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I was not healed because of self-love, because the more I focus on myself, the more I stumble, break and fall. It’s His grace working through me. It’s only Him who can turn beauty from brokenness.

- jemimah ramos

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Happy birthday to my baby, Lee Donghyuck,

I just want to show how much I love you and appreciate you and I’m so fucking thankful you exist. I feel like my whole heart, spirit and soul is yours.

To make a Haechan;

1. First, you need to prepare your heart. This boy will become; your torture device, your weakness, the reason you question life choices, the reason you question if you’re sane or not, your strength, the reason why you wake up in the morning and enjoy your day. Your kpop boy.

2. Great hair. Hair that you just want to run your fingers through - poke at it , twirl it, remove it to expose that forehead when you just haven’t seen it in awhile. It’s just that good *insert Colgate smile*

3. Honey skin. Beautiful skin. So so beautiful. That type of skin that you can words like drizzle, glow, lovely, pinkish hues, sun kissed. Muah, beautiful.

4. The face. Smoosh it in your hands and squish his face. Cause squish squish squish. Press kisses to his face - butterfly kisses, cheek kisses, loving head butts of affection.

5. The smile. Fuck sake. Ability to make even Russia in Winter melt. And the laugh is like the mix between an evil laugh but because I’m simping it’s really endearing.

6. And if you’re Doyoung be sure not to challenge him, because in the end, Lee Haechan always wins. Even if he loses, he wins.

7. He’s the biggest little shit ever but it’s all in good fun. Because even if your nose twitches and you start glaring at him with a scowl you didn’t even think you could pull, you love him. Just, write that somewhere on your body so you remember. So don’t smack him too hard, he dies.

8. If Mark doesn’t hug the kid, I will. Gladly. He’s a person you want to love and if you don’t love him now, then you should. And you’ll get more than you ever thought you’d get back in return. He’s full sun you know.

9. Just a warning- the dudes a Gemini, I know some of you guys are into astronomy and zodiac signs so I’ll make it clear. He IS a GEMINI.

10. If you want to win, take a Haechan (and Johnny). He’s got this like witchcraft to him or some super power when it comes to competitions. But he is human and he needs a fatal flaw to convince everyone he actually exists so he does lose sometimes.

11. His fashion style. Not even kidding I dribbled. I then found a similar sweatshirt to his in the shopping centre that he wears in Punch and oh holy god I feel the butterflies in my sternum. Him in dance practices make me lose it especially when he wears something so cuddly. LIKE WHY. But also the button down shirts.

12. He’s so smart and witty. He’s such a quick thinker it’s insane and I want him to tell me his secrets because hello I’m in love. He’s just so freaking smart and it looks like it takes zero effort to just be so shameless but like perceptive.

13. He’s also a gamer. That’s all I can really say about that.

14. His freaking talent as a singer. Can fucking sing his ass off and sound the same no matter if it’s live or in studio. His dancing is just- he just wants me to melt in a puddle I think.

15. Although he jokes all the time and like roasts the members like it’s his second job, he really cares about his members and makes sure to show it. Usually by physical touch. He also knows when to be serious so he’s got that professionalism that fucking scares me. And with the fans he maintains a respectful distance until you welcome him first and he’s someone who welcomes you with open arms. But beware of a possible roasting.

16. Although overworked most of the time, manages to maintain himself or at least in the public eye. And I still think that despite being overworked, his talents as a singer hasn’t been totally showcased yet as I think he’s an idol that grows with each day he practices and so forth.

17. He’s not a typical guy for me. He has a different thought process to me. Like it’s so wonderous I could explore him forever and be content because there’s always something different about him to love or there’s something hidden.

18. He has a lot of love to give and it’s not just with people. Literally the grounds he walks on, the nature he may brush upon and Like his hair the eye makeup. He’s just so experimental with everything and uses it and makes it his own. It’s some Disney princess type of thing there.

19. His cooking. Like prepare yourself for beautifully made foods that could get chaotic or blissful depending on who’s in the kitchen with him. If it’s any of the NCT members I hope you like their chicken.

20. KING OF HANDSHAKES - like my bucket list includes 1. Make a handshake with Haechan

This took me like an hour to do, but I love you Lee Haechan, with all my heart I love you. On purpose. I love you. My favourite kid. My wild card. The little shit that needs a good smack of love.

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