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#sunshine and gremlin
oh-were-califormia11 days ago
hi if anyone would like please feel free to send oc asks for me to answer while i edit!!!
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oh-were-califormia23 days ago
hi im very bored so if you would like to send in oc asks feel free!! they don't have to be super specific, they could be like "which oc is the most energetic" or something like that
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incomingalbatrossa month ago
Robin!Dick Grayson opinions that I hold very strongly and would like to see more of:
He was not particularly cute, or particularly small; in fact, I think he was probably pretty big for his age
He was a happy, upbeat kid, but fairly down-to-earth and unsentimental
(A basically-comprehensive list of things that could make the first Robin cry: 1) Batman being dead/hurt/lost, 2) Batman turning out to NOT be dead/hurt/lost, 3) any strong reminder of his parents' deaths, probably? Yeah. That's the list.)
Always, perpetually Ready To Fight. DELIGHTED to beat up bad guys at any time
He and Bruce interacted more as equals than anything else--sure, Batman had the authority when someone needed to be in charge, but having Dick's absolute trust did not mean having his respect, let alone deference. One both sides of the masks, they saw each other more as brothers and partners than as father and son.
(Is this entirely reasonable, seeing as Dick was in fact a child? No, but Bruce was a very young adult and still kind of stuck at eight years old in his own perception, and they were mostly figuring out How To Heal From Trauma AND How To Be Superheroes side-by-side. Bruce really wasn't that far ahead.)
He and Bruce had a ridiculously good relationship!! They trusted each other absolutely, were very comfortable communicating their feelings (yes, including the l-word), supported each other at all times, and...basically, never had a time they weren't on the same page until Dick reached his late teens and started getting Angsty and having College-Age Identity Crises. Even then, it wasn't as rocky as retcons/reboots make it out to have been.
(Part of the reason Bruce struggled with Jason, imo, is because everything with Dick had been such smooth sailing that he was not prepared for Jason's bundle of unfamiliar traumas. He doesn't know how to Parent because--at least from his perspective--Dick barely needed Parenting, everything just came naturally.)
...So basically Nightwing, just shorter, with fewer responsibilities, and with a completely unstrained relationship with Bruce.
Source for my opinions: however many Golden/Silver/Bronze Age Comics I've read. Which is certainly not, like, all of them, but is enough for me to have firmly established some Robin!Dick characterization hills to die on. Quietly. In the privacy of my own thoughts.
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night-rheaa month ago
Night: Im feeling sad. Barny, do the thing.
Barnaby: Oh, this thing? *Smiles brightly*
Cordell: *Chokes on his breath*
Night: *smiles in evil* Thanks mate, you're the best.
Rowan: *sighes in disappointment*
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sunflowerselfships2 months ago
Tumblr media
All of my ace F/O's so far!
Leona Kingscholar, Oz (Yellow), Morgyn Ember, Reala, Toffee, Kaze, Ford, Laurent, Double Trouble, Simon, Markus Manfred, Piers.
Leona: Demisexual
Oz: Grey-Ace
Kaze: Grey-Ace
Ford: Demisexual
Piers: Demisexual
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secret-engima2 months ago
what if, eventually when they meet oscar, ozpin and co just... just Don't Believe Anyone when they tell them that oscar is not oz's and salem's son. have you seen the way the kid acts? his brain is what we call Messy! and his aunt? sure, she looks like him, but that could be a coincidence and she used that to keep oscar in her custody after she rescued him from salem! obviously!! they know what's going on here!!!
taiyang's door gets broken down by a frantic ozpin asking How Parent. Son Is Criminal. How Criminal Parent. Tai Stop Laughing.
*wheezes* okay this is GREAT. And I need it now.
The more and more clues start dripping out and being found by Ozpin and co, the more convinced they are that Salem *did something terrible* and the tiny Grimm riding child running around slowly taking over the underworld is the result.
Glynda points out that- *genetically* Ozpin is not obligated to claim relation to this tiny child, but they all know it鈥檚 a weak one when he still lays claim to all of Oz鈥檚 past lives and this child is clearly the unholy, possibly science-made, offspring of one of them.
Also Ozpin totally calls up James to ask IS CLONING POSSIBLE. CAN YOU MAKE CHILD FROM DEAD DNA.
James, after consulting his scientists: It is extremely illegal but yes. ...Why? Oz. Oz you鈥檙e hyperventilating. OZ?
And that鈥檚 how James learns that Ozpin apparently has a child out there somewhere that is the fusion of Salem and some past life of his that was likely Scienced into being. Or magicked. Or both. Who knows what Salem would do to get this to happen.
Also the at first 100% think that the kid is still under Salem鈥檚 care, that Salem has just done the evil maniac immortal version of dropping her kid off in the playground to have fun with his toys, only the playground is all of Remnant and the toys are the underworld and Ozpin鈥檚 stress levels. XD
Taiyang has no idea why Ozpin is Stress Hyperventilating on his couch, they haven鈥檛 talked in years, but the man clearly needs help. Oh ... oh you have a KID?
With WHO?
Qrow, Glynda, explain please, Ozpin just shut down and is now mumbling nonsense into his hot coco.
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every time i see you pop back up on my dash i nod and murmur about the state of her cage even thought i did the same thing the day before
Aside from tweeting at the writers, what else is there to do? Glad you鈥檙e enjoying it, at least!
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winepresswrath7 months ago
Unpopular take, but I dont actually think that JFM preferred Wei Wuxian to Jiang Cheng. I think he was harder on Jiang Cheng BECAUSE he saw him as his true son, and that he needed to put him in a good place to be a leader after him, complicated by the fact that he and MY have very different parenting styles. Wei Wuxian started of as a traumatized toddler, and turned into a favorite disciple who he was willing to let misbehave a bit. All this got escalated bc he cant communicate shit
I鈥檓 sure he did love Jiang Cheng, but I also do think he just likes Wei Wuxian better. It happens, even with good parents. Sometimes you just have a kid you connect with really well on a personal level and would be close to even if you met them outside of a family context, and also a kid who that is not true of. You鈥檝e just got to either hide it or thread the needle and make sure all your kids feel secure and loved even if you鈥檙e better friends with one of them. I think the sect heir stuff makes it worse, because it means that he does have to be harder on Jiang Cheng, and also because it means there鈥檚 another not-fun thing (training his heir) getting in the way of them having an actually enjoyable relationship, but the actual problem is that for whatever reason Jiang Fengmian kind of emotionally absented himself from their relationship. It was probably more about Madame Yu and his feelings about her and their marriage and how she expressed her feelings about his relationship with their son than it was about Jiang Cheng as a person, but at the end of the day if you don鈥檛 show up for your kid that鈥檚 going to impact your closeness. On top of everything else I think he just doesn鈥檛 know Jiang Cheng very well. And their whole deal makes Jiang Cheng all sad and rejected and miserable about what鈥檚 so wrong with him that his dad doesn鈥檛 like him, which makes him even less fun to be around, and the cycle continues.
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imwithmidoriyaizuku7 months ago
If we鈥檙e going by the merch I have of each character my favorites would be ranked as follows:
1. All Might (with 6)
2. Todoroki Shouto & Midoriya Izuku (with 4)
3. Kirishima Eijirou (with 3)
4. Aizawa Shouta, Tokoyami Fumikage, & Bakugou Katsuki (with 2)
5. Yaoyorozu Momo, Ochako Uraraka, Iida Tenya, & Kaminari Denki (with 1)
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serialxsocial8 months ago
vokspop replied to your post 鈥溌ッ⑴撀⒚⑴撀C⒙濃姑⑴撀γ⒙濃♀
Tumblr media
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wretchedgremlin10 months ago
i literally have not stopped thinking about cryptozoology all day, i think im going to go to the park and read one of my cryptozoology books hehehe
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starshold11 months ago
kcystotheheart replied to your post: me looking at van.ven: i just think they鈥檙e neat
//ain鈥檛 that a mood
Tumblr media
lowkey it took me a hot minute to think abt this ship but now......they r Neat ur honor......i want them to be happy.......
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