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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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The newly-formed New Mutants rush in to save Professor Xavier from Donald Pierce. However, they were no match for the cyborg who thrashes them around. Then, Sam Guthrie (who was duped into working for Donald Pierce as a soldier of Hellfire Club at that time) could not bring himself to kill the downed New Mutants. Despite being restrained, Professor Xavier takes advantage of the situation by using his telepathic attack to force Donald Pierce not to shoot him. 

- Marvel Graphic Novel #4, 1982 (The New Mutants)

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yooo that’d be HILARIOUS!! ngl i’m already loving these theoretical dragonets haha. also i didn’t know you had a leafwing oc!! what’re they like??

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hey y'all before i go to sleep i just wanted to throw this into the mix:

i think i’ll name our new sandwing friend sunspot!! (cause their specks remind me of actual sunspots) heatstroke is another option if it ends up not fitting all that well.

i’d like to imagine they’re a bit tough-as-nails, or at least pretty grumpy, but have a huge soft spot for tulip!! i don’t think this conflicts with anyone’s ideas so far, but i’ll adjust it if it turns out it does haha.

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I WOULD TOO 🥺🥺 loving tulip hours

also yesss this is the Good Shit!! i really love these ideas they are automatically canon for them now

also imagine if tulip was going to the desert to collect/observe some cacti and she met the sandwing there!! and they were like “if you garden flowers why do you care about cacti??” and then tulip goes all starry-eyed and starts rambling about cacti flowers and the sandwing is like “oh that’s hella cute oh my god” and they become friends and the sandwing pines for a while after that 👉👈

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