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#sunrae art

i struggled to do a rainbow color palette without it bein too busy, but as a compromise, she doesnt have a favorite color and just loves everything youd give her no matter what

also apparently there arent any lionesses in animal crossing, so this was fun to design!!!! :D

ALSO ALSO, that post i made had a couple other replies to it for a different villager, so here’s also me as a yellow deer with a sisterly attitude and cute clothes <3

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we be makin progress!!!

i also realized halfway thru this that my method of attack is to ink out the keys before anything else, and now im wonderin if in my next one i should do it like an illustration and do the entire thing roughed out first THEN go back and ink. im sure thats how its normally done but eh, learnin curve. gotta learn the rae way

@0buzzed-bunny0 psst its ur boi! 

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i think morgon possessed me last night cause i couldnt go to bed until i roughed this out and now i wanna clean up some movements and really flesh it out

also this is morgon, small snazzy business imp from whimsys world

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Burnsville just got three new characters

First is Kid the Baby Goat. They’re just a regular lil kiddo, goes to school, plays with other kids, kinda quiet and curious. They’re one of the few kids that don’t really play into all the faerie gossip and aren’t afraid to straight up talk to Whimsy. Except they dont really talk when they visit, they just kinda let Whimsy do all the talking and shake and nod their head as they go. Hard to read but really sweet kid

And then the two ladies from that dump post about Whimsy officiating weddings. Mrs. Luck and Charlotte, a happily married ladybug and tarantula that ran away from their original home and settled in Burnsville after Whimsy helped them elope. The kids love their baked goods, and they like volunteering at the local school as chaperones, science fair judges, extra hands to set up the bake sale, you name it. No one in town knows about their connection to Whimsy, and they’d like to keep it that way. Folks in town like to bad-mouth anyone that goes up to the orchard.

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I have finished the poem and am literally vibrating in my seat! Here we go! It doesn’t have a title, I couldn’t think of one, sorry. Without further ado!


The people of the town tell of a creature
In the orchard with the apple trees

Some say it bears fangs and claws
It seeks for a child’s soul to claim its own
For purposes unknown
They warn the young ones
“Go not near the orchard
Or you may never come back”
The children nod, if only to please

But if you ask the shopkeeper down the street
Who works wonders with a thread and needle
Above the store, in his apartment suite
If you asked him about the creature
He’d laugh a little
And tell you about a fae
And talk all about the time they spend together

If you ask the women who live around the corner
The ones who bake for the children of the town
If you asked them
They’d smile
They’d tell you of the fae
And fondly recount their wedding day

And if you walked down to the orchard
With the big apple trees
If you were willing to make a deal
You’d find a fae
Who’d ask you to call them Whimsy
And perhaps, you would talk to them
And make your own decision

About the fae
In the orchard with the apple trees


ive been obsessed with this ever since you sent it to me and i had to make a whole ass comic for it it was so damn moving ;v;

my typography’s not the strongest but i did my best to capture the feeling i got when i read this and how magic it was!! like it reads like one of those old folktales that warn you of that beast in the woods, its so perfect and wonderful!!

also because of this i fleshed out three new characters, the town keeps on growin! we’ll have a whole cast before long lol

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he loves plants and growing them whenever he finds a seed even if he doesn’t kno what it is he’ll plant it, sometimes he gets a little impaticent whe he’s curious and just makes the seed grow faster with his mind, he pretty much has the power to control plants, he is shy but friendly. QwQ



shy plant lovin magic child? u know me so well thank u for sharin the lad 💛

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#friday Happy new moon in Gemini ♊️ and Happy Bornday 2 #SunRa! 💜👾🤘🏽 As we imagine futures, let us remind ourselves of what we must not and don’t want 2 repeat personally, professionally and systemically. 🙏🏾💜🙏🏾 #fridayvibes #friyay #fridaymood #gemini #newmoon #geminiseason #sunraarkestra #spaceistheplace #art #artists #music #experimental #philosophies #universe #repost @hollywdafricans Sun Ra capturing my whole mood as I close in on the last four scenes left to write before I complete a first draft of this script that’s been turning me inside out for far to long. Working in a completely different way than I’m used to. Developing new rituals. Deepening my practice. Challenging myself to write this completely out of sequence with no roadmap other than the emotional corners these characters take me has been much like feeling my way around a dark room blindfolded… or something like improvisation. Still not quite sure how to land this plane but I feel very strongly that I’m reaching the next level for myself creatively and that is the greatest reward. We not out here tryna repeat ourselves 🤷🏾‍♀️ I hope this to be the next feature film I direct. Wish us luck (me and the people in my head!) 👩🏾‍💻 #writerslife #SunRa #inspirationinformation (at Los Angeles, California)

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