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#supercorp fan art
magnificent-dragons · a month ago
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I might have gone full crack head on this but I just knew it was something that bad to be drawn
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teutlidraws · 18 days ago
I did say prepare for the crack!
@valkyrienine what do you say? Lena is kind of a dork when it comes to Kara, isn't she? This is part 2!
Again, this was possible thanks to @argo-city-exchange and all the people involved!
Don't forget to check all the other works! Especially this one, a parallel story *wink wink nudge nudge wink poke groin-kick uppercut suplex nudge wink*
Part 1 (in case you missed it)
Part 3 ;)
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cuaviaaceves1 · 3 months ago
Evidence of trust
Lena knew what she was doing. This wasn't her first intel mission. Even if Alex kept saying she was a civilian. She was a Luthor, for crying out loud. And sometimes that was even way more dangerous than being a field agent.
Okay, no, she shouldn't be thinking that, there were many very brave agents risking their lives daily, working with the DEO to prevent dangers that never even reached public knowledge at all.
But still, she knew what she was doing. It was simple, really. Get close enough to any of the digital platforms the building had installed in every one of the labs, and get into the network, let Brainy do his thing, and voila, world saved for the hundredth time by the Superfriends.
She had gotten in thanks to the Luthor name, of course. Some people just were still willing to believe that the name meant being crazy with power no matter what. And it could be played to her advantage from time to time. Even if Kara wasn't as happy with the decoy idea.
But Alex had been cautious, there was a plan, there were alternatives and emergency plans over the original plan.
And Lena knew what she was doing.
The tour of the labs was boring and unimpressive, they felt antiquated compared with the upgrades she had done herself on L-Corp long ago. And the general idea of crazy scientist figuring out the next human evolution to survival of the fittest... just wasn't her speed.
But it allowed to sneak the little device in, no problem, on one of the digital ports that she was given access and time with to see some of the diagrams of the latest genetical experiment. They didn't had a clue of what they were doing, but she wasn't about to tell them that, right?
After that, the rest of the tour was all about waiting for the signal on the comms that Brainy had everything he needed, and getting back for the little device as to not leave any trails of what she had done.
Until an alarm started all over the building.
"I'm sorry." Brainy said. "My bad. Got a bit curious and started going over the files before hand, and might have alerted their security systems."
What else could she do? Lena sighed, fisted the little device on her right hand and ran towards the closest open window she could find.
"Do show better restraint next time, Brainiac, I'm going out now."
"No... Lena, wait!" Too late. She was already out, going straight up towards the clouds, until she wasn't. But she would get there soon enough.
And so Supergirl did. Lena could only see a red and blue stripe against the clear sky, before she saw the very angry face of her unamused girlfriend.
"Got the evidence" Said Lena, before she could even hold on to Kara's shoulder still falling on the air.
"Couldn't you just have gotten out by the front door?!" Kara screamed still rushing to catch her.
"And where would have been the fun on that?" She said already settled comfortably on the super's arms and holding the little device close to her chest.
And that's when they heard Alex's voice, slow and a bit bored. "Did you catch her?"
"Of course I caught her!?" screamed Kara still trying to calm down from the scare she had. "Who do you think I am?!"
"My hero." Said Lena, right before pressing a kiss on Kara's cheek that left in bright red the outline of her lips. "I told you I knew what I was doing."
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leathcoireil · 12 months ago
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The best quarantine..
full image here
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melissaloveskatie · 7 days ago
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A couple of days ago I added silly text to this new oldie BTS and some some VERY talented artist based one of her adorable art on it and guys LOOK! it’s just so adorable!!! >.<
( click on it, there is more that one picture !)
It’s the added details, for me 😌
Like The Cat’s eyes being green or that that she is as PISSY as one would expect Lena to be after messing up ( Lena the pissy pussycat 🤣) . Kara’s quirky hair and her adorable super pose just makes me melt. >.< and the last slide is my absolute favorite because of that cute tiny little drawing .
Tumblr media
LOOK !! ☝🏽
IT’S SO CUTE >.<!!
Anyhow, you should totally check their art because is gorgeous and leave some love .
Fan artists are the ones that truly are fueling our Supercorp ship right now and they deserve all the encourage and all the praise in the world.
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shallow-seas-we-sail · 5 months ago
Lena rolls her hips and is met with a content hum as strong hands push her down, pressing her back into the mattress. She reaches down, tangling her hand into her wife’s hair, wisps of blonde and honey tickling her thighs. A pleasant sensation begins to twist low in her stomach, and despite the insistent hands on her hips trying to keep her grounded, Lena can’t stop herself, a beautiful arch to her back as she rises off the bed.
And that feeling inside her builds, hot and coiled, threatening to erupt until it does in fiery waves that ripple under her skin and pulse deep in her core. Languid, reverent kisses move up Lena’s body, stopping occasionally to worship the curve of her hip or the soft underside of her breast. Lips trail along the line of her jaw, across her cheek to the tip of her nose, until Lena is staring up into bright, blue eyes.
“Hey.” Kara smiles and dips her head, pressing a chaste kiss to Lena’s lips.
“Mm, hey.” Lena murmurs, wrapping her arms around Kara’s neck and pulling her down and close, close, close. She can feel the smile against her neck grow as her wife burrows her face there, peppering light kisses just below her ear.
“Love you.” 
Art and fic for @supercorpbb
Art by @luthorsclaw : Gateway to the City of Love
Keep reading over on ao3: Three Cheers to Another Year
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ekingstonart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gotta get a little creative when walking in on a Situation™ while wearing your civvies.
— based on a conversation with @searidings: what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear supercorp call out ‘that’s my wife!’?
kara walking in to lena's office with her arms full of food for lunch, seeing two men attempting to kidnap lena and yelling 'that's my WIFE' as she throws lena's kale smoothie at their heads
Tumblr media
“It’s strawberry, Lena. You can’t go to battle with strawberry. Unlike kale, it has no interest in violence.”
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macarenaandrad3 · a month ago
Anyways,, we all agree that they're already married, right?
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Available for free! Here (buy me a coffee!)
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ekingston · 7 months ago
lena may not be realistically penniless without l corp but its fun to imagine her running into all sort of unexpected situations as she acclimates to life as a regular person. i mean just getting groceries would be an experience!
lena thinking she’s GOT this! she’s NAILING this grocery shopping thing! she may even feel brave enough to try the self checkout this time! and then the produce sprinklers come on and it’s A LITTLE STARTLING OKAY
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magnificent-dragons · a month ago
Tumblr media
Supercorp day 10 bold. S2 Lena was very frustrated about Kara not realizing that her bold romantic gestures were romantic & Jess was just tired of having to listen to Lena spend hours talking about Kara
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spicycheeser · a year ago
Tumblr media
“If you insist on joining my work out, at least make it look realistic.”
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leathcoireil · a year ago
Tumblr media
Lena is working from home, Kara wants her to relax a little and she finds the perfect way to kiss her. Perks of being a kryptonian 🥰
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