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Welcome to another Wednesday, internet pals!

What’s your favorite band/artist?

Javier will find his moment to bloom at some point, right?


In the meantime Sleeping Kittens will sooth his jangles nerves.

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I re-did a few of the designs for my zodiac magical girls, Star Heroes. I’ve thought about something like this for many years, and I finally worked out a thing for them. Someday I’ll have full bios done for them, but some general info about them; they all have enhanced strength/agility when they transform, but have individual abilities as well. Star Leo con conjure and manipulate fire, Star Scorpio has a scythe that works as a regular weapon but can also create “rips in reality” that allow them to teleport to different areas, Star Aquarius control water in various ways, Star Capricorn can re-shape and move metal as well as control magnetic fields, Star Libra can warp gravity allowing them to make anything weightless or feel more heavy, Star Sagittarius has super-speed and creates electricity they use in the form of arrows, Star Pisces uses a magical aura energy to form fish and other sea creatures to attack enemies, Star Aries manipulates sound and has a cornucopia/horn that is used to send out sound waves, Star Virgo is a healer but can also use her own aura energy in the form of roses and feathers for offense/defense, Star Cancri is well armored with one weapon for attacking and a shield for defense while also being able to grow/shrink in size, Star Taurus gets the biggest strength boost and is able to recover minor injuries as long as they are physically connected to the earth, Star Gemini are a duo of twins who can shape-shift and imitate others 

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