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#super hard

24. If you could only own five material objects (not including life nessescities) what would they be?

This was really hard. It took me awhile to choose but I finally did….

My computer. It has everything on there. Pictures, my stories. It even has some books downloaded.

My writing pencil. I write all my stories down on paper before I type them, so that pencil in very important to me. And it’s so cute. There’s a doodle of Snoopy on it😁

My Jules Verne. Journey to the center of the earth. I loved that book sooo much. I’ve read it at least 3 times. The way he writes, it sucks you in. It is a vortex of adventure.

The necklace I got from my dad a few years ago. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s everything to me. I hardly ever take it off. If I don’t wear it, I feel off. 😊

And last but not least, my cat blanket. It’s like a Snuggie but not. It’s gotten me through some pretty tough times and I dont know what I’d do without it. And for some reason, it always smells like cinnamon. I don’t how but it does☺️☺️

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Does Germoe have a mate?

“Quite the personal question not the kind of guy to open up to strangers about this stuff but spose’ I could  this one time, I do got my eye on a pretty little lady, she’s cute and smart as hell, looks damn cute in them pokadots to, met her in an odd way but hell the best relastions start with odd meetings now don’t they?, her blood color is a pretty royal blue them eyes of hers to striking, taking my time as to not scare the poor girl, have yet to officially ask her but I think she likes me to, never really looked or been interested in that mate business till’ I met her if I’m being honest, probably done given you enough info to know who she is just don’t flock her to much  or I’ll have to break your legs”

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Hardy Boys: Let’s dress in disguise and pretend to be selling stolen goods in order to find a certain smuggler we’re after! 

Person: You selling stolen goods?

Hardy Boys: Yep!

Person: Cool, let me talk to someone. *makes a call* Hey, come with me to meet this dude who will sell your stolen goods. 

Hardy Boys: Great! 

Person: *takes them to hideout.* 

Smuggler Dude: *is the person they’re looking for* Who are you?

Hardy Boys: Fellow smugglers! We’re selling stolen goods. 

Smuggler Dude: *looks them up and down* Alright, seems legit. Wanna join my team? 

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About to rewatch The Witcher

Me : Okay, we’re gonna do this. But remember, there’s no more space in your head for other ships.

Me : oh look Jaskier and Geralt.

Me :


Originally posted by duelling

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people just NOT spill movies?? Is it so fucking hard to just let us experience the pain on our own time?

If I ask who dies, then tell me.

Stop. Ruining. Movies.

I don’t even want to see the damn thing now, because I already know who dies

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Sooooo…. I got tagged by @space-kitten-606~!!!! Thank youuuuu^^

RULE: Name your top ten favorite characters from different fandoms. Then tag ten people.

1. Saeyoung Choi (Mystic Messenger)

2. Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

3. Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist)

4. L (Death Note)

5. Chloe Price (Life is Strange)

6. Waltz (Cinderella Phenomenon) 

7. Shin (Amnesia Memories)

8. Zero (Vampire Knight) 

9. Deon (Locked Heart) 

10. Misaki Yata (K / K Project)

This was hard, one because I had to remember all the fandoms that I’m part of and two because I was trying to not put two charcters from the same fandom^^

I call upon the gods and summon (tag): @mrsjihyunkim @fantasyimmortal @pixelthepixiex @joz-stankovich @edgelord-saeran @juminsmcmysticmessenger @spaghettiremix @voltage-supernatural-art @ayane-223 and @mysticmikalla

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aaronieros replied to your post:

                   WAIT DID YOU ALREADY START YOUR REWATCH                

   he’s so cute i’m so glad you’re noticing him    

‘he’s adorable’ she says about the resident sociopath, proving yet again to be the most predictable human alive
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