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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.

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(and anyone else who needs the reminder. But especially Slytherins because we suck at self-care)

Green tea (tastes good if you brew it the right way). In bed by 11pm, 10pm if possible. Don’t sleep in - wake up early and enjoy the sunrise 🌞. Don’t skip meals. Highly processed foods are a no-no. Take control of your life - don’t let people pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do. No need to become a fitness influencer obsessed with diet culture - just get out of the house every day and go on a walk (maybe a jog if you’re feeling confident). If you have to spend ages on your phone or laptop, at least invest in a decent pair of blue-light blocking glasses. Don’t watch TV or use devices with the lights off - it’s bad for your eyesight. If you use headphones (or the like) keep the volume low to protect your hearing. If you have medication - please set yourself a reminder to take it! And finally, if you ignore everything else in this list, please for the love of Thor just DRINK SOME WATER. 

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The Ancient Maya in Time & Space + 5 Pics Representing Different Dimensions + Poem by Edna St.Vincent Millay

Degrees of difference that create new worldly dimensions 🎵🐚🤎🐞♾

📸 The Ancient Maya in Time & Space; Ecliptic Traces - EarthSky; Tree Heart Birds DNA Artwork by Elvina-Ewing; Gold Coast Australia - Travtasy; Stone Bridge - eBaumsWorld; Sunrise at Lake Louise Canada - UCEAP

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