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#sunset honey breeze

I had no heart to tell her why I actually asked.

You see, I know a lot about space. Have been to different planets many times. And as it turns out, they need my knowledge in Strangerville. Yes, the town where that weird Mother crap happened a long time ago. I told them I don’t want to go, but no one cared about my opinion. An order is an order.

I didn’t want to leave my home. Strangerville is so far away from everyone and everything I’ve known my entire life. I need to have Dawn on my side. Dawn…and the girls. But like I said, they’re old enough to live on their own now. If they say they want to stay in Willow Creek, I’ll let them. But Dawn…no, I can’t leave Dawn here. If I truly have to go, Dawn has to go with me. I can’t do this alone.

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The party was a success. Everyone was happy for me reaching the top of my career. Dad complained about the downsides of being a ghost. Dawn told everyone stories of what she’s doing when I’m in space. Highlight of the evening? Loooooads of delicious food.

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The Power of Skin Details Challenge by @ridgeport

Tagged by @desira-sims. Thank you! I took this two ways because I don’t actually use skin details or overlays too often, except for freckles (which, on the other hand, I can’t get enough of). I have some in my game, but usually they came with other people’s sims.

The first one is with a few more skin details that they actually have in my game. The second one is what they pretty much look like in my game. And the third one is completely without skin details. No freckles, no anything, apparently Sunset’s eyelashes were the skin detail ones and Ross’s weren’t haha.

  • take a screenshot of ur sim w/ all their skin details on (makeup off unless its like essential makeup u know)
  • smash delete on all skin details
  • take a screenshot
  • post both screenshots side to side

Tagging whoever wants to do this! I’m not really around these days, so I have no idea who has done this already.

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☕ for Caleb, 👑 for Ross, and 🌟 for Sunset!

☕ Give us one (or more if you feel like it) of your OCs deep dark secrets! Why do they keep it hidden? Spill the tea!

When I saw this question, I went “yasss, backstory time!” in my head…and later I sat down and realized I don’t remember what I wanted to say 🤦‍♀️ I’ll just give you something else. Less exciting, that’s the one thing I know, but hopefully still good.

I’m not sure if this counts as a secret exactly, but he doesn’t like talking about his mortal family from centuries ago. He never mentions them, not even if he’s asked, he’ll just try to dodge the question. Caleb is sensitive and has a good memory…and thinking about them, remembering them still hurts in a way, so he prefers to keep those thoughts shut down. I might have mentioned this before, but I’ll just say it again, he was really close with his mother. It’s hard for him to not wonder about what she’d say if she could see him today or if she’d be proud. Because back then, when he was still a human, he was her precious baby boy and she was so, so proud of everything he did.


👑 If your OC was made royal (or is royal) how would they use their power? Are they a good leader or bad? Do their subjects like them or is it ‘off with their head’? Do they enjoy being royal?

I like this one. When he was still alive and working, he was a politician. And even though he was a shitty person, as a politician, he wasn’t that bad?? Like, he wasn’t the evil type, he wanted people to be happy. And I think that if he was a royal, it would be the same. Maybe a little selfish and terrible in his private life (at least until he meets a certain someone - please, stop me from doing a royal AU), but he’d want his kingdom to be thriving. And yes, he’d enjoy it.


🌟 When your OC loses all hope, who do they turn to first? What helps make them feel better? What calms them down and reassures them? Why?

Dawn. Always Dawn. She gives the best hugs. Sometimes just being in her warm embrace without saying anything helps.

Thanks for asking! ♥

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🍂 For Sunset

🍂 What are their opinions on the different seasons? Which one do they hate and which one do they love and why?

Spring - not great, not terrible, she’s just glad the weather is finally getting warmer. She doesn’t like when it starts raining though. Especially if it’s raining for days.

Summer - this one is her favourite. Are we surprised? 😄 She’s just a very summer-y person. She prefers hot weather over freezing cold, she’d rather just wear a tank top and shorts and cool herself down with an ice cream than wear a million layers and still feel cold. She’s that person who feels cold in 90% of situations, so.

Autumn - she loves autumn for how colourful it is, but the fact that it’s getting cold again and soon orange is replaced by grey and it’s getting dark so early…autumn would be her least favourite season indeed, but she doesn’t hate it, the first part is nice and Halloween is great. She hates November though.

Winter - she doesn’t mind snow. Cold weather, yes, but there’s something charming when you look out the window and everything is covered in white. Her favourite part of winter is definitely Christmas.

Thank you for asking! ♥

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💎 ross and the travel one for sunset (i forgot the emoji 😅)

Look at me finally answering asks from a long time ago!


💎 Does your OC collect anything? Is there a reason? When did they start and is it beginning to turn into a little bit of a hoarding issue? What do they do with their collection?

He likes to keep old photos, he never throws them out or deletes them from his phone. Yes, he probably still has pictures of his ex’s somewhere. Hidden. Lost between other stuff he should’ve got rid of decades ago. Somewhere. 

He also likes to print them out as he likes the feeling of “real” photos, if you know what I mean. He’s not even a good photographer, but it doesn’t matter to him, he just wants to keep the memory to relive it later.

I’d say hoarding issues are quite common in this family (let’s not forget Val’s big pile of questionable fanfiction), he’s no exception 😂 Aside from photos, he also hoards pens. Chances are that out of all the ones on his desk, not a single one will work, but hey. They have to stay there.


🏞️ If your OC could travel to anywhere in their world where would they go? Why? If they could live there would they?

She’d like to visit Oasis Springs. She’s never been there and she wants to go there because that’s where her beloved grandma achieved her greatest goals (like becoming a mad scientist who specializes in freezing vampires 🤷‍♀️)

As for living there, she’s not sure. She got so used to Willow Creek weather, she’s not sure if she would enjoy the high temperatures of Oasis Springs haha. She likes warm weather, but this might be too warm.

Thanks for asking! ♥

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Playlist Tag! You’re It!

Choose between 5-10 songs that your OC loves. Link to video’s or not!

I’m in love with this look on her ok. If I never put her in a different outfit again, that’s why. Sunset, unlike her overdramatic vampire dads, usually prefers happy, upbeat bops. It was really hard to not make this all just ABBA songs…Sunset and Dawn are obsessed with them. Can’t blame them tbh.

  1. ABBA - Dancing Queen
  2. Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down
  3. Harry Styles - Adore You
  4. Hayley Kiyoko - Curious
  5. King Princess - Holy
  6. Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
  7. Queen - Keep Yourself Alive
  8. Billy Joel - Uptown Girl
  9. Cyndi Lauper - True Colours
  10. Phil Collins - You Can’t Hurry Love
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(For the oc takeover thing) Hey Sunset! Do you ever feel embarrassed by your dads?? Also why are you the cutest girl ever???

“As long as they can control themselves, it’s totally fine. I don’t mind when they hold hands or hug or kiss in front of me. That makes my heart melt, actually. They deserve to be happy and together. But if they seem to forget I’m in the same room, which isn’t unlikely, or if my dad starts vaguely hinting at their later plans for whatever reason, if you know what I mean, then yeah, I’m embarrassed. Geez, I don’t need to know that! Oh and…thank you!”

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