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lisalisalisalisalove · a year ago
what's a joke in the painful that always makes you laugh? the wrestling jokes get me every time bc special interest lmao. and nern's introduction.
i 100% agree about the wrestling stuff, it honest to god tickled me and i spent WAY more time in the wrestling arena than i needed to LMAO
but as for other moments... its so hard to narrow it down but off the top of my head id say:
- the middle finger mountains comeback..... when i first encountered it i knew what was fucking coming and that only made it funnier
- the house with the human furniture.... i was sobbing laughing when i walked into the bathroom and got the fucking “no... it cant be....” achievement LMAO
- the guy whos waiting to jump u in area 1 (?) if u dont land in the right spot for him to attack immediately. cause either u talk to him and he just goes “can u walk like 2 steps over” and then jumps u, or u break his neck by falling off the cliff above him onto his head kfdjgndf
- the fucking guy who just goes “holla holla... if ya hear me... really had to get that off my chest” and then DIES
- the crotch kicking dickhead that makes brad fucking stop looking for his KIDNAPPED PRETEEN DAUGHTER for a good 10 minutes so that he can return the crotch kick
- mario and luigi. everything about them 
- the dancing sprites are SO fucking funny in this game, but special shoutout to the dudes wearing the sexy lingerie whose dancing is just them with their arms up and moving their legs back and forth LMAO
- the dude who tries to make an ocean pun but fucks it up like 3 times and then just hurls himself into the water hgnjdfgdf
- the salvation rangers fucking took me out every time i saw them
- i know it counts as wrestling, but the dudes working out in the pretty boys area fucking kill me. its like if /fit/ was a real life fitness group. anyway: UH-HUH
- the entire fish courtroom sequence. like all of it. including the fact that austin clearly forgot to get a beta tester to check it because it is absolutely RIDDLED with spelling and grammatical errors LMAO
- dismal island. sexy boy lives on
- defeating hawk hollywood and having him dramatically slide off screen, only to walk like 3 steps closer and see that hes still just fucking standing there LMAO
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chikkou · a year ago
bro the way that person casually slips in "anti blog" to show their Antis Bad take in that fake danganronpa post is sending me oh my goddd
the set dressing.... the backstory.... its just SO vibrant
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stealthboy · a year ago
my cat's a sock and shoe freak she'll grab them and rub her head all over them she doesn't even need to be high. thought this would be a fun ask to send. thanks for your time
MINE TOO the same cat in those pics is like obsessed with shoes and has literally fallen asleep with her face inside of them lmao. Ridiculous!
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zampl · a year ago
Tumblr media
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t4tqueliot · a year ago
JSYK, that post by funeralfeastanon is about fictional CP and such. they are an anti or whatever its called
u g h thanks for telling me, i deleted it
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catsi · 2 years ago
  in elementary school we did mother’s day and...
i feel like singling children out in any capacity and risking making them feel othered like that isnt the right way to deal with any situation…
oh it definitely super was not the right way to handle it lmfao like the fact they singled us out and had us do the same thing everyone else did but SEPARATE FROM EVERYONE ELSE...
like if they had to single us out for having dead dads at least fucking take us out of the room and get us ice cream. don’t just make me clean a penny with vinegar with Similarly Dadless Adam in the corner of the fucking room
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yorksilk · a year ago
me ! (i know were not muts but we have interacted a few times iirc)
oh ye I see u in my notes a lot, u seem chill
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dmdz · a year ago
top 5 movies !
im actually not great at listing favourite things so some of these are gonna be franchises/series for ease
1) Jurassic Park!!
2) the new Legendary Godzilla movies
3) Star Wars as a whole
4) the Alien series (except Resurrection ew)
5) all of the John Wick films
most of those are not in any particular order
except Jurassic Park, that's my favourite film of all time and that's that
thanks for the ask dude!!
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bellchime-trail · a year ago
chandelure and reuniclus fusion? love your work!
Thank you! I hope you like the edit, it was super fun and I felt really good about it!
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rainbowloliofjustice · 2 years ago
supergalaxykindred replied to your post: Oh shit oh fuck guys enecoo is an anti I sure am,...
@deku-the-problematic the law doesnt protect you from people thinking your gross lmao. i have literally said it is fucking bad and gross when the author takes pleasure in it. im not saying youre twisting the law. i understand its technically legal. im saying youre twisting the definition of child porn to only fit that which the law covers when drawn child porn is, by definition, still child porn. it being fictional doesnt change that its child porn.
It isn’t changing/manipulating the law you rotten codpiece. child porn, by defination, involve actual minors. 
Otherwise, you could say someone looking too young (even if they are over 18) is “child porn”
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kincalling · 2 years ago
assign me Please
a cat slime from slime rancher
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typheus · 2 years ago
hey !! would you be interested in drawing one of my OCs ? i think i asked you abt commissions so i could get you to draw one a while ago on anon and you said youd be okay with doing requests of them. i can give you visual and descriptive refs ! (and if you dont feel like it i understand !)
i would absolutely love to draw your ocs! throw those refs my way cause i love drawin ocs so much
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chikkou · 10 months ago
my party members on my most recent playthrough were birdie, olan, and mad dog :( hated it it made me so sad
OMG THATS A RLY INTERESTING PARTY CHOICE.... im curious how that game went (eye emoji)
but YEAH holy fuck thats a sad combo... all 3 of those people rly liked brad and admired him so for them to turn on him is just like... soul-destroying hgkdf
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stealthboy · a year ago
i'm sorry that ask is worded so weirdly i don't know how to talk to people LMFAO
Ur fine!! :3
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fuckboyreigen · 2 years ago
infinity sign !
i swear i gonna love you forever 
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jununy · 4 years ago
if the anon would be interested, i would be willing to help them learn league ! i have a big group of friends that would play with us and help them learn too ! were all super friendly and have played for at least a few years : )) they can message me privately if they want !
thats very sweet of you!! hopefully anon sees this message :D 
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hereticglory · 4 years ago
league of legends,
motherfucker i PLAY league daily
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barkinspiders · 4 years ago
hey !!
1. First impression: “Mae!!! ITS MAE!!!”2. Truth is: You’re still Mae!! and youre super cool!! 3. How old do you look: 17! (also youre really cute! i just saw the selfies you posted ‘ v’ )4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yeah! 5. Have you ever made me mad: Not in this life but probably in our nitw canon like you said. o:6. Best feature: Your whole self is a best feature! 7. Have I ever had a crush on you:  A friend crush! 8. You’re my: Crime Buddy!9. Name in my phone: 💀 Maeday 🐱 (if we were in eachothers phones)10. Should you post this too? You did!
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vaperroreon · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
hold my hand we can watch the stars together
christmas gift for best bro @supergalaxykindred​
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chikkou · 2 years ago
@supergalaxykindred said: WHAT lmao thats wild
this is the FIRST time ive ever seen a link like this too. i didnt wanna post a picture of it to protect those ppls privacy but it was literally like /messaging/conversation/(person 1)/(person 2)
like... what in the goddamn whos writing this shit??
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