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#super smash bros
  • Iggy and Shulk occasionally give each other tips on making inventions.
  • Lemmy and Marx like to switch balls to balance on frequently.
  • When Larry first joined, he offered to help with some of the remixes for Smash. He’s been making them ever since he offered, and he loves doing so.
  • Every week, Bowser and Ludwig like to play chess–Bowser suggested it as a means to develop Ludwig’s tactical skills. Ludwig usually beats him at it, though.
  • Because of Smash, Morton recently found out that he enjoys cooking and so he tries to nurture those skills whenever he can.
  • When Roy returned to Smash in SSB4, he and Roy Koopa immediately became friends. However, over time they developed romantic feelings for each other, but they didn’t quite realize it until after Roy Fire Emblem was rescued in World of Light.
  • Wendy and Lucina love to hang out one on one every week. It gives them a chance to unwind.
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Been inactive lately, I’ve been playing smash w/ bro and binge watching the first season of the “Animaniacs” reboot (1. I grew up watching the show and for it to randomly come back made me cry happy tears- and 2. finding stuff to keep me occupied because I can’t be alone with my thoughts or they would bring me down..) I haven’t been quite happy about myself, but enough chitchat, here’s a megaman because he is one of my mains~

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