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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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How awesome would be to live in a Virtual reality? Living in a perfect world, in peace, with no pain, no sadness , no hate, where no one can hurt you, where no one will ever judge you. I would rather prefer to live there than here. It’s a pity that we still haven’t developed a technology like that.

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Maybe I’m just misremembering season 5 because it’s kind of a mess, but did Brainy actually do anything after his inhibitors were off to make the gang stop trusting him??? Until he had that dude in the prison cell and started speaking in a different language, none of them knew he was doing anything sketchy, they didn’t know about the stuff with Winn. From their perspective he broke up with Nia and is a little weirder but he didn’t do anything. Yeah, he stayed at the DEO, but did they really want Lex running that place on his own? I might actually be misremembering something and please correct me if I am. But it seems like Alex quit the DEO and all the sudden they could no longer trust Brainy.

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So, after what I posted yesterday, I’m planning to do a rewatch of season 5, and post some of my thought (good and bad) about the season.
Here is an incomplete list of stuff I’d like to talk about, please tell me if you have any more ideas. 

  • Season highlights
  • Favorite Nia moments
  • Favorite Kelly and Alex moments.
  • And the prize for the best new character goes to- Andrea Rojas (And all the reasons why we want to keep her).  
  • SuperCorp chronicle- analysis of all their scenes this season.
  • Lena Luthor character study
  • We need to talk about Kara- an analysis of Kara’s behavior this season.
  • William who? (Who are you William Dey and why do we hate you so much?)
  • Best acting moments 
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Seriously? A best friend is someone you love dearly and you can be a total and utter freak around this person without feeling uncomfortable. You can say or do anything, and your relationship never changes. Best friends love, care, support, argue and act silly and comfortably like this 👇



However, when you are attracted to or have a feeling or a crush on someone, your natural mannerism will change when they are around. Even though you both start off as friends, once you develop a feeling for that person, everything won’t be the same. You’ll care and support, but you’ll pay extra attention to them. You will also act differently around them. So best friends DON’T. ACT. LIKE. THIS. 👇 


The gayness is obvious. The lesbian subtext is everywhere. The non-verbal sign of interest is noticeable. The flirting is not so subtle. Best friends don’t act shy and flustered around each other. Best friends don’t eyef*ck regularly. Best friends don’t steal glances and stare longer than usual like you’re the only person that matters in the world. And (pretty sure) best friend don’t fill your office with flowers or give free access to her office/room. 

I don’t f***ing care if people think I’m delusional. People who believe that they are best friends are oblivious AF anyway. 

+ bonus


Best friends my a$$. 🙄

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