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hufflepuffer-1811 days ago
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laramcelino11 days ago
(And I don't know what hell the fandom will call her but I will call Escarabela cus I have whatched in Pt Br.)
But now let's talk about how lame was the talk between Ladynoir, cus, it could be so much more intense, and even the last sentence, and she in his eyes being very sweet i still disappointed... Also disappointed that the most precious thing to Mark was their manga and not Nathaniel, but maybe it was the translations...
BUT HELL THE LOOK IN HIS EYES, LIKE HE COULD GUESS WHO SHE IS!! I mean its pretty simple if he connects the facts that he know who Rena is and that Escarabela was probably Ladybug friend wich means she is Rena and also Alya, who is Mari BFF, but i know, no one has brains in Paris...
Now let's talk about the goods: Trixx being jealous and jinxing Alya 10/10. Alya and her superposes trying to find a name?? I still laughing. Chat and Escarabela lil rivality ?? *Chef kiss* He stoping the rivality to encourage her cus he know she don't have fault about being in that position?? PERFECT
And i loved how Marinette simply "Rapunzel smacked" Marcov, to Shadowmoth confusion<3
In conclusion, this chapter was perfect, better than that only if they had put a scene with Nino bringing the lemon ointment to Alya <3
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meldrade11 days ago
that last ladynoir scene oh my heart
"I'll never abandon you, kitten" that's it I'm dead
also marinette texting alya to laugh at chat's jokes even if they're not funny because it makes him happy, I love them sm
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saintbeckett21 days ago
.......the earth needs....
鈥︹.the earth needs鈥.
鈥︹ be quarantined from us.
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daevildragon11 days ago
Alya I love you and all your superhero names
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jasmehraj10 months ago
Prompt: "The stars are so pretty from up here!" "Not as pretty as you are" "*intense blushing*" "Marinette.. (insert long cheesy paragraph) Will you make me the happiest man ever by marrying me? Will you become Mrs. Kent?" "YES!"
Ship: (if it isn't obvious yet) Marijon
Star of my life 馃専
The stars hung in the sky as always and Jon sat with the love of her life, Marinette Wayne under them. It always amused him on how he can be lucky enough to get her as a girlfriend.
It was their 7th anniversary. The ring in his pocket was screaming at him to do it. But he's so lost in her beauty, it's like he's paralyzed.
"Marinette." His voice was a whisper but she was close enough to hear it.
"Yes?" Her smile made his heart-rate pick up.
He extended her hand and motioned to the sky. She smiled which made him want to hide her from the whole world.
"Just like old times?"
"Just like old times."
He put his arm around his waist. Soon enough they were both in the sky, and the stars seem to shine even brighter.
"The stars are beautiful tonight." Her voice was soft.
"Not as pretty as you are."
She laughed, the rose colored cheeks hidden from everyone's view but not from Jon.
"Of course I know that." She dramatically put her hand on her forehead. Jon giggled.
It is time. His brain was screaming.
He let her go. She flew with him without any difficulty.
He took a deep breath, "Marinette, the moment I saw you, I felt a spark inside me. Like, like never before. At first I didn't know what to do. I didn't recognize that feeling. My, my mom told me to give it time, that I will understand what that feeling is, when I am big enough. That spark turned into fire. I always felt, FEEL at home when I'm with you. Your laughter is like, EVERYTHING to me. When you are hurt, I have the urge to kill, to destroy whoever hurt you. Every time I see you, I always get hope that as long as I'm with you, you are with me, everything will be alright. My everything lies with you, my happiness, my sadness, my anger, my fear. No amount of happiness can compare to the happiness I feel when I'm with you."
He took another deep breath and looked into her eyes. She had a mask on her face, the mask all the batfamily wears, when they want to make their confusion. He has been with them for enough time to know that.
Well, there's no turning back now.
He took her hand and sat on one knee and took the ring out of his pocket with the other.
"Marinette Cheng Wayne, will you make me the happiest man alive? Would you be Mrs. Kent?" She still have no sign, waiting for him to finish. "Will you marry me?"
Music started playing a soft but tense tune and she broke a smile and launched herself at him, "YES!" He slid the ring into her finger and they both kissed.
The fireworks lit the sky around them and the batfamily and the superfamily cheered from the sidelines.
Clark hands 50 bucks to Bruce.
"How can you lose a bet about your own son?"
Taglist: @nathleigh @jalaluvsu @marianeamine @stackofrandomstuff @qualitypeacepainter @greatcatblaze @togetherwekill
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miraculous-wings5 days ago
so when dose superbug and crystal noire will appear?
hello anonymous! So superbug and crystal noire will be appearing this episode 5 and ladybug and cat noir won't be appearing this episode, instead them, jett and crystal will using the miraculous.
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melaniesheela746245262 months ago
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minpincrazya year ago
need a prompt for a Superboy(Jon) Robin (Damien) and Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir.
my Big brother requested a Prompt foe a jon/Mari/dami (I call it a superbatbug). I Have done a one-shot that is Jon/Mari and doing side stories that go along with it- but i was challenged for a Damien/Mari/Jon by my brother. he got the idea by the hinted logan/Jeangrey/ScottSummers threesome in marvel comics...all i have is that and Dami liked Ladybug and Jon Loves Mari. while I an play on the thing from Batman superman animated series where Lois liked Bruce but hates batman and likes superman but didn't really like Clark that way yet, I feel its a bit on the nose.
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omni-han-tyumia year ago
When humans become reliant on lab grown meat, god becomes angry with them and asks Satan to cook up a disease so foul it wipes humanity away. This disease is called superbug and it鈥檚 a highly evolved contagion. That has no weakness or signs of stopping.
鈥 Superbug coming up 聽 Feels like he'll never stop 聽 Should'a used phages 聽 Instead you took ages聽鈥
A long arduous process is killing humanity. Superbug is infecting at a rapid rate but making humans suffer for their sins. Satan and God watch from above and below
鈥 Superbug gave a shrug 聽 And ate all your prescription drugs 聽 And never, ever, ever stopped 聽 Deadly contagious 聽 And inter-generational 聽 Never ever, ever stops 聽 And never ever gives a fuck聽鈥
An inter-generational disease is a terrifying prospect. Imagine having the plague still going on today and having no way to combat it except for hope and basic cleanliness. This is the situation humans are in post-superbug ridden world.
鈥 Pony up 聽 Join the club 聽 Shake my hand 聽 Let's run amok聽鈥
At some point humanity loses it. Realizing they are effectively going extinct they look for any way to save themselves or enjoy their lives while they can. Riots, Looting, and total Anarchy ensues. Adversely, from what we know about ITRN this could be about an upper-class citizen being coerced into either leaving earth to head to mars or to become a cyborg.聽
鈥 Superbug in my blood 聽 Superbug made of the disturbing stuff 聽 Superbug in my blood 聽 Superbug made of the disturbing stuff聽鈥
Humanity continues their path to destruction. Going insane over the superbug and what it has done to our world and society. Anarchy is reigning and nobody can stop it or wants to.聽
鈥 Superbug coming up 聽 H1N1 was a flop 聽 Anti-microbial 聽 Resistance is futile聽鈥
Since superbug is resistant to drugs and medical sanitation there is no hope for humanity. H1N1 or swine flu was a disease that was fabled to be the big bad one, it was not but this song pokes fun at its meager attempt at ruination compared to superbug.
鈥 Superbug is like a truck 聽 Penicillin is a duck 聽 That's sitting on the road for luck聽鈥
The bug is uncaring in who it kills or infects. Its purpose is to kill and it will do just that. It does not discriminate it embodies death.
鈥 Faceless and ageless 聽 It's simply outrageous 聽 Never ever, ever stops 聽 And never ever gives a fuck 聽 Unnecessary 聽 Anti-Bs 聽 Likely killed humanity聽鈥
Superbug will kill off humanity unless they find a way to counter act it or fight against it somehow...Cyborgs are a possible option.
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holocene99a year ago
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oberlinsciencelibrarya year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Do you hear a lot of coughing around you?聽 聽
We hear plenty in the library--probably due to a common cold virus, but it鈥檚 good to highlight the roles bacteria have in our health.聽 Two new books do just that:聽
Gut Microbiota: Interactive Effects on Nutrition and Health focuses on the fascinating intestinal microbiome as it relates to nutrition.
Superbugs describes the growing global threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Get some rest, y鈥檃ll, and wash your hands!
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you care but you don't show.
too proud to catch the flow.
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