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How They Kiss You - Obey Me
Tumblr media
His kisses are almost always thoughtful. He’s not a very impulsive person, especially when it comes to romance, so unless something drastic happens you’ll never get an impulsive kiss from him. You can feel in his kisses just how much thought and care he’s put into them
That doesn’t mean his kisses aren’t a surprise though. He’s got a very good poker face so unless he wants you to know he’s thinking about kissing you, it’ll be a surprise to you every time he does. He doesn’t have a tell (at least, not one you’ve been able to figure out), so you never know when he’s about to surprise you with a kiss
His kisses are very frequently accompanied by him pulling you into his lap. Especially if you’re visiting his office while he works late into the night. He’ll wrap his arms around your waist and pull you into a nice slow kiss, taking his time enjoying you. He loves touching you and feeling your body against him, so no matter what you’ll always find his warmth enveloping you when you kiss
If he’s standing up, he’s more likely to pull you to him, flush against his body as he kisses you with that barely disguised passion that simmers under the surface of the demon. He’s not one for pda in general, but if he’s jealous or otherwise feels the need to stake a claim on you, expect a very heated kiss in public. And if you’ve been teasing him or otherwise look irresistible, he’ll readily pin you to the nearest wall and ravish you with his kisses
While his kisses are usually bold and confident, in rarer soft moments between you, his kisses are much more reserved. Sometimes he kisses you so sweetly, like you’re made of porcelain. Often times in these moments he’ll ask if he can kiss you, almost seeming to question whether or not he deserves to
Most of the time, though, his kisses involve his tongue teasing yours and his arm around your waist to keep you pressed against his body. He doesn’t mind having to crane his neck down to reach you, but he’ll just as gladly pin you up against the wall with your legs around his waist while he kisses you breathless. If you’re being a bit too bratty, he’ll give your lower lip a little warning bite, and his free hand finds itself teasing you almost on instinct
Mammon isn’t too picky or particular about kisses. Especially in public. Anything that reminds him and everyone around you that you’re together. Cheek kisses, little pecks on the lips, forehead kisses, hand kisses, anything at all. His lips are constantly on you, and he constantly wants yours on him as well
Kisses are your biggest bargaining chip when it comes to him, especially when you don’t have any Grimm to give. He’ll do just about anything for a kiss, and the promise of a kiss can stop him from doing most stupid things. Kisses are his new favourite currency
He’s the avatar of greed, is it any surprise that he doesn’t believe in the idea of “too many kisses”? He wants them all, always. Sometimes when he’s feeling dominant, he’ll dip you low and kiss you passionately. When he’s feeling submissive, he’s much more likely to beg you for kisses and whimper softly against your lips when you oblige
He’s noisy. He’s always humming or whining or moaning or sighing against your lips. If his lips are on yours, there can never be a doubt in your mind that he’s enjoying it. And if you grope him or tease him or pull lightly at his hair while you kiss… you’ll hear all sorts of desperate little sounds from him. Anything from begging against your lips to mewling your name
He may not be the tallest of his brothers, but compared to a human he’s still plenty tall. Often times he’ll crouch or pick you up or do whatever it takes to keep you from having to strain your neck for kisses. And if that means he ends up on his knees for you, leaning up to beg for kisses… well, he’s not about to complain
When you cuddle is when he gets the most kissy. His lips will stray across your shoulders, your back, your neck, your chest… wherever he can reach to kiss you. And if he can make you giggle or squirm or sigh, then that’s even better! And even when he’s at his most tsundere, he won’t be able to stop himself from instinctively kissing the back of your hand or your cheek
Most of the time, kissing Levi is something that has to be initiated by you. Even as his confidence in your relationship builds, he’s still never certain about when it is and isn’t appropriate to kiss you, so he leaves the initiation of kisses to you. He trusts you to know when you can and can’t kiss him, but he doesn’t trust himself to know the same for you
His kisses can range anywhere from nervous, shy little pecks to almost overeager, enthusiastic make out sessions where his tongue hardly leaves your mouth unless yours is in his. It really depends on how turned on he is, the moment he starts getting horny, he’s all over you
Oddly enough, pda isn’t really his thing. One might expect the avatar of envy to want to show off what he’s got, but really he wants to keep you all to himself. He worries that if people see you two kissing, they might imagine themselves in his place, and he couldn’t stand that idea. So any kisses you give him in public will be met with deep blushes and slight grumbling
Sometimes he gets an idea in his head from some anime or manga or game he’s seen, and he decides to try to initiate a kiss. Usually it’s something dramatic, like being dipped back and kissed deeply or tilting his head back while he’s at his desk to steal an upside down kiss from you as you walk past
In his moments of confidence, especially when they coincide with his moments of dominance, he’ll gladly pull you into his lap or pin you up against the wall to make out with you. You’ll find his knee slipping between your legs, his hands and tail exploring your body while his skilled tongue teases yours. Usually this is followed up by kisses down your jaw, neck, shoulders, chest… with liberal use of his teeth to leave lovely marks on your skin
Kisses are a great way to motivate him in general. If you want to convince him to go on a “normie” date with you or to actually do his homework at a normal pace instead of crunching it all in at the last minute, just bribe him with kisses. As much as he’ll complain and whine, he’ll always give in. He just can’t say no to you
Kisses from Satan can vary depending on his mood, what he’s doing in the moment, and what vibes he’s picking up on from you. He’s very aware of and attentive towards your needs, so unless he’s being selfish, you can guarantee you’ll be getting exactly the kisses you’re looking for from him
He loves using kisses as a way to stake his claim on you. He’ll frequently kiss your cheeks in public, or give you a quick peck on the lips as he drops you off at class. Just a subtle way to remind everyone around you that you’re off limits
And in the HoL, he’s even firmer about this. Whether you’re just dating him, or you’re in a polyamorous relationship with some/all of them, he’ll often like to validate his relationship with you by making out with you in the library or the hallway or the living room or really anywhere his brothers might see and be reminded that you’re dating him
Often times when you’re cuddling and he’s reading or doing homework or otherwise not fully focused on you, he’ll absentmindedly press little kisses to the top of your head. On the other hand, if you’re busy and he isn’t, he can be a right little tease. Kissing your neck, your shoulders, right behind your ear, anything that might make your breath hitch so he can enjoy the effect he knows he has on you
Sometimes when he’s pissed off about something or other, he tries to calm himself by indulging in you. He’ll kiss you hard and rough, pressed up against the wall as he gropes you. He only does this if he knows he has your consent, but once he does he’s letting all of his anger out into the kiss. He’ll leave you breathless, with swollen lips. Assuming he doesn’t drag you off to bed immediately
Most of the time, however, his kisses are sweet and romantic. No matter how chaste or steamy, they feel like something out of a romance novel. He holds you gallantly by the waist, dipping his head to you and pressing soft kisses to your lips. He starts gentle and lets it build from there, enjoying the way both of your hearts beat faster and your bodies heat up as your kisses get hotter
Asmo’s kisses are as varied as his outfits. He may be the avatar of lust, but he’s also brimming with love, and his favourite ways to express his love are through physical affection. From hugging his friends and brothers to giving you kisses every time you say something cute, his hands and lips are rarely kept to himself
Consent is, of course, a huge deal for him. At least when it comes to you, being immune to his Charm and being someone he loves and respects dearly. He can, in his own way, tell when you do or don’t want kisses and he’ll respect that. He’ll respect your verbal boundaries too, of course, but he hardly ever needs you to tell him because he can sense it
Not only does he have nothing against pda, he actively enjoys it. He enjoys showing how much he loves you to everyone he can! He wants them all to know how much he loves his favourite little human! He’s also not bothered by pda from anyone else you may be dating, the more love you get the better, in his mind
His lips are the absolute softest things you will ever feel, and you get the chance to feel them a lot. Fluttering little kisses across your face when he wakes you up, playful little kisses when you make a joke he particularly enjoys, passionate kisses when you compliment him. There’s almost nothing you can do that won’t result in a kiss from him
While his hands being on you is by no means limited to when he’s kissing you, they become even bolder when he is. You’ll feel them on your biceps, your ass, your hips, your ribs. Anywhere he can hold you and feel you. He’s especially fond of having his fingers around your wrist or against your neck so he can feel the way your heart speeds up when he kisses you
There’s hardly ever a moment when he’s kissing you that he’s not smiling or giggling or humming or moaning. He’s a vocal demon, and that extends to kissing as well. He’ll praise you when you do something he likes, he’ll teasingly nip at your bottom lip if he thinks you’re getting a bit too bold and wants you to submit to him, he’ll laugh against your lips if your hand lightly brushes over somewhere that he’s ticklish. He simply can’t help himself from reacting to every little thing you do
Kisses with Beel always taste like something. Whether it’s sweet or salty or sour or even minty when he’s fresh from brushing his teeth. Or, of course, like you when he’s been spending time between your thighs. No matter what, his kisses will linger on your tongue even once his lips are no longer on yours. It’s easy to savour his kisses this way, even if he gets shy when you mention it
There’s never a time when he’ll say no to a kiss from you. Nothing in the world can capture his attention more than you do, and the moment you ask for a kiss, he’s bending to you so you can reach his lips. He’s your devoted demon, and he’ll do anything to see you smile, especially if it means he gets to kiss you
His kisses are all-consuming. He takes your breath away with each one, his arms surrounding you as he pulls you into him. When you kiss him, it’s like you’re in your own little bubble away from the rest of the world. When he’s stressed or otherwise needs an escape, he likes to hold you close to him and get kisses from you, especially if you run your fingers through his hair while you do
He’s not picky about what types of kisses he gets. While he’ll absolutely pull out the puppy eyes when he asks for a kiss, he’ll be content with whatever kind of kiss you give him. A soft settling of your lips on his cheek, a sweet little playful peck on the lips, or a deep and passionate kiss. As long as he’s with you and being reminded of your love for him, he’s happy
Usually he’s happy to let you take charge when it comes to kissing. He’ll take things at your pace, and let it be as chaste or steamy as you’d like. But sometimes when he’s got excess energy or is all worked up, he’ll pick you up and kiss you hard and deep. He will, of course, respect your consent, but he can sometimes get overeager
After a fangol game, you can expect the taste of sweat and dirt and a little bit of blood from his split lip as he presses his tongue into your mouth eagerly. After a particularly racy dream or upon being reminded how much smaller than him you are, you’ll almost certainly end up with your legs around his waist as he holds you up, his lips hungry against yours
Belphie isn’t as susceptible to your kisses as some of the others. He enjoys them, of course, but he’s far too bratty for it to be a bargaining chip. He’s rather indifferent to kissing as a concept, and is only marginally more interested in it because it’s you who he’s kissing. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t get into it when you kiss him, just that he never really craves kisses the way his brothers do
When you two first wake up, he prefers to press light kisses to your skin than to kiss you on the lips. He’s a little too sleepy for much more than letting his mouth graze lightly across your skin. But he does get a little twinge of pride whenever you shiver at his kisses
While his lips aren’t all that sensitive, his skin certainly is. Kisses along his neck or chest will make him shiver, squirm, whimper, mewl, and generally melt for you. There’s one spot just under his ear that never fails to make his breath hitch in the cutest way. And if you find yourself kissing his hips, expect a lot of wriggling and whimpering. It’s a very delicate spot for him that hits right on the border of over-sensitivity in the best way
While pda doesn’t actually bother him, and he does get smug when he thinks you’re kissing him in public to stake your claim on him, he will whine about it incessantly just to be a bother. If you say you’ll stop kissing him, he’ll sigh about how it’s fine and he’ll put up with it for you, making a dramatic little scene about his “sacrifice”. But you can both tell he secretly enjoys it
While kissing doesn’t do much for his own pleasure, he does enjoy seeing the effect he can have on you. His fingers will gently tilt your chin up to look at him as he slowly leans closer, enjoying the way a blush settles on your cheeks and your breathing picks up. He’ll give you the barest of kisses, wanting to tease you until you’re absolutely begging him for more
Despite the fact that his lips aren’t very sensitive, he loves kissing your skin. He’s fascinated by the way you react to his lips on your chest, your thighs, your tummy, anywhere he can reach. He focuses on his favourite parts of you, and it very often strays into the realm of body worship, reverently placing kisses everywhere he can
Even for a demon, Dia is big. And you, as a human, are small compared to everyone around you. This does, of course, captivate and turn him on. But it also makes him much more gentle with you than he otherwise would be. He couldn’t live with himself if he hurt you, both as his partner and as one of his exchange students
But while he’s physically relatively gentle with you, that doesn’t mean he won’t tease you or pretend to exert his power as the demon prince over you. Once he’s sure you’re willing to say no to him, he’ll gladly joke that you owe him kisses for all sorts of things. He sees kisses from you as a very worthwhile reward, and will ask for them constantly
Usually he contents himself with quick little kisses. He doesn’t want to get too into it and either miss an important appointment or make you late for class. He won’t indulge in you unless he’s sure you both have the time for it
When you both have the time, he’ll luxuriate in it. The demon who has everything he could ever want would give it all up for you. You’re his biggest indulgence, the one thing he could never do without. And he’ll show it to you every time his lips meet yours. He’s so tender and passionate, that there’s no doubt of his love for you
He likes to indulge you. Any whims you may have, he’s happy to go along with, so long as it makes you smile. You want to straddle him on his throne while you make out? Of course! You want him on his knees while you tug at his hair and kiss him roughly? He’s all yours to use! You want him to pin you down and ravish your lips with his own? He’s already kissing your lips until they bruise.
But as much as he likes the passionate, lust-filled kisses you use most of your spare time for, he holds a deep affection for the soft and gentle kisses. Your little hand against one of his cheeks and your sweet lips against the other. A kiss settled on his forehead as you hold him like he’s the daintiest thing in the world. Anything to make him feel soft and small and cared for will melt him instantly
As much as Belphie and Barb would hate to admit it, there are some ways in which they’re very similar. One of those ways is an indifference to kissing. Barb will gladly accept kisses from you, or give them on request, but his enjoyment of them stems purely from his enjoyment of you and making you happy
Unlike Belphie, however, Barb isn’t all that sensitive to kisses on his skin. They feel nice, but it’s not enough to override his natural stoicism. Instead, he much prefers to give the kisses. Making your pulse race against his lips and leaving behind blushing skin wherever his mouth wanders
He’s a possessive demon, though he’ll never admit it. He’s proud to be with you, and he’ll use kisses as an opportunity to show off your relationship and mark you as off limits to anyone you’re not already dating
There are times when he wants nothing more than to just enjoy your presence. Those are the times when he’s more likely to initiate kissing. He does enjoy the intimacy of it, even if the sensation itself is nothing special. He’ll hold you and kiss you for as long as you’re content to be with him, settled on his chest as he basks in you
When he really wants to make you shudder and moan, he’ll slip his talented tongue into your mouth. He’ll give you a nice little preview of what it’s going to be doing between your legs soon enough. His kisses can leave you weak in the knees and breathless, but he’ll gladly hold you up if you need him to
For some reason that Barb insists is wholly inexplicable, he tends to get messier while baking if you’re in the kitchen with him. More powdered sugar tends to end up on his cheeks and lips, and he’ll of course never mind if you kiss it off him. A truly unexpected delight, the tricky demon assures you
Simeon considers kisses to be a wonderfully pure activity, a sign of deep love and something to be cherished. At least, if any other angels ask, that’s his answer. Really, he just enjoys kissing for the sheer joy of it all. For the wandering hands and the feeling of your tongue against his own and the soft panting of your warm breath against his cheeks as you pull away
It’s not something he did much of up in the celestial realm. Not that angels don’t kiss or anything, he’s just always been a bit too smitten with the idea of kissing humans or demons to be fussed with kissing other angels. It holds no sense of intrigue and excitement for him
Kissing you, however… well, it’s thrilling. He loves to analyse every moment of it, committing to memory the feeling of your hands on his cheeks, your lips on his own, your body against his. He just wants to keep it all in his head forever
Typically he’s happy to let you take the lead. He’ll enjoy anything, so he wants you to be the one deciding what you both do. If you ask him to, he’ll gladly and skilfully take control, but he defaults to you first and foremost. Your pleasure is his pleasure, and his heart skips a beat every time he hears you hum or sigh or moan
With Simeon, kissing can quickly lead to more. It’s not that he hasn’t been with other people before, or that he’s gone through a long dry spell. He’s simply enjoys intimacy and romance and indulging in his lust whenever he can. So if your tongue is in his mouth and his hands are on your ass, you can be sure you’ll feel his bulge grinding against you soon after. He’s yours to command if you want, but it’ll take a lot to satisfy him
He’s not as opposed to pda as one might expect. He finds it a little thrilling to know people can see him kissing you, especially when it gets heated. Making out in the school library or an empty classroom isn’t an uncommon occurrence when you’re with him. Of course, he’ll blame the pda on his heavenly ignorance of social norms, but don’t be fooled. He knows exactly what he’s doing
Solomon can be a right tease when it comes to kisses. He considers kisses to be a bargaining chip, but it’s you who is paid in kisses. He knows exactly how to work you up until you’re desperate for even the lightest brush of his lips against your own, and once you’re whining for him, he’ll propose his terms.
Perhaps you’ll end up trying a new potion of his, or folding his laundry for him, or accompanying him on some boring errands in the human world. Whatever it is, he’ll reward you with the most breathtaking kisses for it. Or, if he’s feeling particularly playful, he’ll hold something of value to you above his head and demand a kiss before returning it
As a show-off and a bastard, Solomon loves pda. Especially if he can make you kiss him in exchange for some favour or other. Knowing that everyone else is seeing the hold he has over your heart strokes his ego perfectly. And if he gets kisses out of you or can make you beg for them in front of any other partners of yours, that’s even better
During tender moments between you, especially when you’re in bed together, he can be very sweet. He likes to kiss your shoulders, your nose, your cheeks, with chaste little kisses that betray his love for you. He’ll hold you close and murmur sweet nothings to you while he showers you with light kisses and love
If you try to part ways with him without a kiss, he’ll pull you back to himself and tease you about it until you kiss him. He never minds you kissing him to shut him up, it only ever results in a smug grin from him and possibly some more heated kisses
His hands wander almost as much as Asmo’s do. They’re almost always slipping into your clothes, sometimes to grope you but other times just to rub teasingly at your hips or back. He likes to surprise you each time, relishing every little gasp against his lips as he tries something new. He’s an experimentalist at heart, and that definitely extends to you
Kissing isn’t something he has much experience with. It’s not that he hasn’t had the desire, it’s just that up in the celestial realm he was always a bit too busy to indulge. But now that he has some time to take things more slowly, he’s making up for lost time
He’s not exactly confident when he kisses you, nor is he particularly skilled. His lips are endearingly clumsy and stiff against yours when he’s first learning, and his teeth click against yours more often than not. But as long as you don’t mind, he doesn’t either. He may feel awkward talking about it, but he just wants to make sure you’re happy with him
What he lacks in skill, he wholly makes up for in enthusiasm. Whenever possible, his lips are on yours or on your skin. He kisses your hand as you walk together, he kisses your cheeks as you chat, he kisses the back of your neck when he holds you from behind. You’re never lacking in kisses when he’s around
He always wants you to show him new things. Place his hands wherever you want him to hold or grab you, show him just how much pressure you want in the kiss, pull him over to the nearest surface when you want him to pin you against it. He’s a quick learner and a very eager student, so he’ll take your instruction very well
He’s not fussed one way or another about pda. The moment you kiss him, he’s thinking of nothing but you, so he sort of forgets whether there are other people around. And if someone points it out, he simply shrugs. He doesn’t see why he shouldn’t kiss you in public, you’re in love with each other and it’s a display of affection
Raphael isn’t the best at picking up on nonverbal cues. If you want him to kiss you, you’re gonna have to ask or otherwise make it abundantly clear. Words and actions are the best way to make him realise what you want, and as soon as he understands he’ll gladly oblige
Kisses from Thirteen are always sweet and slightly sticky. A mixture of all the sweets she eats and her lip gloss makes for particularly memorable kisses with her. But despite how it may sound, they’re far from unpleasant. Something about the way she kisses you makes you want more, and might also make you wonder whether or not she’s got some sort of aphrodisiac abilities
Her kisses always feel playful and teasing. Whether it’s a quick kiss on the cheek or a heated kiss in bed, you always feel a little bit like she’s letting you in on some sort of joke. It’s infectious. Kissing her feels like pure joy and laughter
There are times where she literally laughs against your lips, whether because she’s teasing you or because she’s just so happy to be with you. If she’s not laughing, then she’s giving content little sighs and holding you nice and close. She loves being close to you and she’s not about to hide her feelings for you
She’s not shy about what she wants. She won’t play coy with you unless it’s an act to get what she wants from you. If she wants a kiss, she’ll simply pull you close and kiss you. If she wants to grab your ass while you make out, her hands are already there. She’s bold, confident, and knows exactly what she wants from you at all times
If you decide to kiss anywhere lower than her lips, expect her nails to dig into your shoulders lightly as she holds you close. Her neck, her shoulders, her chest, she’ll do anything in her power to keep your mouth just where she wants it. She can be a little rough when she wants to be, and she’s not shy about leaving red marks on you. Nor is she shy about leaving lipstick stains or hickeys. She likes claiming you like that
Her kisses in public are somehow even more playful than her kisses in private. It’s almost like she’s daring you to be embarrassed by it. She never hides her triumph when her kisses make you blush or trip over your words. To her, it’s almost a little game, to see how much she can discompose you in public with mere kisses
Meph is naturally a pretty private person. As much as he loves digging up dirt on others, he doesn’t actually like to be known himself. He’s not overly fond of pda, especially at the beginning of your relationship, though he’ll indulge you in the occasional chaste kiss if you really want him to
Despite his reservation in public, Meph is nothing short of passionate in private. He wants you in his arms and lap at all times, and he often rewards himself for working hard by kissing you between tasks. He claims that having you on his lap, giving him the occasional kiss on the neck or cheek or chest, helps him write. And if that leads to more when he’s done working, then he considers it a nice reward for a job well done
He’s not one to do things by halves. If he’s kissing you then he’s kissing you. There’s no chaste pecks on the cheek, even a quick kiss will be full of heat and passion. Every kiss is carefully planned to make you blush and your heart beat faster in your chest
His fingers are quick and nimble from all that typing, and they flutter across your skin whenever he kisses you. You can never tell where his next teasing touch is going to land, nor how rough or gentle it will be. Kissing Meph is always full of fun surprises, and he never ceases to know your body almost as well as you do, and play it like a finely tuned instrument
Arguing with Meph will almost always end with his lips on yours and his tongue in your mouth. You may end up in his lap, or possibly pressed up against a wall. Depending on the argument, the kiss may be rough and angry, soft and placating, or teasing and playfully annoyed. He’ll let you get all your points in, and will eloquently debate them all, but once it seems like the argument is going nowhere or you’re both repeating yourselves, he’ll bring it to a swift conclusion with a kiss
The only time Meph ever abides by proper pda is when you’re around anyone else you might be dating. He’s okay with you dating others, of course, but he does feel the need to solidify his position as one of your boyfriends in front of other partners of yours. It’s still not as heated or passionate as he is in private, but he’s thorough and makes sure to get the point across
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Tumblr media
Star fish by Ari Lynn Day
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SEVGİNİN bir çok rengi vardır
Koyu mavi,
Kapalı mavi,
Açık mavi,
Deniz mavisi,
Havuz mavisi,
Okyanus mavisi,
Gökyüzü mavisi.
Sen yeter ki iste !
Hadi gülümse, bulutlar gitsin !
Sait Faik Abasıyanık...
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Youngjae ✧  nanana MV trailer
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Tumblr media
It's the little things, I expect. Little treasures we find without knowing their origin. And they come when we least expect them. It's beautiful, when you think about it.
-- T.J. Klune
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good morning sun ~
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My partner is visiting my nan this morning, and sent me this
It's amazing how much that little yellow bird has changed my nan's life, and it makes me so happy to see how much she loves him. My nan was often quite unhappy, for years and years really, and having Sunshine around has completely changed that
I guess unconditional love really does change everything
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Mimosa ♥
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May not have an ocean near me but we do have some of the best lakes in the US.
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"Beauty is a fragrance and it smells like you.."
Smells like your soul in the sunshine and it smells like pure light - eUë
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Güzellikler, ancak onlar için yer açtığınız zaman yaşantınıza girebilirler...
Marlo Morgan...
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Sunbathing Buddies
Tumblr media
Sprigatito and Litten Sunbathing together
I totally could see these two fighting over a Sun Spot only to end up sharing it the next minute...
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Vibin on my own today
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We had sunshine today, and heat, and fabulous clouds. It reached 70*!
And yet. In my backyard. In the woods. Surrounded by sunshine.
Tumblr media
We had hail.
Tumblr media
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if you don’t lounge around in the buff after a shower, did you really even shower?
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