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#sunny day

50: Upset and uncomfortable: still functional

Today I felt many feelings. 

I spoke to my mother and I began to reflect on her life with my father and our lives. The pain he has caused and the way he continues to treat her, my siblings and I. I  have to pretend I am not upset, so I speak to him like, the way he treats my mother does not cause me grieve. I do this so he won’t have another reason to lash out at her in anger.

Today, he called me but I could not find the courage to put on my best vioce and speak to him. All I could do this morining was cry. I took sometime for myself but I conflicted about not picking up his call.

I talked to my sister and while I am not all patched up, it was a much needed therapy sesh.

All this to say, if you are upset feel free to:

  • Have a good cry
  • Squeeze in venting sesh
  • Take the day off

I will not always feel these feelings.

I will heal and feel peace.

As always, I am hopeful 🦋

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