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Young Just Us Band

This is my take on a classic a classic AU, which is not really an AU cause it’s imbedded in canon if that makes sense.

  • Okay so we are starting of with Kon on the drums. Ik most people would throw him on the guitar cause yeah he would totally rock out on a guitar but i think he would pick up the drums early on to learn how to control his strength but in a fun punk rocky way. But it also helps with his anxiety or when he needs to blow off steam.
  • Cassie is the lead singer but she can also play piano/keyboard when the song calls for it. She has amazing energy when shes singing and rocking out. Its what she loves to do, other than superhero-ing. she knows shes good and she’snot afraid to show it.
  • Next Bart would be on bass. Again he started learning pretty early, when he first came to the future basically. Max was teaching him how to slow down and well playing bass taught him how to that cause he had to wait for the note to sound out fully. He likes the peace that comes when hes just in his room making up riffs and solos.
  • Tim can play a lot of instruments, perks of being alone in a big house with nothing to do. The 2 he knows how to play best is piano and guitar. For the band he’s the lead guitarist. He likes the complexity of certain chords and the notes they give out, the fact the moving one finger can change a song so subtly but beautifully fascinates him.

So they dont like form a band or anything, well not officially at least, they just one day realise that they they check all the boxes for having a full band so they think why not, lets try it out.

  1. Well Tim is adamant, he’s an awkward lil bean and performing is not really for him and also “guys we gotta train we havent got time to mess around” but Kon persuades him with puppy eyes to just “give it a try Tim pleaseee”

Tim also somehow (cough cough Kon cough cough) gets roped into being the the co vocalist. “what! no i dont sing!” “oh cmon Timmy you know you have a great voice!” “Kon your voice is so much better why don’t you do it” “cause im on the drums, as talented and amazing as i am i cant rock out and sing that well at the same time!” he bugrudginly agrees, even though it takes him a while to get comfortable in the role.

They have band practice a few times but they mostly just play alone by themselves or something cause as much as they hate to prove Tim right they are heroes and the actually do have a job to do.

  • But one fatefull undercover mission in a high school they finally got to see how good they look and sound on an actual stage.
  • Its a school dance scenario and yeah technically they could just go undercover as students butttt Kon reminds them that “what does every school dance need? A band guys, cmon this is the perfect oppertunity to show people how good we really are”
  • Bart and Cass are on board immediatly cause why not but Tim takes a bit longer to persuade “I mean is it really nessecary?” “Cmon Rob think of it this way, we get to be there early to set up and scope out the school” “And we’ll be up on the stage so while the others are mingling we can get a birdseye view”
  • So they do it. And they’re good. Really good. So good that after the dance a girl comes up and asks if they wanna play for her birthday next week. “Totally we’ll be there, here’s our number” “Conner no-”
  • They manage to catch the people they were looking for and have so much fun in the mean time, it was totally worth it.

A lil TimKon bonus- for Kons birthday Tim gets him personalised drum sticks with their hero logos on each and the words “your robin” on one and “my clone boy” on the other respectively.

yeah also this was totally inspiered by julie and the phantoms:)

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kon and damian would get along so well guys.

created under suspicious circumstances by an enemy of a hero to usurp the hero, but chose their own path to work with the hero instead. rejecting what they’ve been trained or programmed to do in favor of what they want to do. they both have arrogance as a fatal flaw, and it’s gotten people they care about hurt, but they’ve been trying to grow past it. they also love nothing more in the world than making fun of tim, so what’s better than two of them making fun of tim together?

just,,,,,,kon and damian. they’d be friends. you can’t change my mind.

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October 10, 2010

(Taped to the left is a polaroid of Zatanna, M’gann, Conner, and Robin.  The caption reads: “Our new Teammate: Zatanna”)

Zatanna joined our Team today.  Unofficially since Zatara is kinda overprotective of her.  She even joined us on our mission to look for Red and get some answers on whether he’s the mole or not.

This is an interesting concept for mission reports!


(Another polaroid is taped to the right, showing Robin and Zatanna sitting close together.  The caption reads: “How cute!!” with a heart drawn on)

Ooh, I think Robin has a crush!

Is that what a crush looks like?

Well, he is kinda cute…

You think I’m cute?

Hey, KF.  You’re face is kinda weird right now.  You okay?

Perhaps we should keep this kind of talk private.

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October 1, 2010

(A polaroid photo is taped to the left side of the page.  The caption reads: “This was a weird mission, not gonna lie”)

This was a weird mission.  What even is an Injustice League and where did they come from?

It is strange that they just appeared to cause trouble.

There wasn’t really any hints that all of these villains were working together.  A distraction for something bigger, maybe?  I’m gonna investigate on my own time and report back.

I will too.  Two heads are better than one.

(A second polaroid is taped to the right, showing Kaldur’ahm as Doctor Fate.  The caption reads: “Risky move by Aqualad”)

How did Nabu let you go so easily?  Kent had to fight to get him to let me go.

He told Nabu that I was not the right host for him.  Nabu is also holding you to finding him a new long term host.

The right one will come when it’s time, I guess.

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September 23, 2010

I betrayed the trust of my Teammates.

Even if you didn’t have a good lead on who the mole is, you should’ve told us anyway.  Now you’ve just got some of us thinking that good ol’ Red was the mole.

I’m just saying, it’s a bit of a coincidence that Red turned on us and then, as we’re picking up the pieces, we find out there’s a mole among us.  It’s suspicious, isn’t it?

I can think of someone who’s also suspicious, but I’m not gonna point fingers since she’s proved herself to be a somewhat reliable Teammate.  I don’t want to not trust anyone.



You were kinda sketchy in the beginning.  Just saying.

You know what?  I’ll give you that.  I was super sketchy before.

While the idea of there being a mole came from a less than trustworthy source, we still cannot rule out the idea.  I do not want to suspect anyone here, but there may be a source outside of the Team feeding information to our enemies.  And until we get answers from Red himself, we cannot rule him out either.

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September 22, 2010

We were attacked in our own HQ by some Red Tornado lookalikes.  And of course, they were smart enough to take out our superpowered teammates first, leaving only myself and Robin alone to deal with them.

I think we had it pretty well handled, considering the circumstances.  Though, the end result was less than desirable…

I can’t believe Red would just betray us like that… It doesn’t seem like something he’d do.

It is odd that he would suddenly turn on us like that.  Perhaps he was not in the right state of mind.

Maybe he was hijacked by one of those other androids?

Both of them were knocked out.  How would they have hijacked him if they weren’t even conscious?

Unless the EMP wore off just as Red tried to apprehend them.  Something could have happened in that split second and made Red turn on us.

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September 7, 2010

Superboy and I started our first day of school!  How exciting!

(On the left side of the page, a polaroid photo of M’gann in her human disguise is taped.  The caption reads: “Miss M’s first day of school!  Courtesy of SB!”)

It wasn’t that great.

It doesn’t get better.

Aqualad’s lucky he doesn’t have to attend the hell that is high school.

You can’t say that until you’ve attended public school, Mr. Private School Student!

(Another polaroid is taped to the right side of the page, showing Conner Kent picking up a boy by his jacket.  The caption reads: “SB’s first day of school!  Courtesy of Miss M!”)

Did SB beat a kid up on his first day?

No!  Well… almost.

He was wearing a Superman shirt.

Lot’s of people own Superman shirts, buddy.

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Tim, waking up after being injured: Wait… Where am I?

Kon, sarcastically: In heaven

Tim: Oh… Is that why you’re here?

Kon, trying to be mad because Tim nearly hurt himself very badly when he was being really reckless but failing to hold back a smile: You’re a shameless flirt!

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