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The Soulmate Theory (with a dash of Superfam)

“When the world started after the so-called Big Bang, there were these two particles who had landed near each other. And they were so drawn together that they refused to be separated from one another. And as time passed by and the universe continued to expand, they found this other young particle who seemed so lonely and young, that they decided to take the particle in. And through the eons, these three particles seemed to always find each other and always drawn towards one another.”


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Lois, normally: I hate capitalism. It’s a rigged system that prevents the poor from gaining better life quality. You shouldn’t need to work three jobs to afford basic necessities!

Lois, playing Monopoly: Sorry, if you wanted to win you should’ve tried not being poor.

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I was just thinking how I love that Bruce, even in canon, is often “selective” with his affection

I already wrote about this sort of things, like how I headcanon that he’s a “slow texter” EXCEPT when his kids try to communicate with him (you can read it here : Bruce Wayne is a slow texter). I don’t know, I just really enjoy this aspect of Batman where he appears cold and harsh to many, but then if you’re in his close circle of family/friend he can be an entire other man :). And this is just yet another sort of little scene like this, but involving Batmom this time. I hope you’ll like this very short drabble ^^  : 




It was his idea. 


Which could be surprising…to anyone who didn’t actually know him.

The real him.  

To his invitation, the Kents came over for a Sunday lunch, something that was rather rare to be honest. There wasn’t many peaceful time for either family. So today, was cherished and appreciated by all. 

And it was his idea. 


Recently, Gotham’s nights had been particularly busy and stressful, and he just wanted his family to relax. To be happy. Letting out all the anxiety they felt, after quite a rough week.  

To have just one normal day.

And it was normal, to invite friends over for lunch. 

If the Bruce from years ago, the one he used to be before you and Dick entered his life, could see himself right now, sitting at a dinner table with his family and with friends, he’d probably think he had died and was now in a rather nice afterlife. 

For years and years, it seemed so unfathomable to him that he would ever be happy again.

And yet. 

Yet, one day, you barged in. And soon after you, Dick followed. 

You gave a new meaning to…Everything. 

To a lot of people, it would feel so surreal to see the Batman invite anyone over to HIS home. Have LUNCH with them. Talk and LAUGH with them. Smile. 

SMILE ???? 

After all, “he was the night”, right ? A vengeful vigilante who would never rest until he cleansed his city, Hell, the World of all evil ? Any means necessary ? 

It wasn’t quite true. Those who knew him, who really knew him, knew that. 

Sure, he was definitely a “workaholic”. And he would probably not retire before a very long time. And his goal, was still to indeed make Gotham a better and safer place, and by extension, the World, if not the Universe. 

But his motivations changed. Or maybe they were always the same, he just didn’t see it at first ? Yes. Yes maybe that was it. 

For a while, Bruce’s only thoughts and drive was indeed vengeance. But he quickly realized, once he became Batman, and once he adopted Dick and let you in his life, that his actual driving force, was love. 

What made him become Batman, was love for his parents. Was the wish to never let any other child feel what he felt, live the tragedy he lived. It was love for them, but also for you, for his children, for Gotham’s people, for his city…

Love, is what always drove him forward. It just took him a while to realize it. 

Ever since you and Dick entered his life, so many things changed, and everything was meaningful again. And every time a new kid came in, it made more and more sense (even if certain events, like Jason’s death, threatened to shatter it all). 

And his twenty-something self, coming back to Gotham after years of training to bring JUSTICE to his city, and make sure no child would ever be left in a back alley, crying the senseless murder of their parents…Would never believe how happy he would feel again. 

He didn’t need to pretend anymore. His smiles were not fake. And sure, he still had “dark days”, he could still be SUCH A JERK. He wasn’t flawless after all, and he really did try hard to better himself. 

He finally was willing to give himself a second chance at having a family, and being happy. 

Not that every day was a treat. You guys’ life was quite something. There was a lot of pain and misery, in doing what he chose. Even with a supporting family, a loving wife and children. 

But each and everyone of you was willing to take on the burden. No matter what anyone said, you all ended up choosing this life too. 

Because you believed in the same principles. And because…You loved Bruce. 


Your driving force. The one making all of you go forward.


Which made those peaceful moment of domesticity, where everything almost felt normal, priceless. And though they were rare, none of you would pass on it. 

Not Bruce, not Clark, not you or any of the kids. Certainly not Lois. It gave all of you a sense of normalcy you often thought you could never feel again. 

A sense of belonging, too, oh so precious. 

And here you all were, normal, if for only one day, having a Sunday lunch between family and close friends. 

And that’s when it happened. 

A very silly event, that made you glad nonetheless you were here, you took time to do this. That you had so many people around you, that you loved and that loved you. 

A silly little thing. 

That yet showed that behind all the masks (literal and figurative), costumes and fighting evil mastermind…You all were still human (even Clark, who could never quite get behind Kryptonians’ elitism). 

Yes. Such a mundane moment. Yet it stuck with you all the rest of the day, making you smile when you thought back on it. And maybe it was because it was so mundane, that it truly meant a lot ? 

It happened during dessert time. Because you knew it was Clark and Jon’s favorite (and though Lois would NEVER admit it, hers too), you baked an apple pie. 

And that…That’s when it happened. 

“AH !” 

Jon gasped loudly, which made everyone look at him, curiosity in their eyes. The boy, seemed absolutely shocked, and was staring at Bruce. Damian glared at him, grumbling :  

“Why the heck did you feel the need to scream in my ear like that ?!” 

Jon grasped his shoulder, and without thinking this wasn’t very polite, he pointed at Bruce, at his plate which had TWO slices of apple pie (he loved your baking) and exclaimed : 

“Your dad !”

“What about my dad ?”

“He’s eating pie !” 

“Yes and ?” 

“I thought you said he didn’t eat pie ! LIER ! HE IS LIKE EVERYONE ! He does eat pie !”

This makes you smile. All of you. 

It probably isn’t as big a deal as little Jon makes it out to be, but at the same time…You understand him. 

After all, him too fell for the : “Batman never smiles” schtick. Even if he did slowly realize he was maybe wrong, as he started more and more to hang out at the Manor, and as he saw that Damian too, wasn’t actually how he liked to portray himself in public…He was so much nicer and unsure of himself !

So. Yes. You’re not really surprised by this reaction. 

And Damian LOVED to boast about his dad, and to say things about him that would sound crazy to others, and make him exceptional. 

You agree, of course. Your husband WAS exceptional. Although the fact he didn’t eat pie didn’t seem like a big issue…Ah but it was for  Superboy, apple pie, in his family, meant a lot. 

It meant a normal day at his grandma. It meant a normal family night. It meant his mom baking it with care, or his dad trying to bake it but not succeeding very well (although the secret ingredient, love, made it edible…So cheesy).

As odd as it could sound, a simple apple pie, to little Jonathan Kent, meant normalcy. And it became an important part of his life exactly for that reason. Which is why he felt so shocked, that night Bruce didn’t even touch his slice. 

Especially since he thought his mother’s pie was the best in the world. 

For now, your son was absolutely outraged at the accusation that he lied, he jumped on his feet, and said loudly, pointing a finger at his friend : 

“I didn’t lie ! Not really ! He only eats my mom’s pie !!” 

And that was all that was needed. Enough to make this day oh so necessary. An innocent little argument, that yet made everything worth it.

Clark almost choked on his pie as he bursted out laughing, while Bruce also almost choked but for obvious different reasons.  

Both Damian and Jon didn’t understand why Bruce went pale, why you looked embarrassed, and why Clark was trying to hold his laughter while Lois insistently elbowed him, while simultaneously not being able to retain her own chuckle. Or why Damian’s older siblings pushed their piece of pie away, looking like something definitely cut their appetite ?!

What was so funny in Batman only eating his wife’s pie ?!

“Adults, amarite ?” their exchanged look seemed to say. 

Oh, to be young and innocent. 

And this. This innocence. Was exactly why, those normal albeit rare days were so important. To all of you. 

This innocence, that made you forget all your troubles. That made you forget about your “night job”, or the responsibility to have powers. 

This innocence, and this kind of normal day, between family and friends…Was often what kept you sane. And the fact that the fearless and fearsome Batman didn’t eat pie, unless it was baked by his wife…Made him all the more human. Gave him an endearing side. 

Showed that well hidden side of care, love, sweetness and…Of the child he used to be before his parents’ died ? Yes. Yes. 

The innocence. And discoveries like this one. 

Just for that, just for that it was worth holding such simple and normal events. 


It’s very silly, yes. And short. And maybe too stupid to post ^^’…But I don’t know, I really like Bruce’s “selective affection” (I’m gonna call it that now), and I have a shitty humor ‘k ? Haha. Anyway, I hope you still enjoyed this small slice of life (I kinda wanna write more of those, it takes me literally two minutes to write and it’s fun and allows me to blabber about domestic batfam haha), and see you soon with an actual story :). 

My masterlists blog : @ella-ravenwood-archives

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If I Can’t Be Everything To You, You’ll Be Nothing To Me Chapter 13: Aphrodite’s Promise: Fulfilled

Summary: Jon breaks Damian’s heart, and in the midst of this, an old family friend of the Al Ghuls seeks to take advantage.

Damian finds himself betrothed to a boy he knows nothing about, who seems more interested in getting into his pants than getting to know him. Dick and Tim struggle to figure out why Damian is so willing to marry someone Talia picked for him, while Bruce tries to find a way to stop the wedding without pushing his son away, and right into the arms of a family he doesn’t trust. Jon mourns the loss of his friendship with Damian, and finds himself spiraling, wondering why they can’t just go back to the way things were. Can Bruce and the rest of the family stop Damian before he makes a huge mistake? Will Jon ever find his way back to Damian’s side, again?


He’d grabbed his phone, just to check, to see if maybe Father requested backup.

No such luck.

Instead, Cain had sent him a rather bestial gif, the moving image of a man’s hand gliding over another’s rear end, the way he’d done a thousand times to Damian in the past. His cheeks lit up, like the ghost of a hand was tracing lines of circles over the tuck of his thigh, resting full-palm against skin before squeezing. He wrinkled his nose and sent Cain a message in return: If you’d like to keep your hands, I suggest redacting that message.

Cain rolled right over that text, not that he had expected a response of any kind. He’d rolled his eyes and moved on. The next image was a pair of amusement park tickets, 8am, My Love?

“Damian! My Love!”

He groaned. He knew that tail-wagging, ears high voice anywhere, knew that cadence. In the direction of the ferris wheel, no less. He turned, expecting to find Cain– and he did, he did find Cain. Bouncing blonde curls that jutted with every overenthusiastic wave of his arm, green eyes like poison, bright like magic in the early morning sun. Clad in black, from head to toe, long coat heeding his every step, dressed for death like the caped hand on a scythe. He was all smiles, one hand cupped over his mouth to herald the sound of his voice, like he wasn’t annoyingly loud already, other hand waving in full half circles over the broadside of his shoulders. He stood at the water fountain, round and tall, climbing into the heavens with its jets. “Damian!”

No, what concerned him was the boy standing a few feet behind him, shuffling levis into the pavement, hands in his pockets, looking chided and blue.


Special thanks to @reverzaartandprojects who collabed on this chapter with me and made it a million times better than it ever coulda been without her, please give her love she deserves so much of it, what she did her was so well done I’m still in awe, and to @nightwingbb for beta reading for me

I love you guys so much!!!

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