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Y’all know that scene in the first Big Time Rush Episode where Gustavo says James has no talent and Kendall is like “the fuck” and it basically ends with them all in a fight with security

here’s that, but with Sunset Curve

Luke is James (outside of this scene he’s a Kendall cause lead singer) always dreamed of singing, this is his big chance, fights starts because of defending him and he calmly takes a deep breath and joins the fight

Bobby is Kendall (is totally James most of the time plus James did go solo once) you said his friend has no talent he yells at you then fights security…impulsive ready to throw down for his friends

Reggie is Carlos he joined right after Kendall/Bobby but asked Logan what the consequences are first isn’t one to initiate a fight and is super lovable but hey that’s his friend

Alex is Logan last to join the fight but joins in anyway knows what would happen if he did before hand but those are his friends if one goes down they all go down so you do what you gotta do

and the old lady wacking security with the cane is Julie like….I mean she’s not in the 90 but let’s be honest very Julie move

I could do this with all the jatp friend groups lol but i thought of sunset curve first

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Requests are on Hold!


Originally posted by stuffshows

Hey guys I’m putting my requests on hold due to the fact that I have so many to get done!

So until I get through those I won’t be taking any at the moment!!

Thank you for sending yours in!

If I got back to you I most likely got your requests down.

If I didn’t get back to you because you send in the requets as a question I probably still got it down.

Again thank you guys for sending them in I’ll be posting my next one soon!

These are all the ones I have down from both my tumblr and wattpad request so I hope you guys are ready!


Up Next: Owen Patrick Joyner

Charlie Gillespie x Reader

Alex x Male Reader

Luke Patterson x Reader

Charlie Gillespie x Reader

Jeremy Shada x Reader

Charlie Gillespie x Owen Patrick Joyner x Reader

Reggie x Reader

Charlie Gillespie x Reader

Reggie x Reader

Carrie x Reader

Reggie x Reader

Sunset Curve x Reader


(I’ll delete this post most likely when I’m done with them)

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Yooo I got 200 followers which is awesome! Thank you to everyone who’s followed me, I really appreciate it and you. I wanted to write another missing scene as my celebration - when I started writing this I was planning for it to be a light-hearted story about Carlos meeting the boys but then this happened so… enjoy lol

Don’t Ghost Me

Julie couldn’t comprehend it. She could touch the boys. She could hug them, they could swing their arms over her shoulders, they could do all the mundane things they hadn’t been able to before like fist-bumps and high-fives. It didn’t make any sense, but who was she to question it? If she thought about it too much, with her luck the boys would probably turn intangible again.

After saying goodnight to the boys (giving them a goodnight hug - how was it possible?) she headed back up to the house with a renewed spring in her step, running on the high of the successful performance and adrenaline. Happy as she was though, Julie was exhausted, feeling physically and emotionally drained. All she wanted to do was sleep, but she remembered that she had told Carlos she’d talk to him.

She headed in the direction of Carlos’s room, steeling herself. She had no idea how much he actually knew, but he had clearly figured out somewhere along the way that the boys were ghosts. It wasn’t the end of the world, Julie supposed as she pushed his bedroom door open - at least he wasn’t going to call her crazy. Still, it would probably be safer just to try and convince him that the boys weren’t dead.

Easier said than done.

Entering Carlos’s room, Julie saw him sat at his desk. He slowly spun the chair around to face her as she came in and closed the door, his fingers tented together under his chin and a sly look in his eyes.

“Well, well, well,” he said, “I’ve been expecting you.”

Julie raised an unimpressed eyebrow. “How long have you been sat there like that just so you could do that when I walked in?”

“Shut up,” was the only reply.

Julie huffed a tired laugh and sat down on the end of Carlos’s bed. “So what did you want to talk about?” she asked, feigning ignorance.

Carlos scooched his chair closer until he was sat directly in front of Julie. He had a triumphant glint in his eye, and something in his expression was undeniably happy too.

“Your band,” he said enthusiastically. “Your Phantoms, or whatever. They’re actual phantoms! They’re ghosts!”

“What are you talking about?” Julie was trying to look confused, but she was too tired to mask her smile which gave her away completely.

“Don’t play dumb,” Carlos returned, clearly enjoying himself. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded scrap of paper. “This is from a CD that was made in 1995. I looked it up - that band is dead. Except they’re your band now. They’re ghosts!”

Sure enough, Luke, Alex, and Reggie (as well as a boy who Julie assumed was a much younger Trevor Wilson) were staring back at her, giving their best moody, brooding looks. She couldn’t help it and she was too tired to pretend - she grinned.

“Yeah,” she said, handing the paper back to Carlos with a nod. “They’re ghosts. But you can’t tell anyone - I mean it, Carlos!”

He groaned. “Why not? We could be famous! You have a ghost band!”

“Yes, and hopefully that’ll get us famous anyway - but for the music, not because they’re ghosts.”

He rolled his eyes. “Whatever. That’s not what I wanted to ask you anyway. How does it work?”

“How does what work?” she asked, genuinely confused this time.

“You know, how can you see the band all the time but the rest of us can’t?”

Julie shrugged her shoulders lightly. “We don’t know. We’ve not figured it out yet. All we know is that I can see them all the time and other people can see them when we play music together.”

“Can you see all ghosts?” Carlos asked excitedly.

She opened her mouth to reply but realised she didn’t know the answer. “I… I don’t know. Maybe. We’ve never tested it out.”

Carlos nodded. Julie had never seen him so attentive, like he was caught up in her every word. “Does everyone come back as ghosts?” he asked.

Oh. Julie thought with a terrible lurch in her stomach that she knew which direction this conversation was headed in.

She closed her eyes and softly said, “No.”

Carlos was silent for a beat. “Do you think… do you think mom came back as a ghost and we just haven’t seen her?” he asked after a moment.

Julie shook her head regretfully. “No,” she said again. “I don’t. I’m sorry, Carlos.”

Carlos couldn’t have hidden his disappointment if he tried. He ducked his head, his bottom lip quivering and his eyes shining with tears. Julie reached a hand out and he let himself be pulled to his feet before coming to sit beside Julie. He melted into her side as she wrapped her arms around him in the fiercely protective hug that only a big sister could give.

“Is this why you’ve been so into this whole ghost-hunting thing?” she asked gently. “You were hoping it was mom?”

“I just thought… maybe she wanted to come and see us again. But she didn’t know how. I wanted to try and help her.”

Julie hugged him tighter. “I’m sorry,” she said, but she knew it would never be enough.

“Why don’t you think she’ll come back?” Carlos breathed, voice weak.

Julie sighed. “Because I think she sent the guys to me,” she whispered back, “and I think that if she could have come herself then she would have.”

“But why? Doesn’t she miss us?”

“Oh, Carlos… that isn’t how it works. People only come back as ghosts if they have unfinished business - that’s something they were supposed to do while they were alive but didn’t. Mom didn’t come back because she didn’t have any unfinished business. And do you know what that means?”

Carlos pulled back a bit, sniffling. He shook his head. Julie smiled.

“It means that she was happy,” she said softly.

Carlos gave her a watery smile and ducked back in for another hug.

“It’s nothing to do with how much she misses us,” Julie continued. “We miss her every day, and she misses us too. But she can’t come back and tell us, so you just have to look for the little things she sends us. Like a song, or a t-shirt, or a dahlia.”

“Or an entire ghost band,” Carlos supplied.

Julie laughed. “Or that.”

They were quiet for a minute or two. Julie noticed that Carlos had put the dahlia she’d handed to him on his bedside table. She held him just that little bit tighter, and then had a thought.

“Hey,” she said. “While I was down in the studio I talked to the guys and something really weird happened. I don’t know if this will work, but do you fancy meeting some real-life ghosts?”

Carlos beamed and practically leapt up from his seat. “Obviously,” he shouted, already running out of his bedroom towards the stairs to go down to the studio.

Julie laughed, shaking her head as she followed him. Maybe she didn’t entirely trust Carlos not to tell anyone about the guys, but she was glad that if anybody got to know the truth it was him.

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You can’t look me in the eyes and tell me that Reggie wouldn’t be a total soccer mom and drive a minivan. He would literally make snacks for the team, drive them home, host team dinners, all of it. You can bet he’d come to every game without fail. He’d be so supportive, saying “THAT’S MY KID!!!” any time they did something. He would help his kid practice on the weekends even though he had no skills in soccer whatsoever. The guys would tease him for it of course, and they definitely would’ve written Mrs. All American (if we are in the AU where sunset curve made all of the 5sos songs) just to tease Reggie, while still making it a song that was targeted towards their audience. “That minivan that you drive really gets me going” yeah that was actually about Reggie and they snuck it into one of the songs just bc they could.

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the power move that is Julie just telling the guys to leave her house after she discovers them. like at first she gets scared but after a while she’s just like “get the f*ck out please??? this is my home? you can’t just haunt it”

imagine figuring out your house is haunted and you’re just like “uhhh? do you pay enough rent to be playing music that loud?? Pasadena is nice, freeloaders”

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