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#supergirl crack
incorrect-supercorp2 days ago
Kara: Do you have Anxiety Prime?
Kara: Amazon*
Lena: Yeah, I鈥檝e got both.
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bigmammallama5a month ago
Tumblr media
She's bringing country back. (and also her terrible flip-flow cowgirl boots)
Lena approves.
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superwoman-samdanvers2 months ago
Lena: *goes to Canada alone, not really incognito but not really flashy either* Hello, I鈥檓-
Peggy, a random waitress: Aren鈥檛 you Supergirl鈥檚 girlfriend?
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skittlebits3 months ago
Lena being referred to as 鈥楨agle One鈥 over comms in 6x08 made me think of the Parks and Rec meme:
Lena: From now on, we鈥檒l be using code names. You can address me as 鈥楨agle One鈥. Andrea, your code name is 鈥楤een There, Done That鈥. Kara is 鈥楥urrently Doing That鈥. Nia, yours is 鈥業t Happened Once In A Dream鈥. Brainy, your code name is 鈥業f I Had To Pick A Dude鈥, and Alex is鈥 鈥楨agle Two鈥.
Alex: Oh, thank god.
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incorrect-supercorpa day ago
alex: *walks in on kara between lena's legs*
kara and lena: *freezes*
alex, exhausted (and absolutely cannot fucking do this anymore): when i said eat the rich that's not what i meant, kara
alex: and luthor, you're paying for my therapy. *slams the door*
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bigmammallama523 days ago
Okay but consider, Lillian Luthor but with Gayle Waters-Waters energy.
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superwoman-samdanvers2 months ago
Kara and Nyxly are connected.
Nyxly and Lex are gonna be a thing.
Does Nyxly maybe develop feelings for a Luthor because of her connection to Kara and her feelings for a Luthor?
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littlemousejelly4 months ago
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