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butwhyduh · 2 months ago
Heritage in the DC families:
Flash: you can all be the flash ☺️ more the merrier!
Superman: my legitimate son will be Superman to honor Krypton and protect the world.
Batman: one of you motherfuckers is taking over. There is 8 of you and someone is gonna ruin their life to become batman after it kills me.
Aquaman: bold of you to assume I can be killed.
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incorrectbatfam · 2 months ago
Bruce: Your dog needs meat and your kids need vaccines. End of discussion.
Diana: Also your dog needs vaccines and your kids need meat.
Clark: Also your meat needs vaccines and your kids need dogs.
Hal: What these are all true—
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comicology · 4 months ago
idk the fact that bruce has a larger family than clark is always so funny to me, the broody guy dressed up as a bat has more kids than the cute, optimistic farm dude. like hal jordan is bound to have a field day with that
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hayley566 · a month ago
Tumblr media
For those unaware, Lois and Clark swapped clothes with Selina and Bruce here.
I just love how this shows the difference between the couples.
Clois: wholesome farm couple that keeps their kinks at home
BatCat: two gothic furry exhibitionists that gotta make a trip to the carnival weird
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blueexorcists · 6 months ago
i just think that dc should :
• de age jon
• stop trying to make damian a villain & let his character develop
• give us back supersons
• jon & dami should have dick as a mentor & older brother figure
• give us more kon & jon brother moments
• give dick a series without a love interest or stop being cowards & give him a boyfriend.
• stop queer baiting us & make timkon canon
• give us roy harper back
• allow jason to heal his relationships with his brothers & let them come to an understanding without watering down his character
• let tim mature & graduate robin
• push other characters than batman (i just wanna see more green lantern stuff oops)
• give kyle rayner either a solo run or team up with guy
• give my boys booster gold & blue beetle a series cowards
• push justice league dark more into main stream!!!!
• push my girl queen nubia into main stream
• i just need more john constantine content
•stop trying to make wally a villain & let him be happy
• more past stories from the original titans
• give our girl starfire back her own series without a love interest or slut shaming thanks x
these are just some of my demands
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melissabenoistupdates · a month ago
Tumblr media
melissabenoist: thank you for an incredible 6 years—the cast who became family, everyone who worked on the show, all of you who watched us week after week ♥️♥️♥️ that’s a wrap on @supergirlcw
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Tumblr media
More canon fodder for the itty bitty baby community, this time featuring Jon as well
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dc-incorrect-bats · 2 months ago
Clark: We were undercover. I had to flirt with her so Bruce could get closer to the target.
Lois: Isn't it usually the other way around?
Clark: Hmm. She chose me.
Lois: You had to seduce another woman?
Clark: No. No. I had... just had drinks with her. Nothing happened, Lo. I swear.
[Lois covers her mouth]
Clark: Are you laughing?
[Lois bursts into laughter]
Clark: You're laughing. You're laughing.
Lois: [still laughing] You had to flirt? You hate flirting.
Clark: I know. And now I remember why.
Lois: What did you say to her?
Clark: I said that she looked thirsty.
[Lois cracks up again]
Clark: It worked!
Lois: [still laughing] Oh, please tell me there's surveillance video of this. I gotta see this.
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