bigmammallama5 2 days ago
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happy pride聽鉂わ笍馃寛
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weinzapfel a day ago
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When are we getting our Supercorp comics?
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lonelydiary 2 days ago
[at the first meeting]
Kara, staring at Lena for whole five minutes: Yeah, she is kinda cute.
Clark: *glares*
Kara: It's a joke.
[Supercorp wedding]
Clark, giving his best man speech: And then she told me it was a joke.
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tiny-pun 2 days ago
Accidental date
I accidentally sent you a spontaneous text about going out for dinner tomorrow, that was meant for my best friend but you immediately agreed to it, so.... i guess we麓re out alone for the first time since we麓ve been a part of our friend group? and.... oh wait you麓re dressed so fancy ...is this ..a date ? i mean ... I do kinda maybe sorta like you anyway so ..Okay? okayokayayokay ! Yeah cool ! We ARE on a date. This is great :)
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incorrect-supercorp a day ago
[During game night]
Kara: Lena asked me to be her fake date to her cousin鈥檚 wedding so she could avoid the usual 鈥渁re you seeing someone?鈥 questions.
Nia: I鈥檝e read enough fanfiction to know how this turns out.聽
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heliconn-art 8 hours ago
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coffeeshib 2 days ago
How can Big Beef Danvers possibly see even ONE of Lena's double-dimpled, heart-shaped smiles and not immediately want to wife her up?
lena, sighing as she watches kara move around in the tower: new day, same struggles. tragically, i am standing here. unwifed.
alex, an unfortunate soul: can i get a moment of peace to myself
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urijahreigns a day ago
cries in supercorp and wasted potential
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"Melissa and Katie had so much chemistry on this show, and it was honestly a wasted opportunity not putting the two characters together romantically." xx
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appropriatelystupid a day ago
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supercorp + the original pride flag colors 馃彸锔忊嶐煂
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supercorpzine 21 hours ago
Preorders are CLOSED!
Thank you, thank you, thank you聽for five years of wonderful support and enthusiasm for Supercorp and our zine! We have come so far and are so humbled by the love the fandom has shown this project.
Moving forward from here we will begin production for printing and merchandise (after the holiday weekend here in the US). Please keep an eye on our socials for future updates regarding scheduling with this process.
As always, we are committed to being as transparent as possible! We will have updates for PDF links later in July, and more concrete information for shipping once we start receiving materials.
We appreciate each and every one of you for helping us become the project we are today. We truly are stronger together, and we hope that you will continue to participate and support social causes directly impacting our community.
El mayarah, friends.
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fixyfics 2 days ago
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she鈥檚 cursed
chapter 17 - warm, pink 鈥 read on ao3
鈥淚 trusted you, assuming you were handling it. What a fool I鈥檝e made of myself, thinking you were up to the task set before you. I do not enjoy being made a fool.鈥
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lovingherwasgay 14 hours ago
the destiel queerbait spn finale could serve as a cautionary tale for every single showrunner out there but instead they all take one look at the big mess that it was and decide to do exactly the same thing all over again
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papurrcat 2 days ago
If it's not a spoiler, are you thinking of the traditional colors (green/purple) for Lena's armor? Or something a bit less Luthor? Stunning work, btw.
I鈥檒l be honest, I鈥檓 not a fan of associating Lena with Lex. I think Lena wouldn鈥檛 either. She鈥檇 want people to recognize the good she鈥檚 done. Not because she鈥檚 a Luthor. That鈥檚 my opinion though.
Maybe something that compliments Supergirl鈥檚 suit. We always say they鈥檙e 鈥渞ed and blue鈥 so maybe Red as the dominant color with bits of blue?
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lena-in-a-red-dress 3 days ago
Modeling Competition AU
They do the makeover episode, and like... yeah, Lena and Kara have already caught each other's eyes (Kara has an infectious laugh, and Lena has an incredibly dry sense of humor that makes her crack up constantly), when they choose their new looks, their respective jaws just drop when when they see each other.
Kara goes from a mousy brown hair to flowing golden locks, and Lena goes from basic blonde to long black hair. The change is striking, and for a moment they're both just blushing distracted messes.
When Lena is being photographed for the makeover shoot, Kara keeps lingering and staring. And then when Kara keeps fiddling with her hair when it falls in her eyes, Lena thoughtlessly reaches out to tuck it behind her ear for her before snatching her hand back as though she'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
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yana2118 6 hours ago
Its honestly so annoying seeing tv shows use queer characters as a way to 鈥渂etter鈥 their main characters. Like they always market the hell out of them thinking you鈥檒l see more than 3 seconds of representation just for the writers to give them a half ass 鈥渃oming out鈥 scene where they can鈥檛 even say the words gay or lesbian鈥 honestly as always I鈥檓 disappointed but not surprised
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dalekofchaos a day ago
Kara:Eat the Rich!
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leighlew3 a day ago
More coverage on the queerbaiting of Supercorp, this time via Buzzfeed.聽
Ignoring the Kara name typos, ha.聽
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incorrect-supercorp 2 hours ago
lena: this is how you鈥檙e spending your time and money?
kara, putting tiny raincoats on turtleducks: they live outside lena, they need this
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jpollens a day ago
Lena:*presenting in a meeting* And as you can see here..
Kara: *e-mail* Hey I'm bored at work. What are you wearing?
Lena: And if we just focus our attention...
Kara: I bet you look great, want to get together and get naked?
Lena: Any questions?
Kara: yea I just emailed you
Lena: Anyone else?
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lenaismylife 2 days ago
POV: Kara is wondering if black hair would suit her.
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