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A/N: Hi again! I told myself to wait but I couldn’t help myself and wanted to share this little dialogue I wrote for a longer fic I am currently working on (along with many others lol)  hope it brings you laughs as much as I had fun writing this. Once I get the climax figured out for this fic (which will be on the longer side) I will be posting on my wattpad page (username: s03Rose). 


~ Simona R.

– – – – – 

Superboy: “So… let me get this straight, you found some new cloaked chick that wields some sort of magic and instead of calling for back-up - like you been told to do - might I add. (Superboy crosses his arms) You fought her head on?”

Damian as Robin (tied upside down on a light pole): “For the hundredth time Jon, yes! Now will you please get me down from here?!”

Superboy: “Cuz you said please I’ll help.” (Flies up to Robin)

Damian as Robin: “Hurry I don’t want the three idiots finding me like this. They will never let me hear the end of it-”

Red Hood: “Too late Robbie, Nightwing took plenty of pics for the bat-daddy.”

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How the absolute f u c k does kon have piercings????

Okay so we all know that like kryptonian skin is TOUGH, bulletproof even depending on what comics you’re reading or what you’re watching. And I know kon is only half kryptonian but in most series and comics he’s a lot more indestructible compared to the normal human, the fact that normal needles can’t penetrate his skin has in fact been brought up before.

So how the hell does this man have piercings???

There’s only one thing I can think of: clip-ons

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