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nachosforfree · a day ago
Does superhero au Tommy ever lose the "no thoughts" look in his eyes, or does older Tommy also have that look?
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You tell me
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spookytendencies · 2 days ago
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He opened the door, heart thudding dully in his chest as went to greet whoever was there, bag of candy in his hands.
"Trick'r treat." He looked up at the low voice, eyes falling on the barrell of a gun. A real gun.
"I got Reese's and I got Snickers." His own voice was monotone and clearly lacking any Halloween spirit. Though, the stranger wasn't truly here for that.
"Hands up, you idiot."
"Y'can't have the entire bag. Greedy kids."
The man at the door scowled.
"I'm 45, and I'm not here for the candy, I'm here for you." He waved the gun as he spoke, less amused.
"I'm not a trick or a treat, I'm just depressed." He scratched his ear. "Now Reeses or Snickers?"
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epiclamer · 2 days ago
Everybody should be able to binge watch a shittyly terrible show just for the kicks.
(No reposts but reblogs appreciated <3)
@whump-der-it-is (wasn’t quite sure if you wanted to be tagged in this but I figured I would anyways just in case!)
@whumpilicious (same goes for you lol)
Cw: blood, broken ribs, choking, conditioned villain whumpee
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
The Sweetest Pt.4
Hero cocked their head to the side out of confusion, who would be knocking on their door at this hour. Hero shook their head, defeated, before stepping over to the front door, softening their steps so that they wouldn’t awake their guest.
Upon opening the door, Hero had not a even a split second to think before they were sent sprawling across their floor. Blood already flowing freely from their nose as they tried to sit up. A heavy boot on their ribs pushing them hard back into the ground.
“Ah, little Hero. So nice to see you again… Although, I believe you have something of mine…” Superhero smiled sadistically down at Hero, their eyes flashing with outright anger.
Hero gulped, their chest burning with the weight of Superhero’s boot. They quickly used the back of their hand to wipe some of the blood off their face before spitting at Superhero. “In your dreams, Superhero. You’re not getting them back you sadistic asshole.” They cackled, attempting to push Superhero’s foot off their chest as they pressed down harder in response to Hero’s remark.
Superhero gave them a wry smile before lifting their boot off Hero’s chest and slamming it right back down in a swift motion. Sending all the air out of Hero’s lungs and the vulgar sounds of snapping to reach their ears. “I’m sorry, but last I checked, you didn’t get to make that decision.”
A dry scream came out of Hero’s parted lips as Superhero crashed their boot down on their already broken ribs once more. “J-just leave them a-alone… d-don’t touch them, p-please.” Hero stammered, hands grasping at Superhero’s boot again, desperate to release their screaming lungs.
Superhero merely shook their head and chuckled, their mouth opening to continue but no sound escaped as their eyes fixed on Villains small shivering form. Standing there in the doorway of Hero’s room was Villain, they were pale and shaking, eyes glued to Hero’s bloody and bent shape under Superhero’s boot.
An evil grin spread across Superhero’s face, one that sent shivers down Villains spine as their eyes darted in between the pair. Superhero, the one who had trained them, helped them, they had come back for them. They wanted them. But Hero, the one who had saved them, nursed them, helped pry the collar off of them. The one who had put them in Superhero’s hands in the first place. Was trapped under Superhero’s foot, desperately trying to get away but to no avail.
Villain gulped, Superhero smiled down at them, boot unmoving as Hero gasped and pried against the weight.
“Villain. Here. Now.” Superhero snapped, pointing their index finger to the ground in front of them. Villains body moved faster then their brain as they were already collapsed to the ground and dragging themselves in front of Superhero.
“Wait! Stop! Villain- please!” The voice dug through Villains brain, stopping them in their tracks. It was Hero’s, of course, but it was one they knew all too well. Villains eyes flicked to Hero’s who stared them back, a pleading, rather begging look in their eyes, before they flicked up to Superhero’s enraged look.
“Take me instead.”
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Wonder Woman art
deviantart (Wonder Woman 45C, 38C, 52, 40, 24 FINAL by Rodel Martin, J.D. Felipe, VMIFerrari > WONDER WOMAN by JUN DE FELIPE by rodelsm21)
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artroller · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Some sketches of my OC Kat from the past few days!
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kryptonians · a day ago
Me: I don't care about variants too much
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Tumblr media
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darknightgirls · a day ago
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@the_amanda_nicole . @danii.banks . #batman #batfan #batgirl #joker #girlslovebatman #gotham #batlife #batbabe #photooftheday #gothamgirls #darknightgirls #love #batmanuniverse #superhero #hero #dccomics #instagood #teambatman #BecauseImBatman #batshirt #batsuit #justiceleague #lovebatman #batmaniac #phworthy #femmelog #darknightgirls #batmacita #mamitarica
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deckofaces · a day ago
Children of Supervillain
Warnings: Mentions of swearing, mentions of relentless attacking, mentions of major mood shifts, mentions of choking, mentions of implied suffocation, and mention of impalement
Supervillain was sitting at a long ebony table. They kept themselves composed as they listened to Henchman ramble on about a report. They seemed to be avoiding the main topic of this daily update. The report on the most recent shipment.
“And then it was discovered by one of our spies that Hero and Other Hero are planning on-“
Henchman was swiftly cut off by Supervillain as their patience grew thin, “Henchman. I do not give a shit about that right now. Give me an update on our shipment.” An unspoken threat hung in the air if they refused to comply.
The already nervous Henchman nodded, hands shaking,”O-oh yes, onto the topic of the shipment..”
As Henchman stalled, they just received a cold stare from Supervillain. Supervillain kept themselves composed, but they were growing impatient. They had better things to do than wait for bad news, such as spending some much needed time with their adoptive children.
Twins, ages 6, the children were both supers. Unwanted by their families because of their abilities, they were put up for adoption. They remained there for two years until Supervillain adopted them as their own.
One twin, Young Hero, had ice abilities, while the other, Young Villain, had fire abilities. The twins were one of the few things Supervillain cared about.
Another thing they cared about was the shipment. The shipment that henchman refuses to talk about.
“…now that brings us on to the topic of the shipment.. The shipment.. you see.. it was intercepted by-“ Henchman was interrupted by Young Villain as they ran into the room screaming for their parent, “ZAZA ZAZA!”
Another henchman ran in after Young Villain, spilling out a stream of apologies for not keeping the young child out of the room.
Supervillain waved them off, “It’s no matter henchman. Go back to your post by the door.” The feared villain, though not feared by the child, paused and looked down warmly at the child. “What happened Young Villain? And where is your sibling?”
Young Villain burst into uncontrollable sobs. They were then picked up by Supervillain and placed in their lap. The child clung onto their parent and sobbed into their suit. “T-they- they- Young Hero-“ Young Villain continued to sob, struggling to form a sentence.
Supervillain ran their hand through the child’s hair, no longer the world’s most feared figure, in an attempt to calm the child. “Take a deep breath and try again Young Villain. Tell me what happened.”
The small child sniffled. “W-we were watching the shipment come in. Villain said it would be safe.” They took in a shaky breath trying not to cry again. “A-as they were unloading, S-superhero showed up.”
Supervillain inhaled and glared at henchman for a moment for withholding this information. They turned back to their child, worried. “What else happened..”
Young Villain wiped their nose on their sleeve and started to ramble,” Superhero started fighting our people and and Young Hero tried to stop Superhero with their ice abilities like you taught us and and then Superhero really hurt them!” The child started to cry again. Sniffling, they tried to finish their story, “V-villain teleported us h-home, and Young Hero t-to the infirmary.”
Supervillain set Young Villain down and immediately stood up. They seethed with rage that Superhero harmed one of their children. “Go stay with Villain. I need to handle Superhero.”
“No Zaza!” They yelled, “What- What if they hurt you too??”
They gave their child a reassuring smile, “I promise you that Superhero cannot hurt me. Just go to Villain while I’m gone alright?”
As soon as Young Villain nodded, they flew straight to the harbor in which their shipment arrived.
When Superhero’s men saw Supervillain in the sky, many screamed and ran for cover. It was only moments later that Superhero saw them and flew into the sky as well to meet them.
“Superhero,” Their voice boomed loudly across the harbor.
“You know, I did not think you would care about a shipment so much as to send yourself in person and not Villain and some more henchmen,” Superhero inquired. Their voice sounded chirpy, but they masked the fear upon seeing Supervillain there. They had not planned for that.
Supervillain’s voice seethed with malice and anger, “You don’t even realize what you did, do you Superhero.” They flew over and gripped the flying hero tightly by the neck.
Superhero grabbed at the hand around their neck, unable to remove the hand that had force equivalent to steel. They desperately tried to gasp for air, refusing to respond to the insane villain.
The ever so hostile villain stared into the eyes of their archenemy. “Remember the child with ice abilities from not long ago? They were here not too long ago I’m sure you remember. The one you greatly injured. Do you remember? hm?,” They loosened the grip only enough so that the hero could speak.
They coughed and gasped for the air that they were not so graciously granted. “They attacked me first,” the hero coughed, “I did what had to be done within the circumstance. They would have harmed my men.”
Before Superhero could twist out of their grasp, Supervillain held onto their neck tighter than before. “You bastard,” the villain spit in the hero’s face,” you just fucking harmed my child.”
Superhero’s eyes widened as they realized harming that specific child was the biggest mistake of their life. Mercy was out of the question.
“I could choke your pathetic soul to death, but that doesn’t seem like a fitting punishment.” Superhero was on the verge of passing out when they were thrown straight to the ground. They had no time to recover as metal started to rip from the hulls of the ships nearby.
“I had no idea that was your child!” Superhero screamed. They flew up into the air constantly dodging chunks of metal that were being continuously launched at them from all sides. Supervillain was relentless, allowing for no time for rest.
Supervillain laughed mirthlessly, “It’s far too late for that my dear Superhero.” Metal containers started to float up from the cargo ships and now flew at their arch nemesis. One of them hit the hero, and they screamed while falling to the ground.
The villain cackled, taking advantage of their moment of weakness. Strips of metal now hurtled towards the fallen hero, impaling each of their arms to the ground, which resulted in endless screaming.
The villain, suddenly filled with a twisted giddiness, glided to the ground in front of the revered, and now fallen Superhero.
“Are you insane?!” Superhero shouted.
“Hm, maybe I am. But either way I’m here to give you my farewell. Bye bye for now Superhero.” Superhero shouted curses as Supervillain floated away. Rubble was piled onto the hero using the villain’s telekinetic abilities. The sounds of civilians screaming and the wailing of sirens could be heard for miles around as they approached their base.
-    -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
Supervillain was greeted by both their children as they entered the door. Young Hero was healed by one of the healers. Young Hero ran and hugged the leg of their parent while Young Villain kept exclaiming “Zaza!” excitedly.
The malice the villain expressed only minutes before was quickly replaced by a warm smile as they kneeled down and hugged the twins.
“I’m glad you are okay,” one of the twins said into their parent’s chest.
“There was nothing to worry about, I’m just glad you two are alright. Nothing like that will happen again. Not so long as I’m around.” Supervillain stood up holding in each hand, the hands of his beloved children.
“We love you Zaza,” Young Hero said as they walked away from the door.
Supervillain smiled again, “I love you both too.”
-    -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
The family of three spent the rest of that evening together doing whatever the children wanted.
Superhero was not seen for several weeks.
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godofdrarry · 2 days ago
C: oh hey A!
A: hey man
C: why are you in the kitchen? Doesn't B cook for you?
A: yeah but he's still in jail so he's going to be a lil late today..
C: what?
A: what?
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supesguy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Superman: Classic Design [July 31, 2021] by Supes Guy
Recently acquired a new smartphone. Took pictures with my newly ordered costume as well. Still classic costume based. I tried my hand at making the logo through an old program called Microsoft Powerpoint. I choose a different neck contour design from HerosTime, and a baselayer printed in this blue color on white fabric.
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hyde-your-heart · 2 months ago
the best superhero movies are the ones that are secretly gay sitcoms, like venom and the lego batman movie. everything else sucks ass.
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filmgifs · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Recently I made a promise to myself that the next time I got a boyfriend, I'd be on the lookout for red flags, and if I saw any, I'd do the healthy thing. And I would murder him. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in the DC Extended Universe (2016-)
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