A-Virgin-Anymore, help me, will you?’’ Beomgyu joked, getting up to go to the kitchen.
‘’Hey! I wasn’t a virgin! You fucking know that! I swear to god, he turns out to be more disturbing each day.’’ Mark followed Beomgyu into the kitchen, leaving you alone in the living room. 
Within minutes you heard a bunch of stuff dropping on the floor, probably some plates breaking with the impact, followed by Beomgyu shouting at Mark. Did Beomgyu really think that bringing Mark to the kitchen to help him cook was a good idea? It didn’t take long for both boys to start yelling at each other. Shrugging, you decided to ignore the situation.
You were busy going through your phone, waiting for them to finish cooking when you felt somebody sitting on the couch next to you, making you look up. There he was again, Sunghoon with his infamous smirk which was the number one reason for all your problems. It seemed like you were a ‘Sunghoon magnet’ because whenever you came to the frat house to hang out with your friends, he was always there.
‘’You didn’t tell me that you’d be coming here today.’’ Sunghoon commented, playing with the strands of your hair. You huffed, slapping his hand away.
‘’I didn’t think you’d care.’’ You replied, trying to scoot as far away from him as possible. But whenever you moved away, he crawled closer to you, never giving you a break. When you reached the other side of the couch, having  nowhere to run, he grabbed your hips and pulled you under him. You gasped when he got on top of you. You struggled under his body, trying to get out of the situation. What if one of the boys came back inside and saw you two like this? You weren’t going to take the risk. You’d prefer to drink bleach instead of Beomgyu seeing the position you were in with Sunghoon. He would not let you live for the rest of your life.
‘’Sunghoon, stop.’’ You squirmed, but he had pinned you under him. It was hard to move when a six feet man was on top of you. You hated how he was much stronger than you were. ‘’Mark and Gyu are in the kitchen and they can come out any minute.’’
‘’It’s funny, don’t you think?’’ He said ignoring your comment about your friends. He didn’t really care about the others finding out that you two were messing around. He placed a kiss on your cheek before dragging his pink lips to your neck.
‘’That’s debatable.’’ You tried to push him away once again, but he was having none of it. Your eyes were locked on the hallway that led to the kitchen. 
‘’You’re debatable.’’ He mumbled against your neck. At this rate you were sure that Sunghoon had a thing for neck kisses. 
‘’Your whole existence is debatable. Get off of me.’’ You groaned, finally getting out of his grip, your palms sweating. You hated how he had this power over you, how he was able to get you worked up so easily.
‘’C’mon, I miss you.’’ He whined like a kid, now pulling you on his lap. A small smile formed on his lips when he realized you weren’t fighting back this time.
‘’It sounds like a you problem.’’ You replied, not attempting to stop him. 
‘’Are you mad at me?’’ He asked, a little bit concerned. He had never understood your emotions because you were never the one to show them. 
‘’What do you think?’’ Your lips brushed against his teasingly.
‘’I think I’m going to kiss you.’’
He went in for a wet, open-mouthed kiss, but you were quick enough to stop him, still concerned about the two boys in the next room.
‘’That was not the right answer.’’ You rolled off of his hips, going back to your seat.
‘’Hmm, then I think we should have sex. You know, just to break the tension.’’ This time Sunghoon was able to catch your lips, giving you a quick, needy kiss. 
You did kiss him back this time, tired of playing hard to get. You wrapped your arms around his neck, playing with the hair on the nape of his neck. You were too lost in Sunghoon’s pretty lips and for a minute you forgot that you were supposed not to kiss the guy. When that flashed through your mind, you pulled away from the kiss. 
Sunghoon shot you a confused look, the same look was visible on your face too but for different reasons. Sunghoon was confused because he was really into the quick makeout session and didn’t understand why you pulled away while you were trying to figure out why you were making out with him in the first place. On top of that, you found yourself enjoying kissing him which was kinda embarrassing to admit.  
‘’Wait, wait- What even is this?’’ You demanded an answer. 
‘’What do you mean? Isn’t it quite obvious? We’re just fucking.’’ Sunghoon replied casually. It seemed like he already made up his mind about the so-called relationship going on between the two of you. 
‘’Is this something like enemies with benefits?’’ You thought, scrunching your nose. 
‘’Sex is better when you hate the person in front of you.’’ He mentioned, sounding a bit impatient. He just wanted to kiss you again.
‘’The saying is not like that.’’ You sighed. You didn’t know if he was acting the way he did just to get on your nerves, or if he was actually like that.
‘’Don’t you agree though? There’s this urge to show the other person that you’re good, so it makes everything more pleasurable.’’ He appealed. His only goal was to make you think that being fuck buddies would be a good idea. 
‘’You talk too much, I’d choke you, but you’d like that.’’ You shook your head.
‘’Try me.’’ He challenged you, a smirk on his face. 
You rolled your eyes at him, before finding your way back on his lap once again. His hands went to your waist automatically, holding you down as you placed your lips against his. You started kissing him gently at first, savoring the moment as you put your hands on his chest. You rocked your hips against his crotch teasingly, trying to get him worked up. As the pace of your hips started getting faster, your kisses became rougher. Your hands crawled from his chest to his neck, wrapping your fingers around his throat, never breaking the kiss.
Sunghoon let out a whimper which made you smirk against his mouth. You could feel him getting harder under you with every snap of your hips. The friction felt good for you too. You quietly moaned into the kiss, not wanting the other boys to hear what you were doing. You put more pressure on Sunghoon’s throat, you didn’t know how he was taking it, but since he was moaning instead of crying in distress. You guessed he was enjoying it as much as you were.
Seeing Sunghoon in this state was a gift for you. He was always bratty, thinking he was better than everyone else, but the sight in front of you told you otherwise. Maybe being dominated was his deep secret and guilty pleasure. You had time to find it out. You were just starting when you heard the kitchen door open, making you jump off Sunghoon’s lap immediately. You stared at the boy with wide eyes, before ultimately throwing him a pillow to cover his hard dick, right on time as Mark came in and told you the food was ready.
‘’You guys are not fighting?’’ He questioned, scratching the back of his head. He was clearly surprised to see both of you sitting next to each other without your hands on Sunghoon’s throat. Only if he knew… 
‘’We need breaks too.’’ You jumped in before Sunghoon had the chance to say anything stupid. ‘’C’mon, let’s eat.’’ You got up and threw an arm around Mark’s shoulders, dragging him back into the kitchen.
‘’Hoon, you want some food too?’’ Mark turned around to face his friend.
‘’M-Me? Umm- I have a few things to do first. You guys enjoy.’’ He smiled, showing off his dimple as he held the pillow tightly on his lap. Mark nodded before following you into the kitchen.
Sunghoon let out a miffed sigh, before going back to his room to take care of the situation in his pants. You made him go crazy and he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not, but he wasn’t scared to find out.
Tumblr media
When you and Sunghoon started this relationship, you didn’t think you’d last long before you’d hit your breaking point. To your shock, things were going better than you had expected. You still fought crazily, but even crazier sex came right afterwards. Never in a million years would you have thought tyour sex life would be this adventurous and pleasing. Your sex drive was high, but Sunghoon’s was even higher. He would literally slip his hand inside your panties whenever he got the chance, wherever you were.
The only thing bothering you was the fact you felt the need to hide whatever that relationship was from everybody. But because you didn’t know what the future held for you, it was better this way. In addition, once again, you didn’t want to deal with Beomgyu's nasty mouth. As you spent more time with Sunghoon, your hatred for him gradually decreased. It felt like you were going back to your high school days, but still, you were having doubts about him, so you stuck on being acquaintances who had casual sex. Regardless,it was better than hating each other’s guts.
You didn’t like to sleep at the frat after sex, for it induced too much stress. Anybody could just come into Sunghoon’s room, even if he kept his door locked when you were around. But he had insisted on you staying over last night. It had been really late when you sneaked, making it seemingly impossible for you to get out of Sunghoon’s room unnoticed. After all, Mark’s room was just in front of his. You didn’t want to take the risk, and it wasn’t like you haven't slept in Sunghoon’s bed before. It was all good if both of you were on the same page. One thing you didn’t plan on though, was running late to your morning class the next day.
‘’You’re making too much fucking noise Y/N, skip the lecture and go back to sleep.’’ Sunghoon whined sleepily, hiding his head under the blankets. He had never been a morning person, nothing had changed in three years. 
‘’I can’t! Today’s lecture is really important and fuck- I gotta take a shower, but I don’t have enough time to go back to my place.” You poked into his naked shoulders. You nearly felt bad for all the red lines you left on his back, but did he deserve it? Probably. “Sunghoon, help me sneak into the shower.’’
The male threw the sheets off himself and stood up. His eyes widened and suddenly, he was fully awake and ready to start his day. ‘’Shower sex?’’
‘’Why the fuck do you only care about sex?’’ You cried, still nervous about how you were going to get to class on time.
‘’Our relationship is based on fucking, Y/N. Of course I’m gonna think about sex.’’ He sassed, plopping down on the bed once again. ‘’I have a morning wood and since you’re here, it would have been nice if you helped me out.’’
‘’Okay crybaby but we gotta be quick, I really don’t want to miss the lecture.’’ You knew there was no point in fighting when Sunghoon wanted to get his way with you. 
‘’Nerd.” Sunghoon put his finger on your forehead and pushed it back a little.
You slapped his hand away, letting out a grunt. ‘’If I were you, I would think before I speak.’’
‘’Do you want to take a shower or not?’’ He asked, raising a single eyebrow. You nodded in response. 
‘’Then shut up.’’ Sunghoon said sternly. Finally being able to get out from his warm bed, he walked to the door, unlocking it. He checked the hallway and when he figured out it was empty, he called you over.
Sunghoon didn’t waste time before pressing his lips on yours, helping you take off your clothes along with his own, before hopping in the shower. You regretted being under the water with him at that second, realizing that you wouldn’t be able to wash up like you had wanted to. Sunghoon was a great distraction and he had other things in mind.
‘’Can you fuck me already?’’ You said in between kisses. He looked extremely sexy under the water. You wanted him right there and then. 
‘’Shh, let me enjoy.’’ He hushed you, lips moving to your chest.
‘’No, don’t- Didn’t you hear anything of what I told you, like, ten minutes ago?’’ You tried pushing him away. If he was going to fuck you, he had to do it without the teasing. ‘’My lecture- Offf.’’ You hissed when Sunghoon turned your back to himself and pressed you against the wall, holding you still.
‘’You’re not going anywhere until I’m done with you.’’ He muttered, his hands caressing the skin of your bum. ‘’You’ve been acting extremely bratty these days.’’
‘’These days? I’ve always been bratty.’’ That earned you a spank on your ass. 
‘’Am I not fucking you hard enough? I swear to god, you never learn.’’ Sunghoon squeezed your ass, making you let out a needy moan.
He grabbed his cock, wincing at the sensitivity, before giving it a few pumps. He lined it against your core, pushing all the way in, a hand on your mouth, keeping you from making any loud noise. ‘’That’s it, take it all like the slut you are.’’
The wet and warm feeling of your pussy felt too good around his dick. It was the second time you were having raw sex—the first time had happened when Sunghoon needed a quickie in the locker rooms after he played soccer with his friends. The idiot had forgotten to bring a condom and he’d been hard as a rock. Thank god, you were on the pill.
Sunghoon started pounding in you instantly, hands on your hips, nails digging in your skin. He barely gave any time to adjust to his size. You felt so warm and wet, he couldn’t control himself. The pleasure he was giving you was out of this world, you even let a few tears fall down from the corner of your eyes. It was a good thing your back was facing him. If it hadn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to hear the end of his teasing.
‘’Your pussy feels so good, will you let me fuck you raw more often from now on?’’ He pulled you against his chest, biting on your shoulder. You couldn’t say anything as Sunghoon’s hand was still on your mouth. You let out a choked sob, clenching your walls around his dick. He grunted, giving you deep and rough thrusts, trying to reach his orgasm in the fastest way. ‘’You’re doing really good, princess, you just keep letting me use you.’’
You put your hands on the wall in front of you, trying to keep your balance as cold water washed down on you. The tip of Sunghoon’s cock kept hitting that one spot inside of you like a professional, making you feel satisfied. He finally let go of your mouth, letting you breathe properly.
‘’Fuck you, Park.’’ You commented, hitting his arm, his hips still ramming inside you. ‘’God, it feels so fucking good, I’m gonna cum.’’ You whimpered. 
He stopped for a second to change your position so you were facing each other. He looked directly in your eyes before continuing his movements.
‘’Look at me when you cum.’’ He insisted, kissing your jawline. ‘’I want to see your pretty face.’’
You knew it was impossible for you to run away from his gaze, it was too intense. The slick, pushed back hair was a good look on him, a hot one, which he didn’t experiment on very much. Little droplets of water glimmered across his skin as some traveled down on his body. His neck and chest, as well as cheeks and ears, were a shade of angry red. And his eyes. Oh, those eyes that would turn into crescents whenever he would smile… They carried a raw hunger in them, his irises held a darker color. They held no feeling but want; lust. He didn’t break the gaze for even one moment, and that just added more fuel into your fire. With a few more deep thrusts, you were gone, crying out his name as you reached your high. Sunghoon was nowhere near close though, still pumping his dick in and out of you like there was no tomorrow. His hand came in contact with your clit, rubbing figure eights on the nub; overstimulation at its best.
‘’You like that?’’ He whispered, sucking on your earlobe. ‘’I’m not done with you, not yet.’’
He snapped his hips harder, making you claw on his back, leaving red marks for him to remember what you’d been doing the whole morning. You sobbed, begging him to give you a break, but Sunghoon acted like he couldn’t hear you. It didn’t take you long to reach another orgasm, your legs trembling from the bliss. If Sunghoon hadn’t caught you, you would’ve probably fallen down. He kissed you more after he pulled out, trying to calm you down and, unusually, it worked. 
Until that very moment, everything was going normal. 
‘’Sunghoon, you’re an asshole. Why the fuck are you wasting water?!’’ You heard Jake’s voice as the door of the bathroom opened, panic visible on both of your and Sunghoon’s faces.
‘’Jake, get the fuck out. I’m taking a shower!’’ Sunghoon responded, hoping that he’d go away.
‘’How many times do I have to tell you, don’t put your toothbrush in the same cup as-’’ Jake came to open the shower curtain, only to reveal you and Sunghoon together.
The three of you just stared at each other for what felt like an eternity before Sunghoon closed the shower curtain. Yeah, he was not going to let Jake see you naked any longer. 
 ‘’Holy fuck?!’’ Jake shouted, not moving from his place. ‘’Why the fuck is Y/N in there with you?!’’
‘’Why do you think, genius?!’’ Sunghoon snapped. He was furious, but also pretty anxious because he didn’t know what would come next. ‘’Now get the fuck out!’’
‘’Wait- Not yet. Mark! Beomgyu! Come quick!’’ Jake yelled. You couldn’t see him but you were sure he had an evil smile on his face. 
‘’Why would you call them here?!’’ You questioned, throwing an empty shampoo bottle at him.
‘’What happened? You okay? I heard screaming.’’ Mark said, standing next to Jake. The other boy sighed before opening the shower curtain enough to show your face. ‘’Are you seeing this shit?’’
‘’Oh, Y/N, didn’t know you stayed over. Did you sleep in Beomgyu’s room?’’ Mark asked, the poor boy was clueless.
Beomgyu showed up seconds later. ‘’Y/N is here? Where is she? Oh, there she is! Did you stay with Mark?’’
Jake sighed; even if both of his friends were older than him, they were still idiots. He opened the other side of the curtain, showing Sunghoon’s face.
‘’You must be kidding me….’’ Beomgyu snorted, laughing like a crazy man. ‘’You’re fucking him?!’’ He exclaimed, pointing at Sunghoon before throwing himself on the floor. ‘’But you-”
‘’Can you guys fucking leave! Why are you still here? Fuck off!’’ Sunghoon shouted, flipping them off, making them leave in a hurry. The boys knew Sunghoon could get pretty scary when he got angry. 
You didn’t speak to each other as you dried off and got dressed, you didn’t know what to expect after everything that went down. Grabbing your belongings, you got out of Sunghoon’s room as he still continued to fix his hair and went downstairs to the kitchen where Beomgyu and Mark were waiting patiently. You looked down as you entered, just wanting to grab an apple and leave the place immediately. You knew you couldn’t run away forever, but you could deal with it tomorrow and not today. 
‘’You have some explaining to do.’’ Beomgyu sang, an evil smirk on his face. Oh, he was never going to let you live. 
‘’There’s nothing to explain, you saw it all.’’ You replied unamused, trying to get out of the house as soon as possible. But of course, Beomgyu had to grab and push you down on an empty chair, making you sit down.
‘’I can’t believe you lied to my face! I thought I was the only one getting some action between the three of us but turns out you’ve been fucking Park Sunghoon the whole time!’’ Mark whined, eating his cereal. ‘’I thought you hated each other-’’
‘’We do, it’s just… I was horny and he happened to be there. Things escalated quickly.’’ You murmured, looking down at your lap as you played with your fingers. ‘’Trust me, I’d have more fun pegging Mark than having sex with Sunghoon.’’ You added, making Mark choke on his cereal just when Sunghoon came into the kitchen.
‘’You’re saying it like you weren’t crying out in pleasure just 15 minutes ago.’’ Sunghoon mentioned, pouring himself a bowl of cereal. ‘’Also, nobody’s stopping you from pegging Mark, I’m sure that he’ll enjoy it.’’
Beomgyu cracked up, hitting on the table. Mark shot him a look, telling him to stop laughing. ‘’I’m not into pegging! Why are you always bringing me into this mess!’’ He whined, not understanding why you chose him as the victim every single time. 
‘’What are you going to do after you’re done pegging him? Tie me down on the bed and have your way with me?’’ Sunghoon said in a joking manner. ‘’That’d be hot.’’
‘’I didn’t think you’d be into those kinds of things, Park. You want to get pegged, too?’’ You snickered. Mark dropped his spoon on the floor from shock. 
‘’I’m trying to eat my breakfast in peace! Why did Jake have to expose them?!’’ Mark cried again. Maybe it was a mistake getting into a frat. ‘’Also, why me? Why not Beomgyu?’’
‘’Your ass is cuter than Gyu’s.’’ You confessed, before turning your attention back to Sunghoon. ‘’Sunghoon’s ass is too flat, I doubt I’d enjoy it.’’
‘’Other than that, I don’t think you’d be able to. You’re the one always begging for me to be on top of you.’’ Sunghoon’s statement made you raise your eyebrows. It was the truth, you preferred him being on top, but not because you wanted to be submissive, it just felt easier like that. Of course, you preferred him to do all the work. 
‘’Says the man who begged me to choke him a couple of times.’’ You words made Sunghoon shut up.
‘’He’s into choking? Kinky…’’ Beomgyu commented, watching the scene in front of him with joy. Beomgyu regretted not filming all these interactions. It could’ve become viral on the internet. 
‘’Shut up, that’s not- Stop staring at my boner, we’re fighting.’’ Sunghoon crossed his arms over his chest, cackling. 
‘’Why did you get a boner while we’re fighting?’’ You ran a hand through your hair, licking your lips.
‘’I asked first.’’
‘’I asked second.’’
Beomgyu and Mark just stared between you two, not sure how to react. Mark continued to eat his cereal like nothing was happening whereas Beomgyu kept watching the scene unfold in front of him like it was a movie. He really needed some popcorn. 
‘’Are you going to be a bitch your whole life?’’ Sunghoon spat out.
You rolled your eyes. ‘’Probably.’’ You taunted.
Sunghoon looked down before grabbing the last apple you were planning on eating and making his way out of the kitchen, his bowl of cereal long forgotten. 
‘’Hey! I gave you a boner, don’t ignore me!’’ You grabbed the back of his t-shirt, stopping him before he could leave the room. ‘’How come I want to throw you off a cliff and fuck you at the same time.’’ You muttered, making Sunghoon gulp. Mark choked on the cereal that he was eating as Beomgyu let out a dramatic gasp. Yeah, nothing new to see here. 
‘’Now? In the kitchen?’’ Sunghoon smirked, before turning to the two boys who minded their own business. ‘’You two.’’ He pointed at them. ‘’Get out and close the door.’’
‘’Nope! No! We eat here, you can’t have sex in our kitchen! What happens, if somebody else walk-’’
‘’Mark, you say it like Beomgyu has never fucked his ex in this exact kitchen before.’’ Sunghoon threw the bomb. He wasn’t playing around.
‘’That was supposed to be our secret!’’ Beomgyu groaned. ‘’Well you two can have sex in the kitchen but we’re not leaving.’’ He crossed his arms and put his feet on the table.
‘’W-We’re not?’’ Mark whispered, nudging his friend. ‘’They wouldn’t do it in front of us right?’’
‘’Pftt, of course not. Y/N is a fucking coward, also she gets really shy- Stop taking off your shirt! Don’t you have a morning lecture to attend?’’ Beomgyu yelled at you as he watched your every move. 
‘’I think we should just leave.’’ Mark suggested, getting up and grabbing his cereal with him.
‘’Things were just starting to get heated- Y/N can kiss like that? I had no idea- Okay okay, we’re leaving now.’’ Beomgyu changed his mind when Sunghoon threw the apple he was holding at him.
After getting out and closing the door behind them, Mark turned to Beomgyu with a confused look on his face. ‘’Where are you going?’’
‘’I’m gonna go and jerk off, Y/N is hot.’’ Beomgyu mumbled before walking towards his room, leaving a confused Mark standing alone.
Tumblr media
‘’Dude, stop staring at her like you want to fuck her.’’
Jake was trying to get Sunghoon’s attention, but the latter’s eyes were on you. You weren’t doing anything in particular, you were reading your notes for economics. How did he know? You always used the blue highlighter for your economics notebook.
‘’So what, if I want to fuck her?’’ Sunghoon snapped back at his friend, resting his chin on his palm. He wasn’t lying, he really wanted to fuck you in that moment. You looked even prettier when you were concentrating. It was sexy and turned Sunghoon on even more than he could imagine. ‘’It’s not like I haven’t done it before.’’
‘’Like she’d ever fuck you right now.’’ Jake chuckled, dangling his arm on his friend’s shoulder. Oh Jake, if only he knew what happened behind closed doors… ‘’Hey, do you think she’d say yes, if I asked her out?’’
Sunghoon choked on air after hearing the words coming out from his friend’s mouth. ‘’As if…’’ He commented, acting like he didn’t give a shit. 
But then what was this weird, yet familiar feeling in his stomach? He couldn’t possibly be jealous, right? Suddenly, he felt like he was back in high school, sitting at their lunch table with his friends as Heeseung told him he had a crush on you. Sure, you all were in high school at the time, and he had a different mindset. But then Sunghoon thought of you; the way that, even though it was through different needs, you talked to him, shared yourself with him again. And, frankly, he cherished all of that, even if his pride was too fragile to admit it. ‘’But if you want to go on and ask her out, nobody’s going to stop you.’’
‘’Okay, let’s say she agreed and we started dating, wouldn’t it be weird for the both of you? You’re not the best pair of friends and we basically need to separate you two whenever you’re in the same room. And also, not to remind you but you’ve been fucking like rabbits ever since we found out.’’ Jake chuckled. ‘’Dude, you’re my best friend. I might have a small crush on her, but if it makes you uncomfortable, I wouldn’t go near her and you know, since you guys have some history together-‘’
‘’We don’t have shit.’’ Sunghoon muttered, his eyes catching your figure once again. ‘’We never did. It’s just sex.’’
Sunghoon smiled when he saw Beomgyu, Mark and his girlfriend get into the frame and sit down next to you, your frown turning into a bright smile immediately as you hit Mark’s arm and messed with Beomgyu’s hair. He really wished that one day you’d be comfortable around him like you were with them, like you used to be with him in high school. Sunghoon knew he had fucked up really bad, but deep down he hoped that you’d forgive him one day.
‘’I’m gonna go and sit next to them, you coming?’’ Jake asked, snapping Sunghoon from his thoughts.
“I’ll pass.. I have a lecture in a few minutes anyways.’’ He sighed, watching Jake nod and walk towards you while he got up and started walking to his class. 
Sunghoon’s chest felt tight after seeing your bright smile when Jake sat next to you. It even felt worse when his best friend made you laugh. You barely laughed like that with him. Sunghoon saw you turn around to face him, your eyes meeting for a second before he left. 
‘’Hey guys, I have to go now, I have a lecture soon.’’ You let your friends know after seeing Sunghoon flee. You got up, ready to follow Sunghoon but before you could take a step, Jake held your wrist. 
‘’Y/N? You’re leaving already?’’ Jake questioned. ‘’I was looking forward to chat with you and was wondering if-‘’
‘’Oh Jake, sorry. I have a lecture now. I’m getting late. I’ll talk to you later?’’ You smiled and without waiting for an answer, you were gone, following Sunghoon’s path.
You jogged until you reached him, tapping on his shoulder to get his attention. Sunghoon knew you were right behind him. You didn’t even need to let him know that you arrived. He could easily recognize the scent of your perfume. ‘’Oh, it’s you.’’
‘’Of course it’s me, dumbass. It’s our shared class, remember? We walk together.’’ You reminded him. 
‘’Since when did we become friends?’’ Sunghoon questioned, a small smile forming on his lips. He liked the sound of that. 
‘’Who said we were friends, we’re just walking together.’’ You answered, not really thinking much on it. 
‘’How come you’ve been abnormally nice to me lately?’’ 
‘’What do you mean?’’ 
‘’You just seem nicer than usual.’’
‘’I’ll punch you in the face, if you want.’’ You proposed. 
‘’Wanna fuck instead?’’
The offer made you stop dead in your tracks.
‘’Now? But we have a-‘’
‘’Lecture my ass.’’ Sunghoon said under his breath as he licked his lips. He took your hand in his and dragged you outside to the parking lot. 
It didn’t take you two long to get in the backseat of Sunghoon’s precious car which you used to always joke about, calling it his girlfriend every single time you were in it. Sex in Sunghoon’s car was a rare occurrence, it only happened when both of you were horny and needed a quick release. Sunghoon had already slid his pants along with his boxers and helped you take off your pants, getting into a comfortable position with you on top of him. He pushed your panties aside, feeling how wet you were.
‘’You’re soaking babe, I’m not even surprised at this point.’’ He placed a kiss on your chin. ‘’You ready?’’
‘’Less talking, more kissing,’’ You muttered, cupping his face and bringing his lips to yours. You were starting to enjoy kissing Sunghoon’s pretty pink lips more than you should have. Given the chance, you were sure you could kiss him for hours.
Sunghoon put on a condom while you were busy kissing his neck, helping you raise your hips enough for him to slide in, stretching your walls and filling you up. Sunghoon loved watching himself get lost inside you. It made his cock twitch every single time. You whimpered next to his ear, biting his earlobe to suppress yourself as you commenced to rock your hips back and forth. Sunghoon’s hands were on your ass, helping you move at a steady rhythm.
‘’I fucked you hundreds of times, how the fuck are you still so tight?’’ He moaned, hands giving your ass cheeks a tight squeeze.
‘’It turns outt you haven’t been fucking me good enough,’’ You smirked at him, earning yourself a hard spank on your butt.
‘’Don’t tempt me.’’
‘’Fuck you.’’
‘’You’re doing it right now, princess.’’ Sunghoon chuckled, throwing his head back.
You slipped your hands under his shirt, feeling his abs on your fingertips as you went up and down his cock, trying to pleasure yourself. ‘’Look at you, using me as a toy to make yourself cum, such a slut.’’
‘’I’m your slut though.’’ You mewled, hiding your face in the crook of his neck.
‘’Fuck yes, you are.’’ Sunghoon gulped, placing a kiss on top of your head.
The feeling of your walls sucking his dick in was getting harder to handle as time passed. You were moving like a goddess on his dick, even just the sight was enough to make him cum. ‘’I’m not gonna last long, keep moving your cute ass.’’
‘’So you finally admit that I have a cute ass?’’
‘’I’m not very fond of you but I love your ass.’’ Sunghoon revealed, moving your hips a bit rougher, chasing both of your orgasms.
‘’Hmm, I’m gonna cum too, your dick feels so good. Shit-’’ You mumbled, the tip of his dick brushing against right spots inside of you, not giving you another choice but to release on his cock. You came, holding Sunghoon as close to you as possible, crying out his name. He followed you right after, your walls squeezing him was too much, he felt like he was on cloud nine. He closed his eyes and let go, releasing into the condom.
When he opened his eyes, his breath hitched in his throat. The sunlight looked even prettier when it hit your skin, making the sweat on your neck look shiny. Of course, you looked sexy, it wasn’t debatable. But there was something about you, being able to see you in this state, that made Sunghoon go berserk. He adored it and it scared him so fucking much. It scared him because he knew, deep down in his heart, that this was a one way ticket. He knew the flames would emerge when he blew on the sparks. He didn’t know what this feeling was inside his body, but it made his hands tremble when he caught a glimpse of you. You made his heart beat faster, not from hate, but from pure love and adoration he felt towards you. That was when he accepted defeat.
Sunghoon’s mind had lost the war against his heart. And fuck, he felt so stupid, falling for someone who could never feel the same way about him. You were hurting him without knowing anything. He didn’t blame you though. He knew of the damage he had caused all those years ago, so why would you love him in the first place.It was his own mistake. He had to push you away like he had always done. It was for your own good.
He was too deep in his thoughts, he didn’t even realize you were already dressed, waiting for him. He quickly got rid of the condom and zipped his pants up. He knew you were waiting for him to take you home and continue everything there, but Sungoon couldn’t get himself to do that.
‘’Get out.’’ He whispered, trying to sound as stern as possible.
‘’What?’’ You asked, raising your eyebrows. ‘’I don’t think I heard you clearly.’’
‘’You heard me, get out. Go back to class. I’m going back to the frat.’’ Sunghoon climbed into the driver’s seat.
‘’But I want to come too.’’ 
‘’I don’t want you to.’’
‘’Oh- A-Alright.’’ You stammered, biting the inside of your cheek.  ‘’Will I see you tonight?’’
‘’No, I’m busy.’’
‘’I don’t know, Y/N, I have to go now. Can you get out?’’
‘’Whatever, dickhead.’’ You fumed, slamming the door of the car as you stepped out as you tried hard to keep your tears falling from your eyes.
Tumblr media
Everything started to go downhill after that day. 
You thought Sunghoon would go back to normal after a while, but he was not replying to your calls or texts, which went on for three days. You were worried about him and sincerely thought something bad had happened. But when you talked to Jake, he told you Sunghoon had been at the frat the whole time. You were enraged after hearing that. Who was he to ignore you, but then call you over when he felt like it?
You wanted to scream at the boy and maybe pick up a fight, so you made your way to the frat, as usual. Even if he wasn’t there by the time you arrived, you’d just hang out with Beomgyu. When you entered the frat house you came face to face with a person you didn’t expect to see.
‘’Heeseung?’’ You stammered, taking in the sight in front of you. He hadn’t changed a single bit except for his hair—it was a bright color of pink now.
‘’Y/N? Is that really you?’’ Joy was clearly audible in Heeseung’s voice when he spoke. ‘’It’s been so long! 4 years? Wow- You look amazing.’’ He complimented you, heat rising up to your cheeks. 
‘’So do you! I see you changed your hair.’’ You commented. He still looked as handsome as ever. He had a more mature vibe, and looked like he aged like fine wine. 
‘’I keep changing it now and then, it gets boring when I stick to something for too long.’’ He explained, bringing his hair up to his cotton candy colored hair. ‘’This must be fate, I was just thinking about you the other day.’’
Your breath hitched in your throat when you heard his words. ‘’Me? Why?’’
‘’We didn’t-’’
‘’Heeseung? Where did- Y/N, what are you doing here?’’ Sunghoon inquired, getting between you and his taller friend.
‘’I came to check up on you since you haven’t been answering my texts, I had to call Jake-’’
‘’Okay you saw me, now you can leave.’’ He sounded like he didn’t want to do anything with you. 
‘’Oh- Am I interrupting something? You guys are dating?’’ Heeseung asked, not having a single clue.
‘’No!’’ Both you and Sunghoon shouted at the same time, making Heeseung raise his arms in defense. 
‘’I’ll just go back to your room, Hoon.’’ Heeseung let his friend know. ‘’I hope you guys figure out what’s between you two.’’
After Heeseung went back upstairs, Sunghoon grabbed your arm and dragged you to the porch where you could talk without anybody trying to eavesdrop.
‘’What the fuck Sunghoon? What is wrong with you?’’ You slapped his hand away from your arm. You hated how his skin felt against yours when he was acting like a dick for no reason. ‘’Do you know how worried I was? It’s not fucking hard to send a text back.’’
‘’It’s not your job to know where I am, or what I’m doing. Why the fuck are you so pressed on it?’’ He let out a sigh. 
‘’You’ve been acting like a different person these past few days, what’s going on?’’ You really needed an answer because you didn’t think you had energy to deal with Sunghoon’s bullshit anymore. 
‘’Different person? Y/N, you don’t even know me.’’ Sunghoon scoffed, knitting his eyebrows.  
‘’I don’t know you? Sunghoon we grew up together, I know you better than anybody else. Even if you don’t want to admit, this is the truth!’’ You continued, your hands starting to tremble from anger.
He let out an annoyed chuckle, pressing his lips together. ‘’You’re playing with yourself, if you still think I’m the same guy from middle school.’’
‘’Can you at least tell me what’s on your mind?’’ You begged him to talk and figure everything out but he was persistent on not listening to you.
‘’That’s none of your business.’’ He threw you a fake smile. ‘’Now would you mind leaving?’’
‘’Sunghoon, we’re friends, why do you keep pushing me away? Is it because-’’ 
‘’We are not friends, Y/N. Friends don’t send each other pictures like that, friends don’t sext, friends don’t hold each other close at night, friends don’t give each other hickies, friends don’t kiss, friends don’t get each other wet, friends don’t fuck.’’ He stormed with angry eyes. ‘’So no, we aren’t friends.’’
Sunghoon’s words cut through you like a knife. He just stared at your face with zero emotion in his eyes. You were hurt. It was that silent between you two that you could easily hear the sound of your heart breaking. 
‘’Congrats, Park Sunghoon. You made the impossible possible, you just made me hate you even more than before. You can go fuck yourself because this-’’ You moved your finger in between your bodies. ‘’’Whatever the fuck this is, it’s over.’’
He didn’t do anything, not moving a single muscle. He just watched you walk away. When you were out of his sight, he rubbed his temples. His head was aching since you had stepped into the frat. He got inside and went back to his room where Heeseung was waiting.
‘’You never told me you were back to being friends with Y/N again. The last time I checked, she wanted to kill you.’’ The older boy commented when his friend entered the room. 
‘’She still wants to kill me, nothing has changed.’’ Sunghoon replied, throwing himself on the bed, somehow feeling heavier. 
‘’If nothing has changed, perhaps you still have feelings for her?’’ Heeseung snickered, making Sunghoon sit straight.
‘’What the fuck Heeseung? That was back in high school, why are you bringing it up right now?’’ Sunghoon barked, his shoulders getting tense.
‘’If you don’t like her, why are you getting so defensive?’’ Heeseung revealed. ‘’You were like this back in high school too, making up rumors just for her not to get with me. You’re still the same sick guy.’’
‘’I was a kid back then-’’
‘’You were 18, you knew what you were doing but still went for it.’’ 
‘’And you believed it like the dumbass you were.’’
‘’You’re so in love with her.’’ 
‘’I’m not.’’ Sunghoon denied, trying to control his anger. 
‘’You’ve never stopped loving her, you entered the same college as her to fix things, but look at where you are. After 3 years, you haven’t progressed, you’re still behind the start line.’’ Heeseung confronted his old friend.
Somebody needed to open Sunghoon’s eyes, and Heeseung had taken the task upon himself. ‘’You’re hurting yourself along with her. Why can’t you just admit it that you’re crazy about her?’’
‘’What do you expect me to do? She fucking hates me.’’ Sunghoon yelled. 
‘’And she has an acceptable reason. But you’re not doing anything to fix it. Stop pushing her away or you’re going to regret it.’’
‘’Do you think I don’t regret it now?’’
‘’Park Sunghoon, you’re the most dense person I’ve ever met, you’re not even trying.’’
Sunghoon picked at his nails, something he did when he felt stuck between four walls.
‘’Did you… Did you ever get in contact with her after high school?’’ Sunghoon asked with a quiet voice.
‘’I wanted to, but I knew it wouldn’t do us any good. It wasn’t your fault though, if you’re wondering. I was dumb and acted based on my feelings. It was for the best, if I just forgot her.’’ Heeseung told his friend with a sad smile. 
‘’I’m sorry I ruined everything.’’ Sunghoon apologized. Better late than never, right?
‘’Yeah, you’re an asshat, but you’re also my best friend. We talked about it back then, no need to bring it back up now.’’ Heeseung sighed and turned to face his friend. ‘’But I’m going to ask you for a favor.’’
‘’What is it?’’ 
‘’Stop lying to yourself.’’ Heeseung requested. 
After Heeseung left, Sunghoon stayed up all night. The days were following into mid spring, so it was warm, but the nape of his neck had never before felt colder. He sighed deeply for the nth time, before closing his eyes, fingers of the hand under his head tangled inside his messy hair.
When was the first time he realized he was in love with you?
It might have been the time you guys were at Jay’s pool party in junior year, he thought. He still remembered the sour taste of the lemonade Jay had made, and how you had been the only one not complaining about it. He scoffed at the memory of you throwing a coin to the pool for them to find.. He also reminisced about the way you had begged the boys to leave you alone while they had tried to pick you up and throw you into the pool. From all the people surrounding him that day, from all the shouting, his ears had picked up your laugh only.
Sunghoon found himself smiling, your smile coming to his vision when he closed his eyes. He thought the way the light reflected from the pool had made your hair look extra pretty that time. And a slight giggle escaped him at the memory of jumping in to ‘save’ you when the boys had finally thrown you into the water. Or maybe it was the time you had  made tons of flashcards for him to study, staying up with him all night, teaching him everything for the exam. You had put so much effort into it, cutting the cards evenly, organizing them by topic. But he was too busy staring at you, thinking about how adorable you looked with messy hair and glasses. It was probably the reason why he had failed the exam the next day. Looking back on it, he felt more guilty as he remembered how much you yawned after a certain hour, but kept going to help him.
Also there was the time he had caught you looking at Heeseung, a sight  which made his heart break into millions of pieces. You looked at Heeseung with so much adoration and love, Sunghoon would’ve done anything to be in his friend’s place. He was a bit angry though, why didn’t Heeseung look at you back the same way? Did he not notice the way your eyes were filled with glimmer? Did he not hear the skip in the beat of your heart whenever he talked with you? You deserved so much more, but it seemed like Heeseung didn’t care about you at all. Sunghoon didn’t want you to be sad over someone who didn’t deserve you in the first place.
When you stopped talking to him altogether, you took a part of his heart with you. Sunghoon was convinced you were never going to speak to him again until that one day when you came to the frat house and started bickering. All of his feelings for you re-emerged and he thought that if this was the only way to talk to you and bring you back into his life, he had to do it.
At first he didn’t think much on his feelings towards you, but after the second time you had sex, he just knew they were coming back and he was afraid. Sunghoon wanted to protect you from himself, but you kept coming back to him, making everything harder. He knew that he was bad news. But now, it seemed he had finally distanced himself enough. It was better this way for you both though, everything between you two ending before you caught feelings, Sunghoon thought.
Tumblr media
‘’Y/N, stop acting like you just got divorced and come out of your bed.’’ Beomgyu insisted, flipping the covers off of you, but you took them out of his hands and went back to hiding under them. ‘’Why don’t you just go and talk to Sunghoon?’’
‘’This is not about Sunghoon!’’ You faked a cough. ‘’I’m sick.’’
‘’Sure you are.’’ Mark rolled his eyes, sitting on the edge of your bed. ‘’If you’re sick, Sunghoon’s sick too. He hasn’t left his room since the day you came by either.’’
‘’That’s none of my business.’’ Your lips trembled as you talked. ‘’We’re not friends anyways. He’s a fuck face.’’
‘’Y/N, you know that we’re your friends, right?’’ Beomgyu started, trying to be the thoughtful friend he was. ‘’Is there something you want to tell us?’’
‘’Dude- She’s not getting fucked on the regular, that’s the problem.’’ Mark stated, making Beomgyu smack his shoulder. It was really not the right time to make sex jokes. 
‘’You can’t just- Mark, shut up.’’ The taller boy sighed, covering his face with his hands. 
‘’Nothing happened. Like I said, I’m just sick.’’ You spoke firmly, burying yourself in your bed even more.
‘’Will you be alright on your own?’’ Beomgyu worried. It was a rare sight for you to see your two closest friends being serious. He didn’t really want to leave you by yourself but on the other hand, maybe you did really need some time off. In addition, Mark’s remarks weren’t helping you out. 
‘’I’m fine, don’t worry. You guys can go.’’ You reassured them. 
‘’Okay then, c’mon Mark.’’ The younger boy got up, grabbing Mark’s arm and dragging him along so you’d have some space for yourself. 
‘’Beomgyu, you don’t know anything about girls! When they say ‘I’m fine’, they’re actually not!’’ You heard Mark’s voice as Beomgyu dragged him out, chuckling to yourself.
‘’You asshole, you think I don’t know that? It’s obvious she needs some time to herself to figure things out. You’re a fucking idiot, Mark Lee.’’ Beomgyu shook his head. He wanted to hit Mark even more. ‘’I still wonder how you got a girlfriend.’’ Beomgyu voiced out before they got out and closed the door behind them, leaving you alone.
Beomgyu was right, you had things to figure out, but you weren’t sure if you could do it by yourself—maybe you needed a little push. And there was only one person in this world, who could help you with it. You pushed the covers away, grabbing your phone from your table and dialing the familiar number. It didn’t take him long to pick up your call, sounding cheerful as usual.
‘’Hey, my beautiful dearest lovely friend.’’ His lovely voice came from the other end of the line.
‘’Hi, Soobin.’’ You greeted him with a tired voice, smiling to yourself when you heard his voice. 
‘’Uh-Oh, what’s wrong? Where’s the bubbly Y/N I know?’’ The tone of his voice changed when heard your voice on the other line. 
‘’Would you be mad, if there was something important going on with my life but I had been too scared to tell you because I didn’t know how you would react?’’ You blurted out, biting your lip. 
‘’It depends, what’s going on?’’ Soobin asked curiously. 
‘’I’ve been fucking Sunghoon.’’ You confessed right away, not finding a reason not to. 
‘’Oh sweet- Wait, which Sunghoon? Park Sunghoon?!’’ Soobin gasped on the other end of the line. ‘’Y/N! You’re a bitch! I’m supposed to your best friend and you didn’t bother telling me you’ve been fucking the guy who turned your life upside down?!’’ He yelled at you over the phone.
‘’Am I not allowed to have a private life?!’’ You fought back.
‘’Not when you’re friends with me!’’ Soobin clapped back. ‘’Okay, enough shouting. I guess something went wrong between you and him, since you called me.’’
You bit the inside of your cheek anxiously, not knowing the right words to use. ‘’We had a fight the other day because he was acting like an ass and I ended things.’’
‘’I don’t know why I’m hurting so much when there is nothing to end, actually,’’ You confessed, earning a sigh from Soobin.  
‘’Oh, my poor, clueless Y/N… You’ve been hanging around with that Mark kid too much, you’re starting to become as oblivious as him.’’ He clicked his tongue. Even Soobin found a way to bring Mark into random situations. 
‘’What does that even mean?!’’ You defended yourself.
‘’Tell me about your non-existent relationship with Sunghoon, will you?’’ He encouraged you, waiting patiently for you to tell him everything. 
‘’You want to hear about how he fucked me so you could jerk off to that? Soobin-’’
‘’EW! No, you fucker, I want to hear the details about- I don’t know, what the fuck you two did when you were not sucking his dick.’’ He specified.
‘’We fought a lot.’’ You chuckled, remembering the times you and Sunghoon started screaming at each other for the smallest things. ‘’But when it was just the two of us alone in one room, mostly after-’’
‘’I don’t want to hear that.’’ He cut you off with a stern voice.
‘’Shut up and let me finish. After sex, we’d always stay over. Sounds weird, right? People who keep these strictly sex-based relationships wouldn’t do something like that, they’d just get dressed and leave, but neither of us would. We had these weird talks, it was somehow intimate, nothing got out of that room. We kept it to ourselves.’’ You revealed, scratching your nose. ‘’We always texted each other, no matter where and when, it was mostlynasty things, but he always put a smile on my face with his stupid comments.’’
You chuckled at the memories. ‘’He held me close before we’d fall asleep, stroked my hair, sometimes hummed a song, and let me kiss him. I’m just realizing how different he was behind closed doors, like he was back to being his sixteen year old self. Caring and loving, not like the Sunghoon you know. He was back at being my Sunghoon.’’
Your Sunghoon. It felt like an eternity since you last called him that. You had never stopped wondering what went wrong between the two of you. It was more than just a close friend’s betrayal, there was a backstory that you could never figure out. It was funny, how you still craved his gentle touch and his lips on your skin. After what you had gone through, why was he still stuck in your mind? He was tattooed there, as well as engraved on your heart.
‘’Earth to Y/N? You still there?’’ Soobin’s voice snapped you back to reality.
‘’Y-Yeah, I was just thinking-’’
‘’Thinking about how you fell in love with Sunghoon?’’
‘’Well, now you’re just attacking me.’’
‘’You’ve never watched a rom-com, right? It always ends up with one side—or both sides, if you’re lucky enough—falling in love. And in this situation it’s you and maybe Sunghoon-’’
‘’He’s not.’’ You cut him off, a drop of tear sliding down your cheek. ‘’There’s no way he sees me like that, he fucking despises me.’’
And then there was silence, a long one.
‘’I’m sorry Y/N, I wish I was there to hold you.’’ Soobin whispered. Hearing his best friend go through all this again because of the same stupid boy made him both sad and angry; you didn’t deserve any of it.
‘’It’s okay—I’m used to it anyways.’’ You sniffled. ‘’You know you’re the best, right?’’
‘’Of course I’m the best, but you’re a runner up.’’ He mentioned, making you giggle. 
‘’I love you.’’ 
‘’Ew, stop being disgusting and save that for Sunghoon.’’ Soobin gagged, making you laugh.
‘’Why can’t I have one normal friend, is it too much to ask for..?’’ 
‘’If you had normal friends, your life wouldn’t be as fun as it is now.’’ Soobin was right, he was always right. Your crazy friends made everything better. 
‘’You got a point. Now, if you excuse me, I need to go back into my cave and drown myself with Netflix.’’ You said, making Soobin protest. 
‘’You’re such a loser. Wear something sexy, take those two idiots you call your friends out with you and have some fucking fun! Being in your bed the whole day won’t make Sunghoon come to you.’’ Soobin noted and, well, once again he was right. ‘’Go out and have a drink.’’
Tumblr media
‘’To be honest, I was a bit shocked when I saw your caller ID, but it put a smile on my face. I’ve been wanting to catch up with you since the day we bumped into each other.’’ Heeseung mentioned after the two of you took a seat in a restaurant near your place.
To your luck, neither Beomgyu nor Mark was free that night and since you didn’t have that many friends, only one person had popped into your mind.
‘’Ah, me too. I thought you were going to study in the States. What made you change that?’’ You asked. It was something you had always wondered.
Heeseung still had a special place in your heart. Despite the fact your friendship had come to an end in the worst way possible, it didn’t mean you no longer cared about him. And also, everything could still be fixed. You weren’t sure about yours and Sunghoon’s relationship though, and you hated how even the most simple things reminded you of him.
‘’I got dance scholarship here.’’ Heeseung answered your question with a wide smile. He had always been into dancing. Back in high school, he was the captain of the dance team while Sungnhoon did ice skating professionally. Ah, once again, your mind drifted to Sunghoon. You frowned, looking down at the empty plate in front of you.
‘’You okay, Y/N?’’ Heeseung asked, concerned. 
‘’O-Oh yeah, don’t worry. It’s nothing.’’ You lied, putting a fake smile on your face.
‘’I know we haven’t talked or seen each other for a long time, but I can easily understand when something is wrong. Tell me what’s on your pretty mind.’’’ Heeseung pointed out, and he was right. ‘’Is it Sunghoon?’’ The way you chose to stay silent after hearing the other boy’s name was the answer Heeseung looked for. ‘’Of course, it’s him.’’ 
‘’Can we not talk about him?’’ You almost begged, wanting to have a nice dinner in peace with an old friend.
‘’Even if we don’t talk about him openly, I know you’ll be thinking of him.’’
‘’Is it a bad thing?’’ You couldn’t find the courage to look at your old friend.
‘’Never, it shows you’ve never changed since high school.’’ Heeseung threw you a warm smile. ‘’You always lived in your own world. You hid your feelings from everyone, never really voiced out your opinion… but I see, you’ve also learned how to stand up for yourself.’’
‘’Things would be much easier, if we were still in high school.’’ You muttered, taking a sip of your wine.
‘’Are you sure about that? I think it’d be more complicated since both me and Sunghoon had a crush on you.’’ Heeseung chuckled at his own confession.
His revelation made you choke on the drink you were having. You just stared at Heeseung before you opened your mouth to speak again. ‘’What?!’’
‘’Oh shit- You didn’t know? I thought Sunghoon had told you about it. Guess he didn’t…’’ Heeseung scratched the nape of his neck, feeling like he slipped his friend’s secret. 
‘’I had no idea- I had a crush on you too.’’ 
‘’I knew that. Sunghoon told me weeks after we drifted away, but it was too late. I was a really stupid 18 year old, wasn’t I?’’ Heeseung let out a sad chuckle. 
‘’I had no idea Sunghoon had feelings for me back then… If he liked me, why did he make up all those stupid rumors and tell you and Jay about it?’’
‘’Do you really need an answer for that? He was a stupid teenager in love. He would have done anything to make you his. He acted without thinking, which made everything worse.’’ Heeseung shrugged, after all these years he could only excuse his actions in this way. 
You nodded in agreement, but there were still hundreds of questions in your head. If  Sunghoon didn’t hate you at all, why did he keep pushing you away like you were some kind of old toy?
After eating dinner and walking around a little, Heeseung dropped you off in front of your apartment and you promised to keep in contact with each other. You were happy to have your childhood friend back in your life, but even if it seemed like a win, you were still losing.
You made your way up the stairs and walked with slow steps. You were tired mentally and it affected you physically too. When you finally stood in front of your doorway, you saw a face you hadn’t expected  to see, a face which made your blood boil.
‘’What are you doing here?’’ You tried to sound as calm as possible, you didn’t want to cause unnecessary drama.
‘’Can we talk?’’ Sunghoon pleaded, stepping closer to you as you took a step away from him. ‘’Y/N, please.’’
‘’You can’t just fuck my life over more than once and come back in it like nothing happened.’’ You tried to hold back your tears. ‘’I’m so sick of you pushing me away like I don’t mean anything to you.’’
‘’I’m an idiot.’’ 
‘’Yeah, you’re an idiot.’’ You pushed him away to unlock your door, getting inside. ‘’That has been established.’’
You left the door open for Sunghoon to get inside. You knew no matter how hard you tried, he wouldn’t leave. And, just as you had predicted, he didn’t hesitate to take the silent invitation,  closing the door behind himself.
‘’Your smile is the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen.’’ Sunghoon  started off randomly, making you turn around and look at him. ‘’There’s something about it, it’s special. I can’t ever find other people’s smiles attractive or nice in the slightest, it’s just your smile that is perfect. When I go through hardships, your smile becomes the sun that leads me.’’ He stopped, only to quickly open his mouth again. ‘’I just enjoy you, I like talking to you—even if we get on each other’s nerves a lot. I like looking at you, especially in the morning when your hair is messy. I like being around you, even if you hate my guts and tell me to fuck off.”
His gaze never left yours as he spoke, pain hiding behind his eyes. You didn’t want to hear the rest of his monologue because you knew that once you heard out what he was going to say, you wouldn’t be able to tell him to leave you alone. 
“It kills me to imagine you with anyone else. I’m so in love with you. Everytime I see you or hear your voice I get butterflies in my stomach, my hands start to tremble. The first time I met you, I had no damn idea I’d love you this much. You make me go insane. I know we don’t have the best relationship, but even when we’re mean to each other and sometimes you want to talk like you want to kill me, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been because of you and nothing could ever change that.’’
Sunghoon shoved his hair back away from his face, giving you a clear view of his eyes. ‘’If you want me to leave and never come back in your life, I’ll do that. You’ll never see me again. I’ll just vanish. I have hurt you more than I could imagine and I’ll understand if you tell me to fuck off, but know one thing that, physically and emotionally, you’re the only one that I want.’’ 
You wanted to open your mouth, scream at him, call him nasty names, tell him to leave. You didn’t want to get heartbroken by him again but you just stood there frozen as you stared at each other. 
No words were spoken.
Just silence. 
‘’Park Sunghoon.’’ You started, breaking the silence as you got back all of his attention. ‘’There are still too many songs I want to fuck you to.’’ You stepped closer to him, grabbing him by the waist when he least expected before bringing your lips on his.
It was something Sunghoon wasn’t ready for. He thought you’d reject him, tell him that you never wanted to see his face again, but instead here you were, kissing him with your hands on his body. After coming back to his senses, he wrapped his arms around you and kissed you back with all the power he got.
The kiss started off slow and sensual, Sunghoon treated you like you were made out of glass. He was scared to touch you, something he had never done prior. He was delicate, a side you’d never seen before. On the other hand, you got reminded of how much you had missed his pretty lips against yours. You slipped your hands under his t-shirt, feeling his abs under your fingertips, grabbing his skin and pulling him closer. You didn’t want to leave any space between your bodies. You ached being closer to him. Maybe, for the very first time, your kisses weren’t full of lust but pure love and adoration for each other.
You tugged at the hem of his shirt, signaling him to take it off, making him pull away for a second. He stared into your eyes with a soft gaze.
‘’I need to hear you say it before we move on.’’ He begged, bringing his hands to cup your face. 
‘’I’m in love with you Park Sunghoon.’’ You breathed out, wanting to kiss him more and more. ‘’I need you.’’ You mewled, before kissing his neck, aching to feel him somehow.
‘’Say it again.’’ Sunghoon insisted, dragging his hands all over your body until they stopped at your waist. 
‘’I need you.’’ You told him again, before capturing his lips once more.
He undressed you slowly, taking in the sight, before getting rid of his own clothes, leaving only his boxers on. You were truly the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on, not a single thought had changed since the time he had realized his true feelings for you. He hated himself so fucking much for having hurt you, and the only thing he knew in that moment was to make everything up to you. 
His touches were burning on your skin, he didn’t leave a single place untraced as his hands roamed all over your bare body. He slowly pushed you down on the couch and got on top of you, never breaking the kiss. He kissed down your jawline to your neck, leaving marks of love with every touch. Wherever his lips went, a tingling sensation seemed to follow. Your heart started to beat faster with every kiss he left on your body, making you fall in love with him even more. Never in a million years would you have expected to see yourself tangled with Sunghoon’s body like this, but now it was the only thing you craved.
He unclasped your bra before placing his lips on your right nipple as he massaged the other one delicately, flicking his tongue before sucking on it. You wrapped your legs around his torso, grinding against his crotch to get some friction, making him moan against your breast. Sunghoon was already hard from that one specific moment where you kissed him with so much passion. It was getting unbearable for him as time passed, but he had to endure it since he wanted to take his time with you, to show you how much he loved you.
He kissed down to your tummy, stopping when he came into contact with your underwear, pulling away from your body to take it off slowly. You were fully bare in front of him now and Sunghoon couldn’t help but stare. No matter how many times he had seen you naked, today was the day you looked ethereal. He placed chaste kisses on your sensitive thighs, marking here and there for you to see the next morning when you’d wake up. He moved to your core, his hot breath made you get goosebumps on your skin.
‘’I’ve never been more attracted to another person than I am to you.’’ Sunghoon murmured before dipping his head in between your legs, lickling a stripe from your folds to your clit, making you tangle your fingers in his hair.
He started off slow, giving your clit kitten licks, before sucking on it gently. You were a moaning mess under him within seconds, with every movement of his tongue you grabbed his locks a little bit tighter, pulling them towards you to let him know how good he was making you feel. Sunghoon had always been good with his tongue, working like it was sprinkled with magic. As he started to go a  bit harder on you, your hips jerked towards his mouth, trying to get more pleasure from his tongue. He put his hands on both of your thighs, trying to stop you from moving. Sunghoon could eat you out for the rest of his life, it started to become his pleasure too. Seeing your fucked up face was also another thing; he could do it for hours.
‘’Hoon, it feels so good.’’ You whimpered, throwing your head back. He moaned against your nub, sending vibrations through your spine. ‘’I need your fingers too, please.’’ 
Sunghoon didn’t need to be told twice, before one of his hands left its place on your thigh and found the way to your folds, collecting your wetness with two fingers as his tongue continued to work on you.
Without any heads up, he inserted two fingers in, stretching your walls as you hissed at the sudden contact. Suddenly his lips left your clit and he moved closer to your face. You gave him a confused look, but before you could understand what was happening, he crashed his lips against yours once again, letting you taste yourself as his fingers continued to pump in and out of you, his palm rubbing on your clit.
You pressed your lips Sunghoon’s shoulder, trying to hold back the inhumane noises threatening to come out of your mouth. He started to pick up his speed, his fingers hitting the right spots inside of you with every single movement. He realized how hard your nipples had gotten once again and took one in between his lips, sucking on it like on a lollipop.‘’You’re so good to me, Hoon.’’ You cried out, holding onto his arms tightly.
‘’I want to give you my everything, baby.’’ He mumbled after letting go of your perky nipple, kissing your jawline instead.
Your walls clenched around his long digits, signaling you were getting close to your release. Your breath hitched in your throat when he curled his fingers, applying pressure to that one spot, making your toes curl in pleasure.
‘’I’m close.’’ You whispered, sucking on his earlobe. He pulled away from you to take a look at your face.
‘’I want you to look into my eyes when you cum, can you do that, princess?’’ He asked softly.
‘’I’ll do anything you want.’’ You murmured, your nails digging into the skin of his biceps. Sunghoon stopped moving his fingers when they were deep inside of you, pushing them in and holding his fingertips on your g  spot, putting pressure on it as you came undone. 
He brought you in for a wet kiss when you calmed down, struggling to get out of his boxers, throwing them away somewhere in the room. He sat up, trying to find a comfortable position, before grabbing you by the waist and pulling you closer to him, making you yelp.
‘’Do you know how much I fantasize about fucking you- Wait no, that doesn’t sound right- making love to you on a daily basis?’’ He asked, making your cheeks heat up, in the middle of having sex. Yes, Park Sunghoon had that effect on you. ‘’Aw, is my princess embarrassed?’’ He giggled as you tried to hide your face, hitting his chest with your free hand.
‘’Shut up.’’
‘’You’re so cute, it makes me want to fuck you so hard.’’
‘’What happened to love making?’’
‘’First I’ll make love to you gently, treat you the way you deserve. I want to show you how genuine my feelings are, how much I truly love you.’’ He grabbed his length, giving it a few pumps, before lining it at your entrance. ‘’Then I’m going to fuck you till your throat becomes sore from screaming my name and I won’t stop until my back is covered in scratch marks.’’
With that, he slid into you, filling you up. He held your hand, interlacing your fingers as he pushed all the way in. He hid his face in the crook of your neck, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he waited for you to adjust to his size. When you gave him the green light, he started moving his hips softly. You moaned out his name when you felt the pleasure hit you, pressing your lips against his to make it more intimate. A kiss full of passion and love, full of everything Sunghoon wanted to give to you—he knew it would mean more than words, he was never good with them.
‘’You feel heavenly, love.’’ He let out a strangled moan, the feeling of your pussy around his cock made it hard for him to express his feelings. ‘’I’m so in love with you.’’
‘’I love you too, baby.’’ You tried to say in between your own moans.
His pace started getting faster with each thrust and you bucked more overwhelming and soon enough, you were getting close to your second release of that night.
No words could have expressed how Sunghoon was feeling. He choked out a moan as your wet walls squeezed around his dick. With every sound you made, he thrusted a bit deeper, sometimes a bit faster, chasing both of your orgasms. Yet he still tried to be sensual and gentle with it all.
‘’Shit- I’m gonna cum. Princess, are you close?’’ He asked, pecking your lips. You whimpered instead of giving him a clear answer, but he got your message. Out of the blue, he flipped you over, making you get on top of him. ‘’Want you to ride me, baby.’’
You didn’t think twice before starting to rock your hips against his crotch, the new position made you feel even better than before. Sunghoon’s eyes watched your figure closely as you fucked yourself on his dick, trying to reach your high. His hand came to grab your breasts, massaging them and playing with your nipples.
‘’Love it when you use me like this.’’ He purred, grabbing your ass cheeks, helping you move on him.
Your movements started to get more sloppy as you got closer to your release, and for Sunghoon, the feeling of you walls squeezing his dick was the final line. He released inside you, painting it with white cum. Unfamiliar curse words left his lips as he jerked his hips and fucked you through his orgasm, helping you reach yours only seconds later. You came, loudly moaning his name, before plopping down on his chest, his dick still inside of you.
Sunghoon swore, when you looked back up at him from his chest after having calmed down from your climax he could’ve easily come for a second time—thank god, he knew how to control himself.
Sunghoon chuckled, running a hand through your messy hair, trying to fix it for you as you smiled innocently at him.
‘’You’re insane.’’ He commented, before placing a kiss on your forehead. ‘’And I’m in love with you.’’
‘’You’ll never stop saying it, will you?’’
‘’Nope, I’m in love with you.’’
‘’I love you too, Sunghoon.’’ You cupped his cheeks, kissing him for the nth time.
‘’You looked so good on top of me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.’’ He beamed, playing with the strands of your hair. ‘’I still can’t believe you love me.’’
‘’Yeah, I was pretty surprised too.’’ You snickered.
‘’We won’t stop bickering any time soon, will we?’’ He let out a content sigh. He wouldn’t want to change it anyway.
‘’It’s our thing.’’ You expressed, using Sunghoon’s chest as a pillow as he traced lines on your back, relaxing into his touch.
You lay down in silence, just enjoying each other’s presence. You knew you had a lot to talk about, but for once, you wanted to be in his arms in peace, thinking about nothing but him.
Sunghoon hissed when you moved slightly, forgetting that his member was still inside of you. ‘’Look, if you’re going to continue moving, let me pull out.’’ He joked. ‘’or I’ll get hard again.’’
‘’We can take care of that.’’ You teased him, feeling his length twitch inside of you.
‘’Actually, this was not how I imagined it would be. I really wanted to take you on a date today. You know, I waited on your doorstep for three hours.’’ He scolded you, sounding pretty annoyed at the reason you made him wait. Well, he could’ve called you. ‘’Beomgyu told me you were home, but when I got there you were nowhere to be seen. Where did you go?’’
‘’I was out with Heeseung.’’ You replied. 
‘’I can’t believe you’re talking about Heeseung while my dick is still inside of you.’’ He clicked his tongue. You made him wait because you were with Heeseung, amazing. Even if Sunghoon knew you were his from now on, he still didn’t like the idea of Heeseung taking you out. Plus, it didn’t feel right talking about his best friend when his cock was inside of you.
‘’You asked!’’ You reasoned. 
‘’And I can’t believe that bastard took you on a date before I could.’’ Sunghoon huffed, sounding a bit pissed about the situation. 
‘’Well, if you hadn’t waited years to confess, we would have already been dating now.’’ You pointed out, pinching his sides. 
‘’You weren’t supposed to know that.’’ He shook his shoulders, his cheeks turning red from embarrassment. You poked his single dimple before placing a kiss on his cheek.
‘’It’s not your fault you were a stupid high school boy who lost everything to his ego. The character development is visible though, I’ll give you that.’’ You pondered.
‘’Just try to see it from my perspective.’’
‘’I tried to, but I can’t put my head that far up my ass.’’ You snapped back, satisfied with your response.
‘’It seems like nothing has changed between us.’’ Sunghoon giggled and the sound was like music to your ears, a beautiful melody.
‘’I like the way we are right now Hoon. It seems natural. I wouldn’t want to change that.’’ You confessed, looking straight into his eyes.
‘’Me neither. I love you.’’
‘’Ugh, don’t do that to yourself.’’ You joked. ‘’I love you too.’’ You kissed his jawline, then his neck, sucking a hickey on his white skin.
‘’Stop, you’re gonna get me hard again.’’ Sunghoon whined at your actions. ‘’I wanted to spend the night cuddling, but you’re so horny.’’
‘’Don’t act like you don’t want it. We haven’t seen each other in two weeks. Do you know how depressing that was?’’ 
‘’I’m sorry, I know. Alright then, what my princess wants, she gets. But, like, can we move to the bedroom? Your couch is so small, it’s making my back hurt.” You smiled at Sunghoon’s reasoning. He was right though. Maybe you needed a new couch where both of you could fit easily.
Tumblr media
‘’You guys are fucking gross.’’ Beomgyu threw a pillow at you and Sunghoon when he caught you making out in the middle of the living room. ‘’I wish we could go back to the good old times when the two of you couldn’t stand each other. I’d take that over this any day.’’
‘’Are they sucking each other’s faces off again?’’ Jake came in and took a seat next to Beomgyu. Easy guess, the boy thought. 
‘’It’s happening on a daily basis now, I’m not surprised.’’ Mark commented, plopping down next to you. ‘’I mean, Sunghoon’s room is right upstairs why don’t you just make out there?’’
‘’Oh, we love to annoy you guys.’’ You commented, giving your boyfriend a high five. Both of you had smug smirks on your faces. 
‘’She’s right, it’s more fun like that.’’ Sunghoon added, kissing you on the cheek, before pulling you back on his lap, resting his chin on your shoulder.
‘’Who would’ve thought these two would end up together.’’ Mark asked himself, staring at you and boyfriend with lots of questions in his mind like always. Well, he still couldn’t find any reasonable answers. No matter how much he brainstormed around the idea, he came back empty handed. 
‘’I did.’’ Beomgyu responded, making Mark raise his eyebrows. Beomgyu thought Mark couldn’t be that clueless, could he? Beomgyu knew from day one that you and Sunghoon were going to end up together even if it was months or even years later. 
‘’Me too, it was so obvious.’’ Jake jumped in as well, making Mark two times more confused. 
‘’Oh c’mon! Is it only me who never saw these two idiots ending up together? I’ll just go ask Taehyun and Jeno, they would agree with me.’’ Mark wrinkled his nose, still not believing his friends. 
‘’It’s just you Mark, get over it.’’ Sunghoon rolled his eyes, before turning his attention back to you, peppering kisses down your neck.
You heard Mark whine like a kid who was about to cry.  “Here they go again…”
‘’Mark, just act like they’re not here. You should be used to it by now. It’s been four months.’’ Beomgyu threw a pillow at Mark this time, trying to get him to shut up. ‘’Also, weren’t you going to meet up with your girlfriend?’’
‘’She’s on her way here.’’ He responded excitedly. Nobody understood how Mark ended up being with the girl of dreams but you guessed everyone had different tastes. 
‘’Wow Mark, you’re such a gentleman. You have a car, why didn’t you pick her up?’’ You hit the back of the boy’s head, trying to put some logic in his head. It wouldn’t be surprising if his girlfriend broke up with him the next day.
‘’Shit- Why didn’t I think of that? I really am an asshole.’’ Mark got up, grabbing his coat before storming off. ‘’See you guys tonight or tomorrow! The dinner is happening right?’’
‘’Yeah! Bring your girlfriend too!’’ Sunghoon shouted before Mark left.
‘’Y/N, you’re gonna cook tomorrow, right?’’ Jake asked with hope. 
‘’Yup but I expect a little help from all of you. Especially you, mister.’’ You booped Sunghoon’s nose, making him smile.
‘’Of course, baby. What are you gonna make?’’
‘’My famous Mac n Cheese.’’
‘’You remind me of Mac n Cheese.’’ He mumbled, hiding his face in your neck, taking in your scent.
‘’How so?’’
‘’I love Mac n Cheese.’’
‘’Jake, they’re flirting again and it’s still disgusting!’’ This time it was Beomgyu who was whining.
‘’Didn’t you just say to ignore them?’’ Jake shook his head before getting up and going back to his room, dragging a disgusted Beomgyu with him. ‘’We’ll just leave the two of you alone, but no funny stuff in the living room! You know how mad Yeonjun got when he learned about the kitchen.’’
Sunghoon just nodded at him, waiting for his friend to get out of his sight quickly. ‘’Thank god, they’re gone. We can finally continue.’’ He laid you back down on the couch and started kissing you softly.
‘’Hmph, Sunghoon we have things to talk about!’’ You cooed, pushing him off, then climbing back on his lap, placing a kiss on his cheek. Sunghoon’s frown turned  into a pure smile in seconds. ‘’Have you talked to Jay? Is he coming tomorrow?’’
‘’Yeah he’s going to pick Heeseung up too. What about Soobin? Did he land safely?’’
‘’Yup! His flight landed two hours ago. I’m so happy all of us will be together again. How exciting is that?’’ You beamed, so joyful that all of your close friends from high school would be meeting up after a long time. 
‘’Beautiful.’’ Your boyfriend murmured, placing a strand of hair behind your ear as he stared at your side profile. How the fuck had he gotten so lucky? ‘’What do you want to do for the weekend?’’
‘’Eat tacos.’’ You wooed, clapping your hands in excitement. 
‘’I was thinking of something more romantic.’’
‘’Eat tacos in the rain?’’ 
‘’You’re fucking adorable.’’ He pinched your cheeks, ‘’and adorably fuckable.’’
‘’Why do you always connect everything to sex?!’’ You nagged. 
‘’So what? Sex is cool.’’ Sunghoon defended himself, pulling your figure closer to his own. ‘’It’s even better when it’s with you.’’
‘’Sunghoon, I have something to ask you.’’ You announced, folding your hands on your lap. Time to change the subject. ‘’You know how you’ve been staying at my place most of the time, right? You only come back here to hang out with your friends so-’’
‘’So?’’ He raised one of his eyebrows, curious as to where the conversation was going.
‘’What if you just- you just moved in with me?’’ You blurted out, making Sunghoon squirm like a kid.
‘’Are you being serious right now? This is not a joke?’’ 
‘’It’s not, will you move in with me?’’ You repeated, your heartbeat quickening as you waited for an answer.
You didn’t get an answer but instead, a passionate kiss on your lips. ‘’I’d love to, we could eat tacos and butter cookies everyday.’’ 
‘’Wow, the dream life.’’ You emphasized, chuckling at his reasoning. 
‘’And I���d get to kiss you whenever I want.’’ He spoke with excitement. 
Just then, Jake and Beomgyu came back to grab some drinks. ‘’Boys, I’m moving out’’ Sunghoon dropped the bomb so suddenly, making the other two froze on spot. Well, they weren’t expecting that. 
‘’Does that mean-’’
‘’No more stressing over kitchen sex. God bless.’’ Beomgyu let out a relieved sigh, dropping on his knees to thank not only Jesus but God also. 
‘’You keep forgetting that Mark has a girlfriend and they could continue our legend.’’ You got up from Sunghoon’s lap, walked over to your friend and patted his back.
‘’It’s okay, Mark doesn’t last long anyways.’’ Beomgyu shrugged, getting up from the floor. You wondered how he could say such shameless things casually and on top of that, he made everything coming out from his mouth normal.
‘’We have weird friends.’’ Sunghoon mentioned, following you.
‘’We do.’’ You leaned against his chest, his hands falling on your waist like an instinct. ‘’So you wanna move in next week?’’
‘’That fast?’’ Jake chimed in. ‘’We don’t have enough time to plan a party. Beomgyu, we need to start now.’’ He said in panic. Of course, they would throw a party. They always throw a party. They just needed a logical reason behind it and now Sunghoon’s depart from the frat was enough for them to organize the biggest party of the year. 
‘’I’ll bring the beers…’’ Beomgyu sighed and went into the kitchen to grab a few bottles. 
‘’You guys do that. We have a place to visit.’’ Sunghoon rattled on, confusion visible in your eyes.
You didn’t remember Sunghoon mentioning he had something planned, but regardless, you agreed. You said your goodbyes to the rest of the boys and went out, fingers laced together.
‘’So mister… Where is this place we have to visit?’’ Your curious eyes watched him.
‘’The ice cream parlor down the street.’’ Sunghoon responded, yet once again smiling.
‘’Oooh, is this a date?’’ You teased him, resting your head on his shoulder as you continued walking.
‘’Sorry, I have a girlfriend and she’s so beautiful.’’ He kissed your temple.
‘’You’re such a dumbass, I can’t wait to sleep in your stupid t-shirt and hold you close before falling asleep.’’ 
‘’I can arrange that, if you let me touch your butt.’’
‘’Deal, because I love you.’’ You jumped excitedly and pecked Sunghoon’s cheek.
‘’Ah? Really? Why? What’s wrong with you?’’ 
‘’Hoon, can’t you just say it back once without making fun of me?!’’
‘’It wouldn’t be genuine if I didn’t.” he laughed before turning back to face your pout. ‘’Okay, okay, I’m sorry, I love you and I can’t wait to wake up to your angelic face every morning.’’
‘’You’re such a sweet talker.’’ You observed him as you stood in front of the ice cream shop.
‘’Only to you baby, you’re my home.’’
And he was too, your home.
Tumblr media
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rosesbxrry · 9 days ago
Red Dress and the things in between
Tumblr media
Pairing: Friends with benefits! Sunghoon X Rich girl Fem! Reader
Genre: Smut🔞 (Minors DNI), fluff, a dash of angst, friends with benefits to lovers, porn with plot, mutual pining. 
Warnings: unprotected sex (wrap it up before you tap), oral (female receiving), Dom! Sunghoon with a biker history, Sunghoon calling reader ‘princess’ multiple times, Sunghoon has a thing fucking you in pretty dresses, alcohol consumption, smoking (weed and cigarettes), profanities/ lots of cursing, dry humping and mention of voyeurism, mc having rich girl problems, hopefully I didn’t miss out anything else. 
Summary: You’ve yet again escape from one of the lavish parties your parents hosted, hoping to find an safe heaven in another party that includes drunk and horny students in a frat house, and maybe from certain someone as well. 
“The red dress looks good on you.”
“Thanks, I dyed it with the blood of my enemies.”
Main masterlist
Word count: 7,012 words
Tumblr media
Everything feels suffocating. 
It was ironic that you think that— puffing out a single drag from the cigarette between your lips, feeling the smoke reach your lungs whilst escaping through your mouth and nose. The window of your car was slightly open, letting in the gush of wind flailing the strands of your messy hair that was once an elegant bun. 
You keep one hand steady on the steering wheel, while the other carefully removes the cigarette to tap the falling ashes at the end outside the window sill. The muscle in your body immediately relaxes, sucking in the sentiment of the nicotine coursing through your veins. 
Your eyes glance at the time on your dashboard. 
1:04 a.m. 
You pressed on the gas paddle a little harder. The acceleration was something you were used to. You were always running late to meetings, events and blind dates that your parents set up, including right now— driving to the location of the frat party a few blocks away. In a way, it was on brand for you to be fashionably late to circumstances like these (which was something your parents absolutely loathe).
The frat house in sight was already looking disarranged. You park your Roll-Royce among the common cars that belong to the students inside. As if that wasn’t the only thing that made you stood out; the red delicate couture gown you wore showed skin with it’s spaghetti strap details, the fitting clinched to your waist and flared out to show silver heels adored with rhinestones that clatter against the stone pavement of the walkway 
Overdressing is something, you can proudly say, is your expertise. 
Last time, you wore a full set vintage skirt-suit to the convenience store, earning you some curious stares. The black and white tweed detail compliments the dark sunglasses you adored, busying yourself with some instant Ramyeon and a can of beer after a very exhausting dinner meeting at some exclusive restaurant. 
Don’t get her wrong, the food was exquisite; the chefs have trained for years to perfect the art of culinary and gastronomy in a single plate that could, unfortunately, feed a tiny mouse. At least you were accompanied by some enjoyable wine but with a not so enjoyable company of your parents and their business partners. 
When people see you, the only daughter from a family of Nouveau riche, striding through the crowd in a caricature attire from the norm (some call it inappropriate); you’ll know that she had yet again, escaped from the clutches from a terrible evening reception or gala held by her family. 
You didn’t even bother the stares and glares from other students as you walked in. How could you? The clothing you wore was magnificent and glamorous, and they deserved to be worn. 
You grinned when your best friend, Sieun, squealed in shock when she saw you. You didn’t blame her, you did say there was a chance you won’t be able to attend the frat party but here you were, giving her a hug as she pulled you into her arms, a red cup of booze still in her hands. 
She pulled you away for a second to look at you up and down. “You look like you came straight out of—” 
“—Hell? Yeah, that was the kind of vibe I was going for.” You twirl around to show her your dress, a smug and proud smirk tugging at your lips at your choice of attire. 
“I have a feeling your mom did not like that.” Sieun gave you an impressed expression, almost approving of what you had done.
You lean into her with a devilish smile. “She was fucking furious.” 
The fit of giggles was befitting between you and her. Sieun had been your best friend since high school; coming from a normal family with a normal beginning. The relationship was rocky at first; she saw you as everyone did back then, a snotty brat from a rich family that could buy their way in every aspect of life. 
It wasn’t until she took a part-time job as a waiter at one of the events your family held, did she truly see the real person behind the mask everyone painted you to be. A small mistake leads to spilled champagne on a guest’s dress and Sieun ends up being degraded by the young women. 
It wasn’t until you arrived, clayed in another defying attire that distinguished you from the rest, strutting through the crowds of wealthy people who had watched the incident happen. Sieun swore she felt something change in her, watching you take the bottle of champagne from the tray and pouring it on top of the lady’s head. 
Your best friend was baffled, almost star-struck when you grabbed her hand hastily by the wrist; the sound of the young woman screaming at the top of her lungs after being humiliated mixed together with your mother’s distant angry shouts. It echoed in the cumbersomeness of the mansion as you swiftly eloped with her from the place. 
From there, everything was history. 
“Baby! There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Sieun’s boyfriend appeared behind, slinging a hand around her shoulder with a beaming expression. While the two enjoy a moment of affection (too much pda for your taste), you clear your throat awkwardly before things could escalate further than your eyes can bear. 
“Your highness,” Jihoon bowed in your direction in an almost taunting manner. “What brings the princess here to generously grace us with her presence?” 
Sieun nudged him on the stomach with her elbow, causing the male to let out a groan. You let a giggle when Sieun rolled her eyes, winking at your direction at her boyfriend’s stupid antics. 
“Just kidding,” Jihoon emphasized in agony through gritted teeth, rubbing his stomach with his palm from the impact. “But seriously though, I thought you had a super duper important rich people event that you needed to go to.” 
“I ditch that clown show,” You scoffed, letting out a winded sigh after. “So I came straight to the party for something to relish on.” 
“Oh yeah! princess gone wild yet again.” A huge grin made its way on his face, bringing his palm up to high-five you. Though the action was childish (and very boorish for your own etiquette), you reluctantly reciprocate back; trying to hold back the small smile on your lips. 
Jihoon might be the embodiment of incompetency (you had always describe him as a himbo which for some reason, causes Sieun to swooned over him even more) but he was also one of the few people who treated you unexpectedly normal, despite the reputation you have— which you sort of form an endearing affiliation to him. 
“You guys go and have fun,” You observed the way Jihoon’s arm slipped down to circulate around his girlfriend’s waist, maybe itching to go lower with the way it kept fidgeting around. The way he was pulling her flush against his side— it caused you to purse your lips in an impish manner, slowly reaching out to grab the forgotten red cup in Sieun’s hand. “I’m gonna leave before his boner scars me for life.” 
You can see the panic rise in his eyes, but Sieun shooed you away before you could tease him even further— the flush on her cheeks were apparent with the way she turned you around by the shoulder and hastily pushed your back, leading you in the opposite direction. 
“Goodbye, y/n.” Sieun promptly answered, unamused at the way you crackled when her flush deepens. You let her push you until you were out of sight— but her last words caught you off guard that you almost trip on your heels.
“Sunghoon would be looking for you if he knew you came.” 
And she left you alone to dwell on your thoughts. Of course he would— this frat party after all, was held by the fraternity he belongs to. Belift House made up of many infamous names; Jake Sim, the Australian Math Major known to be the biggest flirt; Lee Heeseung, the elder Music Major with an alluring voice; Jay Park, a Business Major and only son from a family of old money and Park Sunghoon, a Dance Major who happens to be your friend with benefits. 
Your relationship with Sunghoon was an unlikely dynamic. 
You’ve known each other since high school when he accidentally bumps into you— witnessing a pack of cigarettes tumbling out of your hand on the floor in front of him. This was the time where you still staged an ugly façade of a quiet obedient rich daughter in front of everyone, including your parents, teachers and students alike. 
He was the foremost person to realize the act you’ve put out, forming an affable exchange between each other throughout high school. You showed him who you really are while he didn’t mind the real you being shown. His reputation as a troublemaker in school caused him to be secluded from the rest— a student in the morning and an illegal bike racer at night. It seems the both of you were similar one way or another. 
The trust you built with him for years solidified when you took each other’s virginity after graduation, and you broke the character you’ve endured to appease your family— which ultimately leads to the current shattered mess of a relationship you have with your parents. 
After entering University, both of you continued to sleep with one another several times, more than you can count for the past years. But for some reason, it didn’t break the strong friendship you’ve shared, even if there were other partners coming and going in between. 
Once he invited you to watch him race one night— he strode towards you with the utmost confidence and a smirk when he won, clad in a leather jacket with sweat dripping down his forehead. The adrenaline rush you felt watching him race was parallel to his, knowing that you were watching him win.
At the height of that, he brought you to a secluded racing garage and proceeded to fuck you hard against his bike until there were bruises on your skin the next day (he did apologise afterwards). If there was one thing you know about Sunghoon is that being cocky and prideful was the fuel to this roughness, something you can’t deny that turns you on and gets your heart beating. 
There was one time you invited him over to one of your private villas with a pool during summer break. The time you spent together was enough for him to notice and realize the male neighbor next door who was clearly interested in you— peering at you from a distance from the windows while you were clad in a revealing bikini while swimming in the pool.
With a smudged smirk, Sunghoon dry hump you from behind in the waters, rubbing his hard clothed dick against your ass while whispering dirty things in your ears about your neighbor who was watching him grinding you like a dog in heat at the side of the pool. His wet swimming trunks rubbing against your bikini bottom had you weak on the knees, but he was enjoying showing off to your neighbor about the things that he can do to you.
As much as Sunghoon liked to put on a show outside, he continued to fuck you in the guest bedroom of the villa, not wanting to give the sick bastard the satisfaction of seeing you in pleasure. 
His touches and actions were rough, lips muttering teasing and mocking words to provoke you while his hips were moving in and out of you in a feral manner. Bites and hickeys married your skin, manhandling you in a way that he could ignite the deepest pleasure that gets you mewling and crying in a mess for him. 
But the aftercare was immaculate, he did his best to clean you— attending to your needs and wants because Sunghoon himself acknowledged how aggressive and rowdy he can be with you. 
It’s gradual, but you’ve noticed how different he holds you from before— his movements are more slow and sensual, kisses on your skin lingering with subtle softness and gentleness. When he releases into you, he prefers to face each other when cumming. Thick eyebrows in a furrow and tender gaze never leaving your eyes, you’ve never cummed so hard at how unnerving he was looking at you.  
The butterflies in your stomach never ceased even after he left to run a bath for the both of you.
You don’t deny the attraction you had with him, the sentiment you felt every time you were with him was unfamiliar to you; though you had a suspicion of what that emotion means, the last thing you loathe the most was to be vulnerable, even it means suppressing that feeling described with only four letters. 
Even among the hundreds of drunk, sweaty students in the frat house, you could pinpoint the male among the crowds even with the obvious silver dyed hair. He don his typical attire of a black t-shirt paired together with dark pants, exuding an captivating aura that lures you in with a single glance, decipher by the flock of interested people surrounding him. 
You didn’t keep your gaze on him for too long before climbing up the stairways to the third floor, where you could chamber yourself in a familiar room you’ve been in way too many times. 
You didn’t notice the darted glance from Sunghoon watching you from afar. 
Sunghoon’s room was always kept tidy and neat in comparison to the other frat boys. You collapsed on the sofa the minute you entered, taking off your heels that were aching your toes. You’ve been in them for far too long during the party that your mother hosted, standing like a piece of statue just mindlessly sipping on wine. 
You let out an exhausted sigh, stretching your legs on the coffee table and leaning your head on the shoulder rest of the sofa. You bask in the light scent of Sunghoon’s room that surges and wanes; delicately soft yet elegantly sweet that reminds you of fresh laundry with a hint of his body soap and shampoo in between. 
You wonder if you’ve spent too much time in his room (or arms) to be able to distinguish it. 
The plan was to hang around until any of the escorts hired by your parents were able to track you down, going from place to place until you were cornered and forced to surrender. So, you weren’t planning on staying for long in the frat house, taking only temporary refuge until you were ready to rendezvous out. 
The silent atmosphere of the room soon falters as the sound of the door opening cuts through. You didn’t need to look to know who had entered.
“What are you doing here?” you sang, watching as Sunghoon closed the door and made his way to the sofa.
“Do I need to have a reason to enter my own room?” he raised his eyebrow, sitting down on the space beside you so close to that the skin on your shoulder brushed against the fabric of his shoulder. “I brought a peace offering.” 
You curiously glance at the side when he holds a piece of joint between his fingers, the brunt bud at the end emits smoke that disintegrates into the air. You were a bit surprised seeing the rolled weed between his lanky fingers; Sunghoon was adamant that smoking was not allowed in his room which includes cigarettes as well, considering that he didn’t want the scent to stick to his sheets and bed. 
Or maybe it was a way for him to bribe you to stay longer, already used to your nomad tendencies whenever you came after escaping your parents. Either way, it was a treat for you. 
You let out a small smile, leaning forward to capture the end of the joint on your lips when he held it out to you. “Offer accepted.” 
Sunghoon watches you take in a long drag, the red hues of your lipstick staining the paper. His eyes darted down to the exposed skin of your shoulder, the loose necklace around your neck dangling with soft movements, and the way you leaned in gave him a perfect view of your ample cleavage due to the low cut nature of the dress. 
“Eyes up here buddy.” you blew out the smoke out of your mouth into this face, causing him to smirk at your antics. 
“You certainly dressed aptly for the occasion. The red dress looks good on you.” he leans into the sofa, hands outstretched on top of the backrest behind you. He took the time to take a puff himself. 
“Thanks, I dyed it with the blood of my enemies.” you could feel the small movement of his arms behind you, feeling the substance reaching your brain to your bloodstream; muscles relaxing after a few seconds. You don’t usually indulge in such substances, only occasionally enough to not get you addicted. But you do enjoy the euphoric effects it had on you. 
“So,” Sunghoon dragged out, letting out a puff of smoke. You could tell it was his first joint of the day by how sober he looked and acted. “Aren’t you going to tell me what happened?” 
You let out an amused but strained chuckle, resting your head gently on his shoulder. “My parents were going to announce my supposed engagement without my knowledge.” 
Sunghoon’s eyebrow twitched at the news. Something in him felt uncomfortable hearing that but he chose to stay nonchalant about it but inside, he was fuming. He knew there comes a time where your parents would arrange a forced marriage for alliance but hearing it coming out of your mouth, his heart squeezed with agony.
“Who’s the lucky man?” 
The side glare you gave him caused him to chuckle. It was obvious he said that as a joke but Sunghoon wanted to know the potential male that your parents had set you up with, probably to appease his ego that he was definitely superior in other criteria than the male even though wealth was not in his favour. 
“Justin Woo, you know him right?” 
“Never heard of him.”
“Sunghoon,” you pressed, annoyed by his adamant answer. “He's literally from your department, how could you not know?”
He pushed back the bangs of silver hair out of his face. You didn’t catch the way his lips curved into an annoyed smirk. Of course he knew who he was, and that pissed him even more knowing that the guy was definitely equal— if not superior to him if you take money into account. 
“And what does he have to do with what happened?” Sunghoon insisted. You decided to ignore his whole ordeal before continuing with your story. 
“Basically, he was on the same page as me. He found out about the secret announcement from his nosy sister, practically begging me to do something about it. Poor boy had a girl of his dreams already.” you said.
You remember the way he pulled you to the side, away from the prying eyes from the guests, ignoring the cold stare you were giving him. Justin Woo was not the worst option your parents wanted, there were a couple of other options who were pretty much garbage for your taste. You knew because of the stupid dates your parents forced you to attend.
The others practically sees you as just an object to win over, either it was some stupid bet between their rich boy circle to hang you like an medal or an order from mommy and daddy to seal an alliance with your family. 
Justin Woo at least had the decency to read the room and decide to just take you out on a simple dinner date, respectfully announcing that he had no intention of advancing on you. Now you know why, clearly he was not interested in you due to being occupied with another girl. 
But the only thing about him was the fact that he didn’t like to defy his parent’s wishes (which peeved you the most). Although he was against the idea of marrying you, he was too much of a coward to handle the disappointment. So with his last resort, he had to ask you to pretty much do anything to stop this from happening. 
“So I marched straight to where Mrs. Woo was and told her I was not going to marry his son and that her husband had been snooping around with a younger woman behind her back.” you continued. “I said that not because I wanted to but because Justin thought it would be something extra that could completely put the engagement to an end.” 
The way Mrs. Woo's face turned into an ugly shade of red at your words— the moment made you fear for your life until you saw a look of acceptance in her eyes before she left in search of her cheating husband. It finally dawned on you that she must have suspected an affair a lot earlier, and your words only fueled her suspicions even more.
You left early before the storm, and the plan that you and Justin conjured up in alliance worked when the announcement was never made in the party. Let’s just say the agreement between the parents was not fulfilled due to the commotion and you were sure your mother had permanently removed the Woo family’s son from the marital candidates in hopes of avoiding further issues in the future. 
Sunghoon snorted, “That was something, alright.” 
“He must have really loved that girl to be able to ruin his parent’s marriage like that.” you mused absentmindedly, falling into a headspace of your own. Sunghoon observed you from the corner of his eyes, watching the way you were picking at the cuticle of your thumb. 
“The marriage was ruined the moment his father decided to cheat,” Sunghoon said. “It was only a matter of time before he got caught, which unfortunately for him, by his own damn son.” you nodded in agreement at his words, resting the back of your head on his forearm behind you. 
You hated talking about relationships, especially marriages. Your whole life, your mother has set you up with countless potential suitors from different families. Jay would often joke that he might be on that list as well, considering how your mother was poaching for connections at such incredible lengths. 
You, on the other hand, did your absolute best to ruin your mother’s plan. You did everything you could to be perceived as an undesirable marriage candidate. Even if it means using the media as a form of material, involving gossip blogs to front pages of paparazzi tabloids; you were the pinnacle of a troubled lady. 
Because of this, you were able to delay any form of engagement, but you were sure that your mother had not given up just yet by the looks of it. You don’t want to admit it but, it’s getting to you that she might just succeed.  
“Talking about relationships and marriages is a pain in the ass.” you scooch closer to his side, eyes trained on the joint between his finger that was still burning before reaching out with one arm. “I need another smoke.” 
“Woah, slow down there. Not so fast.” Sunghoon raised his arm, making sure it was far away from your reach. You place a hand on his shoulder to balance yourself, practically sitting on his lap at this point. 
“What the hell! You said it was a peace offering.” 
“I take it back.” Sunghoon secured an arm around your waist, pulling you to straddle his lap. 
The front part of your body was flushed against his, feeling his body heat radiating and the smell of his musky cologne was intoxicating. He leaned enough until you could count his lashes— faces so close that you could make out the way his eyes were trained on your lips before staring back into your eyes. 
“If you want some, you’ll have to cooperate with me. Alright, princess?” Sunghoon taunts, voice almost a sultry whisper. You had to stop yourself from shivering when he called you with that nickname, the sort of edge that hypnotized you the moment he utter those words. 
“Fine.” you swallow down the pride clawing out of your throat, causing Sunghoon to lick his bottom lips in satisfaction. 
You watch him bring the rolled joint, now almost an inch long, around his lips— dragging a long puff before leaning into your face with expectation. It wasn’t until his nose bumps into yours did you understand his intention, closing the distance and capturing his lips in a kiss. 
Both of your hands grips onto his board shoulder, feeling the smoke transfer from his mouth to yours, the substance reaching your brain until you feel lightheaded. Sunghoon’s palm at your back pushes you closer to him, deepening the kiss until it elicits a soft whine from your lips. 
It seems that the both of you have forgotten about the small bud that had fallen somewhere on the floor, basking in each other’s mouths until every mass of smoke had escaped, either into your system or in the air around the room. 
The way his lips moved in a sensual motion against yours, tongue exploring the cavern of your warm mouth until you could taste a hint of alcohol on your taste buds. His arms nestle on your hips, enjoying the feeling of your fingers tugging at the hair on his nape. 
The kiss soon turns sloppy and rough, saliva coating the entrances of each other’s mouth— he was sucking on your bottom lips until you had to forcefully lean back to break the kiss, leaving you gasping for air at the intensity. 
“You're hard.” you swallowed down, resting your forehead against his. You felt him poking at your inner thighs and Sunghoon couldn't help but chuckle, staring back at you with lust in his eyes. Something about seeing you with swollen lips glistening with saliva at such a close proximity got him hungry for more. 
You felt his fingers snaking under the skirt of your gown, reaching to rub you against your panties. The action causes you to buck against his bulge for friction, feeling him stroking your folds against the fabric of your underwear. 
“And you’re wet, princess.” Sunghoon mumbled close to your lips, feeling the wet patch sticking to his fingers. “So fucking wet just for me.” 
You whimper when he thumbed your clit, drawing circles around the hard knob until your nails clawed his shoulder for support. He grunts when you move to grind on his bulge, watching you through hooded eyes as you let out a string of moans with mouth agape. 
“God, you’re driving me crazy.” Sunghoon hissed when the tight confinement of his cock rubs against the material of his pants with every motion of your hips. 
You gasp when he slips past the fabric of your underwear, two rough fingers rubbing earnestly on your damp folds that you had to lean your head back from the pleasure. Sunghoon welcomed the gesture, leaving open-mouth kisses on your exposed neck, loving the way the straps of your dress had fallen down delicately from its place on your shoulder. 
Sunghoon’s dirty little secret was that he remembers every detail of all the dresses you wore after a party  every time you’ve slept with him.
“I love this dress on you.” He said, pushing you by the shoulder until you lay flat on the sofa on your back. You watch him pull his shirt off, throwing it on the floor before proceeding to bunch the skirt of your gown at the waist. “I can’t wait to fuck you in it.” 
He wasted no time tugging your underwear down your legs, shivering when the cold air hit your exposed core. He spreads your legs apart, diving straight into your wet cunt without a second to spare.
“Oh my god,” you breathe out, unable to contain your moans as Sunghoon drags his tongue against your entrance, feeling the warmth of the wet muscle swirling itself in between your folds. Your legs were hooked to his shoulder, inner thighs squeezing the sides of his face when you wiggle in an attempt to grind down against his face.  
“S-Sunghoon!” you gasped when his tongue prods you hole, the electrifying feeling causes your skin to break out into goosebumps. The weed in your system was causing you to be more sensitive than usual  and combined with Sunghoon’s innate ability to know the right button to push your body into ecstasy, you can’t help but tighten your grip in his hair. 
The action caused him to meet your eyes when you sneak a glance down at him, feeling the little smirk against your cunt when he saw your glossy eyes, skin flushed and lips panting at every movement of his tongue. With fingers digging into your thighs, Sunghoon drags you down further into his face, loving the smell and taste of your arousal intoxicating him. 
“Taste so fucking good.” the way he mumbles— the vibration sending shivers down your spine and you rolled your eyes to the back when he started lapping your cunt with such intensity that the pleasure was overwhelming your senses. 
“I’m so close—” the sob that spilled out of your slips was so deranged that Sunghoon had to fight back in keeping your hips down. The hot knot that was building up in you was about to burst— and you're waiting for one final push to make you come undone.
When he moves to inch higher— suctioning his lips around your clit, tongue pressed flat on the sensitive nerve, the orgasm that washes over had you cumming on his mouth with your back arch on the sofa. Your cries filled the empty space of his room as Sunghoon continued licking you through the aftershock of your high. 
With one last kiss to your clit (which made you shiver), he softly rested his hands on your bent knee, lifting up from his kneeled position until the sofa deepens at this weight. The way he wipes the corners of his lips with the pads of his thumb, gazing at you straight in the eye and letting you watch him lick the excess slick of your arousal. 
The desire that pooled in your eyes got him leaking with precum— as if his boxers weren’t damp already when he ate you out. 
“I don’t have a condom with me,” he moved to unbuckle his belt, hastily unzipping his pants from the tight confinement before pulling down his boxers. “Are you on the pill or…?” 
You nodded your head, already feeling impatient from his question. “Yeah, I’m on the pill.” 
You let it sink in that he didn’t have protection on him. You wonder if he didn’t bring any knowing that you wouldn’t be able to attend the frat party. Sunghoon glance back at you when you fell silent and in an instant, he could already tell what was going on in your mind. He wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the weed in his brain but he was feeling a little more bold than normal, which was either a good or a bad thing at the moment. 
“I wasn’t planning on sleeping with anyone—” he felt the words slipping at the tip of his tongue, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to say the next words right now. With his mind still in a jumble and the fact that you’re looking at him expectantly, his mouth just rolled without much control. “—unless it was you.”
He immediately regretted saying anything. 
Sunghoon couldn’t pinpoint the moment he fell in love with you— maybe it was the time you defended him during high school when the owner of the convenience store accused him of shoplifting, which he didn’t, or the time when you called him to whisk you away from a soirees with his motorcycle, driving under the night sky until you fell asleep on his shoulder. 
Either way, he didn’t want you to feel obligated to come into terms with your feelings towards him. Pushing this new revelation would only burden you even more, especially when you've always come running into his arms when trouble hits. He didn’t want to take away that safe space from you— he was fine suffering with this affection alone, and he never wants to trade it if it means that you’ll leave his side once you know. 
But talking about marriages, engagements, relationships and love? There was something itching in him that you’ll never be his until he tries, and watching you with another person that wasn’t him? Call him selfish but unless you were truly in love with the person and not some kind of agreement that your family did— he wasn’t going to let you go. 
“I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting you to say that.” you admitted. He watched you place an arm over your eyes, chest rising and falling as he waited for you to continue. “But I don’t know if I can.” 
“I don’t expect you to.” He quickly added on. 
“No, you’re mistaken. I want to— I want you so damn much.” you let out a shaky breath and Sunghoon can make out how your fingers were trembling. “But I don’t know if I can love you as much as you love me.” 
You were on the verge of breaking down, the sting in your eyes was hurting but it doesn’t compare to the agonizing feeling in your heart. You were just waiting for his reaction but you didn’t expect the chuckle that slips through his lips. You felt his weight on you, callus fingers wrap around your wrist to move your arms away from your face.
“It’s funny you say that.” When you made eye contact with him, faces so close together and lips just a ghost away from each other; you had to hold back the tears in your eyes when he gazed at you with so much fondness that you couldn’t believe that anyone was capable of looking at you that way. 
He smiled. “You didn’t even have to lift a single finger to make me feel loved.” 
He guided your hand, letting it slip past the curve of his pecs before nestling it at the area where you can feel his racing heart. He thought of everything that you did that made him feel cared, adored, cherished and most of all, the things that you do to make him fall in love with you as the years go by.
It dawned on you, that his heartbeat was beating as fast as yours. 
“Are you sure it’s not the weed talking?” you tried but it only caused him to laugh. 
He leaned further until the bridge of his nose was touching yours. “If this is what it feels like every time you look at me, I must be high on you.” 
He kissed you feverishly like nothing matters anymore; and you welcomed it, feeling the fire igniting in you burning brighter the more he leans forward to capture your lips. Sunghoon slowly descends down to trail kisses down your jaw to the column of your throat, lips so dangerously close to your pulse that it gets your fingers tangled in his silver locks. 
It was wet, it was messy— but you love it. 
“Fuck.” you can’t help but gasp out, feeling his mouth reaching the swell of your breast before tugging on the material of your dress together with your bra. Sunghoon wastes no time and attaches his lips on your hardened nipple, earning a well deserved moan from you that got him aroused. 
“So soft and pretty.” he sucked on the pebbled nub, devouring it like a popsicle on a summer day while his finger played and flicker the neglected nipple. The pleasure got you shuddering underneath him, rolling your hips when you feel his hard cock rubbing against your leg, precum smeared on the underside of your thighs. 
“Sunghoon— fuck, I want—” you whimpered when he grazed his teeth on your nipple, causing him to look up against your breast. 
“What do you want, princess?” Sunghoon whispered, massaging your breasts with his hands and making sure to thumb the tender nipples in circular motion. “Tell me what you want with those pretty lips of yours.” 
“I want you.” you begged, unable to hide the loud moan when he pinch your nipples and rolled them with his thumb and index fingers, holding onto his wrist as he continued to pleasure you with the motion. You move a leg to rub his hard, leaking cock against your thighs and feeling it pulsate. “I want your cock inside me, Sunghoon.”
“Shit.” the desperate groan that elicits out between gritted teeth, bangs sticking to this forehead while he holds your thigh from moving any faster. Prominent veins protruding out from his neck to his forearms as he stared at you with a smirk. “As sexy as it is— if you do that again, you're gonna make me cum.” 
Sunghoon relocated a leg to rest on his shoulder while he positioned himself to line up his cock against your folds. “Fuck— look at this pretty pussy. All fucking mine.”   
Your finger grips on the material of the sofa when he rubbed the throbbing head against your soak folds. He had to physically stop himself from ramming straight into your hole when he saw your juices mixed together with his precum dripping down your pussy— instead, Sunghoon slowly pushed himself into you.
No matter how many times Sunghoon had fucked you, you couldn’t get used to how big he was— the stretch wasn’t foreign but you wince everytime he pushes into you little by little. The heat in your stomach was getting hotter the more you felt him sink into your walls, feeling his pelvic flush against yours as the pain slowly turned into pleasure.
“Is this okay? Too much?” Sunghoon’s voice was an octave lower, letting out heavy breaths every time your walls throb against his length, the heat felt like he was drowning in a molten sea. 
“Feels so fucking good.” you moaned as Sunghoon began to move whilst gripping on your hips, strong thrust accompanied by his grunts got your hips moving to meet him halfway. The noises the sofa was making as he continued to railed you were drowned by the sound of skin slapping and heavy panting that seems to never stop as the intensity of the pleasure heightens. 
“You’re sucking me in.” Sunghoon whines deeply. “So fucking tight even after all the times I’ve fucked you.” 
He deeps down to rest his weight on you, forearms caging the sides of your face as you wrap your legs around his waist. The position causes your walls to clench against his cock harder, clawing at the muscles of his back with your nails as he repeatedly hits your sweet spot at an incredibly feral pace. You were a sobbing mess underneath him, every vicious thrust of his cock edge the knot in your stomach at its tipping point. 
You swore you saw stars at this point. 
“I’m gonna cum.” you sobbed, eyes clenched shut, feeling the edge of your orgasm teetering. Sunghoon pressed the side of his face close to yours, thrust turned more desperate and brutal as his own climax was near. 
“I love you, y/n.”
The way he says those words— your own name slipping out of his lips, the genuine and heart-wrenching tone of his voice got you realizing, at this point, this was not your best friend with benefits fucking you— this was the man who cherished you from the moon to the back making love to you with his whole heart. 
“I love you, Sunghoon.” you rasped out. 
The orgasm that hits pulls you apart at the seams, thinning you into pieces of fragile threads that melts as constant waves of pleasure overwhelm your senses. Sunghoon smashed your lips with his— moaning loudly in your mouth that you felt the vibration in your throat, ropes of hot cum filling inside of you that got your fuzzy in the brain. 
Your pussy spasm over and over again around his length that had him shuddering in rapture. Your words of confession to him played like a broken record in his mind, and Sunghoon wishes that the both of you could stay in this intimate position forever. 
He continues his pace, hips rocking slowly with your body through each other’s high. You’re now seeping at his comforting warmth, fingers trailing soft caresses on the back of his skin. Labor panting soon dies down, and his hips come to stop. Although the high only lasted for a few seconds, the follow up was like bathing in a beautiful afterglow of a sunrise. 
The muffled sound of the party was ongoing in the background but Sunghoon paid it no mind to kiss you gently on the cheek, lifting himself up from your body. 
“Sorry,” Sunghoon swallowed thickly with guilt, pulling out at you. He gestures to the bunched and wrinkled material of your dress, specifically the skirt. “I think I got cum on your dress.” 
You laugh, tugging him on the hand so that he laid beside you on the tight-fitted sofa. He pulled you in his arms, embracing you while you continued to giggle. “I think that’s the least of our worries.” 
The both of you laid on your sides face-to-face, eyes fallen deeper and deeper with each other. Between lingering stares, the both of you completed each other like two pieces of puzzle, and the relationship the both of your possessed shared a solidified label—
He is yours, and you are his. 
Tumblr media
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rikibearz · 13 days ago
“i’ve got a challenge for you baby” jake smirked, eyes glittering with mischief as you fell back onto his gaming chair, the cool leather contrasting with your burning skin.
you gulped, making eye contact with him as your boyfriend got to his knees in front of you.
“I’m gonna eat you out, while you’re playing with the boys. but, you have to be quiet. got it?”
you nodded, feeling jakes hands run up your thighs and unbutton your pants as you fired up his playstation.
you quickly joined jays lobby, greeting the boys as you readied up.
“where we landing guys?” you asked, letting out a small whimper as jake lightly sucked your clit.
“ummm, maybe tilted?”
“heeseung that’s fucking stupid we’ll get killed” sunghoon lamented, an argument breaking out between the two.
jake slowly rubbed your clit, grinning up at you as you let your head fall back. you held in a moan as jake inserted a finger into your wet cunt, opting to stay quiet and let the boys figure out where you were landing. your plan was working until jays voice brought you back to the game.
“y/n, where do you think we should land?” jay asked desperately, wanting to shut his friends up.
“oh uh,, i think” a moan escaped your lips as jake sped up, embarrassment quickly replacing pleasure as you realised they had heard you.
“dude…” silence washed over the lobby, your soft moans escaping your lips, not giving a fuck if they heard you.
jay was the first to speak up, the sound of shuffling and a belt unbuckling being heard as he whispered a soft “fuck it.”
you heard deep groans and a wet, almost slick sound coming from his mic, the others shocked at what they were witnessing.
“jay are you seriously jerking off right now-“
“either join me or leave.” jays voice had gotten at least an octave deeper, whines leaving his mouth as he continued stroking his cock.
suddenly, a soft “fuck” left sunghoons mouth, signalling he had taken up jays offer. you squirmed in jakes chair, the thought of his friends jerking off to you getting you even wetter than you already had been.
“you like them listening baby? such a slut, why don’t you let them know how much you like it, hmm?”
a high pitched whine of jays name left your mouth, your pussy clenching around jakes fingers.
“fuck that’s hot.” jay growled, stroking his cock faster as your moans motivated him, sunghoon letting out a groan at his friends guttural tone.
heeseung sat there in disbelief, half hard as he listened to your moans mixed with his friends.
“hee…why not join in on the fun?” your sultry voice held full power over heeseung, him hurriedly pulling his boxers off as his now fully hard cock slapped against his stomach.
you heard him spit into his hand and start stroking his dick, sighing at the thought of him desperately fucking his hand.
you arched your back, jake adjusting his fingers and hitting a spot so good you almost screamed.
“fuck,, i think im gonna cum” you breathily said, groans heard from all 3 boys, the sounds of their hands sliding up and down their throbbing cocks speeding up.
“cum for us baby, cum on jakes fingers”
heeseungs words sent you over the edge, a strangled “fuck” leaving your mouth as you grinded on jakes fingers, his thumb rubbing your clit through your high.
you heard jay whine and announce he’d came, sunghoon whimpering, his friends voice pushing him over the edge.
seconds later heeseung panted out your name, cum spurting on his hands as he bucked his hips, stroking himself through his high.
jake grabbed the headset off you, speaking directly into the mic before logging off.
“well, that was fun, but we gotta go. good game boys!”
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asahicore · 2 months ago
hot like ice - psh
Tumblr media
(thank you sei @seungstarss​ for the banner <333)
pairing ↬ best friend!hoon x afab!reader
5. “best friends kiss each other all the time, right?” + 21. “you look so beautiful, all spread out like this for me”
requested by anon - i turned this into a full-blown fic i hope you don’t mind hehe i just loved the idea of best friend sunghoon too much </3
synopsis ↬ It’s your last summer before college, and Sunghoon wants to get experience so he doesn’t get there a virgin. How can you say no to your best friend when his lips are right there and the growing tension between the two of you has been threatening to explode? 
OR in which the way your best friend makes you feel is stupid and the fact that you want to kiss him is even stupider, but at least he wants to kiss you too
genre ↬ best friends to lovers, summer au, a lot of smut, fluff, quickly resolved angst bc i hate miscommunication
word count ↬ 22,235
warnings ↬ food, mcs are going to college, a stupid amount of the word stupid, flashback where sunghoon injures himself, SMUT (virgin hoon x virgin reader, making out, fingering, oral m and f receiving, ice play, vaginal penetration, no sub/dom dynamics really), probably 10k+ of the 22k is smut
author’s note ↬ here she is !!! my baby <33 i worked very hard on her so pls give her some love. i hope you guys will like it, and that it’s worth the wait !!! please please please, tell me what you think!! feedback is essential for me to want to keep going, even if it’s just a few words <3 reblogs are also very appreciated!! with that said, enjoy !! <3
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Tumblr media
IT ALL STARTED WITH A LOLLIPOP. Well, two, to be exact. One strawberry-flavored, one apple-flavored. 
“Which one do you want, Hoon?,” you ask as you stand in front of him, a lollipop in each hand.
“I don’t mind, just pick whichever one you like best,” he replies absent-mindedly, eyes on the TV as he tries to find a suitable movie for this late summer afternoon.
You plop down on the couch next to him and look at the two lollipops in your hands, unable to decide which flavor you like better. “I don’t know what I feel like right now,” you announce to an uninterested Sunghoon. “I’ll just try both.”
That seems to catch your best friend’s attention. He watches as you unwrap both candies, tasting each once, twice, then as you decide you want the apple-flavored lollipop and hand him the strawberry-flavored one. He doesn’t take his eyes off of your lips as you wrap them and swirl your tongue around the candy, letting its sweetness wash over your taste buds. You raise your eyebrows when you notice his staring and he blinks a couple times, trying to snap himself out of it. “Did you want the other one?,” you ask, confused by his behavior.
“N-no, I like strawberry,” he stammers, turning his gaze back to the screen in front of you and settling for ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ a movie you’ve both seen a thousand times but never get bored of.
You’re used to Sunghoon getting lost in his thoughts, so you don’t question it much. You sit back on the couch, your knee touching Sunghoon’s, you two no strangers to a little skinship. After being friends for almost eight years, physical contact comes naturally to the two of you, though recently, it’s started to feel different. But the idea of your friendship changing tugs at your heartstrings, so you ignore the prickles on your skin when he hugs you or the way your stomach flips when he smiles at you, his dimples and fangs showing. You tell yourself it’s all stupid and that you could handle so much as your knees touching.
Sunghoon, on the other hand, couldn’t. The lollipop in his mouth right now was in yours just moments ago and you’d given him it like sharing saliva was no big deal. He feels like a thirteen year-old for thinking like this, but this was pretty much an indirect kiss.
He stares at the TV screen, but all he can see are your perfect lips sucking that lollipop, and his mind is desperately not trying to go there, but he just cannot help himself. Blood rushes to his dick as he pictures your mouth around him, sucking him off with as much enthusiasm as you are the lollipop. Would you like his taste? Would you look up at him with those pretty eyes of yours, smiling even with his dick stuffed in your mouth?
Before his thoughts can get any wilder, he practically runs to the bathroom, knowing he’d never live it down if you caught a glimpse of his erection. Thankfully, you don’t, and you call after him, asking if he wants you to pause the movie, to which he shouts back a strangled ‘no.’
He comes back ten minutes later, face flushed and breath heavy. “Goddamn, Hoon, I know we’re best friends, but if you’re going to dump a massive load, I wished you did it in your own bathroom and not mine,” you tease him, laughing as his face gets even redder and he opens his mouth to protest.
“I was just on my phone!,” he replies, mildly offended.
“Whatever,” you say, still laughing, and turn your attention back to the movie.
Well. Sunghoon would rather have you think he just took a huge shit than have you know he came to the idea of you sucking him off and swallowing every last drop of his cum. 
Tumblr media
A few days later, you and Sunghoon are lying on his bed, the both of you on your backs, talking about this and that as you often do. It’s almost 3 a.m., and it feels almost rebellious, being up this late after months of waking up at 6, but your high school graduation was a week ago and you feel like you can do anything. The dim fairy lights you forced him to put up and the bright moon outside are the only sources of light in the room, and when you turn to look at him, you can just make out the outline of his face, the curve of his nose, the sharpness of his jaw. But you’ve looked at him a thousand times before, so your memory makes up for what the light takes away from your eyes. You shift to lying on your belly, propping yourself up on your elbows so you can take a better look at your friend. Something about the moonlight makes him look ethereal, and his beauty makes your heart skip a beat, but you’d never admit that to him. Out of habit, you reach out to touch his moles, gently placing your middle finger on his nose and your pointer finger on his cheek. Sunghoon closes his eyes at your touch, used to the warm feeling that settles in his stomach whenever you do that.
“Y/N?,” he calls out, just as you pull your fingers away from his moles.
“Yeah?,” you reply, and he opens his eyes again to meet yours.
“Is there anything you’re scared of for next year? You know, heading off to college and all that?,” he asks. You shift again and lie on your back, the sides of your two bodies touching. You stare at the ceiling for a while, thinking about his question, and Sunghoon patiently waits for your answer.
“I’m scared about not making friends. I’m not the least outgoing person ever, but it’s so intimidating, not knowing anyone. And it’ll be weird not having you around. Shut up,” you warn before he can make an egotistical remark, so he just chuckles. “I’m also worried about the amount of work I’ll have. I’ve heard so many times that it’s a huge step-up from high school, the workload and the type of work and all that. What if I don’t even like the degree that I chose? I know I can change it, but it still stresses me out. Turning 18 doesn’t feel like a huge deal, but going to college does. It’s when all the responsibility hits. My mom told me to make my own doctor’s appointment the other day, and I almost cried when I had to call them. I’m not gonna have anyone to do my groceries for me. I’m scared I might get an awful roommate. I hate the idea of communal showers. I don’t even know what I want to do after college, and I know I have four years to make up my mind, but I’m scared those four years are gonna flash by and I’ll be indebted and unemployed by the end of it.” You pause to take a breath, and you can feel Sunghoon’s eyes on the sides of your face, but he doesn’t say anything. “Also, I heard that you put on a lot of weight during your freshman year.”
You turn to look at him to find him smiling at you. “Wow. That’s a lot.”
The two of you giggle, eyes not leaving the other’s. After a moment, you turn your gaze back to the ceiling and sigh. “Yeah, I know. But I’m more excited than I am scared. What about you?”
Sunghoon follows your gaze and looks up above him. He doesn’t say anything for a while, and when he finally speaks up, he says it so quietly, you almost don’t hear it. “I’m scared of going to college a virgin.”
You try to stay serious for a few seconds, but you can’t keep your laughter in and snort loudly at your friend’s words, laughing so hard your stomach starts to hurt.
“Don’t make fun of me!”, he whines, hands coming up to cover his face.
It takes you a while to calm down; not only was Sunghoon’s statement ridiculous, it was so unexpected that you couldn’t stop laughing. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you apologize, catching your breath. “I just can’t believe that that’s what you’re scared of, of all things.”
“What? It’s a perfectly reasonable concern,” he defends himself.
“Nobody’s gonna care if you’re a virgin, Hoon,” you try to reason with him, but if there is one thing your best friend is, it’s stubborn.
“I’m gonna care! What if I like a girl but I can’t bring myself to make a move on her ‘cause I have no experience?”
“But Hoon, chances are she doesn’t have a lot more experience than you do! She’ll be the same age we are, dummy. We’re not sixteen year-olds jumping into a world of twenty year-olds. Sure, some people have their first time in high school, but a lot have it at university. You’ll be fine,” you reassure. His furrowed eyebrows and pout tell you he’s not fully convinced, though.
“Oh, c’mon! If you really want to lose your virginity before leaving, we can get you laid during the summer. I’m sure we can find a girl nice enough,” you tease, jokingly patting his bicep, trying not to make a note of how firm the skin feels under your hand.
Sunghoon sighs, and you can tell he’s actually taking this seriously. “I’m not that desparate that I’d have sex with the first girl that agrees, you know. I’d still rather do it with someone…,” he glances at you for just a second, “someone I trust.”
You feel your face heat up at the possible meaning behind his words, so you look away, not wanting him to see the effect they had on you. He changes his position on the bed, and now it’s his turn to prop himself up on his elbows and look down at you.
“What about you, Y/N? Don’t you think it’d be good to get a bit of experience before going off to college? It’ll be one less thing to stress about,” he says, a small smirk playing on his lips, and his shy demeanor from moments prior is completely gone, his confidence shining through. You’d never tell him that, for fear of his ego getting even bigger, but you love it when he gets like that, when he thinks he’s the shit and teases you mercilessly. You know he does it lightheartedly, and it never fails to bring a smile to your face.
Except right now it does. You’re not smiling, far from it; you’re looking up at your best friend, mouth slightly agape and wide eyes searching for a sign that he may be just joking. He raises an eyebrow expectantly, and your reaction is to scoff at him. 
“Do I need to remind you that you’re the reason I have no experience to begin with, Park Sunghoon?,” you question, sitting up on the bed to peer down at him. He shifts again and lays on his back, his hands coming up behind his head as he beams at you.
“Am I?,” he asks, fully knowing he is.
You roll your eyes at his sly behavior. “Yes, Hoon. Every time a guy was even remotely interested in me, you chased them away. I’m still not over you telling Kang Taehyun I have smelly feet! I had a huge crush on that guy!,” you complain, crossing your arms over your chest.
Sunghoon loudly laughs at the memory, and you curse yourself for cracking a smile when you see his face scrunched in laughter. “That was in Year 5, Y/N! It’s been years!”, he says between giggles.
You grab a pillow and throw it on his head, laughing along with him. “What about Bang Yedam, then? That was only last year, and you totally ruined my chances with him!”
“Listen, if you having a creepy doll collection is enough to make him not ask you out, then he must not have liked you that much.”
“But I don’t have a creepy doll collection! That’s the whole point!,” you say, on the brink of desperation. You sigh at your friend who’s still catching his breath from laughing so much. “You’re just lucky they didn’t repeat your bullshit to anyone. I would’ve had such a weird reputation otherwise.”
“Of course they didn’t. I told them I’d kill them if they did,” he stated matter-of-factly, as if that was a normal and appropriate thing to do.
“Couldn’t you have threatened them that way so they wouldn’t ask me out instead of lying to them about me?”
Sunghoon stares at you for a few seconds, eyes seemingly empty of thought. “Huh. Yeah, I guess I could’ve done that.”
“Ugh!,” you groan, and plop down on the bed next to him. Neither of you says anything for some time, until you break the silence again. “You know you even stole my first kiss, Hoon,” you speak softly.
“I know,” he says, voice just as quiet as yours. “You never shut up about it.”
“Why would I? I was about to kiss Lee Heeseung, of all people, the boy everybody, including me, had a crush on, but no, someone had to get between us and kiss me in his stead,” you grumble, giving your friend a harsh side-eye.
Sunghoon sighs and shakes his head as if you’re being irrational. “I don’t get why you’re so hung-up on that. Why would you want your first kiss to be because of a middle-school party dare rather than have it with your best friend, whom you know and trust?”
“It was Lee Heeseung, for God’s sake!”
“And I’m Park Sunghoon!”
Still both laying on your backs, you turn your head to look at each other. There’s something in his eyes you’ve never seen before and that you can’t quite put your finger on. The person in front of you is one you’ve known for years now and yet the look in his eyes is of an unfamiliar intensity that makes your stomach flip. You inhale sharply when his eyes drift down to your lips, and you can’t help but mirror his actions. The atmosphere has flipped like a light switch; it was playful just mere seconds ago, the sound of your usual banter filling up the room. All of a sudden, there’s something heavy dancing in the air around you, and it makes your heart skip a bit faster and your breath a bit shallower.
“Sunghoon…,” you call out, voice barely above a whisper.
“Yeah?,” he says, eyes snapping back up, but yours are still stuck on his lips. Have they always looked so kissable?
“Why did you do that? Why did you push those boys away from me?,” you say, even though you’ve asked this question a thousand times before. You wanted to hear his answer again.
“I’ve already told you. You deserved better than them.” Whenever you asked him about it, Sunghoon always stopped there, and you never pushed. But there are unspoken words left hanging that you’re dying to hear.
“Who, then? Who’d be better than them? Who do I deserve?”
“It’s a secret,” he whispers, a small smirk teasing his lips, and you roll your eyes at him. But then your eyes meet again and his gaze renders you breathless for a few seconds. You shift to your side so you can face him more fully, and he mirrors your actions. 
It’s his turn to call out your name. “Y/N?”
“Have you kissed anyone since?,” he asks, coming off shier than he’d intended to.
You giggle and smack his shoulder lightly. “Why do you wanna know?”
He snickers too and, to your surprise, stops your fist from hitting him a second time, enveloping his larger hand around yours and laying it between the two of you on the bed. “Cause I should know that sorta thing. Also, if you did kiss someone since then, and I didn’t know about it, I’ll be very mad.”
“Why would you be mad?,” you say, still giggling, but your heart is beating faster than usual at the feeling of him linking your fingers together.
“Because you wouldn’t have told me!,” he says as if that should be obvious.
“Well…,” you start, and roll on your back, keeping your hand in his.
“No!,” he practically shouts, already feeling betrayed, his free hand coming up to grip his heart in fake shock.
“Let me at least finish first!,” you protest, laughing at your friend’s antics. “You know that summer 2 years ago I went away to camp?”
“Yeah, worst summer ever.”
“Well, I did sort of… get with someone, that summer,” you say, avoiding Sunghoon’s wide eyes as he gasps loudly.
“Why didn’t you tell me?!,” he complains and lets go of your hand, sitting up on the bed and crossing his arms over his chest just as you did moments ago. 
“Because of this exactly.”
“What’s this?”
“Your reaction right now!,” you say, sitting up as well, both of your knees touching him. The simple touch sends a shiver down your spine that you can only hope he takes no notice of.
“Wouldn’t you be a bit upset if I told you I ‘got with’,” he air-quotes, “a random girl two years ago?”
“No? Especially not if it was two years ago?”
You both look just as confused as the other, obviously not on the same wavelength. He furrows his eyebrows and glares a bit at you. “Well, I am.”
You throw your head back in laughter and place your hands on his knees, but when you come forward again, you overestimate the distance between the both of you and find yourself mere inches from his face. The laughter immediately dies in your throat, and you feel it go dry when your stunned reaction elicits a smirk from him. You don’t know how long you stare into his eyes, all you know is you snap out of it when his gaze drifts down to your lips once more. You’re closer now than you were before, and having him so close makes your mind spin with all the possible outcomes of such proximity. You lean back on the bed, pulling away your hands that were resting on his knees to hold yourself up on them.
“There’s no reason to,” you say, hoping that breaking the silence will dissipate some of the tension in the air. You keep going back and forth between familiar and dangerous and you don’t know how long you’ll be able to handle that atmosphere. “It’s not like anything grand happened. We made out a bit and held hands. We never spoke after that summer, otherwise you’d have known about it.” 
Sunghoon lets out a low hum. His eyes are still trained on yours, and you wished he’d look away because you can’t seem to do it yourself. He still doesn’t say anything, so you speak up again. “You say that like you’ve never had girlfriends, by the way. Surely you’ve done more than just kissing.” Silence again, and you can’t decipher the look he’s giving you. “So, I don’t know what you’re so scared about, because it’s not like you have zero experience. I’m sure the girls at uni will love you, Hoon.”
He sighs and finally tears his eyes away from yours, and you’re not sure if you’re seeing things because of how dark and late it is or if there’s an actual blush creeping on his cheeks. “Sure, I’ve had a couple girlfriends, but you know they’ve never lasted long,” he says, looking down at his lap. “We made out… I guess I-,” he gives you a quick glance, “I’ve touched their boobs and they’ve touched my… you know…”
You can’t help but giggle at how shy your friend is being. “Can’t even say the word ‘penis’, Hoon?,” you tease, and his eyes snap back up at yours.
“Sure I can! Penis. There.” You look at each other for a few seconds before bursting into laughter, Sunghoon hushing you so you don’t wake up his parents, but his hushes are louder than your laugh. After a couple minutes, you calm down and wipe your tears away, grateful for the break in the tension between you and Sunghoon.
“Anyway, yeah, I guess I don’t have that much experience. Which is why I brought it up in the first place.” And just as quickly as it’d left, the tension is back again.
You look around the room because the weight of Sunghoon’s gaze on your face is unbearable. You release a shaky breath when you feel his gentle hand on your knee, and your eyes drift to it, but you can’t get yourself to look him straight in the eyes. 
“Don’t you think it’d be good to get experience before leaving for college, Y/N?,” he asks, and you can tell he’s trying to sound confident, but his voice comes out breathier and shakier than he intends it to.
“I don’t know… I don’t think it’s necessary…,” you say, eyes still trained on his hand resting on your knee. He squeezes it a bit, making you finally look up at him. Is it just you, or did the room get hotter all of a sudden?
“Not everything you do has to be out of necessity, you know.”
The both of you stare at each other for a few moments. This shift in your relationship was bound to happen; you’d been feeling it more and more recently. You didn’t use to think twice about Sunghoon taking your hand in his, nor did you feel those stupid butterflies eating away at your stomach every time his gaze lingered for a second too long. You’d tried to reason with yourself that it was just teenage hormones doing their stupid job, and that you were doomed to feel some kind of attraction for your extremely handsome best friend at some point in your life, but that if you ignored it hard and long enough it would go away.
Well, now that Sunghoon’s lips are barely inches away from yours and your skin is on fire under his hand, it definitely isn’t going away.
“What would you do if I kissed you?,” Sunghoon asks, eyes fluttering down to your lips. You think he’s looked at your lips more than the rest of your face in the past hour.
“I’d slap you,” you lie, gaze mirroring his.
“Would you really?,” he says, and your hesitation makes him smirk slightly.
“No,” you breathe out, and it’s the answer he’s been waiting for, the answer he needs to finally press his soft lips against yours. 
You don’t even have the time to savor the moment, though, because the warmth of his lips is gone as quickly as it came. He pulls back, a surprised look in his eyes, as if he can’t believe what he just did. The tension above you breaks and rains down on you like small pieces of confetti that settle comfortably on your head and shoulders. There’s a knot in your stomach but instead of twisting your insides in nervousness, it feels warm and makes you giddy for what’s to come next. Sunghoon’s surprised expression transforms into a grin at the sound of your laughter, and he can’t help but chuckle along with you.
You scooch closer to him, and his other hand comes to rest on your second knee. You can tell he’s not going to do much more, so you lean in bit by bit, and peck him softly on the lips. You both giggle again and you blame the fact that you want to feel his lips on yours again on the late hour of the night. You peck his lips once, twice more, giggling inbetween, but when you peck them a third time, he doesn’t let you pull away and keeps his lips on yours. The sudden added strength takes you aback, but it doesn’t take you long to yield to his touch and kiss him back. 
Sunghoon moves his lips slowly against yours and it’s surprisingly easy to fall into his rhythm. You don’t have the most experience with kissing, but something about doing it with your best friend reassures you and your whole body relaxes as you focus on the feeling of his lips moving in cadence with yours. The knot in your stomach stays there and tightens when his hands ride up your thighs and settle on your hips, holding you snugly there. You’re only wearing shorts and his palms against your bare skin make you release a shaky breath in Sunghoon’s mouth. You pull back for a bit, surprised at your own reaction, but nothing can prepare you for the way your best friend is looking at you.
His pupils are dilated, dark, glossed-over eyes looking directly at you. Your breath was already shallow from the kiss, but it’s his gaze that renders you completely breathless. Sunghoon tightens his grip on your hips and leans in for more, but you put a hand on his chest to stop him, making his eyes snap back into focus.
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, Y/N. I don’t know what took over me. Are you okay?,” he asks, as short of breath as you are, but worry laced in his voice.
“No- Yes- I mean, yes, I’m fine, everything’s fine, I just-”, you shake your head, trying to gather your thoughts. “I’m just…”
“Tell me. You can tell me,” he says, rubbing gentle circles into your hips with his thumb, and the unfamiliar yet intimate gesture makes it even harder to concentrate. 
“We- we’re best friends, right?,” you ask, voice trembling, You ask, even though you know the answer, just because you’re afraid the line the two of you have just crossed is already miles behind you, and you won’t be able to retrace your steps.
“Yeah, of course we are,” Sunghoon reassures, head tilting to the side in confusion. 
“And best friends… Do they… Well, best friends kiss each other all the time, right?,” you say, trying to calm the overpowering urge to kiss him again.
Sunghoon chuckles and tucks a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “I don’t know about that, Y/N.”
“Oh,” you breathe.
Sunghoon quickly catches on to your hesitation. “But who cares about what best friends usually do and don’t do?,” he says, holding your face between his hands to make you look up at him. “I liked kissing you, just now. I really, really liked it,” he admits, red dusting his cheeks. “Did you like it?”
You nod, too shy to put how much you enjoyed kissing Sunghoon into words. “Do you want to do it again?,” he asks and chuckles when you nod again, eyes already on his lips. This time, you don’t stop him when he leans in and let him press his lips to yours again. His words have reassured you and you sigh into his mouth, making him smile into the kiss. 
His hands ride up a bit and settle on your waist, bringing you a bit closer to him, and you circle your arms around his neck. The shyness of the first kiss is completely gone, and you’re both gaining more and more confidence, letting everything go and focusing solely on where your bodies meet. He tilts his head, deepening the kiss, and you push your body onto his, a sudden need to feel him against you, to feel his strong arms encaging you. 
You pull away at the same time to catch your breaths, smiling at each other when you see how lustful the other’s expression is. Sunghoon’s eyes have glossed over once more, and you’re sure yours are too. “C’mere,” he breathes out, beckoning you to him. You climb onto his lap, one knee on each side of his hips. “Is this okay?,” he asks, but you don’t answer, you just lean in and kiss him again, holding his face in your hand as his hands roam your back over the thin fabric of your t-shirt. Your kisses are curious, the both of you trying to figure out what feels best as you tilt your heads from one side to the other and let your inquisitive hands travel each other’s bodies. Yours find purchase in his hair, and you revel in the sighs that escape his lips whenever you pull and tug at the strands. 
As the kiss gets hungrier and needier, his hands fall down to your lower back, and then to your ass. He just cups it for a while, but after a few moments, grabs it harder and brings you close to him, making your core rub against the hardness that had been building in his sweatpants for a while now. The friction is unexpected and you can’t help the loud moan leaving your lips at the feeling. It’s a feeling you know from your own hand in the privacy of your dark room, but Sunghoon making you feel that way is so foreign that it snaps you out of the daze you’re in. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, was that too much?,” Sunghoon scrambles for words, but you’re already pulling away, and he doesn’t know what to do to keep you close.
You sit back on the bed, holding your knees close to your chest. You look at your best friend in front of you who’s looking at you with a worried expression. Something in you craves to reach a hand out to him, to feel his cheeks and jawline under your palms again, to find out if he’d shiver at your touch and if goosebumps would form on his skin. He’s been your best friend for eight years, and you’ve always thought you know everything about him, the same way he’s supposed to know everything about you. But you realize in this moment that there are things you don’t yet know, melodies to be discovered, treasures to be unearthed. Your fingertips are burning to find them all. 
The sound of him calling out your name resonates inside your mind and it takes you everything not to fall back on him again. You furrow your eyebrows, confused by all those things you’re feeling. What was it that just took over you, that lit your insides up so?
You straighten your back suddenly and take in your surroundings. Sunghoon’s room is still the same old room you’ve always known, the same blue walls, the same posters he only ever changes when he finds a new interest and lets go of an old one. The same pictures from when you were 10, 12, 15, recent ones now that you’re 18; the same figure skating trophies and medals on his shelves. You turn to look at your best friend. The same soft, round cheeks contrasted by a sharp jaw; the same almond eyes, round with worry at your sudden movement; the same two moles you’ve always found so comforting, for some reason. You almost reach out to touch them, to give you some sense of balance, to reassure you that things aren’t changing as much as it feels like they are. But you’re scared electricity might shock you if your fingers touch his skin right now. You’re scared you won’t be able to take your fingers off of him, no matter how much it stings. His face is the same as always before, but there’s something else to it, something you could probably figure out if you spent more than three seconds thinking about it, but you’re not sure you want to figure it out.
“Is everything okay? Did- Did I do something wrong?,” he asks, voice laced with concern. 
Before he can put a reassuring hand on your knee, you get off of the bed, and hurriedly say, “No. I just- I think I should go home.” You look everywhere but at him.
He sits up at your words, concern turned into confusion. “It’s 3am, Y/N, why do you want to go home all of a sudden? You’ve stayed over plenty of times before.”
“I-I know, I just…,” you stammer, trying to find an excuse. “I’ve got cramps. I think my period’s coming,” you lie. It’s better than whatever truth is threatening to bubble up at the surface.
“O-oh. Right.” He scooches a bit, sitting on the edge of his bed. “Is there anything- like- can I do anything? You don’t-,” he says, tripping over his words. “You don’t have to go, is what I’m trying to say.”
A few months ago, when you had finally wrapped your head around the fact that your best friend was an attractive man and that he made you feel things friends weren’t supposed to make you feel, you’d told yourself it was all just a phase that would pass soon. But feelings this strong surely cannot go away that easily.
You take a deep breath in and tear your eyes away from him. “I think I should go home,” you repeat. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Hoon.”
You turn around and start walking away, but Sunghoon is quick on his feet and stops you from going out the door. “Do you actually have cramps? Or are you just scared that our friendship might change?,” he asks, out of breath.
You avert his gaze and try to push past him, but he’s much stronger than you. Puberty sure played its trick on him. You sigh and look down at your feet. “I’m tired, Hoon, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”
But if there is one thing your best friend is, it’s stubborn. “I don’t wanna talk about it tomorrow. I wanna talk about it now. Did it feel good?,” he asks, and his resolute tone of voice makes you look up at him.
“I- I mean-”
“Y/N,” he starts, wrapping his arms around you and leaning in a bit, his familiar scent filling your nostrils. You have to close your eyes. “Answer me. Did it feel good?”
“Yes,” you answer without thinking. 
“Is that why you’re scared?”
“Yes.” Your eyes flutter open when you feel his fingers graze your cheek. He leans in again and traps your kiss in a much softer and intimate kiss that makes your head spin and your thoughts cloud. Before you can get carried away, you pull away again, and ignore how beautiful he looks when his eyes stay closed for a few seconds after you’re done kissing. He only opens them once you tell him once again you should go home, needing some time to think.
“Let me at least walk you there. It’s dark,” he pleads, his grip on your waist still tight.
“Hoon, I live right next door, I’ll be fine.” You let him kiss you once more and he makes you promise to call or text him tomorrow.
When you leave, Sunghoon plops back down on his bed, one forearm coming up to his forehead as he plays back the events of the night. Had he done something wrong? Something that made you want to get as far away from him as quickly as possible? He’d tried to be gentle and to make sure you were okay with everything, but he couldn’t help but get carried away when he heard those sweet, sweet sighs of yours. He thought he was going to combust when he heard you moan, and he wanted to hear it over and over again, but you’d jumped from him like he’d told you he had killed someone.
He hopes you were telling the truth when you had said you were just scared about your friendship changing. He hadn’t wanted to push and get you to stay; he knew it was weird, seeing each other in a different light all at once. He wasn’t completely oblivious; he’d felt that same shift in your relationship those past few months, just like you had, although you’d never spoken about it to each other. He knew he could never go back to seeing you as just a friend when he’d jerked off one day and you were all he could think of. He kept imagining the sounds you’d make and the way your hands would feel on him, and he’d gotten so close to getting that today, but he must’ve fucked something up and now his chances were ruined. Laying on his bed, he curses himself for letting you slip through his fingers just when he thought he finally had you.
You don’t get a wink of sleep that night. Your mind is reeling with everything that happened in Sunghoon’s room. Your fingers unconsciously keep coming up to touch your lips and feel the ghost of his touch there. Your skin turns hot at the simple thought of how perfect his lips had felt against yours, and you toss and turn in your bed as you consider what might’ve been, had you stayed with Sunghoon. You tell yourself it’s all so stupid, because it’s reassuring to think something is stupid and can’t be helped rather than try to get to the bottom of it and realize that maybe, it’s not all that stupid.
But it’s all happening too quickly, and even though you’ve been curious in more ways than one about your best friend for the past few months, you hadn’t expected to kiss him and to enjoy it so much on a random summer night. Your thoughts only seem to calm down and your eyes finally close just as the sun starts to rise.
Tumblr media
The next day, Sunghoon wakes up in the early hours of the afternoon and checks his phone right away. A couple of notifications, but nothing from you. A text from Jake in their group chat with Jay asking to hang out at Sunghoon’s pool, to which he replies that they can come whenever. He taps a quick one out in the shower, memories of your scent and your lips on his getting him to finish quicker than he’d like to admit. He’s in the middle of a late breakfast when Jake and Jay spawn at his door, swimming trunks already on. Still nothing from you.
It doesn’t take Jay and Jake long to figure out that something is up with their best friend. It’s not like he does much usually, but today especially, he makes no effort to entertain them. He laughs at their jokes, but it feels like he laughs because he hears other people laughing rather than because he genuinely finds them funny. He barely even reacts when the inflatable pool ball hits him right in the face.
His friends don’t say anything until they’re all seated at a table by the pool, sipping on some ice-cold Coke. The air is still warm but the sun is low in the sky and hides behind the house, and Sunghoon can feel small goosebumps forming on his skin. 
He seems lost in his thoughts as his unblinking eyes stay on a random point in the distance. Jay and Jake exchange a look before the older one breaks the silence.
“Is everything alright, bro? You look out of it today.”
Jay’s voice brings him back to the here and now, and his eyes jump back and forth between his two friends who are looking at him expectantly. “Huh? Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just tired. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night,” he says, leaving some of the truth out, but his friends know him better than he gives them credit for.
“Are you sure? I feel like there’s something you’re not telling us. You just act like a little bitch when you’re tired, you don’t get all…,” Jake shakes his hand in front of his face, “distant like that.”
Sunghoon bites his lip, debating whether he should tell his friends about you or not. No matter how stupid they may be, they also know both of you quite well, so they might prove not completely useless, he thinks.
“Y/N and I kissed last night.”
It’s almost comical, how Jay and Jake bring their head forward in astonishment, how wide their mouth gets, how their eyes look like they might pop out of their sockets, and how they say “You what?!” at the same time.
“We kissed,” Sunghoon repeats, eyes drifting down to the ground in front of him as he rubs his neck, smiling faintly at the memory.
“Fucking finally!,” Jay practically screams out in joy.
“Told you it was gonna happen. No way you two were going to stay just besties forever,” Jake teases, punching Sunghoon in the arm. “How was it?”
Sunghoon sighs and leans back in his chair, letting his head hang back. “Really fucking amazing,” he chuckles. His friends holler for him, snickering like 12-year old boys who just saw a hot girl walk past. 
“God, I saw this coming from miles away. I don’t know why you kept on insisting nothing was gonna happen between you two,” Jake beams, proud of his friend.
“I really didn’t think anything would… I just… Started seeing her differently recently, I guess,” Sunghoon shrugs, sheepishly smiling to himself.
“So, what happened? Did you guys just kiss or…?,” Jay asks, raising his eyebrows suggestively. Jake giggles at the insinuation of sex but has a curious glint in his eyes when he waits for Sunghoon’s answer.
“Yeah, um, we just kissed cause she- she sort of ran away?,” Sunghoon admits, wincing at the unsure tone of his voice.
“You what?!,” Chaeyong’s voice rings out in the food court of the mall where you’re currently sitting, halfway through your strawberry milkshake.
“Keep it down, would you?!”, you scold her, smiling apologetically to the people staring at you and your friend.
“If it was so good, why the hell did you run away, Y/N?”
“I just- I don’t know… Freaked out, I guess…,” you say, pouting at her harsh gaze.
“Well, have you talked since?” You don’t reply, just guiltily avoid her gaze. “Y/N!”
“I know, I know!,” you say defensively. “I know… I just don’t know what to say… ‘Hey, nice making out with you last night, bit weird since we’ve been best friends since we were 11, but that’s fine, right?’ Ugh! That’s so stupid,” you complain, flopping back in your chair.
“That’s exactly what you should say!,” Chaeyong exclaims. “Going MIA on him will just make things weirder. Plus you’ve never gone more than 20 hours without speaking so one of you will eventually cave in. It should be you,” she says, looking at you with a raised eyebrow as she takes a sip from her milkshake. 
You scoff when she gives you a ‘you know I’m right’ look. “I’ll think about it on the way home and text him. There.”
And you do think about it on the way home; but you don’t get the opportunity to send the text, because as soon as you get off the bus at the stop right in front of your house, you see Sunghoon sitting on the bench of your porch, looking around nervously and rubbing his hands on his denim shorts. You chuckle to yourself; who knew he got so distressed from not speaking to you for a day?
He stands up when he sees you approaching and raises his hand in a quick wave. “Hi, Hoon,” you greet, and you can feel his whole body relax when you hug him. So, you don’t hate him, he thinks. You sit down on the bench together. “Sorry I didn’t text you. I didn’t know what to say after… last night,” you admit, hugging your knees to your chest as you sit facing him.
“Yeah, I figured,” he chuckles, smiling slightly at you. “I was scared you’d never want to see me again.”
You look at him with wide eyes, mildly offended, and punch his arm. “How could you think that?!”
“Well, you did sort of run away from me last night,” he says, lightly punching your arm in return.
You tut in defeat. “I did, didn’t I?” 
“Yeah. I’m just glad you didn’t walk past me straight into your house just now,” he teases.
You chuckle and rest your head on top of your knees. “That would’ve been a bit much, even for me.”
Sunghoon lets out a puff of air through his nose in response, and then the two of you sit in comfortable silence. You’re contemplating what to do next when your friend pulls you from your thoughts. “Should we, um…,” he starts and shuts his eyes tightly in reflection for a second before opening them again and looking straight at you. “Should we just pretend like last night didn’t happen? Would that make you feel more comfortable?”
His words take you aback and your eyes widen a bit; you hadn’t even thought pretending nothing happened last night was an option, because you didn’t think you’d ever be able to actually get it out of your head. Even now, if you stare at Sunghoon for too long, your gaze will naturally drift downwards or you’ll get a flashback of his large hands around your waist. But apparently, if he can offer to pretend like the previous night wasn’t a thing, then it must not have been such a huge deal to him. You quickly try to hide your disappointment and nod at your friend. “Right. Yeah. Sure.”
Silence makes its way between you two again, but this time it’s not as comfortable as the previous one. It makes the late afternoon breeze a bit chillier and the physical distance between you and Sunghoon feel much bigger than it actually is. Wanting it to go away quickly, you ask, “Do you wanna watch a movie, then?”
Sunghoon’s never looked so relieved about watching a movie, and he immediately accepts your offer. You get some popcorn ready while he searches for a movie to watch. He clicks on a horror movie that looks like it’s got a cliché storyline and awful acting, but you’re happy for any sort of distraction when Sunghoon is sitting so close right next to you.
You and Sunghoon always sit close-by when you watch something together, knees and shoulders brushing against each other. Tonight isn’t any different, except that your skin burns everywhere it touches his. You can smell the faint scent of chlorine in his hair, and it’s so intoxicating you want to bury your face there and breathe it in.
You’re thirty minutes into the movie and still nothing’s happened when Sunghoon puts his arm around you, letting his hand hang over your shoulder. The sudden warm contact makes you take a sharp intake of breath as memories of the previous night come flooding once again. You don’t know what you were expecting, but Sunghoon simply rests his hand there and doesn’t do anything more for another thirty minutes, except for squeezing your shoulder when there’s a small jumpscare, making you chuckle at him. This isn’t much more than what you’re used to with him, but knowing your friend, he must be thinking the ball is in your court. So you scooch a bit closer into his side and rest your head on his shoulder, the scent of his skin even stronger now that your nose is so close to his neck. You feel his chest raise and relax as he sighs deeply and tightens his hold around your shoulders. His small reactions to you spur you on and you decide to wrap an arm around his waist and you feel him flinch oh-so-slightly at your touch in such a sensitive spot. He starts to rub circles into your shoulder and rests his head on top of yours, and your whole body relaxes into his. This is so much more than what you’re used to with him; and yet, you so readily melt under his touch.
You can barely focus on the movie because of how close Sunghoon is. When a particularly scary ghost jumps on the screen, you flinch and hide your face in his neck, and he giggles at your reaction, hand coming up to stroke your hair comfortingly. It only takes you a few seconds to realize what position you’re in, and you release a shaky breath as you slowly lift your head towards Sunghoon, only to find him already looking at you, seemingly having had that same realization. When his eyes drift down to your lips, you know you’re done for.
You call out his name, and he’s already answered ‘Yes?’ before you’ve had time to finish uttering the second syllable. “I don’t think I want to pretend last night never happened,” you admit, holding his waist a bit tighter.
“Good. Me neither,” he breathes out before leaning down and trapping your lips in his, the kiss releasing all your pent-up frustration of the day. The world seems to melt away with his lips on yours, the movie already long forgotten. Sunghoon pulls you into his lap and you slide your palms up from his waist, against his chest and to his shoulders before wrapping your arms around his neck, bringing your body closer to his. His hands are sitting on your hips, fingers lightly pressing into them and your lower back. Now that you both seem to know what you want, it’s so easy, just falling into this kiss.
His tongue darts out to lick your bottom lip and you gladly open your mouth for him, letting his tongue explore it. You haven’t kissed someone like this in ages, maybe ever, but Sunghoon naturally takes the lead and effortlessly gets you to follow his rhythm. When a flick of his tongue against yours feels particularly nice, you arch your back and press your chest into his, making him smirk into the kiss. This time, when he brings your hips down onto his, letting you feel his erection against your clothed core, the feeling doesn’t make you want to run away; instead, you want to feel it again and again.
You fall into a nice pace of rubbing yourself against him, eliciting hushed moans and loud breaths from the both of you. You can’t concentrate on kissing him and grinding down on him at the same time, so you drop your head down to bury your face in his neck, leaving a few pecks there but mostly moaning against his skin, enjoying how your hot breaths make him shiver.
You can’t keep a whine from escaping your lips when he bucks his hip into yours and his tip brushes directly against your covered clit, instantly bringing a hand up to your mouth. “Fuck, Y/N,” he breathes. “I know we gotta keep quiet ‘cause of your parents but the sounds you’re making are so fucking pretty. I wanna hear them over and over again.” His words make you whimper against his neck and you feel your slick starting to pool in your panties.
“H-hoon. This feels so good,” you moan, breathing warmly against the shell of his ear.
“I know, right? Feels so good,” he chuckles, hands grabbing at your ass to bring you harder down onto him. His actions are about to elicit another moan from you when, all of a sudden, a loud jumpscare in the movie makes you jump away from the boy underneath you and yelp in fear, which in turn makes him scream in surprise. You look at each other, panting and eyes open wide, hands clutching at your hearts, until you burst into laughter. The fun moment is short-lived, however, as your mom rushes down the stairs not ten seconds later, frantically asking if everything is alright. 
You sit up straight at the sight of your mother and clear your throat. You’re thankful for the dark of the room which hides your and Sunghoon’s swollen lips and flushed faces from her view. “Sorry, mom, we were just watching a scary movie. We’re fine.” She sleepily nods and walks back up the stairs, and when she’s back in her room, Sunghoon and you exchange a look and erupt into another fit of smaller, quieter giggles. 
That night, after Sunghoon’s gone home, the both of you get yourselves off in your own beds, the strong memory of each other’s lips and hands bringing you both to your releases. Without even realizing it, you moan out Sunghoon’s name as you cum all over your fingers. The window from your room doesn’t face his; but still, your heart is beating so loudly that you’re afraid the sound might carry from your open window to his, so you get up and close it.
Tumblr media
Now that you and Sunghoon both know you want to kiss each other, you do it everywhere: in his pool, his back pressed against the wall; on the sunbeds next to his pool when you were supposed to be drying off; 
on your beds in the middle of the night, none of your parents or siblings suspicious of anything; in front of your house, because even though he was supposed to just walk you home, he couldn’t keep himself from tasting you one last time; in the backseat of his car after an evening with your friends and he drove you two home.
You spend a good two weeks of just kissing before your body starts to crave something more. At some point, Sunghoon’s hands resting nicely on your waist or sometimes, if he’s feeling bold, grabbing at your ass, start to not be enough anymore. You knew you wouldn’t be satisfied with just kisses and sweet touches when one day, his hands slowly but surely slid up your naked belly before grabbing onto your bikini-clad breast, lighting your whole body up on fire. He’d slipped his hand underneath your swimming top and rolled your nipple between two fingers and you had felt his dick twitch under your core when you let out a loud moan at the new yet so pleasurable feeling.
You know what it is that you want, but it makes you feel dirty. You touch yourself and you’ve cum on your fingers a hundred times before, but wanting Sunghoon to make you feel that way is a whole other story. Is that even what he wants? Would he be weirded out if you asked him about it? Is there even the sliver of a chance that maybe, just maybe, he has those same thoughts about you, and wants you to make him feel good as much as he wants to make you feel good?
If his grunts and the way he ruts into you when your make-out sessions get particularly steamy are any indication, then the answer to those questions would respectively be yes, no, and yes. 
You’re lying on a sunbed one afternoon, letting the sun dry off your wet skin from the pool, when you finally muster the courage to tell Sunghoon about your wishes. After all, he is your best friend, and you know you can talk to him about anything. Even when that ‘anything’ involves his fingers in your pussy and his dick in your mouth.
“Sunghoon?”, you call out, turning your head to look at your best friend. He’s bathing in the sunlight without a care in the world. His skin has tanned a bit since summer started three weeks ago and his muscles are even more defined after all that swimming and working out he’s been doing. You want to reach out a hand, to feel the taut skin of his abs and chest under your palms, and to maybe then slide your hand down until you feel his hard-on underneath his swimming trunks. Your chairs aren’t far apart and you could do it from where you are, but you’d rather ask him first.
“Yeah?,” he answers without turning towards you.
You take a deep breath in before you start talking again. “You know how you said it could be good for us to get… experience… before going to college… And how we’ve been kissing these past couple weeks…”
“Yeah, I know,” he chuckles.
“Well… people do more than just kissing, right?,” you ask, breath slightly shaky. This seems to pique his interest as he turns to look at you.
“Yeah?,” he says, and you hope you’re not imagining the enthusiastic tone in his voice.
“I think… I think we should try that too, don’t you think?,” you say, eyes not leaving his as he sits up on his chair and turns his knees towards you, fully facing you now.
“Yeah, I agree. I completely agree,” he breathes, staring at you for a few moments as if in disbelief. “Do you want to- Should we- Let’s go up to my room, yeah?,” he says as he stands up and reaches his hand out to you. You gladly take it as you nod fervently.
You and Sunghoon are a giggling mess as you practically run up the stairs, unable to get to his room quick enough. As soon as the door is closed behind you, you wrap your arms around each other, your lips finding his immediately as he walks you back to his bed. When you feel the back of your knees hit it, you detach yourself from him and lay on it, elbows holding you up as you look up at him expectantly.
“Fuck,” he whispers, leaning in to hover over you. He traps your lips in a short but sweet kiss before pulling back and murmuring against your lips, “Have I ever told you how pretty you are, Y/N?”
You beam at his words but decide to tease anyway. “You always go on and on about how pretty you are, but never about me.”
He giggles and pecks your lips again. “Well, I’m telling you now. You’re gorgeous.” You kiss him to hide your growing blush, pulling him so close to you he’s practically laying on top of you. Your hands are a bit more curious than usual, your kisses hungrier than usual, the both of you anticipating what’s to come. 
You grind against each other, the feeling of his erection against your barely covered core enough to send your mind into a frenzy. You forget everything around you when you feel Sunghoon pull back in the slightest, far enough so that he can look at your face and gauge your reactions but not too much that you still feel his hot breath on your lips. One of his hands is holding the back of your head as the other travels downwards, stopping for a second on your breast to massage it lightly before continuing its journey. It ever-so-slightly brushes against your core, making you buck your hips up into his touch, but his hand is already gone leaving you whining and pouting and him chuckling at your cute reaction. “You want it that bad, huh?,” he teases.
You scoff, not wanting to let your friend know of the effect he had on you. You press your palm against his clothed erection and he hisses at the unexpected contact. “So do you, Hoon.”
When he presses his lips to yours again, you both smile into the kiss. You cup his jaw and tangle your fingers through his hair, and his hand slips from under your head and joins his other hand on your thigh, grabbing at both of them, fingers slightly digging in your skin. He’s so, so close to where you want him most, and he seems to have noticed your growing impatience by the way you squirm underneath him. Seeing you so needy for him only makes him needier for you; he has more experience than you, so you probably expect him to take the lead, but the truth is, he has no idea what the fuck he’s doing.
“Y/N?,” he calls out, face buried in your neck as he leaves a trail of wet kisses there.
“Yeah?,” you breathe out.
“What do you want me to do?”
The question takes you a bit by surprise. You pull away to look at your friend. His eyes are completely glossed-over, and yours are probably the same. “O-oh. I don’t know. Just- I want you to touch me, I guess,” you say, voice a bit quiet.
“I don’t know how to do that…,” he admits sheepishly. He kisses your neck and cheeks before pecking your lips. “Could you- could you show me? How you do it? And I can show you how I do it?”
You take a second to take his words in. Was he suggesting that you touch yourself in front of him, and that he do the same?
This was like a dream come true.
“Y-yeah, sure.”
Sunghoon giggles in response, and you can’t help but crack a smile too, even though the idea of getting yourself off in front of your friend, no matter how appealing, is still a bit nerve-wracking. “You first,” he says, a mischievous glint in his eyes, and you roll your eyes at him.
You sit back against the headboard of the bed and slip a hand underneath your swim bottom, the other hand coming up to cover your eyes in an attempt to escape Sunghoon’s heavy, lustful gaze. “None of that. I wanna see you,” he says, pulling your hand away from your eyes and resting it on a pillow next to you. “And if you keep these on, I won’t be able to see anything,” he says, looking down at your bikini top.
Before you can protest, he comes to sit on his knees in front of you, kissing your neck and letting his hands roam your back. “I wanna see all of you.” It’s so easy, untying your string bikini, he almost thinks you wore it on purpose for him to take it off. You avoid his gaze as he takes your top off of you, leaving you half-naked in front of him. “So pretty,” he whispers, and you can’t help but look at him, slick pooling between your legs from the fascination he’s looking at your breasts with. He trails kisses down your neck until he reaches them, taking a nipple in his mouth and swirling his tongue around it, then looks up to see your reaction. You never knew your nipples were this sensitive, and you can’t help but arch your back at his touch and moan loudly, hand flying up to tug at his soft hair. He releases your nipple with a pop and moves sideways to pay the same attention to the other one, but Sunghoon is impatient and doesn’t waste too much time on it; he knows he can come back to your boobs later anyway. Right now, you’ve got a hand between your legs, and that’s what he’s dying to see.
“Can I take this off, too?,” he says, looking up at you as his fingers hook on the sides of your swimming bottoms, waiting for you to nod. His eyes don’t leave your glistening core as he pulls the thin fabric down your legs, discarding it somewhere on the floor of his room. He lays on his belly and kisses the inside of your knee as he holds your thighs in his large hands, still transfixed by your pussy when he says, “Show me how you do it, please.”
You both take a sharp breath in when you start moving two fingers in gentle circles over your clit, already wet from making out with Sunghoon. Your fingers are nimble and know exactly what to do after years of doing this, but the pulse in your core is even stronger now that your best friend is watching your movements this intently. He looks like he’s scared to blink in case he might miss something. You can’t take your eyes off of his face; you’ve never seen him so fascinated by something, so eager to learn. It makes you want to put on a show for him.
A surge of confidence hits you out of nowhere as you slide your digits down your folds, gathering some slick before sliding them back up to your clit and rubbing it a bit faster, a bit harder, your moans growing louder and higher in pitch. With your free hand, you tug at the base of Sunghoon’s hair and make him look up at you. You release his hair and bring your pointer finger up to your mouth, sucking on it and swirling your tongue around it, and Sunghoon’s mind is taken back to that day a couple weeks ago when you had sucked on those lollipops. Oh, how things have changed since then. Not that he’s complaining. “Fuck, that’s hot,” he breathes out, eyes zeroed in on your lips and mouth slightly agape.
You smirk at his reaction, stomach on fire with the feeling of having this kind of power on him. When you’ve wet your finger enough, you bring it down to your slit, circling around your hole before entering it, releasing a loud moan for good measure. Sunghoon is mesmerized by the quickening with which your finger slips in and out of you, the fingers on your clit never relenting. He doesn’t even realize he’s released one of your thighs to palm himself over his shorts until you notice it yourself and tut in disapproval.
“Come and help me, Hoon,” you say, and the boy snaps out of his daze at the sound of his nickname. He nods slowly, changing his position so that he’s laying between your legs, head dangerously close to your core. You slip your other finger out of your hole and he takes that as a sign to replace it with his own. One hand still gripping your thigh, he imitates your previous actions as he gets his pointer finger wet with his saliva before pressing it between your folds, right underneath your clit where your fingers are still rubbing circles, sliding it down towards your slit, and finally pushing it in. 
“So warm… So wet, too,” he whispers in wonder, making you cover your eyes with your forearm out of shyness.
“Oh my God,” you moan, arching your back and letting your head drop to the side on the pillow. Sunghoon’s finger is much thicker and longer than your own, and it stretches you out and hits a deep spot inside you you never could, no matter how much you tried.
“Like this?,” he asks, eyes curious as they bounce back and forth between your face and your hole sucking his finger in.
“Yes, yes, just like that, you can also- oh- you can also curve it upwards a bit- fuck, yeah, just like that, Hoon, you’re doing so well,” you say, the praises just flying out of your mouth. 
This seems to instill some confidence in him, as he cocks an eyebrow at you and speeds up his actions. “Yeah? My finger making you feel good, Y/N?”
“Oh, shut up,” you bite back, but immediately let out a long whine when he easily inserts a second finger in your soaking pussy. He curves them inside you just like you told him to, and the feeling of his fingers filling you up and your own quick ones on your clit are creating a familiar knot in your stomach that is so close to breaking. That is, until Sunghoon pulls your wrist away from your clit.
“Y/N… Can I?”, he asks, and you’re not sure what he’s planning, but nod anyway. He wastes no time before pressing his tongue flat down on the sensitive bud, and you actually feel like your soul might leave your body. Fingers knuckle-deep inside you, he licks and sucks at your clit, and the warmth of his tongue against your folds is what makes you tumble over the edge, tightly gripping his hair and bucking your hips into his mouth.
“Oh my God… Oh my God, Hoon, please, don’t stop, please…,” you beg, voice getting higher and whinier as you cum all over his tongue. He continues eating you out until it gets too much and you have to tell him to stop. He hikes his body up yours, pecking you sweetly on the lips when he reaches them.
“Your turn,” you announce and hook your legs over his hips to straddle him. You’re about to lean in for a kiss when you notice how lovingly he’s looking at you: his eyes are soft and a small smile is playing on his lips. It takes you aback, but you’d be lying if you said butterflies didn’t spread in your stomach. “W-why are you looking at me like that?”
His grin gets a bit wider. “Did I make you feel good?”
“Y-yeah…,” you admit, averting your gaze from him.
“I’m glad. You taste good, by the way. Sweet.” You want to kiss the devilish smirk off of his face.
You scoff at your friend, glaring a bit. “Whatever. Sit up,” you order, but it just makes him smirk more.
“Yes, ma’am.”
You look up at him to check for confirmation, and when he nods, you hook your fingers under his swimming trunks, taking them off of him along with his boxers underneath. His already fully-hard cock springs free and slaps against his stomach, and you curse yourself for your reaction that will surely just inflate his ego, as if it wasn’t already massive. Your mouth hangs open, eyes zeroing in on his length, flushed red from lack of attention and what you could only guess was precum leaking at the tip. It was straight from a porno.
“Like what you see?”, Sunghoon teases, making you look up at him, and you can only stupidly nod. You take the position he was in earlier, laying your head on his thigh and caressing the other, letting it ride up to rub his inner thigh and the tiniest bit over his cock, making his smirk vanish as he takes a shaky breath in.
“Show me how you do it,” you repeat his words from earlier. He gulps, finally realizing that he was going to have to masturbate in front of your curious eyes just as you had. He spits on his open palm and spreads the precum over his length with his thumb, lubing himself up before gripping the base and starting to move his hand up and down. You watch as his head falls back against the pillow when his palm grazes over his tip and his movements pick up some speed.
You rub his palms over his thighs, itching to get closer to his cock and make him feel as good as he had done to you earlier. Tentatively, you reach out to grab his balls in your hands, massaging them softly, feeling satisfied when a loud moan leaves his throat. “Oh, f-fuck, that feels good, Y/N,” he breathes out, voice much higher than you’re used to. If he thought that felt good, then nothing could’ve prepared him for the feeling of your soft and warm tongue kitty-licking his balls, then taking turns sucking each one into your mouth and releasing them with a pop. “Where the fuck did you learn how to do that?,” he asks, involuntarily bucking his hips into your face.
You can’t help but giggle, and Sunghoon thinks he might come from the sweet sound contrasted with your lewd actions alone. “I read a lot of fanfiction,” you explain, and he doesn’t question it. If Wattpad taught you how to suck dick, then so be it.
You wrap your hand around his and tell him to keep going so you can get an idea of what pace and movements he likes, and you graze your fingernails over his abs and chest with your other hand, chuckling at how sensitive he is when you lightly pinch his nipples. Sunghoon takes his hand off of himself, laying both of his hands palms up next to him on the bed, so you decide to literally take things into your own hands. Trying to recreate what he did before, you spit into your palm and wrap your fingers around his tip, bringing your hand down in a swirly motion to the base of his shaft. You do that a few times, asking, “Like that?,” to get confirmation from Sunghoon.
“Just like that, baby,” he says, not even taking notice of the pet name; but you do, and your cheeks immediately flush, surprised at how much you like it.
“Baby?,” you repeat, but he’s too lost in his pleasure and just hums in response. His reaction eggs you on, and you lick a long stripe from his base to his tip, swirling your tongue around it and humming at the bitter but not unpleasant taste of precum there. When another moan escapes his throat, you take his tip in your mouth, at first just shallowly thrusting your head, but then trying to take more and more of him. 
You’re so focused on what you’re doing that you don’t even realize how quickly he’s panting and how his grunts start to get whinier until he’s moaning out your name. “A-ah, Y/N, feels so good, ‘m gonna-gonna cum, fuck-”
He goes silent as he shoots his release down your throat, eyebrows deeply furrowed and mouth open wide in pleasure. There’s so much of it and you can’t swallow it all, so you pull your head back, catching your breath, and a hot string of cum hits your chin and your throat. Sunghoon takes a look at you and the sight of you with some of his cum makes his dick twitch before he plops back down on the bed. You giggle as you take tissues from the bedside table (cause of course he’s got tissues next to his bed) and wipe away his seed, then lie down next to him, brushing away the hair that’s sticking to his forehead with sweat and peppering his face with soft kisses.
He opens his eyes and smiles, turning his head to look at you, before engulfing you in a bear hug, sweaty bodies sticking together but neither of you minding it. “That was so good, Y/N. What the fuck,” he sighs, pecking your forehead.
You hum, nuzzling your nose into his neck. “I know, right? Who knew you could use your mouth for other things than saying stupid shit,” you tease.
He pulls back and gives you a look that tries to be stern, but you know he’s joking. “Do I need to remind you again, young lady?”
You giggle and peck his lips, forcing him out of character as his dimples appear on his cheeks. “Later, definitely.”
And after that day, he makes sure to remind you time and time again of how good his mouth feels on you. You should’ve seen it coming with how amazing of a kisser he was; but truly, there was nothing like cumming on your friend’s tongue.
Tumblr media
You’re relieved to find that not much has changed, after all; you and Sunghoon still play around in the pool, watch stupid movies and hang out with your friends like always. Sure, there are stray hands here and there, or looks that last a little too long and mean a little too much, but if anything, it just makes your friendship more playful and exciting. 
You’re both open with what you like and don’t like, so it doesn’t take either of you to figure out exactly how to make the other come undone embarrassingly quickly. (The shortest amount of time it took him was 1:38 seconds - yes, he timed it - and he hasn’t let you live it down since.) You like it when he presses his large hand down onto your lower tummy while he eats you out, or when he sits you between his legs and whispers all sorts of things as his fingers work their magic inside you and on your clit. He likes it when you get down on your knees in front of him and look up at him as you suck him dry, or when you sit in his lap and kiss his neck and play with his hair while he plays video games. And don’t even get him started on when you palmed him over his sweatpants while you watched a movie with Chaeyong, Jay and Jake, making sure that the movements under the blanket went unnoticed by them. He wanted to punish you after they left, he really did, but you took him in your mouth right there in the living room and gave him an orgasm that had his thighs shaking for five minutes afterwards. You were pretty proud of yourself for that one. 
You also find out that he hates it when you tease and edge him, which only makes you do it more; the only problem is that, if you do that, he’ll make you ride his thigh and won’t help you at all. His proud smirk and snide praises combined with the feeling of his thick thigh underneath your core were more than enough to get you to your end, though.
And truly, nothing has changed, especially not Sunghoon’s special talent in pushing boys away from you.
“What do you mean, Lee Heeseung is coming back?,” he heatedly asks, slamming his glass of lemonade down on the outdoor table so hard you’re scared it might break.
“It’s the summer, of course he’s coming back. He just stayed behind for a bit to enjoy a few weeks of the city without college, and now he’s coming back here,” Jake explains, shrugging.
“Do you know when he’ll be here?,” you ask, far too much excitement in your voice to Sunghoon’s taste.
“Just in a couple days.”
Sunghoon has smoke coming out of his ears when he sees how much you perk up at the news of your old crush being back in town for summer. He likes the boy, but he hates that you like him. And since Heeseung is friends with Jay, Jake, and by association Sunghoon, begrudgingly so, he’ll definitely see lots of him in the upcoming months. And if Sunghoon sees Heeseung, then you’ll see Heeseung, too. And that, Sunghoon doesn’t like.
You notice something is off with him that afternoon because of how uncharacteristically quiet he is. Sunghoon, ever the loud introvert, is always arguing for no reason and laughing louder than everybody around him. So when he only chuckles at his friends’ numerous displays of stupidity in the pool and doesn’t even say anything in protest to you getting on Jake’s shoulders to play against Chaeyoung and Jay, you know something is definitely up. You also have a good idea of what that something might be, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t find it endearing.
You stay behind when your friends leave in the early evening. Without a word, you and Sunghoon pack away the inflatable toys in the pool cabin and clean up the table, putting the dirty glasses in the sink. You do the dishes while he prepares sandwiches for the two of you, which he insisted on doing after he heard your stomach grumbling. You watch the latest Kurtis Conner video as you eat and can’t help but notice that he doesn’t even chuckle at any of the jokes or skits when he’d usually be clutching his stomach in laughter. 
When you’re done eating, you take a resolute breath and pause the video, but Sunghoon doesn’t even notice, only snapping out of his daze when you call out his name.
“Huh?,” he says stupidly as his eyes find you, and he looks surprised to see you, as if he’d forgotten you were there.
“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?,” you ask, slightly frowning. “You look so out of it today.”
“Huh? I’m fine, nothing’s wrong,” he says dismissively and presses play, but you quickly pause the video again.
“I’m your best friend, Sunghoon, I know when something’s the matter and I know when you’re lying. We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, but don’t pretend everything’s fine when we both know that’s not true.”
He peers at you for a moment, cursing you for knowing him so well. He crosses his arm and averts his gaze, pouting like an angry child. “I hate it when you’re right.”
You giggle and make your way around the counter to him, standing inbetween his legs and wrapping your arms around his neck to make him look up at you. His hands come naturally up to your waist. “I just…,” he sighs, “You’ve always had a crush on Heeseung. But these are our last couple months together, and I don’t want somebody else taking up your attention…”
He buries his face between your breasts to hide his blush, and you can’t help but giggle again. “Stop laughing at me!,” he protests, but the muffled sound of his voice just makes you laugh more. You stroke his hair and press a gentle kiss at the top of his head.
“Sure, I’m happy Heeseung’s coming back. But there’s no one I’d rather spend my summer with than you, Sunghoon, you should know that.” He leans back to look up at you with puppy eyes and a small pout. You cup his face, admiring how cute he looks like this, and smile softly down at him.
“Really,” you answer, and he leans in for a kiss.
It’s a soft one. It’s a patient kiss, neither of you urging to get somewhere else, to do something more. It reminds you of that kiss in his room a few weeks ago, when you were still curious and discovering each other. From then on, your kisses had become more feverish, more eager, more playful. But now, you’re taking your time. For now at least, neither of you is going anywhere. So your lips melt together slowly, and when you take breaks to breathe, you look each other in the eyes and smile before leaning back in.
It’s when you sigh against his lips, eyes still closed as you pull away, that it hits him. I could do this forever, he thinks.
I could sit here with my arms around her waist and her lips against mine and the smell of chlorine and the sound of her laugh forever and I’d never get tired of it, he thinks, but immediately afterwards, he realizes he won’t get to do this forever. Summer will end, you’ll both head off to college, and you’ll only get to see each other every few months until another summer comes. And who knows what might happen until then?
You might meet someone and realize Sunghoon isn’t all that; hell, he might meet someone, but he highly doubts anyone could even come close to the way you make him feel.
“Hello? Earth to Sunghoon?,” you call out, looking down at him with an affectionate look in your eyes. You press the pads of your fingers to his two moles before replacing your fingers with your lips, giving each one a quick peck. “You were up on the moon for a minute there.”
Sunghoon hums softly, smiling as he lets himself melt under your touch. “Sorry. It’s just really hot, isn’t it?,” he says, a stupid excuse he uses as a blanket to cover his feelings. There is some sweat beading at his hairline, which helps make his lie more believable, but you don’t need to know it’s not just because of the summer heat.
Your smile turns mischievous, and Sunghoon can tell you have an idea in mind. “It is pretty hot… Wait here.”
He watches as you fill a tall glass with ice from the dispenser in the fridge and pop an ice cube in your mouth, a devilish smile on your face, and laughs when that smile is replaced with a frown as the coldness hits you and you spit it back into the glass, laughing along with him. “What was that all about?,” he asks between giggles.
“I got the idea a few days ago when we were having popsicles…,” you say looking down at the glass between your hands, slightly embarrassed. “You kissed me and your mouth was really cold but it felt nice.” Sunghoon hums, egging you to go on. You lift the glass up to his cheeks, applying just a bit of pressure to the soft skin. “I thought this could be refreshing.” 
You take the ice cube back in your mouth, sucking on it but not letting it melt completely before pressing your lips against Sunghoon’s and opening your mouth just a bit so he could feel the cold of the ice cube. You feel his smile into the kiss as the ice cube swirls between your tongues, sending shivers down your spine. 
“Very refreshing indeed,” he murmurs when the ice has completely melted. He gets up and takes the glass in one of his hands, leaning down to your level and says “C’mon” with the same mischievous smile as you on his face.
You two hurry up the stairs, and when you get to his room, he hands you the glass before throwing himself on his back, laying on his back with his hands behind his head. “Show me what you had in mind.”
You straddle his hips and take an ice cube from the glass, rubbing it over his lips before pushing it inside his mouth, the cold making him hiss. You quickly counteract that by pressing your lips to his, the contrast of your warm tongue and the freezing ice turning him on more than he would’ve thought.
When the ice has melted, you take another piece and brush it along his jaw, down his Adam’s apple and around his nipples. The cold temperature makes him squirm but he doesn’t shy away from it, even closing his eyes to focus solely on the feeling. While you play with the ice cube, you also leave warm kisses all over his skin, reveling in its slightly salty taste from the thin layer of sweat. You let the ice cube melt between his abs and watch him wriggle as he sucks in a sharp breath, then grab another one, starting off where the previous one stopped. You circle his navel while your fingers play with the hem of his swimming trunks. He pulls them down himself and you chuckle at his eagerness. “I should’ve known you liked the cold, with all those years of ice skating you did,” you tease.  
He’s almost fully hard, and it only takes a few kisses and trailing the ice cube down his inner thighs to have his dick fully erect. He’d only been letting out small sighs and hisses until now, but when you grab another ice cube and circle it around his sensitive tip, he throws his head back into the pillows and moans loudly. You push your luck and drag the ice cube down his shaft, his thighs snapping together when it reaches his balls. You put it in your mouth and let it melt so that your tongue is still cold when you swirl it around his tip, already tasting precum there. But before you can take him further in your mouth, he calls out your name.
“Wait. I don’t wanna cum just yet. My turn.”
He shakes his shoulders in excitement as you switch positions, you taking your t-shirt and bikini top off and laying on your back and him sitting down with one knee on each side of your thighs, an ice cube in his hand and a giddy smile on his face.
He brushes it over your lips before pushing it just a bit into your mouth, holding onto it with two fingers while you suck on it, gazes locked in each other. Just as you did earlier, he trails it down your throat and your chest until they reach your nipples, marveling at the thin wet trail it leaves in its wake. He licks this trail as he circles one of your nipples with the ice cube, and you don’t know if you should focus on his warm tongue or on the cold ice cube. Once it’s melted, he takes another one and circles your other nipple with it, his mouth coming to wrap around the now cold one. Your hands fly up to grab at his hair, your back arching into his touch as you moan and pant loudly.
He sucks and licks at your nipples until you’re calling out his name, begging for more. As nice as his mouth or an ice cube around your nipples feel, your pussy is throbbing and desperate for attention. “Sunghoon… Please…,” you whine.
“Please what?,” he teases, looking up from your breasts with a smirk.
You whine again, knowing he knows full well what you want. “Please…”
He trails the ice cube down your stomach, circling your navel a few times where it melts before slipping two cold fingers underneath your bikini bottoms. “Is this what you want, baby?,” he asks as he rubs his fingers between his folds, and you whine at the feeling of having him so close to your hole and to your clit but not quite there either. He smirks when you nod frantically but whine at the loss of his fingers against you as he takes your bottoms off and reaches for another ice cube.
You release a loud moan and arch your back off the bed when the ice cube touches your clit. “Fuck, Hoon!”
He rubs the ice cube up and down your folds, your heat melting it much faster than your skin. He takes another one and brings it to your entrance this time, circling around it before pushing the ice cube in and staring with wonder as it melts quickly. He holds your hips down so you stop bucking them up, whimpering at the amazing feeling of the ice against you. He replaces the ice cube with his fingers in your and his tongue on your clit, sucking expertly at the sensitive bud and lapping at your juices. And while it feels good - God, does it feel good - and you let Sunghoon know just how nice it feels with your moans, whispers of his names and the way you hold onto his hair, you’re craving something more.
It’s something you’ve been wanting for the past few days, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. No matter how nice Sunghoon’s fingers and mouth felt, they didn’t make you feel close to him enough. You wanted to be so close to him you didn’t know where you ended and where he started; you wanted to feel him. 
You pull him up by the face, asking him to come here and getting lost in his lips as soon as they reach your level. God, Sunghoon’s kisses. You could drown in them. But still, that craving, that need for more. And now that his body is pressed up against yours and you can feel his erection against your thigh, so close to your core, you think you know what it is that you want. “Hmm, please…”
“You keep asking me for something, but you don’t tell me what it is.”
“You. I want you, Hoon, please,” you beg, murmuring against his lips as you wrap your legs around his hips and bring him even closer, his cock now pressing against your cunt.
“M-me?,” he asks, leaning back just a bit, but you pull him back in right away, resting his forehead against yours.
“Yes, please. I need to feel you inside me.”
Your words are enough to get a moan out of Sunghoon. “Fuck, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” he pants, planting kisses all over your face and neck. Usually, you’d giggle at the ticklish sensation, but right now, you’re so drunk on pleasure, it just makes your breath even shallower and your core wetter.
“How long?”
“God. Since the second time we kissed probably,” he replies, reaching for a condom in the drawer of his bedside table. You think back to that moment six weeks ago (how has it been six weeks already?, you think), after you and Sunghoon had made up and made out on his couch in front of a horror movie. He’d wanted you for that long? And he’d waited for you to say something since then?
“Today’s your lucky day, then,” you tease in an attempt to lighten up your need for him that takes over your bones, but his gaze when he looks back at you ruins your effort. If anything, it just makes you need him even more. You feel like you might explode if you don’t have him right now.
You watch as he clumsily wraps the condom around his member, clearly never having done this before, but you wouldn’t be of any help, so you let him figure it out on his own. You let your head fall back as he rubs his tip up and down your folds, gathering your slick on his dick like he saw in porn, before aligning himself at your entrance and giving you a long, deep kiss.
“Are you sure about this?,” he asks, forehead on yours.
“Yeah. Are you?”
“I- Yeah, I am. But I’m also scared.”
“Scared of what, Hoon?,” you ask, opening your eyes to look at him. You caress his cheek and cup his face in your hands, watching softly as he lets his head rest on your palm.
“I’m scared of hurting you. I heard it hurts the first time. And I’m scared…,” he closes his eyes and frowns a bit. “I’m scared it’ll feel too good. That I’ll always want it. You.”
You take a small moment to think, your thumb brushing over his cheek in what you hope is a comforting manner. “You won’t hurt me, Hoon. I heard it only hurts if you’re not ready… And I’m plenty ready. And I know you’ll take it slow.” You smile softly when he nods, turning his head to kiss your palm. But if sex is as good as you’ve heard it is, you’re also scared that it might be the best thing you’ve ever experienced and that you’ll never get enough. You and Sunghoon have been meeting up almost everyday this summer and it has more often than not ended up with one of you between the other’s legs; you could never get bored of the things he made you feel or of knowing you were making him feel those exact same things. If you couldn’t live without his fingers, how could you live without his dick?
How could you live without him?
You tried to snap out of those thoughts, reassuring yourself that even before all of this you couldn’t imagine yourself living without Sunghoon, and that there was no reason this should change anything. “And don’t be scared of that, silly,” you say, making him smile. “I’ll always be here, Sunghoon. I’ll always want you, too.” 
“Fuck, okay,” he whispers, kissing your lips once before pulling himself up on his palms, hovering over you. “Tell me if you need me to stop, yeah?,” he asks and waits for you to nod before finally pushing in.
You instantly moan when you feel his tip inside you, and Sunghoon stops, frantically asking if you’re okay. It takes some convincing to get him to push himself further in. “It feels so good, Hoon. Please keep going.”
You tell him to not stop until he’s fully inside you, and he obeys, even though he wants to stop when he sees your frown and your sharp intakes of breath. When he’s buried to a hilt, he can’t help but collapse on top of you, burying his face in your neck and wrapping his arms tightly around your waist. “Y/N,” he drawls out. “Feels so fucking good. So tight,” he murmurs against your neck.
“Mmh. Give me a minute, baby.” Your hands caress up and down the expanse of his back and you feel him relax on top of you. As you adjust around his length, the stretch starts to feel more and more pleasurable, until pleasure is the only thing you feel. “Hoon?”
“Yeah?,” he says, kissing and nibbling softly at your neck and earlobe.
“You can move, now.”
Sunghoon doesn’t need to be told twice and ever-so-slowly slides out of you, leaving only the tip in before he slides back in. His thrusts are slow but deep, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted and more. He’s barely started but you’re both already whimpering messes, holding onto each other tightly as pleasure like neither of you has felt before takes over your entire bodies.
As you both get more comfortable, his pace picks up just a tiny bit and you tentatively raise your legs higher so that they’re hooked around the back of his knees instead of laying on the bed. The new angle only adds to the intense pleasure, but you don’t even realize you’re crying until Sunghoon stops mid-thrust, wiping your tears with his thumb and worryingly asking if you’re okay and if it hurts and if he should stop. You open your eyes and smile, instantly calming his nerves. You bring his head closer to yours and kiss him like you’d stop breathing if you didn’t. “It feels so fucking good, Hoon. So, so good.”
He sighs out of relief and resumes his actions, heart swelling with pride that he’s making you feel so good, you’re crying. He’s always hated seeing you cry or hurt in general; but knowing what kind of tears these are, he thinks you look so pretty with tears streaming down your face. His hands grip your thighs a bit tighter as he quickens his pace, already addicted to the feeling of your warm walls taking him in so well.
He slips out a few times but you’re always quick to guide him back inside you. He lifts his body up a bit to get a deeper angle, hoping it’ll get him to stop slipping out, and he’s blown away by the sight underneath him. He thinks you’ve never looked so gorgeous as you do now, legs spread wide for him, cheeks flushed, brows furrowed and mouth agape for him. He kisses your tears, the salty taste bringing a smile to his lips. “So perfect,” he whispers against your mouth. “You look so beautiful, all spread out like this for me.”
Sunghoon takes your legs and wraps them higher around his hips, the new angle hitting a spot inside you that’s making you see stars and has you moaning his name like it’s the only thing you know how to say. You feel that familiar tension build up inside your stomach much faster and much stronger than it usually does.
“F-fuck, Sunghoon, gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, fuck,” you warn, and a harsher thrust inside you is what pushes you over the edge, the sensation crashing into you and making your thighs shake. An orgasm has never hit you this hard before.
You’re clenching around him like crazy and Sunghoon gasps as your pussy milks him dry, his own orgasm hitting him all at once. He shoots his release inside the condom and stills inside you, breath completely taken away by the sudden, overwhelming sensation.
He lays on top of you, cock softening inside you as you both catch your breaths, trying to make sense of how something can feel this good without killing you instantly. He apologizes when his pulling out makes you wince and kisses the top of your head. He rolls onto his back, pulling you with him so that you’re now almost lying on top of him, head against his chest as his arms wrap themselves around you. You leave kisses all over his chest and neck and his hands caress your back.
“That was amazing.”
“I know, right?,” he responds immediately, his enthusiasm making you laugh.
“Thanks, Hoon,” you say timidly, voice muffled against his skin.
“For what?”
“For making me feel this good.”
He chuckles. “No need to thank me, pretty. If anything, I should thank you for letting me make you feel good, and on top of that making me feel good.”
You hum at his words and you both stay there for a bit longer, enjoying each other’s warmth. Something blooms inside your chest, and you don’t know whether to let it grow or to squash it down. It feels nice, almost too nice, and you’re scared it might get ripped away from you and it won’t feel so nice then.
Friendship, sex, love. In those weeks spent with Sunghoon, those previously clear lines had blurred to a point they were all one big messy ball of feelings and not three distinct things you could tell apart. Had sex turned your friendship with Sunghoon into something romantic? Or was that just an illusion, and being so intimate with your best friend had messed up your once platonic vision of him? But was your vision of him ever platonic?
Hadn’t the two of you always been teased about liking each other for a reason? After all, you and Sunghoon hadn’t grown up together, and he’d never felt like a brother to you. He was always your male friend; you’d always been aware that he was your friend who was also a male. When you moved in the house next to his, you hadn’t instantly clicked; it took a while for the ice skating prodigy to warm up to you, but his parents had warmly welcomed yours into the neighborhood and quickly became friends, so it was only a matter of time before he’d open up to the idea of you being around. Constantly.
You’d walk to and from school together, do homework together, go on family trips together, cheer each other on at your respective competitions. After his ice skating lessons, when the teacher let him have the whole place to himself for a bit more practice, he’d tie your ice skates and drag you onto the ice rink, holding you by the waist or shoulders as he skates backwards in front of you, but also laughing at you when you inevitably fall. He’d tease you for getting second place at the science fair or for getting your arguments torn apart during MUN, but the way he’d be a little nicer to you or share his food more often that week wouldn’t escape you.
Being a handsome young ice skater, Sunghoon had developed quite the loyal following of boys and girls alike who would come to see him at his competitions. He thrived off of the attention, but no matter how much he enjoyed his fans’ admiration, you were always the one he’d skate to after having won first place, hugging you tightly over the barrier separating the ice from the bleachers. Especially during your younger teen years, Sunghoon wasn’t one for skinship or PDA, so it always meant that much more to you that even after his most important wins, you were the first thing on his mind. It never failed to make your stomach flip, and all the death stares from his fans in the world couldn’t have changed a thing.
You were already close, but you became practically inseparable after Sunghoon’s injury. During the competition that would have gotten him a place at the Youth Winter Olympics had he won, his nerves got the best of him and he didn’t land his triple axel, hurting his ankle in the process. Ten years of dedication and hard work, ruined in mere seconds. To say that it destroyed him wouldn’t be an understatement.
You were the one to bring him back up. You listened to him when he needed to vent, held him when he needed a shoulder to cry on, cheered him up when he needed to smile. He didn’t even need to tell you what he needed, you seemed to just know. You reminded him that he had a lot more value than his medals and trophies and that he didn’t need them to be complete. His family and friends tried their best to make him feel better, but their words never reached him quite like yours did.
Slowly but surely, his confidence came back. He’d lost his fans, but he’d gained a friend he knew would always be there for him. His dimples would appear more often, his laugh would resonate louder. His injury had made the two of you grow closer than you’d ever been, and that bond only strengthened afterwards.
And yet there were moments when being friends wasn’t enough. When calling him your best friend didn’t feel right. You had other friends, friends you were close to; sure, maybe not as close as to Sunghoon, but close nonetheless. And you didn’t feel that way around them.
Their laugh didn’t make your heart skip a beat. You didn’t want to bury your face in their necks and breathe in their scent when they hugged you. You didn’t want to know every single detail of their day. And you surely didn’t feel a pang of jealousy in your chest when they danced with another girl at your school ball.
You also didn’t crave their lips on yours every single day since it had happened for the first time and didn’t want to see what they sounded or looked like while getting the life sucked out of them through their dick.
Everybody told you it was obvious you were ‘more than friends.’. Why did romantic love have to be ‘more’ than platonic love? Why were there levels to it? You didn’t like the idea of taking your relationship with Sunghoon ‘one step further’; that wasn’t the way it felt to you. Rather, it felt like having to change everything you knew and create something new. Something where you could see him laugh and tell him about your day, but where you could also kiss him and graze his skin with your fingertips. Something that only you could share with him and only he could share with you.
So, instead of taking the risk of changing everything, you made sure things would stay the same. You’d tell the butterflies raging in your stomach to settle down and you wouldn’t let yourself fall into his touch in case it’d be like falling from the highest mountain.
That is, until he kissed you. Until this moment, right now, lying in his arms, ear right over his heart so you can hear it beat for you. You look up at him. His eyes are closed and a soft smile rests on his lips. He looks so peaceful. He always looks pleased when you’ve just been together, but right now, he seems to be in such a serene state, it almost makes you laugh. Post-nut clarity really is a thing, apparently.
Now that you’ve given in to your feelings, you’ve realized just how strong they were this whole time. Nothing has ever felt better than being in Sunghoon’s arms, than being able to see him at his most vulnerable state and to give all of you to him. All those things you didn’t know about him just six weeks ago, you know them by heart now. You’re sure there’s other things to find out, and you’ll make sure you will.
But summer won’t last forever.
A wave of sadness slaps you right in the face, bringing you back to reality. There’ll come a time where you and Sunghoon won’t be able to lounge around all day or to lazily make-out at your will. You’ll go your own ways and not see each other for months at a time. The thought of that is unbearable, and you feel like looking at Sunghoon for a second longer might rip your heart into a million pieces.
When you sit up, tearing yourself away from his grip, he immediately opens his eyes, asking what’s wrong.
“Just need to go to the bathroom. I heard you can get STIs from not peeing after sex,” you half-lie. He nods and falls back into the bed. 
You rush to the toilet, needing to get far away from Sunghoon as quickly as possible. You realize your pee smells different. Guess that’s what having a dick inside you will do to you. You wash your hands and look in the mirror: your skin is darker in some spots, surely Sunghoon’s work. So not only did he mess with your thoughts, he also had to make your body all weird, too?
You splash your face with cold water, hoping it will bring you back to your senses. You and Sunghoon have been best friends for years. There’s no point in changing all of that now, is there? You’ll be leaving soon enough, anyway. Why ruin a perfectly fine friendship for a summer fling?
Those are your thoughts as you head back to Sunghoon’s bedroom, ready to tell him that this whole thing was a mistake and you should just pretend it never happened. But your resolve crumbles at your feet as soon as you step inside the room.
Sunghoon’s got a couple of snacks ready as he browses through Netflix in search of an appropriate movie. “How about Twilight?,” he says when he feels the bed dip under your weight next to him. He kisses your forehead and pulls you down on the bed with him so that you’re lying back against his chest.
Screw it, you think. Whatever this is, it’s much more than a summer fling.
Tumblr media
The rest of the summer goes by in a flash. No, you don’t try to make Sunghoon jealous by flirting with Heeseung; if the mention of the latter’s name was enough to get your friend mad, then purposefully twirling your hair or batting your eyelashes at the older boy just might make Sunghoon white-boy-punch a hole into a wall. And it’s not like Heeseung would try coming onto you, either, with how clingy Sunghoon gets when he’s around, always an arm around your waist and a glare that could kill Heeseung.
Sunghoon gradually opens up to Heeseung being around, even though it takes you reminding him almost daily that he’s the one whose arms you wanna end up in over anybody’s. After a couple weeks, Sunghoon stops looking at Heeseung like he’s about to punch him every time he so much as talks to you or hands you a glass of lemonade and finally relaxes around him.
You spend countless sleepless nights with Sunghoon. You’ve probably memorized every single one of his moles by now, and you’ve made sure to kiss all of them. He holds you against him like he might lose you at any given moment. The only nights you don’t fall asleep in each other’s embrace are when either one of you is sleeping over at your friend’s house. On those nights, sleep always takes hours before washing over you, the lack of warmth keeping you awake.
Your friends and you spend entire days at the lake or by Sunghoon’s pool, not a care in the world. You rest your head on Sunghoon’s shoulder as you watch the fireworks Jake and Jay bought go off. Sunghoon grills your marshmallows for you, blowing on them so they cool down before handing you the stick. You try to ignore how the night air gets slightly chillier and how the sun sets slightly earlier, but by the last days of August, it becomes too noticeable. When September rolls around, you’re sure there’s a small crack in your heart.
You know Sunghoon feels the end of summer too. His kisses are deeper and his lips linger over yours a second longer. He frowns when he kisses you and hugs you, like he’s trying to remember what it feels like. His usual playful demeanor when you’re in bed together is gone, instead seemingly hellbent on making you feel good and almost begging you to say his name. As if you could say any other name. As if you could say anything else.
Neither of you mention your departure until the night before you leave. After spending the evening with your friends, you lie together in bed, the side of your face resting against his chest so you can feel his heart against your ear. He’s tracing patterns with his fingertips on your back, and it takes you a while to figure out he’s spelling his name over and over again, as if to etch it in your skin. When, once in a while, he takes his hand off of you to reach for his phone, you can still feel his fingers caressing you, ghostlike against your skin.
The air around you feels heavy, pressing the both of you down into the mattress. You wish the bed would eat you alive so you could stay there, warm against each other, as long as you like. You know you can’t leave without talking first, but the words won’t come to you. Instead, they float around the bed, weighing your heart down into your stomach.
“So…,” Sunghoon starts, unsure what to say, but still trying to start a conversation.
“So,” you repeat. “Excited to leave?”
Sunghoon almost scoffs. “Not really, no. It’s not like I’m leaving that far, and half of our school is going to our uni.”
“Maybe, but there’ll be tons of other people. Tons of other girls, too,” you add after a short pause.
“Don’t do this, Y/N, please.”
You sit up at his words. He covers his eyes with his forearm and takes a deep breath in, sensing an incoming argument. “Do what?”
“This. Getting mad at me when I haven’t done anything.”
“I’m not mad at you,” you protest, frowning down at him.
“No? Then what’s this?,” he says, smoothing down the lines between your eyebrows and on your forehead with the pad of a finger.
“Whatever.” You nudge your head away from his touch. It burns. “It’s not like I’m wrong, anyway. You’re gonna have a bunch of girls at your feet, and you’ll know what to do with them, right? Now that you’re not a virgin?,” you question, avoiding his gaze.
“Y/N…,” he sighs, shutting his eyes tighter as if in pain.
“What? This was the whole reason why, right? Get experience with me so you could fuck girls better, no?”
“Y/N!,” he says, raising his voice enough to let you know he’s upset but not enough to scare you. He sits up, looking at you with hurt and disbelief in his eyes. “What’s this all of a sudden? It’s not like I forced you into this! We agreed on it together!”
“So you agree? That this summer was just about getting experience and now you’ll use it on other girls and pretend like we,” you gesture between the two of you, “never happened?”
“What do you mean ‘agree’? I never said any of this! Don’t put words into my mouth!”
He watches as you get up from the bed, arms crossed and pacing his room. He calls out to you a few times, but you don’t stop to look at him until he speaks your name with a sternness you’ve never heard before from him. “What?,” you snap.
“I don’t get why you’re acting like this out of nowhere! We both knew summer was gonna end at some point, and why we were doing this! Why are you blaming me now?”
“Because… because…,” you sigh, scrambling for an excuse. Why were you doing this? The thought of Sunghoon doing what he did to you to another girl, making her feel as good as he had made you feel, kissing her like he had kissed you, made you sick. It made you see red, it made you want to make him wear a shirt with your face on it so everybody knew he was yours.
Sunghoon gets up and stands close in front of you, too close. You close your eyes. If you see his moles, you might reach out to touch them and let yourself fall even more. If you fall, you’ll need to get up, but his scent makes your knees weak.
His hands find your face, holding a little too gently, you think. Your small ones wrap around his wrists and grip them, a little too harshly, he thinks. 
You take a step back and finally look into his eyes. There’s hope in them; hope you’ll say what he wants, what he needs to hear. That you want him like he wants you. That you wish summer wasn’t over. That you’ll keep him in your heart until you can see him again. So, when what you say next is none of the above, he feels his heart sink down to his feet, leaving a murky puddle there.
“I-I can’t do this.”
You rush out of the room, practically running home. You fight your tears back until you slam your bedroom behind you, pathetically sinking to the ground as you let out a loud sob. What kind of stupid movie is this?, you think as you cry into your arms.
When you’ve calmed down a bit, you get up and lay in your bed, hiding your whole body underneath the covers. Maybe this is for the best, you think. If you end it like this, you won’t have the knowledge of whether he’ll wait to have you back or he’ll move on like nothing happened. That way, you can do whatever you want, not caring about what he’s up to. 
But even now, your hands subconsciously reach out towards a person that’s not there and your feet hang over the edge of your bed as though to get up and run to him anytime. You curl in on yourself to stop your body from aching for him. It doesn’t work very well.
Sunghoon stays where you left him for a few minutes, too stunned to move. Should he run after you? Should he let you cool off for a bit and talk to you in the morning? Would you be mad at him if he didn’t try to see you now or would the mere sight of him just make you angrier? He plops down on his bed as these questions run through his mind, butting into each other and making everything more confusing. 
He thinks back on everything that led to this, and his mind settles on that day a few days after graduation where his thoughts had dropped to the lowest pits of hell. If only you hadn’t brought those two damned lollipops.
Tumblr media
The next morning, Sunghoon wakes up as if somebody had slapped him awake. He doesn’t bother to brush his teeth or eat anything before running over to your house, almost forgetting to put shoes on. He finds you in your room, packing the last of your things into an already full suitcase. He stands at your door, panting as his hands rest on his knees.
“You haven’t left yet. Thank God.”
“God, Hoon. It’s not that far between your house and mine. How are you so out of breath,” you say, glancing at him from the corner of your eye.
He walks to you and kneels in front of you, taking you in his arms before you can say anything. “Talk to me, please. Don’t leave like this. I’d never forgive myself if you left and you were mad at me, Y/N.”
You thought you’d cried so much last night that there was not a single drop of water left in your body, but you thought wrong. Your eyes immediately well up at his words, and he leans back when he hears a soft sniffle escaping you. Only then does he notice how puffy your eyes from all your crying.
“No, no… Have you been crying? I’m so sorry, pretty, please don’t cry,” he pouts, pulling you back into his embrace. It hasn’t even been half a day, but you missed his warmth so much, it only makes you cry harder.
After sobbing against his chest, possibly staining his shirt in the process, you pull away and in your light-headed, dehydrated state, spill your heart out. “It’s so stupid,” you sob. “We’re not gonna see each other for months and I’m gonna miss you so much and I don’t want you to be with other girls. I want you all to myself and I don’t want to be your friend that you fucked for a summer just so you could get experience, it was a stupid idea in the first place, if you wanted to kiss me, you should’ve just kissed me. But you didn’t just kiss me and now I’m scared that this all meant nothing to you but everything to me and that I don’t want to be friends anymore but you do and I’m mad that it took me all summer to say this even though I’ve known it for years but I didn’t want to admit it to myself but also you didn’t say anything and I’m mad about that too. Because there’s no way you don’t feel like I do but maybe you actually don’t and-”
Whatever you were about to say dies out against Sunghoon’s lips as he presses his lips to yours, interrupting your rambling. He pulls away, looking at you with a huge, stupid grin. He’s so stupid, you think. I love him so much.
“Fucking hell, Y/N. I’ve been waiting for you to say this so bad, you have no idea.”
You punch his chest, frowning at him. Those stupid tears won’t stop. Everything is so stupid. “Then why didn’t you say it first? Stupid.”
“Because I didn’t know how to. You know I’m bad with words. And I was scared it’d make things weird.”
“I don’t want things to be weird,” you pout.
“I don’t want things to be weird, either. I want things to be nice and happy.”
You giggle. “That’s so stupid.”
“Right? It’s so stupid,” he repeats, kissing you again.
“Your breath smells,” you complain when he pulls away.
“And you have tears on your lips. Tastes salty,” he teases.
“Yeah, thanks to who?”
“Sorry.” He smiles and kisses you again. He holds you against him for a while, enjoying this last moment together. As long as he can see a smile on your face before you leave, he’ll be fine.
“I’m gonna miss you so much too, Y/N. And forget about those non-existent girls. There’s no one I’d rather be with than you.”
“How do you know? You haven’t met any of them yet,” you say, voice muffled against his t-shirt.
“I’ve met other girls before. None of them compare to you,” he says, and you immediately gag at how cliché it sounds. “What?! It’s true,” he giggles.
“You’re not gonna go and date a random guy, are you?”
“Of course not. None of them compare to you,” you lower your voice to imitate his.
He helps you finish packing, and when you’re done, you lay together on your bed, not saying much because not much needs to be said. Your parents struggle to tear you away from each other and from your bed when it’s time to leave. He helps your dad put your baggage in the trunk of his car, telling you to not lift a finger so you watch him go to and from the car, leaving a kiss on your forehead every time he walks past you. You notice with a smile that he doesn’t carry much at once, making him have to go back-and-forth quite often.
After saying goodbye to your family, your dad waits in the car as you and Sunghoon hang back awkwardly, kicking small pebbles on the pavement. He takes your hand in his, making you look up at him, then takes the other hand, then hugs you close to him.
“I’m gonna miss you,” you say, as if that wasn’t obvious. You’re trying hard to fight tears from falling again, but it’s like there’s an ocean behind your eyes, water somehow never running out. 
“I already miss you,” he says, and that’s enough to get you to sob again, which makes him start crying too. You’re crying, he’s crying, your mom is crying from the porch as she watches the two of you, it’s a mess.
You force yourself away from him, cupping his face in your hands. “We’ll see each other soon, okay? And college will be fun. You won’t even have time to miss me. But make time to think about me, yeah? And text me.”
“I will. I-I’ll think about you all the time, I already d-do,” he hiccups.
“Okay,” you whisper and hug him one last time, very briefly, pressing a kiss to his cheek. You’re about to walk away but he doesn’t let go of your hand and pulls on your arm to bring you back to him.
Pressing his forehead against yours, he whispers, “I love you,” and you sob.
“I love you, too.”
This time, when you walk away, he lets you go. He watches as you get into the passenger’s seat and as the car drives away, as it takes you away from him. You watch him stand there in the rearview mirror, until his silhouette becomes smaller, and smaller, and smaller, until you can’t see him at all anymore.
Tumblr media
Summer went and fall came as they do every year. Dead leaves are falling but it’s a new start for you. It’s a new town and you don’t know anybody, but you click instantly with your roommate and make new friends throughout your first week there. You realize everybody’s in the same boat, and they’re all eager to meet people and are curious about college life. You love your classes but complain about them nonetheless. You eat more ramen than you’d like to admit and turn up hungover at a 9 am class on a Thursday. You pull all-nighters at the library and develop a caffeine dependency. You’re a college student.
You and Sunghoon were very dramatic when you left, you soon realize. You text everyday and call each other three times a week. He’s not there with you and you miss him but at least you don’t have to pretend you’re not stupidly in love with him anymore. Because it’s stupid, being in love, it really is. You wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Your first semester passes by almost too quickly, and before you know it, you’re on the drive home, already one eighth of the way through university. You’re excited to go home, but Sunghoon’s finals last a week longer so you wait around for him. You tell him on the phone that it’s so stupid and he laughs but agrees. Chaeyoung tells you to get a grip. “You haven’t seen him in three months, I’m sure you can handle a week more.”
And you can, but barely. You were about to explode but then he’s back and you’re in his arms and his hair is still so soft, his scent is still so comforting and his moles are still there. You kiss them both before you finally press your lips to his, and it makes you feel so alive, you could die right then and there.
You lie on his bed and talk for hours as if you didn’t keep in touch the whole time and it’s like you never left. It’s like summer never ended and you’ve just been lying in his bed the whole time, college just one big fever dream. 
But his skin doesn’t smell like chlorine anymore, and he’s not in his swimming trunks. It’s fall, almost winter, and you’re kissing Park Sunghoon. You realize you can kiss him whatever the season and you find comfort in that. It was a big day (you cried a lot when you saw him) and you’re tired so you think you’ll kiss for a bit and that’ll be all but then he whispers “I missed you so much” against your neck and a fire lights inside your stomach. Oh, how it burns. You think it might consume you whole, but you don’t dislike that idea.
In a flash, you’re on top of him, his shirt is off, your shirt is off, but it’s not enough so you take your pants off too and Sunghoon is confused as to why you’re going so fast, but follows you anyway. “What’s going?,” he asks when you’re done with the taking off of your clothes and have moved on to kissing and biting at his neck like it’s your first meal in ages, because it is.
“I missed you too,” you simply answer, and he smirks as he nods slowly, now understanding your eagerness.
“Missed me that much, huh?,” he teases, letting his head fall back against the pillow so you have better access to his neck.
“Shut up. Kiss me,” you order, and he doesn’t need to be told twice. Your kisses are ravenous and desperate, very fitting for two horny teenagers who haven’t seen each other in months. But the pulse in your core makes you too impatient to stay anywhere for too long, and really, it’s not your fault if you’re grinding down onto Sunghoon’s clothed erection, it’s just that he smells too good and you missed him too much.
Sunghoon laughs at you for being so impatient to hide just how impatient he is. His giggles keep him from moaning loudly enough to wake the whole house, and you laugh as you tell him to stop laughing.
“I’m serious. I missed you so much. Need you so bad,” you say as you get rid of your underwear and quickly do the same for his. He gasps when he feels you take his dick in your hand and brush its tip between your folds, both out of pleasure and out of surprise.
“Shouldn’t I get you ready? Stretch you out a bit?,” he asks, his hands roaming up and down your back as he sits up on the bed so that you’re straddling his lap, and you shake your head no. You’re probably already embarrassingly wet from your short makeout session, anyway.
“I don’t care if it hurts,” you say, lining his tip with your entrance. “Need to feel you.”
You sink down on his cock, the both of you releasing loud moans at the long-awaited feeling. He lets you adjust to his size for a minute, but as soon as you move your hips just a bit, signaling to him that you’re ready for more, it’s over for you. He wanted to be patient and take his time, he really did, but you feel so warm around him and your small whimpers are so pretty that his resolve of letting you take the lead is thrown out the window. He pounds into you at a rapid pace that has you biting his shoulder to keep yourself from screaming.
You had imagined your first time back with Sunghoon so many times before. It usually involved a nice playlist in the background, fairy lights and candles lighting the room, hours of roleplay and sensual lovemaking, with a nice bath afterwards. Sometimes, when you were particularly needy for him, you imagined something closer to what was actually happening, where you’d rip each other’s clothes as soon as you got to the bedroom and fucked like animals (a bit much, admittedly, but you really missed him).
What you definitely hadn’t expected, however, was that you’d both cum in less than five minutes. What could you do, though, when he was hitting your g-spot over and over again, his length stretching you perfectly as he whispered in your ear how much he’d missed you and how good you felt? And what could he do when you took him in so well, clinging onto him as you told him how much you’d missed him and how good he felt?
You cum at the same time, hole clenching around him and milking him dry. He doesn’t pull out for a while, letting you collapse onto him as you both catch your breaths, just like you had that first time. “That was a bit quick,” he pants, and you can’t help but laugh. 
You pull back to look at his face. It’s so pretty and stupid. What a stupid face that you love so much. Do you love it because it’s stupid or is it stupid because you love it? You think that that’s a stupid question, and you kiss the mole on his nose, then the mole on his cheek, right next to his nose.
“We have all night to go slower.”
“We have all Christmas break,” he corrects.
We have the rest of our lives, you think, and you think that might be a bit much, but you say it anyway. Sunghoon hums and says, “yes, we do,” and you think maybe it’s not all that stupid.
Maybe it’s the greatest thing that’s ever been.
Tumblr media
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iceprincesgf · a month ago
pairing : sunghoon x fem!bodied reader
genre : smut — porn without much plot
summary : sunghoon found you particularly pretty when you were asleep that night
warnings : um slight corruption kink? like it hints on the topic, body worship, somnophilia (MY FIRST TIME DOING SOMNO), oral (f. recieving), little masturbation i think, unprotected sex (i am a WHORE but don't be a whore for any man) & slight breeding kink
wordcount : 1,506 words :]
note : BACK AT IT AFTER A YEAR, WOOHOO. please like & reblog (esp rb because they matter a lot T^T) if you want to show appreciation! feedbacks and suggestions are always welcomed, feel free to send necessary criticism too! (i might delete most of my atz fics T^T but i will be focusing on enha and maybe anime world from now on!)
Tumblr media
maybe it was the way your lips were parted open slightly. no, it was the way the stray tresses of your raven hair sat over your forehead messily or maybe it really was how your lashes, long and beautiful, reminded him of that of a doll’s he saw at the toy store when he was a little child. whatever it was, sunghoon had really no idea why he suddenly felt hot. it was almost as if his body was burning up, the feeling was familiar, he knew it like the back of his hand but he really thought it to be at the most unfortunate timing, afterall, you looked so peaceful and ethereal. watching you sleep not only gave him something to seek comfort and peace from but you also reminded him of a beach that he'd find himself frequenting everytime he felt stressed. your breath to that of the gentle waves along with the sun pinning down its rays on him and your little sleepy whines to that of the crying wind over the sea.
he had just come back from practice, sneaking into your flat instead of following the boys back to the dorm. your relationship with sunghoon was complicated, to say the least. it wasn't that the two of you were dating nor was it that you weren't, it was made clear from the beginning that you both held intimate feelings for eachother but you've never explored that boundary of your ‘relationship’ yet, things felt good as it was. that being said, you and him weren't new to the feelings of arousal ignited by the other and though both of you were the type to suppress your feelings, it was like an unspoken rule to not suppress this one. maybe it was because of how comfortable you grew with eachother, seeing that you were eachother’s firsts as well.
there was a blink and he was back to reality. the atmosphere was sullen, not that he had a bad day, but your room engulfed him in unending darkness for a little and for some reason, he found himself pondering over the way your chest rose and fell back with every little breath you took in. your fingers were wrapped around the hem of his shirt, clinging to the material as you happily dreamed off while you left sunghoon feeling needy. a little unfair, no? so, he made up his mind to take matters into his own hands and try his best not to awake you whilst he did so (spoiler alert - well, he doesn't try his best.)
he couldn't help it when you're right there, below him now, he really couldn't keep his hands to himself. he allowed his fingers to dip down onto the seam of your neck, tracing the treasured skin slowly and then stopping over the swell of your breasts, clothed by just your tshirt. lowering the material, his eyes shone at the sight, supple, just like he remembered them to be. he dove in head first, mouthing at your nub while his hands settled on working on the tied laces of his sweatpants. a little loosened now, it was perfect for him to touch himself while he busied his mouth. he noticed how your chest rose a little higher, your breathing seeming slightly erratic as compared to before, this only urged him to continue on with his shenanigans.
tracing the veins of his cock the way he was used to you doing, he sighed against your skin, letting out a silent mewl. travelling further down this time, he reached your tummy, placing little kisses on there, smiling a little at how cute it looked to him, he just wanted to show you all the love he could but he was too shy to do so with your conscious knowledge. this being the perfect opportunity, he poured his all into it, licking and smooching wet kisses his way down to your laced underwear. he could feel his cock pulsate harshly in his hands at the sight, oh, how he’d love to fuck your throat right now and right there.
sunghoon didn't want to acknowledge the fact that it was the pure look on your face while you were fast asleep that got him here in the first place, something in him made him want to replace it with something more lewd, that was reserved just for him. he knew the amount of control he had over you but it was the same for him as well. teething at your panty’s band, he placed another kiss over your lower womb before proceeding to his gem. he saw the way your cunt, although you were unaware and asleep, responded to his touch. sopping already without much help from him, he couldn't wait to make you cum. so there he went, testing a stripe against your nerves before placing his whole mouth above your clit. at this point, you stirred in your sleep, a little too unsure of what was going on but the tingling in your legs telling you exactly what was happening. “sunghoon!” your eyes open at his ministrations, thighs threatening to close tightly around his head, “mm, baby’s awake.” he purred against your cunt. to say that he caught you by surprise was an understatement, you had so many questions in your mind.
(unluckily) you couldn't reply, nor ask how you found yourself in this position but, you do remember when sunghoon had asked you about how you felt over getting fucked when you were sleeping the last time you spent the night together and how your affirmative answer had his eyes twinkling in the darkened bedroom. you were thrown aback when he suddenly allowed his tongue to prod at your hole, eyes wide and fingers grasping at his strands while you were unable to comprehend the pleasure. “focus on me,” he growled, aware of how you were so lost in your thoughts to piece together the little puzzle. his fingers jabbed into the flesh of your thighs by the pressure he exerted on them to pry them open while you shook under him, the trance you were put into was something sunghoon enjoyed seeing. you'd always been a brat but for once, you have your mouth shut while you pleaded for him to go further.
“what’s wrong, baby?” he asked, pulling away from your lower half and staring at your blissful expression, “what do you want?” you whined at the loss of contact, head pushed into your mattress as you struggled to form a coherent sentence. “need you, please, inside me right now.” now, who was sunghoon to let you beg longer? he heard what he wanted and though on a different day he’d probably kill to hear you spew some more words while you looked so pretty and fuckable underneath him, his cock was itching to fill you up already.
he wasted no time into pushing down his sweatpants comfortable enough to fuck you in it, the head of his length already near your entrance, “i love you.” he assured you with a smile on his face, at which you'd normally blush and murmur the words back but the sudden intrusion had you cussing instead, your walls shamelessly clenching onto him desperately. he grit his teeth at the sensation, it had been way too long since the two of you have been able to get rid of your sexual frustrations, let alone see eachother. he pistoned into your hips with a certain force that had your eyes rolling back, his legs slapping against your inner thigh when he did so. “fuck, i have missed you so much.” he cried out, hands finding home around your arms and pulling you onto him as he kneels down behind onto the mattress. even when you sat atop, he didn't stop rutting into you, he was desperate to be the one to help you both reach your high and he succeeded in his mission.
nipping at the skin right above your chest, he rolled his hips to try and find a different angle. you pulled his face away and kissed him on the mouth, spit mixing together and your lips quivering against his, it felt much better than usual — him being inside you, that is — and you're driven to tear up at the sensation of his cock lodging itself so deliciously inside you while also in relief to find sunghoon with you after many months. you allowed yourself to rest your nose against his, lips apart while you drooled. sunghoon moaned, “you’re making such a pretty mess, babe.” he whispered before delivering one final thrust and then spilling his seeds into your warm cavern. “fuck, princess, keep it in, please.” he placed his palm over your belly, “you can do that for me, yeah, keep my cum safe in you?” he breathed out, panting against your lips before inviting yours to meet his one last time for the night.
maybe, it was just you. it was not your lashes, not your hair nor your lips that sat slightly apart while you rested, it was you, that's all it took for him to crumble.
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pjsflrts · 9 days ago
desire ➳ p.sh
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wc: 1.2k, genre: smut, warnings: unprotected sex, degradation, overstimulation, dirty talk, bulge kink, breeding kink, sunghoon is a fucking sadist.
you shivered feeling the needle of the pen digging into your body and a movement followed as sunghoon wrote some words on your body. he started with your neck, then the valley of your breasts. you looked at sunghoon whose eyes were glued to your core tilting his head as a smile found its way to his sculpted face writing something on your lower stomach causing you to close your eyes, feeling yourself get wetter by his movements.
“open your eyes, look in the mirror and read what’s written on your body.” sunghoon ordered whispering into your ear, his voice cold but the authority visible in his tone.
you opened your eyes, sitting on your knees looking at the mirror in front of the bed and saw sunghoon staring at you through the mirror a manic look on his face a calm smile still on his lips. he traced your neck and motioned to the word you start with.
“d-daddy’s little slut.” you choked in embarrassment saying this aloud face to face to him. sunghoon smirked a little, his eyes going down your breasts waiting for you to read what’s written next.
“fuckable whore.” you whispered as sunghoon bit down your shoulder and you moaned at the feeling of having his teeth piercing through your flesh. sunghoon pulled you to his lap opening your legs spreading them apart so you can read what was written on your lower abdomen.
sunghoon watched how you trembled in his arms as he caressed your inner thighs, a smirk on his face proud of how much he corrupted you. he licked your neck sucking lovebites eyes boring into yours through the mirror, he watched you suck in a deep breath saying sweetly.
“territory of park sunghoon.”
sunghoon threw you back on the bed sliding inside you without any warnings or preparations causing you to scream at the sudden stretch of your walls by his cock. he didn’t care about your pathetic cries asking him to slow down, he just continued drilling himself inside of you hard and fast treating you like his personal fucktoy.
throwing your legs over his shoulder he pulled out and slammed himself inside you again, he looked at you but you had your eyes closed and only moans of his name fell from your lips. he was annoyed by you closing your eyes, so he pinched your clit and your eyes snapped open looking at him.
“look at me, you little slut.” sunghoon growled holding your hips tightly letting him use your body and pussy for his own pleasure, “oh, are you going to cum? too bad, i’m going to continue fucking you.” he laughed when he felt your walls clenching around his member.
you moaned loudly letting go of the knot in your tummy as your orgasm coated sunghoon’s cock. he smirked now sliding in and out of you easily trailing his right hand to your clit rubbing it fast adding to your pleasure and sensitivity. you moaned grabbing the sheets tightly as you continued to moan and cry out as he fucked you mercilessly.
“ah! fuck! too much! please, please!” you yelled but your pleas fell deaf on sunghoon’s ears as he grabbed your neck in a firm chokehold as he looked at you lustfully. once again, you came all over him as he continued to fuck you not caring at all.
“you can take it, you and i both know that very well, slut. your pussy is mine and i’ll fuck it as much as i want to.” he stated his voice hoarse as he looked at your lower stomach cursing loudly. “fuck.”
sunghoon watched the outline of his cock in your lower abdomen, his eyes widened as he pressed down on your lower stomach sliding in and out of you feeling himself through your flesh. he laughed maniacally staring into your eyes.
“look at my little slut, you’re so tiny that i can see my cock, feel it, this proves that you’re mine and only mine.” he hissed grabbing your hand putting it on your lower stomach pressing slightly.
you pushed yourself up with the help of your arms and elbows looking at where your hand was placed and saw the bulge sliding in and out of you. it was so strange and you felt yourself moaning loudly tightening around sunghoon.
“you dirty whore,” sunghoon moaned, “this turns you on, doesn’t it? you like the idea of me fucking you so hard that you’re able to see me,” he trailed letting go of your neck and smirked, “what if i fucked a baby into you? would you like that?” he asked.
sunghoon’s dirty words and the idea of him breeding you had you moaning loudly and you found yourself nodding as your third orgasm crashed over you making you cry. although you were so sensitive and felt like you were going to pass out, you didn’t want to stop.
sunghoon watched tears fall from your eyes as you held onto him for dear life, he smiled pleased that you were accepting everything he was giving you. but you didn’t answer his question. he slapped your tits causing you to open your eyes.
“i asked you a question.”
“yes! yes! please fuck me hard and rough till i’m carrying your children, please, sunghoon, give me your babies. fuck your cum deep inside me, i promise to keep it all in and won’t let a single drop go to waste.” you moaned gripping onto his shoulders.
“was planning on it anyway, slut. i’m fucking you till you’re pregnant, gonna fuck a baby into you and watch it grows in your womb. and then, everyone will know how much of a whore you truly are, letting me get you fucking pregnant. this will prove to everyone that you’re my mine.” sunghoon said growling as he felt his high approaching and you moaned agreeing to his words.
“yours, only yours.”
finding a little energy to grab him by the neck slamming your lips against his, your legs falling off his shoulders wrapping them on his waist instead.
your tongues tangled together in a french kiss, he pulled away spitting in your mouth kissing you again. you tightened your walls around his cock as he fucked you sloppily chasing his high.
sunghoon tensed moaning loudly shooting all his cum inside you feeling you cum around him for the fourth time this night as he continued riding out both your orgasms.
he almost fell on top of you but held himself up putting all his weight on his arms next to your head as he watched you pant your chest rising and falling quickly watching the sweaty state you were in because of him because he was fucking you good. you looked so sexy that he wanted to fuck you again.
not holding himself back, he lazily thrusts his hips forward surprising you, you looked at him wide-eyed as he gave you a sadistic smirk flipping you on your stomach spanking your ass harshly and leaning down whispering in your ear.
“i’m sticking to my words, i’m going to fuck you until you’re pregnant.”
Tumblr media
💌 taglist: @itbtoblikethatsometimes @enhacolor @cha0thicpisces @bt-es @lhsng @bunhoons @atinybella (if you want to be added to my taglist just send me an ask or a message! <3)
a/n: this filth has been in my drafts for so long and decided to finally bring it to the light
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yeonlovrr · a month ago
"you're mine"// p.sh
Tumblr media
pairing // mean dom! sunghoon x afab!reader
word count // 1.3k
genre // smut. minors do not interact
warnings // 100% consentual. rough sex, use of the word "force". no preparation. unprotected sex, cream pie, cum eating, brief spitting, name calling (slut, whore, pathetic, baby), spanking, multiple rounds implied, jealousy, face fucking/choking/gagging. use of the color system (green only). dirty talk. sunghoons just rough/mean/jealous/possessive. not proof read.
description // you and sunghoon are friends with benefits and he sees you on his best friends lap.
"on your knees" sunghoon said as he sat on the edge of the bed and unbuckled his pants. he pushed his pants and boxers down to his ankles before spreading his legs wider to accommodate for your body.
you sank to the floor and looked at him, waiting for more instruction. typically you would have given him attitude but you knew you were in trouble so you refrained from saying any snarky comments.
sunghoon fisted your hair and brought you face close to his erect cock. "open" he demanded, and you complied, automatically opening your mouth wide enough for his dick, but instead of sliding it in, he tilted your head back and spit in your mouth. "swallow"
you did as he said and opened your mouth once again. this time, sunghoon directed his dick to your mouth and began bobbing your head up and down on it, just barely giving you time to breathe before the tip slid down your throat. you continuously gagged on his cock for a few minutes before he pulled out of your mouth, still gripping your hair, and grabbed his shaft. he tapped the tip on your cheek to get your attention. once you looked up at him, he spoke. "you know what you did wrong dont you?"
you nervously said "i was too close to jay"
sunghoon raised an eyebrow and smacked his dick on your cheek a little harder, startling you.
"i was on jays lap" you said quickly
"and where were his hands?" sunghoon asked you, despite knowing the answer.
"on my ass" you said quietly
sunghoon let out a hum of acknowledgment before saying " i thought youd know better than to mess with other men but apparently not. so since you want to act like a whore, maybe i should use you like one. now, open. " sunghoon finished while standing up from the bed, and you opened your mouth once again.
he continued his assault on your mouth, using his grip on your hair to meet his thrusts. your hands flew up to meet his hips as he held his dick in your throat, cutting of all air flow. you gagged around him violently, causing him to groan as he pulled out, letting you catch your breath with a cough.
despite literally being choked by him, wetness pooled in your panties. you and sunghoon had fucked plenty of times since you both decided to be friends with benefits 3 months ago, but he had never used you as if you were a sex toy and it was turning you on more than you thought.
once you were good, he repeated his action a few more times. "thats it baby, choke on it" he grunted, feeling your throat tighten as you gagged around it. you had drool dripping down your chin and connecting your lips to his cock every time he pulled out.
your throat was scratchy and your jaw was sore by the time he finally came in your mouth. you quickly swallowed and he pulled out before saying "on the bed, on all fours"
you got off the floor, ignoring the ache in your knees, and got on your hands and knees in the center of the bed.
sunghoon pulled your dress up over your ass and practically ripped your panties off, exposing your cunt, which was glistening with arousal.
"if i knew that treating you like a slut would have you this wet, i would have done it sooner." sunghoon said as he spread your ass cheeks to line himself up with your entrance. "color?" he asked you, making sure you were okay.
"green" you said, your voice a bit rough.
sunghoon wasted no time thrusting into you roughly, not giving you any time to get used to his size before pistoning into you, hard and fast. you could feel the pain of the stretch mix with pleasure and let out loud moans.
"sunghoon wait, i cant" you moaned out, automatically feeling overwhelmed, but he shut you up by fucking into you as he pulled your hips back against himself.
"thats funny, first you wanted to be a whore, practically drooling for jays cock, but now you cant take what you asked for?" he asked, not expecting an answer since he had no plans of stopping unless you explicitly said so.
he brought his hand down on your ass roughly at the same time that his cock rubbed harshly against your g-spot, making you cry out and pull away from his grip on your hips.
"stop running from it. youre gonna take every inch and every drop of cum that i give you until you cant think of anything other than my cock inside your pathetic little pussy." he said as he pulled your hips back, forcing his length inside your tight walls. your back arched and you felt yourself pull away from sunghoon again, overwhelmed with pleasure to the point of it hurting.
"do you need me to stop?" he asked as he stopped thrusting into you, completely aware of just how rough he was being.
"no" you cried out, loving the way he was completely ruining you.
"thats what i thought" he said as he brought his hand down on your ass once more, his other hand going to your chest and pulling the top of your dress down to reveal your bare tits. he pulled your body up against his and held you up with one hand around your neck and the other around your torso as he pounded into you. you let out loud choked moans due to the way his hand tightened around your throat, as tears ran down your face.
"if you cant stay still then ill just force you to take it" he said, his voice still laced with jealousy from seeing you on top of his best friend.
you could feel sunghoon deeper than you had ever felt before and the feeling of him dragging roughly against your walls and pounding directly into your g-spot had your eyes rolling back in pleasure. you could feel your legs tremble, struggling to hold yourself up and if it werent for the almost bruising grip he had on you, you would have collapsed on the bed.
"youre mine." sunghoon said, followed by a groan as you clenched around him at his words. "only i can fuck you like this. i dont ever want to see you pull that shit again. do you understand?" sunghoon said into your ear, thrusting deep into you with every word of his last sentence, causing you to let out a mix of moans and the word "please".
"i asked you a question" he said as his hand around your neck tightened.
"i-i understand" you stuttered, the coil in your stomach about to snap.
your walls squeezed around sunghoons dick and sent him over the edge. "fuck, cum for me baby" he said breathily.
you did as he said and violently came around him as he pumped his cum into you. your back arched away from him and your hips bucked, your orgasm crashing over you and making your body feel numb.
sunghoon filled you with every drop of his cum, praising you by saying "you always take me so well" before letting go of you and letting your body fall on the bed since you were unable to hold yourself up. his cock slipped out of you and a whine left your mouth at the feeling.
"youre so fucked out and im not even done with you yet." he said, lining back up with your entrance, his dick rock hard once again at the sight of your reddening ass and pussy which was leaking cum onto the bedsheets.
"sunghoon please" you whined but your legs spread for him and you arched your ass up to give him easier access, your body betraying the words that left your mouth.
"you belong to me and im gonna fuck you until you realize that" he said as he slipped back into you, his cum oozing out around his dick.
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yutario · 2 months ago
note. this was inspired by a tiktok i watched today loool,,, some are less suggestive than others but this leans towards the smut side
pairing. enhypen hyung line x afab!reader (aka u have boobs)
includes. established relationship, cursing, use of the word perv, nipple play, power kink
your tiddies are heeseung's stress balls 😵‍💫😵‍💫 like i'm not even joking. if he's had a bad day at work, you can count on the fact that he'll come to you with your tiddies on his mind. gives you a hug and the only thing he can think about is oh my god your breasts are pushing against his chest!!!! he tries to be subtle about it because he doesn't wanna come across as a perv but heeseung is the biggest perv out of these 4 don't even try to argue with me. when you two are sat on the couch he brings you onto his lap and snakes his arms around your waist to what you think is just an innocent cuddling session. but of course, his hands find their way to your breasts eventually. squeezing them literally just washes out all of the stress inside him, so he ends up letting out a really loud groan from behind you. you've just learned to deal with heeseung fondling and playing with your breasts while you watch tv, but you enjoy it nonetheless.
oh my god jay loves your boobs ☹️ he will use any opportunity to touch them. another perv but he's closeted asf. if he's laying behind you and spooning you in bed, you're just gonna have to expect one of his hands to be playing with one of your boobs. his head will be buried in your neck, whispering whatever comes to his mind as his thumb slowly strokes against your hip. his legs are tangled with yours, and if jay didn't have such dirty thoughts going on in his head, this could be such a romantic act. jay is a very sensual person, so he takes his time bringing his hand to your breast and finally kneading it gently. his thumb circles your nipple as his lips press soft kisses against your neck. jay just makes you feel like the prettiest person on earth as he makes sure to look after your tiddies well :(
jake is more of an ass guy, but don't worry, he pays attention to your tits too 😉 esp when you don't have a bra on. whenever jake can see your nipples peeking through your shirt, his brain immediately shuts down. he starts giggling and pulling you towards him by your arms. it turns him on so bad you don't even understand. it never usually takes a lot to make this guy horny, but seeing your nipples almost on full display has him going crazy. not gonna lie, jake will keep a distance between you and break the make out session just to stare at your boobs. with a huge grin on his lips, with his tongue poking out of them every now and then, jake will rub his thumb over your nipples as he feels himself want you more and more. when he starts to grab them into his hands completely, expect a long night ahead of you both...
sunghoon likes to see how sensitive you are to his touch 😖 this guy has the biggest power kink going, so seeing you squirm underneath him as he pinches one of your nipples and twists it around fuels his ego to an extent you've never seen before. the smirk on his face is so wide when he lowers his head and leaves suggestive kisses around your nipples, making you whine for more. he waits for you to grab onto the back of his head and press his head against your breast further until he takes a nipple into his lips. anything to gauge a reaction from you, he'll do it. first his tongue circles around it, liking the way your toes curl and your head throws back against the sheets. then he nibbles on it gently, adoring the little mewls falling from your lips. and finally, he sucks on it, drinking in the sounds of your moans. sunghoon is so head over heels in love with you, and giving you whatever you want during sex is the way he likes to tell you :(
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jayflrt · 6 months ago
no nut november
Tumblr media
PAIRING ▸ enhypen hyung line x fem!reader 
GENRES ▸ social media au (smau), smut, crack, fluff, established relationship au, friends to lovers, friends with benefits au, fuckboy/fuckgirl au, college au
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, sexual jokes, sexual content, sexting kinda, horny-repressing hyung line makes mc sound like she has the hormones of a middle school boy, ft. jeongin, ryujin, taehyun, and park jisung
SUMMARY ▸ four men suppressing their carnal instincts for thirty days doesn’t sound plausible, but it’s no nut november, so victory is crucial. yet, there’s only one obstacle keeping lee heeseung, park jongseong, sim jaeyun, and park sunghoon from their prize: you. game on, boys.
TAG LIST ▸ at the bottom (send me an ask here if you’d like to be added!)
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ hello !! this isn’t like written-out smut so the warning may sound sort of odd for a smau?? but i hope y’all enjoy !! ♡ this is a “choose your own route” kind of smau, so you don’t have to read in order :’) ALSO please read on mobile because links aren’t working on web for some reason :(
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
heeseung: am i a fucking smurf tf u mean blue ball
01. do it for the switch
02. coriander 6:18
03. heeseung touches grass (REAL)
04. pass class and eat ass 
05. switch attained??
Tumblr media
jay: to nut or not to nut, that is the question
01. facebook type breakup
02. #pegjay2021
03. anything for $10 
04. submissive and breedable (shrek edition)
05. lopunny tests a man
Tumblr media
jake: r u from the 80s calling me darling and shit fuck outta here
01. keep dreaming stupid ass 
02. bro the dick denouncer 
03. i wanna ruin our friendship (derogatory)
04. ryujin lacks both fight and flight response 
05. all over a milkshake
Tumblr media
sunghoon: damn imagine all the tits that were bouncing around 
01. worrying about the wrong head
02. hospitalized together #couplegoals
03. sunghoon: (pls) go home
04. falling in l*ve (y/n edition)
05. gorilla grip pussy
Tumblr media
probably y/n and ryujin
jake’s grace period (REAL)
Tumblr media
COMPLETED 01/18/22
Tumblr media
TAG LIST ▸ @msxflower​ @baekhyunstruly​ ​@mykalon​ @heelariously​ @hobistigma​ @jjun4thitboy​ @liliansun​ @emobeomgyu​ @w3bqrl​ @yeonjunsleftboob​ @undeadbots​ @sheepgardenenha​ @domojoo​ @meijiamikas​ @rikisnuggie​ @jongsaengseong​ @pixyseeun​ @woniebae​ @rielleluvs​ @softforqiankun​ ​@3ggieyolk​ ​@ryu-naa​ @from-xero​ @baekhyuns-lipchain​ @misfitsjy​ @outrobegins​ @mishtidoie​ @primorange​ @blank-velvet​ @kyleeanne​ @wonkiluvr​ @yourlocalhotgf​ @unipanda1006​ @rikisnotforsale​ @flameykeese​ @yougeans​ @mybabywearschanel​ @s2elf-z​ @httpheeseung​ @hvunvely​ @mildlystupid​ @violevantae​ @pr3ttyf4ce​ @person-standing​ @youreverydayzebra​ @rikibae​ @gu8ki​ @minatagramm​ @niikipuff​ @rinyx​
SECOND TAG LIST ▸ @sakuracoffe​ @dnyamight​ @sunghoonsworld​ @kac-chowsballs​ @kingkaithekiwi​ @jejenono-ren​ @jaylaxies​ @shinramyeonz​ @dear-dreamie​ @sanniesbby​ @yuakagi​ @vampsvngie​ @heeluvb0t​ @whyisquill​ @wh4txium1n​ @fairycheol​ @heyoimcarrie​ @notmangojuice​ @stressed-but-still-a-kpop-blog​ @danyxthirstae01​ @cixrosie​ @13isacoolnumber​ @itzsora​ @silkyyvenus​ @belphegors-cow-pillow​ @jaerisdiction​ @bigtittietoji​ @reallysmolrenjun​ @yeeyeeitsme12589​ @cha-raena​ @hoewithnojams​ @aj-1154​ @ac-ewow​ @defxciii​ @ren-chib​ @neitoslut​ @ilikesunghoon​ @dear-riki​ @snips-writes​ @zhaixiaowen​ @yeonimii​ @cb97curls​ @abdiitcryy​ @thebestestmf​ @ferxanda​ @pepperrye​ @melaninjhs​ @youngestdelacour​ @bleujayke​ @sleepyenhasasha​
THIRD TAG LIST ▸ @sunshine-skz​ @cha0thicpisces​ @sunshineshouchan​ @yizhoutv​ @jaemimpulsive​ @k1ttyl1x​ @lowkeyjakey​ @cutiejseong​ @jakemyluv​ @milkycloudtyg​ @minijim​ @n1c0-xxx​ @princewonwoo​ @ventilii​ @wccycc​ @hwangsies​ @chilledbit​ @nationsboygroup​ @yoonsupremacy​ @heelili​ @en-cityzen​ @lcvekeum​ @lostgirloffline​ @r1nt0raa​ @lix-freckle3​ @theskzvibe​ @jwonz​ @neovrse​ @strwbryparfait​ @ohnle​ @yeonwon​ @simplyxlea​ @sararhk​ @sonjuyeonnie​ @shiberrysan​ @pockyandme​ @pengu-hours​ @strawbrinkofdeath​ @shigamiryuk​ @sunshinee0-0​ @kpoploverxx-12​ @moasworld​ @datiny-zen​ @setterjun​ @nya-thecat​ @sthinqsz​ @candidupped​ @onedreampalette​ @urlovermia​ @chuntians​ @ilyxion​
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FIFTH TAG LIST ▸ @jayhoonielovebot​ @fairysunooo​ @cosmiclele​ @ja4hyvn​ @jaemsslut4​ @aeonghaseyo​ @fullleecapable​ @neonheeseung​ @catpisscarpet5​ @ramiye0n​ @vitaminhyunjin​ @lexy9716​ @meovvu​ @maplecornia​ @woniedaze​ @mintbgyu​ @shelvsjay​ @mocheesekimbap​ @jasmin0815​ @rk-istryingtowrite​ @sftpjmn​ @aquapink14​ @rcveribin​ @ccheddar​ @moonlightgrlkev​ @juyeons-hands​ @todorokiskitten​ @babygay-stay​ @soobsfairy444​ @luv3iza​ @r1kisbae​ @ice-cold-yeonjun​ @strawberryyjay​ @vote4yurina​ @heeseunqie​ @aayjws​ @soobzao​ @hrrhmay-primaryblog​ @mina-yoo334​ @maknaechu​ @yvesismywife​ @jiwlys​ @fiantomartell​ 
CAN’T TAG ▸ @upper-side-dreamin-supremacist @so-jays @badbishriki @i3rbyjane @afiaaa19 @changminniebb @leohee @heeseungi @jininakam @sanasslut @sanshinexxxsan @garden-owned-by-hybe @enhappenstance @changminniebb @sunghoonieshoe @murariki @jayyy080 @enhypen-supremacy @lunar-changmin @fairyjjunniee @roseshadow @heelift-pd @god-is-a-homosexual @jseonglovr @lunaflvms @hyunjunbaragi @jaysfav @xmelodyxx @butterjimin  
being added to this tag list means you will be mentioned in the tag list of all of the chapters listed in the series.
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kpophubb · 8 months ago
Enhypen Ot7+Hyung Line MASTERLIST ❥♡︎
Disclaimer:- this list consists of both smut and fluff ffs if you’re sensitive to smut please ignore my post. The last time i made this post i added 80 links but some sensitive,problematic people reported my post as well as my whole blog.
𝔼𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪 𝕓𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕖𝕤 ✨🥰
Tumblr media
ꕥ ice cream with Ot7
ꕥsick enha with their s/o
ꕥ kisses with ot7
ꕥ back hugs with enhypen
ꕥ reacting to them on your lockscreen
ꕥ when you give them silent treatment
ꕥ reaction to their s/o hugging them during sleep
ꕥ when you ask to borrow their hoodies
ꕥ skinship with ot7
ꕥ enha reacting to you matching them up with your friends
ꕥ cuddles
ꕥ ways to say ily
ꕥ clingy when jealous with enhypen
ꕥ warm embraces and sudden kisses
ꕥ little sacrifices they’d do for you
ꕥ how they’d confess to you
ꕥ how they spend your bday with you
ꕥ enha reacting to their p/c on your phone
ꕥ little acts enha does for you
ꕥ reacting to their s/o giving them gifts
ꕥ when you wear s/o’s hoodie
ꕥ kisses with ot7
ꕥ when their s/o shuts them up with a kiss
ꕥ when their s/o can’t stop kissing them
ꕥ enhypen as boyfriends
ꕥ enha as bfs at school
ꕥ them having a breakdown infront of their s/o
ꕥ ot7 reacting to their s/o being a lil chubby
ꕥ night dates
ꕥ going to an escape room with en-
ꕥ dates with enha
ꕥ when their s/o has a breakdown infront of them
ꕥ ot7 reacting to a clingy s/o
ꕥ ways your heart lock into place
ꕥ when you tell them you want a baby
ꕥ ot7 master recs
ꕥ messages they’d want to send to their ex
ꕥ looking after enha after a hectic week
ꕥ their ways to make you happy
ꕥ enhypen as bfs
ꕥ when their s/o is on period
ꕥ when you tell them ily
ꕥ enha crushing on you at their fanmeet
ꕥ reaction to you calling them husband
ꕥ hugs with enha
ꕥ graduating with enhypen
ꕥ slow dancing with ot7
ꕥ ot7 reacting to posting your relationship online
ꕥ enhypen reaction to a clingy s/o
ꕥ ot7 going into a haunted house with a scared s/o
ꕥ maknae line’s reaction to their crush accidentally calling them baby
ꕥ enha’s reaction to you studying infront of them
ꕥ different types of affection
ꕥ enhypen’s fav places to kiss you
ꕥ when you are their BFF and place your legs in between theirs
ꕥ types of dates with ot7
ꕥ when their s/o has a bad day
ꕥ enhypen normal relationship headcanons
ꕥ jealous with you being friends with another member
ꕥ enha with their short and cute s/o
ꕥ dates
ꕥ enhypen confessing to you
ꕥ meeting your parents for the first time
ꕥ reaction to you crying when they scare you
ꕥ finding out their s/o is pregnant
ꕥ enha asking for your affection when you don’t give them attention
ꕥ enha as cliche k-drama tropes
ꕥ when you take off your commitment ring after an argument
ꕥ things he does in your relationship
ꕥ reaction to their gf kissing their forehead suddenly
ꕥ when you kiss them to shut them up
ꕥ when you grow silent bc they forget your bday
ꕥ when you pull out of a kiss and they pull you back
ꕥ act of intimacy w/ enhypen
Hyung line:~
Tumblr media
ꕥ legal line as fwb
ꕥ hyung line as your boyfriend
ꕥ eating you out
ꕥ reacting to you being shy during intercourse
ꕥ take it
ꕥ face sitting
ꕥ giving them head
ꕥ sexting with legal line
ꕥ making out with enhypen hyung line
ꕥ fingering you for the first time
ꕥ hyung line MASTERLIST
ꕥ kisses with them
ꕥ jealous with another member
ꕥ sacrifices they’d do for you
ꕥ 02z hinting they like you
ꕥ falling asleep on them
ꕥ relationship with 02z
ꕥ hyung line reacting to their pregnant someone
ꕥ first kisses with 02z
ꕥ 7 minutes in heaven with enha hyung line
ꕥ legal line MTL preference
ꕥ hyung line when their s/o wants a kiss
ꕥ reacting to their crush accidentally calling them baby
ꕥ kinks
The End
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Sim Jaeyun Masterlist
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yoongiboongipoongi · 8 days ago
enhypen hyung line nsfw links pt.2
ive gotten a few requests to do more so here yall go. which group should i do next🤔 also im sorry if the links are unavailable 😔 twitter is a bitch sometimes
here is a link to pt.1
heeseung roughly fingering you
heeseung teasing your entrance
heeseung fucking you while youre full with cum
heeseung massaging your boobs under your shirt hehe
sub!heeseung dressing up for you and masturbating
jake eating you out
you cuffing and blindfolding sub!jake
jake fucking you missionary
riding his face
rubbing you w a lollipop and licking you 😵‍💫
jake getting needy when you’re on call with your friend
jay fingering you
jay fucking you doggy
you grinding on his cock in the car
jay spanking you for the camera
jay overstimulating you with a vibrator
grinding on sunghoons face
69 w sunghoon
sunghoon cumming on your pussy
sunghoon massaging your boobs during sex (those are the nicest boobs ive seen in my life goddamn)
sunghoon overstimulating you with his fingers
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park sunghoon : the boy next door trope
Tumblr media
"are you okay, y/n?" "yep, 'm just fine." "don't lie, i know you're finding it hard to not picture me shirtless."
pairing : shy, figure skater!sunghoon x popular extravert!reader
summary : park sunghoon, the quiet figure skater from school has moved into the house right next door to your own. you never really paid attention to how cute he was until he starts walking around his room shirtless, knowing that your windows were adjacent to one another.
word count: 26,500 (hehe)
includes smut - minors DNI
this is pure fiction, characters included are all the same age (18).
read the other volumes?
taglist : @srirachibi @ryu-naa @blank-velvet @[email protected] @yuakagi @[email protected] @lix-freckle3 @leeis @turnipsandflowerss @[email protected] @melaninjhs @sunshine-skz @[email protected] @violevantae @rpkth @hime98 @fvryang @j4yluvr @heelariously @fireflies997 @rikipediaa @manaswisingh @pshwyfie @[email protected] @hoon3luv @valhoez @tlnyjoong @duolingofanaccount @misavenue @en-boyz @rikithebest (sorry if i forgot anyone lololol)
authors tmi : i listened to sunsetz by cigarettes after sex repeatedly while writing this
park sunghoon was stubborn and cocky, but oh so hot.
still to this day, you aren't sure if you regret meeting him or not- you aren't even sure how you managed to get wrapped up around him- but you curse the house next door.
if it weren't for it- park sunghoon and you would've continued on your separate paths in life- with no need to intertwine them.
the first time you had seen park sunghoon was during the beginning of year 9. he tall and slim and dorky. he was quiet, shy and he sat in the back of the class. he always seemed too aware of himself, obessing over the way his hair looked, and if his clothes were out of place.
needless to say, you didn't pay much attention to him during your first year of high school.
you had been swept up into the popular crowd early into your high school career. you weren't on any of the sports teams at your school nor were you neccessarily considered the prettiest girl in school, but you were nice and you loved to party.
you personally think that you started to grow into your features during your second year of high school. you became more confident with not only your personality, but your looks and appearance as well. that was also around the time that boys started to really look at you. you started to play around with a few guys at your school- building up your confidence even more.
year 10 of high school also brought on the insane increase of popularity to park sunghoon.
over the summer from year 9 to year 10, sunghoon had grown even taller. his dorky features had transitioned into a sharp, more defined structure. he started hanging out with the popular jocks at your school, seemingly to fit right in with them.
park sunghoon had become hot- and anyone who didn't agree was deemed as blind.
though, he was still just as shy as he was during your first year of high school. his shoulders had broadened but his choice of friends had not.
"who the hell is that?" chaehyun asked from beside, flipping her pink hair over her shoulder as she stared down into the hallway.
dayeon and you turned your heads to where she was looking- park sunghoon stood against the lockers, smiling as he listened to his friends joke around and shove each other.
"that's park sunghoon!" dayeon nudged chaehyun with a shake of her head, "we had math with him last year!"
"that's park sunghoon?" chaehyun's jaw dropped as she looked between you and the newly-attractive-boy down the hall. "what the hell happened to him?"
"figure skating's really paid off for him." dayeon shrugged leaning back against her own locker.
you hadn't been able to take your eyes off of him. his pale skin contrasted so prettily against the ugly blue of the lockers behind him. he seemed to never speak a word while he was surrounded with his friends, only a lazy smile or laugh would escape him.
"god, do you know how many girls are gonna want him this year?" chaehyun scoffed, leaning her head on dayeon's shoulder, "a lot compared to last year."
"do you think he's still a virgin?" dayeon asked, making you and chaehyun look at her.
"no way." chaehyun scoffed, shaking her head, "look at him!"
"i don't know, chae." you said, a smirk creeping onto your face as you turned back to park sunghoon. the thoughts of taking the quiet, good boy's virignity creeping into your mind, "he does seem to still have that 'pure' look about him, no?"
dayeon and chaehyun tilt their heads as they look at the boy down the hall, "no," they say at the same time.
"there is just no way a guy that hot is a virgin!" chaehyun insists.
the bell rings and the hall starts to scatter with voices and sutdents as they prepare for their next class to start. park sunghoon disappears into the crowd of them all.
"why don't you go ask him, then?" you tease chaehyun, your eyebrows wiggling on your forehead.
"you're crazy!" she exclaimed, nudging you with her shoulder.
"oh, she's definitely crazy if she thinks park sunghoon is still a virgin." dayeon chimed in, squeezing her way inbetween you two as you walked to your class.
"i am not! he's just too," you pause and think about your memory of him sitting in the back of your classes last year, "quiet, and passive."
you hear chaehyun and dayeon scoff behind, pushing past you to continue walking to their classes, shaking their heads at you.
by year 11 the whole school had deemed sunghoon as a virgin.
it took six months for chaehyun and dayeon to cave in and agree with you, and the rest of the school that perhaps sunghoon was a virgin afterall. a hot virgin.
you had seen sunghoon at some of the parties you attended on the weekends. he'd be nursing a red solo cup that he barely took a sip out of and leaned back against the walls, smirking every now and then at something one of his idiotic friends would say.
sunghoon had begun hanging out with the schools athletes some time the year before, becoming attatched at the hip with them like the rest of them were with each other.
you and your friends sat in the bleachers of their games, with sunghoon always sitting no too far away from you, having the most bored expression on his face at every game.
no one was really surprised when sunghoon started hanging out with the rest of them- he was an athelete himself- and his physical attractiveness fit in with them all.
it was his personality and overall demeanor that set him apart from them all- if their interests in sports weren't shared then there seemed to be nothing else in common between them and sunghoon.
he was the introvert in the extroverted friend group of boys.
you don't remember much of sunghoon from your year 11, only that you had tried to start a conversation with him once at a party, but gave up after a minute after his bored expression stared down at you in silence, only receiving a slight nod at your greeting.
you remember hearing a challenge going around among the girls in your school as to who could be the one to take park sunghoon's virginity.
it wasn't a secret that the rest of his friend group slept around- always leaving parties with a new girl- or hitting up a new girl every week. they were big flirts- but sunghoon was not.
or so it seemed.
"oh my god!" dayeon gasped out as she plopped herself onto the chair in front of you and chaehyun in the cafeteria. "did you guys hear about xiaoting and not tell me?"
chaehyun and you glanced at each other in confusion, "what are you talking about? we haven't heard anything about xiaoting." chaehyun shrugged at dayeon.
"oh my god!" dayeon gasped louder and reached across the table to pull you two closer to her, "xiaoting took park sunghoon's virignity." chaehyun and you copied the gasp that dayeon had done seconds before.
"xiaoting and sunghoon?" chaehyun repeated back, trying to make sure that she had heard her friend correctly.
"yes! can you believe it?" dayeon nodded, pushing you two back to your seats. "shen xiaoting took park sunghoon's virignity."
it wasn't really a shock that xiaoting and sunghoon would hook up.
shen xiaoting was the prettiest girl in your school and everyone knew it- including herself. she was the captain of the dance and cheerleading teams. she was slim, tall, had big doe eyes and every other characteristic that society deemed as the beauty standard.
you thought back and tried to remember if you had ever seen xiaoting and sunghoon together in the hallways, or in class or at a party- but your mind came up blank.
"what?" a voice chuckled out from beside your table. "who and who?"
the three of you turned and looked at park jay who stood at the side of your table, his hands coming forward to rest on the table so that his body leaned over.
park jay was best friends with sunghoon. he was the one who had introduced sunghoon to the rest of the friend group that they were in together. he was almost every sports team at the school, depending on a scholarship to get himself into a good college.
at that point, you had spoke to jay a few times at some parties, always taking shots together and flirting until you pushed him away for the night, teasing him that next time you'd get to be together with him.
"xiaoting and sunghoon." you shrugged out, taking a sip of your drink.
jay looked down at you, quirking his eyebrow up at the mention of his best friend- confirming that he had heard them right after all as he walked pass them. "you think shen xiaoting took sunghoon's virginity?" jay almost laughed out, holding back for the sake of his friends' diginity.
"yeah," you nodded up at him, "that's what we heard at least."
"is it true?" dayeon jumped in, a bit too excited sounding.
jay chuckled deeply as he stood up straight again, "no way." jay looked back at his friends' table breifly, "sunghoon wouldn't go for her."
"so, he's a virgin still?" chaehyun titled her head in confusion.
jay laughed at the certain word that seemed to be constantly floating around at your table, but only shrugged with a cocky grin.
"oh c'mon, what does that mean?" dayeon whined out, her lips jutting out.
"i don't know." jay shrugged again, his shoulders coming up to his ears with a cheesy grin on his face. "i'll see you guys around."
"jay! ugh." chaehyun groaned out, being dismissed by him as he waved his fingers teasingly at her, winking at you in the process.
you watched as jay sat down with his friends, swatting jake's head as he sat down beside him, making jake glare at him. he quickly joined in the conversation with his friends as your eyes travelled over the boys- your eyes stopping over a pair that was looking right back at you.
park sunghoon sat back in his chair, scanning your face almost lazily from across the cafeteria. his black hair had grown out long that year, his bangs draping over his forehead and landing in his eyes. he rolled a red apple lazily in his hands until the stem popped off into his fingers.
you felt your heartbeat pick up as he bit into the apple, his eyes only leaving your own then as he turned his attention back to his friends, his jaw flexing everytime he chewed the piece in his mouth.
"what did they want?" heeseung asked jay, nodding his head towards your table.
jay grabbed jungwon's drink and put it to his lips, blocking out the whines of jungwon telling him not to and shrugged, "wanted to know if xiaoting and sunghoon fucked."
"what?" jake laughed out, leaning over to look at sunghoon with amused eyes. "shen xiaoting, bro?"
jay put down jungwon's drink as he swallowed the liquid. jungwon quickly swept up his drink before jay could have anymore. "yeah, specifically that she took his virginity." jay smirked at his friends.
"bro!" jake called out again, his eyes widening more.
sunghoon only shook his head, taking another bite of his apple.
"what? you didn't hook up with her?" jake whined, his shoulders dropping.
sunghoon gave his friend an annoyed look, "you guys know i don't want to hook up with anyone that any of you have hooked up with." sunghoon rolled his eyes, "i'm not into sloppy seconds, or thirds, or fourths."
his friends all laughed at his reasoning, having heard him explain himself one million times before.
"well, if you want to hook up with anyone at this school then. you better hurry up and find a girl, because at this point there's only a few girls left." heeseung joked, winking at his friend.
sunghoon could only roll his eyes, before they landed on you again.
you had turnred your own attention back to your friends after he had looked away. realizing that you probably look like a creep to anyone who had watched you practically stare down park sunghoon.
"huh, y/n?" chaehyun nudged you from the side.
"what?" you asked, not realizing that she had spoken to you.
chaehyun rolled her eyes, "i said jay has the hots for you." she wiggled her eyebrows at the mention of the boy.
"oh, god." you chuckled out with a shake of your head.
"what?" dayeon leaned in close to you, "don't act like you don't flirt with him at every party!"
"it's not every party," you defened yourself, "plus, he's not my type."
"oh, no?" chaehyun cocked her head to the side, "what's your type then."
your thoughts filled of sunghoon's rose lips covering the red skin of the apple as he bit into it, his tongue darting out over them to collect the fallen juices of the fruit-
Tumblr media
it was two weeks before your senior year of high school started that the nice old lady next door sold her house. you had lived in your family's house all your life, and grew up with the lady next door always offering you muffins or cookies that she had baked. you were sad when her house had sold so quickly in the summer.
you wondered who would move in beside you. theorizing that another old lady would move in so your addiction to home made blueberry muffins would continue on. you wondered about the idea of a newly wed couple moving in, ready to start to life together.
there had been so many engrossing ideas in your head about who your future neighbours could be.
and park sunghoon was NOT one of them.
being woken up by moving trucks, banging and yelling during the end of summer was not something you desired. your family had already been awake for hours at the time, sleepily you joined them outside on your porch to see who was moving in.
a pretty woman was stood on their porch, explaining to some movers where some boxes to go. a man who was carrying a box from the truck smiled at her and whispered something in her ear, which made the stressed frown on her face desperse into a lazy smile.
you figured your theory of newly weds moving was correct- until a little girl ran through the woman's legs, down the porch steps and giggling as the woman told her to stop running around while people were working.
you watched her run down the driveway, ignoring the woman's words and running right up to the ginat moving truck that had backed up onto the end of their drive way.
"pass me a box! i wanna help!" the girl shouted with a pout into the open end of the truck. she only smiled again when someone placed a small cardboard box into her hands.
your eyes followed the pair of arms that had leant down and gave the little girl the box. he had pale skin and black, longer hair that covered his face as he turned around and picked up a box for himself to carry. he was slim and tall and somewhat familiar that you couldn't seem to narrow it down too until he jumped down from the truck and his long bangs brushed back.
you felt your exterior go slack at the realization that park sunghoon was now your next door neighbour.
"oh hello!" a cheery voice called out to your family all stood on the porch.
"hi!" your mother greeted back. the pretty, stressed woman from before was leaning over their porch railing and smiling at you all.
"kwangho! come here!" she called into the house. "it's so nice to meet you, i'm park jiyoung!" the little girl from before ran and latched onto jiyoung's hip, "this is yewon, my daughter."
you could barely fake a smile to the nice woman and the cute girl, too focused on the way park sunghoon was coming closer to your house, his eyes never leaving yours once his mother had called out to your family. a faint smirk rested on his rosey lips and a light sheen of sweat covered his foreheard from the mid-day, summer sun.
sunghoon set down the box he was carrying on the porch steps, turning and facing your family with a smile as if he wasn't just intimidating you seconds before. "this is my son, sunghoon, and my husband kwangho is still inside! kwangho!" she called out to him again.
"it's so very nice to meet you all!" your mother's cheery voice exclaimed, "this is my family!" your mother introduced your younger brother, your father, herself and you.
you continued to be as polite as you could to your new next door neighbours, but the way sunghoon was staring at you was too distracting. his gaze never left your body- dressed in your short sleeping shorts and tank top. you've never felt so exposed to a boy before, and he was across the lawn from you, standing next to his little sister and mother. it was honestly shocking to you how confident park sunghoon was being- blantantly checking you out although you had woken up five minutes prior.
sunghoon himself was shocked at seeing you, standing on the porch to the house right beside his new one.
when his parents had told them that they were moving at the beginning of the summer- he was admiittley pissed. he lived right down the street from jake, and only a ten minute walk away from jay's and heeseung's houses. he didn't want to move- plus, he liked the house he lived in before. it was where he and yewon had grown up together- where his parents had learnt how to parent together- where so many family memories of relatives from all over coming on holidays to celebrate.
but now, as you stand in those awfully short, shorts that expose your soft legs, he could care less about his old house.
you were hot- and now you were his neighbour. which means he could possibly see more of you in moments like the one you're both in now- with you with your swollen lips from sleeping- and the strap of your tank top falling down to expose your collarbone.
to sunghoon, it seemed as if the y/l/n y/n that was known at school and parties, was completely different to the one who stood across the lawn from him now. you looked innocent and sweet- and not like you had just beat everyone at beer pong and grinded ontop one of the tables with his teammate a few days ago.
it had always been obvious to sunghoon that you were out of his league- you two were just insanely different from one another that there would be no way for him to ever interact with you.
but now, maybe his luck was changing.
"kwangho! there you are! these are our new neighbours!" his mother pulled him out of his thoughts.
"sorry! sorry!" his father sheepishly shrugged and smiled at your family. "nice to meet you!"
your parents spoke politely for a few moments, making you try and avoid eye contact with sunghoon for a while longer until they gave the final goodbye and you all went inside again, your eyes catching a final glimpse of sunghoon's smirk before you closed the front door.
you had no idea as to why park sunghoon made you so nervous. it wasn't like yourself to feel so- intimidated by someone- let alone by a boy. you didn't understand why he was so reserved in every public setting you had seen him in- and so confident and almost cocky as he stood infront of your parents.
you weren't sure how you felt about your new next door neighbour, but you were sure that you'd make the most out of it.
Tumblr media
you didn't see sunghoon or any of his family during the first week that they had moved in next door. you didn't go out with your friends for the final parties of the summer before school started- opting to just stay in, laying in your bed and questionning your identity.
you didn't know how you would ever be able to face sunghoon again since the last time you had seem him- him making you a nervous, blushing mess under his gaze from ten meters away. you had never been as messy as that before. nor have you ever seen park sunghoon so cocky and confident before.
the day that your senior year of high school started, you woke up late.
rushing around your room in an attempt to get everything sorted before you rushed out the door to school was probably hilarious looking from anyone that wasn't you. and you would've thought your morning was complete shit, but you had some sort of common sense to open your curtains before leaving your room for the day- just happening to catch park sunghoon shirtless, brushing his teeth on his mini balcony directly across from your own, and staring right at you.
the early morning sun was basking around on his pale chest and shoulders. a fine line of abs covers his abdomen and from a far you can see there are a few moles spread around his skin that match the ones on his face.
sunghoon smirks with his toothbrush still in his mouth before he pulls it out and leans over his balcony, spitting the toothpaste out onto the small patch of grass between the sides of your houses.
when he stands upwards again, the smirk that you're slowly becoming familiar with is still plastered onto his face. your face must be contorted into some sort of mixture of shock and desire that he finds a way to amuse himself.
sunghoon brings up his hand that doesn't hold his toothbrush and teasingly waves his hand at you. your jaw drops when reality hits you and you realize that shritless park sunghoon is standing 4 meters away and waving at you.
you quickly shut your curtains again, blocking eachother from seeing one another. you only notice then that you were holding in your breath and let out a sharp and quick exhale of breath.
"what the fuck." you mumble out quickly to yourself, your hands still gripping onto your curtains.
"what's wrong, honey?" your mother's voice asked from your doorway, where's she's leaning against the doorframe with a laundry basket against her hip.
"oh! uh, nothing!" you force smile at her, hoping she didn't just see you almost drool over your new neighbours.
"oh, ok! well, you better hurry, or you'll be late for school!" she smiles cheerily at you, turning away and walking further down the hall of your house.
"okay!" you call after her, your fake smile dropping as soon as she's out of view.
after first seeing park sunghoon as a quiet dork in your freshman year, you would have never had guessed that he'd be teasing you across your balconies while being shirtless. it was as if the image of park sunghoon that you had made- that you had been given by sunghoon himself- after all these years, was something completely different than who he really was.
and you were determined to figure out who exactly that was- as soon as you get the image of how hot he is shirtless out of your head.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
the rest of your first day of senior year was fine, the random flashback of sunghoon waving at you would fly through your mind but you forced it out and distracted yourself with your friends or your schoolwork that was somehow already piling up.
you still hadn't managed to tell your friends about who your new next door neighbour was. you knew if (and when) you did, they'd be ushering you into your own house and peeping through your curtains to get a glance at him in a millisecond.
you didn't seem to have any classes with your neighbour this semester- something that you never thought you would be grateful for- every other time that you had a class together- you'd barely even look at him. this year however, it seemed as if you were hyper aware of his presence looming around the classrooms and hallways.
you saw the group of familiar jocks all crowding around the hall at the end of the day. chaehyun was walking beside you, ranting about how she already hates all her teachers for this semester. you noticed sunghoon admist the group of boys, his back turned towards them as he was going through his locker.
"y/n! chae!" sunoo called out, beckoning you both over to his group of friends. his cheery smiled pulled you both in, so now you had joined the crowd in the crowded hallway as well.
sunghoon turned at the mention of your name, taking in your overpowering aura as you approached his friend group.
jake immediately pulled you into his side, your arm wrapping around his back, "where the hell have you been? haven't seen you in weeks." he pouted down at you.
"yeah, what the fuck? it's not like you to miss so many parties at the end of summer." jay chimed in, looking at you with a confused expression.
you shrugged, "eh, i just didn't feel like it, wanted to spend sometime with my family before school starts up again."
"lame!" chaehyun teased you, making the rest of the gorup laugh. you turned your head in sunghoon's direction, only for his back to be turned to you, as if you weren't there, he continued to pull out textbooks and put in his bag.
"there's still all this school year to party guys." you roll your eyes at them.
"that's right," jake said, "more time for you to come into my bed." there were a round of groans in the crowd, making jake smirk at you.
you dragged back your arm that was wrapped around his back and slid your hand up to his cheek, "in your dreams, jake." you patted his cheek.
"we have to go find dayeon, y/n." chaehyun nodded at you, pushing herself off of heeseung and tugging on your backpack to go.
"yeah, you're right." your mind filled with your other friend, wondering how her first day of senior went, and why she hadn't found you and chaehyun yet. "see you guys later."
the group of atheletes say their goodbyes and watch you and chaehyun walk away down the hall. they wait until you're both out of earshot until they speak.
"you need to stop flirting with y/n, she's too hot for you." jay nudges jake gently.
"if she's too hot for me, then she's way too hot for you." jake rolls his eyes at his friend.
"then why does she practically beg me to bring her to my place at every party, bro." jay shakes his head teasingly.
"what do you think of y/n, hoon?" heeseung turns the groups' attention to the quiet boy.
sunghoon feels himself tense at the mention of his and your names in the same sentence. "she's alright." he shrugs nonchalantly, his hand halting in his locker nervously.
"alright!?" jake asks confused, looking at the guys in the group and then to sunghoon again, "bro, are you blind?"
sunghoon swings his backpack over his shoulder and slams his locker shut, "no, i'm not. i wish i was so i wouldn't have to look at you all day." jake crosses his arms over his chest at sunghoon's insult.
"ok, but seriously sunghoon, you don't wanna fuck y/n?" jay asks him.
sunghoon sighs deeply, "i've already told you guys one million times, i don't want to fuck anyone that any of you have fucked before. ok?"
he sees all his friends glance at eachother with confused expressions on their faces.
"what?" sunghoon asks them when its silent for longer than he expected it to be.
"none of us have ever got with y/n, hoon." heeseung explains to him slowly.
"not yet, anyways." jake cuts in.
"shut up." annoyed, jay puts his hand up to jake to silence him.
sunghoon thinks that that moment was when he got some hope that you could be his- even if for one night. he's always found you pretty, but you were so out of his league that he figured his more outgoing more confident friends would suit you more.
sunghoon had always seen you flirting with his friends. he had heard many times from his friends that they all found you hot. he heard from basically everyone in the school that you liked to fuck around and have fun so openly. so overtime, sunghoon had figured that you had gotten with some of his friends and that you'd never look at him the same way you look at anyone you want to have fun with.
sunghoon was honestly shocked that his friends had never successfully hooked up with you. everyone and probably their parents knew that you and jay had made out multiple tomes and multiple parties, so everyonoe guessed that the two of you have gone further as well.
sunghoon knows that there's nothing wrong with sleeping around- he does it himself, his friends all do it- but there's just something unappealing to him when he finds out the girl he's been talking to all night at a party has fucked one of his friends. it gets him all wrapped up in his head that what he's doing with the girl is something that she's done with someone that he's referred to as his brother before.
it feels wrong to him- almost unloyal in a sense. his friends have explained to him one million times that they're fine with hooking up with the same girl- that it's just fun and no one gets hurt. but still, sunghoon can't imagine doing that to one of his friends- to one of his brothers.
so yes, sunghoon isn't a virgin. he lost his virginity when he was a sophomore- at some beach party that jake and jay had dragged him to in the summer when they went to australia together. he doesn't remember much of it, just that he was glad to not be labelled a virgin anymore from his friends and society.
since that summer, he's been dragged to almost every party his friends went to. and if there was a pretyt girl that happened to notice him through his large, loud crowd of friends- he made sure she didn't go to his school. usually, he was lucky enough to hook up with girls that were visiting their friends for the weekend and lived in a different city.
sunghoon's heard the so called 'rumours' that he was still a virgin. he's heard different girls in his school claim to have taken his virginity- when in reality he has no idea who they are. he doesn't understand why his- or anyone else's for the matter- virgin status was such a big deal. there were some people who lost their virignity younger than others and there were some who lost their virginity way past college years.
the rumours make sunghoon laugh. he told his friends to not tell anyone that he's not a virgin. he liked to watch everyone scramble around trying to find out the truth about him. his friends had told him that sometimes people will come up to them ask whether he's a virgin or not- or sometimes if they're bold enough- they'll just ask him himself.
sunghoon has learnt that the whole society construct of virginity is stupid and meaningless and he wishes his wasn't one of the biggest rumours around his school.
"anyways, when will we get to see that new house of yours, hoon?" jake swung his arm around sunghoon's shoulders.
"yeah, we all want to see it!" sunoo smiled up at him.
sunghoon hadn't told his friends about his new next door neighbours either. he hadn't told them that your rooms were across from one another and that he had basically eye fucked you a week prior. he knew as soon as he did, he wouldn't be able to get his friends out of his house for the rest of the school year.
"my parents are still moving stuff around, so they don't want anyone over." sunghoon shrugged, lying through his teeth.
"oh come on!" jay pushed sunghoon's shoulder. "that's a ball of crap! we know your parents love us!" his friends all raised their eyebrows up at sunghoon's excuse to not have them over, wondering what the problem was.
"anyways, i have to get to practice." sunghoon nudged his way through his group of friends, aiming for the exit of the school doors.
"what the hell? why can't we go to your house?" jake called after him in shock.
"aren't you guys suppose to be at practice in like?" sunghoon turned and checked his watch, "five minutes ago?"
he watched his friends all shout in shock about being late, trying to push past one another to get to the soccer field in the back of the school before their coach kills them all for being late. sunghoon could only laugh, before turning and walking home, wondering if he'll see you on the way there.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
sunghoon only managed to keep his friends away from his new house for a week since they all followed him home friday afternoon.
sunghoon likes to listen to music while he walks home after school. since sunghoon is an introvert, he finds school to not only be physically tiring, but mentally. so he looks forward to blasting music in his earphones on his way home from school. he truly didn't know his idiotic friends were following behind him during the fifteen minute walk until they pounced on his back as soon as he stepped foot on his driveway.
"what the hell?" sunghoon gasped, ripping his earphones out of his ear to hear his friends' annoying laughter. "what are you doing here?"
"bro, we've been following you the entire time." jake explained through laughter.
sunghoon could only stare at his three friends laughing their heads off on his driveway, praying to god you were already home and closing your curtains in your bedroom. he really didn't want to deal with all the shit he was going to get from his friends once they found out who his next door neighbour was.
"this is a nice place sunghoon," jay pointed up at the house, "why don't you let us inside, we can all hangout until the party tonight."
sunghoon almost groaned outloud at the mention of the party. he had a stressful first week of senior year and he wouldn't even get to be by himself for the few hours before the party to get to relax. but still, he nodded to friends, almost rushing them inside.
"where are your parents?" heeseung asked curiously, all four boys taking off their shoes and backpacks in the front hall of the house, the screen door still being open.
"uh, my mom's probably at the grocery store and my dad's at work for another hour." sunghoon explained, wanting to go into the kitchen for some food.
"why is y/n here?" jake asked, amking the other three boys turn their heads to look out the screendoor.
if the three of his friends weren't so loud, sunghoon was sure that they'd hear him nervously gulp at the mention of your name.
"what the hell? what's she doing?" jay asked, pointing at your figure walking up sunghoon's driveway before crossing onto your own.
sunghoon counted to five in his head before his friends all gasped, watching you unlock the door to the house next door and walking in.
"y/n lives next door?!" jake yelled out, turning around in disbelief to look at sunghoon.
"why didn't you tell us?" heeseung asked, his hands coming out in front of him to ask.
sunghoon maintained his composure and shrugged, "i'm hungry." he turned on his heel and headed to the kitchen, his friends right on his feet continuing to ask questions.
"how long have you known she lived there?" jay asked, watching sunghoon go into the fridge and pull out a bowl of mixed fruit.
"since i moved in." sunghoon didn't look at his friends, pretending to be more interested in the fruit before him than his hot next door neighbour.
"bro what the hell?" jake asked, his jaw still dropped in disbelief. "have you spoken to her?"
"of course he hasn't" jay shook his head, "he can barely look in her eye let alone have a conversation with her."
"i can have a conversation with her!" sunghoon defended himself weakly, an annoyed look still present on his face.
jay rolled his eyes, "hoon, you can have a conversation with everyone but her. i've seen her try to talk to you and you always make it the most dry convo i've ever seen."
sunghoon's mouth gapes open and close as he tries to process more words he can use to defend himself. but he ultimately leaves his mouth shut with a straight face. because his friends are right- with their stupid know-it-all faces- they are right. because sunghoon has always thought you were hot, and out of his league. he thought that the moment he'd open his mouth, his cool composure would fail him and you would see how lame he really is.
sunghoon's cool composure only lasts him so long with the girls he hooks up with at parties- or with the kids at school. he's confident enough to fool them for the moments he has with those people. but as soon as he's alone with his friends or family, it's like his real side comes out. the real side where he's not cool, or self disaplined- but more carefree and funny and witty and he likes playing video games with his friends until 4am until they get laughed at by their parents for being too loud.
sunghoon's cool composure is really a safety persona he puts on so not everyone will know him so easily- they won't hurt him as easily.
with you, the safety persona doesn't feel as strong as it normally does with other people. it scares him. and now that you're his neighbour- he doesn't know how long he can hold out on it because you're so hot and outgoing and extraverted that it keeps drawing him in too quickly.
"but now's your chance, hoon! she's literally right next door! why don't you try talking to her!" heeseung encourages him with a kind smile that heeseung always has on when he talks to anyone of his friends.
sunghoon's gratful for heeseung, but he tsks in response, "because i've arleady told you guys that she's alright." sunghoon lies through his teeth to his friends for the third time that week.
"oh my god, hoon fine!" jay smacks his hand on the table, "if you don't wanna fuck her than i will!"
sunghoon's head snaps towards jay and he can feel apart of him grow anger deep inside at his friends' statement.
"see!" jake points at sunghoon, "if you didn't want to fuck her than you wouldn't get angry like that, we all know about your loyality shit or whatever, so just admit you like your next door neighbour."
"i don't like her." sunghoon clarifies, trying to redeem himself in some sort of way.
"okay, fine," jake puts his hands up to surrender, "you don't like her, but you wanna fuck her."
"jesus, can we just drop this now. this is why i didn't want to tell you guys that she's my neighbour."
"fine fine," jay nods, "but still, i don't see a reason why you shouldn't try to hook up with her, okay?"
sunghoon only glared at his three friends that all wore matching smirks on their faces, all knowing that they were slowly cracking sunghoon into getting with you. they had noticed before that when yours and their friendgroups met up at parties, sunghoon would fall more silent than usual, and he never once even glanced in your direction. they wondered now if something would finally happen between you two.
Tumblr media
your complicated relationship with your neighbour started at a party- a shitty party.
a shitty party where barely any one had shown up and where the music sucked. apparently everyone was too exahusted from partying the week before and having to deal with the first week of school again.
you should've known that your night would've been different than any other friday night from the awry beginning, when four boys were piled onto your porch and asking your parents if it would be alright if they drove with you to the party.
jake and jay wore their usual cocky smirks, heeseung stood in the back with his kind smile and cranky park sunghoon stood in the back rolling on his heels, pretending as if he wasn't standing on your porch.
so now, you're sitting on jay's lap in the back of dayeon's car as she drives, and your knees are brushing against sunghoon's who is sitting right beside you.
you've sat on jay's lap before at a party multiple times, but not right beside sunghoon who had been showing complicated behaviour for not only the past two weeks that you were neighbours- but for your entire high school career together. it became obvious quickly that the sunghoon that was being shown when it was just you and him was very different from the sunghoon that was with you when other people were around.
sunghoon sat so quietly beside you it was as if he didn't know who you were. you think that if you weren't neighbours, you wouldn't have thought his behaviour was different than any other time you've seen him. but those cocky, confident moments he had shown you throughout the two weeks wa something that never elft your mind. you were finding yourself looking for him in the halls at school and through the windows of your house, trying to catch a glimpse of him coming home or leaving. but, you saw nothing. it was as if he was purposefully trying to avoid you.
"it's cool that you and hoon are neighbours now." jay said from behind you, his jaw resting on your shoulder as one of his hands lazily played with your hair that was resting over your other shoulder.
"yeah, we didn't even know you guys were neighbours until today." jake chimed in, quirking an eyebrow at sunghoon who pretended like he didn't see it.
"me neither." dayeon grumbled, meeting your eyes in the rearview mirror, indicating that she wanted to know more about it later on.
when you walked into the party (before you knew it was shitty) chaehyun was already tipsy and flirting with heeseung. dayeon and you shared a glance at you friend and rolled your eyes. both of you knew how your other friend felt about lee heeseung, and neither of you were the ones to stop her from flirting with him. heeseung didn't seem to mind though, chaehyun was pretty and he thought she was funny.
the quicker you found out that the party wasn't going to be good, the quicker you drank to forget that it wasn't going to be good.
you didn't realize how much you had drank until you were sitting beside sunghoon with your right leg drapped over his left one. you first noticed the way sunghoon gave you a weird expression as you sat down beside him.
"what? can't your neighbour sit beside you?" you asked him with a smile, your eyes appearing innocent and glossed over as you made eye contact.
"yeah, you can." sunghoon nodded before looking away, further into the house you were in.
"wow, a whole three words spoken to me, that's a record." you responded sarcastically.
"what does that mean?" he looked down at you in confusion.
"i mean, you never speak to me, ever."
a thoughful look spreads across sunghoon's face as he takes in your words, "well, i didn't know that you even wanted to speak to me."
you turn and face him now, a soft pout forming on your lips, "what do you mean? of course i wanna speak to you."
sunghoon felt his confidence boost at your words, your grip on his upperarm becoming firm as you grip harder.
"what do you wanna speak about?" a smirk grows on sunghoon's face.
a taken aback look crosses your face at his change in aura, "just- you're so shy!-but so hot!" and you're sure that even without the alcohol you would've said that to him.
sunghoon chuckles in response, "that's what you wanna talk about?"
"well, i just don't understand you."
"what does that mean?"
"i mean," you lean closer towards him, incase anyone nearby was listening, "i can't figure out if you're a dom or a sub."
sunghoon's sure that if he hadn't known you for almost four years, his eyes would've popped out of his skull at your forwardness, but you're you, and he's used to it and his smirk spread further across his face as your words. "what do you think i am, y/n?"
the atmosphere between you two becomes tense as you maintain eye contact with each other with minimal space between one another. "a sub."
sunghoon throws his head back and laughs at your thought, making the intense atmoshpere dissapate in an instant and you pull away from him with an amused look on your face. "what?" you whine out ot him, feeling as if he was making fun of you at the way he was laughing.
"a sub? really y/n?" he asks, watching you nod in response, "wow, you really don't understand me, or know me at all do you?"
you sit up on your kness on the couch to face him, the skin on your bare knees from your dress riling up distracts sunghoon for a moment as he feels the warmth from your skin against his thigh.
"no i don't!" you whine again, the alcohol defintely affecting you now. "i don't understand why you can't look at me when everyone else is around, but can flirt with me and tease me, and brush your teeth shritless on your balcony when no one else is around."
sunghoon chuckles at your little confession, his index finger drawing circles on your lower thigh were your knee is bent. "is that what made you think i'm a sub?" he asks playfully.
"no, i think you're a sub because you're usually so shy, and a virgin."
sunghoon pulls away and throws his head back to laugh again. "you think i'm a sub virgin?!"
"well, aren't you?" you ask like it's the obvious answer.
sunghoon's fingers return to your thigh then, but it's not drawing little shapes onto your skin, it's his hold hand gripping your thigh. he's suddenly leaning into you, looking up with his eyes into your own. "no way in hell, y/n."
you continue to stare into his eyes, a smirk of your own growing on your face as you try to decipher if he's playing a game with you or not. you place your left hand on sunghoon's warm, tinted pink cheek, "really? because i can so see you being a good boy for me."
sunghoon's hand comes up and takes your hand away from his face, "you're gonna have to save that for your dreams y/n, because that is never going to happen." his hand comes up to grab your jaw, his thumb circling the skin beside your lip.
"oh? so what? you're gonna dom me?" you ask sarcastically trying to not fall for his game.
"yeah, and i'll fuck you so good that you'll cry."
your composure dropped at that moment, feeling yourself become weak all over at sunghoon's words. his thumb that was circling your cheek had moved to your bottom lip, practically begging for you to take it inside your mouth and suck. "prove it."
"y/n! we gotta go! chaehyun's throwing up!" dayeon's voice calls out, making you and sunghoon rip apart.
you turn and look at the frantic dayeon who is calling you over with worried eyes.
"ok! i'm coming!" you jump up, grabbing your sweater and following dayeon, saying a brief goodbye to sunghoon who just watches you run after your friend to take care of your other vomitting friend.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
heeseung rides in the car ride home with you, dayeon and passed out chaehyun. chaehyun is spread out in the backseat, with her head on heeseung's lap.
"'m sorry guys, i didn't realize how much she had kept on drinking." heeseung mumbled out from the back, pushing chae's hair out of her face.
"it's okay, hee! she told us when we got there that she was gonna keep drinking because the party was shit." dayeon smiles at him through the rearview mirror.
"god that party was so shit!" heeseung agrees, looking out the car's window into the dark city street, glad that he got to leave the place.
"how did you think the party was y/n? i saw you and sunghoon talking, what were you guys up to." dayeon turns the attention towards you in the passenger seat.
"sunghoon?" heeseung asks shocked from the back, careful to wake up chaehyun with his excitement.
"god," you groaned, "we weren't doing anything. we were just talking." you lied through your teeth, something that both you and sunghoon had been doing during those two weeks.
you noticed dayeon and heeseung give each other look, but chose to ignore, you were sobering up quickly since speaking to sunghoon, and you were getting more tired by the second.
dayeon dropped you off first, watching you walk into your house safely before leaving to drop off chaehyun and heeseung as well.
you got into your bedroom quietly, dressing in your pyjama shorts and sweater. you felt the exhaustion from the alcohol and holding up chaehyun as she threw up start to settle in. you think you were just about to pass out until your phone vibrated beside your head, showing an instagram dm on the screen.
[y/n.username] : ice_parksunghoon : is chae ok?
you sat up as you read sunghoon's name and swiped open your phone to respond.
[y/n.username] : yeah, she is
[ice_parksunghoon] : are you home now?
[y/n.username] : yeah, i am
[ice_parksunghoon] : do you still want me to prove that i'm a dom?
you felt your breath hitch at his message, the tiredness in your body immediately leaving at the thought of what you and sunghoon would do tonight.
[y/n.username] : come over
it took a few minutes for him to respond.
[ice_parksunghoon] : i'm outside
and then you were quietly running down to yur front door, unlocking it to reveal sunghoon who was still wearing his outfit from the party and he's smirking down as he takes in your own attire.
"you tired?" he asks with a quirk of his eyebrow.
"not anymore." you respond, grabbing his hand and pulling him into your house, leading upstairs to your bedroom.
sunghoon's only seen a few glimpse's of your bedroom from across your balconies, but being inside of it was something so much different. he could see your pictures of your friends and family all over the walls, your set of plushies sat in the chair in the corner of your room, and messy desk with homework already piling up. he could see characterstics of you spread around that he didn't know existed.
you brought him back into reality as you walked up to him, much shorter than he was making him have to completely turn his head down to look at you. your hands trailed over his chest over his black shirt that suited him so well. you could feel his muscles so easily under his chest from figure skating and working out.
"you're gonna be a good boy for me, right hoon?" you teased him, your voie coming out sultry and in a whisper.
you heard sunghoon chuckle darkly as he grabbed your hands away from him, holding onto your wrists, "i thought i told you that would have to be something for your dreams." his fake smile dropped for his next sentence, "and i didn't say you could touch me, baby."
your own smile dropped as you took in his words, your eyes becoming rounder as you listened to him, his grip still on your wrists.
sunghoon's smile returned as he saw a glimpse of submissive gleam over your eyes for a moment, "now why don't you take off your shorts for me?" he let go of your wrists so you could follow his command. his voice had become deeper than you had ever heard it before- his almost compettive, confident aura filling up your room quickly and taking over your own.
you bent over and slid your shorts slowly down your legs until they were on the floor and kicked to side, leaving you only in your ovesized sweater.
sunghoon's hands rested on your newly exposed hips, pulling your sweater up a little, "you're gonna be a good girl for me, right baby?" his new nickname for you had you weak in the knees, your mind going fuzzy at the new sunghoon before you.
"and what if i'm not?" you push him, trying to redeem yourself, wanting to prove that you aren't some submissive girl.
sunghoon bent down to your ear, his lips brushing over the shell as he whispered, "then you'll make me angry, and you'll be punished," he pulled away to look directly in your eyes, "and good girls shouldn't be punished right?" you only nodded in response, which wasn't the right thing to do as his hand came up harshly to grip your jaw, "use your words y/n."
"right what?"
"right, sir." sunghoon smirked as the submissive state took over you completely then, feeling almost arrogant at how quick he would have you begging for him.
sunghoon's hands return to your hips, where he pushed up your sweater, up and overyour head, leaving you completely naked infront of him still fully clothed. sunghoon takes a moment to scan your body in the moonlight in your room, biting his lip as takes in your appearance. he's thought about you standing before him naked so many times, and now that it's real, he can hardly believe it.
he's instantly turning you around and pushing you up against your bedroom door, his hands roaming your body like he's always imagined, and kissing all over your chest and tits. a small moan leaves your mouth when he bites your nipple gently, his plush lips surround your nipple as he sucks and pulls.
his hand trails down your body to rub his fingers through your folds, feeling just how wet you are. you culd feel him smirk against your skin at the revelation, wishing your body wasn't a dead give away that you've been wet since the party.
his tumb brushes over your clit, making you throw your head back against the door, your eyes meeting sunghoon's as he stares down at your small figure.
"it feels that good already, baby? i haven't even touched you yet." sunghoon teases you, his thumb presses harder, slow circles into your clit.
"wanted this for so long, wanted you for so long, sir." you confess to him, the feeling of him encases your body against your bedrooom door was something close to a dream and you didn't want to wake up.
your words trigger something in sunghoon as he's down on his knees in a second, your bare, wet pussy right in front of his face as he spreads your legs open harshly. your full core is holding yourself up as he meets his tongue with your juices. the first feel of his warm tongue against you makes your hand reach out and grip his hair for support.
until he's pulling away from you, gripping your wrists again, "what did i say about touching me, baby? if you want to touch me, you have to ask for permission."
you whimper as you look down at him, a look of warning on his face, "c-can i touch you, sir?" you ask him nicely.
a pleased look covers his face as he leans in and presses two soft kisses on your clit, "yes, you can."
your hand meets his hair again as he delves into your pussy, his tongue circling your clit and sucking fast. your other hand covers your mouth, not wanting to be too loud at 3am while your family is asleep on the other side of the house.
sunghoon eats you out like a mad man, his hands gripping hard onto your hips as he sucks and tastes your juices- even sweeter than he imagined.
when your body starts to tense, signalling that you're cloe to your high, sunghoon pulls away, a loud whine leaving you as you're about to protest.
"if you want to cum baby you have to ask." sunghoon quirks his eyebrow at you.
"please sir, please let me cum, i was so close!" you practically beg out out to him. a look of thought spreads across sunghoon's face, as if he's actually thinking whether or not you deserve to cum.
"no." he speaks, disbelief filling your body as he places gently kisses on your lower abdomen, far away from where you'd rather want his lips. he stands up, towering over you again, "want you to cum on my cock instead, how's that sound?"
"so good, sir, yes please." you nod your head against the bedroom door. his hands travel up your body to your ribcage, and he's leaning in close to your face, your lips are inches apart- you close your eyes- wanting to relish in the kiss.
"undress me, first." sunghoon speaks, and when you open your eyes again he's backed up away from you, quirking an eyebrow at as you impatiently.
in a second, you're pulling his shirt over his head, taking in hs pale skin you've seen before, but never this close. youcan feel the heat radiating off of him he's so close. you want to trace his moles with your finger tips, but youhurry to unbuckle his belt instead, not wanting him to get more impateint with you.
when his black jeans are kicked on the floor to join the rest of your clothes, you take in the bulge in sunghoon's boxers.
he looks fucking huge- and you let yourself wonder for a moment if he's gonna fit in you or not.
sunghoon takes your hand in his and places it over his buldge, "see how hard you get me, baby?"
"yes, sir." you answer almost instinctively now.
"take my boxers off, y/n." he lets go of your hand, your other hand meeting his boxers band with your other one, both of your hands pulling them down his legs until they drop at his feet.
sunghoon's cock spring up and you can really see just how big and hard he is. it's gotta be the prettiest dick you've ever seen. his pale skin turns red at the tip, where precum is already leaking out.
"spit on it." sunghoon commands you, watching as you stare down at his cock with a look of amazement in your eye. he's never seen anyone stare at his dick like that before and it's almost made him shy and embarrassed for a moment.
you continue to do as he says, your lips pursing together as a long strip of spit falls from your lips, to directly in the centre of his pretty cock.
"now make sure my dick's completely covered."
your hand reaches down inbetween your bodies to his dick, your fingers spreading your saliva around until your grip latches on, and starts to mix your saliva and his precum all over his member. if it wasn't for the almost inaudble sharp inhale from sunghoon, youwould've thought he was completely unaffected by your tight and wet grip. his face stayed in the same- almost bored expression, and his body didn't move a muscle.
suddenly, sunghoon is grabbing a hold of your shoulders and turning you around, pushing yo uback toward your bed where you land with a quiet 'oof"
his body is ontop of yours in a second. sunghoon starts kissing down your neck and his hands pry open your legs for his body to slip in between them. he pulls away again for you both to look where your bodies are connecting. his hard cock is laying agianst your wet pussy.
"you're okay?" sunghoon's voice returns to how it usually is everytime you've heard him speak, it's softer and calmer and his eyes meet yours with a certain concern, wanting to make sure that you really want to have sex with him. in his mind, he still couldn't believe that you were having sex with him.
you smile up at him sweetly, a real sweet, genuine smile, "yeah, are you?" he nods with a smile quickly before it drops again and he's grabbing his dick and pressing it against your core. he's slow when he starts to push in, obviously realzing just how big he is. the strech around him feels good, it's something you've never felt before and you take the time to relish in it when he hits your hilt.
sunghoon gives you a moment to adjust until he starts moving slowly in you, one of his hands reaching up and gripping your neck, never breaking eye contact with you.
his thrusts quickly pick up speed, his cock hitting your gspot almost immediately everytime. your hand grip onto your sheets underneath you, biting onto your lip so you don't moan too loud.
he removes his hand from your throat and grabs ahold onto your thighs, using them as leverage topound into your harder. you would have never thought that sunghoon would be so rough while he fucks- his usualy calm and shy demeanor covers him up so well.
he throws one of your legs up and over his shoulder, while he pins the other one down to the bed. his thrusts never stop as he's balancing himself on his knees, pounding into you like his life depended on it. in a way, it did- he wanted to show you just how dominant he was- he wanted to prove to you that he was worthy of your time.
sunghoon saw the way that your eyes were already rolling to the back of your head, never had been fucked this rough so quick before in your life.
"what? you gonna cum already, baby?"
his question makes you open your eyes to look at him. he has a teasing, mischevious look in them and it makes you gulp, trying harder to catch your breath to answer him.
"n-no sir, i'm not gonna cum yet, wanna hold it for you." you whined out to him, his smirk resting on his face at your words.
"that's a good girl." his praise makes you realize just how much you want to be praised by him, you want him to think of you as his good girl that would do anything to please him. you never thought you'd be this submissive when it came to you and sunghoon, but you aren't disappointed as he continues to fuck into you harder.
sunghoon's hand grips your neck again as his speed slows down, wanting you to feel all of him as he slids in and out of you. the veins on his cock drags aganst every spot in your wet walls, adding to the pleasure before he hits your gspot.
"you're so good, sir." you speak, his grip on your neck loosening for you to speak.
your hand comes down and starts rubbing your clit harshly, adding to the pleasure of it all. his grips tightens on your neck again as he watches you rub your clit, your fingers getting soaked with your juices from how wet you are- unti he tsks and pulls away from you.
sunghoon lets your leg that was on his shoulder drop and he grabs both of your legs to hold them up and together. he pushes your knees so they bend into your face, your hands wrapping around your calves to help hold your legs in place.
"good girl, you hold them there so sir can fuck you." sunghoon smirks at you and spits onto your exposed pussy, creating an even larger mess of your cores. he feels your walls clench around his cock harder at the change of position, makin ghis breaths go ragged as he feel shis orgasm approaching. "fuck, i love your pussy."
sunghoon's praise makes your chest feel lighter, wanting to thank him but the words falling short as his thrusts pick up speed again.
his fingers start to rub back and forth over your pussy quickly, your grip on the sheets tightening as your back arches off of your bed- the pleasure becoming almost too much. a louder moan escapes your lips, making sunghoon rip open your legs again so he could slip himself closer to you.
"you gotta stay quiet, baby, or else you won't get to cum." sunghoon grunts out- hishand covering your mouth to quieten your moans. your walls were getting tighter with each thrust that he gave, he could feel your lips pouting and opening against his palm that kept you quiet. "do you wanna cum, y/n?" he sees you nod, a look of desperation on your face as he fucks deep inside of you. "beg." he removes your hand from your mouth so you could speak.
"please sir, i wanna cum, you feel so good, i wanna cum all over your cock." he whine out, trying to be quiet. a pleased smirk covers sunghoon's face as his fingers reach your clit again, soaking them more with your juices.
with two more thrusts and the speed of his fingers on your clit, your body tenses up as your orgasm reaches it's peak within you. a quiet moan of sunghoon's name as your eyes roll to back of your head. his thrusts only slow down for a second as you recover from it- not wanting to overstimulate you too much.
your hands leave your sheets and hold onto sunghoon's neck instead, making eye contact with him.
"please cum for me sir, wanna feel your cum."
"i will, baby, i will." sunghoon grunts out, started to fuck into you faster again. you hold your moans of sensitivity back, more focused o n the way sunghoon's pretty face scrunched up in pleasure.
sunghoon rips his cock out of you then, his hand meeting his dick to jerk it off, you can see a mixture of spit, your juices and precum over his dick as he cuts. white spurts of cum land on your core as he lets out grunts and whispers of your name. he only stops jerking once the sensitivity kicks in for him, his eyes opening and looking down at the mess he made of you. your innocent eyes look up at him as you scoop some of his cum up on your finger and slip it into your mouth, humming over the salty taste.
"fuck." sunghoon smiles down, his chest heaving heavily. he forces himself to get off of you, grabbing a towel that was hanging on the back of your desk chair to wipe you up. you watch him as he careful ghosts the towel over your skin to wipe him his cum, as if you were going to break now.
when he figures you're clean enough he smiles at you one more time, and leans over to press a kiss to your forehead. it only gives you a second to relish in his warmth until he's pulling away again, and passing you your over sized sweater to slip on again.
you curl up in your sheets as you watch him dress. a feeling you've never felt before washes over you as you realize that he's getting ready to leave you for the night.
"you didn't make me cry like you said you would." you quirk an eyebrow up at him with a teasing grin.
sunghoon slips his shirt over his head and looks at you, both of you dressed again. "next time i will."
"next time?" you tilt your head to the side, a feeling of excitement growing in your chest.
sunghoon shrugs nonchalently, grabbing his phone off of your desk, "if you want there to be a next time."
you smile at him, "i do."
he smiles at you as he stands infront of your balcony doors, "okay, then i'll see you around y/n."
he smiles at you one last time as he opens your balcony doors and closes them behind you, waving at you before turning and climbing over onto his own. he waves one last time at you from his bedroom, before he's closing his curtains for the night and leaving you alone.
you're alone in your bedroom that smells like sex and it's making you feel like a giant pit of doom is growing in your chest- masked by the feeling of excitement and butterflies, wondering when exactly you would see your neighbour again.
Tumblr media
since that first party of the school year, you had somehow became friends with benefits with the boy next door.
every weekend after, one of you would be at the other's house, getting lost in pleasure in their bed. you were having fun and felt comfortable with sunghoon during those times.
it was during the week that frustrated you.
those five school days felt like they dragged on, everytime you'd see sunghoon in the halls he'd turn away from you, acting as if he didn't know you. when you were surrounded by your friends he wouldn't even look at you.
you were invisible to him during the week, yet attached during the weekend when you were alone.
you knew that he was quite busy for a senior in highschool- having to have a strict schedule for his figure skating career. you tried to come up with a reason as to why he was acting like that towards you- maybe he was just tired during the week and didn't feel like talking much because of it.
you wondered often if sunghoon had told his friends about the two of you hooking up as jay and jake had ultimately stopped flirting with you and hugging you. you tried to get chaehyun to ask heeseung about sunghoon but she didn't want to intrude on him and his friends.
both of you hadn't really set any exact boundaries for your spontanous friends with benefits relationship- no one clarified anything about being allowed to have sex with other people during it. at first, you had figured that he was seeing other people- maybe some girls on the other figure skating teams- but that wouldn't really make sense because you see him come home at 11 every night looking tired as hell, and you were with him all weekend.
dayeon and chae didn't seem to care at first when you told them about what you and sunghoon had been doing for the past few weekends. but like you, overtime they started to get confused with his behaviour. you knew you weren't dating, but still...
if he had told his friends to back off of you, then the least he could do was smile at you in the hallways.
the past week, you hadn't seen him at all. he wasn't in the halls, he was never at his locker, and he kept his curtains shut all week. you had texted him on wednesday, asking if he was alright, which he only responded to with a thumbs up emoji.
so youu decieded to ignore him at this weekends party. it was hard at first- he looked so good in his loose fitting shirt and black jeans, you wanted to walk right over to him and take him to a quiet corner where he could whisper all the things he wanted to do to you.
you watched him for a bit, smirking and laughing with his friends, as if he was completely unaware of how he had been affecting you for the past month.
to be fair, sunghoon was unaware.
sunghoon had been tired throughout the past weeks. he felt like he could barely stand during the weekends from the past five days of exhaustion- but that waasn't why he was keeping his distance from you.
sunghoon had heard from his friends before that you had had friends with benefits before- and he hadn't. he wasn't sure what came with a friends with benefits relationship- but he was glad that his first one was with you. he found himself thinking of you more than ever since you two had first started hooking up. it felt like it was slowly becoming out of his control- as soon as he got a second of peace during school, at home, or in the middle of his skating practice- his thoughts went to you- and he didn't know why.
sunghoon had not wanted you to think that he was clingy after hooking up with you, therefore he distanced himself during the week- during the times that he was separated physically from you. he also wasn't a big fan of pda- and he knew you were. he had seen you latch onto anyone whether you were drunk or sober, not caring if others saw you or waht they thought about you. it was a characteristic of yours that sunghoon was jealous of- another reason as to why you were so out of his league.
at tonight's party, he had realized that you hadn't smiled at him like you usually do when you walk into the place. you hadn't brushed your hair behind your ear and bounced your way over to him. he figured that you just wanted to hang out with chaehyun and dayeon before coming to him.
sunghoon would glance over at you every now and then, watching you drink from your red solo cup that brought out the pink in your cheeks. he had immediately noticed when choi yeonjun and the rest of his friends had sat down with you and your friends. he noticed that yeonjun sat directly beside you, smiling down at you with a hint of mischeif behind his eyes.
everyone knew choi yeonjun: he was talented, good looking, funny and charming. he captured the attraction of everyone in each room that he walked into. everyone in the city knew of him. it didn't surprise sunghoon that yeonjun had sat down beside you. you were well known too in the city- and you were pretty- so pretty.
the more the sunghoon watched you and yeonjun interact on the couch, the more he got it wrapped in his head that he was defintely not okay with it. he felt his jaw tick when he saw yeonjun place his hand on your bare thigh, you dress ridden up a little too high now from sitting down too long. when his hand rested there for 10 seconds more than he liked without you pushing it off, sunghoon pushed through his friends and walked right up to the little group that had formed on the couch. he heard heeseung call him from behind, but his eyes were set on you and yeonjun.
you could sense sunghoon's presence in a millisecond now that you had been close to him for a while. the second he stood to your right, you looked up. he had an annoyed look on his face as he looked down at you, glancing at your face and then yeonjun's hand on your thigh. you smirked to yourself when you realized that that was what got sunghoon so pissed looking.
"hi, sunghoon." you smiled up at him sweetly, still not pushing yeonjun's hand away. you thought of it as a little punishment of your own for avoiding you all week.
sunghoon overly smiled at you, a smile that to anyone except for you and his friends- knew was fake and that he was pissed, "hi y/n, do you want to come help me in the kitchen for a second?" he pointed his thumb over his shoulder towards the kitchen.
"sure." you answered cheerily, pretending to not pick up on the fact that he was mad. you felt yeonjun's hand slip from your thigh- realizing then just how cold it was on your skin.
sunghoon met you half way by grabbing your hand, leading you down the hallway to the bathroom instead.
"what're you doi-?" you start to ask him, being cut short when he pushes you up against the bathroom counter.
"what are you doing?" sunghoon grunts back at you.
you cross your arms over your chest, trying to get some more distance between you and the annoyed boy, "i'm having fun with my friends."
"with yeonjun touching all over you?" sunghoon hisses at you, not being able to get the image out of his head.
"oh my god, hoon. he was not touching all over me!"
"still, he was touching you," sunghoon's hand came up and brushed your hair behind your ear, "and i don't like other people touching what's mine."
"what's yours?" you raise an eyebrow, challenging him almost.
"you're mine." sunghoon whispers as his pale features turn dark.
you smirk to yourself, not getting a chance to speak before sunghoon's hands are at the bottom hem of your dress, lifting it so it rests on your hips. your black panties are on display for him as you can feel the jealousy growing within him and the room.
"what're doin-?"
"do i need to show you who you belong to y/n?" sunghoon's voice was firm as he spoke to you, one of his hands gripping harshly onto your waist. meanwhile, his other hand had found its way to your core, shoving his fingers into your folds under the panties.
a small noise escapes your lips at the sudden intrusion, grabbing onto the bathroom counter behind you. "fuck, you're already so wet, baby."
you bite your lip and nod at him, unable to form any words. sunghoon hisses when his index finger slips so easily into your core, unmoving once inside. his thumb starts to play with your clit, wanting to tease you a bit. you let out a loud moan when his thumb picks up pace on your swollen clit. your head falls forward onto his shoulder, your moans filling his ears.
his index finger is joined by his middle fingers, stretching you more and starts to slip in and out of you quickly. sunghoon curls them, making your walls tighten when he already hits your gspot.
"hoon, shit." your voice comes out in a soft whisper. a sharp slap hits your thigh then.
"what did you call me?" sunghoon almost growls into your neck, biting harshly.
"s-sir! sorry sir!" you were prepared to beg if he stopped. luckily, he continued to kiss your neck and jaw, seeing your legs spreading wider for him to have more access.
"that's right. your pussy belongs to, sir."
you start to shutter in sunghoon's grasp, your senses becoming overwhelmed. sunghoon catches the way your eyes start to roll to the back of your head, nose coming into a scrunch. sunghoon smiles to himself, loving the way he so quickly tears you apart. he made no effort in slowing his fingers down from the quick pace he had set, he could feel you clenching around them already. with every curl of his finger, your body arched into his.
one of your hands lets go of the bathroom counter and holds onto sunghoon's black shirt, desperate to hold on to him in some way. sunghoon continues to watch your face contort into pleasure, loving the struggle you were having.
"you're such a slut, baby. letting me finger you in the bathroom." sunghoon teases you, watching you open your eyes to look at him, pleasure growing in your pupils, "are you going to cum, y/n? you wanna cum on my fingers?"
you whine out to him, "yes sir! please sir! please let me cum!" you gasp when sunghoon's hand grips your neck tightly, making you focus on the the pleasure his fingers were giving you.
"you can cum, baby." sunghoon allows you, letting you snap the coil that had been building in your stomach since the moment sunghoon had pulled you into the bathroom.
"f-fuck!" you stuttered out, waves of pleasure coursing htrough you as your head leaned forward onto sunghoon's shoulder again, needing the support.
sunghoon rips his fingers out of you, pulling away from you completely. you're about to complain but feel his fingers trailing over your lips. out of instinct, you open your mouth, and you can taste yourself. sunghoon smirks at how fucked out you look, humming when he feels your tongue circling his fingers.
"that's it baby, suck my fingers like it's my cock." you make sure to lick your juices clean off of sunghoon's fingers. when he pops them out of your mouth and notices the way your thighs still rub together. "what is it baby? need to cum again? do you want yeonjun to make you cum?"
sunghoon turns you around so your ass is on his crotch, your eyes meeting briefly in the mirror and begging him to fuck you. "sunghoon, i don't want anyone but you, just want you're cock."
sunghoon hums, nodding his head, "do you think you deserve my cock after letting someother man touch you right in front of me?"
"yes sir! please! i'm sorry sir, only you can fuck me!" you're about to say more but sunghoon cuts you off, slapping your ass.
"so fucking needy all the time." he slaps your ass again hard.
"'m sorry sir, just need you so bad."
sunghoon shoves two of his fingers inside your wet pussy again. you whine out, clutching onto the bathroom counter as his fingers pick up pace again.
"f-fuck." your eyes roll to the back of your head again, your body subconcsciouly moving away from him.
"what is it, y/n? too sensitive to take my fingers again?" sunghoon chuckles, rubbing your clit with his other hand, making you shift your hips and arch your back into him. he didn't have to look to know that there was a giant mess inbetween your thighs from the mixture of your spit, juices and cum.
"your pussy belongs to me, right baby? only i can make you a weak mess?"
you start to lose balance quickly at his curling of his fingers. his fingers feel so good inside you, hitting your gspot everytime since knows your body so well now.
sunghoon knows your body so well now that he knows you're close to cumming again. "you wanna cum again, y/n? make more of a mess on my fingers?"
"sunghoon!" his name slips out of your mouth as you feel his fingers start to fuck harder.
"who's pussy is this, y/n? tell me and i might let you cum." he commands you, the room filling with the sound of your wet pussy schelching around his fingers.
"you! fuck, sir! only yours, sir." you almost cry, your breaths becoming ragged as his hand wraps around your throat again, squeezing from behind you.
"good girl, my good girl's gonna cum now, right?"
"c-cuming, oh god, i'm cuming." your walls tighten harder about his fingers, coating them with more of your cum. your body shutters against him, pounding his fingers into you until you're pushing him away from the sensitivity. when he slowly pulls out of you and releases your throat, you collapse onto the bathroom counter.
sunghoon makes sure you don't hit your head anywhere, pulling your hair from your face so he could see how fucked out and sweaty you look. he sheepishly smiles at you when you make eye contact.
"wanna suck your dick now." you pout up at him, making him smile as he reaches for his jean buttons.
"sunghoon! are you in there?" there's a few pounds on the door and jay's voice is heard. "jake wants to leave, are you coming?"
"fuck." sunghoon mutters as he looks at the door, knowing that they were his only ride home. "yeah! i'm coming, give me a second." sunghoon turns his attention back to you who's already standing up off of the counter and pulling down your dress. "are you good?" he comes up behind you in the mirror, his hands wrapping around your waist.
you turn him in his grasp, "yeah,' m fine." he backs away from you, smiling at you as he heads to the door. "so i'll see you next weekend? y'know since i'll ignore you all week." you said to him as he reached for the door knob.
"what?" he paused and looked at you with a confused expression.
"well, that's what you do right? ignore me until you wanna hook up?"
"i don't ignore you."
"well you don't talk to me at school, or even text me."
sunghoon's eyes glance around the small bathroom, trying to process your words, "i didn't... do that... before we started to hook up?"
"well- well no, but-."
"do you want me to do that? text you and talk to you at school."
you stop yourself from smiling at such simple words- simple actions, "yes."
a small smile grows on sunghoon's face, "ok, i'll see you around then." you smiled in return and he left the bathroom, leaving you to clean up your ruined makeup by yourself, cursing him for finally making you cry.
-- -- -- -- --
you should've known not to believe sunghoon when he said he'd stop ignoring you, although he didn't really see it as that.
walking into school the monday after party, you were content on knowing that sunghoon would at least acknowledge your presence at school when your friends were around.
you had walked right up to where his group of friends crowds the hall at the end of day, all of them catching up so that they could walk home together. you were greeted by everyone except for sunghoon.
you tried smiling at sunghoon, wanting to see if he'd atleast smile back, but was returned with nothing but that same, cold expression he usually wore when he was in public. you were trying to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was just shy in public, but chae and dayeon talked you out of that self excuse when they brought up the fact that he could talk to everyone- even girls that he's wanted to hook up with in the past- but you.
you were hurt more when it became friday night and not a single text from him was sent during the week. you had decided to ignore him again at the party of the night, wanting to give him his own medicine.
but your own anxious thoughts kept running through your head- that maybe sunghoon ignored you again this week because you came off as too clingy last weekend, or that he was fucking somone else instead.
you didn't understand why the thought of him getting into bed with someone other than you bothered you so much. you felt like you barely knew sunghoon, but knew him like the back of your hand at the same time. maybe it was because you had technically always been by each other due to your friend groups always interacting together- that it was some sort of trick on your mind that made you feel like sunghoon and you were friends too.
the more you thought of how much you knew sunghoon- the more you realized just how little you did.
you knew he figure skated, and that he liked to hang out with his friends- and that he liked when you bite his earlobe during hte five seconds he let you have false dominance over him before he took over again. but other than everything you knew about what made him sensitive and close to an orgasm- you pretty much knew nothing.
sunghoon was your mutual friend of four years, the person you spent every weekend night with wrapped up in his sheets that smelt like his cologne you had gotten used to, your next door neighbour- yet he felt like a stranger.
so you were upset when your plan to ignore him tonight when you showed up and learnt that he had decided to stay home this weekend.
"is he okay?" you asked jake, who only gave you an odd look before nodding, probably wondering why you were asking about sunghoon's well being when you don't even speak to him in public.
sunghoon frustrated you. and when you get frustrated from pure exhaustion- you drink- a lot.
you drink so much to forget that you're frustrated and don't realize how much you drink until chaehyun and dayeon are pulling you away from the drink table and into dayeon's car. you remember a faint memory of jay and jake waving bye to you from the lawn, and heeseung whispering something into chaehyun's ear with a smile.
you remember being quiet on the car ride home, until your phone notified you that you got a text.
to : sunghoon 💙 Do u wan to com over?????😜😜😜😜😜
from : sunghoon 💙 yeah sure, text me when
sunghoon knew from your texts that you were either completely wasted or just fooling around with him, but nonetheless, he got excited from it- knowing that either way you were still thinking about him. he had truly been tired from the past week- practice and school and his parents all kicking his ass.
opening your balcony doors when you gave him the 'ok' to come over, he wasn't too surprised to quickly realize how drunk you were. you were only wearing your underwear and bra, trying to sit sexily on your bed as you waited for him. in your mind, you truly did look like the sexiest woman alive, but the false sexy utopia you had created in your mind fell quickly when sunghoon only laughed when he took in your appearance.
"what?" you whined at him, your knees coming up to your chest, not expecting his pure laugh to fill your bedroom once he came in.
"nothing! nothing!" sunghoon reassured you as he continued to chuckle, closing the doors behind him as he stepped closer to you.
"why are you laughing?" you pouted at him, trying to not let him hurt your drunk feelings.
"what are you doing?" sunghoon looks down at your sitting posture, an amused smile still on his lips.
"i'm trying to look sexy for you." your response only made him laugh harder, covering his mouth with his hand to not wake up your parents. "what?!" you put your hands over your face, trying to hide as much as you can from him.
"i'm sorry, i'm sorry!" he laughed out, reaching his hands out to remove your own gently, "it's just- i already think you're sexy- you don't need to sit in such an... awkward position when i come in. and what the hell was that look on your face?" you look up at him then, watching him contort his face into an expression that resembled yours when he first came in- only it really was NOT as sexy as you thought it was.
you playfully slap his arm, "i didn't look like that!"
"oh, yes you did!"
you laugh with him this time, watching him bend down and pick up your large shirt, passing it to you.
"what? you don't want to fuck me?" you suddenly pout again, your fingers going over the shirt's fabric in your hand.
the atmosphere in your room intenses for a moment as sunghoon switches between balancing on each of his feet, carefully thinking of what he should say, "not tonight y/n, you're drunk. tomorrow maybe, ok?"
your jaw drops open in disappointed, ready to protest that you're fine to have sex tonight, but stopping when a sharp pain went through your head, causing you to hiss and salp your hand to your forehead.
"y/n? are you okay?" sunghoon's voice as laced with concern then, as he knelt down so he was level with you.
"yeah, i just have a headache now- i really drank too much."
sunghoon grabs a waterbottle left on your desk as you slip the shirt over your pounding head. "here, drink this and go to sleep, you'll feel better in the morning."
you take the waterbottle from him and watch as he starts to leave for the night- making your heart and lips pout in disappointment. "can't you stay for a bit, hoon? what if i need to throw up."
sunghoon turns back and rolls his eyes at you playfully. if it was any of his friends that said that to him, he'd be gone in an instant. he was never the type of the person that could handle other people's vomit. but, he wanted to stay with you, to make sure that you would be okay.
"fine." sunghoon nodded his chin towards you, "make room for me."
you slid under the blanket of your bed, moving over so that there would be enough room for the tall boy. sunghoon slips off his shoes and crawls in after you, making sure that there was some distance between you two.
sunghoon's been in your bed multiple times before- but the reason for it was never a saint. both of you had your heads on different pillows, your bodies facing each other as you layed on your sides.
your bedroom was silent as you closed your eyes, trying to fall alseep so that the ache in your head would stop. even though there was some distance between you and sunghoon, you could still feel his warmth from his body warm up your bed.
your head started to pound harder the more you tried to fall asleep, making your face scrunch up in pain.
"does it still hurt, y/n?" sunghoon's voice asked you, keeping your eyes closed still. his voice cancelled out the loud silence in your bedroom- somehow balancing out the pain in your head for a second.
"yeah, pretty bad." you whispered softly to him. you could feel sunghoon shift the blankets more so that they wrapped around your body, making your heart swell at the care he was showing you for the first time. "can you keep talking, hoon? your voice makes me feel better."
sunghoon paused for a moment before speaking, trying to think of what he should say, "what do you want me to talk about?"
"anything, just until i fall asleep."
sunghoon really thought for a moment as he looked at your calm body, wrapped in your blanket with a subtle pout on your lips- defintely regretting drinking so much tonight. "i remember the first time i saw you- in freshman year. you were sitting three rows in front of me, and you had your hair in a ponytail with a bright pink elastic. and you had on those black nike's you use to always wear before jake spilt that weird, green, halloween punch all over them."
you smiled at his obsveration, opening your eyes to find genuine happiness in his eyes as he recalled his first memory of you.
"i didn't think you noticed me." you confessed to him, remembering your own first memory of the quiet, shy boy.
"how could i have not noticed you?" sunghoon paused for a second, "you're so loud." you gasp as gently as you could out of shock and so that you don't hurt your head more for the moment. you hear sunghoon's low chuckle in your ear, "and pretty."
"you think i'm pretty?"
sunghoon tsked at you, "well yeah, i tell you that you're pretty all the time."
"yeah but that's usually when you have your dick in me."
even in the dark you could see sunghoon roll his eyes at your drunk words, "ok then, i think you're pretty whether my dick is inside of you or not."
your room goes back to being silent as you take in his words, never really thinking much of his compliments all the times before. but as you both lay in your bed, fully clothed and are making no effort to have sex, or to give one another head, or to even makeout, the compliment swirls in your head and sinks into your heart.
"thanks sunghoon."
sunghoon shrugs, "whatever." he tried to be nonchalent about the compliment, also fully aware that the only time he ever did compliment you was when you were about to hook up. it was something that he thought could cross the boundary of a friends with benefit relationship and a romantic relationship.
but none the less, sunghoon moved his head over onto your pillow, messing your foreheads together gently. you hummed at his warmth, your eyes closing to take it in again. his whole presence soothed your headache and made your body realize how tired you actually were from drinking all night.
"night, hoon."
"night, y/n."
when you felt your body fall into steady breaths and your mind become blank, you knew it'd be any second before you fell asleep for the night. when you felt sunghoon press a soft kiss to your forehead- you hoped to remember it in the morning as you were too close to falling asleep then you speak about it.
you wake up around noon hour the next day alone in your bed. there is a dull pain in your head still but it's defintely not as bad as it was the night before. you glance around your room, seeing your party dress thrown messily onto the floor. your blanket is tucked in at your sides as if you had been tucked in- and the only evidence that sunghoon was in your bed last night is the faint smell of his colgone on your pillow.
Tumblr media
the first time that sunghoon and you hooked up during the week- and not after some random house party your friends would drag you to on the weekend- was only a few days after sunghoon had tucked you into bed before leaving an hour after you fell asleep with a drunk headache- a few days after he had complained about skating to you.
you were laying in your bed when you couldn't help but overhear sunghoon's mother lecturing him about how important it was for him to go every practice possible for him to get better. you heard a few grunts and mumbles from sunghoon in return, obviously not happy with the way his mother was being strict with him when it came to his sport.
you heard his balcony door slam shut and his mumbles got a bit louder. you stood up and opened your curtain, peeking out to see him leaning over the railing of his balcony. you could see the condensation in the air coming from his breath. the winter season had approached in your city, making everything colder and snow on the ground.
your movement had caught sunghoon's attention in the corner of his eye, realizing that you had been caught staring at him, you sheepishly open your balcony doors, stepping out onto your own balcony.
"hey." you spoke softly, wrapping your sweater around you to protect you from the cold.
"hi." sunghoon nodded at you, before returning his attention back to the street, watching a car drive by every now and then.
"are you okay?" you asked him after a moment of silence.
"yeah, just some skating stuff." sunghoon shrugs, "the usual shit."
"what's the usual shit?" you could see sunghoon tense for a moment at your question, not expecting for you to ask him about it.
"just- my parents think i'm better than i actually am."
"well i'm sure you're good, no? i see the medals all over your walls." you nod to his bedroom.
sunghoon smiles at your observation, "i'm okay. i've been having more bad skating days recently, it makes me think i'm actually bad at it."
"well maybe you should go to practice." you tease him, mocking his mothers words and making him groan. "how about you show me how bad you are at it then?"
sunghoon turns to look at you, raising an eyebrow, "have you even been skating before?"
"of course i have!" you defend yourself, "when i was like ten!"
sunghoon chuckles and leans on the balcony rail again, "fine, i'll take you tomorrow after dinner."
you ignore the weird feeling growing in your chest as he spoke, "ok!" you nodded at him, "i'll see you tomorrow then, hoon."
sunghoon smiles at his nickname, "night, y/n."
"okay, maybe this wasn't a good idea." you look at the frozen over pond nervously, trying to balance on the ice as you stood on the slippery surface, "is this even safe?"
"of course it is! i taught yewon how to skate here for years!" sunghoon laughed, grabbing a hold of your arm and trying to force your to move away from the side of the pond. "and i thought you said you knew how to skate! yewon is nine and skates way better than you!" he laughed when you gave him a scowl of hatred, knowing that if you were able to move that you'd hit him. "come on, y/n, don't chicken out on me! let's go."
"you go ahead! i'll be right here!" you said, gesturing with your hand that he should go.
sunghoon had known you for years and had never seen you nervous before. it was hilarious that something he was arguably better at than walking would be something that scared you so much.
"god, i didn't know you were going to be the biggest baby when i agreed to take you skating." sunghoon said with a tone of fake disappointment, skating towardrs you again.
"i am not being a baby! i didn't know you'd take me to some sketchy pond! what if we fall through?"
sunghoon laughed out loud at you, "we won't fall in! just trust me, let's go."
sunghoon continued to get you to skate with him, making you move your feet a little on the ice before you almost face planted on the ice, sunghoon's hand reaching quickly to catch your own hands- his warmth heating up your hands to match the warmth on your cheeks from embarrassment.
you must've looked ridicoulous to sunghoon as he skated backwards, trying to teach you how to skate. your legs started to feel like jelly. "it feels too weird, hoon!" you whined, concentrating too much on not falling.
"oh you're doing fine, y/n! when you think you got it, i can let go. you just need to bend forward a little bit, so you can build momentum!" sunghoon advised you.
when you finally made a full circle around the pond, sunghoon smirked teasingly again, "see you got it? wanna go for another round?"
"in a second, i don't want to hold you back. i can take a break while you do your tricks or whatever."
sunghoon threw his head back and laughed into the cold winter air, "my tricks or whatever?"
you returned his smile with a bright one of your own, almost laughing at his laugh. you watched him turn around nonetheless, skating a lot quicker than he was with you, doing spins and twirls and jumps for a few minutes before returning to you.
"what the hell were you talking about when you said you thought you were bad! that was so cool!" you cheered at him when he came to a complete stop beside you.
"thanks, means a lot coming from the girl who can barely stand on the ice." sunghoon said sarcastically.
"hey!" you nudged him, thankful that he was close enough for you to do that so you wouldn't have to try to move towards him.
"i'm kidding!" sunghoon laughed, grabbing your hand again and pulling you out to the middle of the pond, under the moonlight and street lamps.
truthfully, sunghoon couldn't hlep but apprecaite the moment with you. it had been a while since he had someone to skate with him other than his skating instructor. and although you had no idea how to skate, your compliments meant a lot to him- glad that he could impress you with something he did.
"what're you thinking about?" you asked, realizing he had zoned out while looking toward the trees surrounding 3/4ths of the pond.
"nothing much," sunghoon shrugged, "let's go for another round, you're really not that bad."
"hey!" you gasped again, making him smile as he stated skating backwards- your hands in his.
you had spent two hours skating with sunghoon, by the end of it, you managed to keep up with him and not need to hold onto his hands for dearlife.
sunghoon and you stood at the end of your meeting driveways. they both knew that something between them was different after the skating lesson. sunghoon thought you were pretty before, but now he thought you were beautiful. he had never felt a connection to someone like the one he was feeling that night.
"i had a fun time, sunghoon." you spoke, smiling up at him.
"me too, you're actually good now that you can stand." sunghoon joked, making you roll your eyes.
"yeah, thanks for teaching me and stuff." you suddenly felt shy as you stood in front of him.
"it's no problem, y/n."
"maybe we could go again and you can teach me how to do those spinning jumps!"
"i think you'd need more than one lesson before you try those ones." you pout up at his words playfully. "but i wouldn't mind going again with you."
the look of joy and relief on your face was obvious as he spoke. "okay, hoon. i'll see you at school tomorrow, right?"
"right, have a good sleep y/n."
"good night, sunghoon." you didn't want to but you turned and walked up your driveway, looking across your lawn to give him a small wave before walking into your house.
sunghoon stood on his porch after you went inside, wanting to hold onto this feeling for as long as he could.
a few days later, you had heard from his friends that sunghoon wasn't at school that certain day because he had a long skating practice. you felt less excited at school knowing that he wasn't there. you had started to look for sunghoon more and more in the hallways ever since he fingered you in the bathroom at yeonjun's party.
the memory of the way he looked so jealous and pissed when another boy layed a hand on you made a feeling in your chest that you had learned to enjoy. it was nice knowing that sunghoon cared if anyone else touched you. you liked to think that you would react the same way he did if another girl was touching him in public as well.
there had been no real conversation between you two about where your relationship still stood. both of you figured that the other one still wanted a strict friends with benefits one. you think at first that you liked the sound of that. it was fun hooking up with sunghoon- and you both liked your independence. but it was nice falling asleep so close to him the past weekend- the fuzzy feeling in your chest died out for awhile when you woke up to an empty bed.
granted, your parents would be pissed if they had woken up and found sunghoon- or any other boy- asleep in your bed with you. but you wished that you could've basked in his warmth for longer before you passed out from your drunk headache.
it let your imagination run wild as you thought of different scenarios of how you could wake up to sunghoon beside you everyday- in each one you woke up happy. it made you think of what a real romantic relationship with sunghoon could be like.
it also made you realize that sunghoon was definitely not a romantic relationship person.
you saw sunghoon come home that night, slamming his car door and storming up the porch steps to his house with a frown on his face.
sunghoon had mentionned a few times in passing to you how stressful skating got to him sometimes. his parents were pretty strict with his sport and encouraged him to go to every practice and competition that he could go to.
you gave it some time to think about how you could help sunghoon.
when you went up to your bedroom, you saw the sunghoon's bedroom light was on and his curtains were open. you could see him digging through his closet, probably looking for something to change into. you could tell from the way his back and shoulders were tensed up that he was still frustrated with something. it was something that you picked up on quickly from the amount of times he's took out his frustration with you.
which gave you an idea.
to : sunghoon 💙 do you need any help? :)
you watched sunghoon pull out his phone from his back pocket at the notification of your text. he turned and saw you out his window, a small smirk on his face as he walked towards the balcony, texting on his phone.
from sunghoon 💙 can't parents are home
sunghoon puts a pout on his face, his tense shoulders drooping low at the disappointment.
to : sunghoon 💙 you can be quiet, can't you?
sunghoon bit his lip, quirking his eyebrow up and pushing open his balcony doors.
"come in." he rolled his eyes at your playfully. you smiled brightly in return and left your bedroom, climbing over your balcony and onto his as he waited for you, leaning on the door frame.
almost instantly sunghoon pushed you against his balcony door once you were inside. his lips met yours in a rush that showed you how much he needed you. his hands slid from your ribcage to your hips, pulling your cores together.
you suddenly pushed him off of you, backing him up until he sat on his bed, his feet still on the groud. you stood inbetween his thighs as he looked up at you with a cocky smirk.
"what're you doing, baby?" he asked you, leaning back on his palms.
you reached your hand out and rubbed your thumb on his jaw, "don't you want my mouth on your cock tonight, baby?" you fake pouted at him. he nodded up at you, making a smile form on your lips instead, "then you're gonna listen to me, be the good boy i know you can be."
"y/n, i-" sunghoon is about to reject but you grip his jaw harder, a strict expression on your face making him shut up.
""you want my mouth, right baby?" he nodded, making you tsk at him.
"you need to speak, hoonie."
"yes." he nodded again, letting himself bask in your new nickname for him. you smirked down at him, your hand dropping from his jaw to his crotch, feeling the almost hard bulge in his pants. you started to massage his cock through his sweatpants, making his hips buck up at the sudden feeling.
"take your shirt off." sunghoon almost whined at the loss of your hand on him, but nonetheless, leaned back and slipped off his white shirt, revealing his pale, muscular chest. you got down on your knees, pulling down his sweatpants and boxers. his cock slapped against his thigh once it hit the air of his bedroom. his tip was turning red, the promienent vein on it's side was popping out.
"so pretty, hoonie." you took his cock in your hand, jerking it softly to harden it up more. you kissed the tip of it, making a soft inhale come from him in response.
sunghoon had pictured you sucking him off multiple times before, even when the two of you weren't hooking up. he never imagined that you'd take control over him as you did it.
you spit on his dick, a giant glob landing on the tip like you knew he liked. your fingers dipping into your spit, jerking his cock with your saliva now.
"fuck." sunghoon let out under his breath queitly.
"too much already, baby?"
"n-no, please keep going." you smiled up at him, taking his tip into your mouth, circling your tongue around it.
you caught the way sunghoon gripped his blanket underneath him at the feeling. you jerked your hand faster on the parts your mouth and tongue couldn't reach. he subconsciously jerked his hips upwards and into your mouth, making his dick reach further into your mouth.
your other hand started to roll his balls into your palm, making sunghoon bite down on his lip to keep quiet, knowing his parents were just down the hall. you smiled around his tip, your tongue tracing his sensitive slit.
"oh my god." he shook his head, liking the way that your saliva pooled at the corners of your mouth before you sucked it back up and sunk down on his cock again.
"you're being such a good boy, hoonie. so quiet, so obedient." you hummed around his tip, the vibrations from your voice echoing down his cock.
"oh god." sunghoon's face scrunched up, his hand coming to hold onto your hair. "c-close fuck." he whispered to you. your hand movements sped up on his cock and balls.
"please cum for me, baby, wanna taste your cum."
sunghoon threw his head back as he came. your sucking not stopping as you milked him through his high, wanting to swallow every drop of his cum and taste him fully. you didn't stop until he was pushing you off from the oversensitivity you were giving him.
"fuck y/n, stop. please. t-too much." he moaned quietly, looking down at you. you placed one last kiss on the tip of his pretty cock before standing up and plopping down on his bed beside him. you watched him bend over and slide his boxers and sweatpants back over his legs, before turning and smirking at you. "fuck you."
you smiled cheesily at him, "told you you were a sub."
"i am not." he defended himself quietly, pushing you back onto your back so he could lay beside you, one of his arms draping over your stomach. you could feel him catching his breath beside you, still coming down from his high as he rested his head on your shoulder.
"what're you doing, hoonie?" you asked him in a hushed tone.
"'m tired now, no one's ever called me a good boy before."
you laughed into your hand, loving this rare side of sunghoon- almost as if he was being clingy. you realized soon that his breaths had evened out onto your skin, him having fallen asleep from a stressful day and a hard orgasm.
his quiet breaths and the quiet night lulled you to sleep quickly before you had a chance to prevent it, only realizing what you had done when you woke up beside him in the morning. you didn't know what time it was, but you could hear his family awake downstairs and the smell of food wafting upstairs.
"sunghoon." you shook his arm that was still draped over you,"sunghoon!" he rolled off of you with a confused expression on his face, stretching his arm out as he looked around him.
"fuck." he looked at you with wide eyes once reality had set into his sleepy mind.
"sunghoon? are you awake?" his mother's voice called from the stairs, "you're going to be late for school."
"y-yeah! i am! give me a second!" sunghoon called out, ushering for you to get up and out the balcony doors. you felt your heart in your chest as you tiptoed around his room, wanting to get out of there quickly and quietly.
"sunghoon! what are you doing? you're never this late to be downstairs!" his mother's voice was closer this time, her foot steps being heard coming down the hall.
"shit! go go!" sunghoon held the door open for you, making sure that you got onto your balcony safely before he closed it and the curtains shut.
"sunghoon!" his mother opened the door, she scanned his room cautiously, staring at her shirtless son, "hurry up and get dressed, school starts in twenty minutes."
"yes, mom, sorry." he smiled at her, earning a suspicious smile from her before she closed his door again, a giant sigh leaving his mouth once she was gone.
sunghoon opened his curtain, peaking out to see you waving at him from your bedroom, he smiled at you and rolled his eyes, mentally cursing himself for not setting an alarm to wake up to.
Tumblr media
one of your biggest regrets is not staying in bed with sunghoon for longer.
the days following when you gave sunghoon a blowjob were miserable. you cursed yourself for thinking that sunghoon would ever see you as anything more than a girl to hook up with. you cursed yourself for actually liking the cold hearted park sunghoon that kept everything to himself- hidden away from everyone.
you walk into school an hour after leaving sunghoon's house that morning, a happy feeling that you wish you could've felt for the rst of life, in your chest. you gleamed at everyone in the hallways- thoughts of sunghoon running through your mind.
you didn't notice until lunch hour that sunghoon hadn't shown up to school. when you walked up to the cafeteria table that your friends usually all sat at, your smile finally dropped at the lack of presence of park sunghoon. the boys had also thought it was weird that sunghoon had shown up, or event exted them beforehand saying that he wouldn't be at school for the day.
sunghoon's curtains were closed when you got home from school, and you could see that his lights were on through the cracks of the curtains. you texted him to ask if he was okay, but ultimately got no answer.
by the end of the night, when you were laying in bed for the night, you figured that sunghoon was probably tired from having a late night last night. and that everything was fine, and that you'd see your neighbour in the morning.
but of course, things with park sunghoon were never just fine.
for the rest of the week, it seemed that sunghoon had gone back to ignoring your presence, even worse than the times before. and it wasn't just affecting you now, but you're whole friend group. as soon as the two of you were even near each other, the whole rooom could feel the tension between you. you pretended like you didn't notice the awkward glances thrown to eachother as you stood in the hallway with your friends and sunghoon.
you had texted sunghoon again, asking if you had done anything, only for it to be unresponded to like before. you would see him come home after skating practice at the same time, his usual cold and calm composure resting on his face as he walked up to his house. sunghoon kept his curtains tightly shut, not once letting the sun in during the day, or the moonlight invading his room while he did late night homework.
on friday night, everytime you'd enter a room at the party house of the night, sunghoon would leave if he was in that room as well. he ignored every glance of yours, every eyebrow quirk until you couldn't take it anymore and drank more than you should've. but drinking was the only thing you could do to forget the horrible week that you were having because of your neighbour.
as you kept drinking, you imagined sunghoon coming over and stopping you. admiting that he's an asshole for everything he's done recently and taking you back to his house, where'd you lay together in his bed again- and this time you'd wake up together and lay there for hours with soft smiles on your faces. but sunghoon didn't stop you.
you hadn't noticed that sunghoon had even left the party until heeseung and chaehyun were helping you get into the back of dayeon's car. you layed in the back of the cold leather seats as dayeon and chaehyun were in the front. the memory of how heeseung stayed with chae in the back a few months ago when she was too dunk replayed in your mind and made you sob outloud. you wished that sunghoon was in the back with you, letting you rest your drunk head on his lap as he brushes your hair out of your face until you get home.
dayeon and chaehyun didn't know what to do. they had never seen you drink so much to the point where you cry. they had never even seen you just cry before either. you wree usually their shoulder to lean on, you were the strong friend, the friend that always helped everyone with their problems because you never had any of your own.
they had seen you crack more and more everyday since you had been hooking up with sunghoon. they realized as soon as you told them about sunghoon that he was the first boy that you chased, rather than the other way around. they realized that sunghoon was different for you, whether you realized it or not.
park sunghoon wasn't just some boy you wanted to hook up, he wasn't just your friend or neighbour- he was the boy you fell in love with.
and it scared you to think that you had fallen for someone who didn't love you back- that couldn't love you back.
you remember chaehyun and dayeon putting you to bed quietly, trying to soothe your cries. they knew if they asked why you were crying that you wouldn't tell them. you were stubborn and private and it was those characteristics of yourself that you saw in sunghoon- and you hated them. you wished that sunghoon would open up to you- comminucate to you about how he was feeling and why he was doing the things he was doing to you. but you couldn't blame him, because you don't tell him how you're feeling either.
you go to a party the next night, after waking up that morning with swollen eyes and lips from crying yourself to sleep. chaehyun and dayeon kept an eye on you for the first half of the party- obviously aware that you weren't doing too well mentally. they figured that it had something to do with sunghoon, by the glances you had been giving him all week- and crying when you realized he had left without you the night before.
you felt bad at first when you realized that your friends were babysitting you at the party, seeing the way heeseung and chaehyun obviously wanted to be alone with each other and that dayeon didn't want to come to a party tonight anyways.
you drank more when you realized that sunghoon wasn't even coming to the party tonight. with each drink you wondered more about who you were becoming- going to parties for a specfic boy and drinking to forget him.
you ended up leaving the party before anyone else, taking a cab home and texting dayeon that you were fine as you left, finally escaping from the overprotective care of your friends.
you smiled politely at eth cab driver as he dropped you off, wishing a good night before you closed the door and watched him drive off again. when you turned to head up your driveway, a body standing on the porch next door caught your eye.
sunghoon was standing there, his back turned to you as he started to unlock his front door.
"where have you been?" you called out to him, taking in his outfit of jeans and a tshirt. he turned at the sound of your voice, lettting his hand of keys drop to the side as he took in your own appearance.
"skating." sunghoon shrugged, "where have you been?"
you took a few steps towards his house, stopping at the bottom of his porch steps to look up at the pretty boy, "a party, i thought you'd be there, but of course i was wrong."
sunghoon realized as the way you slurred your words that you were drunk, "what do you mean?"
you shrugged, kicking your feet on the pavement, "im always wrong when it comes to you." his silence after your statement made you talk more, "i never know what's going on with you. one second you're calling me yours and complimenting me and getting mad when other guys touch me, but the next second you're ignoring me and pretending you don't know me!" you held back a sob as you finally told sunghoon how you had been feeling this entire time, "and if you don't want to do this," your finger pointing between both your bodies, "then just tell me! because i'm tired of guessing what you want and ending up wrong!"
sunghoon feels his chest tighten at your confession, not realizing just how much he had been hurting you. he never realized that you could be hurt, always walking around so strong and smiling and making everyone's day with your humour and outgoingness. but he was wrong about you.
"fine, let's break this up."
sunghoon's words split your cracked heart into two separete pieces, "r-really?" you prayed that you. heard him wrong- that your drunk mind was playing tricks on you.
"yeah, you're right this time y/n. i don't want this anymore." he looked down at your small figure in your pretty party dress, your cheeks pink from the alcohol and night breeze. he so badly wanted to wrap you up in his jacket, keep you warm beside him, but he knew this was for the best as he still saw a little bit of hope in your glossy eyes, "i don't want you anymore."
and then your glossy eyes that he's looked into so many times weren't looking at him anymore, and it made him wonder if they'd ever look at him again.
"fuck you, sunghoon." were your final words to him as you stomped over his lawn and into your house, managing to hold back your tears until you got to your bedroom.
your curtains were open, letting the moonlight in and hope that sunghoon would be at the balcony, waiting for you. the thought made you slam your curtains closed, never wanting to open them again.
you didn't have enough energy to change out of your dress, too devasted that you had allowed yourself to be played by park sunghoon- the quiet, shy dorky boy that sat in the back of the class in your freshman year- the boy that everyone asumed was an innocent virgin that would never do anything to hurt anyone. you were so wrong about him and about everything, that you wanted to sleep until you didn't think about him anymore. you only wanted to wake up once your mind and body had forgotten about park sunghoon. when no longer knew the way his lips tasted, the way his cheeks get puffy when he wakes up and the way his laugh sounds when he throws his head back.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
sunghoon wasn't too surprised when he found out you weren't at school on monday. guilt and sadness were the only things he could feel at the way he had been treating you- at the memory of your last words to each other.
he wasn't too surprised when chaehyun and dayeon had started giving him dirty looks in the hallways on tuesday. he figured that you would tell them what had happened sooner rather than later. hopefully, chaehyun didn't hate him too much though, because it would be kinda of awkward at heeseung's parties if his girlfriend- or whatever they were- hated his best friend.
sunghoon wasn't surprised when it had been thursday night and he hadn't received one text form you all week. when he hadn't seen your smile, or heard your laugh in the hallways, or caught you staring at him through your windows as he changed for school. he had figured that he had hurt you enough for you to get over him quickly- at least that's what he hoped.
it had only shocked sunghoon when you hadn't shown up to the party on friday night.
dayeon and chaehyun cursed sunghoon for looking so held together throughout the week at school- as if he hadn't just told their best friend that he didn't want her anymore. he had to have known that he meant something more than a fuck buddy to you, especially after you had just confessed to hm about how he had been making you feel for months.
chae and dayeon made a pact to not tell you how well sunghoon had been looking, while you were surrounded with used tissues in your bed. you had told your parents that you were sick, which wasn't too hard to believe since you looked and sounded sick from the amount of crying you had been doing.
it was all too much for you. you feel like you had lost yourself complettely over the past months and you had no idea until it was too late. your past self would have never let you get so caught up on one boy- no matter how good he smelt, how wonderful he tasted and how hard he made you laugh.
whether sunghoon liked it or not, you had chipped away at his cold, shy exteriror within those months that you two were fuck buddies. you realized how kind and caring he was, how well he took care of his little sister and friends, how protective he was over you and made sure you were okay. those memories you had of him did nothing to make you remember last saturday night. those awful words he said to you only rang loosely in your mind as his soft whispers on early mornings were louder.
it hit sunghoon the moment chaehyun and dayeon had walked in together friday night, you no where to be seen.
"what's that look for?" dayeon popped her hip and crossed her arms as she looked at sunghoon with an annoyed face.
"y/n's not here?"
chaehyun scoffed beside dayeon, "why the hell would she be here?"
"what does that mean?" jake chimed in from the couch, confused as to why there was so much tension between the three of them at the mention of you. "i thought y/n was sick."
chaehyun scoffed again as she sat down beside heeseung who looked as equally as confused.
"didn't your bro sunghoon tell you what he did to y/n?" dayeon hissed to jake, her cold eyes not leaving sunghoon as she spoke.
"no?" jake shook his head slowly, "what the hell did you do?"
"oh y'know, just broke her heart." chaehyun said with a scowl on her face. heeseung grabbed her hand at the tone of her voice, trying to calm her down gently.
"what?" jake asked, "you guys- were dating?"
"no!" sunghoon said immediately, "we weren't!"
dayeon scoffed again, "god sunghoon, you are so clueless!"
"what do you mean?"
"it was so obvious that y/n liked you! she wanted to be with you! and all you do is tell her that you don't want her! like she's some pest!"
the cold stares from dayeon and chaehyun and the confused stares from his friends were becoming too much for him. the party music becoming too loud for him to process any words to say, only scoffing himself and turning on his heel away from them. he grabbed a bottle of vodka and pushed open the backdoor, needing some fresh air away from it all.
sunghoon had been beating himself up ever since you had agreed to become fuck buddies with him. he knew that you didn't deserve to be in a relationhip like that with him- or to even be in a bed with him. he thinks he was counting down the days until you realized that and left him to the side, alone.
there hadn't been a day that sunghoon hadn't thought of you since the beginning of the school year. he wishes that he could've been more open with you about his feelings- but he's sure wasted it now. the way your friends had confronted him was pure evidence about the way you were feeling about him the past week.
sunghoon had tried to persuade himself that he had done the right thing by breaking it all off with you. you didn't deseve to be with a guy like him. he was shy, cold, and private and quiet, sometimes too afraid to make eyecontact with people. while you were pretty, and outgoing, confident, and strong and so nice to everyone that you ever meet.
he knew that if anyone would see the two of you together that it would be a nightmare. no one would believe that the two of you were dating from the different worlds that you come from- the different reputations that surrounded your names.
sunghoon wanted to be with you, wanted to hold your hand as you walk down the halls, leave hickeys down your neck so everyone would know you were his, wanted to just spend time with you and learn everything about you and more. sunghoon curses himself for being too insecure about himself- knowing that if you ever found out about the way he thinks of himself that you would turn your nose up in disgust.
you were out of his league in every aspect, and he knew it from the start.
sunghoon didn't realize just how much he had drank of the vodka until his sight had become blurry. he rested his head on the porch railing, trying to center himself.
"hoon?" heeseung's voice called out from the back door, "are you okay?"
as soon as sunghoon turned his head to look at him, heeseung could tell that sunghoon was drunk, and he had never seen sunghoon drunk before.
"okay, let's sit, hoon." heeseung took hurried steps toward his friend, ushering him over to a chair. "are you okay?"
"no." sunghoon admitted, not being able to look at his friend. he's known heeseung since they were little, they met in grade one and had become best friends since then.
over the years, they had gotten to know each other so well. they knew each other's deepest secrets that not even jake or jay knew. sunghoon has not only been feeling guilty for what he had done and said to you, but for what he's been doing to heeseung recently.
sunghoon has been so caught up in skating and you that he's abandonned his friends. he could tell that everytime he left a party early to go back home with you, heeseung would get a certain look on his face. an expression that sunghoon knew meant heeseung was disappointed.
sunghoon knew that heeseung liked going to parties that sunghoon was at. jake and jay were the extraverts in their little friend group. they liked to get up on tables and dance, they liked to play beer pong with anyone and everyone, they liked to talk as many girls as they could during the night.
meanwhile, sunghoon and heeseung would sit back on the couch, enjoying watching their friends make fools of themselves. they liked listening to the shitty music together and picking out the hottest girl at the party that night. sunghoon always knew that heeseung thought chaehyun was the hottest, and would always smirk to himself when heeseung would pick some other girl while his eyes were still glued to chae.
sunghoon's been too caught up on his own shit, that he doesn't even know if heeseung and the girl that he's liked fo ryears are dating. he's known that he should ask him, chae and hee are always together now a day, but he never finds the energy or motivation to ask.
"what's been bothering you, hoon?" heeseung asked gently, never knowing how sunghoon is going to react when you try to pry into his personal life. when sunghoon stays silent heeseung's not surprised, even if sunghoon is drunk- he's still self aware to not just spill whatever he's feeling. "i didn't know that you and y/n had been hooking up, i'm sorry about that. i should've asked."
sunghoon scoffs at how nice his best friend is- he's too nice that he won't even admit that sunghoon has been hurting him for months too. "i should've asked about you and chae. i'm sorry, i just-" sunghoon pauses, leaning his forehead onto his palm, trying ot process his feelings into words- something that he's never been good at.
"it's fine, i knew you wanted to ask." heeseung shrugs, taking a sip out of the almost empty bottle of vodka that sunghoon had brought out. "when you first told us that you had hooked up with y/n, was the the first time, or?"
sunghoon nodded, "yeah, it was." sunghoon almost smiles as he remembers the guys all gasping and asking him how it was.
"and then, the last time was last week?"
"yeah, last tuesday."
"what made you want to stop?"
sunghoon sighed, "i never wanted to stop- but we had to." he took heeseung's silence as a sign to continue carefully, "you know how we both are hee, it wouldn't have worked out."
"i think it would've." sunghoon quirks an eyebrow up at heeseung in confusion making heeseung laugh, "well, you both liked eachother and spent time together, right?" sunghoon sits up straight at the mention of liking each other- trying to plaster a disgusted look on his face. "hoon," heeseung stated seriously, "it's okay that you like y/n, we all kinda knew anyways."
"you could tell?" sunghoon's eyes widened.
"yeah," heeseung shrugged, "i mean, we didn't know you were hooking up all the time, but just by the way you'd look around the room until you found y/n, and then you'd always stare at her until you disappeared with her somewhere."
"oh." sunghoon nodded, thinking about it.
"plus that time you almost shot lazers with your eyes at yeonjun when he was sitting with y/n." heeseung caught the way sunghoon smiled gently at the mention of that party. "i know you still like y/n, hoon. and we both know how nice and understanding she is. so i think, if you go and tell her how you feel- how you really feel- she'll probably forgive you."
sunghoon turned his head to the side, a scoff leaving his mouth, "i can't, hee, it's embarrassing to talk about that shit."
"it's not. especially if it it's y/n it's not- and you know that."
"i still can't hee. it's better we aren't together. she deserves to be with someone else- someone like jake or jay- someone like her." sunghoon is still adament to forget everything he ever had with you- everything he's ever felt for you.
"but i think you're like her." heeseung can see that sunghoon is about to defend his statement again, "you're both realistic, and strong and understanding- you're both funny and extra warm to the people close to you. i know how you can be towards yourself, hoon, and it shouldn't stop what's between you and y/n."
sunghoon nods gently, playing with his fingers in his lap. "she's still out of my league, heeseung." sunghoon speaks softly now, the verbal mention of his self insecurity wrapping around his body and vocal cords.
"she's not- that's something society has created and you can't let it affect you. just talk to her, hoon, you'll see it'll all be okay. trust me."
Tumblr media
chaehyun explaining to you what heeseung had talked to sunghoon about at the party only made you feel worse.
it made you feel like sunghoon didn't trust you like you had thought he did. it made you angry that sunghoon cared so much about what others thought about him and you and a relationship between you two. it made you want to crawl away into a world where there was no one else except for you and sunghoon where maybe then you could be together happily.
you had gone to school the next week, keeping to yourself and dayeon and chaehyun. you kept your curtains closed, wondering if sunghoon would notice it. you thought that maybe heeseung had talked some sense into sunghoon- quietly thinking that any second now, sunghoon is going to text you to come over, and he'll confess everything to you. or that maybe he'll knock on your balcony doors, push you on your bed and tell you to listen to him explain himself. in whatever the case would be- you knew that you would cave in and forgive him- because you knew that sunghoon was complicated- you knew that everything he said or did was carefully calculated.
but there was nothing from him all week. just the same radiosilence you had been dealing with for the past three weeks.
so you were pissed. and you were feeling more like yourself again even though sunghoon's name was still carved into your heart. so, you went out to party with your friends on friday night.
it had been two weeks since you had caught up with all of your friends. all of them happy to see you back in the atmohpshere that you belonged in. almost instantly, you were back to what you had always done- to what you had done before you started hooking up with sunghoon.
you danced with jake and jay and played beer pong with them. you gossipped with all the girls and took shots with them. you had almost completely forgotten about sunghoon for the night.
when intak, a boy from your grade who you had talked to a few times at a couple of parties, joined behind you to dance, you didn't think much of it. he was cute, and he his strong hands on your hips distracted you from everything else- only trying to following his movements to the beat of the music.
of course, that scene wasn't something sunghoon wanted to first walk into the party and see.
"fuck." jake groaned from beside sunghoon, obviously seeing the scene as well and knowing that sunghoon was going to be pissed.
all day, jake, jay and heeseung were persuading sunghoon to come out and party with them tonight. they could tell that sunghoon was still caught up with how he ended things with you and wanted him to have fun tonight. his friends had barely seen him since last weekend's party where he got completely shit faced. sunghoon spent his entire week at the skating rink- practicing every jump and spin and trick he could think of until his whole body was bruised from falling and musicles were strained.
his friends were happy when he finally caved in and told them that he would come, if only for twenty minutes even. the party had only started an hour ago, and walking in to find you with a red solo cup in your hand and your ass grinding against intak was something that made him almost punch every wall in the house and storm out.
heeseung caught the way sunghoon's hands clenched into fists at his side, "sunghoon, don't." but it was too late for a warning, sunghoon was making his way right towards you and intak. "sunghoon!" jake and jay had joined heeseung into calling for their friend to come back.
even through the music and intak's whispered voice in your ear, you heard the calls of your neighbours name. your eyes opened and turned towrds the sound, finding sunghoon's angry eyes in a second.
"hoon?" his nickname rolled off your tongue for the first time in week before his hand was wrapped around your wrist, pulling you away from intak. "sunghoon what the fuck?" your head turned back to intak, giving him an apologetic look as you were pulled away from him. sunghoon ignored your questions until he had pushed you into the bathroom, locking the door once both of you were inside.
"what the fuck are you doing, sunghoon?" you looked pissed as you leaned against the bathroom counter- and sunghoon had to push the thoughts away of how hot you looked when you were pissed.
"what the fuck are you doing?" sunghoon repeated to you.
"having fun." you raised your eyebrows and spoke in an obvious tone. sunghoon brushed his fingers through his hair to get his bangs out of his face, you could tell from his expression that he had a lot on his mind.
"with intak?" he paused to speak with his hand still in his hair.
"yeah, didn't you see it?"
sunghoon chuckled at your brattyness, walking over to you then, dropping his hand from his hair to place on the counter behind you, trapping you in. "so you were you planning on leaving with him?"
you could hear the dominance growing in sunghoon's voice, and if you weren't so weak for sunghoon then maybe you would've lasted longer standing up for yourself. "if he wanted to." you saw his eyes look behind your head into the mirror, grin growing on his lips before returning his gaze back to you. his hands meet your hips and turn you around.
"look at that." sunghoon's deep voice is in your ear as he speak, "look in the mirror, little one." you do as he demands, your gaze meeting the way his body is pushed up against your own. the two of you look so perfectily dirty with each other, the type of way that makes you drool without realize it.
sunghoon's thigh is placed inbetween your thighs, feeling the way your cunt grinds down onto it at the sight of you two pushed together. "you see how pretty you are, baby? pretty just for me, right?"
"y-yes, sir." you nod, not being able to take your eyes off of the mischievius look he's giving you in the mirror.
"i haven't fucked you in a while, i think i need to show you who you belong to, again." you only nod in response, reaching behind you to grip onto his shirt, pulling him closer if possible. you're sure that if sunghoon and you were in the middle of a 'fight' then he would've spanked you for not answering and for touching him without permission. but the both of you just need each other, the both of you are too caught up in eachother's gaze.
"please fuck me, sir."
sunghoon's hand grips onto your jaw, holding your head up so he can kiss down your neck, his eyes never leaving yours as he bites harshly, surely leaving a mark this time- the feeling leaving you feeling as if you're floating. "such a good girl now, huh? using your manners to ask to be fucked. maybe if i leave few marks on your skin you'll remember that you're mine."
your core continues to grind against his thigh as he continues to bite into your skin, leaving red and purple marks- marking you as his for you, him and everyone else to know.
when he decides that you have enough on your skin, he's pulling away from you, a whine leaving your throat before he's pushing up your dress and yanking your panties down your legs. you can see your bare core in the mirror, and the way sunghoon's face is a mix of awe and adoration as he looks at your bare skin, before meeting your eyes with a soft smile- contrasting so well compared to everything else the two of you had been doing for the past minutes.
"please, sunghoon," his name leaving your mouth makes his heart swell, realizing then how bad he's missed you and how bad he needs you.
"okay, baby, okay." he presses a kiss into your head, smelling your perfume and shampoo as he unbuckles his belt, and pulls his cock out of his pants. he's already fully hard and red as he pumps his cock. youmove your hips out so he can line his cock up with your core easier.
sunghoon slips easily into you, making you think that you were made for him, fitting together like puzzle pieces although the two of you are so physically and personally different.
you almost cry outloud when you see how wet his cock is with your juices when he pulls out, the light from the bathroom making his cock shiny in the mirror's reflection.
"fuck, i missed you." sunghoon groaned into your shoulder from behind you. you nod in response, agreeing with him with more than anything.
you know that you'd be knocked down over the bathroom's counter if sunghoon wasn't holding your body up and close to him. his cock was stuffing you full to your hilt, too face. sunghoon doesn't give you a chance to breathe, wanting you to feel right here, right now, just how much he has missed you. sunghoon's enjoying the time with you, enjoying your moans and gazes in the mirror.
you find yourself growing close to your orgasm faster than ever as you watch the two of you fall apart in the mirror.
"fuck, hoon, so close."
sunghoon nods into your hair, his gaze remaining soft as he kisses your head and pounds into you harder. "that's okay, baby, wet my cock with your cum, wanna feel you tighten around me so bad."
your body starts to arch in his hold, your orgasm finally hitting you. his cock starts to hammer into you, wanting to cum right after you. the way his speed and tip of his cock keeps hitting your gspot makes your eyes roll to the back of your head. sunghoon groans at the sight of you in the mirror from the unintentional overstimulation.
it's too much but you can't speak- can't tell him to stop- just want to take it for him because you missed being so close to him- missed hearing his groans in your ear and feeling his warm hands on your hips.
sunghoon bites down onto your shoulder hard when he comes, covering his moan and leaving a final mark on your body from his teeth. a whimper of your name leaves his mouth as he pulls out of you, his cock limp and wet and aching to be back inside of you already.
both of you lean against eachother and the bathroom counter, pressing lazy kisses into eachother skin. "i meant it, y/n." sunghoon speaks after a while, his voice still sounding breathless.
"meant what?" you raised an eyebrow at him.
"that you're mine, that i missed you." your gazes lock in the mirror again, sweat lining your hairlines.
"i missed you, too, sunghoon." you nod at him with a soft smile.
"yeah?" he turns his face into your hair, closing his eyes to relish in the moment for longer.
"yeah," your head comes up to rest in his hair, "let's go home, now."
you felt sunghoon nod against your head, grabbing towel paper to clean both of you up before you're taking a cab together back to your houses.
it remains silent between you and sunghoon for majority of the time it takes to get back into his bedroom, quietly to not wake his parents like usual. though nothing is said, you're attached to eachother by holding hands in the back of the cab ride, staring out opposite windows, watching you drive through the late, night city together.
you whisper to eachother as you get dressed into his sweatpants and shirt to sleep in, watching him get dressed in his own pair in the moonlight in his room.
you continue to whisper hushed confessions to eachother as you lay in his bed, facing eachother under his blanket, your heads meshed together on one pillow like they were a few weeks ago in the house next door.
sunghoon's pale fingers are tracing shapes onto your arms as he tells you how he feels about you. tells you that you're the prettiest girl he's ever met- that you're the only girl he's ever wanted to be with- that you're the only person he sees himself with in the future.
sunghoon struggles to keep eye contact with you as he tells you everything- how he's been beating himself up ever since he agreed to be friends with benefits with you. how he pushed you away because he was scared you were going to realize he was no good for you.
he mumbles his apologizes against your lips as you kiss him, hoping to take some of his pain away when his voice cracks. you wrap your arms around him in his bed when a tear rolls down his cheek when he confesses his insecurities to you- how you help take them away from him when he's with you.
you fall asleep wrapped in eachothers arms, lips swollen from kissing, eyes bloodshot from drinking and crying together, hearts full with nothing but eachother.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
you wake up saturday morning to soft snores in your ear and a warm arm draped over your waist. you realize that you're still in sunghoon's bedroom. you see the dozens of skating medals hung on his walls, next to pictures of him and heeseung from when they were younger.
you don't realize that sunghoon woke up from your subtle movements until his arm is tightening around you and pulling you closer.
"you awake?" sunghoon's deep voice asks, placing a kiss on the back of your neck when you nod your head against his pillow.
his hold of you loosens when you turn over so that you're now facing him. his arm going back into place and pushing your bodies together again. you're both still naked, and a little sweaty as you greet each other.
you're sure if anyone were to walk into his bedroom that they would be faced with the smell of alcohol, sex, sweat and sunghoon's cologne.
sunghoon moves his head down to press a kiss onto your forehead, mumbling a soft, "i'm sorry." against your skin.
"i know." you smile at him, "it's okay."
a subtle frown grows on sunghoon's face at how quick you are to forgive, "it's not, i want to tell you how i feel- but it's hard."
your hand moves from inbetween your bodies to his cheek, your thumb brushing under his eye, "it's okay, you can take your time," you reassure him, "plus heeseung already told chaehyun what you said."
"oh god." sunghoon groans, turning his head away from you to mush it into his pillow, "he didn't."
"he did." you giggle, your hand carding through his black hair. "i'm not out of your league, hoon. really. i love you for you, even if you are a little stubborn sometimes."
"just a little?" he moves his head so you could see his eye looking at you.
"ok, maybe a lot. but i still love you."
sunghoon pulls you into him then, so your upper body is resting on his chest as he lays on your back. you let out a quiet squeal at the sudden motion. "i love you, too y/n. i'm still sorry, i'm going to show you how sorry i am for the rest of my life."
you shake your head with a smile, "it's really okay, hoon. we'll just talk about how we feel rather than you pretend i don't exist, yeah?"
"yeah, ok." sunghoon scrunches his nose playfully.
you lean down and place a kiss onto his lips, his grip on your hips tightening as he kisses you back. it's a kiss with no tongue and passion and you feel both of your worries floating off of your skin as it feels like it's only the two of you in the world- in sunghoon's bed.
sunghoon pulls away with a disgusted look on his face, "ew, morning breath."
"sunghoon!" you gasp, grabbing a pillow from beside him and throwing it at him.
"i'm kidding! i'm kidding!" sunghoon laughs and throws the pillow away so he can look at you again, "i love even your awful morning breath!"
"oh my god!" you try to push up and away from him, a playful gasp coming from your mouth. your movements don't go very far until sunghoon is pushing you onto your back, kissing all over your face while you laugh. "sunghoon!" you whine out to him until he stops.
he looks down at you with a serious look then, "you're mine, right?"
your chest is heaving from laughing so hard, "of course. and you're mine?"
"of course. only yours." sunghoon nods firmly, before a smirk grows on his face and he's leaning down to kiss you again, not pulling away for a few minutes, both of you wanting to enjoy being each others for as long as possible.
or until yewon starts knocking on his bedroom door asking for him to play dolls with her.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
walking into school holding hands with sunghoon on the monday after you two started dating, wasn't as bad as the both of you thought it would be.
there were no stares from other students, there was no teasing from your friends as sunghoon kissed you on the cheek before heading to class, and when both of you shared your lunch in the cafeteria no one batted an eye.
it was as if the whole school had thought you were dating even before you had been.
"i told you," heeseung said as he sat down beside sunghoon in the cafeteria, "everyone already kinda knew." shrugging his shoulders playfully before wrapping an arm around chaehyun.
"shut it, heeseung." sunghoon rolled his eyes, biting into his red apple, making everyone at the table laugh.
during the last class of the day, shen xiaoting made her way to your desk before the class started.
"so is it true, y/n? did you take park sunghoon's virginity?"
Tumblr media
@ taeghi, 2022. do not repost or reuse in anyway.
stay safe everyone :)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
➜ précis: you used to be best friends with sunghoon back in high school but that all changed the moment he had gotten popular. a new year of college has started and you got invited to the first frat party on campus. a night of truth of dare landed you alone with him in his bedroom giving you both the chance to rekindle a lost love and friendship.
➜ pairing: fratboy!sunghoon x fem!reader.
➜ genre: smut, fluff.
➜ rating: rated-r. (MINORS DNI)
➜ au: college, fraternity.
➜ warnings: protected sex, fingering, love confession, aftercare, instances of begging, and dirty talking, appearances from heeseung, jay and jake.
➜ word count: 3,072.
➜ writers note: all likes, reblogs (please reblog it means a lot), and comments are welcomed and appreciated. as a writer, it feels good to know that someone actually enjoys your writing.
➜ network tag: @koffeenet @underworldnet @k-vanity
Tumblr media
You and your roommates had just arrived at the most popular fraternity on campus. Guys and girls lined the lawn, music blasting, drinks being thrown. It had only started two hours ago and it already looked like a turn out that would be talked about for the rest of the school year.
A part of you should have stayed back at your dorm and get a head start on your assignments but you were sort of tired of being the odd one out when it came down to actually having fun. Breaching the threshold of the frat you were instantly hit with this thick aroma of beer, sex and sweat.
You were instantly dragged onto the dance floor, reluctant at first but fun, you were here to have some fun. A smile started to form on your lips, drinks were passed around and you quickly melted into the dance scene. Your hips swayed as you moved about the living room floor. Sharing laughs with your friends when he finally decided to show his face.
Sunghoon. The most handsome guy on campus that you used to consider a friend but the moment he had gotten popular it was like you and everyone else that were deemed to be “losers” had faded into the background. You shouldn’t be staring but you couldn’t bring yourself to look away. You nursed the cup of beer in your hand, eyes boring into the back of his head and the moment he turned around it was like you instantly grew still.
Your eyes met, this twinge of devilish ness in his eyes a smirk adorned those perfect pink lips of his. He shot a playful wink in your direction before turning back to his friends. You blinked, not truly believing that he actually acknowledged you in some way. You looked down for a moment and smiled before the music came to a stop. Heeseung, the president of the frat, stood up on the table and shouted.”Truth or Dare is about to go down in the backyard, if you aren’t a scared loser come on out and join us for some real fun!”
Everyone screamed and shouted in waves of excitement, your friends nudging you with their elbows.``You should definitely go play. You've been speaking about wanting to do different things since the summertime and now is your chance, maybe even Sunghoon will play. You can’t ever stop talking about him.” They all laughed and whistled as that noticeable look of embarrassment had appeared on your face.
It wasn’t true you didn’t talk about him all the time, well, maybe you did they were right. On any other given day you would never work up the nerve to even be in the same room with him but you missed your friend more so you had loved him and you still did. You sucked in a deep breath before making your way through the crowd and out into the backyard. Heeseung and Sunghoon were in the circle with a few other familiar faces from the frat Jay and Jake, making jokes before you finally sat down across from them.
This was it, you weren’t going to be a coward you had to see this night through. You listened attentively as the rules were explained, the other girls beside you were giggling like idiots as they spoke about how hot the guys were. A ping of jealousy stinging you at the mention of Sunghoon, they sat there and nearly drooled over him. Disgusting.
Jake started off the game, round by round the truths and dares had reached a new level of extreme. From taking shots to jumping off the balcony into the pool you were happy that you seemed to skate by without having to do anything risky. That was until it was Sunghoon’s turn to move forward and spin the bottle. It seemed like every guy and girl was secretly wishing that it landed on them but the moment the bottle stopped you couldn’t believe that it actually landed on you.
All eyes were instantly on you, some were laughing, whistling and while others were huffing and rolling their eyes making their disdain of you being chosen extremely obvious. Heeseung rubbed his hands together and smiled as he looked between you and Sunghoon, before he asked that very question you already dreaded having to answer.”So, y/n, truth or dare?”
Truth or Dare. Truth or Dare? You could be a coward and pick truth and get some boring question and get on with the game but then you wouldn’t get the chance to speak to him and him alone. You looked over your shoulder at your friends, they gave you encouraging smiles as a chant broke out around you.”Truth or Dare. Truth or Dare. Truth or Dare. Truth or Dare.” You sucked in a deep breath before answering.”Dare, I choose dare.”
All of the frat boys exchanged knowing looks as if they knew something that you didn’t. Heeseung stood behind Sunghoon who oddly looked just as nervous as you did. He gave you a small smile, as you both waited for your fates to be sealed.”I dare you to go up to Sunghoon’s room with him, don't come out until we come and get you.”
You nervously played with your thumbs as you smiled, dropping your head down before slowly getting up onto your feet. You let go of that breath you forgot you were holding as Sunghoon had done the same. He took a step forward in your direction, still he didn’t say a word he just held out his hand for you to take. You bit your lip lightly before placing your hand into the palm of his own.
The loud cheering and a few glances of eye rolling was enough to make you want to sink into the floor but thankfully Sunghoon had caught sight of that. His thumb ran over your own in a sign of comfort as he led you up the stairs to his room. Surprisingly, it was neater than your own room back at the dorm. The moment the door clicked closed you both stood there before he had finally cut that tension.
“We don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. We can just sit and talk, or whatever.” Sunghoon laughed nervously, his hand raising to rub the back of his neck. And for a split second he was that guy that you had once been friends with all that time ago. You gave him a smile before looking around his room, taking a seat on the edge of his bed.”It took for a game of truth or dare for you to bother talking to me.”
Sunghoon cleared his throat and nodded. He took a step closer, dropping down onto his knees in front of you.”It’s not that I didn't want to talk to you, y/n. I was ashamed of how much time that I let pass that I just really didn’t know what to say to you. I know us growing apart was my fault and I just thought you were better off without me interrupting your world.” He moved his hands to rest on top of your knees, eyes peering up into your own.
There was that look, he was so beautiful, so handsome, just so fucking perfect that you couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at him anymore. Communication goes both ways and you had the same opportunities to approach him but you never did. You placed your hands over his own, smiling as you leaned forward and pressed a kiss onto his cheek.”It’s my fault too, I honestly thought you hated me or that you found out how much I liked you.”
You did like him, and you still do. And, it was the first time in a while that you could actually admit it out loud to anyone. Sunghoon’s brows raised as he took a moment to process your ‘confession’ he would have spoken sooner but between the unexpected kiss to his cheek and those words he had wished he heard years ago he was stumped. He merely leaned forward, closing the gap between you two as his soft lips met your own.
The invisible strings around your heart tugging as you melted into the kiss. Your hands raised to cup either side of his face, sighing lightly before he pulled away. An instant smirk spreads across his lips.”I’ve always liked you too but as you can see I’m terrible at confrontations especially when it comes to my feelings. If you’ll allow it I’d love for us to start over? Give a big dope like me a chance to make up for lost time.”
At that you laughed because it all felt so surreal. Who knew what would have happened if you two just broke the ice when you were both still friends. You nodded your head slowly, pecking his lips lightly as you whispered.”Yes, I'd love to.” The synergy in the room had shifted at the announcement of a shared infatuation and desire for one another. The moment his lips met yours once more it solidified all the feelings you two had harbored.
His big, strong hands moved up to rest upon your waist, fingers running along the skin of your stomach, the presence of the cold metal from his rings making you gasp. This is what you had always wanted to be with him in every way possible. Your fingers ran through his soft black locks, gently tugging at the root. It earned you a groan that followed with a quick movement of pushing you gently onto your back. His large frame climbs up to hover over you, eyes scaling your face before his hands find the bottom of your shirt.”Is this okay?”
Yes. It was because you had waited for this for what felt like forever. You smiled as you moved his hands out of the way, your back lifting slightly as you pulled your shirt up and over your head, discarding it on the floor. It made you giggle because he immediately did the same. You both stared at one another, taking each other in. Hands moving along bare flesh, finger tips running over the perfectly crafted set of abs.
He captured your lips in another kiss, more passionate than the one previously. He moved his hands over the button of your jeans, popping them as the sound of the zipper descending cut through the air of the room. He pushed the fabric down over your hips, until they had reached your ankles. They added to the pile on the floor and before you both knew it all that was left was the boxer briefs that fit snug on his hips.
His head dropped down as he trailed kisses along your chest, fingers gliding over your puffy wet lips. He dipped two digits in between your folds, teasingly circling one over your clit. Soft moans sounded out as your hips eagerly rolled against his own. Each second that passed by the urge for him to ruin you had increased.”P-please, more.” Was all you managed to get out before he pulled back to rest on his knees.
He smirked and shook his head as fingers probed at your entrance.”Sh, I have to open you up first. I don’t want to hurt you.” That thought of being stretched open without any preparation had instantly spun through your mind. You gave him a playful pout before nodding your head, your mouth falling open as he slowly plunged his thick, long fingers inside of you. The stretch was delicious and fuck, if you weren’t so keen of relishing this moment you would have told him to go faster.
His eyes were dark, glazed over with lust as he watched you shake underneath him. Every moan that fell from your pretty lips made his cock twitch and throb. The first finger was easy, the second was great, but the third and fourth sent you into a world of bliss as he fucked you open. He worked you up to so high where you felt like you were almost ready to jump off that imaginary cliff before he pulled his fingers from your core. You were fully prepared to complain but watching him suck your juices from his fingers had shut you up.
“You are so beautiful, I didn’t expect to ever have you in my bed but now that I do. I will honor every moment you allow me to spend with you.” Sunghoon gave you a genuine smile as he leaned over the side of the bed to reach into his drawer, he pulled out a condom before settling back into between your legs. He dropped the large golden package onto your stomach. You gulped as you watched him with anticipation, your pussy clenching around nothing as you waited to see what hid behind his boxers.
He maintained eye contact with you as he slowly tugged the black fabric down his hips, his thick, veiny cock sprung forward, tip red and angry as it desperately sought its release. You gasped at the sight in front of you, that cocky smirk of his returning as he cocked his head to the side.”You okay?” He chuckled as he picked up the condom, tearing it open expertly with his teeth. All you could do is nod you were speechless. He moved his hand to fist his cock, stroking it slowly before he placed the condom over the tip.
His face contorted slightly as he rolled the rubber down over his thick flesh until it reached the base. He gently moved forward to position himself in between your legs. Your teeth were biting so hard in your lip, blood was almost drawn. You wanted this, you wanted him so fucking much and now you could finally have him. He slapped his cock against your lips, teasingly gliding it in between your folds as it gathered up your juices.
Sunghoon dropped down so you were both leveled at the eyes, he stared deep into your soul as he guided the tip down to your entrance. He whispered words of comfort as he slowly pushed in, you both gasped at the invasion. Him cursing over how tight and wet you were and you whining about how big and thick he was. You moved your shaky hands to rest on the small of his back as he slowly worked up a steady pace.
The smooth glide of his cock against your walls had your toes curling, unable to control how loud you managed to moan. His lips dragged along your neck and chest, leaving bites and marks behind in a trail. He grounded himself as he slid in deeper, each thrust got rougher and the shared sounds of moans and groans hit off every wall of his room. He fucked you so hard that every thrust had punched air out of you.
His nails dug into your hips, sweat forming at his brows as his hair stuck to his forehead. He looked even more ethereal than he had before. He loved nothing more than watching you moan and scream, and the moment he found that spot it was like you went completely numb. His fingers ran over your clit as he pounded into your core, the head of his cock repeatedly jabbing against your cervix. You whined, you screamed, your legs shook, back arched as your walls clamped down around him.
He knew you were close and wanted to watch as you came on his cock. All it took was one last thrust before you exploded.”Sunghoon, f-fuck!” You screamed out as you roughly came, eyes rolling as your nails clawed at his back. A soft chuckle escaped him as he kissed your cheek, nose, and forehead.”You did so good for me.” He whispered lowly, a weak smile spreading across your lips as that feeling of bliss washed over you.
His arms wrapped tightly around your frame as he held you against his chest. Even though your climax passed he was still chasing his own. His moans and groans were so melodic and pretty, the sound of your skin smacking against one another grew more erratic as his hips snapped forward. Every thrust was rough and consistent until they started to waiver. His head fell down to rest against your chest as his cum filled the condom.
You both laid there in a shared silence, trying to catch your breath. You smiled warmly as you patted his head, fingers running along his scalp before he slowly pulled out and laid beside you.”Wow.” Was all he could manage as he pulled off the condom, he tied it off and tossed it into the trash can. You looked over at him, watching as his long arms reached for a pack of wipes. He had muttered words of showering later but for now you happily laid there as he wiped you clean.
That moment you shared with him was so perfect that you didn’t need to describe it.”That was amazing, I may have thought about that happening once or twice before and yet you surpassed all expectations.” You both laughed as he pulled on his boxers, tossing one of his shirts in your direction. You pulled the large blue shirt onto your frame, smiling as you slid under the covers. Not too long after he had finally joined you, pulling you into his chest as he rubbed your back.
You both were absolutely spent and moving certainly wasn’t something either of you had planned on doing until his phone had vibrated. He rolled his eyes playfully and kissed your forehead as he turned to grab his phone. You had every intention of looking away but he opened his phone and the message from Heeseung right in front of you.
📱: Heeseung “You both should thank me for getting you two to fuck, yes I was listening and thank you for the ear show.”
You looked at one another and laughed before he placed his phone back down the desk. You had finally found your way back to your favorite guy, and peacefully fell asleep in his arms. You didn’t know what the future held but you opted on spending every minute with him if you possibly could.
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@/soluvcore - i do not give permission for my work to be translated, reposted on other platforms, modified, or used for anything other than reading consumption.
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jongseongsnudes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
hyung’s girlfriend (masterlist)
lee heeseung x fem!reader, 02z x fem!reader
“lee heeseung loved nothing more in this world than you so of course he wouldn’t share. oh no, he wouldn’t share you with anyone but he definitely didn’t have a problem with showing you off... especially to his three horny dongsaengs who were obviously secretly infatuated with you.”
warning/genre; smut!!!! crack. dom/bf!heeseung. sub!reader. heeseung might have a exhibitionism kink 😏 pervert!02z 🥴 dom!02z.
Tumblr media
PART ONE; heeseung’s three favourite dongsaengs
after allowing his three favourite dongsaengs to stay at his apartment in the mean time, heeseung comes to notice the way they all secretly stare at you. whether it’s while you’re cleaning, cooking or even bending over at the fridge, their gawking eyes would roam over your body like you were some piece of fresh meat. but instead of being upset about it, heeseung comes up with a plan. a plan he was able to execute perfectly one night when he catches the trio hiding right outside his bedroom...
“you guys can come in, she doesn’t bite... hard.”
coming soon!
Tumblr media
PART TWO; jay loves to pound you the meat
coming soon...
Tumblr media
PART THREE; jake loves to eat you
coming soon...
Tumblr media
PART FOUR; sunghoon loves doggys
coming soon...
© jongseongsnudes. please do not copy, translate or reupload.
Tumblr media
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angelwonie · 3 months ago
— how enhypen hyung line react to you being horny/needy … !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: enha hyung line x afab!reader
word count: 2k
warning(s): SMUT, unprotected sex, fingering, oral (female receiving), overstimulation, breeding kink, creampie, degradation, praise, soft dom!enha
nsfw content under the cut — mdni !
you best believe he’s a fucking tease. the moment you sit in his lap, grinding down on him ever so slightly, he knows what’s up, but he makes it his mission to feign innocence and frustrate you as much as possible. he completely ignores the kisses you plant on his neck, eyes focused on the tv screen in front of him. it doesn’t take long before you're pushing your hips down on his harder, soft moans falling from your mouth and into his ear. “heeseung…”
“what is it, baby?” he asks, almost mockingly, as his eyes meet yours. you don’t reply, instead, you slide your still clothed cunt over the bulge in his jeans, whining pathetically at the sensation and burying your face in the crook of his neck with a desperate ‘please’ whispered into his ear.
“please what? want me to touch you, is that it?” you nod desperately, grabbing at his shoulders the moment you feel the palm of his hand on your inner thigh, dangerously close to your aching pussy.
“yes, please touch me, heeseung”.
you can feel his smile as he presses his lips to yours, running one of his fingers softly between your legs, rubbing small circles on your panties that are now soaked. you gasp out his name as he slides a finger into your wet cunt, rubbing your clit with his thumb. he starts off slowly, feeling your pussy clench around him the moment he curls his finger just a little inside of you.
“god, you look so pretty like this,” he whispers as he adds another finger, pushing them both deep inside of you and bringing you closer to your long awaited orgasm with every perfectly calculated thrust. “how does it feel, baby? am i making you feel good?”
and you’re not exactly sure how he expects you to answer when he’s fucking his fingers into you at this pace, his digits hitting the perfect spot inside of you each time. all you can manage is to moan his name, gripping his arms harder as your eyes roll to the back of your head, overwhelmed by the pleasure you’re feeling when heesung adds another finger, stretching you out. “are you already too fucked out to speak, baby?”
he’s saying this as if he isn’t working wonders on your clit, adding just the right amount of pressure to it to make you reach your high. you melt in his arms as you cum, coating his fingers in your juices and moaning his name in a way that makes his cock strain in his pants.
“you sound so pretty moaning my name” he says, lips grazing the skin on your neck and you can feel his hard cock brush against your thigh. “think you can handle one more?”
Tumblr media
pretends to be unbothered, but you being needy turns him on so much. and he’s trying so hard to ignore you when you start whining for his attention, but he just can’t because you look so pretty when you pout and all he wants to do now is push you up against the wall and make out with you.
“jay…” you're saying, letting your lips brush across his neck as you sit in his lap, fingers fiddling with the buttons on his shirt. “jay, please stop teasing me and just fuck me already.”
before you can even register what's happening, he's got your arms pinned over your head and you're a whimpering mess underneath him, feeling his hard cock brush against your thigh as he leans down to kiss your neck, grazing your skin with his teeth slightly, and sending shivers down your spine.
“you look so pretty when you beg. can't wait to fill you up with my cum.” he whispers against you, his fingers running down your whole body until they reach your clothed, throbbing cunt. you buck your hips upward to meet his hand, but he holds you down, lips forming into a pout as he teases you.
“jay, please…” you whimper, dangerously close to crying, and he smiles condescendingly, leaning down to connect his lips to yours. his tongue feels warm in your mouth and you gasp as his hand slips into your panties, dragging a finger agonizingly slowly through your folds.
“are you always this wet, baby? always so needy?” you whine as jay removes his finger from your pussy, licking it clean before he frees himself from his pants and underwear. he hovers over you, cock just barely brushing over your clit, making you moan softly. “don't worry, I'm gonna take good care of you, gonna make you cum around my cock, hmm?”
you want to respond, but the moment his cock enters you ever so slightly, you are unable to speak, the sensation of your walls clenching around him making you lightheaded and you moan his name. you can feel the smile on his face as he bites down on your neck, sucking on it in a way that'll surely leave a mark.
“think you can take my whole cock, baby? think you can handle it?”
you nod vigorously, a series of moans leaving your mouth as jay thrusts into you, stretching you out. not leaving you any time to get used to the feeling of being stuffed with his cock, he thrusts deeper into your wet cunt, hitting that spot that makes your eyes roll to the back of your head and your toes curl up in pleasure.
“feels so good,” you mumble out, your pussy clenching around jay's cock as he speeds up his movements and you feel yourself close to your release, the familiar feeling of rapture stirring up in your stomach. it doesn't go unnoticed by jay how your thighs start shaking, but instead of slowing down, he keeps his fast pace, fucking you through your orgasm until you're mumbling incoherent words. he reaches his high right after, his cock twitching inside of you and filling you up to to the brim with his cum.
“you look so pretty with my cum leaking out of your pussy,” he whispers, pulling you into his arms to clean you up.
Tumblr media
it boosts his ego so much. if he notices you being sensitive to his touch or whining for his attention, he’ll purposefully let his hand linger on your thigh for a little too long, or kiss you then pull away before it can get too heated, just because he likes to revel in the thought that he’s the only one who can drive you crazy like this.
the moment he feels your hand on his, guiding it further down your thigh as to signalize where you want him to touch you, he’s already smirking. and as much as his behavior is utterly annoying, it’s also making your panties soak through faster.
“hoon, please…” and it’s like he wants to see you suffer, because he seemingly gives in to your pleas and pulls you into his lap, moving his lips in sync with yours, slowly, dragging his tongue over your teeth, but pulling away the moment you grind down on him. “come on, angel, don’t be like that. if you want me so badly, you can wait a little longer, hmm?”
and it’s not before you’re crying, tears running down your cheeks as you’re begging him to touch you, that he removes your clothes and slowly slides you onto his cock.
“my poor baby, you’re so needy.” he says in a condescending tone, hands gripping your hips and controlling the pace you bounce on his cock, making sure that you feel his every vein inside of you. “does it feel good? do you like to feel my cock inside of you, baby?”
“tell me, angel, who is it that’s making you feel so good?” he asks, forcing your hips down on his cock faster, causing your pussy to clench around him even harder and you can’t help but throw you head back in pleasure and close your eyes shut, because with every movement, he’s hitting the spot that makes your toes curl up in rapture.
“too much, hoonie, it’s too much” you cry out, feeling dizzy as sunghoon continues to fuck you, his fingers gripping your hips hard enough to leave a mark. “come on, i know you can take it, angel. you were so desperate for me earlier, so now be a good girl and listen to me, okay?”
and you do, letting him use your swollen pussy however he pleases, the pain mixed with pleasure making you moan. “such a pretty whore for my cock, aren't you?” sunghoon coos, the words making you reach the point of no return as the knot in your stomach tightens.
you both cum at the same time, the sound of you moaning his name mixed with the sight of you bouncing on his cock messily with tears running down your cheeks sending sunghoon over the edge. he lets you ride out your high, and you feel his lips on your jaw as you collapse in his arms. “no one can fuck you as good as i can, angel, remember that.”
Tumblr media
he loves it when you’re needy. like seriously, it has to be his favorite thing, like, ever. and he doesn’t even try to hide it. the second you let out a whine, you have his undivided attention. “jake…” you say, “please touch me.”
you don't have to tell him twice. he's quick to position himself between your legs, attaching his lips to yours and cupping your cheeks with his large hands. the kiss is sloppy, rushed, desperate. you can sense he wants you just as much as you want him. his hands move to your legs, fingers running delicately over your inner thigh and you shiver. your gaze meets his as he lowers himself to lay his head between your thighs, nose brushing against the fabric of your soaked through panties.
“i’m gonna take good care of you, gonna make you feel so good,” he whispers, kissing the insides of your thighs before he practically rips off your underwear, a gasp escaping past your lips at the feeling of cold air hitting your skin. “such a pretty little pussy you have.” you can see his pupils widen as he takes in the sight of you, licking his lips as he dives between your legs, finally giving you what you want.
he starts off slow, circling your clit with his tongue lightly, eyes lighting up as he sees your body react to him, goosebumps spreading themselves across your skin. you're already panting, hands grabbing at his hair to pull him closer to your aching cunt, the small kitten licks he grants your clit not enough to satisfy you. jake licks a long stripe up your folds, making you shiver as soft moans leave your mouth, the sounds causing his cock to harden.
“you taste so good,” he says, his voice sending vibrations through your body. your thighs move instinctively to close themselves, but jake holds them down, his nose brushing against your clit as he speaks. “don’t move, yeah? gonna make you cum in my mouth, baby.”
you moan, arching your back as he picks up his pace, tongue diving deep into your pussy making your hips rut upward. your pussy clenches around him, and you can feel him smile against you, proud of how good he’s making you feel. the sensation is only heightened as he brings his thumb to rub circles on your clit, his tongue hitting just the right spot with every movement.
you grab at the sheets as you come, moaning jake’s name as he fucks you through your orgasm, licking you clean of your juices when you’ve finished.
“that’s a good girl,” he mumbles against your lips, pulling you into a tight embrace. “that’s a good fucking girl.”
Tumblr media
🗯️ note! tagging @maeum-your & @sunbokie in this just bcs of the jay part </3 it's literally my favourite idc
🏷️tags! @beomwiki @cyjsfairy
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pjsflrts · a month ago
afterglow ➳ s.jk
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wc: 1.1k, genre: smut, warnings: sex in the bathroom at dispatch, oral (f receiving), dirty talk, degradation, dacryphilia, overstimulation, squirting, jake is a mean dom.
it was risky, too risky to do this kind of thing that is meant to be private in a public place where literally anyone can see you. and the fact that this place was known to expose idol’s private lives, you were holding your life in your palm. but your boyfriend looking like this didn’t help your case, he looked so hot and you wanted nothing more than to have his face buried between your thighs, riding his beautiful face.
“mhm, jakey,” you whimpered when he lapped at your clit humming against your heat his pretty fingers bumping in and out of you at a fast pace causing you to tangle one hand in his hair while the other was on the wall supporting your weight.
“you fucking dirty slut, you’re so fucking wet, this all better be for me,” jake said slapping your cunt sending you a flirtatious smirk which made you moan loudly.
“yes, yes, jake, all for you,” you promised and he hummed approvingly diving into you again, curling his digits inside your walls abusing your sweet spot over and over again.
you pushed his blonde hair away from his face as he looked up at you through his lustful hooded eyes, he just kept lapping at your clit nonstop as he ate you like a starved man. he was bringing you close to your orgasm with every passing second.
you heard noises from outside the bathroom stall as you gasped silently trying to close your legs but jake just kept holding them firmly open glaring deadly into your eyes.
“j-jake, someone is outside!” you whispered but he just smirked biting your clit which made you yelp, your hand flying to your mouth a little bit too late.
“who the fuck said that’s going to stop me? you wanted to be a slut, so i’m treating you like one.” he said lazily pumping his fingers in and out of your soaked pussy, “if you’re scared of getting caught, you better keep that pretty mouth of yours shut or i’ll do it for you my way.” jake demanded leaning his head sucking at your inner lips his fingers not stopping their movements once.
your eyes rolled to the back of your head when you felt his nose brushing your clit ever so softly, his hands roaming to your body squeezing your tits thumbing your nipples roughly adding to the pleasure. you heard whoever was outside the bathroom was shuffling through something and that made you tense, you wanted to be silent as best as you can but jake was giving you no mercy at all.
jake looked up at you smirking slightly before switching his fingers with his tongue, so he was rubbing your clit rapidly in tight circles as you cried out in your hand your body shaking the knot in your stomach tightening quickly.
“excuse me? are you okay?” the woman from outside asked you looked at jake panicking but he didn’t even flinch.
“y-yes! i’m just having a b-bad stomach upset.” you replied shakily and jake hummed patting your thighs almost as if he was praising you. the woman soon enough left the bathroom and you freed your restrained moans and cries, crying for your boyfriend loudly.
“you proved to be a good girl, i’m so fucking proud of you, baby,” jake praised his hands rubbing you fast as he saw you struggling to stand up and your thighs shaking.
“j-jakey, ah! i’m gonna come, i’m gonna come, oh fuck, fuck, oh my god.” you panted heavily rocking your hips against him but he pressed it to the wall firmly with his arm, his fingers fucking you fast while the other was rubbing your clit with the same pace.
“let go, doll, come.”
once the words left his mouth your walls clamped around his fingers, your body shaking violently as a broken cry left your throat squirting all over jake who was laughing maniacally riding out your orgasm lapping at your juices testing every drop of you.
“that’s my girl, fucking soak me, baby, you look so fucking hot.” he rasped standing up catching your lips in a heated kiss, his tongue exploring your mouth. “give me another one, come on, i know you can.” jake mumbled his hands continuing their assault on your pussy.
“no more jakey, please,” you sobbed from the overstimulation yet you felt so good and didn’t want him to stop.
jake smirked kissing your tears away cooing at you, it didn’t take long for you to come again all over his fingers wetting his whole sleeve and your body shaking. looking down he groaned heavily his cock throbbing at the sight of your abused pussy, wanting nothing more than to ruin you even more on his cock.
“good job, baby,” jake praised holding you tightly against him, he looked at the dazed look on your face and the way you just looked so drunk on him was turning him even more.
so he didn’t hold himself back when he took his cock out of his confines pushing himself inside you.
he laughed when he heard you whine and hold into him tightly yet your walls were gripping him like a vice, he didn’t wait for you to adjust because you were already sloppy enough for him to slip in and out of you as he wished.
you felt your body building up another orgasm, you couldn’t stop yourself from coming all over jake again, he was throbbing so bad inside you and you wanted this to be over already.
“please jakey, please, fill me up, let everyone know who’s making me feel so good, come inside me.” you whimpered causing him to groan leaning his head in the crook of your neck muffling his moans as he held your waist tightly jerking his hips against yours at inhumane speed.
“fuck, fuck, fuck, i’m coming, oh shit.”
jake’s hips stuttered stilling himself inside you as he empties his load into your walls painting you with his wide seed. he stayed still for a few moments before pulling out watching you clench around nothing his cum mixed with yours trailing down your thighs.
you both looked at each other like you were the only ones existing in this universe, he felt his heart loudly thump against his chest smiling kissing your lips ever so softly and said.
“you’re the best i’ve ever had.”
Tumblr media
- requests are open!
💌 taglist: @itbtoblikethatsometimes @enhacolor @cha0thicpisces @bt-es (if you want to be added to my taglist just send me an ask or a message! <3)
a/n: it's 3 am and this jake was haunting me and i just had to do something about it 😫
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robyn-core · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
IN WHICH: playing around with a polaroid camera while high that sunghoon found in his attic leads to something more.
WARNING: naked pictures, pictures during sex, smoking (weed) kissing, riding, unprotected sex, teasing, friends to lovers, stoner! Sunghoon!
Tumblr media
Music played as both you and sunghoon laid on his bed, the smell of weed taking over your senses as this was the third blunt in an hour you both had smoked. Your eyes were low and glossed over, you let the burning blunt sit between your lips and inhale the strong smoke.
You felt your lungs burning as you held in the smoke. Handing it off to the boy who was equally as high next to you seeing him stare at the ceiling as he hits the blunt as well.
Rolling back over he tossed the camera towards you as he flicks open the glasses and rests them on the bridge of his nose with a resting bitch face, you bite back your smile seeing him lay there with stylish glasses.
Rolling back over he tossed the camera towards you as he flicks open the glasses and rests them on the bridge of his nose with a resting bitch face, you bite back your smile seeing him lay there with stylish glasses.
Rolling back over he tossed the camera towards you as he flicks open the glasses and rests them on the bridge of his nose with a resting bitch face, you bite back your smile seeing him lay there with stylish glasses.
Sunghoon had the bright idea that came to his fried out mind "lay down I wanna take pictures of you" he says as his hand gently pushes down on your midriff, you lean back until you're in the position that he was once in before he was sitting on his knees as they dig into the matress, moving his legs to straddle over your stomach.
Your shirt riding up your stomach caught the eye of sunghoon who had a small smile on his lips, his brain practically short circuits as his large hand pushes your shirt up over your chest revealing your pace bra with a bow sewn into the middle.
Your eyes widen in shock at the feeling of his cold hands on your warm skin "what are you doing?" You ask shyly seeing the boy above you with hungry eyes "pose for the camera" he mumbled lifting the camera above you. You smile covering your eyes with your arm slightly embarrassed your friend was taking a picture of you in your bra.
Of course sunghoon had seen you in your underwear many times growing up together, but the aura of the room was more than just platonic and goofy, it was more lust built and sex driven. The loud click and the sound of the camera spitting out the small picture.
Waving it around you open your eyes to look at the blonde who had still been towering above you. His eyes darken as he looked down on you with your sweet e/c doe eyes looking back up at him like a deer in headlights and he loved every single second of it.
Dropping the camera on the matress his hands pull your shirt over your head and tossing it into the carpeted floor. "Sunghoon" you say just above a whisper at how bold the boy had become. "Pose" he whispered back picking up the camera, the tension in the air becoming thicker by the moment.
Pushing yourself on your forearms you look up at the lens your eyes drain from the bright flash, again the camera spits out the picture. Pulling it out this time Sunghoon didn't look at the picture he put the camera down and took his own shirt off laying next to you with a smile on his face.
You felt your body flush as your shoulders rub against each other. Lifting the camera above the both of your faces Sunghoon looking over at you who had already been looking at him. Your eyes red and glossy as your eyelashes cast a shadow on your cheeks.
Holding eye contact for what felt like forever his eyes flicker down to your lips then back into your eyes. He didn't move any further making you almost let a whine ripple through your throat at how needy you felt to have his lips on yours.
Moving in closer your eyes leave his and fall to his plump lips, you feel the tip of his nose brush against yours, even the smallest touch made your stomach churn with butterflies. Giving him one last look your eyes flutter closed as you close the little distance between you and the feeling of his soft lips on yours was all that surged through your mind.
Sucking in a breath through your nose your hand falls to the back of his neck pulling him in deeper making the kiss more needy and lust filled. Progressively speeding up your teeth clash against each other as the smell of his cologne takes over your senses.
Letting out a small groan Sunghoon's hand makes way to the belt loop of your jeans hooking two fingers inside and pulling your hips closer against his. Your bra covered chest pushes against his naked one while your hand finds his hair, entangling your fingers and shamelessly moaning into his mouth.
His tongue now licking a stripe on your bottom lip begging for access, parting your lips his tongue immediately brushed against yours mixing your saliva. As you suck on his tongue the remnants of weed and candy on his tastebuds didn't bother you a bit.
The flash of the camera goes off making you pull away with hesitation written all over your face, sunghoon pulling back to see the picture develops and show up with a frame of you and him swapping saliva and shoving your tongues down each other's throats.
You could see the tent in his jeans starting to grow "I'm gonna hang these up all over my room" he mumbled content how they came out . His words make your thighs push together at the thought of sunghoon having such intimate pictures of you and him being seen by your friends in his room.
But you aren't as slick as you hoped to be. Sunghoon caught the way your knees and thighs pushed together at his words making the small boyish grin on his lips turn into a smirk. Looking back over at you both still high, Sunghoon couldn't help but ask "you wanna keep going?" You could pounce on the boy at any moment seeing as his hair was now messy, his lips now swollen with your lipgloss smeared on them, and his labored breathing making his chest rise and fall more noticeably.
You nod your head looking him in his deep coffee brown eyes with adoration and lust "I want you to fuck me" you say loud enough for him but just above a whisper in the silent room. Your words make Sunghoon twitch in his boxers. Letting out a groan his head falls back "you're gonna fucking kill me" he said as his cock aches within the confinements of his tight boxers and pants.
The way you looked at him was like you were begging for him to just fuck you dumb on his cock. So when he gripped your chin pushing your head back, you could feel his lips on your neck, aimlessly sucking hickeys on your neck leaving purple and red splotches on your supple skin.
You let out small moans at the feeling of his teeth brushing against your sensitive spot that makes you shiver and your hand entangle in his messy blonde locks. His thumb rubbing against your bottom lip, you open your mouth letting the harsh pad of his thumb press against your tongue.
Sucking on his thumb Sunghoon groaned as the feeling of your warm mouth engulfing his finger, he couldn't help but imagine how good you would look with his cock on your tongue instead of his thumb. Kissing a trail down your neck to your chest.
Your body covered in goosebumps at the feeling of his warm tongue licking at your cold skin. His hand finds itself behind your back unclipping your bra letting it slip off your shoulders revealing your bare chest and hard nipples.
Licking a stripe on one of your nipples you roll your hips at the feeling. But as soon as he pulled away you whine, "sit on my lap" he says in a low tone. Catching a glimpse of the look on his face as the both of you shift until Sunghoon's back presses against the headboard. Pulling his jeans down and tossing them on the floor he looks up expectantly waiting for you to pull yours off as well.
Understanding without saying a word you pull them off discarding them with his as well. Leaving you in your panties that were sticking to you with a small wet patch seeping through the thin fabric.
Crawling into his lap your press your ass down on his bulge with no regard earning you a choked moan. You could feel as your pussy practically stuck to the wet fabric of your panties while you grind your hips against him.
The small wet watch of precum becoming larger as your panties make friction soaking his underwear as well. The outline his cock rubbing against you clit makes your head spin and you couldn't help but moan and grind harder against him.
"You feel so good" you whimper hearing the sticky sounds of your your slick thighs rubbing together, it was messy yet the both of you were too eager chasing some form of an orgasm to care what kind of mess you make.
Your hand moves around the matress to find the camera as you look down at Sunghoon who's head was thrown back while he lets out the deepest groans of pleasure. His hands guiding your hips against his at a faster pace makes you choke out louder moans.
"Fuck" he whispered harshly as you finally find the camera and holding the camera up you place your eye close to the view finder as you point the lens at a dazed Sunghoon who was on cloud 9.
Pressing down on the shutter button the flash finally goes off making Sunghoon open his eyes and look up at you, "you looked too good" you whisper placing one of your hands down on his lower abdomen as you feel Sunghoon buck his hips into you faster.
The feeling of the fabric running against your pussy slightly burned but it felt too good to care. "Feels so good" he grumbled as the pressure begins to build. The both of you chasing your orgasms you push your panties to the side rubbing your bare pussy against the fabric of his boxers at a fast pace that makes you whine.
You gasp feeling yourself being sent over the edge, Sunghoon began to slow down but you only shake your head as you anticipate him reaching his peak. "Please keep going, I want you to cum" you moan as your nails drag against his skin leaving behind a trail of red marks.
Your needy words make his eyes roll back as he pushes your hips down, he ruts into you as he moans shamelessly. Sunghoon had no idea if it was just the weed or if your pussy had fucking magic but your sweet moans and the sloppy sounds send him into a spiral of pleasure.
His cum seeps through his boxers as his hips twitch in a bit of overstimulation he didn't care, his hips slow down and then stop completely as he feels himself slowly coming back down to earth.
He lets out a large huff as a shy smile finds its way on his face, he can't believe he just came in his boxers after literally letting you dry hump him like a needy puppy. His hands grip at the flesh of your ass he lets out a small chuckle with a smirk on his lips.
"You're driving me crazy- fuck" he groaned as he continues to catch his breath. You giggle at him still feeling your mind trying to process. Who would've thought getting high off of 3 blunts and and having sex would feel this good.
Pushing you off his thighs Sunghoon gently pushes you down into the sheets pulling your panties down and sliding them off your ankle he discards them. The view of your pussy practically shining in all its wet glory. Sunghoon was desperate. To touch, taste and fill you up in so many ways he couldn't even think straight.
His hands unclip your bra watching your breasts spill out of the fabric and padding. Discarding it his hands palm your chest as leans down to lick your sensitive nipples making you let out a small moan. Nobody had ever made you feel so good just by barely touching. Until Sunghoon had decided to drag his face down your stomach littering small kisses on your sweet supple skin until he stopped at the place you need him most.
Kissing down your inner thigh sucking hickeys into your skin you shiver at the feeling of his warm tongue giving your puffy lips a small lick. Whispering a curse under his breath he licks again this time he is much more confident.
he holds your thighs when the pleasure starts seizing your limbs, as the feeling of his warm tongue licking from your hole to your clit and sucking needly. You moan as your hand reaches for the back of his head pushing him against your pussy.
Groaning against you sent vibrations all over as you let out a small giggle that broke into a moan feeling the harsh pad of his thumb rub against your clit while his tongue works to push inside you.
The sounds you make are music to his ears. He presses his nose on your clit, inhaling your scent deeply before his tongue dives inside your waiting pussy. You pull onto his hair, writhing against his face. "Feels so good hoon" you moan as you roll your hips against his face.
You could feel his lips curve against your pussy sending shivers down your spine. The wet muscle repetitively enters you, eager to gather your nectar. It feels like heaven, stomach tightening with each second.
Pulling away his thumb Sunghoon flattens his tongue against you licking from your entrance to your clit again, kissing it he sucks harshly on the bud with no regard as you moan his name mindlessly.
"Oh fuck" you manage to whimper out you tug at his hair as he groaned, your eyes shut as you "please use your fingers" you moan neediness dripping from your tone. His hand moving from your plush thigh his thumb rubbing harsh circles on your clit he pulled away licking your clit once more his middle and ring fingers make way to your entrance.
Pushing in slowly you groan at the penetration, easing your tight walls around his thick fingers as he pushes them deeper you feel the cool metal on his rings all the way at the knuckles of his fingers as it grounds you from the euphoric feeling.
Pulling his head he looks up at you with your juices on his swollen lips and on his chin his fingers begin to move opening your eyes you look down at him feeling his gaze as he watches you react gasping as the feeling you grind down against his fingers "you like that? Hm?" He says as he licks your essence off of his lips.
His hair now disheveled as his cheeks were blooming with a soft blush, you nod eagerly "yeah? You want me to go faster for you?" He coos feeling you clench around him at the sound of his lewd words, you clench harder "yes please" you say losing your mind on his fingers as you absentmindedly grind down on them.
Without a single falter in his movements his fingers began to rub against the gummy part of your walls at a faster rate as the sound of your sopping pussy getting pounded by his fingers make you squeal.
"Feels so good hoon" you cry out hoping to god he wouldn't stop the rewarding pace he had set. Your hips involuntarily buck against his fingers as his assault of pleasure on your pussy consumed you whole.
“I’m close” you whine as the sloshing sound and the sound of you and Sunghoon’s mixed heavy breathing had been the only thing you could hear “yeah, you gonna cum all over my fingers?” He asks teasingly as his tongue licks a long stripe against your clit that had the feeling in the pit of your stomach churning in anticipation for your orgasm.
“Yes, wanna cum just for you” you whine under your breath as he pushes and pulls his fingers in and out of you faster watching you come closer and closer to the edge waiting for him to catch you. He sucks and licks your clit harshly making you let out a loud moan as you cum all over his fingers.
“So good” he hummed as he fucks you through your high slowing down as he kisses your clit that’s now sensitive making you writhed under him. “Doing so good for me” he giggle as he pulled away from you kissing your thighs as if he was rewarding you.
You let out a small giggle that turned into a choked moan when his long fingers pulled out of you. With no hesitation he sucked on his fingers licking off any essence and cum you had left on his digits.
Pulling them away he leans in to kiss you letting his tongue brush over yours to taste yourself. The smell of weed and whatever sweet smelling Cali he he had one sent you into a spiral of neediness. “Want’ you to fuck me so bad” you mumble against his lips.
“I got you don’t worry” he says reassuringly, pulling off his cum stained boxers he let out a sigh of relief, his hard cock twitching and blushing a soft red at his tip he couldn’t help but wrap his hand around his length and jerk himself off at the beautiful sight that was you naked in his bed looking up at his with round red eyes.
He moves your legs open wider as he takes his rightful place in between them once again. Watching the tip of his cock rub up and down your slit as your hips twitch in sensitivity. His cock glistening from a mixture of precum and your slick he presses the head of his cock at your entrance slowly pushing inside you enjoying the warm and tight feeling inside you.
His hands move to either sides of your head as he looks down on you with complete adoration in his eyes. Pushing deeper inside you he lets out a moan “fuck you feel so good” he says as he catches his bottom lip in between his teeth.
“You’re so big” you slur seeing how good he filled you up to the brim your arms wrap around his neck your foreheads press together as you watch his begin to slowly move. Sunghoon couldn’t get enough of the sight as his cock disappears inside your Pussy.
“I wanna ride you- please” you beg watching Sunghoon stop mid-thrust. He nods not pulling out he hooks your legs around his waist and rolls over to push his back against the headboard with you now perched in his lap straddling him.
His cock buried deep inside you that you moan and dig crescent shaped dents into his skin. set a pace for bouncing in his lap. The feeling of your velvety walls tightening around making him choke back a moan.
"Oh- god” you whisper shakily. His hands holding onto your hips guiding a pace, the soft sound of skin slapping with your small moans could be heard throughout the room.
You looked so good with your chest bouncing and your hair all messy. You looked good with small sheen of sweat on your skin and your makeup smeared, he was addicted to the sight.
Sunghoon; eager to let his load off inside you holds your thighs stopping you from bouncing any longer begins to thrust his hips into you. The feeling of his tip pushing at your cervix.
His hips piston into you as your thighs and ass jiggle at the repetitive thrusts “tight there!” You moan as you feel him pounding in a certain part of your walls. You tighten around him as your essence forms a white ring around the base of his dick.
“Just like that! I just want you to come inside me” you babble mindlessly as his stomach churns at the words spewing out.
“Yeah? Want me to fill you up with my cum?” he groans as the knot in your stomach begins to tighten and Sunghoon’s death grip on the fat of your thighs almost sending you over the edge if it wasn't for how hard he was pounding you.
You nod eagerly as you began to alternate between grinding and bouncing, your nails drag against his back leaving behind a red and irritated trail- yet he didn’t mind it as it pushed him closer to his orgasm.
Leaning down to his him your moans against each other’s lips push you closer and closer. Your back arching as you move faster wanting to cum so badly “keep going. Don’t stop” he groaned letting his head fall back.
His hair messily pushed against his forehead as it was covered in sweat and his eyes rolled back “god I’m gonna cum” he says breathily “I want you to look at me when you cum okay?” Says opening his eyes looking up at you.
You nod as you let your moans fall past your lips, the sensation building more and more until it became to overwhelming you gasp “I’m gonna cum” you whine as your hips fall more hastily on him, his moans mixed with yours as he drowned in the feeling of your walls spasming around him pushing him completely over the edge.
“Fuck” he groaned as warm spurts of cum filled you, grinding down and letting the cum spill past your walls and down the base of his cock you hum as your content with your orgasm.
And just as fast as all of this began- it ended with you pulling off of Sunghoon and laying down beside him, your chests both slowly riding and falling, you turn your head over to him with low red eyes, he meets your gaze “want me to re-light the blunt?” You ask with a smirk.
He nods leaning over to kiss your lips he smiles against your lips as his hand reaches over to the bed side table that held the ash tray his fingers pluck the blunt from out of the ash tray as well as grabbing the lighter he hands them off to you.
Tumblr media
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jaeyunsz · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to BeLift! Is it your first time here? There’s nothing to be embarrassed. We’re all here for the same reason which is to watch pretty boys. You can watch one of our camboy’s stream for free to see if he’s the one for you and if he is, make sure to subscribe to never miss a stream! 
BeLift; a pretty new streaming service that went viral once their new four camboys entered the scene. Four boys, each with a different story of their own. Whose livestream do you plan on joining? 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: heeseung x fem!reader (she/her)
camboy!heeseung, fwb!au, unrequited love!au
word count: 13.2k (in total)
SYNOPSIS: when heeseung asked you, his darling fuck buddy, to join one of his livestreams, you didn’t have any expectation. sex was casual between the two of you. it was supposed to be just sex, no feelings attached but since when did heeseung get butterflies in his stomach when he looked at you? 
HEESEUNG is streaming: PART 1, PART 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: jake x fem!reader (she/her)
camboy!jake, camgirl!reader, business partners!au, fake dating!au
word count: 13k
SYNOPSIS: being strictly business partners with none other than the popular camboy jake sim himself brought you bags of money and mind blowing sex. having no relationship outside his bedroom and in front of his camera, you panicked when your mother asked if you were bringing your boyfriend to your brother’s wedding. with panic, jake’s name left your lips and now you had a fake boyfriend who you didn’t know was head over heels for you already. 
JAKE is streaming.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: sunghoon x fem!reader (she/her)
camboy!sunghoon, virgin!sunghoon, experienced!reader, besties-to-lovers!au
word count: ?
SYNOPSIS: sunghoon was so full of himself and he knew his worth. with his devilishly handsome pretty face and confidence, it was no secret that he was the most popular camboy on belift. so it came as a surprise when he told you that he was a still virgin. what came more shocking was that he asked you to be the one to take his virginity, his best friend. 
SUNGHOON is offline.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: jay x fem!reader (she/her)
camboy!jay, subscriber!reader, roommates!au 
word count: ?
SYNOPSIS: you didn’t think much on it when your new roommate moved into your apartment. there was something about him that you couldn’t understand. his voice sounded too familiar but you couldn’t figure out where you recognized it. it made all sense when you caught a glimpse of his birthmark on his neck; the same birthmark the camboy you had subscribed having a matching one. could jay be the boy who you watched whenever you felt lonely at night? but jay didn’t need to know that, his secret was safe with you. 
JAY is offline. 
Tumblr media
A/N: Heeseung’s fic was the first scenario I’ve posted on this blog but then I found a few wips on my docs and decided to turn it into a whole series! I hope you guys like the upcoming installments! IM SO EXCITED
Tumblr media
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