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This is my mistake for not being clear enough, but I wasn’t trying to say that Superbloom came off as/was meant to be fake deep and condescending. I was referring to Ashton’s tweets, his captions, and his actions lately.

Like I’ve said before, I think Superbloom is a promising debut album from an unbiased standpoint. In terms of his lyricism, I think he shows good depth and meaning, but I’ve also critcized his excessive need to include far to many metaphors and double meanings within his lyrics. He does that far too much, far too often, and it can take away from what he’s really trying to say. That’s something that can be refined though.

However, Ashton’s egotistical and fake-introspective way of speaking nowadays only seems to be getting worse.

But, yeah, I just wanted to clarify that I wasn’t saying Superbloom was meant to come off that way; I was speaking about Ashton’s social media presence.

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matter of time is such a comforting song. it genuinely brings me such a feeling of peace, even just for a few minutes. 🥺

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